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CEC Jalgaon Day II  <<<>>>

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19  NOV 18:  AGM Admn Mumbai endorsed the BSNL CO orders granting Special CL including journey period to delegates of SNEA attending the All India Conference at Ludhiana scheduled from 28/11/2018 to 30/11/2018. Letter <<<>>>  


19  NOV 18:  EE HQ Electrical Mumbai issued orders for looking After arrangements for two SDEs as EE Electrical.  Letter <<<>>>  


19  NOV 18:  EE HQ Electrical Mumbai issued transfer order of EE Electrical as rearrangement after orders for EE LA arrangements. Letter <<<>>>  


19  NOV 18:  AGM Staff Mumbai issued appointment order for JEs who have completed four weeks field training and all are posted in allotted SSAs. Letter <<<>>>  


19  NOV 18:  GM BSNL CO issued orders for constitution of standing committee for review of Business Areas in different Circles wherein CGM of concerned Circle will be Chairman of the Committee for review of BAs in that Circle. Letter <<<>>>  

·        Now it is required that concerned SSA/BA Heads have to send proposals for review of Business area.

·        In Maharashtra Circle, there are demands for review of Business area from Buldhana, Akola, Ratnagiri, Sindhudurg etc SSAs.

·        DS SNEA concerned are requested to take up matter with concerned SSA/BA Head accordingly and proposal may be please sent to CGMT MH Circle with full justification. 


19  NOV 18: AGM IV BSNL CO calls for information from all circles about outstanding claims of medical bills and information is to be submitted latest by 20/11/2018. Letter <<<>>>  Performa <<<>>>


19 NOV 18:  GM NWP CFA BSNL CO writes Circle Heads for measures to improve the performance on the front of Gross Landline connections during Year 2018-19 . Letter <<<>>>  


19  NOV 18: DGM SEA BSNL CO conveys  to Circle Heads/IFAs the decision of not granting leave to any Circle IFAs till 30/11/2018 without permission of Director Finance for proper implementation of Project Dhanalaxmi.  Letter <<<>>>  


16 NOV 18: Report of second Day deliberations of Circle Executive Committee Meeting of SNEA MH Circle at Jalgaon:  On day-II of CEC, the proceeding started sharply at 1000 Hrs. The District Secretary reports were continued wherein left out District Secretaries have submitted their views on different HR, Development, and Growth related issues of BSNL. Thereafter the issues related to Accounts and Finance, Civil, Electrical, WTR, WTP wings were discussed.

·        Thereafter, all the Joint Secretaries addressed the gathering and shared the difficulties faced by the executives in respective area and its persuasion by SNEA MH.

·        Then all CWC Members have addressed the gathering expressed their views on different issues being discussed in CWC Meetings and pursued by SNEA MH/CHQ.

·        Then all the Com. P. C. Ramteke VP SNEA MH addressed the gathering elaborating different actions being taken by SNEA MH on betterment of executives and BSNL Maharashtra Circle.

·        Com. P. N. Patil, Circle Treasurer, SNEA MH Circle, submitted the Treasurer report to the house. He satisfactorily replied all the doubts and queries raises by some of members. He updated house about different aspects related to his report and also touched other important issues in his short but sweet address. The Treasurer report presented by Com. P. N. Patil, CT SNEA MH was unanimously approved by the house with loud claps.

·        Com. M. S. Adasul, CS SNEA MH gave the reply on the various issues raised by District Secretaries, CEC Members, and CWC Members etc and simultaneously the resolutions were passed unanimously.

·        Com. S. D. Murgi, DS SNEA Kolhapur was felicitated for his long and dedicated services to SNEA and BSNL, as he is due for superannuation retirement by end of November 2018. Many comrades shared the feelings about the attachment of Com. S.D. Murgi DS SNEA Kolahpur and his contributation towards the SNEA and its members.

·        Com. Dilp Kamble, Ex CEC Member SNEA Mumbai and Founder Chairman of BSNL Officers Co-operative Society, Mumbai was also felicitated for his dedicated services even after retirements to SNEA and its members.

·        Com. Dyaneshwar Pawar, Organization Secretary, SNEA Aurangabad, conveyed his thanks and gratitude towards SNEA by present special bouquets to Com. M. S. Adasul, CS SNEA MH, Com. Bharat Sonawane, CP SNEA MH  and Com. Rushikesh Kesale, JS AF SNEA MH. As token of love and affection towards SNEA MH, he handed over cheque of donations to Com. P. N. Patil, Circle Treasurer, SNEA MH Circle. In his brief address, he expressed his feelings about activities of SNEA MH for account wing comrades and how SNEA is taking issuing of account wing comrades and getting it settled by keen persuasion.

·        Com. M. B. Sangle, State Secretary, AIPOCC Maharashtra addressed the house about issues taken on platform of AIPOCC & NCOA. He elaborated about ongoing activities of AIPOCC and how the pending HR issues of BSNL and its updated status. He also updated house about the important field problems and its practical solutions. He elaborated house with example how to get rid of different issues with practical approach.         

·        Thereafter house discussed for nominations of Internal Auditor and after elaborate discussions, Com. R. R.  Mahajan, CEC Member SNEA Nashik has been elected as Internal Auditor, SNEA MH Circle.

·        Then the process of filling vacant post of CWC Members to represent issues of SNEA MH in CWC Meeting started. Though more nominations were received for CWC posts, after elaborate discussions on the issues Com. S. K. Gangathade, CEC Member SNEA Nagpur and Com. S. M. Chand, CEC Member SNEA Pune were unanimously elected as CWC Members, SNEA MH.

·        Com. R.R. Mahajan, Internal Auditor, Com. S. K. Gangathade, CWC Member   and Com. S. M. Chand CWC Member were felicitated by house on their elections on respective posts.

·        Com. Bharat Sonawane, CP SNEA MH gave the oath of alliance to all newly elected CWC Members.

·        In conclusion Com. Rushikesh Kesale, JS AF SNEA MH gave the vote of thanks and house was adjourned by Com. Bharat Sonawane, CP SNEA MH and National Anthem thereafter.

·        Thus, the highly successful CEC Jalgaon with to depth discussions on different issues and conclusions thereof with excellent and Executive arrangements by SNEA Jalgaon concluded at 2100 hrs with slogans of Unity, SNEA Zindabad, and BSNL Zindabad etc.

·        Resolutions passed <<<>>>

·        PHOTOs of Day II <<<>>>



15 NOV 18: Overwhelming response to call of Rallies by AUAB CHQ:  AUAB CHQ has given for rally at all SSA/Circle HQs and accordingly rallies were arranged in all Districts throughout Maharashtra Circle. In overwhelming response, the comrades from each and every District/Unit has taken active part in the rally and supported all four demands raised by AUAB CHQ and registered their protest against DoT and Govt Of India for non settlement of their demands.

·        The leaders of all Unions & Associations have taken lead in bringing awareness among the comrades and it was stringy responded by the BSNL workforce in historical support and participation in rally.

·        In Circle Office Mumbai, the rally was arranged from BSNL administrative Bldg to BSNL Wireless Compound and back.

·        Before start of rally his rally, gathering of about 500 comrades from Circle office Mumbai ,  was addressed by Com. Ganesh Hinge CT BSNLEU Maharashtra Circle,  Com. Rajesh Parulekar DS AIBSNLEA Mumbai, Com. M. S. Adasul CS SNEA Maharashtra Circle, Com. Ranjan Dani CS NFTE BSNL Maharashtra Circle by giving brief idea about ongoing agitational programe and updates thereof.

·        After rally the delegation of AUAB consisting Com. Ranjan Dani CS NFTE BSNL Maharashtra Circle,  Com. M. S. Adasul CS SNEA Maharashtra Circle, Com. Ganesh Hinge CT BSNLEU Maharashtra Circle, Com. Rajesh Parulekar DS AIBSNLEA Mumbai, Com. Yeshwant Kekare, DS BSNLEU Mumbai, Com. Milind Ingle, DS NFTE BSNL Mumbai and some other prominent comrades have submitted the copy of Memorandum by AUAB to Shri. Peeyush Khare CGMT MH Circle.

·        On accepting the memorandum Shri. Peeyush Khare CGMT MH Circle narrated that such agitational programs will not give results and some different ideas of giving extra work hours should be implemented. Com. Ranjan Dani CS NFTE MH responded that even in tough competition due to free officers by RJIO, we are making sincere efforts and our rights are being repeatedly denied by DoT & Govt of India and it has caused mass unrest among the BSNL workforce. CGMT MH responded and asked Com Dani that can you beat R-Jio if not then we should not talk on it and we should focus on improving our services and earning more and more revenue. Com. M. S. Adasul, CS SNEA MH elaborated that Govt of India opened Telecom sector for private operators to have fare competition in Telecom sector. But after entry of RJio, this fare completion is finished due to free offers and it is responsibility of DoT & Govt of India to maintain aim of privatization and should act against free offers and thereby stopping unfair competition created by R Jio. Finally, CGMT MH assured that he will forward the feelings to BSNL CO and appealed all to have different ideas for revenue generation for BSNL.

·        In similar manner, delegations of AUAB in different SSAs/Units have submitted memorandum to concerned SSA/BA Heads and have also taking rallies on roads for awareness among the public. .

·        In special attempt by Kolhapur Comrades, the Bike rally was specially arranged on Mahadwar Road, the most popular public place of Kolhapur city for bringing awareness among the public about injustice being made by DoT & Govt of India with BSNL and its workforce.  

·        SNEA MH conveys sincere thanks & gratitude to all the comrades who have actively participated in rallies arranged throughout Maharashtra Circle.

·        SNEA MH has no words to convey thanks and appreciation of the initiatives and leading role of leaders of all leaders of BSNLEU, NFTE BSNL, SNEA, and AIBSNLEA that made this important agitational programe highly successful in about all Districts.


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·        Submission of Memorandum   <<<>>>  


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14 NOV 18: Rally at all levels on 14.11.2018by All Unions & Associations in BSNL demanding implementation of the assurances given by the Hon MoSC in the meeting held with the AUAB on 24.02.2018.

Charter of Demands:

a)    3rd Pay Revision to BSNL employees.

b)   Implementation of Government Rules in payment of Pension contribution by BSNL.

c)     Allotment of 4G spectrum to BSNL as per the proposal submitted by the BSNL Management.

d)   Pension revision for the BSNL pensioners.

e)    Settlement of left out issues of the 2nd PRC.


13  NOV 18:  CS SNEA Maharashtra writes to Shri. Peeyush Khare, CGMT MH Circle conveying Diwali Greetings to him and entire officers in his management and request for making Happy Diwali for the executives working at Circle tenure stations by approving the proposal for consideration their request Transfers. Letter <<<>>>  


13 NOV 18:  AGM Pers II BSNL CO issued orders considering request transfer of SDEs among different Circles/Units in which request of Ten SDEs from Maharashtra Circle are given consideration. Letter <<<>>>

·        SNEA MH congratulates all the comrades who got the choice posting as per their requests.

·        It is seen that some of the requests, which are forwarded through proper channel, are missing in this list of transfers.

·        SNEA MH will further pursue for all such left out requests and concerned comrades are also requested to represent their grievances through proper channel.

·        When BSNL CO is giving consideration to request transfers from tenure as well as non-tenure stations, here in Maharashtra Circle Shri. Peeyush Khare, CGMT MH has taken stand that he will not approve any transfer orders till March 2019.

