Last updated on  17 JUN 19


17 JUN 19: AGM Staff Mumbai calls for willingness from JTOs/SDEs and PAs for posting on deputation to DoT Mumbai by putting certain restrictions to work on such deputation to DoT. Letter <<<>>> 

·        As per DoT letter attached with this letter willingness are called by DoT, on 22/01/2018 and last date for receipt of such willingness by DoT was 05/03/2018 and the Maharashtra Circle calls for willingness on 17/06/2019 i.e. after period of one and half year.

·        AGM Staff Mumbai has written letter calling willingness as on today means there are still vacancies and this letter is till valid because after this letter by DOT, MH Circle has not yet deputed anybody to any DoT.

·        As per DoT letter there are vacancies of SDEs and JTOs in DoT units at  Pune, Goa, Nagpur and Mumbai but Circle Office Mumbai  has called willingness only for DoT Office n Mumbai for total 9 post of JTO/SDE and one post of PA /PS.

·        Nothing has been mentioned about vacancies at Pune, Goa, Nagpur but it is understood that vacancies till exists in these DoT units Pune, Goa, Nagpur and the Senior Officers who earlier worked in BSNL and now working in DoT are pressing hard for experienced officers from BSNL.

·        Also posting of JTOs/SDEs from BSNL to these DoT units will be helpful for BSNL as there officers will deal with cases of BSNL Maharashtra Circle while in DoT Mumbai only cases of MTNL are taken care and no work of BSNL is related to DoT unit in Mumbai.

·        Earlier Circle Office BSNL Mumbai has taken stand that DoT Mumbai is out of jurisdiction of BSNL Maharashtra Circle and BSNL cannot post executives out of its jurisdiction and some of executives working in DoT Mumbai were forcefully called back even by stopping their salary from ERP.

·        But stand of Circle Office Mumbai for posting such officers on deputation of transfer to other units is always seen as biased and it changes time to time depending on the pressure created by the officer concerned willing for deputation to DoT or officers from DoT in need of junior officers.

·        When there is need to fill up all vacant post in DoT i.e. at Nagpur, Pune and Goa, but willingness has been called only for DoT Mumbai.

·        It seems that someone has created strong force on officers in Circle Management to fill up vacant post in Mumbai and there may be idea to post certain specific officer/s in DoT and hence willingness are called only for DoT Mumbai by quoting one and half year old letter.

·        Otherwise there much need of officers in WTR, WTP, BBNW, and ITPC Circles within territory Maharashtra Circle and even for BBNL and some of them have written many times for posting of JTOs/SDEs but all such letters are shown dust bin by BSNL Maharashtra Telecom Circle.

·        Many of the officers have submitted Own Cost Request willingness for same and waiting for orders for last two years, but nothing has been done even to meet serious and urgent requirement of WTR to maintain fault free services, but officers in BSNL Maharashtra Circle do not bother about it and only few are posted on pick and choose basis.

·        While calling for willingness certain restrictions by DoT and now Maharashtra Circle also has put certain restrictions on such willingness to DoT Mumbai viz. completion of two years n working SSA, officer is not under transfer to any other assignment and officer should not be in list at top five position in all India Long stay list from MH Circle and should not appear at top 40 position of SSA long stay list being operated for posting to Tenure stations.

·        Though such restrictions are put up, it is seen that such restrictions are just for name sake and anyone who has skill to manage the transfer can get posting at any such place and we have observed this in some of recent orders issued with violations of such restrictions.

·        Let us hope Circle Management calls willingness to fill up vacancies in DoT units at Pune, Nagpur and Goa SSA and many of the officers in BSNL will opt for DoT, as it has five days week working pattern, salary is being paid by DoT and he/she will be surely  getting monthly Salary payment from DoT which is now days uncertain in BSNL.

·        As such all the JTOs/SDEs willing to work on deputation in DoT may have self-analysis and submit their willingness by email on directly and last date of submission of such willingness s 25/06/2019.     


15 JUN 19: The Public Enterprises Selection Board, DoPT, Govt Of India in its meeting held on 14/06/2019, has recommended the name of Shri. Arvind Vadnerkar, PGMT Pune for the post of Director HR BSNL Board. Letter <<<>>> 

·        Shri. Arvind Vadnerkar is selected for prestigious post of Director HR BSNL Board, amongst total six internal  candidates appeared for the interview.

·        He is known for his soft-spoken skills, Extreme Honesty, sincerity and studied decisions in office working.

·        He is one among the few ITS officers who dared to get absorbed in BSNL at initial stage itself when many have opted to continue services in DoT thereby showing full faith and confidence on working and existence of BSNL in telecom Sector.

·        He has long experience of working in Maharashtra Circle on different posts ranging from DGM to PGM in different SSAs like Pune SSA, Pune Mobile, Aurangabad etc and is well aware about the field problems of executives and also about pending HR issues of the executives in BSNL.

·        He is having more than four years in hand and will get ample time as Director HR to give final shape to pending HR issues of the executives in BSNL. 

·        SNEA Maharashtra congratulates Shri. Arvind Vadnerkar, PGMT Pune on his selection as Director HR BSNL Board and wish him grand success in this new assignment as Director HR BSNL Board.


