Last updated on   11 APR 19


11 APR 19:  EE EP BSNL Mumbai issued transfer orders of Six JTO Electrical and out of these transfer orders,  five JTOs  are transferred at own cost request transfers or transfers within local area with cots of transfer and one in transfer is issued at the  Company cost. Letter <<<>>>

·        All these are request transfers at Own cost and even the request transfers from and to tenure stations are issued at Own Cost.

·        Though BSNL Corporate office has issued guidelines for not issuing even single transfers from Non Tenure stations at Company cost and keep on hold any such company cost order issued and not implemented, till one JTO is transferred from Panvel in Raigad SSA to Sangli SSA at Company cost.

·        Recently the Head quarter of Electrical wing of Raigad SSA was shifted from Panvel to Pen and officers working at Panvel were asked to give own cost request for transfer from Panvel to Pen. All other officers except Com. Mrs N.M. Bokil has given such own cost request.

·        As it is firmly decided by, management to close the Electrical wing unit at Panvel and as Com. Mrs N.M. Bokil has not given own cost request for Pen, only she is transferred at Company cost from Panvel to Sangli SSA.

·        Earlier the officers working at Electrical wing at Panvel were not eligible for tenure facilities and after transfer of its HQ from Panvel to Pen all the officers posted at Electrical, wing pen will be eligible for facilities of tenure stations.

·        There are some other request transfers of JTOs in Electrical wing and same are not given consideration as consideration of such request may cause other transfers at company cost.

·        SNEA MH conveys thanks to Shri. Rajiv Soni CEE Mumbai, Shri. P.B. Deore EE EP  Mumbai and Mrs. Archana Kamble SDE EP Mumbai  for  giving consideration of request transfers in intelligent manner by saving money of BSNL on transfers and also appeals them to consider other pending requests in similar intelligent manner and give justice and relief to the executives in Electrical wing who are waiting for consideration of their requests.

·        Com. Abhay Kesarkar, ADS SNEA Mumbai has taken efforts in pursuing the requests of Electrical wing comrades and SNEA MH appreciates his efforts.

·        After, Telecom & Electrical wing now the request of Finance and Civil wing needs consideration in similar pattern and SNEA MH will purse for same.   


 11 APR 19:  AGM Staff Mumbai issued orders assigning charge of TDM Sindhudurg to Com. A.S. Hon DE Sindhudurg. Letter <<<>>>

·        Sindhudurg SSA is politically sensitive District and the demand of BSNL services in this District is highest among all SSAs in Maharashtra Circle.

·        As per the working lines and need of BSNL services in Sindhudurg SSA, this SSA head needs to be headed by minimum GM level officer, but here even DGM level officer is not posted since last 3-4 years.

·        Many times local public has gheroed , locked staff and officers in offices on name of delay provision , restoration of services or poor for poor services and it has been always threat for officers and staff working in Sindhudurg SSA.

·        Earlier Sindhudurg SSA was Business Area with Ratnagiri SSA, which also has GM level SSA Head post, but now both Sindhudurg as well as Ratnagiri SSAs are headed by DE level officer.

·        As such, though it is most developing and high revenue earning SSA, there is always reluctance on part of the GM level officers and nobody want to work as SSA Head Sindhudurg SSA or even Ratnagiri SSA.

·        It can be seen that Business Area Kalyan covering Kalyan and Raigad SSAs have three PGM/GM level officers as Heads viz. Shri. M.K. Mishra is PGM for BA Head Kalyan, Shri. B.P. Rawat, PGM is SSA Head Raigad and Shri. Hari Om Solanki GM is SSA Head Kalyan.

·        Over the years, the Raigad SSA was headed by DGM/DE level officers and all of sudden; it is headed by PGM level officer as SSA Head and another PGM level officer as BA Head.

·        Same is case with Sangli Business Area covering Sangli SSA and  Satara SSA which are headed by GM level officers wherein  Shri. Ranjan Kumar GM is posted as SSA/BA Head Satara and Shri. Rajesh Kumar GM is posted as SSA/BA Head Sangli and both SSA pare part of single Business Area.

·        When there was only one BA/SSA Head the head quarter of this BA Sangli was at Sangli and after posting of Shri. Rajesh Kumar as BA Head Sangli, in overnight period the Head Quarters of BA Sangli was shifted to Satara as per the requirement of concerned BA head.

·        When Shri. Ranjan Kumar GM was posted as separate SSA Head for Sangli SSA, and then there was issue of reporting one GM level officer as SSA Head to another GM level officer as BA Head and seniority thereof.

·        The issue of seniority has been resolved with recent clarification issued by BSNL CO and all such GM level SSA Heads are allowed to work as independent SSA Heads and there is no need of again reporting to BA Head. Thus in an indirect attempt the concept of BA is withdrawn at least for these SSAs where GM level officer is willing to work as SSA Head. 

·        In similar manner, earlier Mobile unit of Circle office Mumbai was headed by GM level officer with one DGM, now there is no further additional expansion activity, but three DGMs are posted to Mobile section Mumbai and post of GM is upgraded as PGM level officer.

·        Same is case with Mobile units at Nagpur and Pune and many of the PGM/GM level senior officers are accommodated at both these locations for many years as per their requirement even though there is no need of many such senior officers in these units.

·        In Marketing Section of Circle office Mumbai, only one GM and DGM were posted but now, there are two GMs posted and both the posts of DGMs are vacant for long time. 

·        When there are excess GM /PGM level officers posted in Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur, Kalyan, Raigad, Satara, Sangli BAs/SSAs, the BAs/SSAs like Aurangabad, Sindhudurg, Ratnagiri, Buldhana, Akola, Yavatmal , Bhandara are neglected over the period as these are not suitable locations for concerned GM/PGM officers and nobody is willing for working as SSA/BA Head in this SSAs.

·        The works of BA Head Aurangabad covering three SSAs viz. Aurangabad, Jalna and Buldhana SSA is managed under look after arrangements by Shri. Nitin Mahajan GMT Nashik since transfer of then PGM Aurangabad Shri. Arvind Vadnerkar as PGMT Pune before one year.

·        The works of GM level SSA Heads of Sindhudurg, Ratnagiri, Buldhana, Akola, Yavatmal and Bhandara are entrusted to DE level officers who are promoted as DE Regular before six months and these SSAs are indirectly neglected by giving responsibilities of SSA Head to the officers not having experience even that of working as separate Unit heads and keeping the senior level experienced hands of respective management level underutilised.

·        Let us hope, the Circle management and BSNL Corporate office takes serious note of this imbalance in posting of SSA/BA Heads in Maharashtra Circle and early review is taken for posting officers of suitable level at the vacant post of BA/SSA Heads in Maharashtra Circle.

·        If it is not possible to post suitable SSA Heads even in days to come, it is better to merge the SSAs with BAs and all planning and administrative activities are centralised at BA locations.

·        Hopefully, in any such exercise by BSNL management at Circle Office or at BSNL Corporate office, the priority will be given to the requirement of SSAs with sincere efforts to give justice to these posts by posting respective level officer and not just to completing the formality by sticking name of SSA Head to any officers available at site as being done now.  


11 APR 19:  EE Elect BSNL Mumbai issued orders Looking After arrangements for SDE Elect in respect of two JTOs where it is as it is basis. Letter <<<>>>


11 APR 19:  DGM NWO CM QoS BSNL Corporate office writes CGM ITPC Pune for modification and development work in CNMC portal for monitoring of radio network. Letter <<<>>>


11 APR 19:  AGM S&M CFA Mumbai issued orders for extension of Revenue Sharing basis agreement for FTTH provision with M/S I Crop Pays Private limited Pune, earlier operated in Pune and Nagpur SSAs on Trial basis for period three months. Letter <<<>>>

Now this agreement is extended for period of next ten Years and vendor can now provide FTTH connection in entire Maharashtra Circle for period of next Ten years or thereafter as this agreement can be renewed after ten years.


11 APR 19:  Director CFA BSNL Board writes DO letter all Circle Heads for continuation of initiatives under different heads carried during  year 2018-19 for growth of CFA Segment in  Year 2019-20 also. Letter <<<>>>


11 APR 19:  CEE Mumbai writes to all SSA Heads in Maharashtra Circle for revenue versus Expenditure analysis for all telecom installations. Letter <<<>>>


11 APR 19:  CGM EW BSNL Corporate office writes PCE/CE Elect for review of the project Ojas and gives directions for achieving Targets during year 2019-20. Letter <<<>>>


10 APR 19:  DGM Pers Admn BSNL Corporate Office writes to all Circle Heads reminding about rationalization of expenditure on transfers strictly follow the guidelines on issuing company cost orders. Letter <<<>>>

·        In prompt actions, AGM Staff Mumbai also endorses the said letter within no time so that SSAs also follow the same instructions in true spirit.  Endrs Letter <<<>>>

·        This letter reminds Circles for following the guidelines issued vide letter Dated 14/03/2019 for not issuing any company cost transfer order from non-tenure stations.  Copy  <<<>>>

·        This letter dated 08/04/2019, directs Circles to keep on hold all company cost transfer orders from and to non-tenure stations issued by Circles/SSAs.

·        The clause (iii) of the letter dated 14/03/2019 clearly says that the transfers from and to tenure stations declared by BSNL will continue to be at Company cost.

·        As such, there will not be any change in the Tenure transfer orders issued by Maharashtra Circle and the rumours spread about cancellation of all transfers including Tenure transfers are meaningless.

·        In Maharashtra Circle, no company cost transfer order has been issued from Non-tenure station except one DE from Latur to Osmanabad, and all other transfers from and to non-tenure stations are Own Cost request transfers and these orders also will not be cancelled. 

·        As such, this letter dated 08/04/2019 will not have direct impact on any transfers in Maharashtra Circle either from tenure and non-tenure stations.     


10 APR 19:  AGM Estt Mumbai issued orders for Six weeks JTO Phase II Training for 60 JTOs in Data Network Stream and this training will commence at RTCC Pune w.e.f. 15/04/2019. Letter <<<>>>

·        The earlier batches scheduled at RTCC Pune were cancelled as the Water connections was disconnected for non-payment and also issues were reported for disconnection of Electricity due to non-payment, but practically Electricity was not disconnected.

·        As many of JTOs have completed Phase –I training in June 2017, it is mandatory on part of individuals as well as on part of management to complete JTO Phase II training before completion of two years from JTO Phase I training.

·        With this special batch at RTCC Pune, all such problems are resolved and now all JTOs can complete training without any such Technical issues.

·        SNEA MH conveys sincere thanks to all officers from Circle office Mumbai, BRBRAITT Jabalpur and RTCC Pune and namely Shri. Aman Jaiswal, GM HR Admn Mumbai, Shri. A. Pradeepan AGM Estt Mumbai Shri. M. R. Sanap AD HRD Mumbai and Shri. V.M. Dapurkar Principal RTCC Pune for their timely action in arrangements of special batch at RTCC Pune.

·        SNEA MH appreciates the efforts taken by Com. Prayag Pisal, JS Pune SNEA MH, Com Datta Dubile CEC Member SNEA Aurangabad, Com. R. S. Solanki Member SNEA Pune and other SNEA activists /leaders for consolidating the individual request and conveying time-to-time feedback and persuasion for arrangements of such special Batch at RTCC Pune in minimum possible time and when earlier schedule was cancelled.  


10 APR 19:  AGM A&E BSNL Corporate Office writes to all Circle Heads for decentralization of powers for issuing SE/DGM Elect under Looking After arrangements to Circles. Letter <<<>>>

·        Normally, the SE/DGM Elect under Looking After Arrangements were well within the powers of Circles.

·        However, some of circles including Maharashtra Circle were not following these norms and hence in last spell of SE/DGM Elect, the orders for looking after arrangements were issued by EW Unit of BSNL Corporate office.

·        SNEA MH has raised this issue of not following the guidelines on LA Orders in issuing SE Elect Looking After Arrangements in Maharashtra Circle vide letter dated 16/07/2018.   Copy <<<>>> 

·        Accordingly, EW Unit of BSNL Corporate office issued SEE LA orders centrally from Delhi and thereafter BSNL CO has issued clarification for issuing Look After arrangements locally and now said order is being implemented for SEE LA arrangements.  

·        In Maharashtra Circle, there are two posts of SEE Elect, one at Mumbai and other Nagpur.

·        The post of SEE Elect Mumbai is vacant since retirement of then SEE Com Jhagru Ram then SEE Elect Mumbai from 01/02/2019 and now this post can be filled by CEE Mumbai in LA arrangements well within guidelines on the subject as powers of CGMT/CEE Mumbai for issuing SEE Looking After arrangements are now  restored.  


10 APR 19:  AGM Estt IV BSNL Corporate Office conveys decision of BSNL Board about to keep all the Compassionate Ground Appointments in abeyance for next three years. Letter <<<>>>

·        Letter states that this decision is taken due to stressed financial condition of BSNL and it will be reviewed after three years.

·        Accordingly, the process started for filling up vacancies after 01/04/2018 is also kept on hold for three years.

·        One side BSNL continues for new recruitments in different streams including units, which under process of merger with other units and other side such schemes for help of families of deceased employees of BSNL is kept in abeyance.

·        In recent past BSNL has taken certain decisions to save expenditure on avoidable works and activities, and attempts are made by taking such further decisions.

·        However, management has to show its inert readiness for such steps by stopping the facilities of staying in Five Star Hotels and withdrawing the decisions to allow the Air Travel by “Business class” to certain selected senior officers.

·        Otherwise, there are chances of mass reactions by the workforce of BSNL and the desired impact by taking such decision will be far away from expectations.

·        Hopefully, management will take and implement such economy decisions for self and first follow it and then direct others to follow so that Money of BSNL can be saved to overcome present poor financial condition of BSNL.     


10 APR 19:  AGM Rectt IV BSNL Corporate Office writes Circle/Unit Heads for giving wide publicity for online Mock Test for JTO LICE as well as for providing computer access to candidates appearing for JTO LICE scheduled on 24/04/2019. Letter <<<>>>



 9 APR 19:  SNEA MH congratulates Com. S.V. Narsekar SDE Nagpur and CEC Member SNEA Nagpur for his grand  success inNational Power Lifting Tournament 2019-20” held at Hawrha, West Bengal  in Master - II ( 82.5 Kg) Category. In very tough competition, Com. S.V. Narsekar has won Bronze Medal in this National Power Lifting Tournament 2019-20. SNEA MH appreciates devoted and dedicated efforts taken by Com. S.V. Narsekar CEC Member SNEA Nagpur and such grand success thereof. Photos      <<<>>>      <<<>>>     <<<>>>


 8 APR 19: Message by Mrs. Sujata T. Ray, Director HR BSNL Board. Letter <<<>>>


 8 APR 19: BSNL IQ Booking is now online: The long pending demand raised by SNEA MH and pursued for last 2-3 years at different levels , finally yields the results as now BSNL has started Inspection Quarters (IQs) Booking allover India through online web portal.

·        This online site provides all information related to BSNL IQs including rates applicable for different officers and different works in BSNL or private works.

·        This Online booking will stop to certain extent the present pick and choose booking IQs only for selective senior officers and their family members and will stop behind curtain mismanagement of giving priority in IQ booking to the certain officers and family members.

·        Also, there is no need to call anybody and follow up with any one just for booking IQs and one can understand the location of IQs, availability of IQs, occupancy/vacancy of IQs at the time of booking and will bring more transparency in allotment of IQs.

·        Further, the Revenue generated or maintenance charges for use of IQs being paid by occupant will be brought on records and accounted for and hopefully entire amount will go to account of BSNL in all IQ booking cases. 

·        All comrades can make use of this facility of online booking of BSNL IQs all over India by using their ERP Login and Password by visiting BSNL IQ Booking Portal available at

·        Link for online booking of BSNL IQ <<<>>>




 5 APR 19: AGM Estt MH issued orders for cancellation of JTO Phase II training as per the request of concerned JTO. Letter <<<>>>


 4 APR 19: Department of Public Enterprises,  Govt Of India issued orders for increase of IDA for all CPSES by 2.6 % i.e. from 138.8 % to 141.4 % and this revised IDA will be applicable w.e.f. 01/04/2019. Letter <<<>>>


4 APR 19: AGM Pers BSNL Corporate office calls for volunteers among DE/AGMs who are left with minimum three years services and not under transfer to any other Circle to fill up one post of AGM Vigilance BSNL Corporate office and last date of submission of willingness is 08/04/2019. Letter <<<>>>


 4 APR 19:  M/S Hungama which has blooded BSNL for last ten years as parasite, now cries fowl against BSNL and is claiming outstanding amount of Rs. 22,14,73,145.00 (In words rupees Twenty Two Crore, Fourteen Lakhs , Seventy Three Thousands , One Hundred Forty Five only) from BSNL for services provided by it to BSNL period April 2010 to February 2019. Letter <<<>>>

·        Now it is open secret that how M/S Hungama has closed thousands of BSNL Connections over the period of last ten years by overcharging for the services not used or used under compulsions created by staff of M/S Hungama on Broadband customer of BSNL by false information and heavy charges thereof.

·        Practically, services by M/S Hungama and its payments seems to be big scam in the BSNL as till now much money has been paid to M/S Hungama by BSNL and till M/S Hungama claims more than Rupees Twenty Two Crores from BSNL as outstanding amount.

·        Many Circles including Maharashtra Circle have raised objections on services by M/S Hungama and heavy charges thereof causing loss to BSNL Customers and customer loss to BSNL by repeated letters.

