Last updated on   23 Mar 18


23 Mar 18: AGM Staff Mumbai calls for options for DGM LA & DE LA arrangements among the officers eligible as per the seniority list. Letter <<<>>>

·        In alarming conditions, the availability of DGMs has reached to worst position that DE/AGM with even 3-4 years service are being considered for DGM LA.

·        Further only 10-15 DE Regular/Adhoc are left throughout Maharashtra Circle and if these DEs also are given DGM LA against refusals then practically availability of DEs/AGMs in Maharashtra Circle will be Zero.

·        As such BSNL Corporate has to take initiatives to fill up vacancies in DE and DGM Cadre by regular arrangements and not by such so called stop gap arrangements which continues for years together.

·        The list of 80 DEs s published for filling up 40 vacant posts.

·        Though the current spell of DGM LA is going on to bring synergy among different LA orders and stay particulars of the officers the fresh willingness are called.

·        As per this letter, the eligible DE/AGM has to give three options with preference of priority for DGM LA arrangements.

·        Officers unwilling for DGM LA Post have to submit written refusal along with willingness called now and should not wait for issuing orders in DGM LA.

·        There are some issues with calculations of SSA wise vacancies and SNEA MH will get it checked updated if required.

·        One should submit his/her options if he/she is really willing to accept DGM LA if posted at opted place and ready to join as orders will be issued before end March 2018 and one will have to join new assignment immediately.

·        The eligible officers may submit the three options only and only if he/she is willing to join the new location and not just for sake of three options as called by staff section as posting will be done as per options.

·        SNEA MH appeals all concerned officers to have self-analysis of the vacancy position in particular SSA, their position in seniority list and stay in the SSA and give his/her option by email on latest by 26/03/2018.

·        For any doubt /query with respect to DGM LA options, the concerned may call /write Com. M. N. Kotambe, ACS West SNEA MH { Mob: 9423881100, email}   or concerned the officers in staff section, but options should be submitted n time and properly so that no correction is required after issuing DGM LA orders.


23 Mar 18: AGM Admn Mumbai  calls for justification of vehicles as per the assets  with putting stringent condition so that the expenditure of vehicles in reduced in Year 2018-19 and last date of submission of justification with concurrence of IFAs is 20/04/2018. Letter <<<>>>

·        It is unfortunate that AGM Admn Mumbai who is issuing such stringent restrictions to the filed units is not taking any care for curtailment of the expenditure on vehicles in his office and certifying many of the bogus bills of the use of vehicles and some out of turn vehicles are also allotted to specific officers.

·        The file in which CGMT MH has ordered recovery of Rs. 35,00,000.00 (Rupees Thirty Five lakhs only) has been kept shunting from table to table on flimsy grounds and here attempts are made on allotment of vehicles to the officers working on the field units.

·        Due to not taking corrective action of recovery by AGM/DGM Admn Mumbai, the clam of Rs 35 lakhs has reached to Rs 40 lakhs and the figure will further increase if no timely action is taken to stop this day light intelligent misuse of BSNL Money by misuse of authority by certain officers.  

·        Unfortunately certain officers are not only enjoying the vehicles but are also enjoying the transport allowance per month and such poor attempts are being made to loot BSNL Money only in Maharashtra Circle that to be when Maharashtra Circle is led by very active and dynamic Circle Head Shri. Peeyush Khare CGMT MH Circle.

·        SNEA MH will again take up matter of such prejudice allotment of vehicles and misuse of vehicles as well as transport allowance and we will see that BSNL money is not wasted in such manner.

·        During discussions on this subject with certain responsible officers in Circle Office, t was pointed out that many of the SSA Heads and officers in filed units are taking transport allowance as well as using office vehicle for journey from Home to Office and vice a versa and SNEA MH appeals all the officers  take note of guidelines on the subject and ether forgo vehicle or forgo transport allowance or be ready for any action on such misuse of the vehicles and in such cases SNEA will not support officers even if he/she is member of SNEA.   

·        Further due care may be taken in sending justification of vehicles and if vehicle is required for any specific work which can add revenue to BSNL or help in early restoration of Telecom services may also be included in justified vehicles and we will take up matter with competent authority for such special allotment of vehicles.  



23 Mar 18: AGM Staff Mumbai endorsed the letter written by AGM Pers BSNL CO calling for three options from GM, PGM and CGM level offcers who have completed four years post tenure, six years in SSA Tenure and Six Years in Circle. Letter <<<>>>

·        These options are called on the basis of CVC guidelines and three options are to be submitted to AGM Staff Mumbai by 24/03/2018 and to BSNL Corporate office by 31/03/2018.

·        Let us hope that these guidelines will be applicable and followed by all officers regardless of the reach of the officer and list of longest stayed officers will be inclusive of Mrs. Namrata Tiwari, GMT Nagpur who has stay of more than 24 years in Nagpur SSA.

·        Hopefully Mrs. Tiwari will also be asked to give three options for posting out of Maharashtra Circle and at least this time her name will be added in the long stay list of SAG level officer.

·        Otherwise there is no meaning of CVC guidelines and instructions thereof and such letter from BSNL CO will be mere formality to issue instructions and will be of no use. 


23 Mar 18: AGM Staff Mumbai issued appointment order  of newly recruited JTOs  from RTCC Nagpur batch who have successfully completed four weeks field training in different SSAs and all are posted in the SSA where they were undergoing field training except one change from Kolhapur Mobile to Chandrapur SSA.   Letter <<<>>>


23 Mar 18: AGM Staff Mumbai issued orders for four weeks field training of 19 JTOs who have successfully JTO Phase-I Training at RTCC Pune and in special approach five JTOs are posted to Sindhudurg SSA and four JTOs are posted to Dhule SSA. Letter <<<>>>


23 Mar 18: Now GM Co-ordination and Arch Mumbai writes SSA/BA Heads for timely payment of vendor bills. Letter <<<>>>

·        It seems that issuing instructions for timely payment of vendor bills has become fashion nowadays and each and every officer is issuing directions to below line for timely payment of vendor bills, but no one is keen on resolving major issues for delay in payment like non-availability of funds which is main requirement for timely payment of vendor is neglected by any responsible officer.

·        If everybody is really concern about the timely payment of the vendor bills as concern shown in such letters, then basic issues needs to be resolved and the officers really responsible for delay in vendor payments should be taken to the task and action  is taken against real culprit. Otherwise there will not be any use of such hundreds of letter issued by the responsible as well as non-responsible officer.

·        It is quite possible to know the pendency of bills though ERP and ERP details will confirm that which officer has kept bills pending for days, moths together and how bills are cleared on visit of vendor to such officer or after getting written compliant or RTI applications asking for information about  pending bills in ERP account of particular officer.             


22 Mar 18:  Meeting with Shri. Vivek Mahavar, Aman Jaiswal GM HR/Admn Mumbai: Com. Harish Sable, JS Marathwada, SNEA MH Com. Hrushikesh Kesale, JS Account Finance, SNEA MH Com. Sameer Shinde, DS SNEA ACE Mumbai and Com. M. S. Adasul, CS SNEA MH had a meeting with Shri Vivek Mahavar, GM Finance Mumbai on 22/03/ 2018 and discussed pending HR issues of the executives in Account wing. The details of discussions are as follows.

1.     Consideration of Rule 9 request transfers: SNEA MH discussed this issue by updating grievances of the JAOs who have applied for Rule 9 request transfers. It was informed by GM Fin Mumbai that in view of shortage of JAOs in Maharashtra Circle it is not possible to consider request under rule 9 and advised us to console these JAOs not to apply for Rule 9 transfers. He also narrated that majority of request are on grounds of illness and taking care of parents and there is no provision in the Rule 9 transfer policy to consider these requests and also MH Circle is having shortage of JAOs in many of the SSAs. We have informed him that there are certain case which do not have strong background for consideration as per Rule 9 policy but some of the JAOs have genuine issues and fits in the Rule 9 criteria. Further as per guidelines issued the Rule 9 requests are to be forwarded to BSNL CO on quarterly basis and Circles have powers to recommend cases on the genuine ground and not recommend the request if grounds are not justified but in all cases ether recommended or not recommended needs to be forwarded to BSNL CO. After detail discussions GM Fin Mumbai informed that request on personal medical ground as referred in transfer policy and request on spouse working in Govt Organisation where transfer of spouse is not possible will be recommended and the cases on grounds of taking care of parents , old age etc cannot be recommended. We have conveyed that we will like to go by transfer policy and we do not want any favour for anybody but our only concern is that equal treatment should be given to all and no pick and choose transfers should be either recommended by Maharashtra Circle and should not be considered by SEA Cell. We also requested that if such non-genuine cases are considered by SEA cell then FC cell Maharashtra Circle will have to take stand not to relive these officers behind managing transfers on non-genuine grounds and matter should be processed for disciplinary action against officers involved in such malpractices.  Finally it was decided to forward all the request for Rule 9 transfers to BSNL CO on quarterly basis and all pending request transfers under Rule 9 will be forwarded by end of this week and same procedure will be followed for next quarters. 

2.     Issuing CAO LA Orders and filling up vacancies of IFAs in different SSAs: SNEA MH brought to the notice of GM Fin Mumbai that CAO LA matter is pending from Oct 2017 and by now period of six months is over and next spell is due from 19/04/2018. We also elaborated hardship faced by SSAs and officers due to delay in issuing orders and how some of officers are compelled to work on deputation due to non-issuing orders. We also have elaborated fact that over delay in taking decision on posting of officers, non-finalisation of SSA wise excess shortage of officers needs to be taken care and orders needs to be issued at the earliest. Also matter criteria of transfer of officers out of SSA need to be finalised and orders should be issued accordingly. After detail discussions, it was decided that the senior most officer will be retained in same SSA and junior will be transferred out of SSA if he has completed minimum two years of stay and is not crossing age of 57 years as per transfer policy criteria. As the officers have not given option or refusal in case of transfer out of SSA, the officers who will not be willing to join at transferred place , he should submit his/her refusal in writing and will be allowed to work as AO in same SSA. On the basis of the refusal, the order of next junior officers will be issued to fill up the vacant post. In case no eligible and willing officer is found with this much exercise, then the officers in AO Cadre having long stay in SSAs having excess officers will be transferred to fill up the vacant post and will be given CAO LA or entrusted charge of CAO at the transferred place. With these guidelines, fresh CAO LA orders will be issued including period from last spell of LA orders.

3.     Relieving of officers transferred but not relieved due to administrative reasons: We have brought to notice of GM Fin Mumbai the difficulties faced by the executives under transfer and not being relieved due to administrative reasons and also difficulties faced by the SSA like Gadchiroli where the entire finance work of the SSA is managed by two JAOs. GM Fin Mumbai informed that he is aware of the issue of Gadchiroli and assured that action will be taken to relieve all the officers under transfer and all non-relieved officers will be relived through ERP at the earliest.

4.     Non-availability of funds for Payment of MSEDCL Bill and threatening by company to disconnect the Electricity: We have discussed this issue in detail and requested GM Fin Mumbai to look into matter. GM Fin Mumbai informed that the situation is worst and if we do not improve the cash collections, we may have to face further worst situation as we BSNL is facing critical situation due financial problems and appealed us to motivate and guide the workforce of BSNL to work hard for growth of BSNL so that cash flow increases. He assured that though his office is making efforts for making payments, filed units also needs to be reciprocate in similar manner by prompt cash collections.

5.     Consideration of Request Transfers of Account Wing: We requested GM Fin Mumbai for starting process for considering the request transfers of Finance wing officers as we are completing month of March and no initiatives have been taken till today. He instructed DGM Fin Mumbai to start process of publication of stay particulars, publish the waiting list of request transfers and complete process so that the transfers are issued by mid or by last week of April 2018.

           We also have detail discussions on many of the HR and development issues and GM fin Mumbai has conveyed that SNEA should guide executives for improvement of financial condition of BSNL and non-executives by making them aware about the need of hour to improvement of financial condition of BSNL.  


22 Mar 18: EE HQ Mumbai issued orders for transfers of JTO Civil in which four are own cost request transfers and four are transferred in the interest of service as substitute against request transfers.  Letter <<<>>>     Corrigendum <<<>>>


22 Mar 18: AGM Admn Mumbai endorsed the clarification issued by BSNL CO giving details of check off system and ballot paper system of membership verification.  Letter <<<>>> 


21 Mar 18:  Meeting with Shri. Aman Jaiswal GM HR/Admn Mumbai: Com. Ankit Gangar JS HQ SNEA MH and Com. M. S. Adasul, CS SNEA MH had a meeting with Shri Aman Jaiswal GM HR/Admn Mumbai on 01/03/ 2018 and discussed pending HR issues of the executives. The details of discussions are as follows.

1.     Finalisation of minutes of formal meeting:  GM HR informed that the draft for minutes is almost complete and CGMT MH has suggested some corrections and after incorporation of these corrections minutes will be issued shortly.

2.     Action of Group Term Insurance and benevolent fund proposal: We have explained the importance and urgency of implementation of the proposal for Group Term Insurance and Benevolent Fund and requested to take early steps for finalisation of proposal. We also brought to his notice that since the proposal has been submitted by SNEA, it is lying without any action in Admn Section and if we move in such careless approach then there are no chances of its finalisation in time bound manner. GM HR Admn Mumbai agreed that there is need of such fund to be implemented at the earliest and informed that the letter submitted by SNEA MH will be processed fast and action will be taken for its implementation in tune with approved proposal of MP Circle and efforts will be taken to get more completive rates under this group insurance from different insurance companies.

3.     Forwarding of Pending Request of SDE / DEs for BBNW, WTP, WTR and other Circle: SNEA MH explained that though matter has been finalised in the formal meeting of SNEA MH on 19/01/2018 to forward all request of SDE/DEs out of Maharashtra Circle specifically BBNW, WTP, WTR and other Circles to BSNL Corporate. The BSNL Corporate office will be processing all the request transfer transfers by end of March 2018, there is need to immediately forward all the pending requests transfers out of MH Circle. GM HR/Admn Mumbai informed that he will instruct AD Staff B and AD Staff A to compile the requests and send them to Corporate Office at the earliest.

4.     Pending Request from Nasik SSA for clarification of options in CDA Pay Scale: SNEA MH informed that there has been exorbitant delay in giving clarification to Nasik SSA in the case of Com. C R Kadam and till date no concrete decision has been taken and file s being shunted from table to table without touching to the basic request of Nashik SSA. GM HR immediately telephonically called DGM HR and got the said file and discussed the case in detail wherein we have given every supporting documents and GM HR/Admn Mumbai has understood the issue to the depth and has assured to issue clarification to GMT Nashik.

5.     Application of BSNL CO guidelines for cancellation of Leave during strike period equally for all: SNEA MH requested GM HR/Admn Mumbai for applicability of leave for all the executives and non-executives as being done in case of some executives and non-executives by adjusting strike period with leave request.  GM HR/Admn Mumbai informed that it is not possible to grant leave to all as it needs clarification and approval from BSNL CO, but assured that the officers/staff who are wrongly shown as on duty and for whom leave of strike has been granted before and after strike period will be cancelled in salary of March 2018 and equality will be maintained in this regards as per directives from BSNL CO.

