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18 JUL 19:  In continuation to orders of DoT, BSNL issued official orders for appointment of Shri. Pravin Kumar Purwar, as Regular CMD BSNL for next five Years w.e.f. 15/07/2019. Letter   <<<>>>


18 JUL 19:  DGM CA/ERP Mumbai issued instructions to IFAs of BA Heads to carry out all HR activities viz. salary related issues, Payroll Data Maintenance, Employee Claim settlement, Legal, Vigilance and Service Book Maintenance  centrally from BA HQs. Letter   <<<>>>


17 JUL 19:  Shri. P.K. Purwar, CMD BSNL in DO letter to all Circle Heads writes for monitoring important activities of CFA, CM, EB and Finance  segments of respective Circle and appeals to swing in ACTIVE (Adopt Changes To Improve Outcomes Now) . Letter   <<<>>>

·        CMD BSNL agrees in clear words that Telecom Industry is distress, and BSNL also is facing heat.

·        Letter assures for sincere efforts on part of Government for revival of BSNL and also assures for total co-operation from BSNL Corporate office to Circles and expect same from Circles.

·        Telecom Industry is driven by Technology and hence it respects only those who can keep abreast with fast changes.

·        Disruption and Innovation is Key towards success so our approach should change from routine traditional to an Innovative one.

·        Appeals one and all to contribute to increase Top Line and Bottom line of the company with available constraints.

·        In order to remain in the Telecom Industry, he appeals to follow the Reform, Perform, and Transform Mantra given by Government.

·        Gives aggressive targets for CFA segment for retaining landline customer base as on 31/03/2019 and provision of FTTH double than provided in Year 2018-19 by improving customer deliveries and by timely fault clearance.

·        For CM vertical target is Two Million Gross Connections every month and 10% increase in VLR, 10% increase of IN revenue by focusing of Sales and Marketing activities and marinating of uptime of BTS. 

·        For EB target should be 25% more than the last year Targets with focus on existing customers and new customers in this potential segment.

·        50 % of Lease Circuits must be provided within 15 days of its booking.

·        In finance more attention towards Collection efficiency and recovery of old outstanding dues under Project Aishwarya.

·        In conclusion, he appeals to have focus on reduction of Operating cost by rationalization in power consumption and greater emphasis on utilizing existing manpower instead of outsourced activities.


17 JUL 19:  AGM Vig-I  Mumbai writes to PGM CFA Mumbai suggesting systematic improvement  in signing the Lease agreement by mentioning the share of rent payment  payable to each owner where number of owners are more than one. All concerned officers to take note of it and act accordingly to avoid any compliactions and complaints at later stage.   Letter   <<<>>>


17 JUL 19:  AGM S&M CFA Mumbai endorsed the clarification issued by BSNL Corporate Office as asked by MH Circle about certain issues related to promotion of TIP Revenue Share Model.   Letter   <<<>>>


16 JUL 19:  AGM Estt Mumbai calls for certain information for preparation of All India Eligibility List (AIEL) of certain JTOs from certain SSAs for consideration of names of these JTOs under SCF Quota.  Letter   <<<>>>


16 JUL 19:  DGM Pers  BSNL CO issued directions for completing reviewing reporting in respect of pending e-APRs of Year 2016-17 and 2018-19 along details procedure and list of the pending e-APRs in attached four Annexures. Last date for completing these pending e-APRs in 31/07/2019. Letter   <<<>>>   Annex I   <<<>>>   Annex II   <<<>>>   Annex III   <<<>>>   Annex IV   <<<>>>


16 JUL 19:  AGM Pers  BSNL CO issued letters forwarding request of different GM level officers for transfer /deputation to the DoT or other PSUs.  DoT I   <<<>>>    DoT II   <<<>>>   PSEB    <<<>>>

·        Due to critical financial conditions of BSNL, these officers are under fear of the future and are looking for better opportunity outside BSNL.

·        There are chances that lower level officers also can get suitable posting in other PSUs and Govt Departments and many have applied for it, but same are not being forwarded by BSNL Corporate Office.

·        If all such request are forwarded by BSNL, then good number of so called excess executive strength can be reduced and financial burdon on BSNL can be reduced to certain extent and there may not be need of any VRS for executives either from BSNL or from Government.

·        But such options are not being exercised rather one side it is propagated that there are excess officers in BSNL and other side all such request for deputation are kept on hold quoting need of manpower/shortage of executives or being forwarded for selective group of officers.

·        Let us home BSNL Corporate office encourage by calling such options and send all request to concerned units so that all executives desiring deputation  out of BSNL will get it and such deputation is not limited only for GM level officers. 


16 JUL 19:  GM S & M CFA Mumbai issued instructions to BA/SSA Heads for displaying certain information in CSCs and Telephone Exchanges.  Letter   <<<>>>


16 JUL 19:   DGM NWO CFA Mumbai writes to SSA/BA Heads for final compliance on closure of Telephone Exchanges with less than 20 DELs in all respect including updating Closure Status in ERP.  Letter   <<<>>>


16 JUL 19:   Jt. GM EB MH Mumbai writes to BA/SSA Heads for special initiatives for existing customers by “Know Your Customer Week.”   Letter   <<<>>>


13 JUL 19:  Well attended and highly impressive District Conference of SNEA Ratnagiri: {Report by Com. Nandkishor G. Kadam DS SNEA Ratnagiri}: As per the notification issued by Com. Yogesh B. Bhongle, DS SNEA Ratnagiri, the District Conference of SNEA Ratnagiri was held on 23/06/2019 at BSNL Conference Hall, Telephone Exchange Building, Jail Road, Ratnagiri.

Members of SNEA Ratnagiri have shown full enthusiasm for District Conference even though it was Sunday and registered record presence. Com. Sharad S. Nagvekar DP SNEA Ratnagiri presided over the full day deliberations of District Conference, which was attended and addressed by the following dignitaries and guests.

1.           Com.  M. S. Adasul, Circle Secretary, SNEA MH Circle.

2.           Com.  M. N. Kotambe, Asst. Circle Secretary, SNEA MH Circle.

3.           Com. S. C. Vete, CWC Member SNEA MH Circle.

4.             Com. Abhay Kesarkar ,  Joint Secretary NRU SNEA MH

5.           Com. Shrikant Mabrukhane , TDM, Ratnagiri

6.             Com. Sanjay R. Shardul, IFA Ratnagiri.

7.           Com. Yogesh B. Bhongle, DS SNEA Ratnagiri

8.           Com. S. R. Bhise, DS SNEA Sindhudurg.

9.             Com. S. A. Aga, DS SNEA Goa,

10.      Com. Datta Loyalekar , DT SNEA Goa

11.          Com. A. C. Shetye,  DS AIBSNLEA Ratnagiri

12.      Com. R. S. Pawar,  DS BSNLEU  Ratnagiri

·         Before the starting of Conference, SNEA Ratnagiri arranged special programme of Tree Planation in campus of Jail Road telephone Exchange and all the guest and dignitaries planted different tress as a part of go green initiative.

·        After plantation of trees, the proceedings of the house started at 1100 hrs with self-introduction by one and all.

·         Comrades of SNEA Ratnagiri gave warm welcome to all guest and dignitaries by presenting Shawl, Shrifal, Bouquet and beautiful Roses.

·        On behalf of Electrical and Civil Wing Ratnagiri Com. Santosh Khanvilkar, JTO Elect Ratnagiri gave warm and special welcome to Com. M. S. Adasul, CS SNEA MH and conveyed him thanks for taking up issues of Electrical and Civil wing with to depth persuasion.

·        SNEA Ratnagiri felicitated newly joined members viz. Com. B. M. Jadhav, AGM Comm Ratnagiri,  Com. S.R. Chavan DE Chiplun,  Com.S.N. Chougule, DE Mob Ratnagiri,  Com. A. S. Patil, DE Rajapur, Com. Santosh Khanvilkar , JTO Elect Ratnagiri  and Com. Sanjay R Shardul, CAO/IFA Ratnagiri,  and gave them warm welcome in family of SNEA Ratnagiri with beautiful roses and bouquets.

·        Com. Mrs. Amruta Y. Lele, OS SNEA Ratnagiri gave brief introduction about the schedule and proceedings of the District Conference and gave warm welcome to all.

·         Com. Yogesh Bhongale, DS SNEA Ratnagiri who has successfully completed his two terms as District Secretary of SNEA Ratnagiri, in his welcome address gave brief idea about the Ratnagiri SSA, its surroundings, geographical importance of Ratnagiri SSA and important points about working of BSNL Ratnagiri. He gave warm welcome to all and appealed all to have active discussions in the District Conference and make it grand success. He elaborated National Highway Road Widening work affected OFC and transmission issues that SSA is facing. He emphasized on co-ordination between executive and non-executive is vital for the growth of SSA. He also pointed out shortage of executive staff in Ratnagiri SSA and asked Circle Office body to look in to the matter. He also urged circle body to raise long pending issue regarding declaring for soft tenure for Ratnagiri SSA with strong persuasion at CO Office being hilly and remote area. He also discussed in details saving of electricity issue by converting HT to LT and Commercial to Industrial Tariff. Further, he expressed his thanks for all the SNEA circle body as well as district body for their support during his tenure as DS Ratnagiri.

·         Com. M. N. Kotambe, ACS SNEA MH Circle in his opening address of the deliberation of the Open Session updated house about the latest development within SNEA and BSNL. In his highly impressive and studied address congratulated SNEA Ratnagiri for grabbing more than 95% members and especially all Accounts branch members and also congratulated Com Yogesh Bhongale for his successful term. He elaborated how is the Govt policies are against BSNL, how R Jio is jumping from 4G to 5G and how BSNL is not given 4G spectrum, how BSNL stands in difficult situation due to political negligence. He narrated that if Govt supports BSNL employees can update BSNL services with new technology and capacity of BSNL employee’s needs to be explored as was done in earlier days. He informed that we should target of retention of landline as Developments work in BSNL are stopped completely and stressed that optical fiber is the solution for survival. He added that many TIPSs are to be involved for FTTH in all areas and Wireless broad Band is also a solution to come out from the present situation. He appealed house to utilize available resources properly by giving highest priority to BSNL. He discussed role of Union in this crisis situation of BSNL. He elaborated house about on-going organizational activities of SNEA MH and narrated happenings with and with SNEA MH and present status thereof. He also mentioned SNEA CHQ has failed miserably in maintaining the status of a strong recognized association. Com. Kotambe added that association should be very much vigilant and oppose each and every move of the management that would make loss to the company. He explained that SNEA MH is only organization, which has guts to fight against wrong doings of the Management, and even though vindictive actions contend against different leaders, SNEA MH has successfully continued its prolonged fight against the wrong doings of Management and we have got success to better extent. He assured house that very shortly SNEA MH will come out with excellence and appealed all to be united under banner of SNEA. This shows wrong practices adopted by CGMT MH and only SNEA MH opposing his wrong doings like a rock and especially our beloved CS Adasul sir who fight with full support on Team SNEA MH. He narrated that SNEA present condition is also similar to BSNL condition as Circle management gives trouble to SNEA MH purposely and it is injustice to SNEA. He elaborated that how TWWO program conducted by circle management has ignited the dispute between Circle Management and SNEA MH and how due to oppose by AUAB Mumbai the expenditure of about Rs five to seven lakhs from BSNL accounts have been saved but CGMT MH has taken it as personal insult and how Circle management applied divide and rule amongst constituents of AUAB Mumbai. He also elaborated how few unsatisfied SNEA Ex leaders have given wrong feedback to Circle Management and played with unity of Executives under banner of SNEA. He elaborated how post of DS Circle office Mumbai and CS SNEA MH have illegally and unethically forfeited by CGMT MH and salaries of these leaders are kept on hold forcefully. He reminded house about fighting spirit of Com Adasul CS, by quoting classic example of transfer of Com. Bhongale DS and how he was retained in Ratnagiri with strong persuasion. He informed house that every moment he is available and answering to all leaders and members of SNEA and is fully devoted CS, but now it is injustice to him by his transfer to Buldhana. He narrated that it was leadership of Com Adasul, which has given victory to SNEA in first membership verification and none of CHQ leader including Com. Sebastin has addressed even single meeting in Maharashtra Circle and only MH Circle has given the extra votes required for victory of SNEA. He briefed house about GS elections in AIC Ludhiana election and how CGMT MH and GS SNEA have formed cartel and have targeted to Com Adasul and SNEA MH. He assured house that our fight is continued and assured that SNEA MH will definitely win and it is only matter of time. He updated that maximum rather all transfer cases are resolved and few left out cases are also in pipeline and will be resolved by SNEA MH. He also appeal to all not to spread rumors and all issues will be resolved within one month also appeal not leave SNEA. He also Appeal to all comrades to support to SNEA leaders by their active support and timely feedback. He assured house that the issue of pending payments of comrades forced relieved through ERP will be pursued positively and will be surely resolved in days to come. In conclusion, he conveyed thanks to all the leaders and comrades of SNEA Ratnagiri for their contribution to BSNL and for the strongest unity, they have built under banner of SNEA Ratnagiri and also conveyed thanks to SNEA Ratnagiri for giving him opportunity to attend and address the District Conference SNEA Ratnagiri.

·        Com. Abhay  Kesarkar, Joint Secretary NRU SNEA MH Circle in his impressive and informative address  very nicely explained the merging of civil and electrical wings and stressed about need of merging of Civil ,and electrical wing with main stream in full manner at present only Salary, personal claims, Reliving done at some SSAs only. While remembering golden days while he was working in Ratnagiri SSA few years back, he expressed gratitude towards Ratnagiri comrades for their active support and help in discharging his duties. He updated hose about expenditure curtailment by AC plants scrapping and replacing centralized AC units by split AC Units, how to reduce Expenditure curtailment and fuel consumption etc. He updated house about electricity bill situation in BSNL, deep monitoring in expenditures at all levels, capital expenditure curtailment, need to avoid purchase of new DG sets if not required etc. He raised issue of unwanted purchase of DG sets for BSNL Mobile sites by electrical wing and capital expenditure done by CGMT MH and still today earlier DG sets installed in year 2008-09-10are not utilized and what is use of these new DG sets for maintaining BSNL services. SNEA MH raise this issue in Formal meeting agenda points and CGM sir assured to look into this matter but comes into vain. He elaborated that CGMT MH is not listening anything from anybody even about good suggestions related to development of BSNL. He narrated injustice by CGMT MH by creating compulsions in LA   arrangement, unwanted expenditure on staff quarters , purchase of new DG sets when scrapping of old DG sets is not completed and how DG sets are underutilized. He also explained oppose by SNEA MH for every wrong HR policy especially compulsions in LA arrangements by CGMT MH .Also explained how SNEA MH opposing wrong doings of CGMT MH by surrendering MTNL connections being a government PSU and take AirTel connections without any tender. This shows wrong practices adopted by CGMT MH and only SNEA MH opposing his wrong doings like a rock and especially our beloved CS Adasul sir who fight with full support on Team SNEA MH. He also narrated house about replacement of MTNL landline by AirTel Land line in Circle Office without following tendering procedures, and how instead of helping MTNL sister concern organization, we have favored Private company AirTel. In conclusion, he conveyed thanks and gratitude to SNEA comrades for inviting him for District Conference and giving opportunity to share sweet memories with Ratnagiri Comrades.

·        Com. S. C. Vete, CWC Member SNEA MH Circle in his highly technical and elaborative speech updated house about different issues related to growth and development of BSNL in Maharashtra Circle and how to face the challenges before BSNL in such critical financial condition of BSNL. He touched the problems due to stoppage of hired Vehicles and disconnection of exchanges and BTS due to nonpayment of electricity bill and how it has badly affected future of BSNL. He appealed that such challenges can be faced with strongest unity and for that 100% presence  is required in each General Body Meeting and every one should participate in the organizational calls and strikes as per calls given by CHQ. He stressed that all DS needs to be strong enough to raise issues with the management and in similar way, CS also needs to be strong, and we are seeing Com Adasul. He appealed house that all messages should reach to common members with correct information and one should not spread rumors. He appreciates the strong unity of Ratnagiri comrades and assured to extend his support to Ratnagiri SNEA as and when required. In conclusion, he applied to work hard for BSNL and assured to take issues raised in the meeting at appropriate level to have proper solutions.