·        However, no one from BSNL Corporate office has acted against M/S Hungama and now BSNL Corporate Office is calling reports for making arrangements of funds for so-called outstanding amount of M/S Hungama.

·        Here, BSNL do not have money to pay Electricity Bills, No temporary advances has been granted for three to four months, many of the contract workers, vendors have not received payment for months together even though they have provided dedicated services and works in the filed units have come to stand still position.

·        But, BSNL Corporate Office seems to be busy with arrangement of funds that to be in Crores of Rupees for payment of outstanding claims of M/S Hungama for last ten years. This makes the picture crystal clear why BSNL is losing its market share over the period and why its losses are increasing day by day.     

·        All such vendors have looted and are looting to BSNL in Crore of Rupees and many of us blindly signs the claims and reports of such fraudulent vendors and indirectly support direct loot of beloved BSNL.

·        Though it is fact that many such vendors are looting BSNL , but media, DoT, Govt Of India are blaming the employees of BSNL for losses of Thousands of Crores to BSNL and propagating for reduction of age, VRS , lay off, closure of BSNL etc which is not correct.

·        Time has come that everyone has to rise occasion and come forward to stop such direct and indirect loot of BSNL Money. Please understand that it is nothing but loot of our salaries and our future in BSNL along with future of BSNL.

·        We all should oppose all such fraudulent actions of many such vendors who are looting BSNL Money without any justified work or rather by causing damage to BSNL.    


 3 APR 19: AGM Estt Mumbai issued orders for E4 to E 5 Time Bound Promotions of 73 Executives in SDE/DE cadre of Telecom wing as per eligibility date of concerned executives. Letter <<<>>>

·        This was one of pending issue raised in the recent District Conference of SNEA Aurangabad and same is settled with this TBP Orders.

·        SNEA MH congratulates all the executives on their third TBP.

·        Majority of these executives who got fourth TBP are members of SNEA.


 3 APR 19: CAO FC Mumbai issued orders for relieving of JAOs under Rule 9 transfer from Maharashtra Circle to Circles of their choice. Letter <<<>>>

·        This is good news for all JAOs eagerly waiting for their relieving since their Rule 9 order issued before six months.

·        As per target for closure of account for Maharashtra Circle is fixed as end of May 2019, all these JAOs will be relieved by concerned SSAs by 30/06/2019.

·        With this uncertainty created over the Rule 9 transfers of JAOs and relieving thereof comes to end and all JAOs will be relieved by 30/06/2019.

·        In many of the cases substitute JAOs are also posted and many of IFAs have shown readiness to relieve these JAOs without substitute but could not relieve it because relieving order was not issued by Maharashtra Circle.

·        Thereafter MH Circle relieved some of JAOs and some of JAOs who approached BSNL Corporate Office were directly through ERP.

·        Though many of IFAs, CAO Mumbai, and DGM FC Mumbai have shown readiness to relieve these JAOs, there was reluctance on part of GM Fin Mumbai and has taken stand that let BSNL Corporate Office relieve these JAOs directly, he will not object for it.

·        SNEA MH was continuously pursuing this matter at all levels and finally the relieving order has been issued for all left out JAOs and now these JAOs will be relieved either by closure of account or by 30/06/2019 which is later.

·        Hopefully, this will be convenient for all JAOs and till anybody has some serious and genuine issue and cannot wait for three months and substitute JAO is already posted, may represent their case through proper channel with such clear recommendations of IFA concerned.

·        Com. Hrushikesh Kesale JS AF SNEA MH and Com. Harish Sable JS Marathwada SNEA MH have taken continuous efforts and pursued matter of relieving of these JAOs for last six month.

·       SNEA MH conveys thanks to Shri. Vivek Mahavar GM Fin Mumbai and his team of FC section to review his earlier stand and take decision to issue relieving order for all JAOs with fixed date for relieving and giving them relief and clearing uncertainty created over the period about relieving of these JAOs and issues thereof.     


 3 APR 19:  CAO FC Mumbai issued orders for Looking After arrangement in CAO Cadre wherein 50 AOs in different SSAs of Maharashtra Circle are given responsibility of CAO for period of six months. Order I <<<>>>     Order II <<<>>>


 3 APR 19:  List of BSNL Empanelled Hospitals in Mumbai. List <<<>>>




District Conference SNEA Aurangabad <<<<>>>


 2 APR 19:  SNEA MH congratulates Com. B.W. Katkar, AGM and Ex-President SNEA Satara {Mob 9423863444} on his retirement from BSNL services on successfully completion of 34 years of Services in DoT and BSNL.

Com. B.W. Katkar has started his carrier in Department of Telecommunications as JTO in Bombay Telephones in August 1985 and he continued services in MTNL till formation of BSNL & MTNL in Year 2000. On absorption from DoT, he opted for BSNL and was posted in Maharashtra Circle and worked there continuously for 17 years.  During his service of 17 years in Satara SSA, he has played vital role in growth and development of BSNL Satara. He is known for his skills in handling critical issues. He has rendered 17 years of services as SDE Planning Satara, SDE Group Medha and DE Mobile Satara. He has remarkable contribution in planning and installation of BTS under GSM Phase VIII.4 Project. With his devoted efforts, he was able to maintain very good up time of BTS with support of other staff and officers by excellent co-ordination and communication among team Mobile Satara. On his promotion as DE in July 2018, he has joined as DE Vapi, Daman, and Umargaon in Gujarat Circle.

Com. B.W. Katkar is an excellent human being and one of excellent officers of the BSNL who have put devoted services to BSNL. He is really asset for BSNL as he has always proved his excellence by his hard work and best results for whatever may be work assigned to him.  He has resolved all critical issues by using his skills and local relations. He has very strong relations with local authorities and political leaders, which has helped in resolving many critical issues of BSNL. He is well known among Satara Comrades for his helping nature, smiling face and result oriented work culture. He was very punctual and honest in office as well as association duties and hence respected by everyone. 

Com. B.W. Katkar, was pillar of SNEA Satara and has played vital and prominent role in reopening of SNEA Satara branch when so called leaders made attempts to close the branch of SNEA Satara. It was Com. B. W. Katkar and some other stalwart comrades of SNEA who have kept full faith on SNEA and continued with SNEA membership and lead SNEA Satara from front as President SNEA Satara. He has played vital role in getting majority votes during membership verification for SNEA in Satara SSA by overcoming all the hurdles. He stood behind SNEA in each and every issue and re -built strong unity of Executives in Satara SSA.  He also has played vital role in building fearless atmosphere in office working of BSNL Satara. His contribution towards SNEA, BSNL and its executives will be written in golden letters in the History of SNEA Satara. On completion of 34 years of highly successful service in DoT/BSNL, he has opted for VRS w.e.f. 01/04/2019 as he is well settled in Satara and has strong desire to continue social work after retirement.  

On this important day in the life of stalwart leader of SNEA Com. B.W. Katkar, Ex-President SNEA Satara wherein he is retiring from highly successful and remarkable services in SNEA, BSNL and DoT, SNEA MH salutes sincerity, dedication and affection by Com. B.W. Katkar, towards BSNL & SNEA and on behalf of thousands of comrades of SNEA Maharashtra Circle we wish them “Very Happy, Healthy, Wealthy & Highly Successful Long Retired life”.


 2 APR 19:  AGM Admn Mumbai issued orders for Closed Holiday in on concerned dates of General Loksabha Elections 2019 and this holiday will be on different dates in different SSAs i.e. Holiday on day of voting for General Elections in that particular SSA. Letter <<<>>>


 2 APR 19:  DGM T&C CFA BSNL Corporate Office issued orders for waival of Installation charges for new “LL/DSL/FTTH”  connections and this offer will be valid up to 30/06/2019. Letter <<<>>>


 2 APR 19:  DGM T&C CFA BSNL Corporate Office issued orders for extension of  promotional Tariff plans for “BSNL Wings”  for period of 90 days w.e.f. 05/04/2019. Letter <<<>>>


 2 APR 19:  AGM Estt III BSNL Corporate office issued guidelines for special drive to deal with the unauthorised absence, absconding and long absentee officers/officials and calls for report thereof. Letter <<<>>>


 2 APR 19:  AGM NWP BB-I  BSNL Corporate office calls for detail information for authorisation to circles for procurement of Single Fibre Splicing machines for Year 2019-20. Letter <<<>>>


 2 APR 19:  Sr GM Fin SEA BSNL CO writes to Circle Heads and IFAs of Circle about sending e-bills to BSNL customers and updating the data of customers as per discussions in meeting of BSNL Board. Letter <<<>>>



 1 APR 19:  AGM Staff Mumbai issued orders for looking after in DGM Telecom cadre by posting all the promoted DEs/AGMs in same SSA. Letter <<<>>>

·        Total 71 AGMs are given orders for taking over responsibilities in DGM LA arrangements.

·        As per the latest clarification issued by BSNL CO for local arrangements among the seniors available within SSA, these arrangements are issued as per District Seniority i.e. senior most DEs/AGMs in particular SSA are given higher responsibility of DGM.

·        As such in some of SSAs, the JTOs recruited by 1992 are given DGM LA Charge and in some of SSAs, JTO recruited in year 1983 is not yet given responsibility as DGM LA.

·        If any of the DE/AGM who is senior to the DE for whom LA arrangements orders are issued, is willing to work as DGM LA, then he may opt for same and he can be given responsibility as DGM LA in said SSA where junior is given responsibility as DGM.   

·        Henceforth no local DGM LA orders can be issued by any SSA/BA Head locally.  


31 Mar 19:  SNEA MH Circle congratulates, Com. Mrs. Rujuta Joshi, SDE Pune SSA, Com. R. C. Gupta, SDE Kalyan SSA, Com. Harjeet Singh, EEE Kalyan SSA, Com. S. S. Bind,  SDE Circle Office Mumbai , Com. Arvind N Bartakke, SDE Pune SSA, Com. Udai Bhan Pandye, SDE Pune SSA,  Com. V. B. Kulkarni, SDE Aurangabad SSA, Com. Nesar Ahmed, SDE Civil Aurangabad SSA Com. S. T. Chaudhar, AO Aurangabad, Com. R. K Kshirsagar JTO Ahmednagar SSA,  Com. Vishwas M. Phadate JTO Goa SSA and Com. Avinash Baban Shirke, JTO Nashik SSA  on their peaceful Superannuation /Voluntary Retirement after completion of long & highly successful services in DoT/BSNL. 

·        Com. Mrs. Rujuta Joshi, SDE (Intl CSC) Akurdi Pune SSA {Mob 9423569769} has joined services in DOT in 1989 in Ratnagiri SSA as TOA. In 1992, she is promoted as TTA Transmission and posted in Ratnagiri Carrier station. In year 1998, she was transferred on her request and posted JTO Int Talegaon and then she has served as JTO CSC, MDF, and Building Bhosari, JTO EWSD, JTO E-10 B, MDF PP & Building, JTO Kharalwadi Int RSU. In year 2012, she was promoted as SDE and up to 2019 worked as Alumni Intl & CSC. She has completed NGN area transfer of Akurdi Exchange in 1st phase within targeted period successfully with consistent hard work. She has worked hard for CSC Akurdi wherein done door-to-door marketing. She has consumed retailer balance of about 5 lakhs by convincing staff under AGM Akurdi & motivated staff to take more balance. After consistent hardships for achieving SIM sale & C TOP UP and received certificate of appreciations in Oct 2017, Oct 2018 , Nov 2018 and Dec 2018 for achievements of targets of C Top Up & SIM Sale. She has taken special efforts for energy conservation by conversion of HT Electricity connection into LT and getting refund of security deposit paid by BSNL. She is die-hard member of SNEA and has always taken active part in association activities by supporting each call by Association. She is known for her honesty & punctuality with up gradation and success thereof. She has rendered thirty years of service in DoT, BSNL with target orientated approach with full dedication and always contributed by best services to DOT/ BSNL & SNEA and opted VRS from 01/02/2019 after successful 30 years of successful services in DoT/BSNL.

·        Com. R. C. Gupta, SDE CSC Dombivali Kalyan SSA {Mob 9403940373}, started his career in DoT as Telecom Technician in year 1981 at GM Project office Mumbai. Later he was transferred to Kalyan on his promotion as Phone Inspector in 1990 as served in Bhiwandi area. He was promoted as JTO in 2003 and then promoted as SDE in June 2018 in Kalyan SSA. At the time of retirement, Com. R C Gupta was serving as SDE CSC Dombivali in Kalyan SSA. Till the date of retirement, he continued his duties with full devotion and dedication and with true spirit by working on Sunday also. Com. R C Gupta is die-hard member of SNEA. He has always taken active part in the association activities and is known for his humble nature. He has rendered 37 years of successful and devoted services to DoT, BSNL, and retiring on superannuation today.

·        Com. Harjeet Singh, EE Elect Kalyan SSA {Mob 9422087353} has joined services as Junior Engineer in May 1985 in P&T Department and served with Bombay Telephones and MTNL Mumbai till 2004 and promoted as SDE Elect in year 1998. After serving in MTNL, he joined in BSNL at various stations in Mumbai and in Khandava in MP Circle as SDEE from 2007 to 2010. He completed Project works in MTNL and BSNL in Mumbai area main Exchanges for Electrical Infrastructure works. Recently promoted as EE Elect and he is serving BSNL till last day of his retirement. Com Harjeet Singh is known for his soft spoken skills and getting works done even in odd conditions. Since long, he is die-hard member of SNEA and has always taken part in all association activities.

·        Com. Arvind N Bartakke, SDE Yerawada, Pune SSA {Mob 9420496682} has started his carrier in Pune from 1980 as a Technician and served for crossbar and strowger Exchange and Transmission sections. He has passed JTO LDCE in 2001 and has served in Pune as well as Raigad SSA and thereafter up to 2018 worked as JTO FTTH Pune. Due to his devotion and relations he could put the very well image of BSNL in the Rural and urban society of Pune. He is Die-hard Comrade of SNEA and has taken active participation in all association activities. He completing 39 years of service in DoT and BSNL and retiring on superannuation as SDE Yerawada.

·        Com. Udai Bhan Pandye, SDE Viman Nagar Pune SSA, {Mob 9423505400} has joined his services as as Technician in 1982 at Moradabad, UP and has joined in Pune from 1984 as a Phone Inspector. On his promotion as JTO in 1996 and worked under DE Ext MKR Pune. As served at Shirur as a SDE officiating from 2003 to 2005 and on SDE regular, he was posted as SDE at Mohamadwadi, Pune and till last date fully dedicated and devoted executive, working as SDE Vimannagar from 2014. He is die-hard member of SNEA from the beginning and always supported association activities. He always contributed best service to DoT/BSNL and SNEA.

·        Com. V. B. Kulkarni, SDE Aurangabad, {Mob 9422931820}, had joined in Department of Telecom as RSA in Aug 1984 at Phonda in Goa. He has worked as  RSA in Beed SSA. After promoted as JTO in 1999 he worked in Beed and Aurangabad SSA. He got SDE promotion in 2011 and work in various sections in Aurangabad. He is very active member of SNEA and has worked on various posts of association in Beed & Aurangabad. She is retiring now by superannuation after completing the service of 35 years.

·        Com. Nesar Ahmed, SDE Civil Aurangabad, {Mob 9423782099}, has joined in Department of P&T as JE Civil in 1982 at Hingoli, Parbhani SSA. After promotion as AE civil in 1997, he worked at Shrirampur in Ahmednagar SSA. On his promotion as SDE Civil in 2008, he worked in Aurangabad & Jalna SSA. He is active member of SNEA Aurangabad is retiring on superannuation after successfully completing the service of 37 years.

·        Com. S. T. Chaudhar, AO Aurangabad, {Mob 9403532020}, has joined in Department of Telecom as Wireman in 1979 at Nanded. In 1983, he became Telephone Operator, then JAO in 2010 through LDCE and worked in Aurangabad SSA and Jalna SSA for some time. He is very sincere in his work and has completed LLB degree in 2016 externally. He is known for his helping hand to all comrades and is very active and dedicated member of SNEA Aurangabad. Now he retiring on superannuation after completing the service of 40 years. 

·        Com. S. S. Bind, SDE BP & IT Circle Office Mumbai, {Mob 9423296400} has joined services in year 1986 as Trans Assistant at Chiplun Ratnagiri SSA. In 1995 he was promoted as JTO as posted in Ratnagiri SSA and has served at Ratnagiri City, Dapoli, Mandangad Talukas and has taken special efforts for installation of 3/8 channel systems for providing Group dialing facilities for both the Talukas. On his promotion as SDE in 2008, he was again posted to Dapoli and Mandangad. In 2012, he was posted to Circle Office Mumbai on his request and since then he is working as SDE BP & IT Mumbai. He is known for his soft skills and helping hand to all. He is very active member of SNEA and always participated all activities of SNEA Mumbai. Now after successful completion of 33 years of services in DoT & BSNL he, retiring on superannuation. 

·        Com. Vishwas M. Phadate JTO Outdoor Goa {9423885672} has joined Dept as a Technician in year 1982 and worked in MX-II & I exchanges. In the year 2005, he was promoted to JTO and was posted in OCB exchange. Thereafter he worked in various group exchanges and presently he is posted at Group exchange Saligao Goa. He was sincere, hardworking and intellectual officer and maintained cordial relationship with customers as well as with seniors and subordinate. He was bearing calm and cool personality. He was a di-hard member of SNEA Goa and always took an active part in the association activities; he also served as an office bearer of SNEA Goa. Now on completion of 37 years of services, he is retiring on superannuation of his long and devoted services in DoT & BSNL.

