Last updated on 31 Aug 21


31 AUG 21: DGM Legal Mumbai  calls for willingness from AO in Pay Scale of E3/E4 for the post as DGM Finance Planning at Circle Office Mumbai which will be vacant after implementation of pending All India Hard Tenure Transfer. Letter <<<>>> 

·        Last date for submission of willingness is 03/09/2021 and if no option received, then senior most AO working in Circle Office Mumbai will be given responsibility of DGM FP Mumbai under LA Arrangements. 

·        Actually the period of DGM /CAO working under LA Arrangement throughout Maharashtra Circle is over and hence options/willingness should have been called by publishing Circle seniority and names of the Officers who are willing to work as IFAs in all BAs and Circle Office.

·        Hopefully corrective action with separate letter will be issued calling for options for all posts as per the Circle Seniority of AOs. 


31 AUG 21: AGM DPC SM BSNL CO writes to Circle Heads  for circulation of provisional All India Eligibility List 3 of JTOs in Telecom wing recruited during Year 2009 to 2012 and calling for Objections/Omissions/Objections errors in this AEIL. Letter <<<>>> 


31 AUG 21: PGM NWP CNO BSNL CO writes to CGMT MH Circle for taking over  of operations of MTNL Mumbai  the MTNL Mumbai Mobile Network by BSNL w.e.f. 01/09/2021. Letter <<<>>> 


31 AUG 21: AGM Pers SEA BSNL CO writes reminder letter to Circle Heads  calling for information required for Provisional All India Gradation List No 5 for JAOs of DR 2015 Batch. Letter <<<>>> 


30 AUG 21: DGM Legal Mumbai issued orders confirming the Circle tenure stations  within Maharashtra Circle even while posting in CNTXW Circle and accordingly Tenure facility is granted to Shri. C R Talwar, JTO posted from Solapur to CNTXW Ratngiri. Letter <<<>>> 

·        In recent past CNTXW has started demanding JTOs from Maharashtra Circle by showing vacant posts at particular locations and as many willingness were received same were given consideration for posting at same locations.

·        But while posting at CNTXW Akola, Pandarpur and Ratnagiri, no options were received and in that case junior most JTO in stay of SSA was posted to these stations under CNTXW Circle.

·        SNEA has taken matter and clarified that the stand taken by administration to post junior most is wrong and it is double transfer and double cost and requested whoever is posted to these SSAs having shortage of executives, then new incumbent may be posted to CNTXW and same was accepted by CGMT MH Circle.

·        Accordingly many orders are revised for changing posting to CNTXW Circle and Shri. C R Talwar, JTO Solapur who was earlier posted to Ratnagiri SSA on basis of circle long stay was then posted to CNTXW Ratnagiri. But may be due to oversight, it was not mentioned that he is posted at Tenure station.

·        Shri. Talwar represented the case many time, but his request was shown dust bin and even his personal visits did not taken on paper.

·        Thereafter SNEA MH has taken up matter with AD Staff A Mumbai, she agreed to it and directed us to discuss with DGM legal Mumbai.

·        We have discussed it with DGM legal Mumbai and he was of the opinion that it will be decided by CNTXW Circle, when we have given detail feedback on subject , as usual he pointed out fingers at CGMT MH Circle.

·        When request of Shri. Talwar was processed in file, the file was returned by DGM legal Mumbai without reaching to higher officers and matter was undecided.

·        Later SNEA MH has taken matter with GM HR Admn Mumbai and CGMT MH Mumbai and CGMT MH has directed to take corrective action in our meeting dated 23/08/2021.

·        But even after instructions of CGMT MH the file was not moved as DGM Legal Mumbai was rigid on his stand of not issuing any such corrigendum and was of the opinion that tenure in CNTXW will be decided by CNTXW and not by MH Circle.

·        Then SNEA MH has again taken up matter with GM HR Admn Mumbai on 28/08/2021 and he also was of same opinion as that of DGM Legal Mumbai.

·        We have brought to notice of GM HR Admn Mumbai that DGM Legal Mumbai is misleading him and brought to his notice that Shri. Talwar is transferred to Tenure Station on Circle Long stay basis and it is administrative requirement and not that of Shri. Talwar.

·        We also added that if Shri. Talwar will not be given Tenure facilities then he should posted to other non-Tenure stations and he is ready for such own cost transfer for Kalyan SSA. But GM HR Admn Mumbai informed that this will be decided by CNTXW Circle and there is no role of Maharashtra Circle.

·        Then we brought to his notice that if posting to CNTXW Circle is not in purview of Maharashtra Circle, then why his office has issued transfer order of JTO CNTXW Gadchiroli on pick and choose basis on completion of tenure and posted him to Nagpur SSA, but not relieved for years together making it extremely complicated transfer. We firmly demanded for uniform policy applicable to all.

·        Finally, GM HR Admn Mumbai got clear picture on the subject and this order is issued wherein not only posting of Shri. Talawr is modified from Non-Tenure to Tenure stations but clarified that henceforth any JTO who will be posted in CNTXW Circle at these Tenure stations will be covered under tenure facilities.

·        SNEA MH conveys sincere thanks and gratitude to Shri. Ramakant Sharma, CGMT MH Circle, Shri. S. V. Nakhale GM HR Admn Mumbai and  Mrs. Shaila Khadgi AD Staff A Mumbai  for understanding the issue to depth by overcoming misleading information given by its own officer and finally issuing such corrective orders making this issue of posting to CNTXW at Tenure stations crystal clear to one and all.

·        We also convey special thanks to Shri. Baban S. Laswante, DGM Legal Mumbai who has taken rigid stand not to issue corrigendum for Shri. Talwar and due to this only matter has been cleared for all JTOs who are/will be posted at these Circle Tenure stations under CNTXW Circle.


30 AUG 21: DGM Legal Mumbai endorsed the BSNL CO letter calling detailed information on facility of immunity granted to OBs of Recognised Unions/ Associations and Support Association. Letter <<<>>> 


30 AUG 21: DGM Admn Mumbai endorsed the BSNL CO letter calling for Articles, Stories, Gazals, Poems etc by email for 13th edition of “Sanchar Sarika 2021”, the Hindi Annual Magazine being published by BSNL Corporate Office. Letter <<<>>> 


30 AUG 21: DGM HR Mumbai endorsed ALTTC letter for nominations for online Training for IOs and POs scheduled on 03 & 04 Sept 2021. Letter <<<>>> 


30 AUG 21: DGM Legal Mumbai issued orders for looking After Arrangements for EE Elect Mumbai with immediate corrigendum to this LA order. Letter <<<>>>   Corrigendum <<<>>> 


 30 AUG 21: DGM Estt BSNL CO issued orders for certain amendment in Para 9 of BSNL Transfer Policy. Letter <<<>>> 

·        The Rule 9 Temporary transfers will now be considered in cases of medical emergency for self /family or dependent parents for the chronic diseases viz Cancer, renal failure, poliomyelitis (for children), Cerebral palsy, spastics, TB, Thalassemia Major , in case of some unfortunate reasons, the official himself/ herself became handicapped with minimum disability as defined for eligibility for a Govt./ PSU Job and in case of spouse ground where spouse is working in Central Govt., State Govt. or other PSUs as permanent employee.

·        Rule 9 transfers will be considered after completion of three years of service.

·        Rule 9 transfers will be for fixed period and maximum period of deputation will be two years in one stretch. It is reduced from earlier five years to two years.

·        Rule 9 cases will be now reviewed once in year preferably in Moth of April effective from Year 2022.

·        The provisions of Para 9 will be applicable to all employees of BSNL regardless of mode of recruitment. 

·       This amendment will help in settlement of the under Rule 8 and Rule 9 requests pending out of Maharashtra Circle.


27 AUG 21: Meeting with CGMT MH Circle on current HR Issues:  Shri. Abhay Kesarkar, Joint Secretary CE SNEA MH and Shri. M. S. Adasul, CS SNEA MH had meeting with Shri. Ramakant Sharma, CGMT MH Circle on 23/08/2021 at 1130 hrs in his chamber to discuss the urgent HR issues. The meeting was held in presence of Shri. S. V. Nakhale GM HR Admn Mumbai, Shri. K. H. More, GM HR Admn Mumbai and Shri. Baban S. Laswante, DGM Legal Mumbai. 

At the outset, we conveyed sincere thanks and gratitude to Shri. Ramakant Sharma, CGMT MH Circle and his team for giving choice to executives to choose SSA during second phase of transfer orders, giving consideration to requests for change of SSA in Tenure orders/Non Tenure stations, publication of long stay data of JEs, giving consideration to educational and medical ground genuine requests, listening to genuine medical grievances of executives in person , reducing total number of transfers to certain extent, reduction in cost transfers and Clearing long pending Medical bills. We specially brought to notice of CGMT MH the sincere efforts taken by Shri. S.V. Nakhale, GM HR Admn Mumbai in clearing old and current medical bills of working as well retired employees which were pending for long time and conveyed special thanks to both of them.

In continuation of our discussions, we have shared the Association wise membership of executives before and after window for change of membership is closed as on 31/07/2021. We narrated that SNEA MH continues to be association representing masses and though it was propagated by some individuals that the membership of SNEA will be reduced, over the period practically the membership of SNEA has increased throughout Maharashtra Circle. Majority of executives in Maharashtra Circle continues their strong and devoted faith and support to SNEA. During this period Total 168 new members joined SNEA family and 73 have left SNEA family and overall there is net increase of membership by 95 members in SNEA family. CGMT MH asked how total number of executives in increased in July 2021 from 1844 to 2006. We have responded that some of executives who were not member of any association as on June 2021, have now opted for membership of either association and hence there is increase in total number. CGMT MH further asked how the total number of executives in Maharashtra in more than the working executives, we have updated that certain officers are having dual membership with serving association and welfare association SEWA which is permitted and hence there is addition in total numbers. We also added that till there are certain executives who are not members of any association and they are nor reflected in this sheet. CGMT MH asked if there is increase in membership of majority and support association then membership of which association is reduced wherein we have shared that members of AIBSNLA have shifted over the period. We have specifically narrated that SNEA is leading masses everywhere and SNEA continues with strong support of executives in Maharashtra Circle as out of total 2016 executives in Maharashtra Circle, about 164 are having dual membership. Thus out of total 1852 executives working in Maharashtra Circle, SNEA is having membership of 1224 executives. As such, SNEA has more responsibilities of executives in Maharashtra Circle and requested CGMT MH for kind support in resolution of issues of executives in Maharashtra Circle.

