Last update 30 APR 21


30 APR 21:  GM HR Mumbai writes to all BA/SSA Heads for formation of SSA level Covid 19 Help Desk Centers to meet Medical emergency cases  and also to deal with post Covid issues.  Letter <<<>>>

·        In recent past, during second wave of pandemic Covid the number of positive cases have been reported throughout Maharashtra Circle and it’s very unfortunate that some of our working /retired friends and their family members have lost their lives.

·        As such, there was need of active support from BSNL to all Covid affected employees and their family members.

·        In online meeting held by CGMT MH, SNEA MH has raised this issue and requested for extending support to all executives and non-executives and their family members. Such demand has been raised by leaders of other Associations and Unions and also by some of BA Heads.

·        By taking note of it CGMT MH Circle has decided to form Help Desk at all SSAs and one Circle Level Help Desk is set up at Circle Office Mumbai.

·        SNEA MH conveys thanks to Shri. Ramakant Sharma, CGMT MH Circle for taking immediate action and extending supporting hand to the BSNL employees during this difficult time of pandemic. We appeal all executives and non-executives to come forward and join hands to extend support to our colleagues by all means and by using support of these SSA/Circle level Help Desks.


29 APR 21: DGM HR Mumbai issued orders Time Bound Promotions for E-4 to E-5 and E-5 to E-6 for executives of all wings in Maharashtra Circle.   Letter <<<>>>

The names of many other eligible Executives are also approved but order are not issued as VC for same has been expired and TBP orders of all such executives will be issued immediately after receipt of VCs.


29 APR 21: Director HR BSNL writes DO letter to all Circle Heads for  initiatives for vaccination of BSNL employees and dependent family members, payment of vaccination by BSNL , medical advance and to morale of BSNL employees high who are affected by Covid by extending all possible help.  Letter I <<<>>>  Letter II <<<>>>


29 APR 21: GM CFA BSNL CO writes all Circle Heads for quarterly award for best Partner Support Group (PSG) for FTTH and cluster partners established at 162 BAs all over India. This award will be decided on basis of quarterly performance of Support Group on Circle level.   Letter <<<>>>


29 APR 21: AGM RM CFA BSNL CO issued orders for fixing maximum limit for ONT Charges to be applied for BSNL FTTH Customers and now maximum Rs 2000 can be recovered from Customer against supply of ONTs and same rate will be applicable for outstanding ONT charges if any. Letter <<<>>>


29 APR 21: DGM Reglan BSNL CO issued instructions for issuing Mobile connections to customers. Letter <<<>>>


28 APR 21:  Meeting by CGMT MH with selected representatives of recognized Associations especially on Transfer posting issues: As per initiatives by Shri. Ramakant Sharma, CGMT MH Circle, special meeting of Representatives of recognized Associations was held at 1100 hrs on 27/04/2021 especially to issues related to discuss issues related to transfer posting of executives.

·        Actually, SNEA MH has requested meeting with CGMT MH to discuss certain HR and development issues and in border view to clear  doubts and to give consideration to the views of  leaders of all representatives associations, CGMT MH has decided  to conduct online meeting through Google meet of representatives of all recognized associations with two representatives of each  Associations.

·        The meeting was presided by Shri. Ramakant Sharma, CGMT MH Circle and was also attended by Shri. Aman Jaiswal, GM HR MH CO. Shri. M. S. Hanchate, OSD to CGMT MH organised this meeting and made arrangements for its successful conduction of this online meeting on Google platform. 

·        From SNEA this meeting was attended by Shri. M. N. Kotambe ACS SNEA MH and Shri. M. S. Adasul, CS SNEA MH. Shri. Abhay Kesarkar, JS CE SNEA MH accompanied both. Two representatives each of other recognised and Welfare association were also attended the meeting and shared their views.

·        The meeting started with welcome by Shri. M. S. Hanchate, OSD to CGMT MH and Shri. Aman Jaiswal, GM HR MH CO gave brief note on his idea on proposed transfers of executives in Maharashtra Circle. Thereafter suggestions were called from the associations on proposed transfers and issues were discussed in details from all angles. The details of issues discussed and discussions thereof is as follows.

1.     Request transfers from Tenure Stations: GM HR MH CO in his brief address cleared that he will start with consideration to request transfer from tenure stations. He added that there is well defined transfer policy in posting substitute for Tenure stations and he do not find any issue in giving consideration of all request from tenure stations.  He added that substitute for considering request transfers from Tenure stations will be given from the combined waiting list of JE, JTO and SDE. While counting stay of JEs, the JEs recruited in SSA Cadre will be excluded from the long stay transfers and JE recruited in Circle Cadre will be considered for posting substitute at tenure stations. He added that first request for tenure stations from JE/JTO and SDE will be given for posting as substitute and then remaining substitutes will be posted from the combined long stay list i.e. long stay list together of JE, JTO and SDE as per their continuous stay in a particular SSA.  

2.     Request Transfers of JTOs from MH Telecom Circle to CNTXW Circle: GM HR MH CO informed that as per request of CNTXW Circle to fill post total 12 post of JTOs at specific locations in CNTXW Circle in Territory of Maharashtra Circle, options have been called by his office from JTOs working in Maharashtra Circle.   He added that out of 12 post as required by CNTXW Circle options/willingness has been received from JTOs for 07 posts at certain locations and till no option has been received for posts at 05 locations. He added that all options received from  JTOs for posting to CNTXW Circle, will be given consideration and to fill up vacant post at remaining five locations, he has proposed to post junior most JTO in stay of the SSA, in which the location of CNTXW Circle is vacant. e.g. If there is no option to fill vacant post at Sangamner  location in Ahmednagar district under CNTXW Circle, then JTO junior most in stay of Ahmednagar SSA will be posted to fill vacant post at CNTXW Sangamner. GM HR MH CO added that idea behind considering junior most JTO in stay within SSA, is that in this case there will be no issue of safeguarding long stayed JTOs in territory of same SSA but in CNTXW Circle. In conclusion he confirmed that after consideration to Tenure transfers, his second priority will be to fill in all 12 post of JTOs in CNTXW Circle in within Territory of Maharashtra Telecom Circle.

3.     Consideration to Request Transfers from Non-Tenure SSAs:  GM HR MH CO informed that his third priority is to give consideration to request transfers from Non-tenure SSAs. He elaborated that CGMT MH has already conveyed to all that request transfers of all executives from all Non-tenures SSAs who are completing three years as on 30/06/2021 , will be given consideration. He added that as the request of executives working at Non tenure stations but are coming in list of posting substitute at tenure stations will not be given consideration as their names will be considered for posting at tenure stations. He confirmed that the request of all executives from Non-tenure stations except due of posting at tenure stations as substitute will be given consideration during this spell of transfer’s orders.  He added that there are total 162 requests received by his office in JE/JTO/SDE Cadre and he has prepared for giving consideration of all these 162 request transfers.

4.     Transfers for filling vacant post at SSA having shortage of Executives: GM HR MH CO added that after giving consideration to request from Tenure stations, to CNTXW Circle and request from Non-tenure stations, his last priority is to fill up vacant post at Non Popular SSAs or SSAs having shortage of executives. He added that the overall availability of executives in all SSAs will be reviewed after consideration of request from and to tenure and Non-tenure stations and excess/shortage executives in particular SSA will be decided. The executives from SSAs having excess executives will be transferred to SSAs having shortage of executives to fill vacant post by operating with combined long stay list of JE/JTO/SDEs from SSAs having excess executive strength and anyone JE or JTO or SDE with longest stay in SSA will be shifted first and then so on. 

5.     Application of Criteria of minimum stay in particular SSA before consideration name of executive for posting substitute to incoming request: It was asked during discussions on consideration of request transfers, that as per transfer policy guidelines, the minimum stay of executive in particular SSA is ten years and same should be maintained. GM HR MH CO replied that there is no such criteria for giving consideration for minimum stay of ten years in working SSA, before transfer of executive out of SSA in transfer policy issued by BSNL Corporate Office. It was brought to notice of GM HR MH CO that this criteria exists in transfer policy issued by BSNL CO under clause 11 (a) (4) and there is nothing new in it. After going through this clause of Transfer Policy, GM HR replied that if this criteria is followed the request transfers cannot be given consideration. He also added that after VRS there is much change in scenario and transfers will be issued more frequently and no one can think for staying at one popular location for long time as happened in pre-VRS scenario. He added that we GM level Officers are transferred every three years and till it is better position for other executives. He was of the opinion that if this ten years criteria is given consideration then it is not possible to give consideration to request transfers of executives who have are completing three years as on 30/06/2021. We have added that this is not issue with all SSAs and it may be issue with only for Nagpur SSA, where if request of all executives working at Non tenure Stations is given then executive from Nagpur SSA with stay less than ten years will be disturbed. We added that if such protections is not given then there will frequent transfers out of Nagpur SSA and very purpose of getting own cost transfers to Nagpur will be defeated. We have narrated that there is clause in transfer policy issued by MH Circle that in case there is no executive with stay more than ten years available, in such case, request to such SSA should not be given consideration.  GM HR added that there is no such specific clause available in transfer policy issued by BSNL CO and he pointed out to bottom line of clause 11 (a) (4) which reads as ‘Notwithstanding above, the Management reserves the right to transfer an Executive prior to the above specified tenure or to retain him/her beyond the specified tenure depending on the administrative requirement and in the interest of the service’. Thus he added that executives with even three years of service at popular station may be transferred out of SSA.  All have raised concerned about such mass transfers from particular SSA which will create mass unrest among executives. Intervening discussions, CGMT MH added that it was request of associations to give consideration to all request transfers and hence it is decided and if associations stick on this clause of ten years, no request will be given consideration to such stations. CGMT MH expressed serious concern on drain of executives strength from MH Circle to All India Hard tenure stations and shared fear that if these requests are not given consideration to get posting at popular stations, many more SDEs and DEs will opt for all India Hard Tenure stations and hence he is of the opinion that there should be feeling among executives who are working at non-popular stations that their request to popular stations or their home SSA are given consideration in time bound manner and they will not opt out of Maharashtra Circle to all India Hard tenure stations as seen now.  He specifically mentioned that he want to stop outgoing trend of executives from MH Circle and he needs more executives in MH Circle. He appealed association not be rigid on ten year criteria and let us give clear signals to executives that request after three years is given consideration. We have brought to notice of CGMT MH that this decision will be badly affecting specifically Nagpur SSA as about all executives in Vidarbha region are opting for Nagpur. There may not be any such issue for other SSAs and sufficient number of executives with minimum Ten years’ service exists in these SSAs. If all request to Nagpur SSA are given consideration in one stroke, there it will be hardly few executives left in Nagpur SSA and all will be new at a time which may affect overall working of Nagpur SSA. We added that we will not be rigid on ten years criteria, but there should be some criteria in the interest of executives working at Nagpur SSA and also for administrative requirements, that matter should be decided by putting certain limits of years may be less than ten years. We also requested to review this criteria depending requests towards Nagpur SSA and in conclusion CGMT MH directed GM HR to have review of request for Nagpur SSA and discuss with him accordingly and assured to look into concerned raised by us to reduce number of transfers from Nagpur SSA.   

