Last updated on 28 Feb 19


28 Feb 19:  SNEA MH Circle congratulates, Com S. M. Chand, SDE Pune SSA, Com. Mrs Veena Kulkarni, SDE Pune Com. A. M. Warode AGM Beed SSA, Com. H. J. Joshi AO Beed SSA, Com. P. W. Madalapure, AGM Mobile Latur SSA Com. V. H. Kale JTO Sindhudurg SSA and Com. S.Y. Kallur, SDE Sangli SSA on their peaceful Superannuation /Voluntary Retirement after completion of long & highly successful services in DoT/BSNL. 

·        Com. S. M. Chand, SDE OFC Rural/NOFN Pune SSA and CWC Member SNEA MH Circle, {Mob 9423571555} was appointed as Technician in June 1982 at WTR Pune. He was promoted as JTO in 1997 under JTO LICE from TTA Cadre and from 1997 to 2003 worked as JTO Nira and thereafter up to 2009 worked as SDE Saswad. He has also worked as SDE CSC Madgaon Goa SSA during his two years tenure in Goa SSA. On his transfer back to Pune, he was again posted as SDE Trans Pune. On his regular promotion as SDE, he was posted as SDE Trans Pune. He is one of the most sincere officers in BSNL who has rendered his dedicated services for DoT and BSNL. His contribution of Transmission/OFC works in Pune SSA has been remarkable and till last date of superannuation retirement, he is very active and involved in day-to-day OFC Mtce works. Initially as Technician/TTA, he was very active union leader and was instrumental in organising different union activities. On his promotion as JTO he joined SNEA and since beginning he has been active member and very active and sensitive leader of SNEA. He was instrumental in holding Circle Conference of SNEA MH at Pune in Jan 2015, CEC meeting of SNEA MH in Feb 2019 and so many such events of SNEA in Pune SSA. He has rendered his dedicated services as ADS SNEA Pune from 2006 to 2007 and as District President SNEA Pune for three years. With post or without any post in SNEA, he is recognised as leader of SNEA and his successful contribution in first Membership verification of Executives Association and overall contribution towards SNEA will be written in golden letter in History of SNEA Pune. He was elected as CWC member in CEC Meeting of SNEA MH held at Jalgaon in Oct 2018 and was representing SNEA Maharashtra at SNEA CHQ. Com. S.M. Chand is instrumental in strengthening SNEA Pune due to his leadership qualities and human approach towards each and every executive in general and every members of SNEA in particular. He is known for his smiling face and evergreen approach to help anybody in need of help. Today after completing of highly successful 35 years of services in DoT/BSNL, Com. S. M. Chand is retiring on superannuation retirement.

·        Com. Mrs Veena Kulkarni, SDE Internal MKR Pune SSA, {Mob 9422004727} has joined her services in DoT as TOA in 1982 in Ahmednagar SSA. In year 2004, she was promoted as JTO through LICE and was posted as JTO NIB at MHS Pune. In year 2008, she was posted as JTO E-10 B MKR Pune. On her promoted as SDE in year 2011, she was posted as SDE OCB MKR Pune and till last date of retirement, as fully dedicated and devoted executive, she is working as SDE OCB MKR Pune. She is die-hard member of SNEA from the beginning and always supported association activities by her active participation. During 35 years of services in DoT/BSNL, she is now retiring on superannuation and during her services; she has always contributed her best services to DoT/BSNL and SNEA.

·        Com. Anil Madhavrao Warode, AGM Operation, Beed SSA {9422242515}, has started his carrier in DoT as Telephone Operator in year 1982 at Parli (V), Beed SSA. Later he has served at Raigad SSA on his promotion as JTO Group in 1991. He has handled Group very successfully and given his best. He was promoted as SDE Group Gevrai in Beed SSA in 1998. Com. Warode is very active member of SNEA and always-supported association activates from his own. He has rendered total 37 years of successful and devoted services to DoT, BSNL, and taken voluntary retirement.

·        Com. Harihar Jagmitra Joshi Account Officer Cash Beed SSA {Mob 9422240468} has started his carrier in DoT as Telegraphy in year 1982 at Pune. Later he has served at Beed as TOA in 1992. He was promoted as JAO at Beed in 2010 and given his best of services.  Com. Joshi is very active member of SNEA and He has rendered 37 years of successful and devoted services to DoT, BSNL, and retiring on superannuation. He was very active member of SNEA and has always contributed his best for association activities.

·        Com. P.W. Madalapure AGM Mobile Latur SSA {Mob 9422023825} has started his carrier in DoT in Oct 1984 in WTR Mumbai as Junior Engineer and has rendered his maximum services in WTR and Latur SSA. On his DE promotion, he was posted to MP Circle and on date of superannuation retirement, he is working as AGM Mobile Latur SSA. He is sincere and honest officer who has rendered devoted services to BSNL as well as SNEA. He was active and loyal member of SNEA and has always supported SNEA by his active participation. He has completed successful services of 34 years and five months in BSNL.

