Last updated on 25 Nov 2023

25 Nov 2023 :  SNEA,CS,MH,Circle writes to GM,Finance, MH Circle regarding non-issuance of OTP request transfers and policy regarding MM/CPC.           

 SNEA,MH Circle is continuously pursuing the matter of OTP request transfer with GM(Finance). In name of centralization of MM/CPC the management has again delayed the issuance of OTP request transfers. SNEA,CS,MH Circle has written a letter to GM(Finance) for early issuance of OTP request transfer.Letter>>>


14 Nov 2023 :  SNEA CS,MH,Circle writes to CGMT for giving agenda meeting on various issues of MH Circle.           

 SNEA,MH Circle is continuously pursuing the issues of executives of BSNL,MH Circle.  In an effort to further resolve the issues CS,MH Circle has written a letter for granting agenda meeting. Letter>>>


21 Sept 2023 :  SNEA Alliance registers Historic Win in All India 3rd MV of Executives Association.Congratulations to all the District Office Bearers,Circle Office Bearers,Activists and the members and non members who voted for SNEA.           

 It was a glorifying end to the historic campaign by MH Circle Team of SNEA and SEWA which played an important role in the win of SNEA Alliance across India. SNEA + SEWA alliance in MH Circle garnered 1491 votes out of 2274 votes casted. The then MA AIGETOA trailed by a margin of about 900 votes in MH Circle. AIGETOA got 595 votes which is less as compared to the 2nd MV. The result is declared on 14th Sept 2023.

The Trend all over India was in favour of SNEA and the hard work and dedicated efforts of our GS Shri M.S.Adasul alongwith SEWA GS Ayu. N.D.Ram not only attracted huge  crowd during campaign but was also successful in fetching important Votes for the five star alliance of SNEA+SEWA+CBOWA+DEWAB+AIBSNLOA. SNEA Alliance got 52.07% votes out of total votes. First time in the History of BSNL MV any association or Union has secured more than 50% votes. SNEA secured 15020 votes while AIGETOA got 10028 votes.Out of total 28846 votes, 27754 voters casted their votes with all over voting of 96.21%. 148 votes were declared invalid.

SNEA MH Circle thanks all the voters for their active participation in voting process due to which about 95% votes are casted in this MV. SNEA is committed towards welfare of All Executives barring their membership and committed for resolution of all issues at Circle level.


18 August 2023 :  SNEA and SEWA MH started its 3rd MV campaign in Maharashtra at Mumbai on a high node  in gracious presence of Com. M.S.Adasul, GS,SNEA and Com. N.D.Ram, GS,SEWA on 16th August 2023    

           It was a historic gathering in Circle Office Mumbai which witnessed the start of joint campaign by SNEA and SEWA in Maharashtra Circle. The Campaign started on a high node. The large gathering at Circle Office waited eagerly for arrival of their Top Leaders. No sooner the mass witnessed the arrival of Com. Adsul and Com. N.D.Ram they gave slogans to welcome their  leaders with slogans of SNEA-SEWA unity Jindabad.

The Meeting was anchored by Com. H.N.Tipre, Circle Treasurer. At the start the dignitaries were welcomed by offering Bouquet. AN introductory speech was delivered by Com. Samir Khare, Circle secretary,SNEA,MH Circle. In his speech he requested the CHQ leaders of SNEA and SEWA to focus on various HR issues pending for long including the Standard Payscales, Promotions in various cadred,3rd PRC etc.

Com. Walvi, CS,SEWA Maharashtra in his speech stated that with SNEA and SEWA coming together the win is sure but we have to ensure that SNEA,SEWA,CBOWA Alliance crosses 51% margin.

Com. Gautam Gharde,Chief Advisor,SEWA who is the anchor of this most important alliance in his speech praised the leadership style of Com. M.S.Adasul and specifically mentioned that SNEA,MH Circle and SEWA MH are having harmonious relationship with each other since long and particularly starting from period of Com. M.S.Adasul as Circle Secretary, SNEA,MH Circle. He also emphasized the role played by Com. M.N.Kotambe for SNEA+SEWA alliance.

Com. M.N.Kotambe,AGS,MH,SNEA in his speech thanked Com. N.D.Ram,GS, SEWA for the alliance with SNEA. He specifically mentioned that Com. Gautam Gharde,Chief Advisor,SEWA played a pivotal role in the making of the alliance. He further stated that in 2nd MV SEWA supported AIGETOA and hence AIGETOA won with a narrow margin of 700 odd votes and he is confident that SEWA coming with SNEA not only assures SNEA victory but also assures that the win margin will be huge.

Com. N.D.Ram, GS,SEWA stated the circumstances under which they have to take decision of parting way with AIGETOA. He further told that during the alliance of 3 years with AIGETOA there were many incidences of betrayal by AIGETOA. AIGETOA never involved SEWA in majority issues to be discussed with management though SEWA was its alliance partner. He also discussed the issue of AGM promotions in which number of seats available was decreased due to the stand of current MA. In his speech he assured GS,SNEA that the win is sure and it was locked when SEWA entered into agreement with SNEA on 7th August 2023. He further asked Com. Adasul to take SEWA in confidence for next 3 years and the alliance will go in auto roll over mode permanently.

Com. M.S.Adasul, in his speech raised various pending issues such as Standard Pay Scale, 3rd PRC and Promotions in various cadres, issues of PA/PS, Official Language executives and the issues of lowering of Payscale of post 2014 executives. He further told that it was the 65 days agitation by SNEA which has kept the issue alive and pending before Labour Commissioner. He assured that resolution of this issue will be his top priority after becoming MA.

Com. Shailendra Solanke, Circle President,SNEA in his speech agreed with the views of Com. N.D.Ram and assured that all necessary action will be taken for the alliance to auto roll over. He offered the vote of thanks and the program was concluded with National Anthem. Photos>>>


14 August 2023 :  SNEA MH start its 3rd MV campaign at Mumbai on 16th August 2023 in gracious presence of Com. M.S.Adasul, GS,SNEA and Com. N.D.Ram, GS,SEWA.                                                                                                                           SNEA MH is going to start its 3rd MV Campaign with a big bang on 16th August 2023 at Mumbai. In the program GS,SNEA, Com. M.S.Adasul will guide about the vision of SNEA about BSNL and welfare of Executives Fraternity. GS,SEWA, Com. N.D.Ram will also address the gathering and  tell about the collaboration with SNEA and his previous experience with AIGETOA. Com. Gautam Gharde, Chief Advisor,SEWA Com. Linesh Walvi, CS,SEWA, Com. Samir Khare,CS,SNEA, Com. Shailendra Solanke, CP,SNEA,MH Circle are the other dignitaries.

                  The program is organized on 16/08/2023 1:00 PM at Parking Area, BSNL Admin Building, Juhu Tara Road,Santacruz(W). All the members of SNEA,SEWA and members of other associations and non-members are requested to attend the program in large quantity to learn about the vision of SNEA in the upcoming 3rd MV.


13 August 2023 :  SNEA MH Delegation meets CGM for various HR issues.                                                                                                                           SNEA MH Delegation comprising of

(1) Shri M N Kotambe,AGS,SNEA

(2) Shri S.V.Khare, C.S,SNEA MH Circle

(3) Shri Rahul Meena, ADS Mumbai and

(4) Shri Bhupendra Singh, OS,Mumbai

 Meet CGM, MH Circle Shri Rohit Sharma ji to appraise him about the various HR issues of Executives of MH Circle. Following issues were discussed in depth

(1) Rule 8/Rule 9 pending Cases of MH Circle – In our earlier meeting with GM(HR), Shri Suresh Nakhale it was learnt that the current MA has agreed for processing of 3 Rule8/Rule 9 cases per quarter. We have discussed the matter with him that there are total 20+ cases and if we follow this process then even in 2 years we cannot clear the backlog of this transfers. He said he agrees with our association view but discuss the matter with CGMT MH Circle. Accordingly we have discussed the matter with CGMT Shri Rohit Sharma ji. We also brought to his notice that about 70+ special LICE JTOs are joining in September and as such we can clear all the Rule8/9 pending cases. CGMT assured us that he will discuss with GM HR and take decision shortly. We are hopeful that all the cases will be processed shortly.

(2) Regarding start of allotment process at Powai and Dadar(Prabhadevi) Staff Quarters – We brought to the notice of CGMT that as per the recently issued Presidential orders for land monetization, the orders are issued for Powai Plot B and C. Thus there are no directives for monetization of Powai, Plot A which is having the residential staff quarters and similarly no directions for Dadar(Powai). We insisted that the process for vacating staff quarters shall be stopped and the allotment process for these 2 colonies should start. CGMT MH Circle stated that there is no clear guidelines that these colonies are removed from Land Monetization process. He told us to take the matter with DOT(Secretary). We told him that we are raising the issue at all levels for its early settlement.


08 August 2023 :  SEWA extends its support to SNEA in upcoming Membership Verification. CBOWA  also extends its support to SNEA to form strong unity of executives of BSNL.                                                                                                                             

          SEWA,India the largest welfare association working to protect the interest of SC/ST have extended its support to SNEA in the 3rd Membership Verification. A MoU in this regard is signed by GS,SNEA and GS,SEWA in New Delhi on 7th August 2023. This support by SEWA have boost the morale of the executives and surely will be helpful in resolution of various pending issues of executives and to build a stronger unity of all executives in BSNL.

       CBOWA has also extended its support to SNEA in the 3rd Membership Verification. It is a great feeling that many of the associations are feeling the need for greater unity of the executives and hopefully this MV will clear all the doubts and we unitedly will be working for the betterment of all the Executives fraternity.

          SNEA MH thanks SEWA and CBOWA for extending support to SNEA.


13 July 2023 :  Appeal from SNEA  MH to all the Members of all the associations to unite under the banner of SNEA to get resolved all the issues of executives and for welfare of all executives of BSNL.

At the Behest, SNEA MH will like to thank the executives of MH Circle for showing faith on the leadership of SNEA and opting for the Association. Already SNEA, MH is having membership of 1300+ and during this Membership Change window 200+ executives have joined SNEA till date.

SNEA 2.0 CHQ is an unanimously elected body of SNEA giving representation to all recruitments, cadre and batches.

SNEA 2.0 is committed towards resolution of issues of   Standard Pay Scale(E2/E3), Promotions in all Cadres – DGM/AGM/SDE/CAO/AO,   Telecom/Finance/Civil/Electrical/PA/PS/Architecture.

3rd PRC.            PRMB.          30%SAB 


The present MA has shown dreams to all the BSNL recruits that they will resolve all the issues of the BSNL Recruits. In last three years as a Majority Association what they have achieved – A Big Zero. The MA could not increase SAB by even 1% in last 3 years. They have not even done anything in getting E2/E3, E1+5 etc. The only achievement as an MA is long stay transfer motivated by political aspirations rather than welfare of executives. The MA claims that they have got the promotion for JTO to SDE but think who have halted them by filing case in Ernakulam. Because of this case the BSNL recruits of year 2000  had to wait for nearly 20 years for their first promotion.

Now when the MA knows that they have not fulfilled a single promise and the members who have once kept faith on them are departing them, then they have started to import Ex Leaders of SNEA to hide their failures.

It is a sincere appeal to all the executives of BSNL to unite under the banner of SNEA to get justice for the long pending issues of the Executives. 


28 June 2023 :  SNEA Delegates meet Director(HR) Shri Arvind Vadnerkarji on 27/06/2023 at Pune.

         The Team SNEA Pune led by Circle President,SNEA MH Circle, Shri Shailendra Solanke, District Secretary, Pune,Shri Sunil Sonawane met Director HR, Shri Arvind Vadnerkar, during his short visit to Pune.

They appraised him of various issues faced by executives and handed over the letter by Circle Secretary,SNEA,MH Circle containing various issues for his consideration. Letter>>

The letter mainly contained following issues –

(1) Implementation of Standard Pay Scale in right Spirit.

(2) Issue of fake caste and the recent order of verification issued by Central Railway, Mumbai.

(3) Implementation of long stay transfers in High Ranked/Super Class I Executives.

(4) Land Monetisation issues particularly in Mumbai- Powai and Prabhadevi Staff Colony.

(5) Promotions in Electrical,Civil,Architecture and Telecom Factory.

(6) Super Annuation Benefits to 30%.

(7) Regarding Qualifying Date for SDE to AGM LDCE.


24 June 2023 :  The work of OTP based intra circle transfers is in advance stage and the orders may be issued shortly.

         The work of OTP based intra circle transfers is in advance stage and the orders are expected to be issued shortly. The issue has been pursued continuously at higher level for proper implementation of transfer policy while issuance of these orders.


16 June 2023 :  CS raises the issue of vacation notice to the Powai Staff Quarter residents with the CGM,MH Circle.

         The issue of vacation notice to the Powai Staff Quarter residents is raised by SNEA MH Circle with the Circle admin during previous meeting with C.E. Civil Shri Aman Jaiswal. Looking at the severity of the issue a letter is drafted to CGMT MH Circle to reconsider the decision. Through the letter various serious concerns are raised regarding earlier vacated staff quarters including financial loss to BSNL. Letter>>


09 June 2023 :  JAO(EPF),Mumbai issues letter for filling of missing wage data required for execution of higher EPF pension option.

         JAO EPF has issued a letter to DDO’s of all SSA/BA to fill in the missing wage data  on the portal The data is to be verified from Service Book,Pay Data,Salary Slip etc. The letter contains the DA Rate prevailing at that time and also the pension contribution. Letter>>


07 June 2023 :  Beware of Fake messages : Unethical practice by one association to misguide members of SNEA during upcoming Membership Change Window and MV 

         A message is being made viral in social media probably by one of the association in social media to gain advantage in upcoming MV.

          The message seems to be addressed to CS,MH from Karnataka SNEA member stating some wrong facts about our GS,SNEA M S Adasul when actually no such message communicated to Circle Secretary,SNEA,MH Circle. This act by the association implies that the association is worried of the increasing strength of SNEA. It also indicates that there are high chances of SNEA winning the upcoming Membership verification so the said association is trying to divert the dedicated members of SNEA by levelling charges against our GS.

           SNEA MH Circle warns to this association that it will initiate a legal action against the Association and its office bearers spreading fake messages.


06 June 2023 :  MH  Circle Admin issues orders for tenure transfer order for JTO’s and SDE’s 

         The MH Circle Admin issued the Tenure transfer orders for JTO’s and SDE’s. However the Tenure Transfer orders for AGM’s are not yet issued. SNEA MH Circle was vigorously pursuing the issue with the management for early issuance of the orders. The tenure transfer orders are issued to period of tenure ending Aug2023. Earlier the management was ready to issue orders for tenure completion period upto June 2023 however we have pursued with the management to issue orders upto Sept 2023. We are thankful to the Management for considering the demand. Only 2-3 cases remain who complete tenure in Sept 2023.We will continue to pursue for remaining cases. Orders>>



31 May 2023 : CS SNEA MH  Circle writes to GM(Accounts & Finance) regarding the publication of Long Stay list before issuing the transfer orders 

         The extract of the letter is as below :

 First of all I want to thank you for considering and issuing some of the Rule 8 & Rule 9 transfer orders of JAO’s and extending them a relief and a chance to unite with their family. I hope that you will consider remaining cases of Rule 8 and Rule 9.

Sir, it is learnt that the transfer orders for accounts and finance wings are to be issued shortly. It is to bring to your notice that the long stay list for JAO/AO is not published till date. One list is published on MH intranet on 24/05/2023 in response to SEA Corporate office letter dtd 18/05/2023 but can’t be referred as long stay list. It is thus requested to publish the long stay list for JAO’s and AO’s before issuance of any transfer order. This is much needed for having transparency in transfer and posting.

I will like to put forth some issues for your consideration while issuance of transfer order

In accordance with the transfer policy followed by the telecom wing

(1) The Accounts person completing tenure in Tenure Station should be posted to their choice station.

(2)  The long stay executive in circle should be utilised as replacement against Tenure station executive.

(3) For non- tenure to non- tenure transfer the transfer shall be implemented on point to point basis.

Also I wish to put forth that there are certain SSA’s where there is acute shortage of Accounts wing executive. I request you to post proportionate staff at all stations as per the restructuring policy guidelines.


30 May 2023 : MH Circle Admin section issues transfer orders of SDE/AGM joined in Inter Circle Transfer

         MH Admin Section today issued orders for SDE/AGM who have joined MH circle in Long Stay Inter Circle Transfer.  Order SDE>>   OrderAGM>>


28 May 2023 : MH Circle Admin section issues transfer orders of JTO/SDE Electrical

         SNEA Maharashtra Circle conveys its regards to PCE(Electrical) and MH Admin Section for issuance of Long Pending Transfer Order in JTO(E) and SDE(E). Almost all requests of all the Electrical wing executives are considered.Transfer JTO E>>   Transfer SDE E>>

          However there are one or two left out cases who are transferred out of their Home SSA for last 6-7 years and still their request is not considered. SNEA MH will follow up the matter with PCE(E) and MH Admin for early issuance of their orders.


09 May 2023 : Corporate Office issues Intercircle Transfer orders for 20 SDE’s on Own Cost. And retention/cancellation of 4 SDE’s.

         Inter Circle Transfer orders for 20 SDE’s on Own Cost  are issued by BSNL Corporate Office. Also order for retention/cancellation of 4 SDE’s and Corrigendum in this regard issued by Corporate office.

Inter Circle Transfer SDE>>   Retention SDE>>  Corrigendum Retention SDE>>



25Apr 2023 : Congratulations to all the JAO’s for issuance of their Rule 8 transfer orders.

         SNEA MH congratulate all the JAO’s on issuance of their long awaited Rule 8 Transfer orders. SNEA MH thank the JAO’s for keeping deep faith on SNEA. SNEA MH thanks GM(Finance), Shri Vivek Mahawar for considering the cases.

SNEA MH will pursue for the remaining Rule 8 and Rule 9 case of remaining JAO’s.  



21 Apr 2023 : Congratulations to all the candidates who are selected as MT in the recently declared result.

         SNEA MH congratulate all the candidates who are selected as Management Trainee as per the Result declared on  20 April 2023. From the beginning SNEA has taken stand that they are in favour of Management Trainee(Internal) whereas the Majority Association opposed MT. Special Mention of SNEA Warriors Shri Pavitra Singh,AGS SNEA CHQ and Shri Ankit Gangar, DS,SNEA Mumbai who took initiative for the legal battle and their dedicated efforts resulted in declaration of result.  MT Result>>


18 Apr 2023 :Report of two days Circle Executive Committee Meet of SNEA MH Circle held at  Goa on 15th and 16th April 2023.

         The first day of the Circle Executive committee meet of SNEA,MH Circle started with Flag Hoisting Ceremony. The Flag was Hoisted by Circle President Shri Shailendra Solanke in the Presence of Shri M.S.Adasul,General Secretary,SNEA CHQ, Shri Tata Babu, CHQ Treasurer, Shri M.N.Kotambe,AGS, Shri Samir Khare, Circle Secretary, Shri H N Tipre,Circle treasurer and other Circle Office Bearers,CWC Members,DS,CEC Members and Observers from all over Maharashtra and all the members of Goa SNEA.

 The CEC Meeting begin with the Dias Formation. All the CHQ Office Bearers, CWC Members and COB’s were the part of the Dias. The program started with “Deep Prajwalan” by the hands of all dignitaries thereafter all the dignitaries were felicitated and welcome by bouquet. Shri Simon Dsouza, District Secretary, SNEA welcome all the participants of the CEC coming from various parts of Maharashtra and Goa in his opening remark. The opening session was well anchored by Shri Prashant Baviskar, ADS,SNEA,Goa Branch.

