Last updated on  22 MAY 18


 22 MAY 18:  DGM WS&I BSNL CO issued guidelines for settlement of compensational claims on accidents and necessary provisions for recovery from outside agencies. Letter <<<>>>


 22 MAY 18:  AGM Estt IV BSNL CO issued guidelines for confirmation of JTOs prior to formation of BSNL. Letter <<<>>>


 22 MAY 18:  PGM CNO  BSNL Corporate Office issued Circle wise Fibre leasing target for Year 2018-19 and target for Maharashtra Circle is 6000 KMs.  Letter <<<>>>


21 MAY 18: Meeting with Shri. Vivek Mahavar GM Fin Mumbai: Delegation of SNEA MH led by Com. Anil Dubey DS SNEA Mumbai, Com. Ankit Gangar JS HQ SNEA MH and Com. M. S. Adasul CS SNEA MH had meeting with Shri. Vivek Mahavar GM Fin Mumbai on 04/05/2018 in his chamber at 1700 hrs.

·        First of all SNEA delegation congratulated Shri Vivek Mahavar GM Fin Mumbai &  has team for excellence performance during Year 2017-18 and grabbing different awards by Maharashtra Circle viz. Exemplary Performance in Comparative Cash Remittance during 2017-18, Best Cash Flow Circle 2017-18, First prize in West Zone for remarkable achievement in Cash collection under Project Aishwarya 2017-18 and Third prize all Over India for remarkable achievement in Cash collection under Project Aishwarya 2017-18.

·        Award I <<<>>> Award II <<<>>> Award III <<<>>> Award IV <<<>>> All <<<>>>

·        Shri Vivek Mahavar GM Fin Mumbai expressed that it was result of collective efforts by his team and gave credit to all the team members of Finance wing who have contributed for such outstanding works in very active manner. He was optimistic for such performance during this year also as he has very good & dedicated team of account personals.

·        At the start of the discussions, Shri Vivek Mahavar expressed his displeasure over the way in which issue of Com. Mahadevan CAO LA was highlighted by SNEA MH on its website. He expressed that personal discussions also are quoted in this news and he is not happy with that. We have made clear that there was nothing personal and we have written what are the facts and there is much unrest among the executives due to such pick and choose retention on name of ERP works when entire work is being carried out by four JAOs working there.  We have made it clear that when other comrades including female comrades are compelled to join new place of posting mercilessly then there is no need of any favour to any individual and whatever policy is adopted should be equally adopted for all. GM Fin Mumbai informed that he will take care as per his wish and not under pressure and we have expressed our displeasure on such undue favouritism and informed that f discrepancies are not settled, SNEA MH will continue to protest by all means.

·        The details of discussions on other issues is as follows. 

1.     Status of Proposal for Group Term Insurance for Executives submitted by SNEA MH: SNEA has brought to the notice of GM Fin Mumbai that SNEA MH has submitted proposal in January 2018 and even after four months passed TI and Benevolent Fund and due to delay in finalisation of proposal, the family members of some executives who passed during intervention period have not got benefits of this scheme with aim to extend supporting hand during crises period. GM Fin Mumbai informed that he personally believes that this will not be helpful to all executives and young executives will have to pay more premiums as compared to old ones. We have informed him that there are slabs as per the age of the executives opting for it and age s of executives is being taken care while calculating premium of the GTI scheme. In MP Circle same has been implemented and many of the executives have opted for it. GM Fin Mumbai further informed that social security of family members is very important and added that SNEA MH has submitted good proposal for Social security of the family members of the executives in difficult period and he is happy to see that SNEA MH has good step by submitting such proposal. He informed that he has already received quotation from HDFC, LIC, ICICI and a few other insurance firms for GTI and soon the most suitable proposal will be finalized and made public with an option to enroll for the GTI Scheme and depending on the total number of executives participating in it, further negotiations will be held with concern insurance companies for getting most reasonable and minimum quotes of the premium. SNEA MH informed that the existing GTI proposal of LIC for MP Circle can be referred to implement it in MH Circle and GM Fin responded that same proposal cannot be implemented and he is of the opinion to go with proposal of any company and not limited to LIC. WE have cleared that we also do not have any intention to go only with LIC; our only suggestion was it is PSU and being PSU executives we will have to give preference of other PSU proposal other than the private company.  GM Fin Mumbai informed that he will try to get best proposal i.e. maximum insurance amount with minimum premium.  We requested for early action in this regards and GM Fin Mumbai assured to look into it and give final shape to this proposal at the earliest.

2.     Status of proposal submitted by SNEA MH on Benevolent fund: When we have asked for status of benevolent Fund, GM Fin Mumbai expressed that he is not aware about it. We have elaborated him that SNEA MH has submitted the proposal of Benevolent Fund also along with the GTI proposal and both the proposals are part of same letter. On query by GM Fin Mumbai about method of operation of Benevolent Fund, we have updated him about is operation and how it will be functional in BSNL through trust of BSNL officers and representatives of the recognized and support associations. GM Fin responded that he is not in favour of any such trust and why should his office take risk on operation of funds. We have elaborated him that BSNL is making deductions from salary of employees for ‘n’ number of reasons and there is no harm in deduction Rs. 100 per member of this fund in case of unfortunate death of any member who has opted for benevolent fund. We also added that Rs. 100 is not big amount as helping hand to the family members in case of the death of executives who s member of this fund. Also many of the executives and even employees are supporting the affected family during period of crises by not only hundred rupees but some time in thousands of rupees as their social responsibilities. But till GM Fin Mumbai was reluctant on operation of Benevolent Fund and expressed that he will not allow this proposal and will not take more burdon of the works of trust and money distribution. Then we have pointed him out that he and his Finance office has to do nothing and entire work will be carried out by Admn section and only role of finance will be deduction of Rs 100 from salary of the members of this fund in case of unfortunate death of the member of the fund and whatever amount will be collected with such deductions same is to be transferred to the account of family member of concerned executive and all such details will be intimated n sanction memo issued by Admn section and as deductions are to be done through ERP there is nothing like burdon for his account wing officers as feared by him but it will be one more opportunity to be participant for social service to its own executives n period of crises. Then GM Fin Mumbai asked where this fund will be applicable only for the executives or it will be applicable to non-executives also. We have informed him that SNEA MH has submitted proposal for executives as we are representing executives and it will be good gesture on management that similar fund is operated for Non-Executives also but same decision may be taken in consultation with Circle Secretaries of the Unions in Maharashtra Circles and accordingly either separate Benevolent Fund may be operated or both executives and non-executives can be member of same Benevolent Fund. After elaborate discussions also the reluctance on part of GM Fin Mumbai continued and he informed that f he has nothing to do it with benevolent fund then matter may be taken with GM HR/Admn Mumbai and his office will take care of deductions as per the sanction letters from the Admn section.

3.     Consideration of request transfer of account wing: SNEA MH informed GM Fin that request transfers of executives in Account wing are pending and there is much unrest among comrades when the transfers of Telecom wing are take care in due time. It was decided in formal meeting by CGMT MH that all request transfers will be given consideration before 31/03/2018 but same is not adhered in Account wing. GM Fin informed that he will like to discuss it with DGM FC Mumbai and after discussions request will be given consideration. Then we have brought to his notice that FC section has submitted proposal on basis of the request received by the individual officers but GM Fin Mumbai informed that though proposal has been submitted, he needs to go through it for better functioning of all the units and mainly equalization of shortage of all SSAs. He also added that the proposal could not be finalized as many of the requests are for transfer to SSAs where already excess Account Personals are working and hence he has proposal not to consider any request to such SSAs having excess executives, but matter is yet to be finalized. He added that he is aware of the urgency of considering request transfers in view of start of academic year, but he does not want to disturb any officers during on-going Audit. Once the Audit is completed then he will look into request transfers of account Personals. We requested him that orders may be issued now and same can be implemented after completion of Audit and if we wait for completion of audit, then it may go behind July/August 2018 and it will create more difficulties to the executives waiting for transfers as well as substitutes posted for it. GM Fin Mumbai informed that the on going Audit will be completed within fortnight and most probably by end of May 2018 and hence all request transfers will be taken care immediately after that and matter will not be delayed for long time.

4.     Dual Approach in CAO LA Arrangements retention and transfer: SNEA MH expressed huge displeasure for not following the standard policy by FC Section and the stand of dual approach where on one side some officers are being given undue favour by keeping them at same location in substantive grade while others are transferred and this is not fare practices. GM Fin informed that he is aware of the aberration and matter has been already discussed and corrective action will be taken accordingly but time cannot be fixed for that. We informed that we do not have any hesitation if all CAO LA transfers are cancelled, but we have objection that someone is favoured and some are compelled for transfers. We also cleared that in uniform policy f he cancels all CAO LA Orders; we do not have any objection. GM Fin Mumbai assured to review the CAO LA transfers and positive action on this matter after closure of the Accounts.

5.     Request of Com Ramteke, Com Mrs. Tayade in CAO LA transfers: SNEA MH informed that Com Ramteke AO Nagpur has submitted request for change of SSA from Buldhana to Wardha as CAO posted at Wardha is retained at Nagpur and post of CAO Wardha is vacant. Further Com Tayade AO Nashik has submitted refusal on CAO LA transfer to Dhule as she has already completed Tenure out of Maharashtra and has recently joined Nashik SSA and she also has genuine family problems. Both the request can be considered on the genuine grounds given by both the officers. GM Fin Mumbai informed that he will ask DGM FC to check the status of all such requests and its possibility of review and after completion of Audit decision will be taken on all the refusal request of CAO LA.

6.     Shortage of Account wing Executives in different SSAs:  We have brought to the notice of GM Fin about acute shortage of Account wing executives in some of SSAs. We conveyed thanks for giving sufficient AOs for Gadchiroli SSA, but some more JAOs are required. We also narrated that similar situation exists in some other SSAs and many of the SSAs have excess Account personal. GM Fin Mumbai informed that he has already planned for equalization of Account wing officers after closure of accounts it will be surely taken care.  He further informed that soon about 135 DR JAO will join in Maharashtra Circle as the document verification process has already started and on while their posting on completion of training, his office will take care of shortage of JAOs in different SSAs and also in case of urgent requirement some reshuffling will also  be issued to meet shortages.

7.     Publication of SSA wise executive strength showing excess /Shortage: SNEA MH informed that though it has been agreed that there are excess and shortage of executives exact data has not been published by FC section and t is not clear which SSAs have excess Account personals and which have really shortage. In absence of this data posting is being done randomly and many of the executives do not have idea about their position for transfers. We requested GM Fin Mumbai that before considering transfer request transfers and equalization of executives from Excess to shortage, staff strength of all SSAs should be published along with list of officers who are n zone of transfer as excess officers along with the list of SSAs having vacancies to meet shortage. This will bring awareness among the Account Personals and may opt for suitable station having vacancy and may plan to request for transfer to break their tenure at present SSA. GM Fin Mumbai agreed to the suggestion and said that this will be done so that transparency is maintained and all can check their position and further this process will also help in getting the data of FC section corrected.

8.     Preparation of Circle Gradation list of all JAOs in MH Circle: SNEA MH informed that it has been more than 2 years since the last DR JAO batch has joined and their probation period has also ended. But till no action has been taken for preparation of Circle gradation list of JAOs in Maharashtra Circle and requested to prepare such CGL for all JAOs working in Maharashtra Circle.  GM Fin Mumbai informed that once Audit process is completed and all request transfers are taken care, the work of Circle Gradation list will also be completed and CGKL will be published shortly.

9.     Issuing minutes of formal meeting: SNEA MH informed that the minutes of the formal meeting held in Dec 2017 are much delayed and it's almost time for the next formal meeting. GM Fin informed that he will be getting the minutes finalized and issued at the earliest

10.            Relieving of Com. Deshpande CAO Ahmednagar as his one month deputation is over and he is compelled to continue since last three months: SNEA MH brought to the notice of GM Fin Mumbai about injustice to Com Deshpande by hrs prolonged retention at Ahmednagar when deputation was issued just for one month. We narrated that Com Deshpande has joined Ahmednagar on deputation as per his direction without any hesitation as it was for one month period and by now more than three months have been passed, but he is not relieved. He is having genuine problems as his spouse also is working at Kolhapur and is facing hardship in maintain office as well as family responsibilities.  Since the deputation period is already over FC Section needs to issue reliving orders at the earliest or GMT Ahmednagar may be asked to relieve Com Deshpande to Kolhapur. GM Fin Mumbai informed Com Deshpande was favoured by issuing orders and relieving thereof when there was shortage at Ahmednagar and hence he was given deputation for one month, but has been continued as he is doing very good job and account closure also is going on. He added that already orders have been issued for posting of DGM Fin Ahmednagar & CAO for Ahmednagar and after completion of Audit he will see that DGM Fin posted to Ahmednagar will be relieved from Jalgaon to join Ahmednagar and then Com Deshpande will be surely relieved.

11.            Posting of CAOs in Kalyan SSA: We have brought to the notice of GM Fin Mumbai that there is no CAO working in Kalyan SSA and some of CAO LA have also requested for change of SSA to Kalyan and may be given consideration. GM Fin Mumbai informed that he is aware about the issue, and assured that in review of CAO LA, if possible same will be taken care.

12.            Posting of suitable AO/JAO at BBNW Pune: SNEA MH informed that BBNW Pune has informed in writing that there are certain issues of the present AO posted at BBNW Pune and due to irregularities in her attendance; the works of BBNW is suffering. But since last three months no action has been taken on this letter. GM Fin informed that he has not received any complaints from BBNW Pune. We have informed him that same is rightly available in FC section and once file also was processed but no decision has been taken yet and BBNW unit continue to suffer. GM Fin Mumbai informed that he is not aware of such letter but assured to look into this BBNW issue while considering other request transfers.

The meeting concluded at 1830 hrs with fruitful discussions and conveying thanks to each other.


19 MAY 18: High Profile and highly successful District Conference of SNEA Sindhudurg SSA:  {Report by Com Viraj Suryawanshi DP SNEA Sindhudurg}: High Profile and highly successful District Conference of SNEA Sindhudurg SSA was conducted on 17/04/2018.  The august house was presided over by Com Viraj Suryawanshi, District President SNEA Sindhudurg.

The meeting was attended & equally guided by the following Guests of Honour and dignitaries.

1.     Com. M. S. Adasul, CS SNEA MH

2.     Com. Mrs. Anagha Bhosale, TDM Sindhudurg.

3.     Com. M. N. Kotambe, ACS West  SNEA MH,

4.     Com. P. N. Patil, CT SNEA MH.

5.     Com. S. C. Vete, CWC Member SNEA MH

6.     Com. Ankit Gangar,  Joint Secretary HQ SNEA MH

7.     Com. Abhay Kesarkar Joint Secretary NRU SNEA MH. 

8.     Com. S A Aga, DS SNEA Goa.

9.     Com. V. S. Bane, DS NFTE BSNL Sindhudurg,

10.             Com G.R. Wagate DS BSNLEU Sindhudurg.  

·        In addition to the above guests, the presence of nearly over 80 comrades was highlight of such small SSA in Jam Packed Conference Hall of office GMT Sindhudurg at Sawantwadi. Here under these executives only had made the day meaningful with full time presence and with their active participation the ‘Mahol’ was none other than SNEA.

