Last updated on   30 APR 19


30 APR 19:   SNEA MH Circle congratulates, Com. A. M. Banne, DGM Nashik SSA, Com. R.A. Sonawane DGM Aurangabad SSA, Com. Dilip M. Ghodake, DE Kolhapur SSA, Com. Mrs. Shally Simon, AGM Pune SSA, Com. H. R. Naiknawre, AGM Latur SSA, Com. S.S. Havale, JTO Pune SSA, Com. S. D. Kulkarni JTO OFC Latur SSA and Com. Vitthal Raghunath Suryawanshi, JTO Sindhudurg SSA on their peaceful Superannuation /Voluntary Retirement after completion of long & highly successful services in DoT/BSNL. 

·        Com. A. M. Banne, DGM CFA & Trans (Urban) Nashik SSA {Mob 9422770077} has joined P&T Dept in year 1983 as Junior Engineer External Nashik wherein he has completed task of transfer of external Cable network from strowger to E-10 B Exchange with new Technology MDF. He has planned and successfully laid about 84.5 Kms of Cables in year 1994-95 with introduction of Internal DPs. He has rendered his excellent services during 'Kumbh Mela' in Year 1991-92, 2003-04, & 2015-16 and his work was every time appreciated by then SSA Heads and organizers of Kumbh Mela and all Government Authorities. . He has served as JTO Ext Nashik Road, SDOP Ambad , SDE Ext CIDCO Nashik and his work was appreciated by public, DoT/BSNL officers, TAC members , other Govt Organizations,  prominent customers by awarding him different appreciation letters time to time. By recognition of devoted services rendered by Com. Banne, he was awarded by newly introduced first ever “Ati Vishisth Sanchar Seva Padak in Year 2001 at Delhi by hands Hon Minister of State for Communication. Under AGM Officiating arrangements in Year 2009, he was transferred to Buldhana SSA and posted as AGM Nandura and here also his work was appreciated by all including Gajanan Maharaj Sanstan Shegon. Her has also served two years All India hard tenure at Baramulla in J&K Circle and successfully serviced at India Pakistan Border. On return back in Year 2013, he was posted as DE Trans /NOFN Nashik, Nashik Road, City Panchwanti, Pimpalgaon,  Trans Rural  and his division was awarded as Best maintained division . He has contributed in conversion of Exchanges in NGN switches, asset Physical verification, Samudra Manthan, DISLAM shifting, BTS installation, providing reliable media for all BTS sites etc. Since April 2018, he successfully and efficiently handling responsibility of DGM CFA & Trans Urban Nashik and has achieved all the targets with his devoted efforts. Since last few years, he is active member of SNEA and has participated in all association activities. He is retiring on superannuation after completion of about 36 years of highly successful services towards DoT, BSNL, and SNEA.

·        Com. R.A. Sonawane DGM HR Admn Aurangabad {Mob 9422464111} has joined DoT as JE in Year 1982 at Panvel in Raigad SSA. On transfer, he has worked as JTO in Solapur SSA for nine years at Akluj and Barshi Taluka HQs in Solapur SSA and Parali Vaijnath in Beed SSA. On SDE promotion, he was posted to Latur SSA. He has rendered services on deputation at Killari during earthquake period. He also has served in Osmanabad, Sindhudurg SSA as SDE and on AGM promotion; he was posted to Aurangabad SSA and as on today working as DGM HR Admn Aurangabad. He is retiring on superannuation after completion of about 36 plus years of highly successful services towards DoT, BSNL, and SNEA.

·        Com. Dilip M. Ghodake, DE Gadhinglaj, Kolhapur SSA {Mob 9422741414} has started his carrier as JTO Udagir   in Latur SSA in 1983 and later served as Urban as JTO phones Latur. On SDE regular promotion in Year 1994, he was posted as SDE O/D Latur. In year 2006, he got transfer to Sangli SSA and was posted as SDE Miraj. He served Sangli SSA as SDE Miraj, DE Miraj with same enthusiasm as he worked in Latur. He was very sincere in his work and an active and supportive senior comrade of SNEA Sangli and his work was admired by all. Com Ghodake has been very active, sincere and devoted member of SNEA and is known for his smiling face and prompt services to customers. In June 2018 he got request transfer to Kolhapur SSA and was posted as DE Gadhinglaj and has now after completion of about 36 years of highly successful and satisfied services in DoT, BSNL and SNEA, he has opted for VRS w.e.f. 30/04/2019.

·        Com. Mrs. Shally Simon, AGM Internal Cantonment Exchange Pune SSA {Mob 9422505656} has started her carrier in 1984 as a JTO in Pune SSA and has very well handled new technology NEC Exchange for fifteen years. After decommissioning of NEC Exchange, she worked as SDE OCB Yerawada for more than 14 years. On her long stay transfer to tenure station, she served at Tax Exchange at Pen in Raigad from 2013 to 2016. Since transfer back from Raigad to Pune, she is working as AGM Internal Cantonment Exchange Pune wherein she was handling the charge additional responsibility of MHS building, which is very big task. This was possible due to her co-operative nature and attitude to serve with smile by accepting all odds in day to day functioning. She was a member of Canteen committee at MHS and was actively involved in opening of staff canteen at MHS. She successfully completed NGN area transfer of Cantonment Exchange in 1st phase within targeted period successfully with consistent hard work. Com. Mrs. Shally was active member of SNEA and has always supported all association activities. During emergency like strike, also she handled situation very well as building in charge of very big MHS Exchange. She contributed 34 years of dedicated devoted and best ever services to DoT, BSNL and SNEA and retiring on superannuation with highly successful and satisfactory service.

·        Com. H. R. Naiknawre, AGM Planning Latur {Mob 9422968400} has started his carrier in Year 1985 as JE in DoT Mumbai. On transfer from MTNL Mumbai to Maharashtra Circle in year 1992, he was posted to Latur SSA and has worked as a JTO cross bar installation. On his SDE Regular Promoted in 1998, he was posted as SDE Phones Latur. In year 2009, he was transferred to Osmanabad SSA and posted as SDE Group Osmanabad. On his DE Regular promotion in Year 2014, he was posted Guna SSA of MP Circle as AGM CFA Guna. On his return back to Maharashtra Circle, he was posted in Osmanabad SSA in 2017 and in Year 2018 was posted to Latur SSA. Com. Naiknaware has rendered maximum services in Latur SSA and known as very devoted officer. He has been loyal member of SNEA since beginning and has taken active part in all association activities. He is retiring on superannuation after completion of about 34 plus years of highly successful services towards DoT, BSNL and SNEA

·        Com. S.S. Havale, JTO Kondhva Khurd Pune SSA {Mob 9423168840} has started his carrier as Technician in 1983 in Pune SSA and was awarded with Vishishta Sanchar Seva Padak due his devotional work in BSNL in year 2003. He became a JTO in 2004 and has served best as JTO Lasurne and Yawat in Rural area of Pune SSA. On his transfer to Tenure station, he completed his tenure from 2016-18 at Shrivawrdhan Raigad. After return back, he was posted as JTO Nanapeth Pune. He is known for his co-operative nature and devoted works. He is die-hard member of SNEA and has always supported all activities of SNEA from bottom of heart. He is retiring on superannuation after completion of about 37 years of highly successful services towards DoT, BSNL, and SNEA.