6.     Capping on Maximum Transfers form any particular SSA: In continuation of discussions on transfers towards popular SSAs, it was pointed out by us that transfers as per transfer policy, there is capping of maximum 10 % transfers form any SSA and it should be given consideration. It was also proposed by some representatives about 30% capping on executive strength of all SSAs to reduce number of transfers.  CGMT MH added that he is of the opinion that there is no need of capping and if it is provided then request transfers will not be given and it will give rise to more requests for transfers to All India Hard tenure stations and he want to avoid it and hence he is against any such capping.   Further he added that he has decided requirement of SSAs as per requests and confirmation with BA Heads and hence there cannot be capping on the executive strength as proposed.

7.     Consideration of Request for retention on medical grounds: It was requested by some of representatives that there is discrepancies in given consideration of medical ground requests and it is not uniformly applied for all executives. In some cases liberal consideration is given and in some case of request no consideration is given even if certificate from Civil Surgeon is submitted. Clearing the matter, GM HR informed that there are well defined guidelines for consideration of medical ground requests and his office has always given consideration of all such requests. He added that some of executives are able to get certificate from Civil Surgeon for illness which are not covered in transfer policy. The transfer policy states that medical ground consideration is to be given for the cases of critical illness and associations cannot demand for consideration of medical ground request on non-critical ground medical request may it be with certificate from Civil Surgeon. Adding to discussions CGMT MH expressed that his office is getting many request on medical ground and on name of old age parents, which cannot be given consideration. He added that it is but natural that all have old age parents and it will difficult to give consideration to all such requests of medical grounds of parents. He categorically clarified that this time request for retention /cancellation of transfer orders will be given consideration only for critical illness of children of concerned executives and not for parents, that to be with certificate of Civil Surgeon. Though all representatives have stressed for consideration of request on medical grounds of parents, CGMT was firm on decision of not giving consideration for request on medical ground of parents.     

8.     Consideration of Request for retention on grounds of Child education:  We have elaborated that there is policy followed in Maharashtra Circle and it is as per the BSNL transfer policy that the parents who are having wards studding in 10th and 12th Standard are given retention till completion of Board examination. Adding to it, GM HR supported this request and positively added that such request needs to be given consideration. CGMT MH clarified that it is justified for retention of parents having wards in 12th Standard, but do not agree for wards in 10th Standard. He added that there is lethargy on part of executives that they are not planning well in advance and if one has to be with ward during such Board examination, then they should plan in advance and should not wait for transfers in year when ward is appearing in board. This has become practice that some executives are waiting for transfers till board exams and asking retention on name of Board exams. All are well aware about Board exams and they have to plan accordingly and its total their responsibility and no excuses can be given consideration. After elaborate discussions on this point, finally the decision of CGMT MH was agreed by all that retention will be given to only executives who are having wards in 12th Standard and no such retention will be given to executives having wards appearing for any other school/college exams including Board Exams of 10th standard.

9.     Review of Old Transfer Orders kept in abeyance by Circle Office: When it was asked about the transfer orders kept in abeyance, GM HR replied that yes, certain transfer orders have been kept in abeyance when it was brought to his notice that there is change in requirement of executives where the transfer orders of these executives are issued and when these executives have requested for change of SSA on transfers. He categorically added that if there is no requirement in revised calculation of executive strength, then the transfer orders of such executives will be reviewed, but they will not be retained at present SSA and they will be transferred to other SSAs where vacancy exists

10.            Review of Transfer orders issued for Account wing Executives:  It was pointed out that there are certain issues raised by different associations with respect of the Account wing transfers and hence these transfers are not implemented and what is status of these transfers GM HR informed that these transfers will be reviewed as per the suggestions by associations and on basis of revised vacancy positions. We have further requested to give consideration to the requests given by executives in account wing for change of SSA and to take care of discrepancies pointed out in these transfers.  CGMT MH directed GM HR that he do not want any complaints and all such issues should be taken care while issuing fresh orders.  

11.             Posting of executives to Pune Nodal and consideration of their names for local transfers within Pune SSA: It was demanded during discussions that Pune Nodal should be treated as separate SSA and all posting to Pune Nodal should be done from Circle Office and there should not be any role PGMT Pune. It was also demanded that executives working at Pune Nodal are having specific technical backgrounds and they should not be transferred from Pune Nodal to posting in rural area of Pune SSA on basis of long stay by preparing combined list of Pune SSA and Pune Nodal. Adding to these discussions, we have put point that it is well defined process and there is nothing wrong in equally treating all executives within Territory of SSA. Though there is technical requirement at Pune Nodal, there should be advance planning for shifting executives in long stay in phased manner. We also shared that we are not saying for shifting of all Technical executives from Nodal in one lot and it should be in phased manner for 2-3 executives coming in long stay list. We added that it is not correct that executives from Pune Nodal are excluded from transfers within Pune SSA and also from out of Pune SSA. It is injustice to some executives and favour to some executives and requested for equal treatment for all.   In response, CGMT MH clarified that he did not agree with such proposal of treating Pune Nodal as separate SSA and informed that all Executives working in Pune Nodal will be part of Pune SSA for all purpose. Though posting to Pune Nodal may be continued to be done from Circle Office, while preparation of long stay list of executive for posting in Pune Rural SSA, office of PGMT Pune will prepare long stay list by adding names of executives in Pune Nodal/Mobile and whoever is senior in stay at Pune City area will be transferred to rural area as per his/her turn in the long stay list. Adding to discussions, GM HR clarified that similarly, if executives from Pune Nodal is coming in Circle or SSA long stay list then he/she will be transferred out of Pune SSA or if executive from Pune SSA is coming in Circle/SSA long stay list then he/she will be transferred from Pune on basis of combined stay of executives from Pune SSA and Pune Nodal and it will be uniformly applied for all. He also added that Pune Nodal has to decide on Technical requirement of their units and make arrangements for sparing such executives who is coming in long stay list for transfers within Pune SSA or out of Pune SSA. After elaborate discussions on the subject, the decision of CGMT MH was agreed by all.

12.             Addition of New Tenure stations in Maharashtra Circle: Some representatives have advocated for addition of Tenure Stations in Marathwada region and demanded that Parbhani and Nanded SSA should be declared as Circle tenure station. CGMT MH conveyed that he had discussions with some representatives and asked GM HR what happened to this proposal which was to be sent to Corporate Office. GM HR replied that it was brought to his notice by SNEA that there are certain defined guidelines for declaring tenure stations and he is searching for these guidelines. As same guidelines could not be made available, he has not yet prepared or sent any proposal. He assured CGMT MH to check it again.  One of representative added that in MP Circle recently some stations are declared as tenure stations and guidelines can be made available from MP Circle. We have added that even in Maharashtra Circle, we have declared Nandurbar District as Tenure Station just before few years and guidelines are rightly available in MH Circle itself. But requested to have review of need of more tenure stations in Maharashtra Circle. We also added that Tenure stations are not declared for specific region as demanded for Marathwada region, but it is as per local conditions of that particular SSA. We have also reminded that similar proposal have been already received from SSA like Yavatmal, Chandrapur, Buldhana, Dhule and Osmanabad SSAs for Circle tenure and Yavatmal and Ratnagiri for all India Soft tenure stations. Some of them are already sent to BSNL CO by Maharashtra Circle. When matter is not yet decided for these SSAs, further additions of names other SSAs will create more problems. We also pointed out that with present six Tenure SSAs in Maharashtra Circle, we have reached at position that executives at Nagpur SSA are to be transferred with stay of just three years in Nagpur SSA and if we add more tenure stations it will be disastrous as it will increase total number of transfers and frequency of transfers. There is demand for increasing tenure stations as Circle Office is not giving consideration for request transfers from Non-Tenure stations on completion of three years and in such cases executives are opting for All India/Circle Tenure stations. Once Circle Office is firm on consideration of request transfers from Non-tenure stations, there will be no demand of addition of Tenure stations and also it will reduce the request from MH Circle to all India Hard tenure stations. In conclusion, CGMT MH agreed that there is need of giving consideration to request transfers from non-tenure stations on completion of three years and this will solve majority of ongoing issues of adding tenure stations. He specifically agreed with sentiments of the executives who are working at such unpopular stations and assured to consider all request transfers from Non-tenure SSAs on completion of three years stay in SSA so that request out of MH Circle are reduced.  

13.            Request for Posting to Nearby SSAs and to avoid posting at faraway places: During discussions , it was pointed out that some of executives in Vidarbha area are transferred to SSAs in Kokan area which are at far away distance and Circle office should give consideration for their posting in nearby SSAs to avoid hardship to executives on their transfers. GM HR added that his efforts are always for posting to nearby SSAs, but in many cases there are no vacancies in nearby SSAs and hence executives are posted at faraway places. CGMT MH informed that being executive one has to be ready for transfer at any SSA and one cannot be rigid on posting to nearby SSA. He informed that though efforts will be done for posting in nearby SSAs, same cannot be assured firmly as it depends on vacancy position in nearby SSA and one has to be ready to work in any SSA of Maharashtra Circle as per requirement.    

14.             Decision on Centralization or Decentralization of HR activities of all Vertical in Uniform manner: We have brought to the notice of CGMT MH that though he has assured for centralized HR activities with GM HR, same it not followed and till the HR activities of Electrical and Civil wings are with concerned Vertical Heads. GM HR has published data of executives in Telecom and Account wing and no data has been published for Electrical and Civil wing. CGMT MH firmly assured that all works related to transfer posting will be with GM HR and not with vertical heads and same will be followed uniformly for all verticals.