·        The meeting was started with Saraswati Pujan and Deep Prajwalan by all the dignitaries on dais. Then house observed silence for two minutes to pay homage to the departed soul in  the memories of Late Com. S. T. Satarkar Ex DS SNEA Sindhudurg, Late Com S.G. Mane then JTO Sindhudurg and the other souls who had sacrificed their lives for the betterment of others like soldiers, policemen & serving peoples.

·        Subsequently, the guests were felicitated by SNEA Sindhudurg comrades with beautiful Shawls & bouquets.

·        Especially felicitation of the Circle Body was highlight of the programme because this was their 1st visit to the Mango City of District Sindhudurg i.e. Sawantwadi after their election at Circle Conference at Nagpur.

·        The following newly joined members were given warm welcome in SNEA family by the dignitaries on dais with beautiful roses.



















































































































·        Com Viraj Suryawanshi, DP SNEA Sindhudurg read out the agenda for the day’s programme and it was adopted by the all executive members with big claps.

·        Com Viraj Suryawanshi DP SNEA Sindhudurg in his welcome speech welcomed all the guests with affinity & pleasure. He referred the house with lot of assurances and presented the demands of SNEA Sindhudurg before COB. The major demands are immediate posting of GMT, restoration of facilities of All India tenure station with hard station facilities, posting of lower cadre staff in order to cope up with reduction in EoI, early relieving of transferred executive from non-tenure stations and if any changes required may be intimated early so that requisite arrangements can be made.

·        Com D. M. Gaykar, DS SNEA Sindhudurg presented his inaugural speech and narrated the need of such meetings in progress of association. He put forth & elaborated problems of Sindhudurg SSA towards the COB. He pointed out burning issues of the Sindhudurg SSA. He elaborated that over the period SNEA has grown up in Sindhudurg SSA and out of 85 Executives working in Sindhudurg 80 are members of SNEA. He appreciated efforts taken by Com S. R. Bhise, Com Viraj Suryawanshi, DP, Com, D.U. Dumane DT and Com S D Vajratkar Chairman for increasing membership and taking it to highest position. He expressed difficulties faced by Sindhudurg SSA due to reduction of EOIs and SGs and requested to restore it before start of monsoon.

·        In her Special Address, Com Anagha Bhosale, TDM/GMT Sindhudurg presented the current situation and revenue figures & achievements of Sindhudurg SSA. Also, from Administration side she appreciated the work of the SNEA as a recognised association of District in day to day working of SSA. She also appreciated the hard work made by the executives in bringing this prestigious SSA to higher levels. She congratulated all the executives for keeping growth of BSNL Sindhudurg at high priority and thereby keeping higher position in overall achievements of Year 2017-18. She also narrated the issues faced by Sindhudurg SSA due reduction of EOIs, road widening activities and its impact on OFC network, need of backhaul upgradation other issues of Sindhudurg SSA.  In conclusion she conveyed thanks for arranging such beautiful meeting attended by about all executives of Sindhudurg and given her opportunity to share her views on such active platform. 

·        Com. Ankit Gangar, Joint Secretary HQ SNEA MH in his address thrown light on the impact of Technology on the executives.  In his beautiful speech, he narrated many things from technology to humans. He also made house aware about forthcoming battles for settlement of HR issues and appealed everyone to be prepared for the fight. He also elaborated with examples how SNEA MH is taking issues aggressively and intellectually to get solutions in favour of SNEA Comrades and assured that all the issues will be taken care by SNEA MH. He appreciated the presence of all executives in the Conference and specially appreciated the presence of newly recruited JTOs. He congratulated leaders of SNEA Sindhudurg for strengthening SNEA in such strong manner and in conclusion conveyed thanks for giving him opportunity to witness such highly successful and enthusiastic Conference. 

·        Com. Abhay Kesarkar Joint Secretary NRU SNEA MH in his expression given food in the form of thoughts for intellectual brain of the comrades. He presented the meanings of Associations in executive’s life. His speech deciphers the role of Association in individuals. He narrated the working style of present CS and due to continuous touch with CS he is familiar with the rules also and everybody. He shared his experience since he has taken over as JS NRU and how he has observed the activities of SNEA MH under leadership of Com M S Adasul CS SNEA MH. He quoted classic examples of the issues which were not in favour of executives and how same has been changed in favour of executives by strong persuasion of SNEA MH. He added that if issues were not given proper attention, there would have been many transfers issued in mass and it was keen and day to day persuasion by SNEA MH that transfers have been kept minimum. He also shared how the issues of Civil, Electrical and Account wing are also given priority and are resolved in time bound manner. He appealed all to stand behind SNEA MH with strong unity for betterment of executive as well as for overall growth of BSNL

·        Com. P. N. Patil, CT SNEA MH, in his peculiar oration, he made discovered the house with warm welcome and as a senior and active member, made clear the procedural approach the association is having in settling the issues. His cheerful remarks brought the working attitude in the comrades of the Sindhudurg SSA. He has individually congratulates the SNEA Sindhudurg Comrades for their strong unity and keeping flag of SNEA at new high. He elaborated house about the financial aspect of SNEA and enlightened the house by sharing his experience as SNEA leader over the period and how he has witnessed many of the historic achievements of SNEA under the leadership of Com M S Adasul. N conclusion he conveyed thanks to SNEA Sindhudurg for clearing entre outstanding amount and also for arranging such mass gathering of executives.

·        It was then all around divestiture by Com M N Kotambe ACS West SNEA MH. He unveiled the working style Dy GS & CS Com M S Adasul. He also denunciation the workings of some of other associations against interest of masses and working only for individuals and then blaming SNEA. He elaborated that he had worked for the association from the front and knows the games of the others and till today SNEA has been successful in protecting interest of common members. He assured the house, the SNEA Sindhudurg Comrades that SNEA will take care of all their issues and appealed to be behind SNEA MH strongly by overcoming the politics played for self-interest. He narrated that there are many challenges in front of BSNL and we can successfully face it with strongest unity. In conclusion of his highly motivated and energetic address, he appealed told to trust on the leaders and the victory will be just matter of approvals.

·        Com. M. S. Adasul CS SNEA MH stands for the recitation in the cracking sound of loud claps & warm cheers from SNEA Sindhudurg Comrades. In his full bucket style presentation, he won the hearts of the SNEA comrades. He especially appreciated the unity built up by SNEA Sindhudurg over the period and specially appreciated participation of young comrades and newly recruited JTOs n the conference. He appreciated the arrangements made for the District Conference. He shows awareness of all the issues presently in front of the association. From the angle of SSA, from the angle of Circle and as a SNEA CHQ part he insinuated perfectly the issues related with each & every individual. He told the house that Only SNEA is fighting for the larger interest of the common executive. He emphasised that in unity there is strength. Don’t go away with any individual assurances thereof but by en large go with the association platform to resolve the issues. He elaborated how SNEA MH has taken up issue of reduction of EOIs and Security Guards. He informed that with the continuous follow SNEA MH has brought issue to conclusive level and in last meeting of SNEA MH with CGMT MH, he has agreed for review of the EOI mater and the justified proposals in respect of earnings and expenditure will be approved and such powers are delegated to GM HR/Admn Mumbai. SSA Heads along with IFAs have to prepare justification and discuss it with GM HR/Admn Mumbai in person and then the review will be taken.  He elaborated house the different Circle level issues and how these are being pursued by SNEA MH. He narrated facts about the reluctance on part of CGMT MH in issuing LA arrangements and on recent stand of not accepting the refusals in LA arrangements. He narrated the facts about the consideration of own cost request transfers with mutual arrangements and how the transfers have been made in economical manner. He narrated issues about non-performer transfers and stand of SNEA. While elaborating the issues of  tenure stations he has updated house that in the days when he has started  leadership in SNEA the comrades of Sindhudurg were not relieved for 7-8 years even after completion of two years tenure and now comrades are being transferred before completion of two years as orders are now issued in six months advance and officers will be relieved on completion of two years as in many cases the executives have joined or will be joining as this time officers will be relieved through ERP. He also informed how the efforts of SNEA MH, Sindhudurg and Gadchiroli are declared as All India Soft Tenure and how many of the executives have been benefitted by it. He assured that the facility of counting break in all India stay on completion of All India Soft tenure will be restored shortly and there is no need to worry about it. He enlightened house about the status of burning issues like 3rd PRC, standard pay scales, status of DPCs for different promotions and court cases thereof, CPSU Cadre Hierarchy, first TBP in four years, Group Term insurance, Benevolent fund etc and assured that SNEA will get these issues settled in favour of executive in BSNL. He also narrated the burning issues related to growth and development of BSNL and how BSNL is standing firmly in the unstable telecom sector and appealed all comrades to give their best to BSNL. In conclusion, he appealed all the comrades to have strongest unity of executives and non-executives and work for survival of BSNL and fight of every injustice against BSNL and its workforce. His marathon delivery, last for more than 2 Hrs and with frequent exuberant cracking claps. He has taken over the charge of the house in such a way that, clappers; shouting’s & laughter’s & slogans were naturally coming out as reactions.

·        Com. A. S. Godse conveyed vote of thanks for open session and conveyed thanks to all to have such informative and motivating speeches and presence of jam packed conference hall gathering for the Open Session. 

·        After the delicious lunch, the delegate session started. The house adopted the Minutes of the fifth District Conference.

·        Com. D. M. Gaykar, DS SNEA Sindhudurg submitted DS report covering activities take care during intervening period. In his speech he touched all the issues related with SNEA Sindhudurg. He put forth various demands including his own interest also. DS report was adopted by the house.

·        Com. D. U. Dhumane, DT SNEA Sindhudurg submitted the financial reports and account of SNEA Sindhudurg SSA to the house which was adopted by the house with claps.

·        In the meaningful interactive session on HR & operational issues, different comrades of SNEA Sindhudurg have raised some doubts/queries and same were satisfactorily replied by Com. M S Adasul CS SNEA MH.

·        Then the house existing District Body was dissolved and the house unanimously elected Com V.S. Vedpathak as election officer and Com M.B. Tongale as Asst Election Officer.  Com M. N. Kotambe guided house in election process as Circle Observer.

·        In a unanimous election held in fair environment for electing new district body the comrades are elected on respective post.

1.     District President Com. D. R. Bhalerao,

2.     Vice President Com. D. P. Wadavkar

3.     District Secretary Com. S. R. Bhise

4.     Asst District Secretary Com. S. R. Shankar,

5.     District Treasurer Com. R. K. Sawant,

6.     Area Secretary I, Com. V. V. Kamble,

7.     Area Secretary II- Com Shivkumar,

8.     CEC Member Com. R. S. Nimbalkar

·        Com Shivkumar is newly recruited JTO among other JTOs of batch 2018 who have joined BSNL Sindhudurg before one month and all the young comrades expressed their happiness on inclusion of Com Shivkumar in district Body to address their grievances.

·        Com. M. N. Kotambe, ACS West SNEA MH gave oath of alliance to the newly elected District Office Bearers.

·        Newly elected District President Com. D. R. Bhalerao conveyed thanks to the house for strong unity under banner of SNEA and requested to Circle Office Bearers for active support to new District Body.

·        In these activities, entirely fully crowded House was nicely anchored by Com. Mrs.  Rekha More SDE MPS and Com. S. R. Shankar, newly elected ADS SNEA Sindhudurg gave vote of thanks.

·        For the successful arrangements of this special event, Com S R Bhise, Com S L Magdum Organising Secretary SNEA Sindhudurg in association with Com D U Dhumane SNEA Sindhudurg under the valuable guidance of Com S D Vajratkar Chairman SNEA Sindhudurg and with the help of Planning wing officers, Administrative section officers, Mobile sections officers and Marketing section officers helped a lot right from picking up the single- single decisions. We have no words for appreciation of Shri Bhau Torasekar in decorating the hall in his style which were appreciated by all.

·         With lots of hopes & goods from the newly elected District body and the greetings the well organised District Conference was concluded at 1800 hrs with National Anthem and slogans of unity viz. BSNL Zindabad, SNEA Zindabad, Executive unity Zindabad.

·        PHOTOS  <<<>>>


19 MAY 18:  AGM Pers I BSNL Corporate Office Delhi calls for details of office Bearers of SNEA, AIBSNLEA and SEWA for grant of immunity and henceforth the post of the office Bearer in long stay will be mentioned in the long stay list.  Letter <<<>>>


19 MAY 18:  CGMT writes CE Elect Mumbai and Nagpur for restoration of DG sets in Auto Mode with extension of alarms at BTS/Node B sites on “War Footing basis”. Letter <<<>>>


19 MAY 18:  Second List of BSNL empaneled hospitals in Mumbai. Letter <<<>>>



18 MAY 18:  Jt GM Pers BSNL Corporate Office Delhi issued revised structure for writing, reviewing, reporting, disclosure and representations if any for e- APRs.  Letter <<<>>>

·        The mid-term e-APRs are to be completed within one months’ time.

·        This revised schedule of e-APR will be implemented for all e-APRs of Year 2017-18 and onwards.

·        As per revised schedule last date for:

Ø Submission of self-appraisal is 15th May

Ø Date of reporting e-APR is 30th June

Ø Date of reviewing e-APR is 31st July

Ø Date of disclosure e-AAPR is 15th August

Ø Representation of e-APR is 30th August

Ø End of e-APR Process is 30 September


18 MAY 18:  AGM Estt Mumbai writes SSA Heads for updating 15 point VC data in ERP and issue certificate for updating data so that VC can be submitted on line.  Letter <<<>>>

·        This VC data for JTO to SDE DPC has been called on many occasions over the period of last 4-5 years but till there is much confusion among the officers as the data is not properly maintained in Establishment section and officers concerned are transferred and relieved without handing over charge properly.

·        Now no records are found in Establishment section and whatever records are available, Shri. B.A. Patil DGM HR Mumbai himself has doubt about the authenticity of the records of his office and hence it took four days to endorse this letter by Circle Office.

·        Hence though list of the JTOs eligible for this JTO to SDE DPC under SCF as well as LDCE Quota is ready with Estt section, same is not published and uncertainty remains on this issue.

·        Preparation of Circle Gradation list is responsibility of Estt Cell as per data to be given by Staff section, but here it is observed that there is no proper communication between Estt section and Staff section under DGM HR Mumbai and hence uncertainty continues.

·        SNEA MH has finally taken matter with different officers from JTO Estt Mumbai to GM HR/Admn Mumbai and after continuous persuasion and elaborating facts to all the officers, this letter has been issued, but here also confusion has been created.

·        Normally, as per the guidelines attached, the list of officer for whom VCs are required is submitted by Circle Esst/Staff section to Vigilance section and then Vigilance section will grant VC and send its details  to  Circle Esst/Staff section and same is forwarded to concerned units and in this case to Pers cell BSNL CO.

·        But unfortunately as per this letter by Estt section, the Staff/Estt section have diverted responsibility directly to Vigilance cell and it is reported to SSA to convey it to Vigilance cell along with Certificate, which is not correct.

·        Now, all the officers in Staff/Admn sections of concerned SSAs/Units needs to take review at their own  and access the data of  JTOs working in their SSA/Units as fresh and consolidate it.

·        Accordingly, the gradation particulars of JTOs recruited up to 2005 under OC/SC Category and JTOs recruited up to 2007 under ST category is called for second All India Eligibility list and it is to be sent by 25/05/2018.

·        The current VC of all JTOs eligible under SCF quota as above and VC as on 21/05/2016 for JTOs who are declared successful under LDCE Quota against vacancy year 2010-11 and unfilled vacancies up to 2008-09 are to  be sent by 21/01/2018.