·        Com S. A. Aga, DS SNEA Goa in his short but sweet speech especially in Marathi conveyed thanks to Ratnagiri comrades for inviting him and felicitating and giving opportunity to interact with Circle leaders as well as Ratnagiri Comrades. He stressed for need of strong unity fight against management for their wrong doings and work hard for strengthening BSNL. He conveyed best wishes for grand success of District Conference SNEA Ratnagiri and assured to be with SNEA Ratnagiri with total support as and when required.

·        Com. S. R. Bhise, DS SNEA Sindhudurg in his brief and heart touching address elaborated the present scenario in his regular style. He nicely explained IT+ IT = IT India till toady plus Information technology =India tomorrow. He also explained association works since 1993 to till now and updates house about Strength of association. He remembered the lifelong contribution of Executive fraternity in BSNL by Com. Late W. Sheshagiri Rao as strong SNEA leader and how he strengthened the association. He gave house comparison about working of Com. G. L. Jogi, Com. W. Sheshagiri Rao as GS with working success rate of Com Sebastin GS. He elaborated the work of certain ITS officers since 2005 and how they moved BSNL toward loss making company. He explained how NGN installation/4 G was required to install earlier to compete with private operators and how due to highway works how land lines are closed. He explained with suitable example of Kankavali and higher officers are not taking it seriously even though 90% landline can be retained. He also elaborated the issue of non-payments of our comrades in Maharashtra those who relieved through ERP in last year.

·         Com. Shrikant Mabrurkhane, TDM, Ratnagiri explained difficulties faced in this SSA due to shortage of staff/executives, but even though he managed the show with support of present staff/executives. He assured to earn more revenue as compared to other SSAs. He also explained how our executives maintained OFC network in this National Highway work and appreciates their efforts. He appreciated the work culture of Ratnagiri SSA and conveyed thanks to SNEA leaders for the co-operation to the management. He elaborated his experience while working in Ratnagiri SSA and other SSAs. He elaborated the critical issues like staff shortage, all of sudden reduction of EOIs and Security Guards and difficulties thereof and how it is affecting growth of BSNL. He requested Circle leaders to post more SDE and JTOs to Ratnagiri as his office has relieved many officers without substitute. He mentioned that we are facing difficult period, but there are chances that these days will also change. He assured to earn maximum revenue for BSNL from Ratnagiri and requested for minimum required support from Circle Office. In conclusion, he conveyed thanks for organizers and conveyed best wished for grand success of District Conference.

·        Com. S. H. Joshi SDE Vigilance Ratnagiri explained in his two line speech leadership qualities of our beloved Com. Adasul and we all should at least support him /Stood behind him like a rock in this battle.

·         Com. U.R. Shirsath SDE Mobile Ratnagiri shared with house some important technical issued faced by filed units. He elaborate the issues faced in field related to day to day working like, expectation from circle office, funds problem, New recruits forecast, staff shortage, New project information knowledge not given to our staff by vendors like Nokia. He added that Project expenditure/cost curtailment is possible if taken care seriously. He updated house on CPAN installation expenditure ,OEN equipment problems, raising Funds by Leasing out vacant Staff quarters, changes to meet Competitors JIO and need of  supporting policies, plans of JIO and BSNL,OFC  laid etc. he added that 3G BSNL range  is better that  4G range of JIO. He appealed all for saving of stationery, soft copy instead of hard copy reports. Use of Solar panel/EB/Battery concept/DG cost, reduction of expenditure on vehicles, pressure tactics by CGMT MH for force activation of wings and loss to BSNL. He elaborated how our energy 10% for technical work and 90% for non-technical work and how there is need to adopt Corporate culture in BSNL.

·         Com. M. S. Adasul, CS SNEA MH Circle in his address updated house about different ongoing BSNL related issues and status thereof. He congratulated Com. Yogesh Bhongale and his Ratnagiri team for the strongest unity of executives in Ratnagiri SSA. He appreciated efforts of SNEA Ratnagiri for having 95% executive strength of SSA with SNEA Ratnagiri. He appreciated the suggestions given by Com Sirsath SDE Mobile Ratnagiri and assured to take up it at appropriate level. He appealed to all to follow such suggestions for betterment of BSNL. He appreciated efforts of Civil and Electrical wing and their active participation in SNEA activities over the period. On Business Area issues, he suggested that instead of Kolhapur BA including Ratnagiri and Sindhudurg, there should be separate Ratnagiri-Sindhudurg BA, as it has different geographical conditions. Similarly, he narrated that there is need of Separate BA for Akola and Buldhana SSA and adding Buldhana to Aurangabad BA is totally unjustified. He narrated house how the situation after formation of BSNL has changed and the powers, which JTOs were having in DoT era, are not available even with CGMT in BSNL era and how it has affected work culture of BSNL. He narrated different examples of work culture in BSNL and its impact on existence of BSNL. He elaborated house the facts how CPSUCH has been systematically kept aside by CMD BSNL by giving false assurances to GS SNEA over the period. He narrated that CPSUCH needs to be implemented in simple way with change of designation as applied for DGM to CGM level, but unfortunately much  uncertainty and much complexity has been created by adding different stringent conditions which is one of the reasons of non-implementation of CPSUCH. He informed house how we were kept busy on name of programme like SWAS with firm assurance of third pay revision with 15% Fitment and how we have reached to tension of even getting monthly salary. He also pointed out that none of major HR issue is settled over the period. He explained how the situation of BSNL has detoriatied over the period. He explained hose the issues related to financial viability of BSNL when the post of Director Finance of the company is vacant for last five years. He updated house about the different promotions and efforts by SNEA at Circle level. He specifically mentioned efforts of Com. M. M. Apte AGM Estt Mumbai who has served in Ratnagiri SSA and how he has been instrumental with day and night working during recent DPCs for JTO to SDE and SDE to DE Regular promotions. He elaborated how management has played with life of executives and non-executives by giving scope to n number of unions and n number of associations and stressed for need of one Union, One Association in PSU BSNL. He narrated adamant stand of Shri. Khare CGMT MH in LA promotions and the right to refusal, issues related to TWWO and BSNL expenditure and negative news spreads against SNEA by Shri. Khare. He updated house about profit of MH Circle, Ramdeo Baba plan Patanjali its failure, AirTel connections without tender in BSNL office, Industrial peace award to Unions/Association leaders  etc. He updated house about wrongdoing of Shri. Peeyush Khare CGMT MH and how it is being strongly opposed only by SNEA. Further, he elaborated the case of AUAB Circle Office Mumbai that has led to the vindictive action against Com Anil Dubey, DS CO Mumbai and conflict between Shri. Khare and SNEA MH. He further mentioned that every responsible officer in the management must work for the betterment of BSNL and not against any individual or association just for self-ego by involving in the internal politics of any Association or Union. However, unfortunately, it happened in Maharashtra Circle and Shri. Khare got involved in the internal politics of SNEA and stood in support of group not having mass support. He appraised the house about the ongoing issues between SNEA and CGMT MH in detail and firmly assured that SNEA will not come in trap of any such blackmailing, but we will fight against all such wrong doings until justice prevails. He gave brief idea about Huge Loans with private Telecom  operators and its impact on telecom and banking sector, issues related  to existence of Telecom sector,  how about 7000 BTS are closed by private operators keeping customers in dark, BSNL revival plan by Government and its present status, rumors in social media, reduction of superannuation age from 60 to 58 and chances of its implementation, VRS for BSNL absorbed staff and officers with age 50 and above, whey SNEA is not opposing or  supporting VRS, Impact of VRs on BSNL and its executive strength, wrong information spread in social and print media about work culture of BSNL employees,  wrong projection of excess staff in BSNL, expenses on projects like ERP, Wi-Fi Hotspot and losses to BSNL, unwanted procurement of DG sets, Wastage of BSNL Money on unwanted AMCs, Online  VC concept , Delay in temporary advance in MH only,  Vehicle curtailment for all except CGMT who is using more than three vehicles , importance of signature of the officers in BSNL and its use with to depth thinking, Standard Pay scales, Third Pay revision, CPSU Cadre Hierarchy, financial status of BSNL, financial status of telecom Sector and position of BSNL in it, support of new Government and Minister of Telecom for revival of BSNL, non-payment of electricity bills, pending vendor payments, pending temporary advances etc. In his one and half hour motivating and energetic address he appealed all to come out of negativity, think positive, give your best to BSNL in all possible ways so that in days to come, BSNL continue to give its best to all of us. He conveyed thanks to organizers for giving him opportunity to share the views with such active audience of SNEA Ratnagiri etc.

·        Com. M. T. Mayekar, District Treasurer SNEA Ratnagiri submitted Treasurer Report to the house and it was approved by the house with loud claps. He specially came from Mumbai to present Treasurer Report as he has been recently transferred from Ratnagiri to Circle Office Mumbai. His devotion towards SNEA was highly appreciated by presenting bouquets with loud claps.

·         Com. Yogesh B. Bhongale, District Secretary Ratnagiri presented his report on different activities being carried out in his tenure as DS SNEA Ratnagiri. He conveyed thanks to Circle Team of SNEA MH for the co-operation extended during his tenure and completing all the works of Ratnagiri comrades. His detailed DS report was approved by house with loud claps.

·        On reporting by DT & DS SNEA Ratnagiri, the queries and doubts raised by comrades were satisfactorily replied by Circle leaders.

·         Then, the existing District Body of SNEA Ratnagiri was dissolved by Com. Sharad S. Nagvekar, DP SNEA Ratnagiri. The House unanimously nominated Com. S. R. Chavan, as Election Officer for process of electing new District Body of SNEA Ratnagiri for next term of two years. Com. M.N. Kotambe ACS West SNEA MH monitored the election process as Circle Observer from SNEA MH.

·        In unanimous elections held Com. Sharad. S. Nagvekar, Com. Nandkishor G.Kadam, Com. Sanjay R. Shardul and Com. Umesh R. Shirsath, were respectively elected as District President, District Secretary, District Treasurer and CEC Member along with other DOBs for term of next two years.

·        New District Body of Ratnagiri:


Elected Post

Name Work Place/ Designation


District President

Com. Sharad  Nagvekar, SDE Trans Ratnagiri


Vice President

Com.Yogesh Bhongle, SDE Plg Ratnagiri


District Secretary

Com. Nandkshor Kadam, JTO OFC WTR Ratnagiri


Asst District Secretary-I

Com. P. S. Pawar, JTO, Group Mandangad


Asst District Secretary-II

Com. G.R. Virkar, JTO, Mobile, Chiplun


District Treasurer

Com. Sanjay R. Shardul, IFA/CAO Ratnagiri


Organizing Secretary

Com. S. A .Khanvilkar, JTO Elect Ratnagiri



Com. S. B. Kulkarni, SDE Legal Ratnagiri


CEC Member

Com. U. R. Shirsath SDE Mobile Ratnagiri

·        Com. M. N. Kotambe, ACS SNEA MH gave oath of allegiance to all the newly elected District Office Bearers of SNEA Ratnagiri.

·         The Election officer and all the newly elected Office Bearers of SNEA Ratnagiri were felicitated by the Circle leaders by offering roses.

·         Com. Nandkishor Kadam, newly elected DS SNEA Ratnagiri   conveyed thanks for showing faith on young comrades and giving a big responsibility and also appealed to experienced comrades for guidance whenever needed and to young comrades for giving active participation in association activities.

·        Com. Sanjay R. Shardul New District Treasurer SNEA Ratnagiri conveyed thanks to all and appealed to strengthen SNEA Ratnagiri and comrades present in the house responded his appeal by immediate and active response for same.   

·        The entre proceedings of the District Conference were nicely anchored by Com. Mrs. Amruta Y. Lele, Organisation Secretary Ratnagiri in his special style. The House appreciated with loud claps the sincere efforts by her active participation during entire proceedings of the Conference by Com. Mrs. Lele and she was felicitated by offering bouquet.

·        Com. Yogesh Bhongle, Vice President SNEA Ratnagiri conveyed vote of thanks to all the dignitaries, Guest and all the members for giving their valuable time and attending district conference for making successful conference.

·         The proceedings of the District Conference of SNEA Ratnagiri started at 1100 hrs and lunch break at 1500 hrs, all the  members enjoyed the delicious food and meeting concluded at 1800 hrs with National Anthem and slogans of unity.

·        PHOTOS <<<>>>


12 JUL 19:   AGM Staff Mumbai issued orders granting immunity as ADS SNEA Buldhana  to Com. Nisar Ahmed, JTO Buldhana and he is retained in Buldhana SSA till 08/09/2019 , the two years period of District Body of SNEA Buldhana.   Letter   <<<>>>


12 JUL 19:   AGM Staff Mumbai issued orders for posting of Com. T.B. Wankhade, AGM and Ex DS SNEA Nagpur, Ex CWC member SNEA MH and he is now posted as AGM Mobile Nagpur as per his request after completion of One half year hard tenure in NE-II Circle.   Letter   <<<>>>

·        Com. T.B. Wankhade, has set example for all others by completing All India hard tenure at NE-II Circle without any hesitation and proved with actions that SNEA leaders are different from other leaders and are never behind accepting certain post in association only for immunity from transfers.

·        Com. T.B. Wankhade, AGM has been very active leader of SNEA for long time and has played vital role in building strongest unity of executives in Nagpur SSA under banner of SNEA. It was quiet possible for him to be on such post eligible for immunity and avoid transfers, but he has gone for option as best leader of SNEA.

·        Some of leaders are leaving or changing association, if they do not get any such post within SNEA, which is eligible to for immunity from transfer, and join association, which can give them post eligible for immunity from transfer out of SSA/Circle. But Com. T.B. Wankhade has proved his excellence and is now joining back to Maharashtra Circle after completion of All India hard tenure at NE-II Circle.

·        SNEA MH welcomes Com. T.B. Wankhade, AGM and Ex DS SNEA Nagpur, Ex CWC Member SNEA MH back to Maharashtra Circle and conveys him best wishes for his new assignment at his old and choice place of posting at Nagpur Mobile.     


13 JUL 19:   AGM Pers II BSNL CO issued transfer order of SDEs wherein two SDEs from MH Circle are posted to J &K Circle All India Hard Tenure Stations which includes request transfer of Com. R. K. Nagdekar, SDE and Ex President SNEA Kalyan.   Letter   <<<>>>


13 JUL 19:   AGM Staff Mumbai issued orders for relieving of Com. S.R. Wani, AGM Aurangabad and Ex DS SNEA Aurangabad on his request transfer from MH to all India Hard tenure at J& K Circle.   Letter   <<<>>>


13 JUL 19:   AGM Staff Mumbai issued mutual transfer of two JTOs working in Maharashtra and Rajasthan Circle.   Letter   <<<>>>


13 JUL 19:   AGM Staff Mumbai issued orders for allotment of additional responsibilities of HR Admn, EB, Sales and marketing , Project Vijay CM etc.   Letter   <<<>>>

·        This will be additional work along with the present works being carried out by these SDEs in respective SSAs.

·        The impact of this decision cannot be access at this stage, but it is required that certain strategy needs to be finalized for utilization of manpower in proper way.

·        Here these SDEs will have to carry the works as additional works to their existing responsibilities and there may be problems on parts of concerned SDEs to take this additional workload accordingly.

·        This decision is taken by new CGMT MH in view of reduction of workload of SDEs in Civil wing and some of SDEs are now given responsibilities of HR Admn & EB as per directives in this order.

·        It was quite possible and acceptable idea if these names were conveyed to the SSA Heads for giving additional responsibility as per local requirement without specific directions for posting them in HR Admn sections by Circle office.

·        We have seen that executives from Civil and Electrical wing have proved their excellence while working in sections like EB, Land and Building, Building Mtce,   Vigilance etc and we have seen certain issues while these highly technically officers are posted to routine sections like HR Admn.

·        There are also excess and underutilized executives in Account wing, Electrical wing, Architecture wing, Hindi Wing wherein not all but many of the officers have works less than the justification and their services also can be better utilized in the similar manner as being done for Civil wing in mass. It is also seen that many of the executives in telecom wing do not have justified workload and certain executives are overloaded with the works and there is need to have review of such workload for efficient working and no one should enjoy salary without justified work.   