6.     Time frame for immunity being granted for office bearers of association and  clarification thereof: SNEA MH expressed concerns and dual stand of management in granting immunity even though it was expressed by CGMT MH that immunity to office Bearers of Association should be applied uniformly for all office Bearers o0fn eligible office Bearers and we have narrated that is some case life time immunity has been granted to the certain office Bearers who have never helped the members proactively and contribution as responsible office Bearer is about Nil. Also this disparity has created huge unrest among the executives and there is rush to grab post of DS/ADS and DT in all associations mainly for getting benefits of immunity and practical contribution to association as good as nil. GM HR Admn Mumbai informed that on the basis of the discussions in the last meeting, he has taken up review and applicability of immunity is up to recognition period and it has no relation with the date of elections of the District/Circle Body. We have brought to his notice about the disparity applied by Staff Section, FC section in grant of immunity and demanded that whatever policy he decided and thinks fit should be applicable equally for all. We also do not have problem in grant of immunity for more than one ADS and same should be extended equally for all. GM HR/Admn assured to applicability of immunity equally for all and as per decision of GM HR/Admn Mumbai now immunity to CS/DS, ACS/ADS, and CT/DT up to the period recognition of association as such all immunities will be applicable till Dec 2019 or till the declaration of the results of next membership verification.

7.     Consideration of request of change of Section within CO Mumbai: SNEA MH informed that many executive working within CO Mumbai have requested for change of sections and same are kept cold storage or orders issued are not implemented in true spirit.  GM HR informed that all such requests will be considered during transfers in March 2018 and request of all those who have completed 4 years of service on one same post will be considered if request is received   from individuals.

8.     Starting preliminary work for consideration of fresh SDE, DE and DGM LA with calculation of fresh vacancy: SNEA MH informed that since many executive have retired and transferred out of Maharashtra there are huge vacancies of executives in SDE, DE and DGM Cadre and the works in field units as well as in circle office are badly affected. Some of officers are holding multi fold charges and hence unable to give true justice to the works assigned. Hence there is need of corrections in justified strength by increasing number of available officers and by adding new JTOs as well as officers added in LA arrangements. We also have brought to his notice that the Circle level Seniority should be updated for each cadre and specifically Circle Gradation list of JTOs needs much more efforts as same has not been prepared for long time and lot of preliminary works are required for issuing LA orders to fill up all vacancies in that particular cadre.  GM HR/Admn Mumbai informed that he is aware about vacancies in all cadres and problems thereof, non-availability of Circle Seniority list in many cadres and he has given preliminary instructions to DGM HR and AGM Estt for preparation of Circle Seniority in all cadres including JTO Gradation list. He informed that once the work of request transfers is completed he will take up work of all Looking After arrangements depending on vacancies thereafter and assured that all LA orders will be reviewed as fresh and single LA order in each cadre will be issued in month of April 2018 and care will be taken to post executives in same SSA in LA arrangements till the vacancies against justified post and excess officers will be posted to the SSAs/Units which are having acute shortage of executives.

9.     Preparation of JTO Gradation List: SNEA MH expressed serious concern regarding not taking serious efforts in preparation of JTO Circle Gradation list for years together by Estt section. It is unfortunate that JTOs recruited against vacancy years 2005 and later are not aware about their position in Circle Gradation list and the work of issuing additional SDE LA is held up for want of gradation list and last order was issued before two years also was just partial order that to be before two years. We requested for personal intervention for finalisation of JTO Circle Gradation list. GM HR Admn Mumbai informed that he is talking information on guidelines on preparation of Circle gradation list as thee are not available in bunch in Estt Section and there is also need of getting update information of all JTOs. But he assured that he will personally look into it and efforts will be taken to include all JTOs recruited before last year by overcoming all difficulties reported and preparation of Circle Gradation list will be done on top most priority as it will be needed for issuing fresh SDE LA orders.

10.             Cancellation of deputation by Posting of one JTO Mobile Mumbai: SNEA MH brought to notice of GM HR/Admn Mumbai that there is shortage of JTO in Circle office Mumbai and one JTO is deputed by GM Mobile Pune in phase manner, but the request of willing JTO with experience of working in mobile is not considered causing hardship to concerned JTOs and loss of avoidable TADA on such deputation. We elaborated how it is causing hardship to JTOs who are compelled to work on deputation to Mumbai without any regular work and proper stay arrangements and how it is wastage of TA DA and requested to stop it by posting one JTO permanently to Mobile Unit Mumbai. GM HR/Admn Mumbai was surprised to know such deputation from Pune to Mumbai and he expressed disappointment on such deputation from one SSA to other without knowledge of his office. On detail feedback given by us, he informed that shortly one JTO will be posted to Mobile aunt Mumbai as per the request of PGM CM Mumbai and assured that he will see that such inter SSA deputation without knowledge of his office will be cancelled immediately.

11.            Considering of Rule 8 transfer: While conveying thanks for issuing earlier request for Rule * transfers of JTOs, SNEA MH requested for considering the pending 30 plus Rule 8 Request and complete administrative process of some left out cases of earlier lots. We also requested to make the Rule 8 process as regular process that request from Rule 8 may be considered as and when received from fled units /SSA and no need to keep it is waiting list. GM HR/Admn Mumbai was of the opinion that already many JTOs are relieved from MH under rule 8 transfers and CGMT MH has expressed that we cannot consider more request as already Maharashtra Circle is facing shortage. We have categorically brought to his notice that only 30 plus request are pending and since we are getting so many new JTO from LICE qualified batch and also from Direct Gate recruitment these 30 application can be easily considered against joining of more than 150 new JTOs. GM HR/Admn  informed that now his focus is on considering inter SSA request transfers & regularisation of Looking After arrangements by single order in each cadre and after completion of these works he will analyse the request under Rule 8 preferably in month of April 2018 once the request transfer process and LA orders are issued.

12.            Action for implementation or cancellation of long pending transfer orders out of Mumbai: SNEA MH informed that transfer orders of out of Mumbai which were issued in 2015 have still not been implemented and due to this the requests of incoming executive to Mumbai have been struck. Many of the executives from SSAs like Nashik, Ahmednagar, Kolhapur, Kalyan, Raigad etc are kept pending by his office. We expressed the undue delay by the management in settlement of this issue and we have made it clear that he and CGMT MH should take clear stand and if management is of the opinion that the pending orders out of Mumbai are wrong then same may be cancelled and we do not have any issue, but we cannot tolerate politics being played by the management on this issue.  GM HR informed that he is aware of the issue and as assured in the formal Meeting all the pending orders will be implemented by end of March 2018 first by issuing instructions to controlling officers of these officers under transfer out of Mumbai and till not relieved all the pending orders will be implemented through ERP.  We brought to his notice that some of the officers transferred to Kalyan have feeling that it is injustice to them and in such cases if management finds injustice then such orders may be cancelled on request of concerned officer, but this dilemma of transfers to and from Mumbai over the period of two years should be cleared. GM HR/Admn Mumbai informed that already CGMT MH has cleared this issue and directed to implement these orders and hence except request for cancellation of transfer orders all orders will be implemented and the officers who will submit request for cancellation of transfer orders out of Mumbai on name of injustice by own cost transfers out of Mumbai and their names will appear in the long stay list of Circle Office Mumbai and their transfer on such long stay basis will be considered in the interest of service as substitute against  pending request as per waiting list from different SSAs to Mumbai.  GM HR/Admn Mumbai informed that he also is facing shortage of executives in some sections like Estt Mumbai where no single JTO/SDE is working for last 3-4 months and hence this matter needs to be reviewed and final decision will be taken before end of March 2018.

13.            Repeated refusal to accept the executive posted to CPC Cell by PGM CFA Mumbai giving reason of suitability and need of corrective actions: SNEA MH raised concerns over the new trend started by PGM CFA Mumbai about suitability of the officer posted to CPC Cell Mumbai. In repeated instance PGM CFA Mumbai has written letter in insulting manner to GM HR/Admn Mumbai that the officer posted is not suitable and there is need that either staff section should consult PGM CFA Mumbai before posting of officer and get suitability certificate from him and then only officer may be posted to CPC Cell. The present procedure of posting officer by staff section , his/her joining to CPC cell and then letter by office of PGM CFA Mumbai that officer is not suitable for CPC cell is disgusting and humiliating to the officers concerned and such incidents are repeatedly noted in recent past. This is being done in Govt Organisation and how can one define suitability of the officer within one day or two and f PGM CFA says that officer is not suitable then he has to mention what he found unsuitable within one or two days of joining of officer to CPC Cell and if so he should define the suitability conditions for posting to CFA Cell and GM HR/Admn should post suitable officer as required by PGM CFA but this insulting treatment to executives should stopped. GM HR/Admn Mumbai agreed to concerned shown by SNEA and assured that in future due care will be taken in posting officers to any unit in Mumbai and such refusal letters will not be accepted and orders issued by his will be implemented in its true spirit and request by units heads will be considered only after specific justification of efficiency of the officer posted and not on just plane refusal as being done by PGM CFA Mumbai no.

14.            Releasing of salary of officers working on deputation to TERM Cell: SNEA MH informed that salary of BSNL executives working on deputation to TERM cell is stopped for non-payment of dues by DoT and these executive are troubled for no fault at their end and requested to immediately release the salary of these officer and matter of recovery of dues against DOT may be taken separately. If it is issue then these officers should be called back but they should get salary in time.  GM HR/Admn Mumbai immediately called DGM CSC and informed her to release the payment of salary at the earliest and ensured that salary will be credited by Monday due to bank holidays.

15.            Posting of SSA Head Akola under DGM LA Orders: SNEA MH informed that there is no regular SSA Head for Akola SSA and since long Akola SSA is being managed by DGM working at Amravati as Looking After Charge. This happens when someone has given willingness for DGM Akola and Staff section has not taken care to post separate officer for Akola. We also brought to his notice that the present DGM looking After Charge of GMT Akola in addition to his charge at Amravati is due for superannuation retirement on 31/03/2018 and in this case matter needs to be taken seriously for posting of regular GMT/DGM Akola SSA. We also elaborated the difficulties and hardship faced by Akola executive’s n absence of SSA Head and how the casual approach of staff section and Circle management has already caused loss to BSNL Akola. GM HR/Admn Mumbai assured that the arrangements will be done in next spell of DGM LA and we have informed that it will be over delay and there is need to have separate action to consider the willingness of the officer and post SSA Head Akola, wherein GM HR/Admn Mumbai assured to look into it and agreed to issue orders at the earliest.

16.            Display of Data of request transfer application received by staff Section: SNEA MH Informed that before processing the request transfer application it would be better if all the request transfer application received by Staff Section , Circle office Mumbai is  published on MH Intranet so that if any names are missing it will be updated by the individuals and also the officers in long stay will understand their position of transfer and if required can give suitable option against the incumbent requests to that particular SSA.  GM HR/Admn Mumbai principally agreed to the suggestion and informed that he will discuss it with CGM MH and suitable action will be taken in this regards.

17.             Grievances by Nagpur Comrades and sending correct stay particulars of GMT Nagpur to BSNL CO: SNEA MH had detail discussions on the unrest among the executives/non-executives of Nagpur SSA and recent happening at Nagpur thereby spoiling mage of BSNL which has been taken note by CMD BSNL by issuing letter to all CGMs. We have categorically pointed out that Mrs. Namrata Tiwari, GMT Nagpur is at same place for about 24 years and other executives are completed to get transfer on name of transfer policy. We further insisted that her name should be included in the long stay list of MH Circle and her transfer out of Nagpur should be issued as per the transfer policy guidelines. GM HR/Admn Mumbai informed that posting of GM and above level officers is done by BSNL Corporate Office and Circle has no role in it. We have brought to his notice that further continuation of Mrs. Tiwari at Nagpur taking to 25 years for celebrations of longest stay of any officer will further worsen the working conditions of Nagpur SSA and hence timely action is required to arrest unrest among the executives and non-executives of Nagpur by giving once for all solution. We have brought to his notice that Joint Forum Nagpur/MH has already pointed out about her long stay and CGMT MH has assured to forward this complaint to BSNL Corporate Office but till same has not been taken care. Finally GM HR/Admn Mumbai assured to look into it and see what best can be done in consultation with CGMT MH Circle and further assured that if stay particulars are called by BSNL CO then his office will send correct stay particulars.

18.             Calling for willingness for separate and direct posting to Mobile units of all SSA: SNEA MH Informed that as per decision directed by CGMT MH in the formal meeting with SNEA, Circle office has to issue instructions to All SSA heads to forward the requests transfers application / willingness of executive to work on Mobile wings so that orders can be issued from circle office Mumbai. But since two months period has been passed but no action has been taken in this regards even though data of SSA request has been published and hence there is need of immediate action to call for separate willingness for posting to Mobile Unit of all SSAs. GM HR Informed that the necessary instructions will be issued immediately after issuing minutes of meeting of the formal meeting held with SNEA.

19.            Transfer orders for executive completing their term at tenure station: SNEA MH brought to notice of GM HR/Admn Mumbai that tenure as non-tenure transfers orders are to be issued at regular interval of every quarter  as many executive who have completed their tenure needs to be considered accordingly. If management continues on stand to issue transfers once in year then all request from tenure stations needs to be issued one year advance and accordingly substitute should be posted in advance along with all other request transfers. GM HR/Admn Mumbai informed that from now onwards order of transfer to tenure station will be issued in April 2018 itself for all executive completing their tenure up to March 2019 and the date of implementation of their orders will be on completion of two years working at tenure station and substitute will join in advance.  This will be done for next year also and thereafter all transfers will be issued in Month of March-April and it will regular yearly exercise avoiding mid-term transfers of executives.

20.             Undue administrative delay in considering Request of SDEs/DEs  for posting to Sindhudurg and Gadchiroli SSA and hardship caused to Executives: We have again brought to the notice of GM HR/Admn the careless approach by staff section in considering request of officers for posting to Gadchiroli and Sindhudurg SSA for three years Soft tenure stations and how it is badly affecting the working of both the SSAs and how the concerned officers who have submitted their willingness in time are being compelled to join at All India hard tenure stations due to negligent approach by Staff section. We requested to consider all such request as and when received so that we get sufficient executives at these SSAs as well as the officers will not be compelled to work at All India Hard tenure stations keeping vacancies at these stations. GM HR/Admn agreed that there was delay in considering some request due to decision to consider all request in one stroke, but the due action will be taken in cases which are now referred by SNEA and other similar requests. 

21.             Shortage of DEs in Ratnagiri and undue Relieving of Com Pokale DE Beed on his transfer to Ratnagiri: SNEA MH has reminded GM HR/Admn about discussions on this over delayed matter and how different funda are being adopted for retention of Com. Pokale for more than two and half years on different names and how t is affecting working of Ratnagiri SSA where no single DE or DGM is working. GM HR/Admn Mumbai informed that the decision of formal meeting will be respected and Com. Pokale will be relieved on completion of present retention spell and no more retention/extension will be given to him in view of shortage of DEs in Ratnagiri.