·        SNEA MH is pursuing the matter for early issuing of Tenure transfer orders as the comrades working at Tenure stations are eagerly waiting for six monthly Tenure transfer orders, which are due from end of Sept 2018.

·        The proposal for consideration of all the request of tenure completed executives has been kept ready by GM HR Admn Mumbai but same has been kept on hold by CGMT MH as he want to issue all orders in March 2019. 

·        Let us hope, CGMT MH understands grievances and difficulties of all the comrades working at tenure stations and approves the transfer orders of all the tenure-completed executives working at Circle tenure stations without further delay.


13 NOV 18:  AGM Staff Mumbai issued posting order of DEs who are joining Maharashtra Circle after completion of all India hard Tenure and both the DEs are given choice posting. Letter <<<>>>


 13 NOV 18:  Sr GM Fin CFA BSNL writes reminder request to all the members of Committee for renewal synergy between BSNL and MTNL to hold early meeting and submit the minutes of the meeting. Letter <<<>>>

·        In recent past, the Personal Relations between the officers of BSNL and MTNL are not healthy and many of the decisions are being taken on both the side, which are damaging for the survival of both the Govt PSUs in same field, but serving different area.

·        In these circumstances, such special committee needs to be actively taking efforts to settle the grievances by giving certain guidelines binding on both the sides of the PSUs, but here committee members are not finding time for conducting meeting and it is really unfortunate for both the PSUs.

·        Let us hope this reminder letter will awake the committee members and they will work on renewal of synergy between BSNL & MTNL on all fronts. 


12  NOV 18:  CS SNEA Maharashtra writes to Shri. Peeyush Khare, CGMT MH Circle submitting agenda on different pending HR issues as well as Development issues in Maharashtra Circle.  

·        Agenda on HR Issues <<<>>> 

·        Agenda on Development Issues  <<<>>>

·        Letter for issuing correct and factual minutes of last meeting <<<>>>


12 NOV 18:  DGM Estt II BSNL CO issued guidelines for forwarding of applications of BSNL employees for outside direct employment. Letter <<<>>>

·        In many cases of JTOs/JAOs seeking the good opportunity in other Govt organisations, the applications were kept on hold without assigning any reason.

·        Some of officers were even not allowed to attend the interview after forwarding the application by BSNL and compulsions were created on them to opt for VRS before the selection process in compelled.

·       With this clarification cum guidelines, all such issues and hardship by BSNL employees seeking better opportunities by direct recruitment in other Govt Organisations, PSUs will be reduced and there will be well-defined procedure for forwarding such applications by individuals.


12  NOV 18:  AGM VA BSNL CO conveys the approval of ODI list of different Circles for July 18 review period as per the recommendations of Circle. Letter <<<>>>


 12  NOV 18:  AGM Staff Mumbai issued posting order of 21 JTOs who have completed four week field training and all are posted in same SSA where they have undergone the field training. Letter <<<>>>


12  NOV 18:  AGM Estt Mumbai issued for postponement of JTO Phase II Training as per the request of individual JTOs recommended by SSA Head and orders are issued for next two JTOs willing for JTO Phase II training starting from 12/11/2018 at RTCC Nagpur. Letter <<<>>>


12  NOV 18:  DGM FP Mumbai writes SSA Heads concerned to convey the JAOs undergoing Field training to co-ordinate with concerned police authorities for Police Verification Report (PVR), which is mandatory for issuing their Appointment as JAO in BSNL. Letter <<<>>>


12  NOV 18:  CAO FC Mumbai conveys approval to prepone the date of promotion by ten years in respect of Com. R. M. Meshram, AO Nagpur notionally from 19/01/2015 to 27/05/2005 at par with Com. Kirti  Sarkar who is junior to Com. Meshram and was promoted as AO in year 2005. Letter <<<>>>


12  NOV 18:  CAO FC Mumbai calls for VCs of JAOs due for first TBP along with their date of joining as JAO. Letter <<<>>>


12  NOV 18:  BSNL CO Press Release on inauguration of alternate digital KYC process by BSNL. Letter <<<>>>



SNEA MH wishes

 a very Happy & prosperous

 Diwali to all.


 5 NOV 18:  AGM Estt Mumbai writes certain SSA Heads for sending hard copy of missing APRs of Regular DEs directly to CS to Director HR BSNL and one copy is to be sent to office of AGM Estt Mumbai as these APRs are not available with BSNL CO and these names are under consideration for DGM promotions. Letter <<<>>>


 5 NOV 18:  AGM Admn Mumbai published the minutes of the meeting held on 03/10/2018 on compulsions created by the management on purchase of discounted medicines from M/S Apollo Pharmacy and problems faced by the employees of the BSNL MH Circle. On elaborate discussions from different angels, finally it was decided that Unions/Associations will submit written feedback and then matter will be reviewed. Letter <<<>>>


5 NOV 18:  After compulsory cum Voluntary Retirement to Com. M. M. Kshirsagar, TDM Sindhudurg, now charge of TDM Sindhudurg SSA is given to Com. L.S Bashinge under DGM LA arrangements even though he has submitted his unwillingness for DGM LA arrangements. Letter <<<>>>

·        Sindhudurg SSA is the only profit earning SSA of Maharashtra Circle after Gadchiroli SSA and till it is being deliberately neglected while posting SSA Head at Sindhudurg.

·        Many GM/DGM level officers joined in MH Circle are given posting to Pune, Mumbai and Nagpur SSAs and in these SSAs posting is done more than the justified or even sanctioned strength of DGMs/GMs in these SSAs.

·        But the important SSA like Sindhudurg SSA is not given regular DGM/GM level SSA/BA Head for last two years and show is being run for namesake with LA arrangements.

·        Com. L.S Basinge, DE Sangli was given LA arrangements in April 2018 and he has submitted unwillingness with genuine reasons but same was & is not accepted and he was forced relieved through ERP.

·        Later Com. L.S Basinge, has been issued with charge sheet on name of delayed relieving and punishment is given as “Censure” with recordable warning to Shri. Ranjan Kumar GMT Sangli for not relieving Com Basinge in time rather as decided by GM HR Admn Mumbai and CGMT MH.

·        After such compulsions created by force relieving, Com. L.S Basinge, DE Sangli who was not left with any option has finally joined at Sindhudurg SSA and on his joining his DGM LA was withdrawn by issuing him charge sheet and he was compelled to work as DE Sindhudurg even though Sindhudurg SSA has already 200% working DEs.

·        On 01/11/2018, the VRS request of Com. M.M. Kshirsagar, now Com. L.S Basinge is given DGM LA after period of 3-4 months and after issuing censure punishment.

·        Now GOD only knows how he will continue to contribute his best as SSA Head Sindhudurg when his request for refusal of DGM LA is not accepted by CGMT MH even after clear cut clarification issued by BSNL CO and how he will handle the situation of Sindhudurg SSA, which is already degraded by different actions of Circle Management.

·        Let us hope, there is change in attitude of co-operation by Circle management towards Sindhudurg SSA and similarly affected SSAs and Com. L.S Basinge is not compelled to opt for VRS and his genuine request will be taken care by accepting refusals and by posting DGM/GM level officers is posted as  SSA/BA Head for Sindhudurg SSA.    

·        This will give some way to the present burning issues of Sindhudurg SSA and if Circle management do not give any attention to the real issues of Sindhudurg SSA, then there are chances of mass public unrest against BSNL services in highly sensitive Sindhudurg SSA.


 3 NOV 18:  AGM Estt Mumbai writes all SSA Heads calling for requirement of seats for JTO Phase II Training for 308 JTOs working in different SSAs/Units who have completed Phase –I training as well as field training. Letter <<<>>>

·        Information is calling in lightening speed as letter is issued on 02/11/2018 and information is to be given in a day i.e. 03/11/2018.

·        Information is to be submitted in prescribed format and giving total number of seats required under each area of specialization among total seven specializations irrespective of training Centers.

·        It would have been better if names of training centers along with the specialization and probable dates of training would have been given while calling such options.   

·        If any of the JTOs is in need of specific training center for any justified reason, he/she may submit her request for training at that particular Training Centre and may opt for specialization whatever it may be.

·        For any additional information individuals may contact Com. Mrs Veena Naik SDE HRD II Mumbai on 022-26467572 or Com. M. M. Apte AGM Estt Mumbai  on 022-2647576 , 9423986155, email  

·        SNEA MH has already received many of the requests and said information received from concerned District Secretaries has been handed over to AGM Estt Mumbai.

·        For any additional information JTOs concerned may contact to Com. Prayag Pisal JS Pune SNEA MH, Mob 9422324566 Email

·        Timely action on part of all will clear all hurdles in completion of Phase II training in time bound manner in respect of all 308 JTOs working in different SSAs/Units and hence all DS, COBs activist and concerned JTOs are requested to look into it and send information without any further delay.


 3 NOV  18:  DGM SEA BSNL CO issued modification in change of Circle under Rule 9 as per request of the concerned JAOs. Letter <<<>>>


 3 NOV 18:  AGM Pers BSNL CO issued ERP relieving of SDEs under transfer to All India Hard Tenure Stations. Order I <<<>>>  Order II <<<>>>


 2 NOV  18:  AGM Staff Mumbai issued posting order of SDE joining Maharashtra Circle after completion All India hard tenure in J&K Circle by posting at Choice SSA. Letter <<<>>>


 2 NOV 18:  AGM Staff Mumbai issued orders for relieving of DE under transfer to Kerala Circle as per the request of concerned officer. Letter <<<>>>


 2 NOV 18:  After prolong wait of six months, Com. M. M. Kshirsagar, TDM Sindhudurg opted for VRS w.e.f 01/11/2018. Letter <<<>>>

·        This is first case of VRS due to non-consideration of request transfer even after completion of two years Tenure at Tenure stations.

·        Com. M. M. Kshirsagar has completed tenure long back and has repeatedly requested for transfer to Pune but it was not considered by CGMT MH even though GM HR Admn Mumbai has agreed to do so.

·        Further, the working condition in Sindhudurg SSA is downgrading due to heavy workload, public pressure, and arbitrary decision by Circle management in withdrawal of EOIs and Security Guards from Sindhudurg SSA.

·        As there are no chances in reduction of work pressure as TDM under LA arrangement and as newly posted GM has not joined Sindhudurg SSA, the request after completion of tenure and after repeated request is not considered by CGMT MH, finally, Com. M. M. Kshirsagar has opted for VRS which was not considered last time and now this fresh request for VRS is given consideration.

·        If Circle Management would not have taken such extreme stand of not considering request transfers from tenure stations, Com. M. M. Kshirsagar, would not have opted for VRS.

·        Till many of the officers are held up at tenure stations and though data is ready with Shri. Aman Jaiswal GM HR Admn Mumbai since last two months, Shri. Peeyush Khare, CGMT MH is not ready for considering request transfers.

·        There is much unrest among the Tenure completed officers and all are eagerly waiting for transfers.

·        SNEA MH has pursued it to certain extent and it was expected that orders will be issued by end of Sept 2018, but at last moment, CGMT MH has taken decision in his style and has kept on hold all tenure transfers till March 2018.

·        SNEA MH will again pursue for consideration of all the request of the officers who have completed tenure at Tenure stations which as per the guidelines of transfer policy.

·        Let us hope that CGMT MH will not create compulsions on other officers for opting VRS and the request of all such tenure-completed officers are considered without further delay.  


