Last updated on 19 Feb 2024


19 Feb 2024 : Extension of window for exercising GTI Option:

Online window for exercising option for GTI Scheme in ERP-ESS portal has been further extended by 1 day upto 20.02.2024 05:30 PM. Employees who have not yet exercised their option for GTI scheme can exercise their option during last & final extended window. Please note that there will not be any separate window for withdrawal of option, employees opting for the scheme during extended window shall exercise their option carefully. Orders<<<>>>


19 Feb 2024 : SNEA MH Team welcomes New CGMT MH Circle Shri Prashant Patil:


SNEA MH Team led by CS Com. Samir Khare welcomed New CGMT MH Circle Shri Prashant Patil on his First day in office.


19 Feb 2024 : Minutes of Agenda meeting with SNEA MH issued by MH Circle Admin:

Minutes of Agenda meeting with SNEA MH held on 31.01.2024 are issued by MH Circle. SNEA MH Circle accepts the minutes partially as there are some variations in the minutes issued and actual discussions happenend in the meeting. CS SNEA will write to management in this regard. Minutes of meeting <<<>>>


19 Feb 2024 :


17 Feb 2024 : Transfer & Posting of AO/JAO in MH Circle:

Intra-circle Transfer Orders of AO/JAO in MH Circle from Tenure to Non-Tenure, from Non-Tenure to Tenure & from Non-Tenure to Non-Tenure stations was issued today. SNEA MH Circle conveys sincere thanks to Hon ble CGMT MH Circle for keeping his word as per assurance given in the agenda meeting of SNEA MH & giving relief to Accounts & Finance Executives by issuing the long pending orders on his last working day in MH Circle. Orders<<<>>>


17 Feb 2024 : BA-Wise Sanctioned Strength i/r/o Finance Cadre:

Revised BA-Wise Sanctioned Strength / Approved Manpower i/r/o/ Finance cadre of MH Circle post restructuring is declared by MH Circle. Orders<<<>>>


17 Feb 2024 : Releiving of CGMT MH Circle Shri Rohit Sharma:

Hon ble CGMT MH Circle Shri Rohit Sharma was relieved today from Maharashtra Circle. SNEA MH conveys sincere thanks to Shri Rohit Sharma sir for the support & Co-operation extended to SNEA MH during his tenure as CGMT Maharashtra Circle & also extends best wishes for his new assignment as Advisor, O/o The Member(S) DOT HQ s New Delhi. Orders<<<>>>


14 Feb 2024 : Extension of window for exercising GTI Option:

Online window for exercising option for GTI Scheme in ERP-ESS portal has been extended by 3 days from 15.02.2024 to 17.02.2024. Employees who have not yet exercised their option for GTI scheme can exercise their option during extended window. New Optee employees opting for the scheme can withdraw their option during a separate online window from 18.02.2024 to 19.02.2024. Orders<<<>>>


14 Feb 2024 : E-1 to E-2 Time Bound Promotion orders issued:

MH Circle issued orders for E-1 to E-2 Scale Upgradation of executives under Time Bound Executive Promotion Policy. Click here for Orders <<< 1 >>> <<< 2 >>> <<< 3 >>>


14 Feb 2024 : Feedback / Suggestions on the guidelines on MM Streamlining Process:

BSNL CO has compiled a booklet of guidelines issued from time to time on MM Streamlining. Before finalization of guidelines, feedback/suggestions have been called on the subject from CGM s & IFA s of all circles.

AGM CPC-II has further endorsed the letter for submission of feedback /suggestions from all the units under CGMT MH Circle. Letter <<< >>>


13 Feb 2024 : Increase in EPF Interest Rate:

It is understood that in recent meeting of Central Board of Trustees, the EPFO has fixed an 8.25% interest rate on Employees Provident Fund for the FY 2023-24.

This interest rate will be officially notified in the government gazette after approval by Ministry of Finance. Subsequently, EPFO will credit the approved rate of interest into accounts of EPF subscribers. 