22.             Out of turn posting of DGM Mobile Nanded by violating seniority of other DEs: We reminded GM HR/Admn on this issue discussed in formal meeting and assurance by CGMT MH to take corrective action, but no action has been taken to restore the seniority disparity. GM HR/Admn Mumbai assured to get it corrected at the earliest.

23.            Critical and genuine Individual Cases of SNEA Comrades: We have discussed some critical and genuine individual cases of SNEA comrades with GM HR/Admn Mumbai and he has assured to take care of all such request in coming phase of request transfers.

 The meeting which was held in healthy atmosphere and fruitful manner, concluded with detail discussions on each point and assurance by GM HR/Admn Mumbai for desired action and thanks by SNEA MH


21 Mar 18:  SAD NEWs: Com. S.G. Mane JTO Sindhudurg SSA passed away due to severe Cardiac arrest: With are sorry to inform Com. S.G. Mane JTO Group Sawantwadi, Sindhudurg SSA suffered heart attack on 20/03/2018 while on duty.  He was taking lunch with other comrades and suddenly got sever pains and he was taken to the hospital by other comrades present there, but unfortunately doctors also could not save his life and Com. Mane, passed away at 1400 hrs on 20/03/2018. Com. S.G. Mane was 52 years old and he is survived with one son and one daughter who s doctor. Com. S.G.Mane was recently transferred from Kolhapur SSA to Sindhudurg SSA and he was giving his best services for last 6-7 months at Sawantwadi. Com. S.G. Mane was known for his calm and quite working and was one of the hard working officers of BSNL. Com Mane was die-hard member of SNEA and was always taking part in organisational activities of SNEA.

SNEA MH conveys deep condolences to the family member of late Com. S. G. Mane, on this saddest moment and prays Almighty to give them courage to overcome this sad moment. We also pray Almighty to give space in heaven with Nobel peace to departed soul.


 20 Mar 18: Jt GM Pers BSNL CO issued clarification on grant of increment on TBP promotions and after date of regular promotion order, no increment due as per the EPP for eligible TBP will be granted and if anybody has availed such increment by delayed joining of regular promotion, same also will be withdrawn.  Letter <<<>>>      

·        This is one more attack on executives in BSNL by withdrawing assured Time Bound Promotions as conditions of absorptions of officers from DoT to BSNL. 

·        One side Regular promotions are not issued for years together and it is shame for management that one side many of the officers have not given even single promotions even after completion of 20-25 years of service and here attempts are being made to withdraw one increment even anybody gets regular promotion thereby defeating real meaning of promotion and benefits thereof.

·        Nowadays , it seems that sincere efforts are being made to withdraw benefits and promotions of absorbed and BSNL recruited officers and to grant extra facilities to the officers on deputation to BSNL or who are absorbed conditionally with VRS from DoT and by getting Crores of Rupees of Pensionary benefits and again secured highest position in BSNL and here no applicably of probacasy and efficacy even though many of the officers are enjoying facilities of Govt as well as BSNL and BSNL management has nothing to link it with profitability and affordability clauses for these officers on deputation.

·        But when it is matter of even single increment, all our efforts seems to be made to withdraw such single increment granted as per directives of Hon. Court to give five assured promotions and time has come to stop all such demotivating actions by the certain officers on the management.                                        


19 Mar 18: AGM Estt Mumbai published Circle Gradation list of Personal Assistants (PAs) in Maharashtra Circle, thereby calling for discrepancies, corrections if any latest by 26/03/2018.  Letter <<<>>>                                        


19 Mar 18: SAD NEWs: With deep Sorrow, it is to inform that Shri. Yashwant Kesarkar (Age 70) is no more: Shri. Yashwant Kesarkar was beloved Father of Com. Abhay Kesarkar JS NRU SNEA MH and passed away on 15/03/2018 afternoon hours. He was 70 years old and was undergoing treatment at Global Hospital Parel, Mumbai since last one year and was discharged on 14/03/3018 with advice to have medical treatment at home. Com. Abhay Kesarkar has taken sincere care of his father as treatment was successful over the period of more than one year, but finally the efforts of doctors could not save his life.

SNEA MH conveys deep condolences to the Kesarkar family on this sad moment and prays Almighty to give courage to Com. Abhay Kesarkar JS NRU SNEA MH and his family members to overcome this sad moment. We also pray Almighty to give space in heaven with Nobel peace to departed soul.


SNEA MH CIRCLE wish a very happy Gudi PadvA,

 and very happy and prosperous new Year  


18 Mar 18: AGM Admn Mumbai endorsed letter issued by GM SR BSNL CO thereby calling for comments of CGMs and GS of all Unions /Associations in BSNL on  membership verification of Unions and Associations in BSNL by check off system and comments are to be submitted by 30/03/2018.  Letter <<<>>>    

·        This is proposal by BSNL management for cancelling present membership verification conducted by Secrete Ballet box and counting membership of any association or Union by check off system i.e. by counting total number of paid members of that association/union from salary deduction in that particular month.

·        This check off system is justified by BSNL management by quoting justification / reasons like ballot paper verification shows preference at the moment and subscription deduction shows continuous support to any association/unions, in Govt Departments also check off system is used and the proposed system is less burdensome system in terms of logistic and expenditure.

·        It seems that BSNL management has not come out of Government set up and till propagating the system on basis of the Govt Departments by forgetting that BSNL is PSU.

·        In all PSUs there is only One Union and only One Association and the leaders will have to get elected among the paid members of said Union or Association, but in BSNL with 18 years experience of PSU working by now, nothing has been done to have One Union and One Association but by raising such issues efforts are being made for further division of the executives and disturbing unity of the executives.

·        Here BSNL has created mess by allowing everybody to have separate association and there is no minimum membership limit for functioning of any Association/Union and whoever is able to register association will be able to run one separate association.

·        Important point is that majority Association has every responsibility and no facility but minority associations have no responsibility and enjoying facilities e.g.  BBOA with just 200-300 Membership all over India has got separate office accommodation that to a Staff Quarters nearby Bharat Sanchar Bhavan on Atul Groves road and Recognised Association, SNEA with thumping majority with 23000 plus paid membership and support Association with 7000 membership and SEWA BSNL have not got such office accommodation and are waiting for allotment of accommodation over period of one and half year.

·        This check off system is one more attempt to break the unity of the executives and diverting focus on pending HR issues and now leadership of all Associations will focus on getting forms filled from executives and increasing membership every month and entire energy of the leaders of any association in BSNL will be diverted on retaining / increasing  membership of their association it may be one more attempt to weaken the recognised association without waiting for second membership verification of Executive association which will be due by December 2019. 

·        Already in undue manner BSNL has extended certain facilities to support Association which are not part of Terms and conditions of membership verification and unfortunately all such arbitrary changes are made after membership verification results.

·        It can be seen that there is big gap / difference between the votes secured by the support association in First Membership verification and actual membership of support association.

·        It can be seen that there is big difference in paid membership and votes secured by support association and membership of support association has reduced more than 50% of the votes secured in MV and on the contrary the SNEA membership has increased by more than 50% as about 7000 addition is seen in no of votes secured by SNEA in membership verification.

·        If BSNL management is truly concerned about such approach of granting facilities depending on paid membership verification by check off system, then first step required was to withdraw the status of support association as this association has paid membership less than 15% of total executives which is minimum strength required for becoming support association and when minimum strength is not available then status should have been withdrawn.

·        This is real stand of the management and it is crystal clear how instead of withdrawing status and facilities of support association, in an unfortunate manner the efforts are being made to grant of extra facilities which are not available for support association as per terms and condition of BSNL Executive Association Verification Rules.

·        When it is matter of responsibility of pending issues then it comes with Recognised association as it is Majority Association with support  & high expectations of mass executives and all other associations including support association are not taking due responsibility and keen interest for resolving issues.

·        In some cases we have seen that hurdles are created by leaders/members of some of associations in settlement of issues by raising unwanted points and by creating confusion in minds of the executives and directly/indirectly providing free hand to management to keep on hold the issues.

·        It is unfortunate to note that practically, the multiplicity of associations/unions in BSNL has caused many losses to BSNL as well as to the executives/non-executives of BSNL.

·        Multiplicity of the associations in BSNL is one of the reasons that management is delaying each and every demand of executives of BSNL as none of issue is settled and we are just being fooled by giving different assurances.

·        But the executives working on deputation in BSNL with single association are having strong bargaining power and enjoying all powers and facilities regardless of the financial condition of BSNL.

·        Not only management but some of executive’ s recruited by BSNL as well as absorbed in BSNL are also  enjoying multiplicity of the association for personal works but such division among executives is badly affecting  the unity of executives in BSNL and is the reason for pendency of HR issues.

·        By raising such issues, certain officers in BSNL management are diverting focus on the pending issues and mass unrest among the executives in BSNL.

·        If BSNL follows PSU condition of “One association and One Union in one PSU” then it will  strengthen unity and bargaining powers of executives in BSNL and the certain officers enjoying extra benefits of BSNL while on deputation and status of Govt services by using  divide and rule policy and can continue their game further. 

·        As such, there is no need of ballot voting or check off system as proposed by GM SR BSNL CO, and holding simple elections among paid members starting from District to CHQ in step by step manner under banner of single Association will save money of BSNL as well as will give super unity of the executives and non executives in BSNL.

·        On Union/One Association Process in BSNL will reduce present number of associations as well as leaders existing in BSNL and will also close about all multi fold branches of unions and associations at each and every level i.e. Distract, Circle and CHQ as there will be only one Association and one union.

·        In such condition leaders of single association will have to give results by best performance or will have to quit chairs due to public pressure in case of not meeting expectations of members which will be definitely in masses and the extraordinary talent of all the spared leaders due to only one association can be better utilised for growth and development of BSNL.

·        SNEA MH appeals all activist , DS and COBs to share their views on “One Association , One Union in BSNL “ and on proposed check off system of membership verification  so that views of majority of executives reaches to management and the executives in BSNL emerges with strongest unity and strongest bargaining power for settlement of long pending issues of the executives.

·        Executives may submit there views to to Com. M. N. Kotambe, ACS West SNEA MH {9423881100}  email or Com. Sachin Sarode, ACS East SNEA MH {9423591903}  email  latest by 26/03/2018 so that same can be consolidated and submitted to Management/CHQ.


 17 Mar 18: AGM EB Pune issued orders for revision of BSN (Bharat Swabhiman Nyas” plan 144 and this plan will be open for one year.  Letter <<<>>>    


 16 Mar 18: As per approval of CGMT MH Circle, now BA Heads will be brand ambassador for handling Social \media network.  Letter <<<>>>    


 16 Mar 18:  GM CIT BSNL CO writes Unit Heads on IT Security in BSNL network.   Letter <<<>>>    


16 Mar 18:  DGM WS&I BSNL CO writes Circle heads on Security Guards.   Letter <<<>>>    


15 Mar 18: By quoting incident of suicide note by the contractor at Nagpur due to nonpayment of vendors bills  CMD BSNL writs to all Circle/Unit Heads for releasing due payments of vendors.  Letter <<<>>>    

·        In an unfortunate incident one of NOFN contractor committed suicide wherein reason of delayed payments by BSNL was one of reason and he has quoted names of some of BSNL officers including GMT Nagpur  in his suicide note and it has become matter of concern.

·       CMD BSNL takes note of such delays in releasing vendor payments  directs Circle /Unit head for releasing due payments of the vendors and we all will have to see that these guidelines are followed in larger interest of BSNL to meet the competitive market. 


15 Mar 18: DGM  NWO-CFA BSNL CO Delhi issues safety guidelines to prevent fire hazards in BSNL exchanges and these guidelines come after the recent fire incidence at Hyderabad. Letter <<<>>>   


15 Mar 18: Introduction of new family plan bundled with three GSM connections BBG Combo ULD 1199 Family. Letter <<<>>>   


14 Mar 18: AGM Estt BSNL CO Delhi issues clarification on the issue of working JEs recruited as JTOs through GATE. Such JEs shall be paid their previous salary during JO training period. Letter <<<>>>   


13 Mar 18:  All Pending Temporary Advances Released after pursuation by SNEA MH: It is to inform that all the temporary advances pending n CSC Circle Office Mumbai released and money has been transferred to concerned bank accounts. 

·        On the bass of complaints from fled units SNEA MH has raised this issue and we were surprised to know that about 450 request of temporary advances for amount of about Rs. 70 lakhs were pending for approval and some were pending for months together and main reason given was not availability of funds and bulk demand of Temp advances under head General Expenses. We have discussed this issue with all concerned officers including Smt Shridevi Arya DGM CSC Mumbai and Shri. Vivek Mahavar GM Fin Mumbai and brought to the notice the issues related to pending advances and difficulties faced by the executives in the field units and how they are compelled to carry out office work from their pockets and how it will be difficult on administrative as well as vigilance angle to reply on such expenses made earlier and paid later. We also have elaborated that many of the works have been held up in the field units and it is directly affecting to targets and development of BSNL.

·        Yesterday again, CS SNEA MH along with Com. P.R. Desai, Ex DT SNEA Kolhapur had meeting with Smt. Shridevi Arya DGM CSC Mumbai and elaborated her the real problems faced by filed units.   

·        We have also raised the issue of unwanted covering emails from AO Claims of SSA for approval of Temporary Advances and how it is one of the reason for delay in approval of temporary advances and also how t has become outdated over the period and wasting time and energy of manpower at SSA as well as CSC Mumbai and how it is harassment to executives requesting for Temporary Advances for office works. Matter has been under active consideration of review and stopping of procedure of covering email after request is put and approved through ERP and hopefully it will be finalized and made effective from new financial year 2018-19.

·        We have also brought to notice of DGM CSC Mumbai, the practical difficulties faced while submission of bills of Temporary advances and the issue of applicability of GST at different rates of GST on different items in same bill and wrong claim of GST thereof which may cause issues in later stage in making single entry of bill and DGM CSC has informed that this issue is also new to her and assured to take corrective action accordingly.

·        Further it was informed by the officers of CSC Mumbai that many of the officers are booking expenses on works of NOFN, Honorarium to guest faculty, Festival expenses without mentioning name of the festival etc in Temporary advances which is not allowed and such wrong booking is one of the reasons for grant of Temporary Advances. Apart from this in some cases giving wrong assignment code is one of the reasons for approval and closure of Temporary advances and procedural delay thereof and hence concerned officers applying for temporary advances may please take care of these issues to avoid the procedural delay.    

·        We are happy that with such continuous persuasion, now all the Temporary advances approved up to yesterday 12/03/2018 are released and payments are transferred to concerned bank accounts and SNEA MH is on the job that to have arrangements that Temporary Advance should be granted within one week of its request in ERP and within 2-3 days of its approval by SSA Head/Unit or competent authority for its approval and let us hope for the best process in the next Financial Year.

·        Till any of the officer has any issue related to Temporary Advances and if anyone has not yet received Temporary Advance then he /she may contact to concerned officers in CSC Cell Mumbai or may contact  Com. Ankit Gangar, JS HQ SNEA MH {9420685756} &/or Com. Abhay Kesarkar, JS NRU SNEA MH {9423085023}.