2 NOV 18: AGM Staff Mumbai issued orders for relieving of officer under transfer to All India Hard Tenure Station. Letter <<<>>>


 2 NOV 18: AGM Staff Mumbai issued orders granting immunity as Office Bearers wherein retention approved up to 19/06/2018. Letter <<<>>>


 2 NOV 18:  CAO FC Mumbai issued reallocation of duties among DGMs in Finance wing available in Mumbai for relieving of one of DGM under transfer to TG Circle. Letter <<<>>>


 2 NOV 18:  AGM EB Gold Pune issued orders for Revised MKS-New {Maha Krushi Sanchar-New} CUG Plan. Letter <<<>>>

·        This is most popular CUG Plan and is having highest customer in any of CUG plan. With this revised offer and unlimited Freebies including that of blackout days, 1.5 to 2 GB data per day, more and more customers will be added to BSNL network under this CUG plan.

·        This CUG plan is available for Department of Agriculture and Farmers under Prepaid as well as Postpaid Category.

·        With addition of new BTS in different SSAs, 4G services in some of SSAs, we have opportunity to add more customers in BSNL network under this plan.

·        As such, we all should take sincere efforts to add more and more customer under such CUG plans by BSNL, which are the cheapest among all the Operators. 


 2 NOV  18:  In very polite and respectful manner, DGM CSC Mumbai writes letter to AO Claims in Maharashtra Circle calling for certain information as asked by Vigilance section. Letter <<<>>>

First time in History of Account wing, one DGM has written Respected Sir/Madam to AO Claims and this is the respect of field officers, which underlines their importance in overall functioning of BSNL.


2 NOV 18:  AGM S&M CM Mumbai issued orders for black out day on 07/11/2018 and 08/11/2018. Letter <<<>>>


2 NOV 18:  BSNL CO issued Circle Specific Broadband plans for Maharashtra Circle. Letter <<<>>>


 2 NOV 18:  AGM Staff Mumbai issued relieving orders for SDEs under transfer to Gujarat Circle. Letter <<<>>>


 1 NOV 18:  AGM Pers BSNL CO conveyed approval for acceptance of the refusal in AGM Regular promotion with retrospective effect. Letter <<<>>>


 1 NOV 18:  AGM Staff Mumbai issued orders for change of SSA from Goa to Gadchiroli SSA on the request of the Officer. Letter <<<>>>

Com K.K. Gaidhani, DT SNEA Yavatmal was under transfer to Goa SSA and was granted immunity and on completion of immunity period he has requested for change of SSA from Goa to Yavatmal and accordingly his order has been issued for Gadchiroli SSA.


 1 NOV  18:  AGM Staff Mumbai issued relieving orders for three SDEs from Maharashtra Circle who have opted for All India hard tenure stations under NTP Circle as substitutes to SDEs who have requested for Maharashtra Circle after completive tenure. Letter <<<>>>


 1 NOV  18:  AGM Staff Mumbai issued relieving orders for three SDEs from Maharashtra Circle who have opted for All India hard tenure stations under J&K  Circle as substitutes to SDEs who have requested for Maharashtra Circle after completive tenure. Letter <<<>>>


1 NOV  18:  AGM Staff Mumbai issued orders for change posting from Pune Mobile to Pune Nodal as special case after completion of All India Hard tenure in NTP Circle. Letter <<<>>>


1 NOV  18:  AGM Estt Mumbai writes reminder to specific SSA Heads for missing APRs of SDEs in Seniority list No. 8 under OC category and last date for submission of APRs is 07/11/2018. Letter <<<>>>


31 Oct 18:  Report on Grand and electrifying “Open Session” of Circle Executives Committee Meeting of SNEA MH Circle at Jalgaon: {Report by Com. S. A. Sarode, ACS MH Circle}: Open session at CEC Jalgaon was witnessed by the house full of comrades from different corners of Maharashtra, comrades of SNEA Jalgaon and adjoining Districts. Com. Bharat Sonawane, CP SNEA MH Circle presided the session. The following prominent leaders of SNEA were present on the dais and addressed the Open Session.

1.     Com. A. A. Khan, President SNEA CHQ,

2.     Com. K. Sebastin, GS SNEA CHQ,

3.     Shri. Sanjay Kesharwani, GMT Jalgaon,

4.     Com. P. C. Ramteke, VP SNEA MH,

5.     Com. M. S. Adasul, CS SNEA MH,

6.     Com. P. N. Patil, CT SNEA MH,

7.     Com. M. N. Kotambe, ACSW SNEA MH,

8.     Com. Sachin Sarode, ACSE SNEA MH.

·        Shri Aman Jaiswal, GM HR Admn Mumbai attended the open session through video conference. 

·        The Office bearers of all other unions and associations at Jalgaon namely Com. Nilesh Kale, DS BSNLEU Jalgaon, Com. B.P. Saindane DS NFTE BSNL Jalgaon, Com. S.S. Kedare, DS SEWA BSNL Jalgaon, and Com. Pradeep Sonawane, DS SEWA BSNL Jalgaon attended the open session along with other prominent leaders of their Union/Association.

·        Com. Nilesh Kale, DS BSNLEU Jalgaon, Com. B.P. Saindane DS NFTE BSNL Jalgaon, Com. S.S. Kedare, DS SEWA BSNL Jalgaon and Com. Pradeep Sonawane, DS SNATTA Jalgaon gave warm welcome at Jalgaon to Com. M. S. Adasul, CS SNEA MH and Com. Bharat Sonawane CP SNEA MH by offering beautiful bouquets. 

·        The Open Session started with deep prajwalan by all the dignitaries present on the and off the dais. The Jalgaon comrades gave warm welcome to all the dignitaries, delegates with beautiful and inspiring swagat geet.

·        All the dignitaries, delegates were given warm welcome by comrades of SNEA Jalgaon with beautiful roses.

·        At the end of open session, Com. M. K. Giri, Advisor & EX DS SNEA Chandrapur, who is under transfer to Bihar Circle was felicitated and honored by the hands of CS SNEA MH for services he has rendered for SNEA comrades. 

·        Com. M. N. Kotambe, ACS SNEA MH while taking up the issues of growth of BSNL shown his deep concerns on non-availability of resources, wasteful expenditures made in the name of various AMCs. He added that SNEA MH is playing a vital role in Maharashtra circle and has always worked in the best interests of the BSNL. He expressed his thoughts on the vindictive actions on Com. Anil Dubey and assured full support of association to him. While expecting cooperation and right actions from Circle administration, he thanked Shri. Sanjay Kesharwani GMT Jalgaon for full cooperation to SNEA Jalgaon on various issues and successful conduction of CEC at his SSA.

·        Com. Sachin Sarode, ACS SNEA MH while commenting on the present imbalance in the Telecom industry, updated the house that this situation will no longer persist and there are too many opportunities that are still available with BSNL. He added, the current situation may disappear in couple of years and survival of the fittest is going to happen. Therefore, BSNL needs to remain in shape and everyone has to take all out efforts to sustain in the market. By the time now, majority of PH VIII.4 sites are radiated and penetration of 3G services of BSNL is at its peak. He appreciated Circle office Mobile team and team of BSNL Bhandara lead by Shri Arvind Patil GMT Bhandara for launching BSNL 4G services throughout Bhandara SSA, which has become the very first SSA of BSNL to launch 4G services. Being Government owned company, he stressed that both DoT and Government must take speedy efforts to provide 4G spectrum to BSNL so that it can cope up with the market dynamics. He added, BSNL was always been denied with its legitimate rights and as a result of which 2G/3G services of BSNL were launched too late. Now it is expected that with global launch of 5G services, BSNL is expected to launch them in India and may become the very first operator in India to launch 5G services. This has happened due to visionary leadership of CMD BSNL and BSNL has tied up with global giants like NTT Japan, Cisco , Softbank, Nokia for 5G services. Launch my enable high-speed internet services with performance up to 20Gbps and very advanced services like Internet of Things. Adding that marketing is always a need of time, he appreciated various SSAs for their efforts and stressed to materialize the zero capex model of TIP based FTTH services.

·        Shri Aman Jaiswal, GM HR Admn Mumbai while addressing through video conference, thanked SNEA MH and CS SNEA MH in particular, to giving him opportunity to address the house. He regretted for not being available physically in the gathering due to some important assignments at Circle Office Mumbai. While appreciating various initiatives taken by CGMT MH he added that management, unions, associations, and their members will work with synergy and misunderstanding among us may be overcome. He put up the example of State Bank of India which is one of the public sector banks but still number one bank in India with it’s ‘At-par’ performance. He added BSNL should be the toughest Telecom PSU like SBI and may remain number one.

·        Com. M. S. Adasul, CS SNEA MH commenting on the current situation of Telecom Industry added that there is more that six lakh crores liability on entire Telecom industry. But the liability of BSNL is negligible as compared to private players. He added that even Reliance Jio feels that BSNL is a big threat to it. With best compliments to GM HR Admn Mumbai for addressing the house from Mumbai, he added that association always works with true spirit and in favor of BSNL. When expenditure curtailment is being observed everywhere, MH circle should immediately stop unwanted AMCs. SNEA has always raised on such wasteful expenditures and management should take in right perspectives and not as oppose to the management. While updating house about vindictive actions may be taken by Circle administration, he informed that CGMT MH & GM HR Admn Mumbai has assured to take lenient view on the transfer and charge sheet issued to Com Anil Dubey and SNEA MH is quiet hopeful for withdrawal of vindictive actions against Com Anil Dubey. But if it is not responded by management positively, SNEA will definitely respond it strongly and SNEA is committed to fight this till vindictive actions are totally withdrawn. He conveyed thanks to all the comrades who have extended total support to Com. Anil Dubey DS SNEA Mumbai and SNEA MH and appealed to be united with such strongest unity. Putting the example of M/s Hungama, he added that its BSNL’s blonder mistake to continue the VAS services of M/s Hungama, which is only destructive for BSNL. While stressing that BSNL is going through its toughest phase, he appealed all the comrades to be united and give their best to BSNL. He was optimistic that if BSNL sustain the today’s market pressure even by retaining the existing customer base, then BSNL and its workforce has best future in days to come. He also stressed that issue of 3rd PRC needs to be resolved on the priority and informed that SNEA CHQ is on job and very shortly results will be seen on different pending issues at BSNL CO including third PRC. While conveying thanks to all the guests and dignitaries on and off the dais, he appreciated the efforts taken by team SNEA Jalgaon in making such grand arrangements for the CEC Meetings. He appreciated efforts of GMT Jalgaon in motivating the workforce and achieving different targets with positive energy. He stressed that one has to listen other with more patience and with such approach, customer will definitely respond with pleasure and happiness. In conclusion, he also remembered sweet memories of SNEA Jalgaon in building strong unity among executives of BSNL and assured house to do his best in the interest of BSNL as well as its executives from platform of SNEA MH.

·        Shri. Sanjay Kesharwani, GM Jalgaon in his speech, appreciated the best efforts taken by his team of SNEA Jalgaon for overall arrangements of CEC. He added Pay Revision is a right of BSNL employees and linking of affordability or profit clauses should not be applicable to BSNL as the PSU is extending all telecom services to the citizens of India with a social sense. Its mistake of Government to stick with affordability clauses and no one can earn profit with social obligations. In his very impressive and motivating speech he added that its basic requirement of Government to run BSNL for various social aspects and extend services to the remotest parts of the country. It has been observed that BSNL is the only operator who has increased its market share even after the launch of Reliance Jio. Keeping market share growing in near future is the only key to sustain in the market and situation will be different after two three years as no one can offer free services for longer.

