Last updated on  15 AUG 19    






14 AUG 19:  AGM Staff Mumbai issued orders for posting of Com. D.B. Varhadkar  AGM who has joined in Maharashtra Circle after completion of all India hard tenure station at NE-I Circle and he is posted at choice station as AGM CM Mumbai as per his request.   Letter <<<>>>    


14 AUG 19:  DGM Admn Mumbai issued orders nominating Shri. P. R. Khairkar, DGM NWO CM Mumbai as Dy. Liaison Officer for Welfare of SC/ST employees in Maharashtra Circle. Letter <<<>>>    


14 AUG 19:  AGM Staff Mumbai writes to BA/SSA Heads Kolhapur, Sangli, Ratnagiri and Sindhudurg SSAs directing not to grant any leave to executives and non-executives in these SSAs till normalcy is achieved in restoration of Telecom services in these Districts which are affected due to heavy rains and flood situation thereof.  Letter <<<>>>    


14 AUG 19:  AGM Staff Mumbai writes SSA/BA Heads for timely submission of retirement cases of the officers /officials in Maharashtra Circle  retiring in coming days to avoid delay in settlement of retirement claims of these retiring officers/officials.  Letter <<<>>>    


14 AUG 19:  DGM FC Mumbai writes to BA/SSA Heads and IFAs for kind intervention on the below average performance by 87 Account Officers in recovery of outstanding amount during month of July 2019.  Letter <<<>>>

·        The letter directs SSA Heads to advise these officers to make efforts to improve situation failing which unfavorable actions and transfers may be initiated including recommendations for transfer out of Maharashtra Circle.

·        List of specific 87 Account officers working in different SSAs in Maharashtra Circle is published as Non-performer as the recovery achievement of these officers in below 10% of target assigned.

·        Many of the officers listed here are the best performers and they cannot be labeled as non-performer just on performance of one-month achievements, but it has been done here. 

·        SNEA MH appreciates concern expressed by DGM FC Mumbai for timely and prompt recovery but we cannot agree on such transfers on name of non-performer and achievement of targets without even basic support from Management. 

·        All 87 officers cannot be non-performer and there is need of review on achievement by different factors and not on only amount recovered as being done now.

·        Assessment needs to be done by talking all factors into consideration and by understanding fact that many of exchanges and BTS are down for different reasons including measure reason of nonpayment of electricity bills and hence there is reluctance on part of customers to pay the outstanding bills. 

·        Unfortunately, without understanding field difficulties, till certain officers are of the opinion that transfers at odd places or fear thereof is the only solution to get work done for these officers/officials.

·         Let us hope, proper review is taken on assessment of achievement of all these officers and these officers are encouraged for giving their best with creative ideas. 




12 AUG 19:  AGM Staff Mumbai published list of SDEs, DEs and DGMs having longest stay in Maharashtra Circle calling for omissions/additions/alternations in long stay data.  Letter for DE/DGMs    <<<>>>    Letter for SDEs    <<<>>> 

·        This long stay list is published for purification of long stay data and corrections if any was/is to be intimated on email latest by 09/08/2019 for DE/DGMs and latest by 13/08/2019 for SDEs.

·        This long stay list is prepared including all officers from all Circles i.e. all the officers in that cadre from MH, WTR, WTP, ITP, BBNW, Inspection Circle working in territory of Maharashtra Circle. 

·        In DE cadre list of 100 officers is published, in SDE cadre list of 75 officers is published, and in DGM cadre list of only 12 officers is published as all other DGM Adhoc/Regular has crossed age limit of 55 years as on 31/03/2019.

·        This data is normally used for posting of the officers at All India hard tenure stations as substitute for tenure completed executives in same cadre.

·        In some cases, this long stay list has been operated for filling shortage of executives in Non-Tenure Circes as seen in recent past wherein some DEs from long stay list are transferred and posted to Bihar Circle.

·        As per transfer policy clause 11 (k), data of the long stay is counted with reference to 31st march of that financial year of that particular year and in this case, it should be 31/03/2020.