15.            Publication of Data of executive strength and Long stay list for Electrical and Civil wing: We have pointed out that no action has been taken for consideration of data of executives of Civil and Electrical wing and executives of both the wings are in dilemma where their requests will be given consideration or not. In response GM HR informed that he has already called for options for Civil wings and he was ready with transfer proposal of Civil wing. But as per directions of CGMT MH to issue all transfers after March 2021, he has kept this work on hold. He added that as such, everything is ready for Civil wing executives and transfers can be issued at any time after approval of CGMT MH. In response to our query for Electrical wing, GM HR Mumbai informed that he is not aware about it. We have brought to notice of GM HR and CGMT MH that Electrical wing is working of finalization of SSA/BA wise executive strength and no options have been called, though stay particulars were published log back. GM HR informed that he will take review of matter and assured that options for Electrical wing also be called. We have specifically asked, where the options will be called   by Electrical wing or by Staff section, GM HR informed that options will be called by staff section and not by Electrical wing.

16.            Consideration to JTO/JAO Rule 8/ Rule 9 transfers: We have raised issue of pending request transfers of JTOs and JAOs and requested for early consideration of it and also to reduce the number of such executives while calculating executive strength of concerned SSA. It was also strongly supported by some other representatives. But GM HR informed that due to acute shortage of executives in Maharashtra Circle, CGMT MH has decided not to give consideration to any request transfers under Rule 8 or Rule 9. We have responded that it is not correct as many of the request have been already given consideration and in majority of cases of Rule 8 transfers consent also has been received from concerned Circle and all are eagerly waiting for their orders from Circle Office. CGMT MH also added that when there is shortage in MH Circle how we can send our executives out of Circle. Also many of JTOs have already left BSNL and if we give consideration to request under Rule 8 there will be further reduction. It was brought to notice of CGMT MH that there are only few request of JTOs and JTOs under Rule 8 transfers which are in range of 15 to 20 and if consideration is given to these requests, there will not be much overall effect in working strength. Then GM HR added that many of JTOs/JAOs are working on deputation on Rule 9 and he will write to letters to all such circles to call back to JAOs/JTOs on deputation. Once some of JTOs/JAOs are joining back to MH Circle, he will give consideration to equal number of Rule 8 transfers from MH Circle. We have added that it has no relation with Rule 8 transfers as these JTOs/JAOs has completed five years and their request is already delayed and  needs immediate consideration. GM HR informed that if any JTO/JAO is joining in MH Circle, on Rule 8 request transfers then equal number of Rule 8 request of JTOs/JAOs from MH Circle will be given consideration. We requested CGMT MH to give sympathetic consideration to all these Requests under Rule 8 as good number of JTOs and JAOs are available in Maharashtra Circle as compared to many other Circles. These requests are already delayed for different reasons and further delay will be injustice to these executives and need review of decision and consider all Rule 8 transfers.  In conclusion, CGMT MH assured to review the Rule 8 request transfers and assured to consider it in phase manner with case by case review.

17.            Republication of updated data of SSA wise Long stay lists of executives of all wings in excel sheet: It was once again request to publish updated stay particulars of all executives. GM HR was of the opinion that once data was published and there is no need of again publishing it.  WE have elaborated that many of the executives have submitted details for corrections of stay particulars and it is not clear to these executives where his request is given consideration or not. As such it is required that updated data of stay particulars showing only SSA stay of executives in descending order of stay in particular SSA may be published once again. CGMT MH asked GM HR, where it possible to publish updated data. GM HR informed that same has been updated and there is no issue in publishing it on his side. Finally CGMT MH informed that updated data of stay particulars may be published for information of all concerned.

18.            Publication of list of Request for transfers received by Staff section: Weave requested CGMT MH for publishing list of request transfers received by the Staff section giving time for withdrawal of request if any one desires so and also for awareness of executives. GM HR informed that there is no need of the publication of this list and it is also not fare to give chance and time to withdraw request. CGMT MH specifically asked why we are asking for publishing list of Request as it is being given consideration. We have brought to notice of CGMT MH that options are called by email and no acknowledgement is given to any request from staff side. Further there are chances that email or names of some executives may be left while consolidation of requests as human error and if list is published this data will be purified and updated. It is also not clear, about status of request already received before recent options called by staff section.   Hence to avoid any complaint /issue at later stage, the data of the request transfers received by Staff section needs to be published. CGMT MH informed that hopefully all such request are given consideration and it is not required to publish as demanded. But it can be shared with associations on their request and they may confirm missing names or corrections if any and bring it to notice of staff section at the earliest.

19.             Publication of correct SSA wise Executive strength in transparent manner: We have narrated that there is confusion in present SSA wise executive strength published by Staff section. It is not clear where the working strength in any SSAs is shown correct or not. Also the format used for publishing data for shortage/Excess of executives in any SSA is not giving factual figures. There is much confusion in understanding exact working strength in particular SSA and what is vacancy position. We have added that earlier this data was published in transparent manner as Justified Strength, Working strength (Regular + Adhoc + Looking After =Total), and excess/shortage. This was real transparent working and present published data is not given any clear idea. CGMT MH informed that he has decided Executives justified strength as per his discussions with BA/SSA Heads by special VC along with GM HR. He want to give consideration to the view of BA/SSA Heads and he has practically noted that in some of SSAs, there is acute shortage and some of SSA are having excess executives. He has scrapped earlier formula for calculation of executive strength by adopting different points. He informed that there is no need of any corrections in justified strength. We have responded that we have no issue on present justified executive strength as decided by him in consultation with SSA/BA Heads. We are requesting for sowing working strength in each SSA and then excess shortage so that we arrive at practical figures of excess and shortage of executives in particular SSA. CGMT MH asked GM HR where such data can be published, GM HR informed that it can be published. Finally CGMT MH directed to publish Executive strength of all SSAs in transparent manner showing justified posts, working strength and excess and shortage in cadre or group of cadres. 

20.             Confusion on inclusion of ADOL/JTO Arch in long Stay list: It was brought to notice of CGMT MH that while publishing long stay list of JTOs/SDEs the names of few ADOLs are added and names of many ADOLs were excluded. We requested for adopting uniform policy for all ADOL and either names of all ADOL should be added in long stay list or names of all should be removed from the list. Similarly names of JTO Arch are not given consideration. GM HR informed that stay particulars of all ADOL are included in the list as they are also now being allotted works of JTOs/SDEs of Telecom wing. WE have categorically pointed out how the names of certain officers are missing from the list. GM HR informed that the missing names will be added in the long stay list and names of JTO Arch also will be added in the long stay list of JE/JTO/SDE. 

21.             Addition of names of Executives of Telecom Factory Mumbai in Long stay list: WE have brought to the notice of CGMT MH that while counting long stay of the executives, the names of Account wing executives in TF Mumbai are taken into consideration, but names of JTOs/SDEs and DEs in TF Mumbai are not taken into consideration. Now TF Mumbai is BA of MH Circle and their names needs to be added in the list at par with other JTOs/SDEs/DEs. GM HR informed that the executives working at Telecom Factory are recruited for different type of works as that of Electrical and Civil wing as they cannot be transferred as are not aware about the Telecom works and their works cannot be substituted to executives from other wings as not possible to interchange works of Electrical and Civil wing. We have drawn attention of GM HR that the executives from Telecom wing are also posted in Telecom Factory and there are many works in Telecom which can be assigned to these executives as being allotted to Executives from Civil/Electrical/Arch and even from Account wing. As such, names of all such executives should be added in the list. GM HR informed that he will review it , but names of executives specially recruited for Telecom Factory works will not be included in the long stay list, but the names of executives in Telecom and others wings will be included in the long stay lists. 

22.            Counting names of executives working on deputation from MH Circle to CNTXW /TERM cell: We have pointed out that names of the many executives who are working on deputation to CNTXW and TERM cell in same SSA are missing in the long stay list. GM HR informed that all names are included in the long stay list and he is not aware about any name on deputation to CNTXW Circle. About executives on deputation to TERM Cell, he informed that posting to TERM Cell is done for fixed period and their names cannot be included in the long stay list. Adding to discussions, CGMT MH has informed that their deputation id decided by DoT and recently extension of three years is issued by DoT and hence their names cannot be included in the long stay list. We have elaborated that DOT has not issued retention of specific officers and when officer in in long stay, his name is always included in long stay. Earlier also officers in long stay were included in the list and their transfer order was issued and substitute were posted against them from other willing executives. TERM Cell also is and cannot insist for continuation of Longest Executive on deputation and they relieve the said officer when substitute is posted. We categorically given examples in past and hos the long stayed transfers are implemented for Executives on deputation to TERM Cell. We also added that certain executives in SDE cadre on deputation to CNTXW Circle are enjoying privilege by excluding their names from ling stay list and other junior in stay are being transferred on name of long stay. Finally CGMT MH directed GM HR Mumbai to add names of the executives on deputation to TERM and CNTX or other Non-recruiting Circles/Units  in long stay list as per their turn and issue transfer orders accordingly if his/her name appears under zone of consideration. 

23.            Request of JTOs/JAOs for Non-recruiting Circles like BBNW, ITPC, and Insp etc: We have brought to the notice of CGMT MH about disparity in considering request of JTOs/JAOs to non-recruiting Circles. The request of some executives are pending for non-recruiting Circles and same needs to be given consideration. It was pointed out that some of executives from JTO to AGM Cadres in long stay are taking shelter in such non-recruiting units by asking request transfers and others in Telecom Circle are transferred out of SSAs on basis of long stay transfers. It was specifically pointed out for posting for BBNW and ITPC at Pune. CGMT MH directed that at present the transfers within MH Telecom Circle will be decided and this issue can be discussed and decided separately later. 

24.             Clarification on inclusion on award winners information of executives while preparations of long stay list: We have drawn attention of GM HR on letter dated 01/03/2021, wherein it is directed to add information about awards received by executives in ERP/SAP under OTP Module and these directions are issued for updating data for consideration of long stay transfers. It is not clear where there is any change in transfer policy or it has been decided to exclude names of award winner executives from long stay list or these executives will be granted immunity from transfers. GM HR informed that there is no such letter and we have responded that there is letter and if required we will share its copy with him. Copy <<<>>>. Finally, GM HR informed that there is no change in transfer policy and it is just consolidation of data of awards received by executives and their names will continued to be added in the long stay list and they also will be transferred at par with other executives.