·        Com V. H. Kale, JTO Gr Devgad Sindhudurg SSA {Mob 9422406909} was appointed as a Technician on 04/01/1984.   Further promoted as TTA and then as JTO on 11/12/2006. He has worked at various sections as Trunk Exch. SAX MAX-II Exch installation of C-DoT Maintenance of group exchanges and Maintenance of OFC etc at various places in Sangli, Kolhapur, and Sindhudurg Districts. He was awarded as “Sanchar Sarathi in the year 2006 for excellent work and contribution towards BSNL. He has rendered his long services for DOT /BSNL and has opted for VRS when he is left with one more year of service.

·        Com. S.Y. Kallur, SDE Shirala/Islampur, Sangli SSA {Mob 943862600} has started his carrier in DoT as RSA in Oct 1981 at Islampur, Sangli SSA. He became JTO in 1993 and served as JTO Islampur up to 1998 in Sangli SSA. After getting promotion as SDE, he worked as SDE Ashta in Sangli SSA from 1999 to 2005. On his transfer to Satara SSA, he worked as SDE Outdoor at Karad and Patan Group from 2005 to 2016. In Year 2016, he was transferred back to Sangli SSA and was posted as SDE Shirala and till today, he is working as SDE Shirala with additional change of SDE Islampur. He is very active comrade of SNEA and was very helpful in nature. He has always participated in all association activities of SNEA. He has rendered 38 years of successful and devoted services to DoT and BSNL and toady retiring on superannuation with highly successful services in DoT/BSNL.

On this important day of the life of both the stalwart Comrades of SNEA retiring in this month, SNEA MH salutes sincerity, dedication and affection by Com. S. M Chand, Com. Mrs Veena Kulkarni, Com. A. M Warode, Com. H. J. Joshi, Com. V.H. Kale and Com. S.Y. Kallur towards BSNL & SNEA and on behalf of thousands of comrades of SNEA Maharashtra Circle we wish them “Very Happy, Healthy, Wealthy & Highly Successful Long Retired life”.


27 Feb 19:   CGMT MH Circle writes to all BA/SSA Heads in Maharashtra Circle to formulate strategies for implementation “M2P –Mission 2P” i.e. Mission for provisioning of 2% of total Landline/Broadband connections in respect of total connections working as 07/02/2019 and it is proposed to be launch this mission  during moth of March & April 2019. Letter <<<>>>


27 Feb 19:   PGM Personal BSNL Corporate Office New Delhi issued appeal cum advisory to all officers/executives in BSNL to make good use of available robust mechanism available for redressal of their grievances and avoid approaching Hon. Tribunals/Courts which is adversely affecting carrier progression of executives. Letter <<<>>>


26 Feb 19:   DGM SEA BSNL Corporate office writes to all Circle/Unit Heads about inordinate delay in relieving of executives in Account Finance wing under transfer to other Circles. Letter <<<>>>

·        The letter expresses serious concern of competent authority in non-relieving of these officers even after three reminders issued by BSNL Corporate office.

·        It has been directed to relieve all such officers under inter circle within seven days of issue of this letter and compliance thereof.

·        It has been mentioned in subject that all such non-relieved officers will be relieved by SEA BSNL Corporate office through ERP.

·        In Maharashtra Circle about all such officers are relieved except JAOs under Rule 9 transfers cases.

·        In JAO Rule 9, transfer cases also certain JAOs are relieved and till good number of JAOs are to be relieved even though in about all cases except few substitute JAOs have joined and taken over the responsibilities.

·        SNEA is pursuing this matter with GM Fin Mumbai and BSNL Corporate office and we are hopeful that all JAOs under Rule 9 transfer from Maharashtra Circle will relieved shortly. 


26 Feb 19:   Sr GM Fin-CFA BSNL Corporate office writes to CGM ITPC Pune about delay in Delivery of bills/e-bills affecting bill collection efficiency. Letter <<<>>>

·        Due to all of sudden implementation of e-bill process under “Go Green Concept” there are many issues reported in delivering of e-bills and it has affected over all collection efficiency of cash trapped BSNL.

·        It was quiet possible for implementation of this concept in phase wise manner, but as usual, it has been forcefully implemented and there are certain issues reported in implementation of this concept.

·        This letter issued by BSNL Corporate office acknowledges the issues reported and its impact on overall collection efficiency during month February 2019 and requests ITPC for timely processing and delivery of e-bills and go for almost  paperless on delivery of e-bills to customers w.e.f. 01/04/2019.