·        Com. R. K. Kshirsagar JTO Newasa Ahmednagar SSA, {Mob 9423784211} on successful completion of long services in DoT/BSNL and on their peaceful retirement from BSNL with effect from 31.03.2019. He is hardworking executive & active member of SNEA. He played an instrumental role in organizing various events of SNEA and always motivated the members of SNEA with his dedication towards SNEA will be always remembered for such devoted services.

·        Com. Avinash Baban Shirke, JTO NOFN, Nashik SSA {Mob 9422946322} has joined DoT as Technician in Year 1979 and served efficiently in Stroweger Installation and mtce, Installation of C-DoT Exchanges. FRS, CMTS, and Rural area Satana. He was promoted as JTO in 2009 and was posted in Nashik SSA. He has served Ratnagiri SSA for three and half years and was posted back to Nashik SSA in 2012 and served as JTO Staff and now working as JTO NOFN since last five years and has provided 607 GPs and 14 BDO connections. Today he is retiring on superannuation after completing successful services of 38 years and  six months. 

On this important day of the life of these stalwart Comrades of SNEA retiring in this month, SNEA MH salutes sincerity, dedication and affection by Com. Mrs. Rujuta Joshi, Com. R. C. Gupta, Com. Harjeet Singh, Com. S. S. Bind, Com. Arvind N Bartakke, Com. Udai Bhan Pandye, Com. V. B. Kulkarni, Com. Nesar Ahmed, Com. S. T. Chaudhar, Com. R. K Kshirsagar, Com. Vishwas M. Phadate and Com. Avinash Baban Shirke, towards BSNL & SNEA and on behalf of thousands of comrades of SNEA Maharashtra Circle we wish them “Very Happy, Healthy, Wealthy & Highly Successful Long Retired life”.


31 Mar 19: Congratulations!!! All Request Transfers in Telecom Wing given consideration:  Before closing of Financial Year 2018-19, Circle office clears the account of request transfers of Executives and JEs in Telecom wing, as AGM Staff Mumbai issued transfer orders considering Request Transfers of JEs, JTOs, SDEs, and AGMs in Telecom wing working at Tenure stations as well as Non tenure stations.

Request Transfer from & to Tenure Stations AGM/DE Cadre <<<>>>

Request Transfer other than Tenure Stations AGM/DE Cadre <<<>>>

Request Transfer from & to Tenure Stations SDE/JTO Cadre <<<>>>

Request Transfer other than Tenure Stations SDE/JTO Cadre <<<>>>

Request Transfer from & to Tenure Stations JEs <<<>>>

Request Transfer from other than Tenure Stations JEs. <<<>>>

·        As per above different orders total 290 officers from JTO, SDE & DE cadre and 17 JEs are transferred from different SSAs.

·        Out of 290 transfers, 211 are request transfers and only 79 are the transfers for posting substitute for tenure stations and no substitute is posted for request transfers from Non Tenure Stations. 

·        Recently BSNL CO has issued guidelines withholding transfers from Non-tenure SSAs in the interest of service for six months and hence no such transfers are issued.   

·        Accordingly , the transfer orders from and to “Tenure Stations” are issued in the Interest of Service and all these 159 officers are eligible for joining time as well as TA/DA as per eligibility.

·        Total 131 Officers are transferred from Non –Tenure stations as per the Request of concerned officers and hence these transfers are at Own Cost.

·        Due to not posting substitute in case of Request transfers from Non-tenure stations, there may be shortage of executives in SSAs like Chandrapur, Akola, Buldhana etc.  

·        All the officers under transfer are to be relieved by concerned SSA on or before 12/04/2019 and if the said officers are not relieved by 12/04/2018, these officers will be force relieved by Circle Office Mumbai through ERP.

·        The tenure transfer orders were due in Sep 2018, but were delayed administration by giving one and other reason and now finally Tenure transfer orders are issued for all executives completing tenure between Sept 2018 to Oct 2019.

·        Though it will be delayed orders from officers who have completed tenure by March 2018, but it is advance order for Executives who will be completing tenure up to Oct 2019.

·        All the staff and officers in Staff Section Circle office Mumbai have done lot of hard work for last three months in collection and consolidation of data and specifically the efforts of Com. P.B. Bhuse, AD Staff A, Com. V.J. Bhandirge AD Staff B Mumbai under direct control of Shri. Aman Jaiswal GM HR Admn Mumbai are highly appreciable.

·        Though the efforts seems to be taken for updation of data, there may be some mistakes in data, may have issues or individual grievances and all such officers having any genuine issue in data or in joining new place of posting, then he /she may represent it immediately through proper channel otherwise he/she will be relieved by 12/04/2019.

·        SNEA MH appreciates prolonged patience of six months shown by the executives working at different tenure stations even after completion of their tenure since 2018.

·        SNEA Maharashtra Congratulates all the comrades who got their choice station on request transfers. 

·        SNEA MH conveys sincere thanks and gratitude to Shri. Peeyush Khare, CGMT MH, Shri. Aman Jaiswal, GM HR Admn Mumbai, Shri. B.A.Patil DGM HR/Admn Mumbai, Shri. B.P.Tambat AGM Staff Mumbai , Shri. P.B. Bhuse AD Staff A Mumbai, Shri. V.J. Bhandirge AD Staff Mumbai and entire staff working under AD Staff (A & B) for giving consideration to all request transfers and keeping transfers to minimum.

·        SNEA MH conveys sincere thanks to all DS and activist of SNEA MH throughout Maharashtra Circle for timely feedback on all such requests from their SSAs.

·        With this major work of Request transfers in Telecom wing is completed and hopefully similar steps will be taken by Civil, Electrical and Account wing in similar Time Bound Manner for consideration of request transfers of officers from these wings.       


30 Mar 19:  CAO FC Mumbai calls for VCs and E-3 to E-4 Training Completion Certificate for Eight AOs for E-5 Time Bound Up gradation due on 01/04/2019. Letter <<<>>>

·        Even though there are clear guidelines for calling VCs online and same is followed by all other sections/Units, only FC section Mumbai is unable to manage online VCs and every time it calls for VC from filed units.

·        The data of Training completion is also available in ERP for all officers and no need to call for fresh reports from all.

·        CGMT MH also has given clear instructions for same before one year, but FC section do not bother about such instructions and repeatedly calls for VCs from field units and  continue to waste the Stationary and man hours on such routine works.

·        BSNL has stopped printing and sending Telephone Bills to avoid wastage of stationary and man hours on name of Go Green compliant and this work is monitored by GM Fin Mumbai, and here with contradiction ,  FC Section under direct control of GM Fin Mumbai continue to waste stationary and manpower on such routine works. 

·        Let us hope GM Fin Mumbai takes serious note of it and directs officers in FC section to stop calling VCs /Training Completion certificate and take get  by Online method through ERP as being done by other sections as routine matter. 



 30 Mar 19:  AGM Admn Mumbai clarified that latest order for payment of cash in lieu of Towel Soap supersedes earlier letter on subject which confirms for payment cash in lieu of Towel Soap, Pen refill etc to all Executives as well as Non-Executives in Maharashtra Circle. Letter <<<>>>



 29 Mar 19: Highly Successful, District Conference of SNEA Aurangabad: {Report by Com S. R. Wani Ex-District Secretary, SNEA Aurangabad}: The grand successful District Conference of Sanchar Nigam Executive Association Aurangabad was held on Sunday, 24/03/2019 at 10:30 hrs at Yashomangal Karyalaya Pannalal Nagar, Aurangabad. Com. V. G. Thakur, DP SNEA Aurangabad presided over this District Conference. The full day Conference was attended and addressed by:

1.     Com. K. P. Kulkarni, DGM Aurangabad

2.     Com. R. S. Kolapkar, AGS, SNEA CHQ,

3.     Com M. S. Adasul, CS SNEA MH.

4.     Com. Harish Sable, JS Marathwada, SNEA MH.

5.     Com John Varghese AGS BSNLEU CHQ.

6.     Com Ranjan Dani, CS NFTE MH.

7.     Com Gulab Kale, ACS BSNLEU MH.

8.     Com. Chimay Satarkar,  CC SNTTA MH

9.     Com Shivaji Chavan, DS NFTE Aurangabad.

10.            Com. A.R. Waghchoure, DS BSNLEU, Aurangabad

11.             Com B.R. Ganakwar, DS SEWA, Aurangabad,

12.            Com. Nikhil Gawai, DS SNTTA Aurangabad,

·        The proceedings of the District Conference started with Saraswati Pujan and Deep Prajwalan by hands of the all dignitaries.

·        All the guest and dignitaries were given warm welcome by comrades of SNEA Aurangabad

·        Representatives of Sister concerned Associations & Unions were also warm welcomed & felicitated by SNEA Aurangabad.

·        On behalf of NFTE Aurangabad Com Shivaji Chavan, DS, NFTE Aurangabad and Com. D.M.Gaike,  DP NFTE BSNL Aurangabad gave warm welcome to Com. M.S. Adasul CS SNEA MH by presenting beautiful bouquet.

·        On behalf of SEWA BSNL Aurangabad Com. B. R. Ganakwar, DS, SEWA BSNL Aurangabad and his team gave warm welcome to Com. M. S. Adasul CS SNEA MH by presenting beautiful bouquet.

·        Com. D.M. Pawar AO Aurangabad gave warm welcome to Com. M. S. Adasul CS SNEA MH by presenting beautiful bouquet and book of poem Dunia ka Dastur  and conveyed gratitude and love on personal behalf and on behalf of all account wing Executives. He expressed his feelings in short from the Dias and elaborated house about SNEAs contribution towards Account wing and overall executives. 

·        Expressing special gesture with comradely love and affection, Com Ranjan Dani, CS NFTE BSNL gave warm welcome to Com. M.S Adasul CS SNEA MH by presenting beautiful bouquet and Marathi book Markswad for 21st Century” written by Com Ajit Abhyakar, from Pune.

·        The deliberations of the District Conference started with Open Session.

·        In welcome speech Com. S. R. Wani, DS SNEA Aurangabad gave warm welcome to the dignitaries Com. M. S. Adasul CS SNEA MH, Com. R. S. Kolapkar, AGS SNEA CHQ, Com John Varghese AGS BSNLEU CHQ, Com Ranjan Dani, CS NFTE BSNL MH and Com. K. P. Kulkarni DGM BSNL Aurangabad and other comrades of different unions and Associations of BSNL Aurangabad. In his opening address of Open Session Com Wani narrated about the association activities during his tenure as DS. He conveyed that District Conference was due in Jan 2019 and elaborated house about period extension of District Body by three months and reasons thereof. He informed that with active support of comrades of SNEA Aurangabad, he could successfully host the CEC held at Aurangabad within one week after formation of District body and taking over the charge as DS. All the agitational calls are successfully attended given by CHQ/Circle and participated all CEC, CC & AIC and represented issues/suggestions/ opinions presented by Aurangabad comrades. He tried his level best in maintaining strong UNITY within Association and among AUAB Aurangabad as focus of Aurangabad District body during the entire period. He informed house that he has got very good co-operation from Com Thakur as DP SNEA Aurangabad and with such great understanding they have successfully resolved many of the issues. He conveyed thanks to Circle Body and CS during his tenure for extra ordinary support he has got from Circle during his entire tenure as DS. On individual cases by SNEA MH, he informed that out 52 HR cases he has handed over to CS & other COBs total 49 cases are settled and three cases could not settled due to certain reasons. He stressed for need of strongest unity among all staff and officers for survival of BSNL and for bright future of Executives in BSNL. He conveyed thanks to all comrades of SNEA Aurangabad for their extra ordinary contribution towards BSNL and support to SNEA by all means which made him easy for discharging responsibilities of DS SNEA Aurangabad successfully.

·        Com. John Varghese, AGS BSNLEU CHQ in his brief address conveyed best wishes for the District Conference of SNEA Aurangabad. He expressed that Govt is trying to suppress AUAB strike by forceful implementation of FR-17 whereas such rule is not applicable to BSNL employees. He assured that AUAB would not allow management to take vindictive actions and very strongly oppose such Acts. He stressed for need of stronger unity among BSNL executives and non-executives so that different challenges against BSNL can be fought successfully. 

·        Com. Gulab Kale, ACS BSNLEU MH conveyed best wishes for the conference on behalf of BSNLEU. He appreciated working of SNEA and its role in AUAB Aurangabad. He informed that all Associations and Unions are fighting against wrong Govt Policy, which are finishing BSNL and stressed to fight challenges by JIO with strong unity and also by following all calls by AUAB CHQ. He conveyed thanks for invitation and giving opportunity to be part of District Conference of SNEA Aurangabad.

·        Com. Shivaji Chavan, DS NFTE Aurangabad conveyed best wishes for the conference on behalf of NFTE BSNL. In his speech, he assured audience that all the vindictive actions by managements would be countered strongly with unity. He informed that AUAB Aurangabad is following all calls with strong unity and conveyed thanks to all comrades for their support.  

·        Com. B. R. Ganakwar, DS SEWA BSNL Aurangabad in his addressed conveyed thanks to SNEA for giving opportunity to share his views. He elaborated that comrades of SEWA did not participated in recent strike of AUAB, as AUAB has not invited to GS SEWA BSNL. He added that though there are very good relations between AUAB and SEWA at District and Circle level there is need of more co-ordination at CHQ and his association will happily participate in any strike in which GS SEWA in taken into confidence by AUAB.    

·        Com. A. R. Waghchaure, DS BSNLEU, Aurangabad in his short address conveyed best wishes for the conference and assured to maintain unity for all the future calls given by AUAB.

·        Com. Harish Sable, JS Marathwada, SNEA MH in his short and sweet address conveyed best wishes for the District Conference. He shared that he has short experience of leadership, and is trying his level best for betterment of executives in BSNL. He added that it is difficult period for him as just he started leadership and most difficult period of BSNL has came as big challenge for all and particularly for him. He suggested that all decisions and future policies at CHQ level, AUAB should be properly percolated up to bottom level for betterment of organization and stronger unity required for victory of any such call. He also stressed that internal disputes are badly affecting functioning of SNEA and appealed all to come up for better future of executives in BSNL by overcoming internal differences.  

·        Com. Nikhil Gawai, SNTTA Aurangabad in his address while conveying best wishes shared that when he and his teammates have started their carrier it was looking like very bright future but in today’s circumstances it seems to be darker as BSNL is passing through very is critical condition and even salary and MSEDCL bills are also stopped which was never expected by anybody. He appealed all to think about the BSNL first so that the future of everybody in BSNL is secured. 

·        Com. Ranjan Dani, CS NFTE MH was out of Aurangabad HQ but he made it possible to attend the District Conference of SNEA Aurangabad by long journey and addressed the meeting in Delegate session as special Guest. He was given warm welcome by SNEA. In his short but impressive address, he conveyed best wishes for grand success of District Conference. He appreciated unity of SNEA at Aurangabad as well as in Maharashtra Circle. He categorically mentioned leading role of SNEA in all agitational programs including recent three days strike by AUAB. He specially mentioned that strong participation of SNEA has written the success story of recent Strike. He was optimistic about the fruitful results of the strike in days to come. He appreciated the leadership and studied fighting spirit by Com M.S. Adasul as Circle Secretary SNEA MH and extended support on part of NFTE BSNL for all the issues of growth and development of BSNL. He assured for strong unity for every struggle by all comrades of NFTE. In conclusion, he conveyed thanks to Com Wani DS SNEA Aurangabad and his team for invitation and opportunity to address members of SNEA Aurangabad.

·        Com. R. S. Kolapkar, AGS, SNEA CHQ in his motivating address made house aware that BSNL’s present phase is very critical. BSNL is having a vast network, but due to scarcity of Net worth, we are finding difficulties to provide services. He added that Jio through Govt is putting a tremendous pressure that BSNL should not get net worth, resulting in dues of electricity bills, vender payments, labor payments, maintenances payments etc. He said that we are forced to put off exchanges/BTS down affecting our revenue and our salaries are delayed and their goal is to create total ‘industrial unrest’ in BSNL. Media is defaming our staff and services and total negative atmosphere is being created against BSNL. We have to accept the challenge to turn this atmosphere in positive. When Govt /media is not with us we should utilize social media, today’s modern tool. If we overview profit loss since inception of BSNL, we were in profit up to 2008-09 and in a consistent loss since 2009-10 up till. Consolidated loss is around 13000 Cr. But negatively it is being spread as 90000 Cr. However, from DoT dues yet to come to BSNL against Excess Pension Contributions, work done of Government Projects, Income Tax excess collected, Payment of DOT and Term Cell employees is Rs. 54500 Cr., so, where is loss for BSNL? We are low debt company as compared to private Telco’s. We have several positive factors like our social responsibilities, increasing port in MNP’s, huge retirements in coming years will bring down payment on salaries, if 4G spectrum allotted, allowed to take loans, we will definitely bounce back. He appealed that everyone should become part of #saveBSNL campaign on tweeter. He informed house that recently GTI is made through and likely welfare claim of SNEA is increased up to 1.5 Lakh and will be settled by LIC within 7 days and for that everyone should keep their SNEA subscription through salaries. He appreciated the work of Existing Body of SNEA Aurangabad and conveyed best wishes to new body.