13 Feb 2024 : Rule-8 cases forwarded to concern circles:

As per the discussion taken place during the Agenda meeting of SNEA and as agreed upon, the first ten cases from the waiting list of Rule-8 have been forwarded to concern circles. SNEA MH shall continue to pursue for the remaining cases in the waiting list and expects forwarding of the remaining cases soon. Letter <<<>>>


12 Feb 2024 : Charge of CGM MH handed over to Shri Prashant Patil, CGM CNTX-West

As pursuant to the promotion order of Shri Rohit Sharma, CGM MH to Advisor O/o Member (services) DoT HQs the charge of CGM MH has been assigned to Shri Prashant Patil CGM CNTX-W from 17th Feb 2024. SNEA MH wishes all the very best to Shri Rohit Sharma Sir for his new assignments and welcomes Shri Prashant Patil Sir as CGM MH. Orders <<<>>>


12 Feb 2024 : Tenure transfer -out orders issued:

As per the discussion taken place during the Agenda meeting of SNEA and as agreed upon the tenure transfer order has been issued of the all the pending executives. Orders <<<>>>


10 Feb 2024 : Renewal of Group Term Insurance

All existing members as well as new entrants will have to compulsorily exercise the option through ESS. The option window will be open from 10.02.2024 to 14.02.2024. The will not be auto renewal of the scheme. Orders <<<>>>


08 Feb 2024 : Marathon Agenda Meeting of SNEA MH with CGMT

The agenda meeting of SNEA MH Circle was scheduled on 31/01/2024 at 4:00 pm in 6th floor Conference Hall, O/o CGMT, MH Circle. At the start of the meeting the SNEA MH Circle team Congratulated and felicitated Hon ble CGMT Shri Rohit Sharma ji on his Promotion as Advisor to Member Services.

The meeting was attended by following officers from Management side and Association side

1.   Management Side

Sr. No

Name of the Official



Hon ble Shri Rohit Sharmaji

CGMT,MH Circle


Shri Dhananjay kumar ji

PCE,Electrical, O/o CGMT MH Circle


Shri Suresh Nakhale ji

GM(HR and Admin)


Shri V K Singh

Jt. C.E. Civil,O/o CGMT MH Circle


Shri Kailas More



Shri Pradeepan



Smt. Mini Sham



Smt Ashwini Bhonge

Coordinator GM(Finance)


Shri M.S.Hanchate

AGM(Tech) and OSD to CGMT,MH Circle


Shri Gaurang Doshi



Smt Santoshi Kulkarni



Shri Shiv kumar



Shri Rushikesh Walavalkar

CAO(MM Billing)

2.   Association Side

Sr. No

Name of the Official



Shri Shailendra Solanke

Circle President


Shri V.M.Pimparkar

Vice President I


Shri Sandip Shinde

Vice President II


Shri Samir Khare

Circle Secretary


Shri S. A. Bhadane

Asst. Circle Secretary- I


Shri Amit Kulkarni

Asst. Circle Secretary- II


Shri Rupesh Kumar

Asst. Circle Secretary- III


Shri H.N. Tipre

Circle Treasurer


Shri Amit Naikade

Joint Secretary Accounts and Finance


Shri Sujeet Kadam

Joint Secretary- Konkan & Goa


Shri Abhay Kesarkar

Joint Secretary- ACE


Shri Prayag Pisal

Organising Secretary


Shri Datta Dubile Patil

CWC Member


Shri Mukesh Wadhwani

CWC Member


Shri Kishor Patil

District President,SNEA Mumbai


Shri Anil Dubey

Asst. District Secretary,SNEA,Mumbai


Shri Rahul Meena

Vice President, SNEA,Mumbai


Shri Bhupendra Singh

Organising Secretary


Shri Raju Thorat

District Secretary, Ahmednagar


Meeting started with welcome speech by Hon ble CGMT. In his elaborate welcome speech CGMT highlighted various key points about Maharashtra circle as mentioned below


CGMT informed that presently MH circle is at Number 2 position in Revenue & 90 Cr behind Kerala circle & said further that we can achieve number 1 position.