The Circle President Shri Shailendra Solanke in his opening remark welcomed all the delegates across Maharashtra for the first CEC meeting after Jalgaon Circle Conference. The President told all the delegates to focus on upcoming Membership Verification and requested all to work dedicatedly for increasing the membership of SNEA. He also appealed that this time we should take efforts to cross 80% Vote Share in MH Circle and further stated that it is quite possible as last time MH circle garnered about 70% Vote share.

After the Circle President’s opening speech it was time for presenting the Circle Secretary Report. Shri Samir Khare, Circle Secretary, SNEA Mh Circle presented his first ever circle secretary report. CS Report>>> In his speech he further emphasized the importance of Social Media and lagging on this part, was one of the major reasons for losing last Membership verification. He further told the house about the settlement of some long pending transfer cases in this short period. He further told that he is well aware about the anguish of Tenure Completed executives and further stressed that SNEA MH Circle is strongly pursuing the cases with CGM MH Circle and GM HR during their each meeting. It is due to the lackadaisical approach of the Circle Management that the orders are pending for last about 8 months. He told that he has discussed the issue with CGM,MH Circle and GM HR for clearing all the cases of executives completing tenure upto 30 September 2023.

Circle Treasurer Shri H.N.Tipre presented the Report thereafter in a studied manner as always. 

Shri M.N.Kotambe, AGS,MH Circle then deliberated about the issues at MH Circle level. He further stated that under the able leadership of our GS, Adasul Sahab we will win the MV with thumping margin. He also emphasized on the need of alliance with SEWA. He praised SEWA,MH Circle for standing always with SNEA,MH, Circle.

After that  Shri M.S.Adasul,General Secretary, SNEA CHQ was invited for guiding the participants about the current issues at CHQ level. Shri Adasul told that there are many issues which are continuously being pursued with the management. He highlighted some critical issues 

(i) Regarding Pay Loss of Post 2007 recruit JTO/JAO’s, LICE promoted JTO/JAO’s – He told that the current M.A. has made a blunder by doing court case in the matter. After the result the management implemented the Pay Scale of E1 vide JTO RR 2014 and currently issued JAO RR’s. He further stated that the only solution now available is application of E2 pay scale for all JTO/JAO’s. He told that SNEA is continuously pursuing the matter not only with the CLC but also is trying to get it through DOT  and told that he is confident that we will be able to settle the issue.

(ii) Inter Circle and Intra Circle transfer – He told the participants that SNEA is not against the transfers but the transfer orders should be issued on need basis. He further stated that he has discussed the issue with PGM(Pers.) and Dir(HR) and they have responded positively but now they will discuss the matter with CMD and take decision accordingly.

(iii) Regarding BA level Body of Association – He told the house that SNEA,AIGETOA and SEWA have jointly given a letter to management stating that there is no provision in constitution for BA level body and also discussed various points regarding this issue. He further stated that he is hopeful that the matter will be settled before 30th of this month.

(iv) 3rd PRC – He stated that the matter is discussed with BSNL Corporate Office as well as DOT. He told that though there is not much significant development but assured that there will be certainly a breakthrough in coming days.

  During the speech he emphasized that it is important to become a majority association in upcoming MV as  not being a MA has become major hurdle in resolution of the issues.



Post Lunch session on 15th April 2023 was one of the major attractions as the Open House was to be held then. Hon’ble Shri Sripad Yesso Naik,Union Minister of State for Tourism and Posrts,Shipping and Waterways was the Chief Guest for the function. Shri Prashant Patil, Chief General Manager, Core Network(W) BSNL and Shri Sanjay Kumar Choudhary, Principal General Manager,Goa (Business Area) was the Guest of Honour from the management side. Shri Gautam Gharde, Chief Advisor, SEWA, Shri Linesh Walvi, Circle Secretary, SEWA MH Circle were present on the dias along with President of the Program, Shri Shailendra Solanke, Shri M S Adasul, General Secretary, and Shri Samir Khare, Circle Secretary, SNEA MH Circle. The program started with “Deep Prajwalan” by the hands of all dignitaries thereafter all the dignitaries were felicitated by offering Mmento and bouquet.

In his opening remark Shri Samir Khare, Circle Secretary, SNEA MH Circle welcomed all the guests and thanked them for sparing their valuable time.

Shri. M. S. Adasul, General Secretary, SNEA in his speech appreciated the efforts of Central Government for revival of BSNL. He further appreciated the Government for taking efforts for Indigenous 4G Equipment which is the need of the time but at the same time urged to expedite the process as non-availability of the equipment is badly affecting BSNL. He assured that BSNL will complete the 4G project within deadline specified by Government, if the equipment is made available. He further extended thanks to Maharashtra and Goa Government for providing space for installation of 4G Towers. He also told the Chief Guest that BSNL has successfully implemented the Digital India Project and further added that BSNL employees are taking dedicated efforts for achieving the targets. Bharat Udyami is a scheme of Government for providing FTTH in rural area and the target was to cross 1 lakh connections in 8 months but by the dedicated efforts of all the employees the target is achieved in a period of 4 months . He further added that BSNL being the Government PSU is extending services to socio-economically backward areas, Shri Adasul requested the Chief Guest to support BSNL employees by satisfying their minimal demand which is possible with Government intervention. He stated that the major work force is suffering a loss of due to non-implementation of E2 pay scale to JTO/JAO. He further added that the Functional Time Bound Promotion can be given without any additional financial burden and requested support from Government for providing 3rd PRC  to the employees by delinking the affordability clause.

                     Hon’ble Shri Sripad Naik,Union Minister of State told the gathering that BSNL has done excellent job during Covid Period and it was due to the selfless efforts of BSNL staff that people could avail the facility of work from home during the critical phase. The Government of India has recognized the importance of BSNL and thus declared it as a strategic PSU of Government of India in Telecom Sector. He assured that he will convey the sentiments of BSNL employees to the Government and further assured that if given, he will forward the demands of BSNL employees to the Communication Minister. the Government will extend support to BSNL in future too.

Hon’ble Minister had to leave the stage early as he had some prior commitments. After his departure, Shri Samir Khare, Circle Secretary,SNEA raised various issues in front of the House including the tenure transfer which are not issued since July 2022. He told that there is a great unrest amongst the executives. He further stated that he has raised the issue several times with CGM,MH Circle Shri Rohit Sharmaji but it seems that CGM is not interested in HR issues. He asked the GS to raise concern about the violation of Transfer Policy Guidelines by Corporate office itself. As per the Transfer Policy guidelines amended from time to time, not more than 10% of executives be transferred from one SSA but as per the latest letter by Corporate Office regarding Intra Circle transfer it is mentioned as 15% which is violation of the guidelines. He also raised the issue of unnecessary transfer from MH Tenure Stations in name of intra circle transfers.

Shri Prashant Patil,CGMT,CNTX with his excellent oratory impressed each and every one in the house. He said that the current set of directors of BSNL are working very hard for the company and told that all things can be set alright if we increase our market share from 9% to 15% which is achievable. He praised the employees for their dedication due to which the company is making steady progress even after VRS 2019. He further assured that he will convey the sentiments of the house regarding HR issues to Shri Rohit Sharma ji,CGM, MH Circle.

 Shri Shailendra Solanke in his Presidential speech thank all the dignitaries and members for their active participation in the session. The Open House session concluded at about 20:45 Hrs. The President told the house that all should assemble in the house again at 21:15 hours for further deliberations.

The House resumed it working at 21: 15 Hrs and started with the DS report from all over Maharashtra. The President call it a day at about 23:30 Hrs.

Day 2

The house assembled at 9:00 AM on 16th April 2023 for further deliberations. Firstly the remaining DS presented their Report then it was the turn of the Circle Office Bearers,CWC Members and the CEC members to present their view on all the burning issues faced by Executives of BSNL.

After thorough deliberations it was time for presenting and passing the resolutions. Shri Amit Kulkarni, ACS and Shri Sachin Sarode, Joint Secretary Vidarbha-I had noted down all the important issues discussed by various participants. Shri Amit Kulkarni, ACS read all the resolutions before the house and thereafter the house unanimously passed all the resolutions.

Resolutions passed by CEC

3rd PRC at the earliest.

Payloss to Post 2007 executives and LICE promoted executives. E1+5 or E2 clear road map to achieve the same.

 Super Annuation benefits to be increased to 30%.

 GTI and medical insurance premium should be paid by BSNL.

The condition of education qualification in AGM RR should be removed.

 Upgradation exam for time bound promotions should not be conducted for executives as it is not conducted for ITS cadre in their upgradations.

As the DA has already crossed 200% , DA should be merged atleast 100%.

Number of working days for all employees of BSNL shall be equal i.e. either 5 days for all or 6 days for entire BSNL staff.

Medical bills with vouchers limit which was earlier reduced a number of times, be reinstated now for O/D claims.

The IPMS period in case of medical cases where the leave is more than one quarter of the year, the  either IPMS  not be generated or if generated average marks obtained over other period should be awarded for the leave period for such executives.

JTO to SDE Electrical promotions and Accounts wing promotions shall be issued at the earliest.

Inter Circle transfer requests OTP waiting list shall be published.

 Immediate relief to executives given charge sheet under fake caste certificate cases.

Allowances should be in tandem with other PSU’s.

Own cost or Company Cost option should be available for each option to be exercised.

EPF higher pension clause 26 (6) may be removed.

 Merger of Civil/Elec with SSA. Clear orders to define the controlling SSA or Elec wing.

 For medical claims bills / prescription by BAMS Doctor should be allowed.

 CCS pension for executives for whom recruitment process initiated by DoT but joined in BSNL must  to be pursued with CMD. Also letter issued by DoT is for NPS similar letter to be issued for EPS.

 Targets given in IPMS should be reasonable.

AGM promotions for List 9 and above should be issued at the earliest.

 DGM promotions shall be issued at the earliest.

 CCTV provisions at important locations all over. Important exchanges should have gunmen security.

 Inter OR Intra circle transfer  shall not be on the basis of Sanctioned Strength but on the basis of working strength. The transfers shall be issued on need basis only.

We appreciate all the executives and employees related to EB and its implementation for over achieving the EB target. MH Circle crossed the target of 300 Cr and touched 335 Cr.

Support of SEWA should be sought for upcoming MV.

Support of AIBSNLEA for upcoming MW.

 Appreciation to SNEA Goa team for well organised CEC meet.

Project shikhar incentives to be re-instated.

 Tenure transfer order should be issued in the first month of the last quarter of tenure completion.

7th JAN Mass CL STRA remark to be removed from ERP.

Review of restructing norms.

Relieving from ERP for Hard tenure.

Tenure stations should be exempted from Intra circle transfers. (Atleast for next two years).


In his closing remark Shri Samir Khare, Circle Secretary praised efforts of District Body and members of SNEA Goa for successful conduction of the CEC. He said all the arrangements made by Goa team is excellent and requested the house for big applaud for Goa Team. The Goa team was then felicitated at the hands of GS,SNEA,CHQ.

In his closing remarks Shri Shailendra Solanke,Circle President said that it was not easy too make such arrangements in a very short span but it is the unity of the SNEA Goa team and their Hardwork which has resulted in this iconic CEC meet.

Shri Prashant Baviskar, ADS SNEA Goa thanked all his team members and committee members of various committees such as transportation committee, accommodation committee, Program committee etc.

Shri S A Bhadane presented the vote of thanks on behalf of SNEA MH Circle body to all the members of Goa SNEA and all the DS and delegates from nook and corner of Maharashtra who participated in the two day meet. Photos>>>


13 Apr 2023 : Two days Circle Executive Committee Meet of SNEA MH Circle in Goa on 15th and 16th April 2023.

         The first CEC meeting of SNEA MH Circle after Jalgaon Circle Conference is to be held at Goa on 15th and 16th April 2023. The Open Session of the CEC is scheduled on 15/04/2023 at 17:00 hrs. The notification for SNEA MH CEC is endorsed by MH Circle office. Orders

          The Venue for the CEC is – Hotel Greenpark,

                                                            Guirim, Mapusa.

                                                     Tal Bardez, North Goa.

                                                             Goa - 403507                


The list of Committee members is attached herewith for ease of Office Bearers,DS and Delegates attending the meeting. Committee List


06 Apr 2023 : Corporate office extends date for OTP requests of intra circle transfer upto 15/04/2023

         The Corporate Office today issued letter extending the date for Special OTP Window for Intra Circle Transfer as per Station/Post Tenure w.r.t. Transfer Policy. Now the willing executives can apply upto 15/04/2023 through OTP. Orders

          Corporate Office today issued guidelines for non-recruiting circle regarding transfer of long stay executives in SDE/AGM Cadre. Orders


06 Apr 2023 : VRS of Executives from Civil and Electrical Wing(Report by Shri Abhay Kesarkar,JS(C&E)

         Shri Prashant Tijare, JTO(Civil) retired from BSNL after opting Voluntary Retirement from service on 01/04/2023. He was posted at Nashik. He joined the then Department of Telecom in August 1999 and served for nearly 24 years. Even after joining the department his zeal for Higher studies was instrumental and he done multiple Post Graduate courses such as MBA(Marketing), LLB, Post Graduate Diploma in Criminal Law, and MA(Psychology) while working with BSNL.

Smt. Sushma Lokare ,JTO(Electrical) retired from BSNL after opting Voluntary Retirement from service on 01/04/2023. She has carried out many developmental works in Kalyan SSA related to Electrical works and was presently working as JTO(OFC) at Kalyan.

!!!SNEA MH Circle wishes Best Luck to both members for their retired life!!!


04 Apr 2023 : District Conference of SNEA Nashik: (Report by Shri K N Tayade DS SNEA Nashik and Shri S A Bhadane, Asst Circle Secretary,MH Circle ).

         As per the Notice served by DS SNEA Nashik Shri. S. A. Bhadane to conduct the District Conference of SNEA Nashik held on 19.03.2023, the District Conference is successfully conducted under the Presidentship of DP Shri. P N Patil & able leadership of our dashing, studied and dynamic DS Shri. S A Bhadane.

Beautiful Rangoli made at entrance of sanchar bhavan, the program commenced with Garland to the Lord Ganesh by the hand of the dignitaries.

          All members shouted slogans SNEA Zindabad,BSNL Zindabad,our unity Zindabad at the time of beginning of the program.

The meeting proceeding was started with dias formation. After Deep Prajwalan by the guest of honour, the house observed two minutes silence in memories of departed soul. Further the guests - PGMT Nashik, CS SNEA MH & DOBs were felicitated. After that, DS presented the agenda points which were subsequently passed by the house. The newly joined members were welcome aboard to SNEA family.

Our DP SNEA Nashik Shri. P. N. Patil in his opening remark/presidential speech guided all the members. He also expressed the efforts carried out by this body for retention/change of posting of genuine transfer cases and other HR issues and expressed satisfaction over the tenure as the Body was able to resolve most of the issues.

The DS SNEA Nashik Shri. S. A. Bhadane during his welcome speech touched all the various aspects of Development & HR issues of SSA & Circle level. Shri. Ulhas Morankar ADS delivered his report impressively & at last expressed gratitude towards all SNEA members for their continued support in association activities during his tenure at Nashik. He also presented his views on the major role being played by the officers of Nashik BA and the justification of officers in BA as per restructuring guidelines.

The huge gathering of all the esteemed SNEA Nashik members was addressed by Respected PGM Nashik Shri. Mansharam Rawat. He assured that BSNL will flourish with the support of Government of India. He also appraised the house regarding the contribution of the employees towards better future of our esteemed organisation.  He also expressed his feelings that being head of the family he will always provide his support to the employees in their genuine issues.

The DS SNEA Nashik Shri. S. A. Bhadane during his DS report expressed his gratitude towards the SNEA family for supporting him in unanimous selection as ACS SNEA MH in Circle conference conducted at Jalgaon on 13 Nov 2022. In his detailed speech he stated the chronological order of all the activities carried out for resolution of various issues like justification of staff strength at Nashik BA, bulk transfer orders, change of postings & retention of genuine cases. At last he expressed his gratitude towards all the members for extending their continued support in association activities during his tenure as DS SNEA Nashik.

The CWC member MH Circle Shri. Jayant Adawade, also addressed the house in the aggressive manner with the issue of adverse effects of extensive VCs, repetitive reports & google spread sheets affecting the routine work of field officers.


Our young and dynamic CS SNEA MH Circle Shri. Samir Khare observed the meeting proceedings and during his address, he highlighted all the development & HR issues. He also provided guidance on the forthcoming inter/intra circle Transfer orders & hard/soft tenure transfers. He also highlighted that during his visit to various SSA’s/OA’s the staff is raising issue of very frequent VC conducted by circle office authorities which results in less time to perform actual work. He also informed the house of current updates regarding the Pay Loss issues, Standard Pay Scale, SAB, PRMB & 3rd PRC. The role of current majority association was also explained by the CS, in creating hurdles in the development of executive fraternity. His thorough knowledge regarding various issues impressed all the members.

At last the vote of thanks  tendered by Shri. R. R. Mahajan VP SNEA Nashik in a very unique manner & expressed his gratitude towards active SNEA members involved in successful conduction of Dist. Conference. On behalf of SNEA Nashik he also expressed gratitude towards DS TWWO Smt. V.D. Chitte for arranging the delicious food which was served during the general body meeting.

For this District Conference, following BSNL senior executives and other association leader were present:-

Shri R.G Kale DGM (Network), Shri. S. S. Kulkarni (DGM(S&M) and Senior SNEA leader Shri. M. B. Sangale, AGM (CM), Shri. Omkar Bhavsar ADS AIGETOA, Shri. G.V. Sonar CCM BSNLEU, Shri. Anil Patil DS BSNLEU, Shri. R. W. Lahane DS NFTE, Shri. M.B. Giramkar DS SEWA, Smt. V. D. Chitte DS TWWO. The lady SNEA members were also present in the entire program in high numbers.

Other association leaders were felicitated by SNEA DOBs and CS SNEA MH Samir Khare was felicitated by DS BSNLEU, DS SEWA & by DS TWWO.

After lunch DT report presented by Shri. R. S. More, Treasurer Report unanimously passed by all the members.

Resolution passed in District conference: 24years-26years transfer issue need to address to make minimum transfers to avoid hardship of SNEA members, pay fixations is to be carried out in ESS for avoiding pay anomaly.

For election of New District Office bearers, Shri. S. S. Kulkarni & Shri. S. R. Pawar were nominated as the election officers and Shri. R. R. Kangane SDE (HR &Admin), Nashik was the observer from administration. They announced the post and number of office bearers to be elected for the new tenure. Only one panel was submitted and the new body was elected unanimously as detailed under.

Shri. S. A. Chavan - Dist. President

 Shri. Hari Patil - Vice President

 Shri. Kamlesh Tayade - Dist. Secretary

Shri. Khushal Gharte - Dist. Treasurer

Shri. R R Mahajan - ADS I

Shri. Dominic Anthony - ADS II

Shri. Arun Dhikale - Org Sec.-I

Shri. P N Patil - ADS III

Shri. Kiran Deore - Org Sec.-II

Shri. V. V. Suryawanshi - CEC-I

Shri. Shailesh Dhande - CEC-II

Shri. Ganesh Burkul - Auditor-I

Shri. Amit Changune - Auditor-II

After the Election process the newly elected SNEA office bearers took oath from CS SNEA MH Circle Shri. Samir Khare. The election officers were felicitated by the CS for successful & smooth conduction of election process.

For successful conduction of meeting the DP, DS, all DOBs and CEC Members of Nashik have taken lots of efforts. Also senior member Shri. S. A. Bhadane nicely presented the PPT. The arrangement for the general body meeting was made by Shri. Ulhas Morankar, Shri. Khushal Gharate, Shri. Arun Dhikale & Shri. K N Tayade.  Shri Suresh Wakchaure (ATNT) shouldered the responsibility to serve the Tea/Coffee & snacks in the conference hall. Shri. Shailesh Dhande captured all the events in his camera.   Photos>>>


23 Mar 2023 : SNEA Delegation meet CGMT MH Circle and other high ranked officers for settlement of various pending HR issues.