·        Com. S. D. Kulkarni JTO OFC Latur SSA {Mob 9422023650} has started his carrier in DoT as Technician in Year 1981 in Ahmednagar SSA and worked in switching project (WTP). In Year 1994, he was promoted as TTA and was posted to Latur SSA. On JTO promotion in 2002, also he was posted in Latur SSA and in Transmission section. He has rendered maximum services in Latur SSA. Com. Kulkarni has been loyal member of SNEA and has taken active part in all association activities. He is retiring on superannuation after completion of 38 years of highly successful services towards DoT, BSNL and SNEA

·        Com. Vitthal Raghunath Suryawanshi, JTO O/D Kankavali Sindhudurg SSA {Mob 9423869394} has joined DoT as Technician in Kolhapur SSA in year 1984 served in all type of exchanges. Ranging MAX to Cross bar. On TTA promotion, he got transfer to Miraj in Sangli SSA in Year 1995. On successfully passing JTO LICE, he was promoted as JTO Offg in Year 2000 and posted at same station. On his JTO regular promotion he was posted in year 2008, he has served as JTO Group Miraj, Tasgaon, Vishrambag, Vita, Khanapur etc. In 2018, he was transferred to Sindhudurg SSA and posted as JTO Kankavali. On successful completion of 35 years he has opted for VRS w.e.f. 30/04/2019. He has been die-hard member of SNEA and has always taken part in all association activities. He also has social affiliation and is well known   as Kirtankar Maharaj

On this important day of the life of these stalwart Comrades of SNEA retiring in this month, SNEA MH salutes sincerity, dedication and affection by Com. A.M. Banne, Com. R.A. Sonawane, Com. Dilip M. Ghodake, Com. Mrs. Shally Simon, Com. H. R. Naiknawre,   Com. S.S. Havale, Com. S. D. Kulkarni, and Com. Vitthal Raghunath Suryawanshi towards BSNL & SNEA and on behalf of thousands of comrades of SNEA Maharashtra Circle we wish them “Very Happy, Healthy, Wealthy & Highly Successful Long Retired life”.


 30 APR 19: AGM Pers II BSNL CO issued transfer orders to and from All India Hard Tenure stations wherein the request of three SDEs/DEs from Maharashtra Circle is given consideration. SDE Order  <<<>>>      DE Order I <<<>>>    DE Order II <<<>>>

·        This special transfer orders are possible with special efforts of Com. R. S. Kolapkar AGS SNEA CHQ who is especially at Delhi for pursuing these cases and some other association activities.

·        These orders will give major relief to Com S.H. Gandhi DS SNEA Amravati who is under transfer for last two years to Yavatmal and was retained at Amravati by grant of immunity as DS SNEA Amravati till 31/03/2019. In recent orders for DGM arrangements, he was forcibly given charge of SSA Head Yavatmal and he was reluctant to join at Yavatmal for last three years.

·        Com. P.H. Kandalkar, District Treasurer, SNEA Amravati who is under long stay transfer from Amravati to Gadchiroli SSA as per orders issued in last month,  is also posted to J&K Circle as per his request and he also can directly join at J&K Circle and no need to join at Gadchiroli SSA.

·        Com. S.B. Aundhekar,  is also posted as SDE Vig Pune unwillingly and with this order, he will get rid of unwilling section and at the same time he can complete his break of long stay at Pune as well as Maharashtra Circle by joining at All India Hard tenure station. 

·        As per request of Com. Pradeep Rathore DE Guwahati Assam Circle for posting in Maharashtra Circle after completion of two years tenure at Assam Circle, he also is posted in Maharashtra Circle and will be posted to his parent unit Circle office Mumbai.   Other two DEs are also posted to Maharashtra Circle on their request.

·        With these transfer orders both the office Bearers of SNEA Amravati can join directly at J&K Circle and can join back within one year by completion of one year Tenure and thus cost of within Circle transfer will be saved. 

·        On posting to All India tenure stations, all will be befitted by break of SSA & Circle tenure in one transfer and will also get double HRA benefit available at All India tenure station which is not available in Circle Tenure or Non-tenure transfers.

·        Any other SDEs/DEs want to avoid SSA/Circle Long stay Tenure transfers and want to complete Circle as well as SSA long stay transfer in one stroke, may adopt this intelligent way and opt for all India hard tenure station.

·        Com. R. S. Kolapkar is also pursuing other individual cases and will be in Delhi for some time more and anybody has any issue at BSNL CO may contact him on Mob 9422701300  and send the details by email on

·        SNEA MH conveys sincere thanks and gratitude to Com. R. S. Kolapkar, AGS SNEA CHQ for taking special efforts by visiting Delhi and giving relief to these prominent leaders of SNEA Amravati and other comrades of SNEA MH.      


28 APR 19: Sad News:  Com. Milind Kelkar SDE General Sindhudurg SSA passed away in  tragic road accident:  We are very sorry to inform that Com. Milind Kelkar SDE General Sindhudurg passed away in road accident.

·        Late Com Milind Kelkar (Age 57 years) was working as SDE General Sindhudurg SSA and unfortunately met with tragic accident on 27/04/2019, evening hours. After while he completion of office works at Sawantwadi , late Com Kelkar was on the way back to his home at Kudal on two wheeler wherein he met an accident with dumper on Mumbai Goa National Highway and was seriously injured. He was immediately taken to Hospital in Goa, but efforts of doctors could not save his life and by about 2340 hrs he passed away while admitted in hospital.

·        Late Com Milind Kelkar started his carrier as TO Vengurla in Sindhudurg SSA. Within two years, he was promoted as TTA in year 1992 and excellently served as TTA Kankavali. In year 1998, he was promoted as JTO and served sincerely as JTO Malvan and JTO Sawantwadi. On his SDE promotion in Year 2011, he was promoted as SDE Regular. Com Milind Kelkar was last working as SDE General Sindhudurg SSA.

·        By the time, Com Milind Kelkar met road accident and left for heaven, he has completed 27 years of services in DoT and BSNL His dedication and devotion for BSNL will always be remembered in the history of Sindhudurg SSA. He was unmarried and is survived with three sisters, one married sister serving in SBI and two unmarried sisters were staying with him and he was taking their responsibility since his parents passed away.

·        Late Com Milind Kelkar was a very good singer, actor especially in drama and stage artist and was honoured with so many awards for his social and cultural activities. Recently, just in last month, he was awarded with Chatrapati Shivaray Maharashtra Shivsanman by hands of Great Social Worker Smt. Sindhutai Sapkal.

·        Late Com Milind Kelkar was loyal and active member of SNEA Sindhudurg and has shouldered responsibilities as Organizing Secretary in SNEA Sindhudurg in earlier days. Being local officers, he was always helping to other officers to deal with local issues. SNEA has lost vey sincere and die-hard comrade. His untimely departure is heavy loss to his family members. 

·        SNEA Maharashtra prays Almighty to give courage to bereaved family members of late Com Milind Kelkar at this very crucial and hard moment of life and pray for heavenly peace and space for departed soul of late Com Milind Kelkar.


27 APR 19:  BSNL CO issued clarification that the guidelines of austerity measures issued for own cost transfers are equally applicable to all cadre including ITS cadre and applicable for all stations other than tenure stations. Letter <<<>>>


27 APR 19:  In order to ensure that post of Directors in BSNL does not remain vacant, as an interim measure Department of Telecommunications issued orders entrusting charge of Director EB BSNL Board to Shri. B.L.Varshney and charge of Director CM BSNL Board to Shri. Sheetla Prasad for period of three months or till appointment of regular incumbent. Orders   Director EB <<<>>>  Director CM <<<>>>

SNEA MH congratulates both the officers having to depth knowledge of the working of BSNL and their appointment on such respective and responsible post will definitely give certain direction to the working of BSNL in respective verticals.


26 APR 19:  BSNL CO issued orders for consolidation of SSAs in ERP systems where in about all SSAs in Maharashtra Circle will be merged at respective Business Areas. Letter <<<>>>  SSA to be Merged <<<>>>

·        All SSAs will be merged with BA and entire BA will be now SSA Head w.e.f. 01/06/2019.