·        SNEA MH has discussed this issue with Shri. M. K. Mishra CGMT MH about mass changes in working of HR Admn in all SSAs and its impact on working wherein he has clarified that though Circle Office has issued orders for HR Admn Mumbai there is no compulsions on SSA Heads to handover the work of HR Admn. He added that the SSA Heads are empowered to take decision on basis of local requirement and they are free to give responsibility of works in any other sections like EB, Land & Bldg, Mtce of Bldg, CSCs etc as per local requirement.

·        SNEA MH appreciates this decision with hopes that required changes as per the request of concerned SDEs in Civil wing as well as other SDEs in telecom wing will be taken care and the SDEs spare 

·        Let us hope this decision in implemented in consultation with all by understanding difficulties and taken corrective actions without much trouble to concerned Executives. Also, this additional workload idea should not be limited only to Civil wing and it is implemented for all executives in all wings including Telecom wing. 


12 JUL 19:   EE EP Mumbai calls for willingness to fill up three vacant posts of SDEs in Electrical wing at Ahmednagar, Akola and Nanded under looking after arrangements and willingness is called from 15 JTOs Electrical eligible for SDE  LA as per their Circle seniority in JTO Cadre.   Letter     Page I <<<>>>   Page II <<<>>>


12 JUL 19:   CMD BSNL writes two separate DO letters to all Circle Heads of BSNL about progress of Project Samudra Manthan and Project Ojas and directs for special efforts for achiving targets.   Letter     Samudra manthan <<<>>>   Ojas <<<>>>


12 JUL 19:   AGM Estt Mumbai writes to all BA/SSA/Unit Heads calling  for detail information in prescribed format along with VCs required for DPC for E4 to E5 and E5 to E6 scale for next Time Bound promotions of executives having date of next upgradation up to December 2019. The last date for submission of VCs and information required is 25/07/2019. Letter   <<<>>>


12 JUL 19:   AGM Estt I BSNL CO endorsed DPE orders for increase of IDA w.e.f. July 2019.  Letter   <<<>>>  DPE Order <<<>>>


12 JUL 19:   DGM  NWO CM I BSNL CO writes Circle/SSA Heads calling for information on expenditure being done on BTS maintenance excluding Salary of employees and last date for submission of report in revised format is 20/07/2019.  Letter   <<<>>>  Annex <<<>>>


12 JUL 19:   DGM  NWO CM QOS BSNL CO issued guidelines for allotment of Vehicles for BTS Mtce and as per these norms one vehicle will be allotted for Mtce of 500 BTSs as urgent and timely requirement.  Letter   <<<>>> 


12 JUL 19:   DGM  NWO CM I BSNL CO writes Circle/SSA Heads calling for information on expenditure being done on BTS maintenance excluding Salary of employees and last date for submission of report in revised format is 20/07/2019.  Letter   <<<>>>  Annex <<<>>>


12 JUL 19:   AGM M & S CFA BSNL CO issued guidelines for WINGs service activation through Commercial Officers.  Letter   <<<>>> 


 11 JUL 19:  CGMT MH Circle writes to SSA/BA Heads calling for their comments/ views on outsourcing of Maintenance and Operation works of 1141 loss making BSNL Telephone Exchanges with less than 50 DELs throughout Maharashtra Circle except few SSAs like Yavatmal for providing Telecom Services including Landline, Broadband and very high speed FTTH connections up to 10 mbps on revenue sharing basis and marketing BSNL products and services as BEOPs{ BSNL Exchange Operating Partners) and last date for submission of views is 16/07/2019.

  Letter   <<<>>>                         Silent Features   <<<>>>       Power Point Presentation  <<<>>>         List of Exchanges proposed for outsourcing   <<<>>>


11 JUL 19:  DGM Pers SM BSNL CO issued orders for relieving of all DGMs and GMs under transfer as per different orders issued by Personal and last date for relieving of these officers in 12/07/2019 i.e. tomorrow.    Letter <<<>>>   

·        As per letter till 15 GMs/DGMs are not yet relieved by concerned Circle, even though Personal Cell has issued transfer orders long back.

·        It is good that there is nothing said about ERP relieving of DGMs/GMs in mass as seen case of SDEs/DEs which has become normal practice in BSNL for relieving of officers as many of the Circles and SSAs do not respect orders issued by Personal Cell.

·        Let us hope force ERP relieving is not applied at least in case of DGMs/GMs. 


10 JUL 19:  Welcome  meeting with Shri.  M. K. Mishra, CGMT MH Circle by SNEA Nashik while on Nashik tour: {Report by Com. M. B. Sangle, DS SNEA Nashik}: Shri. M. K. Mishra, CGMT MH Circle, and Shri. Aman Jaiswal GM HR/Admn Mumbai were on tour of Nashik on the occasion for CWC Meeting of NFTE at Nashik on 7/7/2019. By taking this opportunity delegation of  SNEA Nashik  led by Com. M. B. Sangale, DS SNEA Nashik and comprising of  Com. S. V. Warungase, DP SNEA Nashik, Com. A. R. Akhade, VP SNEA Nashik  , Com. S. A. Bhadane, DT SNEA Nashik, Com. R. R. Mahajan, CEC Member SNEA Nashik,  Com. G. G. Borse, CEC Member SNEA Nashik, Com. R. V. Wani OS SNEA Nashik , Com. G. G. Karpe Area Secretary SNEA Nashik, Com. P. D. Rade DGM CMTS Nashik, Com. P. C. Chaudhari, DGM HR/Admn Nashik, Com. S. R. Kapdnis, AGM HR/Admn Nashik, Com. A. R. Patil and  Com. Sunil Khute  met and extended warm welcome to Shri. M. K. Mishra, CGMT MH and Shri. Aman Jaiswal, GM HR/Admn Mumbai with beautiful flowers and ‘PEN’ and conveyed our best wishes to CGMT on his promotion and posting as CGMT MH Circle.

·        We have discussed present crisis on all front in BSNL and elaborated most of the field issues faced by executives like Disconnection of MSEDCL supply of telecom installations due to outstanding dues, non-availability of funds for diesel purchase, Long pending payments to contract labors / EOI labors, Pendency of rent payment to owner of rented premises, Pendency of payment of hired vehicle vendors, Payment of TIPs etc.

·        Also, it is brought to information of CGMT MH that executives have not been paid Temporary advances since last six months even they have incurred expenditure for purchase of diesel, office expenses, and other maintenance activities. We have given some suggestions like closure of loss making Exchanges or finalization of modalities to outsource maintenance of these exchanges if possible and curtailment of expenditure on loss making work etc.        

·        CGMT has responded with positive gesture on these issues and explained the need to increase our product sale so that we can earn more handsome revenue as there is no any alternative to overcome this present situation immediately.

·        We have requested and urged him to address the issue of SNEA MH with Circle management and particularly amicable resolution about transfer case of Com. M. S. Adasul, CS SNEA MH. The CGMT MH asked where have you discussed this issue with competent authority previously. We told that we have discussed this issue with Shri. Peeyush Khare then CGMT MH, but could not arrive at amicable solution till today. Then CGMT MH has advised us have a discussion on this issue separately and directed DS SNEA Nashik that he may come to Circle Office Mumbai for further discussions on this issue.

·        In conclusion, of the meeting, we have congratulated him and conveyed best wishes for grand success as new CGMT MH Circle, and assured him for best possible support from SNEA to him for growth and development related issues of BSNL.

·        Photos  <<<>>>   


10 JUL 19:   CAO FC Mumbai calls for willingness from seven CAOs working at Different SSAs for posting as DGM under looking after arrangements for filling vacant post of IFAs in Business areas  Letter   <<<>>>

·        There are seven vacancies of IFAs in Business Area i.e. Amravati, Chandrapur, Jalgaon, Kolhapur, Nanded, Satara and Circle Office and willingness is called from seven officers by name and it is also mentioned that all these transfers will be at Own cost.

·        From contents of letter, it seems that submission of willingness by these seven CAOs is compulsory it is clearly mentioned in letter that these CAOs must submit willingness for posting as IFAs at above places to CAO FC Mumbai by email on latest by 15/07/2019.

·        These compulsions are being created under look after arrangements when there are clear-cut and latest guidelines issued by BSNL Corporate office that the vacancies under looking after arrangements are to be filled locally and no one should be compelled for accepting Looking After arrangements.

·        Let us hope these CAOs are also not being compelled by CAO FC Mumbai to submit own cost willingness for filling IFA post with change of location and willingness are called for filling up vacant post without any transfers that to be at own cost and if no sufficient willingness are received the left out vacant post will be filled in with local looking after arrangements.


10 JUL 19:   AGM Staff Mumbai calls for willingness to fill up two vacant posts of DEs in Osmanabad SSA.   Letter   <<<>>>

·        This posting will be at Own Cost and not in the Interest of service.

·        It is good initiative that such willingness are called for filling up vacant post at Non-popular Station Osmanabad SSA.

·        As per criteria fixed for this willingness, the DEs in the top 25 position of Circle Long stay list, under transfer to any other Circle /SSA, at verge of retirement and not applied for VRS are not eligible for posting in Osmanabad SSA.

·        Now it is understanding of AGM Staff Mumbai that DE applying for VRS may opt for Osmanabad SSA that to be at Own Cost and hence such officers are restricted to opt for Osmanabad SSA. 

·        Also when willingness are called to fill up vacant post at Non Popular Station, what will be wrong of DE in long stay list with top 25 position is submitting willingness for posting to Osmanabad SSA, but here AGM Staff Mumbai has received orders from competent authority to do so, he has done it without applying mind.

·        From letter it appears that AGM Staff Mumbai is not promoting for opting for non-popular station Osmanabad SSA that to be at Own cost but rather this letter is restricting the officers to submit willingness for posting to Osmanabad SSA.

·        Or it seems that someone has already given willingness and official formality is being completed by issuing such letter so that others do not opt for Osmanabad SSA, but chances of such possibility is less as in normal course everybody avoids posting to such non-popular stations.

·        Let us hope that AGM Staff Mumbai get such willingness even with such stringent restrictions including the own cost transfer and both the vacant post of DEs in Osmanabad SSA are filled up as proposed by AGM Staff Mumbai. 


10 JUL 19:   AGM Estt Mumbai endorsed letter issued by BSNL CO for preparation of IPMS Score card and its mapping with APAR in ERP from Financial Year 2020-21 onwards and calls for suggestions for addition, deletion or modification in parameters  by email on latest by 15/07/2019.   Letter   <<<>>>    Annex    <<<>>>


10 JUL 19:   AGM Staff Mumbai issued orders for fresh looking after arrangements for GM BP/IT Mumbai.   Letter   <<<>>>

·        As per this Looking After order, the charge of this BP/IT Section which is with to Shri. Rajeev Soni CEE Mumbai as given by then CGMT MH is now withdrawn and given to Mrs. Ayeshaa Siddiqui, GM EB Mumbai and the charge GM EB Mumbai is given to Mrs. Charu Sharma GM EB Platinum as additional charge.

·        Though, it is written as Shri. Rajeev Soni is redignated as CEE Mumbai, it may be spelling mistake and it should have been written as  designated as Sr CEE Mumbai


 10 JUL 19:   AGM Estt Mumbai endorsed BSNL CO letter for implementation of supreme court Judgment on recovery of excess/wrongful payments by ensuring 100% error free pay fixation method and post audit of Pay fixation.    Letter   <<<>>>


 10 JUL 19:  DGM Pers SM BSNL CO issued orders for posting of DEs to Bihar Circle wherein DEs from UP East , Odisha and MH Circle are posted to Bihar Circle.      Letter <<<>>>    

·        It is understood that these DEs are posted to Bihar Circle for filling vacant post of SSA Heads in Bihar Circle. Basically, there are vacancies of nine DGMs but 15 DEs are posted and all these DEs are from the longest stay list of these three Circles.

·        These DEs may be longest stayed officers but not senior most for posting as SSA Head and once DGM regular Promotion order is issued, they will be again reverted as DEs and very purpose of their transfer to Bihar Circle will be defeated.

·        As per the recent directives issued by BSNL CO, the stay of the executives working in territory of recruiting Circle is counted combinely and hence in MH Circle the DEs with longest stay from WTR, WTP, ITPC, BBNW and Inspection Circle are added.

·        This order is issued in the Interest of service and it is for fixed period of two years and some of these DEs have requested for posting to all India hard tenure Stations but now posted to Bihar Circle.

·        Such orders from specific Circles has already created problems for Maharashtra Circle as once officers are posted to these Circle then it becomes chain as further officers required as substitute are posted from same Circle.

·        Already there is biggest chain of SDEs/DEs from MH Circle for posting to J&K, NE I& II Circles and many of SDEs/DEs are being transferred only from MH Circle a substitute to executive asking request to MH Circle after completion of Tenure. Same will happen in case of Bihar Circle new chain of transfers from MH to Bihar and vice versa.

·        Such vacancies if any should be filled up by calling options and there are chances that many young DEs may opt for it, but BSNL CO has again targeted Circles like Maharashtra, which are already sufferer.

·        SNEA MH has already taken up matter for review of this order and let us hope that creation of one more chain of transfers from Maharashtra Circle will be stopped before it is started. 


9 JUL 19:  CGMT MH Circle writes to SSA/BA Heads on prioritization of all existing BTS in Five categories and to give topmost priority to BTS in Category I should not be down for more than three hours.    Letter   <<<>>>

·        This out of box initiative by Shri. M. K. Mishra, new CGMT MH Circle is highly appreciable and need of time to face present critical condition in Telecom Market.

·        It will ensure that BTS earning more Revenue will be given priority treatment in Operation and Maintenance of BTS with high revenue and also the Electricity bills of all such priority BTS will be paid in time by the CEC Elect Mumbai and GM Fin Mumbai.       


 9 JUL 19:  CGMT MH Circle writes to SSA/BA Heads and IFAs on deficit in revenue collections and increase in outstanding balances with customers to the tune of about Rs 796 Crores.    Letter I  <<<>>>     Letter II  <<<>>>   


 9 JUL 19:  DGM FC Mumbai writes to all IFAs in Maharashtra Circle for maintaining daily Diary by the Account wing Officers in Maharashtra Circle and IFAs are directed to monitor it very scrupulously.   Letter <<<>>>    

·        The letters states that maintain daily diary will be helpful to face the changes in view of revival of BSNL being under consideration of Government of India.

·        Letter also states that this diary will be helpful for the new incumbent to know the procedures that we are following, the things we are monitoring on daily basis and its periodical observations, analysis etc.

·        The proposal of revival of BSNL is not yet decided by Government of India and daily different rumors are being spread on social media and many of the print/ digital media reporters are giving different news and such letters from BSNL itself creates more confusion as nothing is mentioned about new incumbent.

·        There is neither specific mention in this letter about the new incumbent nor it is mentioned about who is new incumbent i.e. within BSNL or outside BSNL. 

·        It should have been better if it would have been confirmed by DGM FC Mumbai that new incumbent is BSNL’s newly recruited Officers, BSNLs existing officers from other units, it is outsiders who will replace BSNL present officers, or any other company is going to take over BSNL as new incumbent.

·        As nothing is mentioned in letter, it has created more doubts and confusion in minds of the many executives.

·        It is more confusing that only Finance wing officers in Maharashtra Circle are directed to maintain the daily diary and IFAs have to monitor it very scrupulously but Finance wing officers in other Circles or officers from other wings of Maharashtra Circle have no any such compulsions in maintaining daily Diary.

·        It seems that only Finance wing officers in Maharashtra circle will be replaced by new incumbent and not any other officer from any wing in MH Circle or Finance wing all over India will have to face new incumbent.

·        Also , BSNL CO has already issued guidelines about the outdated procedure of maintaining daily Diary and also diaries are not supplied by BSNL during this year due to financial condition of BSNL and hence one has to either maintain digital Diary or purchase own diary for office works.

·        Also, it is not mentioned why such Diary is required only by Finance wing officers and not by officers from any other wing where more technical details needs to passed on in case of any incumbency.