·        SNEA MH conveys sincere thanks to Shri. Vivek Mahavar GM Fin Mumbai, Smt. Shridevi Arya DGM CSC Mumbai, Com. Mrs. Aditi Saindane, AO CSC Mumbai, Com. Mrs. Bhumika AO CSC Mumbai and Com. Gautam JAO CSC Mumbai for their sincere efforts in settlement of Temporary Advances and giving some relief to the officers in the field units who were facing hardship in running day to day office works and expenses to run even basic and minimum level of services due to nonpayment of Temporary advances for months together.                       


13 Mar 18: Finally with strong persuasion of SNEA MH the over delayed Stipend payment issue of JTO Trainee resolved and payments are released:  After devoted persuasion by SNEA MH from  table to table and officers to officers ranging from JAOs to GMs n different offices from RTCC Rajpura, RTCC Pune, PGMT Pune , BRBRAIT Jabalpur, BSNL Corporate officer and about 15-20 officers in Circle Office Mumbai finally the matter of over delayed payment of Stipend for JTO Trainee batches at RTCC Pune and RTCC Rajpura  has been  resolved and payments of JTO Trainee batch at Pune has been released and the approval for payment of stipend for JTO Trainees at RTCC Rajpura has been issued and payments will be processed by the concerned SSAs in ERP and finally payments will be released by CSC Circle Office Mumbai. Letter <<<<>>>

·        When all RTCCs are paying stipend regularly to all trainees regardless of the recruiting Circle except RTCC Rajpura and same has been confirmed by BSNL Corporate Office as well as BRBRAIT Jabalpur.

·        But in an unfortunate and adamant stand taken by Principal RTCC Rajpura that Stipend payment of JTO Trainee will be released by Recruiting Maharashtra Circle and the sanction memos issued by Principal RTCC Rajpura were practically shown dustbin for period of more than four months, none of Trainee at RTCC Rajpura has received single rupee Stipend even though they have completed Field training also. In RTCC Pune the stipend payment was released for earlier months and it was later delayed due to delayed approval in office of PGMT Pune, but matter was settled after talks with the concerned officers and administrative works thereof.

·        But for releasing the stipend payments of JTO Trainees at RTCC Rajpura, we have faced lot of problems as Principal RTCC Rajpura,  the office and officer responsible for release of payment  of JTO Trainee has taken different stand and then other officers who are not responsible for payment of stipend have naturally negative stand and in very disappointing manner we will like to put on record that every officer to whom we have approached have shown negative stand and either informed difficulties in making payments at this by Maharashtra Circle or informed that it is not his /her responsibility.

·        But SNEA MH has taken matter from pillar to post and overcome all the hurdles and problems reported by each and every officer/office and finally the Sanction memo for release of stipend payment for three months Training Period of all JTOs in Rajpura Batch No. 83 are released

·        SNEA MH also appreciates the efforts taken by young comrades Com. Jay Kanakia, & Com. Nitish Sharma, both the JTOs of Batch 85 from RTCC Rajpura and now working as JTO in Mumbai, who have given required feedback and up to date information on the real difficulties, where and how the matter has been delayed and also by personally meeting different officers and conveying them for releasing payment and also extended helping hand in updating data.

·        On the basis of the feedback from these comrades and many of DS and COBs these matter was vigorously pursued by

·        SNEA Maharashtra appreciates the sincere and devoted efforts taken by Com. M.M. Apte, AGM Estt Mumbai and his total support by Com. Vivek Dethe, AD HRD Mumbai for understanding issue to the depth and then elaborating it to all officers in Account wing, convincing DGM HR Mumbai, DGM CA Mumbai, DGM FC Mumbai, GM HR/Admn Mumbai and GM Fin Mumbai and getting matter resolved in time bound manner.

·        Com. Anil Dubey, DS SNEA CO Mumbai, Com. Ajit Kumar, DS SNEA WTP Mumbai, Com. Prashant Jadhav, DP SNEA CO Mumbai, Com. Ankit Gangar, JS HQ SNEA MH and finally settled matter in favor of these young comrades.

·        SNEA MH conveys special thanks Shri. Aman Jaiswal GM HR/Admn Mumbai and Shri. Vivek Mahavar GM Fin Mumbai for understanding problems of these Trainee JTOs and taking prompt and timely decision for releasing spend payments when matter was reported them.               


13 Mar 18: AGM  Staff Mumbai published stay particulars of 1509 JTOs and 1255 SDEs in Telecom Wing working throughout Maharashtra Circle along with their request for transfer to choice SSA if any and calling for discrepancies if any in this data of stay particulars published latest by 20/03/2018.

Letter JTO <<<>>>  List JTO <<<>>>

Letter SDE <<<>>> List SDE <<<>>>

Transfer Policy issued by BSNL CO <<<>>>

Guidelines for counting of stay <<<>>>

Transfer policy for posting substitute to Tenure Stations<<<>>>

Transfer Policy for Non Tenure stations. I <<<>>> II <<<>>> III <<<>>>

Guidelines for not posting female candidates to Tenure SSA <<<>>>

SSA wise Executive Strength <<<>>>

Guidelines for calculation of Justified Executives strength <<<>>>

·        The Officers in JTO/SDE cadre who have submitted their request in SSA before 31/01/2018 may submit corrections/modification in option if any through proper channel latest by 20/03/2018.

·        Also the Executives who have opted for request transfer to any station should be ready to accept transfer at any of the choice station opted as once issued will not be cancelled as many of the executives are asking for cancellation after issuing transfer order and it affects the posting of substitutes and when the transfer orders are issued in such transparent manner, one should not have any reason to change the option within period of one month.

·        If anyone has applied for name sake transfers and he/she wants transfer/relieving at later stage should withdraw his/her request or be ready for relieving as per order issued as all these transfers issued will be implemented in time bound manner and most probably all transfer orders will be implemented by end of May 2018 including ERP relieving if required.

·        While transfer of officers working in Looking After arrangements , he is reverted in his regular/Adhoc cadre and transferred under this cadre and hence the stay of the officers is counted in regular /Adhoc cadre and not as per the post held under looking After arrangements.

·        There are some corrections in the date of birth and date of entry in the SSA mainly due to format of the date used by different SSAs in excel sheet and concerned officers will have to represent for its corrections or Admn/Staff sections of SSAs/Units may intimate these corrections as the age and stay of the officer will impact on his /her transfer under long stay and also criteria of minimum two years’ service in the working SSA and hence one should be careful at this stage only. 

·        The stay of the officer will be counted from the date of entry in SSA in any cadre.

·        The stay and age will be counted as on 31st March of the financial Year in which Transfer orders will be issued i.e. if Transfer order is issued before 31/03/3018 then stay particulars as well age will be counted as on 31/03/2018 and in case transfer orders will be issued after 31/03/2018 then age and stay particulars will be counted as on 31/03/2019 and hence one has to count his age and stay accordingly and take decision.

·        The Executives with age 58 years and more as on 31st March of the Financial Year in which transfer order is being issued are not coming under long stay list for transfer to Non Tenure Transfers and Executives with age 57 years and more as on 31st March of the Financial Year in which transfer order is being issued are not coming under long stay list for transfer to Tenure Transfers.

·        The request transfers from non-Tenure stations will be considered on one to one substitute basis and where officers in same cadre with stay more than 10 years’ service in same SSA is available.

·        Regarding the request from tenure stations, the substitute form Circle long stay list will be posted.

·        The stay in case of the officers under transfer but transfer order is non-implemented is shown in the working SSA and if transfer orders are not implemented before issuing these orders then theses officers will be counted in the strength of present SSA and their stay will be counted accordingly.

·        The officers in long stay list with stay of 10 Years and more in the present SSA may plan accordingly and be ready for transfer at any of the place from incoming request to his/her SSA or opt at any of the SSA from where incoming request is pending to avoid posting at odd and incontinent SSA/unit as per administrative convenience which normally happens in such long stay transfers.

·        While considering requests or long stay transfers the justified staff strength is taken into consideration and if transfers will issued before 31/03/2018 then the transfer orders will be issued on above justified strength and if transfers will be issued after 31/03/2018, the calculation of justified strength will be done as fresh on basis of the working landlines, Mobile/WLL Connections as on 01/04/2018 and the justified strength may change accordingly.

·        The transfers from the SSAs having excess strength to SSAs having shortage of executives are normally issued without substitute and such transfers are possible in case of SSAs having excess Executives.

·        The Female executives are normally not posted to Tenure SSAs i.e. Goa, Sindhudurg, Ratnagiri, Raigad (Except Pen SDCA), Gadchiroli and area of Nandurbar Revenue District of Dhule SSA unless and until they opt for any of these tenure SSAs and if any of female comrade opts for not posting to tenure SSA, she will be posted to nearby SSA depending on vacancy position in that SSA Goa.

·        For any further clarification or additional information on this subject, the concerned executives may contact officers in FC section or to Com. M. N. Kotambe, ACS West SNEA MH {9423881100} or Com. Sachin Sarode, ACS East SNEA MH {9423591903} or Com. Ankit Gangar, JS HQ SNEA MH {9420685756}.


13 Mar 18: AGM TP Mumbai has issued allotment of OFC and PLB pipes exclusively for mobile Phase VIII.4 project. Letter <<<>>>   


12 Mar 18: CAO FC Mumbai third time calls for options for CAO LA as no one has submitted request for the SSAs having vacant post of CAO and this time some issues raised by SNEA MH has been clarified in this letter.  Letter <<<>>>                                        

·        Guidelines on Refusal of LA Arrangements  <<<>>>

·        Stay particulars of AOs eligible for CAO LA  <<<>>>

·        Letter by CS SNEA MH demanding certain clarifications on CAO LA <<<>>>

·        There is long confusion among the executives about the vacancy position and option being submitted by individuals for CAO LA.

·        Earlier all letter issued by FC section for CAO LA were just calling for options and every eligible officer was giving option on the post where he/she is working and no options were and are received even after threatening for transfers as per administrative convince.

·        After receiving complaints from DS and SNEA activist, SNEA MH has taken up matter with Shri. Vivek Mahavar, GM Fin Mumbai and brought to his notice the issues related to options for CAO LA and asked for certain clarifications.

·        SNEA MH also have details discussions on the issues with Shri. Vivek Mahavar GM Fin Mumbai and Mrs. Ashwini Bhonge, DGM FC Mumbai and strongly pleaded for issuing certain clarification and action needs to be taken for filling up 120 vacant post of CAOs.

·        It has been reported that these are the only officers who are eligible for CAO LA arrangements and hence request of SNEA MH to go below the seniority line offering LA arrangements to junior officers is not possible. 

·        Accordingly matter has been taken up with SEA Cell BSNL CO for posting of some Regular/Adhoc CAOs in Maharashtra Circle against 120 vacant posts of CAOs.

·        Further the vacancy position of each SSA has been shown along with working CAOs in each SSA and now it has been declared that there are excess CAOs in Kolhapur, Circle office Mumbai, Nagpur, Solapur & Nashik and these Excess officers are expected to give options to fill up the vacant post of CAOs/IFAs at Ahmednagar, Amravati, Buldhana, Beed, Dhule, Goa, Jalgaon, Jalna, Latur, Nanded, Parbhani, Ratnagiri, Satara and Wardha SSAs.

·        Accordingly concerned officers will have to submit his/her choice for posting to nearby or convenient SSA having vacant post of CAO and all such transfer orders will be issued in the interest of Service.

·        In case of options are not received to fill up these posts and many of the eligible CAOs submits refusal for transfer to these SSAs having vacant post of CAOs then the transfers will be issued among the long stayed officers from the SSAs having excess CAOs.

·        Let  us hope that with this final reminder and certain clarification of the issues the matter will be resolved to certain extent and the CAO LA Orders which are not issued from Oct 2017 are issued accordingly and all the officers presently working as CAO  and using powers of CAO illegally are regularized avoiding  legal and administrative issues at later stage as many of them are dealing with important issues and also SSAs not having IFAs for long time will get at least one IFA for smooth functioning of Finance wing of these SSAs.

·        For any further clarification or additional information on this subject, the concerned executives may contact officers in FC section or to Com. Hrushikesh Kesale, JS AF SNEA MH {9422882888} or Com. Harish Sable, JS Marathwada, SNEA MH {9421315444}.    



12 Mar 18: AGM  Staff Mumbai issued stay particulars of 56 DGMs/add GMs and 123 Regular/Adhoc DEs/AGMs working throughout Maharashtra Circle along with their request for transfer to choice SSA if any and calling for discrepancies if any in this data of stay particulars published latest by 17/03/2018. Letter <<<>>> 

·        Earlier the management has taken stand not to publish this data and SNEA MH has rightly pointed out difficulties faced by executives who are coming in long stay list and how it has created confusion in minds of the long stayed officer as their position in long stay was clear and requested for publishing the data of stay particulars as well as final list of request transfers.

·        Accordingly, this data has been published in respect of AGM/DE, DGM /Add GM and similar data in respect of JTOs/SDEs will be published in this week preferably by today.

·        The Officers who have submitted their request in SSA before 31/01/2018 may submit corrections in option if any through proper channel latest by 17/03/2018.

·        The request transfers from non-Tenure stations will be considered on one to one substitute basis and where officers in same cadre with stay more than 10 years’ service in same SSA is available.

·        Regarding the request from tenure stations, the substitute form Circle long stay list will be posted.

·        Further matter of consideration of request of all executives working at Tenure stations and completing tenure by end of March 2019 is also under active consideration so that all transfers are issued only n month of March April every year and no transfers are issued throughout the year causing inconvenience to the officers due to mid-term transfers and also involving administration in continuous process of transfers.

·        Further the steps for implementation all the earlier issued transfer orders is under process and all such officers under transfer will be relieved by reminder relieving letter to SSA/Unit Heads and till not relieved all such orders may be implanted by relieving through ERP.

·        As such all officers in long stay list may plan accordingly and be ready for transfer at any of the place from incoming request is pending or opt at any of the SSA from where incoming request is pending to avoid posting at odd and incontinent SSA/unit as per administrative convenience which normally happens in such long stay transfers.

·        For any further clarification or additional information on this subject, the concerned executives may contact officers in FC section or for any issues regarding posting to Mobile units and clarification of doubts executives may contact Com. Ankit Gangar, JS HQ SNEA MH {9420685756}.  


 9 Mar 18: AGM  Staff Mumbai issued posting order JTOs who have successfully completed four week field training and all are posted at the same place except two requests for change of posting which are successfully pursued by SNEA MH. Letter <<<>>>   


 9 Mar 18: AGM  A&E BSNL CO has published data of individual request thereby giving merits of the case and indication for its consideration or rejection if not complied as per guidelines and compliance on pending cases or additional request if any are to be sent latest by 14/03/2017. Letter <<<>>>    List <<<>>>

·        This is important step of transparent working is taken by Electrical wing after joining of Shri. Pravin Varshney as PGM E BSNL CO and SNEA MH appreciates this initiative towards total transparency in transfer posting of Electrical wing which was never seen earlier.