          SNEA MH Circle delegation have meeting with CGMT,MH Circle Shri Rohit Sharma ji and various high rank officers on 20/03/2023 for settlement of pending HR issues of different streams. The delegation comprised of

Shri M N Kotambe, AGS, MH Circle.

Shri Samir Khare,CS,

Shri Rupesh Kumar, ACS(HQ)

Shri Abhay Kesarkar,JS(ACE)

Shri Amit Naikade,JS(AF)

Shri Shrikant Sahare, DS,CNTX-W

Shri Niwas Harpalkar, CNTX-W

Shri Anil Dubey,Mumbai

Shri Sagar Mate,Mumbai.


CS,Shri Samir Khare have written to CGMT elaborating various pending HR issues of MH Circle Executives on 17 Feb 2023 demanding meeting for settlement of various issues. The CS have again written to CGM for settlement of new HR issues created due to instructions from corporate office regarding Intra Circle Rotational Transfer and letter from some BA Heads to submit BA level body for consideration of immunity to the Office Bearers. Letter>>>


Following issues were discussed in Depth with CGMT,Shri Rohit Sharmaji and GM(HR & Admin),Shri Nakhale ji –

(a)  Issuance of long pending Tenure Transfers – We bought to the notice of CGMT,MH Circle that the executives are waiting for issuance of Tenure Transfer orders since August 2023 and now they have completed more than 2.5 years in tenure station. Initially CGMT opined that we should advise the members to work in tenure station for a period of 3 years. We strongly objected and told that there exist a transfer policy and according to the transfer policy guidelines the tenure period is of 2 years. The tenure stations are declared as Tenure due to difficult working conditions and because of being non-popular stations and if the period is increase to 3 years no executive will willingly opt for tenure station. We also asked CGMT,MH Circle to issue orders for Tenure stations whose tenure period is completing upto September 2023. We also apprised him that due to 3rd Membership Verification to be held tentatively in August-September 2023 and so it is necessary to issue orders at the earliest as after issuance of notification there will be halt on Transfer orders. CGMT told that they are waiting for issuance of inter circle rotational transfer orders and the Tenure transfer orders will be issued soon after the issuance of this orders.

(b)   Regarding Intra Circle Rotational Transfers – We told the administration that SNEA is not against the issuance of Intra Circle Rotational Transfers but the Transfers should have some ground in accordance with various clauses provided in Transfer Policy guidelines. We also quoted that if the orders are to be issued then they must issue the orders for JAG and SAG as well who have completed their Post Tenure. We also advocated that the executives who are willingly working in Tenure Stations shall not be disturbed in name of Rotational transfer as most of the Tenure stations of MH circle are good revenue Telecom districts and they are so mainly because of this local staff working in tenure stations. We also told that the rotational transfers may be issued only on basis of excess/shortage in respective SSA.

(c)  Non Publication of OTP request Data – We requested the administration to publish the OTP requests received upto January 2023 so as to bring transparency in transfers.

(d) Immunity to office Bearers – It is brought to the notice of Circle Administration that some BA have issued letters to provide the BA wise District Body of the association for grant of immunity. We apprised the administration that as per our constitution and constitution of almost all Unions and associations the provision for Office Bearers at BA level does not exist and the issue is taken up by SNEA CHQ with Director HR and may have an outcome more sooner than later. It is thus requested to wait for some more period before asking for the BA Level Body of Office Bearers.

(e)  Regarding Monetisation of Staff Quarters at Prime location of Mumbai -We brought to the notice of Circle administration that the decision of management to monetise the Staff Quarters at various location of Mumbai will cause hardship to more than 200 families residing in the quarters. We also told the administration that they should take up the matter with CHQ to stop the processs for monetization of these properties. We also told the management that the cost of hire accommodation at  Mumbai or Sub Urban area is very costly and not manageable in the amount of HRA given by BSNL. We also conveyed the management that as per Article 21 of Indian Constitution a Right to live with dignity is the fundamental right and the management is infringing this basic right. We told that SNEA MH will stand strongly with the affected employees and will also raise the issue through AUAB,MH Circle.


The delegation then met GM(Finance),Shri Mahawar ji regarding the issuance of Rule8/Rule 9 pending cases of JAOs. We recalled our last discussion with GM(Finance) where in he has assured that the Rule8/Rule 9 transfer orders will be issued in March 2023. We requested GM(Finance) for early issuance of these orders. He told that he will do the needful for issuing the orders.


The delegation then met CE(Electrical), Shri Dhananjay Kumar ji to thank him for issuance of SDE (E) Look After orders. We also requested him to consider for early issuance of the request transfer orders of Electrical Wing. CE(E) assured that he will look into the matter and try to get the orders issued at the earliest.



12 Mar 2023 : Finally MH Circle admin has issued the list for long stay.

          SNEA MH Circle was continuously pursuing for publishing the list for long stay, now finally Circle office admin section have issued the long stay list for JTO’s/SDE’s and AGM’s. All the DS of SNEA shall contact with their members and OA/BA Admin for corrections/Omissions in the list.  JTO/SDE Long Stay>>>  AGM Long Stay list>>>



03 Mar 2023 : Congratulations to all the LICE promoted JTO’s : MH Circle Office issues posting order for LICE Promoted JE to JTO

          MH Circle office today issued posting order for all LICE promoted JTO’s. Shri Shailendra Solunke, SNEA MH Circle President, Shri Amit Naikade, SNEA MH JS(A&F), Shri Datta Dubile CWC Member, Shri Sagar Mate, SNEA Mumbai Branch took special efforts to get choice posting to these newly promoted officers.

SNEA MH Congratulates all the newly promoted Officers !! Letter>>>


28 Feb 2023 : O/o GM(HR & Admin),BSNL,MH Circle writes to all BA Heads/ Vertical Heads for updation of data for preparation of long stay list.

          O/o GM(HR & Admin), MH Circle writes to all BA/Vertical Heads for updation of data of stay particulars by 5/3/2023. This data is required for preparation of long stay list for rotational transfer as per guidelines issued by corporate office. Letter>>>


28 Feb 2023 : CGMT,BSNL,MH Circle recognizes the efforts of Shri Prabhat Kumar,DGM(OP),Aurangabad and active member of SNEA Aurangabad

          CGMT MH Circle has appreciated the efforts of Shri Prabhat Kumar,DGM(OP) and active member of SNEA for land allotment from Govt. of Maharashtra in 8 districts viz. Aurangabad, Beed, Jalna, Nanded, Parbhani, Latur,Osmanabad and Hingoli.  BSNL not only received 54 Land Parcels requested but also received additional 36 land parcels by efforts of Shri Prabhat Kumar. Congratulations.

Appreciation  Letter>>>


24 Feb 2023 : Dir(HR)letter regarding Online Attendance System

          Director HR through his letter dated 23/02/2023 have asked the employees to refrain from the activity of marking attendance through other colleague, subordinate or other official.

Dir HR Letter>>>


24 Feb 2023 : EPF Head Office,New Delhi issue instructions for Higher Pension option for working employees.BSNL Corporate office endorses the instructions and also seek clarification in the matter from EPF Office

EPF Head office New Delhi has issued instructions for working employees who were eligible to execute Higher Pension option before 01 Sept 2014 and have not exercised the option. This instructions are issued in accordance with the Supreme Court Judgement pronounced in SLP-8658-8659 of Year 2019.According to the Order of S.C. the executives who were eligible to opt for higher pension but could not due to the interpretation on cut off date by the authorities,ought to be given further chance to exercise their option.

BSNL Corporate office have endorsed the same letter. BSNL Corporate office have written a letter to EPF Office for seeking clarification on process to followed for executing the option. EPF Instructions>>> BSNL endorsement>>> BSNL seeking clarification>>>


20 Feb 2023 : Congratulations to all the JTO(E) for whom SDE(E) L/A orders issued

SNEA MH Circle thank PCE(E) Shri Dhananjay Kumar ji, S.E. (E) Shri Chikhlikar ji for issuance of long pending SDE (E)(L/A) order. order>>>


18 Feb 2023 : Letter to CGM,MH Circle for early resolution of pending HR issues

CS SNEA MH Circle writes a letter to CGM,MH Telecom Circle for early resolution of pending HR issues. The letter contains important HR issues including non-issuance of Tenure Transfer orders,Rule8- Rule9 pending cases in Accounts and Finance wing, JTO(E) to SDE(E) L/A orders, Common Tenure Stations for all streams,need for revamp of current transfer policy in MH Circle, Publication of longest stay list in Civil/Electrical wing etc. Letter to CGM>>>


07 Feb 2023 : MH Circle issues confirmation order in cadre of JAO’s

MH Circle admin today issued confirmation order in cadre of JAO’s order>>>


07 Feb 2023 : Deputation order issued for Mrs Shraddha Kadgadkai, JAO.

MH Circle admin today issued deputation order of Mrs Shraddha Kadgadkai, JAO from Ahmednagar to Pune under GM(NWO-CM) order>>>


06 Feb 2023 : Meeting with Shri Arvind Vadnerkar,Director(HR) on 3rd Feb 2023 during his recent visit to Nagpur for inauguration of 19th All India BSNL Kabaddi Tournament.

Following Delegates of SNEA met Shri Arivnd Vadnerkar, Director(HR) on 3rd Feb 2023      Shri Samir Khare, Circle Secretary

Shri H.N.Tipre, Circle Treasurer

Shri D.P.Wasnik, District President,Nagpur

Shri Pankaj Rangari, District Secretary,Nagpur

Shri Suneet Upadhyay,Asst. District,Nagpur

Shri Sourabh Dangre, Organising Secretary, Nagpur

Shri Narendra Shahane, Organising Secretary,Nagpur

Shri Deepak Kulkarni, Organising Secretary,Nagpur

Shri Prithviraj Rangari, Ex- Circle Vice President,

Shri Raju.R.Barapatre, Member, Nagpur

Shri Sushant Pazare, Member,Nagpur.

          We are thankful to Director(HR) Shri Arvind Vadnerkar to spare his valuable time during his visit at Nagpur and giving an opportunity to discuss various HR and Development issues. Shri Rohit Sharma,CGM,MH Circle, Shri Prashant Patil, CGM,CNTX-W and Shri Yash Panhekar, GM,BA,Nagpur were present from management side during the meeting.

          The memorandum of various development and HR issues was handed over to Shri Arvind Vadnerkar, Director (HR). Letter to Director (HR)>>> Photos>>>






01Feb2023 : Special General Body meeting of Pune SSA on 17/01/2023 (Report by Com. S.P.Sonawane,D.S.,Pune)

SNEA Pune’s 6th  District Executive Body Meeting was held successfully on  17th Dec 2023 as per the schedule. It had two distinct agendas of felicitating the newly elected Circle Office bearers and to felicitate recently promoted AGMs.

The centrally located venue of the Conference Hall at Bajirao Road Telephone Exchange was fully packed for the much awaited felicitation program.

The anchor of the program ,Com.Santosh Devadiga, invited the District President,SNEA Pune. Com Subhash Kadam, in his opening speech welcomed the gathering and congratulated the newly elected circle office bearers, our very own Com.Shailendra Solanke,CP; Com.Sandip Shinde,CVP;Com.H N Tipre,Circle Treasurer; Com.Dattatray Chavan,CWC member and the Circle Secretary Com. Sameer Khare.

 Com.Subhash Kadam also congratulated and welcomed all the recently promoted AGMs.

It was a proud moment for Pune comrades to felicitate unanimously elected  our own Com.Shailendra Solanke as Circle President, Com.Sandip Shinde as Circle Vice President and Com.Dattatray Chavan as CWC member. It was a moment of happiness as SNEA Pune got a fair representation in the Circle Executive Body.They were felicitated at the hands of Com.Subhash Kadam(DP Pune),Com.R A Londhe(ADS Pune)and Com.Piyush Karande,respectively.

It was an equally happy moment to felicitate our own Com.Prayag Pisal at the hands of Com.Girish Sonar(ADS Pune)

Newly elected dynamic Circle Secretary and the chief guest of the program ,Com.Sameer Khare  was felicitated at the hands of equally dynamic District Secretary of Pune SNEA Com.S P Sonawane.Circle Treasurer ,Com.H N Tipre, was felicitated at the hands of District Treasurer Com.A N Raut.

It was a proud moment to felicitate members of SNEA family for the achievement of being promoted to the rank of AGM.

Following AGMs were felicitated :

Com.Anita Bhardwaj ,AGM (Admin) Pune

Com.Neeta Lingayat ,AGM( PG) Pune

Com.M.Z.Gundecha  ,AGM( L&B)Pune

Com.D.V.Joshi          ,AGM(Vig)

Com.Milind Mahajan ,AGM(Mobile)

Com.Avinash Pujari           AGM (City)

Com.R.R.Kshirsagar         AGM(EB-Commercial)Pune

Com.Rupesh Gujrathi       AGM(CM)Pune

Com.Nilesh Wankhede     AGM/Principal (ZTTC)Pune

Com.Sunetra Deshpande, AGM(CNTX)Pune

Due to ongoing VCs of their respective units, following Newly promoted AGMs could not attend the felicitation program in person

Com.S.A.Jadhav                   ,  AGM BBNW Pune

Com.Aakhila                         ,AGM BBNW Pune

Com.Rajeev Pawar              ,AGM CNTX Pune

Com.Prasenjit Bhattacharya,AGM CNTX Pune

Com.R.P.Chavan                 ,AGM RCNGN Pune

Com.Nitin Bawaskar            ,AGM (ZTTC )Pune

Com.S P Sonawane, Dist.Secretary SNEA Pune in his speech expressed his satisfaction that SNEA Pune is felicitating Circle Office bearers and recently promoted AGMs though the program was delayed. He gave updates about various organisational activities in Pune. He explicitly informed our members about the visit of the Circle office bearers to the ZTTC,Pune where recently promoted JTOs are seeking training. He further apprised members about the forthcoming membership verification program. Then Com.S P Sonawane opened the forum for all the members to put their issues,concerns and grievances before the dignitaries to seek the updates and guidance.

Ever enthusiastic members of SNEA Pune expressed their concerns about implementation of attendance system,IPMS, developmental issues, issues regarding OTP & transfers and most importantly revival of BSNL & prospect of 3rd PRC.Members raised queries regarding EPF issues enders/Vendors  issue, pending Tenure Transfer orders,SAB Issues ,Pending Time bound DPCs /Exams.

       This session was succeeded by invaluable and thoughtful speeches by Com. H N Tipre. Circle Treasurer SNEA MH.Circle,Com.Sandip Shinde Vice President SNEA MH Circle and  Com. Prayag Pisal Org.Secretary SNEA MH Circle.

Com.Shailendra Solanke, Circle President in his usual zeal, answered some of the concerns raised by the members. He updated Pune members about the proceedings at the CHQ level. He updated that CHQ under the dynamic leadership of Com.M S Adsul is addressing each and every grievances at the highest level of BSNL and the DoT. His informative and enthusiastic speech concluded with a huge round of  applause as usual.        

It was the first time for most of the members to listen to Com. Sameer Khare. The eagerly awaited address by the Circle Secretary was started with some humour to ease the atmosphere.  He vehemently discarded the wrong  notion  and  rumours spread about the SNEA. Starting with updates at the Circle level, he one by one  addressed the concerns raised by the  members. He gave invaluable insights about the online attendance and IPMS system being implemented by the BSNL CO.  He informed that these are the outcome of positive development of the revival package and assured the members that all the concerns are noted and will be updated to the CHQ for further redressal. Our dynamic GS Com. M S Adsul is already studying the inputs given by the Circle bodies.

Com.Sameer Khare detailed the EPF issue raised by Com.Santosh Devadiga.He further addressed the issues about OTP and tenure transfers as well as pending time bound promotions and DPCs. He asserted  the importance of CPSE implementation so as to mitigate many ongoing and pending HR issues.

Taking further the updates  given by Com.Shailendra Solanke about the  implementation of 3rd PRC, Com.Sameer Khare asserted that with the dynamic leadership at CHQ level and herculean efforts by GS Com. M S Adsul, we may soon hear the good news about the 3rd PRC.  With this culminating point, Com.Sameer Khare thanked the members for the felicitation and  concluded his well versed speech with  a great round of applause by the members.

          After  the speech,to the  concern raised by Pune comrades about the “Strike” remark in ERP against the mass CL agitation program called by the CHQ leadership, Com.Sameer Khare  assured to discuss the issue with the Circle management and take it one step further at the CHQ level.He made sure to listen and address some personal grievances of members in person.

With the conclusion of the speeches to the satisfaction of the members, Com. R A Londhe (ADS,Pune) raised to express vote of thanks. He thanked Com.Sameer Khare,Com.Shailendra Solanke,Com.H N Tipre,Com.Prayag Pisal,Com.Sandip Shinde.Com.Dattatray Chavan for their valuable time. He further expressed gratitude towards recently promoted AGMs for their time for  the function.He thanked all the SNEA members for their contribution for arranging the function.

The very well organised function under the leadership of DS SNEA Pune Com.S P Sonawane was concluded with the recital of the National Anthem.



29 JAN 2023 : Meeting of COB’s of SNEA MH with LICE JTO trainees at Pune ZTTC on 17/01/2023 and special GBM at Pune to felicitate the newly elected SNEA MH Circle Office Bearers  The team of following Circle Office Bearers along with the active team of SNEA  Pune BA visited Pune ZTTC to meet the LICE JTO Trainees.

         Shri Shailendra Solanke,Circle President

         Shri Sandip Shinde, Vice President-II

         Shri Samir Khare,Circle Secretary

         Shri H.N.Tipre, Circle Treasurer

         Shri Prayag Pisal, Organising Secretary

         Shri Datta Chavhan, CWC Member

         Shri Subhash Kadam, District President,Pune

         Shri S.P.Sonawane, District Secretary,Pune

         Shri Hrushikesh Dani, District Secretary, SNEA ITPC Pune

         Shri Amar Joshi,

         Shri Ritesh Narsing.

 At the beginning Shri Nilesh Wankhede, Principal, ZTTC and the faculty Shri Sakhalikar,Shri Thakre welcome the Circle SNEA Team at the venue.

Shri S.P. Sonawane gave opening remarks and anchored the program.

Circle President,Shri Shailendra Solanke in his speech told that he himself is a LICE JTO and SNEA has always worked in coordination with SNEATTA for early promotions and will always support them in future. He further told the house that Shri M.S.Adasul,General Secretary has stated that the three top priorities for him as GS SNEA are

 3rd PRC,

Promotions to all eligible executives and

most importantly SAB 30% to all BSNL recruited employees.

Shri H.N.Tipre,Circle Treasurer,SNEA Mh also addressed the meeting and wished best luck to all newly promoted JTOs.

Circle Secretary,Shri Samir Khare replied to various queries raised by the LICE JTO Trainees. In his speech he told that SNEA will support them for their posting at their SSA but at the same time advised them to give options for choice SSA in case of relocation. He further assured them that SNEA will always work for their betterment. In reply to the query regarding 3rd PRC Circle Secretary told that Shri M.S.Adasul, General Secretary is taking extra ordinary efforts to get 3rd PRC and hoped that before end of 2023 BSNL employees may get 3rd PRC. He further informed that SNEA is taking all efforts in issue of Pay loss to JTOs/JAO’s recruited after 2007 and the LICE JTO’s.

Shri Subhash Kadam,District President,SNEA Pune presided over the meeting and in his presidential speech wished best luck to all newly promoted JTOs for their future.