·        After updating VC data in ERP in respect of all these JTOs, Certificate and list of the JTOs eligible for this DPC as above, needs to be forwarded to AGM Estt Mumbai who in turn will forwards it to Vigilance section and VCs can be sent by on line method as desired by Personal Cell BSNL CO by 21/05/2018.

·        As already time of five days out of total eight days has been wasted in clearing doubts of DGM HR Mumbai, all the officers in Staff/Admn Section of concerned SSAs/units are requested to take action by today itself and see that certificate and list of eligible JTOs under SCF as well LDCE quota is issued today itself.  

·        For any issue related to updation of data in ERP and certificate by SSA Heads to please contact/write to Com. Sachin Sarode, ACS East SNEA MH Mob 9423591903 and Com. M. M. Apte AGM Estt Mumbai Mob 9423986155, landline 022-26467576 on


18 MAY 18:  AGM Staff Mumbai issued orders for retention of SDE up to March 2019 who is transfer to NETF Circle.  Letter <<<>>>


17 MAY 18:  AGM Estt Mumbai calls for current VC for PA to PS promotion as earlier VCs expired in case of some of PAs and last date of submission of VCs in 21/05/2018.  Letter <<<>>>



 16 MAY 18:  Meeting with Shri. Ashok Purohit, CGM WTR Mumbai: SNEA delegation led by Com. N. B. Teni, CWC Member SNEA MH, Com. I. A. Ansari DS SNEA WTR Mumbai and Com. M. S. Adasul, CS SNEA MH had meeting with Shri. Ashok Purohit, CGM WTR Mumbai on 27/04/2018 in his chamber at Prabhadevi, Dadar West Mumbai. This meeting was also attended by Shri.  A. K. Kanaujia, PGMM, WTR Mumbai, Shri. N. S. Rokade, Jt.GM M WTR Mumbai and Shri. A. S. Waichol, DGM Admin WTR Mumbai.

·        At the start of meeting Com. I.A Ansari, DS SNEA WTR conveyed thanks to CGM WTR and his entre HR team for giving consideration of all requests of JTOs/SDEs who have joined WTR Circle and also for relieving of all JTOs under rule 8 transfers. He also conveyed that due to good gesture by CGM WTR, majority of the issues are settled, but there is need of some actions on the part of the management for uplifting moral of executives working at WTR. He added that though request of incoming JTOs/SDEs are given consideration the request of executives within WTR needs to be given consideration.

·        In reciprocation, Shri. Ashok Purohit,CGM WTR conveyed that WTR being small unit and having very good working environment , his office is able to take care of the HR issues and till any issues are left same are always welcome. He conveyed thanks to Maharashtra Circle management for giving some JTO/SDE to WTR and emphasised that there is need of much more work force of executives and non-executives in WTR. He conveyed special thanks to SNEA MH for taking up issue of shortage of executives in WTR and also requested to pursue matter for additional posting of executives from Telecom and Account wing and Non Executives in WTR different units. He added that many of the SSA Heads are not understanding the requirement of WTR and while posting staff /officers to WTR, the last priority is given to WTR which is not correct.  He assured for total co-operation to SNEA with appeal that members of SNEA also should come forward and with suggestions for better working of WTR. The other details of discussions are as follows.

1.        Shortage of Executives at WTR units at Goa, Sindhudurg &Wardha: SNEA delegation has brought to the notice of CGM WTR that there is acute shortage of DE/SDE in Goa, SDE in Sindhudurg as only one JTO working at WTR Sindhudurg, SDE at Wardha as no single JTO/SDE s working for WTR Wardha because no officer is posted against transfers/VRS from these units. We also brought to notice that due to heavy road widening activities at these places, the works of fault restoration is badly delayed and mainly the other executives are overloaded as they have to look after works of these officers as well as their own works CGM WTR informed that he is aware about such shortage and not only these places, but many other places there is shortage in WTR. He added that his office has already taken up matter with CGMT MH and SNEA may also pursue for additional posting of JTOs/SDEs to WTR. SNEA requested that it will be better that the location wise vacancy  throughout WTR Maharashtra Circle  is published by WTR and accordingly the executives from Maharashtra Circle can opt for that particular vacant post and Maharashtra Circle will consider such request for WTR, but said officer may be posted by WTR to the choice place given by said officer. CGM WTR informed that same is readily available and directed DGM Admn to give its copy and assured that all such officers joining will be given choice posting as far as possible except Mumbai as with recent transfers WTR has got sufficient officers at Mumbai.

2.        Data on Executive of WTR Circle as called by CGMT MH Maharashtra Circle: We have informed that the matter of posting additional JTO/SDE to WTR has been taken up by SNEA MH with GM HR/Admn Mumbai and CGMT MH, but it was informed that even after transfer of about 30 officers from MH Circle to WTR, details of postings have not been conveyed by WTR to Maharashtra Circle. We further informed that GM HR/Admn Mumbai has called for stay particulars of the officers working at WTR in view of the facts that many of the officers from WTR are working at same post/location for period of more than 20 years while the officers from MH Circle are transferred on long stay transfer less than 10 years. It was insisted by Maharashtra Circle le that for meeting shortage of executives at certain places within WTR  Maharashtra Circle, management of WTR Circle should carry out the long stay transfers within WTR MH and every time additional officers can be posted from MH Circle to WTR on name of shortage. After issuing orders for rearrangement of officers on long stay transfers, then the additional officers can be posted from MH to WTR on the requests. CGM WTR informed that he has not received any such letter from Maharashtra Circle and if received same will be definitely complied including sending information on stay particulars of all executives. CGM WTR informed that WTR being short unit, he is not of the opinion of any long stay transfers, but transfers will be issued only for considering request and substitute thereof. He added that there is acute shortage of officers in WTR and till additional JTO/SDEs/DEs are posted to WTR, works cannot be managed with such within WTR transfers. We have informed that the copy of letter will be sent to WTR again after its collection from Maharashtra Circle and if it is compiled to some extent, then SNEA MH will also further pursue for additional posting of executives for WTR.

3.        Consideration of Requests within WTR: SNEA brought to notice of CGMT MH that there are some request pending for consideration within WTR and some request transfers issued are not implemented and hence there is unrest among the executives. It was also informed that there is no procedure to know whereabouts about application/request of any officer for transfer.  CGM WTR informed that there are only few requests within WTR and assured that very shortly all such request also will be given consideration. 

4.        Posting of New JTOs in field units for consideration of request transfers: SNEA informed that as per guidelines all the new JTOs are to be posted to field units, but in WTR these guidelines are not followed. The JTOs who are working at remote places are compelled to work at said places, but two newly recruited GATE JTOs are posted at Mumbai against these guidelines and when there is shortage of JTOs in filed units and some request are pending for change of SSA /location within WTR. Posting of new JTOs will not serve purpose of intention behind guidelines issued by BSNL Corporate to post these officers at filed units to get to death experience of the works and have adequate knowledge of multitasking works. CGM WTR informed that his office has received only two new JTOs and same are posted for C-PON work which is important work, but assured that in future these guidelines will be taken care if new JTOs are posted to WTR Circle.

5.        Transfer of the officers who have joined WTR from MH Circle due to long stay in the particular SSA and opted for WTR Circle: SNEA brought to the notice of CGM WTR that due to long stay transfer at particular SSA, some of officers have taken shelter of WTR and they are posted in same SSA where he/she is longest stayed officer, and others who did not opted for WTR are being transferred on name of long stay and unfortunately many such cases are from popular locations like Pune, Nagpur, Nashik and Kalyan and this discrimination and intelligent idea to get shelter in WTR has created unrest among other executives. There is no objection if any officer continues to work at any unpopular station and WTR management gives it due consideration, but such prolonged working at popular stations and get escape from long stay transfers only few executives with injustice to others not acceptable to SNEA. As such, there is need of review of transfers of all such officers under long stay and the guidelines on the subject need to be followed equally for all. CGM WTR agreed that such corrective action will be taken after review of the data and requested SNEA to given names of such officers working in WTR.

6.        Call for long stay data by WTR and fear of mass transfers within WTR: SNEA brought to the notice of management that in recent past Circle Office has called for data of stay particulars and choice of posting from all officers and this has created fear among the officers. CGM WTR informed that though data has been called, no such mass rotational transfers will be issued within WTR and only request transfers will be considered and there is no need of any such fear among executives but requested that some more officers are required at some locations of WTR to full fill minimum required executives’ requirement. Then we have conveyed that in such cases the long stay officer may be transferred and SNEA has no issue, if it is done in uniform policy manner and with minimum disturbance.   CGM WTR informed that there is no need to worry and he and his office will take care of all such issues.

7.        Filling Vacant post of DEs/AGMs under LA arrangements: SNEA brought to the notice of CGM WTR that there are many post of DE/AGM vacant and there is no initiative for filling up such posts, but additional burden is passed on other DEs. CGM WTR informed that action will be taken to fill up all such vacant post of AGMs/DEs but it may not be possible to fill up all posts due to shortage of executives in WTR, but assured to take care by fresh DE LA orders as per the seniority list.

8.        Rearrangements of officers within Mumbai as per the request of individual officers: SNEA discussed some individual request which can be settled with rearrangements among the existing officers as some of officer have requested for it. After detail discussions, CGM WTR assured to take care of all such issues and directed DS SNEA WTR to submit such detail proposal and it will be taken care. But he insisted that SNEA should not pursue for consideration of officers working at technical post even though said officer is requesting for it. Such request will also be taken care, but with making suitable arrangements and he do not want to use technically expert hands in administrative works. 

9.        Consideration of Transfer to tenure stations: Com. Ansari DS SNEA WTR suggested that some of officers are transferred to tenure stations and some have escaped from such transfers by opting to nearby SSA and now situation that the officers who have already worked at tenure stations are again compelled to join Tenure stations, which is not fare. As such , it is required that while posting to tenure stations, the officer who have completed tenure earlier should not be posted to tenure station and officers who have never served at tenure stations should be posted to tenure stations to meet shortage of as substitute to consider the request from tenure station. After detail discussions, PGMM Mumbai agreed to take care of concern expressed by SNEA.

10.   Pay anomaly among officiating period of certain officers: SNEA brought to the notice of CGM WTR about long pending issue of Pay anomaly due to non-consideration of request by officers and how even after the matter was approved and fixation memo were issued but it was kept on hold at last moment by giving family reason. Com.  N. B.  Teni, CWC Member specially added that recently BSNL CO also has clarified matter and Hon Court also has issued directives to BSNL/DoT and hence there is need to settle the unrest among the affected executives. CGM WTR assured to look into this issue as fresh but directed to submit fresh request/proposal with all supporting documents and matter will be decided on merits and guidelines thereof.

11.   Requirement of Account Officers at WTR: CGM WTR informed that there is need of Account Office in WTR Mumbai and his office has sent request but no AO is posted and many works including personal claims are pending. We informed him that there are many JAOs/AOs who are willing to work at WTR Mumbai and Maharashtra Circle has ample AOs/JAOs in Mumbai and many of them are willing to work at WTR Mumbai. SNEA will pursue for consideration of request of such willing JAO/AO for posting to WTR Mumbai, but request needs to be sent by WTR Circle.

12.   Harassment of executives and staff by SDE NMS Prabhadevi and need of corrective action thereof: SNEA brought to the notice of CGM WTR about rude behaviour of Com. Pradeep Khairkar, SDE NMS Prabhadevi Dadar and elaborated how his actions have already troubled other officers and staff in this office. Some officers from management tried to safeguard him by saying that he is doing good work, but we have made it clear that he is doing good work it does not mean that he is given free hand to trouble others and there is need of immediate control of his actions being in Government Organisation. We have also brought to notice of CGM WTR that Com. Pradeep Khairkar is staying away from family and may be in need of transfer to Pune to stay with his family and we have no issue if his request is given consideration, but he cannot be allowed to trouble executives and staff and management should not support such actions. CGM WTR taken serous note of concern shown by SNEA and assured to take care of the issue raised by SNEA and to have immediate corrective action.

In conclusion of the meeting, Shri. Ashok Purohit, CGM WTR appealed that all officers should focus on works and faults needs to be attended in time bound manner and suggestion from SNEA to improve working of WTR is always welcome.

 Com. A. I. Ansari, DS SNEA WTR conveyed thanks to CGM WTR and all other officers present in the meeting for their good gesture, very fruitful discussions  and for giving due consideration to issues of WTR comrades raised by SNEA WTR.

Thus the discussions which started with lunch by WTR management were held in very co-cordial manner and healthy atmosphere. All the issues raised by SNEA MH were given patience hearing with assurance to take care of all HR issues of executives in WTR.


16 MAY 18:  AGM A & E BSNL Corporate Office Delhi issued orders for modification n recent transfer orders of SDE Electrical on the request of the officers thereby retaining some officers, cancelling orders of some of officers and change of circle on transfer.  Letter <<<>>>


16 MAY 18:  GM Restg/WS &I BSNL Corporate Office Delhi write Circle Heads for devising the IPMS Score Card of all executives for Year 2018-19.  Letter <<<>>>


15 MAY 18:  DGM WS &I BSNL Corporate Office Delhi endorsed orders issued by Ministry of Labour and Employment for revised minimum wages rates.  Letter <<<>>>


15 MAY 18:  AGM OF-I BSNL Corporate Office issued revised target for OFC laying and revised target for Maharashtra Circle is 1500 RKMs.  Letter <<<>>>


14 MAY 18:  PGM BP & Ent BSNL Corporate Office Delhi issued targets for Enterprise Revenue for Leased Circuits for Year 2018-19 and target for Maharashtra Circle is 1296 Crores target which is 30% of 4250 Cores total target of BSNL. Though it is not mentioned in letter where these figures are in lakhs or crores rupees, normally such revenue targets are in Crores.  Letter <<<>>>


14 MAY 18:  DGM FC Mumbai writes all SSA/Unit Heads and IFAs for following guidelines issued for admission in private hospital for indoor treatment and send permission letter or covering letter along with such medical claims with warning that claims without such letters will be rejected. Letter <<<>>>


14 MAY 18:  By quoting old letters from May 2017, AGM Pers II BSNL Corporate Office calls for gradation particulars and VCs for promotion to SDE Grade under SCF as well as LDCE quota.  Letter <<<>>>

·        The gradation particulars of JTOs recruited up to 2005 under OC/SC Category and JTOs recruited up to 2007 under ST category is called for second All India Eligibility list and it is to be sent by 25/05/2018.

·        The current VC of all JTOs eligible under SCF quota as above and VC as on 21/05/2016 for JTOs who are declared successful under LDCE Quota against vacancy year 2010-11 and unfilled vacancies up to 2008-09 are to  be sent by 21/01/2018.

·        Regarding VCs, till old tradition of sending VCs by hard copy is followed in MH Circle and by this way VCs cannot be sent by 21/05/2018 and it may take months together.

·        SNEA MH has already taken up matter for taking VCs from ERP in formal meeting held with CGMT MH and he has directed to take VCs only from ERP and no need to send VCs through hard copies with signature of controlling officers.

·        But till same procedure is continued because many of the SSA Heads have not submitted certificate to AGM Establishment certifying that entire administrative data of the officers in concerned SSA has been updated in the ERP.