·        Com. A. A. Khan, President SNEA CHQ, in his address full of Sher-o-Shayari motivated the comrades of BSNL. He added “Agar hum na hote to aaj BSNL nahi hota!”. BSNL is always there for extending services to the nation. Telecom tariffs in the country are lowest in entire world. Private operators are struggling for existence, many left the field and ended their shows, but BSNL is still running with lowest liability and even with 100% stake of GoI. Still disinvestment is not required in BSNL and we will definitely make a comeback. Revival is not so far and only consistent efforts are required. Commenting on 3rd PRC, he added that pay and perks are the rights of employees and they must get it. Updating on the activities of association, he added that we differ from any other association. We not only go with problems but with their probable solutions. He added that BSNL is expecting early allocation of 4G spectrum. Comparing with Jio, he stated that BSNL has better technical expertise and with this, we can give tougher fight to Jio. Keeping positive hopes, he ended his speech with Dil na-ummid to nahinNakam hi to hai…. Are lambi hai gum ki sham …. Are sham hi to hai  Jaldihi kale baadal chhatenge aur sunahare din aayenge

·        Com. K. Sebastin, GS SNEA CHQ commenting on the abilities of the MH circle congratulated for earning net profit for last two consecutive financial years. He added that its need of time to focus on the growth of BSNL which is not an impossible task. MH Circle has enormous potential and it is a fact that even in the presence of RJio we are growing. He added that in last financial year there is a huge increase in the liability of RJio, which is more that 18000 Crores and compared to it, its more than total liability of BSNL. Highly skilled manpower of BSNL is the only key and matching tariff in this stiff competition has enabled BSNL to grow market share. He also added that by the end of December we are expecting the allocation of 4Gspectrum. He appreciated entire MH Circle as it is earning approximately 10% of total revenue of BSNL.

·        All the guest and CHQ leaders were honored with special mementos by SNEA MH

·        In conclusion, of the electrifying and highly motivational Open Session of CEC, Com. Amit Kulkarni, CWC Member SNEA MH summarized the proceedings of the meeting and extended vote of Thanks and grand Open Session concluded at about 2000 Hrs.

·        PHOTOS <<<>>>

·        The detailed report of Delegate Session by GS on day one, left out DS report, Passing Resolutions on different issued discussed in CEC meeting, Nomination of Auditors, Election of CWC Members etc along with the left out DS reports on Day-2 will be shared shortly.


31 Oct 18: Photos of Dharana on 30/10/2018.  <<<>>>


31 Oct 18: SNEA MH Circle congratulates Com. Shrikant Shriram Pandaw, SDE Beed SSA Com. V. G. Lokhande, SDE Kalyan SSA & Com. Shivdhani R. Chauhan, JTO Kalyan SSA on their peaceful Superannuation retirement after completion of long & highly successful services in DoT/BSNL.

·        Com. Shrikant Shriram Pandaw, SDE Group Patoda, Beed SSA {9422326920}, has started his carrier in DoT Technician in year 1981 at Kopargaon. Later, he has served at Patoda on his promotion as JTO in 2000. He has handled Group very successfully in difficult times and given his best of services. He was promoted as SDE in 2018. Com. Pandaw is die-hard member of SNEA. He has rendered 37 years of successful and devoted services to DoT and BSNL and retiring on superannuation.

·        Com. V.G. Lokhande, SDE Ulhasnagar Kalyan SSA, {9423984930} has joined in DOT as a Technician in 1984 at Murbad Kalyan, as a TTA at Katemanivli Kalyan.  On his promotion as JTO in 2001, worked in Kalyan SSA as a JTO at Dombivli, Nalaospara, Ulhasnagar and SDE at Ulhasnagar.  He served DOT & BSNL with devotion and dedication. He has well settled family with two sons. Com. Lokhande is well known for expertise in Battery power-plant.  He is a die-hard member of SNEA and has always taken active part in all activities on the platform of SNEA. 

·        Com. Shivdhani R. Chauhan, JTO Dahanu, Kalyan SSA {9423992912} has joined in DOT in 1981 as a Technician at WTR Mumbai.  He worked as a TTA at WTR and in Dec 2001, he was promoted to JTO and posted to Nanded SSA. In year 2014, he was transferred to Kalyan SSA and since then he has served at Tarapur, Vangaon Groups.  He is on duty till last day of his retirement and is working as JTO Gr Dahanu with full devotion and dedication. His one son is doctor and other is businessman and daughter is Engineer. He is a die-hard member of SNEA and has always taken active part in all activities on the platform of SNEA.

·        On this important day of the life of both the stalwart Comrades of SNEA retiring in this month, SNEA MH salutes sincerity, dedication and affection by Com. Shrikant Shriram Pandaw, Com. V.G. Lokhande, & Com. Shivdhani R. Chauhan, towards BSNL & SNEA and on behalf of thousands of comrades of SNEA Maharashtra Circle we wish them “Very Happy, Healthy, Wealthy & Highly Successful Long Retired life”.


29 Oct 18: Update from CHQ: Dharna at all levels 30.10.2018 by All Unions & Associations in BSNL (AUAB) demanding implementation of the assurances given by the Hon MoSC in the meeting held with the AUAB on 24.02.2018. Make it a great success.

Charter of Demands:

a)      3rd Pay Revision to BSNL employees.

b)     Implementation of Government Rules in payment of Pension contribution by BSNL.

c)      Allotment of 4G spectrum to BSNL as per the proposal submitted by the BSNL Management.

d)     Pension revision for the BSNL pensioners.

e)      Settlement of left out issues of the 2nd PRC.


29 Oct 18:  Shri. B.P.Tambat AGM Staff Mumbai  is nominated & designated as Circle level SGO (Staff Grievances Officer) to deal with grievances of staff and his contact details including residence number has been made public meaning that anyone having grievances may call him at any time depending depth of grievances. Letter <<<>>>


29 Oct 18: AGM Staff Mumbai  writes SSA Heads for nomination of SSA level SGOs (Staff Grievances Officers) to deal with grievances of staff. Letter <<<>>>


29 Oct 18:  AGM Staff Mumbai writes PGMT Pune for nomination of Four SDEs , Six JEs for RTCC Pune and two JTOs for QA Pune. Letter <<<>>>

·        As per guidelines on this subject, the nominations for posting to RTCC Pune are called through Circle and willing and eligible officers are given posting after interview, as job at Training center requires strong teaching skills.

·        But here is casual approach the nominations are called from PGMT Pune and he is turn is now authority to post the officers to RTCC Pune.

·        It was quite possible that PGM Pune would have taken care of posting of officers, but same is not followed, as skilled officers are required at RTCC Pune.

·        SDEs, JTOs, JEs working in Pune SSA and willing for posting as above may submit their willingness to office of PGMT Pune who will recommend names to GM HR Admn Mumbai.

·        The SDEs, JTOs & JEs may submit their willingness to office PGMT Pune even though chances of consideration of such names are less, but nomination by PGMT Pune for executives out of Pune may be given consideration. 


29 Oct 18:  DGM TA Mumbai issued orders for not granting any leave except medical leave during entire month of November 2018 to the officers who are in link outstanding recovery. Letter <<<>>>

·        At this stage, when BSNL is facing such critical financial conditions, such strict instructions during festival season when many of the officer shave booked ticket for Diwali has caused unrest among the concerned officers.

·        Many have expressed feeling that such orders are being issued deliberately by knowing that many have applied for leave during Diwali.

·        It is fact that we all should be thankful to management that we are allowed to go home in night hours and we are not retained in office for completion of works and such restrictions on part of management should be accepted for survival of BSNL even though practically it may not yield desired results.

·        In similar pattern of office working, we should not be surprised to see that in coming days restrictions on such efficient officer will be put even not going to home in night hours on name of achieving targets.

·        Let us hope these days will also change with our such dedicated efforts expected in this letter.


29 Oct 18:  DGM Admn Mumbai issued orders for observation of Rashtriy  Ekata Diwas(National Unity Day) to commemorate the birth Anniversary of Sardar Ballab Bhai Patel. Letter <<<>>>


29 Oct 18:  CAO FC Mumbai issued reminder calling  for VCs of Eight CAOs LA for next spell of CAO LA Arrangements or extension of present arrangement as it is. Letter <<<>>>

The VC is called only for eight officers and name of Com Aytulawar is written twice at Sr 4 & Sr no 6 may be by mistake.


29 Oct 18:  CAO FC Mumbai issued orders for four week field training of 99 JTOs on completion of JAO induction training at three different training Centers. Letter <<<>>>

·        The efforts are being made to give  posting to choice or nearby SSA for all JAOs and till any of the JAO has grivences on posting he may represent case through proper channel so that same can be given consideration while actual posting as JAO on completion of this field training.

·        For any such changes required, the concerned JAOs may contact JAO/CAO FC Mumbai or Com. Hrushikesh Kesale JS AF SNEA MH on Mob 9422882888 or by email

·        SNEA MH will take up all such request and pursue for getting choice posting to the extent possible.


29 Oct 18:  DGM Pers Admn BSNL CO issued modification to Rajbhasha AdhikariRecruitment Rule and as per this notification now Rajhbhashi Adhikari will be designated as SDE (OL)  Letter <<<>>>


26 Oct 18: Developments on vindictive actions on Com. Anil Dubey DS SNEA Mumbai: After vindictive actions by Circle management, with Com. Anil Dubey, DS SNEA Mumbai by withdrawing his immunity by giving false and transferring him to Bhandara, fabricated reason, issuing him memorandum on baseless allegations   is moving with more adamantly and building more pressure on association leaders to surrender even though there is no mistake on their part.

·        The vindictive actions have been started half an hour after BSNL Day Celebrations on 01/10/2018, by exaggerating facts and fabricating different allegations against SNEA by calling three continuous explanations from Com Anil Dubey, DS SNEA Mumbai, not giving him extension of time requested by him to submit explanation.

·        When explanation submitted, he was pressurized by Shri. Aman Jaiswal GM HR Admn Mumbai not to leave office without his permission as he has planned to relieve him in same day even after office hours as Shri. Peeyush Khare, CGMT MH does not want to see him in Circle Office Mumbai, as it is his wish.

·        Then without waiting for his reply from Com. Anil Dubey, DS SNEA Mumbai charge sheet has been issued to him and as on today, SNEA is on top radar of Shri. Peeyush Khare, CGMT MH and from his actions it seems he has made up mind to finish SNEA.

·        Though Circle Management has adopted different legal, illegal, official, and unofficial ideas to create pressure on SNEA leaders for total surrender and no one has surrenders to the exception by Shri. Peeyush Khare, CGMT MH.

·        However, SNEA MH has tried its level best and made all out efforts during last 15 days to calm down the anger of Shri. Peeyush Khare CGMT MH by showing much more patience.

·        But unfortunately, the depth of the anger of Shri. Peeyush Khare is so much that such peaceful attempts on part of SNEA are not reaching to the wisdom of Shri. Peeyush Khare CGMT MH and further vindictive actions are being continued and further pressure in being built for total surrender.

·        We will update the details on this issue in step-by-step manner and in chronological order.

·        On 11/10/2018, in the morning hours Com. Anil Dubey DS SNEA Mumbai was called telephonically by Com. Mrs. Rakhi Bhat AGM Tech % CGMT MH Circle. She has informed him that CGMT MH has called her just now and discussed with her about his transfer. She added that CGMT MH has asked her opinion about transfer of Com Anil Dubey and she has shared that Anil is very good officer and his transfer to Bhandara is not good in her opinion. Then CGMH MH informed her that he also wants to review it and directed her to talk to Com. Anil Dubey and hence she has called him. She further asked Com. Anil Dubey that if he is willing and want to discuss with CGMT MH and get order changed then he has to come and meet to CGMT MH before 1200 hrs, as he has to leave for Bhopal by plane at 1400 hrs. 