·        In this letter case wise details have been given with the reasons of request by individual officer and the probability of its consideration with full justification. 

·        It is fact that many of the executives in Electrical wing managed to retain themselves at same place of posting and now all such request will be taken care only as per the guidelines on the subject and henceforth the out of turn management of transfers will not possible and one has to be ready for transfer if his/ her request has no support as per BSNL transfer policy guidelines and his/her name appears in the long stay list.  

·        From the list attached one can find whose request is on genuine grounds and whose request is not on genuine grounds and the names of the rejected requests will definitely clear who are making efforts to manage the transfers by giving false justification and information.

·        Here Electrical wing at BSNL Corporate Office New Delhi is moving towards the total transparency, the Electrical wing led by Shri. Rajeev Soni, Sr CEE Mumbai is running away from the transparency as many of the letters issued by him are circulated through internal email and deliberately not published on MH Intranet thereby creating confusion among the executives and giving and taking benefits of the pick and choose transfers and hopefully this transparent practice followed by PGM E Delhi will be followed by CEE Mumbai and CEE Nagpur also.  

·        SNEA MH is keeping watch on all such bogus claims and we will not allow the bogus claims by some so called smart leaders/executives which in turn will be injustice to other comrades who are not in the long stay list and hence all the executives in Electrical wing are requested to go through the requests and inform corrections if any through proper channel and to Com. Abhay Kesarkar, JS NRU SNEA MH {9423085026} by email on  at the earliest.


 9 Mar 18: CVO BSNL writes Circle Vigilance Heads directing them about handling of vigilance complaints of administrative nature and not having vigilance angle and all such cases are to be handled by Administrative offices and not by Vigilance cell. Letter <<<>>>   


 9 Mar 18: AGM Staff Mumbai issued orders for DGM LA in respect of five officers who are working as DGM LA as per earlier DGM LA Order. Letter <<<>>>  




 8 Mar 18: AGM Staff Mumbai writes to CGMs of Non Recruiting units for sending request of JTOs presently working in WTP/WTR/ITPC/NCNGN/BBNW/QA/Insp the Non-Recruiting Units (NRUs) in territory of Maharashtra Circle to any unit/SSA in Maharashtra Telecom Circle and last date of sending such requests is 15/03/2018. Letter <<<>>>

·        This also was one of the agenda points discussed by SNEA MH in formal meeting with CGMT MH and accordingly now all such willingness from JTOs working in NRUs to any unit/SSA in  Maharashtra Telecom Circle.

·        The JTOs who are willing for request transfers among the NRUs e.g. from WTP to WTR or vice versa may also submit their request and same will also be taken care in the coming spell of request transfers.

·        Further request of JTOs from Maharashtra Telecom Circle to NRU Circles also will be considered and any JTO willing for such transfers may apply accordingly and it will be considered along with all other such pending requests.


 8 Mar 18: AGM Staff Mumbai writes Circle/SSA/BA/Unit heads for sending request from JTO/SDE/DE/DGMs for posting to different Mobile units in Maharashtra Circle and last date of sending such requests is 15/03/2018. Letter <<<>>>

·        As per earlier guidelines posting to any mobile unit including Nodal Pune was done by the concerned SSA and Circle Office use to post the officers under concerned SSA Head.

·        But it was observed that these general guidelines issued by Circle management were not followed by Circle Office itself and one side many request were kept pending in files of SSA Heads and other side some officers who used to meet GM HR/Admn and CGMT MH Mumbai were able to manage their posting to Mobile units directly from Circle office by bypassing the SSA Heads of the concerned SSA and it has created mass unrest among the executives.

·        SNEA MH has objected all such pick and choose posting time to time and it was one of the important agenda for discussions in formal meeting for recognized association SNEA and accordingly in the formal Meetings held with GM HR/Admn & CGMT MH and SNEA MH has strongly demanded that there should be uniformity in posting of executives to mobile units throughout Maharashtra Circle regardless of approach of the concerned officer to GM HR/Admn Mumbai and CGMT MH Circle.

·        During discussions, GM HR/Admn Mumbai was of the opinion that the present arrangement of posting of executives under SSA Head and taking care of the requirement and requests for Mobile units and vice versa should be taken care by SSA Heads with its uniform implementation and no pick and choose transfers should be issued from Circle Office Mumbai.

·        But CGMT MH has taken decision that the posting to Mobile units will be taken care directly by the Circle Office and finally with mutual agreement of recognized association SNEA MH and Circle management it has been decided that henceforth all the posting to Mobile units will be done from Circle Office and one has to submit the request from SSA to Mobile and vice versa to CGMT MH Circle and not to SSA Head and now SSA Heads will forward all such request to Circle Office Mumbai.

·        As such, now any request from any SSA to any Mobile unit in Maharashtra Circle will be taken care by the Circle Office uniformly and officers willing to work at Mobile units are requested to submit the request through proper channel and send its copy by email to AD Staff Mumbai on latest by 15/03/2018 and to DS SNEA concerned who in turn will forward it to COBs of SNEA MH for further persuasion.

·        Further the officers who have already applied for request transfers to any SSA and not given option for Mobile unit of that SSA and now willing to give option may give fresh application/request/option  adding his/her willingness for posting to Mobile unit of that SSA.

·        Further any officer even from same SSA e.g.  officer working at Pune SSA is willing to work in Pune Mobile has to submit his/her request to CGMT MH Circle and his her request will be considered for posting to mobile unit by Circle Office and powers of SSA heads for posting to Mobile and vice versa are now withdrawn. .

·        Further officers from tenure stations who are willing for posting to Mobile units of any SSA may add the choice of Mobile posing to any particular SSA and his request will be considered for posting to Mobile unit by Circle Office and this process will be followed in all such tenure transfers which will be issued henceforth.

·        In case more requests are received for Mobile units of any SSA as happened earlier then the longest stayed officer of that Mobile units will be transferred out of Mobile unit for considering request for posting to Mobile unit and he may be posted in same SSA or out of SSA depending on the number of requests and his/her stay in Mobile units/SSA.

·        Hopefully the posting to Mobile units of any SSA will be done on the basis of the present criteria of justified post and total no. of posts in any Mobile unit will be rationalized and justified and the total no. of post in mobile unit of any SSA will be fixed once and posting will be done accordingly.

·        Though this revised arrangements will increase the no. of request transfers to Mobile units and the officers in Mobile units will be now transferred at more frequency as Mobile unit is being treated as separate unit but this will help in stopping actions of Circle management for pick and choose direct postings to any Mobile units and manly to Pune and Nagpur Mobile by not considering the request pending with concerned SSA Heads for posting to Mobile units of even of that particular SSA creating unrest among the executives.

·        As such,  any officer willing to work at any Mobile unit of any SSA including Pune Nodal will have to submit his request addressed to CGMT MH and all such requests received through proper channel will be given consideration by Circle Office.

·        Anyone who has applied earlier for posting to Mobile unit and his/her request is pending with SSA Head, will have to now apply fresh/submit fresh request and he/she may quote in his request about his earlier request/s pending with SSA Heads for posting Mobile units and SSA Heads makes such entry in the forwarding letters of concerned officers so that his/request is given priority consideration and he/she gets posting to Mobile units as per willingness.

·        Further officers working in Mobile units where chances of receiving more no. of requests due to this change of policy and he/she is willing and continue to work in the same SSA will now have to opt /submit request for Mobile to SSA including same SSA to avoid out of SSA transfers due to such mass request and long stay in Mobile unit, under such conditions, he /she will have to submit timely request to CGMT MH Circle or be ready for transfer to same or any other SSA as the case may be. 

·        This will be great opportunity to many of the officers working at rural area of different SSAs whose requests were not given consideration by SSA Heads as now all such requests will be given consideration directly by Circle Office.

·        For any issues regarding posting to Mobile units and clarification of doubts executives may contact  Com. Ankit Gangar, JS HQ SNEA MH {9420685756} & /or Com. Abhay Kesarkar, JS NRU SNEA MH {9423085023}


 7 Mar 18:  As the official email id of GM HR/Admn Mumbai is changed due to technical issues with present email id and new email id for e-communication with GM HR/Admn Mumbai is  Letter <<<>>>


 7 Mar 18:  DGM TR Mumbai proposes to stop Telephone bill printing for customers in Akola SSA from 01/04/2018 thereby moving towards digital of billing.  Letter <<<>>>

·        Though this is good idea, but we are doubtful that how this project can be implemented in SSA which is without SSA Head for last 4-5 months and even after one of the officers has submitted willingness for working as SSA Head how matter is being delayed in Circle office Mumbai for posting of SSA Head in Red Tape working. The charge of present SSA Head is with DGM level officer from Amravati SSA as additional charge and unfortunately this officer is due for retirement by 31/02/2018 and SNEA MH has rightly brought to the notice of the Circle management the issues of the Akola SSA due to not filling vacant post of SSA Head Akola and how GM/DGM level officers are excess than the requirement in many of the SSAs including Nagpur SSA , Pune SSA and many other SSAs and how the condition of Akola SSA s worst, but even after assurances to post SSA Head Akola at least by Looking After DGM , same is not given shape may be due to fact that case is not processed in file.

·        Let us hope that CGMT MH looks into this case and calls for file of posting of DGM for Akola SSA and Akola SSA gets SSA Head and this pilot project of digital billing is made effective in real sense and this will not be one more attempt of not sending bills  then complaint of customer of not getting bliss and then not making bills payments and then disconnection of Telephone connection as CDR immediately disconnects connections for non-payments of bills and disappointed customers opts for closure of BSNL connections as happened in earlier Case.  


6 Mar 18: CEE Mumbai issued instructions to Certain SSA Heads for reduction of sanctioned electricity load and change of tariffs in LT connections provided by MSEDCL in 345 Exchanges/BTS sites and saving of Rs Ten lakhs of BSNL every month. Letter <<<>>>


 6 Mar 18: AGM DE & R Admn Mumbai writes Circle/SSA/BA/Unit heads for correct calculations of the Compassionate Ground Appointments on the basis of the  latest guidelines issued by the BSNL corporate office. Letter <<<>>>


 6 Mar 18: BSNL CO issued instructions cum guidelines for non-retention of original documents of directly recruited JTOs/JEs in BSNL. Letter <<<>>>


 5 Mar 18:  Five months delay in Payment of Stipend to Trainee JTOs by RTCC Rajpura and RTCC Pune:  SNEA MH has received complaints from the newly recruited JTOs who have undergone JTO Phase-I Training at RTCC Pune (Batch No 83) and RTCC Rajpura (Batch No 85), that none of them have received stipend payable during Phase-I Training even though they are now undergoing and likely to complete Four week field training. This shows the lethargy and careless approach has reached its extreme level. It is really shameful for any management that it is not able to pay the stipend which is normally paid on last day of every month. Perhaps nonpayment of Stipend in time and delaying it for months together is the reason that many of newly recruited JTOs are leaving BSNL and joining other departments and organizations and brain drain has started at its entry level itself. On One side in wrong strategy of employment very highly talented and GATE qualified Engineers are being recruited and other side deliberate attempts seems to be made in demoralizing this talent at its entry level.

·        SNEA MH has taken up matter with all concerned officers and in very sorry state we have found that the files processed by RTCC Pune are delayed in office of PGMT Pune for months together and before one month this matter was brought to notice of all concerned including GM HR/Admn Mumbai and after his interventions long pending file was cleared but later pending for period of one month as PGMT Pune has been changed and the changes in ERP were not regularized in ERP authorization and for some days due to conflicts among the Senior Officers the charge of PGMT Pune was directly with CGMT MH Circle.

·        After joining of new PGMT also the ERP authorization process was not completed and again SNEA MH has to intervene. Now with all such persuasion the Stipend payment of RTCC Pune batch has been cleared and sent to CSC Mumbai and hopefully it will be paid today. We are hopeful that here no issue of funds will be tagged and matter will be settled by DGM SCS Mumbai without need of any persuasion and these JTOs will get Stipend payments by today.

·        When matter was pursued by SNEA MH for Pune batch, we have come to know that Batch No 85 at RTCC Rajpura has not received single Rupee Stipend as the Principal RTCC Rajpura has taken senseless and disgusting stand that payment is not responsibility of not only RTCC Rajpura but that of Punjab Circle and Stipend will be paid by concerned Circle.

·        When matter was first reported by these JTOs trainees individually and later by SNEA MH and Punjab in further casual approach he told that now training is over and now payments cannot be made by him and then he has sent letter to Maharashtra Circle with certificate of non-payment of Stipend with directions to pay stipend here in MH Circle.

·        In further Red Tape working pattern the matter received by Estt Section was taken care and letter was written to CAO/AO Clams Mumbai for payment of Stipend and these officers have refused to make payment on verbal query by individuals and when matter was pursued by SNEA MH, it was informed that they have not received letter from office of forth floor to Sixth Floor.

·        Then SNEA MH has taken matter with DGM HR Mumbai and then he only directed AD HRD to handover copy of letter and directed us to take up matter with CAO Claims to reply in writing but no further action or follow up was taken for last four days and when again matter was taken with DGM HR Mumbai he informed that he is not aware about further course of action taken and status of matter and directed us to have updates from AD HRD Mumbai.

·        AD HRD Mumbai informed that CAO Claims till continues with stand of non-payment of stipend by his office and matter will be again reported in writing to Principal RTCC Rajpura, Punjab Circle for payment of stipend and thus even after five months period no single rupee stipend has been received by these Trainee JTOs and the concerned officers continues with the total casual and careless approach.

·        These JTOs have shared with us that they are facing hardship due non payments and due to prolonged delay of stipend and not receiving single rupee over the period of five months, now their family members are doubting on them where they are in service or not and if they are in services of BSNL they are not sharing salary details and salary with family members and hence they are facing worst time of the life even though it is most important time of life and period for celebration about getting new and Government Job.  

·        When we have seen that the matter is being delayed by each and every officer and no one is taking desired responsibility, then we have reported this issue to Shri. Aman Jaiswal GM HR/Admn Mumbai who in turn told that he has already directed Pune SSA to clear payments before fortnight and was of the opinion that matter was resolved at that stage only and was surprised to know the pendency.

·        Further we have seen that he was not aware about RTCC Rajpura stipend case and we have elaborated all the details to him and in very positive and firm response, GM HR/Admn Mumbai has assured that he will personally talk to Principal RTCC Rajpura on Monday i.e. today and will see that stipend payments are released by RTCC Rajpura without any further delay.

·        This is how Maharashtra Circle management which is most efficient management over all the Circles has failed to confirm the compliance of basic requirement of stipend payments even though matter has been reported by these individuals and what should these newly recruited GATE Qualified JTOs expect about their bright future in BSNL and what should they take lesson of efficient working is now under question.

·        We are astonished to know that many officers are taken to the task for delay of one day payments to vendors and here no action is being taken for delay of more than five months and everybody is in working totally casual approach and hope that these Trainee JTOs will not have keep approach similar to the contractors for receiving their stipend pending for five months.

·        Anyhow, let us hope that with intervention of GM HR/Admn Mumbai, the matter will be resolved by today and there will not be any need of intervention of CGMT MH and Director HR who are the only two highest authorizes left at respective levels to look into this routine issue normally taken care at the level of Principal RTCC and AO claims thereof. 