25.            Uniform applicability of transfer grant in policy manner and stopping its pick and choose applicability: WE have brought attention of the meeting about disparity among the executives applied by Circle Office in considering transfer on company cost. We have explained with examples how it is injustice to certain executives posted to Tenure station and how they are compelled to join at own cost and how transfer grant is liberally granted even for transfers without change of residence. WE have elaborated that this has created mass unrest among executives and demanded for uniform applicability of transfer grant to all in equal manner and its applicability on pick and choose manner should be stopped. GM HR informed that the executives who are posted to tenure stations as per request of executives when there is no vacancy at tenure stations and transfer grant is given to all who are posted against vacant posts. GM HR added that there is no disparity at all. WE have given classic examples of liberal distribution of transfer grant to all when there is no vacancy exist. We have brought to notice of GM HR that when JAOs/AOs from Circle Office are transferred out of Mumbai on name of excess, then how can be transfer towards Mumbai is given consideration at Company cost. WE also elaborated other examples and brought to notice of CGMT MH that we have given all such cases in writing but till there is no action. Intervening in the matter CGMT MH expressed that there should not be any allegations and we have to work in fare manner. He specifically directly GM HR to look into all written letter wherein associations have raised grievances and settle it. He further directed that if any of the grievances raised by association is not factual, then same should be explained to them and genuine grievances should be given consideration well within transfer policy. He categorically mentioned that he do not want to see any grievances, complaints and allegations once transfer orders are issued and directed GM HR to take care of all such issues before issuing transfer orders.  

26.            Undue delay in consideration of refusals under DGM LA arrangements: We have brought to notice of CGMT MH that there is undue delay in consideration of refusal of DGM LA and requested for giving consideration to it. GM HR informed that refusal are as good as accepted and it will be taken care in next spell. CGMT MH intervened and said that let us discuss only about transfer posting related issues and other such issues can be discussed later. 

27.            Confusion created on the Tenure stations for Account wing and confirmation thereof: We have once again drawn attention of all towards disparity created in Tenure stations for Account wing in Maharashtra Circle. GM HR informed that there is no disparity about Tenure stations in Account wing and they are same as that of Telecom wing. We have narrated that then such order should be issued and applicability of Tenure facilities should be revised by cancellation of order on the subject and also there is need to post substitute from Circle Level long stay for posting at Tenure Stations and same is not followed uniformly for all. GM HR informed that the Circle long stay criteria has been followed while posting at Tenure stations and we have categorically brought to his notice that in our letter we have submitted every details of such issues. We also added that there is need of official letter for change of tenure stations and after such orders only tenure stations for account wing can be changed from prospective date. GM HR informed that there is no such order declaring tenure stations for account wing and we have replied that there is order for same and we have already submitted its copy along with the letter on grievances of Account wing transfers. Copy <<<>>>. GM HR asked its copy once again and assured to issue revised orders and clarified that Tenure stations for Account wing and Telecom wing will be same and it is also applicable for Electrical and Civil wings also.  He also assured to post substitute for request transfers from tenure station from Circle ling stay list including Account wing.

28.             Competent Authority to issue LA arrangements: WE have informed that there is confusion among the executives who is competent authority to issue Looking After arrangements in different cadres in Maharashtra Circle. Some of Looking after orders are issued by BA Heads and some are being issued by Circle office and in many cases duplication of works exists, which need to be avoided and there should be clear instructions and same should be followed. GM HTR informed that henceforth Looking After arrangements for post of DE and DGMs will be issued by Circle Office and Looking After arrangements for SDE and below cadres will be issued by BA Heads and it will be followed strictly.

29.            Independent working of JTOs in all SSAs/Units: During discussions on Looking After arrangements it was discussed and directed by GM HR that SDE LA orders are to be issued by SSA Heads and he added that there may not be any need of LA arrangement in SDE Cadre as now strength of JTO/SDE is being counted together and both posts are interchangeable. We have demanded for direct reporting of all JTOs to AGMs as already orders are issued by BSNL CO for same or all JTOs should be given SDE LA charge as many of them are carrying responsibilities of SDE and even higher cadres and their works should be respected by given them designation of SDE. CGMT MH informed that it is to be decided by BA Heads about SDE LA and it is not possible that in all cases JTOs should be directly reporting to AGMs. He given privilege to BA Heads and they may decide on giving SDE LA arrangements or directly reporting to AGMs. In conclusion, CGMT MH informed that wherever possible SDE LA and direct reporting of JTOs to AGMs will be implemented by BA Heads.  

30.            Orders for SDE LA in Electrical wing: We have drawn attention of CGMT MH on disparity created by Electrical wing by stopping LA arrangements only in SDE cadre and how regular SDEs are facing heavy workload of two to four SDEs that to be from far away stations and how it practically difficult to take such heavy responsibility by few SDEs available in Electrical wing. CGMT MH asked us to submit details in writing and assured to review the matter on the feedback.

31.            Chain or mutual transfers to nearby SSAs: It was pointed out by one of representatives that while considering request to Circle Office Mumbai, only names of executives from Kalyan SSA are given consideration and requests from other SSAs are not given consideration as if there is lock on request transfers to Mumbai from SSAs other than Kalyan and only request from Kalyan to Mumbai is given consideration. We have added that there is no base on this say as request from all SSAs are also given consideration to Mumbai and may be fact that request from and to Kalyan and Mumbai are more. GM HR denied this allegation and clarified that there is no lock on transfers from other SSAs and it can be seen that in recent past many Executives from Nashik, Pune and other SSAs who have requested for Circle Office are given consideration and have joined Circle Office Mumbai and naturally there are more requests between Kalyan and Mumbai and hence given consideration. He added that similar requests are given consideration between Pune and Satara and in many other SSAs in similar manner as more requests are received for such locations and nearby SSAs. GM HR firmly assured that there is no lock on transfers to any SSA and all request with completion of three years will be given consideration.

32.             Consideration of Feedback given by associations: In conclusion of meeting CGMT MH directed GM HR to take note of all representations received from individual and from Associations and get it incorporated in time bound manner before issuing transfers. He specifically mentioned that he do not like allegations and we are here to work together. He advised association’s leaders not to make allegations and maintain harmony. He informed that the genuine suggestions of associations are always welcome and assured that all genuine suggestions will be given consideration. 

33.            Care and Precautions to be taken during pandemic: We have requested CGMT MH for giving consideration for genuine issues of executives and staff working in pandemic situation. We conveyed him that for allowing flexibility and till there are certain issues which needs his intervention.  CGMT MH replied that situation is worsening due to pandemic and Telecom being Essential services, we have to put our efforts for maintaining fault free services but at the same time we have to take all precautions for safety of our safety and officers working in field units. He appealed all to take total precautions and follow all norms decided by Government authorities. He added that BA/SSA Heads are empowered to take decision at local level to meet all such situations and we have to maintain services at the same time save ourselves from pandemic and we have no alternative arrangements.  

34.            Grant of Temporary Advances for sanitization: We have again drawn attention of CGMT MH on non-grant of Temporary Advances for works related to precautions safety of offices by sanitization and cleanliness arrangements. CGMT MH informed that he has already passed on instructions to GM Fin Mumbai for clearing all Temporary advances for Sanitation and works related to pandemic and all such advances are being approved. He firmly assured that Temporary advances specially requested for sanitization and activities related to pandemic will be approved and there will not be any issue and all should submit their request with this specific reason.   CGMT MH further informed that this meeting was specially discuss the issues related to proposed transfer posting and clear all doubts and take suggestions from associations for issuing transfer orders in transparent and fare manner.

35.            Support to the family members of BSNL executives/staff who passed away due to pandemic COVID: We requested CGMT MH to extend supporting hands to the family members of the working executives and employees of BSNL Maharashtra Circle who passed away due to pandemic by all means, We specifically requested to settle all their pending medical claims and claims of GTI, insurance or with BSNL so that it will be supportive to family members of who are facing hardship. CGMT MH firmly assured to settled all such cases and requests with top most priority.

36.            Two minute silence to departed souls: Before conclusion of meeting, we have suggested for two minute silence for departed souls who have passed away in recent past and specifically to late Shri. Prashant Zingade, JTO Solapur, late Shri. R.M Pradhan GM Solapur and late Shri. S. S. Bansod, SDE WTR Pune who unfortunately lost their lives in this pandemic. CGMT MH responded very positively and all present in meeting paid homage to these departed should by observing two minute silence before conclusion of meeting.

·        Before conclusion of this online meeting CGMT MH appealed all to keep their focus on growth of BSNL by overcoming ongoing crises due to pandemic. There is need of focus on development activities. He firmly assured for transparent working and to have minimum disturbance to executives but stressed on need to meet shortage of executives being faced by certain SSAs as per his discussions with concerned BA Heads.

·        In conclusion, we have conveyed thanks to Shri. Ramakant Sharma, CGMT MH for arranging such meeting specially discuss issues related to transfer posting and giving ample time to suggestions given by SNEA and other associations. We also conveyed thanks to Shri. Aman Jaiswal GM HR MH CO for discussions all such issues in depth even though he has just recovered from illness.

·        We also conveyed thanks for representatives of all associations to have very hormonal discussions on all issues and supporting each other on all issues related to executives of BSNL and thereby giving clear signal to management that there is no difference of opinion among the associations and all are concerned about the welfare of executives in uniform policy manner applicable to all.

·        After elaborate discussions on all the issues raised by SNEA and other associations, meeting started at 1100 hrs concluded at about 1230 hrs.

·        It is nice to see that each and every suggestion given by representatives of all associations were discussed in depth and conclusive decisions are taken after elaborate discussions and final decisions conveyed by CGMT MH are agreed by all. 

·        From discussions in this meeting, we are hopeful that all the issues discussed will be given due consideration in fixed time of one week. Thus with some of actions as discussed in the meeting, the request transfers of executives who have completed two years tenure at tenure SSA and three years tenure at Non Tenure SSA as on 30/06/2021 will be given consideration very shortly.

·        SNEA MH appeals all comrades to have some more patience and be assured about settlement of their grievances about transfers in uniform policy manner.