·        Before its implementation, the activities of merger of SSAs are to be carried out in ERP system.

·        In Maharashtra Circle about all small SSAs will be merged with big SSAs except only four SSAs namely Pune, Nagpur, Nashik and Goa.

·        This merger will create more problems for the SSAs like Sindhudurg, Ratnagiri, Buldhana, Yavatmal, Bhandara and Akola SSAs due geographical constrains as well as certain local issues.

·        There is need of review and additional BA/SSA like Separate BA for Sindhudurg & Ratnagiri , Akola & Buldhana and review of merger of four SSAs together i.e. Bhandara, Chandrapur , Gadchiroli and Wardha SSA for smooth functioning of these SSAs and to avoid customer complaints.


25 APR 19:  CAO FC Mumbai issued orders for Time Bound Promotion orders for IDA upgradation in respect of JAOs in Maharashtra Circle rom E1A to E2A scale. Letter <<<>>> 


25 APR 19:  AGM S&M CFA Mumbai endorsed BSNL CO order about incoming  international  roaming on Wings connections as default and outgoing roaming at the rates of Rs 1000 for one month and proportionate charges. Letter <<<>>> 


23 APR 19: Transfer Posting within Maharashtra Circle and consideration of Request of Executives on such transfers:

·        It is good to see that yesterday, Circle management approved all the request of the executives who have applied for retention, cancellation, and modification on recent transfers with relevant documents and certificates and it is great relief to the concerned executives in Maharashtra Circle.

·        It is also seen that request for cancellation of transfers under LA arrangements issued during last year as well during this year has been given consideration and concerned officers are retained in the same SSA. The vacant posts are filled with LA arrangements by giving responsibility to senior most officer locally within same SSA and officers from other SSAs and even in same SSA are not compelled to accept the LA arrangements.

·        We must appreciate that when there were guidelines from BSNL Corporate Office to issue minimum transfers, request of all executives in Maharashtra Circle are given consideration in earlier list as well as in this list as per requests submitted after transfer orders issued on 31/03/2019.

·        Though the relieving date on recent transfer was 12/03/2019 and it was directed to relieve all officer by this date else all will be relieved through ERP. With past experience, it was expected by many of the comrades that none of request will be given consideration and all will be force relieved through ERP either on 13/04/2019 or later date in that week.

·        However, surprisingly, this time none of officer was relieved through ERP giving thereby giving full time for submission and consideration of grievances of these officers under transfer.

·        During last year, the ERP relieving was implemented mercilessly and even genuine grievances in grounds of ward education, serious medical issues were neglected and these officers were compelled to join at transferred places.

·        However, this year, there is much change in approach of the management and about all requests including educational ground request are given consideration.

·        May be due to General elections, but this year sufficient time is also given to SSA Heads to relieve these officers after consideration of the representations given by individual to Circle office and minimum required time is also given for submission of their grievances after issuing the transfer orders.   

·        Last year management was so adamant that even the medical ground cases submitted with certificate of Civil surgeon were rejected and concerned officers were compelled to join at transferred SSA. But this year all such forced transfer officers are brought back before completion of two years tenure and given relief, all the request on medical grounds with documents, forwarded through SSA, even request without documents issued by Civil Surgeon, request not forwarded/ recommended by SSA Heads, directly relieved by Circle Office are given consideration. This change in the approach of management over the period of one year is highly appreciable.

·        Many of the comrades have genuine issues at par with these comrades, but have not represented by consideration behavior of circle management during last year and are now feeling that if they would have represented their grievances, it would have been given consideration. 

·        Comrades who have genuine grievances and has not represented earlier due to assumption in mind that management will not consider his/her request, may apply now along with relevant documents without even single day delay and such cases should reach to GM HR Admn Mumbai through DAK or should be submitted by visiting his office personally. In all such cases, till chances of considering genuine request appears, but officers not having genuine issues may not try it as it may adversely effect on request of officers having genuine problems /grievances.

·        This changed approach of Circle management and lenient view on consideration of request of executives will definitely give relief to many of the executives. Now they can simultaneously take care of their family issues as well as office works with more sincerity.

·        SNEA Maharashtra congratulates all the executives who got posting as per their requests and conveys them best wishes for grand success with new assignment on transfers and old assignment on retention/cancellation of transfer orders.

·        SNEA Maharashtra conveys sincere thanks to Shri. Peeyush Khare, CGMT MH Circle, Shri. Aman Jaiswal, GM HR Adman Mumbai, Shri. B. A. Patil, DGM HR Admn Mumbai Shri. B. P. Tambat, AGM Staff Mumbai, Shri. P. B. Bhuse, AD Staff A Mumbai, Com. V. J. Bhandirge, AD Staff B Mumbai and concerned officials in staff section Circle office Mumbai for giving consideration to all the requests given by the executives either before issuing transfer orders or after issuing transfer orders.

·        SNEA MH also conveys thanks to all District Secretaries of SNEA throughout Maharashtra Circle along with all COBs and activist of SNEA MH for consolidating the request of executives in their SSA and timely feedback on all such genuine requests by forwarding it through SSA administration which has resulted in consideration of about all requests.

·        We are hopeful that in similar lenient and changed HR approach the pending request of executives working at Jalna SSA will also be given consideration.

·        If not at least steps will be taken for merger of planning, administrative and centralized activities of Jalna SSA with Aurangabad BA, so that request of concerned officers waiting for transfer from Jalna to Aurangabad can be considered without substitute.   

·        With these retention, cancellation and modification orders, majority of grievances of executives under transfer are settled and we are confident that with change of approach of the Circle management there are chances that the genuine left out request if any are represented through proper channel may be given consideration if submitted with all relevant documents and without wasting time further.


23 APR 19:  AGM Staff Mumbai issued orders considering the request in SDE/JTO giving consideration of all type of request by concerned officers. Letter <<<>>> 

In this order all request in JTO/SDE cadre for grant of immunity as prominent Office Bearer of Associations, retention for one year on basis of the Educational grounds of their wards, cancellation of transfers from and to tenure stations as per request of the concerned officers, left out transfers to tenure stations, left out request transfers from non-tenure stations and request for change of Unit in earlier transfers orders from TD to Mobile in respective SSA are given consideration.

·        It is seen that when request from all other SSAs are given consideration none of request only request from Jalna SSA to Aurangabad and Nanded SSA are not given consideration as it require substitute on company cost transfers as total 11 request are under consideration out of Jalna and it is understood that same cannot be considered without substitute. SNEA MH will further pursue for consideration of request from Jalna SSA. 


23 APR 19:  AGM Staff Mumbai issued orders considering the request in DE/AGM cadre for grant of immunity as prominent Office Bearer of Associations and also considering request for change/modification of SSA/Unit in earlier transfers. Letter <<<>>>   


23 APR 19:  AGM Staff Mumbai issued orders for cancellation of transfer orders in DE/AGM Cadre. These DEs/AGMs were transferred in LA arrangements in last year orders and retained in concerned SSA for fixed period on grounds of immunity and now the transfer order of these officers has been cancelled and are permanently retained in working SSA as per their request. Letter <<<>>>   


23 APR 19:  AGM Staff Mumbai issued orders for additional DGM LA arrangements to meet shortage of DGM in concerned SSA by giving DGM  LA orders to senior most officer in DE /AGM Cadre within that SSA as local arrangements. Letter <<<>>>   


23 APR 19:  AGM Staff Mumbai issued orders considering the refusal of DGM LA promotions and retention of concerned officers as AGM /DE at present locations as per request of the concerned officers  and in same order request for change of posting of two DEs as DGM LA is given consideration. Letter <<<>>>   


23 APR 19:  AGM Staff Mumbai issued posting order of AGMs/DEs joined Circle Office Mumbai as per recent request transfers within Maharashtra Circle. Letter <<<>>>   