25 Feb 19:   EE EP Mumbai calls for options from SDEEs following under zone of consideration for post of EE Elect under looking after arrangements for three post one each at Mumbai, Dombivali and Kolhapur. Letter <<<>>>

·        The willingness/options are to be submitted by email on latest by 08/03/2019.

·        There are total 16 SDEEs under zone of consideration for post of EEE under LA arrangements.

·        All other post of EEEs are filled up and only these three posts are vacant due to certain reasons and refusals in last EE LA Arrangements.

·        As per latest guidelines executives have right to refuse the LA arrangements but one has to submit his unwillingness in writing well in time i.e. during option stage itself and please do not wait for posting orders and refusal thereof.


25 Feb 19:   In tune with DO letter written by Director CFA BSNL Board, GM S&M CFA Mumbai writes letter to SSA/BA Heads for achievement of targets for gross landline connections and to curb disconnection of landline. Letter <<<>>>


23 Feb 19:   AGM Pers BSNL Corporate office calls for list of 25 longest stayed SDE & 25 longest stayed DEs in each Territorial Circle including executives in non-territorial circle for posting substitute to All India Hard tenure stations. Letter <<<>>>

·        There is more requirement of SDEs in tenure stations and comparatively requirement of DEs is less.

·        The age of the executives is to be counted as on 31/03/2019 and executives completing age 55 years as on 31/03/2019 will be excluded from this long stay list.

·        The stay of the executives is to be counted from the date of his/her entry in JTO and above Cadre in that Circle.

·        The list is to be prepared for all executives in the territory of that Circle i.e. for long stay list of MH Circle will be prepared for all the executives working in territory of Maharashtra Circle.

·        Thus, the executives from MH Telecom Circle and executives from WTP Circle, WTR Circle, BBNW Circle, ITPC Circle, and Inspection Circle working in territory of Maharashtra Circle will be added in the long stay list of SDEs & DEs in Maharashtra Circle.

·        The list is to be prepared and sent for top most 25 SDEs and 25 DEs from each Circle

·        The last date for submission of data by email is 10/03/2019.  


23 Feb 19:  Status of tenure Transfers in Maharashtra Circle: SNEA MH has received many requests for issuing transfer orders of executives working at Circle tenure stations as orders are not issued for last five months.

·        Tenure transfers have been routine matter for BSNL Corporate office to issue tenure transfer before completion of tenure, which was followed till last quarter in Maharashtra Circle.

·        However, since last Sept 2018, the matter of Transfers from Circle tenure Stations and All India soft Tenure stations are delayed by five months and in last month, two-time willingness has been called for Circle Tenure stations for posting substitutes.

·        On this pending issue, creating unrest among executives at tenure stations, SNEA MH had discussions with GM HR Admn Mumbai in last week wherein GM HR Admn Mumbai has firmly assured that Tenure transfers of executives completing tenure up to Oct 2019 will be issued in First week of March 2019.

·        GM HR Admn Mumbai has also assured to consider the medical ground requests from Tenure stations along with the tenure orders in First week of March 2019.

·        Regarding non-tenure transfers, GM HR Admn Mumbai has informed that though willingness has been called for filling of shortages of executives in Non-tenure SSAs, there will be minimum transfers in view of financial conditions of BSNL.

·        He added that transfers without any expenditure i.e. without need of substitute posting, mutual transfers on one to one basis and own cost transfers as per options given by individual will only be given consideration.

·        The matter of transfer to and from Non-tenure stations to meet shortages thereof will be decided on cases by case basis with priority to own cost of transfers and such transfers also will be minimum.

·        GM HR Admn Mumbai added that even though there are some excess executives in some of the SSAs, no any transfers on name of excess would be issued in the interest of service. Transfers from such SSAs having excess Executives will not be issued in the interest of service till there is no extreme shortage in any other geographically nearby SSA.

·        In case of acute shortage of executives in any particular SSA, then the executive in same cadre from nearby SSA having excess executives will be posted in the interest of services and such transfers will be minimum to overcome shortage to certain extent and not meeting entire shortage of that SSA.

·        As such, there are chances of minimum transfers of executives in the interest of service from Non-tenure stations during this year and only transfers without any cost to BSNL will be given consideration.

·        All executives may plan accordingly and decide their course of action to avoid any inconvenience at later stage.       


22 Feb 19:   CMD BSNL writes DO letter to CGMT MH on conveying about 92% achievements under Project Samudra manthan and Maharashtra Circle it at middle of the list with 104.34 % achievements of targets assigned by Jan 2019. Letter <<<>>>


22 Feb 19:   Director CFA BSNL writes DO letter to CGMT MH on poor achievements in gross landline connections  and requested for personal attention to achieve target for during remaining period of this financial year. Letter <<<>>>   Annex I <<<>>>  Annex II <<<>>> 

·        The letter points out that in Maharashtra Circle has achieved only 49.55% (47818 Connections) of assigned target up to Jan 2019 and during same period about 199329 connections are disconnected.