Status of changeover of membership of associations as on 31st July 2021: <<<<>>>

SSA wise membership of different associations after changeover window: <<<<>>>

We have further details discussions on pending and current HR issues and details of issues and discussions thereof is as follows.

1.     Removal of harsh conditions on grant of leave to executives under transfer: We have brought to the notice of CGMT MH that each and every transfer order one stringent condition is mentioned by staff section in copy paste manner that the leave, if any, requested by the officer under transfer should not be allowed/sanctioned by SSA/Unit Head, without the approval of Circle Office Mumbai. We added that this is very harsh condition and it is creating issues for executive to complete personal/family works before he is being relived on transfer. Further sanction of leave is within purview of Controlling Officers/SSA/BA/Unit Heads and not under Circle Office. CGMT MH asked GM HR Admn Mumbai, the idea behind it and what are specific words used in the orders making is harsh. GM HR Admn Mumbai informed that on transfers some executives applies leave and are not getting relieved and try to avoid transfers and hence this condition is imposed. CGMT MH added that leave granted is used as tool for non-implementation of transfers and there should not be any issue in it. We elaborated that every executive is not avoiding transfer and there are issues which he/she needs to clear it before transfer is implemented for that leave is required. CGMT MH informed that they can take casual leave and complete it. We added that someone may have finished his/her CLs and leave cannot be granted more than 2-3 days at a time and even though such condition is put up in transfer orders certain executives have certain unavoidable issues/difficulties and he/she prefers to opt for absconding but did not join duties at transferred place. As such there is no purpose in putting such condition for all executives under transfer and that to be in each and every transfer order in copy/paste manner. Further we added that leave may not be granted after date of relieving of executive under transfer, but there should not be any issue in granting any type of leave asked by concerned executive before this date for relieving of executives. We firmly requested for removal of this harsh condition and let the controlling Officers/SSA Heads decide on granting of leave if requested by concerned executive under transfers may it be restricted up to date of relieving of concerned officer given by Circle office in transfer order. CGMT MH agreed to concern expressed by us and directed GM HR Admn Mumbai to review this condition suitably so that executives do not face hardship/difficulties on transfers.

2.     Giving Sufficient/minimum time for implementation of Transfer Orders: We have further drawn attention of CGMT MH on the less time period given for relieving of executives under transfers and in recent case only about one week time is given for SSAs/BAs in relieving of executives under transfers. The time taken for review of already issued transfer order is about one month but time given for implementation orders is about one week is not correct. We added that the time given is not sufficient time for representing grievances of executives under transfers if any or in completing office/personal/family works and responsibilities before transfer. Further, such short time period for implementation of transfer orders is creating hardship for SSA/BA administration to arrange the substitute in posting even under looking after arrangements and we requested to give sufficient time in relieving of executives. CGMT MH informed that these orders are already delayed and as these are review orders, the less time was given. We narrated that there are some fresh orders issued in this review and all are not old orders and we have no issue in short time given in present order as it is already being implemented or some time more is given by administration by delayed ERP relieving. But in case of future transfer orders sufficient time should be given for target date for relieving of executive on transfers. CGMT MH accepted the concern expressed by association and assured to take care in future.

3.     Settlement of long pending Dispute between Staff and Account wing and clearance of pending issues thereof: We have once again drawn attention of CGMT MH about undue delay in settlement of ongoing dispute between account Section and Staff Section on handing over and taking over of the FC section files and it is not resolved even after repeated discussions with all concerned officers and even after directions of CGMT MH. We have specifically narrated that the keys of section and its cupboards are with officers in Staff section and it is seen that occasionally some files are being taken from FC section. But for common works like confirmation of JAOs, Time Bound Promotions of Account wing Executives, Refund of Security deposits etc no action has been taken. Same is case with individual cases, some cases are being resolved proactively, while some cases are delayed deliberately. We specifically narrated the classical example of long pending request by Shri. Altab Malik then JAO Mumbai for issuing formal letter about acceptance of resignation which is not issued even after his repeated request since last one and half year i.e. since Jan 2020 event though matter has been discussed with earlier GM HR Admn Mumbai, new GM HR adman Mumbai and was discussed in last meeting with CGMT MH and firm assurance is given for its resolution. On our queries and persuasion it is repeatedly quoted by DGM legal and AD Staff A Mumbai that Account Section has to handover file one to one and are firm that they have not received files of FC section and no one is serious about resolution of this dispute. When GM Fin Mumbai has directed DGM TR Mumbai to handover files one by one, AD Staff A Mumbai and mainly DGM Legal Mumbai is not ready stating that one JAO/AO should be spared by GM Fin Mumbai for this FC section related works, and same is not given consideration by GM Fin Mumbai with stand that they have already handed over JAO FC Mumbai and its mistake of staff section that they are using him for different works. As such, this dispute for last one and half year is not resolved even after firm assurance by CGMT MH in last 2-3 meetings. We requested CGMT MH to seriously look into this dispute and settle it once for all. CGMT MH asked status of handing over and taking of FC section files from GM HR Admn Mumbai, he informed that he had discussed this issue with GM Fin Mumbai once and has to once again discuss the matter with GM Fin Mumbai. GM HR Admn firmly assured to CGMT MH that he will discuss it today itself with GM Fin Mumbai and resolve the issues to its conclusion. Intervening matter DGM Legal Mumbai once again informed that only letter is issued by FC section and no files are handed over to him or any other officer in staff section and shown copy of such formal letter. CGMT MH did not take note of this letter and directed GM HR Admn to resolve the issue. Then DGM Legal Mumbai informed that now the matter has been discussed and it is decided by GM Fin Mumbai to spare one JAO/AO who will take over the files and charge of FC section and he/she will be responsible for HR activities of FC section under Staff section Mumbai. CGMT MH directed GM HR Admn Mumbai to resolve this issue on top most priority and works of confirmation of JAOs, refund of security deposits, Time Bound promotions should not be delayed just for non-completion of Taking over Handing Over files of FC section. Finally, GM HR Admn Mumbai firmly assured to get the dispute resolved today itself and take care of pending HR issues related to FC section. 

4.     Official letter for change of tenure stations of Account wing: We have once again reminded CGMT MH about this issue discussed in last meeting and his directions to issue formal and official letter for Change of Account wing Circle tenure stations at part with Telecom wing. CGMT asked additional information on this subject and we have responded that though decision has been taken on request of SNEA MH to issue formal letter for change of Circle tenure SSAs. We narrated how it has created certain issues and how it can be settled with formal letter by Staff section. Finally CGMT MH firmly directed to GM HR Admn Mumbai to issue formal orders for change of Circle Tenure stations for account wing at par with Telecom and other wings

5.     Pick and choose retention of specific officers and no substitute arrangements for prolonged period with injustice to others: We have brought to the notice of CGMT MH the unrest among the executives about pick and choose retention of executives by Circle Office on recommendation of certain SSA/BA /Unit Heads and also specifically by Circle Office. We have narrated that one can understand retention of expertise in different fields as it is supportive to BSNL, but there is need of certain time frame for retention and on name of expertise the said executives are retained for years together and other are compelled to join at odd places is not correct and many executives have expressed serious feeling and protest against such retention. We further demanded that whenever any executive is retained on administrative grounds , it should be for limited period of six months or one year and not for years together as seen in some cases and at the same time of retention order substitute needs to be posted for such expertise and he/she should be relieved in time bound manner. It is unfortunate that no steps are taken by concerned SSA/BA/Unit Heads or by Circle Office in making substitute arrangement for executives retained on basis of certain expertise and demanded for dealing all such cases in uniform policy manner so that there is no unrest among others. CGMT MH added that the retention is done regardless of association and some of members of SNEA may also be there. We have cleared that there are certain members of SNEA also are retained , rather retained executives may be more in numbers as SNEA is having more membership, but SNEA members never demand for such discrimination and they are ready for supporting any action in policy manner, but it is certain SSA/BA/Unit Heads are given such opportunity due to their expertise, they are enjoying it, any such experts SNEA Members have come forwards at their own and opted for suitable posting and others will definitely come forward if this issue is decided in policy manner. CGMT MH informed that the matter has been already discussed and he has directed GM HR Admn Mumbai to have list of all such Officers retained on administrative ground even though they were part of SSA/Circle Long stay list and to take corrective action for making substitute arrangements and relieving or issuing transfer orders of all such retained officers on transfers in time bound manner of six months.

6.     Action on ERP relieving of executives from Tenure stations: We have conveyed thanks to CGMT MH for his instructions to BA/SSA Heads for relieving of executives working at Tenure stations by 20/08/2021 and it is result of his instructions that many of them are relieved by now. Sindhudurg, Gadchiroli SSA have relieved all officers under transfers and Goa & Ratnagiri SSAs have relieved officers partially and till some of the executives are not relieved by SSA/BA Heads for want of relievers. We also narrated that in some cases relievers also have joined but BA Heads have taken stand that these executives will be relieved only after completion of some works /tasks which is not correct and creating hardship to executives who have completed their tenure. All these works can be taken care by substitute posted, but this method is adopted for some executives and are not being relieved and requested for relieving of these officers from ERP by Circle Office. CGMT MH informed that he also is getting many such complaints and hence he has already directed GM HR Admn Mumbai to relieve these officers, but till file has not reached to him. GM HR informed that he has sent file just today morning. Finally CGMT MH informed that he will approve the proposal today itself and all the executives under transfer to and from tenure stations will be relieved through ERP. He further added that similar action will be taken for other transfers orders which will not be implemented even after giving sufficient time for relieving by SSAs.