23 APR 19:  AGM Staff Mumbai issued posting order of JTOs & SDEs joined Circle Office Mumbai as per recent request transfers within Maharashtra Circle and from All India tenure stations. Letter <<<>>>   


23 APR 19:  AGM Staff Mumbai issued orders considering left out request in JE cadre request for change of SSA/Unit in earlier request transfers in JE Cadre. Letter <<<>>>   


22 APR 19:  AGM EB MH Mumbai conveys approval of competent authority for SSA wise EB sales targets during year 2019-20. Letter <<<>>>    Annexure <<<>>>





12 APR 19:  AGM Estt Mumbai issued orders for additional nominations for JTO Phase II training as per the request of individuals and the training will commence at RTCC Pune w.e.f. 15/04/2019. Additional Nominations    Order I <<<>>>  II <<<>>>   III <<<>>>   IV <<<>>> 


12 APR 19:  AGM Estt Mumbai issued orders for cancellation of nominations for JTO Phase II training as per their request. Given by individual JTOs. Cancellations   Order I  <<<>>> II  <<<>>>   III  <<<>>>   IV  <<<>>>   V  <<<>>>  


12 APR 19:  AGM S&M Mumbai writes all SSA Heads in Maharashtra Circle about Digital KYC process for New SIM activation. Letter <<<>>>


11 APR 19:  EE EP BSNL Mumbai issued transfer orders of Six JTO Electrical and out of these transfer orders,  five JTOs  are transferred at own cost request transfers or transfers within local area with cots of transfer and one in transfer is issued at the  Company cost. Letter <<<>>>

·        All these are request transfers at Own cost and even the request transfers from and to tenure stations are issued at Own Cost.

·        Though BSNL Corporate office has issued guidelines for not issuing even single transfers from Non Tenure stations at Company cost and keep on hold any such company cost order issued and not implemented, till one JTO is transferred from Panvel in Raigad SSA to Sangli SSA at Company cost.

·        Recently the Head quarter of Electrical wing of Raigad SSA was shifted from Panvel to Pen and officers working at Panvel were asked to give own cost request for transfer from Panvel to Pen. All other officers except Com. Mrs N.M. Bokil has given such own cost request.

·        As it is firmly decided by, management to close the Electrical wing unit at Panvel and as Com. Mrs N.M. Bokil has not given, own cost request for Pen, only she is transferred at Company cost from Panvel to Sangli SSA.

·        Earlier the officers working at Electrical wing at Panvel were not eligible for tenure facilities and after transfer of its HQ from Panvel to Pen all the officers posted at Electrical, wing pen will be eligible for facilities of tenure stations.

·        There are some other request transfers of JTOs in Electrical wing and same are not given consideration as consideration of such request may cause other transfers at company cost.

·        SNEA MH conveys thanks to Shri. Rajiv Soni CEE Mumbai, Shri. P.B. Deore, EE EP  Mumbai and Mrs. Archana Kamble SDE EP Mumbai  for  giving consideration of request transfers in intelligent manner by saving money of BSNL on transfers and also appeals them to consider other pending requests in similar intelligent manner and give justice and relief to the executives in Electrical wing who are waiting for consideration of their requests.

·        Com. Abhay Kesarkar, ADS SNEA Mumbai has taken efforts in pursuing the requests of Electrical wing comrades and SNEA MH appreciates his efforts.

·        After, Telecom & Electrical wing now the request of Finance and Civil wing needs consideration in similar pattern and SNEA MH will purse for same.   


 11 APR 19:  AGM Staff Mumbai issued orders assigning charge of TDM Sindhudurg to Com. A.S. Hon DE Sindhudurg. Letter <<<>>>

·        Sindhudurg SSA is politically sensitive District and the demand of BSNL services in this District is highest among all SSAs in Maharashtra Circle.

·        As per the working lines and need of BSNL services in Sindhudurg SSA, this SSA head needs to be headed by minimum GM level officer, but here even DGM level officer is not posted since last 3-4 years.

·        Many times local public has gheroed , locked staff and officers in offices on name of delay provision , restoration of services or poor for poor services and it has been always threat for officers and staff working in Sindhudurg SSA.

·        Earlier Sindhudurg SSA was Business Area with Ratnagiri SSA, which also has GM level SSA Head post, but now both Sindhudurg as well as Ratnagiri SSAs are headed by DE level officer.

·        As such, though it is most developing and high revenue earning SSA, there is always reluctance on part of the GM level officers and nobody want to work as SSA Head Sindhudurg SSA or even Ratnagiri SSA.

·        It can be seen that Business Area Kalyan covering Kalyan and Raigad SSAs have three PGM/GM level officers as Heads viz. Shri. M.K. Mishra is PGM for BA Head Kalyan, Shri. B.P. Rawat, PGM is SSA Head Raigad and Shri. Hari Om Solanki GM is SSA Head Kalyan.

·        Over the years, the Raigad SSA was headed by DGM/DE level officers and all of sudden; it is headed by PGM level officer as SSA Head and another PGM level officer as BA Head.

·        Same is case with Sangli Business Area covering Sangli SSA and  Satara SSA which are headed by GM level officers wherein  Shri. Ranjan Kumar GM is posted as SSA/BA Head Satara and Shri. Rajesh Kumar GM is posted as SSA/BA Head Sangli and both SSA pare part of single Business Area.

·        When there was only one BA/SSA Head the head quarter of this BA Sangli was at Sangli and after posting of Shri. Rajesh Kumar as BA Head Sangli, in overnight period the Head Quarters of BA Sangli was shifted to Satara as per the requirement of concerned BA head.

·        When Shri. Ranjan Kumar GM was posted as separate SSA Head for Sangli SSA, and then there was issue of reporting one GM level officer as SSA Head to another GM level officer as BA Head and seniority thereof.

·        The issue of seniority has been resolved with recent clarification issued by BSNL CO and all such GM level SSA Heads are allowed to work as independent SSA Heads and there is no need of again reporting to BA Head. Thus in an indirect attempt the concept of BA is withdrawn at least for these SSAs where GM level officer is willing to work as SSA Head. 

·        In similar manner, earlier Mobile unit of Circle office Mumbai was headed by GM level officer with one DGM, now there is no further additional expansion activity, but three DGMs are posted to Mobile section Mumbai and post of GM is upgraded as PGM level officer.

·        Same is case with Mobile units at Nagpur and Pune and many of the PGM/GM level senior officers are accommodated at both these locations for many years as per their requirement even though there is no need of many such senior officers in these units.

·        In Marketing Section of Circle office Mumbai, only one GM and DGM were posted but now, there are two GMs posted and both the posts of DGMs are vacant for long time. 

·        When there are excess GM /PGM level officers posted in Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur, Kalyan, Raigad, Satara, Sangli BAs/SSAs, the BAs/SSAs like Aurangabad, Sindhudurg, Ratnagiri, Buldhana, Akola, Yavatmal , Bhandara are neglected over the period as these are not suitable locations for concerned GM/PGM officers and nobody is willing for working as SSA/BA Head in this SSAs.

·        The works of BA Head Aurangabad covering three SSAs viz. Aurangabad, Jalna and Buldhana SSA is managed under look after arrangements by Shri. Nitin Mahajan GMT Nashik since transfer of then PGM Aurangabad Shri. Arvind Vadnerkar as PGMT Pune before one year.

·        The works of GM level SSA Heads of Sindhudurg, Ratnagiri, Buldhana, Akola, Yavatmal and Bhandara are entrusted to DE level officers who are promoted as DE Regular before six months and these SSAs are indirectly neglected by giving responsibilities of SSA Head to the officers not having experience even that of working as separate Unit heads and keeping the senior level experienced hands of respective management level underutilised.