·        It is required that special efforts are taken by one and all in Maharashtra Circle for achievement of targets.

·        Here priority needs to be given for closure of exchanges running in los and more focus needs to be given for Exchanges with high landline demand with priority for revenue generation.


22 Feb 19:   AGM Estt Mumbai issued orders for one week deputation of six officers of BSNL Maharashtra Circle for residential programme on “Talent Management and Carrier progression’ to be conducted in IIT BHU Varanashi. Letter <<<>>>

·        Already about 100 officers have been trained under this programme and nothing has been seen as outcome of this training to these officers already undergone training at IIT BHU Varanasi.

·        Until now, this programme has been enjoyed as one week training cum tour of Varanasi and it seems that same trend will continue as the programme, which was kept on hold for last few months, has again opened and now xix officers are deputed in two batches. 

·        Here BSNL is facing financial crunch and it not in position to pay monthly electricity bills, unable to pay the rentals of exchanges/BTS and many of the exchanges and BTS are down even on today.

·        However, in total careless approach all other activities including such useless training are being continued by keeping aside main business of telecom services.

·        Such useless actions and careless approach is one of the reasons for downfall of BSNL and till no lesson has been taken by BSNL, management and officers are being deputed for such unwanted training.

·        Approximately Rs 50,000 will be expenditure for each candidate and thus Rs Three lakhs will be spent on such training, which are practically of zero use in day to day working in BSNL.

·        In this amount, some BTS/Exchanges can be restored by paying outstanding electricity bills/rental but everybody seems to be busy on what’s app, twitter, Facebook and such unwanted trainings for BSNL.

·        Unfortunately, it is picture as on today that no one cares for restoration of failed Exchanges/BTS but many are worried for such unwanted actions and programmes and are directly contributing more losses to BSNL.

·        Hope in days to come, there will be certain change in attitude of BSNL management and immediate action is taken for giving priority for working of BTS/Exchanges rather than such trainings which are not at all useful in day to day functioning of cash trapped BSNL.    


 22 Feb 19:   DGM Rectt BSNL Corp Office issued clarification on review of the results of candidates appeared under reserved category but failed in JAO LICE and  applicability of the guidelines on relaxations in reviewing results. Letter <<<>>>




DAY –I   <<<>>>                 DAY –II  <<<>>>              DAY –III  <<<>>>


  District Conference

SNEA NashiK    <<<>>>                     SNEA WTP   <<<>>>


21 Feb 19:   EE HQ Civil Mumbai published stay particulars of JTOs and SDEs in Civil wing West Zone Maharashtra Circle and calls for corrections, omissions addition by post/email on latest by 28/02/2019. Stay particulars    SDE Civil <<<>>>        JTO Civil <<<>>>

·        The stay particulars data of JTO/SDE in Civil wing West Zone is published for updating stay particulars correctly.

·        Similar action on part of East Zone Maharashtra Circle at Nagpur is expected.

·        Normally data of both the zones are published combinely, but this time East Zone Nagpur is not added in the list, and same may be published separately.

·        The data published under column since location is used for counting of stay at that particular station.

·        The data published under column posted since on present post is used for considering transfers from the sensitive/non sensitive posts.

·        This year due to  very poor financial conditions of BSNL there will be minimum transfers, but till concerned executives are requested to check his/her stay particular and get data updated as transfers from tenure stations and transfers to meet acute shortage of executives if any may be issued in Month of March 2019. 


21 Feb 19:   AGM VA BSNL Corp Office issued orders for re-arrangement of reporting of vigilance Officers of Circle/Units in BSNL. Letter <<<>>>


 21 Feb 19:   AGM Pers I BSNL Corp Office published provisional seniority list of AGMs Regular Adhoc and DGM Adhoc calling for corrections/modifications if any. This list will be used for DGM promotions to meet shortage of DGMs in field units.  Letter <<<>>>    List II  <<<>>>   List III  <<<>>>   List IV  <<<>>>


21 Feb 19:   CAO FC Mumbai issued orders for Officiating promotions from Sr Accountant to JAO for period of 180 days. Letter <<<>>>


21 Feb 19:   CAO FC Mumbai issued orders for third Time Bound promotion in respect of Account wing Executives in different SSAs. Letter <<<>>>


 21 Feb 19:   AGM Estt IV BSNL Corp Office issued clarification on counting of past service for reckoning of five years regular service towards eligibility JTO LICE 2016-17. Letter <<<>>>


 21 Feb 19:   PGM CM BSNL Corp Office writes Circle Heads for 5G training to BSNL officers. Letter <<<>>>

·        It is good that BSNL is training its officers for 5G services, but where it is justified and required when BSNL is yet to get 4G spectrum and in not in position to run the 2G, 3G BTS due to non-availability of funds of payment of electricity bills.