 5 Mar 18: AGM Admn Mumbai declares the names of the winners of  Vishist Sanchar Seva Award 2017” under different Categories and Sangli SSA tops the list as out of Eight award winners three winners are from  Sangli SSA. Letter <<<>>>

SNEA Maharashtra congratulates all the award winners for getting such prestigious award and salutes their excellence in in office working by extra ordinary efforts. We also congratulate the controlling officers of these winners who have recognized and have duly certified the excellence of these officers/officials for making them eligible for becoming one of the winners of Sanchar Award.


 5 Mar 18: Finally Com. D.M. Dhavale , JTO Pune gets justice: AGM Staff Mumbai issued orders for Change of SSA in respect of Com. D.M. Dhavale JTO Pune and finally with continuous pursuation of SNEA MH Com. Dhawale gets justice to certain extent. Letter <<<>>>

·        Com. D.M. Dhavale, JTO Pune was transferred to Dhule SSA due to wrong feedback by one of his controlling officer in April 2017 and since then he was fighting for justice.

·        He has always pursued matter through proper channel and in intervening period he has met GM HR/Admn Mumbai and CGMT MH at many occasions and requested for justice as his request was later recommended by PGMT Pune and till it was not considered.

·        Even though many, rather all other officers under similar way transfer have used different sources and also have approached the court of law and demanded for justice against out of turn transfers, but nobody could get desired justice even after prolonged fight and finally all have joined at transferred SSAs.

·        But Com. D.M. Dhavale has always kept faith on BSNL management and leadership of SNEA as he s die hard member of SNEA and never approached through any other source or has never even thought of approaching court and has always requested justice through proper channel.

·        SNEA MH has continuously pursued his request and earlier stage there was some reluctance on part of the management to consider his request and finally matter was also discussed in formal meeting and we have strongly put forth the request of Com. Dhawale and its genuineness and which was principally agreed by CGMT MH Circle and now with this order Com. Dhavale finally gets justice as per his request.

·        SNEA MH congratulates Com. D.M.Dhavale for keeping such strong and unconditional faith on SNEA and convey him thanks to keep such prolonged patience even though he has faced so many difficulties during period of last 9-10 months, but he never lost hopes & confidence on SNEA and continued persuasion till he got justice.

·        SNEA MH conveys thanks to Shri. Peeyush Khare, CGMT MH, Shri. Aman Jaiswal GM HR/Admn Mumbai for keeping word given to SNEA MH and considering request of Com. D. M. Dhvale and special thanks to Shri. Kumar Manoj, then GM HR/Admn Mumbai and present CE Civil Mumbai who has played vital and concluding role in giving justice to Com. Dhawale. 


 5 Mar 18: CE Elect Mumbai published waiting list of request transfers and stay particulars of JTO Elect and SDE Elect and calls for corrections latest by today i.e. 05/03/2018. Letter <<<>>>

·        This was one of the issues raised by SNEA MH in formal meeting with CEE Mumbai and CGMT MH Circle.

·        All concerned officers are requested to go through the list, check stay particulars of self and others, confirm request and be ready for transfers to the SSA as per their request given as once transfers will be issued orders will not be cancelled and one has to think and confirm where wants transfer in month of March April 2018 or not?.

·        Executives, who have submitted request for more than one SSAs, should make self-assessment of requirement and vacancy position of the SSA, he/she has requested and also to check the stay particulars of the officers presently working at the SSA where he/she has submitted request as transfer is possible only when long stayed officer is available at requested place and it will be better if he/she submits request for one of the SSA or he/she should be ready for nay of the choice he/she has submitted or be ready for transfer at any of the requested place regardless sequence or priority of his/her option. 

·        The last date for submission of the corrections, modification in stay as well as requests  or fresh request if any is today 05/03/2018 and hence all the officers in Electrical wing may take note of it and send corrected request accordingly by today evening and submit its copy through Proper channel.

·        For any additional information on the request transfers and substitute transfers thereof in Electrical wing, the executives may contact Com. M.L. Ramdham SDE Admn Electrical Mumbai {9422903019} or Com. Abhay Kesarkar JS NRU SNEA MH {9423085023} or Com. Sameer Shinde, DS SNEA ACE Mumbai 9423084076. 


 5 Mar 18: GM Fin Mumbai has issued orders for settlement of all outstanding  Temporary advances and directs not to sanction any Temporary advance after 15th March 2018. Letter <<<>>>

·        Such action was rightly predicted by SNEA MH and it is painful to see that one side Temporary Advances of more than Rs. 70 lakhs for 450 officers approval are pending by CSC Mumbai and officers in field units are compelled to make expenses from their pocket and other side pressure is created for closure of account with threatening that no advance will be granted after 15/03/2018 for closure of Financial Year 2017-18. 

·        We should convey thanks to Circle Team that order is not issued for closure of Temporary advances which are applied by fled units and not sanctioned by CSC Cell.

·        All the officers will have to first got approved the Temporary Advances pending with CSC Mumbai before 15/03/2018 including additional Temporary Advances if required & applied by individuals and then take immediate action for its settlement as desired n this letter.

·        It is fact that due to frequent changes of the procedures and way of settlement of Temporary Advances by online through ERP, then by off line and now again online through ERP, issues related to GST etc has created confusion among the executives and in absence of proper guidance and confirming correct way of settlement of Temporary advances, the settlement of advances is pending and let us hope DGM CSC Mumbai looks into issues related to settlement of Temporary Advance.

·       SNEA MH will again take up matter with DGM CSC Mumbai and GM Fin Mumbai first for sanction of all pending Temporary Advances and then will support for settlement of the advances by proper guidance to officers in field units by the officers in CSC Cell to overcome the present difficulties in settlement of Temporary Advances and final settlement through ERP as expected by GM Fin Mumbai.


 5 Mar 18: DGM Admn Mumbai writes reminder letter to all SSA/Unit Heads in Maharashtra Circle for cancellation of leave applied during strike period and send its compliance latest by 09/03/2018. Letter <<<>>>

·        These instructions are applicable for all the officers regardless of his level in executive and non-executive including SSA Heads and Unit Heads and all staff/officers who have not attended office on these two days of strike for any reason and applied leave earlier or later needs to and will be cancelled.

·        Only the staff and officer who was practically on duty and in the office will be marked as present and all others including on leave are to be treated on Strike and hence in no case leave is to be sanctioned except extra ordinary medical leaves.

·        In cases of medical leave also it should not be only for two days of strike or that particular week but medical leave with supporting medical certificate and documents should have been applied before the strike period and leave period should be more than one week and no one should misuse the medical certificate to safe guard individual salary of two days..

·        Such corrective action will set right wrong doings by some individuals as even though practically many rather majority  were on strike, some have later applied for leave or some of the controlling officers have shown them present by out of office settlement and this is wrong practice.

·        Hopefully, this corrective action will stop further misuse of this medical facility and all will get equal treatment and definitely equal benefits.


5 Mar 18: AGM Estt Mumbai published Circle Seniority list of DEs for issuing next spell of DGM L A orders and calls for missing information in the seniority list, corrections in the information of seniority list and last date of submission of corrections was unfortunately yesterday 04/03/2018 i.e. Sunday and hence corrections and missing information may please be sent without any further delay. Letter <<<>>>


5 Mar 18: Sr CEE Mumbai issued orders for additional works to be allotted to officers in Electrical wing wherein it has been directly agreed by CEE Mumbai that it has become difficult to adjust SDE Elect on sensitive post. Letter <<<>>>


  5 Mar 18 :  AGM Staff Mumbai issued reminder for sending carrier history of the all executives in Electrical wing and last date of submission was 03/03/2018. Letter <<<>>>


 3 Mar 18:  CS SNEA Maharashtra writes to GM Fin Mumbai on the practical issues and reasons for not getting response for CAO LA arrangements to fill up vacant post in 14 SSAs where post of IFA is vacant and request for permanent and regular arrangement by posting Regular/Adhoc CAOs or by promoting the officers as CAO Adhoc, Regular  or by giving CAO LA to more AOs by declaring SSA wise vacancy of CAOs  and not just by rearrangements within working CAO LA by pressuring them to give options to work at these 14 SSAs. Letter <<<>>>


 2 Mar 18: BSNL announces Holi Dhamaka Plan @ 399”  with unlimited calling, free roaming and 30 GB data per month for post-paid mobile service. Press Release <<<>>>


 2 Mar 18: BSNL issued instructions for revival of closed landline and broadband connections Letter <<<>>>


 2 Mar 18: BSNL to withdraw Inter Circle Roaming services offered to M/S Ariel and will recover money from PBG as company s not adhering to the terms and conditions of agreement. Letter <<<>>>




1 Mar 18: Huge Pendency of temporary Advances in and issues thereof: Many of the DS of SNEA have brought to notice of SNEA MH that since long many cases of Temporary Advance are not being settled by CSC Cell Mumbai. Accordingly the matter has been pursued by Com. Ankit Gangar, JS HQ SNEA MH, Com. Abhay Kesarkar, JS NRU SNEA MH, Com. Anil Dubey, DS SNEA Mumbai, and Com. Prashant Jadhav, DP SNEA Mumbai with concerned Officers in CSC and with Mrs. Shridevi Arya DGM CSC Mumbai to ascertain the facts and to get early sanction of temporary advances pending in ERP at CSC cell, Circle Office Mumbai.

·        During persuasion surprising facts have come to notice that about 450 requests of Temporary Advances asking for Amount about Rs. 70 lakhs are pending n ERP and some of requests are pending for period of more than three months and the officers working in field units are compelled to get office work done for expenses from the pockets.

·        When we are at start of March and by 15th or 20th March Accounts will be closed for sanction of Temporary Advances, there are 450 cases pending in ERP and many have not applied as earlier request are not settled by CSC Cell.

·        Mrs. Shridevi Arya, DGM CSC Mumbai informed that she is aware of the issue and also agreed that there is urgency to settle all pending cases as the total cases must be cleared before financial year ends. But she informed that cases are pending as BSNL Corporate Office has not granted funds for Temporary Advances in different Heads and out of total cases of Rs 70 lakhs, the request of Rs 27 lakhs are pending for more time as the Temporary Advances are asked under general Head and since long i.e. since Sept 2017 funds are not allotted under general Head and also it is difficult to grant such huge amount under general Head.

·        She elaborated that Temporary Advances are being granted for specific works and one should apply for Temporary Advance for that specific work under specific work. She further clarified that officers may be more number of Temporary Advances and it will be better if advances are applied as per head of expenses and funds allotted under that head can be allotted to such head specific advances.

·        She also expressed disappointment that in SSA like Akola entire works of Cable Mtce are being done under General Head and it may call for any vigilance case in future and advised that all SSAs should go for regular arrangement for such routine works and no expenses as matter of routine should be booked under general head. She categorically told that Shri. Vivek Mahavar GM Fin Mumbai has directed to call for details from the IFA Akola about the heavy expenses being booked under general Head and what s remedial action being taken for it.

·        When we have brought to her notice about the displeasure and unrest among the field units and how works are held up due to non-grant of temporary advances, she assured that all the Temporary Advances request will be cleared by first week of March 2018 and if any Temporary Advance booked under general Head will be decided on basis of calling for additional information and on subject to availability of funds under general head.  

·        We have also brought to her notice about the unwanted procedure of calling for covering email for grant of Temporary Advance by AO Cash of concerned SSA and how some of AOs are delaying the works by not sending covering email even after the Temporary advances are approved by competent authority and how it is one of reason for pendency.

·        We have demanded for scrapping of this useless procedure or making it compulsory to AO concerned to send covering email on same day of approval of temporary Advances by Competent Authority. Mrs. Arya assured to issue the instructions for same day covering email and directed us to take up matter with GM Fin Mumbai.

·        Since last week Shri. Vivek Mahavar GM Fin Mumbai is out of HQ Mumbai and most probably , he will be back in next week , then SNEA MH will again take up matter with him for timely sanction of Temporary Advances and streamlining the present procedural lapses and delays in grant of temporary advances and we will see that the Temporary Advance should be sanctioned within one week or maximum fortnight of its request by the concerned officer and all cases pending for more than 15 days should be taken care by special officers nominated in CSC Mumbai.

·        At the same, SNEA MH appeals all the executives in field units and offices that he/she should be more vigilant while applying for Temporary Advance and request should be submitted for specific works under specific heads and except extreme case no request should be booked under general head as Temporary advances are granted for specific works and one has to plan the work and then demand for advances. We also request to request separate temporary advance for separate head or the Heads like general expenses should be separated under which no funds are being allotted for long period.

·         Till there are any issues with Temporary advances, concerned Officers may contact officers in CSC Mumbai or Com. Ankit Gangar, JS HQ SNEA MH {9420685756} & /or Com. Abhay Kesarkar, JS NRU SNEA MH {9423085023}.   


28 FEB 18:  SNEA MH congratulates Com. Mrs. S. P. Rankhambe DGM IT Mumbai {9420696910}, Com. Ashish Sanghai SDE WTR Wardha {9422165000} Com. S. G. Menon, Sr. SDE Chandrapur {9422101003}, Com. M. A. Shaikh, JTO Kalyan {9423984070}, Com. N. O. Wagh, SDE Kalyan {9423990004}, Com. S. B. Raoke, JTO Parbhani, {9423118900} Com. U. A. Kolhe, JAO Parbhani, {9423668200} Com. P. B. Wagh, SDE Pune {9423983616}, Com P. R. Mali,  SDE Pune {9422315354}, on successful completion of long services in DoT/BSNL and on their peaceful superannuation /Voluntary retirement from BSNL.

·        Com. Mrs. S. P. Rankhambe DGM IT Mumbai has started her carrier as Office Assistant and within three months, she applied for JTO Outsider and was selected as JTO was posted as JTO Store Pune. Then she was transferred to Beed and she served in Beed SSA for nine Years. In Year 1994 she was transferred to Pune and her work as Commercial Officer was highly appreciated by all as she has cleared more than 3000 pending cases.  As SDE/AGM she has rendered services at Pune SSA, Circle Office Mumbai, BBNW Pune and then on her last promotion as DGM Regular she was transferred from BBW Pune to MH Circle Mumbai and she was posted as DGM IT Mumbai. Mrs. Rankhambe is known for devotion and sincerity in office works and has always maintained co-ordial relations with all staff and officers. Till last day of her retirement, she was working in the officer with same devotion and dedication as seen earlier. She was active members of SNEA and allays supported SNEA by participating in all event/ organisational programs arranged by SNEA. Due to some personal issues, she has opted for VRS from BSNL and same has been approved by BSNL.   