 24 APR 21: AGM Estt BSNL CO issued additional instructions with respect to Operation and maintenance and functioning of administrative offices in view of spread of COVID 19 pandemic wherein now the Persons With Disabilities and pregnant women employees are exempted from attending office and will continue to Work From Home, till further orders. Letter <<<>>>


24 APR 21: DGM Admn Mumbai issued orders to BA Heads for intimation of leave taken by SSA Heads under their control to office of CGMT MH Circle with details of the charge taking over officer. Letter <<<>>>


24 APR 21: CGMT MH Circle writes to all BA/SSA Heads for arresting disconnection of Lease Circuits and directs not to issue closure of any Lease Circuits without approval of CGMT MH Circle. Letter <<<>>>


24 APR 21: AGM TP Mumbai writes all SSA Heads for SLA based tenders for OFC maintenance in throughout Maharashtra Circle. Letter <<<>>>


24 APR 21: AGM CFA Mumbai writes to all SSA Heads conveying CFA Targets for Year 2021-22. Letter <<<>>>


24 APR 21: GM IT Mumbai writes SSA/BA Heads for best practices to be followed for security of office network in case any infected device is observed in BSNL network while working from Home. Letter <<<>>>


24 APR 21: AD Staff Mumbai writes all SSA Heads calling for information about pending payments of ex-gratia in respect of retirees of VRS 2019. Letter <<<>>>


20 APR 21:  SAD NEWS: Com. Suraj  S. Bansod AGM Admn WTR Pune is no more With Heavy heart and propound grief it is to inform that Com. Suraj. S. Bansod, AGM Admn CNTXW Pune and Ex DS SNEA Yavatmal left heavenly abode in late night hours of 19/04/2021. Com. S.S. Bansod was tested covid positive before fortnight and was undergoing treatment in D.Y. Patil Hospital Chinchwad,  Pune. Though certain officers from CNTXW Pune and his family members tried their level best, his life could not be saved and he left this world. Com. S. S. Bansod, was of age 51 years and survived with wife, mother, three children, one daughter in service, another daughter is completing engineer and son is studying in college. Unfortunately he lost his father just before 15 days and now is sudden exit is heavy loss to Bansod family.

Com. S. S. Bansod, has completed his M.Sc. from Amravati University and has joined in BSNL as JTO in 1994 in Bhandara District. He transferred to WTR Yavatmal SSA in 1995. He was again transferred within WTR to Beed in 2015 & returned to Yavatmal in 2016 as SDE WTR Yavatmal. In year 2018, he requested for transfer to WTR Pune and since then he was posted as AGM Admn WTR Pune. He was handling admin section of WTR Pune having ten divisions under GM WTR Pune without any subordinate staff after Mass VRS 2019.  Com. Bansod was technically very perfect and best officer in WTR was able manage all administrative as well as technical works at his own. Due to his such excellence in the office works, Com. S.S. Bansod was awarded Vishist Door Sanchar Sewa Padak 2003.

Since beginning he was basic member of SNEA and was one of the founder members of JETA/SNEA Yavatmal District Branch in year 2001 and in year 2001, he established first branch of JETA/SNEA in Yavatmal District. Com. Bansod led association as first District Secretory of JETA/SNEA Yavatmal SSA. He was instrumental in building strongest branch of SNEA and under his able leadership once 100% executives were members of SNEA in Yavatmal District.

Com. S. S. Bansod, has attended all Circle Conferences, All India Conferences and CEC meetings during his tenure as DS Yavatmal and was instrumental in giving directions to SNEA MH on different HR and development issues. He has played vital role in successfully holding CEC Meeting of SNEA MH at Yavatmal in April 2014 and this CEC is still remembered by all due to its excellent arrangements and good gesture towards SNEA comrades all Over Maharashtra Circle. While in Pune also, his contribution towards SNEA was remarkable till last breath of his life.  We have lost very strong Comrade, leader and pillar of SNEA. This is irreparable loss to SNEA and BSNL.

Com. S. S. Bansod, was a sincere, co-operative and fully devoted officer of BSNL and has always come forward in support of SNEA members in resolution of their grievances. With his untimely heavenly exist, SNEA has lost one more sincere and die-hard leader and his untimely demise is irreparable loss to SNEA as well as to BSNL. Com S. S. Bansod, will be always remembered for passionate love and affections towards SNEA members and full devotion towards BSNL.

SNEA Maharashtra prays Almighty to give courage and strength to bereaved family members of late Com S. S. Bansod to bear and cope up with this very crucial and hard moment of life. We also pray Almighty for heavenly peace and space for departed soul of late Com S. S. Bansod.


19 APR 21: DGM Admn Mumbai endorsed BSNL instructions with respect to Operation and maintenance and functioning of administrative offices in view of spread of COVID 19 pandemic in India with directions to SSA/BA/Vertical Heads for allowing flexible working. Letter <<<>>>

·        There is confusion crated by some of individuals that where the BSNL CO guidelines are applicable to in Maharashtra Circle or not. In this regards, it may be noted that BSNL CO has delegated powers to Circle Heads and CGMT MH has further delegated powers to SSA/BA/Vertical Heads for flexible working.

·        This letter is endorsed as it with more flexibility to SSA/BA/Vertical Heads.  The very intention in allowing flexible working is that BSNL being essential services, one has to take care of services at the same time he/she has to safeguard himself/herself from second wave of pandemic. Either from Home or from Office, one has to complete the office works by all possible manner.

·        In same lines, starting from HR/Admn Vertical Circle Office Mumbai, AGM Admn Mumbai has issued orders for allowing working from home and Office on alternate days for all Officials and Officers below E5 pay scale and officers with E5 and above will continue to attend office on day to day basis. Order <<<>>>

·        Similar action is required and will be surely taken by other Vertical Heads /BA Heads allowing similar flexible working as per instructions of BSL CO endorsed by Maharashtra Circle.

·        One has to understand that we are passing through very difficult time as number of positive cases have been increased in last fortnight and we have lost some of our colleagues who were working at front and also lost many of retired Officers/Officials.

·        Though our priority should be completion of works, but one has to take care of his life first and not to put life in risk at least till next fortnight, by which it is expected that situation will be under control.

·        We all have seen during last year, that under similar situation we can give better output by working from Home and at the same time can safeguard ourselves, family members and colleagues from getting infected by COVID as survival during this difficult and critical situation has become first priority for all. 


19 APR 21: DGM HR Mumbai published list of topmost longest stayed SDEs and AGMs working in Territory of Maharashtra Circle calling for corrections /modifications in stay particulars of the officers concerned from BAs/Non Recruiting Circle Heads. Letter <<<>>>

·        This list is published as per directions of BSNL Corporate Office and will be operated for posting substitutes for consideration of request transfers by executives in same cadre working at All India Hard Tenure Stations.

·        These lists are prepared by including names of executives in same cadre from non-recruiting circles also. i.e. names of executives from CNTXW, ITPC, BBNW , Inspection

·        The names of female executives and executives who are completing age of 55 years are excluded from the list as per BSNL transfer policy.

·        The age of the executives for preparations of these lists is counted as on 31/03/2022.

·        This time BSNL CO has called specific remarks from Circles and now same is called by Circle office from SSAs about the executives whose names are to be exempted from the transfers i.e. office Bearers of Associations who are holding posts having immunity from transfers and executives who are having self or family critical medical illness.

·        Names of TOP Ten executives in each cadre is to be sent to BSNL CO, but ion safer side more names are added and published by MH Circle.

·        It is seen that names of many Officers who have already completed all India Hard Tenure stations are appearing in this list which should not be. On queries with concerned Officers in Staff section, it is informed that this list is prepared on the basis of the data extracted from SAP/ERP and the SAP/ERP data of said Executives in not updated by Concerned BAs/Units. This data needs to be updated immediately to avoid transfers as Personal Cell BSNL CO will be utilizing/tallying data from SAP/ERP. Hence concerned executives are immediately requested to take up matter with their BA/Units and get it corrected to avoid transfer and issues thereof in cancellation of transfers.

·        Other executives may access their position in these Long stay list by excluding names of these executives who have completed all India Hard tenure and till appearing in the list.

·        Corrections are to be sent by evening of 19/04/2021 and hence all are requested to get SAP/ERP data corrected, point out any name missing in the list, convey details of exemption from transfers if any etc through proper channel. To avoid delay on part of administrations, individuals may also send details directly to Circle Office by email on for SDEs and on for AGMs/DEs as time given for corrections is only one day.


19 APR 21: CGMT MH Circle writes to Chief Secretary, Government Of Maharashtra on priority vaccination of all BSNL Staff throughout Maharashtra Circle regardless of age. Letter <<<>>>


19 APR 21: AGM Pers BSNL CO issued transfer orders of  SDEs to all India Hard Tenure Stations wherein request of  Com. Bharat S. Sonawane, SDE Pune and CP SNEA MH is given consideration for transfer to J &K Circle. Letter <<<>>>


19 APR 21: DGM HR Mumbai issued cancellation of request transfer order of Com. Samir Khare, SDE Nagpur and DS SNEA Nagpur as per his revised request for cancellation of transfer and now he is retained in Nagpur SSA. Letter <<<>>>


19 APR 21: DGM HR Mumbai issued orders for retention of SDEs under transfer to J&K Circle as per request given by Com. D. G. Dahake, SDE Jalgaon up to 30/04/2021 and Com. F.A. Sayyad, SDE Solapur up to 30/06/2021. Both the officers were relieved through ERP and have submitted request for retention on genuine grounds and same is given consideration by BSNL CO and now same is endorsed by MH Circle. Letter <<<>>>


19 APR 21: DGM HR Mumbai issued relieving orders of Com. S. R. Jagtap, SDE  Ahmednagar on his request for transfer to all India Hard Tenure station J&K Circle. Letter <<<>>>


19 APR 21: DGM HR Mumbai issued relieving orders of Com. S. N. Medhane, SDE  Nashik on his request for transfer to all India Hard Tenure station in A&N Circle. Letter <<<>>>


17 APR 21:  SAD & SHOCKING NEWS: Com. Prashant S. Zingade. JTO Solapur passed away: With Heavy heart and propound grief it is to inform that Com. Prashant S. Zingade, JTO Solapur lost his battle with Corona early morning of 17/04/2021 and left for heaven. Before ten days he was tested covid positive and was undergoing treatment but since last 2-3 days his medical condition deteriorated and he was on critical life support. But finally, efforts of doctors could not save his life and he lost his fight against corona in the morning hours today. He was young comrade with age of just 42 years and is survived with aged mother, sister, wife and two sons of age group 9 to 12 years. Sudden departure of Com. Zingade has made everyone panic and each one is saddened and shocked to know about sudden heavenly exist of Com Zingade.

Com. Prashant Zingade was student of COEP Pune and has suffered lot due to financial conditions during his childhood, but till he acquired excellence in education and in office works also. Com. Prashant Zingade has joined in BSNL as JE in 2002 & worked in Vairag Group in Solapur District. While working in group he become master in CDOT exchange technology & has helped all other officers in resolution of critical problems in CDOT. Thereafter, in 2014 he passed LICE and was promoted as JTO and was posted as JTO MKTG Solapur SSA. In marketing section also, he acquired excellence through his self-skills and very talkative nature and interpersonal skills. Now he was handling additional responsibility of TIP Nodal Officer and has proved excellent results in provision of FTTH connections throughout Solapur SSA. As responsible JTO Mktg and TIP Nodal Officer for entire Solapur SSA, he was in leading role for enrollment of good number of TIPs and provision of FTTH Connections. He was well aware about all procedural aspect and Technical issues of FTTH and has guided all newly enrolled TIPs in establishing FTTH network and thus strengthening BSNL. He has played very important role in training and guiding TIPs in resolving technical and administrative issues of TIPs in provision of FTTH Connections.  He was very friendly with customers and many customers in Solapur SSA have strong belief on BSNL services due to sincere efforts and unconditional support by Com. Zingade.