15 JUN 19: ACS SNEA MH writes to GS  SNEA CHQ requesting to review of recognition of co-option to the post of Circle Secretary and Circle President of SNEA, Maharashtra Circle and to confirmation in writing certain issues so that no issue is created by any officer in management at later stage as seen in the past. Letter <<<>>> 


15 JUN 19:  CAO FC Mumbai issued posting order of Shri. N. T. Shinde, in Circle Office Mumbai as DGM FC & Coordination Mumbai. He was transferred from Mumbai to Pune on his request just before two years and is now again transferred and posted in Circle office Mumbai as above. Letter <<<>>> 


15 JUN 19:  GM HR Admn Mumbai writes to all SSA/BA Heads in Maharashtra Circle about not achieving the targets for  revenue targets through Vocational Trainings during Year 2018-19, calls for details report givens reasons for not achieving targets and for following directions issued by BSNL CO for achieving targets of Year 2019-20.  Letter <<<>>> 


15 JUN 19:  Sr CEE Mumbai writes to all SSA/BA Heads in Maharashtra Circle to take review and action for loss of revenue of for application of Electricity rent for Credit Societies in BSNL for space allotted by BSNL for use of Society and also charge for electricity uses.  Letter <<<>>> 

·        Letter states that non-recovery of Electricity Charges and Rent from BSNL Credit Societies by BSNL is revenue loss to BSNL.

·        It is mentioned in letter that this action is being taken as per directives of BSNL Corporate office, but no any such reference letter has been attached/enclosed with this letter.

·        Further, it is pointed out that some of Credit Societies are using AC units but Electricity is not being paid and it is revenue loss to BSNL.

·        Letter reiterates that no officer below the rank of DGM is eligible for AC units in office and till many ineligible officials are being allotted AC units and all such cases needs review.

·        Though it has been directed to applicability of Electricity charges and rent, nothing has been mentioned about method of its applicability and rate applicable thereof and period from which date such rent and Electricity is to be applied by filed units.

·        In Circle Office Mumbai, which is direct under control of CEE Mumbai for allotment of AC Units, many of the ineligible officers are provided with AC units in offices and series of complaints have been received against such misuse and revenue loss to BSNL.

·        But, no action has been taken to withdraw AC units provided to such ineligible officers in Circle Office Mumbai and directions are being issued to field units for same, which shows seriousness about implementation of such orders. 


14 JUN 19:  AGM Admn Mumbai writes to all SSA/BA Heads in Maharashtra Circle calling for information about deployment of Security Guards and other persons for maintenance of Infrastructure.   Letter <<<>>> 

·        Though, over period of last one year, more than 75% Security guards have been reduced by BSNL Maharashtra Circle keeping many of vital installations, Exchanges without Security wherein some theft cases have been reported and no review has been taken even after repeated requests by some of SSA/BA Heads.

·        From this letter, it seems that by neglecting security of these installations and equipment’s, further efforts are being made to reduce the left out 25% Security Guards as if there is nothing to be secured in BSNL in days to come.


14 JUN 19:  AGM Admn Mumbai writes to all SSA/BA Heads in Maharashtra Circle calling for analysis of contract workers and vis àvis the necessity of continuation of contract labors. Letter <<<>>>

·        It is seen that efforts are being made to give maximum works on contracts through different centralized tenders from Circle office from Circle office and for that the contract labors engaged in similar works are being reduced and it has badly affected quality of services provided by BSNL.

·        Many of the comrades have reported that the expenditure being done for works through tenders is much more as compared to attending these works through contract labors, but same is being deliberately neglected. 

·        From the actions of BSNL Management over the period of last one year, it seems that BSNL management has fixed the target to make BSNL free from contract labors.


13 JUN 19:  CAO FC Mumbai issued orders for 11 weeks JAO Pre-appointment training to newly selected candidates at NATFM Hyderabad and this batch will commence w.e.f. 08/07/2019.  Letter <<<>>> 


13 JUN 19:  AGM Staff Mumbai issued cancellation of own cost request transfer of Com. Mrs. R.B. Kadu SDE from Akola to Pune and she is now retained at Akola as per her request.  Letter <<<>>> 


13 JUN 19:  AGM Staff Mumbai issued cancellation of posting order of Com. B.G. Turup,  as DGM Admn Mumbai under DGM LA arrangements and now he is retained in EB section as DGM EB Mumbai. Letter <<<>>> 


12 JUN 19:  CS SNEA MH writes to Chairman, SNEA Constitution Committee, SNEA CHQ,   requesting for clarifying certain doubts about interpretation of constitution of SNEA. Letter <<<>>> 

·        This letter is specially written to clear the doubts created by different malaise actions by CGMT MH Circle and its direct and indirect support by GS SNEA CHQ on name of following SNEA constitution by office Bearers of SNEA.

·        This clarification is sought from the constitutional authority who has designed the Constitution of SNEA and who is part of the Constitution Committee for years together.

·        This clarification, if received, will help SNEA to defeat the wrong moves and deliberate attempts by the BSBNL Maharashtra Circle management by misinterpretation of different clauses of SNEA constitution as being done continuously for last eight months. 