·        Com. Ashish Sanghai SDE WTR Wardha was appointed as JTO in 1990 and served in Railway Electrification project and then on transfer as JTO for Mtce of coaxial cable and then OFC network from May 1993 to Jan-2002. Then on promotion as regular SDE he got posting in MH circle in Yavatmal SSA and has successfully done installation and maintenance of MBM exchanges. On start of mobile era, when many have hesitation, Com Sanghai has accepted the challenge and entered in mobile section and devotedly planned , installed, commissioned and maintained whole mobile network starting from zero mobile connection to 1,70,000 connection and zero BTS to 210 BTS for Yavatmal SSA. He has fully dedicated his life to BSNL and has always treated BSNL office as second family. Before opting for VRS due to some family constraints and long stay transfer out of MH Circle to NE Circle, he has opted for VRS and till last day of his retirement he was sincerely working at WTR Wardha. With extreme devotion, he has saved about Rs. 23 lakhs penalty against BSNL in mutation of lease land case by vigorously persuading the case with local bodies during last year. With such devoted works and sincerity he was awarded with prestigious ‘SANCHAR SARTHI during Year 1998-99 for outstanding work in OFC mtce.  He is known for his soft spoken skills and for human touch with customers, public and office staff. He is known for his poems and writing in ‘Varhadi” languages.  Com. Sanghai is die hard and dedicated member of SNEA and he is founder President of SNEA Yavatmal and has always actively participated in overall all activities of SNEA and his contribution in arranging CEC Meeting of SNEA MH at Yavatmal was marvellous.  Attended and represented many SNEA conferences. He has played vital role in building SNEA Yavatmal and SNEA Wardha and also has taken part in many of the Circle Conferences and CEC Meetings. Com. Sanghai is very good player of kho-kho, Vollyball, Table tennis and Athletic and has secured first class throughout his career and has ranked seventh merit position in Amravati University of his BE graduation.

·        Com S. G. Menon, SDE Chandrpaur SSA has joined DoT on 06/04/1983 as Telephone Operator and thereafter he has worked as RSA at Carrier Station Nanded, JTO at WTR Pune MW, as SDE in WTR Nagpur & Bhandara, Nagpur Mobile and before joining at Chandrapur he has served as Asst Director in TERM Cell Nagpur. Since Sept 2017 he has taken over charge of SDE EB Chandrapur and has executed his duties under sincerely till his Voluntary Retirement. Com. Menon is very practical about the work assigned to him and his services remained outstanding as WTR SDE Bhandara. Com. Menon is an outstanding Badminton player and has represented DoT and BSNL for 20 years in All India tournaments and five times “Gold Medalist” and stood “Men's Singles Champion” at Trivandrum he also had  received Gold Medal at Calcutta All India meet and also honored by the then CGMT Maharashtra. Com S.G.Menon is a senior & die-hard member of SNEA and has rendered his services as DP SNEA Nagpur and was seen always ahead in each and every activity of SNEA and till he has opted for VRS, he has successfully completed around 35 years of service in DoT/BSNL.

·        Com. M. A. Shaikh, JTO CSC & Int Dombivali Kalyan SSA, has joined DoT in 1981 as a Technician at CTO Mumbai and later served as a TTA on first promotion. Then as JTO at Raigad and since 2006 he is posted in Kalyan SSA and then he worked at various places like Bhiwandi, Ambarnath, Shahapur and finally at the time of retirement at Vishnunagar (CSC & Intl) Dombivli. After 36 years of service he has taken VRS due to some health issue and till last day of retirement he has served BSNL with full devotion and dedication.  Com M. A. Shaikh has served as Organizational Secretary SNEA Kalyan for three terms and has always participated actively in the all activities of SNEA. Com. Shaikh has rendered his services as District Secretary, SNEA Raigad and played very important role in building strong base of SNEA in Raigad SSA. He has played instrumental role in organizing various events of SNEA and always motivated the members of SNEA with his dedication towards SNEA will be always remembered for such devoted services.

·        Com. N. O. Wagh SDE Ulhasnagar Kalyan SSA has joined DoT as a Technician in 1981 at CTO Mumbai and served till 2001 at CTO. Then he was promoted as JTO & posted at Kalyan SSA since 2001 where he worked as JTO Vasai and later he was posted as SDE at Ulhasnagar till his superannuation retirement. Com. Wagh served BSNL with Full devotion and dedication he has always been a die-hard member of SNEA and has always taken active part in all activities on the platform of SNEA. He is known for his soft speaking skills and polite behavior with the customers, staff and officers.

·        Com. S. B. Raoke, JTO Parbhani, have rendered his services to Parbhani SSA and has started his carrier as Sr TOA and become JTO after passing LDCE .He is die-hard comrade of SNEA and have played vital role in strengthening SNEA with his active support. After getting Retirement Com. Raoke JTO CSR/CAF   Parbhani has assured of his extending his hands & offered his services to the Betterment of Services of BSNL at Any time for any type of problem /difficulties. Com. Raoke has contributed actively towards the growth of BSNL during their lifelong services rendered earlier in DoT and now in BSNL.

·        Com. U. A. Kolhe, JAO Parbhani, joined as OS initially and passed JAO Exam and joined as JAO Parbhani and rendered his services at Parbhani Periphery. His special contribution / Specialisation was in Works/ Claims / TRA etc.  Com. Kolbe was   die-hard comrade of SNEA and have played vital role in strengthening SNEA with his active support. Com. Kolbe also has assured for extending his hands & offered his services to the Betterment of Services of BSNL at Any time after retirement for any type of problem /difficulties. Com. Kolhe has contributed actively towards the growth of BSNL during their lifelong services rendered earlier in DoT and now in BSNL.

·        Com. P. B. Wagh, SDE Indapur Pune SSA, joined DoT as Telephone Operator in 1982 at Dhule and got promoted to JTO in Aug 1997 at Dhule. On his further promotion as SDE in 2004, he got transferred to Kalyan where he has served up to 2007, he also served as SDE in Shirur Pune and in Indapur. It is worth to mention the Com. P. B. Wagh served almost all his service in rural and tribal area. Com. P. B. Wagh has been an active member of SNEA and has always participated in activities of SNEA.

·        Com P. R. Mali, SDE Pune was recruited as Technician in 1982 and served at Cantonment Exchange from 1982 to 1996. Further he got promoted as JTO in 1998 and was posted in Daund.  On his promotion as SDE (Offg) in 2003 he served as SDE Manchar and SDE Aundh up to 2009. Then he was transferred to Sindhudurg SSA where he served as SDE Kankavali in Sindhudurg SSA from 2009 to 2012. On the day of his retirement he is working as SDE OFC Rural Pune. Com Popat R Mali is very active member of SNEA from his early days since he has joined DoT/BSNL he was technician he has also participated in all major association activities.

SNEA MH salutes sincerity, dedication and affection by Com. Mrs Sheela P. Rankhambe, Com. Ashish Sanghai, Com. S. G. Menon, Com. M. A. Shaikh, Com. N. O. Wagh, Com. S. B. Raoke, Com. U. A. Kolhe, Com. P. B. Wagh and Com. P. R. Mali towards BSNL and SNEA and on behalf of thousands of Comrades of SNEA Maharashtra Circle, we wish them and their family members “A Happy A Happy, Peaceful, Healthy & Long Retired Life”


28 FEB 18: Analysis of Advantage and Disadvantage of both the option in EPF:  Recently BSNL Corporate Office has given option to all BSNL recruited Executives to opt for Higher Pension Option. In view of these options there is much confusion among executives where to opt or not to opt for Higher pension. Hence we are giving here the advantages and disadvantages of Higher Pension Options for aware ness among the executives and taking decision on opting for higher pension. This information is consolidiated by Com. Ankit Gangar, JS HQ SNEA MH, Com. Mukesh Wadhwani, ADS SNEA Kalyan and Com. Sachin Sarode, ACS East SNEA MH. 

A. Advantages of Higher Pension Option:

1.     Our lifestyle at the time of retirement can be maintained as pension will be almost half the salary during retirement

2.     As pension would be good amount we would be independent and not a burden on our family / kids

3.     Since pension fund is not linked to equity it would be a fixed and calculated amount

4.     Even if we withdraw all our EPF amount due to various emergencies during our service period , we will have a good amount as pension

5.     No need for any additional retirement pension planning if we go for this option

B. Disadvantages of Higher Pension Option:

1.     The retirement fund accumulated gets reduced as 8.33% is going in pension fund

2.     We earn lesser interest because money in pension fund is not getting interest

3.     Pension is not DA linked so with time the amount of pension will be less valuable due to inflation

4.     Fund available for withdrawal during service is lower

5.     Pension only if we take VRS or resign after age of 50 years, so not good if someone plans a start-up or business before 50 years of age

6.     The magical of compounding interest is less 

7.     In case if we leave BSNL and work in any other firm before retirement than pension will be according to basic in that company and normally all private companies give very small basic and higher fringe benefits.

C. Advantages of Existing Pension Option:

1.     Huge amount is being parked in retirement fund and we will be crorepati ;) by retirement

2.     During our retirement we will have ample money to invest in pension funds and also for building farm house or even for higher education of our kids

3.     During our service any sudden expenditure or emergency can be easily handled by withdrawal as now process is online and time to get money is also very less 

D. Disadvantages of existing Pension Options:

1.     Pension is very low , approximately 7500 in current formula considering the wage ceiling of 15000 ( it is proposed to be revised to 25000)

2.     Risk of equity volatility is increasing since now 15% of our money is linked to market

3.     If recession hits when we are retiring than we will lose a huge corpus of our fund

4.     The interest rates are continuously being reduced resulting in lesser compounding effect

5.     We need to plan additional funds for our retirement as we cannot be dependent only on EPF pension

·        Individual Executives have to take decision after critical analysis of the advantage and Disadvantages of both the options and by taking into account his/her financial planning, saving pattern and their short / long term goals.

·        Before deciding to opt for any of the option one has to understand the fact that benefits depends on the life span one get after retirement and if he/she gets life span of more than 65-70 years then option of Higher Pension will be better and for less life span existing pension option will be better option.

·        Here one cannot predict about life span he/she gets, but one can plan and maintain good health and opt for Higher Pension and as we have no authority to decide Life Span, one has to take decision as per his/her own analysis of the above advantages and disadvantages and personal goals of the life and pattern of self-financial planning, saving and dependency of the spouse and his/her financial conditions.

·        For any doubts or further queries about opting for higher pension and benefits thereof individuals may contact Com. Ankit Gangar, JS HQ SNEA MH (9420685756), Com. Mukesh Wadhwani, ADS SNEA Kalyan (94202020044), Com. Sachin Sarode, ACS East SNEA MH (9423591903), Com. Amit Naikade, JAO EPF Mumbai (9421397084) or Com. Omprakash AO EPF Mumbai (9423991989).


27 FEB 18:  Meeting with Shri. Sanjay Kaka Patil Hon. MP Sangli Loksabha Constituency at Sangli:  SNEA delegation led by Com. Bharat Sonawane, CP SNEA MH/DS SNEA Pune  and consisting of Com. M. S. Adasul DyGS SNEA CHQ & CS SNEA MH, Com. Tejas Tadsare, CWC Member , SNEA MH, Com. P. H. Koli, DS SNEA Sangli, Com. Niranjan Mehandale, DS SNEA Satara, Com. V.D. Bhede, VP SNEA Sangli, Com. Kedar Kulkarni, DT SNEA Sangli, Com. R.A. Mokashi, Com. K.M. Kulkarni, Com. P.R. Mallad and Com S. D Mali the  other active comrades of SNEA Sangli have met Shri. Sanjay Kaka Patil, Hon. MP Sangli Loksabha Constituency in  Walchand College of Engineering, Sangli during evening hours on 23/02/2018 and conveyed thanks and gratitude for arranging our special meeting with Shri. Manoj Sinhaji Hon. Minister for State Communications, Govt of India on his visit to Sangli and extending strong supports to demands raised by us. We conveyed him special thanks to arrange the meeting in very short period of time and also for having word with Hon. MoSC in early resolution of the issues of staff and officers of BSNL. We have also requested him to continue his support to BSNL till these issues are not resolved finally. We had discussions on others critical issues faced by Telecom sector and its adverse impact on BSNL and need of further active support to BSNL.  Hon. MP Shri. Sanjay Kaka Patil, informed that he is always with BSNL and its workforce and assured that he will again remind Hon. MoSC on these issues and if required one more meeting can be arranged at Delhi during coming Parliamentary session and directed us to remind him n second week of March 2018 while he will be at Delhi. In conclusion, we again conveyed him thanks for such strong support to BSNL and its staff and officers.

PHOTOs <<<>>>  


27 FEB 18: Day Light Loot of BSNL Money by M/S Hungama by fraudulent actions and its direct/indirect support by certain Officers in BSNL Corporate Office: GM S & M Mumbai writes reminder letter to GM NWP CFA BSNL Corporate Office New Delhi against fraudulent activities by M/S Hungama by forceful activation of Hungama services by giving wrong message of fastening broadband speed wherein about each and every customer trapped by M/S Hungama is charged about Rs 400 extra per month. Letter <<<>>>

·        It is most unfortunate that M/S Hungama is looting BSNL and its esteemed customers in day light by using unethical practices and till now thousands of BSNL connections have been surrendered /closed due to such “loot” by M/S Hungama.

·        GM S&M Mumbai has earlier also written such letter to BSNL Corporate Office, but it seems that the officers in Corporate office are not understanding depth of loot by M/S Hungama or otherwise some have joined hands with M/S Hungama and thereby giving free hands to cheater company M/S Hungama to loot BSNL.

·        This is best example how BSNL Corporate Office is allowing loot of BSNL Money as M/S Hungama is cheating BSNL customers for last three to four years and no action has been taken by BSNL Corporate Office on it, but on the contrary every year M/S Hungama is being given extension of the contract to continue harass BSNL customers.

·        The customer disappointed by the fraudulent actions of M/S Hungama is not aware about the misuse by M/S Hungama and are thinking that these charges are added by the BSNL itself and we BSNL staff and Officers of BSNL are looting the BSNL customers.

·        The great theme of this clever theft by M/S Hungama is the condition in MoU between BSNL and M/S Hungama by which M/S Hungama gets payment from BSNL on raising the bills on the same month and it has no relation where BSNL has received bill amount from customer or not.

·        As such, BSNL is at double loss as one side money is not received from customer for such bogus bills and BSNL is paying that amount to M/S Hungama without earning single rupee and also BSNL has to forgo the esteemed customer for no fault with BSNL and unnecessarily BSNL employees & officers in Field Units and CSCs are being blamed for such excess billing and they are facing anguish of BSNL customers on day to day basis.  

·        Earlier on complaints of BSNL customers, the field Officers where deactivating services provided by M/S Hungama and the BSNL as well customers money was saved, but due to pressure from M/S Hungama now this facility has been withdrawn from BSNL officers and only M/S Hungama has power to deactivate the facility and this is being done as per directions of the BSNL Corporate Office and this smells deep involvement of certain officers in the fraudulent actions of M/S Hungama and detail inquiry by Vigilance, CVC or even by CBI will prevail the truth and such to depth inquiry only will expose the certain BSNL officers involved in this loot and with serious initiatives  only the staff , officers and Management of M/S Hungama can be set right and stopped from looting BSNL and its customers.

·        This is one type of official loot of BSNL and here CGMT MH , GM Fin Mumbai are trying hard for cash collections by pushing all officers and staff out of office, but may be due to pressure and some relations with certain officers in  BSNL Corporate Office , no action is being taken against M/S Hungama for such fraudulent action.