·        SNEA MH will take updates on this issue of maintaining daily diary only by Finance Wing Officers in Maharashtra Circle creating confusion and doubts from concerned officers and will update all accordingly.


 9 JUL 19:  CAO  FC Mumbai issued transfer orders for posting of AO Vigilance Mumbai wherein Com. Gajanan Kulkarni AO Vig Mumbai is posted as AO Mobile Pune at own cost request and his place Com Amol Lanjekar is posted as AO Vig Mumbai.   Letter <<<>>>    


 9 JUL 19:  AGM Staff Mumbai issued posting of incumbent JTO Com. B.S. Vhanmane in Circle office Mumbai and posted him as JTO under DE DI& R Mumbai.   Letter <<<>>>    


9 JUL 19:  CAO Budget Mumbai issued SSA wise budget for Year 2019-20 under OPEX Head.  Letter <<<>>>    


9 JUL 19:  AGM LC  Mumbai issued SSA wise target for provisioning of Lease Circuits under 20K 3M project  for second quarter of  Year 2019-20.   Letter <<<>>>    


 9 JUL 19:  DGM Pers SM BSNL CO issued orders extending date of ESS login from one month to three months for reporting and reviewing e-APRs for the executives transferred out of  BSNL.     Letter <<<>>>    


9 JUL 19:  Sr GM IA BSNL CO writes all unit/Circle Heads calling for action plan  during year 2019-20 on  Austerity measures to be taken as per different directives in issued by BSNL CO      Letter  <<<>>>    


9 JUL 19:  AGM  BW HR BSNL CO calls for willingness from SDE & EE in Civil wing for tenure posting in J & K Circle, NE-I Circle, NE-II Circle including Assam Circle by email on within period of ten days followed by hard copy.   Letter <<<>>>    


9 JUL 19:  AGM Pers-I  BSNL CO issued orders for force ERP relieving of 15 DEs under transfer as per their own cost and request as these officers were not relieved by concerned Circles even after their orders issued long back.   Letter <<<>>>    

·        It is really painful to see the pathetic condition of Personal Cell BSNL Corporate office, that the orders issued by it are not respected by the concerned Circle and even by units in BSNL Corporate Office.

·        Under such poor response and condition thereof, the Personal cell is using tool of ERP relieving without taking any action on such irresponsible officers responsible for implementation of request transfers and it has created mesh in the BSNL.

·        Till action is taken against such erring officers not following orders of Personal Cell, the process of implementation of transfer orders will not be smooth.

·        Otherwise, it will be better if Personnel Cell mentioned in transfer order itself by giving fixed period of about one or two month for implementation of transfer order, that officer not relieved by that particular date stands relieved from ERP and responsibility will fixed on concerned officers.


9 JUL 19:  AGM Pers-I  BSNL CO issued orders for force ERP relieving of 26 SDEs under transfer to All India Tenure Stations and  not relieved by concerned Circles.   Letter <<<>>>    


9 JUL 19:  AGM Pers-I  BSNL CO issued transfer orders in DE Cadre from and to All India Tenure Stations  wherein three DEs are posted back to Maharashtra Circle/WTR and one DE from MH Circle is posted to J & K Circle.   Letter <<<>>>    


9 JUL 19:  GM  LD BSNL CO writes CGMs in BSNL calling for information of land  parcels of BSNL for monetization in which major properties from MH Circle are included.     Letter <<<>>>    


 8 JUL 19:  Well-attended and grand District Conference of SNEA Bhandara:  {Report by Com. Pravinkumar Parihar DS SNEA Bhandara}: As per call given by the comrades of Bhandara for the formation of SNEA District body at Bhandara, the District Conference was organized on 21st June 2019 at 1300 Hrs at Conference Hall, % GMT, BSNL, Bhandara.

Before the Proceedings of District Conference started, SNEA delegation had short meeting with Shri. Arvind Patil GMT Bhandara along with local comrades of SNEA Bhandara and discussed various HR and development issues, BSNL present scenario and efforts to be made for its comeback in market. 

The entire proceedings of the District Conference were presided over by Com. Mrs. Mrunal Pohnerkar DGM Bhandara and Shri Arvind Patil, GMT Bhandara and BA Head Chandrapur was Chief Guest. The following prominent dignitaries and guest attended and addressed the “Open Session” of the District Conference.

1.     Com. P. C. Ramteke, Vice President, SNEA MH Circle,

2.     Com. Com. M. S. Adasul, CS SNEA MH Circle,

3.     Com. Sachin Sarode, ACS SNEA MH Circle,

4.     Com. Manish Pandhare, JS Vidarbha SNEA Circle MH,

5.     Com. Sameer Khare, DS SNEA Nagpur,

6.     Com. Sudhir Pise, DS SNEA Chandrapur ,

7.     Com. Kishor Kapgate, DP SNEA Gadchiroli,

8.     Com. Santosh Surpatne, VP SNEA Nagpur,

9.     Com. H. N. Tipre, DT SNEA Nagpur,

10.            Com. Mangesh Dhole, ADS Nagpur,

11.            Com. M.N. Lodhi, CEC Member SNEA Gadchiroli,

12.            Com. Ravi Yenarkar, DT SNEA Chandrapur

Meeting also witnessed special presence of following leaders from constituent unions and associations of AUAB.

1.     Com. Praveen Kamble, DS AIGETOA Bhandara,

2.     Com. Kishor Kumbhare, DS BSNLEU Bhandara,

3.     Com. Y. B. Lanjewar, DP BSNLEU Bhandara,

4.     Com. B. M. Dhurve, DS NFTE Bhandara,

5.     Com. L. M. Katre, DP AIBSNLEA Bhandara,

6.     Com. Dharmapal Miri, DS AIBSNLEA Bhandara,

7.     Com. Chandel, DS, Pensioners’ Association, Bhandara 

·        The executives from BSNL Bhandara have shown full faith on SNEA and majority of executives attended the Conference with full energy and enthusiasm. The proceedings of the Conference started with one by one introduction by one and all present in the house.

·        At the very outset, all the dignitaries and guests were given warm welcome by the comrades of SNEA Bhandara by offering beautiful bouquets.

·        The proceedings of District conference started with warm welcome to dignitaries with bouquets.

·        Com. Mrs. Rita Marwade, gave a warm and energetic start to the proceedings by giving introduction of guests and dignitaries and by giving brief idea about the purpose and aims of the meeting.

·        While opening the proceedings of the Open Session of the Conference, Shri Aravind Patil, GMT Bhandara, and BA Head Chandrapur, in his address extended best wishes for entire deliberations and full support to SNEA Bhandara from administration of the BSNL Bhandara. He added that year 2018-19 was one of the very difficult years for BSNL. Still, the employees of BSNL Maharashtra overcame all the difficulties and scarcity of resources and performed the best and as a result, MH circle booked least losses as compared to rest of India. Pointing on need of the hour that all BSNL products should be deployed in the market very widely and timely, he asked to grab the opportunities through Enterprise Business and other data services of BSNL. He also shared his views on Bhandara SSA milestones, status of BSNL policies and BSNL Revival. In conclusion, he congratulated team SNEA Bhandara for grand meeting and assured to give full support for the betterment of BSNL and conveyed warm wishes for further proceedings of the Conference.

·        Com. Manish Pandhare, JS Vidarbha SNEA MH in his speech updated about the achievements of Bhandara SSA and congratulated entire Bhandara team for becoming the very first in entire west zone to launch the BSNL 4G services.

·        He added that BSNL is suffering from the crisis due to it’s  management and government policies but will come out of that if employees of BSNL keep their moral high and take all out efforts for revival. He further explained about the current scenario of telecom Market and position of BSNL in Market. He also elaborated about the importance to stay united in such a crucial time to survive in such a situation.

·        Com. Vilas Tandekar, AGM Bhandara while highlighting on the achievements of Bhandara SSA, stressed upon the requirement of posting of adequate number of AGMs at the SSA and said that though the SSA covers two big districts namely Bhandara and Gondia, it has only one regular AGM.

·        Com. Sachin Sarode, ACS, SNEA MH in his studied and energetic address, updated the house about the past happening at Bhandara SSA and how every time the SNEA emerged as majority association at Bhandara. He added that there is no substitute to SNEA anywhere as it is the only association, which works on the principles and requirements of BSNL policy matters. Being ACS of the area, he appealed for the strengthening and stability in SNEA Bhandara. He expected to observe absolute majority in proposed and forthcoming second membership verification. He shared his views about current position of BSNL and other PSU’s. He shared that not only BSNL but also most of the PSU’s are suffering and passing through this situation. In conclusion, he thanked to SNEA Bhandara for inviting him for district conference and assured full co-operation from SNEA MH for smooth functioning of SNEA Bhandara.

·        Com. P. C. Ramteke, VP SNEA MH in his address appreciated the efforts taken by die-hard comrades of SNEA Bhandara for very good arrangement of the meeting. While commenting on the importance of unity among executives of BSNL he appealed not to be destabilized mentally with the happening at surroundings and asked to be united under the banner of SNEA, which has no substitute in entire BSNL. He elaborated that as per his view only strong unity among unions and associations only help BSNL to survive in such a critical situation and expressed displeasure that at this crucial juncture, there is a lack of understanding between different levels of associations. He requested to all other union representatives to come forward and take initiatives in association activities. He appealed to work hard to achieve the goal and keep the positive attitude. He shared his views about scenario in BSNL as well as SNEA and explained how SNEA has to play bigger and vital role as majority Association to overcome present situation.

·        Com. Sameer Khare, DS SNEA Nagpur in his address presented his view on current scenario and powerful functioning of SNEA in Nagpur. He expressed his view on strengthening of SNEA in Bhandara. He added that Nagpur and Bhandara being adjacent Districts and as majority of executives working at Bhandara are from Nagpur, the relations of Bhandara and Nagpur are very strong and there is always much interaction between SNEA Bhandara and SNEA Nagpur. He assured total support for SNEA Bhandara by all means and appealed all to be strongly united to face challenges in front of BSNL and SNEA. 

·        Com. Kishor Kapgate, DP SNEA Gadchiroli in his short and sweet address presented his view on current scenario and powerful functioning of SNEA in Gadchiroli. He also shared his attachment with Bhandara. He conveyed thanks to Com M S Adasul who has always given priority to Vidarbha and specifically Gadchiroli. He narrated how the efforts of SNEA MH have improved the working of BSNL Gadchiroli due to posting of executives due to status of Circle and All India Hard tenure to Gadchiroli SSA. He assured Bhandara comrades for support in all respect for strengthening SNEA Bhandara and appealed all to be strongly united.

·        Com. Sudhir Pise, DS SNEA Chandrapur also expressed his views and touched burning issues of BSNL. He narrated the critical situation in the filed units and how it has become most difficult to work in the filed units. He conveyed thanks to SNEA MH for giving attention towards Vidrabha and affected areas and SNEA is only hope of ray in this critical situation as no one is responding to the situation by accepting the real position. He pointed out shortage of executives in SSAs like Chandrapur and excess executives in some of SSAs and wastage of manpower thereof.

·        Com. M. S. Adasul, CS SNEA MH in his exhaustive address while touching various issues informed the house about various happenings in BSNL and SNEA. He remembered his different visits to Bhandara for SNEA activities and how SNEA Bhandara has been very active and strong branch of SNEA. He elaborated success story of SNEA Bhandara over the period. He recalled various achievements in his tenure as CS and special achievements of Bhandara SNEA. He narrated the vindictive actions by Shri. Peeyush Khare CGMT MH against due to unethical support and help of GS SNEA. He updated house about the related issues, court proceedings, and latest development on this issue. He was optimistic that truth has always prevailed and this time it will also happen, and it is matter of time. He added that comrades of SNEA MH will not bend on any such unconstitutional and unethical practices willfully adopted by the CGMT MH and GS SNEA and SNEA will continue to function with strongest unity all over India. He updated house that Maharashtra SNEA has always taken strong action against the wrong practices adopted by the circle management and as he and his team at circle, office has disclosed those wrong practices of Shri. Peeyush Khare  CGMT MH and hence he has taken revengeful actions on SNEA leaders, but SNEA MH will fight all such actions and will come out with flying colors  in days to come. He elaborated how Shri. Peeyush Khare gives lectures for hours together suggesting for various austerity measures but when it is his turn to reduce expenses, he never thought of it. Rather he is one of CGMT who has spent and spending lakhs of rupees on lavish stay in hotels, misuse of BSNL Money and Property for personal use etc and this is not the way to lead from front in such critical financial condition of BSNL. He added that BSNL is spending huge money on the name of different AMCs and outsourcing by different tenders. He informed that if the employees of BSNL itself workout the responsibilities then those expenses will be less than half, but only discussions are done and actions of curtailment are taken for centralized tendering procedures and giving benefits to selected vendors centrally. He updated house on different discussions in social , print and digital media about the financial position of BSNL, position of BSNL in today’s Telecom Market, applicability of VRS for BSNL employees and staff, reduction of superannuation age for BSNL staff and  officers, Status of Standard pays Scale and issues thereof, Status of different promotions in BSNL and court cases thereof, third Pay Revision for BSNL Staff and Officers, financial position of BSNL, the support of Government to BSNL in changed political scenarios, changes in the Board of Directors of BSNL including CMD BSNL and its impact on functioning of BSNL  and so on. In his informative and impressive speech, he touched about all burning issues being discussed in the media and cleared the doubts in the minds of the audience. He appealed all comrades to come out of this negative phase even though it is toughest time in front of us and sustain the unethical market pressure created by R Jio. He was optimistic that sooner the present unethical competition in Telecom Sector will be over and BSNL will again stand up at its position and will continue to provide best services to Indian public. He appealed all to rise for the occasion and give their best to BSNL. In conclusion, of his address, he conveyed thanks to organizers for arranging such grand and beautiful meeting and emerging as strongest branch of SNEA.  

·        Com. Mrunal S. Pohanekar, DGM Bhandara, in her presidential speech informed about her affection towards SNEA. She added that she is impressed with the working of SNEA on specific policy, which has benefitted many of the executives in BSNL. Speaking about Bhandara she added that it is a live SSA and shows happenings with its ups and down on various occasions. She stressed on the need of expenditure curtailment, said youths of BSNL should not be underutilized, and they should be given full responsibility with freedom. She congratulated team SNEA Bhandara for grand meeting. She also mentioned that at this time, we are passing through a difficult situation and it is our prime duty to work for the survival of BSNL.

·        After the Open Session proceedings, a new body of SNEA Bhandara was unanimously nominated and elected by the members of SNEA Bhandara wherein Com. S. N. Hedau, AGM Bhandara  completed election proceedings as Election officer and Com Manish Pandhre JS Vidarbha guided house for Election proceedings in capacity of the Circle Observer.

·        In an unanimous election held in very healthy atmosphere, the entire District Body of SNEA Bhandara was elected for period of next two years wherein house unanimously decided to give the opportunity to young and energetic comrades. The new District Body of SNEA Bhandara is as follows.







Name of Office bearer



District President

Com. V.C. Tandekar

AGM (Mob Trans)


Vice President

Com. Yuvraj Kapgate

CAO Bhandara


District Secretary

Com. Pravin Parihar

SDE (Gr) Bhandara


Asst District Secretary

Com. Mrs. Rita Marwade

JTO (Gr) Bhandara


Asst District Secretary

Com.Anand Kumar Singh

JAO (LC)Bhandara


District Treasurer

Com.Yogesh Masram

JTO (MM) Bhandara


Organizing secretary

Com. Mrs. Nilima Gaidhane

SDE (CDOT)Bhandara


Organizing secretary

Com. Sewakram Jangde

JTO (Gr)Bhandara


Executive Member

Com. Sharan Raghav

JTO (NIB)Bhandara


Executive Member

Com. Jitesh Patil

JTO (EB) Bhandara



Com. Mrs. Vidya Buradkar

AO (OSP)Bhandara



·        Com. P. C. Ramteke, VP SNEA MH Circle gave oath of allegiance to all the elected comrades. The entire new District Body was congratulated and felicitated by the hands of various leaders of SNEA MH present in the house.