In evening a Special General Body Meeting of SNEA Pune BA was held in Conference Hall of Bajirao Road office. The Pune team felicitated the newly elected Circle Office Bearers and also felicitated the newly Promoted AGM’s and wished them success in their future assignments. Various HR and development issued were discussed to depth in the meeting and addressed by the dignitaries. The meeting was very nicely conducted and anchored by Santosh Devadiga. Photos>>


23 JAN 2023 : BSNL MH Circle Office issues letter for calling of volunteers (JTO/SDE) to work in specific technical field at Circle office Mumbai, Pune and Nagpur BA

Options are called fromSDE’s/JTO’s to work in specific technical field at Circle office Mumbai, Pune and Nagpur BA. SDE’s/JTO’s having adequate knowledge of Coding,data networking preferably having Cisco certified Networking or Project Management courses with Certificates may apply. The officials will have to go through an interview by expert panel before final selection. The selected officers will be posted in IT, NIB,Noc, Mobile Planning, Nodal Centre and EB Platinum. >>>


23 JAN 2023 : BSNL Corporate office issues order for Kashmir Valley Allowance

Special Allowance for officials working in Kashmir Valley is approved for a period of three years w.e.f. 1/8/2021. >>>


21 JAN 2023 : Sad Demise of Hrishikesh Kalmegh,Son of our own Shri Satish Kalmegh,Ex-Circle President,SNEA,MH (Report by Shri Pravin Masram,District Secretary,SNEA,Amravati)

Hrishikesh Kalmegh was a student of III year Computer of Badnera Engineering College. He had gone for college trip to Manali where he got ill. He was shifted to Amritsar for treatment whether he breathed his last. He is Son of our Ex-Circle President,Shri S.R.Kalmegh. Last rites will be performed at Amravati.

Heartfelt Condolences from SNEA Maharashtra members. May God Give Courage to Kalmegh Family to bear this moment of deep sorrow and grief. May God be with the departed Soul.


20 JAN 2023 : Meeting With CGM,MH Circle and GM(HR) Mumbai  SNEA delegates met CGMT MH Circle, GM(HR) and other senior officials of MH Circle to discuss various Development and HR issues.

Following delegates attended the meeting

Shri Shailendra Solanke,Circle President

Shri Samir Khare,Circle Secretary

Shri H.N.Tipre,Circle Treasurer

Shri Rupesh Kumar,ACS(HQ) and JS

Shri Amit Kulkarni,ACS

Shri Abhay Kesarkar,JS(ACE)

Shri Kishor Patil, District President,Mumbai Circle office

Meeting with CGMT MH Circle on 19/01/2023 – SNEA MH is thankful to CGMT,MH Circle Shri Rohit Sharma Sir that he spared his valuable time for meeting with SNEA Delegates despite his busy schedule.

Various Development issues discussed with CGMT MH Circle

FTTH Deployment

SNEA team after taking feedback from various District Secretaries and TIP’s suggested that BSNL shall bring prepaid plans for FTTH connections which will ease collection and reduce DNP significantly.

We brought to the notice of CGM Sir that there are many MSO’s which may offer BSNL services if we offer some higher revenue share to them which will in turn largely increase BSNL FTTH connections and penetration of FTTH.

Regarding BBNL tender for Grampanchayat : We brought to the notice of CGMT,MH Circle that the tender for mtce of GP’s states that the GP’s should  be made up and not the network. As per the feedback from field the vendor Bondada is maintaining the fibers of GPs only and not maintaining total Fibers.

Non availability of CPAN and 4F OFC cable – We discussed with CGM that CPAN and 4F OFC cable is not available in field. We also pointed out that in Solapur 28 TIPs are registered but waiting for CPAN. CGMT assured that the CPAN and 4F OFC cable will be made available shortly.

Non availability of Battery /Power Plant – On this CGMT told that most  of the field person have made wrong entry in Oorja App and asked to correct the entries.

Discussion on 4G saturation Project.

HR Issues – CGM,MH Circle told that the work of tenure transfer posting is in advanced stage and told to discuss the matter in detail with GM HR .

Meeting with GM(HR) – SNEA delegation then meet GM(HR) following issues were discussed

We requested GM(HR) to publish the vacancy position of Tenure and non tenure station before 23-24 Jan 2023 so that the Long stay executives may give option in OTP which is open only till 31st January 2023. We also brought to his notice that now the OTP window opens six monthly and so the list must be published at the earliest.

Tenure Transfer Orders – GM(HR) told that every effort is being taken for correction in stay particulars of executives. He told that except few BA’s no one has updated the data. The management is viewing this seriously and may ask the  BA’s to take suitable action against erring officers. He further appealed to take the issue at BA/SSA level admin to get the data corrected. We told that we have already requested our DS to pursue the matter with respective SSA admin section for early completion of the work. The GM HR however assured that the Tenure Transfer orders will be issued shortly and mostly before end of this month.

Rule 8/Rule 9 pending cases of JAO’s – In this regard he informed us that a meeting was held between him and GM(Finance) and the Rule 8 transfer orders will be issued in March. Regarding pending Rule 9 Cases on spouse ground, GM(HR) assured that this orders will be issued within one week.

Transfer policy – We told GM(HR) that the existing Transfer Policy of 2014 shall be  followed while issuing any transfer orders. We also reiterated our stand on Tenure Transfer orders that the longest Stay person shall be transferred to Tenure station and no point to point transfer shall be issued for tenure transfers. We discussed with GM(HR) that there is a need for new transfer policy in Post VRS scenario and the admin shall draft a new policy in consultation with both recognized associations.

Restructuring data for accounts wing – We brought to the notice of GM(HR) that restructuring data for accounts wing is not yet published  by MH Circle and requested him to release this data at the earliest. He assured to look into the matter and do the needful.

Regarding OTP options online – The executive who have earlier applied for OTP transfer need not apply again. But if the executive who have given option earlier and wishes to either change the station or cancel the request shall send a mail to, or  The circle office will then reject the earlier option then a fresh option may be given for new station.

Meeting with CE(Electrical)- We thanked CE(Electrical) for resolving the long pending issue of Shri Khanvilkar,JTO(E). We requested him to issued the long pending OTP orders and Tenure orders. He told that all the orders will be issued in one stroke and mostly in march.


13 JAN 2023 : Corporate office issue order to release retirement benefits of Shri Y.A.Ranade, Retired AGM Orders


01 JAN 2023 : SNEA MH wishes all its members  A Very Happy New Year 2023


30 Dec 2022 : EPFO issues letter to zonal and regional offices regarding compliance of Hon’ Supreme Court Judgement: Click for orders. >>>>


28 Dec 2022 : Transfer and posting orders from Circle Office : 

1. CE Elect has issued modified transfer order of Shri S A Khanvilkar, JTO Elec from Chandrapur to Goa. SNEA has been pursuing this case from quite some time. SNEA MH thanks CE Elect for considering our request. Click for Orders >>>>

2. Transfer and Posting of Shri  B R Joshi from CNTx-W to CO Mumbai Click for orders.      >>>>


28 Dec 2022 : Forum of Associations of BSNL write to Member Services regarding MSRR: The associations have written jointly to the Member Services regarding date of implementation of MSRR in BSNL. It has been requested to consider the cutoff date as 1/4/2023 or any later date on which the proposal will be notified. Click for letter >>>>


23 Dec 2022 : Congratulations!! Corporate office issued orders for modification of posting on promotions of AGMs. This has happened due to continuous persuasion by SNEA CHQ team and kind consideration by Dir(HR) and GM(Pers) Corporate office. Click for Orders >>>>  >>>> >>>>


23 Dec 2022 : Instructions from Corporate office regarding joining of newly promoted AGM’s:

Corporate office has issued instructions for newly promoted AGM’s to join by 26/12/2022. Those who will not join by this date their order for promotion shall not be operated without specific approval of competent authority. Click for Orders >>>>


22 Dec 2022 : Congratulations!! SNEA MH thanks CGMT MH for considering the request cases taken up in yesterday’s meeting in transfer posting on promotion to AGM cadre. Circle has revised the orders and issues today. SNEA delegation consisting of Shri M N Kotambe AGS CHQ, Shri Shailendra Solankhe CP,  Shri S A Bhadane ACS-I, Shri Amit Kulkarni ACS-II, Shri Abhay Kesarkar Jt Secy C/E, Shri Anil Dubey ADS CO, Shri Rupesh Kumar ACS HQ took efforts and persuasion for the same. Also all COBs and Dist. Secys for their timely feedback.  Click for orders >>>>>


21 Dec 2022 : Agenda submitted by SNEA on various issues during the meeting with CGMT MH Click for details>>>>>


21 Dec 2022 : Updates from Circle office : SNEA MH Welcomed and Congratulated Shri Rohit Sharma, CGM MH on the occasion of taking over the charge of regular CGMT MH Circle.

Following issues were discussed along with the CGMT MH in depth.

(1) AGM promotion and posting orders -

We brought to the notice of CGMT MH Circle that there are still some genuine cases of retention/change of station pending and discussed all cases one to one. He called upon GM HR in the meeting and told him to put up the cases. Out of remaining 7-8 cases it is expected that orders for some AGMs will be issued shortly.

(2) Regarding Tenure transfer - Initially CGM Sir was of the opinion that all the tenure transfer orders will be issued in March. We pointed out to him that many executives have already completed the tenure 3-4 months ago and eagerly waiting for their orders. We also brought to his notice that as per corporate office guidelines the orders for tenure location shall come before completion of the tenure and requested to consider all the cases who will be completing tenure in March 2023. CGMT instructed GM HR to complete the process at the earliest.

(3) OTP transfer - CGM told that OTP transfer will be issued after Tenure transfer orders are issued.

(4) Declaring Nanded- Parbhani as tenure station of Maharashtra - We brought to the notice of CGMT that none of the executive is willing to work at Nanded and Parbhani. Even after joining many executives apply for hard tenure so there is always shortage of executives in this two SSA. We told him that earlier there used to be shortage of staff in Gadchiroli, Ratnagiri but after making them tenure people are willingly giving options for these stations. CGM sir assured to look into the matter.

(5) Relieving of willing executives to hard tenure - Issue of non-relieving of executives for hard tenure was brought to the notice of CGMT he has agreed to relieve the executives very soon.

(6) Discrepancies in long stay list published and exclusion of WZBC executives - We pointed out the discrepancies observed in the long stay list published and requested CGM sir to include names of WZBC staff in the list. He initially insisted that it is a specialised work then we pointed out that it is against principle of natural Justice. He has assured that this issue will be dealt separately.

(7) Implementation of Zonal structure - We proposed to have 4-5 zones of MH circle and the transfer order may be issued within that zone. He told to have discussion with other associations and give combine proposal.


18 Dec 2022 : Longest stay particulars has been published by circle office. All members are requested to verify the data. Any discrepancies may kindly be brought into the notice of concerned admin section and get it corrected. List >>>>>


15 Dec 2022 : Publication of Longest stay list :  As per the discussion with Circle administration the longest stay list publication work is in advance stage and will be uploaded on intranet portal within one or two days.  The management is considering the issue of pending tenure transfer and we are hopeful that this order will be issued shortly.


13 Dec 2022 : New BTS Outsourcing Policy :  The earlier BTS outsourcing conveyed by BSNL CO after the VRS scheme in the year 2020 has been modified and in suppression of those guidelines new revised guidelines are hereby issued Click for Policy>>>>>


06 Dec 2022 : Modification in AGM Promotion  Orders issued : SNEA MH thanks CGMT,MH Circle and GM(HR) for considering the genuine cases of immunity/retention in recently issued modification in AGM Promotion posting orders. SNEA MH also thanks HR team for early modification orders giving relief to the aggrieved executives. Click for orders >>>>.

Some genuine cases of retention/ change of station on medical ground are still pending. SNEA MH is pursuing the cases and hopes to get it settled at the earliest.



IXth Circle Conference of SNEA Maharashtra Circle


As per the notification dated 10/10/2022 by Circle Secretary, SNEA, MH Shri M. N. Kotambe the 9th Circle Conference of SNEA,MH Circle was held on 12th and 13th Nov. 2022 in Hotel Kamal Paradise, Kalinka Mata Chowk, Bhusawal Road, Jalgaon.

12/11/2022 -The First day of the two day conference begin with Flag Hosting at the hands of  Shri Shailendra Solanke, Circle President, SNEA, MH Circle in the presence of Shri M. S. Adasul, GS, SNEA, Shri  Pavitra Singh, AGS(HQ), Shri M. N. Kotambe, CS SNEA MH, Shri H. N.Tipre, Circle Treasurer, SNEA MH Circle along with other Circle Office Bearers, Delegates and Observers from all over Maharashtra.

After the Flag Hosting Ceremony all dignitaries, delegates, observers, members assembled in the conference hall at the venue. The program began with the Dias Formation and felicitation of the Dias, which included CHQ Office Bearers and Circle Office Bearers followed by tribute to departed soul. The program was nicely hosted by Miss Sonali Wankhede and the energetic Shri Chetan Jadhav, DS, SNEA, Jalgaon.

In his opening note Shri Chetan Jadhav with help of nicely recorded Audio Visual presentation, informed the packed house about various services provided by BSNL Jalgaon, number of working connections and specifically mentioned that almost all Executives in Jalgaon are SNEA members. He also used the Audio Visual effectively to show the places of tourist interest in and around Jalgaon. At the end of his opening speech Shri Chetan Jadhav, DS, Jalgaon handed over the reign to Shri Shailendra Solanke, Circle President for further proceedings of the house.

In his Presidential opening remark the Circle President wished a great success for the two day event and thanked the Jalgaon SNEA team for making arrangements on very short notice. He emphasized on the forthcoming Membership verification in August 2023 and stressed to all DS to have active communication with all the executives of their SSA/BA. He further insisted to raise and resolve the genuine issues of SNEA members so that their faith in SNEA leadership is strengthened. He also advocated to put forth the failures of Majority Association to the executives which will finally result in SNEA once again becoming Numero Uno association. He then invited Shri M. N. Kotambe, Circle Secretary, to present his report.

Shri M. N. Kotambe, Circle secretary SNEA,MH Circle in his report stated the circumstances in which he took over the charge of SNEA,MH Circle. He congratulated Shri M.S. Adasul for being unanimously elected as the General Secretary of SNEA, India. He told that he assumed the charge of Circle secretary, SNEA, MH circle in April 2022 and it was a very short tenure for him. In his report he discussed about various issues resolved by SNEA, MH under the leadership of Shri M. S. Adasul, then Circle Secretary, SNEA, MH. He further stated that he has pursued all the issues sincerely and many were solved. He accepted that some issues remain unresolved due to adamant approach by some individuals in management

Shri H. N. Tipre, Circle Treasurer, SNEA, MH Circle presented his Circle Treasurer report. He stated that he has got almost NIL account when he took over the reigns of Circle Treasurer SNEA, MH. He further told that he has paid all the dues to all the District Body of MH Circle except one or two, which is pending due to non opening of branch bank account. He said after payment of all liabilities and even considering the expenditure of current Circle Conference, SNEA MH will be in a position to have a FD of sizeable amount. He thanked all the COB’s and DS of all SSA’s of Maharashtra for their cooperation, without which this turn around was not possible.

On completion of Circle Treasurer report, Shri Pavitra Singh AGS(HQ) appraised the work of Shri H. N. Tipre, Circle Treasurer and said he would like that all other circle follow this model.

After Lunch, the session was of District Secretary report. The District Secretaries all over Maharashtra deliberated on various Development issues vital for survival and growth of BSNL including the Backbone network availability, need for early implementation of 4G services, issues faced by field officers such as Battery, Power Plant, non receipt of Temporary Advance. Various HR issues including non issuance of Tenure Transfer orders even after completion of Tenure period, non issuance of OTP transfer orders since April 2022 were also discussed in depth. The issue of online attendance was also discussed and many DS opined that the online attendance system should have been implemented considering the uniqueness of BSNL as organization. In IT companies or factory like institutes it is Ok to have attendance system as the work is defined and period is fixed but in BSNL there are many sections such as Outdoor, SSA and CNTX OFC mtce. Staff and Mobile staff which cannot operate in fixed hours. It was also pointed out by DS’s that there is a lacuna of the system that even if the executives work for more than 7:30 hrs till the system shows max. period of 7:30 hrs only which should be looked into. The DS discussed about the efforts to increase the membership and also focused on further increasing it to become majority association. Most DS’s expressed view that the expense of Medical Insurance and GTI should be borne by BSNL as a welfare scheme for employees and requested to GS and AGS,SNEA CHQ to take up the issue with management.

After the completion of DS Report, the Delegate session started. In the Delegate Session various issues were raised by the delegates which were replied by CHQ dignitaries present on the dias. The delegate station lasted till midnight (2.00AM) and all were satisfied as they got to interact directly with the CHQ office bearers. The President then called the day over and directed all that they should assemble in the conference hall on 13/11/2022 sharp 9:30 hrs to for listening views of the Circle office bearers and CWC members.

13/11/2022 - The session started at 9:30 am. The remaining Circle office bearers and CWC members deliberated on various Development and HR issues.

The Open session started at 11:30 am after the arrival of Chief General Manager, MH Circle and CNTX(W), Shri Rohit Sharma. He was accompanied by Shri V. K. Dwivedi, GM(Mobile), Circle office and Shri Sanjay Kumar, GM, Jalgaon(BA). Shri Gautam Gharde, Advisor, SEWA, CHQ, New Delhi and Shri L. N. Valvi, Circle Secretary, SEWA, MH Circle, Shri Gaykar, Circle Secretary, SNPWA were prominently present on the occasion and form the part of the dias along with the dignitaries from Administration and SNEA CHQ and Circle Office Bearers.

In the open session Shri M. N. Kotambe, Circle Secretary, SNEA MH discussed various development issues including shortage of Battery, Power Plant, Backhaul Bandwidth etc. He also addressed various HR issues including unrealistic targets set in IPMS, shortcomings of online attendance system, Non issuance of Tenure Transfer orders and long pending OTP Transfer issues. He also focused on non issuance of Rule8/Rule 9 transfer orders of JAO’s.

In his address Shri Sanjay Kumar, GM, Jalgaon (BA) praised SNEA for its development approach and congratulated Shri M. S. Adasul for being elected as the General Secretary of SNEA. He also thanked the SNEA MH for taking the Circle Conference of SNEA at Jalgaon.

Full house was eager to listen to their leader Shri M. S. Adasul, GS, SNEA. In his address Shri M. S. Adasul praised current CMD and told that it is his efforts which yielded in such huge revival package from current Government and he insisted that we should support management by raising our performance. He further stated that as per the discussions going on, we are positive about getting 3rd PRC. He also stated that we are trying to get promotion for all executive cadres of all streams including Accounts, Electrical and Civil wing. He requested CGMT, MH, Circle for early issuance of Tenure Transfer and OTP Transfer orders which are pending since long.

In his speech CGM,MH Circle and CNTX(W), Shri Rohit Sharma talked upon various issues including the pending Transfers. He first congratulated Shri M.S. Adasul for becoming GS of SNEA. He told that issuance of Tenure Transfer is in consideration and also assured for issuance of OTP transfer order, after the tenure transfer orders are issued.

Shri Gaikar,Circle Secretary,SNPWA in his speech congratulated Shri M.S.Adasul for becoming the General Secretary of SNEA. He also appreciated the efforts taken by SNEA in resolving issues of retired SNEA members.

CHQ President Shri Manish Samadhiya addressed the house and told about various efforts taken by SNEA CHQ for early issuance of AGM Transfer orders. He told that the AGM Promotion work is in full swing and orders are expected to be issued shortly. He also praised SNEA, MH for having highest membership and said that with continuous efforts we will surely become Majority Association in next membership verification.

In his Presidential speech Shri Shailendra Solanke, Circle President, SNEA, MH Circle praised Jalgaon team for such wonderful arrangement in very short notice and declared that the old Circle body stands dissolved.