·        When M/S Hungama is looting BSNL throughout India, BSNL management is not taking any action against it rather it is indirectly supporting M/S Hungama as even after hundreds and thousands of complaints with supporting documents by SSA Heads/Circle Heads.

·        Here one side our staff and executives are compelled to go to weekly bazars, local markets and compelled to sale SIM and new connections by door to door approach and other side the useless company like M/S Hungama is given free hands to loot the money earned by executives and staff of BSNL by their such day night efforts and it is really disgusting for one and all. 

·        The need of time is that when such documentary evidences are there against fraudulent actions by M/S Hungama about cheating of  BSNL and its customers, it should have been black listed and expelled at least from Maharashtra Circle, but unfortunately no action is being taken in this directions and BSNL continues to be looted by fraudulent actions of M/S Hungama and all junior as well as senior officers in Circle & BSNL management have maintained deep silence on this very important and critical matter related to revenue loss of BSNL.

·        It is fact that BSNL do not have money/funds to even clear the Temporary Advances for day to day works as Temporary Advances of more than Rupees 70 Lakhs are pending for months together and not sanctioned due to non-availability of funds, but here even single rupee of M/S Hungama is never stopped for non-availability of funds and whatever bills are raised by M/S Hungama are being paid in advance and that to be without realization of money from concerned BSNKL customers.

·        SNEA MH congratulates Shri. S.K. Mishra, GM S&M Mumbai and his entire team of Marketing section and also the certain SSA Heads and their teams for raising voice  against fraudulent actions of M/S Hungama fearlessly putting facts and figures on paper and mainly for taking bold step demanding actions against M/S Hungama. We also congratulate and convey thanks to all these officers for suggesting corrective measures for activation of Hungama services only by OTP.

·        But it unfortunate that the officers in BSNL Corporate office are till inclined to M/S Hungama and not taking any action against M/S Hungama for fraudulent acts also nothing is being done to stop the fraudulent actions by M/S Hungama by compelling M/S Hungama to activate its services by sending OTP and not by asking for sms.

·        Further the powers of BSNL Officers for deactivation of Hungama services on the basis of request of customer or deactivation by its telephonic call/confirmation from and to the customer.

·        Hope in similar manner of GM S& M and some SSA Heads other officers come into action fearlessly and mainly Finance wing dares to first to stop payments of M/S Hungama and then to recover money from M/S Hungama wherein the fraud cases are reported and certified by concerned Officers and SSA Heads with monthly exercise on calculation of payments and recovery thereof.

·        If such actions of recovery are taken on monthly basis, then and only then M/S Hungama will not get the extraordinary benefits what they are getting now by fraudulent actions and thus BSNL money and customer base can be saved.

·        Hope this time, the officers in BSNL Corporate Office and BSNL management takes action against M/S Hungama and nothing will be required on part of Unions/Associations against this open eye loot of BSNL Money by M/S Hungama.

·        But if no action is taken by BSNL management against M/S Hungama , defiantly we all officers & staff will have to come on streets, protest in mass against M/S Hungama , give address of M/S Hungama to customers, guide them to file court case in respective courts against M/S Hungama, file FIR in respective Police stations for fraudulent actions, give statements and witness in support of BSNL customers and against M/S Hungama  and make management, staff and officers of M/S Hungama to run from pillar to post and let them visit each court and police station and reply to the cases filed by each and every customer affected by fraudulent actions by M/ S Hungama.

·        Not only customers, but even we staff and officers on part of BSNL will have to lodge complaints/FIR against  M/S Hungama, its management, officers and staff for fraudulent actions and cheating public by giving misleading information and looting BSNL Money by malpractices and we are sorry that in such complaints/cases definitely certain officers in BSNL Corporate Office will also become party for not taking corrective actions against M/S Hungama even after facts are brought to their notice and supporting directly and indirectly to the fraudulent actions of staff , officers and management of M/S Hungama.

·        Apart from these actions for court cases, FIRs and agitations on streets, we will have to draw attention of Internal Auditors, External Auditors, P&T Auditors about loss of Crores of Rupees to exchequer due to inaction by BSNL management/Corporate Office and we are also having channels Open to put such fraudulent actions on Twitter accounts of BSNL management, DOT, Hon. MoSC and even to Hon. Prime Minster of India in case this time action is not taken by BSNL management.

·        Comrades, nothing is impossible for all of us if we firmly stand united against fraudulent actions of M/S Hungama, and we will have to stand together not only to  control M/S Hungama, but we will have to firmly and united act to stop total loot of BSNL money being done by M/S Hungama.

·        SNEA MH appeals all comrades working in field units to come out openly and save our BSNL and its esteemed customers from the fraudulent actions of M/S Hungama and we just cannot be mute spectators when our own BSNL and its hard earned money is being looted by M/S Hungama and we cannot further allow certain officers in BSNL Management to support M/S Hungama even indirectly and no question of continuing direct and open support as being done now. 

·        Comrades, it is our “Prime” responsibility to save BSNL and save hard earned money of BSNL, please do not allow M/S Hungama to loot BSNL Money further and we will have to recover money of the BSNL swallowed by M/S Hungama till now.

·        “Enough is Enough Comrades” and now please be ready for strong struggle and direct oppose to M/S Hungama if now also BSNL Corporate Office do not act and continue to support fraudulent actions of M/S Hungama, then we will have to expose & book the BSNL officers are directly /indirectly safeguarding fraudulent actions of M/S Hungama and giving free hand to loot BSNL Money and then and this seems to be only way to stop the loot of BSNL and its esteemed customers by the fraudulent company M/S Hungama.

·        The field officers, staff and activist regardless of his/her belongingness to any Union/Association having information, documents, about the cheating actions by M/S Hungama, list of customers cheated by M/S Hungama may share their it along with views on this subject with Com. Sachin Sarode, ACS East SNEA MH by phone or by sms on  as early as possible.             


26 FEB 18:  GM Fin Mumbai writes all IFAs in Maharashtra Circle, about huge outstanding against IUCs and conducting HPC for cases where recovery is not possible and to send HPC report to his office. Letter <<<>>>


26 FEB 18:  BSNL Corporate Office Introduces New FMC Plan 399 Ghar Wapasi under postpaid mobile services. Letter <<<>>>


26 FEB 18:  DGM CA & ERP Mumbai writes reminder letter to certain IFAs for closure of non-operative bank accounts. Letter <<<>>>


26 FEB 18:  DGM CA & ERP Mumbai writes to all IFAs for closure of Temporary Advance hold by officers transferred out of SSA and surrender of ATM cards latest by 10/03/2018. Letter <<<>>>


24 FEB 18:  Meeting with Shri. Manoj Sinhaji Hon. Minister of Sate Communications, Govt of India at Sangli:  SNEA delegation led by Com. Bharat Sonawane, CP SNEA MH/DS SNEA Pune  and consisting of Com. M. S. Adasul DyGS SNEA CHQ & CS SNEA MH, Com. R. S. Patil, JS South SNEA MH/DP SNEA Sangli, Com. Tejas Tadsare, CWC Member SNEA MH, Com. P. H. Koli, DS SNEA Sangli, Com. Niranjan Mehandale, DS SNEA Satara, Com. V.D. Bhede, VP SNEA Sangli, Com. Kedar Kulkarni, DT SNEA Sangli and other active comrades of SNEA Sangli met Shri. Manoj Sinhaji  Hon. Minister for State Communications, Govt of India in Conference Hall of Ajit Gulbchand Library of Walchand College of Engineering, Sangli in the afternoon of 23/02/2018 and gave him warm welcome in Maharashtra.

·        Shri. Manoj Sinhaji Hon. MoSC had specially came from Delhi to Sangli in Maharashtra State for inauguration Sangli “First Beyond Horizon Industrial Expo 2018” arranged by Shri. Sanjay Kaka Patil Hon. MP Loksabha from Sangli Constituency. It was personal intervention by Hon. MP who has specially arranged the meeting of SNEA delegation with Hon. MoSC and wherein delegation gave warm welcome to Hon. MoSC. Delegation conveyed him thanks for the support extended by his Ministry and certain initiatives taken by Govt of India in the interest of BSNL. Delegation further requested Hon. MoSC for his kind intervention on two prominent issues related to executives and non-executives working in BSNL i.e. grant of 3rd Pay Revision with 15 % Formula by relaxation of affordability clause and early action of grant of Standard Pay Scales for BSNL recruited executives.

·        Shri. Manoj Sinhaji Hon. MoSC informed that he is pleased to his own team from BSNL and assured that both the issues raised by delegation are under active consideration by DoT. He further added that he is aware about the unrest among the employees of BSNL and hence he has granted time for meeting to leaders of all Unions and Associations of BSNL tomorrow on 24/02/2018. He assured that all the issues raised by unions including these two prominent issues will be discussed with officers in DoT as well as union leaders and will be resolved in best possible manner. 

·        In conclusion he firmly assured for extending all possible benefits to employees of BSNL and for extending supports for growth of BSNL.

·        The meeting was very fruitful as first Time Hon. MoSC Shri. Manoj Sinhaji has assured to look into issue of PRC which was neglected even in letter issued by DoT before two days denying PRC and this letter has been later withdrawn unconditionally and it is positive sign for workforce of BSNL about granting 3rd Pay Revision in days to come.

·        Com. P.H. Koli, DS SNEA Sangli has vigorously and successfully pursued for arranging SNEA special meeting with Hon. MoSC within day of tour of Hon. MOSC was announced for Sangli.

·        PHOTOS <<<>>>


·        During his address in the inauguration function of “First Beyond Horizon Industrial Expo 2018”Shri. Manoj Sinhaji Hon. MoSC has elaborately explained that how loss making BSNL before 3-4 years has been taken to better position after taking over by present Government and how it has been brought into Operational profit from earlier losses. He added that due to entry of R JIO there is huge and critical competition in Telecom Sector due to which many of the Telecom companies have closed their Telecom Business and even many Telecom companies also have closed. But in this critical condition also, the staff and officers of BSNL have taken very sincere efforts for growth of BSNL and as results there is addition in Mobile connections of BSNL. He proudly said that when lakhs of mobile connections of private companies have been closed, some Private Telecom companies have closed their Telecom business due to losses, here BSNL has recorded addition of lakhs of mobile connection it is possible due to serious efforts by officers and staff of BSNL.

·        Shri. Manoj Sinhaji Hon. MoSC further added that earlier some comments were made on name of BSNL like “Andar se Nahi lagata”, “bahar se nahi lagata” but with the devoted efforts by all employees and officers these phrases have become outdated for BSNL and it is giving better services with new slogan BSNL mean Behatr Seva ki Nai Lagan” with expectation of further improvement of quality of services being provided by BSNL. He mentioned that earlier BSNL was not provided funds for equipment’s but now Govt is supporting BSNL and required equipment’s for improvement of quality of service and its expansion are being supplied to BSNL.

·        Shri. Sinhaji Hon. MoSC also added he is aware that other operators are offering 4G services and BSNL is not in position to provide 4G services due to non-availability of the Spectrum for it and assured that very shortly the spectrum required for providing 4G services will be allotted and BSNL will be effectively providing 4G services. 

·        Shri. Sinhaji Hon. MoSC added that BSNL is not overall profit during last year but it has taken turn around over the years by changing from loss making company to Operational Profit making company and appreciated sincere efforts by all the officers and Staff of BSNL in meeting the competition in Telecom Sector. He also elaborated different action plans by Govt of India for making BSNL as Profit making PSU. He has explained that with support by Govt of India, the ITL Limited which was in losses for last ten years has shown profit of some Crores during this year. He assured full support to the BSNL for providing better quality of services to its customers in days to come. 


23 FEB 18:  Meeting with Shri. Anant Geeteji Hon. Minister of Heavy Industries, Govt of India:  SNEA delegation led by Com. G. L. Jogi, Chairman SNEA CHQ and consisting of Com. M. S. Adasul DyGS SNEA CHQ & CS SNEA MH, Com. Abhay Kesarkar, JS NRU SNEA MH, Com. Ankit Ganagr, JS HQ SNEA MH, Com. Sachin Kohadkar DS SNEA Raigad, Com. C.V. Rao, TDM Raigad, Com. Prashant Jadhav DP SNEA Mumbai, Com. Anil Dubey, DS SNEA Mumbai, Com. Deepak Mahajan ADS SNEA Raigad met Shri. Anant Geeteji Honourable Minister for Heavy Industries, Govt of India at his office in Vile Parle, Mumbai in the evening hours on 22/02/2018 and very strongly pleaded for his effective kind intervention in getting relaxation in affordability clause for implementation of 3rd PRC from the Union Cabinet to enable implementation of 3rd PRC in all CPSUs regardless of their profits.

·        Leaders apprised Honourable Minister about the great role played by CPSUs in strengthening Indian Economy and building a very formidable infrastructure in all critical sectors of development of Country. We categorically updated him about the role of BSNL and how the BSNL is service industry rather than focusing on profit as referred by 3rd PRC. We also elaborated him with classic example that BSNL has always given priority to provide services to customers regardless of the calculation of loss and profit thereof and hence affordability has no meaning for its grant of 3rd PRC for its workforce.

·        Com. G.L. Jogi Chairman SNEA CHQ emphatically told Honourable Minister that only his very personal & kind intervention will help resolve the issue and pave the way for implementation of 3rd PRC in CPSUs including BSNL regardless of their profits/losses.

·        Shri. Ananat Geeteji, Hon. Minister of Heavy Industries, Govt of India duly acknowledged the huge services rendered by CPSUs in growth and development of the Country in strategic and key sectors. He also informed that he is well aware about the contribution of BSNL in overall growth of India and also acknowledged that he is well familiar about the BSNL services being provided at the remote and odd places where profit is not possible and hence BSNL is different from others and assured to extend all possible support from Govt of India.  

·        Shri. Ananat Geeteji Hon. Minister for Heavy Industries, Govt of India gave patience hearing to delegation and was quite impressed and convinced by views expressed by delegation and categorically assured delegation that he will try to move a note for consideration of the Union Cabinet regarding relaxation of affordability clause and asked us to give brief note on the issue.

·        In conclusion Hon. Minister reiterated strong resolve and keenness to intervene in the matter by moving a note for consideration and approval of the Union Cabinet to get the issue addressed comprehensively and advised delegation to meet him at Delhi for detail discussions and firmly assured to do whatever possible from his side in support of BSNL workforce n 3rd PRC issue as well as other issues.

·        In conclusion delegation conveyed him thanks for giving ample time for discussions and patience hearing to the feelings of SNEA delegation on 3rd PRC issues of CPSUs n General and BSNL in particular.

·        By sensing presence of Com. G. L. Jogi Chairman SNEA CHQ at Mumbai for some personal work, this meeting was arranged by Com. Sachin Kohadkar, DS SNEA Raigad under valuable guidance of Com. C. V. Rao TDM Raigad that to be in short notice of the single day and this meeting will be hopefully give firm path for grant of 3rd Pay Revision for BSNL executives as well Non Executives.

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