·        But such questions are senseless and projection of high Technology is always propagated regardless of its utilisation and affordability by BSNL.


 20 Feb 19:  Mass Participation on Third Day of Strike throughout Maharashtra Circle:  On third and last day of the strike, hundreds of comrades have participated in the strike and extended full support to the call given by AUAB CHQ.

·        At many places the gate meetings were arranged with very high response of the comrades in each and every SSA/Unit.

·        AUAB leaders at respective level addressed the gathering elaborating the situation and bringing awareness among the BSNL workforce about the deliberate attempts to destabilise BSNL and Telecom sector to create monopoly.

·        AUAB leaders at different SSAs have approached different leaders and have apprised them about the demands raised by AUAB CHQ and need of its settlement of survival of BSNL and maintain fare completion in Telecom sector.

·        The delegation of AUAB Kalyan met Shri. Eknath Shinde, Hon MP Thane who is prominent leader of Shivsena and submitted him representation about the demands of AUAB and requested for active support in settlement of these demands.

·        The delegation of AUAB Mumbai met Shri. Gopal Shetty, Hon MP Boriwali Mumbai who very active BJP leader and submitted him representation about the demands of AUAB and requested for active support in settlement of these demands. 

·        The delegation of AUAB Wardha met Shri. Ramdas Tadas Hon MP Wadha who is BJP leader and submitted him representation about the demands of AUAB and requested for active support in settlement of these demands. 

·        AUAB Pune arranged special gate meeting at Satara Road Panchami Office wherein about 500 comrades have participated in it. This meeting was addressed by Com. Ajit Abhayankar, General Secretary CITU Maharashtra, Com. Nageshkumar Nalwade, Convenor AUAB MH, Com. Ranjan Dani, Chairman AUAB MH,  Com. M. S. Adasul CS SNEA MH, Com A. G. Joshi, CS AIBSNLEA MH updating gathering about the genuineness of demands, status of different issues, need of strongest unity and conveying thanks to Maharashtra Comrade in General and Pune comrades in particular for making this agitation call highly successful by such mass participation showing strength of the unity of executives and non executives in Maharashtra Circle. Meeting was nicely anchored by Com D B Baravkar CEC Member SNEA Pune and Com Harisangm ADS AIBSNLEA conveyed vote of thanks.  The meeting started at 1430 hrs concluded at 1730 hrs with slogans of unity.

·        Even after successful strike of three days, there was no action on part of BSNL, DoT and even no formal call for discussions of issues was given to AUAB leaders at Delhi. It seems that DoT & BSNL have understood the limitations of three days call and hence have deliberately not taken any initiatives.

·        Such negligent approach on part of DoT & BSNL management has created mass unrest among executives and many have demanded either for indefinite strike or for not giving any such call for strike of three days without any desired output and just indirect donation of salaries under No Work No Pay Principle.

·        In the Evening AUAB CHQ had meeting of leaders at Delhi and have decided further course of action on completion of three days strike and in view of no response from Management.

·        AUAB MH in general and SNEA MH in particular convey sincere thanks and gratitude to all beloved comrades of Maharashtra Circle for their very active and mass response and making this call for three days strike a grand success. 


·        PHOTOs Strike Day –III  <<<>>>

·        Meetings with Hon MPs   <<<>>>    <<<>>>     <<<>>>

·        Media Coverage  <<<>>>    <<<>>>     <<<>>>       <<<>>>      <<<>>>      <<<>>>    <<<>>>        <<<>>>      <<<>>>    <<<>>>     <<<>>>   <<<>>>   <<<>>>    <<<>>>      <<<>>>    <<<>>>     <<<>>>   <<<>>>   <<<>>>      


19 Feb 19:  Mammoth Response from Executives and Non Executives throughout Maharashtra Circle:  After highly successful strike on first day of three days total strike call on different demands by AUAB CHQ , second day many more executives and non-executives have joined the total strike throughout Maharashtra Circle and made it more successful. Some of units/SSAs/Individual who have not participated in strike yesterday have joined Strike call on second day.

·        As it was “Shiv Jayanti”, many Districts started second day strike with garlanding photos of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and continued strike with more intensity.

·        At many places the gatherings were addressed by the AUAB Leaders, updating comrades abut latest developments on settlement of demands.