·        However, here BSNL Corporate office has wrongly called for stay particulars as on 31/03/3019 and Maharashtra Circle also following it blindly.

·        This matter has been brought to notice of all concerned officers along with transfer policy guidelines, but till this list is published by counting stay as on 31/03/2019.

·        Anyone counting his position for posting to all India Hard Tenure stations may check it by excluding names of the officers who are attending age of 55 years as on 31/03/2020.

·        But the names of officers in this long stay list who are attending age of 55 years by 31/03/2020, may be considered for posting to Non-Tenure Circles to meet shortage in that cadre. But in such cases, some more names will be added as age limit for posting to non-tenure Circles is 56 years as per clause 11 (k) of transfer policy.

·        Also many of the officers in the list are working at All India Soft tenure stations i.e. Sindhudurg and Gadchiroli SSAs in MH Circle and some are already under transfer. Hence the actual position in the longest stay list which will be operated by BSNL Corporate office will me much upper than it is appearing in this list and hence one has to plan his actions accordingly to avoid inconvenience due to untimely transfers.

·        In has been warned in letter, that corrections or modifications will not be accepted once data is forwarded to BSNL Corporate office and hence all concerned officers are requested to act in time to avoid any inconvenience at later stage.

·        All concerned Executives are requested to take note of this and act in time by sending corrections /modifications required if any well within time.


12 AUG 19:  AGM Staff Mumbai issued orders for Looking After Arrangements in DGM Cadre for wherein Com. M. P. Fursule, DE Amravati  is given charge of DGM Amravati in local arrangement .  Letter   <<<>>> 


12 AUG 19:  AGM Staff Mumbai issued transfer order of Com. R.N. Datar, JTO Pune on his request to Raigad SSA as substitute to one out of two JTOs transferred from Raigad SSA to TERM Cell Mumbai.  Letter   <<<>>> 


 12 AUG 19:  CAO FC Mumbai issued relieving order of AOs by MH Circle on their out of Circle Request Transfers.  Letter   <<<>>> 


 12 AUG 19: CEE Mumbai writes to all SSA Heads along with the list of BTS sites with average monthly power consumption  more than the expected i. e. above 1500 KWH and request for corrective action to reduce power consumptions.  Letter   <<<>>> 


12 AUG 19: CEE Mumbai writes to all SSA Heads for reduction of Operational expenditure on AMCs by stopping AMCs of DG sets with capacity up to  30 KVA w.e.f. 01/09/2019.  Letter   <<<>>> 


 12 AUG 19:  DGM NWO CFA Mumbai writes SSA Heads for action for disconnection of Power Supply and vacating premises of about 284 closed Exchanges with less than 20 DELs and compliance thereof including fund for payment of outstanding rent required to close these exchanges permanently.  Letter   <<<>>> 


 6 AUG 19 :  Updates on Electricity Bill Payments by BSNL  Maharashtra Circle: Since long there many BTSs and Exchanges of Maharashtra Circle (excluding Goa State) are shut down due to disconnections of Electricity by MSEDCL as the total outstanding amount has reached to tune of more than Fifty Crores over the period.

·        Due to shortage of Funds and critical position thereof, BSNL Corporate office is not allotting funds as required by Maharashtra Circle to run the exchanges and BTSs. It is badly required that at least Electricity bills of at least profit making BTS and Exchanges is restored immediately. These disconnections have badly affected on the lease circuits, which are contributing good amount of revenue of BSNL.

·        Unfortunately that much funds are also not being allotted by BSNL Corporate office to Maharashtra Circle which the biggest Telecom Circle and is sharing more than 25% revenue to BSNL.

·        From Maharashtra Circle, every effort are made on part of CGMT MH, GM Fin Mumbai, CCE Mumbai and other concerned officers to get electricity funds allotted, but till sufficient funds are not being allotted.

·        With such continuous persuasion and efforts, in last week some fund of about Rs 14 (Fourteen) Crore was released by BSNL Corporate office for Electricity payments in which the bills of major Exchanges and BTs have been paid on Priority. Again, yesterday about Rs Seven Crore is released by BSNL Corporate office and same also has been paid to MSEDCL in similar way against Electricity bills of important Exchanges and BTSs.