·        Unfortunately, these certificates are not issued by SSA Heads when said data has been uploaded correctly to better extent and same is used for getting hard copy from ERP and sending it to Circle office with signature of all officers which are not at all required after implementation of ERP, but same is unnecessarily continued as the data updation certificate is not issued by SSA Heads for correctness of data which is an obligatory official formality as required by Vigilance cell.

·        The updation of data is continuous process and if SSA Heads issue certificate for updation of data as on today, then also VCs can be taken by online method and there is no need of any sending VCs n hard copy.

·        As such all DS/COBs and activist are requested to immediately take up matter with concerned Staff/Admn section of SSA and mainly with SSA Head for issuing such certificate on updation of data in ERP and sending it to AGM Establishment Mumbai at the earliest so that VCs of all comrades eligible for SDE DPC under SCF as well as LDCE quota which is in large numbers can be sent well within time. 

·        For any issue related to updation of data in ERP and certificate thereof by SSA Heads to start procedure of “online” VCs for all DPCs, concerned officers, members, activists and leaders may contact/write to Com. Sachin Sarode, ACS East SNEA MH Mob 9423591903 and Com. M. M. Apte AGM Estt Mumbai Mob 9423986155 ,landline 022-26467576 on and it may be ensured that these certificates are issued by end of this week.

·        SNEA MH will again take up matter for taking VCs through ERP for this DPC as well as all other DPCs and we will stop the wastage of manpower and precious time of hundreds of officers in taking printout from ERP, signing on each case and then sending it through DAK and will also save time taken through this overall process and Vigilance/Estt section of Circle Office will extract report directly from ERP and forward its soft copy to Personal BSNL CO in this case or to other units asking VC n any future case.


14 MAY 18:  AGM Staff Mumbai issued Own Cost Deputation order in DGM Cadre from Mumbai to Kalyan for 15 days or till regular incumbent joins.  Letter <<<>>>

·        This order is issued even after joining of officer at Mumbai on his transfer from Kalyan to Mumbai and when he is left with few months of his superannuation retirement.

·        This step has been taken as none of DGM posted in Kalyan SSA has joined Kalyan SSA and all the three DGMs posted in Kalyan SSA are relieved through ERP and joined at new place of posting.

·        Practically for last one month there is no single DGM in Kalyan SSA and such poor conditions even the request for change of station by JTOs/SDEs joined in Kalyan SSA are not given consideration as GMT Kalyan is unable to take decision in absence of DGM when all these requests are adjustable among these comrades.

·        Let us hope that with joining of at least one DGM back to earlier SSA, such burning issues will be resolved.


14 MAY 18:  BSNL CO calls for applications from Internal as well outsider eligible candidates for post of Director Enterprise BSNL Board and last date for submission of application is 04/07/2018. Letter <<<>>>


14 MAY 18:  DGM TR Mumbai writes to all IFAs in Maharashtra Circle to write off irrecoverable outstanding of more than three years old period.  Letter <<<>>>


14 MAY 18:  CAO FC Mumbai issued posting order of incumbent AO from KTK Circle to MH Circle and he is posted to Ahmednagar SSA and being senior may be given charge of CAO LA Ahmednagar by cancelling earlier orders for posting of one AO LA on transfer from Mumbai and deputation of another AO from Kolhapur in look After Arrangements as CAO/IFA Ahmednagar.  Letter <<<>>>


10 MAY 18:  List of BSNL empaneled hospitals in Mumbai. Letter <<<>>>


10 MAY 18:  CGM NCNGN BSNL writes all Circle/Unit heads about the suggestions agreed in second CFA revival meeting and approved by Director CFA. Letter <<<>>>


10 MAY 18:  Jt GM Pers BSNL CO issued orders for modification, deletion and addition n SDE RR 2002. Letter <<<>>>

·        These changes are applicable from retrospective effect i.e. from 28/08/2015.

·        The seniority among Seniority cum Fitness quota and Competitive Quota will be fixed in 2:1 ratio in particular vacancy year regardless of Year of Appointment or date of joining.

·        JTOs who will complete three years regular service as on 1st July of the vacancy year will be eligible for SDE LDCE for that particular year. 

·        Year wise vacancy calculations will be done as per DoPT guidelines issued/to be issued time to time.

·        Promotion from JTO to SDE will be done by BSNL Corporate office on basis of All India Eligibility list and the vacancies will be calculated as on 1st July of that particular Year.

·        Now Management committee will decide the syllabus for SDE LDCE Examination and earlier it was decided by BSNL Board.

·        Regular SDEs also will continue to be eligible for enhancement of his/her position in the SDE seniority list against vacancies for which he/she is eligible and LDCE was not conducted for that particular year.

·        These points were missing/wrongly added in SDE RR 2002 which has delayed overall process of LDCE calling for different court cases and hence this modification has been issued.

·        Due to such ambiguity, about 1500 LDCE passed JTOs are waiting for their posting even though LDCE was held in Year 2015 and results are declared in Year 2016 and till today posting has not been issued for these LDCE passed SDEs and vacancies under SCF Quota are not filled after Year 2011 and about 12000 SDE post are vacant throughout BSNL. Thus neither Seniority cum Fitness nor Completive Quota post of SDEs are filled for years together and there is mass unrest among the JTOs which is known as backbone cadre of BSNL.   


 10 MAY 18:  Jt GM Arch BSNL CO issued merger of re-organisation of the majority of the establishment of Architecture wing in BSNL. Letter <<<>>>

·        As per the re-organisation orders wherein three offices of Chief Architects at Chandigarh, Ahmedabad & Hyderabad are merged respectively with Shimla, Jaipur, Bengaluru with upgradation of the senor Architects as Chief Architects.

·        The establishment of four offices of the Senior Architects at Ambala, Bhopal, Patna & Bhubaneswar along with one office of Senior Architects at Guwahati will be closed from 30/06/2018.

·        Accordingly the revised sanction strength of each office with area of jurisdiction of the offices in published.  Letter <<<>>>

·        This revised justification is issued by adding strength of merged/closed offices with concerned units but practically these many officers are not working as many of them are transferred to Telecom wing and many posts are vacant due to retirement/VRS.

·        Due to reduction of Architectural works, many of officers from Architecture wing are already working on deputation/transfer to Telecom wing and in Architecture  units like Bhopal all five JTOs and one SDE are on deputation to Telecom wing and hence there was practically no Architecture wing in existence since VRS of then Sr Architect Bhopal since 2014.

·        Hence this order for closure of some of Architectural wing offices are just official formalities and with this order the Architecture establishments with less manpower and work are either merged or permanently closed which will save expenditure on such establishments.

·        In the Mumbai office even though there are sanctioned post of Chief Architect -01, Senior Architect 02, Architect 04, Dy Architect 02, SDE/AE 04 & JTOs 22, practically there are only Chief Architect -01, Senior Architect 00, Architect 01, Dy Architect 01, SDE/AE 00 & JTOs 05 and only one Architect working in Mumbai is also under transfer since last one year to Delhi, but not yet relieved.

·        Due to reduction of workload of Architecture wing, Maharashtra Circle has already taken decision before 5-6 years and accordingly as on today one Senior Architect and five JTOs are transferred from Architecture wing and are posted in Telecom wing. The Chief Architecture is also redesigned as GM Co-ordination and given additional reasonability of PG & Social media works.

·        All these officers are giving their best to BSNL with such change of work pattern from Architecture to Telecom and have proved their excellence while working in Telecom wing also.

·        When some of JTOs Arch were transferred to Telecom wing and were working happily, unfortunately efforts were made to call back them to Architecture wing by disturbing their locations and  SNEA MH has taken up this matter and these JTOs are now working at place/unit of their choice.

·        Thus practically in Mumbai Architecture office, one Senior Architect in LA arrangements, one Architect and five JTOs i.e. total seven officers are working purely in Architecture wing and for such small unit of seven officers, the post of Chief Architecture and full establishment thereof is not at all justified.

·        In last formal meeting SNEA MH has raised issue of proper utilisation of talent available in Architecture wing and CGMT MH has assured for same.

·        Let us hope that with such reorganisation, in coming days the JTOs/SDEs in Architecture wing who are without any promotions for last 20-25 years and even do not have any scope of any further promotion are practically merged with Civil/Telecom wing and let us hope that these JTOs/SDEs Arch also get minimum level of motivation at least by one promotion in his/her life.


9 MAY 18:  Jt GM Pers II BSNL CO issued orders for transfer posting of GM level officers working in Maharashtra Circle and order of one officer is cancelled and another officer is transferred. Letter <<<>>>

·        As per this order, the transfer order of Shri. Amit Shrivastav, GM Mobile Nagpur issued just before fortnight has been cancelled and Shri. Nitin Chayande GMT Yavatmal is posted as GMM WTR Nagpur in place of Shri. Shrivastav.

·        In extreme casual approach towards the Yavatmal SSA, Shri. Nitin Chayande, GMT Yavatmal is transferred without posting any substitute and Shri. Amit Shrivastav is retained at Nagpur as GM Mobile Nagpur.

·        With this retention/cancellation of transfer order total three GMs will continue to work as GM Mobile Nagpur viz.  Shri. Amit Shrivastav, Shri. V D Godghate and Mrs Namrata Tiwari against only one sanctioned post of GM Mobile Nagpur.

·        This is how the Personal section of BSNL Corporate Office has very casual approach about working of BSNL and how the individual request of GM level officers are given priority for retention of officers at Popular stations like Nagpur and how deliberately the post of SSA Heads are filled in or kept vacant as per will & wish and mainly need of concerned officer even by crossing limits of sanctioned post and how post of SSA Heads at Yavatmal, Akola, Buldhana, Parbhani, Ratnagiri , Sindhudurg etc are deliberately kept vacant.

·        When there are no proper posting of SSA Heads and post of SSA Heads are kept vacant for years together, we are seeing that some of officers are talking about loss incurred by these SSAs.

·        Such losses are but natural in absence of SSA Head in small SSA and due to posting of excess senior officers at popular SSAs like Pune, Nagpur.

·        It can be seen that earlier in Business area Amravati two GM/PGM level officers posted and in Business Area Sangli two separate GMs are posted for Sangli and Satara SSAs and one GM level officer as SSA Head is compelled to report another GM level officer as BA Head and matter that where junior will report to senior or senior will report to junior was discussed for months together.

·        This gives clear picture of poor HR management at posting of GM level Officers and how BSNL money is being wasted by issuing such unwanted transfer posting of GM level officers by keeping aside priority and requirement of BSNL.

·        Let us pray God that he may give some wisdom to officers responsible for such posting of GM level officers and at least minimum required priority is given for working and requirement of BSNL while posting GM level officers at position of SSA/BA Head.


 10 MAY 18:  Finally after issuing four transfer orders in period of three months in respect of Shri. Rahul Rane, newly promoted GM, Personal cell of BSNL Corporate office finds A & N Circle as suitable place of posting for Shri. Rane. Order IV <<<>>>

·        This is best example how the officers in personal Cell of BSNL Corporate office are not having proper records and how their approach is very causal even while posting of GM level officers which is top most cadre in about more than 90% offices/units of BSNL.

·        On his first, promotion Shri. Rahul Rane was first posted as GMT Jalgaon where already one GM was working. Order I  <<<>>>

·        Then by understanding that already one GM is working at Jalgaon , the said order was cancelled on next day Shri. Rahul Rane was posted as GMT Ahmednagar but here also one another GM was working and hence Ahmednagar order also was cancelled later on 25/01/2018. Order II <<<>>>

·        Then Shri. Rahul Rane was posted as GM NOFN Mumbai and after prolonged wait he has joined in Circle Office Mumbai on 22/04/2018 and has taken over charge of GM NOFN Mumbai. Order III <<<>>>

·        But within 20 days of his taking over charge of GM NOFN Mumbai, Shri. Rahul Rane is again transferred to A&N Circle as per his request and now he will have to join as GM Plg & Admn A&N Circle. He will have to join at new place of posting by relinquishing charge of GM NOFN as no substitute is posted against him as GM NOFN while issuing his transfer to A&N Circle.

·        Only one corrective step has been taken by Personal Cell is that his transfer order from ITPC Pune to NOFN Mumbai will be treated at own Cost. 

·        This poor approach of Personal cell is really matter of concern and nowadays posting of GM level officers seems to given consideration in very casual manner and for no mistake on part of these officers, their image is spoiled.

·        All these four posting orders of single officer Shri. Rahul Rane, GM in period of three months clearly establishes the poor and very casual approach of BSNL Pers cell even n posting of GM level officers.

·        Let us hope, there will be some change in such extreme casual approach, and some minimum level of respect and dignity of GM level officers in maintained in BSNL.



 9 MAY 18:  AGM Pers II BSNL CO calls for volunteers from SDEs for posting in NCNGN, BBNW & NFS Circles. Letter <<<>>>

·        SDEs with age 55 or less as on 31/05/2018 can apply for same.

·        Applications in prescribed format are to be submitted through Proper channel and no direct application will be entertained by Personal Cell, Delhi.

·        Last date for submission of the request through proper channel is 25/05/2018.

·        The posting to these Circles will be for minimum three years and once order is issued orders will not be modified and retention on any grounds will not be granted.

·        The Circles will have to recommend the application in prescribed format without asking for substitute and no substitute will be posted against such transfers to NCNGN, BBNW, and NFS Circle.

·        The vacancy position, location of posting has not been declared where there are chances of posting of willing officers in these Circles and hence chances are there for posting of officer within territory of the concerned Circle, but same cannot be firmly assured and hence one who submits willingness should apply when he/she is able to work at any of the units of NCNGN, BBNW and NFS Circles.

·        Willing SDEs who have already applied for transfer to NCNGN , BBNW and NFS Circles but their request has not been considered till today, should apply a fresh for request transfer to  NCNGN , BBNW and NFS Circle and forward the request through proper channel to AGM Pers Cell BSNL CO New Delhi.

·        One has to submit their willingness with self-analysis and if he/she is ready to work at any of the location of NCNGN, BBNW and NFS Circle.  


9 MAY 18:  AGM Staff Mumbai issued orders for posting of DEs joining Maharashtra Circle after completion of All India hard tenure and both are posted to their choice SSA. Letter <<<>>>


9 MAY 18:  AGM Staff Mumbai issued orders for posting of SDEs joining Maharashtra Circle after completion of All India hard tenure and both are posted to their choice SSA. Letter <<<>>>


 9 MAY 18:  AGM Staff Mumbai issued orders for posting of JTO to TERM Cell Mumbai as substitute to JTO under transfer out of Mumbai. Letter <<<>>>


 9 MAY 18:  AGM Staff Mumbai issued orders for grant of immunity to the prominent office Bearers the recognised/support associations and other Unions/Associations.  Letter <<<>>>

·        As per the revised guidelines the immunity is applicable up to period of recognition of the recognised association and support associations i.e. up to Dec 2019 and up to the validity period of the District Body of other Associations/Unions in which these officers under transfer are holding prominent post of as office Bearers.

·        After expiry of the immunity, all these officers will be relieved to the place under transfer on the date mentioned against each officer.

·        While granting immunity, some of office bearers are retained on the post the Looking After post wherein no vacancy exists, but matter is under review by Circle management.

·        After review, if it is found that vacancy does not exist in LA cadre in SSA in which officer is retained, then these officers will be retained in substantive cadre as DE or SDE as the case may be and if vacancy exist then the said officer will continue in Looking After cadre till his retention period.   