·         Com M. S. Adasul CS SNEA MH in his address covered all development as well as HR issues in his usual style. He conveyed thanks to Aurangabad Comrades who have always supported him and gave example how it was Aurangabad comrades who have changed his mind for continuation as leader of SNEA MH. He conveyed thanks to Aurangabad Comrades for giving good leader to SNEA MH like Com Harish Sable who is working sincerely and with full devotion for executives in Martahwada as well as Account wing executives throughout Maharashtra Circle. He added that Aurangabad is become important center for AUAB activities as prominent Circle and CHQ leaders are from Aurangabad SSA and SNEA also has followed same steps and Com. R.S. Kolapkar is now representing SNEA CHQ from Aurangabad. He appreciated unity of the AUAB at Aurangabad and efforts done by leaders of AUAB Aurangabad for success of the three days strike. He appreciated efforts and leading role of SNEA Aurangabad in making all call successful. He congratulated Com. S. R. Wani DS and his team SNEA Aurangabad for strengthening SNEA Aurangabad and building strongest unity of Executives in Aurangabad District. He also conveyed thanks to comrades of SNEA Aurangabad for their contribution in giving status of recognize association to SNEA. He added that such strong unity is required all over India to overcome present crises. He said that toady we are meeting at very crucial time when there is confusion in the mind of everybody in the BSNL and when salary of Feb 19 was delayed by 15 days and many of exchanges and BTS were shut down due to nonpayment of Electricity due to shortage of funds. The delayed salary has shaken everybody and it has started serious thinking process among one and all and since last one month, different issues are raised on whats app group. It seems that uncertainty is manmade and no one is able to clear that when we not got any money from outside then from where we got money for salary payment exactly on 15th March as decided in HOCC meeting. Already the image of BSNL was spoiled due to disconnection of Electricity, and Stoppage of salary has put oil in it and both the actions have damages image of BSNL and its workforce to certain extent. He added that it was general Election which has came for rescue of BSNL and we have got some relief for next two months and during this two months we will have to take corrective actions for stopping wastage of BSNL money. We have to now think on loss profit and we cannot run loss-making services. Recent actions of DoT and Govt has made us clear about loss, profit and affordability and we will have to work only in these directions and make BSNL profit making company by not giving much importance to social obligations as we are doing for years together. He narrated about the existence of BSNL since 19 years is because of the contribution made by workforce of BSNL even though there was tough competition since formation of BSNL. We have faced competition from all Telecom Operators and until entry of Jio, the competition was ethical. But since entry of Jio unethical practices of free are being used to finish competition in Telecom sector Already out 14 telecom companies about ten are closed and others including BSNL are under threat of closure. The privation of telecom sector was done with aim of bring fare competition in telecom sector and now after 19 years again attempts are made for killing the fare completion among Telecom companies and efforts are being made for monopoly of R-Jio. Until now, we have got much from BSNL with or devoted efforts and we will continue to get it if we could sustain the present competition in Telecom sector for coming one year as thereafter the competition will be stable. R-Jio is enjoying all tax benefits as new entrant company and after three years, it would have to bear these obligations and that time free services may not be possible. He gave figures of the data charges all over world and how data charges are at lowest in India and how it is badly affecting Telecom companies. In days to come certain efforts will be made to increase these charges, which in turn will benefit BSNL, but till time we will have to sustain pressure with full devotion. He added that initially BSNL was not allowed to enter in mobile market but when entered made mobile affordable to common people and unwanted charges on incoming calls are stopped. While pointing out at how BSNL money is being paid more, he narrated that OFC tender is already available with all SSA and works are carried out at affordable amount. But now centralization of these works is being done and cost of tenders floated has increased three to four times of the existing expenditure of many of SSAs. That means what works SSA were doing in @ 25 will be charged @ 100. Further condition of penalties of OFC tender are such that vendors may prefer to pay penalty and get remaining amount due for him as amount of penalty is fixed and it cannot be increased beyond that limit. He added that there many works wherein BSNL is paying more than the actual or justified charges. He further made aware house that one should be very careful while signing such bills and he /she should give topmost priority to BSNL while signing any document. Everybody must understand that his signature has much importance and his aim should be priority to interest of BSNL. He elaborated how mobile expansion tender was first cancelled and after strong oppose by joint forum it was partially approved by the then MoC Shri. A Raja for procurement of 50% equipment. Due to present circumstances blame game has been played by Govt/ DoT for the failures of BSNL and it is being propagated that Salary payments is major expenditure and elaborated how it is wrong and how BSNL is maintaining its majority of services at own and how private operators have outsourced all activities. He further elaborated that policies are adopted against interest of BSNL and quoted example that hundreds of BSNL towers are shared by R-JIO. But no single tower of R-Jio is shared with BSNL. This is not business policy and equal opportunity and such policies are damaging BSNLs growth. Though Govt has given NOFN projects to BSNL, we could not meet its deadline as its planning itself was poor and we were careless at this initial stage itself. Further efforts are made for success of it, but by that time DoT and Govt is annoyed and NOFN project has become overburden for BSNL. While reporting progress of NOFN, exaggerated report of  GP lit were given and when time came for execution of work there is no GP available practically and it has spoiled this project otherwise it was to generate good revenue for BSNL. We have to change work culture aggressively for executing of works in profitable manner. He added that there is good business available for BSNL, we can capture more and more business for BSNL, but we are unable to execute such business for different reasons. He added that earlier SSA Heads were having full powers and now SSA Heads do not have any powers except sending reports and attending VCs. This centralizing of powers has become main drawback of the system as the sensitivity and urgency of works is not reaching to competent authority. He appreciated Aurangabad Comrades for giving justice to contract Labors by assuring minimum payment to them. Recently with efforts of SNEA, many promotions were issued by BSNL and many more promotions are due which cannot be executed due to court cases. He elaborated house about status of different promotions in different cadre and issues thereof. He elaborated the hurdles in implementation of   CPSU cadre hierarchy and how it is delayed for last two years and not reaches situation that there is no taker for CPSU. He added that executives want promotions either by CPSU or by Promotions as thousands of post are vacant and can be filled easily if BSNL could come out of court cases. He stressed that we should close Exchanges/ BTS with very less revenue and we all should be keen for uptime of higher revenue BTS. He stressed that banks have adopted different culture through computerization and in BSNL; it is not implemented properly due to poor ERP implementation. He updated house about VRS, reduction of retirement age from 60 to 58, third PRC, Standard pay scales, allotment of 4 G spectrum to BSNL and pension revision and present status on all there important HR and Development issues. He further pointed out on division of executives in different associations and division of non-executives in different unions and how it has adversely affected the settlement of different demands. It added that in every PSU only one association is allowed and only one Union is allowed and who will be leader of it will be decided within that Union and Association. But in BSNL, everybody is given free hand to form separate Union/Association and with few members, also one can threaten the management and create hurdles in settlement of issues by recognized association/Unions. Due to such approach, the membership verification has lost its importance and he pointed out only one association and only one Union in BSNL is main requirement to overcome present crises among and within Unions and Associations. He updated house that about entire Board of Directors in empty as  many post of Directors are vacant for years together and not filled for different reasons. Only one Director is handling charges of CM, CFA, Finance and by next month he will have to take charge of HR also and CMD BSNL is also due for retirement by June 2019. Though CMD BSNL firmly assured for 15% PRC and 6% SAB but he could not meet the commitments even after period of 2-3 years is passed. The condition is so worsened over the period that we are compelled to forget about 3rd PRC and to worry about monthly salary. Many of the HR issues are also pending as trapped in different court cases. Further results are expected only after formation of Government after Loksabha general Elections and formation of new Board of Directors by filling vacant post of Board of Directors. Now new CMD is appointed and it will take time to streamline the working of BSNL Board with new setup and hopefully things will move in right directions in next 3-4 months. He reminded house that till now BSNL has given us lot and brought us in very good and prestigious position and elaborated how we are getting higher salaries as compared to other organizations. Now it is time to reciprocate and give back to BSNL. He appealed all the comrades to put the devoted efforts in intelligent manner by stopping all loss making units and keeping focus on profit and revenue for BSNL. He conveyed thanks to SNEA Aurangabad for inviting him for District Conference, even though approval his co-option as CS in CEC Pune is till awaited from SNEA CHQ. In conclusion of his impressive address covering all issues with classic examples, he appealed all comrades to think positive and be energetic by remembering strengths of BSNL and own strength and move ahead fearlessly for meeting challenges before BSNL with strongest unity of entire workforce of BSNL. 

·        Thereafter Com. K.P. Kulkarni DGM Aurangabad and representative of BA Head addressed the house. On behalf of the administration, he conveyed best wishes for grand success of the District Conference. He elaborated how he is representing both association and management and shared his experience as DGM as well as life time leader on different portfolios in SNEA. He elaborated house about the critical financial issues being faced by BSNL and day to issues and guided house how to overcome it. He was optimistic for change in the situation and appealed house to take sincere efforts for growth and development of BSNL. He appreciated the unity of executives built by SNEA Aurangabad. He assured total co-operation on part of administration for new District Body of SNEA Aurangabad. 

·        In presidential speech, Com. V. G. Thakur President SNEA Aurangabad summarized the proceedings of the Open Session. He elaborated how SNEA Aurangabad has taken steps towards unity of executives with Com Wani DS and elaborated house about the strongest unity of the executives under banner of SNEA Aurangabad. He conveyed thanks to all for making this District Conference grand success by active presence of majority of SNEA members.

·        Com. U. M. Joshi conveyed Votes of thanks to all the leaders who addressed the gathering and also to all the comrades who have actively participated in the Open Session and thereafter the house adjourned for lunch.

·        After lunch in delegate session Com. S. R. Wani DS SNEA Aurangabad presented his report on SNEA activities over the period and it was unanimously accepted by the house.

·        After lunch in delegate session Com. Sachin S. Nikam DT SNEA Aurangabad presented report on SNEA Financial position and activities over the period and it was unanimously accepted by the house.

·        In Delegate session many of the comrades have asked queries about HR and Development issues like Status of Standard Pay Scales , Five increments for new JAOs/JTOs, 30% SAB, Pension Revision,  Status of Left out AGM promotions, JTO to SDE DPC,  results of strike and review of agitational approach, Action about SNEA members not participating in strike /agitational call, coming out of AUAB by SNEA, Confirmation of JAOs, Rule 8 & Rule 9 transfers of JAOs, Relieving of JAOs under Rule 9 transfers, Operation of seniority among Telecom and non-recruiting Circles while issuing orders for Looking After Arrangements , Repatriation to DoT, Individual long pending case of pending TA Bill, Tenure and Non Tenure transfers within MH Circle, Pending TBP case of Aurangabad SSA at Circle office Mumbai, Issue of CDA option and its status, Holding GB meetings as Regular interval etc were answered satisfactorily answered by Com M. S.  Adasul CS SNEA MH, Com. R. S. Kolapkar AGS SNEA CHQ and Com. S. R. Wani DS SNEA Aurangabad.

·        Com. N. P. Baxi, VP SNEA Aurangabad was nominated as Election Officer and Com. V.E. Gogate was nominated as Assistant Election Officer unanimously for Election of New District Body of SNEA Aurangabad.

·        Thereafter Com. V.G. Thakur President SNEA Aurangabad declared that the district Body of SNEA Aurangabad is dissolved.

·        In unanimous elections with single panel, New Executive body of Aurangabad consisting following leaders was elected.


1.     District President             Com. A. B. Mohite                         AO Works

2.     Vice President                  Com. M. A. Kulkarni                    SDE Civil

3.     Vice President                  Com.  P.S. Adgaonkar                  AGM Mobile

4.     District Secretary             Com. S. S. Hon.                              AGM S&M

5.     Asstt District Secretary    Com. G. M. Ingle                           AGM Rural

6.     Asstt  District Secretary  Com. G. A. Mali                             JAO TR

7.     District  Treasurer            Com. A. N. Sayed                          AGM WTR

8.     Organizing Secretary      Com. Ramesh Dubile                    JTO NIB

9.     Organizing Secretary      Com. Mrs. S. A. Mandaogade      SDE Elect

10.            CEC member                        Com. Datta Dubile.              JTO NOFN

11.            Auditor                                  Com. Vasant Halge              Auditor

·        The newly elected District Body was given Oath of allegiance by Com. Harish Sable Joint Secretary Marathwada SNEA MH.

·        Important and strategic decision by Aurangabad Comrades, all the members of old District Body have given chance to new faces as DOBs and entire District Body of new faces will be leading SNEA Aurangabad. 

·        It was memorable, nicely arranged, and well-attended District Conference under leadership of Com. S. R. Wani DS and Com. V.G. Thakur DP and their team of SNEA Aurangabad and valuable guidance of Com. R. S. Kolapkar AGS CHQ.

·        The entire proceedings of District Conference from start to end were nicely and beautifully anchored by Com Girish Hiswankar and vote of thanks were given by Com U. M. Joshi.

·        The photos of the entire District Conference were captured by Com N.G. Sanghai, Ex OS SNEA Aurangabad.

·       PHOTOs  <<<<>>>



28 Mar 19:  DGM Pers Policy BSNL Corporate office issued polished letter indirectly declaring certain SSAs headed  GMs(including upgraded JAG level GMs) as  Business Area . Letter <<<>>>

·        As per BA concept, SSAs were merged and one Business Area was formed by mergers of two to Four SSAs as per wish and will of concerned CGMs.

·        Thereafter some JAG level officers were upgraded as GMs and posted as SSA Heads.

·        Now, due to poor HR approach, in some SSAs, GM level officers are posted whereas it should be TDM level officer and some of posts of BAs are vacant and additional charge is given to other BA Heads.

·        In some cases, GMs as SSA Heads are compelled to report to another GM level BA Heads but action was taken for shifting/transfer of GM level SSA Heads to vacant post of BA Heads. This was requirement of concerned officers and there was unrest among GM level officers for such reporting to same rank officer due to BA concept.

·        Now BA concept cannot be withdrawn, as it will prove the failure of management and at the same time anomaly is to be withdrawn between two GM /PGM level officers in reporting and hence this intelligent order is issued.

·        In this polished letter, it has been declared that SSAs which are headed by GM level officers including upgraded GMs will be converted from SSA to BA and no need of reporting by these GMs to other GMs/PGMs as SSA Heads w.e.f. 01/04/2019.   

·        As such, from 01/04/2019, no GM level Officer including upgraded JAG level officers will report to any other GM/PGM level Officer as BA Head and will directly function as BA Head.

·        But the SSA Head concept for TDM/DGM level officers will continue and they will have to report to other BA Heads as per on-going practices.

·        This is nothing but indirect acceptance of failure of BA Head concept and it can be seen that BA head concept was/is practically applied only for tenders and bills of contractors and other responsibilities were /are with SSA Heads Only.

·        It was proposed in BA Head concept that Planning and administrative activities of SSAs will be centralised at BA Heads but since last three years no such action is  taken by even by single SSA/BA.

·        With this order, from 01/04/2019, the applicability of concept of SSA Head or BA Head will not be decided on working lines or on actual requirement of SSAs, but it will be SSA if it is headed by DGM level officer and it will be BA if it is headed by GM level officer. 

·        This is how BSNL management is using the concepts as per requirement of certain officers and not as per requirement of the BSNL and this is one of the reasons for poor performance of BSNL in many of the SSAs/BAs.

·        Making SSAs as BAs or BAs as SSAs will not solve problems of BSNL and may not generate revenue as desired by management and DoT for affordability clause, until the original powers of SSAs Heads are restored with SSA/BA Heads. 


 28 Mar 19:  SCEE Mumbai writes all GMs and PGMs in Maharashtra Circle for conversion of  High Tension Electricity Connections in Low tension Electricity Connections for 30 Exchanges  which will save 10% of Electricity Bills  and this activity is to be completed within 10 days period. Letter <<<>>>  List <<<>>>


 28 Mar 19:  Jt GM CW BD BSNL Corporate office forwards the BSNL manual for procurement of Good & Equipment’s in Civil wing and calls for shortcomings /errors of any within 15 days period. Letter <<<>>>  Manual <<<>>>


 28 Mar 19:  CMD BSNL writes to State Secretaries of all State Governments for offering BSNL WINGs services to  discounted price for all Govt Employees. Letter <<<>>>


 28 Mar 19: CMD BSNL writes to Circle/Unit Heads of BSNL for spending half an hour per day for WINGs services and to ensure that 100% indicators are allotted within this financial year i.e. before 31/03/2019. Letter <<<>>>


28 Mar 19:  With informal letter, CGMT MH writes BA/SSA Heads for celebrating ASSEM Days and bring back disconnected customers and achieve targets of 11354 connections during FY 2018-19 . Letter <<<>>>


28 Mar 19:  GM & CLO BSNL Corporate office writes all Units/Circle Heads informing that the advice of CLO SCT on SC ST on reservation policy matters is not advisory in nature but it is binding on all cadre controlling authorities. Letter <<<>>>


 27 Mar 19:  AGM BW HR BSNL CO published left out Provisional All India Eligibility list 2018 of JTO Civil and calls for wide publicity of this list among concerned officers and corrections about missing data in seniority list within 30 days period. Letter <<<>>>


27 Mar 19:  DGM Pers Policy BSNL Corporate office issued orders lifting ban put on  deputation of BSNL employees to TRAI and fresh request from BSNL officers/Staff for TRAI and directs for consideration of all such request for deputation to TRAI, but it seems ban continues for deputation to BBNL and TCIL. Letter <<<>>>

·        After recent salary crises of Feb 2019, many of the senior officers working in BSNL have applied for deputation to other departments and same were kept on hold.