For election of New Circle Office bearers, Shri S. P. Dhok and Shri P.N.Patil were nominated as the election officers and Shri Pavitra Singh AGS(HQ) as CHQ Observer. They announced the post and number of office bearers to be elected for the new tenure. Only one panel was submitted amongst the eligible delegates and the new body was elected unanimously as detailed under. Shri Shailendra Solanke as Circle President, Shri Samir Khare as Circle Secretary and Shri H N Tipre as Circle Treasurer. Click the link to know the new Circle Body>>>>>

After the unanimous SNEA MH Circle body election; CHQ President, GS & AGS felicitated newly elected Circle Secretary, Circle President & Circle Treasurer & also host SNEA Jalgaon team was felicitated for grand successful conducting Circle Conference & house was adjourned with National Anthem.

Click here for complete photos of the circle conference.Day-1 >>>>>Day-2 >>>>> 


25 Nov 2022 : Grand District Conference of SNEA CN TX WEST MUMBAI DISTRICT: {Report by Com. Shrikant Sahare, DS SNEA CN Tx West Mumbai) As per notification issued by Com. Shrikant Sahare DS SNEA WTP and Com. Irshad Ansari DS SNEA WTR, New Branch Formation and District Conference of SNEA CN Tx West Mumbai was conducted online at 14.00 Hrs on 8/11/2022 though Google Meet. The following prominent Senior Officers of BSNL and SNEA leaders attended and addressed the District Conference.

1.     Shri. Rohit Sharma, CGM MH Circle/CN TX West & Chief Guest

2.     Com. M. S. Adasul, General Secretary, SNEA CHQ,

3.     Shri. Sanjeet Srivastava, GM Mumbai, CN Tx West

4.     Shri. Prashant Taklikar, GM HQ Project, CN Tx West

5.     Shri. Nitin Rokde, GM HQ Maintenance, CN Tx West

6.     Shri. Ashok Katakdond, DGM Admin, CN Tx West

7.     Shri. John Sealdow, DGM Finance, CN Tx West

8.     Shri. Pradeep Sale, DGM NIB/Maintenance Mumbai, CN Tx West

9.     Com. M.N.Kotambe, Circle Secretary, SNEA MH,

10. Com. P.N.Patil, Circle Treasurer, SNEA MH,

11.  Com. Roopesh Kumar, Joint Secretary Mumbai CO, SNEA MH,

12. Com. Shashikant Bhadane, DS Nasik, SNEA, 

13.   Com. Nandkishore Kadam, DS Ratnagiri, SNEA,


·        These dignitaries were given warm welcome by SNEA Members

·   Com. S.M. Sahare Proposed the name of Com Irshad Ansari for Presiding the online meeting. Com Kailash Kathare seconded the proposal and Com Irshad Ansari presided over the district conference & appealed all to be united at this crucial time. He thanked all for attending this district conference from all over different locations and making it a grand success

·        Com. S.M. Sahare, declare that as the merger of WTP and WTR took place long before, the merger of different branches was on the card. On suggestion of Com. M.N. Kotambe CS SNEA MH Circle for merger of 2 units, the SNEA WTP and SNEA WTR is to be dissolved. He also suggested the name of the Branch as SNEA CN TX West Mumbai. The Account have to be opened on the name of SNEA CN TX West Mumbai with 3 signatories President, District Secretary and Treasurer.

·       Shri. Nitin Rokade GM HQ Maintenance, CN Tx West Mumbai while addressing the house appealed to all the comrades to be more sensitive & vigilant towards the services of BSNL. He convey to raise the issue of attendance through OTP as officers/officials stays in different Mumbai area. He also said that SNEA is the only association which raise the appropriate subject through their forumn. He also asked the association to highlight the long pending issue of PRC in appropriate way.

 ·        Shri Prashant Taklikar GM HQ Project, Cn Tx west Mumbai addressed the house in very simple but in effective manner by giving the detail of the mergers of WTP and WTR. He also asked the officers to keep the co-ordination between Circle Office , Account Section and Field Unit in Tandem so that work may not hamper.

 ·        Shri Rohit Sharma CGM MH Circle/ CN Tx West Mumbai wishing SNEA a grand success for holding the District Conference with well attended by the comrades. He further suggested that the fault time to be reduced to 3-4 hrs and on field officers/officials to be more vigilant for any fault occurring instance and get the fault restored at earliest. He further elaborated that now all the tenders are finalized and needs to be executed within time frame. The New Cable is expected within 1-2 months.

·        Shri Sanjeet Srivastava GM Mumbai CN Tx West, congratulated every one for District conference and wishes them a great success. He noted that many things to be done on the field and many more challenges to be faced. He elaborated that since Govt of India has sanctioned the revival package, message should be positive from all the officers rather than saying nothing we get from the package. Keeping positive approach the work should be carried out.

·        Shri John Sealdow DGM Finance CN Tx West Mumbai,  appreciated the enthusiasm of CN TX West Mumbai comrades & congratulated for the District Conference. He said Account Wing and Technical Wing  should synchronized to achieve the taget laid by BSNL CO.

 ·        Shri Ashok Katakdond,  DGM Admin, CN Tx West Mumbai, in his address shared his experience working after merger of WTR and WTP. He assured house that administration will take sincere efforts for resolving HR issues of all the staff in CN TX West Mumbai.

·        Com. Nandkishore Kadam, DS Ratnagiri SNEA , in his speech congratulations CN TX West Comrades for successful conducting District Conference. He said that he receives full support from Office of GM Mumbai.

·        Com. Shashikant Badane, DS Nashik SNEA, in his speech congratulations CN TX West Comrades for successful conducting District Conference. He explained the difference in work culture of SSA and Core Network. He said that very sincere efforts are being taken by officers/officials of CN Tx West .

·        Com. Harinarayan Tipre, CT SNEA MH, in his speech congratulations CN TX West Comrades for District Conference. He said that the Core Network is the nervous system of BSNL and it needs to maintained properly, which CN TX West Officers/officials are working up to mark. He further said that long pending GB of CN TX West is finally being conducted which wil, pave the way for sending delegates and observers for coming Circle Conference of SNEA MH.

·        Com. M. N. Kotambe Circle Secretary SNEA MH Circle, in his speech touched various HR issues. He replied to the query raised regarding transfer of ladies’ officer after 26 years, stating SNEA CHQ is on the job. He also appreciated CN Tx west Branch for conducting the District Conference in very massive scale. He said this is first District level conference where CGM, 3 GMs, 3 DGMs have participated and addressed the meeting. He said that Com Adasul GS SNEA CHQ is taking lot of pain in resolving the issues raised by comrades. He further said that we should unite and extend strength to our beloved GS who will take care the issue of Promotions and PRC being implemented at the earliest. He also directed that after the formation of new Body, they should try to reach the membership of SNEA CN TX West Mumbai District to 50 members. This will enable to get One CEC membership.


·        Com. M. S. Adasul, General Secretary SNEA CHQ, in his marathon speech touched various issues in his own unique style ranging from various HR to development issues. He stated that the Government Revival package has given dignity as on now if we say to any one we are working in BSNL, they appreciate us. Even though the package is not much benefited to the employee. He further said that we went to Minister and congratulate him for giving the revival package but at the same time reminded him that along with the employee should also get something. To this the Minister affirmatively nodded. So the door is now opened for negotiation for getting PRC which was closed earlier. He appealed to comrades to approach Minister and MPs of Govt of India and explain them the need of PRC. He also told to convey these leaders that we as associations are not affiliated to any political party. He also elaborated on certain HR issue such as AGM promotion and First Time Bound promotion in 4-6 years.  He made it clear that SNEA always supports the management for good actions/policies and resists the wrong polices which are against the BSNL growth.


·        The various queries raised by the comrades & the same were answered by Com. M. S. Adasul, General Secretary SNEA CHQ.

·        Thereafter the election for new office bearers for the next term was held. Com. Kailash Kathare was nominated as election officer and Com. Harinarayan Tipre monitored the election process from SNEA MH Circle.

·        In unanimous elections, Com. Irshad Ansari, Com. S.M.Sahare, & Com. N.H.Harpalkar were elected as District President, District Secretary & District Treasurer respectively.

·        Com. Harinarayan Tipre, Circle Treasurer SNEA MH administered the oath of alliance to all newly elected District Body.

·        All Circle Office Bearers congratulated all the newly elected Office bearers of SNEA CN  West Mumbai District and assured full support from Circle.



·        Com. S.M.Sahare, Newly elected District Secretary SNEA CN TX West Mumbai summing up the outcomes of meeting delivered vote of thanks. The District Conference was lasted for more than four and half hours and concluded with slogans of BSNL Zindabad, SNEA Zindabad. The meeting adjourned at 20.30 hrs.



·        Newly Elected District Body of SNEA WTP.

1.       Com. Irshad Ansari                       -District President

2.       Com. Shirish Deshpande             -Dist. Vice President

3.       Com. S. M.Sahare                          -District Secretary

4.       Com Anil Bhoge                            -Assistant District Secretary-1

5.       Com. Hemangi Ainapure             - Assistant District Secretary-1

6.       Com Vinod Katkar                        -Organising Secretary

7.       Com N.S.Harpalkar                      -Dist. Treasurer


   Com. Ajay Mohite                              - Internal Auditor






     Circle Observor                                                                Election Officer


Com Harinarayan Tipre                                                 Com. Kaliash Kathare


19 Nov 2022 : Posting Orders on promotion to AGM issued : Circle office has issued posting orders on promotion to the cadre of AGM. But surely there are some discrepancies. In some cases the officer is transferred out of SSA even when he have joined the SSA few days back and in some cases it is observed that one officer from A SSA is posted to B SSA while other officer of B SSA is posted to A SSA. Such cases are been reconciled and will be taken up with circle administration. Click for orders>>>>


18 Nov 2022 : Congratulations !!! SDE to AGM Promotion orders issued. The most awaited promotion order in the cadre of AGM has been issued by Corporate office on 17/11/2022. This is the result of the continues persuasions of  SNEA activists and SNEA CHQ in getting these orders issued. Click for order>>>>>


18 Nov 2022 : Sad Demise of Shri Sadashiv Adasul(Appasaheb) on 14/11/2022

                          Shri Sadashiv Adasul (Appasaheb), father of our beloved Comrade M.S.Adasul, General Secretary,SNEA,was born in Kadegaon Village, now a Tehsil, in Sangli District of Maharashtra on 3rd June-1941.

                           He has 5 Children, Mahadev Adasul being his 3rd child. He raised his children with passion for higher studies and all his children are highly educated. From the childhood he insisted on high values and passion for the work, which are inevitably seen in our GS, Com. M.S.Adasul. He was very proud when Shri M.S.Adasul become GS of SNEA in April 2022 and expressed his pride during SNEA meeting at Sangli held for felicitation of Com. M.S.Adasul.

                           SNEA Maharashtra offers condolences to the departed soul and pray to Almighty God to give Strength to Shri M.S.Adasul and entire family to bear this moment of deep grief and sorrow.   



25  OCT 2022 :

      SNEA Maharashtra wishes

        A Very Happy DIWALI

     to All employees of BSNL and their families ,May the Beauty and Festivity of Diwali fill the Homes of All employees with Happiness and Joy.        




15  OCT 2022 : Circular of IXth Circle Conference of SNEA Maharashtra:

       The IX th circle conference of SNEA Maharashtra is scheduled on 12th and 13th November 2022 at Kamal Paradise Hotel,Kalinka mata Chauk,Bhusawal Road,Jalgaon.Circular for the same is issued.All DS are requested to follow circular strictly and attend the IX th circle conference alongwith eligibele Delegates /Observers and make the Circle Conference A GRAND SUCCESS.



Click here for Circular  <<<>>>


10  OCT 2022 : Notice of IXth Circle Conference of SNEA Maharashtra:

       The IX th circle conference of SNEA Maharashtra is scheduled on 12th and 13th November 2022 at Kamal Paradise Hotel,Kalinka mata Chauk,Bhusawal Road,Jalgaon.Notice for the same is issued.



Click here for Notice  <<<>>>


03 OCT 2022 :

               It is very unfortunate on part of BSNL Maharashtra in general and  SNEA Maharashtra in particular. Despite assurance given by then CGMT MH on 21.09.2022 in front of GM HR , then  CGMT MH happily  retired on 30.09.2022 on   superannuation retirement by keeping  194 request transfers pending. Not a single Rule -08 transfer issued by then CGMT MH despite hundreds of requests. Even tenure transfers are also not issued. Then CGMT MH  followed only illegal Ghar Wapashi Policy and not   followed the BSNL Maharashtra  approved transfer policy .SNEA Maharashtra condemn such act of then CGMT MH Circle.


     BSNL Maharashtra has highest EXECUTIVE strength of SNEA.SNEA Maharashtra played very vital role in   achieving the target. SNEA Executives are working hard in each and every vertical of BSNL Maharashtra. Our executives are working in fields units under extremely difficult conditions & they are the reason Maharashtra circle has achieved the Revenue target of 540 Crores plus. Ofcourse management is taking efforts but grass root efforts are being taken by our Executives who are mostly members of SNEA.

          All the waitlisted executives of OTP list are very unhappy because of non issuing of request transfers even after working hard day & night & completing their tenure at respective stations. Then CGMT has badly brought down their moral by not giving them justice.

          But Comrades, do not panic and do not get frustrated. New CGMT Sh Rohit Sharma has took over the charge of BSNL Maharashtra circle. I know he is very practical officer and knows each and every difficulty of field officer. We are proud to say that not a single request transfer is pending under CGM CNTX West & we are very hopeful the New CGMT MH will understand the plight of the deprived executives & give them well deserved justice. SNEA delegation is going to welcome new CGMT Sh Rohit Sharma shortly. We will take up pending request transfers & other pending issues along with development issues during the welcome meet.



02 OCT 2022 :

                                     Best wishes on occasion of


                          Mahatma Gandhi Gayanti..

                                -  SNEA Maharashtra.





01 OCT 2022 :

                                                  SNEA Maharashtra wishes

                           A VERY HAPPY BSNL DAY

                                    to all employees of BSNL. 



22 SEPT 2022 : s

           SNEA delegation met to CGM MH on 21.09.2022.CGM MH is going to retire on 30.09.2022 and even in his busy schedule, he called SNEA delegation for discussion.GM HR also present in the meeting. We brought to the notice of CGMT that about 128 requests are pending from OTP Cycle of JAN/APR/JULY. We also reminded that GM HR is always giving Assurance Pe Assurance since June 2022 but not s single order has been issued till date. We also reminded that the tenure transfers should be issued on top priority those who have completed tenure period.

         In reply CGMT Agreed to issue the tenure transfers immediately and instructed GM HR to put the proposal of tenure transfers within two to three days. We further insisted to release at least point to point transfers which involves no financial loss to BSNL MH.Lastly CGMT agreed to issue the point to point transfers.

          Comrades, there is abnormal delay in issuing OTP request transfers. please have some patience for few more days.HR staff is working on it. There is management meeting on 23.09.2022 and full day TWWO function on 24.09.2022.Hence orders are expected in next week. 

           SNEA delegation met to GM Fin and discussed about issue of transfers of Accounts officer of OTP Cycle JAN/APR/JULY and Rulr-8, Rule 9 transfers.GM Fin agreed to issue Rule 8 transfers in phase manners. Further he told that at least two Rule 8 transfers will be issued within one month. Likewise other Rule 8 Cases will be issued in phase manner. Regarding OTP request transfers, he told that request transfers will be issued in first week of October 2022. Request transfers of Civil and electrical executives’ are expected in second week of October 2022.     


18 SEPT 2022 : s

         Dear Comrasdes,we all are waiting since last five months for issue of  request transfers.SNEA delegation met to CGM,GM HR  several times since April 2022 and requested severally to issue the transfer orders of left over executives of JAN OTP,APR 22 OTP and July 22 OTP but every time they gave only “Tarikh pe Tarikh” and still the orders are not issued.This is total injustice and discrimination with the executives of BSNL Maharashtra rather who has applied in OTP for request transfer. This has brought down the moral of waitlisted executives.

         SNEA delegation met to DGM HR on 16.09.2022.Delegation could not meet to GM HR and CGM due to their busy schedule. Enquired about release of OTP request transfers. In reply, he told that the preparatory work for release of OTP request transfers is in progress and as maximum as requests will be considered and orders are expected in coming week. Delegation requested to release the transfer orders of all executives who have completed tenure period. In reply,he told that the transfer of all executives who have completed tenure perod will be issued.

         Comrades, lets hope transfers will be issued in coming week.We are trying to meet CGMT MH either on 20 OR 21 of September 2022.

          SNEA MH delegation met to N.D. Ram ,General Secretary ,SEWA and Chandeshwar Singh, General Secretary ,NFTE at circle office Mumbai and felicitated by presenting bouquet.

           SNEA delegate also met to PCEE and conveyed thanks for considering the case of Com Itankar ,SDE on 12th education ground. Further we requested to issue SDE/EE L/A orders to eligible executives to equalize the work load.In reply ,he told that L/A orders will be issued at the earliest possible.

            SNEA delegation also met to Newly joined Jt CE Civil Sh V.K.Singh and welcomed him by presenting bouquet.


10 SEPT 2022 : SNEA Delegation met to GM HR on 09.09.2022 and discussed about request transfers of executives pending through JAN/APR/JULY-2022 OTP.We also reminded about the earlier  assurance given by CGMT and GMHR.As per their assurance, the transfer orders would have released in the first week of Sept 2022, but till 09.09.2022 ,the orders are not released.

     In reply, GM HR told that because urgent work to release the payment of ST retired employees and other important court cases, this office could not release the transfer orders as per assurance. But work related transfer orders are in progress and orders will be released latest by 17.09.2022.

     Further it is requested and reminded that the publication of request transfer list of July OTP.

     In reply, GM HR told that the JULY-22 OTP request list will be published on 12.09.2022..

         We strongly opposed illegal GHAR WAPASI POLICY and requested to operate request transfers strictly as per transfer policy approved by BSNL MH circle.

           GM HR also agreed to issue the tenure transfers who have completed tenure period. He also agreed to retain Com Itankar ,SDE (E) at Nagpur on 12th education ground, Order for the same will be issued shortly.

     We conveyed thanks to Sh Ramakant Sharma,CGMT, Sh Suresh Nakhale,GM HR ,Sh Pradeepan, DGM HR and Victor J Perumalla,AD Staff  for posting Com Rohit Awasthy ,AO at Ahmednagar who was transferred from Punjab Circle.

             We also met to our beloved Adasul Sir, General Secretary ,SNEA on yesterday at his residence at Mumbai at 10.00 am.Com Adasul sir had God Ganapati at his residence for 11 days.We all took blessings of God Ganpati at his residence. After Ganapati darshan we had breakfast along with update of CHQ issues. W.r.t.SDE to AGM promotion he told that SNEA CHQ is trying its level best to vacat the stay on 14.09.2022 .Further he told that SNEA CHQ is trying its level best to cover List 9 OC executives .For SCST executives, they may go up to List 11. Other issues like E1+5 increments,Std pay scale and 3rd PRC are being taken care  simulteniously,he told.


20 AUG 2022 : SNEA Delegation along with Com Walvi L. CS,SCSTEWA met to GM HR and reminded the discussion with CGMT on 17.08.2022.Further reminded and requested to issue the forthcoming transfrt orders strictly as per approved transfer policy of BSNL MH.

          SNEA delegation met to Sh.Aman Jaiswal ,CE Civil and discussed about allotment of staff quarters at  Juhu Office premises,J.B.Nagar ,Andheri and Prabhadevi,Dadar to residents  of Wireless station quarters.Our three lady comrades are on waitng for staff quarters at J.B.Nagar Andheri.Requested to CE Civil to vacat the quartes who have occupied under crop policy and they may be relocated any where in Mumbai where staff quarters are available.                                             

        CE Civil agreed our request and assured to allot staff quartes to our lady members who are in waiting list.

         SNEA delegate met to CEE and requested to retain Com Itankar SDE E at Nagpur upto Mar 2023 on Son s 12th education.Also requested to change of posting place of Com Khanvilkar ,Chandrapur to other place.