7.     Consideration of Request transfers from Non-tenure SSAs: SNEA has drawn attention of CGMT MH towards undue delay in restoration of request transfers from Non-Tenure stations to Non-tenure stations and unrest among these executives who are waiting for releasing orders kept in abeyance. We added that after order dated 22/05/2021, many executives have shifted family and there after the order has been kept in abeyance on 02/06/2021 and since then much time is taken for review of orders is first and second phase. The request transfers is simple process which are be operated in one to one manner and there is no need of any special review and time of three months has been already taken by Staff section which is more than sufficient. Responding to this demand GM HR Admn Mumbai informed that these request can be given consideration in March 2022 as already much transfers are issued and now it is matter of few months and his stand was proactively supported by DGM Legal Mumbai. We have protested this stand and idea of further delaying request transfers and told in clear words that it has no meaning in discussing such proposal as it will be injustice to the executives whose orders were issued and not implemented even though SSAs have issued formal orders for same as order was kept in abeyance by Circle Office. We added that already many of the executives under this transfer order with request transfers are relieved and joined at new place and now it has no meaning that orders are continued in abeyance since June 2021 will be restored in Mar 2022. This is deliberate attempt to delay works just to create panic among the executives who are waiting for their request transfers for last two years and cannot be justified by any means. CGMT MH intervened matter and firmly assured that he is committed for releasing the transfer orders kept in abeyance and it is matter of time as he want to confirm that orders issued till now are implemented. He added that no one want to join at place of transfer and many are meeting him for cancellation of transfers, change of SSA and some of them are creating pressure from outside also and hence he want to implement the transfer orders issued in first and second phase of review. We have expressed concern that the matter is delayed and there are no serious issues in implementation of this already issued orders as only about 70 executives request are pending now and out of that about 30 can be settled in one to one request as substitute from both the SSA are available at own cost. There are about 25 Request which can be implemented in chain with one substitute at one of the SSA from which chain is started and thus with just 8 to 10 substitutes request of 25-30 3xexutives can be given consideration. We added that unfortunately such chain approach is not taken care by Staff section as no serious efforts are taken in this directions which has been followed for years together. We shared sample list of one to one Mutual Request transfers Copy <<<>>> and how chain transfer can be implemented in chain by putting minimum substitute i.e. one substitute for implementation of 2-4 transfers from different SSAs. Copy <<<>>>>. Thus out of 70 pending requests, majority of requests can be given consideration in this manner and for remaining only substitute is required on one to one basis. Further many executives are waiting for giving options for nearby SSA, but it is being spread by some prominent officers in Staff Section that no further transfer will be restored and if restored only one to one substitute will be given consideration and hence many have not submitted requests. If matter is clear that how many request are being implemented, then it will be suitably responded by executives by giving options to avoid transfers at odd locations and this has been seen in the recent orders for filling shortage in SSAs. Only required is action and willingness on part of certain officers of Staff to move further in implementation of already issued request transfers. In conclusion, CGMT MH firmly assured that all these requests will be reviewed and restored and in overall process it will take months’ time.

8.     Publication of list of Own cost request transfers kept in abeyance including other pending request transfers: During discussions on restoration of request transfers kept in abeyance, the issue of posting of substitute on one to one basis and cost thereof was discussed. We have requested CGMT MH to publish list of pending request transfers including names of executives whose requests are kept in abeyance and call for options for posting substitutes. In excess to shortage orders, such options were called and many have opted for transfer at own cost just to avoid posting at odd locations. Thus good amount of cost of transfers is saved and inconvenience too many executives due to transfer at odd places is avoided or reduced to better extent. In similar manner, if options from substitutes are called in consideration of request transfers in total transparent manner from Non-tenure to Non-tenure stations, definitely good number of executives will opt for suitable locations and this will reduce burdon of company cost transfers and will help executives in getting posting at most suitable place. CGMT MH agreed to the concern expressed by SNEA and directed GM HR Admn Mumbai to prepare list of all such request and call for options for posting substitute at the earliest. 

9.     Publication of long stay list of executives from each SSA due for transfers while considering request transfers: We elaborated need of publishing list of long stayed officers of all the SSAs or at least for the SSAs where incoming requests are pending and to the extent of double than the request are pending to that particular SSA. With such transparent action for calling for options, the hardship faced by executives by posting at odd place is avoided and cost of transfers is also reduced. It was raised by DGM legal that it is not required as already said data is published and CGMT MH also added that if already data is published, then what is need to again published. We have added that this updated data after deleting names of officers already relieved from SSAs needs to be published so that one at top of list understands his/her correct position and opt for any suitable SSAs as per his /her choice if any. Adding to discussions DGM legal informed that many are granted immunity from transfers on association, medical and educational grounds and supported stand of association that if data of executives under zone of consideration with names excluded from transfers is published, then it will be easy for getting more willingness/options for consideration of request transfers. Finally, CGMT MH directed GM HR Admn Mumbai that while calling for options names of the executives with highest stay in that particular SSAs with 25% additional names from that SSA may published so that no one complains that he/she was not aware about long stay which has been observed in recent transfers. 

10.            Corrigendum for wrong suppression of Orders issued by Staff section: We have informed CGMT MH that we have already raised concern about sentence in last order that Annexure C of order dated 22/05/2021 is suppressed with new order dated 31/07/2021, but some of the executives under transfer in this order and annexure are relieved and joined at new place of posting and order is already partially implemented in respect of annexure C and it cannot be suppressed in total. Hence there is need of corrigendum as per our discussions with DGM Legal and GM HR Admn Mumbai and it is assured to issue corrigendum. Intervening matter, DGM legal Mumbai confirmed that corrigendum needs to be issued as partial orders are implemented and assured that necessary corrigendum will be issued and there is no need of further discussions on it.

11.            Rumors spread on different HR issues and mainly on restoration of request transfers kept in abeyance and need of corrective action: During discussions on review of request transfers kept in abeyance, we have drawn attention of CGMT MH on different rumors spread from the Staff section and specifically DGM Legal Mumbai is informing to executives who are making queries on restoration of their pending requests transfers and even to some GM level Officers that no request transfers will be given consideration till March 2022. This misleading information has created panic among concerned executives and many are making calls and queries and fear that their transfer order will not be given consideration and these officers are visiting to Circle Office. But as matter was cleared by CGMT MH that all request transfer from all wings will be given consideration in a policy manner and no need to worry about it and hence we also have not stressed more discussions on this issue.

12.            Issues related to DE Transfers: We have narrated hardship faced by DEs due to pick and choose transfers on name of excess Executives in small SSAs like Wardha and Jalna SSA. These officers have completed three years tenure and their transfer order was issued for the SSA requested, but same is now reviewed and these officers are transferred at odd locations on name of excess to shortage. It was quite possible that the request of these officers are given consideration and the vacant posts are filled as per policy guidelines for filling vacant posts like for tenure station posting in Gadchiroli and Raigad, the AGM/DE in top of the Circle long stayed list should have been posted but same is not taken care and DE with minimum stay is posted to Gadchiroli. While transferring out from SSAs having shortage, the longest stayed DE/AGM should have been transferred, but the AGM/DE with shortest stay is transferred and there is deliberate injustice to these executives. We also added that the posting at Raigad SSA also own cost willingness is given and the very purpose of posting TDM Raigad is not taken care properly. We have expressed that it was possible to give consideration in Proper manner thereby saving company cost as well as by giving consideration to the request by individuals. We have submitted proposal and list of such requests and discussed all these cases. Copy <<<>>>.  GM HR Admn Mumbai assured that medical request of Mrs. P B Khare AGM Pune will be taken care, request of Shri. A D Badhe and Shri V K Dhore, both the AGMs for posting to Amaravati will be kept alive and they will be posted to Amaravati SSA in due course of time by possible rearrangements.  For posting to Raigad SSA, CGMT MH informed that concern expressed by association is already taken care and the rearrangement has been already under consideration and orders will be issued shortly. We have once again requested CGMT MH to give justice to the AGMs/DEs who are being troubled by transfers against guidelines on subject and give consideration to own cost requests of DEs/AGMs and give them justice.