·        Many of the BSNL officers and Staff are willing to work on deputation to other departments, but same was restricted by BSNL in Jan 2019.

·        One side BSNL and DoT says that there is excess manpower in BSNL and hence VRS or retirement age is badly required for revival of BSNL and other side the hundreds of request of BSNL officers for deputation to other PSUs, Govt Departments are being kept on hold creating confusion where there are excess Officers in BSNL or there is shortage of officers.

·        With this at least officers will to work on deputation to TRAI may get chance to work outside BSNL and the salary burdon of BSNL will be reduced to that extent.

·        Hope similar action is taken by BSNL for allowing deputation of officers to all other Government Departments, PSUs as per willingness of officers working in BSNL including the officers recruited by BSNL.


 27 Mar 19:  Under Secretary, Department of Pension and pension Welfare, Govt Of India writes DDG Estt DoT that revision of pension of the absorbed combined service pensioners of BSNL& MTNL from 01/01/2007 will create anomaly if it is approved before 3rd Pay Revision to serving employees of BSNL/MTNL and calls for the detail report from DoT. Letter <<<>>>


 26 Mar 19:  AGM Pers-I BSNL CO calls for data of stay particulars of all DGMs (Adhoc/ Regular) from all disciplines i.e. Telecom, Account, Civil and Electrical in prescribed format and last date of submission of data is 03/04/2019. Letter <<<>>>


 26 Mar 19:  SCEE Mumbai writes all GMs and PGMs in Maharashtra Circle for changing the Electricity tariff of 1200 Non BSNL BTS sites from Commercial to Industrial tariffs wherein the reduction in Electricity bills is expected to 40% of total Electricity bills of these 1800 BTS sites and these changes are to be incorporated within period of seven days. Letter <<<>>>  List <<<>>>

·        These are the cases, which needs immediate action as BSNL Corporate office has already reduced the fund allotment causing outstanding amount for many sites and many of the sites and Exchanges were down for prolonged period.

·        Now BSNL has made certain payment and in view of Loksabha General Elections, MSEDCL is given orders for not disconnecting Electricity of BSNL even though outstanding amount is pending. 

·        Once Election is over, MSEDCL may again start disconnecting the Electricity and hence everybody has to take effort to convert Electricity tariffs from Commercial to Industrial charges, which will reduce the Electricity bills by 40%, which is huge among for cash trapped BSNL.

·        Apart from this, decision needs to be taken on running the loss making BTS sites wherein either efforts needs to make these sites economical by adding more customers and till any site is found loss making same needs to be closed and shifted to any other revenue earning location, which can make these sites commercially viable.

·        SNEA MH appeals all comrades to take up special pains and complete all such works with top most priority.


26 Mar 19:  SCEE Mumbai issued office Order for shifting the Head Quarters of Electrical sub-division from Panvel to Pen in Raigad. Letter <<<>>>


26 Mar 19:  AGM BW HR BSNL CO issued Own Cost Request Transfer orders in EE Civil cadre wherein one EE C from Indore, MP Circle, Shri. P. K. Khare is posted as EE  HQ Mumbai.  Letter <<<>>>


26 Mar 19:  CGMT MH Circle writes to all SSA Heads for monetisation of vacant built up space and quarters. Letter <<<>>>


25 Mar 19:  EE EP Mumbai calls for willingness by email under SDE LA Arrangements at Chandrapur, Solapur and Goa SSA from the ten JTO Electrical working at different SSAs and eligible as per their seniority. The last date for submission of options is 05/04/2019.  Letter <<<>>>


25 Mar 19:  AGM DE & R Mumbai writes all Units Heads in Maharashtra Circle to adhere the CGA (Companionate Ground Appointment) guidelines scrupulously while submitting proposals for CGA Cases. Letter <<<>>>


 22 Mar 19:  As per the notification issued by Com. S. R. Wani, District Secretary SNEA Aurangabad, the District Conference of SNEA Aurangabad is scheduled on 24/03/2019 at Yashomangal Karyalaya, Aurangabad. Notice <<<>>>

·        DS SNEA Aurangabad makes appeal to all comrades of SNEA Aurangabad to participate in mass and make this District Conference a grand success.

·        SNEA Maharashtra conveys best wishes for grand success of this District Conference.


 22 Mar 19:  AGM BW HR BSNL Corporate office writes to PCE/CE Civil Zones for confirmation of data from service books of  concerned SDE Civil who have requested for changes/corrections in data of seniority list of SDE Civil and compliance is to be g9ven within seven days period. Letter <<<>>>


22 Mar 19:  CAO FC Mumbai issued posting order of newly recruited JAOs who have successfully completed the 11 weeks JAO Pre-appointment Training. Letter <<<>>>

As per statement of GM Fin Mumbai itself, there are excess Account Personal at Nagpur & Raigad SSAs, but till one more JAO is posted to Nagpur as well as Raigad SSA.


 22 Mar 19:  AGM NWO CM III BSNL Corporate office writes to Circle/Unit heads on Negative growth in 3G Unique counts and requests analyse the reasons and increase the customer base in March 2019. Letter <<<>>>


 22 Mar 19:  PGM Admn & PR BSNL Corporate Office issued orders for enhancement of Driving charges applicable only for GM and above level officers working at BSNL Corporate office New Delhi. Letter <<<>>>


 22 Mar 19:  PGM C &M BSNL Corporate Office endorses the letter issued by DDG (PM) DoT to Chief Secretaries of States/UTs about non disconnection of Electricity supply to BSNL Telecom Installations/establishments and writes Circle/Unit Heads to give it wide publicity to prevent disconnection of Electricity at Vital Telecom installations of BSNL across the state. Letter <<<>>>


 21 Mar 19:  DGM CSC Mumbai issued orders for nominating DR JAOs as Nodal officers for clearing all pending Audit Paras in concerned SSAs. Letter <<<>>>


 21 Mar 19: AGM WL& Sports BSNL Corporate Office conveyed decision of competent authority about suspension the Sports and Cultural activities in BSNL for period of one year i. e. 01/04/2019 to 31/03/2019 as Austerity Measures in view of financial conditions of BSNL. Letter <<<>>>

Many more such decisions as Austerity measures are required by BSNL management to deal with the present crises and challenges in front of BSNL. Let us hope such efforts will continue in days to come and we all such welcome and support such decisions actively.


 21 Mar 19:  CE Elect Mumbai writes to SSA/BA Heads for taking up matter with MSEDCL for refund of Security Deposits in respect of 1802 BSNL sites for which Electricity connections are closed by BSNL. Letter <<<>>>  List  <<<>>>


 21 Mar 19:  AGM Estt Mumbai issued orders for Six Weeks JTO Phase II Training at ALTTC Ghaziabad from 15/04/2019 to 24/05/2019 in two separate batches i.e. one batch of IT stream  and another batch of EB stream. Letters    EB Batch <<<>>>   IT Batch   <<<>>>


21 Mar 19:  AGM Admn Mumbai writes SSA/BA/Unit Heads in Maharashtra Circle calling for justification of vehicles as per assets as on 31/03/2019. Letter <<<>>>




16 Mar 19:  SNEA Maharashtra conveys best wishes to all the executives of BSNL who are appearing for MT Examination being held on 17/03/2018 for their grand success in this Examination.


16 Mar 19:  CE Elect Mumbai writes all SSA Heads for stopping rents of exchanges closed from month of December 2018 and also for vacating the rental Bldgs, stopping electricity payments and also for stopping AMCs of DG/AC/FD for these exchanges. Letter <<<>>>

·        SNEA MH appreciates this good and vigilant initiative by CEE Mumbai for saving unwanted expenditure and stopping further loss to BSNL.

·        Similar actions for stopping loss to BSNL on all fronts by all other units/ sections/ officers will definitely bring BSNL in profit as demanded by DoT and Govt of India. 


16 Mar 19:  Status of Tenure Transfers: SNEA MH is getting many queries about the delayed transfer orders from tenure stations and we are continuously pursuing for tenure transfers.

·        Though in last meeting, Shri. Aman Jaiswal, GM HR Admn Mumbai has firmly assured to issue tenure Transfers in first week of March 2019, he could not meet the commitment.

·        By now, Personal cell BSNL Corporate office issued clarification for issuing Transfer orders for tenure stations in the interest of service and transfers to non-tenure stations are to be avoided and given green signal to go ahead with Tenure transfers.

·        But till the uncertainty on consideration of tenure transfer in Maharashtra Circle continues as no action has been taken even after repeated assurances by GM HR Admn Mumbai and CGMT MH Circle.

·        As on today, field units have submitted data required by staff section and also options as called two times by Staff section over the period of last two months have been received in Circle Office by its last date, which was 23/02/2019.

·        Since then, the data of options and vacancies was being studied by AD Staff, AGM Staff & DGM HR/Admn Mumbai and now it has been handed over to GM HR Admn Mumbai for giving final shape.

·        Though some efforts are being taken by the GM HR Admn Mumbai and his team of staff section by calling options, the officers working at tenure stations are feeling that this is nothing but time killing tactics and attempt to further delay the transfer orders.

·        It is important that Tenure transfers were due in Sept 2018 and at that time; everything was consolidated and processed in file for issuing tenure transfer orders, but at last moment Shri. Peeyush Khare, CGMT MH has taken stand to delay the tenure transfers for indefinite period.

·        For last six months different ideas are being adopted just for showing that action is being taken for consideration of Tenure transfers and every time the executives at tenure station are waiting with high hopes, but practically no progress is seen except calling options and its consolidation.

·        This delay in issuing tenure transfers is creating more and more problems for the executives held up at tenure stations thereby increasing unrest among these executives.

·        Many of the executives are calling on daily basis about the status of Tenure transfers as many of the rumours are being spread on the subject and only transfer order can give full stop to all such rumours.

·        All the tenure-completed executives are waiting for long time with high hopes from CGMT MH to give consent to GM HR Admn Mumbai for issuing tenure transfer orders.

·        Today, we have again requested Shri. Aman Jaiswal, GM HR Admn Mumbai and reminded him for issuing tenure transfer orders, he has informed that he is on job and the consolidation of data is complete on his side and with approval of CGMT MH, by next week Tenure transfer orders will be issued.

·        Till now the options are called for considering tenure transfers of executives who are completing tenure by end of Oct 2019 and transfer orders are expected accordingly. 

·        SNEA MH appreciates the prolonged patience shown by the executives working at tenure stations and appeals all the comrades to have some more patience with hopes that with approval for issuing tenure transfers by Shri. Peeyush Khare CGMT MH, the tenure transfers will be issued by next week as assured by GM HR Admn Mumbai. 


15 Mar 19:  Good News II:    Delayed Salary of Feb 2019 is being paid today:  After good news of restoration of Electricity of Telephone Exchanges/BTSs,  it is second good news that Salary of all the officers and Staff of the BSNL of Month February 2019  which was not disbursed since last 15 days will be disbursed today.

·        We all were/are struggling for third PRC for last 2-3 years and have made sincere efforts including recent three days strike, but all off sudden situation was created that by forgetting PRC we were compelled to ask for salary of February 2019.

·        Many rumours and news were circulated during last 15 days on Whats App group and social media, and very body was eager to know the actual date of Salary of February 2019. Finally, it has come and though earlier it was assured by CMD BSNL to AUAB CHQ leaders that Salary Feb 2019 will be disbursed before Holi Festival i.e. on or before 20/03/2019. But, yesterday some changes took place at Delhi and it was twitted by CMD BSNL that BSNL employees and officers will get Salary of February 2019 today i.e. 15/03/2019.

·        Accordingly, BSNL Corporate Office has passed instructions to Circles and same has been received by Maharashtra Circle. Hopefully, after completing further office formalities, salary will be deposited to the bank accounts of all employees and officers by today’s itself or maximum today in case of some banks.

·        This delayed salary of Month February 2019 has shaken all employees and officers working in BSNL including officers working n deputation in BSNL. Everybody has expressed concern on such unexpected critical financial condition of BSNL and is worried about future of BSNL as well as his/her own future in BSNL.

·        We all should take it as warning bell for all of us and now it has become compulsory for all of us to be more vigilant and alert and see that even single rupee of BSNL is not wasted on unwanted works and in false payments to vendors and contractors.

·        When we all should be vigil and alert to clear all genuine and legitimate payments and we should be more vigilant and alert for stopping/rejecting all exaggerated demands of payments from certain vendors/contractors without the justified works.

·        Apart from alertness about BSNL money, we will have to review our personal financial planning by taking note of financial condition of BSNL and plan all our financial activities accordingly.

·        If we allow the beloved BSNL to bleed and looted by certain contractors & vendors without justified works with our blind approach and just signatures under pressure of some senior officers/contractors, it means we are giving part of our salary to contractors/vendors and it will in turn again stop our salary.

·        SNEA MH appeals all comrades to be vigilant and alert on interest of BSNL and work with top most priority to issues related to survival of BSNL.

·        Till now, the situation is in our control to certain extent and as twitted by CMD BSNL, we can again immerge as strong PSU with our such devoted and dedicated works.

·        Think Positive, Be positive and work with mission Save BSNL which in turn will save our jobs and families.

·        Let us hope that such situation as that of Salary of February 2019 will never come again and we will continue to get our salary at the end of every month as happened in past and for that we contribute with such extreme sincerity and honesty.  


15 Mar 19:  Good News I:  Finally MSEDCL started Reconnection of Electricity Supply of BSNL Telephone Exchanges and BTSs: In an unexpected action in present uncertain conditions due to critical financial crises of BSNL, finally code of conduct due to Loksabha Elections has come for rescue of the BSNL and its workforce for reconnection of Electricity supply of hundreds of Exchanges and BTSs.

·        In changed scenario, the electricity of  hundreds of Telephone Exchanges and BTS of BSNL disconnected by MSEDCL due non-payment of Electricity Charges is being restored even though entire payments are not yet cleared by BSNL.

·        We all are happy to see that our Exchanges and BTS are restored again in an unexpected manner and we can continue Telecom services as usual.  

·        In total unfortunate and disastrous situation, over the period of last 2-3 months, BSNL officers and staff were compelled to shut down the hundreds of Telephone Exchanges and BTSs due to disconnection of Electricity supply by MSEDCL.

·        The filed officers were facing very awkward and abusing situation from the customers as well as local political leaders due to failure of BSNL services. 

·        Though certain efforts were done on part of the certain officers, due to outstanding amount in Crores of rupees all over Maharashtra, MSEDCL has started disconnecting Electricity of BSNL and many of the HT connections were also disconnected. Electricity supply of some of the Exchanges and BTS was disconnected again after reconnection of earlier payments. We were surprised to see that MSEDCL staff was so cruel at some of locations that they have taken the Electricity Meters from BSNL sites as if the connections were disconnected permanently.

·        We feel that there was also some conspiracy on part of MSEDCL and certain staff and officers that they were overacting in disconnecting Electricity of BSNL by forgetting strong bonding and relations between two PSUs. Many of the comrades have doubted that these overacting officers of MSEDCL were working mercilessly as per directions and indications of some of private operators.

·        In unfortunate actions, about 1400 BTS and hundreds of Exchanges along with many lease circuits were shut down and it has badly affected to the customers of BSNL due to disruption of services by BSNL.

·        Finally, on declaration of elections and application of code of conduct, now everybody including Police, Election Commission, BSNL, certain political leaders and now MSEDCL has given instructions to its field units for restoration of MSEDCL supply for all Exchanges and BTS regardless of payments made by BSNL. Thus, about all BTS and Exchanges of BSNL throughout Maharashtra Circle are restored and few left will be restored very shortly.

·        This is big relief to all the staff and officers working in field units and directly facing the anguish of the customers.

·        With the recent actions and indications by Govt of India and DoT has given us clear message and directions that BSNL is no more PSU to work in losses for any reason including social cause and it has to earn profit at any cost. Thus, we will have to make it profit making PSU by stringent actions and concrete steps with only focus on profit from Telecom Business of BSNL. 

·        Now it is time to review the strategy by all BSNL Officers & Staff and we have to act immediately by taking action to reduce the Electricity charges for all establishments of BSNL by Energy Conservation measures in practical manner and not just on what’s app and twitter as happened in some earlier cases.

·        Also, immediate action is required on part of all SSAs, to work out on loss and profit from each and every Exchanges/BTS and office establishments. If it is seen that there are no chances of profit by any means from certain Exchanges/BTS or offices then all such units needs to be closed without further delay so that recurring loss in stopped at least at this stage.

·        Also, it is required that BSNL Staff and officers working in all such loss making units is deployed in such loss making Exchanges/BTS, Offices is utilised at suitable places, and revenue-earning units like FTTH.

·        Apart from this, as special action and courtesy on part of BSNL it is required by concerned Staff and officers in the field units/ Offices  to meet customers of BSNL affected due failure of BSNL services to and make them aware about the reasons for temporarily disturbance in BSNL services.

·        We should convey our sincere apologies for interruption in services during last few days and assure them for best quality and uninterrupted services by BSNL in days to come.

·        Such initiatives and actions on part of all of us regardless of cadre and post he/she is holding, will definately bring back faith of Telecom customers with BSNL.