·        Com. Anil Dubey, DS SNEA Mumbai was on the way to office and he informed that it is not possible for him to come immediately to cabin of CGMT MH but assured that he will come immediately on reaching office. Unfortunately, the vehicle of Com. Anil Dubey, DS SNEA Mumbai was break down and he was delayed then Com. M. S. Hanchate, OSD to CGMT MH has called and confirmed from Com. Anil Dubey where is he coming or not.

·        On knowing break down of vehicle, Com M.S. Hanchate directed him to come early as CGMT MH want to leave for Bhopal and before that, he wants to discuss with you. Com. Mrs. Rakhi Bhat and Com. M. S. Hanchate were happy to see this positive development and were continuously calling Com. Anil Dubey to come early and finally after availing help of friend for repairing of vehicle, Com Anil Dubey has reached office at about 1200 hrs. He has directly gone to “War Room” cum office of Com. Mrs. Rakhi Bhat and Com. M. S. Hanchate, who in turn have some preliminary discussions about discussions which CGMT MH want to have with him. This name “War Room” is given to this office by CGMT MH himself and it is extended Secretariat of CGMT MH.

·        Then Com. Anil Dubey has reached cabin of CGMT MH with permission to enter and this time gesture of CGMT MH was good and allowed him to seat. Then CGMT MH advised him अरे भाई अनिल, तुम अच्छे घर के लडके हो, तुम टेक्निकली भी अच्च्छे हो, कहॉ इन युनियनवालोंके चक्कर मे पड गयेयह सब तुम्हारे लिये अच्छा नही है|Com Anil has replied that  सर मै युनियन का काम जादा करता ही नहि हूँ।  मेरा पूरा समय ऑफिस के काम मे लगा रहता है, मुझे समय ही नही मिलता युनियन काम के लिये। मै और हमारे सीएस एक ही फ्लोअर पर बैठते है और युनियनके जो भी काम आते है ओ तो डायरेक्ट्ली सीएस के पास ही जाते है। एखाद दुसरा मेरे पास आये तो मै उसे भी सीएस के पास ही भेज देता हूँ।

·        Then CGMT asked him about his signature on letter of AUAB and Com. Anil Dubey DS SNEA Mumbai replied that he has signed this letter as it was local issue and many comrades have expressed concern on expenses in difficult period of BSNL and mixing of BSNL day function with TWWO and as DS, he has signed. He further added that this might be only work done by him as DS SNEA Mumbai in months together as there are no any other problems in Mumbai being Circle Office branch and if any comes, it is being taken care by CS.

·        Then CGMT MH consoled him for some more time and advised him to get departed from all association activities and keep himself involved only in office works. CGMT MH added that Mr. Hrushikesh Walawalkar DS AIBSNLEA Mumbai who is one of the signatories of letter has already surrendered by giving written apology for signing letter written to GM HR Admn Mumbai and he has submitted resignation from the post of DS AIBSNLEA Mumbai. CGMT MH further added that as Com. Walawalkar has surrendered totally, his transfer order proposed for Gadchiroli is not issued with condition that he will no more be involved in any union /association activities and will keep himself away from all association activities.

·        CGMT MH advised Com Anil Dubey to follow similar lines of Com Walawalkar and directed him to resign from the post of DS SNEA Mumbai and totally depart from association activities. Com Anil Dubey responded that resignation is not possible for him as he is already transferred by withdrawing facilities of DS and to whom he has to submit the resignation and it is possible till cancellation of his transfer order. Com. Anil Dubey DS SNEA Mumbai added that after cancellation of transfer order, he would hold the holding District Conference of SNEA Mumbai scheduled on 24/10/2018 wherein he will hand over charge to new DS SNEA Mumbai.

·        Com Anil Dubey further added that if his transfer for Bhandara is cancelled and restored for Kalyan, he will have no issue and he will join Kalyan SSA s he was never interested for immunity on transfer. Com Anil Dubey also added that he has some marriage function of close relative by end of November 2018 and he will be going on leave in November and after joining back, he will happily join Kalyan SSA by  15th December 2018. With these steps, he will be going away from Association activities and will not be involved as leader of SNEA as desired.

·        Then CGMT MH advised him even not be member of SNEA and focus on works as technical person. CGMT MH also directed him not to attend the proposed meeting of SNEA at Jalgaon.

·        Com Anil Dubey assured CGMT MH that such immediate detachment is not possible but he will follow instructions of CGMT MH. He added that he is strongly associated with SNEA as he is leading as DS for long time and it will take some time to get totally departed from Association activities as directed to him. He needs time of 2-3 months and he will follow all instructions of CGMT MH but in step-by-step manner. Com. Anil Dubey assured that he would totally depart from association activities by end of Dec 2018 after joining at Kalyan SSA and till time he will have some involvement in association as Leader.

·        CGMT MH also has given consent to him with condition that he should go on leave for next 10-15 days by switching Off Mobile, switching off What’s Apps, keeping away from social media and keep himself away from everything.

·        Com Anil Dubey, informed that he is already relieved even from ERP and he cannot apply leave then CGMT MH informed that no problem, you continue to be on leave and assured that all his issues including leave will be settled after 10-15 days. 

·        When discussions between Com Anil Dubey and Shri. Peeyush Khare CGMT MH was going on, Com. Kokate AO Salary Mumbai has entered in chamber of CGMT MH for some office work and by pointing out at Com. Kokate, CGMT MH said that कल परसो  ये भी आये थे, गिडगिडा रहे थे, मैंने इनका भी नही सुनाCom Kokate has not expressed anything views and left cabin after completing office work. 

·        After about ten minutes discussions with Com Anil Dubey, CGMT MH called Com. Mrs. Rakhi Bhat and Com. M. S. Hanchate in his cabin and informed, them that he has discussed with Anil the issues and he has decided to cancel his transfer to Bhanadra. While directing to Mrs Rakhee Bhat, CGMT asked why you are having issues with women employees are you having issues with Mrs. Rakhee and why you are writing against TWWO. Com Anil Dubey replied that he does not have any issues with anybody and he has no issue with Rakhee Madam, which was also conveyed by Mrs Rakhee Bhat.

·        CGMT MH further directed Com. Mrs. Rakhee Bhat and Com. M. S. Hanchate to keep keen watch on Com Anil Dubey and see that he is not involved in any association activities and mainly his mobile is switched off. He directed both of them to personally monitor that Com Anil Dubey is not involved in association activities, not active in what’s app/social media and not available on mobile. After these directions from CGMT MH, both of them left the cabin of CGMT MH.

·        Thereafter, CGMT MH has further advised Com Anil Dubey in similar lines and while leaving cabin for home/Air Port, CGMT MH informed Com Anil Dubey तुम तो मेरे अपने हो, और तुम्हारी भलाई के लिये सोंच रहा हूँ। चिंता मत करो, मैने जैसे  बताया, वैसा करो, सब कुछ ठीक हो जायेगा।

·        Finally, CGMT MH further directed Com Anil Dubey to meet Shri. Aman Jaiswal GM HR Admn Mumbai and be in touch with him for further developments as per discussions.    

·        After these discussions and conclusion by CGMT with firm and positive assurances, Com Anil Dubey went to “War Room” i.e. office of Com. Mrs. Rakhee Bhat and Com. M. S. Hanchate and was sharing with both discussions held with CGMT MH.

·        Within five minutes, CGMT MH called Com. M. S. Hanchate, on his mobile and directed him to take written apology from Com. Anil Dubey in tune with Com. Hrushikesh Walawalkar.

·        Then Com. M. S. Hanchate typed the letter on his computer and it was checked by Mrs. Rakhee Bhat. Both of them have assured Com Dubey that this will be internal matter and this letter will not go anywhere and advised him that he should sign it for getting his transfer order cancelled and mainly to get settled the present unrest going on in Circle office Mumbai.

·        By thinking that with this letter, entire episode will be settled and everything will come to normal in Circle office Mumbai, without going to much depth of words in letter Com Anil Dubey has signed this letter drafted by Com. M S Hanchate, OSD to CGMT MH.   

·        Thereafter, by following directions of CGMT MH to meet Shri. Aman Jaiswal GM HR Admn Mumbai,  Com Anil Dubey met GM HR Admn Mumbai and both have one to one discussions on the happening in Circle office Mumbai since notice for celebrations of BSNL day and letter given to him by AUAB Mumbai and issues  thereof creating unrest among BSNL workforce and management.

·        GM HR Admn Mumbai has informed that past is past and now think for future and focus on works by keeping away from association activities. Com Anil Dubey responded that he is not much involved in association activities as he rarely attends any meeting along with CS with GM HR Admn that also he will not do henceforth and requested to settle the ongoing unrest in Circle Office Mumbai.

·         GM HR Admn informed that it is good that today mood of CGMT MH was good and hence he has taken this good decision to settle the issue, otherwise CGMT was very firm to transfer you to Bhandara.

·        GM HR Admn added that not only transfer of Com Dubey, but CGMT MH has plan to issue some more such transfers and as GM HR Admn he is happy with today’s development as he personally do not want to get involved in such works destroying peace of office atmosphere.

·        GM HR Admn Mumbai further informed Com Anil Dubey that he has received directions from CGMT MH to settle his issues and now he is confident that all the issues will be settled. Then both have discussions on so-called hot discussions held in chamber of GM HR Admn Mumbai on 29/09/2018 on arrangements of BSNL day celebrations. While Com. Anil Dubey DS SNEA Mumbai informed that his voice was somewhat higher on that day, GM HR Admn Mumbai also shared that his voice was also somewhat higher as he was in hurry for finishing meeting and attending ongoing Video Conference arranged by CGMT MH. With elaborate discussions on these issues, both have confirmed that there was louder voice on part of both and in future care will be taken on both side in any discussions.

·        Thereafter both have discussions on different ongoing issues wherein GM HR Admn has directed Com Anil Dubey DS SNEA Mumbai to follow directions of CGMT MH and assured that he will take care of all issues and his attempt is to close all chapters whatever happened as now the mood of CGMT MH is OK.

·        After elaborate discussions for more than one hour and firm & positive assurances from Shri. Aman Jaiswal, GM HR Admn Mumbai , Com Anil Dubey DS SNEA Mumbai  has left the cabin of GM HR Admn Mumbai with hopes that now everything will be set right.

·        During discussions with Com. M. S. Adasul, CS SNEA MH also, same was repeated by Shri. Aman Jaiswal, GM HR Admn Mumbai and has shown very positive approach for closing this episode related to celebrations of BSNL Day as past is past. He has firmly assured that as CGMT MH has given some positive directions and he is confident that issues will be settled totally without any further conflict.

·        Since then i.e. from 11/10/2018, by following instructions of CGMT MH to Switch Off mobile and Whats app/social media, Com Anil Dubey, DS SNEA Mumbai is on unofficial leave, he has kept his mobile switched off, he is not available on What’s app and he is not in touch with public or members of SNEA and is making sincere efforts so that the present unrest in Circle Office Mumbai is settled and working atmosphere is restored back with harmony.

·        Com Anil Dubey, DS SNEA Mumbai is with hopes that CGMT MH will take review the entire episode and present unrest is settled and peaceful atmosphere is created in Circle Office Mumbai.