         Retention of Com Santosh Sonawane ,JTO Pune on Son s 12th education ground.SNEA MH thanks to Ramakant Sharma,CGM ,Suresh Nakhale,GMHR

     Pradeepan,dgm(hr) and Victor J Perumalla,AD Staff for considering genuine

     Retention of Com Santosh Sonawane.


Click here for copy of letter  <<<>>>



18 AUG 22:  SNEA delegation met to CGM,GM HR on 17.08.2022 and discussed on agenda points as below. Meeting was attended by GM HR.


A ) Telecom wing executives  HR issues


1)    Consideration of JAN 2022  Qtr OTP pending requests while issuing orders of APR 2022  2nd Qtr OTP.

Reply :All request transfers of APR/JUNE OTP and leftover cases of JAN 2022 OTP will be issued in first week of September 2022.

2)    Publication of BSNL MH Circle as on working strength of all wings and as per new restructuring manpower planning details of strength of all wings.

Reply :MH Circle is deficit circle and there is shortage of executives in each SSA hence shortage is to be equalised.

3)    Issuing Equal Tenure Station Order for All wings especially Accounts wing.

Reply: Instructed to GMHR to have a urgent meeting with GM Fin and Association representatives and issue the guidelines on urgent basis.

4)    Release of Pensionary benefits of  ST retired employees .

Reply :Instructed GM HR to take the follow up at L3 level at Gaziabad w.r.t. processing of leave encashment payment of retired ST employees through SAP/ERP and also instructed to inform officially the status of process TO association representatives.

5)    Not maintained transparent and actual ruling procedure  for allotment staff quarters  to  Wireless staff quarter executives.

Reply: As matter belongs to staff quarters ,CGM instructed to take up issue with CE civil.

6)    Reliving of AGM transferred to other circles.

a)    Mr. Dhore V.K. Nanded to Amravati.

Reply: There is much shortage at Nanded .Mr. Dhore will be relieved after new incumbent.

7)    Relieving of Rule-8 JAOs .

Reply: There is acute shortage of JAOs in MH Circle. Hence Rule 8  cases will be considered after joining of Rule 9 JAOs. Also CGM instructed to GM HR that write D.O. letter to Dir HR to release the Rule 9 JAOs on top most priority. Further he instructed to take up issue on Association platform at CHQ level through Adasul Sir. Toady morning itself this hot matter has been brought to the notice of Com Adasul Sir and he has collected total staff data of Accounts officer of MH circle.Com Adasul sir assured that this matter will be taken up urgently with Dir HR for early resolution on relieving  of Rule 8 JAOs.

8)  Action may taken against then DGM (HR & Legal) Shri  Laswante  for disclosing personal and confidential documents of M.S Adasul ,General Secretary ,SNEA .

Reply :Instructed to GM HR to call the explanation from concern officer.

9)  Action may be taken against Raju Phatak, DS  AIGETOA for publishing personal and confidential documents on social media and public domain.

Reply :Instructed to GM HR to call the explanation from concern officer.


B )Accounts wing executives Issues.


1)    Publication of Detailed manpower BA/SSA wise as per Restructuring manpower planning for MH Circle accounts wing.

Reply:Instructed to GM HR to publish the detailed manpower with the help of GM Fin.

2)    Consideration of First OTP pending Request and release of 2nd OTP Request order.

Reply :All request transfers of APR/JUNE OTP and leftover cases of JAN 2022 OTP will be issued in first week of September 2022.

3)    Issuing Tenure Station Order for All wings especially Accounts wing.

Reply: Instructed to GMHR to have a urgent meeting with GM Fin and Association representatives and issue the guidelines on urgent basis.

4)    Reliving of Rule -8 JAOs waiting since last one year for reliving.

Please refer the reply at point No.7 of Telecom wing.


C )Electrical wing HR Issues:-


1)    Posting of excesses executives in electrical wing for Telecom and Civil works.

Reply :There are no excess executives in electrical to post them in Telecom wing where as CE Electrical has demanded 10 more executives in Electrical wing same has been forwarded to corporate office.

2)    Posting of SDE LA at Electrical SDEE vacant posts which are managing by existing SDE EE with additional Burdon.

Reply : Issue of SDE E L/A  falls under CEE.Take up issue with CEE.

3)    Restructuring norms to be published for SDE/JTO ie. Posting of JTO at Sindhudurga, Gadchiroli not filled.

Reply: Instructed to GMHR to have a urgent meeting with CEE and Association representatives and issue the guidelines on urgent basis.

4)    More than 50% orders are issued without OTP.

Reply :Such orders are issued as per requirement of BSNL Services.

5)    OTP requests are not considered as per request.

Reply :Such orders are issued as per requirement of BSNL Services


Click here for copy of letter  <<<>>>


17 MAY 22:  Delegation of SNEA MH met to Sh. Suresh Nakhale , GM (HR) w.r.t. issue of request transfers of BSNL executives who has not covered in 22.05.2021 orders and who has applied in JAN-22 OTP. We further requested to release all the request transfers in respect of Telecom, Civil, Electrical and finance by end of May 2022 as new academic year and school /college admissions are already started. Our executives are eagerly waiting for request transfers.

In reply ,GM(HR) told that the transfer orders of such officers will be issued who has already transferred during the period April –May 2020.Means they will be bring back to their original section. For example, suppose two officers are transferred from Pune to Satara in transfer order April- May 2020, same officers will be bring back to Pune. No further transfer orders will be issued either from Pune OR from Satara. This is total injustice and harassment on executives of BSNL Maharashtra by circle administration by keeping all guidelines of approved transfer policy aside.   How circle administration can frame any rule by their own without taking any association into confidence?

We strongly oppose such stand of circle administration and requested to issue all transfer orders of all executives who has applied in JAN-OTP and left over cases from 22.05.2021 orders.

We also requested to consider the representations of affected executives in recent transfer order issued by corporate office i.e. more than 26 years orders.

SNEA MH submitted letters to CGM /BSNL, MH w.r.t. request transfers and more than 26 years stay transfer orders for favor of consideration.

Letter w.r.t.request transfers  <<<>>>

Letter w.r.t.26 yrs stay transfer orders     <<<>>> 



13 MAY 22:  Warm welcome to Com. M S Adasul, General Secretary, SNEA at O/o CGMT MH Mumbai…..Photos <<<>>>   


13 MAY 22:  Jt GM BSNL CO issued orders for extension of date for submission of self-appraisal for executives up to 31/05/2022. All are requested to submit self-appraisal before extended date i.e. 31/05/2022. Letter <<<>>>   




SNEA YAVATMAL <<<>>>   Video Report   <<<>>>

SNEA AMRAVATI   <<<>>>               SNEA NAGPUR <<<>>>>

SNEA BHANDARA <<<>>>                 SNEA AKOLA <<<<>>>


31 MAR 22:  DGM HRL Mumbai issued posting order of Shri. A. M. Kavathekar, SDE who has joined Maharashtra Circle from Inspection Circle and he is posted to Sangli SSA as per his request. Letter <<<>>>   


31 MAR 22:  DGM HRL Mumbai issued transfer order of SDEs and JTO in Civil wing and all the transfer orders at company cost. Letter <<<>>>   


31 MAR 22:  DGM HRL Mumbai issued transfer order for entrustment of additional charge of SE Civil Nagpur to Shri. Ajay Kamble, EE Civil Nagpur. Letter <<<>>>   


30 MAR 22:  AO F&A Mumbai writes to all Executives in Mumbai for submission of declaration about income other than salary during year 2022-23 and last date for submission of declaration is 24/04/2022. Letter <<<>>>   


30 MAR 22:  DGM HRL Mumbai issued relieving order of two AGMs from MH Circle to All India Hard Tenure Stations who are under transfer as per their requests. Letter <<<>>>   


30 MAR 22:  DGM Pers DPC SM BSNL CO issued reminder letter to Circle Heads for adhering to restriction on number of posts of AGM and DGMs to filled under Looking After Arrangements by Circles. Letter <<<>>>   


30 MAR 22:  AGM NWP BB BSNL CO issued clarification that the rent Charges for Electrical Poles for laying OFC for provision of FTTH connections are to be borne by BSNL Partners and BSNL will co-ordinate with State Government to facilitate required permissions and reduction of charges applicable. Letter <<<>>>   


30 MAR 22:  DGM Estt Mumbai endorsed BSNL CO letter on filing of e –APR of Non executives in BSNL through ESS Portal and it will be applicable w.e.f. 01/04/2022 including APRs of Year 2021-22. Letter <<<>>>   


30 MAR 22:  DGM EB Mumbai endorsed various letters issued by BSNL CO on Tariff and latest billing guidelines of Bulk Push SMS. Letter <<<>>>   


26 MAR 22: Special General Body Meeting of SNEA Nashik: (Report by Shri.  S A Bhadane, DS SNEA Nashik}: As per the Notice served by DS SNEA Nashik Shri. S. A. Bhadane, the offline Emergent General Body meeting of SNEA Nashik was held at Conference Hall on 06/03/2022 successfully.

·      The meeting was conducted under the President ship of Shri. P. N. Patil, DP SNEA Nashik with Chief Guest Shri. Nitin Mahajan, PGM BA Head Nashik & Shri. M. S. Adasul, CS SNEA MH, Shri.  M. N. Kotambe, ACS SNEA MH & Shri.  Abhay Kesarkar, Joint Secretary CE SNEA MH

·      The meeting proceedings started with "Deep Prajwalan" & also observe the two minutes silence in memories of departed soul.

·      Shri. P. N. Patil, DP SNEA MH in his opening remark appreciated the work of CS & ACS SNEA MH & thanks for sparing valuable time in spite of busy schedule. DP also appeals all members for direct interaction with CS SNEA MH on their HR & welfare issues.

·      In further proceedings the felicitation of CS SNEA MH Shri. M. S. Adasul, ACS   SNEA MH Shri.  M. N. Kotambe, Joint Secretary CE SNEA MH Shri.  Abhay Kesarkar, CWCM Shri. Jayant Adawade, All DGMs, and All DOBs of SNEA Nashik.

·      The meeting was attended by Shri. A.P. Gaikwad DGM (Admn & Planning), Shri. B. D. Deore DGM (Mobile & Trans) & Shri S. S. Kulkarni DGM (IT & EB) Nashik.

·      After that the tentative agenda of Meeting was passed unanimously in one voice & as per the approved Agenda the further proceedings of meeting started.

·      The DS SNEA Nashik Shri. S A Bhadane initially congratulated all participants SNEA Members for their active participation in GB meeting. During his very studied speed touched all the various aspects of Development & HR issues of  Nashik SSA , Circle level & CHQ level at last he tender the thanks to all members for extended their continued support in association activities and also higher authorities in administration specially PGMT Nashik Shri Nitin Mahajan, DGMs for solving of member issues .  He also appealed to all members of SNEA to be united for growth of SNEA as well as BSNL.

·      Shri.  Abhay Kesarkar Joint Secretary CE SNEA MH highlighted the various issues of BSNL as well as Civil/Electrical wing.

·      Shri. Jayant Adawade CWCM SNEA MH delivered his speech impressively highlighted the points like SAB,3rd PRC, transfer of Executives more than 26 yrs at last tender the thanks to all members for extended their continued support in association activities.

·      Our ACS Shri.  M.N .Kotambe in his motivational speech guided all the members and He also appreciated team Nashik for successful conduction of GB Nashik in short time. He appreciated the work of Nashik Admn, District body of SNEA Nashik & DS Nashik for solving HR as well as development issues at Nashik.

·      After that on behalf of SNEA, Shri.  M S Adasul CS SNEA MH, felicitated Shri. Nitin Mahajan PGM BAH Nashik with Shawl, Shreefal, Bouquet & gift on his promotion as PGM as well awarded with prestigious “Suvichar Gaurav” award.

·      In reply to felicitation, Shri. Nitin Mahajan PGM BAH Nashik highlighted on various points in his marathon speech viz. Different types of leadership, SNEA MH leadership, need of approval of 3rd PRC, actions for Network monitoring, grooming the Executives for motivation ,4G Network expansion, FTTH connectivity penetration etc. At last he pointed out the excellent work of SNEA at both level i.e.  District as well as Circle level & assured to support for development as well as HR issues.

·      Thereafter CS SNEA MH Shri. M. S. Adasul addressed huge gathering of all esteemed SNEA Nashik members. In his speech he appreciated the work done by our executives in pandemic situation of Corona and efforts taken by District body for development & HR issues. He highlighted all HR & development issues & assured to Nashik executives that he will give justice to Nashik Executives from inter SSA transfer& assured that there will be minimum transfers. Executives should plan properly while applying for transfer by observing stay particulars. In his speech he highlighted on issues of timely salary, vendor payments, temp advance issues, e-File implementation. In conclusion of his address he appealed for unity of executives & strengthening SNEA and appreciated efforts by team SNEA Nashik for such excellent meeting with mass gathering that to be within short notice of one day.

·      The delegation of SNATTA under leadership of CS SNATTA MH Shri.  Garish Baviskar & DS Nashik Shri.  Gaurav Sonar felicitated CS SNEA MH Shri.  M. S. Adasul & handed over the representation to CS SNEA MH on LICE & pay issues and requested to support their genuine demands. CS SNEA MH responded that the concern raised by SNATTA is genuine and SNEA fully endorses the concern and assured to extend all possible support to get these demands settled. .

·      At last the vote of thanks is tender by Shri. Ulhas Morankar ADS SNEA Nashik and highlighted on e-file, various reports from ground level, leave encashment in lieu of Executives balance leave etc & thanks to all who have involved for successful conduction of Special general Body Meeting.

·      The Special GB Meeting held in Jam packed Conference Hall was concluded with National Anthem & after that the delicious lunch arrangement was made at Canteen.

·      For successful conduction of meeting our DP, DS, all DOBs, and CWC Member & CEC Member taken lots of efforts. SNEA Nashik also thankful to Shri. Shailesh Dhande DP SNEA Mumbai and now basic member of Nashik SSA for capturing all the events in camera.

·      PHOTOS <<<>>>


26 MAR 22:  AGM Pers BSNL CO writes to Circle Heads for relieving of 95 SDEs who are under transfer from different Circles as per different orders issued by BSNL CO but not relieved by Circles/SSA and now as per this order, all these SDEs are to be relieved by Circles/SSA latest by 31/03/2022 otherwise BSNL CO will relieve them directly from ERP.  Letter <<<>>>   


26 MAR 22:  DGM HRL Mumbai endorsed Confirmation order issued by DGM Estt Mumbai wherein 17 JAOs are confirmed from retrospective date of completion of their probation period. Letter <<<>>>   


26 MAR 22:  AD Admn C Mumbai issued orders for appointment of Shri. Amit Naikade, AO Mumbai as Nodal Officer for settlement of Superannuation Pension Scheme (SPS) Claims in respect of BSNL Recruits in MH Circle. Letter <<<>>>   


26 MAR 22:  DGM HRL Mumbai issued guidelines for action to be taken for confirmation of JTOs/JAOs and JEs who’s Caste Validity is pending. Letter <<<>>>   


26 MAR 22:  DGM HRL Mumbai issued continuation of DGM LA in Maharashtra Circle wherein all are continued to be posted as it is where it is basis. Letter <<<>>>   


26 MAR 22:  DGM Estt Mumbai calls for information in prescribed format about the executives who are due for TBP in First Half of 2022. Letter <<<>>>   


26 MAR 22:  DGM Estt Mumbai calls for information in prescribed format about the executives who are due for TBP in First Half of 2022. Letter <<<>>>   


26 MAR 22:  CE Civil Mumbai writes to all BA Heads for reassessment of Rent of Staff Quarters to be rented out under CROP 2020 as staff quarter at Premium Location or Non Premium location. Letter <<<>>>   


26 MAR 22:  DGM TX/NOFN Mumbai writes to BA/SSA Heads for redeployment of CPAN Nodes for its optimum utilization. Letter <<<>>>   


26 MAR 22:  CGMT MH writes to BA Head Kalyan, Kolhapur Nagpur and Nashik about steep decline in the Revenue up to Jan 2022 as compared to Jan 2021 and need of immediate action plan to achieve targets. Letter <<<>>>   





17 MAR 22: SPECIAL GENERAL BODY MEETING OF SNEA YAVATMAL: {Report by Com. Sachin Trivedi ADS SNEA Yavatmal} :A special General Body meeting of SNEA Yavatmal was held in the Conference Hall BSNL Yavatmal on Saturday, dated 26/02/2022 at 11:00 Hrs was conducted with great enthusiasm as well as  positive & pleasant atmosphere  in the presence of Shri. M. S. Adasul, Circle Secretary, SNEA MH Circle.

·      The special General Body meeting was presided over by Shri. G. S. Suryawanshi, District Treasurer, SNEA Yavatmal and were on the dais Shri. M. N. Kotambe, ACS SNEA MH, Shri Pruthviraj Rangari, VP SNEA MH, Shri H. N. Tipre, CT SNEA MH, Shri. V. G. Khiradkar, CWC Member, SNEA MH, Shri. P.C. Ramteke AGS SNPWA CHQ, Shri. Samir Khare, DS SNEA Nagpur, Shri. V. B. Bute, DS SNEA Wardha & Shri. Sanjay Telhande, DP SNEA Wardha.

·      The Meeting started with welcome of all dignitaries with beautiful Bouquets, nice anchoring and Shero-Shayari of Com. R. B. Shekuwale, DP SNEA Yavatmal in his own & Unique style.

·      At the beginning of the meeting all the dignitaries and Members present in the meeting have pay homage to the departed soul of Late Shri. Suraj Bansod, Ex. DS SNEA Yavatmal and all those who have lost their life in Covid tragedy. Everyone present in the meeting were remembered Shri. Suraj Bansod with his contribution in growth of SNEA in Yavatmal SSA as well as in SNEA Maharashtra. He is always remembered for his dedication, Devotion in duty & Sincerity in each & every work of Department as well as Association.  

·      The further proceedings of special General Body meeting commenced with Deep Prajvalan and garland to the statue of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj by the hand of the dignitaries. The newly joined members in SNEA Yavatmal branch were felicitated and given warm welcome with beautiful Bouquets by Shri. M.S. Adasul, CS SNEA MH.

·      Com. Narendra Gadre, DS SNEA Yavatmal, in his welcome speech gave warm welcome to all the guest and dignitaries present in the meeting and elaborated the house about activities carried out by SNEA Yavatmal. He expressed that he feels proud to work as DS due to very active members of SNEA Yavatmal. He proudly mentioned that SNEA comrades/members are working/leading BSNL on front for growth & development of the organization. The speech of the DS was mostly focused on the issue of declaring the area belongs to Yavatmal SSA as “Soft Tenure”. He briefs the house that the office of GMT, Yavatmal had submitted the proposal for the same on 23/01/2017 and 19/04/2018 resp. Furthermore, he apprises the house that the area of Yavatmal district is remote, Naxal affected & conditions like all India soft/hard tenure stations with need of declaring the area belongs to Yavatmal SSA as a “Soft Tenure”. Accordingly he addresses the long pending issue to CS, SNEA MH and submitted the Memorandum with the sign of all the members to the Association for early action. The house unanimously supports the move of DS, SNEA Yavatmal. He also express  thanks to the Circle body for  resolve the  transfer & posting issue of  executives of Yavatmal SSA  and the support given by Com. M.S. Adasul in this regards.

·      Com., Sameer Khare, District Secretary, SNEA Nagpur addressed the meeting & share his view and appeal for strong unity under the banner of SNEA. Further he added that Yavatmal district is a strong hold of young & dynamic leadership and also ability to create the new leadership which is useful in other district for growth of SNEA. He accept that he is DS, SNEA Nagpur due the leadership which is developed in Yavatmal District& now in Nagpur.