11 JUN 19:  AGM Admn Mumbai conveys approval for allotment of 527 hired vehicles and 29 OLA vehicles for use of different units and SSAs during Year 2019-20. Letter <<<>>> 


11 JUN 19:  AGM Staff Mumbai issued orders for Looking After arrangements of TDM Gadchiroli wherein Com. H.R. Adhikari, DE Regular will take over the Charge of TDM Gadchiroli  after superannuation retirement of earlier TDM Gadchiroli Com. M.A. Jiwane on 31/05/2019. Letter <<<>>> 


 11 JUN 19:  AGM Estt Mumbai issued orders for Time Bound Promotion of executives from E4 to E5 and E5 to E6 up gradation. Congratulations to all !!!. Order <<<>>>


11 JUN 19:  AGM Staff Mumbai issued one more order for force relieving of two more SDEs from Yavatmal to Gadchiroli SSA. Letter <<<>>> 


11 JUN 19:  AGM Staff Mumbai issued orders for force relieving of all the JTOs, SDEs and DEs in Telecom wing under transfer from working SSA to transfer SSA. Letter <<<>>>

·         All these executives were transferred as per request transfer orders issued on 31/03/2019 and after repeated written, telephonic, mobile and email instructions also the SSA Heads/Controlling officers of these officers have certain reluctance in relieving these officers.

·        As such now, all these officers have to relinquish the present charge they are holding and will have to join at new SSA even though they may not be relieved by concerned SSA. Ass all these transfers are request transfers, this order is in favor of executives who will get relieved and get posting at place of Choice in SSA of their choice. 


11 JUN 19:  AGM Elect II BSNL CO New Delhi writes to al PCE/Sr CEs/CEs in all Circles and calls for nomination of maximum five JTOs/SDEs/EEs with age below 55 years names from each Circle for Solar Panel training per batch. Letter <<<>>> 

The officers nominated are to be relived without posting of substitute. Names of the officers are to be sent after confirmation that he can be spared for this specific work. This training being given for third party Inspection being arranged by Electrical wing with aim to deployment of Electrical wing spare manpower.


10 JUN 19:  Extremely sorry comrades, the retirement greetings in respect of  some of comrades retired on 31/05/2019 could not be published in time due to certain unavoidable reasons.  SNEA Maharashtra Circle congratulates Com. R.S. Joshi, DE Parbhani SSA, Com. Ravindra S. Chhapre, JTO Sangli SSA and Com. Ankush R. Khandekar, JTO Sangli SSA   on their peaceful Superannuation /Voluntary Retirement after completion of long & highly successful services in DoT/BSNL. 

·        Com. R.S. Joshi, DE (Mobile/ Tx/ CSC) Parbhani {Mob 94231 03400} was appointed as Junior Engineer (now JTO) in year 1982  at CTO Mumbai. Thereafter, he has worked on different positions in JTO Nanded, JTO Gr Parbhani up to Sept. 1998. After that, he has promoted as SDE and has served as SDE HRD Parbhani. Then he has worked as SDE Vigilance Parbhani SSA for Ten Years from May 2002 to Jan 2012. He has also served as SDE CDMA Parbhani SSA up to December 2012. On All India tenure transfer, he has been posted in at Dibrugarh SSA, Assam Telecom Circle and has served as AGM Admn up to Nov 2015. Finally, he was transferred back to Parbhani after successful completion of All India Tenure and was posted as DE (Mobile/ Tx/ CSC) in Aug 2017 and working on same post till last day of his superannuation retirement. Com. R.S. Joshi has been a sincere & dedicated Member of SNEA and has always taken active part in all association activities. He is very polite and helpful in nature and has maintained very co-ordeal relations with all. Today after completing of highly successful 37 years and six months of his long and dedicated services in DoT/BSNL, he retired on superannuation of services in BSN w.e.f. 31/05/2019.

·        Com. Ravindra S. Chhapre, JTO Miraj Sangli SSA {Mob 942869500} has started his carrier journey as Technician in 1983 at Warnawati in Sangli SSA. He played important role in installation of MAX-I Exchanges in Sangli SSA during 1984-1990. He also worked at MIDC exchange in Sangli Urban from 1990-1994. He actively worked for installation, maintenance, and expansion of SBM and MBM exchanges in Sangli SSA. Com. Ravindra Chhapre was very sincere in his work and very soft spoken individual and great SNEA supporter. He was awarded with “Sanchar Sarathi” award due his devotional and dedicational work in DoT in year 1996. Com. Chhapre was promoted as JTO in Nov-2003 and worked as JTO (Internal) at Islampur and Tasgaon in Sangli SSA. He has also worked at tenure station, Malvan in Sindhudurg SSA from 2015-2017. During his last working days, he was JTO (Intl) at Miraj. He plays key role maintenance of MBM exchange, Broadband and NGN at Miraj. He opted for voluntary retirement after graceful and highly successful services of more than 36 years in DoT/BSNL.

·        Com. Ankush R. Khandekar, JTO MDF Sangli SSA, {Mob 9422613100} has started his carrier as technician in 1983 at Karad in Satara SSA. He worked for maintaining telephonic services at Koyna & Chandoli Dam area. Com. Khandekar was transferred to Sangli in 1986 on his request and got promotion as JTO in 2004. He worked in different sections of department like telex/OFC/MDF/CSC and group etc. He worked in tenure station at Ratnagiri from 2015 to 2017. He has rendered services as Organizational Secretary SNEA Sangli and was very enthusiastic personality and participated in every association activity. He was also Director and Asst Secretary of Sangli Divisional Telecom workers credit co-op society Sangli. He is di-hard comrade of SNEA Sangli and has played vital role in helping SNEA comrades to get rid of their difficulties. Com. Ankush Khandekar retired on 31/05/2019 after completion of more than 36 years of services in DoT/BSNL with full satisfaction and happiness thereof.