Main focus of MH circle is on FTTH, presently kerela circle is having 5.4 Lakh FTTH connections & MH Circle is having 2.7 Lakh FTTH connections. Kerela & Punjab both circles have more FTTH penetration than MH circle. All the field units should take efforts that the exchanges with less than 50 DELs are to be converted to FTTH in 3 months.

EB vertical is having very high potential. To realize revenue EB billing is to be done timely. Presently we are providing 350 to 400 LCs per month while pendency is more than that. Fiberization has improved service quality. SBI has recently placed an order for upgradation of 1400 links & order for additional 1400 links is in pipeline. This will give an additional revenue of 10 Cr. Also ICICI Bank has given 1000 links & has committed to give 6000 links in phased manner. SBI & NABARD have availed captive WiFi Services at their major offices across India

CGMT has insisted all BA / OA heads to identify & meet top 100 CIC Customers in all districts & cover all schools, colleges, etc for EB business. As elections are about to be notified all units have to approach District Collectors & get orders for Election Business in next 10 days.

Renting business also has huge potential. MH CO is earning revenue of 9.6 Cr by renting office space. We can also propose vacant quarters for renting.

In Electrical also MH circle is doing good by saving expenditure.

Scrapping of about 500 batteries is done in this FY. MH circle has got target of 2 Cr from BSNL CO but we have set target of 20 Cr for scrapping.

CGMT highlighted issues which needs to be addressed at the earliest

BSNL CO has observed Poor Performance of MH circle in following areas

OFC availability & MTTR is poor in MH circle

Chandrapur & Nagpur are having 98% n/w availability but others are very low.

Kalyan & Raigad are having avg downtime of 5 to 6 Hrs, some SSA are having 4-5 Hrs & others are having less than 4 Hrs.

MH Circle BTS availability is poorest in India, LC MTTR is also very poor & Expenditure per line is highest.

These are certain areas where MH circle has lot of scope for improvement.

Opening Remarks by Shri Samir Khare, Circle Secretary, SNEA MH Circle

Before the start of the formal agenda meeting CS Com. Samir Khare in his speech Congratulated Hon ble CGMT on his special HAG promotion & extended Best Wishes for his new assignment from SNEA MH Circle. He further stated that Management and Association are two wheels of the same chariot and the chariot will run in favourable direction if both wheels are in tandem. He further said that SNEA has always tried to have harmony with the management but at the same time it is important to resolve the members issue and the association is committed to it. He further said that he is hopeful of getting resolution to the long pending issues through the agenda meeting.

CS at the very beginning told that deliberations held in the agenda meeting only if solution is provided to the issues. He further told that both SNEA will certainly be with the Mgmt for betterment of BSNL & further added that welfare of executives is responsibility of SNEA. He further stated that if intentions of both sides is good then there will be no disputes & we are hopeful that deliberations will be healthy and reach conclusion.


Pointwise account of discussions as per agenda submitted by CS is as mentioned below

1.    Organisational restructuring in BSNL

CS told that organisation restructuring data asked by BSNL CO is not prepared in MH circle & available data is not shared with SNEA.

CGMT instructed to share available data with SNEA

During instructions CGMT explained that data is prepared considering working DELs & not on switching capacity as per norms.

CS insisted that there should be atleast one JTO/SDE in each OA for Civil / Elect wings. While preparing the restructuring data the ongoing projects like 4G saturation, etc shall be taken into consideration & restructuring data should be sent accordingly.


2.    Review of decision to handover the Estate section to the Electrical Wing in Mumbai

CS told that even though there is no direct role of electrical wing the work of estate section is entrusted to electrical wing in MH Circle office. While in all other circles and even in other SSA s of MH Circle the Estate Section is with HR / Admin. He further stated that if at all the Estate section is to be handed over to some other section then the Civil is the most appropriate wing as it deals most of the property matters and maintenance of Staff Quarters and other buildings.

CGMT replied that it is done due to overload of HR section. Earlier it was with Civil wing which is also overloaded due to ongoing projects like 4G Saturation.