·      Com. Vitthal Bute, District Secretary, SNEA Wardha addressed the meeting & share his view wherein he stressed on the strong unity to resolve the issues. Further he expressed his experiences with SNEA Yavatmal during his tenure at Yavatmal SSA and salute to the leadership, Strength, Unity, Working style and working culture of SNEA Yavatmal. 

·      Com. Pruthviraj Rangari, Vice President, SNEA MH addressed the meeting & share his view wherein he elaborated house about ongoing issue and need of strong persuasion on HR issues. He updated house about the HR and development issues taken by SNEA MH and assured to extend total support to SNEA Yavatmal. 

·      Com. Hari Narayan Tipre, Circle Treasurer, SNEA MH also addressed the meeting & share his view and elaborated clear picture of BSNL in present market scenario. He elaborated new business trends in BSNL and how BSNL can extract more and more revenue even during this difficult time.

·      Com. M. N. Kotambe, ACS SNEA MH also addressed the meeting & share his view on past, present & future of BSNL & SNEA. He appreciated the role & lion share of SNEA Yavatmal in building the Association in Maharashtra. He appreciated the efforts of SNEA Yavatmal and motivated the team for future challenges.

·      Com. M. S. Adasul, CS SNEA MH, in his motivational speech share his views, remembered the past experience & attachment of Yavatmal SNEA Team. Explained the need of unity, future of BSNL & SNEA. Elaborated the future need of action of SNEA. He expressed his views on various current issues such as organizational restructuring, promotions, transfers. He motivated each & every member and filled them with great enthusiasm. He appreciated the Team SNEA Yavatmal for their courage, daring and devoted team efforts in arranging the successful and most spectacular CEC Meet at Yavatmal in the history of SNEA Maharashtra and conveyed thanks to SNEA Yavatmal for their untiring & united efforts in this mega event.  Further, he motivated the Team SNEA Yavatmal and showed complete faith on him. Speech is mostly concentrated on the growth & development of the BSNL.

·      Com. Gajanan Suryawanshi, District Treasurer, SNEA Yavatmal who specially presided over as per public demand, in his presidential speech expressed his view & summarized the importance of guidance by all dignitaries & CS SNEA MH and thanked them for pay their visit to Yavatmal. He emphasized the need of presence of Shri. M.S. Adasul, CS SNEA MH at CHQ Level so that some resolution is seen of pending HR issues. This is the important step in strengthening the BSNL. Lastly, he added that the unity is strength and if we are united then we can achieve anything. The recent example of strong unity is the reconsideration of the decision taken by the Govt. on ALLTTC Ghaziabad issue.

·      The meeting was started at 1100 hrs concluded after successful deliberations at 1500 hrs with vote of thanks by Com. Zaki Khan, JTO Yavatmal.

·      Meeting which lasted for more than four hours concluded with the vote of thanks, National Anthem, slogans of unity and by delicious Lunch for all.

·      Com. R. B. Shekuwale, District President, SNEA Yavatmal conducted the entire proceedings of the meeting in his fabulous way of expression, Great Spirit, Commanding Voice  and with perfect “Shero Shyari” in a very special & Unique style.

·      The meeting was finally concluded by delicious lunch at Hotel Mid Town at Yavatmal with informal discussions.

·      PHOTOS <<<>>>  VIDEO REPORT  <<<>>>


17 MAR 22: DGM Estt Mumbai issued orders for first E1 to E2 first Time Bound Promotion/Upgradation for total 165 executives in Telecom wing.   Order I <<<>>>     Order II <<<>>>    Order III <<<>>>

·      With this three time Bound promotion orders, the Time Bound Upgradations of executives which were due till last year are completed and except few individual disputed cases.

·      It is nice to see that works related to TBPs which are due in recent two months including current months, is completed and all orders from E1 to E2, E2 to E3, E3 to E4, E4 to E5 and E 5 to E6 are expected in coming week making all TBP orders current.  

·      SNEA MH once again appreciates sincere and devoted efforts taken by Shri. M.R. Sanap, AD HRD Mumbai, Shri. A. Pradeepan, DGM Estt Mumbai and Shri. S.V. Nakhale GM HRA Mumbai in issuing TBP order in bulk and making entire TBP process as current that to be by online method through ESS/ERP and regular process by clearing entre backlog which was pending since VRS 2019.


17 MAR 22: AGM Pers BSNL CO issued transfer orders to and from All India hard Tenure stations wherein three SDEs who were working in J&K Circle are transferred as per their request and posted to CNXW Circle in territory of MH Circle and one SDE is posted to MH Circle while three SDEs from MH Circle are transferred and posted to J&K Circle as per their pending requests.   Letter <<<>>>   


17 MAR 22: GM Restg BSNL CO writes to all CGMs of Core Network Transmission (CNTX) Circle conveying Circle wise sanctioned post of SDEs and AGMs in  CNTX Circles and CNTXW Circle will have 75 post of AGMs and  217 post of SDE which are less as compared to other CNTX Circles.   Letter <<<>>>   


17 MAR 22: DGM SCT BSNL CO endorsed DoT OM on strict compliance of observations /recommendations of NCBC relating to reservation guidelines in Government Services.   Letter <<<>>>   


17 MAR 22: DGM NWO CFA BSNL CO writes to all Circle Heads conveying recommendations to prevent any fire incident.   Letter <<<>>>   


17 MAR 22: SE Civil Mumbai issued orders for merger of some Divisions in Electrical wing of Maharashtra Circle as per the restructuring guidelines.  Letter <<<>>>   


17 MAR 22:  EB section Mumbai issued SOP for sending Bulk SMS where BSNL is TM   Letter <<<>>>   


17 MAR 22:  AD Admn A Mumbai endorsed copy of Gazette Notification for Indian Telegraph Act of Way Rules 2016 and  Indian Telegraph Act of Way (Amendments)  Rules 2016 and copy of Maharashtra State Government resolution about right of way permissions for laying OFC, Mobile Infrastructure and similar activities. Letter <<<>>>   


17 MAR 22:  CMTS Bulletin Feb 2022.  <<<>>>   


16 MAR 22: AGM BW HR BSNL CO issued orders for change of Circle or retention as per request given by recently promoted SDEs and out of four request given consideration, three are from Maharashtra Circle.  Letter <<<>>>   

SNEA MH conveys sincere thanks and gratitude to Com. A. Chandrasekhar, Ex AGS SNEA CHQ for successfully pursuing these requests and resolving it in favour of these comrades.


16 MAR 22: Special GB Meeting of SNEA Amravati: {Report by Com. Pravin Masram DS SNEA Amravati}: A Special General Body Meeting of SNEA Amravati was held at Conference Hall, Telephone Bhavan, Amravati on Saturday, dated 26/02/2022. Meeting was conducted with positive & pleasure atmosphere in the presence of Com. M. S. Adasul CS SNEA MH.

·      All guests arrived at 1700 Hrs. All guests welcomed by SNEA Amravati very cheerfully. First of all, we conducted informal meeting of all our respected guests with Shri Ujwal Gulhane GMT Amravati BA.  This Meeting was very fruitful in pleasant healthy atmosphere. Discussion done on various   important issues.

·      This special General Body meeting was presided over by Com. Gajendra Kinage, President of SNEA Amravati.

·      At the beginning of meeting, Com. M. S. Adasul Circle Secretory SNEA MH was welcomed by Com. Pravin J. Masram, District Secretory of SNEA Amravati amid loud applause. After that Com. Pruthviraj Rangari Vice President SNEA MH was welcomed by Com. Gajendra Kinage, President of SNEA Amravati branch, Com. M. N. Kotambe ACS SNEA MH was welcomed by SNEA Senior leader Com. S.H. Gandhi, DGM (Admn/Plg) Amravati BA, Com. Hari Narayan Tipre, Circle Treasurer SNEA MH was welcomed by Com. Sanjay Sable. Ex. Circle President Com. Satish Kalmegh was welcomed by Com. Sanjay Gurbhele, DGM (Finance) & IFA Amravati BA, Com. Gajendra Kinage, President of SNEA Amravati was welcomed by Com. Nilesh Jichkar, ADT SNEA Amravati. Com. Sameer Khare D.S. SNEA Nagpur, Com. Sanjay Dhok DS ADS SNEA Akola, Com. Sumit Upadhyay ADS Nagpur SNEA, Sr. Leader SNEA Com. P,C. Ramteke AGS SNPWA, Com. Santosh Surpatne, Senior leader Com. S. H. Gandhi, DGM (Admn/Plg) Amravati BA, and Com. Sanjay Gurbhele, DGM (Finance) & IFA Amravati BA, Com. Prabhakar Datir DGM (OP) Amravati, Com. Pravin J. Masram, DS SNEA Amravati are also welcomed one by one with bouquet at the beginning of the meeting.

·      Introduction and purpose of the meeting is detailed by Com. Pravin J. Masram, DS SNEA Amravati. He also shared the activities being carried by SNEA Amaravati.

·      Com., Sameer Khare DS SNEA Nagpur addressed the meeting & share his view by sharing need of unity under banner of SNEA and overall activities going on Vidarbha area.

·      Com. Pruthviraj Rangari Vice President SNEA MH addressed the meeting & share his view wherein he elaborated house about ongoing issue and need of strong persuasion on HR issues. Com. Harinarayan Tipre, Circle Treasurer SNEA MH also addressed the meeting & share his view.

·      Com. M. N. Kotambe, ACS SNEA MH also addressed the meeting & share his view on past, present & future of BSNL & SNEA.

·      Com. Satish Kalmegh Ex. Circle President & Sr. leader SNEA also addressed the meeting & share his view.

·      In his motivational address Com. M. S. Adasul, CS SNEA MH, share his views, remembered the past experience & attachment of Amravati SNEA Team. Explained the need of unity & future of BSNL & SNEA. Elaborated the future need of action of SNEA

·      In his presidential speech, Com. Gajendra Kinage, President of SNEA Amravati expressed his view & summarized the importance of guidance by all dignitaries & CS SNEA MH and thanked them for pay their visit to Amravati.

·      The meeting started at 1800 hrs concluded after successful deliberations at 2145 hrs with vote of thanks by Com. Nitin Landore, JTO Amravati and National Anthem.

·      Com. Sanjay Gurbhele, DGM (Finance) & IFA Amravati BA conducted the entire proceedings of the meeting in his fabulous way of expression, Great Spirit and with perfect “Shero Shyari”

·      The meeting was finally concluded by diner at Hotel Grace-Inn at Amravati with informal discussions.

Photos <<<>>>


15 MAR 22: AGM Restg BSNL CO writes to all CGMs calling for status of the implementation of the Organizational Restructuring and Distribution of manpower BA wise /Grade wise as per Operational norms issued by BSNL CO and report is to be submitted by 19/03/2022.  Letter <<<>>>   

·      In Maharashtra Circle, such data has been calculated and shared among the SSA/BA Heads and feedback is also collected. But entire data is not yet officially shared with Associations or on intranet.

·      All the three associations have demanded for transparent working and sharing of entire information and CGMT MH also has agreed for same before one month period, but till data is not published on intranet.

·      During discussions, it has been informed by GM HRA Mumbai and same has been confirmed by CGMT MH that there is shortage of about 1100 executives among Telecom wing executives and hence officers in staff section are confused in deciding the SSA there is neither shortage of executives in account wing and nor they are excess. In Civil wing there is shortage of executives, and there are excess executives in JTO Cadre of Electrical wing of Maharashtra Circle. 

·      As such, there are chances that more executives will be posted to Maharashtra Circle in all wings except Electrical and Account wing and chances of transfers of executives declaring them excess from any wing of Maharashtra Circle except Electrical are less.

·      Hopefully, at least now the SSA wise Justified, working and shortage/excess Strength of executives will be published by Staff section.


15 MAR 22: AGM Restg BSNL CO writes to CGM EW/BW for compliance on implementation various guidelines on restructuring for location of JTOs/SDEs in Business Area and Operational Area.  Letter <<<>>>   


15 MAR 22: AGM VA BSNL VO writes to Vigilance Heads of  all Circles/Units for strict compliance of the guidelines issued by CVC for transfer and posting of Officials and officers working in Vigilance section. Letter <<<>>>   


15 MAR 22: GM CFM BSNL CO advises CGMT MH Circle to restrict the expenditure on vehicles to the approval accorded by BSNL CO.  Letter <<<>>>   


15 MAR 22: DGM Estt Mumbai issued orders for E1 to E2 and E2 to E3 left out TBPs of executives in Telecom and Finance wing.   Order I <<<>>>     Order II <<<>>>


15 MAR 22: DM TC CM BSNL CO issued orders for  delegation of power to CGMs for allowing Free SIM and power for SIM up-gradation from 2G/3G to 4G SIM during the FY. 2022-23 under GSM mobile services. Free SIM <<<>>>     SIM Upgradation <<<>>>


14 MAR 22: Director HR BSNL Board writes to Circle Heads for submission of Superannuation Pension Scheme (SPS) Claims of BSNL recruited retired/deceased employees latest by 31/03/2022 . Letter <<<>>>   


14 MAR 22: AGM Pers BSNL CO issued transfer order of SDEs to and from All India Hard Tenure station wherein Shri. S.A. Shanware SDE is transferred and posted to NE-I Circle as substitute to SDE who has requested transfer to Gujrat Circle. Letter <<<>>>   


14 MAR 22: DGM legal Mumbai issued posting order of Shri. R.J. Parab, SDE who has joined MH Circle on completion of hard Tenure in J&K Circle and he is posted at Goa SSA as per his request. Letter <<<>>>   


14 MAR 22: DGM Admn and PR BSNL CO writes to CGMs for resumption of Biometric attendance. Letter <<<>>>   


14 MAR 22: Special General Body Meeting of SNEA Nagpur: {Report by Com. Samir Khare DS SNEA Nagpur and Com. H. N. Tipare, CT SNEA MH}: A special meeting of SNEA Nagpur was held in Conference Hall BSNL Nagpur on Friday, dated 25/02/2022 at 1730 Hrs and was conducted in jam packed Conference hall with great enthusiasm in the presence of Shri Yash Panhekar General Manager BA Head Nagpur and Shri. M. S. Adasul CS SNEA MH Circle.

·      The meeting was presided over by Shri. D. P. Wasnik, President SNEA Nagpur & were on the dais Shri. M. N. Kotambe ACS SNEA MH, Shri Pruthviraj Rangari VP SNEA MH, Shri H. N. Tipre CT SNEA MH, Smt Alka Paunikar DGM EB/S&M Nagpur,  Shri Samir Khare, DS SNEA Nagpur, Shri Sachin Sarode CWC Member SNEA MH, Shri Kishor Kapgate CWC Member, Shri Abhay Kotkar DS Gadchiroli. The Meeting is started with welcome of all dignitaries with nice anchoring of Com Vikrant Dudhalkar. 

·      Before starting further proceedings, two minutes silence was observed in memory of departed soul.

·      Shri Samir Khare DS Nagpur in his welcome speech elaborated the house about activities carried out by SNEA Nagpur. He expressed that he feels proud to work as DS due to very active members of SNEA Nagpur. He categorically told that due to continuous meeting and support thereof by GM BA Head Nagpur and management, SNEA Nagpur as such don’t have any local pending issues. He proudly mentioned that SNEA comrades/members are working/leading BSNL on front and always doing quality work.

·      Shri D P Wasnik DP Nagpur in his presidential address gave warm welcome to all Circle Office Bearers and Shri Yash Panhekar GM (BA) Nagpur for his presence in the meeting and assured that SNEA Nagpur team will always support the management for betterment of BSNL and its employees.

·      Shri. Yash Panhekar GM (BA) Nagpur in his special and energetic address with very calm and enthusiastic voice welcomed Com Adasul and his team at Nagpur. He categorically mentioned that he has never any clashes with both associations and unions in Nagpur and always trying to resolve the issue at initial level. He mentioned that he has worked in different sections, different areas and hence it gives advantage to work as a GM (BA) of such a big SSA. He appealed the gathering that attitude of employee should be disciplined, must come in office in time and must behave politely with customer. He also mentioned that nowadays Nagpur is doing some additional works for circle, like transportation of materials from other circles for MH circle and it shows the trust of Circle Office on Nagpur BA. He also mentioned that Nagpur is doing very well in Enterprise Business, Infrastructure Leasing Out and recently leased out RTTC to Income Tax department. He also told that average age of BSNL employees at Nagpur is reduces to 45Years from 54 Years after VRS and this is adding value to BSNL and we will have to utilize it for increasing customer base. In conclusion, he conveyed best wishes for meeting and firmly assured for any support required Executives at Nagpur and specially for SNEA Members and appealed all to contribute for growth and development of BSNL. 

·      Shri Pruthviraj Rangari, VP SNEA M in his short speech, touches the important HR issues like GTI higher premium, Health insurance, Restructuring Policy, Transfer & posting etc. He shared his experience while working in SNEA and need of strong initiatives at BSNL CO for resolution of these long pending HR issues. 

·      Shri. H. N. Tipre, Circle Treasurer SNEA MH in his beautiful speech focused on gamut of BSNL services & BSNL strategic importance in India. He told that young executive should not worry about their carrier in BSNL as BSNL will survive Long Lasting. BSNL have very good asset of its experienced manpower, more than 8 Lakh RKM OFC, Own Buildings, more than 30K telephone exchanges and more than 170 years of experience since beginning. He appealed the gathering to continue the enthusiasm, think positive and don’t think about the negative news and coming days will be ours only. 

·      Shri Abhay Kotkar DS Gadchiroli in his short speech he welcomed all the dignitaries and mentioned that we should work together so that BSNL grows. He extended his best wishes for grand success of this meeting and conveyed thanks to Nagpur branch for arranging such beautiful meeting with mass gathering.

·      Shri Sachin Sarode, CWC Member SNEA MH in his speech appreciated the support extended by Shri Yash Panhekar GM BA Nagpur after taking charge as a GM BA Chandrapur for resolving the pending issue and increase the Enterprise Business. He stressed need of concrete actions on part of SNEA CHQ for resolution of HR issues. He stressed that there is need of support from Circle Office for resolution pf pending HR issues and was optimistic that SNEA only can do it in better way for all wing and all cadres.

·      Shri Kishor Kapgate, CWC Member SNEA MH in his speech gave warm welcome to all COBs of SNEA MH in Vidarbha area & GM BA Nagpur in the meeting. He specially mentioned the importance of BSNL in today’s Telecom sector. He also told how Gadchiroli SSA is doing well in FTTH & CM segment and per BTS revenue is more than a Lakhs in Gadchiroli SSA and requested for more BTS.  He also stressed for need of 4g services by BSNL and was optimistic over bright future of BSNL and its executives in coming days.