·        SNEA MH appeals all comrades for such initiatives for energy conservation, closure of los making units and personally meeting affected customers and give them confidence for uninterrupted BSNL services in coming days.      


14 Mar 19:  AUAB Maharashtra writes to Chief Minister Maharashtra requesting him for his kind intervention and directions to Hon Minster of Energy Maharashtra for provision of uninterrupted Electricity supply to BSNL exchanges and BTS in view of on-going  Loksabha Election and to have smooth Telecom services by BSNL during this period. Letter <<<>>>


14 Mar 19:  DGM Rectt BSNL CO issued guidelines for exemption of MT candidates form Election or similar duties and its onus on candidate to appear in the MT Examinations. Letter <<<>>>


 14 Mar 19:  DGM Pers Admn BSNL CO issued guidelines for economy measures and  rationalisation of expenditure in consideration of request for transfer and posting for posting in areas other than tenure stations by BSNL employees and deployed officers  at Own Cost of the employees  for limited period of six months. Letter <<<>>>

·        Henceforth all Inter Circle Request transfers will be considered at the own cost of the employee by Pers Cell BSNL CO.

·        All Intra Circle Request transfers will be considered at the own cost of the employee by concerned Circle.

·        Transfers to tenure stations will continue to be at company cost.

·        The extreme cases transfer orders at company cost are to be sent to BSNL Corporate office with recommendations of Circle Head with complete justification of such company cost consideration.

·        These guidelines are to be strictly followed by all.


14 Mar 19:  AGM Pers II BSNL CO issued orders for ERP relieving of SDEs under transfer to other Circle at Own cost w.e.f. 14/03/2019 and keeping in abeyance the relieving of all other executives under transfers with company cost (Excluding transfers to tenure stations). Letter <<<>>>

It is further directed in this letter that the modification in the transfer order of these executives can be considered if their request are received for own cost transfers through proper channel.    


 14 Mar 19:  CS SNEA MH writes Shri. Peeyush Khare CGMT MH Circle Reminder Request for settlement of unrest among the executives working at tenure stations by considering the request transfers from tenure stations without further delay. Letter <<<>>>  


 14 Mar 19:  CMD BSNL writes DO letter to all Circle/Unit Heads for special and personalised efforts for maximum cash collection during month of March 2019. Letter <<<>>>  


 14 Mar 19:  GM & CLO SCT Cell BSNL CO writes Circle/Unit Heads clarifying that all the executives posts which are managerial level posts will be considered as Creamy layer except the executives whose income is less than Rs Eight lakhs per annum. Letter <<<>>>  


 14 Mar 19:  Tele Density and Market share of different Telecom Operators as on Dec 2018. Letter <<<>>>  


14 Mar 19:  AGM Admn Mumbai endorsed the letter issued by Dy Secretary and Joint Chief Electoral Officer, Maharashtra State for exemption of Staff and Vehicles of BSNL which are crucial for maintenance of BSNL systems. Letter <<<>>>  


14 Mar 19:  AGM Estt-I BSNL CO writes all Circle/Unit Heads conveying table of benefits under Central Government Employees General Insurance Scheme (CGEGIS ) 1980. Letter <<<>>>  


13 Mar 19:  CS SNEA MH writes Shri. Peeyush Khare CGMT MH Circle registering protest against undue & deliberate delay in settlement of certain important Development and HR issues and requesting for settlement of these critical issues without further delay. Letter <<<>>>  


13 Mar 19:  EE P&D Civil Mumbai writes to SE Civil Mumbai/Pune conveying guidelines for austerity measures in executive of Civil works. Letter <<<>>>  


13 Mar 19:  AGM EB MH Mumbai endorsed the letter on  implementation for Smart Election Monitoring/Web casting solution by BSNL to all SSA Heads and calls for the proposals. Letter <<<>>>  


12 Mar 19:  AGM Estt IV BSNL CO issued general instructions for joining educational institutions outside office normal hours for pursuing higher qualifications through correspondence/Distinct Learning/ Part time by executives as well as non-executives and competent authority to grant such permissions. Letter <<<>>>  


12 Mar 19:  AGM SR BSNL CO informs GS of recognised unions and Associations in BSNL that a committee has been constituted to review the rate of Employers contribution to the superannuation Pension Fund Trust for Directly recruited Employees of BSNL. Letter <<<>>>  


12 Mar 19:  DGM CFA BSNL CO writes all General Secretaries of Unions and Associations of BSNL with copy to all CGMs about awareness of CFA new initiatives. Letter <<<>>> Annex <<<>>>  


12 Mar 19:  DGM Admn Mumbai issued orders appointing separate CPIO, APIO  for handling RTI applications related to Mobile wing. Letter <<<>>>  


11 Mar 19: Save Electricity Save BSNL, Excellent Energy Saving by Jalgaon SSA: {Report by Com. Amit Kulkarni CWCM SNEA MH}:  By sensing the need of hours in critical financial condition of BSNL, Jalgaon SSA takes special initiatives and steps for Energy Saving. Presently, BSNL is facing very severe electricity shutdown by MSEDCL due to non-payment of electricity bills and this has resulted in shutting down of our exchanges and BTSs, which is further leading to loss of revenue and in turn loss of faith of loyal customers. In such scenario, all have to join hands together to bring down the electrical expenses by implementing all possible ways. One such example is set by Electrical wing comrades of Jalgaon SSA namely Com. Sanjay Ghadge, SDE Elect Jalgaon {9422803499} and Com. Jayprakash P. Patil, JTO Elect Jalgaon {9422275345}.

             The Jalgaon SSA team and electrical team in a major decision decided to switch off the legacy AC package units of Jalgaon Main OCB exchange of 6 X 7 TR capacities and replaced it by split AC units. This strategic decision has resulted in reduction of energy consumption by 20%, which is in tunes of lakhs of rupees. This was done in July 2018 and since then Jalgaon SSA has saved around Rs. 30 Lakhs till Feb 2019. Just have a look at the chart below regarding the saving achieved. <<<>>>

           Similarly, at other SDCA HQs this activity has been implemented and resulted in huge savings of charges against Electricity bills. In another activity, all the spilt AC units from Non BSNL BTS sites are being removed and free cooling mechanism is being implemented.

SNEA MH appreciates the efforts taken by Jalgaon SSA and its Electrical wing and appeals comrades from all other SSAs and mainly from Electrical wing executives to work on similar lines of Jalgaon SSA by exploring all such possibilities of saving electricity and bringing down the electricity expenditure by all possible means. Such dedicated and specialised efforts by all SSAs/BAs can save Electricity Charges in lakhs/Crores of rupees of BSNL and same can be utilised other useful works. Please join hands in campaign of Save BSNL by exploring all possibilities of saving avoidable and unwanted expenditure to save our beloved BSNL, which in turn will save our jobs and families from present crises.


 11 Mar 19:  Director CFA BSNL Board, writes all Circle Heads for awarding best Circle in respect of “Wings” achievements on basis of wings achievement indicator to be calculated on basis of achievements of Circle from July 2018 to Mar 2019. Apart from Circle award, based on SSA wise indicator, one officer from each Circle will be awarded with appreciating letter with signature of Director CFA.   Letter <<<>>>  


 11 Mar 19:  DGM WL/SP-PHA BSNL CO issued guidelines for provision of “Wings” service connections. Letter <<<>>>  


 11 Mar 19:  AGM ST BSNL CO writes all Circle Heads calling for feedback on centralised procurement through CGM WB or decentralisation of all such items by concerned circles  and feedback is to be given within weeks’ time. Letter <<<>>>  


 11 Mar 19:  GM NWP BB BSNL CO issued clarification on increasing Bharat Fibre connection in Rural area through Digital Gram Sevak under business Model III. Letter <<<>>>  


 9 Mar 19:  AGM MS-III BSNL CO writes all Circle Heads for auction of 50 line stand alone or even Wi-Fi, /BTS for revenue share model at Circle level in order to bridge gap between revenue and Operation Expenditure. Letter <<<>>>  

·        This is good initiative as BSNL has starting thinking on loss and profit of exchanges at least up to 50 Lines.

·        BSNL should take concrete steps to review loss and profit of each exchange/BTS and if there is no chance of profit, then such exchanges and BTS should be closed without further delay and loss so that BSNL can meet the Profit and affordability condition of Govt Of India. 


9 Mar 19:  AGM BT-II BSNL CO writes CGMT MH Circle endorsing letter issued by DoT letter to CCA Mumbai for vacation second floor space of CTO Bldg Mumbai. Letter <<<>>>

·        There is dispute between BSNL MH Circle and CCA Mumbai about space of second floor CTO Bldg. BSNL has taken initiatives for generation of revenue by renting out vacant space at CTO Bldg and ground floor has been already rented out to Hon. High Court Bombay.

·        There is proposal to rent out more 10000 Sq Feet space for Hon High Court Bombay. But it could not be finalised as CCA Mumbai has not vacated the space and taken stand that this entire property is of DoT.

·       With this letter, matter will be resolved in favour of BSNL and BSNL will start generation of additional revenue from renting out 10000 Sq Feet space on second floor of CTO Bldg Mumbai. 


 9 Mar 19:  AGM Rect IV BSNL CO declared result of LICE for promotion of group C employees as JTO under 50% quota against vacancies of year 2016-17. Letter <<<>>>  List <<<>>>     


8 Mar 19: SNEA MH conveys best wishes on International Women’s Day. Happy Women’s Day.


8 Mar 19: SNEA Welcomes Shri. Manoj Sinhaji, Hon MOSC in Kalyan, MH:  On 05/03/2019, Shri. Manoj Sinhaji, Hon Minister of State Communication, Govt of India visited Kalyan in Maharashtra Circle, wherein he attended and addressed the gathering of intellectual’s names as “Intellectual Conference”. Sensing the opportunity, the delegation of SNEA consisting Com. M. S. Adasul, CS SNEA MH, Com. M. N. Kotambe ACS SNEA MH, Com. Mukesh Wadhwani DS SNEA Kalyan, Com. A.V. Patil AS SNEA Kalyan, Com. U.P. Mishra OS SNEA Raigad, Com. O.P. Singh OS SNEA Kalyan gave him welcome and draw his attention towards the issues of BSNL. Hon. MoSC was very much to meet BSNL people as his own people and has given special time for us. As his was very short period, we could not discuss the issues in detail, but Hon. MoSC has assured to take care of all issues of BSNL.

Photo I <<<>>>    Photo II <<<>>>    Photo III <<<>>>    Photo IV <<<>>>   Photo V <<<>>>


 8 Mar 19:  BSNL updated Vouchers. Prepaid Plans <<<>>>  Postpaid Plans<<<>>>    STVs <<<>>>


 7 Mar 19: Meeting with CGM ITPC Pune on critical issues of D-KYC and problems faced by Filed units: SNEA Delegation of lead by Com Bharat Sonawane CP, SNEA MH consisting Com. M. S. Adasul, CS SNEA MH, Com Prayag Pisal Joint Secretary Pune SNEA MH, Com Virendra Choudhary, DP SNEA Pune, Com P. L. N. Rao, DP SNEA ITPC Pune, Com Satish Aalandkar VP, SNEA Pune, Com D.V. Joshi OS SNEA Pune and Com. A.H. Salunke OS SNEA Pune had meeting with Shri Ashutosh Sharma, CGM ITPC, Pune in his chamber at 1500 hrs  on 27./02/2019 and discussed the burning issues of D-KYC due to poor services by vendor and other issues related to ITPC Pune. The details of discussions are as follows.

·        Meeting started with burning issue of electricity bill payment of ITPC Pune and issues of serious concern about working of ITPC Pune in view of threat by MSEDCL to disconnect the Electricity due to non-payments of electricity bills.  We have brought to his notice that though ITPC is important Circle and it has special importance over other Circles as important and centralized activities are going on at ITPC Pune. Presently the electricity bill are being processed by RTCC Pune through funds allotted to Pune TD by Maharashtra Circle wherein  ITPC gets last priority where as it should be among top priorities. Hence for ITPC separate Electricity fund needs to be allotted and payments needs to be done by ITPC with such priority so that no technical issue is reported for ITPC Pune. We requested CGM ITPC to take up matter with BSNL CO and get separate funds allotted for Electricity payments of ITPC Pune so that there should not be problem of electricity cut for ITPC Pune.

·        We also requested him to make arrangements for payment of Electricity Bills of ITPC Pune including RTCC Pune by ITPC itself from such separately and directly allotted funds. CGM ITPC Shri. Shrama assured to look into it and directed us to convey his message to all officers and staff in ITPC to take sincere efforts for saving of electricity by adopting measures. He has started from his office by switching on only two tube lights of big chamber and switching off lights/AC when he is not in Chamber. He added that the electricity bill of ITPC Pune was about Rs One Crore and with efforts taken over the period of last 3-4 months for energy saving measures, it has been reduced to RS 80 lakhs and his office is taking for its further reduction. 

·        We have shared with him our discussions with TERM Cell officers and demand of different Apps and Software from ITPC for different works in DoT. CGM ITPC shared that though use of ITPC talent is not made to desired extent in BSNL, it is being used by DoT and its units for computerization of office activities. The HRMS package, which was successful in BSNL, is being planned for DoT and many such request of Software are coming to ITPC. CGM ITPC added that for development of such apps and software, he needs sufficient and skilled manpower, but BSNL CO has reluctance in posting staff to ITPC and last priority is given to ITPC.    

·        On HR issues, CGM ITPC told he has taken care of all HR issues of ITPC Pune and other units and no any such issue is pending with him. On the contrary, he shared his worry about the transfer of Technical and skilled officer out of ITPC units on name of long stay transfers. He added that he is not against long stay transfers, and his only concern is that certain technical and experienced hands of ITPC should be transfers within units of ITPC so that their knowledge can be better utilized in the interest of BSNL. He requested association to take up the matter with BSNL Corporate Office accordingly to stop brain drain from ITPC.

·        We conveyed his thanks for allotment of space for canteen of ITPC Pune and settling long pending demand of Executives and staff of ITPC.

·        While starting discussions on D-KYC through Sanchar Adhar we have brought to notice of CGM ITPC the facts about total failure on part of vendor M/S Intense and how it has badly affected the SIM Sale of BSNL throughout India. We narrated him the practical issues and difficulties faced by executives in BSNL while processing CAF through Sanchar Adhar and how it was very easy and faster through BSNL SWIFT App, the in house App developed by ITPC itself. We were surprised to know that when field units are facing such hardship, CGM ITPC Pune was not aware about many of such critical issues and day to day difficulties even about issues of speed and frequent failure at regular intervals.

·        He informed that no one has brought to his notice such critical issues and whatever issues were brought to his notice till toady has been resolved. We have informed him that all such issues are regularly reported to vendor and concerned officers by SMS, by email by Whats APP but the response of vendor and concerned officers is very poor. Rather the staff of vendor and vendor are very casual in dealing with complaints and many complaints are not resolved for days and weeks together. WE narrated him that when private operators are able to active SIM within half an hour, we take days together even to fill up CAF.

·        There is one group created on name of Patanjali wherein all such complaints about D –KYC are regularly uploaded. Mr. Phaneendra, the representatives of M/S Intense is available on this group, but nothing is being taken care and same can be confirmed from pending complaints with vendor.  Even many of the officers of BSNL are available in this WA group, but no one is responding to the problems and it is directly affecting SIM Sale and customers are accusing the BSNL officers and Staff working in Melas and CSCs. CGM ITPC was surprised when there are so many senior officers in the What’s Up group of “Patanjali” (for D-KYC) where all the field problems of MNP are communicated to vendor M/s Intense. We have narrated him that Sanchar Adhar App is down for 2-3 times daily and it takes hours together to restore. The speed of App is very slow, the time taken for sending OTP is also much more as compared to BSNL SWIFT App. CGMT ITPC directed us to report such complaints directly to him by sms or Whats App on his mobile number.

·        Many more practical issues and facts are explained by our field staff Dr Satish Alandkar, Com D.V Joshi and Com Salunke. In support of our say these comrades have shown some sample screen shots of errors, regularly faced issues. 

·        We have shown the discussions going on Patanjali Group” and pending complaints thereof. We narrated that these are sample complaints and there are many issues which are not reported here as franchises and retailers are fed up with careless approach and as no one cares, complaints are not reported. Thus retailers and franchisees are giving priority to private operators even though in MNP commission paid by BSNL is more. If the issues of D-KYC are resolved and its speed is increased the SIM Sale and MNP of the BSNL will be double.

·        CGM ITPC was curious why this Group is called Patanjali group, when no issues of Patanjali are reported here and only D-KYC complaints are reported on this group. It was  informed him that this Sanchar Adhar started with Patanjali group and hence this group is names as Patanjali and same is being used as everybody has causal approach towards this group and complaints and no one is serious even though it is directly affecting BSNL. We have informed him that name D-KYC is correct name and we will request group Admns to change the name accordingly.  

·        After having looked at pendency of complaints and serious issues reported on this Whats App group, he requested to add him on Patanjali Whats App group so that he can take notice of some serious and long pending issues.

·        He informed that it may not be possible to react or respond on each and every compliant and cases reported , but he wills personally monitor all such issues reported on this group and assured that all such issues will be resolved on day to day basis.