·        Com. Pravin Parihar, new DS SNEA Bhandara conveyed vote of thanks to all the dignitaries, Guest and all the members for giving their valuable time and attending district conference for making successful conference and requested to enjoy the delicious lunch.

·        The entire proceedings from start to end were beautifully and nicely anchored by Com. Mrs. Rita Marwade, ADS SNEA Bhanadra.

·        After completion of all the deliberations of District Conference, the house was adjourned with the National Anthem and slogans of unity.

·        PHOTOS <<<>>>


5 JUL 19:   SNEA Delegation welcomes Shri. M.K. Mishra New CGMT MH Circle: Delegation of SNEA led by Com. M. S. Adasul, CS SNEA MH consisting Com. Ankit Gangar, JS HQ SNEA MH, Com. Abhay Kesarkar, ADS SNEA Mumbai, Com. S. N. Shukla President SNEA Mumbai,  Com. D.K. Upadhay, CEC Member SNEA Mumbai, Com. Shailesh Dhande, CEC Member SNEA Mumbai,  Com. Anil Kumar Kusahwaha, CEC Member SNEA Mumbai, Com. Manoj Kothawade, VP  SNEA Mumbai, Com. S.R. Potul DT SNEA Mumbai, Com. Rupesh Kumar JS AF SNEA Mumbai, Com. Rakesh Roshan, OS SNEA Mumbai, Com. S. K. Dubey, OS SNEA Mumbai, Com. Mrs. Uma Nargunde , OS SNEA Mumbai and Com. Anil Yadav, OS SNEA Mumbai,  welcomes Shri. M. K. Mishra CGMT MH with beautiful bouquet and conveyed his best wishes on his promotion and posting as CGMT MH Circle.

·        Though, Shri. M. K. Mishra, CGMT MH was busy with ongoing Video Conference of Mobile unit from his chamber; he was kind enough to meet SNEA delegation in the Conference Hall, on sixth Floor, A wing, Admn Bldg. Santacruz Mumbai. He has introduction with entre team of SNEA one by one. We have congratulated him, conveyed best wishes for grand success as new CGMT MH Circle, and assured him best co-operation from SNEA to him for all growth and development related issues of BSNL.

·        In reciprocation Shri. M. K. Mishra conveyed thanks to SNEA delegation and assured that though situation is critical he will try his level best. He further assured that very shortly he will meet SNEA to discuss the issues in detail by sparing sometime very shortly. As he was busy in ongoing Video Conference, we have taken updates only on two critical issues First on payment of Electricity Bills and other on Long Pending issue on confusion created by Pune TD in counting stay for Rural transfers. On disconnection of Electricity, we have drawn his attention towards the disconnection of electricity of many of the BTS, Exchanges which has disconnected many of the SDCAs from world. In  classic , we have brought his notice condition of BSNL Chandrapur SSA where four SDCAs are totally disconnected from world as all exchanges, BTS in these SDCAs are down due to disconnection of power supply by MSEDL for nonpayment’s of electricity bills,

·        On payment of Electricity bills, CGMT informed that there are critical issues, but action is being taken to pay all the bills and some payments are released and action is being taken to release payments for remaining bills. He added that today only, the funds of Rs. Ten Crore are received by MH Circle and payments are being done as per priority.

·        On the issue of counting of stay by Pune SSA for Rural Transfers, he informed that he will take update from GM HR Admn Mumbai and will decide accordingly.

·        In conclusion, SNEA MH delegation conveyed him thanks for sparing time and accepting our wishes and in reciprocation he conveyed thanks to delegation of SNEA for support and wishes. 

·        Photos        <<<>>>    


 4 JUL 19:  AGM Estt  Mumbai issued orders for cancellation of JTO Phase II Training in respect of three JTOs and issued orders for nomination of three other JTOs for batch scheduled from 08/07/2019 at RTCC Pune.  Cancellation <<<>>>   Nomination   <<<>>> 


3 JUL 19:  AGM Staff Mumbai issued transfer orders of Com. Nikam from Nashik Mobile to Sindhudurg SSA as per his request for all India Soft Tenure for three years.     Order <<<>>>    


 3 JUL 19:  AGM Staff Mumbai issued posting orders on PS to PPS promotions and all are posted where it is as it is basis. SNEA MH congratulates all promoted PPS and conveys best wishes for promoted assignment.   Order <<<>>>    


 2 JUL 19: SNEA MH Felicitate and Congratulate Shri. Arvind Vadnerkar, newly selected Director HR BSNL Board:{Report by Com. Prayag Pisal JS Pune SNEA MH}:The Delegation of SNEA, led by Com. Bharat Sonawane, CP SNEA MH consisting, Com. M. S. Adasul, CS SNEA MH, Com. Virendra Choudhari, DP SNEA Pune, Com. Dilip Bhogade, DS SNEA Pune, Com A.R. Paspule, DS SNEA ITPC Pune and all others DOBs and activists of SNEA Pune namely Com Jyoti Kumari Jha, VP SNEA Pune, Com Subhash Kadam ,DT SNEA Pune, Com Atul Kadam, ADS SNEA Pune, Com S. P. Phirke, ADS SNEA Pune, Com S.A. Bhagat, Organizing Secretary SNEA Pune, Com D. B. Baravkar, CEC SNEA Pune, Com P.S. Kinikar, CEC SNEA Pune, Com A. N. Sahastrabuddhe, CEC SNEA Pune, Com S.C. Kunchge, CEC SNEA Pune, Com. M.W. Kulkarni,Ex CEC  SNEA Pune, Com R. A. Londhe Ex JS Pune SNEA MH, Com Sonal Mahajan,Ex. VP SNEA Pune, Com B.G. Kulkarni DGM West, Com Gajool DE Shivajinagar Pune, Com Prasad Narkhede, SDE Pune visited the office of PGMT Pune on 18/06/2019 at 1545 hrs. The delegation felicitated Shri. Arvind Vadnerkarji, present PGMT Pune in his chamber on his selection of Prestigious post Director HR BSNL Board, New Delhi by offering a beautiful bouquet. We shared our moments of pride and happiness with him for his selection on such important post of BSNL Board. Everybody in delegation personally greeted and congratulated Shri. Arvind Vadnerkarji and conveyed him best wishes for grand success in new assignment of Director HR BSNL Board.

In the reciprocation, Shri. Arvind Vadnerkarji conveyed thanks to all for their wishes & greetings and shared happy moments with the delegation. He expressed happiness to see the delegation of SNEA with such young executives, which is future of BSNL.

Shri. Arvind Vadnerkarji who has started his carrier from Pune and has also received prestigious Vishishta Snachar Seva Padak Award from Pune as a DGM, has mature experience as GM Mobile Pune, GM HR Pune, BA Head Aurangabad, and now successfully handling responsibility of PGMT Pune, was very enthusiastic and optimistic about the future of BSNL in Telecom Sector and future of executives in BSNL. He has devoted his selfless and honest services in the various fields of Transmission and Mobile during expansion period with great achievement and leadership. During discussions, we have seen his vast experience, update knowledge on different issues of BSNL /Telecom sector and concern about field working and practical difficulties and we strongly feel that with such grand experience and positive approach, he will be helpful and instrumental in resolving pending HR issues of executives.

During overall discussions, he was very optimistic on the future of BSNL and enthusiastically shared his views with delegation on different issues. The details of discussions on important points are as follows.

·        Future of BSNL in today’s scenario: He categorically shared that though there is lot of uncertainty and different news are being spread on social media about existence of BSNL and its workforce, there are firm discussions going on at level of DoT and Government of India for revival of BSNL. He informed that matter is under active consideration of different departments of Government of India viz. DoT, DPE, Finance and views and comments are being asked from BSNL on different proposals. There is much need of Telecom services in India and hence BSNL is having bright future. Certain changes will take place at top level for survival of Telecom Sector and definitely it will be supporting to survival of BSNL.

·        Proposals for Revival of BSNL: He added that in days to come the final shape would be given different proposals for revival of BSNL including VRS for employees above 50 years of age, monetization of assets of BSNL, revival of BSNL by separate but subsidiary Infrastructure/Tower Company of BSNL and so on. He shared his views and assessment about the action being taken by BSNL Board, DoT, DPE, Dept. of Finance and Government of India.

·        Monetization of BSNL Assets: He mentioned that monetization of assets is good approach and can be best option for revival of BSNL, but it will take much more time to compete the time consuming procedures and also such monetization needs the change of use of land, which may have to get concurrence from concerned Government Authorities. But it is must activity in days to come as it will generate maximum funds which can be used for revival of BSNL.

·        Monetization of OFC Network and revenue generation thereof: He added that BSNL has huge OFC network of about 6000 Kms and about 2000 Kms may be damaged or may not be in use with all fibers active. But about 4000 Kms of OFC is active and practically in use by BSNL. The value of this asset calculated at rate of Rs. 10 Lakh per Km, then total value of OFC asset of BSNL, will be about 40000 Corers and if it is actively monetized by its optimum utilization , then it will generate good revenue for BSNL. There is huge demand of lease circuits, broadband services, FTTH connections and hence monetization of OFC in commercial way will definitely give new energy to BSNL.

·        Subsidiary Tower Company of BSNL: He also shared that BSNL has about 65000 towers all over India and if value of each tower is taken as 10 lakhs per tower, then the asset value of the subsidiary company of will be about 65000 Corers. This subsidiary company will get Tax benefits as well as it will have good opportunity to generate revenue by sharing towers. Further, there is idea of generation of money from Market through bonds/shares by disinvestment and good amount will be generated and same amount can be used for revival of BSNL. He appeals that Unions and Associations will have to come forward and join hands with such proposals and should not oppose it has done in past. We have brought to his notice that earlier efforts were made for formation of separate Tower Company and even new CMD who was senor in rank to CMD BSNL was appointed making clear that there will be vertical split in BSNL and in days to come BSNL will have to be at the mercy of this separate tower company. He replied that there may not be separate tower company and this tower company will be subsidiary tower company of BSNL and hence there should not be any fear about vertical spilt of BSNL He added that about all private operators have separate companies for infrastructure and operations and companies like R Jio has different and separate companies for Telecom business and getting benefits thereof and BSNL also can also get benefits similar manner.

·        Generation of Money by BSNL Bonds: It is also proposed that money will be generated through BSNL Bonds in market and Government of India will assure for reimbursement of payments to bond holders in case BSNL fails to pay the maturity amount of bonds. Thus, Government will not be giving money directly, but active support will be given to BSNL and MTNL being state owned PSUs.

·        Reduction of superannuation retirement age to 58 years: He added that though the matter of reduction of age and VRS for BSNL workforce is aggressively discussed on social media, but chances of reduction of age to 58 are less due to certain limitations on its implementation. There are some administrative issues as well good number of workforce is retiring in days to come and hence reduction of superannuation age may not be implemented in BSNL.

·        VRS for BSNL workforce with age of 50 and above years: He informed that though chances of reduction of superannuation age are less, VRS is under very active consideration of Government of India and certain queries raised on applicability of retirement benefits under Gujarat pattern for DoT recruited and BSNL absorbed staff and officers have been replied by BSNL satisfactorily. The money generated through BSNL Bonds will be used for VRS and nothing will be invested by DoT or BSNL for VRS. About 1.2 lakhs employees will be eligible for VRS and it is expected that about 50% will opt for VRS and thus the existing workforce of BSNL will be reduced by about 55000 employees/officers through this proposed VRS. After that the salary burden on BSNL will be reduced to better extent and BSNL can focus on other development issues. Further VRS is optional and one, who does not want VRS, should not opt it, and let willing persons opt it. He appealed that Unions and Associations will have to review their stand and support such revival plans and mainly should not oppose the VRS. We have shared that SNEA has neither opposed VRS nor supported VRS. Rather many of our members are in favor of VRS as it is optional and one is free to decide where to opt for VRS or not to opt for VRS. In response he informed that the proposal of VRS is under very active consideration and if everything goes in positive directions most probably VRS may open by August 2019 and it will be open for period of three months, where in one can decide on opting for VRS. It is expected by DoT with attractive VRS about 55000 will opt for VRS and major amount of burdon on salary by BSNL will be reduced to better extent.

·        Reduction of expenditure by BSNL: Shri. Vadnerkar informed that though many steps are taken for reduction of expenditure, till the situations not under control and other side it is becoming most difficult to run the functioning of SSAs as it is directly affecting to the operations of BSNL services. BSNL is issuing orders after orders and today order has been issued for 50% reduction of vehicles. The curtailment of unwanted expenditure is must but BSNL has to think on operation and maintenance of services and further curtailment cannot be afforded as it has already affected our services.

·        Unwanted Procurements: During discussions Vadnerkar  narrated that BSNL is going through heavy losses and one of the main reason being unwanted procurement of equipment’s and material without understanding its requirement in the filed units and its use in BSNL. He informed that many items are purchased by BSNL Corporate Office and some other units, but same are not useful in the field units and are not beneficial to customers hence there is need to stop such unwanted procurement in BSNL.

·        FTTH & Overhead OFC: DS SNEA ITPC Pune pointed out that BSNL is providing FTTH connections through overhead OFC and same has been cut by some local authorities as happened in Bangalore and suggested that BSNL should provide connections by laying OFC and avoid overhead OFC which is temporary work. In response Vadnerkar appreciated concern expressed about overhead OFC, but narrated that there are certain issues in laying OFC economically and major reason s heavy charges applied by local authorities. It is difficult to pay such heavy reinstatements charges to economic constraints and cemented roads. Now a day’s everywhere including remote cement roads are being constructed and no space is kept for laying cables. Non availability of space at many such locations having high demand of FTTH creates compulsions on BSNL to lay Overhead OFC. About all private Cable and Telecom operators are providing connections by overhead OFC only and few like R-Jio are laying OFC that to be at prominent places of demand and not everywhere. We also narrated that there is need on part of BSNL that matter is taken with Government of India for permanent arrangement of Cable duct on each and every road on both the side or at least at one side by crossing at certain frequent intervals and duct through central divers on national and Express highways so that Assets of telecom sector and BSNL are safeguarded and there is no disruption of services due to cable cut or non-availability of cables. He agreed to the suggestions and informed that wherever possible BSNL should lay underground OFC and avoid temporary works by Overhead OFC and duct arrangements on every road also needs to be taken care.

·        Implementation of CPSUCH in BSNL: We brought to his notice about delay in approval of CPSUCH and hurdles thereof. If the CPSUCH was approved at right time there would not have been issue of delayed promotions and court cases. But due to defect in structure of CPSUCH and double stand of management, the CPSUCH has been kept aside unofficially. Over the last two years BSNL is going neither ahead with promotions nor going ahead with CPSUCH and uncertainty continues for no sold reason. We brought to his notice that CPSUCH has been developed up to AGM level. For DGM and above level officers with just change of designation and same was required to be followed for Time Bound promotions up to DGM level. But unfortunately there are certain conditions on eligibility of promotions under CPSUCH and hence there is much reluctance on part of many executives in accepting the CPSUCH and management is also not going ahead. It would be better if CPSUCH is implemented in the manner as implemented to DGM and above officers by change of designations in time bound manner. Shri. Vadnerkar gave patience hearing to our suggestions and assured that whatever best and in the interest of executives will be taken care at appropriate time and there is nothing wrong in implementation of CPSUCH with change of designation up to DGM level also. .

·        Uniform applicably of first Time Bound Promotions to all executives in BSNL: CP SNEA MH brought to his notice the biased approach of BSNL in giving first Time Bound promotion with different eligibly years. He narrated that seniors and even juniors have been given First Time Bound promotion in four years and certain executives recruited near about year 1993-94 are given first TBP after completion 7-8 years and this is direct discrimination by BSNL management and it has continued mass unrest amongst the affected executives. There are certain directions issued by different courts for uniform implementations of First TBP uniformly for all and it is wrongly threatened that if we press hard then it will be changed from present four years to more for the executives who have been benefitted with four years. He also narrated that there is negligible financial implication in implementation of first promotion in four years uniformly for all and only required is someone has to look into these graveness seriously. Shri. Vadnerkar assured us to look into these issues.