·        Even after these partial payments, till about Rs 52 (Fifty Two Crores) is outstanding amount is to be paid to MSEDCL and funds are awaited from BSNL Corporate office.

·        The monthly payments of Electricity by BSNL to MSEDCL is about Rs. 25 Crores and if funds are not allotted regularly, the outstanding amount goes on increasing.

·        Actually, there is need of immediate action to close all the Establishments of BSNL including Exchanges and BTS which cannot contribute any profit to BSNL and are reason for losses to BSNL, but till no such steps are initiated and about all such loss making establishments, Exchanges and BTSs are kept working which are adding recurring loss to BSNL. 

·        Meantime, matter was pursued by office of GMT Kolhapur with Collector Kolhapur and with keen persuasion and elaborating stand of BSNL to provide services in flood affected Kolhapur District; the District Collector Kolhapur has issued directions for reconnecting Electricity supply of all BSNL establishments in Kolhapur District.

·        Apart from this some reductions in Electricity, payments are expected from BEOP proposal issued by BSNL Maharashtra Circle, but exact amount cannot be ascertained at this stage when proposal is at initial stage. 

·        Thus, though situation is not improved totally, there are certain changes due to partial allotments of funds of electricity payments by BSNL CO to Maharashtra Circle and some exchanges and BTSs of BSNL have got life for few days.

·        Let us hope in days to come, BSNL Corporate office allots the total funds required for restoration of all disconnected Electricity connections and in no disconnections happens in future.  


 6 AUG 19 :  AGM Pers Policy BSNL CO writes to Circle/Unit Heads for adhering to the consolidated guidelines approved by competent authority for considering request of BSNL employees for deputation to other outsider organizations.  Letter   <<<>>> 


 6 AUG 19 :  AGM Staff Mumbai issued relieving orders of two SDEs from MH Circle on their request transfer to all India Hard tenure Station in J & K Circle. Letter   <<<>>> 


 6 AUG 19:  AGM Staff Mumbai issued orders for direct relieving through ERP from MH Circle to Bihar Circle. Letter   <<<>>>

These DEs were already relieved by MH circle on 22/07/2019 and till there is no any order issued by BSNL Corporate office for ERP relieving of these DEs, but in extra cautious action to safeguard its position, MH Circle has relieved these DEs through ERP with directions for immediately joining in Bihar Circle without any relieving order from their controlling officers in Pune SSA.  


6 AUG 19 :  AGM Staff Mumbai issued change of additional charge respect of Com. N. L. Jadhav, SDE Civil Nashik from earlier posting as SDE HR Admn Nashik to SDE EB Nashik as per request and recommendations of GMT Nashik.  Letter   <<<>>> 


 6 AUG 19 :  GM S & M CFA Mumbai published list of the exchanges to be outsourced to BEOPs.  Letter   <<<>>> 


 5 AUG 19 :  AGM Staff Mumbai issued advisory to  concerned Non-executives and Executives who are roaming in HR & Admn sections of Circle Office Mumbai.  Letter   <<<>>> 

·        Though it is issued as advisory to Office Bearers of Associations/Unions, it is indirect advisory to the controlling officers to take work from the concerned Executives and Non-Executives who are roaming in HR & Admn Section of Circle Office Mumbai.

·        As per observation of AGM Staff Mumbai and said competent authority, many officials and officers are roaming in HR/Admn Sections of Circle Office Mumbai and hence this is attempt to stop the roaming of said leaders/individuals who are assumed to be free from their office works by AGM Staff Mumbai.

·        In normal course, the Office Bearers of Unions and Associations are given privilege by immunity by posting at HQs for pursuing such pending HR issues and grievances of members and nothing is wrong in visiting HR/Admn Section by Office Bearers of Unions and Associations.

·        However, here, by forgetting this privilege, it seems that AGM Staff Mumbai has issued letter with extra ordinary order to take leave for visiting HR/Admn Section in same building, which is surprising and contradictory.