Last year, Com. Prashant Zingade, has applied for Rule 8 transfer to Karnataka Circle and his orders were issued but as he was very actively involved in office works, he was not relieved by Solapur SSA and he was happily devoted towards office works without any complaint till last moment of his life. He was man of full energy for 24 hours in a day. Whatever work /job was assigned to him by any junior or senior officer, he was getting it completed by using his skills and own style of success. He was very cooperative to everybody right from TM to GM.  He was very hard worker & was always supporting to all staff and officers in each and every stage of office work and even actively supported in resolution of personal problems of colleagues and subordinates. It is said that impossible word was not available in his dictionary and was able to manage all works very smoothly. He was always with smiling face and was always in pleasant appearance in day to day working.

Since joining as JTO on promotion in 2014, Com. Prashant Zingade, was a die-hard member of SNEA and as always taken active part and leading role is all association activities. His sincere efforts and devoted gesture to leaders of SNEA all over Maharashtra while arranging CEC Meeting of SNEA MH in Solapur in excellent manner was highly appreciated and remembered by all comrades of SNEA. He has rendered devoted services to SNEA as District Treasurer of SNEA Solapur for three terms and represented SNEA Solapur as CEC Member in SNEA MH. He was instrumental in strengthening SNEA Solapur and was in one to one contact of all members of SNEA Solapur. He was known throughout Maharashtra Circle as he has attended all CEC Meetings, Circle Conferences and All India Conferences since his joining in SNEA.  His sudden demise has been a great loss to BSNL, SNEA and specially Solapur SSA. 

Com. Prashant Zingade, was a sincere, co-operative and devoted officer of BSNL and very active and alert member and leader of SNEA. With his untimely heavenly exist, SNEA has lost very sincere and die-hard leader and it is irreparable loss to SNEA as well as to BSNL. Com Zingade, will be always remembered for his devotion towards BSNL and true love and affection towards SNEA Members. His exist has created vacuum, which cannot be filled by anyone else. SNEA Maharashtra prays Almighty to give courage and strength to bereaved family members of late Com Prashant Zingade to bear and cope up with this irreparable loss at this very crucial and hard moment of life. We also pray Almighty for heavenly peace and space for departed soul of late Com Prashant Zingade.


17 APR 21: Status of proposed Transfer postings within Maharashtra Circle: SNEA MH is in receipt of many calls/sums from members about the status of  the proposed transfer posting as per data published on 03/04/2021 and about corrections in data published.

·        In this regards, it is to inform that since last one month the works of Staff section is stand still and many works are pending as all officers in staff section were tested positive and undergoing treatment for COVID 19. Before that GM HR was on leave for 15 days and as such basic works for consideration and issuing transfer posting is not yet completed.

·        It is good that all the three ADs i.e. AD Staff A Mumbai, AD Staff B Mumbai and AD Staff C Mumbai dealing with transfer posting have been fully recovered from Coved 19 and have joined duties back since 15/04/2021. DGM Legal and GM HR Mumbai have also been recovered and discharged from hospital and they are expected to join duties by next week.

·        We have discussed details with Shri. K. H. More DGM Admn Mumbai who is looking after Charge of GM HR Mumbai during leave period and he has informed that his team is working on the request and corrections received and most probably by next week the updated/corrected data of stay particulars and consolidated list of requests received by staff section will be published.

·        As all the ADs have joined duties, they have started works for updating stay particulars as per request received from individuals and also consolidation of requests/willingness for transfers as called by letters dated 03/04/2021 for Telecom and Account wing.

·        He further informed that other issues raised by SNEA MH about stay particulars and issues related to transfer posting will be looked into by GM HR Mumbai after joining duties back which is expected in next week.

·        Meanwhile as per orders from BSNL CO Shri. Suresh Kumar Nakhale, GM NWP CM Chhattisgarh Circle is posted as regular GM HR MH CO who is also likely to join Maharashtra Circle shortly as this order is issued as per his request to CO Mumbai MH. Letter <<<>>>

·        SNEA MH appeals all comrades who are waiting for their transfers to have some more patience due to critical issues and bear with the difficulties arising in issuing transfer posting but be assured that this time all issues will be taken care as assured by CGMT MH Circle and transfer orders will be issued.

·        Let us hope with joining back in Office by all officers in Staff section, by end of April 2021, some conclusive action on transfer posting will be taken by CGMT MH Circle. 


17 APR 21: AGM Estt BSNL CO issued instructions with respect to Operation and maintenance and functioning of administrative offices in view of spread of COVID 19 pandemic in India.  Letter <<<>>>

·        As per this letter, all the field offices/units of BSNL dealing with operation and maintenance of Telecommunication services including CSCs will fully functional.

·        But by keeping in view the state/local administrative instructions issued for particular State/area, containment zones etc, CGMs concerned are authorized to take decision for allowing work from home or remote access support as the case may be.

·        Letter contains other guidelines like officials min containment zone need not to come to office, conducting all meetings through Video Conferencing, restrictions on entry of outsiders in office, vaccination of BSNL employees, employees who are symptomatic or whose family members have been tested Covid Positive have to follow applicable protocol of self-isolation /quarantine and testing with intimation to controlling officer and official attending office to follow Covid appropriate behavior etc.

·        With ongoing serious conditions of pandemic Covid 19 in Maharashtra Circle, CGMT MH is expected to delegate powers further to SSA/BA Heads and Vertical Heads and the orders for Maharashtra Telecom Circle are expected today.


17 APR 21: DGM LC BSNL CO issued clarification and modification in policy for last mile connectivity for provision and up gradation of lease circuits through FTTH policy as per requests by circles.  Letter <<<>>>


17 APR 21:  PGM NWO CM Infra BSNL CO  issued approval of contingency funds of Rs Seven Core per month for all there months of first Quarter of Year 2021-22 and these funds will be utilized for different daily critical operation and maintenance activities for improvement of CM services.  Letter <<<>>>


17 APR 21: Jt GM Pers SM BSNL CO endorsed CVC letter for  transparency in works/ Purchase / Consultancy contract awarded on nomination basis.  Letter <<<>>>


17 APR 21: CGMT MH Circle writes all SSA/BA Heads for approval of CM CAFs within target period of 100 minutes.  Letter <<<>>>


16 APR 21:Update on Health Insurance Policies by SNEA: Many Comrades from Maharashtra Circle have opted for Health Insurance Policy as per persuasion by SNEA Kerala with New India Assurance Company and SNEA Punjab Circle with Star Health Insurance Company. The last date for opting to Health Insurance Policy by SNEA Kerala with New India Assurance Company is extended up to 18/04/2021. We have received list of comrades who have opted for these policies from concerned Circle Secretaries.      

·        List of comrades  opted for New India Assurance Policy <<<>>>

·        List of comrades  opted for Star Health Insurance Policy <<<>>>

·        It can be seen from the lists that many nonmembers of SNEA also have opted for these Health Insurance Policies and others who do not have any health/medical Insurance policy may have their own analysis and decide on opting for these Health/ Medical Insurance policies or any other policy as he/she may think fit for his/her family medical requirements.

·        To overcome Crises during pandemic COVID 19 and ongoing financial crises of BSNL and issues in getting reimbursement from BSNL, it is need of time that one has to have Health Insurance policy.

·       SNEA MH has nominated Com. Prayag Pisal, Joint Secretary South, SNEA MH (Mob 9422324566, email Id } for further coordination with New India Assurance Company and CS SNEA Kerala Circle and comrades who have opted for Health Insurance Policy by New India Assurance Company and Com. Hrushikesh Kesale, Joint Secretary, Account Finance, SNEA MH {Mob 9422882888, email Id hrushikesh.kesale,} is nominated for coordination with Star Health Company and CS SNEA Punjab Circle  and comrades who have opted for Health Insurance Policy by Star health Insurance Company.

·         For any issues with this policy or any additional information the individuals may contact these Circle office Bearers of SNEA MH who will coordinate and give update information from concerned Circles.


16 APR 21: Jt GM Pers SM BSNL CO writes all CGMs conveying opening of window of  OTP (Online Transfer Portal) for consideration of Inter Circle request transfers in SDE and above Cadres.  Letter <<<>>>

·        As per this letter the OTP window will be opened from 16/04/2021 to 30/04/2021.

·        Henceforth all inter circle Request will be considered only through this online method on quarterly basis and manual request for inter circle transfers if any will not be given consideration. 

·        Individuals in need of request transfers have to submit online request through their ESS Login ID within this open period of window.

·        This Request can be withdrawn till it is not approved and request once approved cannot be withdrawn and hence one has to be careful and submit request only if he/she is interested to join said station/Circle if request is considered and orders are issued. 

·        Next requests will be given consideration in next quarters and hence one has to plan accordingly and submit request only if he/she is in need of request transfer.

·        All the officers in grade SDE and above who have earlier applied through proper channel in hard copy but their request is not yet given consideration by BSNL CO or who have submitted request but not yet forwarded by Controlling Officers, BA/ SSA Heads or by Circle Office may apply fresh through this Online Transfer Portal on safer side along with copies of earlier correspondence to avoid any issues at later stage as no cost is involved in it and request is to be submitted online. 

·        This is one more step towards paperless working and very good initiatives by BSNL CO towards transparent dealing with inter Circle Transfers in SDE and above cadres.

·        It will definitely save time of different offices/officers in recommending and forwarding all such requests by repeated letters and now request submitted online by individual is first to be recommended by BA Heads and then by GM HR of Circle and it will directly reach to BSNL CO for consideration.

·        This request will be given consideration or rejected within fixed period of three months of said Quarter and during entire process he said individual who has submitted request can check status of his request through his/her ESS login and no need to pursue with concerned officers/offices as the concerned officers i.e. BA Head/GM HR are given fixed time frame for recommending such online requests.

·        If this Inter Circle Transfers are implemented successfully in first quarter, then by next quarter this process may be implemented for Circle level request transfers also as this is need of time. 