·        Settlement of Standard Pay Scales: We have narrated him the hardships faced by the young JTOs and JAOs due to non-grant Standard Pay Scales for JTOs/JAOs and SDEs/AOs throughout India. We have updated him about the entire procedure and steps followed by BSNL, DoT and DPE and how last letter from DPE also has not resolved this burning issue. We have drawn his attention that this is matter of just few crore rupees and non-approval of Standard Pay Scales is one of the reasons for mass unrest among the backbone of BSNL. We requested him to give priority to this issue on his joining to BSNL Board, so that further recurring pay loss to all these JAOs/JTOs, AOs/SDEs is given full stop and uniformity is brought among the same cadre executives which are need of time. He has taken feedback from us and assured to do best possible after assessment of the situation at BSNL CO and status of the case.

·        30 % SAB (Super Annuation Benefits) for BSNL recruited Executives: We narrated how BSNL recruited JTOs are waiting for approval of 30 % SAB , how it has been delayed over last four five years even after firm assurances by then Director HR and CMD BSNL to approve further 6% SAB. We informed him that SAB is also one of the important and burning HR issues of executives recruited by BSNL and need his kind attention to resolve it at the earliest.

·        Promotions in BSNL: When we have drawn his attention towards pending promotions, he informed that he is aware about the issue and many of the promotions are challenged in Court and hence matter is not moving further even though thousands of post of SDEs are vacant, hundreds of post of DGMs are vacant and many of the executives are retiring waiting for their promotions. We brought to his notice that many court cases are not handled by BSNL to the required strength and depth and when BSNL has hundreds of Officers in Legal cell all over India and hundreds of advocates are empaneled by BSNL, the cases related to Promotions are not give due care. In Maharashtra Circle, Caveat were filed even on request transfers, but Legal Cell BSNL CO s not able to file caveat on such important Issues and promotions are kept pending on name of court cases. He specifically referred to court case on SDE promotions in Ernakulum Court and how CMD BSNL has been directed to be present personally in Court. We informed that if BSNL would have taken steps for filling all vacant post of SDEs during last spell of promotions, there would not have been any issue, but unfortunately BSNL has issued partial promotion orders keeping certain post vacant and hence we have facing present dilemma . We have also narrated issue of promotions in DE cadre and how mesh has been created by BSNL Corporate office by issuing excess promotions and how juniors are promoted while seniors are compelled to work under such juniors. He has listened our views on hurdles in promotions by court cases and lethargic steps and stand taken by BSNL Legal Cell is dealing all such cases, provoking more and more executives to go for court case. We stressed that there is need of keeping keen watch on progress of court cases and options like promotions subject to outcome of court case, promotions to the cadres where no court cases pending needs to be cleared and immediate Acton is required to fill up all vacant post.

·        Other pending issues of Executives in BSNL: Delegation also drawn attention on other pending HRs issues like DE promotion for SDEs from list 8 and 9, DE to DGM promotions and manmade hurdles thereof, criteria for posting on DGM Adhoc/regular promotions, 3rd Pay revision to BSNL workforce etc. and updated him reasons for pendency and requested to look into it.

·        Difficulties faced by Executives due to non-releasing of different payments: We also have detail discussions on nonpayment of bills by different vendors , contractors, electricity payments, rents and its impact on working of BSNL and how difficulties are being faced by the executives n BSNL. PGMT Pune informed that he is well aware about all such issues and he is facing all these at par with others. He mentioned that as on today, there is no immediate solutions for releasing payments but with clearance of outstanding amount from different units including DoT, and certain support from Government to BSNL, there will be much improvement in the financial conditions and till time we have to manage show with available resources in the best possible way by using personal relations and skills. 

·        Counting of stay of executives for transfers from Pune City to Pune Rural including Mobile Pune and need of Equal Treatment to all executives: DS SNEA Pune requested PGMT Pune to have review of transfer orders issued by his office from Pune City to Rural and vice versa by excluding executives from Mobile wing as same has created much unrest among the executives in Pune SSA and posting of some of executives directly to Pune Mobile by cancelling transfer orders issued for Pune TD and created more panic among the affected executives. We also informed that though it has been informed by Pune administration that there are guidelines issued by Circle Office Mumbai for excluding officers from Pune Mobile, we have seen no such guidelines and neither given by administration after giving 03 reminders. Also since last six months officers in Pune administration advocating for such letter, could not produce the copy of letter. We informed that rather there are clear cut guidelines to count stay of all executives in that particular SSA for rural transfers there is no exception other than critical medical ground cases. We made it clear that we have no objection for excluding officers from Mobile in rural transfers but it should be applicable equally for all and not only for Pune SSA. Rather SNEA Pune advocates for making Pune Mobile as separate SSA for transfers and posting so that request from Pune TD are given consideration to Pune Mobile. With such separate SSA status to Pune Mobile for request transfers, the executives requesting for Pune can directly opt for Pune Mobile and in case substitute is to be posted in such transfers, it should be from Pune Mobile only. Thus practically there will be no request for Pune TD as on such transfers to TD officers are posted to rural area and no one is willing for posting to Rural area and hence will not opt for Pune TD. Thus except Tenure transfers, no officer from Pune TD will be transferred and substitute will be posted always from Pune Mobile. Now in case of request to Pune, officers are posted to Pune Mobile and substitutes are posted from Pune TD. Also Circle Office clearly mentioned in all its letters that no request will accepted specifically only for Mobile and it is look out of concerned SSA Head to post officers to Mobile in consultation with concerned in charge of Mobile wing of that SSA or GM/PGM Mobile Pune/Nagpur. But this year many officers posted to Pune TD have managed to get change of posting to Pune Mobile from Circle office and Circle office also has violated its own guidelines and orders are issued. When these officers were posted to Pune TD, it was too early by Pune administration to post these officers to rural before their joining in Pune and accordingly certain officers started lobbing at Circle Office Mumbai and successfully managed in getting posting to Pune Mobile by cancelling their orders to Pune TD. It was required on part of Pune Administration that orders should have been issued after joining of officer’s in Pune TD and not before joining only on basis of orders issued by Circle office. Also care needs to be taken that information from Pune administration is not leaked before orders are issued and officially published on intranet. We quoted classic examples of such managed transfers and pain expressed by others who are compelled to work in Rural area of Pune TD. We have no issue in such direct transfers to Mobile also but such options should be open equally for all and there should not be any scope for managing transfers only by few and selected officers approaching to circle office Mumbai and managing certain officer for getting posting to Pune Mobile by cancelling transfers to Pune TD. In other SSAs, the officers in Mobile wing are considered for transfer to Rural area, but in Pune such names are excluded and orders are issued and now pressure is being created for relieving of officers under transfer. Pune administration has asked for queries in Dec 18 and matter was neither taken notice by Circle office nor was reminder issued by Pune Administration. SNEA Pune has given all relevant scopes to Administration but same are not processed in file and in recent past one reminder request has been sent to Circle office Mumbai for issuing clarification. This reminder request is processed in file and the clarification is expected from Circle Office Mumbai very shortly. In view of above we requested to keep on hold the rural transfer and may be implemented if clarification is issued for excluding the executives from Pune Mobile for Pune Rural transfers and may be revised suitably if clarification is issued for inclusion of executives in Pune Mobile for Pune Rural Transfers. We only demanded that whatever criteria are adopted should be equally applied to all the executives and to all the SSAs and there should not be any exclusion only for specific person or SSA except medical cases defined in transfer policy. In response PGMT Pune informed that he has no issue and Circle Office should give clarification so that his Office can act accordingly. He expressed dis-satisfaction over the approach of Circle office in posting to Mobile unit and added that it is surprising to him that once officers are posted to Pune TD are transferred to Pune Mobile without knowledge of SSA Head. His office is bound as per orders issued by Circle Office Mumbai and there is no reluctance on his part to include the officers in Mobile wing for Rural transfers rather he feels that Circle office should issue clear guidelines so that same can be implemented. He appreciated our concern for equal treatment to all executives even by treating Pune Mobile as separate SSA for transfers which will clear present uncertainty and will give full stop to pick and choose transfers to Mobile. Finally he directed us to pursue for early clarification from circle Office and assured that till time the transfer orders issued for Pune Rural excluding executives from Pune Mobile will be kept on hold.

·        Pick and choose transfers by BSNL CO to ITPC Pune: During discussions Shri. Vadnerkar informed that when we are discussing about uniform application of transfer policy and stay some of the executives are able to manage the transfers from BSNL Corporate Office. One of lady from Pune TD was transferred to Pune Rural and she has requested for retention at Pune on grounds of her children important education year of education and he has given sympathetic consideration till April 19 and all of sudden her transfer is issued to ITPC Pune. He was shocked to know this, when we are giving consideration to certain period, it is used for managing transfers is not good. If everybody manages transfers in this way, then who will work in rural area. We also shared similar feelings with classic example and informed that SNEA never supported such transfers and we have been at the forefront for cancellation of such biased transfers. Rather many comrades are demanding for considering stay of the executives in ITPC, BBNW, Inspection, RCNGN and WTR & WTP Circles in Pune City for transfers to Rural area as well as long stay transfers within Maharashtra Circle. In recent past some transfers are issued to avoid the long stay transfer out of Pune City and this gives wrong signal to common executives that anyone who can manage the show and others who are unable to manage have to go for long stay transfers at unpopular stations is not correct. SNEA MH will also once again take up all such cases of biased approach and managed by hooks and crooks and see that equal treatment is given to all. Finally, PGMT Pune informed that he has decided that he will refer the case to BSNL CO through MH Circle and get it cancelled. We expressed that all such pick and choose transfers going on in mass at BSNL CO should be given full stop and requested him to look into such transfers once he takes over as Director HR.

·        Action of MH Circle of withholding salary of executives due to conflict of reliving: We have detail discussions on stringent action by Circle Management in Force implementation of Transfers orders and withholding of salary of the executives who have practically works in the offices with consent and assurances of SSA Heads /Controlling officers and calling explanation and issuing charge sheet to all such officers , issuing punishment orders, with holding salary of such man made disputed period, asking for leave for such intervening period wherein concerned executives have performed duties and also issuing recordable warning to some of the SSA Heads on pick and choose basis. It is seen that this treatment also given in biased manner and some of executives are not issued even with warning letter and some are being punished by issuing charge sheet and withholding charge sheet and punishment thereof. PGMT Pune agreed to the concern expressed by us on such dispute and stretching matter to the extent of issuing charge sheet and punishments and agreed that there is need of review of this issue. But this is decision of Circle Office and hence it is to be decided by Circle management and advised us to take up this matter with Circle management for early settlement.

·        Future of Young generations in BSNL: While concluding meeting Shri. Vadnerkar pointed out young comrades present in the delegation and assured that he is confident that future of everybody in BSNL is secured and actions and steps will be definitely taken in days to come not only to secure the services of employees who are left with few years of services, but efforts are being taken to secure future and services of newly recruited JTOs/JAOs secured in BSNL for their life time services. He appealed that only required is that young generation has to contribute more and more for securing such bright future in BSNL so that BSNL also keeps on hold its strong position in Telecom Sector. He firmly assured young comrades to think positive and be with BSNL by giving their best.

In conclusion we have conveyed sincere thanks to Shri. Arvind Vadnerkar, PGMT Pune and nominated Director HR BSNL Board for sparing his valuable time and sharing his views on different issues and giving confidence about existence of BSNL and future of executives. In conclusion, he also conveyed thanks to all comrades in delegation for their greeting and assured that with such grand support of young comrades , BSNL will be shining in days to come and till time we all will have contribute in every possible manner.

In about one and half hour very positive and elaborate discussions, Shri. Vadnerkar touched many problems of employees and BSNL itself and elaborated his views on each point showing his deep concern about BSNL.

The entre delegation of SNEA was very happy after meeting with future Director HR BSNL Board on the SNEA platform. Pune comrades are always meeting to him as PGMT Pune frequently in review meetings, but it was shared by many executives present that today’s discussions was very much inspiring when social media is talking everything Negative about BSNL. The concern expressed by Shri. Vadnerkar on different issues along with solid and concrete views was excellent and was giving confidence to all about bright future and confidence about strong existence of BSNL in days to come.

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2 JUL 19:   DGM Pers SM BSNL CO New Delhi published the list of officers who have not submitted their e-APRs  by online method and gives final call for submission of e-APR by all such officers with extended date i.e. latest by 20/07/2019.   Letter <<<>>>  List <<<>>> 


 2 JUL 19:  Sr GM CCB BSNL CO New Delhi issued clarification on incurring Capital Expenditure with approval of CMD BSNL by sending such proposals through proper Channel.  Letter <<<>>> 


 2 JUL 19:  AGM Estt II BSNL CO New Delhi issued list of Holidays to be observed by BSNL during Year 2020.  Letter <<<>>> 


 2 JUL 19:  AGM Staff Mumbai issued Looking After Arrangements in DGM Cadre wherein Com Bidhyut Das, AGM Mobile Mumbai is given Charge of DGM NOFN Mumbai.  Letter <<<>>> 


 2 JUL 19:  AGM Pers BSNL CO New Delhi issued transfer orders of AGM to and from All India Hard tenures stations wherein two DEs are posted to MH Circle and One DE from MH circle is posted to J&K Circle.  Letter <<<>>> 


 2 JUL 19:  AGM Staff Mumbai issued orders for Releivng by Maharashtra Circle for SDEs under transfer to All India Hard Tenure stations.  Order I  <<<>>>  Order II  <<<>>> 


 2 JUL 19:  Director CM BSNL Board New Delhi writes to all Circle Heads for increasing SIM Sale by taking different initiatives.    Letter <<<>>> 

·        It is unfortunate that when such letters are issued for increasing SM Sale and there is willingness on part of concerned officers and staff to do so, hundreds of BTS and many of the Exchanges are disconnected from non-payment of Electricity bills and practically in many SDCAs, the BSNL services are shut down. There is much anguish among the customers and many have threatened to ghero BSNL offices and officers for such force shut down services due to Power cut. If the exchanges and BTS are not restored by payment of Electricity Bills or by taking matter centrally with MSEDCL for non –disconnection , then all such letters including this DO letter will be nothing but one of the office formality and if we do not change in this style, the situation will be beyond control of BSNL.

·        Let us hope such DO letters and Prompt actions are taken on priority to pay the outstanding Electricity Bills, Rent Payments and Vendors bills who also have stopped the works of BSNL for non-payments.



 1 JUL 19:  SNEA MH Circle congratulates, Com. K. M. Giram, SDE Parbhani SSA & DS SNEA Parbhani, Com. M. S. Ukrande DGM Pune SSA, Com. V.G. Thakur, CAO Aurangabad SSA, Com. B. J. Jadhav, AGM Nanded SSA, Com. K. Anantharao, DE  Aurangabad SSA, Com. S. K. Kaul SDE Elect Mumbai,  Com. M. B. Rajguru, SDE Kalyan SSA, Com. D. G. Wadekar, SDE Ratnagiri SSA, Com. Akram Riyasat Ali, AO Amravati SSA, Com. Ramakant R. Gaikwad, JTO Pune SSA and Com. Raghevendra V. Kulkarni JTO Goa SSA on his peaceful Superannuation after completion of long & highly successful service in DoT/BSNL. 