CS insisted that estate section should be with HR section only as followed in other circles.

CGMT replied that though he feels that the present setup is ok but left the decision for review to the new CGMT.


Jt. CE Civil also supported arguments of CS & told that logically estate section should be with HR.


CS also shared some examples of some discrepancies in quarter allotment like 2 quarters allotted to 1 person at the same time & allowing change of quarters in less than 3 months.

Estate Sections gave some clarifications but could not clarify on all queries.

CGMT instructed to cross check.


3.    Regarding orders issued by DGM(Admn), Mumbai regarding Online attendance in contravention to the guidelines provided by Corporate Office, New Delhi.

CS explained that the order issued by MH CO is beyond the purview of MH Circle & not as per rules.

DGM Admin cited some complaints received by certain sections in MH CO & told that there is no problem in issuing such orders.

CS opposed the stand of management & insisted that such orders cannot be issued by applying any logic & only rules should be followed in such matters as Circle admin cannot supersede BSNL CO guidelines.

After detailed discussion CGMT agreed to withdraw the orders & issue modified order after assessment.

4.    Recent posting of LICE JTO s in Maharashtra Circle

No discussion was held on the issue as it was already resolved before meeting. CS thanked CGMT for resolving the issue.

5.    Gross Irregularities in allotment of Staff Quarters and particularly in Mumbai

CGMT informed that recently SOP is introduced for quarter allotment & there are no issues now.

CS informed that there are still some problems in the SOP & sufficient time was not given to unions & associations for submitting their opinion.

CS told that in SOP waiting list should be made only in case of unavailability of quarters & waiting list should be prepared as per date of application instead of date of joining.

PCE Civil clarified on SOP in detail & told that waiting list provision is kept as per rules.

CS requested CGMT to keep Semi Furnished Transit Quarters as it is difficult to for staff to arrange for basic furnishings for short duration stay in transit quarters.

CGMT agreed to consider the demand & assured to provide basic furnishings like Bed, Table, Chair, etc.

CS raised query on frequency of change of quarters for eligibility in same level.

CGMT & PCE Civil informed that any staff can avail change of quarters only once in same eligibility level. Competent authority can take decision on allowing more than 1 change in special cases.

6.    Non Issuance of Transfer orders in Account and Finance wing since last 2 years

CS expressed huge unrest among Accounts wing executives due to non-issuance of request transfer in Accounts & finance wing.

CGMT explained that there is urgent requirement of AO/JAO in MM CPC Section due to centralization of activities. Field unit posts are diverted to Circle office as per work distribution. He also told that henceforth only 1 or 2 AO/JAOs will be required in each OA. 20 AO/JAOs will be posted in MM CPC.

CS asked whether there is justification for posting 20 AO /JAOs in MM CPC & as per the letter of Finance wing September 2023 6 AO s & 6 JAO s are required for MM CPC Section. Already 8 officers are posted in MM CPC & 5 JAOs posted in EB Platinum unit can be returned to Accounts wing for MM CPC activities. This will save the money of department. CS further informed that the there are request from telecom wing executives for posting at Circle Office on own cost. If these orders are issued the JAO s working in EB Platinum and other non finance section can be replaced.

PCE Civil explained that in new arrangement most of the work is diverted to MM CPC & field unit work is reduced considerable.

CS also explained that all the billing related works of field units are not diverted to MM CPC & still many works remain with field units that require staff. DS Mumbai gave supporting explanation with examples on how most of the work is still remaining with field units.

CGMT told that they have written to Corporate Office for justification for MM/CPC Cell and the reply is awaited.

CS requested to delink pending OTP request transfers of Accounts wings from MM CPC requirement & issue transfers of pending OTP requests at the earliest as OTP requests are pending since last 2 years on one or the other pretext.

After elaborate discussion & firm stand of CS, CGMT agreed to issue all orders upto 10th Feb 2024.