·        The delegation of AUAB Ahmednagar has taken special efforts in drawing attention of Hon MPs and MLAs. The delegation met Shri. Dilip Gandhi, Hon MP and Shri. Sadashiv Lokhande Hon MP and have submitted representation & discussed demands raised by AUAB about issues concerned about survival of BSNL and requested both of them for kind intervention. Both the Hon MPs have assured to look into the issues.

·        Com. P. P. Vasane, President MTNLEA CHQ and Com Mudras President MTNLOA (Kamgar Sangh) along with Com. M. S. Adasul CS SNEA MH, Com Abhay Kesarkar JS NRU SNEA MH have addressed the gathering of WTR Mumbai and updated them about latest developments on pending demands.

·        Both the leaders from MTNL have extended solitary support for the on-going agitational programme and success thereof. Both have also stressed for resolution of different issues between BSNL and MTNL and assured for total co-operation from MTNL Side on any issue including major issue of heavy rental by MTNL for WTR premises at Prabhadevi and Fountain Bldg.

·        The leaders of AUAB Pune have written letter to AUAB CHQ expressing their readiness to convert three days strike into indefinite strike if it is desired by AUAB CHQ. Request by AUAB Pune   <<<>>>

·        AUAB MH in general and SNEA MH in particular convey sincere thanks and gratitude to all beloved comrades of Maharashtra Circle for their very active and mass response on second day also. 

·        It is unfortunate that though the strike has been intensified with participation of more and more comrades throughout India, DoT has not taken its note and no initiatives were taken either from DoT or BSNL for starting dialogues with AUAB CHQ leaders for resolution of demands raised by AUAB.

·        We appeal all the comrades to further intensify struggle to draw attention of BSNL, DoT and Govt for settlement of the demands raised for survival of BSNL.


·        PHOTOs Day –II  <<<>>>

·        Meetings with Hon MPs   <<<>>>

·        Media Coverage  <<<>>>     <<<>>>       <<<>>>      <<<>>>      <<<>>>    <<<>>>        <<<>>>      <<<>>>    <<<>>>       


18 Feb 19:  Highly Successful First Day of AUAB call for three days strike throughout Maharashtra Circle:  On first day of three days total strike call on different demands by AUAB CHQ , the active comrades throughout the Maharashtra Circle have participated in mass and expressed their support to demands raised by AUAB for survival of BSNL.

·        About all offices, Telephones Exchanges throughout Maharashtra Circle remained closed/locked, as none of the officer/Staff was present in these offices /Exchanges.

·        AUAB MH in general and SNEA MH in particular convey sincere thanks and gratitude to all beloved comrades of Maharashtra Circle for their very active and mass response in support of demands for survival of BSNL. 

·        It was total strike except few units where some portions of officers and employees have not participated in strike; the response from Govt, DoT, and BSNL management was not seen on first day.

·        But, it seems that deliberate attempts are made to neglect the strength and unity of BSNL workforce by Govt/DoT as even there was no call for discussions with AUAB CHQ on first day of strike and hence there is need of intensifying the strike today and tomorrow.  

·        We appeal all the comrades to maintain same tempo, zeal and enthusiasm and make the second and third day of the call a grand success.

·        PHOTOs Day –I  <<<>>>

·        AUAB Press Release  <<<>>>

·        Media Coverage  <<<>>>       <<<>>>       <<<>>>      <<<>>>      <<<>>>    <<<>>>       



17 Feb 19: AUAB calls on all the employees to organise the 3 days strike massively: The AUAB CHQ held its crucial review meeting on 17/02/2019 at Delhi. GSs/senior leaders of BSNLEU, NFTE, SNEA, AIBSNLEA, AIGETOA, BSNLMS, ATM, TEPU and BSNLOA participated. The meeting reviewed the preparations going on throughout the country for the 3 days strike. All the General Secretaries gave their reports on the preparations. It is very encouraging to note that, excellent preparations are going on. Especially, the momentum has picked up tremendously in the last 2 days. After considering all the factors, the meeting unanimously decided to go ahead with the strike. It starts from midnight (00:00 hrs.) today. AUAB Notice <<<>>>


1.     Implementation of 3rd Pay Revision with 15% fitment.

2.     Allotment of 4G spectrum to BSNL, as per the proposals submitted by the BSNL Management.

3.     Implement assurance of the Hon Minister of State for Communications for delinking pension revision from pay revision. Revise pension of BSNL retirees w.e.f. 01.01.2017.