·        Com. K. M. Giram, SDE Trans Parbhani and DS SNEA Parbhani {Mob 9422175700} has started his carrier in DoT in year 1982 as Office Assistant in Nanded. He served Office Assistant in Nanded for 18 Months and selected as Departmental Outsider candidate in Cadre of Transmission Assistant & on his first promotion he was posted at Goa in 1984 where he devoted worked up to 1989. The he was transferred to then Nanded SSA and was posted at Parbhani & worked as Transmission Assistant up to Dec-1997. Then he became JTO through Screening Test from Transmission Assistant cadre and posted at Gangakhed in Parbhani SSA as a JTO Group and from 2000 to 2003 he has worked as JTO Transmission Parbhani, then as SDE Commercial & Mobile, SDOT Parbhani, SDOP Parbhani, SDE Outdoor and now he is working as SDE Transmission Parbhani. He has always maintained very strong and co-ordeal relations with staff, EOI labors, SNEA Members, collagenous and senior Officers. During his 37 years of services, he has always played active role during this length of service in Unions and Associations. He has rendered his services as District Secretary NFTE BSNL Parbhani, District Secretary AIBSNLEA Parbhani and DS SNEA Parbhani. He has played vital role in building unity of executives in Parbhani SSA and during his period as DS ABSNLEA in year 2004, the entire District Body of AIBSNLEA was merged in SNEA and single association was formed in Parbhani SSA. Since August 2014 he has rendered services to SNEA comrades as District Secretary SNEA Parbhani and has taken active part in each and every association activity. He has always led association from front and played vital role in building strongest unity of Executives in Maharashtra Circle under banner of SNEA. He is one of the die-hard and stalwart comrades and leaders of SNEA, who has full faith and confidence on working of SNEA. He has taken active part in all CEC Meeting Circle Conference and has never missed any association meeting. He was fearless while point out wrong doings of the management and has always opposed any such decision by the Parbhani Management and always given priority to the interest of BSNL and SNEA. When some of leaders do not leave post in the association even after retirement, Com K.M. Gram set an example for all the leaders by holding District Conference on 28/06/2019 i.e. well before his superannuation retirement and handed over the Charge of DS SNEA Parbhani to Com. S. B. Dhobale SDE Parbhani. Com. K. M. Giram is known for his smiling face and loving nature and has never taken tension of any issue or problem but faced all such problems with smiling face and always come out with flying colors. His name will be written in Golden letters in the History of SNEA as very strong, dynamic and versatile leader of SNEA who always led from front and worked for unity of executives in BSNL. Now on completion highly successful 37 years and 4 months of his devoted service in DOT & BSNL, he is retiring on superannuation retirement on 30/06/2019. 

·        Com. M. S. Ukrande DGM BB/IT, Pune {Mob9420495495 has joined DoT in May 1982 as a JE in WTP Mumbai and served from 1882 to 1986. He worked at Panjim for CHOGAM work, also at Ulhasnagar for Installation of NEC 400 X- Bar Exchange and for these two projects got the appreciation from Director WTP Mumbai. From 1986 to 1994 worked at Latur SSA and installed ILT 2048 electronic Exchange in record time of one month at Latur and same was very much appreciated by then CGM MH Circle. He has rendered devoted services during Killari Earth Quake affected area for Telecom service restoration. After promotion as SDE posted in Osmanabad SSA from 1994 to 2005, during this period he has installed and maintains CDOT main exchanges. From 2006 to 2014 he worked at Pune as a DE at MHS External, Hadapsar, and Talegaon. He has completed the hard tenure at Nagaland as a DE NETF from 2014 to 2016 wherein completed OFC laying project in Nagaland state. Then on his DGM promotion he was posted in Pune as DGM BB IT and serving successfully since May 2016 to till his superannuation retirement on 30/06/2009. As DGM BB/IT Pune he was in chrage of all the important units such as NIB, NGN, CDR, FTTH, MPLS, DNW, TAX, IN (landline) and has efficiently managed all works. MNG PAN Project of Fiber to home was smoothly and timely completed in Pune under his leadership. He had taken special efforts for increasing FTTH connections in Pune which are appreciated by PGMT Pune. Due to his sincerity and dedication all these important units under him were very well developed and efficiently maintained. He is always active member of SNEA and has taken part in all association activities and always supported SNEA by all possible means. He is known for his devoted services and co-ordeal relations with fellow staff, officers and seniors. Today he is retiring on completion of his highly successful services of 37 years in DoT and BSNL.

·        Com. V.G. Thakur, CAO Aurangabad {Mob 9422216818} has joined as a Telecom Office Assistant in P&T Department on 1984 at DET office Aurangabad. Later he passed JAO LICE exam and promoted as JAO in Year 1997 at was posted at Aurangabad. Then he was promoted and posted as AAO with additional charge of AO at Electrical Division Aurangabad. He has served as AO Electrical up to 2003. Then on transfer he was posted to Jalna as AO and worked as AO Cash up to July 2008. In the month of August 2008 transferred back to Aurangabad and posted as AO Cash. He has rendered services as AO Cash, AO Works and AO TR Aurangabad up to August 2014. Then he was transferred to Buldhana SSA and has joined as AO Buldhana up to August 2016. In the month of August 2016, he was again transferred to Aurangabad and promoted as CAO Aurangabad under Looking after Arrangements and worked as CAO TR and CAO CA till last date of superannuation retirement. He is well known for his helping nature and has always supported staff and colleagues in dealing with different office issues and problems. Com. V.G. Thakur has been instrumental in strengthening SNEA Aurangabad by adding more and more account wing executives banner of SNEA. He has excellent leadership qualities and was always leading SNEA from front. He has rendered his services to SNEA comrades as District President SNEA Aurangabad (2017-19) and District Vice President SNEA Buldhana (2014-16) and has always delivered best. Under his able leadership, the CEC Meeting of SNEA MH was successfully held at Aurangabad. He has played vital ole n adding more and more executives of account wing in SNEA family. Today he is retiring on completion of his highly successful and best services of 35 years in DoT and BSNL

·        Com. B. J. Jadhav, AGM Admn Nanded {Mob 9423693209} has joined DoT in Year 1984 as JE in Mumbai.   He has served as JE Microwave Project, Carrier and VFT, City Division Dahanu up to 1990. Thereafter he was transferred to Nanded, and worked at Nanded in Cross Bar Installation, Nanded Group, Nanded Outdoor, DTO, Planning section, MIDC Outdoor. On his SDE promotion he was transferred as SDE Umerkhed Group in Yavatmal SSA. After completing of two years in Yavatmal, he was transferred to back to Nanded and posted as SDE Out door Nanded. On his AGM Regular promotion in 2018 he was posted as AGM Admn Nanded and working there with full devotion till last date of superannuation retirement. He is one of the prominent members of SNEA Nanded and he has devoted contributed in making grand success of All India Conference of SNEA CHQ held at Nanded in 2012, Circle Conference of SNEA MH held in 2011. He has always supported to SNEA Nanded branch by his active support. He is known for his cam and quite nature and has maintained very co-ordeal relations with subordinate, staff colleagues and senior officers.  Today he is retiring on completion of his highly successful and best services of 35 years in DoT and BSNL

·        Com. K. Anantharao, DE Int Aurangabad {Mob 9423782278} joined as a Postal Assistant in erstwhile P&T Department on 18-04-1981 at Kovilpatti Head Post   Office in Tamil Nadu. He volunteered his services for Army Postal Service and served as a Warrant Officer in Army Postal Service Corps for 4 years from 1981 to 1985 at Leh Ladakh in J&K and 2 years at Army Postal Directorate in New Delhi). He was selected as JE in Maharashtra Circle as a departmental-outsider and after training in switching at RTTC, Bangalore 1985-1986. He joined as a JTO Auto Installation at Aurangabad under Assistant Engineer, Auto Installation Nashik in 1987. He did Auto Installation works at Aurangabad, Nashik, Vasai, Virar, and Palghar in Kalyan Division from 1987 to 1992 and as a JTO, Auto Exchange in Aurangabad from 1992 to 1997. He worked in Primary Cable and outdoor section as SDE (officiating) from 1997 to 2000. On SDE Regular promotion in year 2000, he worked as SDE Indoor, CSC In charge at Harsul Exchange, from 2000 to 2003, SDE (Recovery & Dot Soft) from 2003 to 2004, SDE Estt in Aurangabad from 2004 to 2011, SDE MM/CSD/Divisional Stores Waluj from 2011 to 2012 at Aurangabad. As per transfer policy on long stay basis, he was transferred to Sangli SSA and worked as SDE Gr in Jath SDCA from 2012 to 2015. After his transfer from Sangli SSA to Aurangabad SSA, he worked as DE (Internal) at Telephone Bhavan, Aurangabad from 12-03-2016 to 30-06-2019(as DE   L/A from 2016 to 2018 and DE (Regular) from 29-06-2018 to 30-06-2019. Today he is retiring on completion of his highly successful and best services of 38 years in DoT and BSNL.

·        Com. S. K. Kaul SDE Elect Mumbai {Mob 9422661211} has joined DoT in Year 1989 as Junior Engineer (Electrical) in Sub Division in Telephone Exchange in Cooperage under Electrical Division-III at Vikhroli, Mumbai.  He was assigned to provide all Electro-Mechanical services as per the requirement in Sub Division complete for Air Conditioning units, Engine Alternator Sets and Electrical Installation.  After merging of jurisdiction, he looked after the EMS works at Bhiwandi, Nasik and all over Maharashtra very successfully.  On further bifurcation he worked in MTNL from 1994 to 2004.  He completed his Zonal transfer at Sub Division Valsad (Gujarat) Electrical Division, Surat from 2011 to 2014.  In 2014, he got request transfer in Maharashtra Circle and posted at Mumbai Electrical Division. Com. Kaul has been expert n Electrical works and known for his skills to extract works from the workforce. He has taken many bold decisions for extracting works under different projects. He also has very good interpersonal relations and has been successfully managed the works with all other departments with his co-ordeal nature. He has acquired best knowledge of his field over the period and has always taken lead to meet the critical situations as and when required. He is known for his bold nature and helping hand to needy. Since long he has been active member of SNEA and has always taken part in association activities. He was very co-operative and kind to his subordinates. Today he is retiring on completion of his highly successful and best services of 34 years in DoT and BSNL

·        Com M. B. Rajguru, SDE Vasai {Mob 9423984084} was appointed as wireless operator in November 1985 at Ratnagiri radio where he served till 1991. After that he was posted to Borivali wireless servicing station under then Raigad Division. He was promoted as JTO in 1991 & posted at Mangaon in Raigad SSA. In 2003 he was transferred to Kalyan SSA where he served at Bolinj, Virar & Vasai areas. On his promotion to SDE he was posted at Vasai again where he has served till his retirement. Today after completion of highly successful 34 years of services in DoT/BSNL, Com M. B. Rajguru is retiring on superannuation retirement. He has been a very hard working, sincere & dedicated employee and has always been an active & loyal member of SNEA & was currently serving as the Branch President of SNEA Vasai Branch.

·        Com. D. G. Wadekar, SDE OFC Ratnagiri {Mob 9423876166} has joined DoT as Teleprinter Technician in year 1981 and later he was posted to Max II Exch Ratnagiri in year 1990. After commissioning of CDOT MBM continued up to 2001. Then he was posted as JTO FM in year 2001 & as a JTO (OFC) in year 2002. On his SDE promotion he was posted as SDE OFC in year 2018 and continued there till last day of his superannuation retirement. He was awarded Sanchar Sarathi Award 2002 in year 2001-02. He has rendered entire services in single SSA without any transfer outside Ratnagiri SSA. He has been die hard member of SNEA and has taken part in all association activities. Today he is retiring on completion of his highly successful and best services of 38 years in DoT and BSNL

·        Com. Akram Riyasat Ali, AO TR-II Amravati SSA {Mob 9420834399} has DoT in July 1981 as Telephone Operator at Dhule SSA and has worked in Dhule, Yavatmal and Amravati. In Year 2013, he was promoted as JAO and posted in Amravati SSA. On his AO promotions in 2018 also he was posted in Amravati SSA. He has gained excellence in dealing with TRA and has maintained cordial relation with subscribers. He always worked for satisfaction of customers which is todays need in BSNL. He has maintained very friendly relations with all the employees He has been always active member of SNEA and has taken part in all actives of SNEA. Today he is retiring on completion of his highly successful and best services of 38 years in DoT and BSNL

·        Com. Ramakant R. Gaikwad, JTO MHS Ext Pune {Mob 9423505261} has started his carrier from Sangli SSA as a Technician in 1981. He joined in Pune in 1988 at Installation wing. He installed many Electronic Exchanges in Pune as a TTA. Due to his superior work he deputed for foreign services at Africa, Mauritius, and Yemen from 1998 to 2002. He became JTO in 2008 and worked at Chakan. He worked many days at Loni Store , where he maintained very nicely account of all material for SSA and Circle stores and recently he was posted as JTO MHS Extnl Pune and has rendered active services till last day of his superannuation retirement. He is active member of SNEA from the beginning participated in all activities of association. Today he is retiring on completion of his highly successful and best services of 37 years in DoT and BSNL.

·        Com. Raghevendra V. Kulkarni JTO Gr Ponda Goa {Mob 9423885659} has joined DoT in Year 1986 as Telex Tech in MTNL Mumbai. With mutual transfer to DOT in 1989 and joined as Telex Technician at Panaji. He was promoted as TTA in 1995 till 2005 and worked in Ponda. Then on his promotion as JTO officiating and as JTO Regular in 2014 he was again posted at Ponda, Goa SSA and continued there till his retirement day. Com R.V Kulkarni is loyal and discipline member of SNEA and has always taken part in association in activities. He is very honest, hardworking and helpful in nature. Today he is retiring on completion of his highly successful and best services of 35 years in DoT and BSNL.

On this important day of the life of these stalwart Comrades of SNEA retiring in this month, SNEA MH salutes sincerity, dedication and affection by Com. K. M. Giram, Com. M. S. Ukrande, Com. V.G. Thakur, Com. B. J. Jadhav, Com. K. Anantharao, Com. S. K. Kaul, Com. M. B. Rajguru, Com. D. G. Wadekar, Com. Akram Riyasat Ali, Com. Ramakant R. Gaikwad and Com. Raghevendra V. Kulkarni towards BSNL & SNEA and on behalf of thousands of comrades of SNEA Maharashtra Circle we wish them “Very Happy, Healthy, Wealthy & Highly Successful Long Retired life”.


29 JUN 19: Grand and Highly Successful District Conference of SNEA Jalgaon:{Report by Com. Amit Kulkarni DS SNEA Jalgaon and CWC SNEA MH}: As per the notification issued by Com. L. U. Choudhary, DS SNEA Jalgaon, the District Conference of SNEA Jalgaon was held on 11/05/2019 at BSNL Conference Hall, DTO Building, Jalgaon. Com. P. L. Mahurkar, DP SNEA Jalgaon presided over the full day deliberations of District Conference which was attended and addressed by the following dignitaries and guests.

1.     Shri. Sanjay Kumar Kesharwani, General Manager, Jalgaon

2.     Com. Bharat Sonawane, Circle President, SNEA MH Circle.

3.     Com. M. S. Adasul, Circle Secretary, SNEA MH Circle.

4.     Com. M. N. Kotambe, Asst. Circle Secretary, SNEA MH Circle.

5.     Com. Amit Kulkarni, CWC Member SNEA MH Circle.

6.     Com. S. B. Pawar, Joint Secretary North SNEA MH Circle.

7.     Com. Hrushikesh Kesale, Joint Secretary North SNEA MH Circle.

8.     Com. L. U. Choudhary, DS SNEA Jalgaon

9.     Com. Shravan Kasar, DS AIBSNLEA Jalgaon.

10.            Com. Nilesh Kale, DS BSNLEU Jalgaon.

11.            Com. B. P. Saindane, DS NFTE BSNL Jalgaon

12.            Com. Pradip Sonawane, DS SNATTA Jalgaon

·        The proceedings of the house started at 1100 hrs with formation of the dais and "Deep Prajwalan" by the guest and dignitaries.

·        The team SNEA Jalgaon gave warm welcome to guest and invitees by offering flowers to all.

·        The Welcome speech was delivered by Com. L. U. Choudhary, DS SNEA Jalgaon who has successfully completed his three terms as District Secretary of Jalgaon. In his speech he elaborated transmission issues that SSA is facing. He emphasised on co-ordination between executive and non-executive is vital for the growth of SSA. He also pointed out shortage of executive staff in Jalgaon SSA and asked Circle Office body to look in to the matter. He also urged circle body to raise issue regarding shortage of material. He also discussed in details FTTH implementation and related issues and temporary advance issue. Further he expressed his thanks for all the SNEA circle body as well as district body for their support during his tenure as DS Jalgaon.

·        Com. Hrushikesh Kesale, Joint Secretary North SNEA MH Circle in his address mentioned the achievements of SNEA MH in persuasion of inter circle transfers of JAO. Almost all of the requests have been considered and the relieving of these JAOs shall also be done after the audit work of MH circle is complete he added. On the issue of the role of unions and associations he mentioned that financial status of our company and various overheads and expenditure that can be brought down to reduce our losses. He also mentioned the excellent power saving achieved by Jalgaon electrical team at various exchanges by removing old AC package units and using split AC units. Further he said that the unions and associations have to join hands together for our revival.