·      Shri M N Kotambe ACS SNEA MH in his encouraging address appealed the house to focus on FTTH, Leased Lines and Enterprise Business to increase the revenue. He has thrown lights on various issues like Manpower after VRS, Store materials, Battery, PP, Temp Advance, Transfer & Posting, CPSU CH, E2-E3,  association level activities, pay loss issue, indefinite hunger strike, 26 years transfer Gadchiroli Soft tenure and so on. He appreciated the progress of Nagpur BA after joining of Shri Yash Panhekar as a GM BA Nagpur, his approach and his capability of taking issues at circle & corporate office level with Directors & CMD. He concluded that due to such a positive approach BSNL Nagpur is doing very well and also SNEA Nagpur do not have any such big pending issues. He conveyed thanks to Nagpur team for arranging such beautiful meeting in short notice with such mass gathering and presence thereof

·      Shri. M. S. Adasul CS SNEA MH Circle, started his speech in his own style and touches all developmental, HR, promotional, PRC & pending issues, post abolish after VRS, transfer & posting policy, 26 years transfer issue and so on. He appreciate the working style of BA Head Nagpur BA and his very positive approach towards the resolution of issues. He also put words of appreciation for team SNEA Nagpur under able leadership of Com. Samir Khare, DS SNEA Nagpur for building and maintaining unity of executives in Nagpur and how Nagpur has its important role in strengthening SNEA and BSNL.  He conveyed thanks to team Nagpur for spectacular support in second Membership verification and active support to all the agitation call by CHQ. He categorically mentioned the importance of Nagpur for BSNL, for state, for nation & for SNEA. He also appreciated the efforts of team Nagpur or saving RTTC Nagpur from monetization and its leasing out to Income Tax department for getting recurring income for BSNL. He elaborated house on implementation of e-office/e-file and how it has made easy for all to have universal access and how it has helped in overcoming Corona Pandemic to some extent. He shared his views on modification is cluster vendor, importance of FTTH & Leased Circuits and so on. He appealed the gathering that we must check Scope of Work of tender to avoid future complications during execution of work. In his motivating address he narrated on rumors of second VRS, ongoing promotions, initiatives take for resolution of HR issues at Circle and CHQ, the initiatives taken by SNEA MH on resolution of issues related transfer posting of executives, the approach of SNEA MH for implementation of transfer policy in uniform manner for all executives, ongoing agitational programme at Delhi, AIC scheduled at Vishakhapatnam and other organizational matters.   He narrated that majority of HR issues of BSNL executives are pending with DoT and there is need of special and focused approach to take up issues with DoT and Government of India. He was optimistic that nothing is impossible if we keep on persuasion issues with defend and alternative remedies and shared how the pension of MTNL executives has been restored when it was pursued in very special manner and with united voice of all. By sharing issues and progress and experience about third PRC and issues like E2-E3 pay scales, PRC, SAB, promotions, he was optimistic about getting all such issues resolved in days to come. He categorically mentioned that there is huge potential in telecom sector and we must have to improve services and should have timely action for restoration of services. He advised the house to use their personal WA group, society to market and promote the BSNL services. He told that we should take customer complaints positively and chance for improvement. He shared how Maharashtra has been benefitted by visionary and life time leadership by Chhatrapati Shri. Shivaji Maharaj & Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar and their useful thoughts for day to day working in BSNL & personal life. In conclusion of meeting he conveyed thanks to Com. Samir Khare DS SNEA Nagpur and his team for arranging such special and grand meeting that to be in very short notice and giving opportunity to interact with members which was not possible during two years period of pandemic. 

·      Shri Yash Panhekar GM(BA) Nagpur was present in the meeting since beginning at 1730 Hrs to till 1000 Hrs and in special and conclusive address to the house narrated that together i.e. management & employees with associations & unions can serve better to the society and BSNL should be there for common public. He also told about BBNL merger, NFS project, and strategic importance of BSNL. He appealed the gathering to make aware the public about importance of BSNL and shared that BSNL will continue to flourish in coming days.

·      In special session, the doubts and queries raised by members in the meeting were satisfactorily replied by Circle leaders

·      Meeting is concluded with vote of thanks by Com Suneet Upadhyay ADS Nagpur and National Anthem.

·      PHOTOs <<<>>>>


14 MAR 22:  Meeting with GM BA Head Nagpur : The delegation of SNEA while on Vidarbha tour led by Com M N Kotambe ACS SNEA MH and consisting Com. M. S. Adasul CS SNEA MH, Com. P. D. Rangari, VP SNEA MH, Com. H. N. Tipre Circle Treasure SNEA MH  & Com Samir Khare DS Nagpur had  meeting  with Shri Yash Panhekar, General Manager (BA) Nagpur in his chamber In the meeting elaborate discussions were held on current HR issues, issues related to growth and development of BSNL, activities going in Nagpur and Chandrapur BA, the activities at Circle Office Mumbai , the issues raised in Bhandara GB meeting and need of its resolution etc. Discussions also held on future strategies for string existence of BSNL in Telecom section and role of its workforce in it. In conclusion of meeting GM BA Head Nagpur assured for continuing initiatives from his side for total growth of Nagpur and Chandrapur BA.


10 MAR 22:: Circle Executive Committee (CEC)  Meeting of SNEA Maharashtra Circle will be held for two days on 20/03/2022 and 21/03/2022 at RTCC Auditorium Hall, BSNL Regional Telecom Training Centre, Communications Road, Seminary Hills, Nagpur which will be attended by all DS, COBs, CWC/CEC Members of SNEA MH Circle. Notice <<<>>>   


10 MAR 22: Jt GM Vig BSNL CO writes all Circle/Unit Heads for timely completion of Departmental Inquiries. Letter  <<<>>>   


10 MAR 22: Special General Body Meeting of SNEA Bhandara: :{Report by Mrs. Rita Marwade DS SNEA Bhandara}:  Special General Body Meeting of SNEA Bhandara was held at Conference Hall Bhandara on Friday, dated 25/02/2022 and was conducted with great enthusiasm in the presence of Shri. M. S. Adasul CS SNEA MH and all other Circle leaders.

·      The meeting was presided over by Shri Anurag Kumar Sinha, President of SNEA Bhandara  and were on the dais Shri Vilas Tandekar DGM Bhandara, Shri M. N. Kotambe ACS SNEA MH, Shri Pruthviraj Rangari VP SNEA MH, Shri H. N. Tipre CT SNEA MH with enthusiastic anchoring by Smt. Rita Marwade, DS SNEA Bhandara. Meeting was also attended by Shri Samir Khare DS SNEA Nagpur, Shri Rajesh Bhurle DS SNEA Chandrapur and team of BSNL Pensioners.

·      At the beginning of the Meeting all the guests were given warm welcome with beautiful Bouquets

·      Mrs. Rita Marwade DS Chandrapur in her welcome address gave warm welcome to all the guest and dignitaries present in the meeting. She elaborated on SNEA Bhandara branch and how the members are increases from 6 members to 11 members. Her & team SNEA Bhandara efforts were applauded by all. She also told that, she always take help, guidance of CS & other COB, DS and old colleague for betterment of SNEA Bhandara and executives and trying to resolve in issues of members in best possible way. She shared her experience how the issues of SNEA members are proactively resolved by Circle leaders with keen persuasion. He mentioned that she feels privileged to lead SNEA as DS SNEA Bhandara, though it is new for her, she assured to take care of issues of all members. She conveyed thanks to the members of SNEA Bhandara who have extended unconditional support to District Body for strengthening SNEA Bhandara. In her address she drawn attention of Circle leaders towards delay in relieving of officers on transfer from Bhandara, how the finance wing issues are delayed at BA Chandrapur, non-granting temporary advances and issues thereof , shortage of stores and so on. She specifically appreciated efforts taken by SNEA in issuing Rule 8 request transfers of JAOs and was optimistic that left out cases will also be covered and all executives under transfer from Bhandara including JAOs will be relieved shortly. In conclusion, she assured how to take all possible efforts in resolution of issues of members.  

·      Shri Anurag Kumar DP SNEA Bhandara in his opening remark  expressed issues about shortage of manpower in SDCA, unmanned SDCA/Exchanges, non availability of materials, delay in getting Temp Advance, non-availability of Power Plant, Battery, improper HR policy, E2-E3 issues, PRC, promotion, timely relieving of executives and expected some sort of solution on all pending issue for betterment of BSNL.

·      Shri Nitin Yerne JTO Electrical in shared his views by elaborating the issues of Civil and Electrical wing executives like RR not proper, no promotion since 22 years and is working as JTO only & at the same time getting E4-E5 pay-scale. He told that due to no promotions since entry in department is giving wrong message in society and demoralize as an individual. He was optimistic on early resolution of issues by SNEA leadership at CHQ.

·      Shri Vilas Tandekar DGM Bhandara in his address endorsed the issue rose by DP Bhandara and strongly pointed out that due to shortage of manpower, shortage of materials etc performance of SSA is declining. He told that for many executives/SDCAs computers are not available & hence it is very difficult to submit report on time, e-office work also hampering. He also pointed out delay in electric bill payment, Leased-in sites payment, property tax payment.

·      Shri Rajesh Bhurle DS Chandrapur in his address shared that though he is new as DS, but he is learning lot from COBs and mainly from CS SNEA MH. He apprised the work culture of SNEA MH, wherein every member is responded by leaders at Circle by resolving their issues. He also stressed about how SNEA Circle leadership is supporting District Secretaries by time to time valuable guidance and how it helps in resolution of different issues as Circle/District level. He urged that issue raised by previous speaker, common members, low level executives should reach at higher level & it is responsibility of our beloved SNEA to become the voice of common executives and get solutions for it.

·      Shri Samir Khare, DS Nagpur addressed the house in his special style wherein he appreciated the efforts of Mrs. Rita Marwade DS Bhandara for rebuilding and strengthening SNEA Bhandara by doubling membership and appreciated her as Narishakti emerging leadership of SNEA. He appealed that young generation; executives should come forward to raise the issue and to make the SNEA as a strongest association for betterment of BSNL & its employees. He also told that how other two associations backed out from the agitations and only SNEA is raising the voice of executives for their legitimate demands. He shared that being DS of nearby SSA, he is well aware about the activities of SNEA Bhandara and assured to extend total support to SNEA Bhandara branch. 

·      Shri Pruthviraj Rangari, VP SNEA MH in his address to the gathering he appreciated efforts of DS Bhandara to increase the membership and arranging the meeting on short notice. He informed about forthcoming AIC of SNEA and appealed all leaders and members to put the issues in right way so that all the pending HR issues are resolved in the interest of executives in BSNL with strong and keen persuasion.

·      Shri H. N. Tipre, Circle Treasurer SNEA MH in his inspiring address focused on gamut of BSNL services, BSNL strategic importance in India. How we can raise the demand & revenue of BSNL services. He strongly pointed out that BSNL will continue to serve the nation and if all employees increases their work output by 10% then definitely nobody can compete with BSNL. He appreciated the efforts of DS Bhandara for strengthening SNEA in Bhandara. He remembered the sacrifice done by the VRS Optees in larger interest of BSNL and conveyed them thanks. He specially stressed   that BSNL has huge potential and only required is we have keep ourselves away from negative information and focus on revenue generating activities by providing FTTH and Lease Circuits as per public demand

·      Shri M. N. Kotambe, ACS SNEA MH in his valuable address to the house appealed the house to focus on FTTH, Leased Lines and Enterprise Business to increase the revenue. He informed that there will be not be any new VRS as on today and BSNL will continue the work for Long-Live. He focused on development, HR & promotion issues, transfer & posting, ongoing agitational program etc. He also informed the house regarding issues taken at MH Circle Level with Circle Management, WTR management & its resolution. He expressed that SNEA is in need of strong and active leadership at all levels  for betterment of SNEA in general and for BSNL as particular and SNEA is getting strong leadership among young JTOs like DS Bhandara, DS Chandrapur etc and they are the bright future of SNEA and SNEA is safe in hands of such young leadership.

·      Shri M. S. Adasul, CS SNEA MH Circle in his address in his own motivational style touched all developmental, HR, promotional, PRC & pending issues. He mentioned that seniors are the asset of BSNL and give credit to them that due to them only we are working in Long Live BSNL with very good asset and appreciated efforts of all who contributed to growth of BSNL. He appealed house to attend all calls by keeping in mind that every call generates revenue for BSNL and it is important that calls of customers are specially attended. He told that he feels very proud to be a BSNL employee, which has given best carrier option for all of us. He categorically mentioned that there is huge potential in telecom sector and we must have to improve services and should have timely action for restoration of services. He advised the house to use their personal WA group, society to market and promote the BSNL services. He requested the gathering to manage their own work, do the work properly & in time, must have strong persuasion with juniors, seniors, colleague and customers for becoming a successful officers. He also advised to raise the issue at proper level at proper time with probable solutions. He shared that Maharashtra has seen great leaders like Shri. Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar who have worked in very odd conditions and have given way to common people for their rights. He added that our present difficulties in office working are very small as compared to hardship faced by these leaders and one can easily overcome difficulties and take BSNL at new heights. He specially appreciated efforts taken by team SNEA Bhandara under emerging leadership of Mrs. Rita Marwade DS SNEA Bhandara in strengthening SNEA. He stressed for need of strongest unity pf executives so as to resolve all pending HR issues at different level. In his long lasting speech of one & half hours, every comrades who were present in the meeting were spellbound by the all-around speech of Com Adasul and nobody was thinking that he should stop but expecting that he should continue.

·      Thereafter, the queries and doubts raised by some of members were satisfactorily replied by the Circle leaders.

·      The entire proceedings of the Meeting were anchored by Mrs. Rita Marwade DS SNEA Bhandara in very special style.

·      Meeting which lasted for more than four hours concluded with the vote of thanks, National Anthem followed, slogans of unity and by delicious Lunch for all.

·      PHOTOS <<<>>>


 9 MAR 22: Special General Body Meeting of SNEA Akola: {Report by Shri. C.R. Patange DS SNEA Akola} : A Special General Body Meeting of SNEA District Body of Akola was held at Akola on Sunday, dated 27/02/2022 and was conducted with great enthusiasm in the presence of Shri. M. S. Adasul CS SNEA MH.

The meeting was presided over by Mrs. Kanchan Wankhade, President of SNEA Akola branch and conducted by Shri. Rahul Patil JAO  Akola.

At the beginning of meeting, Shri. M. S. Adasul CS SNEA MH was welcomed by Smt. Kanchan Wankhade President of SNEA Akola amid loud applause. After that Shri. M. N. Kotambe ACS SNEA MH was welcomed by Shri. C. R. Patange DS SNEA Akola.

Shri H. N. Bagade DGM Akola, Shri. N. R. Rathod DS AIGETOA Akola and Shri. C. R. Dhole ADS AIGETOA Akola, Smt. Kanchan Wankhade President SNEA Akola, Shri. C. R. Patange DS SNEA Akola and Shri. S. P. Dhok ADS SNEA Akola are also welcomed one by one with bouquet at the beginning of the meeting.

All the participants introduced themselves about their role in BSNL and executive association. Introduction and purpose of the meeting is detailed by Shri. C. R. Patange, DS SNEA Akola. In his address he emphasized the need to remain united and supportive to each other in the present scenario. He introduced about CS SNEA MH and need of such strong leadership at CHQ level.

Shri. S. P. Dhok ADS SNEA Akola in his address shared his experience while working in SNEA at District as well as Circle level and the selfless and member first work culture followed in SNEA and how it is the basic reason for strength of SNEA in Maharashtra Circle. He praised the working of CS SNEA MH and also wished him great success for future endeavors.

Shri. Shantanu Garad JAO Akola, in his speech, told the importance of having expert guidance from union executives in day to day work. He was thankful and expressed his feeling as protected and correctly guided by seniors being member of SNEA. He expressed the union as guiding path for his career in the organisation.

Shri. M. N. Kotambe, ACS SNEA MH addressed the meeting and introduced various present strategies in BSNL and working with current cluster partners. He emphasized the need for growth of FTTH and leased circuits. He also boosted the moral of executives so as to get maximum output from cluster partners. He also shared his past incidences while working for executive union since long duration.

In his address Shri. M. S. Adasul, CS SNEA MH, motivated the executives for fearless working in the interest of BSNL and assured them of complete support and protection. He expressed his views on various current issues such as organizational restructuring, promotions, transfers, and introduced various methods of getting work executed in difficult situations. His tips of working on various day to day difficulties faced by members, motivated each member and filled them with great enthusiasm.

In her presidential speech, Mrs. Kanchan Wankhade, President SNEA Akola expressed the importance of guidance by CS SNEA MH and thanked him for the visit.

The meeting started at 1130 hrs concluded after successful deliberations at 1530 hrs with vote of thanks by Shri. Rahul Patil JAO Akola and National Anthem.

 Shri. Rahul Patil JAO also conducted the entire proceedings of the meeting in his commanding voice, great encouragement and with “Shero Shyari”

The meeting was followed by lunch at Fresh Flavors Restaurant at Akola with informal discussions.

Photos : <<<<>>>


 9 MAR 22: DGM Estt Mumbai issued awaited TBP Orders for E1 to E2 TBPs of JTOs and with this order majority of TBP orders pending for last one year are completed and now works will be started for current TBPs.   Order I <<<>>>     Order II <<<>>>

SNEA MH appreciates sincere and devoted efforts taken by Shri. M.R. Sanap, AD HRD Mumbai, Shri. A. Pradeepan, DGM Estt Mumbai and Shri. S.V. Nakhale GM HRA Mumbai in processing and completion of this task important for all executives. Though, these TBP orders issued in this year are delayed as it was new and entire new process of conducting online DPC, but henceforth, TBP promotion orders will be regular and timely process as works for next TBPs has been initiated by Establishment section, Mumbai.


 9 MAR 22: GM CIT BSNL CO writes all CGMs conveying  general and effective cyber security practices which should be practiced as best Cyber security practices and taken care of by every user.   Letter  <<<>>>


 9 MAR 22: AGM DPC JM BSNL CO writes fifth reminder to all CGMs to provide the Gradation Particulars details of all JTO(T)s in Excel Format.   Letter  <<<>>>





8 MAR 22:: DGM HRL Mumbai published list showing names and options submitted by Executives under OTP window which was Open from 16/01/2022 to 31/01/2022  for Intra Circle transfers.  SDE/ JTO <<<>>>    AGM/AO /JAO   <<<>>>    SDE E/ JTO C/E <<<>>>   

This is special action taken as per request of SNEA MH as step towards transparent working. This list includes all names which were not given consideration and were asked by Staff section to submit fresh application under OTP.

During last discussions, it was assured by CGMT MH that all these pending Requests transfers will be given consideration in last week of March 2022. Accordingly list of requests for Intra Circle transfers received under OTP is published.

Normally individuals are aware about the status of his/her OTP request for transfer, but others who will be under zone of transfers as substitute are not aware about the incoming requests to their SSA and in confusion they are not able to submit options for post which will be vacant where they can accept transfers when it is due. 

This data will give idea to all such executives who will be under zone of transfers either after implementation of these request transfers or to fill vacant posts at different SSAs having shortage of executives about their position and where he/she has to opt for any of suitable SSA for him/her or to be ready for transfer at any of SSA which will have shortage after implementation of these transfers.

SNEA MH has already taken up matter with CGMT MH for more transparent working by publishing list of request transfers, SSA wise Strength of executives showing shortage /excess executives, List staying show of executives having excess executives and so and in first stage the list of all intra Circle OTP requests are published.

Hopefully, now the SSA wise excess shortage data with updated stay particulars of Executives from SSAs having excess strength will be published.


8 MAR 22: DGM HRL Mumbai writes to BA/SSA/Unit Heads for recommending/ forwarding Requests under Rule 8 or Rule 9 applications which are in tune with transfer policy guidelines  along with supporting documents.  Letter <<<>>>   


8 MAR 22: DGM HRL Mumbai issued orders for AO to CAO/DGM Fin under stop gap Looking After Arrangements wherein one AO is promoted as DGM and all other 18 AO are promoted as CAOs  with retrospective date.  Letter <<<>>>   


8 MAR 22: DGM Estt Mumbai writes to all BA Heads for updating of Physical data in SAP for APARs from 2011 onwards in respect of left out 84 executives.  Letter <<<>>>   


8 MAR 22: EE P&A Civil Mumbai writes to all  BA Heads for verification and updation of personal data in SAP/ERP of all working Civil wing Executives with service Book records and issue certificate thereof.  Letter <<<>>>   


8 MAR 22: DGM Estt Mumbai writes to all BA Heads for updating of Physical data in SAP for APARs from 2011 onwards in respect of left out 84 executives.  Letter <<<>>>   


8 MAR 22: AGM Estt BSNL CO issued orders for continuation of keeping the Compensate Ground Appointments in BSNL under abeyance till further orders due to stressed financial conditions of BSNL.  Letter <<<>>>   


8 MAR 22: CGMT MH Circle writes to all BA/SSA Heads about special Targets for CFA/CM /Fin Verticals during March 2022 and its weekly review so as to make overall performance of Year 2021-22 positive.  Letter <<<>>>   


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