4.     Payment of pension contribution by BSNL as per the Government rule.

5.     Settlement of the left out issues of the 2nd Pay Revision Committee.


a)    Approval for BSNL’s Land Management Policy without any delay.

b)   Expeditiously complete the mutation and the process of transferring of all assets to BSNL, as per the Cabinet decision taken on the eve of the formation of BSNL.


a)    Ensure financial viability of BSNL, as per the decision taken by the Group of Ministers, at the time of formation of BSNL

b)   Issue letter of comfort for BSNL’s proposals for taking bank loans.

c)     Expeditiously fill up all vacant post of BSNL Board of Directors.

8.     Scrap BSNLs outsourcing for the operation and maintenance of its mobile towers. 

All the comrades are requested to participate in three days strike from 18/02/2019 to 20/02/2019 and make it grand success. The strike should be peaceful in all respects.



15 Feb 19:   Press Release by PGM Admn & PR, BSNL Corporate Office New Delhi about new flashed in newspapers about closure of BSNL. Letter <<<>>>


15 Feb 19:   AGM Estt Mumbai calls for APRs of the SDEs whose names are un-accessed in recent AGM Regular DPC held in June 2018. Letter <<<>>>


15 Feb 19:   AGM Estt Mumbai issued orders for six week’s JTO Phase II training at ALTTC Ghaziabad w.e.f. 25/02/2019. Letter <<<>>>


15 Feb 19:   PGM C &M BSNL Corporate Office writes Circle/Unit Heads on suggestions received on seven key points in Brain Storming Session held during recent HOCC Meeting Delhi. Letter <<<>>>     Suggestions <<<>>>


15 Feb 19:   AGM Staff Mumbai endorsed BSNL Corporate Office letter regarding request by Circles for cancellation of inter Circle or tenure transfer orders and issues thereof. Letter <<<>>>


15 Feb 19:   AGM Staff Mumbai issued orders for modification of two years Circle tenure to three years All India Soft Tenure in Sindhudurg SSA as per request of concerned officer. Letter <<<>>>


15 Feb 19:   CAO FC Mumbai issued order for Four weeks field training for six JAO who have completed JAO Phase I training at NATFM Hyderabad and field training will commence w.e.f. 18/02/2019. Letter <<<>>>


15 Feb 19:   CAO FC Mumbai issued order for transfer of one JAO from Pune to Circle Office Mumbai in the interest of service. Letter <<<>>>

·        It is understood that due to go green initiatives this officer has been become spare at Pune and hence transferred to Mumbai with left out work of calling subscribers.

·        The officer was earlier under transfer from Pune to Nanded SSA and now with change of SSA, he is posted to Circle Office Mumbai.

·        Already in Circle Office Mumbai is having the account personnel working more than the double of the actual requirement and comparative staff strength of all other SSAs.

·        There is no need of any more  Account Personal expertise in Circle Office Mumbai as about 150 Account Personal who are highly efficient and expert in their office work are working in Circle Office Mumbai. 

·        This has been repeatedly pointed out even by CGMT MH Circle, but till more and more Account Personals are being posted to Circle Office Mumbai.

·        Further BSNL has no money to pay Electricity bills and many of the BTS/Exchanges are down due to serious financial crises and here transfers are being issued in the interest of service, is definitely good sign for BSNL’s survival.

·        As per our last discussions with DGM FC Mumbai and GM Fin Mumbai there was proposal to shift excess Account Personal from Circle Office Mumbai to SSAs having shortage of Account wing executives, but here in total opposite decision one more JAO is posted to Circle Office Mumbai and some other may be shifted from Mumbai to outside on name of excess strength.


14 fEB 19: News about uncertainty about future of BSNL and fear in minds of BSNL workforce and its customers:  Since last few days and specifically after the news of proposal by DoT for closure of BSNL in print and social media yesterday, every employee and officer of BSNL is under shock and this news also has shaken the faith of customer on BSNL.

·        Since last few days, everybody in BSNL is under fear and uncertain about the future of BSNL and is under total confusion about his/her future in such worst financial conditions of BSNL.

·        No one can deny that the situation in Telecom sector is worst and the main reason for this situation is free offers and unfair competition created by R-Jio since last one year.

·        Since opening of Telecom sector for private operators in 1995, there was steep competition, but since last year, it has reached to unethical and unfair practices and has ruined Telecom sector.

·        When telecom sector was opened for private operators after globalization, it was being quoted that DoT has monopoly in Telecom sector and there is no competition in Telecom market of India.

·        Thus to have fair competition in Telecom sector and to overcome monopoly Telecom sector has been opened for private operator and it was justified to certain level with entry of the Mobile in Indian Telecom market.

·        But after 15-20 years, the steps are seen exactly opposite of directions to open Telecom sector to private operators and it seems that all out efforts are being made by every nook and corner to create monopoly of only R-Jio in Telecom sector.

·        In an unfortunate attempt, all other operators are being compelled either to sale the Telecom business or to close the business and get out of Telecom market and best example of it is Reliance communication.    