On this important day of the life of these stalwart Comrades of SNEA retiring in this month, SNEA MH salutes sincerity, dedication and affection by Com. R.S. Joshi, Com. Ravindra S. Chhapre and Com. Ankush R. Khandekar, towards BSNL & SNEA and on behalf of thousands of comrades of SNEA Maharashtra Circle we wish them “Very Happy, Healthy, Wealthy & Highly Successful Long Retired life”.


  10 JUN 19:  AGM Pers I  BSNL CO issued Request Transfer order in AGM cadre wherein Com. T.B. Wankhade, AGM NE-II Circle is posted back to Maharashtra Circle as per his request for Nagpur SSA.  Letter <<<>>> 


 10 JUN 19:  CS SNEA MH writes to CGMT MH Circle  requesting for intervention to grant facilities to recently co-opted CS & CP SNEA MH as per the unanimous resolution passed in Emergency CEC Meeting and advise the concerned officers in Admn section not to interfere in internal activities of SNEA. Letter  <<<>>>      SNEA Constitution Clause for recognition by higher body <<<>>>

 Annexure A <<<>>>               Annexure B <<<>>>           Annexure C <<<>>>       Annexure D <<<>>>

Annexure  E <<<>>>                Annexure  F <<<>>>            Annexure G <<<>>>        Annexure H <<<>>>           

·        This first appeal made by SNEA MH as per submission of AGM Legal Mumbai in submission of reply to Hon High Court Bombay in the same petition has informed that petitioner has not exhausted channels available for redressal of administrative grievances.

·        The submission further says that BSNL has comprehensive channels and hierarchy and persuaded channels of communication available to BSNL employees/Association for addressing and seeking redressal of such administrative issues.

·        Further, assurance was also given by GM HR Admn Mumbai to one of the petitioner to resolve the grievances raised by us with condition of withdrawal of petition No. No 14532 of 2018in Hon High Court of Bombay and same has been confirmed by Advocate of BSNL in Hon High Court Bombay.

·        As per constitution of SNEA, the recognition of higher body is required in case of election of new Body and nothing has been said about co-option, but DGM Admn Mumbai continues to wrongly interpret the different clauses of SNEA constitution and destabilize functioning of recognized association.

·        The Circle Body of SNEA MH is functional since 19/09/2017 and DGM Admn Mumbai has never asked for recognition of higher body when it was actually required for recognition of Circle Body and without any letter of recognition from SNEA CHQ.

·        Letter request CGMT MH to direct concerned officers in Admn Section not to get involved any internal activities of recognized association SNEA and direct them to stop their deliberate activities to destabilize the functioning of recognized association and advise to convey approval of grant of facilities to co-opted CS & CP SNEA MH or convey reasons for non-grant of facilities to co-opted COBs of SNEA MH.     


 6 JUN 19:  CS SNEA MH writes to GS SNEA CHQ about uncertainty created on functioning of SNEA MH due unconstitutional recognition called by DGM Admn Mumbai and request to clear it by withdrawal of letter dated 12/04/2019 issued by GS SNEA CHQ for partial and unwanted recognition of co-option. 

Letter <<<>>>          Enclosure I <<<>>>          II  <<<>>>              III   <<<>>>               IV   <<<>>>

V<<<>>>                  VI  <<<>>>                        VII  <<<>>>           VIII  <<<>>>               IX  <<<>>>

Letter requests GS SNEA CHQ to respect resolutions of CEC SNEA MH in true spirit and convey your decision on withdrawal of letters for partial co-option or to convey decisions of CHQ Body as per provisions of the Constitution of SNEA. Letter requests him not convey his biased individual decision as GS alone going beyond the powers delegated to GS SNEA by Constitution of SNEA as being done by him and DGM Admn Mumbai by twisting the said clauses of constitution as favorable to him. 


 6 JUN 19:  AGM Estt Mumbai published list of JTOs who are eligible and due for JTO Phase II Training and calls for missing name if any by email on latest by  15/06/2019.  Letter <<<>>>


 6 JUN 19:  Endorsing letter dated 22/05/2019 from AGM Regulation BSNL Corporate office, AGM NWO-CM-QoS-I BSNL Corporate office asks CGMs to analyze the impact of expiry of CMTS license for 2G services w.e.f. 28/02/2020 and submit relevant information for including in Management Committee Note. These details are called as the request of BSNL to grant of extension of 2G license for 20 LSAs beyond 28/02/2020 has been rejected by DoT. Letter <<<>>>   Annexure <<<>>>




 5 JUN 19:    Highly successful District Conference of SNEA Latur: {Report by Com. V.A.Patil DS SNEA Latur}:   As per the notice issued by Com. V.A. Patil DS SNEA Latur, the District Conference of SNEA Latur Branch was held on 28/04/2019 at “Hotel Mayur, Ambajogai Road, Latur.” The conference was started at 1130 hrs with warm welcome of guests with loud slogans of unity, SNEA and BSNL. Com. Sanjay Kamble, District President SNEA, Latur presided over the full day deliberations of the District Conference  the following dignitaries and guest attended and addressed the gathering present in the District Conference.