16 APR 21: Jt GM Vigilance BSNL CO endorsed CVC Circular on transfer of officers/Officials from Vigilance section on completion of three years in same station/ place of posting.  Letter <<<>>>

·        As per these guidelines Personals continuously working in Vigilance sections for more than five years including PA/PS are to be shifted immediately in phased manner as per formula given.

·        The first phase of transfers out of vigilance section is to be issued by 31/05/2021 and all officers who will be completing three years in Vigilance section are to be shifted out of Vigilance section by 30/06/2022.

·        The Tenure of the Officers/Officials for working in vigilance section is now fixed as three years.

·        Individuals may continue in Vigilance section for one more spell of three years but at different place of posting by transfer but not in same station/place of posting.

·        Thus, one can work in Vigilance section continuously only for period of three years at one place and maximum six years at two different places.

·        While posting same officer back to Vigilance section, cooling period of three years is to be observed i.e. officers shifted out of Vigilance section cannot be posted back before completion of cooling period of three years.  


16 APR 21: DGM HR Mumbai writers reminder letter to all BA/SSA Heads thereby endorsing BSNL CO letter for completion of pending e-APR of year 2019-20 and activities of calling explanation from officers who have not processed e-APRs for self  and subordinates staff/officers and this activity is to be completed by 16/04/2021 with compliance certificate thereof.  Letter <<<>>>


16 APR 21: AO F&A Mumbai writes all individuals and vertical heads in Mumbai for  submission of declaration form for year 2020-21 for income other than salary and saving details for proper deduction of TDS under IT Act. This order is issued for CO Mumbai and similar instructions will have or may be issued by concerned SSA/BAs.  Letter <<<>>>


16 APR 21: AD Admn B Mumbai published list of BSNL empanelled hospitals in Mumbai.  List <<<>>>


16 APR 21: DGM CFA BSNL CO issued special approval for inclusion of Akola SSA in list of SSAs having applicability of Bharat Fibre Broadband plans i.e. Fibre Value, Fibre Premium and Fibre Ultra.  Letter <<<>>>

·        Actually there is need of applicability of these plans in all SSAs of Maharashtra Circle as done in some other Circles, but is extended only for Akola SSA may be being politically sensitive.

·        Extension of applicability of these plans to all SSAs will definitely boost the FTTH growth in Maharashtra Circle but now only Akola SSA s added in earlier names of five SSAs viz. Pune, Nagpur, Nashik, Goa and Ahmednagar.


14 APR 21: CS SNEA MH writes to CGMT MH Circle requesting for issuing clarification required in relation to data stay particulars and cadre wise vacancies published on 3 Apr 21. Letter <<<>>>






10 APR 21:   Jt GM Pers SM BSNL CO issued timeline for submission of e APR of Year 2020-21 with directions to all Circle/Units heads for strict adherence to this timeline. Letter <<<>>>

·        In this letter it is clearly mentioned that this timeline will not be extended further and all executives are advised to comply with this timelines and action will be taken against officers not following this timeline for e-APR of year 2020-21.

·        As per this letter timeline for submission of self-appraisal is to be completed by 15/05/2021, reporting by officer by 30/06/2021, reviewing by officer 31/07/2021, and disclosure by 15/08/2021 and closure of entire process of e-APR by 30/11/2021.


10 APR 21:  AGM Estt BSNL CO endorsed the DoPT orders declaring public holiday on 14/04/2021 on Birthday of Bharatratna Dr B. R. Amberkar. Letter <<<>>>   


10 APR 21:  DGM Admn Mumbai calls for revised justification of vehicles as per the assets as on 31/03/2021 latest by 19/04/2021. Letter <<<>>>   


10 APR 21:  DGM S&M CM BSNL CO issued extension of enhanced commission to OCSC/ channel partners for Bulk/CUG activations for period of one month i.e. till 30/04/2021. Letter <<<>>>   


10 APR 21:  DGM CFA BSNL CO writes to CGM ITPC Pune for no exclusive Voice Connection on Bharat Fibre Connections in all Circles. Letter <<<>>>   


10 APR 21: PGM Pers BSNL CO writes DO letter to all Circle/Unit Heads for completion of pending APRs of Year 2019-20. Letter <<<>>>     Annexure  <<<>>>


 10 APR 21:  DGM HR Mumbai issued orders for looking after arrangements for different DGM/GM level Officers in Mumbai during leave period of some of officers.

·        Charge of DGM Legal to DGM HR  <<<>>>

·        Charge of GM EB to GM S&M  <<<>>>

·        Charge of CE Civil to SE Civil  <<<>>>    


10 APR 21:  CAO F&A Mumbai writes to DGM Admn Mumbai for instructing tenants or payments of Staff Quarter rent only by online method. Letter <<<>>>   


8 APR 21:  AGM BW HR BSNL CO published stay particulars as on 01/04/2021 of SDEs in Civil Wing all over India for wide circulation among concerned executives and calls for corrections in stay particulars if any along with request for grant of immunity from transfer along with documentary evidences. Letter <<<>>>   

·        The representations, through proper channel for corrections in stay particulars if any along with request for grant of immunity from transfer along with documentary evidences are to be sent latest by 30/04/2021.

·        This data will be used for issuing Inter Circle transfer orders of SDEs in Civil either for posting substitute against request transfers from All India Hard Tenure Stations, request from Non-Tenure Stations and also to meet shortage of executives in SDE Cadre in different Circles.

·         As such, all concerned executives have to check stay particulars and represent corrections required if any or for grant of immunity from Transfer as per BSNL Transfer policy guidelines. 


 8 APR 21:  AGM Pers BSNL CO issued orders for extension of deputation of BSNL executives i.e. 28 SDEs and 22 JTOs in different LSAs of DoT for period of further two years i.e. 31/03/2023 on same terms and conditions. Letter <<<>>>   


 8 APR 21:  AGM Pers BSNL CO issued transfer order of SDEs wherein Shri. U. L. Mali, SDE CNTx North Circle is posted to Maharashtra Circle as per his request. Letter <<<>>>   


7 APR 21:  AGM Pers BSNL CO writes to all Circle Heads calling for information in prescribed format about top Ten SDEs/AGMs/DEs with longest stay in Circle and having  age below 55 Years as on 31/03/2022 for posting in all India Hard Tenure stations. Letter <<<>>>   

·        These details are used for posting substitute at All India Hard Tenure Stations against the executives who are completing their tenure and requesting for transfers or shortage of executives in these stations if any.

·        This data is to be sent by Circles latest by 19/04/2021.

·        It has been clearly mentioned that exemption from transfer if any as per BSNL Transfer policy i.e. executives having immunity from transfer under PH Category, holding prominent post in union/association, executives undergoing medical treatment for critical illness of self/family and having responsibility of mentally retarded wards is to be conveyed to BSNL CO and one has to submit request for same, if his/her name appears in TOP ten list of longest stayed officers from Circle.

·        As per BSNL transfer Policy, female executives are not posted to All India Hard Tenure stations but willing executives are encouraged for such posting. Hence the names of female executives will be removed from the list or names are included, then same will not be considered for posting at All India hard tenure station, till said executive do not submit the request.

·        Hence female executives also are having immunity for transfer to all India Hard Tenure Stations and hence female executives have to identify their posting in the Top Ten list by excluding all names which will not be considered for posting to all India Hard Tenure stations.

·        Since last year , it is seen that large number of SDEs from Maharashtra Circle are opting for All India Hard Tenure stations at J&K and A&N Circles and long stay list is operated only in case of All India Hard Tenure stations in NE-I, NE-II and Assam Circles.

·        In AGM/DE Cadre there is less requirement of executives at all these Tenure Stations and in this cadre also some of executives from Maharashtra have opted for Tenure stations and hence only few of them are posted at Tenure stations and till request of some of AGMs/DEs is not given consideration.

·        Maharashtra Circle has published data of Circle Long stay while calling for willingness and this list will be used to decide TOP Ten SDEs and AGMs/DEs and hence SDEs and AGMs/DEs are required to check this data and also data of stay particulars in ERP and see that it is correct and updated.

·        If there are any issues, corrections, same may be please brought to the notice of SSA or Circle Staff/Admn sections and get it corrected well within time. Once transfer order is issued on basis of these stay particulars, it is hard job to get it cancelled and hence one has to be alert and check his/her stay particulars well within time. 


7 APR 21:  SDE EP Mumbai issued orders for giving additional charge to all Regular SDE Electrical in Maharashtra Circle as all other SDEs who were giving higher responsibility under looking after arrangements are reverted and no extension or  fresh orders for SDE LA arrangements are being issued due to some unresolved administrative issues.  Letter <<<>>>   

·        From content of letter, it seems to be regular and permanent order for additional charge as no time frame is mentioned in this letter. 

·        The SDE LA arrangements in Electrical wing of Maharashtra Circle has been always matter of conflict for one or another reasons.

·        Earlier it was issue that Looking After was not given as per guidelines issued by BSNL Corporate Office, then it was issue of excess posting of SDEs in small SSAs and not filling even single vacancy in some of prominent SSAs/BAs under Looking After arrangements, then giving additional charge at faraway places even under Looking After arrangements.

·        From all such orders creating confusion and unrest among the executives in Electrical wing,  it seems that EE EP and concerned officers in Circle administration are always under certain confusion or keeping something different in mind every time while SDE LA orders are due or being issued. 

·        On all such issues SNEA MH has raised concern and all such issues were brought to the notice of all concerned officers from SDE EP, EEE EP, SEE, CEE, GM HR and to CGMT MH Circle and all have agreed to concern expressed by SNEA MH and assured to have review of all these issues and it was expected that this time all the issues will be taken care and SDE LA orders will be issued as per the BSNL guidelines on the subject.

·        But meantime, one of JTO Electrical has raised demand that he is posted under SDE LA who is junior to him and requested for giving higher responsibility as SDE LA. But Administration is not interested to give such responsibility and have reverted the said SDE under whom this senior JTO was posted and since then efforts are made that no SDE LA should be given to this JTOE.

·        Hence it seems that Electrical wing has decided not to give any fresh order for SDE Elect post under  LA arrangement and these Regular SDEs are given additional charge thereby increasing their workload minimum two time to four times. 

·        One can understand charge of other sub division in same location is given as additional charge to SDE at same location or even same SSA/BA, but here charge of SDE in one SSA under one BA is given to SDE working in another SSA/BA which is at far away distance thereby increasing difficulties of these Regular SDEs to take burden of such additional responsibility with any extra reimbursement.