·        Let us hope, the Circle management and BSNL Corporate office takes serious note of this imbalance in posting of SSA/BA Heads in Maharashtra Circle and early review is taken for posting officers of suitable level at the vacant post of BA/SSA Heads in Maharashtra Circle.

·        If it is not possible to post suitable SSA Heads even in days to come, it is better to merge the SSAs with BAs and all planning and administrative activities are centralised at BA locations.

·        Hopefully, in any such exercise by BSNL management at Circle Office or at BSNL Corporate office, the priority will be given to the requirement of SSAs with sincere efforts to give justice to these posts by posting respective level officer and not just to completing the formality by sticking name of SSA Head to any officers available at site as being done now.  


11 APR 19:  EE Elect BSNL Mumbai issued orders Looking After arrangements for SDE Elect in respect of two JTOs where it is as it is basis. Letter <<<>>>


11 APR 19:  DGM NWO CM QoS BSNL Corporate office writes CGM ITPC Pune for modification and development work in CNMC portal for monitoring of radio network. Letter <<<>>>


11 APR 19:  AGM S&M CFA Mumbai issued orders for extension of Revenue Sharing basis agreement for FTTH provision with M/S I Crop Pays Private limited Pune, earlier operated in Pune and Nagpur SSAs on Trial basis for period three months. Letter <<<>>>

Now this agreement is extended for period of next ten Years and vendor can now provide FTTH connection in entire Maharashtra Circle for period of next Ten years or thereafter as this agreement can be renewed after ten years.


11 APR 19:  Director CFA BSNL Board writes DO letter all Circle Heads for continuation of initiatives under different heads carried during  year 2018-19 for growth of CFA Segment in  Year 2019-20 also. Letter <<<>>>


11 APR 19:  CEE Mumbai writes to all SSA Heads in Maharashtra Circle for revenue versus Expenditure analysis for all telecom installations. Letter <<<>>>


11 APR 19:  CGM EW BSNL Corporate office writes PCE/CE Elect for review of the project Ojas and gives directions for achieving Targets during year 2019-20. Letter <<<>>>


10 APR 19:  DGM Pers Admn BSNL Corporate Office writes to all Circle Heads reminding about rationalization of expenditure on transfers strictly follow the guidelines on issuing company cost orders. Letter <<<>>>

·        In prompt actions, AGM Staff Mumbai also endorses the said letter within no time so that SSAs also follow the same instructions in true spirit.  Endrs Letter <<<>>>

·        This letter reminds Circles for following the guidelines issued vide letter Dated 14/03/2019 for not issuing any company cost transfer order from non-tenure stations.  Copy  <<<>>>

·        This letter dated 08/04/2019, directs Circles to keep on hold all company cost transfer orders from and to non-tenure stations issued by Circles/SSAs.

·        The clause (iii) of the letter dated 14/03/2019 clearly says that the transfers from and to tenure stations declared by BSNL will continue to be at Company cost.

·        As such, there will not be any change in the Tenure transfer orders issued by Maharashtra Circle and the rumours spread about cancellation of all transfers including Tenure transfers are meaningless.

·        In Maharashtra Circle, no company cost transfer order has been issued from Non-tenure station except one DE from Latur to Osmanabad, and all other transfers from and to non-tenure stations are Own Cost request transfers and these orders also will not be cancelled. 

·        As such, this letter dated 08/04/2019 will not have direct impact on any transfers in Maharashtra Circle either from tenure and non-tenure stations.     


10 APR 19:  AGM Estt Mumbai issued orders for Six weeks JTO Phase II Training for 60 JTOs in Data Network Stream and this training will commence at RTCC Pune w.e.f. 15/04/2019. Letter <<<>>>

·        The earlier batches scheduled at RTCC Pune were cancelled as the Water connections was disconnected for non-payment and also issues were reported for disconnection of Electricity due to non-payment, but practically Electricity was not disconnected.

·        As many of JTOs have completed Phase –I training in June 2017, it is mandatory on part of individuals as well as on part of management to complete JTO Phase II training before completion of two years from JTO Phase I training.

·        With this special batch at RTCC Pune, all such problems are resolved and now all JTOs can complete training without any such Technical issues.

·        SNEA MH conveys sincere thanks to all officers from Circle office Mumbai, BRBRAITT Jabalpur and RTCC Pune and namely Shri. Aman Jaiswal, GM HR Admn Mumbai, Shri. A. Pradeepan AGM Estt Mumbai Shri. M. R. Sanap AD HRD Mumbai and Shri. V.M. Dapurkar Principal RTCC Pune for their timely action in arrangements of special batch at RTCC Pune.

·        SNEA MH appreciates the efforts taken by Com. Prayag Pisal, JS Pune SNEA MH, Com Datta Dubile CEC Member SNEA Aurangabad, Com. R. S. Solanki Member SNEA Pune and other SNEA activists /leaders for consolidating the individual request and conveying time-to-time feedback and persuasion for arrangements of such special Batch at RTCC Pune in minimum possible time and when earlier schedule was cancelled.  


10 APR 19:  AGM A&E BSNL Corporate Office writes to all Circle Heads for decentralization of powers for issuing SE/DGM Elect under Looking After arrangements to Circles. Letter <<<>>>

·        Normally, the SE/DGM Elect under Looking After Arrangements were well within the powers of Circles.

·        However, some of circles including Maharashtra Circle were not following these norms and hence in last spell of SE/DGM Elect, the orders for looking after arrangements were issued by EW Unit of BSNL Corporate office.

·        SNEA MH has raised this issue of not following the guidelines on LA Orders in issuing SE Elect Looking After Arrangements in Maharashtra Circle vide letter dated 16/07/2018.   Copy <<<>>> 

·        Accordingly, EW Unit of BSNL Corporate office issued SEE LA orders centrally from Delhi and thereafter BSNL CO has issued clarification for issuing Look After arrangements locally and now said order is being implemented for SEE LA arrangements.  

·        In Maharashtra Circle, there are two posts of SEE Elect, one at Mumbai and other Nagpur.

·        The post of SEE Elect Mumbai is vacant since retirement of then SEE Com Jhagru Ram then SEE Elect Mumbai from 01/02/2019 and now this post can be filled by CEE Mumbai in LA arrangements well within guidelines on the subject as powers of CGMT/CEE Mumbai for issuing SEE Looking After arrangements are now  restored. 


10 APR 19:  AGM Estt IV BSNL Corporate Office conveys decision of BSNL Board about to keep all the Compassionate Ground Appointments in abeyance for next three years. Letter <<<>>>

·        Letter states that this decision is taken due to stressed financial condition of BSNL and it will be reviewed after three years.

·        Accordingly, the process started for filling up vacancies after 01/04/2018 is also kept on hold for three years.

·        One side BSNL continues for new recruitments in different streams including units, which under process of merger with other units and other side such schemes for help of families of deceased employees of BSNL is kept in abeyance.

·        In recent past BSNL has taken certain decisions to save expenditure on avoidable works and activities, and attempts are made by taking such further decisions.

·        However, management has to show its inert readiness for such steps by stopping the facilities of staying in Five Star Hotels and withdrawing the decisions to allow the Air Travel by “Business class” to certain selected senior officers.

·        Otherwise, there are chances of mass reactions by the workforce of BSNL and the desired impact by taking such decision will be far away from expectations.

·        Hopefully, management will take and implement such economy decisions for self and first follow it and then direct others to follow so that Money of BSNL can be saved to overcome present poor financial condition of BSNL.     