13.            Undue delay in consideration of Rule 8 /Rule 9 requests by JAOs/JTOs: We have once again shared unrest among JTOs/JAOs who are waiting for their transfer for last one year. It was assured in last meeting that matter will be reviewed after review of transfers and review has been delayed but no action has been taken for issuing Rule 8 request transfers even though consent has been received from about all Circles before six to eight months. We also added that some of JTOs are promoted as SDE and have opted under OTP for transfer as SDE and there is reduction in total number of requests under Rule 8 transfers of JTOs and only five JTOs are left for consideration of Requests under Rule 8 out of which consent has been already received for all requests except one as consent is not yet called by MH Circle. JTO List <<<>>>. Same is case with JAO Rule 8 transfers and only 17 Requests are pending for consideration out of which all formalities except final order is completed in about 80% Cases and only required is final approval of CGMT MH to issue formal orders. The files for rule 8 transfers are initiated but are returned before it is reaching to CGMT MH and hence matter is not cleared.  JAO List <<<>>>. CGMT MH once again informed that Rule 8 requests are not being given consideration as there is acute shortage of JAOs/JTOs in Maharashtra Circle. We once again shown figures of account wing working all over India and pointed out how Maharashtra Circle is having highest number of executives as compared to any other circle.  Circle wise Strength of AOs/JAOs <<<>>>. CGMT MH replied that there are certain works like centralized billing activities which are taken care by Maharashtra Circle and not by other Circles. He also added that some of JAOs are posted in EB section for important revenue activities. We replied that we fully agree with the concern of billing and EB works , but till there are more than sufficient JAOs/AOs to relieve these JAOs under Rule 8 transfers and there is no shortage. The Maharashtra Circle in comes under Category one Circle like Karnataka, Gujarat or Kerala Circle and the manpower available with these Circles is much less than Maharashtra Circle and the propagation that there is shortage in Maharashtra Circle is wrong. Further there is no chance of new recruitment and Maharashtra Circle has already sent 79 JAOs working on deputation even though some of them have not worked even for six months in MH Circle. When Maharashtra Circle can send these many Executives on deputation for years together by overruling BSNL guidelines, there is no meaning in troubling the JAOs/JTOs who have not requested for Rule 9 deputation and have sincerely completed five years are not being relieved is total and deliberate injustice to them. CGMT MH shared that Rule 9 policy is being misused and once JAO/JTO is transferred he/she will not come back. We have shared some example wherein said executives are willing to join back to Maharashtra Circle, but no such formal request letter is issued even after directions by CGMT MH in last meeting. DGM legal requested us to give list of JAOs under Rule 8 transfers so that action can be taken on calling them back. Though we were not having list of JAOs working on deputation out of MH Circle ready with us during meeting later we have shared it with DGM legal and GM HR Admn. Copy <<<>>>. With this we made it crystal clear that there is no issue in issuing relieving orders of all these JTOs/JAOs under rule 8 as all formalities are completed and there is no shortage as being propagated by certain officers. Further, Circle Office has not to think much on it as their relieving will be done by concerned SSA/BA/Unit Heads by local arrangements as followed in past. CGMT MH was of the opinion that this rule 8 transfer policy is wrong and one who is recruited for particular Circle should work in same Circle till he/she becomes SDE. We responded that this policy is finalized by BSNL CO and we are only pursuing for following existing guidelines, if same are modified, we will not pursue at that time. We also added that if guidelines are modified, same will effective for all future orders and not these old orders and these executives should not be troubled further. CGMT MH expressed that he is not against any request transfer and not against any individual but he has to look into administrative issues also and only concern is of shortage of executives. We added that thousands have opted for VRS, but till show is going on and works are being managed and if few JAOs/JTOs are transferred to other SSAs, it will be helpful for BSNL as well as individuals. CGMT MH responded that if he gets few JAOs back in Maharashtra Circle, he has no issue and will surely give consideration to all request transfer of JTOs and JAOs. On pending rule 9 transfers, CGMT MH was rigid that no Rule 9 transfer will be given consideration, but we requested him that request on grounds as mentioned under Rule 9 policy like critical medical illness should be given consideration on humanitarian grounds and Rule 9 policy is mainly to deal with all such cases. CGMT MH stated that if one case is given consideration, then all other starts pursuing it and he is getting many calls from different officers of BSNL and political leaders for consideration of such transfers. CGMT MH specifically added that he also want to get rid of these calls by issuing all Rule 8 Transfer orders. Finally CGMT MH directed GM HR Admn Mumbai for writing to all Circles for releasing JAOs/JTOs working on deputation under Rule 8 and also directed to give consideration to all Rule 8 Request transfers accordingly and assured to think on the rule 9 request under grounds critical illness as policy matter.

14.             Requirement of additional Executives at Nagpur BA and retentions thereof: We have specifically narrated administrative issues in Nagpur SSA and hardship to executives due to mass transfers out of Nagpur SSA. We have specifically added that Nagpur is most popular station in Vidarbha area and more and more request are seen for Nagpur. Further BSNL is planning Nodal Centre for C-PAN activities at Nagpur and there is need of more executives at Nagpur SSA. CGMT MH informed that he has already discussed this issue with BA Head Nagpur and he has assured to take care of all such shortages and manage the show with available executives. CGMT MH further added that at popular stations like Nagpur, many executives are opting for All India Hard Tenure station and joining back to Nagpur so the shortage in Nagpur SSA will be surely filled in and BA Head is firm on managing this shortage and hence there should not be any issue and retention on administrative grounds. We have narrated case of Shri. Ravi Binak JTO as special retention in Nagpur SSA and unrest among executives in Nagpur SSA as others junior to him in stay are being transferred out of Nagpur SSA. In response CGMT MH informed that this retention is for temporary period of four months due to Technical work he has done in development of attendance app and cleared that he will be surely relived after by transfer on long stay basis.

15.            Posting of executives to and from Pune SSA and Pune Mobile/Nodal: We have once again discussed with CGMT MH the issue of posting of executives from Pune TD to Pune Mobile/Nodal and about some misleading information being spread on the subject matter. CGMT MH informed that though there are some issues raised by Mobile section Pune in issuing the transfers by PGMT Pune, there is no change is policy decided that transfer from Pune TD to Pune Mobile/Nodal and vice versa will be decided by PGMT Pune as per combined long stay list of Pune TD/ Pune Mobile/Pune Nodal and cleared that PGMT Pune will issue all such transfers orders from Pune SSA to Pune Mobile/Nodal and vice versa to as per directions already issued on the subject. 

16.            Immunity granted to OBs of non-recognized District Bodies: We have narrated how the staff section is granting immunity to certain OBs whose election for the post of OB eligible for immunity are not approved but the OBs in such non recognised District Body are given immunity from Transfers. CGMT MH asked details from DGM Admn and DGM Legal, but both of them informed that there is no such case. CGMT MH directed us to give particulars cases wherein such action has been taken. We shared such examples and clarified how immunity has been granted when till today the District Body has not been approved by said SSA. After understanding issues to depth, CGMT MH directed GM HR Admn Mumbai to look into all such cases and take corrective action in all such cases of wrongly immunity granted and also to take care in future.

17.             Misuse of facility of grant of Immunity to avoid transfers to tenure stations and get posting to choice SSA: We have informed CGMT MH that certain officers are using facility for grant of immunity to the OBs of prominent associations. We informed that it has been already defined that the executive who is due for transfer to Circle tenure station will not be posted to Non-Tenure station and by taking corrective action, transfer of Shri. Tidake SDE Beed and Shri. Supekar SDE Beed has been modified from Circle Office to Ratnagiri and Osmanabad to Sindhudurg respectively. But same principal in not followed in case of Sri. Azar Shaikh JTO Beed. He is longest stayed officer   and due for Tenure transfer and has opted for grant of immunity and immunity is granted. But now his request is given consideration for posting to own cost request to Satara SSA. It means the immunity is required for transfer to Tenure station, but when it comes choice station posting there is no need of immunity. This is clear cut example of misuse of immunity and hence demanded for corrective action either by granting him immunity as DS at Beed or transfer him to Tenure station where his transfer was due. If it is decided by Management that as policy matter all such request after grant of immunity will be given consideration to choice station, then we have no issue and make it well defined policy and apply for it. Further if executive due for transfer to tenure station is to be given consideration to Non-tenure stations, then please give consideration to all such requests i.e. Request of Shri. Tidke to Circle Office Mumbai, request of Shri. Supekar for posting to Beed, Request of Shri. Sunil Rokade to Circle Office Mumbai, Request of Shri. Nerkar to Jalna or nearby SSAs and request of Shri. Gulhane to Bhandara or nearby SSA as per transfer orders issued earlier. But this application only to Shri Azar Shaikh that to be with misuse of facility of immunity should not be allowed and should be corrected. CGMT MH directed GM HR Admn Mumbai to look into issues and take corrective action with equal treatment to all and also look into issues of misuse of facility to avoid transfer to Tenure stations.  

18.            Malpractices in excluding name of particular Officer on name possibility of mutual transfer: We have informed CGMT MH that Shri. V B Motghare SDE Nagpur is retained at Nagpur on pick and choose basis when he is due for transfer to SSAs having shortage of executives. We added that on queries with DGM legal Mumbai it has been informed that his name is excluded by CGMT MH directly and there is no role of below level officers in it. CGMT MH asked DGM legal what is the case wherein it was replied by DGM Legal Mumbai that Shri Motghare is due for transfers to SSAs having shortage but he met CGMT MH and informed that his transfer to Mumbai is possible in mutual with Shri Durgesh Baghele JTO Mumbai is possible and hence his name is excluded. CGMT MH informed that he do not remember any such case referred by him and asked us what is issue if such mutual transfer is given consideration at own cost. We have informed that all the officers who are in long stay are either transferred to Tenure Stations or to Non-Tenure Stations to fill vacant posts and no one is given any such consideration even after having certain genuine issues and are compelled to join at these places. We have narrated that it is not only case of mutual of Shri. Mothghare and Shri Baghale, but there are many such mutual cases possible, but none of case is given consideration. We submitted list of all such mutual transfers possible at own cost which are not given consideration at par with Shri. Mothghare.  Copy <<<>>>.   We narrated that it is unfortunate that all these requests are denied and only request of Shri. Mothghare is given consideration and we smell some malpractices in this pick and choose retention. DGM legal informed that this case will be given consideration as his spouse is transferred from Amaravati to Mumbai in Government Department and hence given consideration. We have brought to notice of CGMT MH that same formula/policy is not followed in case of Shri. Sunil Rokade JTO Nashik, whose transfer was already issued to Mumbai, for whom one to one substitute at own cost Shri Shailesh Dhande is rightly available and his spouse is also working in Government Organization Mumbai. But here the already issued transfer order of Shri. Sunil Rokade is being cancelled and he is posted to Raigad SSA and Shri. Motghare is given out of turn favor by removing his name from long stay transfers to Shortage SSA and given false assurance for posting to Circle office Mumbai on name of so called mutual transfers. We brought to the notice of CGMT MH that Shri. Motghare has visited Circle office and he is being directed by certain officers in Mumbai to meet CGMT MH on giving only single proposal of mutual transfer and neglecting all other mutual transfers possible in similar manner. DGM Legal informed that many executives are visiting Circle Office and there is no issue in visiting of Shri. Mothghare to Mumbai. We informed that it is agreed that many officers are visiting to Mumbai for their grievances but they are leaving Mumbai on same day or by next day, but Shri. Motghare has been stayed for long time and he was lobbying for his pick and choose transfer to Mumbai for period of more than one week by meeting different Officers for his pick and choose posting to Mumbai and mainly to avoid posting to Shortage SSA. DGM legal Mumbai informed that as his spouse is working in Mumbai he has stayed in Mumbai for more days.  We have informed that we have no issue if he is staying in Mumbai for any number of days, but this period is used by him for lobbying certain officers in managing his pick and choose posting is matter of concern. DGM legal informed that his spouse is transferred long back and he has requested on spouse ground and hence it is proposed to give consideration. We informed that posting of his spouse in in Navi Mumbai, Panvel and it was quiet possible for him to opt for Raigad, but he has not opted and he is lobbying for Mumbai and certain officers in staff section are supporting him for reasons known to them. We also added that for years together he was at Nagpur and his spouse was working in Amravati against spouse ground policy and all of sudden his case is being projected by certain officers as own cost mutual and spouse ground is result of such active support by certain officers giving scope to certain level of malpractices. We also clarified that we have no issue if CGMT MH is giving consideration of request of Shri. Mothghare to Circle Office Mumbai by excluding his name from Shortage SSA, but in this case our only demand is that all such officers who are demanding for change of SSA from tenure or shortage SSA should be given consideration and all should be posted at choice place at own cost. Whatever will be policy applicable should be applied uniformly for all and such trend being started in lobbying for posting my giving misleading or partial information to CGMT MH should be stopped. Finally, CGMT MH directed GM HR Admn Mumbai to review entire matter and update him about the issue to depth so that corrective action is taken in all such cases. 