1.     Com. M. S. Adasul, Circle Secretary, SNEA MH Circle.

2.     Com. M. N. Kotambe,   Asstt. Circle Secretary, SNEA MH Circle,

3.     Shri. R.G. Kulkarni, Asstt. General Manager, Admn Latur.

4.     Com. S. R. Bhise, District Secretary SNEA Sindhudurg,

5.     Com. Sanjay Narwade, District Secretary SNEA Osmanabad,

6.     Com. A. A. Kulkarni, Ex Joint Secretary Marathwada SNEA MH ,

7.     Com. G. G. Malu, District Secretary SNEA Beed,

8.     Com. G. S. Thakur,  District President SNEA Beed,

9.     Com. V.A. Supekar Asst. District Secretary SNEA Beed,

10.             Com. P.S. Khandagale,  District Secretary BSNLEU, Latur

11.             Com. D.B. Bhosale, District President AIBSNLEA Latur,

·        The proceedings of District Conference started with DEEP PRAJAWALAN by the hands of guests and dignitaries. Thereafter house observed two minutes silence in memory of departed souls.

·        As special hour to senior SNEA comrades, SNEA Latur felicitated Com. S.R. Wattamwar, DE Udgir, Com. H.R. Naiknaware, AGM Plg Latur, and Com S D Kulkarni JTO OFC Latur by hands of Circle Leaders on evening of their superannuation retirement from BSNL services in coming days. 

·        Com. S. R. Kulkarni Ex DS SNEA Latur gave warm and energetic start to the proceedings with a patriotic song and energized the gathering. All the dignitaries and guest were given warm welcome by shawl and bouquets.

·        Com. V.A. Patil DS SNEA Latur delivered is welcome speech and gave brief idea to the house about the proceedings. He told that there is no any issue pending with administration and Latur administration is co-operating to solve the problems of SNEA comrades.

·        Com. S.R. Bhise, District Secretary SNEA Sindhudurg, and Special Invitee having Latur as Home town District, in his address briefly explained the history of SNEA and its achievements as association over the period. He told that only SNEA is taking developments issues with management. Prompt implementation is possible due to strong efforts taken by Com. M. S. Adasul CS SNEA MH. He shared his experience while working in SNEA from basic member of SNEA Kolhapur, DS SNEA Kolhapur, ACS SNEA MH, and now DS SNEA Sindhudurg. He elaborated need of strong unity on platform of SNEA and how the issues are being resolved by SNEA through strong persuasion. He concluded highly informative and motivating address by conveying thanks and gratitude to SNEA Latur for his felicitation by home branch and giving him time to share the views.

·        Com. Sanjay Narwade, District Secretary SNEA Osmanabad conveyed thanks SNEA Latur for calling in conference. He told that all the request transfers were issued due to strong efforts of our beloved Circle Secretary Com. M S Adasul and shared house about need of settlement of ongoing dispute created on smooth functioning of SNE MH. 

·        Com. P.S. Khandagale, District Secretary BSNLEU Latur in his short and sweet speech shared that VRS is need of hour and no one should oppose it if proposed by government for revival of BSNL due to heavy expenditure on salaries. He also shared the need of unity and efforts by AUAB on resolution pending HR issues and issues of growth of BSNL. In conclusion, he conveyed thanks to organizers for giving him opportunity to share the views.

·        Com. A.A. Kulkarni,  Ex Joint Secretary Marathwada SNEA MH in his speech he raised the issue of Maharashtra Circle Secretary  Com. M.S. Adasul and requested to SNEA CHQ to resolve the issue  on top  priority  for betterment of SNEA Maharashtra. He shared that all SNEA comrades throughout Maharashtra are strongly behind Com Adasul. He also shared his experience while working with SNEA in different capacities and requirement of need of the strongest unity of executives and role of SNEA in resolving all pending HR issues. He conveyed thanks to SNEA Latur for giving him time to share his views. In conclusion, he conveyed best wishes for the grand success of District Conference of SNEA Latur.

·        Com. M. N. Kotambe, Asstt. Circle Secretary, SNEA MH Circle in his highly impressive address conveyed best wishes for grand success of District Conference. He shared that he feels proud to attend and address the District Conference of SNEA Latur at his hometown District as ACS of SNEA, the only recognized association in BSNL. He shared house that he is from Latur SSA feels most happy to attend SNEA District Conference of SNEA Latur and how it has given review to many of his sweet memories of Latur in school and college days. He shared that at present BSNL is passing in a very difficult situation. He stressed that BSNL employees are not responsible for present situation but management and Government policies are responsible for it. He shared the undue support of Govt to Private companies and deliberate attempts to weaken the Govt PSU BSNL. He appealed the gathering that we have to run BSNL in any condition. Many Government offices have started to give important lease lines, mobile connections and BSNL is being neglected. He elaborated how with introduction of 4G services by BSNL in 3G spectrum has adversely affected the BSNL customer growth due to compulsions for changing majority of handsets not compatible with BSNL 4G services. Many handsets are not compatible with the 2100 band; hence, our customers are not getting 4G services in districts where BSNL has commissioned 4G services. The negative and false news in print and digital media also affected the growth of BSNL and has caused damage to brand image of BSNL. If the government supports BSNL by giving minimum required support and freedom, Jio will have to shut down his services. He expressed that government and management are adopting policy of “Toda and Zoda “and stressed for the need of strong unity. He appealed all the BSNL employees & officers to come together to defeat such divide and rule policies. He shared that DoT is not giving letter of comfort to BSNL,  to take loan from banks for even new works, but the private operators have taken multi corers of loans and enjoying it and questioned how BSNL can compete in such one sided situation? He also elaborated on different HR and development issues pursued by SNEA MH and success thereof. He assured house total co-operation from SNEA MH to SNEA Latur. In he appealed all the comrades to take more efforts for survival of BSNL and in conclusion, he conveyed thanks to SNEA Latur for giving him opportunity to attend and address such beautiful District Conference of SNEA Latur.  