10 APR 19:  AGM Rectt IV BSNL Corporate Office writes Circle/Unit Heads for giving wide publicity for online Mock Test for JTO LICE as well as for providing computer access to candidates appearing for JTO LICE scheduled on 24/04/2019. Letter <<<>>>



 9 APR 19:  SNEA MH congratulates Com. S.V. Narsekar SDE Nagpur and CEC Member SNEA Nagpur for his grand  success inNational Power Lifting Tournament 2019-20” held at Hawrha, West Bengal  in Master - II ( 82.5 Kg) Category. In very tough competition, Com. S.V. Narsekar has won Bronze Medal in this National Power Lifting Tournament 2019-20. SNEA MH appreciates devoted and dedicated efforts taken by Com. S.V. Narsekar CEC Member SNEA Nagpur and such grand success thereof. Photos      <<<>>>      <<<>>>     <<<>>>


 8 APR 19: Message by Mrs. Sujata T. Ray, Director HR BSNL Board. Letter <<<>>>


 8 APR 19: BSNL IQ Booking is now online: The long pending demand raised by SNEA MH and pursued for last 2-3 years at different levels , finally yields the results as now BSNL has started Inspection Quarters (IQs) Booking allover India through online web portal.

·        This online site provides all information related to BSNL IQs including rates applicable for different officers and different works in BSNL or private works.

·        This Online booking will stop to certain extent the present pick and choose booking IQs only for selective senior officers and their family members and will stop behind curtain mismanagement of giving priority in IQ booking to the certain officers and family members.

·        Also, there is no need to call anybody and follow up with any one just for booking IQs and one can understand the location of IQs, availability of IQs, occupancy/vacancy of IQs at the time of booking and will bring more transparency in allotment of IQs.

·        Further, the Revenue generated or maintenance charges for use of IQs being paid by occupant will be brought on records and accounted for and hopefully entire amount will go to account of BSNL in all IQ booking cases. 

·        All comrades can make use of this facility of online booking of BSNL IQs all over India by using their ERP Login and Password by visiting BSNL IQ Booking Portal available at

·        Link for online booking of BSNL IQ <<<>>>




 5 APR 19: AGM Estt MH issued orders for cancellation of JTO Phase II training as per the request of concerned JTO. Letter <<<>>>


 4 APR 19: Department of Public Enterprises,  Govt Of India issued orders for increase of IDA for all CPSES by 2.6 % i.e. from 138.8 % to 141.4 % and this revised IDA will be applicable w.e.f. 01/04/2019. Letter <<<>>>


4 APR 19: AGM Pers BSNL Corporate office calls for volunteers among DE/AGMs who are left with minimum three years services and not under transfer to any other Circle to fill up one post of AGM Vigilance BSNL Corporate office and last date of submission of willingness is 08/04/2019. Letter <<<>>>


 4 APR 19:  M/S Hungama which has blooded BSNL for last ten years as parasite, now cries fowl against BSNL and is claiming outstanding amount of Rs. 22,14,73,145.00 (In words rupees Twenty Two Crore, Fourteen Lakhs , Seventy Three Thousands , One Hundred Forty Five only) from BSNL for services provided by it to BSNL period April 2010 to February 2019. Letter <<<>>>

·        Now it is open secret that how M/S Hungama has closed thousands of BSNL Connections over the period of last ten years by overcharging for the services not used or used under compulsions created by staff of M/S Hungama on Broadband customer of BSNL by false information and heavy charges thereof.

·        Practically, services by M/S Hungama and its payments seems to be big scam in the BSNL as till now much money has been paid to M/S Hungama by BSNL and till M/S Hungama claims more than Rupees Twenty Two Crores from BSNL as outstanding amount.

·        Many Circles including Maharashtra Circle have raised objections on services by M/S Hungama and heavy charges thereof causing loss to BSNL Customers and customer loss to BSNL by repeated letters.

·        However, no one from BSNL Corporate office has acted against M/S Hungama and now BSNL Corporate Office is calling reports for making arrangements of funds for so-called outstanding amount of M/S Hungama.

·        Here, BSNL do not have money to pay Electricity Bills, No temporary advances has been granted for three to four months, many of the contract workers, vendors have not received payment for months together even though they have provided dedicated services and works in the filed units have come to stand still position.

·        But, BSNL Corporate Office seems to be busy with arrangement of funds that to be in Crores of Rupees for payment of outstanding claims of M/S Hungama for last ten years. This makes the picture crystal clear why BSNL is losing its market share over the period and why its losses are increasing day by day.     

·        All such vendors have looted and are looting to BSNL in Crore of Rupees and many of us blindly signs the claims and reports of such fraudulent vendors and indirectly support direct loot of beloved BSNL.

·        Though it is fact that many such vendors are looting BSNL , but media, DoT, Govt Of India are blaming the employees of BSNL for losses of Thousands of Crores to BSNL and propagating for reduction of age, VRS , lay off, closure of BSNL etc which is not correct.

·        Time has come that everyone has to rise occasion and come forward to stop such direct and indirect loot of BSNL Money. Please understand that it is nothing but loot of our salaries and our future in BSNL along with future of BSNL.

·        We all should oppose all such fraudulent actions of many such vendors who are looting BSNL Money without any justified work or rather by causing damage to BSNL.    


 3 APR 19: AGM Estt Mumbai issued orders for E4 to E 5 Time Bound Promotions of 73 Executives in SDE/DE cadre of Telecom wing as per eligibility date of concerned executives. Letter <<<>>>

·        This was one of pending issue raised in the recent District Conference of SNEA Aurangabad and same is settled with this TBP Orders.

·        SNEA MH congratulates all the executives on their third TBP.

·        Majority of these executives who got fourth TBP are members of SNEA.


 3 APR 19: CAO FC Mumbai issued orders for relieving of JAOs under Rule 9 transfer from Maharashtra Circle to Circles of their choice. Letter <<<>>>

·        This is good news for all JAOs eagerly waiting for their relieving since their Rule 9 order issued before six months.

·        As per target for closure of account for Maharashtra Circle is fixed as end of May 2019, all these JAOs will be relieved by concerned SSAs by 30/06/2019.

·        With this uncertainty created over the Rule 9 transfers of JAOs and relieving thereof comes to end and all JAOs will be relieved by 30/06/2019.

·        In many of the cases substitute JAOs are also posted and many of IFAs have shown readiness to relieve these JAOs without substitute but could not relieve it because relieving order was not issued by Maharashtra Circle.

·        Thereafter MH Circle relieved some of JAOs and some of JAOs who approached BSNL Corporate Office were directly through ERP.

·        Though many of IFAs, CAO Mumbai, and DGM FC Mumbai have shown readiness to relieve these JAOs, there was reluctance on part of GM Fin Mumbai and has taken stand that let BSNL Corporate Office relieve these JAOs directly, he will not object for it.

·        SNEA MH was continuously pursuing this matter at all levels and finally the relieving order has been issued for all left out JAOs and now these JAOs will be relieved either by closure of account or by 30/06/2019 which is later.

·        Hopefully, this will be convenient for all JAOs and till anybody has some serious and genuine issue and cannot wait for three months and substitute JAO is already posted, may represent their case through proper channel with such clear recommendations of IFA concerned.

·        Com. Hrushikesh Kesale JS AF SNEA MH and Com. Harish Sable JS Marathwada SNEA MH have taken continuous efforts and pursued matter of relieving of these JAOs for last six month.

·       SNEA MH conveys thanks to Shri. Vivek Mahavar GM Fin Mumbai and his team of FC section to review his earlier stand and take decision to issue relieving order for all JAOs with fixed date for relieving and giving them relief and clearing uncertainty created over the period about relieving of these JAOs and issues thereof.     