·        Earlier such letter was issued by Pers Cell BSNL CO, may be as some individuals were found playing with records of Personal cell and it was also general advisory. However, after issuing such general advisory, the visitors to Pers Cell are not at all reduced as no one has gone to root cause of such visits and same will happen in Maharashtra Circle also.   

·        This is letter by Staff section, which is unable to get work done from their subordinates/superiors in time bound manner and blaming other for frequent visits and roaming in HR Admn Section.

·        No leader of any Association or Union wants to visit HR/Admn  Sections, without any work and it is not at all roaming place as quoted in this letter as none of sections in BSNL offices are amusement park or entertainment parks where people are visiting frequently and roaming without any work and killing time of individuals.

·        It is not that anyone who visits HR/Admn Section is visiting to get some peace of mind or some extra ordinary benefits from HR Admn section, but compulsions are created on these leaders and individuals to visit Staff and Admn Section to get their pending works done from these officers and officials in HR /Admn Sections.

·        Here one has to understand that there is something missing in the work culture of HR Admn Section, which needs serious introspection why these leaders and individuals are visiting and roaming in HR /Admn Section of Circle office.

·        Not only leaders from other units of Circle Office, but many individuals and leaders from Different Districts are visiting to Staff section and waiting for hours together to meet concerned officers just to pursue their pending individual grievances. 

·        If it was so, then there was need on part of AGM Staff Mumbai to find out such frequent visitors roaming in HR Admn section as if they do not have any work in their sections and issue advisory by name to all such frequent visitors and issuing such general advisory will not serve the very purpose behind such intention to avoid roaming in the HR/Admn Sections.    

·        No doubt, the certain staff and officers in HR Admn Section are sensitive in dealing their issues, but even after such serious actions on part of these officers and officials, the works are pending and more time is taken to get grievances cleared/settled.

·        Hence for persuasion of such pending issues and to avoid negative action/ comments  on requests of individuals before it is processed in file, the individuals and leaders visits to HR /Admn sections and meets concerned officers and officials.

·        If action is taken to complete all such HR issues to settle it in time bound manner and definite time line is fixed for any activity in HR /Admn Section related to HR issues and individual cases and transparency is maintained by publishing status and data of such cases/issues on Intranet, there is no need to visit of anybody to HR/Admn Section even for single time and definitely no need of such advisory.

·        However, unfortunately, in lack of such time bound arrangements, such visits are made by certain leaders and individuals and there are clashes between certain officers and these visitors and then instead of going to root cause, such formality is completed by issuing general advisory.

·        No doubt, there are certain officers and officials who are regular visitors of HR & Admn Section for no work on their part in HR/Admn Section but just to have cheat chat with the officers and officials in HR/Admn Section as the concerned officials and officers are their friends/batch mates and well-wishers.

·        GM HR Admn Mumbai always takes privilege to post best and intelligent Executives in HR/Admn Sections and DGM Admn Mumbai always takes privilege to post best and intelligent Non-Executives in HR/Admn Sections. As such, others are visiting HR/Admn Section to get valuable guidance from such intelligent Officers and Officials working in HR /Admn Section of Circle office Mumbai and it is one of reasons for frequent visits to HR Admn Section. 

·        As such , assumptions by the concerned officers that certain officers and Officials are roaming in HR Admn Section is non-factual and there is need to go to root cause of the reasons of such frequent visits and visitors otherwise issuing such letters will be mere formality. 

·        SNEA MH appreciates the concern expressed in this letter about frequent visits by certain individuals as well as leaders and appeals CGMT MH and GM HR Admn Mumbai to have serious review of it and have analysis of the frequent visits of all such individuals to HR Admn Section and go to the root cause of these reasons with transparency thereof.

·        With such review and action, nobody will visit to HR Admn Section, Circle Office Mumbai even for once, and no need of such unwanted general advisory creating doubts in minds of the workforce of BSNL who are not aware about working of Circle Office Mumbai.