8 MAY 18:  AGM Pers II BSNL CO calls for volunteers from SDE, DGM & GM Cadre for posting in proposed Information/Cyber Security Group at BSNL Corporate Delhi and last date for submission of the request through proper channel is 21/05/2018. Letter <<<>>>


 8 MAY 18:  AGM Staff Mumbai issued orders for interchange of Posting among two DGM LA from Pune TD to Pune Mobile on the request of concerned officers. Letter <<<>>>


8 MAY 18:  AGM Staff Mumbai issued orders for change of Posting from Nagpur Mobile to Nagpur TD as per recommendations from office of PGM CM Nagpur. Letter <<<>>>


 8 MAY 18:  CS SNEA MH writes Shri. Peeyush Khare, CGMT MH Circle about  unrest among the Nagpur Comrades against prolonged retention of Mrs. Namrata Tiwari GMT Nagpur and request for immediate review of her posting at Nagpur corrective action thereof Letter <<<>>>

·        Mrs Namrata Tiwari is posted in Nagpur SSA since 1994 and she has longest stay of more than 24 years at Nagpur and when each and every officer from JTO/JAO to PGM are transferred, only Mrs Namrata Tiwari has been retained in Nagpur SSA from her entry as ADET at Nagpur to PGMT Nagpur and she has worked as DE, DGM, GM Nagpur in intervening period. 

·        Due to such extreme long over stay at single SSA Nagpur, she has developed some personal enmities with each and every employee and officer and hence Forum of Unions and Associations of BSNL at Nagpur is demanding for transfer of Mrs. Namrata Tiwari, GMT Nagpur since last one year and many times such grievances has been represented to CGMT MH Circle.

·        Copies of letters by Joint Forum Nagpur. I <<<>>>  II <<<>>>  III <<<>>>

·        Later on request of Joint Forum of Unions and Associations, Circle Secretaries of BSNLEU MH, NFTE BSNL MH, AIGETOA MH & SNEA MH have represented grievances of staff and officers at Nagpur SSA and written letter to CGMT MH and its copies were sent to all concerned officers in Dec 2017. Copy <<<>>>

·        Further, CS BSNLEU MH & CS NFTE BSNL MH has raised this issue unrest among staff and officers in BSNL Nagpur in recent CCM meeting held at Mumbai and CS SNEA MH has raised this issue in pre-formal meeting with GM HR/Admn Mumbai and has also made it one of the important agenda point of formal meeting with CGMT MH Circle.

·        But even after such repeated representations Mrs. Namrata Tiwari is not only retained at Nagpur SSA as GMT Nagpur, but now she is given additional charge of PGM Mobile Nagpur when already two GMs are working against one sanctioned post of GM Mobile Nagpur.

·        When SSA like Akola do not have SSA Head for last one & half month as charge of GMT Akola s not handed over to any DGM/GM since 31/03/2018 due to shortage of officers, the Nagpur SSA has one PGM and one GM against one sanctioned post of GM//PGM and Nagpur Mobile is having three GMs in place of one sanctioned post of GM/PGM.

·        In most surprising manner Mrs Namrata Tiwari is having double reporting to PGMTD Nagpur as well as PGM CM Mumbai/CGMT MH respectively as GMT Nagpur & PGM Mobile Nagpur.

·        Even though BSNL CO has called for options from GM/PGM level officers with stay of four years in SSA and six years in Circle, Mrs. Namrata Tiwari has not submitted any option but continues her efforts for retention at Nagpur SSA by using her influential sources and CGMT MH also has responded to her such unwanted action by giving her additional charge of  PGM Mobile Nagpur when she is still not officially promoted as PGM and when already two GMs are working at one sanctioned post f GM Mobile Nagpur.

·        SNEA MH reminds CGMT MH about the unrest among the Nagpur Comrades due to such prolonged retention of Mrs Namrata Tiwari  as GMT Nagpur and requested CGMT MH Circle:

A.     To immediately withdraw additional charge of PGM Mobile Nagpur given to Mrs Namrata Tiwari and give free hand to Shri. V. D. Godghate, GM Mobile Nagpur to carry out the works related to Mobile mtce and expansion works of Phase VIIII.4 in Vidarbha and Marathwada region

B.       The case of Mrs Namrata Tiwari may please be recommended for out of Maharashtra transfer on basis of long stay of 24 years, on basis of the complaints made by Joint Forum Nagpur and Maharashtra Circle and mainly on suicidal death of one of the contractor in the office of GMT Nagpur when Mrs Namrata Tiwari was SSA Head Nagpur and as FIR has been lodged against her.

C.      Also action may be initiated against Mrs. Namrata Tiwari under CDA or CCA rules as applicable to her for outside influence for managing her retention for period of 24 years in Nagpur SSA and her political influence is clearly visible and it is now an open secret.

D.     We will further request to have separate investigation of allegations made by Joint Forum of Unions and Associations at Nagpur against Mrs. Namrata Tiwari due to her egoistic behaviour because the committee constituted earlier has not submitted report since last nine months and as earlier members of the committee were the officers working under her and due to nature of Mrs Tiwari, none of them will dare to submit report and if report s submitted the committee members will not dare to write facts which are directly evident against their “Boss”.

E.       GM HR/Admn Mumbai may be please directed to act on the complaints submitted by Joint Forum of Unions & Associations of BSNL at Nagpur and Maharashtra Circle and at least such complaints needs to be brought to the notice of Director HR BSNL Board so that Personal cell understand the gravity of the issues due to prolonged stay of Mrs Namrata Tiwari GMT in Nagpur SSA and her name is included in the long stay list of GMs in Maharashtra Circle and she is posted out of Maharashtra Circle thereby giving due respect to transfer policy and CVC guidelines on the subject.

F.        Till the investigation of complaints against Mrs. Namrata Tiwari is not completed she may be sent on leave thereby withdrawing charge of GMT Nagpur as PGMT Nagpur is rightly available to take care of all works at Nagpur

G.     Or of it is not possible to send Mrs. Namrata Tiwari on long leave for fare investigation of complaints against her; she may be transferred out of Maharashtra Circle there by complying CVC guidelines for stay of the GM level officers in any SSA/Circle.



 7 MAY 18:  Shri. B. A. Patil, DGM HR Mumbai conveys an appeal with heading /subject “Delays in Joining” by Circle Management to all officers under out of SSA Transfer on request, substitutes and in LA arrangements to immediately join their respective place of posting. Letter <<<>>>

·        DGM HR Mumbai makes such appeal by giving reference to all 26 letters including 19 transfer orders in respect of JTO, SDE, DE & DGM in Telecom wing who are transferred out of SSA at Own cost request, substitutes to such requests and transfer under DE/AGM/DGM LA orders.

·        This appeal is made as till some of SSA Heads have kept on hold the certain officers even they are relieved from ERP and their salary has been kept on hold and some of officers have not joined new place of posting even after ERP relieving.

·        When officer on transfer is relieved through ERP by Circle Office, it means it is direct relieving by Circle Office thereby withdrawing his/her authorities from working SSA, withdrawing control of present SSA Head & controlling officers from said officer and his/her salary and other activities in ERP are stopped and same will be restored only if he/she joins in new SSA and ERP team either at SSA or Circle do not have authority to restore it.

·        If anyone is to be restored in exceptional case then docket needs to be booked with ERP Team at Corporate office with revised order for cancellation of transfer and then only ERP authorities can be restored and salary of the officer can be drawn. 

·        It is understood that by now many of the officers have joined new place of posting and few are still waiting for some modification, changes as they have requested to Circle Management for same and till same are not given consideration. Also some of SSA Heads have not issued covering orders for ERP relieving.

·        As such appeal by DGM HR Admn Mumbai has certain sense and concerned officers should respond it positively.

·        It is fact that SSA like Akola has no SSA Head since last one month, many of the SSA do not have DGM since transfer/retirement of earlier officer posted and SSAs like Ratnagiri, Goa, Yavatmal, Buldhana, Bhandara Gadchiroli & Wardha have acute shortage of DEs and in some of these SSAs no single DE is available and hence certain officers needs to join these SSAs for smooth functioning of the SSAs and for relieving of tenure completed officers.

·        SNEA MH is pursuing mainly for the acceptance of refusal in DE/DGM  LA orders with GM HR/Admn Mumbai & CGMT MH and with such continuous persuasion, in our last discussions on this subject, CGMT MH has given consent to accept refusals of the officers who are age barred for out of SSA transfer, who have not completed two years stay  after joining present SSA, the officers who have completed Circle/All India Tenure and not completed  four years of stay in SSA where they have joined after completion of tenure, who have genuine medical issues of self or close family member and who have requested for grant of immunity being responsible Office Bearer of association eligible for grant of immunity subject to condition that on consideration of such requests  for change of SSA/Refusal , then next order will be issued against these refusals and then SNEA should not again stress for acceptance of refusal as someone has to join these SSAs having shortage of DGMs/DEs and this chain of refusals should stop and should not be never ending process.

·        As such, SNEA MH also appeals to all such officers under transfers to have critical analysis of the issues and the guidelines on the subject and if they do not have any extreme genuine grounds as defined in transfer policy for retention, cancellation or modification of their transfer, then he/she should immediately respond to this appeal and join at new place of posting without any further delay.

·        SNEA Members who have genuine problems as defined in transfer policy and who have submitted their representation with supporting documents through proper channel with recommendation of SSA Heads, may wait with full patience and by understanding risk that till their grievances are not addressed by Circle Management, he/she will not get salary of even Month of April 2018 and till the month he/she either joins in SSA under transfer or same SSA as per the modified orders by Circle office Mumbai on basis of his/her representation.  

·        DS SNEA concerned may bring awareness among these officers under transfer and who are members of SNEA about all these risks and guidelines on the subject and till they are ready to wait, SNEA MH will continue to pursue such genuine ground request with Circle management after confirmation of names of such officers and genuineness of his/her request received from DS SNEA concerned.


 7 MAY 18:  SDE LO HQ Civil Mumbai issued order nominating “Link Officer” as substitute arrangements of Looking After Arrangements and thereby giving certain responsibilities of Executive Engineer Civil and all SDEs except one are posted in same SSA. Letter <<<>>> Withdrawal of LA arrangement in Civil wing <<<>>>

·        Earlier the in Year 2013,  Looking After arrangements as Temporary and stop gap arrangements and same is being continued for last five years without any benefits to the concerned officers but only change of designation was the benefit.

·        With introduction of Looking After Arrangements as substitute arrangements for Local Officiating Arrangements, the facility of TA/DA, deputation till the local officiating period, full functional powers of officiating cadre were withdrawn and only change of designation was allowed as Stop Gap and purely temporary arrangements and in most disrespectful manner such temporary arrangements was and is being continued for last five years.

·        But now, due to court case on dispute between Diploma and Degree holders in Civil wing, the said Looking After arrangement which was no use for individuals, is also discontinued and next idea of humiliation of executives is introduced and in one more step of extreme humiliation of the officers, the concerned officers will have to carry out said works with new name of “Link Officer” and God knows which senseless officer has given such hopeless name to the substitute to LA arrangement and only benefit of change of designation is also withdrawn.

·        Thus the failure of management and mainly legal cell of BSNL Corporate office to overcome the court cases with firm and determined stand, the entire promotions of executives in cadre of DGM and below are unofficially kept on hold but the promotions of Jt GM and above post are being issues regularly without any fear of such court case and this is biased approach of BSNL management to hide failure of legal cell of BSNL Corporate office.

·        Time has really come to tell BSNL management in clear words that please start the process by restoring promotions and please do not continue to play with promotions of the Middle and lower management officers and please give minimum level of respect as desired by the concerned officer otherwise we will have to refuse in mass all such useless and senseless Looking After arrangement and this disgusting new Link Officer arrangement.

·        If management is given free hand in this way to continue with such humiliating temporary arrangements, the day will not be far away when we will continue of compelled to work as JTO but will have to carry the works of DGMs/GMs.

·        Com. Abhay Kesarkar JS NRU SNEA MH Com. Anil Dubey, DS SNEA Circle Office Mumbai and Com. M. S. Adasul, CS SNEA MH had meeting with Shri. Kumar Manoj, CE Civil Mumbai in his chamber on 02/05/2018 and also expressed his unhappiness and difficulties in issuing such Linking officer order which is not perfect solution to meet requirement of man power at EE level. He further added that as he is not left with any other option after withdrawal of LA arrangement in Civil wing, he will be issuing such Linked Officer order so that day to day works will be taken care.

·        As such these link officers will have to carry out all responsibilities of SE Civil except passing the bills and without change of present designation SDE. 


7 MAY 18:  CAO FC Mumbai issued orders for relieving of Com. Saurabh Maddan, JAO Chandrapur on one year deputation on his Rule 9 Temporary transfer to Haryana Circle. Letter <<<>>>


7  MAY 18:  Massive campaign among the public against the anti-BSNL policies of the Government like Tower Subsidiary formation, delay in allotment of 4G spectrum etc from 07-05-18 to 11-05-18:

All the Central Trade Unions and the CPSU employees are making massive campaign from 07-05-18 to 11-05-18 against disinvestment / privatization of CPSUs. The All Unions and Associations of BSNL (AUAB) meeting held on 24.04.2018 decided to conduct week long campaign, street corner meetings etc from 07th  to 11th May, 2018, against the anti-BSNL policies of the government and demanding the rolling back of the Subsidiary Tower Company. All employees are requested to make the campaign very successful to get public support. Coordinate with the office bearers of other Unions and Assns at different levels.

Public support is very crucial for the success of our struggle demanding roll back of Subsidiary Tower Company.



 4 MAY 18:  Finally, Fact remains that long stay transfer cannot be avoided even after change of Association: AGM Staff Mumbai issued the orders for change of SSA on the long stay transfers on the request of concerned officers.  Order I <<<>>>  Order II <<<>>>

·        These orders are issued as per the change of SSA request of the concerned officers with supporting medical grounds.

·        Earlier, Circle Management has taken stand that no modification /cancellation of transfer orders issued will be issued except question of life and death and now same stand has been changed and the action has been initiated for consideration of request change or change of SSA.

·        As per prevailing policy adopted by staff section,  all such changes are normally issued at Own cost, but here scope for deviation from this practice seems to be given as nothing has been mentioned in this order about cost of transfer.

·        Also, while issuing such change of SSA, with revised procedure adopted by staff section in all other cases, these officers are also relieved through ERP and same procedure is not followed in this case thereby giving scope for back door retention of these officers against the directives of CGMT MH.   

·        SNEA MH has already raised this issue of cost of transfer with concerned officers for issuing corrigendum for clarifying it as Own Cost Transfers & relieve these officers also through ERP or apply similar principal in all such request for change of SSA and nothing should be mentioned about cost of transfer and none of officer should be relieved through ERP on such change of SSA request.

·        It is fact that Com. Mrs M.R. Sakpal and Com. Mr. V. D. Mishra were the active members of SNEA and when the long stay transfer was issued by Circle Management they have approached SNEA for cancellation of their transfers at that time and SNEA has clarified that transfer policy is applicable equally for all and their transfers cannot be cancelled.

·        When SNEA has taken totally transparent stand for equal applicability of long stay for all, these then SNEA members annoyed with stand of SNEA, were then given assurances by leaders of other association that if these members join their association then will be saved from such long stay transfers and unfortunately these comrades are trapped in the such net and with such false assurance have changed their loyalty and membership.