·        We reminded  CGM ITPC that ITPC has developed the very good App “BSNL SWIFT”  for MNP SIM activation and it till in high demand, but BSNL has all of sudden shifted to Sanchar Adhar. But suddenly from November this in house and successfully used APP was closed and Sanchar Adhar was brought into use in hurry for activation of MNP. We requested to open the use of BSNL SWIFT App parallel in parallel with Sanchar Adhar so that filed units and retailers can use both the apps as per availability.  It will create competition to vendor M/S Intense and he also will improve the services through Sanchar Adhar. BSNL SWIFT App is very stable, easily accessible and mainly it gives faster results and our field staff was very satisfied with this app and there is high demand of reopening of this App.

·        In BSNL SWIFT, nothing was to be paid by BSNL and in Sanchar Adhar, BSNL is paying Rs Ten per CAF uploaded through Sanchar Adhar. We also brought to his notice that there is no clause of penalty and if available same is not applied with vendor and hence he is enjoying and moving ahead carelessly.  Also it is learned that for every activation we are paying to the vendor. But there is no any penalty for failure or delayed activation of SIM. BSNL is at second position for MNP from last 3-4 months. In this situation such obstacles from our system are not affordable in last quarter. Every time ITPC developed very good software for our use and suddenly vendor come and put his software in BSNL with name change. Every higher authority is in the race to increase the vendor activity. There is requirement of ITPC developed software module form some other government organizations and we are insisting for vendor app.

·        We handed over him the copy of letter by SNEA MH consolidating the issues faced by the filed units along with all supporting documents. CGM ITPC has gone through the cretin contents of letter and documents attached and replied that he has understood the depth of grievances and will surely look into all the issues raised in the letter. He assured delegation that next two weeks he will be on leave, but he will direct all concerned including vendor for immediate corrective action in resolution of issues.

·        CGM ITPC also suggested that he will like to have regular interaction and feedback on these issues and he will be most happy if any meeting is arranged with PGMT Pune in his office or in ITPC for getting all such issues resolved and he directed team Pune to have such arrangements so that issues can be taken care promptly. He further assured that after his return of leave, we will have one more meeting by third week of March, probably on or after 22/03/2019 to review progress on D-KYC. 

·        CGM ITPC conveyed thanks to SNEA for bring all such issues to his notice and expressed his readiness for resolution of any issue related to ITPC and now all the issues of D-KYC will be taken care.  He also assured to look into suggestion by delegation for reopening of Sanchar SWIFT App in parallel to the Sanchar Adhar App. Immediately he called concerned officers and has taken update about issue of D-KYC and what is required for reopening of BSNL SWIFT App.

·        Before conclusion of meeting CGM ITPC was added in Patanjali  WA group and later this group was renamed as D-KYC Maharashtra group

·        Com A. R. Paspule, DS SNEA ITPC Pune, Com. P. L. N. Rao, DP SNEA ITPC Pune and Com Viredndra Choudhary DP SNEA Pune  have taken initiatives for arranging such detail meeting with CGM ITPC given way to pending grievances and difficulties faced by BSNL in D-KYC and loss to BSNL due to careless approach of vendor and its staff.

·        On behalf of SNEA Com. Bharat Sonawane CP SNEA MH conveyed thanks to CGMT ITPC to spare time for to depth discussions on all issues and giving patience hearing to the field problems. He assured that SNEA will be regularly interacting with his office for resolution of D-KYC issues.

·        The meeting which lasted for about three hours with fruitful discussions on different issues and we are hopeful that the present issues worth D-KYC will be resolved to better extent.  

·        Letter by SNEA MH to CGM ITPC <<<>>>

·        Stepwise errors <<<>>>

·        Enclosures <<<>>>

·        Before meeting with CGM ITPC, SNEA Delegation has meeting with Shri. V.M. Dapurkar DE RTCC Pune and discussed issues related to training Centre. It was nice to here from him that first Solar plant under project Ojas is installed at RTTC Pune. He added that initially there was very low saving of electricity bill and with initiatives by him and his officers from RTTC along with Electrical wing officers, after joint visit to every corner of ITPC and RTTC, there is much saving in Electricity conservation. They shut down the unwanted loads, many unused UPS, unused monitors.  Many unwanted material from air-conditioned room was removed and scrapped. As results in February 2019 up to 20 % saving in electricity has been achieved. He shared that this is result of combined efforts of all RTTC and ITPC officers and staff. Now they are switch on the lights / FAN whenever necessary.

·        Shri V.M. Dapurkar also requested to arrange for separate bill of ITPC and RTTC so that expenditure can be booked separately and small amount payments can be made by RTCC itself. He also apprised us about the pending water bill and crises on holding the training batches in RTCC due to non-payment of water bills.  Though RTCC are ready to take JTO phase II batch, the non payments of Electricity and Water charges might be the obstacle. RTCC is also planning more batches for JTO Phase II in June 2019.

·        He informed that RTCC Pune is in profit as they have implemented different patterns for earning revenue for BSNL. He also told there is very good response for PDDUSKVP Broadband Technology Corse for 12th passed students and many colleges have responses with full strength. Under this course, the expenditure made is reimbursed by Govt of India and this is free course for any 12th Pass student and if the colleges are deputing students in batches it is highly appreciable. Only students have to pay Rs 25 for accommodation per day and food charges. He appealed to give wide publicity so that individual students get benefitted with update knowledge and RTCC go ahead with these good initiatives earning certain revenue for BSNL. The details of this training is available


 5 Mar 19:  BSNL Board in its Board meeting approved New Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Policy 2018 and in strategic decision  it has been decided that no funds will be allotted/incurred under CSR policy of BSNL till BSNL earns Net Profit. Letter <<<>>>       New CSR Policy 2018 <<<>>>

·        This good decision taken in view of critical financial condition of BSNL when many of the exchanges and BTS are down for non-payment of electricity bills and when majority of executives and non-executives have not received salary of Feb 2019.

·        Such further bold decisions are required for stopping avoidable and unwanted expenditure on different AMCs which are in Crore of Rupees, stopping expenditure and Closure of all loss making Establishments, Offices, Exchanges and BTS and focus only on profit making units/exchanges and BTSs to meet affordability obligations by DoT and Government of India.

·        It is also immediately required to have immediate action in stopping procurement of stores, stopping expenditure on repairing and coloring of buildings, stopping expenditure on Civil and Electrical avoidable works, withholding Expenditure of Hindi Rajbhasha savardhan, Sports, cultural activities so that there is control on overall Expenditure and further loss to BSNL is stopped.

·        All these activities can be re-started once the financial position of BSNL is suitable improved to afford such expenditure as Government and social obligations. 


 5 Mar 19:  AGM Pers-I BSNL Corporate Office New Delhi writes Secretary PSEB, forwarding the request of senior officers in BSNL for deputation to other Govt Organisations and there is much increase seen in such request after stoppage of salary of February 2019 in BSNL. Letter I <<<>>>         Letter II <<<>>>      Letter III <<<>>>

·        It seems that stoppage of Salary of Month February 2019 for all executives and Non Executives has started creating impact on BSNL workforce as many of the senior officers in BSNL have requested PSEB for deputation outside BSNL.

·        There are many such options for absorbed BSNL officers, or even for BSNL recruited officers, but unfortunately all such request from some of officers are kept on hold and even the request for deputation to TERM cell DoT, are kept on hold by Personal Cell BSNL Corporate office on name of shortage of staff.

·        One side, it is propagated that BSNL has excess workforce and there is need of VRS.  Reduction of retirement age for reduction of staff and other side, such request of deputation are being kept on hold for BSNL recruited officers at Middle and lower level management and request of officers at senior level and are being forwarded to BSNL CO in such pick and choose manner.

·        In such financial conditions of BSNL , there is need that officers are allowed to opt for such deputation or opting for sabbatical leave , deputation for fixed period etc , but till no such corrective action is taken by BSNL management and indirectly these officers are compelled to work without pay.

·        Earlier, some of the officers were compelled to work on less salary as compared their colleges in same cadre for years together and now all are compelled to work without salary.

·        Hope, henceforth request of all middle and junior level officers for deputation to other Government Organisations will be forwarded with suitable recommendations and other options like Sabbatical leave, deputation for fixed period etc are exercised to overcome present critical financial crises in BSNL to certain extent.    


 5 Mar 19:  CAO FC Mumbai calls for 15-point VCs for CAO LA arrangements in different SSAs of Maharashtra Circle. Letter I <<<>>>     Letter II <<<>>>

·        Though it has been made mandatory by Vigilance Section by written orders and by CGMT MH has made it compulsory for all to take online VCs, but FC section continues to work in traditional way thereby wasting time, stationary and postal charges for such unwanted works, when everything is rightly available in ERP.

·        Here BSNL is not sending Hard copy of Telephone Bills for saving expenditure and FC section is asking for hard copies for such routine works, when online provision exists in the ERP system.

·        Actually entire Data is to be updated in ERP, so that Vigilance cell is in position to grant VC as and when required by FC section, but here FC section is asking to take print out of ERP, update it in hard copy and send the copies to CAO FC is nothing but wastage of time and it seems that FC section do not want intelligent/smart work.

·        SNEA MH has earlier taken up this matter with all concerned including GM Fin Mumbai and some changes were incorporated suitably for collecting VCs, but again hard copies are being called for.

·        SNEA MH will once again take up matter with concerned officers for online VCs and stopping this traditional method of wasting money, papers and time of officers in such routine works.


 4 Mar 19: Delegation of SNEA Nashik submits memorandum to Hon. Shri. Sharadchandra Pawar, President Nationalist Congress Party: The Delegation of SNEA Nashik submits memorandum to Hon. Shri. Sharadchandra Pawar, President Nationalist Congress Party and MP Rajyasabha while he was on Nashik tour on 04/03/2019.

·        The delegation of SNEA Nashik comprising of Com. M.B.Sangale DS SNEA Nashik and State Secretary AIPCOC Maharashtra & Shri. Nitin Mahajan, Sr GMT Nashik along with Com. S. A. Chavan ADS SNEA Nashik, Com. S. A. Bhadane, DT SNEA Nashik met him and submitted a memorandum regarding the present crisis in BSNL and also briefed him about issues of BSNL. He responded positively while going through our issues and replied that he is well aware about the issues of BSNL and commented that Government of India probably wants to wind up BSNL and encourage private players but he assured that we are fighting for you.

·        After that the detailed memorandum was also submitted to Shri. Chagan Bhujbal  Ex Deputy Chief Minister Maharashtra. He was aware about all the details including the loan figures of BSNL and private companies and assured to raise the issues during election meetings as well as appropriate forum.

·        Photos <<<>>


 4 Mar 19:  DGM CA ERP Mumbai writes SSA/BA Heads in Maharashtra Circle not to forward the already rejected Indoor medical claims to Circle office Mumbai. Letter  <<<>>>


 4 Mar 19:  CEE Mumbai writes concerned SSA/BA Heads for scrapping or diversion of 215 DG sets installed in different Exchanges as second DG set under project Ojas. Letter <<<>>>


1 Mar 19: Report on Emergency CEC Meeting of SNEA MH held at Pune: {Report by Com. Prayag Pisal, JS Pune SNEA MH}: SNEA MH emerges with strongest Unity with Grand Success of Emergency Circle Executive Committee Meeting at Pune. As per notification issued by Com. M. N. Kotambe, ACS, SNEA, Maharashtra Circle, the Emergency CEC meeting of Sanchar Nigam Executive’s Association, Maharashtra Circle, was held on 09/02/2019 at Conference Hall, First Floor, Bajirao Road Telephone Exchange, Pune 411009.

·        In overwhelmingly response, all the leaders of SNEA throughout Maharashtra Circle attended this Emergency meeting. Except Akola SSA, all 34 Districts of SNEA Maharashtra attended the meetings and taken active part in the discussions through the day.

·        Except few all the CWC/CEC Members, COBs and District Secretaries of SNEA MH attended the CEC proceedings and actively participated in the discussions. Some of CEC members/DS who could not attend the Emergency CEC Meeting in person due to pre-assigned programs,  have nominated other DOBs to attend the proceedings of CEC meeting, and conveyed views of their District in CEC Meetings on burning issue.

·        The CEC proceedings were presided over by Com. P. C. Ramteke, Vice President SNEA MH.

·        This CEC meeting it was attended and addressed by Com. P. P. Rao, AGS SNEA CHQ who was observer specially deputed by GS SNEA CHQ to observe the proceedings of this emergency CEC Meeting, as GS was unable to attend the CEC meeting.

·        Com. R. S. KolapkarAGS, SNEA CHQ, at Aurangabad MH also attended this CEC meeting.

·        Com. V.R. Choudhary DP SNEA Pune started the proceedings of the meeting with dais formation and conducted entire proceedings till he finally it was handed over house to Com. P. C. Ramteke President of the House for his Opening remark and to start of actual proceedings and discussions of CEC Meeting.

·        In the beginning, the house paid homage to departed soul by observing two minutes silence.

·        All dignitaries were given warm welcome by comrades of host branch SNEA Pune.

·        With new and special tradition of welcome with creative idea by Com Prayag Pisal JS Pune SNEA MH, all dignitaries and leaders from different Districts who attended CEC meeting were given warm welcome by presenting pair of handkerchief and roses thereby saving association expenditure on shawl, Shriphal, bouquets etc.

·        Com. Dilip Bhogade, DS SNEA Pune gave warm welcome to all the dignitaries, CWC/CEC members, COBs and DS by warm words and elaborated the issues in arranging emergency CEC meeting within short period of seven days. He conveyed thanks to SNEA MH for keeping faith on SNEA Pune and giving opportunity to hold this emergency CEC meeting and conveyed thanks to all comrades of SNEA Pune for making best possible arrangements for CEC Meetings. As host branch DS , he conveyed that he and his team SNEA Pune which has tried its level best for arrangements of emergency CEC Meeting and appealed all to bear with shortcoming if any  in the arrangements of CEC meeting due to time constraints. He conveyed thanks to all COBs, DS, and CWC/CEC members for attending this emergency CEC meeting even though it was short notice.

·        Com. P. C. Ramteke, VP SNEA MH, and President of the House, in his Opening Remark gave warm welcome to all comrades for emergency CEC Meeting and conveyed thanks for attending it in mass. He appreciated presence of comrades from each and every corner of Maharashtra Circle even though it was short meeting. He stressed that this is one day CEC and we are having shortage of time and appealed all comrades to be brief on the issues so that house will conclude with concrete resolution of agenda points. 

·        Thereafter the agenda of the Emergency CEC meeting was put for approval of house. Many comrades have raised objection on inclusion of different points in the agenda of emergency CEC Meeting and requested for making changes in it to have conclusive discussion on single point agenda of vindictive action by CGMT MH and GS SNEA against leaders of SNEA MH and stand of SNEA MH on this issue.

·        It was suggested that all other agenda points should be dropped or should be kept after discussions and decision on this single point about existence of Circle Body of SNEA MH and participation by SNEA MH in three days strike by AUAB MH.

·        Finally, house approved these changes in agenda and it was decided to go ahead with single agenda about actions by GS & CGMT MH on CP & CS SNEA MH and to decide further course of action including participation in three days strike. It was also decided that other issues would be discussed after this main agenda if time permits.

·        Before starting of proceedings of CEC Meeting many comrades demanded that Com P. P. Rao AGS HQ SNEA CHQ should clarify the stand of CHQ stand on this vindictive action against Com Anil Dubey DS Mumbai and against CS by CGMT MH and vindictive action by GS by forfeiting post of CS and CP SNEA MH.

·        In response, Com. P. P. RaoAGS SNEA CHQ, and GS nominated observer for Emergency CEC meeting in his special address justified stand of GS and stressed that action has been taken as per the constitution. He elaborated that SNEA CHQ is not vindictive and it has high regards for SNEA MH and its leaders. However, since SNEA CHQ has given written consent to follow the constitution of SNEA during membership verification and management has started action against SNEA for not following constitution, GS has written letters to many CS and MH Circle is one such letter to receive letter. He stressed that there is need of following constitution by everybody and here whatever action has been taken by GS SNEA against CS & CP SNEA MH is taken to safeguard interest of SNEA. He appealed SNEA MH comrades to come up with strongest unity and stand behind SNEA CHQ for settlement of pending issues and challenges before BSNL.

·        Thereafter Com. M. N. Kotambe ACS SNEA MH gave brief idea to house about the need of emergency CEC Meeting and presented all the activities carried out during last for months from October 2018. He explained actions and reasons behind forceful action of CGMT MH to withdraw immunity to Com Anil Dubey DS SNEA Mumbai, illegal forfeiting of post of CS SNEA MH and the action by GS SNEA CHQ to forefeet the post of CP & CS SNEA MH. He elaborately explained the facts to the house that how GS SNEA CHQ is unnecessarily pressing hard and troubling SNEA MH leaders for not following constitution of SNEA when same is not followed by them at many time. He appealed house about the reply given by Com. M. S. Adasul to the letter forfeiting post of CS & CP SNEA MH by GS SNEA along with supporting documents and have assessment about right and wrong in this matter. He appealed house to come up with strong unity to meet the challenges in front of SNEA and BSNL. He also appealed all DS, COBs, CEC/CWC members to be sharing their views on single agenda point of vindictive actions by CGMT MH, GS SNEA against leaders of SNEA MH and participation in the AUAB strike in view of non-resolving vindictive action against Com Anil Dubey DS SNEA Mumbai due to letter of AUAB Mumbai. He appealed to have peaceful discussions by all by keeping in the mind the time constraints so as to have conclusive decision on the agenda of emergency CEC Meeting.