·        Com. Nilesh Kale, DS BSNLEU Jalgaon: Presented his views very strongly by criticizing the management decisions that had taken place in recent years such as the purchase of Wi-Fi hotspots, continuation of Hungama services all such decisions have led to the bleeding of our beloved company. He further mentioned how the corporate management have cheated upon us by showing us the dreams of PRC when the real situation was kept at large. All the non-executive unions and executive associations have to come together and fight for our revival and for our rights as well. He also mentioned the highway works have derailed our system very badly, our OFC cables are cut every now and then and there is no support to our OFC teams whatsoever for the highway authorities this issue has to be taken up by central headquarters of all the unions and associations. Finally he conveyed his best wishes for the team SNEA of Jalgaon.

·        Com. S. B. Pawar, Joint Secretary, North SNEA MH Circle: Congratulated SNEA team and Com L U Choudhary DS Jalgaon for his successful completion of his three terms. Further he focussed on the issued going on in SNEA MH and vindictive action taken against our CS Com M S Adasul. He said it the time of test for the complete SNEA MH to forget all the differences and fight against the management for early resolution of the same. He blamed SNEA chq for their wrong practises adopted in the GS elections which led to the unethical result of the elections. However he mentioned that our CS is far more active and dashing as compared to present GS and has all the qualities required to become the general secretary of our beloved association.

·        Com. M. N. Kotambe, Asst. Circle Secretary, SNEA MH Circle in his highly impressive and studied address congratulated Jalgaon SNEA team for conduction of highly successful CEC Meeting of SNEA MH hosted at Jalgaon and also congratulated Com L U Choudhary for his successful term. He discussed role of Union in this crisis situation of BSNL. He elaborated house about on-going organisational activities of SNEA MH and narrated happenings with and with SNEA MH and present status thereof. He mentioned how SNEA CHQ has failed miserably in maintaining the status of a strong recognised association. Com. Kotambe added that association should be very much vigilant and oppose each and every move of the management that would make loss to the company. He explained that SNEA MH is only organisation which has guts to fight against wrong doings of the Management and even though vindictive actions contend against different leaders, SNEA MH has successfully continued its prolonged fight against the wrong doings of Management and we have got success to better extent. He assured house that very shortly SNEA MH will come out with flying colours and appealed all to be united under banner of SNEA. In conclusion, he conveyed thanks to all the leaders and comrades of SNEA Jalgaon for their contribution to BSNL and foe the strongest unity they have built under banner of SNEA Jalgaon. 

·         Com Bharat Sonawane, Circle President, SNEA MH Circle, in his address energetic address pointed out how BSNL executives and non-executives are striving hard for the survival of BSNL despite of shortage of funds and resources our employees are executing their jobs with all efforts to maintain services. But this cannot be carried for long the Govt has to take interest in the revival of BSNL and BSNL management along with the unions and associations together should frame a policy or road map to come out of this situation. Further he told that there is also shortage of staff in Pune SSA and workload sharing is being done. Despite of all odds Pune SSA is yielding revenue for BSNL. He appealed the comrades to come forward for growth of BSNL and assured that there will be changes in the present situation. Though there are lot of difficulties n filed units, we will have to work together and hard for better days of BSNL. In conclusion he conveyed thanks to Jalgaon comrades for compelling him to attend the meeting otherwise it was difficult him to attend the conference due to certain unavoidable assignments on same day.

·         Shri. Sanjay Kumar Kesharwani, GMT Jalgaon, the Chief Guest for the Open Session discussed in details loss of BSNL as propagandas by private operators to turmoil the image of BSNL. He also pointed out Government policy is also responsible in this situation of BSNL. He also highlighted that despite of severe competition BSNL’s market share is increasing in mobile segment. The services of BSNL mobile have improved a lot after the roll out of Phase 8 project. On the issue of unions and associations he very well pointed out that union and association leaders have to come forward and motivate their members to work hard for BSNL. Every employee should be versatile and need to know about all the services and especially maintenance of various types of equipment which is need of the hour as there is acute shortage of staff. He congratulated SNEA team Jalgaon on the occasion of the GB meeting. While elaborating success story of SNEA Jalgaon and achievements during last year, he appreciated work culture of Jalgaon SSA and appreciated contribution made by certain officers and Staff in achieving these targets. He mentioned that whatever we have achieved s collective efforts and appealed all to continue such hard and collective efforts so that BSNL gets good revenue. He was optimistic on existence of BSNL even in today’s competitive market and only required for same is collective efforts from workman to the top management of BSNL. N conclusion he conveyed thanks to SNEA Jalgaon for giving opportunity to interact with all executives of BSNL Jalgaon. 

·        Com. M. S. Adasul, CS SNEA MH Circle in his address first of all congratulated Com. L. U. Choudhary and his Jalgaon team for the growth in the SNEA members that have been achieved during his tenure. He mentioned that like his own height he has put SNEA at higher heights in Jalgaon. During his period the many of the members of other associations joined SNEA and therefore increased the strength of SNEA. Further Com CS elaborated the case of AUAB circle office Mumbai that has led to the vindictive action against Com Anil Dubey, DS CO Mumbai, he further mentioned that every responsible officer in the management must work for the betterment of BSNL and not against any individual or association just for self-ego, but it happened in Maharashtra Circle during this year. He appraised house about this issue in detail and firmly assured that SNEA will not come in any such blackmailing tactics by present CGMT MH Circle Shri. Peeyush Khare, but we will fight against all such wrong doings till justice prevails. He mentioned that he is not worried about his transfer as being Govt officer, he is liable for transfer to any corner, but its matter of prestige of SNEA and hence he will not join Buldhana and will wait for justice. He also apprised house about the issues being pursued by SNEA MH and how when in many Circles no request transfer was issued, in Maharashtra Circle all request transfers are issued and left out transfers from Jalna will also be issued shortly. He narrated house the issues taken by SNEA MH and how management s returning such letters to ACS SNEA MH and how GS SNEA continues with his biased approach with him and SNEA MH by taking supports of some unstaffed ex leaders of SNEA. He updated house about the burning issues rumours on social media about reduction of superannuation age to 58, VRS for BSNL workforce, Standard Pay scales, Third Pay revision, CPSU Cadre Hierarchy, financial status of BSNL, financial status of telecom Sector and position of BSNL in it, support of new Government and Minister of Telecom for revival of BSNL, non-payment of electricity bills, vendor payments, temporary advances etc. He also updated house about the certain issues of Jalgaon SSA and Maharashtra Circle and appreciated performance of Jalgaon SSA on different activities. In his one and half hour motivating and energetic address he appealed all to come out of negative, think positive, give your best to BSNL n all possible ways and n days to come BSNL continue to give its best to all of us. He conveyed thanks to organisers for giving him opportunity to share the views with such active audience of SNEA Jalgaon.

·        Com Amit Kulkarni, CWC Member SNEA MH Circle gave warm welcome to all the guests and mentioned the work being done by Com L U Choudhary during his successful tenure for three times in a row. He further mentioned the severe shortage staff in Jalgaon SSA and asked the circle body to intervene in this situation. The situation today is Jalgaon SSA does not have executives to post at headquarters and there exist vacancies in Jalgaon GM office building itself. Executives who were transferred to out of SSA to non-tenure stations, no replacement were received against these executives. Further mentioned how all unions and associations work together united in Jalgaon to achieve all the targets. He conveyed thanks to all for making the Open Session of District Conference by presence and active participation thereof.

·        After lunch session, Com. L.U. Choudhary DS SNEA Jalgaon presented his report on different activities being carried out in his tenure as DS SNEA Jalgaon.; He mentioned that he is fully satisfied over the support of all comrades during his continuous three tenures as DS SNEA Jalgaon. He expressed his proudness of being leaders of such active association and District and Circle level and similar tempo s required at CHQ. He conveyed thanks to Circle Team of SNEA MH for the co-operation extended during his tenure and completing all the works of Jalgaon comrades. In conclusion he conveyed thanks to all comrades for giving him such unconditional support and building strongest unity of executives under banner of SNEA.Hs detailed DS report was approved by house with loud claps.

·        Thereafter, Com. J. P. Patil DT SNEA Jalgaon submitted Treasurer Report to the house and it was also approved by the house with loud claps.

·        The queries and doubts raised by comrades were replied by Circle leaders

·        Thereafter, the existing District Body of SNEA Jalgaon was dissolved by Com. P. L. Mahurkar DP SNEA Jalgaon by nominating Com. Shrikant Wagh, as Election Officer for process of electing new District Body of SNEA Jalgaon for next term of two years. Com. M.N. Kotambe ACS West SNEA MH monitored the election process as Circle Observer from SNEA MH.

·        In an unanimous elections held Com. L. U. Choudhary, Com. D.G. Dahake, Com. Amit Kulkarni and Com. J.P. Patil were respectively elected as CEC Member, District President, District Secretary and District Treasurer along with other DOBs for term of next two years.

·        New District Body of Jalgaon:


Name of Office Bearer

Post Elected on



Com L U Choudhary

CEC Member

AGM Jalgaon


Com D. G. Dahake

District President

SDE Jalgaon


Com D. B. Patil

Vice President

SDE Jalgaon


Com. Amit A. Kulkarni

District Secretary

JTO Jalgaon


Com. Chetan D. Jadhav

Asst. District Secretary

JTO Jalgaon


Com. J. P. Patil

District Treasurer

JTO Elect Jalgaon


Com. Mayur Lathi

Organizing Secretary

JAO Jalgaon


Com. S. P. Choudhary

Organizing Secretary

DE Jalgaon


Com. N. D. Shimpi

Executive Member

SDE Jalgaon


Com Seema Pimparkar

Executive Member

JTO Jalgaon


Com. P. S. Borse

Executive Member

SDE Jalgaon


Com. Shashank Bhele

Executive Member

JTO Jalgaon

·        Com Bharat Sonawane, CP SNEA MH gave oath of allegiance to all the newly elected District Office Bearers of SNEA Jalgaon.

·        The Election officer and all the newly elected Office Bearers of SNEA Jalgaon were flecked by the Circle leaders by offering roses.

·        The entre proceedings of the District Conference were nicely anchored by Com. Chetan Jadhav, ADS SNEA Jalgaon in his special style.

·        The proceedings of the District Conference of SNEA Jalgaon started at 1100 hrs concluded at 1800 hrs with National Anthem and slogans of unity.

·        PHOTOS <<<>>>



29 JUN 19: AGM Pers BSNL CO issued Own Cost Request transfer of Shri. Nitin Rokade, BA Head Nanded without posting substitute against him thereby making post of BA Head vacant which covers four revenue Districts.    Letter <<<>>> 

·        With this transfer order, one more post of GM level Officer in unpopular Field units will be vacant and attempts will be made to fill up this post with local arrangements.

·        Nanded BA is consisting of four Revenue Districts namely Nanded, Latur, Parbhani & Hingoli Districts and it is having large geographical area situated at one corner of Maharashtra Circle.

·        Shri. Rokade, was unwilling for joining Nanded BAs since his orders were issued and later submitted request for all India hard tenure stations so that he can get choice posting back to Mumbai and now his request is given consideration.

·        This is how unpopular  SSAs/BAs do not have GM level takers but there is rush and  competition among GM level Officers in taking posting as SSA/BA/Unit Head in Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur and adjoining SSAs/BAs and many places excess officers are posted.

·        Let us hope Nanded BA gets GM level Officer as substitute to Shri. Nitin Rokade, GMT Nanded on implementation of his request transfer to NE-II Circle.


 29 JUN 19: AGM S&M Mumbai writes to  SSA/BA Heads for use Bharat Fiber Mobile App developed by ITPC Pune for BSNL field staff support for BSNL service related issues including new provision , faults update etc. and without visit to BSNL premises and without access to CDR     Letter <<<>>> 


29 JUN 19: AGM Estt Mumbai endorsed BSNL CO orders for closure of HRMS Package & server of BSNL w.e.f. 01/07/2019. This was in house package developed by BSNL ITPC Pune and in active use for about one decade.      Letter <<<>>> 


28 JUN 19: AGM Staff Mumbai issued posting order in Maharashtra Circle of Com. R. C. Dhumale DE Karnataka Circle and posted him in Goa SSA as per his request.  Order <<<>>> 


28 JUN 19: AGM Estt Mumbai issued orders for JTO Phase II training of 30 JTOs from different SSAs in Maharashtra Circle and all will undergo Six  weeks JTO Phase II training at RTCC Pune w.e.f. 08/07/2019.   Letter <<<>>> 


28 JUN 19: CAO FC Mumbai issued guidelines to all SSA Heads for utilization of Finance Staff available after merger of SSA and withdrawal of ERP roles w.e.f. 01/07/2019.    Letter <<<>>> 

·        As per directions this spared staff s to be used for recovery of outstanding amount by visiting to subscriber premises, for proper full-fledged implementation of CIS-dialing and any other activities of TRA works.

·        Letter warns that this arrangement is being made to increase the collection efficiency and recovery of outstanding amount and threatens that in case improvement is not observed then non performer and excessive staff will be transferred to SSAs/BAs having shortage of finance wing executives. 

·        Unfortunately, till FC section is of the opinion that non performer can be punished by transfers and practically such transfers are punishment for BSNL as money is wasted on transfers and this is punishment to family members as they also have to shift along with such non performer in eyes of management, but what is guarantee that non performer at one SSA will be performer at another SSA. We have seen in past that such transfers do not give desired results and only someone feels that  have done good job by transferring so called performer.

·        Let us hope that FC section takes some concrete and result oriented actions for proper utilization of available manpower in finance wing including Circle office Mumbai where about 140 Finance wing officers are posted which may be about 2/3rd of total strength of Finance wing of Maharashtra Circle. Otherwise issuing such letters will be mere completion of formalities as being done for last so many years. 


28 JUN 19: CAO FC Mumbai issued transfer order of Com. Gopichand Lamani from Sangli SSA to Solapur SSA as IFA to GMT Solapur.   Letter <<<>>> 

Com. Gopichand Lamani CAO has joined Maharashtra Circle from Karnataka Circle and first he was posted to Ahmednagar SSA. Then before joining to Ahmednagar SSA, his posting was changed and he was posted to Sangli SSA as CAO and later he was given responsibly of IFA to GMT Sangli. Now, within year, he is again transferred and posted to Solapur SSA and as nothing is mentioned in order about cost of transfer, it is transfer in the interest of service.


28 JUN 19: AGM Staff Mumbai orders for looking after arrangements of TDM Latur and now Shri. T.D. Kapse will look after charge of TDM Latur without any extra reimbursement and till further orders.  Order <<<>>> 


26 JUN 19: AGM Admn Mumbai endorsed clarification issued by BSNL Corporate office about nomination of Liaison Officer (LO)/Deputy Liaison Officer (DYLO) at Circle and District level respectively clarifying that he/she should be minimum DGM level Officer and from SC or ST Category and in case of non-availably of DGM level Officer, AGM level Officer may be nominated as LO/DY LO till availability of DGM level Officer.    Letter <<<>>> 


26 JUN 19: AGM Staff Mumbai issued mutual transfer order of two SDEs from Akola and Amravati and now both have got choice posting.  Order <<<>>> 

·        Earlier Com. Mrs. R. B. Kadu, SDE Akola has requested for Pune and her order also was issued for Pune TD, but as she was posted in rural area of Pune TD, she has withdrawn her request for Pune and requested for transfer to Amravati.

·        But it took months’ time and door to door persuasion by Mrs. Kadu for cancellation of her request to Pune and posting to Amravati under change of SSA, but her transfer to Pune was cancelled and she was retained at Akola TD and not given Amravati TD. Now she is given mutual transfer with Com. K. P. Wankhade SDE Amravati and both have got choice posting now.

·        This was possible at first step itself, but as usual Circle office killed time n giving different reasons and she has to approach different influence sources to create pressure on Circle management for getting her order cancelled from Pune and finally getting posting to Amravati SSA and she is successful in her mission Amravati.