·        Every action has some temporary benefits and here also due to allegations against Circle Management and mainly as management also want to give scope for divide and rule policy among executives have given unofficial stay on implementation of certain transfers and no action was taken on some transfers for period of two years.

·        This was reason for mass unrest against the Circle Management creating disparity among the executives and when many of executives have understood the transfer policy and have joined place of posting, these selected comrades have opted for using certain ideas to get transfer order cancelled, but finally could not succeed.

·        Com. Mrs. Sakpal JTO CO Mumbai was transferred from Mumbai to Kalyan and has changed her membership from SNEA to other association and has made efforts to cancel order , but when matter was pursued by the recognised association SNEA for equal treatment for all executives, finally Circle Management has decided to implement all such orders and all the transfer orders pending were implemented by relieving through ERP and unfortunately only Com. Mrs. Sakpal was not relieved on pick and choose basis.

·        SNEA MH has again taken up matter with Circle management and by understanding fact that she may not get suitable posting in Kalyan SSA or may be last attempt to get order cancelled and retained in Mumbai, after action has been initiated for implementation of order, she has requested for change of SSA from Kalyan to WTR Mumbai and Circle Management was responding positively.

·        But again, SNEA MH has taken up matter of equal treatment for all and demanded that if the request of Com. Mrs Sakpal is being considered for posting at WTR Mumbai then all such similar requests by executives under transfer out of Mumbai should be given consideration and naturally it was not possible for management.

·        We also have made it clear that SNEA MH has no objection  if request of Mrs Sakpal is considered  for transfer to WTR, but in such case her posting should be considered for any unit of WTR other than Mumbai and Kalyan from where and to where Mrs Sakpal was transferred under long stay and such change of SSA/unit  has no meaning in real implementation of long stay transfer and with such strong and continuous persuasion finally management has taken stand not to consider her request for posting to WTR Mumbai and Kalyan and may be at any other places in WTR.

·        Finally, by understanding facts that there is no any other option then the following transfer order, everybody has to undergo transfer if he/she comes under long stay transfer Com. Mrs. Sakpal has opted for Satara SSA and her request has been given consideration by Circle management.

·        Same was case with Com. V D Mishra SDE Amravati and he was active member of SNEA and on his JTO to SDE promotion, he was transferred from Amravati to Wardha and by using some outside influence he managed his transfer back to Amravati within period of one and half year.

·        But to his bad luck, after joining back to Amravati without break of two years at Wardha, he was transferred in Amravati Rural area as was the longest stayed officer at Amravati city and then he has applied for retention up to end of academic session and SNEA Amravati has pursued his request successfully.

·        But before such retention period is over, Com. Mishra has left SNEA and has joined other association and over the night he has taken post of DS which has facility of transfer immunity on transfer.

·        But this clever idea could not get fruitful results as desired by Com.  Mishra, because SNEA Amravati and Maharashtra Circle has strongly opposed such malpractices as t is not permitted by BSNL guidelines on the subject and finally Com. Mr Mishra did not get the benefits and he was transferred to Amravati Rural area and after completion of rural tenure he has joined back to Amravati city and then he was removed from the post of DS the said association by other members of that association.

·        But by the  time  he has joined back Amravati, he  was due for out of SSA long stay transfer and accordingly he was transferred to Jalgaon SSA, but this time he could not claim any immunity and then applied for request transfer for retention on medical grounds of parents or for mutual transfer with one of executive at Nagpur, but same was not given consideration by Circle management and he has finally requested for Akola SSA and his request is given consideration as it is from Non tenure to Non tenure SSA and shortage of Jalgaon and Akola SSA is near about same.

·        If Com. V D Mishra could have shown patience for just six months while his first transfer at Wardha and completed two years break out of Amravati SSA, then surely, he would not have been due for transfer to Amravati Rural area and now for transfer out of Amravati SSA, but his impatience has created trouble for him and he is trapped in frequent transfers even though he is known for such intellectual ideas of escape.

·        Thus though Com. Mrs Sakpal and Com. Mr. Mishra and few other comrades have adopted different ideas to avoid long stay transfers by using their skills and personal relations with some senior officers in management and even by changing association membership as SNEA did not pursue or support such extra ordinary demands, but with all such efforts also, they could not avoid their long stay transfer.

·        All this makes it crystal clear that whatever you do and even if change the membership of association, but when if anyone is due for long stay transfer then he/she cannot avoid it by any action and it is wise decision either to opt for choice place/SSA before coming under purview of long stay list or accept the long stay transfer.

·        Thus, fact remains that even if you change the membership of association long stay transfers cannot be avoided and when anybody is giving such false assurances there are meaningless and may give temporary relief, but final solution is accept the transfer and complete two years break out of the working SSA.

·        Hope, everybody will understand accept this fact and continue to be with his/her association with full loyalty and the work of association is not limited only for transfer posting and association has to play vital role in the larger interest of BSNL and its executives.



 4 MAY 18:  As per clarification issued by Jt GM  Sales  CM  BSNL CO Delhi, now the close relative of the BSNL employee are not eligible for appointment as BSNL franchisee & hence cannot be appointed as Franchisee and any such relative working as BSNL franchisees will be discontinued hereafter. Letter <<<>>>


4 MAY 18:  AGM VA BSNL CO Delhi issued fresh guidelines on identification of sensitive posts and officers working on sensitive post at BSNL Corporate Office, Circle office, SSAs and other units with directions to strictly adhere to instructions to rotate /transfer officers working on sensitive post every 2-3 three years to avoid developing vested interest. Letter <<<>>>


 4 MAY 18:  DGM SEA BSNL CO Delhi issued inter circle transfer orders in AO/Sr AO Cadre wherein 4 AOs/Sr AOs are posted to Maharashtra Circle. Letter <<<>>>

Let us hope these officers practically joins Maharashtra Circle and present dilemma on filling vacant post in SSAs having acute shortage of executives in AO/CAO Cadre is settled in days to come.


 3 MAY 18:   Second round of discussions with Shri Peeyush Khare, CGMT MH Circle on acceptance of refusal of Looking After Arrangements: Com. Abhay Kesarkar JS NRU SNEA MH Com. Anil Dubey, DS SNEA Circle Office Mumbai and Com. M. S. Adasul, CS SNEA MH had meeting with Shri. Peeyush Khare CGMT MH Circle in his chamber on 01/05/2018 at 1700 hrs. This was second round of discussions especially for finalisation of the current and burning issue of acceptance of refusals/unwillingness in Looking After Arrangements. 

·        After issuing transfers under request transfers & substitutes thereof and  some transfers in looking after arrangements, CGMT MH has taken stand that no single change in the transfer posting will be considered except it is not question of life and death for any of the officer transferred.

·        SNEA MH delegation had earlier meeting with CGMT MH in presence of GM HR/Admn Mumbai on 20/05/2018 and in  first round of discussions  SNEA MH has successfully advocated with CGMT MH to have corrections in the administrative mistake, to accept change of SSA Request, for consideration of request for change of SSA from tenure to other tenure station having shortage of executives, cancellation of request by individual and transfer in the interest of service due to such request, for consideration of requests on medical ground, retention of educational grounds, grant of immunity to Office Bearers of association in view of revised clarification issued by SR cell BSNL CO and CGMT MH has agreed for consideration of all such cases well within the BSNL guidelines and some orders have been issued and other requests  are under process. 

·        But on issue of acceptance of refusal in Looking After arrangements, CGMT MH has taken stand that there is no provision of acceptance of refusal in Looking After Arrangements while SNEA MH has strongly advocated for acceptance of refusal as being done in all earlier cases and when such provision exists even for regular arrangements and officiating arrangements same is applicable for Looking After arrangements which is substitute arrangements for officiating promotions.

·        We have also stressed that if refusals are not to be accepted in Looking After arrangements then management should review the entire orders of LA both in DE/DGM Cadre and none of officer should be left from seniority list and LA orders issued by issued as per seniority list.

·        But after lot of discussions from both the side finally on conclusion of discussions of that day, CGMT MH has directed to have fresh discussions with GM HR/Admn Mumbai for confirmation of the guidelines of looking after arrangements and clarifications issued thereof and ascertain the fact of provision of clause of acceptance of refusals in looking after arrangements and assured to have fresh discussions on this acceptance of refusal issue thereafter.

·        Accordingly delegation of SNEA MH had details discussions on this issue with Shri. Aman Jaiswal, GM HR/Admn Mumbai on 23/04/2018 and details of discussions are already uploaded on website.

·        But thereafter CGMT MH was on official tour three days for West Zone meeting at Ahmedabad and thereafter to Nashik for discussions on Smart City Project and hence we could not discuss this issue with CGMT MH immediately after discussions with GM HR/Admn Mumbai and hence discussions were held on 01/05/2018.

·        Discussions started with outcome of West Zone Meeting and CGMT MH informed that there is need of serious efforts on part of everybody for strengthening BSNL and mainly for generation of cash for BSNL as we have passing through critical phase.

·        CGMT MH narrated that the market conditions are not as worse as being projected and BSNL workforce as whole will have to work in focused manner and unfortunately he finds that till more than 50% workforce of BSNL has not understood the gravity of situation and are working in traditional manner.

·        He appealed all to have specific Business Oriented approach wherein expenditure could be reduced and revenue can earned /generated within minimum possible options. He assured that his office is specially trying to have new business strategy and conveyed that SNEA should join this mission with full force.

·        Starting discussions on option of refusals on LA arrangements, SNEA MH delegation had informed CGMT MH that we had detail discussions with GM HR Admn Mumbai and there are no clear guidelines for acceptance of refusal in looking after arrangements and we also have confirmed from CHQ leaders at Delhi, but there are many guidelines which gives clear indication that the refusal can be even be accepted in Looking After arrangements and CGMT is competent authority for it if decided to do so and it is now up to him to decide the matter.

·        CGMT MH responded that he has personally discussed matter of acceptance of refusal with PGM Pers BSNL CO & Director HR and both have confirmed that there is no provision for acceptance of refusal in Looking After arrangements.  

·        We further narrated that due to excellent efforts taken by him and his HR team while issuing looking After arrangements, dislocation/out of SSA transfers are less and there also the cases of refusal are very less as compared to total transfers as many of the officers have either joined place of posting or have requested for change of SSA.

·        If management could have fresh look on the issue of refusals after review of officers joined on LA orders consideration of request for change of SSA, consideration of mutual request for change of SSA and request on grounds of immunity to Officer Bearers of associations then it is clearly seen that there are merely 5 to 7 request for refusal in DE against Looking After Arrangements for 226 officers and on the same criteria the refusals in DGM LA will be about ten out of 46 total officers.

·        Then CGMT MH informed that he had critical analysis of the transfer posting and out of about total 550 orders of request transfers and looking after arrangements, due to excellent efforts by GM HR/Admn and his team only 35-40 transfers are issued in the interest of service and saved lakhs of rupees on transfers and further stressed that such approach is required from each and every officer and staff to save unwanted expenditure of BSNL.

·        CGMT MH added that when such excellent order is issued by his office why SNEA is pressing hard just for 15-20 refusals is not correct that to be when there are no clear guidelines to accept it.

·        He further appealed that SNEA is majority and responsible Association with more membership and it should come forward and support management in meeting acute shortage of requirement at the SSAs like Ratnagiri, Buldhana, Yavatmal, Akola, Kalyan and some other SSAs where there is no DE/DGM is practically available to run the working of that SSA.

·        He further added that these officers do not join at the respective SSA, then suffers are executives and may be members of SNEA and his office has already relieved all officers under transfer through ERP and at this SNEA should not stress for few left out cases.

·        CGMT informed that SSA Heads of the SSAs having such acute shortage have raised their hands and have expressed their inability to run the SSA in such extreme difficult conditions.

·        CGMT MH also specifically added that all the officers are given posting to nearby SSAs except one case of DGM LA posting from Solapur to Bhandara which is far away  from working SSA to posted and same can be considered, but the request of  each and every officer for refusal cannot be accepted in the prevailing circumstances.

·        CGMT MH also expressed displeasure that many of the officers posted in same SSA have also given refusal and this is not good for working of BSNL and such request cannot be accepted at this juncture. 

·        Then we have pursued that there are no guidelines for acceptance of refusal then there are no guidelines for rejection of refusal also, but there is prevailing practice of it being followed for last four years in Maharashtra as well as all other Circles.

·        As there are no guidelines, in such case only decisions are required from Circle Head and we requested CGMT to have review of the matter as per prevailing guidelines and as per the procedure followed in all Circles.

·        We further added that when there are no guidelines for refusal and management is pressing hard for joining at place of posting, but these actions of management are is contradicting with the guidelines of transfer policy.

·        It can be seen that in LA arrangements the officers with age of 57 years who are normally barred for out of SSA transfers as per transfer policy and guidelines says that such officers are to be given posting to home town or choice SSA and many such request are given consideration, but these guidelines are violated in LA arrangements and even such officers are forcefully transferred out of SSA.

·        There are guidelines that normally officers who have joined on request transfers and that to be when on own cost request transfers then they are not transferred out of SSA before completion of two years and here in LA arrangements, many officers who have joined choice SSA at own cost either on completion of Circle/all India tenure stations are now transferred, the officers who have joined after working at other Circle are transferred.

·        We also added that officers who have joined after completion of tenure are normally not disturbed by out of SSA transfers till completion of four years as they are having immunity from transfer in view of completion of tenure but such officers are also transferred in the looking After Arrangements and this is not correct rather direct violation of guidelines on the subject.

·        We have also brought to his notice that even the request of genuine medical grounds are not given consideration  and hence these officers and their family members will have to suffer a lot due to such untimely transfers    

·        Responding to our say, CGMT MH informed if these are the BSNL guidelines, then same will be followed and all such request will be given consideration and assured that he firmly believes that all guidelines should be followed to maximum possible extent.

·        Then we have brought to the notice of CGMT MH that if these guidelines are followed then the left out cases of refusal will be further reduced by 50% and only few will be purely refusal which needs his consent for acceptance and if he gives consent for acceptance then matter can be better resolved and there will not be any issue on part of anyone.

·        On this CGMT MH questioned that then how the vacancies in the SSAs having shortage can be fulfilled if we accept  all these refusals and we have responded that these vacancies can be filled up by giving opportunity to the officers junior in the seniority list. 

·        The counter question of CGMT MH was what is guarantee that the officers in the seniority list below who are given fresh opportunity against refusals will not refuse the orders of  LA as done by others and till what time should we continue with chain of refusals, this will limitless chain and wasteful work. He further added that he does not want such prolonged continuation and if no compulsions are created the vacant post of these SSAs cannot be filled.

·        CGMT MH further appealed that at least the officers who do not fit in any of the above criteria i.e. criteria of 57 years of age, minimum stay of two years in SSA, tenure completed cases and medical ground cases, should accept the LA arrangements and join at new place of posting and here everybody is refusing, how will it work.

·        But we have insisted that such cases are very few and if he gives some free hand to GM HR/Admn Mumbai to have fresh proposal to fill up vacancies against refusal, same can be taken care. Then CGMT MH immediately asked GM HR/Admn Mumbai on phone about the request of refusal received in DGM Cadre and GM HR/Admn Mumbai there are about 17 cases of refusal and change of SSA.