 3 AUG 19 :  GM S &M CFA Mumbai writes SSA/BA Heads requesting them to apprise all teams/field officers /SDOs in charge to take extra ordinary efforts to outsource at least 25% of loss making Exchanges by 31/08/2019 under BEOP (BSNL Exchange Operating Partner) scheme.  Letter   <<<>>>    Terms and Conditions    <<<>>>     Brochure in Marathi <<<>>>    Brochure in English   <<<>>>

·        The bids for BEOP can be quoted by Telecom Infrastructure Providers (TIPs), Telecom Service Providers (TSPs), Virtual Network Operators (VNOs), Local Cable TV Operators, Franchisees, System Integrators, DIDs, BSNL Retailers, Direct Selling Agents, Any registered company or society, Local Shop Owners, Start-ups or local entrepreneurs, Unemployed Graduates, Local Youth having matriculation/degree or ITI, Retired BSNL employees, near relatives of serving BSNL employees etc.

·        It is good opportunity for Contract Labours and EOIs earlier working with BSNL as they are in need of job, they are having very good knowledge and experience of BSNL working , have contact and relations with the BSNL existing as well as to the customers who have left BSNL earlier and can be brought back to BSNL. 

·        This offer is also open for retired BSNL employees and even near relatives of serving BSNL employees and they also have good opportunity to have interaction with BSNL after retirement and can use skills and knowledge of BSNL for betterment of self and BSNL also.

·        All are requested to give wide publicity to it and see that this BEOP scheme is widely accepted by the concerned and BSNL as well as concerned individuals are benefitted with it.


 3 AUG 19 :  EE HQ Mumbai issued Transfer Orders considering request of Five SDEs in Civil as per their request from one SSA to another SSA and one transfer in the interest of service.  Letter   <<<>>> 

·        This is very positive HR approach shown by Shri. Kumar Manoj, PrCE Civil Mumbai keeping his words given to SNEA and these individual SDEs for posting back to their parent SSA on completion of two years. With this order about all request in Civil wing are given consideration.

·        This timely order will give relief to these SDEs who can be now with their family and take care of family as well as office with full devotion.

·        SNEA MH conveys thanks and gratitude to Shri. M. G. Nagpure, SDE Civil HQ Mumbai, Mrs. S. G. Kulkarni, EEC HQ Mumbai   Shri. Kumar Manoj, PrCE Civil Mumbai and Shri. Manoj Mishra, CGMT MH Circle for giving timely consideration to these pending requests of SDEs in Civil wing.

·        All these requests were successfully pursued over the period by Com. Abhay Kesarkar, JS NRU SNEA MH.   

·        Hopefully all other pending request transfers of executives in Civil wing as well as in other wing will be given consideration with new and such positive HR approach by New CGMT MH Circle


 3 AUG 19:  EE HQ Mumbai issued orders for local Transfer of SDE Civil as per administrative requirement of Civil wing and concerned SSA.  Letter   <<<>>> 


 3 AUG 19 :  EE HQ Mumbai issued orders assigning additional  charge of DGM Admn Aurangabad to SE Civil Aurangabad along with his present assignment without any extra remuneration.  Letter   <<<>>> 


 3 AUG 19 :  DGM Pers SM BSNL CO issued orders extending date of reporting and reviewing about 711 pending e-APRs of Year 2018-19 respectively up to 09/08/2019 and 20/08/2019.  Letter   <<<>>> 


 3 AUG 19 :  GM S&M Mumbai writes BA/SSA Heads requesting to avoid  heavy disconnection of FTTH Connections and calls for reasons thereof.  Letter   <<<>>> 


 3 AUG 19:  Jt GM EW BSNL CO issued directions to all CGMs for reduction of Energy Expenditure in respect of all standalone BTSs.  Letter   <<<>>> 


3 AUG 19 :  Jt GM CB & B BSNL CO writes to all IFAs of Circles for daily monitoring of Cash/Cheque Collection and its remittance on real time basis with transfer of funds from SSA to BSNL Corporate Office so that by end of the day there is zero cash balance in SSA collection account.  Letter   <<<>>> 