19.            Undue delay in issuing fresh DGM LA orders due repeated illegal extensions: We have brought to the notice of CGMT MH that the DGM LA orders were issued in Nov 2020 for 179 days and said period is already over. But since then only extension orders are being issued and said extension period in July 2021 and since then DGMs are working illegally. The matter is deliberately delayed and undecided for fresh order and extensions are proposed and given illegally without any break even after completion of 179 days. We also narrated that the direct instructions of CGMT MH to issued additional DGM LA Orders in respect of Shri. P R Desai AGM EB Mumbai are not given response by Staff section for last six months. He is taking all responsibilities of DGM EB for last one year and fully deserves. But even after repeated instructions issued by CGMT MH since Feb 2021, no action has been taken care and deliberately matter is purposely delayed. Thus there is overall lethargic working approach is shown by certain officers in issuing DGM LA orders and requested CGMT MH for intervention for issuing fresh DGM LA Orders without any delay. Before response from CGMT MH, DGM Legal informed that he is waiting for joining of DEs under transfers so that fresh DGM LA can be issued. We have replied that about all DEs under transfer have joined or submitted representation which needs to be taken care. Also it should not be reason for issuing fresh orders. Even fresh orders can be issued as it is where it is at least for existing officers and if required additional orders can be issued for DEs who have not joined at transferred place for any reason. CGMT MH directed GM HR Admn Mumbai to issue fresh DGM LA orders immediately and GM HR Admn Mumbai assured to do so. On over delayed DGM LA proposal of Shri. P R Deasai AGM EB Mumbai, it was informed by DGM Legal that the VC for same is awaited and on receipt of VC same will be issued. We conveyed that it can be issued subject to VC as done in many cases and it should not be reason for delay of order for six months. DGM Legal informed that VC is expected today and orders will also be issued accordingly. CGMT MH informed that DGM LA of Shri. Desai is being taken care and orders for two DGM LA in Circle Office Mumbai will be issued shortly and once again directed for issuing fresh DGM LA Orders for filling all vacant post of DGMs throughout Maharashtra Circle under LA arrangements. 

20.             Consideration of long pending Request transfers of Account/Civil/Electrical wing Executives: We have once again narrated that the request transfers of Account, Civil and Electrical wing executives are not being taken care though assured in last meeting. Further the orders for filling vacant post in Account wing are issued by there is no such order issued for Electrical and Civil wing and matter is delayed for long time. CGMT MH informed that the proposal for Electrical wing has moved and it will be decided by him after confirmation of certain issues and hopefully orders will be issued in this week. For Civil wing options are being called and proposal for same is discussed and approved by him. DGM legal added the proposal is finalized and letter calling for options for Civil wing will be issued immediately. We have further requested that the request of Account, Civil and Electrical wing executives are also not given consideration for long time and many are desperately waiting for it. CGMT MH informed that all such requests will be taken care along with request of Telecom wing and for that implementation of already issued orders needs to be reviewed, but firmly assured that all such requests from all wings will be taken care shortly.

21.            Consideration of request of Electrical wing JTOs transferred to Telecom wing: We have specifically requested for intervention of CGMT MH on the issues and difficulties faced by executives transferred from Electrical wing who are transferred to Telecom wing and how their joining has been kept on hold by asking queries by BA Heads and how they are being deprived from consideration of their request transfers even after completion of more than seven years of service at present SSA. We added that we have taken up this issue with CEE Mumbai and GM HR Admn Mumbai, but both the Vertical heads and below level officers are directing fingers with each other sections and the executives continues to suffer and even their salary was stopped for some period. We have requested CGMT MH for his kind intervention and resolving issues faced by these executives. CGMT MH informed that he has already passed instructions to allow joining of these officers in Telecom wing and same will be followed by all and there should not be any issue of salary f any Executive. On consideration of request transfers of JTO Elect working in Telecom wing, CGMT MH directed GM HR Admn Mumbai to discuss it with CEE Mumbai and decide accordingly and assured us that their request will be given due consideration.

22.            Confusion on role of DGM Legal and DGM HR Mumbai: We have drawn attention of CGMT MH on confusion of allotment of works of DGMs in HR section and mainly HR works allotted to DGM Legal Mumbai when one DGM HR Mumbai is already posted. We have specifically pointed out that when DGM HR is already posted then why DGM legal is signing letters and holding charge of DGM HR needs to be cleared. Further signing each and every transfer order with designation of DGM legal Mumbai has created confusion among the executives and other offices, as if this is not transfer order but it is a legal notice. CGMT MH asked us what is issue in it and we have informed that all transfer posting activities are related to HR section and DGM HR is already posted and there is no justification in allotting works of DGM HR to DGM Legal as DGM legal has no role in HR activities. We requested to either change designation of DGM legal or change the Officer holding the responsibility as per portfolio assigned. We added that there is no meaning in continuing post of DGM legal creating confusion among many officers/offices and posting additional DGM level officers under GM HR Admn Mumbai by keeping post of DGMs/AGMs vacant under all other verticals. We further narrated that the post of DGM Legal is not justified in Circles as per Staffing Norms and only post of AGM legal is justified. WE further elaborated that the posts of DGMs justified in Staffing Norms like DGM FTTH, DGM N/W, DGM DNW, DGM EB-II, DGM EB –III, DGM NOFN/TX, DGM Govt Projects, DGM CRM S&M, DGM CN, DGM Regln, DGM Radio under CM Vertical are vacant and not filled in for long time. We have also added that before VRS there were only two DGMs under GM HR Admn Mumbai and after VRS there should have been reduction in posts under GM HR Admn and new staffing norms justifies only one post of DGM HR Admn. But in strange arrangements, three officers are given DGM LA and the deliberate confusion is created by adding one more post of DGM legal which is not at all justified. CGMT MH asked what are works assigned to DGM Admn , DGM HR and DGM Legal and it was informed by DGM Legal that he is looking works of HR section and Legal, DGM HR is looking after works of Establishment section which is part of Admn section and DGM Admn is looking after part works of Admn section. He informed that whatever charge was assigned to then AGM Staff is assigned to DGM legal, the works assigned to AGM Estt are assigned to DGM HR and works of Admn other than Establishment section are with DGM Admn Mumbai. CGMT MH commented that it means practically works done by AGMs are continued as DGMs and added that then designations can be changed as DGM Legal to DGM HR and DGM HR to DGM Establishment. But we have added that there is only one post justified and there are vacancies in other sections and needs to be taken care. DGM Legal intervened and added that not three but there are four DGMs working under GM HR Admn Mumbai including DGM PG and if review is to be done it should be done for all four posts. We have cleared that there is no issue on our side and we are demanding for review and filling of all vacant posts as per justification, but one section is having four DGMs against one justified post and other section even do not have single DGM or not having even AGM is not correct and needs corrective action. CGMT MH responded that there is shortage of DGMs/and even DEs are not available for filling vacant posts under DGM LA arrangements and hence all posts cannot be filled. We have responded that we agree that there is shortage but whatever available AGMs/DEs may be given responsibility as DGM LA and senior SDEs may be given responsibility of AGM/DE in LA arrangements which also not given consideration for long time. Only few SDEs are given responsibility of AGMs under said vertical and others have not given any such responsibility and needs uniform corrective action for same. After elaborate discussions, CGMT MH informed that review of the working of DGMs including separate post of DGM Legal will be taken care and directed GM HR Admn Mumbai to discuss the matter separately with work justification of all DGMs.

After elaborate and details discussions of all above current and pending HR issues for more than one hour, the meeting concluded with thanks by association and firm assurance by CGMT MH to take corrective action on all issues and concern expressed by SNEA. 


26 AUG 21: Meeting with CGMT MH Circle on current HR Issues:  Shri. Abhay Kesarkar, Joint Secretary CE SNEA MH and Shri. M. S. Adasul, CS SNEA MH had meeting with Shri. Ramakant Sharma, CGMT MH Circle on 23/08/2021 at 1130 hrs in his chamber to discuss the urgent HR issues. The meeting was held in presence of Shri. S.V. Nakhale GM HR Admn Mumbai, Shri. K. H. More, GM HR Admn Mumbai and Shri. Baban S. Laswante, DGM HR Legal Mumbai.   We have elaborate and fruitful discussions on different current and pending HR Issues. The details of the discussions will be uploaded by tomorrow. 


26 AUG 21: DGM Legal Mumbai calls for options for filling vacant posts of executives in Civil wing in different SSA of Maharashtra Circle. Letter <<<>>> 

·        There are total eight post vacant one each in Ahmednagar, Jalna, Jalgaon, Dhule, Sindhudurg, Ratnagiri Nashik and Goa SSA which will be filled in from the eight executives from stations having excess executives i.e. Kolhapur 4, Pune 2, and one each from Nagpur and Solapur SSA. 

·        First time in systematic manner and totally transparent approach, the options are called by publishing entire data of total working executives with their stay particulars, working strength, Excess and shortage, proposed hierarchy of executives in all SSAs/BAs in Maharashtra Circle from JTO Civil to CE Civil and mainly showing working executives and then IN /Out proposed from any particular SSA.

·        SNEA MH has continuously demanding for such transparent working and finally all such issues are taken care in case of calling options for Civil wing executives, which never happened earlier in such transparent manner.

·        Though these are options called for filling vacant post in shortage SSA, it is written that no options will be considered for shortage to surplus area. This sentence is totally irreverent here, but may be added in copy paste approach in issuing letters.

·        This entire data is prepared by CE Civil Mumbai and formally published with signature of DGM legal Mumbai and similar approach in transparent working is expected from Electrical wing also.