·        Com. M. S. Adasul, Circle Secretary SNEA MH in his elaborate speech appreciated Latur District for giving two stalwart leaders Com. M. N. Kotambe and Com. S. R. Bhise, who are leading SNEA from the front. He appreciated that as all Latur pattern have been successful over the period, this leadership pattern from Latur District has been found very useful and successful for SNEA and BSNL throughout Maharashtra Circle. Many of the Latur comrades are serving BSNL at different Districts and prominently leading different positions in SNEA and BSNL. He explained the present situation of BSNL and its position in today’s Telecom scenario. He narrated that present uncertainty on future of BSNL will be cleared after outcome of ongoing Loksabha elections. Many of the pending HR & Development issues will be decided by new Government and we all will have to patiently wait for it. He elaborated facts about ongoing discussions on VRS and proposal initiated by DoT. He said that VRS, from name itself is optional and it is never compulsory to anybody. Hence anyone who is in need of VRS, let him opt for VRS and others may continue their services without opting for VRS. SNEA has not opposed VRS nor supported it. VRS has been implemented in MTNL repeatedly, but it has not benefitted MTNL in its financial stability. He appreciated views expressed by DS BSNLEU in support of VRS and stressed that VRS option needs to be actively supported by Govt of India by proving funds required for it and VRS should not create more burdon on BSNL, which is already facing losses. As per present news from different sources, the VRS for BSNL workforce is in active consideration of DoT/ Government. On reduction of superannuation age from 60 to 58 years, he has informed that chances of implantation of age reduction are less as it will have impact on decision makers itself and there is need of equal treatment for all PSUs at par with Government employees. Also it is understood that proposal of age reduction is not agreed by present BSNL Board. He requested all comrades to work hard for BSNL, and to regain the work culture of attending faults in time. He added that entire telecom sector is in danger and naturally, the situation of BSNL is also dangerous, but we can get rid of it with sincere efforts by all. He added that financially BSNL is the strongest company with minimum loan. There is multi corers loan on Jio and all other telecom operators and this company is enjoying tax benefits as new entrant company. BSNL is strapped in policy decision and when private companies have taken about six lakhs Crores of rupees loans from banks, DoT has not given letter of comfort to BSNL for few hundred corers of loan. BSNL will run definitely but it is in the hands of employees if we work hard, if we concentrate of the mobile segment and lease line segment, FTTH and restoration of faults in time then no any operator can defeat us. He thanked all the Marathwada comrades for extending their unconditional support to him and SNEA MH. He conveyed thanks to leaders of SNEA Latur for arranging such beautiful Conference and giving him opportunity to have direct interaction with all the comrades of Latur SSA.           He assured house that the present situation will definitely change and only required is we all have to change ourselves to certain extent and work with focus of Profit of BSNL. We will have to make deep analysis and take immediate action to improve or close the loss making Exchanges/BTS and stop anymore recurring losses. Many efforts have been taken, but till we have lot of scope and we definitely can get rid of these crises, if everybody sincerely contribute it. He stressed for need of strongest unity of Executives and importance of SNEA as recognized association to deal with pending HR issues. He made house aware that at present, there is failure on part of GS SNEA to resolve even critical HR issues and there is unrest among the members of SNEA. Some are frustrated and shared that they are leaving membership of SNEA. He appealed all such members, not to take any such decision and be strongly united with SNEA and optimistically conveyed that SNEA will definitely come out of this situation and will take care of all pending HR issues in coming days. He appealed to all to give their best services to BSNL so that BSNL regains the historical days and regains the Market position to better extent in coming days. In conclusion, of his address, he conveyed clear message that survival of BSNL should be first priority for one and all and if BSNL survives then the relevant unions and associations have some importance.  