1 AUG 19 :  AGM VA  BSNL CO writes all Vigilance Heads of BSNL requesting them to associate with implementation and to give vide publicity to the International Youth Contest of Social Anti-Corruption Advertising “Together against Corruption”.  Letter   <<<>>>     Annexure I <<<>>>    Annexure II <<<>>>


1 AUG 19 :  AGM Pers II BSNL CO issued transfer orders of Com. S. L. Sarvaiya,  SDE Kalyan MH to all India Hard tenure Station Assam Circle.  Letter   <<<>>> 


1 AUG 19 :  AGM Pers II BSNL CO issued orders for retention of Com. S.B. Aundhekar,  SDE Pune MH on his transfer to Assam Circle up to 07/05/2021 till his tenure on sensitive post of SDE Vigilance Pune.  Letter   <<<>>> 


District Conferences: Photos

Bhandara <<<>>>                    Ratnagiri <<<>>>

Jalgaon <<<>>>                    Amravati <<<>>>

Latur <<<>>>


31 JUL 19:   SNEA MH Circle congratulates Com. P. D. Rade, DGM Nashik SSA, Com. Pramod Madhukararo Dhobe, DGM Amravati SSA, Com. S. R. Wattamwar, DE Latur SSA, Com. Ramchandra Balkishun Kushawaha, AGM Circle Office Mumbai, Com. Anil Shankarrao Magar, CAO Ahmednagar SSA, Com. Awadhesh Kumar R. Mishra, SDE WTR Mumbai  Com. Mrs. Vaishali Bahulikar, SDE Civil Pune SSA and Com. Vishwanath Ananda Doifode, JTO Jalna on his peaceful Superannuation after completion of long & highly successful service in DoT/BSNL. 

·        Com. P. D. Rade, DGM CMTS Nashik SSA {Mob 9422275013} has joined as Junior Engineer (now JTO) in Sept 1982 in the erstwhile DOT. He is very active officer and active Member of SNEA Nasik. He worked as ADS for one term in SNEA Nasik. He is known as ‘Well Administrator’ in the Department and skills for extracting works from subordinates. He is also known for spiritual and knowledgeable personality. He worked as SDE since 1989 till 2005 at Nasik as a SDE Ext City. Then after he was transferred to Jalgaon SSA and worked as SDE since 2005 to 2008 at Chalisgaon. After seeking request transfer, he was joined as SDE at Nasik in 2005 and posted at Manmad. He was promoted as DE in the year 2010 and worked at Manmad, CMTS, Cidco and CTTC Satapur of Nasik SSA. He was Promoted as DGM (L/A) in 2014 and transferred to Circle Office Mumbai and worked as DGM Admn Mumbai with additional charge of DGM HR for few days. He was instrumental while dealing with the administrative and HR issues of our Executives. Subsequently, on his request he was again transferred and posted as DGM (L/A) and worked in various capacity as DGM CFA-I, DGM HR & Admn, CMTS, NWOP Nashik. He is one of the sincere, punctual, and devoted officers in the Department. He has performed in committed manner and carried out swapping of Alcatel BTS’s by ZTE Technology in urban area during Mahakumbha Mela at Nashik. Also, he has contributed for planning and operation of Phase VIII.4 Project. He has taken all out efforts for roll out of Mobile Phase VIII.4 expansion project and it is completed up to 92% before his retirement and secured prestigious positions in Maharashtra for achievement of target. His work was highly appreciated by all higher authorities. Today, on completion highly successful 37 years of his devoted service in DOT & BSNL, he is retiring on superannuation retirement on 31/07/2019.

·        Com. Pramod Madhukararo Dhobe, DGM Amravati SSA {Mob 9423125334} has joined DoT in June 1987 as JTO at Santacruz Mumbai. He was promoted as SDE in Dec 1998, then as AGM L/A in Dec 2010, the as AGM Regular in Sept 2014 and Looking After DGM since April 2018. During his services, he has worked in Mumbai City Division, Amravati, Chandrapur & Yavatmal SSAs in Maharashtra & Rewa in Madhya Pradesh Circles. He is hard worker, Very good administrator, having Good managerial skill, always-soft spoken and cooperative person with simple living and high thinking. He has been active member of SNEA and has always participated in different organizational activities. Today, on completion highly successful 37 years of his devoted service in DOT & BSNL, he is retiring on superannuation retirement on 31/07/2019.