7.    Rule 8/Rule 9 transfers of JTO/JAO

CS informed that all Rule 8 applications are to be processed for consent as per BSNL CO guidelines. Also at present JTO strength in MH circle is 824/926.

CGMT was not ready to consider the demand citing shortage of staff but on detailed explanation & firm stand by CS it was agreed to consider the 10 cases for Rule 8 as per waiting list.

8.    Publication of Long stay list and excess/shortage list in every December and June

CS informed that stay particulars are not published by admin section.

DGM Admin informed that the list published is provisional and corrections in stay data are called from SSA s but yet to be received. Final list is yet to be published after receiving modifications from field units. CS told that two list should be published as was done earlier one, the longest stay in SSA and other, the long stay in Circle. It was agreed that both the list will be published shortly.

9.    Posting of Office bearers of association on sensitive posts

CS highlighted some examples where office bearers of some associations are occupying sensitive posts in MH circle office.

CGMT assured to look into the matter & also demanded relevant guideline regarding posts considered as sensitive.

10. Posting of Officers on sensitive posts much beyond the specified term

CS highlighted examples of officers having more than 27 to 30 years on sensitive posts. Specially in accounts section of MH Circle Office.

CGMT informed that 30 such cases are identified & action will be taken in this regard.

11. Change of section request pending in Circle office since long time

CS informed that DS Mumbai has already submitted a letter to admin in this regard but till date no action is taken.

CGMT agreed to consider 6 cases who have completed more than 4 years. Remaining 4 cases will be considered later.

12. Non Allotment of Office Space to Recognised Association

CS informed that allotment of space was done about 1 year back the space is not vacated till date. CGMT assured to try for alternate accommodation in another building. CS insisted that the accommodation shall be provided in administrative building only. He further cited example that even space has been allotted to the vendors and DOT in administrative building and association being the representative of executives shall be provided with space in same building. It was pointed out by CS that the P and T audit wing is going to vacate the place in march april 2024. CGMT agreed to allot the space if it is vacated as narrated by CS SNEA. CS SNEA further told that still there exist some vacant space in the building, CGMT told to bring it to the notice of Admin section and if space available the same will be allotted.

13. Wrong feedback by Civil wing regarding safety of quarters and non- mtce of staff quarters and Office Buildings particularly in Mumbai and request to start allotment of staff quarters at Dadar and Powai

CS informed that civil wing conveyed to BSNL CO that there are 700 vacant quarters in Mumbai but actually much less count of quarters is liveable. CS further raised the issue that the appearance of Prabhadevi and Powai space is due to this wrong input by Circle Civil wing to Corporate Office.

DGM Civil informed that all the queries of BSNL CO in this regard are already clarified.

CS further said that it is learnt that the name of Prabhadevi and Powai Quarters is removed from monetisation list after kind intervention of Hon ble Member of Parliament Shri Arvind Sawant ji. He further requested CGMT to start the allocation of Prabhadevi Quarters.

CGMT told proposal for conditional allotment of Prabhadevi quarters is already sent to BSNL CO.

14. Conference hall charges for Unions and associations shall be waived off

CS thanked CGMT for recent orders granting permission to conduct 1 meeting in conference hall at reduced rates. CS requested to make it free of cost for union association meetings or atleast there should be no limit on meetings with reduced charges.

CGMT suggested to give a representation & told that HPC will take a decision in this regard

15. Looking after arrangement in AGM Cadre in circle office

CS informed that seniority is not followed while issuing L/A orders.

GM HR informed that it is done vertical wise as per requirement. CS further stated it is causing injustice to the seniors and many juniors are allotted the responsibility of AGM(L/A) in one vertical in the same building and the senior is working as SDE only due to being in other vertical. CGMT instructed GM(HR) to verify the same and take the corrective action.

16. Issuance of Transfer orders of July OTP

CS informed that GM HR has assured to issue the orders long back but did not keep up with the assurance of last meeting.

GM HR informed that only 8 OTP for tenure stations are pending & is in process and the orders will be issued shortly. Regarding non tenure OTP requests CGMT told that these orders will be issued in March.