·        However, even after, 15 days have been passed from firm assurances, words are not kept either by Shri. Peeyush Khare CGMT MH and we cannot expect it from Shri. Aman Jaiswal GM HR Admn Mumbai as he does not have any such powers even though he may be willing to do so.

·        Unfortunately, against such firm assurances, steps are being taken to create more issues & unrest among executives by adopting more pressure tactics by Circle Management and deliberate attempts are being made to create industrial unrest. 

·        The details on further development on this issue will be updated.


26 Oct 18:  AGM Pers II BSNL CO issued transfer order of SDEs, wherein three SDEs are transferred and posted to All India Soft Tenure station in J & K Circle as per their requests. Letter <<<>>>


26 Oct 18:  AGM Staff Mumbai issued orders for deputation of Com. A. U. Khan JTO Gadchiroli to Nagpur SSA with immediate effect on medical grounds of his mother and his deputation is for limited period up to 31/03/2018. Letter <<<>>>


26 Oct 18:  AGM Staff Mumbai issued transfer of Shri. H. N. Jaiswal, SDE Kalyan SSA to Sangli SSA as per recommendations of GMT Kalyan. Letter <<<>>>



26 Oct 18:  BSNL CO Promotional offer of 1GB free Data with New version of My BSNL app under GSM mobile Letter <<<>>>


26 Oct 18:  Press Release BSNL Diwali Offer up to 9% Extra talk time   <<<>>>


26 Oct 18:  AGM Pers BSNL CO writes Circle/Unit Heads for discrepancies observed in AIEL of JTOs and Screening Committee report  and calls for corrective action thereof with warning that any delay may cause summonsing of concerned officer to BSNL Corporate Office. Letter <<<>>>


24 Oct 18:  CS SNEA Maharashtra writes Shri. Peeyush Khare CGMT MH Circle for review of the actions against Com Anil Dubey, DS SNEA Mumbai and all other DS of AUAB Mumbai and restore unrest created among BSNL workforce due to such unjustified & vindictive actions. Letter <<<>>>

·        Letter conveys strong protest against strong protest about unethical way used by management in suppressing the voice of DS SNEA.

·        Letter elaborates how Com Anil Dubey was first compelled to opt for grant of immunity against his willingness and how he is being now charged for claiming wrong immunity.

·        The letter conveys that reasons for not holding District Conference of SNEA Mumbai as given by Com. Anil Dubey, DS SNEA Mumbai are correct.  Letter  <<<>>> Reply <<<>>>

·        It is also conveyed that as on today, there is much unrest among the executives and non-executives in BSNL throughout Maharashtra and many of the comrades are pressing hard for immediate protest action against this actions.

·        This is an attempt to resolve the matter with calm & peaceful mind and give relief to all executives and non executives and also to the certain officers of HR unit who are busy in collecting data for taking action against these leaders and we believe that timely action will definitely resolve the issue.

·        If management does not respond positively and go ahead with such biased and baseless vindictive actions, we also will be compelled to go ahead with the agitational programme as will be decided.


24 Oct 18:  DGM FB Mumbai issued orders for reallocation of duties of IFA Osmanabad as per request of Com. S.B. Jetgi IFA Osmanabad to relinquish charge of IFA Osmanabad and now Com. S.F. Gaikwad will be IFA Osmanabad. Letter <<<>>>


24 Oct 18:  AGM Staff Mumbai calls for nomination of one of JTO from Pune from PGMT Pune for posting to TERM Cell Pune. Letter <<<>>>

·        This special willingness is called to post substitute to the longest stayed JTO from TERM Cell Pune who is under transfer since 17/04/2018 i.e. last six months and not yet relieved by TERM Cell Pune.

·        JTOs from Pune SSA willing to work in TERM Cell Pune may submit their willingness to office of PGMT Pune without any delay.


24 Oct 18:  DGM NWO CM Mumbai writes SSA Heads /unit heads on supply of Call Detail Records (CDR) of Mobile to different authorized agencies/persons by logging in to authorized portal by following procedures and guidelines on the subject. Order <<<>>>


24 Oct 18: Shri. Vivek Banzal, PGM Gujarat Circle is appointed as Director CFA BSNL Board and has taken over charge w.e.f. 18/10/2018. Order <<<>>>

·        Shri. Vivek Banzal, PGM Gujarat Circle is known to be very good officer who has given excellent results for BSNL in different his capacities during his long services in DoT/BSNL.

·        His final appointment is subject to outcome of court case in CAT Jabalpur.

·        This appointment will for next five years or till his date of retirement whichever is earlier.

·        About 50% of BSNL Board is empty as many of the Directors have retired and no substitute is posted and the all present directors including CMD BSNL are due for superannuation retirement by Jun 2019.  

·        With appointment of Shri. Vivek Banzal, one of the important post in BSNL Board of Directors i.e.  Director CFA is filled in and let us hope that his appointment will revive CFA unit of BSNL by overcoming present crises in CFA section throughout India, which is  core business of BSNL.


24 Oct 18: By giving list of missing APRs of the officers of finance wing with their names DGM SEA BSNL CO writes Circle Heads/IFAs for timely completion of APRs. Letter <<<>>>

·        About every month, DGM SEA BSNL CO issues such reminder, but unfortunately no action seems to be taken against such missing APRs and everybody is taking it lightly.

·        As such, repeated reminders every month on same subject and same names has no meaning, these missing APRs will not be available  till responsibility is fixed with erring officers either in submission of APRs or in writing of APRs.

·        Let us hope in next step such concrete action is taken against erring officers instead of issuing repeated reminders. 


24 Oct 18: Jt GM Arch BSNL CO, published Seniority list of SDE Arch & AE Arch working in BSNL as on 01/08/2018 calling for corrections if any in one months period. Letter <<<>>>


23 Oct 18: Message from Shri. Anupam Shrivastav, CMD BSNL on Vigilance awareness week. Letter <<<>>>


23 Oct 18: Shri. Anupam Shrivastav, CMD BSNL writes DO letter to all Circle /Unit Heads on progress and achievement of the Targets assigned under “Project Ojas.” Letter <<<>>>

·        Though this special Project was launched from Maharashtra Circle, over the period other seven circles have taken lead in achievements of targets and Maharashtra Circle stand at eighth position with achievement of 60.27 % of assigned targets of Sep 18.

·        Maharashtra Circle continues to lead its top position in installation of Renewable Energy Systems in RESCO model and other parameters.

·        CMD BSNL points out that achievement of Sept 2018 are merely 34.62 % and urges for corrective actions to achieve targets of Energy Saving under Project Ojas.


22 Oct 18: Grand and well attended Circle Executive Committee Meeting of SNEA MH Circle at Jalgaon: {Report by Com. S. A. Sarode, ACS MH Circle}: As per notice issued by Com. M. S. Adasul, Circle Secretary, SNEA MH Circle, two days CEC Meeting was organized on Saturday, 13th and Sunday,14th October, 2018 at Hotel Kamal Paradise, Bhusawal Road Jalgaon. The Lion-hearted comrades of SNEA Jalgaon gave warm welcome of all dignitaries, DS, COBs, CWC Members, CEC Members and observers from different corners of Maharashtra Circle. The entire proceedings of the CEC Meeting were presided over by Com. Bharat Sonawane, Circle President, SNEA MH Circle. Com. A. A. Khan, President SNEACHQ and Com. K. Sebastin, General Secretary, SNEA CHQ specially attended and addressed the CEC Meeting in Open Session as well as in Delegate session held on 13/10/2018.

·        The District Secretaries of SNEA MH throughout different corners of Maharashtra Circle, all the Circle Office Bearers of SNEA MH, CWC Members of SNEA MH, CEC Members from Different Districts, Some of District Presidents, DOBs and observers have attended this CEC Meeting which was nicely arranged by the lion hearted comrades of SNEA Jalgaon in Hotel Kamal Paradise with Top Class executive arrangements.

·        On first day, 13/10/2018, at 1000 Hrs the deliberations of the meeting started with flag hosting by hands of Com. Bharat Sonawane, CP SNEA MH in benign presence of Com. A. A. Khan, President SNEA CHQ & Com. K. Sebastin, General Secretary, SNEA CHQ, on 13th October 2018, at 1000 Hrs with the slogans of unity, Inqulab, SNEA and BSNL Zindabad.  

·        The proceedings of the meeting started with dais formation after assembling of all comrades in the meeting hall. After Deep Prajwalan, all dignitaries were felicitated by the host branch with beautiful roses.

·        Com. L. U. Chaudhary, DS SNEA Jalgaon welcomed all the leaders and delegates who came from all the parts of Maharashtra Circle. He elaborated the golden history of Jalgaon and narrated the importance of Jalgaon city on different fronts. He updated house about the arrangements and proceedings of the meeting. He conveyed that his team is trying to give its best till suggestions are welcome from all for better arrangements of stay and hall.

·        Com. Bharat Sonawane, CP SNEA MH in his opening remarks appealed to have thorough discussions on various growth and viability issues of BSNL and HR issues of the comrades of MH Circle. He also appealed house for peaceful and fruitful discussions in the CEC Jalgaon. Accordingly, agenda for the meeting was passed by the august gathering with thundering claps.

·        It was unanimously appealed by all the delegates to have a special agenda point with sufficient time to have discussions on vindictive and absolutely unwanted action on Com. Anil Dubey, DS SNEA Circle Office Mumbai and accordingly it was added as special agenda point. Agenda of the Meeting <<<>>>>

·        Com. M. S. Adasul, CS SNEA MH presented detailed CS report and he kept nothing untouched covering all development as well as HR points. At the start of his report, he memorized the events of Jalgaon SSA while holding the Circle Conference of SNEA MH in Year 2009. He specially paid homage to Com. W. Sheshagiri Rao, the great Hero of SNEA and veteran leader and memorized his presence throughout the proceedings of Circle Conference of SNEA MH in 2009 including overnight elections held therein. He also reminded house about the last presence of Com. W. Sheshagiri Rao Sahab in Circle Conference at Pune. In his report, he thanked the comrades of MH circle for extending full support on all the organizational matters and back up while handling the issues. He also thanked CHQ leadership for timely cooperation in settling the CHQ level issues of MH comrades. In his detail report of more than two and half hour, he has updated house on all the current HR as well as development issues. The report submitted by Com. M. S. Adasul, CS SNEA MH was unanimously approved by the house with thundering claps. CS Report <<<>>>

·        After lunch, as per the agenda DS reporting started and District Secretaries of all the districts of MH Circle submitted their reports one by one giving details of activities going on in their SSAs.

·        All district secretaries mainly concentrating on the development issues, shown great concerns for the growth of BSNL. They had thoughtful discussions on spread of new services launched by BSNL like ASEEM, WINGS, FMT, FTTH, and GPON services. They also demanded for early action by Government on 4G spectrum allotment and 3rd PRC for the employees of BSNL. Along with this many other issues regarding promotion matters, CPSUCH, E2-E3 standard pay scale,  No External MT recruitment and 100% internal MT recruitment, Benevolent Fund, GTI etc.

·        On HR matters all strongly opposed the forceful relieving of DE L/A promoted comrades to other SSAs by CGMT MH Circle. All unanimously opposed the charge sheets given to those comrades who refused to accept and join such L/A promotions. They also opposed the unwanted expenditures made by CGMT MH on issuing caveats to all promoted comrades and administrative overheads thereof.