·        In these strange arrangements,  SDEE Amaravati is given additional charge of SDEE Jalgaon,   SDEE Wardha is given charge of SDEE Nanded, ,   SDEE Nashik is given charge of SDEE Ahmednagar and SDEE Pune is give charge of more three SDEEs in Pune ,  SDEE Sangli is given charge of total three subdivisions that to be in in Goa BA. Now it will be question in front of SDEE Sangli where to look at original responsibility of one Sub division at Sangli to shift to Goa BA to take care of additional responsibilities of three sub divisions.

·        It is also not clear where these SDEE post will exist as per restructuring plan or some of these posts will be abolished and new post will be cleared, but till this rearrangements are issued in thump rule arrangement.

·        These SDEEs already have excess charge of SSAs/BAs and now are given additional burdon of more two to three subdivisions and how they can give justice if workload which is increased four times and when there is no subordinate manpower and resources available.

·        What about the dignity and respect of these SDEs who are being reverted just due to compliant/request as per guidelines of senior not to be posted under junior  by one of JTO and stand of administration not to give charge of SDE LA to this complainants by using administrative tricks.

·        There may be any other reason for not giving any extension or fresh SDEE LA , but all these reasons are well within control of administration , but just to overcome compliant, it seems to be decided that no SDE LA orders should be given in electrical wing.

·        SNEA MH was aware about these activities as we have preliminary discussions with EEEP Mumbai and SEE Mumbai and both have expressed their difficulties and have requested us to discuss with CEE Mumbai. We have requested for time from CEE Mumbai but due to fear of COVID 19 and more number of Corona positive cases reported, till time is not given by CEE Mumbai.

·        As reported earlier, GM HR Mumbai is also on leave as tested positive and hence the issues cannot be discussed with him also.

·         SNEA MH will once again try to take up this issue with CEE Mumbai and CGMT MH for overall review of working of Electrical wing and to have orders respecting dignity of executives in Electrical wing and not in such manner creating more and more difficulties to certain executives. Let us hope that in days to come some genuine arrangement is made for filling all these vacant post of SDEEs in Maharashtra Circle.


7 APR 21:  AGM Pers BSNL CO issued orders for force relieving of SDEs through ERP under inter circle transfer as per different orders issued by BSNL CO. Letter <<<>>>

7 APR 21:  AGM CFA BSNL CO issued circular introducing of new exclusive Bharat Air Fibre Broadband plans on regular basis. Letter <<<>>>


7 APR 21:  DGM CFA BSNL CO issued orders for extension of time for clearing pending booking for Year 2020-21. Letter <<<>>>


 6 APR 21:  DGM HR/Legal Mumbai published data of SSA wise vacancy position cum number of executives in groups i.e. AGM/DGM, JE/JTO/SDE and JAO/AO, stay particulars of executives working in this groups and calling for willingness for request transfers from the executives who have completed or will be completing three years of services in the present/working SSA.  Telecom Wing <<<>>>    Account Wing <<<>>>

·        In continuation of assurance given by CGMT MH Circle during last meeting, this data is published showing excess shortage in different SSA and stay particulars of the executives along with JEs.

·        This data is published for Telecom and Account wing and works for Civil and Electrical wing are under progress and hopefully the data of Electrical and Civil wing will also be published in this week.

·        It was expected that data will be published by mid or end of March 21, but due to more Corona Positive cases in Staff section Mumbai and mainly all officers in Staff section from AD to GM HR have been tested Corona Positive during last fortnight, the work has been delayed somewhat.

·        But till by overcoming  all hurdles and own issues,  GM HR has prepared this data and same has been approved by CGMT MH and published in First week of April 2021 for information of all and calling for willingness and own cost request transfers.

·        This shows firm belief that this year the request transfers which are pending for last one year will be given consideration including fresh requests if any and only condition is that one has to complete three years in Non-Tenure SSA and two years in tenure SSA as on 30/06/2021.

·        Publication of vacancy and stay particulars if first step towards the starting process of request transfers and with this hopes of many executives for consideration of request transfers has been increased and at the same time fear in minds of many executives has been increased about their transfers on basis of long stay to meet shortages in different SSAs.

·        It was also expected that data of request transfers received by Staff section Mumbai will also be published along with this vacancy position and stay particulars as assured by CGMT MH, but same is not published and it is confusion in minds of these officers, where they have to submit fresh willingness or their earlier willingness will be given consideration.

·        As per normal practice, all such willingness are given consideration but till we will confirm from concerned officers and will update details very shortly and well within time of submission of willingness i.e. 09/04/2021 as given in these both letters. 

·        It is unfortunate that since last one year, such data has been repeatedly published and every time there is change in vacancy position and there was no uniform policy applied and this wrong data has been always reason for delaying request transfers. But we believe, this time it will be given consideration by updating required corrections in time.

·        These issues related to correctness of data was raised by SNEA MH with earlier CGMT MH and with present CGMT MH and time to time corrections are made but it is seen that till there are many issues with this data published and correction done also are not appearing in this list.

·        It is seen that names of officers are shown in different SSA than the present/ working SSA and SSA/Circle stay of many of the officers is shown wrong.

·        Since last 2-3 years, this preparation of data is done by GM HR directly and there is no one to correct it. Earlier this data was consolidated by ADs/AGMs and it was checked by DGM HR, GM HR and finally approved by CGMT MH. It was also followed that such data was internally sent to SSA/BA Heads for confirmation and purified data was published.

·        But as these checking counterchecking part is withdrawn from the work culture of Staff section and directly data is consolidated by GM HR without no further corrections, there are always mistakes in data and this time also same are continued. No one except GM HR Mumbai is aware about the issues in data and for each and every corrections matter needs to be reached to GM HR and then only correction is possible.

·        Many of the executives who have represented and who are continuously representing for last one and half year for correction of data in ERP, now it is seen that said data is till not corrected.

·        Also there are certain issues in vacancy position published and unfortunately different pattern is used or publishing the vacancy position and the information published is not in transparent manner as assured by CGMT MH.

·        The request of SNEA MH to publish data in ascending orders of SSA/Circle stay is given consideration and data is separately published in two annexure i.e. 1 and 2 for each cadre/group.

·        As per our discussions with CGMT MH, it was informed that he is of the opinion that there is need of more executives in field units than the offices and hence he has discussed requirement with all SSA/BA Heads and decided how much executives are required in particular SSA and how much are required in Offices like Circle Office.

·        SNEA MH also has appreciated his concern and it was expected that data will be published showing Justified strength, Working Strength (Regular/Adhoc and LA) and excess/shortage, but in twisting manner in continuation of earlier attempts by GM HR Mumbai data is published in different formats for different wings and cadres and there is much confusion after data is published.

·        This can be checked from classic example of data published for AGMs/DGMs. As per list published under Annexure A1 and A2 of this letter, there are total 113 AGMs  working in Telecom wing of entire Maharashtra Circle, but total working AGMs are shown as 204 (Total 195 in SSAs and 9 in Mobile) and vacancy shown are total eight. When there are only 113 AGMs available and how the figure of working AGMs is shown as 204 is not understood.

·         It is shown that number of AGMs/DGMs working in different SSA but practically the number of working AGMs/DGMs in particular SSA is less than the shown working.

·        This is case with other cadres and account wing also and we are consolidating the details and will definitely pursue for corrective action and further clarification required for submission of willingness by the concerned executives.

·        SNEA MH has received hundreds of queries from its members and District Office Bearers about the issues in data and method of publishing data and we have also noted certain issues in this data of stay particulars and vacancy position and will be brought to notice of CGMT MH and concerned Officers and we will try our level best to get it corrected and once again pursue with CGMT MH for total transparency in publishing data and not in the manner done now. Let us hope for the best.

·        Since last three weeks entire officers in staff section i.e. AD Staff A, AD Staff B, AD Staff C and DGM Legal are  affected and tested Corona Positive and except DGM legal all are recovered and most probably some of them are expected to join duties today. Hence this work was expected to be delayed but by overcoming all these odd, the works are started. We appreciate the spirit of these officers and devotion to duties during this difficult period also.

·        As on today, Shri. Baban S. Laswate, DGM legal Mumbai who is in charge of Staff section is admitted in Hospital and recovering fast. Let us all pray for his early recovery. In his absence the charge of Staff section is with Shri. A. Pradeepan, DGM HR Mumbai and he has published data approved by CGMT MH.

·        SNEA MH appreciates efforts taken by Shri. Aman Jaiswal GM HR CO Mumbai who is also tested positive, but while working from home, he has taken pains in preparations and publishing data. Now he also is admitted in hospital to avoid further issues and let us we all pray for his early recovery. In his absence the charge of GM HR MH CO Mumbai is with to Shri. Kailash More, DGM Admn Mumbai.

·        SNEA MH specially appreciates the efforts taken by Shri. Ramakant Sharma, CGMT MH who also was on leave for one week as tested positive and after certain recovery, he is working from Home and till kept his word of publishing vacancy position and stay particulars of executives and given clear signal that this time request transfers as well as requirement of executives in SSAs facing shortage will be given consideration. It is understood that CGMT MH may start functioning form office from this week onwards and then issues will be further clear and process will speed up.

·        In spite of all these odd situations, due personal intervention and keen persuasion by CGMT MH this data has been published and SNEA MH appeals all comrades to have patience and not to become panic, but to represent their grievances if any about stay particulars including fresh willingness on given email and be assured that their grievances in stay particulars will be taken care. 

·        Further all DS are requested to have analysis of the working strength and justified posts and discuss it with SSA/BA Heads as justified strength is decided as per discussions with SSA/BA Heads in special VC by CGMT MH. DS SNEA are also requested to consolidate issues in data published and email it on so that we can handover it to concerned officers as precautionary measures.


 3 APR 21:  Director CFA BSNL writes to all CGMs appreciating efforts for successful achievements of number of milestones during 2020-21 and taking efforts for achieving CFA targets of Financial Year 2021-22.   Letter <<<>>>


 3 APR 21:  Due to shortage of GMs in Vidarbha area the charge of BAH Amaravati will be looked after by GMT Nagpur and Charge of GM Chandrapur will be looked after by GM Kolhapur under look after arrangements and important point is that Kolhapur and Chandrapur are at more than 800 Kms of distance by road. Hope this is temporary arrangements and regular BAH for Amaravati as well as Chandrapur will be posted shortly.  Order I <<<>>>   Order II <<<>>>


3 APR 21:  GM S&M Mumbai issued orders for restoration of work commission for active TIPs who will be providing minimum net FTTH Connections more than 15 per month.  Letter <<<>>>


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