 3 APR 19:  CAO FC Mumbai issued orders for Looking After arrangement in CAO Cadre wherein 50 AOs in different SSAs of Maharashtra Circle are given responsibility of CAO for period of six months. Order I <<<>>>     Order II <<<>>>


 3 APR 19:  List of BSNL Empanelled Hospitals in Mumbai. List <<<>>>




District Conference SNEA Aurangabad <<<<>>>


 2 APR 19:  SNEA MH congratulates Com. B.W. Katkar, AGM and Ex-President SNEA Satara {Mob 9423863444} on his retirement from BSNL services on successfully completion of 34 years of Services in DoT and BSNL.

Com. B.W. Katkar has started his carrier in Department of Telecommunications as JTO in Bombay Telephones in August 1985 and he continued services in MTNL till formation of BSNL & MTNL in Year 2000. On absorption from DoT, he opted for BSNL and was posted in Maharashtra Circle and worked there continuously for 17 years.  During his service of 17 years in Satara SSA, he has played vital role in growth and development of BSNL Satara. He is known for his skills in handling critical issues. He has rendered 17 years of services as SDE Planning Satara, SDE Group Medha and DE Mobile Satara. He has remarkable contribution in planning and installation of BTS under GSM Phase VIII.4 Project. With his devoted efforts, he was able to maintain very good up time of BTS with support of other staff and officers by excellent co-ordination and communication among team Mobile Satara. On his promotion as DE in July 2018, he has joined as DE Vapi, Daman, and Umargaon in Gujarat Circle.

Com. B.W. Katkar is an excellent human being and one of excellent officers of the BSNL who have put devoted services to BSNL. He is really asset for BSNL as he has always proved his excellence by his hard work and best results for whatever may be work assigned to him.  He has resolved all critical issues by using his skills and local relations. He has very strong relations with local authorities and political leaders, which has helped in resolving many critical issues of BSNL. He is well known among Satara Comrades for his helping nature, smiling face and result oriented work culture. He was very punctual and honest in office as well as association duties and hence respected by everyone. 

Com. B.W. Katkar, was pillar of SNEA Satara and has played vital and prominent role in reopening of SNEA Satara branch when so called leaders made attempts to close the branch of SNEA Satara. It was Com. B. W. Katkar and some other stalwart comrades of SNEA who have kept full faith on SNEA and continued with SNEA membership and lead SNEA Satara from front as President SNEA Satara. He has played vital role in getting majority votes during membership verification for SNEA in Satara SSA by overcoming all the hurdles. He stood behind SNEA in each and every issue and re -built strong unity of Executives in Satara SSA.  He also has played vital role in building fearless atmosphere in office working of BSNL Satara. His contribution towards SNEA, BSNL and its executives will be written in golden letters in the History of SNEA Satara. On completion of 34 years of highly successful service in DoT/BSNL, he has opted for VRS w.e.f. 01/04/2019 as he is well settled in Satara and has strong desire to continue social work after retirement.  

On this important day in the life of stalwart leader of SNEA Com. B.W. Katkar, Ex-President SNEA Satara wherein he is retiring from highly successful and remarkable services in SNEA, BSNL and DoT, SNEA MH salutes sincerity, dedication and affection by Com. B.W. Katkar, towards BSNL & SNEA and on behalf of thousands of comrades of SNEA Maharashtra Circle we wish them “Very Happy, Healthy, Wealthy & Highly Successful Long Retired life”.


 2 APR 19:  AGM Admn Mumbai issued orders for Closed Holiday in on concerned dates of General Loksabha Elections 2019 and this holiday will be on different dates in different SSAs i.e. Holiday on day of voting for General Elections in that particular SSA. Letter <<<>>>


 2 APR 19:  DGM T&C CFA BSNL Corporate Office issued orders for waival of Installation charges for new “LL/DSL/FTTH”  connections and this offer will be valid up to 30/06/2019. Letter <<<>>>


 2 APR 19:  DGM T&C CFA BSNL Corporate Office issued orders for extension of  promotional Tariff plans for “BSNL Wings”  for period of 90 days w.e.f. 05/04/2019. Letter <<<>>>


 2 APR 19:  AGM Estt III BSNL Corporate office issued guidelines for special drive to deal with the unauthorised absence, absconding and long absentee officers/officials and calls for report thereof. Letter <<<>>>


 2 APR 19:  AGM NWP BB-I  BSNL Corporate office calls for detail information for authorisation to circles for procurement of Single Fibre Splicing machines for Year 2019-20. Letter <<<>>>


 2 APR 19:  Sr GM Fin SEA BSNL CO writes to Circle Heads and IFAs of Circle about sending e-bills to BSNL customers and updating the data of customers as per discussions in meeting of BSNL Board. Letter <<<>>>



 1 APR 19:  AGM Staff Mumbai issued orders for looking after in DGM Telecom cadre by posting all the promoted DEs/AGMs in same SSA. Letter <<<>>>

·        Total 71 AGMs are given orders for taking over responsibilities in DGM LA arrangements.

·        As per the latest clarification issued by BSNL CO for local arrangements among the seniors available within SSA, these arrangements are issued as per District Seniority i.e. senior most DEs/AGMs in particular SSA are given higher responsibility of DGM.

·        As such in some of SSAs, the JTOs recruited by 1992 are given DGM LA Charge and in some of SSAs, JTO recruited in year 1983 is not yet given responsibility as DGM LA.

·        If any of the DE/AGM who is senior to the DE for whom LA arrangements orders are issued, is willing to work as DGM LA, then he may opt for same and he can be given responsibility as DGM LA in said SSA where junior is given responsibility as DGM.   

·        Henceforth no local DGM LA orders can be issued by any SSA/BA Head locally.  


31 Mar 19:  SNEA MH Circle congratulates, Com. Mrs. Rujuta Joshi, SDE Pune SSA, Com. R. C. Gupta, SDE Kalyan SSA, Com. Harjeet Singh, EEE Kalyan SSA, Com. S. S. Bind,  SDE Circle Office Mumbai , Com. Arvind N Bartakke, SDE Pune SSA, Com. Udai Bhan Pandye, SDE Pune SSA,  Com. V. B. Kulkarni, SDE Aurangabad SSA, Com. Nesar Ahmed, SDE Civil Aurangabad SSA Com. S. T. Chaudhar, AO Aurangabad, Com. R. K Kshirsagar JTO Ahmednagar SSA,  Com. Vishwas M. Phadate JTO Goa SSA and Com. Avinash Baban Shirke, JTO Nashik SSA  on their peaceful Superannuation /Voluntary Retirement after completion of long & highly successful services in DoT/BSNL. 

·        Com. Mrs. Rujuta Joshi, SDE (Intl CSC) Akurdi Pune SSA {Mob 9423569769} has joined services in DOT in 1989 in Ratnagiri SSA as TOA. In 1992, she is promoted as TTA Transmission and posted in Ratnagiri Carrier station. In year 1998, she was transferred on her request and posted JTO Int Talegaon and then she has served as JTO CSC, MDF, and Building Bhosari, JTO EWSD, JTO E-10 B, MDF PP & Building, JTO Kharalwadi Int RSU. In year 2012, she was promoted as SDE and up to 2019 worked as Alumni Intl & CSC. She has completed NGN area transfer of Akurdi Exchange in 1st phase within targeted period successfully with consistent hard work. She has worked hard for CSC Akurdi wherein done door-to-door marketing. She has consumed retailer balance of about 5 lakhs by convincing staff under AGM Akurdi & motivated staff to take more balance. After consistent hardships for achieving SIM sale & C TOP UP and received certificate of appreciations in Oct 2017, Oct 2018 , Nov 2018 and Dec 2018 for achievements of targets of C Top Up & SIM Sale. She has taken special efforts for energy conservation by conversion of HT Electricity connection into LT and getting refund of security deposit paid by BSNL. She is die-hard member of SNEA and has always taken active part in association activities by supporting each call by Association. She is known for her honesty & punctuality with up gradation and success thereof. She has rendered thirty years of service in DoT, BSNL with target orientated approach with full dedication and always contributed by best services to DOT/ BSNL & SNEA and opted VRS from 01/02/2019 after successful 30 years of successful services in DoT/BSNL.