·        On organizational matters , all district secretaries have conveyed resolution from their SSA for single candidature of Com. M S Adasul as from MH Circle for the post of General Secretary of SNEA in the forthcoming AIC of SNEA at Ludhiana , Punjab.

·        The DS reports were paused for Open Session scheduled at 1730 Hrs.

·        A detailed report of this Open session, Delegate Session on day one. left out DS report, Passing Resolutions on different issued discussed in CEC meeting, Nomination of Auditors, Election of  CWC Members etc along with the left out DS reports on Day-2 will be shared shortly.

·        PHOTOS DAY –I <<<>>>


20 Oct 18:  Highly successful, Jam Packed Hall, District Conference of SNEA Pune: {Report by Com. Prayag Pisal, Joint Secretary, Pune SNEA MH}: As per notification issued by Com. Bharat Sonawane, District Secretary SNEA Pune, the 6th District Conference of Sanchar Nigam Executive’s Association, Pune District was held on 7th October 2018 at TRC Club, MHS Compound, Pune 411001 in a grand manner and with overwhelmingly response by the members of SNEA Pune.

·        For first time in the history for SNEA Pune, more than 350 comrades attended the District Conference Pune and the TRC Club Conference Hall was jam packed. Majority of comrades from different wings namely Telecom, Mobile, BBNW, WTP,WTR , NCNGN, Inspection Circle etc have attended the Conference and due to such mammoth response some of comrades have attended the sessions in standing position as all the chairs including extra arranged chairs were occupied.

·        It was a grand and historic day for SNEA Pune. The TRC Club hall at MHS Bhavan premises was overcrowded since morning hours of 7th October 2018 and it was electrifying atmosphere throughout the day as the attendance was at its peak of the end of the Open session. This District Conference was extended by the day as proceedings continued after 1200 hrs in night and it went all the way through the whole night and continued till early morning of the next day i.e. up to 0500 hrs of 8th October 2018 and finally new District Body of SNEA Pune was given oath of alliance.

·        The District Conference proceedings were presided over by Com. Dr. Satish Aalandkar, Vice President SNEA Pune and was attended and addressed by the following prominent dignitaries by their auspicious presence.

1.     Com. Bharat Sonawane, Circle President, SNEA MH,

2.     Com. M. S. Adasul, Circle Secretary, SNEA MH,

3.     Com. M. N. KotambeAsst. Circle Secretary, SNEA MH,

4.     Com. Prayag PisalJoint Secretary Pune, SNEA MH,

5.     Com. M. I. Jakati, DS BSNLEU, Pune.

SNEA Pune was graceful to have with the presence of the following leaders.

1.     Com. Tejas Tadsare, CWC Member, SNEA MH,

2.     Com. Ankit Gangar, Joint Secretary Circle Office, SNEA MH,

3.     Com. Abhay Kesarkar, Joint Secretary NRU, SNEA MH,

4.     Com. M B. Sangle, DS, SNEA Nashik &State Secretary AIPCOC MH

5.     Com. Anil Dubey, DS SNEA Mumbai

6.     Com. A. R. Paspule, DS SNEA ITPC Pune,

7.     Com. S.D. Murgi, DS, SNEA Kolhapur

8.     Com. N.M. Kapadnis, DS SNEA Kalyan

9.     Com V.V. Pimparkar, DS SNEA Ahmednagar,

10.             Com Santosh Bhalerao, BS SNEA ACE Pune,

11.             Com. S.V.Bhad, Ex CP SNEA MH,

12.             Com Vivekanad Hiremath, DS SNATTA, Pune

·        District Conference started by giving homage to departed soul with two minutes silence.

·        All dignitaries were given warm welcome by offering flower and Handkerchiefs by SNEA Pune comrades. New and excellent way of welcome of guest was adopted by SNEA Pune comrades for saving association expenditure and instead of Shawl, Shriphal and bouquets offered in routine manner, all the guest were given warm welcome with  nicely scented “Chapha” flower & pair of handkerchiefs and sapling.

·        Very nice Rangoli and flower decoration done by Com. P. S.  Kinikar and his excellent team.

·        Com. Dr Satish Alandkar, President SNEA Pune in his opening address gave warm welcome to the leaders of SNEA MH and gave requested to have peaceful deliberations in the house. He has elaborated certain issues about the holding of District Conference and delay thereof.

·        Com. Bharat Sonawane, DS SNEA Pune presented his report of activities carried out during his period as District Secretary. He informed that he has completed second tenure as DS Pune and the appreciated the unconditional support by comrades of SNEA Pune. He added that being a very big SSA there are much more issues as compare to other SSA’s. He informed the house that though more no. of transfer posting are taking place at Pune SSA, still almost all transfer cases are settled as per the request and requirement  of the members. He touched to almost all points about the activities of SNEA Pune. He gave thanks to all comrades for supporting him during his tenure. He added that Pune members having much concern about long pending issues at CHQ like first Time bound should be in four years, issue of basic 22820 for DR JTO’s, CPSU Hierarchy, SAB etc. His report was placed before house for approval and it was suggested by some of comrades to put it for approval in afternoon session.  Then Com. N. A.  Sahastrbudhe, Auditor presented treasurer report as the post of Treasurer is vacant.  After submission of the Treasurer report it was put for approval of the house and here also it was suggested to put for approval after lunch sessions and it was agreed by dais. 

·        Accordingly the house took break of few minutes for arrangements of Open Session after submission of DS and DT Reports.

·        The Open Session of District Conference started with Deep Prajwalan and offering flowers to Photo of Late Com. Sheshagiri Rao, Veteran leader of SNEA.

·        Atmosphere of conference graced by melodious prayer “Tu Buddhi de Tu Tej de” by Com Mrs. Pragati Gramopadhe and Com Mrs. Aarti Joshi and team

·        Com. Bharat Sonawane, DS SNEA Pune presented his key note address elaborating the challenges before BSNL and how BSNL Pune can lead Maharashtra in brings it from negative trend to positive by meeting the potential in market. He shared difficulties faced by the executives and staff and stressed for result ion of these issues. 

·        Com. Prayag PisalJoint Secretary Pune SNEA MH in his electrifying address gave small example of unity in associations. Due to unity of all unions and association all BSNL absorbed can get 100% pension form Govt. of India. Similarly we should have to come under one Umbrella for resolving HR issues. Only SNEA is having good vision and capacity to resolve most of the HR issues of DR’s. He also gave progress going on to resolve SAB issue of DR’s. CHQ has taken initiative for GTI. SNEA Maharashtra Circle taking follow-up to form Benevolent Fund for the welfare of executives. He assured to have best possible efforts on platform of SNEA MH for betterment of the executives in Pune and Maharashtra Circle and concluded his peach with thanks.

·        Com. M. I. Jakati, DS BSNLEU, Pune in his address appreciated the work culture of SNEA Pune and expressed that SNEA is following much more procedures of trade union practices than the others. He was impressed by the attendance of comrades for general body on holiday, which was never seen before in any of the Conference. He told only Com Adsul of SNEA having power to make things right by fight with wrong doings as Com Adsul having 8D vision. He informed that he always got support from SNEA on every activity of Joint Forum. He also stressed for improvement of work culture and conveyed all the officers in the house that he and his union will not come between any case related to works of development and growth of BSNL and officers should get work done from all. He stressed for improvement of work culture at all level. He concluded speech with thanks to organizers for giving him time to have interaction with officers who are involved in day to day functioning of BSNL.

·        Com. M.N. Kotambe, Asst. Circle Secretary, SNEA MH, in his address saluted all Pune Comrades for their attendance on holiday especially ladies comrades. He has brief description on all activities going on at Circle office in coordination of Com Ankit Gangar and Com Abhay Kesarkar. He cleared the picture of adamant Circle Management and his action against our brave DS Mumbai, Com Anil Dubey and assured that all SNEA Maharashtra is strongly with Com Dubey for his fight against injustice. He conveyed thanks for Pune comrades for attending this conference in mass and making it grand success.

·        Com. M. S. Adasul, Circle Secretary SNEA MH Circle, in his address guided house on different HR/Development issues and its status thereof. He expressed highest pleasure over the presence of SNEA Members in the District Conference. While sharing his past experience about attendance in District Conference of SNEA Pune he has attended in last ten years, he remarked today's Conference as greatest mainly due to full attendance and enthusiasm thereof. He conveyed it as receipt of the devoted work by Com. Bharat Sonawane as DS SNEA Pune over his two successive terms as DS SNEA Pune. By remembering memories of Com. W. Sheshgiri Rao Sahab, the Great Hero of SNEA and his love of affection towards MH and Pune comrades, he underlined his absence in today's scenario and how we SNEA comrades miss him. By elaborating resolution of formation of BSNL officers Co-Operative Credit Society in CC Pune, appealed to comrades for the membership of this Society which has started online activities under devoted work of Com. Anil Yadav Secretary and his team. He elaborated house about different HR issues being pursued by SNEA at Circle level and how the pending HR issues are pursued by SNEA CHQ at Delhi. He updated house about issues of Civil Electrical wing being pursued by SNEA MH. He also appealed the house to have more interaction with the staff and fellow officers for resolution of day to day issues. He stressed for need of more unity to face present tough competition in Telecom sector. He elaborated the poor condition of entire telecom sector and position of BSNL in present scenario. He stressed that BSNL will have to face this critical condition for some more time and the unfair practices followed in Telecom sector due to free offers will be stopped and there are chances of fare competition and we all will have to make efforts to maintain the position of BSNL till this period. He appreciated efforts of BSNL comrades and appealed to have more focused approach to meet the growth and development of BSNL and try to add more and more customers to BSNL so that BSNL maintains the present subscriber base. He assured full support to SNEA Pune from SNEA MH which is led by Com. Bharat Sonawane as very active leader and most popular leader of SNEA. In conclusion he expressed happiness on the increasing enthusiasm of highest presence of members of SNEA Pune and conveyed thanks for organization for giving him opportunity to address such mammoth gathering. 

·        Com. Dr Satish Alandkar, President SNEA Pune in his presidential address summarized the deliberations in the Open Session and appealed the house for more sincere efforts for growth of BSNL.  

·        After the Presidential address the house adjourned for Lunch and again started after half an hour.

·        After a lunch break the attendance of house was much more than morning session. Many members were standing in the hall. Then as decided in the morning session the DS & DT report were put before house one by one for approval by House.

·        On DS report, some of the comrades have raised some missing issues from DS report, doubts, information about holding delayed conference, persuasion of individual cases and its need of inclusion in DS report and all these queries and doubts were replied by DS SNEA Pune. After elaborate discussions, the DS report was unanimously approved by house with loud claps.

·        Thereafter DT Report was put up before house for approval and members have raised some queries and suggested corrections in the reports. Com. Bharat Sonawane DS replied the queries and doubts. He also adopted the corrections in the report as suggested by some of comrades. Thus the DT report was also unanimously approved with suggested corrections and with loud claps.

·        Thereafter house passed following resolutions unanimously as per the suggestions from members and discussions thereof.

1.     CHQ, Circle and District funds to be distributed at the source by management and necessary changes to be done in the ERP.

2.     It was resoled that Com M. S. Adasul should be nominated for post GS SNEA from Maharashtra in next AIC elections to be held at Ludhiana.

3.     GTI for the executive should be for Rs. One Crore and necessary steps to be taken by SNEA CHQ and Corporate office for the welfare of mostly BSNL recruited staff.