·        Shri. R.G. Kulkarni, AGM Admn % GMT Latur attended and informed that he is present and addressing this Conference on behalf of Latur administration as GMT Latur is out of Latur due to his nearest relative marriage. He added that SNEA Latur is having very good relations with administration and no any problem of Latur SNEA comrades is gone to circle level. He informed that Up gradation, DPC is in process for three executives. While admiring the work culture of SNEA, he narrated his experience about response from Com Adasul as CS SNEA MH. He added that he is member is AIBSNLEA from beginning and was due for all India transfer on long stay basis. He has opted for transfer at Gadchiroli as all India soft tenure for three years, but Circle secretary of his association was not co-operating to him. Then he requested to Com. S.R. Wattamwar then District President Gadchiroli, TDM Gadchiroli, now DE Udgir, Latur SSA and his friend to do needful on platform of SNEA for posting to Gadchiroli. Com. S.R. Wattamwar requested to Com. Adasul Circle Secretary to extend support to him and within three days, his transfer order was issued to Gadchiroli for three years All India tenure. However, due to reverse intervention by his association District Secretary at Osmanabad at that time, his order to Gadchiroli was cancelled and he has compelled to join at North East for all India hard tenure transfer. He told that main difference in between working of other associations and SNEA, is that SNEA cares for its members in all circumstances and other associations continue to help only for certain persons and common members like him are always made to suffer. He conveyed thanks to Com Adasul and SNEA for such great culture and help extended to him. He shared his experience while working at NE Circle and how it was lifetime and great experience of his services. He shared some sweet memories and achievements during his tenure at NE Circle. He thanked SNEA Latur on behalf of Latur administration for the co-operation extended by SNEA as recognized association to administration and assured to continue similar co-operation in future. In conclusion, while conveying best wishes to district conference of SNEA Latur, he conveyed thanks to organizers for giving him opportunity to address the gathering and also giving opportunity to hear the informative and motivating addresses of different leaders of SNEA. 

·        Com. Sanjay Kamble, District President, Latur in his Presidential Speech summarised the overall proceedings of the Open Session and highlighted issues raised by different leaders and stressed for need of early resolution of issues. He added that due to introduction of 4G services in 3G 2100 band, we are losing our some customers due to handset issues. He stressed need to come with solution of handset issue without any further delay. He also told that our association must support VRS to safeguard the interest of BSNL and young comrades. He thanked all for attending conference and making the Open Session a grand success by interactive participation by all.

·        Com. Mahesh Chakote conveyed vote of thanks to all dignitaries, leaders, and members for attending and making the Open Session grand success. Open session was followed by delicious food in lunch arranged in hotel Mayur itself.

·        After lunch, in delegate session Com. V.A. Patil, District Secretary SNEA Latur presented his district secretary report. He specially thanked to Com. M.S. Adasul for solving all transfer problem of Comrades of SNEA Latur and specially requests of Com. Mrs Neeta Kajalekar ADS for grant of immunity from transfer, which was possible to due strong efforts and persuasion by Circle Secretary. He told that there is no issue of SNEA member pending with Latur administration. All transfers due in last years were issued after strong persuasion. The rural to urban transfer due in this year will be given due care. He thanked all Latur SNEA comrades for their support in his term as District secretary.

·        Com. N.H. Joshi District Treasurer SNEA Latur presented treasurer report giving details of financial position and expenditures by SNEA Latur during last tenure. He specially thanked to Com. Adasul CS for issuing the Claim Cheque of Rs. One lakh to family of Late Com. J.B. Kuril then DE Latur from SNEA Welfare fund. He also thanked to Com. Mrs. Neeta Kajalekar for donation of Rs. Ten Thousands to SNEA Latur He specially mentioned that due to her financial support only, SNEA Latur is able to bear the expenditure of District Conference. SNEA Latur has not received single rupees from January 2017 as District Quota after starting deduction from salary. All monthly subscription is with CHQ and Circle. He informed house that Latur SNEA branch is running in Minus Rs 5656.00 and requested to Circle Secretary and Circle Treasurer to release District quota of SNEA Latur urgently. He thanked all the comrades for the support during his tenure as district treasurer. The report of district treasurer was accepted by voice vote by all comrades.

·        Some of Comrades of SNEA Latur shared their views about SNEA activities and support by SNEA MH to the common members at any corner of Maharashtra Circle.

·        Thereafter, Com Sanjay Kamble President SNEA Latur declared that the existing District Body is dissolved and house will go for election of new District Body. House unanimously nominated Com. S.R. Wattamwar Senior Comrade as Election officer. In an unanimous Election following District Body was elected unanimously.


Elected on Post




District President

Com. S.G. Kamble

JTO MM Latur


Vice President

Com. R.P. Tiwari



District Secretary

Com. V.A. Patil

SDE BB Latur


Asstt. Dist. Secretary-I

Com. Mrs. R.S. Girwalkar

JTO Ausa


Asstt. Dist. Secretary II

Com. R.G. Akangire

SDE Plg  Latur


Dist. Treasurer

Com. N.H. Joshi

SDEP& Gr Udgir


Organizing Secretary

Com. S.H. Bansode

SDE Latur



Com. Gajanan Jadhav


·        Oath of allegiance was given by Com. M.N. Kotambe, ACS SNEA MH to all the newly elected District Office Bearers of SNEA Latur.

·        Com. S. G. Kamble and Com. V. A. Patil respectively re-elected as District President and District Secretary addressed gathering and shared their feelings  and thanks for showing such unconditional faith by SNEA members and assured to give their best for SNEA members.   

·        Com. N. H. Joshi, District Treasurer SNEA Latur conveyed vote of thanks to all the comrades for wonderful and full day interactive proceedings of District Conference and making it highly successful. 

·        The full day deliberations of District Conference concluded at 1700 hrs with National Anthem and slogans of Unity.

·        Photos  <<<>>>


4 JUN 19:  Report and Photos on grand District Conference of SNEA Ahmednagar held on 21/04/2019 is till awaited and same will be uploaded immediately on its receipt from DS SNEA Ahmednagar.