17. Wrong Policy of issuance of only Own Cost Transfers in last one year

CS informed that such arrangement is hampering equilibrium of posted strength in field units. To maintain the relative strength company cost orders should also be issued for substitutes wherever required.

CGMT assured to review as per feedback.


18. Need of amendments in MH Circle Transfer Policy

CS explained the need of amendments in transfer policy for MH Circle. Also informed that tenure stations are different for Accounts & Telecom wings.

CGMT assured to take review of the tenure stations. Regarding other amendment in MH Circle transfer policy CGMT told that he does not feel the requirement for amendment as of now.

19. Non marking of orders to Circle Secretary of recognized associations

CS informed that except transfer orders no other orders are marked to CS SNEA. CS further stated that it is observed that there is someone in the system who is leaking the information to other association and as per the reports received from the orders are sent on social media of particular association before the order being actually uploaded on intranet.

20. Allotment of additional space to DOT

CS informed that already sufficient space is allotted to DoT & still additional space is being allotted to them.

CGMT informed that decision is taken by DoT & additional space is taken against Sakinaka office being vacated.

21. Burning HR and development issues at Nashik

CS told that the situation in Nashik has eased out after kind intervention of CGMT MH but still there are certain issues which needs to be addressed such as not giving meetings to District Body of SNEA & also not allowing CNTX office bearers to attend association meetings with management. Management brought to our notice that as per DS,SNEA,Nashik the issue is now resolved.

22. Development Issues and other misc. issues received from SSA s

(a) Requirement of Battery of more than 1000AH in the field.

CGMT informed that 1000 AH & above batteries are directly delivered on site. 400 AH & 600 AH batteries are delivered in store & SSA should take steps to minimize transportation.

870 batteries are already installed & 60 sets are pending

Field units should update battery & power plant data in Oorja App.

Due to wrong data entry MH circle received only 1800 batteries instead of 4300 batteries.

CGMT has already given suggestion to BSNL CO for procurement of 600 AH & above battery sets only. Requested SNEA to take up the same a CHQ level as cost difference is not much. CGMT also suggested to enter projected 35 Amps additional load in Oorja App to justify 600 AH batteries.

(b) Requirement of LVD circuits(approx. cost 250 Rs each) for increasing the life of battery by safeguarding it against deep discharge.

CGMT agreed if cost is Rs. 250-300 per unit & suggested to be done at BA level

(c) Provision of AMC in all future tenders

CGMT informed that already procurement is done with 5 year AMC since last 1 year.

CS suggested that procurement should be done with AMC upto End of Life of equipment.

CGMT suggested to take up matter at BSNL CO through CHQ.

(d) Provision of scrapping on expiry of life period of the equipment.

CGMT informed that it is not feasible due to financial considerations.

(e) Non- availability of Power plant modules in the field particularly in coastal belt where many modules go faulty due to lightening.

CGMT instructed DGM CFA to look into the matter.

(f) Complaints regarding non-provision of Power Plant where Battery is provided

CGMT informed that new Power Plants are already being provided with Lithium Ion batteries.

At the end CS expressed gratitude to Hon ble CGMT for giving a patient hearing on all the issues & having elaborate interactive discussions.

Meeting lasted for about 5 Hrs upto 9:30 PM & ended on a positive note with positive assurance by Hon ble CGMT on many issues.

SNEA MH Circle is thankful to CGMT for conducting the meeting even after his posting on promotion is already issued.

Glimpses from the agenda meeting with Hon ble CGMT Shri Rohit Sharmaji


05 Jan 2024 : OTP Transfers for JTO(T) & SDE(T) issued for MM / CPC Unit at Mumbai

OTP Transfers for JTO(T) & SDE(T) were issued for MM / CPC Unit at Mumbai on 05/01/2023. Click here for Orders <<<>>>

SNEA Maharashtra conveys thanks to Hon ble CGMT MH & GM HR for considering our request of clearing pending OTP requests to some extent. We are hopeful that remaining pending OTP requests in Telecom as well as Accounts wings will also be considered shortly.


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