·        As special attraction of Emergency CEC Meeting Pune, on invitation from SNEA MH, before closing for lunch as gesture on part of AUAB, Com. Nageshkumar Nalawade, CS BSNLEU MH, Com Dilipkumar Jagdale, ACS, NFTE BSNL MH have joined the house and addressed SNEA comrades.

·        Com. Dilipkumar JagdaleAstt. Circle Secretary NFTE, MH gave small example of unity in associations and elaborated need of unity of all unions and association employees for better future in BSNL. He expressed surprise on the activities going with SNEA and letter issued by GS SNEA letter which has supported CGM MH Circle who had taken the vindictive action against SNEA due to one letter by AUAB Mumbai to save expenditure of BSNL. He open heartily supported to the SNEA comrades against adamant action taken by CGM MH. While touching to decision taken by some of Districts of SNEA like SNEA Pune not to participate in strike, he appealed that NFTE will be with SNEA in resolution of any issues, and appeal house to participate in AUAB program. He conveyed thanks for organizers for felicitation and giving starting to address three houses. .

·        Com. Nageshkumar NalawadeCircle Secretary BSNLEU, MH congratulate SNEA MH for conducting CEC meeting to resolve the ongoing issues. He elaborated need of unity by quoting example about best leader. He also appreciated the work of Com Adasul CS SNEA MH and Com Anil Dubey DS Mumbai. He assured full support from BSNLEU MH for the vindictive action taken by CGM MH against both the leaders. He elaborated that he along with Com Dani, CS NFTE had meeting with CGM MH for resolving the matter. BSNLEU strongly supported SNEA against vindictive actions due to AUAB Mumbai letter and will continue to support in future. He conveyed thanks to house for supporting to the leader like Lion Com. M. S. Adasul. He also assured to resolve the conflict between CGM and AUAB with further persuasion and appealed house to support for AUAB programme. He touched the bad situation created regarding MSEDCL bill payment. He added that he along with Com Bharat Sonawane taken an initiative to resolve the conflict of SNEA MH with CGMT due to AUAB letter. He added that he has communicated and perused with CHQ and asked for special treatment to the Maharashtra. He narrated that if Corporate Office concentrates on five big and profit making circles strongly, then entire BSNL will be in profit.

·        After their address, both the comrades left the house as they have some pre-assigned schedule.

·        Thereafter all DS have submitted their views on Single agenda point as decided. About all DS condemned action of CGMT MH and GS SNEA CHQ to forefeet the post of CP & CS SNEA MH thereby destabilizing unity of Executives in BSNL Maharashtra Circle. Some of DS have appealed to have unanimous decision on these issues and their District has passed resolution to go with the decision of Emergency CEC Meetings. Each one of speaker in the house conveyed faith on leadership of Com Bharat Sonawane as CP SNEA MH and Com. M. S. Adasul as CS SNEA MH. It was shared by many DS, for need of matured decision at least from GS SNEA and he should not act in such extreme biased manner. Some of DS have categorically pointed out biased attitude of GS SNEA CHQ about his concern of following constitution of SNEA when he himself has deliberately violated the constitution of SNEA. It was elaborately explained that Com Sebastin GS has no moral right to talk about the following constitution. Majority of DS have demanded for unconditional withdrawal of the letter issued by GS SNEA forfeiting post of CP & CS SNEA MH. Almost all DS have informed their views not to support AUAB call till the issue of vindictive transfer of Com Anil Dubey DS SNEA Mumbai and Com. M. S. Adasul, CS SNEA MH are cancelled. They have strongly demanded that as these vindictive actions are taken due to letter by AUAB Mumbai and leaders of AUAB have not come up with any call agitational programme for fighting against adamant and pick and choose stand by CGMT only against office Bearers of SNEA even though letter was signed by all Unions and Associations.

·        About all COBs also shared views and demanded for withdrawal of letter by GS SNEA forfeiting post of CP & CS SNEA MH. Some of CWC members shared that there is need of review of the happening in SNEA MH and to for corrective actions to bring back strong unity of SNEA MH.

·        Com. Bharat Sonwane, CP SNEA MH updated house about the happenings in SNEA MH and how he is deeply hurted with unwanted action by GS SNEA to forfeiting the post of CS & CP SNEA MH on name of constitution of SNEA. He reminded house his contribution towards association and clearly updated how he was not holding two posts and under which circumstances he has issued notice for holing the District Conference of SNEA Pune while he was holding post of CP SNEA MH. He further added that as per constitution only he left the earlier post within prescribed period and continued on the post of CP SNEA MH. He categorically explained with the facts though he has followed constitution in true spirit, he is made to suffer in disheartening and unconstitutional action by GS SNEA, when no such action has been initiated by management. He elaborated house how he was deeply involved in activities of SNEA Pune due to strong bonding of members of SNEA Pune for period of more than seven to eight years his activities as leader of SNEA Pune in different capacities. He conveyed thanks to all DS, COBs and CEC/CWC members for showing faith on his leadership as CP SNEA MH , but he mentioned that he is deeply hurted with unwanted, one-sided  biased action by GS SNEA and hence he do not want to continue as leader in SNEA including post of CS SNEA MH. He conveyed that he is enriched by the support and strength of SNEA MH and he will remain thankful for SNEA for giving him opportunities to lead this active and vibrant organization in different capacities including CP SNEA MH. He advised house that there is need of Com. M. S. Adasul as CS SNEA MH due to his strong and active leadership and house may opt for new President in his place. 

·        Com. M. S. Adasul, Circle Secretary SNEA MH Circle, addressed house clarifying different uncertainties, and doubts created over the period. He expressed his pleasure over the presentation given by all DS and leaders of SNEA MH in the emergency CEC meeting and express gratitude for such studied deliberations from each and every DS/COBs with classic examples. He conveyed that after listening to the deliberations, he strongly believe that SNEA has very bright future and hence its members also have bright future in BSNL and only required is to have struggle with strongest unity and required wisdom to take collective decision with such unity. In detail address he narrated the house about happenings with SNEA MH due to complaints by few SNEA MH comrades, its misuse by GS SNEA for election campaign in AIC Ludhiana. He informed that Com Sebastin GS SNEA is propagating wrong information about holding double post as he has resigned from the post of DyGS SNEA well within time of three months. The post of DyGS has been abolished and not existence in SNEA, but Com Sebastin who is under total bias against him due to GS election has misused authority of GS and acted in totally biased and illegal manner by forfeiting post of CS & CP SNEA MH. He informed that if we challenge it in court of law, everything will be cleared, but he does not want to approach court as it will be time killing process and it will affect overall working of SNEA MH and issues of comrades of SNEA MH. He made it clear that by issuing such letter Com Sebastin is blackmailing him to withdraw complaint made by him on malpractices made by him in the GS elections in AIC Ludhiana. He elaborated how few culprits from SNEA MH have prepared bogus complaints and exaggerated issues by handing over such bogus complaints to CGMT MH just to settle personal enmities created and maintained by them due to their defeat in elections. He updated house how SNEA MH has responded all such vindictive actions by CGMT MH in direct and indirect support by GS SNEA just to settle the enmities in GS elections. He categorically explained under what circumstances SNEA MH has challenged the vindictive actions by CGMT MH in Hon High Court Bombay. He elaborated that CGMT MH has started vindictive actions as he was annoyed due to AUAB Mumbai letter and has targeted only SNEA as some culprits from SNEA MH have joined hands with CGMT MH. He pointed out that CGMT MH has taken action for forfeiting the post of CS SNEA MH by quoting BSNL Recognition of Executive Association 2014 by exaggerating the facts. There is no provision in BSNL REA Rule 2014 for forfeiting post of any office Bearers of recognized association. It has wrongly interlinked that as per BSNL REA Rule 2014, SNEA has agreed to follow constitution and there is no clause for forfeiting any post if constitution is not followed and only provision in BSNL REA Rule 2014 is for withdrawal of recognition of Association, which was already done by SR Cell BSNL CO in Aug 2018. Since 08/01/2019, BSNL has not filed reply in Hon High Court as many other issues have been raised by SNEA MH. He elaborated other action on part of management to delay the court proceedings and how date of next hearing was fixed as 16/08/2019 and how it was changed to 07/02/2019 on request by advocate of SNEA MH. Thus, when stand of SNEA MH was strong in Hon Bombay High Court, and BSNL has not submitted reply to it even after pass of one-month period, GS SNEA has come for rescue of Circle Management by issuing letter of forfeiting post of CP & CS SNEA MH. In illegal action GS issued letter for forfeiting not only post of CS SNEA MH but going one more step ahead of CGMT MH he has forfeited post of CP SNEA MH and has acted totally against interest of SNEA and blindly supported CGMT MH. He elaborated how Com Bharat Sonawane has submitted resignation from post of DS SNEA Pune as well as CP SNEA MH within period of three months and how nothing is wrong on his part except his concern for betterment of SNEA and its members. He elaborately explained that GS SNEA has no right to take any action against CP SNEA MH that to be when he has submitted resignation well within time and his matter has been decided by CEC of SNEA MH held at Jalgaon. There was no action by management against CP SNEA MH but GS has taken action against CP SNEA MH showing his extreme bias against SNEA MH. He further elaborated that as per amendment in constitution, GS SNEA does not have any right to forefiet the post of any office bearer. As per amended constitution, in case of non-submission of resignation from either of post, old post will be automatically go and he will continue with new post. He mentioned that he is being harassed by Com Sebastin only because he has contested elections for post of GS in AIC Ludhiana and Com Sebastin want to continue as GS even if he is being rejected by membership of SNEA. He specifically mentioned that he followed the resolution of CEC Jalgaon and contested the elections for post of GS SNEA in AIC Ludhiana. He updated the house about the complaint made by SNEA MH about the wrong practices observed at AIC Ludhiana. He further updated that if there was no support from GS SNEA CHQ to CGMT MH, there was no chance of any action on part of CGMT MH against CS SNEA MH and DS SNEA Mumbai. He further elaborated that he firmly stood behind Com Anil Dubey DS SNEA Mumbai when CGMT MH has started vindictive actions against Com Anil Dubey and he was deliberately transferred to Bhandara SSA on pick and choose basis. CGMT MH has applied divide and rule principle by applying different actions against DS SNEA and all other DS who signed letter by AUAB Mumbai. He also elaborated the happening after letter by AUAB Mumbai on BSNL day celebrations and how it annoyed CGMT MH for no reason only on part of DS SNEA Mumbai. He appreciated the 100% support of entire Maharashtra which he is receiving time to time and appealed the CHQ observer to convey the feelings of Maharashtra comrades to GS SNEA about the malpractices in elections held in AIC Ludhiana and about biased action of GS SNEA to forefiet the post of CS & CP SNEA MH. He specifically mentioned that though he has such mass support from SNEA comrades, CGMT MH and GS SNEA do not want to see him on the post of CS SNEA MH because he is opposing wrongdoing of both and ego thereof. He conveyed thanks to all the SNEA comrades for their strong and unconditional support till today and giving him opportunity to serve as CS SNEA MH for such prolonged time. He appealed house that as there is no mistake on part of Com Bharat Sonawane CP SNEA MH as propagated by GS SNEA and conveyed that Com Bharat Sonawane will continue as CP SNEA MH as it is wish and will of the executives of SNEA MH. He conveyed that he has enjoyed the post of CS SNEA MH and is fully satisfied over the opportunities of leadership in SNEA he got at different capacities over the period of last 15 years. He has no regrets for leaving post of CS SNEA MH and rather he feels privileged to have such great opportunity to lead such great association full of leaders with full devotion towards association for such prolonged period. He conveyed sincere thanks and gratitude towards all DS.COBs and CEC/CWC Members for showing full faith on present Circle Body in general and on him as CS SNEA MH. He clarified that he has no fears and difficulties to carry flag of SNEA MH as CS with such grand support of comrades. But due to present politics played by GS in support of few inefficient comrades from SNEA MH, he is fed up and not interested to continue as CS SNEA MH even though it is demand of house. He appealed house to give opportunity to other comrades to serve as CS SNEA MH as SNEA MH has  very active and dynamic comrades to lead SNEA MH in capacity of CS SNEA MH. He categorically explained that if he continues as CS SNEA MH as proposed by about all leaders who attended Emergency CEC Meeting, then present crises will continue as CGMT MH and GS SNEA do not like him as CS SNEA MH and will create more problems for smooth functioning of SNEA MH. Hence, to have smooth functioning of SNEA he directed house to elect new CS SNEA MH in his place by co-option, which is the main agenda of the Emergency CEC Meeting. With election of new CS, the present crises created by GS SNEA and CGMT MH in hand in hand approach will be over and if he is elected as CS SNEA MH, we will have to face same situation and internal problems. Hence in the larger interest of SNEA and its comrades, he do not want to continue as CS SNEA MH and he will be happy to serve as common member of SNEA and will be always available for any work on platform of SNEA. He categorically rejected the suggestion of some of comrades to have separate association or to join any other association and firmly assured the house whatever may be offers from outside SNEA, he is firmly bonded with SNEA, as SNEA has given lot to him and he can never think on leaving SNEA and join any other association. He expressed that even though GS SNEA wants him to remove from the post of CS SNEA MH and he may succeed in it, but GS cannot remove him from membership of SNEA. He was optimistic that as common member he would get more freedom to discuss and write on the issues in right prospective instead of supporting wrong decisions by of Com Sebastin as GS SNEA on continuous and deliberate failures on settlement of HR issues of executives in BSNL. For co-option of CS & CP SNEA MH, he proposed that Com Bharat Sonawane will continue as CP SNEA MH and Com. M. B. Sangle DS SNEA Nashik may be given opportunity to serve as CS SNEA MH as he has caliber to deal with the issues and present crises. He added that co-option of new CS SNEA MH, will settle down the enmity, and anguish in minds of CGMT MH and GS SNEA, as both are trying sleepless efforts to remove Com Adasul from post of CS SNEA MH and want CS of their choice who will not oppose their wrong doings. He appreciated suggestions by majority DS that GS has to review his decision and withdraw the letter dated 23/01/2019 and till directed house to take decision on the co-option of news CS so that present crises are over. He was optimistic that after co-option of new CS, the pending HR issues of executives will be settled without any oppose from the management or from GS SNEA. Also co-option of new CS, will give full stop to ongoing dirty politics within SNEA through few culprits hands within SNEA MH in direct support of GS SNEA. He tendered unconditional apologies for anything wrong has been happened with SNEA during his leadership or if any of his action, words have hurted anybody during his leadership of SNEA over the period. In conclusion he conveyed thanks and gratitude to all the comrades of SNEA MH for their such great love & affection and giving him opportunity to serve them for long period as leader of SNEA.   

·        After eye opening clarification with facts and figures on various happenings, entire house rejected the vindictive action taken by SNEA CHQ and resolved to request to GS SNEA CHQ for withdrawal of the letter dated 23/01/2019. This letter is not within the constitution and it is biased action against CS & CP SNEA MH as SNEA MH opposed Com Sebastin as for his third time election as GS SNEA as he has failed to deliver as GS SNEA in last two tenures.

·        Thereafter, in tune with suggestion by Com M S Adasul CS SNEA MH to go for co-option of new CS, some comrades suggested that that to avoid the ongoing crises and technical issues, it is better to go ahead with co-option of CS & CP SNEA MH. Accordingly, entire house in one voice nominated Com. Bharat Sonawane for post of CP SNEA MH and Com. M. S. Adasul for post of CS SNEA MH.

·        But, Com. Bharat Sonawane and Com. M. S. Adasul have again requested house to elect new CP & CS to stop the ongoing politics and issues in SNEA MH. Com. M. S. Adasul suggested that he has already proposed name of Com M. B. Sangle for post of CS SNEA MH and let Com Bharat Sonawane continue as CP SNEA MH. Com Bharat Sonawane suggested that Com. M. S. Adasul continue as CS and anyone else may be co-opted in his place as CP. He also suggested as alternate arrangement that Com. P.C. Ramteke and Com. M. N. Kotambe should continue as CP & CS SNEA MH.

·        Many comrades expressed that Com. P. C. Ramteke, Com. M. N. Kotambe and Com. M. B. Sangle are very good leaders and have capacities to lead SNEA MH, but it is not good to change the CS & CP on such illegal and non-technical grounds created by GS. The entire house was firm on the continuation of Com. Bharat Sonawane as CP SNEA MH and continuation of Com. M. S. Adasul as CS SNEA MH. 

·        Com. P. P. Rao, AGS HQ SNEA CHQ, and Observer has raised some technical issues on co-option and same were discussed in the house for 2-3 hours for its support & provision in the constitution of SNEA. Many comrades have asked for provision of such technical issues in constitution and when Com Rao AGS was not able to clarify exact provision of constitution in support of his say, finally house unambitiously decided to go ahead with co-option of CS & CP SNEA MH. Finally, Com. Bharat Sonawane and Com. M. S. Adasul were co-opted as CP & CS SNEA MH for remaining term of present Circle Body.

·        The house has passed certain resolutions in this Emergency CEC meeting for better function of SNEA MH and to continue with strongest unity of executives under banner of SNEA MH. 

·        After successful deliberations and unanimous co-option, the President of August house Com. P. C. Ramteke, VP SNEA MH gave oath of allegiance to Com Bharat Sonawane, as CP SNEA MH who in turn gave the oath of allegiance to Com. M. S. Adasul as CS SNEA MH.

·        After unanimous co-option Com Bharat Sonawane, CP SNEA MH and Com. M. S. Adasul