 4 JUN 19:  AGM Estt Mumbai issued orders for Time Bound Promotion of executives from E3 to E 4 scale. Congratulations to all !!!. Order <<<>>>


4 JUN 19:  AGM Admn Mumbai endorsed the BSNL CO order for extension of Executive Health Checkup plan for one year  applicable only to SAG level officers and their family members. Letter <<<>>>


3 JUN 19:  Shri. Sheetala Prasad, Director CM/HR BSNL Board, in DO letter writes to all Circle Heads about roles and responsibilities of different officials/officers ranging from Phone Mechanic to SSA Heads. Letter <<<>>>

·        DO letter directs all CGMs to stress on two important issues Marketing and Remittance by utilizing available man power accordingly to achieve the targets and  for utilization of large number of skilled manpower of  executives and non-executives available with BSNL in increasing Market Share of BSNL.

·        Letter stress that BSNL has at par technologies in CM, CFA and EB cell as that of private Operators and there is need of proper utilization of manpower on Marketing and remittance activates.


 3 JUN 19:  AGM Staff Mumbai issued own cost request transfer order of Com. Mrs. A.P. Chavan, AGM Jalna to Aurangabad SSA, her name was missing in earlier orders as her application was not forwarded by Jalna SSA in time. Order <<<>>>


 3 JUN 19:  AGM Staff Mumbai issued relieving orders for SDEs in Maharashtra Circle on their  own cost request transfer to all India hard tenure Station in J&K Circle. Order <<<>>>


3 JUN 19:  AGM Staff Mumbai issued relieving orders for SDEs in Maharashtra Circle on their  own cost request transfer to different Non Tenure Circles. Order <<<>>>


 3 JUN 19:  AGM DE & R Mumbai issued orders for closure of compliant about Fake/False caste certificate in five more cases on receipt and verification of related documents. Letter <<<>>>


 3 JUN 19:  AD HRD II Mumbai calls for missing APRs of Financial Year 2016-17 in respect of 28 SDEs from different SSAs as same are not available in ERP online submission and these APRs are required for DE /AGM promotions. Letter <<<>>>


1 JUN 19:  AGM Admn Mumbai endorsed the letter issued by BSNL Corporate office about no transfers of Non-executives during ongoing Union Membership Verification till this MV process is completed. Letter <<<>>>


1 JUN 19:  CGMT MH Circle issued note cum advise to SSA/BA Heads, IFAs and Unit Heads in Circle Office Mumbai as per discussions in the Video Conference held on 01/06/2019. Letter <<<>>>

·        Now days Video Conferencing are being held so frequently and many of the SSA/BA/Unit Heads are not taking note of the discussions in such video Conferences and hence CGMT MH may have decided to issue such Note cum advice with his signature and it is issued within hours of this Video Conference.

·        Hope at least now SSA/BA/Unit Heads will bother to such important discussions and take corrective actions.

·        This letter covers major points related to growth and development of BSNL in different SSAs of Maharashtra Circle.

·        Letter stress for immediate need of review of various processes in view of formation of new Government and Ministries and meeting expectations thereof.

·        The letter says in clear words that it is observed that most of BA Heads are not holding and not providing leadership in their SSAs, which is neither expected nor appreciated.

·        Letter stress for availability of mechanism at Business Area HQs to supervise and assist SSA Heads in true spirit.

·        There will be no transfers because of Merger of SSAs with BA HQs and SSA Heads will continue to functions with full administrative and managerial authority.

·        This merger of SSAs with BA is only accounting and Finance wing adding burdon of SSA to BAs.

·        GM HR Admn Mumbai and CE C Mumbai are directed to utilize excess manpower after activity of merger of SSAs with BA and deployment of additional officers gainfully in the interest of service.

·        This letter covers ten important points like Digital India, OFC/CM Maintenance, Monsoon Precautions, generation of demand, TR outstanding, and Breath analyzer etc.

·        But it seems that there is no discussions held in the Video Conference about how to meet the goals set in view of the drastic reduction Manpower on Security, reduction of Manpower of EOIs, No clearance of payment of vendors deployed in Maintenance works, non-grant of temporary advances, Shortage of stores even for mtce works, Nonpayment of Electricity Bills of many exchanges/units, Nonpayment of rents of for months together and many such burning issues with field officers.

·        The discussions and letter thereafter seems to be one way communication from Circle Head to SSA /BA Heads and the issues from filed units seems to be neglected which is major issue in meeting aim of achieving different goals as mentioned in this letter.

·        Hopefully, one such session by Video Conference will be arranged in which SSA/BA Heads will be allowed to put on records about their burning issues and their expectations from Circle management.

·        SNEA MH has always demanded for restoration of authority ad powers of SSA Heads and it is good that stress has been given for same in this letter and let us hope that SSA/BA Heads gains their authority to decide on growth and development of their SSA depending on local situation.  



1 JUN 19:  AGM Staff Mumbai issued ERP force relieving Six AGMs working in different SSAs of Maharashtra Circle and under transfer to All India tenure Stations. Order <<<>>>

Normally ERP & Force relieving to All India tenure Circles is decided by Personal Cell BSNL Corporate Office, but here Maharashtra Circle takes stringent decision to implement force Relieving of AGMs without any such orders from personal Cell and creates one more new trend affecting the concerned officers who are unwilling for immediate relieving for personal/official reasons.  


 1 JUN 19:  AGM Staff Mumbai issued relieving order of Com. P.H. Kandalkar, SDE Amravati on his request transfer to J&K Circle. Order <<<>>>


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