4.     Strongly follow up for 30% SAB and Standard Pay Scale.

5.     Follow up for resolving long pending issues of first TBP in 4 years, Consideration of MTNL stay etc.

6.     Special funds and staff allotment to Pune in the form of Add on project. As Smart City and Metro work is going on all over the city. To restore the network and future expansion funds and planning team to be increased for Pune SSA.

7.     All comrades of SNEA Pune are with Com. Anil Dubey, DS SNEA Mumbai, and Mumbai against cancellation of immunity and transfer to Bhandara.

·        Thereafter the earlier District Body was dissolved by Com. Dr Satish Alandkar President of the outgoing District body and election process started. Com. H. N. Bhosale was unanimously nominated as Election officer and Com Rakesh Tiwari was unanimously nominated as Asst Election Officer for election process. Both these Election officers have played very important role in the whole process and Election process started at about 1630 hrs with declaration of the post for elections, calling nominations, finalization of ballot papers,  voting and counting of votes and entire election process completed at 0450 hrs in the morning of 08/10/2018. Shri.  S. Paul, AGM Admn Pune was also present as Administration side observer and Com. M.N. Kotambe ACS SNEA MH was Observer from SNEA Maharashtra Circle for this election process.

·         Members of SNEA Pune have witnessed a never before election process and response from the comrades was very positive as total 319 members castes their votes for total 17 declared post including posts of CEC Members. The members of SNEA Pune casted their votes standing in a queue for more than 2-3 hours. These participation efforts by members of SNEA Pune, who were present for conference from all nooks and corners of Pune SSA, are highly appreciated; especially the efforts by lady comrades are greatly appreciated. The voting procedure went all the way up to 2230 Hrs, after which the counting procedure started.

·         The following new District Body of SNEA Pune is elected for the period of two years i.e. 2018-2020.

1.     Com. V. R. Choudhary            : District President

2.     Com. S. D. Alandkar                : Vice President - I

3.     Com. Smt. Jotikumari Jha        : Vice President - II

4.     Com. D. R. Bhogade                : District Secretary

5.     Com. A. H. Kadam                   : Assistant District Secretary-I

6.     Com. S. P. Phirke                      : Assistant District Secretary-II

7.     Com. S. G. Kadam                    : District Treasurer

8.     Com. D. B. Chavan                   : Organizational Secretary - I

9.  Com. B. N. Bhor                        : Organizational Secretary - II

10. Com. J. P. Nagwade                : Organizational Secretary - III

11. Com. S. A. Bhagat                   : Organizational Secretary - IV

12. Com. M. W. Kulkarni              : CEC Member - I

13. Com. D. B. Baravkar               : CEC Member - II

14. Com. P. S. Kinikar                   : CEC Member - III

15. Com. A. N. Sahastrabuddhe  : CEC Member - IV

16. Com. S. C. Kunchage              : CEC Member - V

17. Com. Deepak Thakur             : Auditor

·        On behalf of SNEA MH, Com Prayag Pisal, JS Pune SNEA MH congratulated all the newly elected District Office Bearers of SNEA, Pune and assured total support.

·        Com. Bharat Sonawane, CP SNEA MH gave oath of alliance to newly elected District Office Bearers of SNEA Pune and also conveyed thanks to both Election Officers i.e. Com. H. N. Bhosale & Com Rakesh Tiwari, Observer from Administration Shri.  S. Paul, AGM Admn Pune and Com. M. N. Kotambe, ACS SNEA MH for successfully competing election process in shortest possible time.

·        Hats off to all the comrades from SNEA Pune who has actively participated in the District Conference throughout the day & night thereby making this District Conference in historic and highly successful.

·        The entire proceedings of District Conference were nicely anchored by Com. P.S. Kinikar.

·        The proceedings of the District Conference started at 0800 hrs from registering of comrades on 07/10/2018 concluded at 0510 hrs on 08/2018 with National Anthem and slogans of Unity, SNEA Zindabad and BSNL Zindabad.

·         PHOTOs by Com. Girish Sonar <<<>>> 


20 Oct 18: CAO FC Mumbai issued orders for Time Bound Upgradation of 29 Account wing executives from E3 to E4 grade. Letter <<<>>>


20 Oct 18: AGM Staff Mumbai issued orders for four week field training of JEs undergoing Induction training in CTCC Nashik. Letter <<<>>>


20 Oct 18: AGM BW HR BSNL CO issued directions to PCE, CEC and GM L&B for rotation of officer working on sensitive post in Civil wing after completion of three years and report thereof. Letter <<<>>>


20 Oct 18: AGM Pers II HR BSNL CO issued transfer orders of SDEs who have completed their All India Tenure in J&K Circle wherein one SDE is posted to J&K Circle to MH Circle and one substitute from Maharashtra Circle is posted to J&K Circle. Letter <<<>>>


20 Oct 18: Message from Shri. Deepak Kashyap CVO BSNL on Vigilance awareness week. Letter <<<>>>



District Conference Photos

SNEA Sangli <<<>>>     SNEA ITPC Pune <<<>>>

SNEA Akola <<<>>>       SNEA Wardha <<<>>>

SNEA Gadchiroli <<<>>>       SNEA Chandrapur <<<>>>

SNEA Nagpur <<<>>>      SNEA Kalyan <<<>>>




17 Oct 18: As per the public demand and as the Dasara/Vijayadashi Festival is on 18/10/2018 , at last moment the Telegraph Holiday for “Dasara/Vijayadashi” already declared on 19/10/2018 is  now changed to 18/10/2018 and this change is only applicable for Maharashtra Circle. BSNL CO Order <<<>>>   MH Circle Order <<<>>>


17 Oct 18: AGM SR BSNL CO endorsed clarification on Recognition of Executive Association Rules thereby clarifying existence of structure of the District Body headed by below DGM level officers and organizational structure of association at Circle office. Letter <<<>>>


17 Oct 18: AGM VA BSNL CO issued orders for observance of Awareness Week 2018 by conducting outreach activities. Letter <<<>>>


17 Oct 18: AGM Staff Mumbai issued transfer order of Com. R. S. Bhusekar DE Sindhudurg to Aurangabad SSA as per his request on genuine medical grounds. Letter <<<>>>


17 Oct 18: AGM Staff Mumbai issued transfer order of Com. B. J. Satpute, DE Sindhudurg for three years All India Soft Tenure at Sindhudurg SSA as per his request. Letter <<<>>>

There are some other genuine medical ground request and hopefully same will be considered in days to come.


17 Oct 18: AGM Staff Mumbai issued posting orders of AGMs/DEs on their completion of All India Soft tenure wherein all are posted as per the choice submitted by them. Letter <<<>>>


15 Oct 18: GM Vig Mumbai writes SSA Heads for observation of Vigilance Awareness Week from 29/10/2018 to 03/10/2018.  Letter <<<>>>


15 Oct 18: AGM Admn IV, BSNL CO issued clarification on dependency of parents of BSNL employees under BSNLMRS and now the dependent parents who are retired from PSUs will not be considered as dependents under BSNLMRS. Letter <<<>>>


15 Oct 18: AGM Admn IV, BSNL CO issued clarification on reimbursement of Expenditure incurred on daycare procedures thereby status quo on present guidelines. Letter <<<>>>


15 Oct 18: AGM Welfare & Sports, BSNL CO conveyed approval for payment of Rupees One Lakh only to awardees of Bharat Sanchar Seva Padak for Year 2016 & 2017. Letter <<<>>>


15 Oct 18: DGM CA-III, BSNL CO issued accounting instructions for Wings services. Letter <<<>>>


15 Oct 18: GM HQ NCNGN new Delhi issued for wings activation procedures and accounting instructions for CSC on boarding using CRM. Letter <<<>>>


15 Oct 18: AGM VA BSNL CO writes to all Vigilance Heads of Circle/Units about Government of India resolution of Public Interest Disclosure & Protection of Informers (PIDPI). Letter <<<>>>  Encls <<<>>> 


15 Oct 18: DGM SEA BSNL CO issued Temporary orders of JAOs in which one of JAO from Mumbai MH Circle is posted to ITPC Pune as per her request.  Letter <<<>>>


15 Oct 18: DGM I Pers BSNL CO issued transfer orders of DGMs in which one DGM is transferred from Gujarat Circle to MH Circle.  Letter <<<>>>


15 Oct 18: GM Fin CM BSNL CO writes Circle /Unit Heads for review & Verification of AMCs (Annual Maintenance Contracts). Letter <<<>>>   Details <<<>>>

·        This letter is issued as per discussions held in recent HOOC meeting held at Delhi. 

·        As on today Rs. 1800 Crores being paid by BSNL on different AMCs under CM verticals throughout India and Maharashtra Circle pays about Rs. 5.18 Crores every year.

·        Let us hope this review will reduce the present expenses on AMC and it will be attempt to justify the new AMCs for O&M of towers as proposed by BSNL Corporate office. 


15 Oct 18: CMD BSNL writes for timely implementation of total target 42360 Wi-Fi Hotspots during year 2018-19.  Letter <<<>>>


15 Oct 18:  BSNL to offer Non-WiFi FTTH ONT “free of cost” to the new broadband customers in all Circles.  Letter <<<>>>


15 Oct 18: AGM Estt Mumbai writes SSA/BA/NRU Heads for review of calculations of vacancies under CGA for year 2017-18.  Letter <<<>>>


15 Oct 18: AGM Staff Mumbai issued orders for Four week field Training from 15/10/2018 to of newly recruited JTOs who have completed JTO induction training.  Letter <<<>>>


15 Oct 18: AGM S & M Mumbai endorsed BSNL CO letter on “Active Festival Season” campaign by BSNL employees.  Letter <<<>>>


12 Oct 18: SNEA MH Meeting with Shri. Aman Jaiswal GM HR Admn Mumbai:  On evening hours of 11/10/2018 at 1810 hrs  Com. M. S. Adasul CS SNEA MH and Com. Anil Yadav, OS SNEA Mumbai have meeting with Shri. Aman Jaiswal,  GM HR Admn Mumbai wherein  Shri. B. A. Patil, DGM HR Mumbai was also present during discussions.

·        We have formal discussions on the ongoing conflict between management and AUAB Mumbai and vindictive actions thereof. We have requested GM HR Admn Mumbai that the issue of the action against DS of AUAB Mumbai is stretched much and it has now created unrest among the Executives as well as non-Executives and everybody expects its early settlement. 

·        We have conveyed about unrest among workforce of BSNL due to vindictive actions against leaders of AUAB Mumbai and till we are ready for discussions as we feel that there is misunderstanding on both the side and present conflict can be settled with discussions. We also reminded that till now many issues have been settled with such discussions and this conflict would have been settled in similar manner.  

·        GM HR Admn Mumbai informed me that he feels that  this issue  is being unnecessarily stretched as to depth discussions  are not being held on this matter and till much confusion is going on either side. 

·        GM HR Admn informed that his doors are always open for all and he has always given maximum time for discussions with SNEA. He added that this time discussions could not take place in time and the present situation is created which he never expected. He added that intention of management was clear and it is with Unions and Associations, but due to communication gap, it could not be stopped at right time.

·        He added that CS SNEA who is meeting him frequently could have elaborated facts in time and the issues could have been sorted out with mutual discussions as happened in past. 

·        With very positive and firm gesture, GM HR Admn Mumbai has informed that past is past and now think of present and future. He informed that he want to  close the ongoing issue once for all  so that all Executives and Non Executives focus on growth of BSNL. He added that we have to face much more challenge together for survival of BSNL and we have to stop this issue without going further by either side. Then we have elaborate discussions on the iss