·        After further stressing by SNEA MH for accepting refusal in all cases as per written request on genuine grounds, CGMT MH informed that he will agree for it subject to condition that the orders for fling up vacant post due to such refusal will be issued serially in equal figures i.e. against acceptance of ten refusal of DE/DGM cadre, next ten officers in seniority list will be giving LA arrangement serially and then SNEA should not stress for acceptance of refusal in LA order against refusals.

·        CGMT MH made it clear that he has no intention to trouble anyone by transfers n LA arrangements and at the same time he has to fill up minimum required the vacant posts of DEs/DGMs in SSAs having acute shortage in both the DE/DGM cadres for smooth functioning of SSAs and SNEA should come forward for such onetime arrangement.

·        Finally we have informed CGMT MH, we cannot assure firmly without confirming the facts of implication if it is decided to go serially for next lot of LA arrangements and we will have to check the seniority list, confirm total number of refusals and total number of officers who will be given consideration against these refusals and whether they have any issues thereof and CGMT has agreed for it. 

·        Then we have drawn attention of CGMT MH towards the cancellation of transfer orders of substitutes in which the officer who has requested for transfer has now cancelled his request. CGMT MH informed that this matter may be discussed with GM HR/Admn Mumbai. We have updated him that we already had discussions with GM HR/Admn Mumbai, but he has directed to take matter with him.

·        CGMT MH informed that he has no issue in giving consideration and there is no need of discussions with him, and GM HR/Admn Mumbai will have to check for any consequences of such changes including its impact on working of SSA and if GM HR/Admn Mumbai s satisfied with confirmation of all conditions, he will approve all such cases.  

·        We had further discussions on the request of some individual to WTR Mumbai just to get escape from the long stay transfer out of Mumbai and some poor attempts to get retained in Mumbai by such clever idea. We informed that if such ideas are accepted by management, then it will be injustice to other comrades who have followed orders and joined at place of posting and if management decided to accept such options at later stage, same should be applied for all such willing officers equally.

·        CGMT MH informed that he is aware about such ideas but no such consideration will be given for change of SSA/Unit within jurisdiction of SSA, where officer is longest stayed. CGMT MH further added that due to some reason he could not implement it, but he has clear plan in his mind and it will be implemented from coming  year onwards that while calculating long stay of the officers in particular cadre , then the all officers working in the jurisdiction of that SSA will be taken into consideration i.e. while counting of long stay list of officers say in JTO Cadre from  Mumbai the  JTOs working n Circle Office Mumbai, WTP Mumbai, WTR Mumbai, Inspection Circle Mumbai, BBNW Mumbai, TERM Cell Mumbai, Telecom Factory Mumbai will be taken into consideration and combined list of all JTOs working in Mumbai will be prepared and substitutes for incoming transfers to Mumbai will be posted from this combined long stay list and  similar procedure will be applied for all SSAs and all cadres.

·        He added that only such corrective action will be proper solution for  the present disparity that the officers in WTP/WTR/QA with stay more than 15-20 years are retained in Mumbai and officers from Circle Office Mumbai with even less than ten years stay at Mumbai are being transferred out of Mumbai and his office will ensure  that everybody gets equal treatment and the present trend of mass request transfers from Maharashtra Telecom Circle to these Non-Recruiting Circles and vice versa is stopped and such unwanted transfers will avoided and manly no one gets escape from long stay transfer and it will be equally applicable for all.

·        In short this second round of discussions with CGMT MH on acceptance of refusal was very fruitful as matter of acceptance of refusals in LA arrangements has moved further in positive directions and now the request for change of SSA in LA arrangements will be given consideration depending on vacancy in the SSA for which request for change of SSA is submitted. The issue also has moved further to have certain agreement for acceptance of  the refusal on grounds of completion of age 57 years thereby barring from out of SSA Transfers, with less than two years stay wherein officer has joined present SSA on own cost transfers, request on genuine medical grounds with supporting documents with signature/certificate of competent authority, out of SSA transfers before four years since completion of Circle/All India Tenure by the concerned officer will be given consideration.

·        Now left out matter is only of acceptance of refusals given by the officers who do not fit in the any of above criteria of transfer policy in cases of out of SSA transfers without any justified reason. Here also CGMT MH has given conditional consent to accept the refusal and condition is that his office will not accept any refusal in the fresh LA orders and SNEA, the recognised association should not pursue for acceptance of refusals for LA orders issued against refusals.

·        Thus the meeting with fruitful and result oriented discussions concluded with assurance of CGMT MH for conditional review of the matter and  with thanks by SNEA MH for such positive and conclusive discussions on current and burning HR issue.

·        As such, the matter of acceptance of refusal is progressing in positive directions and it is at conclusive stage and we are confident that due to such fruitful discussions, the majority of refusal will be accepted and hopefully the entire matter will be finally decided in one stroke including left out cases by end of this week.

·         SNEA MH will ascertain the pros and cons of the condition put by CGMT MH by confirming the total number of refusal, need of the fresh officers from the seniority list to fill up vacant post against these refusals,  position/condition of next officers eligible for LA in DE/DGM cadre to accept LA arrangements and will also take views of all DS SNEA MH and then we will convey our final stand to CGMT MH about conditional acceptance of refusal from current DE/DGM LA orders in cases of individual requests for refusal which do not fit in the criteria defined in transfer policy.

·        SNEA MH will see that matter is concluded without any further delay and SNEA members, District leaders and activists may share his/her views with DS concerned, any of Circle Office Bearer of SNEA MH and specifically to Com. M .N. Kotambe ACS West SNEA MH,  Email: Mob: 942388100 and Com. Sachin Sarode, ACS East SNEA MH Email: Mob 9423591903  on this matter so that we will take fresh review of this matter with such feedback.



 2 MAY 18:  Consideration of request transfers in Electrical & Account wing: When the request transfers in Telecom wing & Civil wing are given consideration by target date given by CGMT MH Circle i.e. on 31/03/2018. But after this target date one month has been passed and till the request transfers in Electrical wing and Account wing are not given any consideration even though CGMT MH has set same target date i.e. 31/03/2018 for all wings and today it is 02/05/2018.     

·        As matter is delayed for prolonged period and many comrades are making queries about their pending requests in view of start of academic session, SNEA MH has taken updates on both Electrical and Account wing.

·        Accordingly it is understood that the proposal of request transfers of executives in Electrical wing has been finalised by Sr CEE Mumbai/Nagpur in last week itself and same is sent to GM HR/Admn Mumbai for scrutiny of the proposal.

·        As per directives issued by CGMT MH, the proposals for transfer & posting will continue to be initiated by CE Electrical Mumbai/Nagpur, CE Civil Mumbai/Nagpur and by GM Fin Mumbai respectively for executives working in Electrical wing, Civil and Finance wing.

·        But henceforth all such proposals will be routed through GM HR/Admn Mumbai for confirmation of adherence to transfer policy guidelines issued by BSNL CO, for keeping minimum transfers, for keeping expenditure on transfers as minimum, for equal applicability of transfer grant to all request as well as in the interest of service transfers and also for issues related to tenure as well as non- tenure transfers as nicely being followed in Telecom wing.

·        Accordingly the proposal is being scrutinised by the officers in Staff section and after such scrutiny the proposal will be sent for approval of CGMT MH and hopefully the transfer orders of executives in Electrical wing will be issued by end of this week.

·        In account wing though data was called by FC section long back, but it is understood that proposal of request transfer is not yet finalised as there is confusion in processing files about criteria to be followed in consideration of request transfers and posting substitutes thereof.

·        There is proposal by GM Fin Mumbai that the request transfers to SSAs/Units like Circle office Mumbai, Nagpur, Kolhapur etc will not be given consideration as there are excess officer in these SSAs, rather officer which are more than the justified/sanctioned strength from these SSAs will be transferred to the SSAs like Yavatmal, Buldhana etc having shortage of Executives of Account/Finance wing.

·        But till uncertainty of request transfers in Account wing continues and SNEA MH will take up matter with GM Fin Mumbai for early consideration of request transfers of executives in Account Finance wing so that no one face hardship as transfers needs to be issued before start of academic year.

·        Let us hope that proposals of both Electrical wing and Account wing will be finalised without further delay and without intervention of CGMT MH Circle and if not SNEA MH will take up matter with CGMT MH as confusion for prolonged time will create problems for executives under transfer as well as executives in need of request transfers who are eagerly waiting for their transfers for last one month period i.e. 31/03/2018, since when the transfer orders of Telecom wing are issued. 


2 MAY 18:  AGM Pers-I BSNL CO calls for volunteers from AGM level officers working in Circles for posting as AGM in office of CVO BSNL New Delhi to fill up two vacant posts and last date of submission of application through proper channel is 15/05/2018. Letter <<<>>>


 2 MAY 18:  CGM NCNGN Delhi writes all Circle Heads for continuation of Inspection of Telecom installation on prevailing guidelines. Letter <<<>>>


2 MAY 18:  AGM VA BSNL CO writes all Vigilance Heads for expeditious follow up and scrutiny of Audit reports for the year 2016-17 and calls for report thereof. Letter <<<>>>



1 MAY 18:  SNEA MH conveys best wishes to one and all on occasion of Maharashtra Foundation Day and International Workers day.


1 MAY 18:  Meeting with Aman Jaiswal GM HR/Admn Mumbai: Com. Ankit Gangar JS HQ SNEA MH, Com. Anil Dubey, DS SNEA Circle Office Mumbai and Com. M. S. Adasul, CS SNEA MH had meeting with Shri. Aman Jaiswal, GM HR/Admn Mumbai in his chamber on 23/04/2018 at 1700 hrs and discussed various current HR issues and status thereof.  The details of discussions are as follows.

1.     Review of stand on refusals of Looking After arrangements: At the start of the meeting important point of acceptance of refusal on LA arrangement was discussed as per directions of Shri. Peeyush Khare CGMT MH Circle. SNEA MH requested for documents stating that the officers do not have right for refusal of LA arrangements wherein GM HR/Admn Mumbai has shown two letters i.e. Letter No. 1-11/2017-SEA-BSNL (Pt) Dated 06/04/2018  (Copy <<<>>>) issued by SEA Cell BSNL Corporate office  and its attachment of letter No. 400/-204/2013 –Pers-I Dated 01/11/2013 for refusal of regular promotions (Copy <<<>>>).  GM HR/Admn Mumbai also showed us the copy of Memorandum dated 01/07/2004 regarding transfer and posting policy on officiating promotions, making looking after arrangements  and TA/DA entitlement of temporary transfers (Copy <<<>>>).  It was also argued that as per these letters, no there is option for refusal of regular promotion and no such option has been available in Looking After Arrangements and hence it has been decided not to accept the refusals. We have brought to his notice that when nothing has been mentioned to accept refusals in Looking After arrangements, there is nothing mentioned clearly in any letter that executives have no right to refuse the Looking After arrangements and hence refusal have been accepted over the period and till last month Looking After arrangements. Due to availability of such option for refusal only his office has called options for posting under LA arrangements and if it was so his office would have taken the names as per serial number in seniority list and posted in same SSA till vacancy exists and others would have posted to nearby SSA and there was no need to crate zone of consideration and calling for options from 80 DEs against requirement of 40 DGM LA. This would have saved juniors from transfers out of SSA and at the same time many of the SSAs would have got eligible officers for DGM LA within same SSA. Due to acceptance of refusal in all spells over the period of last two years many of the seniors have got benefits of refusal and it cannot be denied to juniors on name of certain letter issued by SEA Cell which is nothing but endorsement of letter for refusal of regular promotion issued by Personal cell endorsing fact that option is available for refusal of Regular promotions and LA arrangements also. Further letter dated 06/04/2018 says that some of officers who have declined promotions are considered for Looking After arrangements and are given higher responsibility and it is objectionable. This clarifies that refusal can be given by individual and it is to be decided by competent authority on the basis of the grounds claimed by concerned executive. We also elaborated that if it was decided not to accept any refusal in LA arrangements, then it should have been declared officially before issuing orders and in such extreme compulsons created by management; these comrades would have opted for one of the suitable SSA. Also there are existing guidelines that officer after completion of age of 57 years is not transferred out of SSA, officer who has completed Circle/All India tenure and posted to choice SSA is not transferred till four years from his posting at choice place, senior cannot be compelled to work under junior and due to stand taken by management not to accept refusals abruptly by giving reason that option for refusal is not available in clear words entire rules clearly existing in transfer policy about transfer out of SSA, criteria on completion of tenure are kept aside and it is direct violation of transfer policy guidelines.  Further, the decision of rejection of refusal in total is taken after issuing orders and it is not correct and has created mass unrest among the executives and we have made it  clear that if this option of refusal is withdrawn then SNEA MH will go for mass refusal in all LA arrangements and let management to decide how to run the show and we will wait for regular promotions and we cannot be mute spectator of the dignity and respect of the officers in BSNL and no one can treat us n such extreme humiliating manner. We again reminded GM HR/Admn that all the HR work done intelligently by his office under guidance of CGMT MH has spoiled due to this unfortunate and one sided decision of mass rejection of refusal in any LA arrangements. We also brought to his notice that with revised options by some officers for change of SSA, after correction of administrative mistakes etc. there are certain vacancies in certain SSAs and may of the request for change of SSA/retention in same SSA can be accommodated and only 10-15 cases in DE LA and 9-10 cases in DGM LA needs consideration of refusal on genuine grounds and hence it can be easily taken care if managements decides it positively. Apart from this thereafter as it has been clearly mentioned in this letter those officers. About rejection of the refusals and there no base to the stand taken by management for not accepting refusal for any cause.  We also argued that when executives have option to refuse the regular promotion with life time benefits, how it can be justified that he/she do not have right to refusal the temporary and stop gap arrangement for short period of span of 179 days. We also elaborated that in the SSAs where some officers are transferred on LA arrangements, senior officers are available and have now under refusal status, then in next spell the seniors will be become eligible for LA and these juniors will be again reverted and in such cases they will have to brought back to working SSA or will have to be shifted to any other SSA having vacancy in that cadre and this will be double harassment and it is not acceptable to SNEA. Further letter dated 01/07/2004 clearly says about refusal of officiating promotion which was looking after arrangement and same has been clearly mentioned in the heading of letter. The Looking arrangement has been introduced in place of the officiating arrangements and in view of no clarification available specifically on looking after, this clarification holds good and hence refusal needs to be accepted and the next juniors should be given consideration to fill up the vacancies remained unfilled due to refusal. SNEA MH further elaborated that LA is a Stop Gap Arrangement till a regular incumbent is posted by Corporate Office, in such stop gap arrangement how management is forcibly changing the SSA permanently in respect of few comrades by keeping aside senior comrades available at that SSA. GM HR/Admn Mumbai heard all the arguments and suggestions made by SNEA MH and after elaborate and point to point discussions finally conveyed that after such critical analysis of the letters, he finds certain base in stand of SNEA MH as nowhere t is clearly mentioned to accept or not to accept the refusals but if the once refusals are accepted the left out grievances can be resolved in better way. But he mentioned that matter needs to be discussed with CGMT MH as fresh as CGMT MH is the competent authority to decide on acceptance of refusals. Concluding discussions on this point he assured to discuss it with CGMT MH at his own and also directed SNEA MH to again take up matter directly with CGMT MH.