·        Com. S. R. Wattamwar, DE Latur SSA {Mob 9423775885} has joined DoT in Aug 1983 at Goa SSA as a Junior Engineer (now JTO). Then he was transferred from Goa SSA to Raigad SSA in Dec 1983, from Raigad SSA to Nanded SSA in 1990 as JTO on his requests. Then on SDE promotion in 2000, he was transferred from Nanded to Latur SSA. In year 2014, he was transferred from Latur SSA to Gadchiroli SSA, for all India Soft tenure of three years. On successful completion of tenure in year 2017, on his request he was again transferred and posted to Latur SSA. In June 2018, he was promoted as Divisional Engineer and posted in Latur SSA and serving till last date of his superannuation retirement. He has rendered services as TDM Gadchiroli for few months. While in Latur, he was active member and leader of SNEA Latur. In Gadchiroli SSA, he has rendered services as DP SNEA Latur and he was instrumental in building strong unity of executives in Gadchiroli SSA. During the highly successful struggle of Gadchiroli SSA for relieving of Tenure completed Executives from Gadchiroli SSA, he lead from the front as DP SNEA Gadchiroli and gave justice to the comrades of SNEA Gadchiroli by prolonged fight against injustice. Thus, he has been always active member and very successful leader of SNEA at Latur and SNEA Gadchiroli. Today, on completion highly successful 36 years of his devoted service in DOT & BSNL, he is retiring on superannuation retirement on 31/07/2019.

·        Com. Ramchandra Balkishun Kushawaha, AGM S&M Circle Office Mumbai {Mob 9423987799} has joined DoT as Telegraphist in May 1982 in CTO Mumbai. In June 1991, he was promoted as ASTT (JTO) and worked in SFT/SFMSS in CTO Mumbai, Then in year 2000, he was transferred Kalyan SSA as SDE Officiating in Year 2000. On SDE promotion in Aug 2002, he worked at Palghar and Tarapur exchanges in Kalyan SSA. Then on his request, he was transferred to Circle Office Mumbai in July 2011 and has served as Asst. Director and AGM LA in Sales & Marketing in Mumbai. In June 2018, he was promoted as AGM Regular and continued as AGM S&M Mumbai till last date of his services. Com. Kushwah has been active member of SNEA for decades and has always taken active part in all association activities while in Mumbai and Kalyan also. He is known for his soft spoke skills, sincerity in office working and full devotion to the office works. Today, on completion highly successful 37 years of his devoted service in DOT & BSNL, he is retiring on superannuation retirement on 31/07/2019.

·        Com. Anil Shankarrao Magar, CAO Ahmednagar {Mob 9421716900} has joined DoT in May 1980 as Clerk at Mumbai. He was promoted as a JAO in 1992, then as AO in Aug 2000 and CAO in Oct 2015. He has worked in Mumbai, Nasik, Kolhapur, Satara and Ahmednagar SSAs of Maharashtra Circle and also in Gujarat Circle. He is soft spoken and very sincere officer having good managerial skill with cooperative nature and always helped his staff and subordinates. While working in Kolhapur SSA in 1999-2000 he introduced Bar code System firstly in MH circle. He also started online cash counter at Kolhapur without IT team. Then Hon. CGMT MH had appreciated him for his great work. In Ahmednagar also during last few years he has played very important role as a CAO TR in conducting Telephone Adalats and recovered huge outstanding amount. He has been active member of SNEA and always supported all calls of SNEA. Today, on completion highly successful 39 years of his devoted service in DOT & BSNL, he is retiring on superannuation retirement on 31/07/2019.