·        Com. R. C. Gupta, SDE CSC Dombivali Kalyan SSA {Mob 9403940373}, started his career in DoT as Telecom Technician in year 1981 at GM Project office Mumbai. Later he was transferred to Kalyan on his promotion as Phone Inspector in 1990 as served in Bhiwandi area. He was promoted as JTO in 2003 and then promoted as SDE in June 2018 in Kalyan SSA. At the time of retirement, Com. R C Gupta was serving as SDE CSC Dombivali in Kalyan SSA. Till the date of retirement, he continued his duties with full devotion and dedication and with true spirit by working on Sunday also. Com. R C Gupta is die-hard member of SNEA. He has always taken active part in the association activities and is known for his humble nature. He has rendered 37 years of successful and devoted services to DoT, BSNL, and retiring on superannuation today.

·        Com. Harjeet Singh, EE Elect Kalyan SSA {Mob 9422087353} has joined services as Junior Engineer in May 1985 in P&T Department and served with Bombay Telephones and MTNL Mumbai till 2004 and promoted as SDE Elect in year 1998. After serving in MTNL, he joined in BSNL at various stations in Mumbai and in Khandava in MP Circle as SDEE from 2007 to 2010. He completed Project works in MTNL and BSNL in Mumbai area main Exchanges for Electrical Infrastructure works. Recently promoted as EE Elect and he is serving BSNL till last day of his retirement. Com Harjeet Singh is known for his soft spoken skills and getting works done even in odd conditions. Since long, he is die-hard member of SNEA and has always taken part in all association activities.

·        Com. Arvind N Bartakke, SDE Yerawada, Pune SSA {Mob 9420496682} has started his carrier in Pune from 1980 as a Technician and served for crossbar and strowger Exchange and Transmission sections. He has passed JTO LDCE in 2001 and has served in Pune as well as Raigad SSA and thereafter up to 2018 worked as JTO FTTH Pune. Due to his devotion and relations he could put the very well image of BSNL in the Rural and urban society of Pune. He is Die-hard Comrade of SNEA and has taken active participation in all association activities. He completing 39 years of service in DoT and BSNL and retiring on superannuation as SDE Yerawada.

·        Com. Udai Bhan Pandye, SDE Viman Nagar Pune SSA, {Mob 9423505400} has joined his services as as Technician in 1982 at Moradabad, UP and has joined in Pune from 1984 as a Phone Inspector. On his promotion as JTO in 1996 and worked under DE Ext MKR Pune. As served at Shirur as a SDE officiating from 2003 to 2005 and on SDE regular, he was posted as SDE at Mohamadwadi, Pune and till last date fully dedicated and devoted executive, working as SDE Vimannagar from 2014. He is die-hard member of SNEA from the beginning and always supported association activities. He always contributed best service to DoT/BSNL and SNEA.

·        Com. V. B. Kulkarni, SDE Aurangabad, {Mob 9422931820}, had joined in Department of Telecom as RSA in Aug 1984 at Phonda in Goa. He has worked as  RSA in Beed SSA. After promoted as JTO in 1999 he worked in Beed and Aurangabad SSA. He got SDE promotion in 2011 and work in various sections in Aurangabad. He is very active member of SNEA and has worked on various posts of association in Beed & Aurangabad. She is retiring now by superannuation after completing the service of 35 years.

·        Com. Nesar Ahmed, SDE Civil Aurangabad, {Mob 9423782099}, has joined in Department of P&T as JE Civil in 1982 at Hingoli, Parbhani SSA. After promotion as AE civil in 1997, he worked at Shrirampur in Ahmednagar SSA. On his promotion as SDE Civil in 2008, he worked in Aurangabad & Jalna SSA. He is active member of SNEA Aurangabad is retiring on superannuation after successfully completing the service of 37 years.

·        Com. S. T. Chaudhar, AO Aurangabad, {Mob 9403532020}, has joined in Department of Telecom as Wireman in 1979 at Nanded. In 1983, he became Telephone Operator, then JAO in 2010 through LDCE and worked in Aurangabad SSA and Jalna SSA for some time. He is very sincere in his work and has completed LLB degree in 2016 externally. He is known for his helping hand to all comrades and is very active and dedicated member of SNEA Aurangabad. Now he retiring on superannuation after completing the service of 40 years. 

·        Com. S. S. Bind, SDE BP & IT Circle Office Mumbai, {Mob 9423296400} has joined services in year 1986 as Trans Assistant at Chiplun Ratnagiri SSA. In 1995 he was promoted as JTO as posted in Ratnagiri SSA and has served at Ratnagiri City, Dapoli, Mandangad Talukas and has taken special efforts for installation of 3/8 channel systems for providing Group dialing facilities for both the Talukas. On his promotion as SDE in 2008, he was again posted to Dapoli and Mandangad. In 2012, he was posted to Circle Office Mumbai on his request and since then he is working as SDE BP & IT Mumbai. He is known for his soft skills and helping hand to all. He is very active member of SNEA and always participated all activities of SNEA Mumbai. Now after successful completion of 33 years of services in DoT & BSNL he, retiring on superannuation. 

·        Com. Vishwas M. Phadate JTO Outdoor Goa {9423885672} has joined Dept as a Technician in year 1982 and worked in MX-II & I exchanges. In the year 2005, he was promoted to JTO and was posted in OCB exchange. Thereafter he worked in various group exchanges and presently he is posted at Group exchange Saligao Goa. He was sincere, hardworking and intellectual officer and maintained cordial relationship with customers as well as with seniors and subordinate. He was bearing calm and cool personality. He was a di-hard member of SNEA Goa and always took an active part in the association activities; he also served as an office bearer of SNEA Goa. Now on completion of 37 years of services, he is retiring on superannuation of his long and devoted services in DoT & BSNL.

·        Com. R. K. Kshirsagar JTO Newasa Ahmednagar SSA, {Mob 9423784211} on successful completion of long services in DoT/BSNL and on their peaceful retirement from BSNL with effect from 31.03.2019. He is hardworking executive & active member of SNEA. He played an instrumental role in organizing various events of SNEA and always motivated the members of SNEA with his dedication towards SNEA will be always remembered for such devoted services.

·        Com. Avinash Baban Shirke, JTO NOFN, Nashik SSA {Mob 9422946322} has joined DoT as Technician in Year 1979 and served efficiently in Stroweger Installation and mtce, Installation of C-DoT Exchanges. FRS, CMTS, and Rural area Satana. He was promoted as JTO in 2009 and was posted in Nashik SSA. He has served Ratnagiri SSA for three and half years and was posted back to Nashik SSA in 2012 and served as JTO Staff and now working as JTO NOFN since last five years and has provided 607 GPs and 14 BDO connections. Today he is retiring on superannuation after completing successful services of 38 years and  six months. 

On this important day of the life of these stalwart Comrades of SNEA retiring in this month, SNEA MH salutes sincerity, dedication and affection by Com. Mrs. Rujuta Joshi, Com. R. C. Gupta, Com. Harjeet Singh, Com. S. S. Bind, Com. Arvind N Bartakke, Com. Udai Bhan Pandye, Com. V. B. Kulkarni, Com. Nesar Ahmed, Com. S. T. Chaudhar, Com. R. K Kshirsagar, Com. Vishwas M. Phadate and Com. Avinash Baban Shirke, towards BSNL & SNEA and on behalf of thousands of comrades of SNEA Maharashtra Circle we wish them “Very Happy, Healthy, Wealthy & Highly Successful Long Retired life”.


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