2.     Certain issues raised by SNEA MH with DGM LA arrangements vide detailed letter: We have reminded GM HR Admn Mumbai about the certain issues raised by SNEA MH with individual requests in separate letter on this matter, he informed that he has gone through the letter but no action has been taken as action depends on decision on acceptance of refusals. He informed that once matter of acceptance of refusal is decided finally he can take care of each and every issue raised in this letter. He also informed that the data of juniors in zone of consideration is readily available and if refusals are accepted, new LA orders can be issued by HR Section within 2-3 days and many of the grievances raised in letter of SNEA MH can be taken care. We have specifically pointed out some interchanges as per willingness among certain officers under DGM LA and here also GM HR/Admn Mumbai expressed inability to consider it at this stage and added that these suggestions can be taken care on finalisation on stand of refusals.

3.     Consideration of Request for change of SSA on transfers: SNEA MH informed GM HR/Admn Mumbai that some comrades who have been transferred at odd and inconvenient locations as they have not submitted any option, have now submitted request for change of SSA and needs sympathetic consideration as early as possible as these officers are under tension and fear due to ERP relieving but unable to join at present place of posting due to genuine reasons. GM HR/Admn Mumbai informed that his office will give consideration to all request for change of SSA to the SSAs having shortage of executives and it will be difficult to give consideration for change of SSA having excess executive strength and all officers who are in need of change of SSA having shortage of executives will be given consideration. He further added that change of request of the officers who are posted to tenure stations will be considered to tenure stations and not at non tenure stations, but request of officers posted at non tenure station can be given consideration for posting tenure station having shortage of executives.

4.     Request for retention or change of SSA on genuine grounds: SNEA MH informed that recently HR Section has rejected the representations received from many comrades even on medical ground case are also rejected and it was brought to the notice that even case of officer who is undergoing treatment in hospital for failure of both the kidneys has been rejected.  SNEA MH stressed genuine request for cancellation of transfer on medical and request for retention on medical/ educational ground should needs to be considered. GM HR/Admn Mumbai informed that the cases which were rejected were not in correct Performa and supporting documents were ether not available or available same were not current documents and hence the request have been rejected. But he added that these officers may submit fresh request on genuine grounds with supporting medical documents certified by Civil Surgeon and assured that all such cases will be decided one by one depending on the illness and stressed that medical cases must either be certified by a civil surgeon or counter signed by a civil surgeon . He also assured that request for retention on educational ground will also be given consideration if supporting documents are attached with the cases but final decision on all such cases will be taken with approval of CGMT MH but all such requests needs to be sent with recommendations of SSA Heads and with supporting documents certified by competent authority.

5.     Grant of Immunity to office Bearers of Associations: We have brought to notice of GM HR/Admn Mumbai about confusion created by actions of Circle Management is grant of immunity and requested for corrective actions for equal treatment for all and applicability of immunity uniformly for eligible office bearers regardless of his approach to Circle Management.  We have explained biased approach by classic examples and how rules are twisted and management do not have firm stand on it. GM HR/Admn Mumbai informed that there was confusion in grant of immunity and whatever has been pointed out by SNEA MH may have happened but now with recent clarification issued by BSNL CO matter has been crystal clear and now the office Bearers of SNEA holding post of CS/DS, ACS/ADS, CT/DT will be eligible for grant of immunity up to recognition period i.e. up to Dec 2019. He also suggested that SNEA may submit its requests at the earliest as he has plan to consider all request in uniform manner and his office has already called for such request with supporting documents and self-declaration from concerned  office Bearers requesting for grant of immunity with recommendations of SSA Heads . We requested for early action as his office has relieved some of office Bearers through ERP and there is immediate need to restore them in ERP and GM HR/Admn Mumbai assured for early action for ERP restoration of ERP relieved Office Bearers.  

6.     Consideration of pending Request transfers pending for Mobile: SNEA MH pointed out that the request transfer to Mobile units are not done as per the waiting list and request of many of the executives from different units are still pending without any action and concerned executives are waiting for their transfers.  We have informed that many requests for transfer to Mobile unit are pending and now that the request transfers have been issued, the pending request for mobile unit may be processed. GM HR informed that he is working on it and shortly such pending request will be given consideration. He further added that it has been decided now that Circle Office will make posting for Mobile units only in respect of Core network .e the requirement of BSCs and above core network including Pune Nodal will be taken care by Circle Office and requirement of executives required for BTS & Infra Mtce will continue to be with SSA Heads concerned. We requested him that matter should be decided once for all and clear guidelines should be issued on this subject as there is much confusion among the SSA Heads and officers concerned and GM HR/Admn Mumbai assured to issue such clarification at the earliest.

7.     Request transfers of JTOS to & from NRUs viz WTP/WTR/BBNW/QA Circle: SNEA MH informed that though majority of request to Non Recruiting units are given consideration, some of JTOs who were senior in list are left out and they are also eagerly waiting for their transfer to NRU and from NRU. We categorically gives names of the JTOs who are waiting for transfer from WTP to MH Circle, MH Circle to WTR & BBNW Circle and how the juniors in waiting list are given consideration and seniors are left out. GM HR/Admn Mumbai informed that it is noticed that some officers are requesting for NRU and after being posted in NRU are being posted at Same City / Location and due to such posting in same SSA the longest stay list is not being operated properly in NRU. GM HR requested SNEA MH to take up the issue of processing longest stay list in NRU by taking up the issue with concerned units. He also informed that the left out cases also will be given consideration subject to fact that they are not in the longest stay list. We have informed him that none of the case referred by SNEA MH is in the long stay list and in case any of the officer is in long stay list, then his/her request may be considered with condition that on such transfer he/she will not be posted in the jurisdiction of the SSA where he/she is in long stay list. We also informed that we have already taken up issue of the posting of longest stayed officer in area of the same SSA on transfer to NRUs and we will further pursue for it and suggested that stay particulars of the officers in NRU may also be called by MH Circle and officers n long stay list can be transferred within NRUs as there also vacancies exits at the location where no manpower is available. GM HR/Admn Mumbai agreed to the views expressed by SNEA MH and assured to ascertain the possibilities of issuing such directives to NRUs in consultation with CGMT MH Circle.

8.     Review of retention of Executives at Circle office on equal criteria: SNEA MH expressed displeasure against the wrong and pick and choose policy adopted by Staff section in considering substitute for posting of the SDEs while considering request to Mumbai and how it has created unrest among the officers in Mumbai. We made it clear that management should not discriminate among the officers that to be in such mass way and when left out and transferred officers are members of SNEA and we do not want any dispute among the SNEA Members by such discrimination. GM HR/Admn Mumbai informed that he is aware of the fact and rather he was not of the opinion to do so and wants fair following of transfer policy, but some of the PGMs in Circle Office Mumbai have recommended some names for retention without mention of period and time and CGMT MH has given special approval for same.  SNEA MH informed that this is a wrong practice and bad attempt on part of management to create groupisam among the officers by such discrimination when no person specific works available in Circle office and there is no such extreme technical requirement. When the technically required officers of TAX exchange are relieved through ERP, then what is specific need of the specific officers by PGMs for office works needs to be elaborated? We have pointed out that all left out officers are members of SNEA and they also are ready to follow the transfer policy and these PGMs have compelled these officers for retention and their names are unnecessarily spoiled as their friends are now blaming them directly/indirectly for no reason on their part and that to be when none of them has given any request for such out of turn retention. We categorically mentioned that some PGMs cannot play with transfer policy just because they are having personal relations with some officers or they are fully dependent on these specific officers and hence misusing their good relations with CGMT MH Circle. It could have been possible that transfer order of these officers would have been issued and incoming substitute should have been posted against him/her and his relieving could have been delayed for period of 2-3 months till newly posted officer understand the works specific as per opinion of concerned PGM, but arbitrary retention is not good for healthy HR and management cannot create dispute among the executives for no reason on their part. We also brought to notice of GM HR/Admn how the concerned PGMs are biased and how the technically useful officers are transferred and how others in good book of PGMs are retained on pick and choose basis and this method is disgusting and direct violation of transfer policy. We further requested for corrective action by posting substitute to all these officers in long stay from the incoming requests so that the names of these officers can be considered as substitutes for next incoming request to Mumbai. We also requested to cancel the transfer orders of the officers posted as substitute for which incoming request has been cancelled and by this action the officer transferred with short stay also can be retained and he will be transferred when his turn of long stay comes. GM HR/Admn Mumbai informed that he principally agrees with views expressed by SNEA but CGMT MH has directed not to consider any changes without his approval and hence matter may be please taken up with CGMT MH and also will take up suitable initiatives for it. 

9.     Preparation of Circle Gradation list of all working JTOs in Maharashtra Circle: SNEA MH informed that the Gradation list of JTOs in MH Circle has not been updated for long time and due to this many JTOs are unaware about their position in the Circle Gradation list. SNEA MH informed that Gradation list needs to be prepared on priority as it is pending for long time and GM HR/Admn Mumbai will have to look into it personally by deputing specific officer for this work for specific period. We assured that SNEA MH will extend full support to sad officer in Establishment section for collection of necessary data from all JTOs of MH Circle for formation of gradation list.

10.             SDE LA with calculation of fresh vacancies on sanctioned posts: SNEA MH informed that SDE LA orders for MH Circle also need to be issued on similar lines as the DE and DGM LA orders are issued. We have informed that if vacancies are calculated properly, then the vacancies of SDEs will be available in each SSA and about all JTOs eligible for SDE LA can be given SDE LA in same SSA. This will avoid present dual procedures of works and JTOs can handle the works independently and it will be double the working hours /hands in many of the SSAs. Also dual officer being posted at same location can be avoided by giving SDE LA to all eligible JTOs. This will increase the overall efficiency of MH Circle. Thus SDE LA is possible without any transfer as strength of JTOs and SDE is being calculated together and only required on part of his office is finalisation of Circle Gradation list of JTOs. GM HR/Admn Mumbai informed that preparatory work of SDE LA has already started and Circle Gradation list of all eligible JTOs will be finalised shortly and accordingly SDE LA orders also will be issued shortly. 

11.             Finalisation of the minutes of the formal meeting: We have again reminded GM HR/Admn Mumbai about issuing minutes of the formal meeting held with CGMT MH on 19/01/2018 and by now next formal meeting has been due for first quarter of this financial year. We also elaborated that we have no issue as works are being taken care n directions as decided in the formal meeting, but the formality of issuing minutes also needs to be taken care. GM HR Admn Mumbai agreed that minutes are over delayed as he and his team was busy with transfer posting and LA arrangements.  But he further informed that the minutes of formal meeting are almost ready and DGM HR Mumbai is giving final shape to it and he will remind him to complete it at the earliest and firmly assured that minutes will be issued very shortly. 

12.             Forwarding of pending requests of SDE/DEs for BBNW, WTR, WTR and other Circles to BSNL CO: SNEA MH informed that since Corporate Office is under active consideration of posting of SDE / DE to NRU, it is important that all the pending request transfers of SDE / DE to NRU must be forwarded to Corporate Office, New Delhi. GM HR informed that the existing waiting list of NRUs will be forwarded to Corporate Office by excluding the officers n long stay list and he will direct concerned officers to do so at the earliest. We have requested to forward request of all officers including in long stay list or transferred under long stay list with special mention of such long stay transfer and if concerned officer do not avail the transfer grant on long stay transfer and is ready to work in the Non Recruiting Circle under transfer but out of territory of the SSA where he/she stands as long stay officer, then such request also may be forwarded with such specific remark. GM HR/Admn Mumbai assured to ascertain such possibility to forwarding all requests with such remark.

13.             Early Action on Group Term Insurance and benevolent fund proposals: We have reminded GM HR/Admn Mumbai that SNEA MH has submitted the proposals for Group Term Insurance and Benevolent Fund long back but till no concrete action has been taken on it and elaborated the need of both the schemes in case of any unfortunate incident with any of the officer. GM HR/Admn Mumbai informed that both proposals are with GM Fin Mumbai and as per information available with him, GM Fin Mumbai has already started discussion with some Insurance firms and he has received some quotes from them. He also narrated that efforts are being made to get reasonable quote so that participation is more and also the premium charged will be less per head. He further directed us to take up matter with GM Fin Mumbai as he only has to finalise the proposals and data required for the proposal. We brought to the notice of GM HR/Admn Mumbai that there is some work to be done on Group Term Insurance but nothing is required for Benevolent Fund as it is to be decided on part of BSNL. Then we have elaborated him the working of benevolent fund and how it has been successfully implemented in MP Circle. GM HR/Admn was having doubt that where this scheme will be compulsory for all and where it will be applicable for executives as well as non-executives. We have made him clear that we have submitted proposal for executives only and f he wants to extend it to non-executives also we do not have any issue and or only request is that it should be implemented without any further delay.  After elaborate discussions GM HR/Admn Mumbai informed that he will shortly arrange discussions with CS of all recognised Unions and Associations on Benevolent fund and matter will be decided at the earliest.

14.             Handing over Charge of SSA Head Akola:  We have again brought to notice of GM HR/Admn Mumbai the post of GMT Akola is vacant for long time and since 01/04/2018 when the DGM Amravati who was looking after charge of Akola SSA has retired, no one is given charge of Akola SSA and all works of Akola SSA are kept on hold and even single file in need of approval of SSA Head is not cleared over the one months period and there is mass unrest in Akola executives as well as in public. GM HR/Admn Mumbai informed that his office has posted one DGM for Akola and he should have joined by now and hence his office has not handed over charge to anybody. We have informed that Com. D. S. Sheleke DE Beed is posted to Akola in DGM LA but he is unwilling to join Akola as he has recently joined in Beed SSA after his own cost transfer from MP Circle and he is also due for retirement shortly. Further his senior Com. S.S. Sanghai is rightly available at Akola is not given DGM LA even though he is willing to work as SSA Head Akola and  unwilling Com Sheleke is compelled to join Akola and it is not correct and in this dilemma the works of Akola SSA are suffering on day to day basis. We also brought to his notice that if the order of Com Sheleke is implemented forcefully then next time Com. Sanghai will be eligible and Com. Shelke being junior will be reverted and hence there is no meaning in compelling Com Shelke to join at Akola rather name of Com Sanghai should be given consideration for DGM LA and request of Com Shelke for refusal of DGM LA Akola needs to be given consideration. On this GM HR/Admn Mumbai informed that this can be better decided after issues of acceptance of refusals is decided finally. We requested him that meanwhile the charge of GMT Akola should be given to any GM/DGM in nearby SSA or to Com. Sanghai who is senior most DE in Akola SSA and is due for DGM LA. In conclusion GM HR/Admn Mumbai finally agreed to give charge of SSA Head Akola to Com. Sanghai being senior most DE till the matter is finally decided by CGMT MH Circle.

15.             Consideration Individual Requests on genuine grounds in Uniform Policy manner: We have submitted the list of individual request received by SNEA MH with suggestions how these request can be effectively implemented and discussed these suggestions. We also stressed for consideration of equal applicability of any criteria to all such executives and there should not be any discrimination by management. We also have discussed some critical medical ground requests and request for change of SSA. GM HR/Admn Mumbai appreciated the suggestions given by SNEA MH and assured that all this cases will be given consideration after finalisation of the issue of the acceptance of refusal of LA arrangements.

After detail discussions on each point the meeting concluded at 1930 hrs and SNEA MH conveyed thanks to Shri. Aman Jaiswal GM HR/Admn Mumbai for such positive approach on his part towards the settlement of the HR issues. In conclusion he also conveyed thanks to SNEA MH delegation for taking HR issues in transparent and policy manner and not stressing for some specific individual requests and discussing all issues in larger interest of BSNL as well as its executives.



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