·        Com. Awadhesh Kumar R. Mishra, SDE OFC FTN II WTR Mumbai {Mob 9423992236} has joined DoT in Dec 1981 as Technician under CMG WTR Mumbai. Then he was promoted as TTA in Jan 94 at A/C repair Workshop Santacruz Mumbai. Then on his promotion as JTO in Nov 2001, he was posted as JTO OFC Tarapur in Kalyan SSA and then in July 2003, he was transferred as JTO AC Repair workshop Dahisar Mumbai. In Oct 2004,   he was posted as JTO OFC FTN2 until Jun 2018. In June 2018, he was promoted as SDE Regular as posted as SDE OFC FTN II Mumbai and continued till last day of his superannuation retirement. While working in FTN II OFC, he very well maintained MLLN CCTS, 2MBPS Leased CCTS, and IVRS System efficiently and was always ready to help colleagues in all works. He is punctual & sincere in duties, known for soft-spoken skills and was always very useful for team works. He has been active member of SNEA and always supported all calls of SNEA. Today, on completion highly successful 37 years and six months of his devoted service in DOT & BSNL, he is retiring on superannuation retirement on 31/07/2019.

·        Com. Mrs. Vaishali Bahulikar, SDE Civil Pune {Mob 9423567282} has joined the department in 1987 as a JTO Civil. Even being lady comrade, she successfully managed and efficiently worked on field as a Civil Engineer at different locations. She has contributed in Construction of many Telephone Exchanges, Staff quarters, Cable Duct routes, Tower foundation which are prime assets of BSNL/DoT built by Civil wing with such devoted officers. She also worked for planning and other activities like small expansion and repairing work under Civil wing. She has been active member of SNEA for long time and has contributed in most of the association activities. Mrs. Bahulkar is retiring on superannuation retirement after highly successful and fully devoted 32 years of service in DoT and BSNL.

·        Com. Vishwanath Ananda Doifode, JTO CDOT Jalna {Mob 9422217351} has started his career by joining DOT in July 1982 as Technician at MAX Aurangabad. He was having command over maintenance of mechanical exchange from Uniselector to Final Selector also in Relay Set. He has taken mutual transfer at Jalna in June 1984 and performed his duties in MAX II and after in 1991 in Cross Bar Exchange. On his promotion as TTA in 1997, he carried responsibility in MDF, CDOT & OUT door Plant. In 2001 He has transferred to Jafrabad under SDE Bhokardan for Installation & Maintenance at SBM Tembhurni, installed second C2 at Warud & Mahora and Additional LM Installation at Jafrabad. He has done major role in Level 2 conversion. By looking over his dedication & efforts taken in performing his duties, He has been awarded by “Sanchar Sarathi “in 2004. On his promotion to executive cadre as a JTO in Dec 2004, he was posted at Shirke RSU for Indoor & Outdoor Plant. In 2008, he was given additional responsibility of Out Door New Jalna (Main) also. In year 2015-16, he was transferred to new section as JTO VTM & completed 100% target for CAF. From the year 2016 to till now, he is carrying the responsibility as JTO CDOT MBM & successfully commissioned and migrated all CDOT switches of Jalna SSA into NGN switches smoothly. While performing all his technical duties in BSNL, he has taken actively participating in union & Association activities and supported to strengthen SNEA in Jalna SSA. He is very well known by nickname “ MAMA” due to his nature and relations with colleagues in office. He is very supportive and kind with others in office as well as in social life also. Today, on completion highly successful 37 years of his devoted service in DOT & BSNL, he is retiring on superannuation retirement on 31/07/2019.

On this important day of the life of these stalwart Comrades of SNEA retiring in this month, SNEA MH salutes sincerity, dedication and affection by Com. P. D. Rade, Com. Pramod Madhukararo Dhobe, Com. S. R. Wattamwar, Com. Ramchandra Balkishun Kushawaha Com. Anil Shankarrao Magar,  Com. Awadhesh Kumar R. Mishra, Com. Mrs. Vaishali Bahulikar and Com. Vishwanath Ananda Doifode towards BSNL & SNEA and on behalf of thousands of comrades of SNEA Maharashtra Circle we wish them “Very Happy, Healthy, Wealthy & Highly Successful Long Retired life”.


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