·        The executives at other place may opt for any of vacant post and such own cost request will be given consideration over other company cost requests.

·        The options are to be submitted by email on latest by 04/09/2021.

·        Now it is responsibility of concerned executives who are declared excess at particular SSA to have analysis of their position and opt for vacant post as per their suitability or be ready for posting at any of station shown vacant.

·        In Telecom wing transfers, some of executives have made up their mind that his/her name will not come in transfers depending on certain wrong information and when orders were issued, they become panic and opted for nearby stations, but by that time vacancies were filled in and hence we appeal all such executives not to depend on rumors and have self-analysis of data published and his/her position in the excess /shortage list and decide on submission of options if any.

·        As informed earlier, the proposal for transfers of executives of Electrical wing is under process and options called earlier are not given consideration. SNEA MH will once again take up matter for similar transparent working for Electrical wing executives also.

·        SNEA MH conveys sincere thanks to Shri. Aman Jaiswal, CE Civil Mumbai for coming forward with such transparent way calling for options for filling eight vacant posts JTOs/SDEs in Civil wing.

·        SNEA MH also convey sincere thanks to Shri. Ramakant Sharma, CGMT MH Circle for such transparent working while calling options for civil wing executives and with request to have similar transparent approach in issuing transfers in Electrical wing also.


26 AUG 21: DGM Legal Mumbai issued posting order of executives in Circle Office Mumbai. Letter <<<>>> 

This is fastest ever order issued by Staff section as order is issued on second day of joining of these executives in Circle Office Mumbai and such efficient working is highly appreciated by all. Hopefully this approach seen after taking over by new GM HR Admn Mumbai will continue in deciding all other cases and no executive will suffer and made to wait for days/weeks together for issuing such formal posting orders.


26 AUG 21: Jt GM Pers SM BSNL CO issued orders for extending for submission of Self Appraisal for APRs of year 2020-21 up to 31/08/2021. Letter <<<>>> 

Letter further states that Non submission of the pending self-appraisals even during this final opportunity shall invite adverse entries in the concerned executive's e-APARs which will be initiated by the concerned reporting officers.  SNEA MH appeals all left out executives to submit self-appraisal without further delay if same is not submitted till today.


26 AUG 21: AGM Taxation BSNL CO writes all Circle heads conveying about issuance of Form 16 Part A& B for  FY 2020-2021 and Assessment Year 2021-22. Letter <<<>>> 


26 AUG 21: AGM Estt BSNL CO writes all Circle heads conveying guidelines for implementation of the concept of deemed Resignation in case of unauthorized absence , absconding employees. Letter <<<>>> 


25 AUG 21: SNEA Nashik given warm welcome to Shri Sandeep Mahatme (IAS) PS to Ministry of Communication, IB, Railway on his visit to Nashik:  The delegation of BSNL Nashik Administration lead by Shri. Nitin Mahajan,  Sr. GMT Nashik, Shri. R. D. Hire AGM IT/EB/CC & SNEA Nashik accompanying by Shri. P. N. Patil, DP SNEA Nashik, Shri. S. A. Bhadane, DS SNEA Nashik & Shri. Ulhas Morankar, ADS SNEA Nashik met Shri.  Sandeep Mahatme (IAS) PS to MoC, IB & Railway during his visit at Nashik & submitted the memorandum consisting various BSNL related Development & HR issues. Copy <<<>>>

Shri.  Sandeep Mahatmeji gave careful hearing to all the issues and assured to take up with Shri.  Ashwani Vainshaw, Hon. MoC, IB & Railway. Further he appraise us that Govt of India & Ministry is very serious about revival of BSNL & MTNL. He also emphasized that the things are going in right way & the results will be come in two to three years & decisions process is secret & not disclose till it takes final shape. He also assured that there are rumors of merger of Vodafone/Idea with BSNL/MTNL & such type of movement of merger of Private Sector with Public sector never allowed by Government. He also assured that some turnkey projects will be awarded by Govt to BSNL for execution. The meeting lasted for more than 30 minutes. In conclusion delegation conveyed thanks to him for sparing his valuable & precious time in his busy schedule.

PHOTOs    <<<>>>>   <<<>>>>    <<<>>>>   <<<>>>>


25 AUG 21: DGM Legal Mumbai issued orders giving consideration of request given on medical grounds, change of SSA/Unit as per administrative grounds on recommendations of SSA/BA Heads and interchange of SSA on administrative grounds. Letter <<<>>> 


25 AUG 21: DGM Legal Mumbai issued orders for ERP relieving of executives under transfer from and to Circle Tenure stations who were not relieved by SSA/BA Heads by 20/08/2021, the date given by CGMT MH in the recent management meeting. Now all these Executives will have to relinquish the present charge under intimation to Controlling Officer and BA/SSA Heads with due acknowledgement on paper or by email and give joining report to SSA Head of transferred SSA. Letter <<<>>> 


25 AUG 21: DGM HR Mumbai calls for information of JTOs who have not yet completed JTO Phase II Training and data is to be sent by email in given format. This is important activities and all concerned JTOs are requested to send details so that no JTO is left without Phase II training.  Letter <<<>>> 


25 AUG 21: DGM SCT BSNL CO writes to all Circles for nomination of Liaison Officers (OBC) in each Circle and send detail information about nomination to BSNL CO. Letter <<<>>> 


25 AUG 21: AGM Restg BSNL CO issued orders for constitution of Standing Screening Committee for screening appeals filed by BSNL awards of Labour Courts or Central against Government Industrial Tribunals. Letter <<<>>> 


 24 AUG 21: AGM Pers DPC BSNL CO issued clarification regarding the Time Bound Upgradation under Executive promotion Policy in respect of employees undergoing penalty as on due date of upgradation and Time Bound upgradation will be granted only after expiry of currency of punishment and next TBP will be granted after completion of five years from this upgradation.  Letter <<<>>> 


 24 AUG 21: AGM Pers BSNL CO issued orders for ERP force relieving of SDEs under transfers from Non Tenure Circles to Tenure/Non tenure Circles in which Six SDEs from Maharashtra Circle are relieved for All India Hard Tenure Stations. Letter <<<>>> 


 24 AUG 21: DGM Legal Mumbai issued orders for cancellation of request transfer of Shri. K.A. Gawali, SDE from Goa to Nagpur and retention at Goa as per his revised request. Letter <<<>>> 


 24 AUG 21: AGM SR BSNL CO writes to all CGMs for redressal of grievances of retired employees and compliance thereof. Letter <<<>>> 


24 AUG 21:  Tele density and Market Share report as on 31/05/2021. Letter <<<>>> 


23 AUG 21: DGM Legal Mumbai issued orders giving consideration to the requests given by individuals for retention of educational grounds, Medical grounds and also certain changes in orders. Letter <<<>>> 

·        On basis of request from Members, DS SNEA concerned and SNEA MH have pursued all these requests and finally given consideration by Management. This was review of the orders issued for filling vacant post at Non Tenure stations.

·        In next and last phase of review of Own cost Request transfer orders kept in abeyance will be given consideration and hopefully this work will be completed in time bound manner as nothing much is involved in such one to one transfers.

·        SNEA MH conveys sincere thanks and gratitude to Shri. Ramakant Sharma, CGMT MH Circle, Shri. Shri. S.V. Nakhale, GM HR Admn Mumbai, Shri. Baban S. Laswante, DGM Legal Mumbai, Shri.  D. G. Bangera, AD Staff A Mumbai, Mrs. S.V. Khadgi, AD Staff B Mumbai for giving consideration to requests of SNEA Members and giving relief thereof.


23 AUG 21: DGM Legal Mumbai issued corrigendum to the transfer orders issued on 31/07/2021 as certain working Units and designations were wrongly written in the order. Letter <<<>>> 

Nowadays the order and corrigendum has been compulsory for each and every order as issues are not taken care properly while issuing orders and hence about in every order such corrigendum is issued. Let us hope there will be change in working of Staff section with taking over full fledge activities by new GM HR Admn Mumbai.  


23 AUG 21: DGM Legal Mumbai issued single CAO LA Orders for IFA Chandrapur. Letter <<<>>> 

·        Actually revised/fresh orders are to be issued for all LA Arrangements in DGM Telecom/Fin, AGM/CAO , but due to lethargic working of Staff section, no such collective action is taken and such case by case orders are issued and for others the old LA Orders being extended illegally.

·        SNEA MH has taken up matter for fresh orders for all DGMs, AGMs and CAOs and not to continue or issue illegal extension repeatedly to old orders without break of even single day. 


23 AUG 21: GM T&P MTNL Delhi issued orders for maintenance of MTNL Mumbai Mobile Network in Mumbai and terms and conditions thereof. Letter <<<>>> 


20 AUG 21: DGM Legal Mumbai issued transfer order of JAOs/AOs for filling vacant post in Certain Tenure as well Non tenure SSA wherein some requests transfers along with options are also given consideration. Order I <<<>>>    Order II <<<>>> 

The request transfers from Non tenure to Non Tenure stations kept in abeyance earlier will be restored in next and last phase of review of transfer order. The proposal for transfer of Electrical and Civil wing executives are under process and will be decided shortly.


 20 AUG 21: DGM HR Mumbai writes SSA/BA Heads calling for additional information for confirmation of JAOs. Letter <<<>>> 


 20 AUG 21: AGM PG BSNL CO writes to Circle Heads giving guidelines for timely and qualitative disposal of Pensioner Grievances. Letter <<<>>> 


 20 AUG 21: AGM PG BSNL CO writes to Circle Heads on time limits for disposal of  grievances received from Directorate of Public Grievances. Letter <<<>>> 


18 AUG 21: PGM CSC CFA BSNL CO writes to Circle Heads conveying approval to allow FTTH bills payments at OCSCs as well as non OCSC franchisee through CBP wallet for convenience of Bharat Fiber customers. Letter <<<>>> 


18 AUG 21: GM NWP BB BSNL CO writes to Circle Heads for provision of Demo Bharat Air Fiber connection with Plan Airfiber Basic Plus (FMC 699) to the office of each Air fiber Channel partners who has provisioned minimum 50 Broadband connections. Letter <<<>>> 


18 AUG 21: AD Admn Mumbai issued orders for renewal of BSNL empaneleld Hospitals in Mumbai. Letter <<<>>> 


17 AUG 21: DGM Admn BSNL CO issued orders for extending date of submission and withdrawing options for BSNL Health Insurance  and now options can be submitted up to 19/08/2021 and same can be withdrawn up to 22/08/2021. Letter <<<>>> 


17 AUG 21: AGM Estt BSNL CO orders for change of holiday on account of Muharaam from 19/08/2021 to 20/08/2021 for Delhi and New Delhi. The decision on change of holiday for Maharashtra Circle will be taken as per the decision of Government of Maharashtra.  Letter <<<>>> 


17 AUG 21: DGM Regln BSNL CO writes to all Circle Heads for not selling SIM cards to minors. Letter <<<>>> 


16 AUG 21: AGM Pers BSNL CO writes to Circle heads for relieving of SDEs under transfer to Tenure/Non tenure Circles latest by 18/08/2021, otherwise these SDEs will be force relieved by BSNL CO through ERP. As per this order Eight SDEs from different SSA of Maharashtra Circle will be relieved to All India hard tenure Circles. Letter <<<>>> 


16 AUG 21: AD Admn Mumbai endorsed BSNL CO letter for timely submission of Pension cases to CCA Office. Letter <<<>>> 






13 AUG 21: Status of ongoing review of Transfers and related issues: SNEA MH is getting many queries about the review of Transfer orders for review of Non-Tenure to Non-Tenure Transfers orders,  ERP relieving of left out executives at Tenure stations and about Rule 8/9 Transfer orders of JTOs/JAOs. The status of each case is as follows.

·        ERP relieving of executives to from Tenure Stations:  As per the orders the date for relieving of executives by concerned SSAs was /07/2021 any many SSAs have relieved the executives to & from Tenure stations. But SSAs like Solapur, Osmanabad have requested for some time as these SSAs have already shortage and CGMT MH was kind enough to grant time till orders for filling vacant posts are issued. Now orders are issued and some of these executives are being relived. The case was details have been accessed by Staff section Mumbai and matter is being pursued for relieving of left out executives. Accordingly, the process for ERP relieving of executives who are not yet relieved is initiated and orders for ERP relieving will be issued very shortly.

·        Consideration of representations received on Non-Tenure SSA transfers: After issuing transfer orders on 31/07/2021, many of the executives under transfer have submitted representation putting their grievances, difficulties and hardship in joining at transferred place of posting. All the representations received by Staff section are being scrutinized with verification of documents. SNEA MH has the consolidated list of all the requests/representations by individual received from DS SNEA concerned and same has been handed over to all concerned officer. The representations for retention of grounds of ward studying 12th Standard and on basis of critical illness will be given consideration on the basis of documents and certificates submitted by individuals.  Some of executives have submitted request for change of SSA and same may be also given consideration subject to availability of vacancies. Thus, the review of all such representations is under process and same will be decided within day or two as per the guidelines on the subject.

·        Consolidated list submitted by SNEA MH <<<>>> 

·        Transfers of Executives in Account, Civil and Electrical wing: As assured by CGMT MH in last meeting the proposal for transfers of executives in Account, Civil and Electrical wing are under process for approval of CGMT MH. While in Account wing transfers will be issued first for filling shortage of executives in SSAs having shortage of executives from SSAs having excess Executives, Excess to shortage, the transfers in Civil and Electrical wing may be mixed depending on requests and also need of administrative convenience as number of executives in both the wings are less. Hopefully the transfer orders for all the three wings will be issued by late evening today or by early next week.

·        Review of Request Transfers from and to Non-Tenure Stations: The transfer orders including request transfers from Non-tenure to Non-tenure SSAs which are kept in abeyance since 02/06/2021, will be given consideration in third and last phase of review of transfer orders. The work for same will be started shortly. As all these are request transfers, the same will be given consideration on one to one basis and there are no much issues. Hopefully this review process will be started in next week and as assured by CGMT MH, this work will be completed at the earliest which will conclude the review of transfer orders in Telecom wing which were first issued on 22/05/2021 and going on for last three months.

·        Consideration of Rule 8/Rule 9 Request transfers: The works of consideration of Rule 8/9 Request Transfers is not yet reprocessed. The file was recently processed by AD Staff Mumbai but same has been returned by DGM Legal Mumbai and thereafter no action has been taken on it. SNEA MH has discussed this issue with CGMT MH and after elaborate discussions CGMT MH has assured to give consideration to Rule 8 /9 Request transfer after completion of ongoing review of transfers orders and it was also assured that JTOs/JAOs who have applied for Rule 8 request transfers will not be added in long stay list for inter SSA transfers and accordingly transfer are issued by excluding all such names. The ongoing review of transfers will be completed by next week and hopefully rule 8 /9 request transfers will be given consideration thereafter.

Further, though Shri. S.V. Nakhale has taken over as new GM HR Admn Mumbai on 09/06/2021, the review of transfer order was done by Shri. Aman Jaiswal Ex GM HR Admn Mumbai and CE Civil Mumbai as all the orders were issued as per data available with him and review also was to be done by him. But, now CGMT MH has issued directions that left of review of transfer orders and all further HR Admn activities will be taken care by Shri. S.V. Nakhale, GM HR Admn Mumbai. 

Meantime, as the review process is over delayed, we have received some queries and complaints from SNEA members  that some individual are spreading different rumors about ongoing review process just to create panic among affected executives and all such rumors needs to be neglected and there is no reason to believe on it and to become panic thereof. 

SNEA MH appeals all affected executives due to over delayed review process of transfers to keep some more patience, not to believe on rumors being spread by some miscreants and be assured that entire work of review of transfer orders kept in abeyance will be completed shortly as decided by CGMT MH Circle. 


 12 AUG 21: DGM Admin BSNL CO published list of Hospitals for BSNL Health Insurance Scheme. Letter <<<>>> 


12 AUG 21: DGM legal Mumbai issued orders for posting of newly joined JTOs in and further rearrangements of executives in Circle office Mumbai. Order <<<>>> 


12 AUG 21: AGM Estt BSNL CO writes to Circle Heads for bringing out BSNL CO letter for IDA revision to notice of CCA, Nationalized banks for payment of Pension to all pensioners as per revised IDA rates. Letter <<<>>> 


 12 Aug 21: By endorsing letter by CMD BSNL, CGMT MH Circle writes to SSA/BA Heads for better customer services.  Letter <<<>>> 


12 AUG 21: CMTS Bulletin July 2021. Copy <<<>>> 


12 AUG 21: AGM RM BSNL CO issued circular on tariff for IVRS based Feedback Collection Service (Survey Service) using NGN SIP Based OBD (Out Bound Dialing) Service. Letter <<<>>> 


12 AUG 21: BSNL OBD (Out Bound Dialing) Service. Copy <<<>>> 


12 AUG 21: DGM Regulation BSNL CO writes to Circle Heads about “Go live” on PAN India basis for CAF penalty Management portal of BSNL by ITPC.  Letter <<<>>> 


12 AUG 21: GM NWP BB BSNL CO writes to Circle Heads of certain Circles including Maharashtra Circle for issuing show cause notice to M/S Tikona for Termination of BBoWiFi contract.  Letter <<<>>> 


 9 AUG 21: AGM Elect BSNL CO writes to Chief Engineer Electrical of all Circles calling for APAR evaluation sheet and VCs of JTOEs coming under zone of consideration of SDE promotion against vacancies during 01/04/2018 to 31/12/2018.   Letter <<<>>> 


 9 AUG 21: Good Practices by followed by different BAs with respect to One Network and Partner Support Group Copy <<<>>> 


 9 AUG 21: DGM Admin BSNL CO issued clarification regarding re-validation of BSNL Medical Cards & payment of medical cash allowance with/without voucher to BSNL Retired Employees. Letter <<<>>> 


 9 AUG 21: DGM S&M CM BSNL CO writes to all Circle/Unit Heads about curbing of clandestine /illegal telecom operation and obtaining SIM cards on forged documents. Letter <<<>>> 


 7 AUG 21: AGM Estt BSNL CO endorsed DPE Orders for restoration of IDA w.e.f. 01/07/2021 and now there will increase of 10.6 % IDA from salary of August 2021 with arrears for month of July 2021.  Letter <<<>>> 


 7 AUG 21: DGM Admn BSNL CO issued guidelines for submitting online options through ERP/ESS Portal for “BSNL Employees Health Insurance Policy 2021” which will be implemented w.e.f. 01/09/2021.  Letter <<<>>> 

The POP up window for submitting online options through ERP/ESS Portal will be open from 07/08/2021 to 15/08/2021 and options submitted can be withdrawn between 17/08/2021 to 19/08/2021.


 7 Aug 21: DGM legal Mumbai issued orders for  change in reporting structure of Executives in Civil and Electrical wig up to level of Executive/Divisional  Engineer.   Letter <<<>>> 

·        As per this order the JTOs, SDEs and Executive Engineers of Civil and Electrical wing working in field units i.e. SSAs/BA will henceforth will have double reporting and administrative they will report to SSA/BA Heads and functionally they will be reporting to Vertical heads i.e. CE Civil Mumbai and CE Electrical Mumbai and functionally they will be reporting to SSA/BA Heads.

·        This arrangements will be similar as that of present arrangement of Account wing Officers and it is one step forward towards merger of Civil and Electrical wing executives in Telecom wing.

·        SNEA MH has raised the issues and difficulties faced by executives in Civil and Electrical wing as some of SSA/BA Heads were issuing orders for additional workload of Telecom wing in their jurisdiction without understanding the present workload with these executives in Civil/Electrical wing.

·        Now SSA/BA Heads will be responsible for the activities of Civil/Electrical wing and it may be give full stop to blame game up to certain extent and it will be help in amalgamation of Civil/Electrical wing with Telecom wing. 


 7 Aug 21: DGM legal Mumbai issued orders for cancellation of request transfer by Shri. Ashishkumar Rajjanlal, then JTO Sindhudurg who is recently promoted as SDE and now as per his revised request he is retained in Sindhudurg SSA as SDE for three years All India Soft Tenure. After completion of three years he will get posting to any choice Circle/SSA as per his options.   Letter <<<>>> 


 4 Aug 21: DGM legal Mumbai issued orders for filling vacant post of EE Elect at Pune and Aurangabad under Looking After arrangements.  Letter <<<>>> 

·        Earlier the works of the EE Pune and Aurangabad was looked after by Looking After EEE Mumbai and due to faraway locations the works of all three divisions was suffering.

·        SNEA MH has raised this issue with CEE Mumbai and CGMMT MH and finally the orders are issued. SNEA MH conveyed sincere thanks to Shri. Ramakant Sharma CGMT MH, Shri. Dhananjay Kumar, Sr CEE Mumbai and Shri. Bhushan Chikhalikar, SEE Mumbai for taking initiatives to fill these posts vacant for long time.

·        Com. M. N. Kotambe ACS SNEA MH and Com. Abhay Kesarkar, JS CE SNEA MH are specially pursuing all HR issues of Civil and Electrical wing comrades for its resolution and justice to executives concerned.

·        Let us hope that in same lines, all the vacant posts of SDEEs and EEEs are filled in coming days and no one is overburdened to look after charge in different SSAs/Units at far away distances and odd locations.


 4 Aug 21: AGM Pers BSNL CO issued orders for posting of GM Vigilance wherein Mrs. Charu Sharma, GM EB Mumbai is posted as GM Vigilance Maharashtra Circle with immediate effect.  Letter <<<>>> 


 4 Aug 21:   BSNL e Office -Standard Operating Process <<<>>> 


 4 Aug 21: DGM SCT BSNL CO endorsed DoT letter for implementation and adherence to guidelines issued by RPwD Act 2016 and RPwD Rule 2017 for maintenance of records by BSNL for persons with Bench Mark disabilities and compliance thereof. Letter <<<>>> 


 4 Aug 21: AGM Estt BSNL CO writes reminder to all Circle/Unit Heads for verification of service records and pay fixation of all employees on completion of 18 years, 25 years of service or when left with five years of service and its confirmation from CCA concerned.  Letter <<<>>> 


4 Aug 21: CGMT MH Circle writes to SSA/BA Heads for streamlining of cluster activities and monitoring of CFA KPI by nomination of exclusive In Charge of Cluster for each Cluster in all SSAs and Exclusive CFA Operation In charge at each BAs.  Letter <<<>>> 


4 Aug 21: GM NWP BB BSNL CO issued clarification on WiFi Open Policy as asked by certain Circles and HSSPs.  Letter <<<>>> 


 4 Aug 21: GM Fin CFA BSNL CO writes to all Heads and IFAs of Circles for printing name and office Landline number of AO TR and Cluster in charge of that area in bills issued to customers of Landline, Broadband and FTTH services.  Letter <<<>>> 


 4 Aug 21: GM Fin CFA BSNL CO writes for timely updation of payments in PMS of CDR system.  Letter <<<>>> 


 4 Aug 21: DGM IT CFA BSNL CO issued amendment in policy of BSNL for selling IDC services as asked by Kerala Circle.  Letter <<<>>> 


 2 AUG 21: Department of Public Enterprises, Government of India  issued orders for restoration of IDA frizzed on 01/10/2020 at 159.9% to 170.5 % w.e.f. 01/07/2021. Letter <<<>>> 

Following guidelines issued earlier, BSNL has frozen IDA as per earlier guidelines issued by DPE and now it will be restored as per these guidelines. This will give relief to all employees and executives of BSNL who were facing hardship due to freezing of Das and now there will be 10.6% increase in IDA w.e.f.01/07/2021 and arrears of IDA from 01/10/2020 to 30/06/2021 will not be paid.


 2 AUG 21: Jt GM Pers BSNL CO writes to all Circle/Unit Heads for verification of personal data of executives in ERP from original records of executives with priority to data of GM and above cadres.   Letter <<<>>> 


1 AUG 21:  DGM Legal Mumbai issued relieving order of Shri. A.B. Aundhekar, SDE Vig Pune on his pending transfer order to Assam Circle.  Letter <<<>>> 


 1 AUG 21: Finally, DGM Legal Mumbai issued long awaited transfer orders of executives for filling vacant post in SSAs having shortage of executives.  Order I  <<<>>>   Order II  <<<>>>  Order III  <<<>>>  Order IV  <<<>>>  Order V  <<<>>>

·        This is second phase of transfer order wherein the executives are transferred from SSAs having excess executives to SSAs having shortage of executives.

·        These orders were kept in abeyance on 02/06/2021 and since then review was going on for last two months starting calling for options, publication of list of options received, publication of revised long stay orders and finally orders are issued. This order is issued in suppression of Annexure C, D & E of original order dated 22/05/2021.  Order <<<>>>    

·        It is seen that about all options submitted are given consideration except SSAs like Ahmednagar SSA and Circle Office Mumbai, where options received are more and vacancies were less. In such SSAs all own cost options /requests are not given consideration and posting is done on the basis of higher stay i.e. name of the executive in top of the long stay is given consideration first and then names in below level are considered which is procedure for operating long stay list. The remaining/pending request will be given consideration in next and third phase of review orders.

·        It is seen that some of names of long stayed executives who do not have any medical issue or ward studying in 12th Standard or any other issue to exclude his/her name from transfer, but they are retained as per recommendation of concerned SSA/BA Heads and PGM Mobile Pune /Nagpur and even on political grounds and its consideration by CGMT MH Circle.

·        This is wrong practice being started in Maharashtra Circle that who approaches to political leaders or influential SSA/BA/Unit Heads, their names are excluded from transfers and executives with less stay are transferred. If the list of such special executives was less then there may not be issue, but in this order many such executives are excluded and junior in stay are transferred ruthlessly.

·        SNEA MH will take up all such issues and undue favor to certain executives and harassment to other executives by more number of transfers. The affected individuals also need to represent their grievances by mentioning names of all such executives senior in long stay but specially excluded from the transfers.

·        Out of many medical ground requests only 3-4 are given consideration after scrutiny by CGMT MH. It is seen that some of executives have genuine issues are not given consideration as they have not properly narrated critical issues they are facing and all such requests are out rightly rejected with assumption that on transfers such medical claims are being made. SNEA DS and COBs have received such genuine request after issue of transfers and after analyzing it is clear that the issues faced are genuine and needs consideration. All such executives are requested to represent their cases by narrating critical medical issues along with relevant supporting documents as early as possible so that their request is reviewed.  

·        Except few about all representations for retention on grounds of Wards studying in 12th Standard are given consideration. Till name of any such executive, appears in this transfer order, he/she may represent case with all supporting documents. 

·        It is seen that executives from Pune are posted at Parbhani and executives from Nagpur are posted to Osmanabad, Solapur, and Beed by crossing Nanded and Parbhani SSAs which are near to Vidarbha region. This happens as many of executives posted at such odd locations have not submitted options for posting with assumptions that his/her name will not come in the list or they have opted for SSAs having excess executives.

·        The executives transferred in this list in any odd location and if he/she want any change of SSA within the SSAs having shortage, he /she may represent it, it may be given consideration on basis of left out vacancies if any.

·        The request of tenure completed executives for posting to Non-Tenure stations  are given consideration in this order and now they are posted to the choice SSA they have opted in place of their earlier transfer to Tenure stations.

·        It is fact that till some of executives under transfer in this order have genuine issues or grievances as represented by them and they are requested to represent their grievances with all supporting documents as early as possible and latest by Tuesday 03/08/2021.

·        As mentioned in this order, all these officers are to be relieved 09/08/2021 and hence submission of representation in time will make administration easy to review all such representation and all such representations can be decided well within time and mainly before ERP relieving. 

·        After issuing earlier order  in May 2021, SNEA MH has taken up matter with CGMT MH for review of the transfers issued on pick and choose basis and about mass dislocation of executives and finally the orders are reviewed first for tenure stations and now in second phase for non-tenure stations with following considerations as per transfer policy guidelines.

·        The executives who were transferred from SSAs not having excess, even though they were not due for transfers are given relief by cancellation of their transfer orders.

·        The  executives who have completed tenure in earlier time and were again posted to Tenure stations are given choice posting at Non Tenure stations   are given relief by cancellation of their orders.

·        The executives having ward in 12th standard, care giving child, self and family critical issues are given consideration.

·        It is seen that there is reduction in company cost orders as compared to earlier order dated 22/05/2021 and thus good amount of money of BSNL is saved and the concerned executives have got relief by getting posting at nearby SSAs.

·        In overall process, the efforts are being made by Administration to fill vacant post in shortage SSAs from SSAs having excess executive strength and about all options to Shortage SSA are given consideration except few.

·        SNEA MH conveys sincere thanks and gratitude to Shri. Ramakant Sharma, CGMT MH Circle, Shri. Shri. Amana Jaiswal, CE Civil Mumbai and Ex GM HR Admn Mumbai, Shri. Baban S. Laswante, DGM Legal Mumbai, Shri.  D. G. Bangera, AD Staff A Mumbai, Mrs. S.V. Khadgi, AD Staff B Mumbai for  efforts taken by them for last two months for review of this order as per transfer policy guidelines and giving justice to the affected executives. 

·        SNEA MH conveys special thanks to all the comrades who have shown prolonged patience during this review of transfer orders and assure for further course of action as desired under transfer policy guidelines issued by BSNL. We deeply regret to the executives who have faced certain difficulties and hardship due to delay in review of the orders.

·        After this, the review of Reliving of executives from and to Tenure stations will be done in next week as some of SSAs are not relieving tenure completed executives even when substitute has joined and hence ERP relieving of these executives is must.

·        In third phase of review orders, the request of executives from Non-tenure to Non-tenure SSAs will be given consideration and by understanding time taken in review of orders, the revised orders of request transfers are expected within period of fortnight.

·        Apart from this Request transfers of executives from Account wing, Electrical wing and Civil are pending and some basic works have been done on it, but certain actions are required in time bound manner. SNEA MH continues to pursue for consideration of all such pending request transfers from all wing and all cadres.



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