·        R Jio has started its services in December 2016 with totally free offer and many of the customers have opted for R-Jio it as alternate mobile and retained earlier mobile connections they used.

·        As per guidelines , no Telecom Operator/Company can provide such free offer beyond 90 days, but for R-Jio has once again made such unethical attempts and continued free offer beyond ninety days and also adopted ideas like rental mobile for limited years thereby getting excuses from GST in Crore of rupees.

·        The violation of rules and getting excuses thereof is the work cum business culture by R-Jio and as happened earlier cases of such deliberate violations by R-Jio will be settled with certain amount of fine by TRAI, DoT or Telecom Commission on R-Jio, and which Reliance may pay or may not pay. 

·        Thereafter matter will be pulled in court of law and finally everybody will forget about what was done wrong by R-Jio as adopted by Reliance Communication in earlier stage and here also we should not expect different outcome.    

·        The unfair and unethical competition started in Telecom sector with entry of private operator’s years before has now reached its peak with lowest level actions with entry of R-Jio with free offer, which has already damaged telecom sector.

·        The giant companies, which were leaders in Telecom sector for years together, have come under trouble over the year and under threat of closure or bankruptcy.

·        The free offer by R-Jio is has affected every company including R-Jio, but this company is using support from its other companies and R-Jio is moving ahead with aim to kill the competition in Telecom Sector and to shut down all other companies in Telecom sector and present crises are part of this game plan.

·        Reliance Communication which was in certain competition till few days back has been declared bankrupt and as on today it is trapped in litigations in from its vendors and it is seen that in court of law the reason given for bankruptcy by Reliance Communications in the failure of its deal with R-Jio. The entire workforce and employees of Reliance Communications are or will be on streets for no mistake on their part.

·        Though both the companies are owned by Ambani brothers, but one company which is totally new in Telecom Market shows profit of thousands of crores and another company which is in Telecom sector for years together is declared bankrupt and it is difficult to digest but this is reality due to unfair and unethical competition in telecom sector by R-Jio.     

·        Idea –Vodafone both were giant companies in Telecom sector and due to unfair competition by R-Jio, they have opted for merger and lakhs of employees have been already removed from services and till similar actions are going on. The merged company has shut down many of the BTS and closed about all non-profitable BTS and many of their customers have opted out to BSNL.

·        With some efforts on part of major workforce and management of BSNL, till last month BSNL could sustain the pressure of competition by adopting unethical way by R-Jio in Telecom sector by giving tough fight by adopting ethical ways.

·        Now also, majority of workforce of BSNL except few is making efforts in these directions, but most unfortunately, since few days rather months, the things are not moving in proper directions.

·        It is fact that similar situation was created among the DoT work force while creation of the BSNL from DoT in 1998 to 2000 and which such tactics except ITS officers, everybody was lured, compelled to opt either for BSNL or for MTNL. During that period also it was predicted by many of the so called intellectuals that BSNL will survive only for few years, but since 19 years BSNL has seen many up and downs and the present situation is at lowest down position.

·        But this year situation has been worsened and many of the exchanges and BTS are down for non-payment of Electricity bills and this was indirect action in support of R-Jio. One side we are shutting down services for days together for disconnection of Electricity and other side R-Jio is making grand advertisement in the newspapers, it cannot be mere co-incidence, and major conspiracy seems to be going on.

·        It is unfortunate that it is being informed that funds under Opex (Operation) head are not available for payment of Electricity bills, but it is available for Capex (Capital) works like painting building, outsourcing OFC Mtce works by increasing expenditure by two to five times of the present expenditure, unwanted expenditure on office decoration and petty works, tours, meetings has not been stopped.

·        BSNL is paying huge AMC charges without any desired output, companies like M/S Hungama are bleeding, and looting BSNL by its worst actions, and even after thousands of complaints, no single rupee has been recovered from such fraudulent company.

·        There many such parasite companies /vendors looting BSNL by using different flaws in tender and this is also one of reason for downfall of BSNL.

·        When it was expected that all other works including salary should have been given last priority and Electricity bills are paid. It was also required to define which exchange is /BTS is closed down and which is to be run by reconnection or by regular payment of electricity bills, but it is not seen and routine approach has been seen.

·        First and foremost and immediate step needs to be taken is that to analyze the loss making and profit making BTS/Exchanges and all the loss making exchanges and BTS should be shut down unofficially or officially and no services should be started in any such loss making exchange /BTS and entire focus should be kept on profit making exchanges/BTS and entire workforce working in losing making units/offices should be fully used in profit making Exchanges/Units.

·        The expenditure on marketing should be stopped totally and its should be reduced to Zero % as marketing without existence of services has no meaning except completion of formalities or responding to certain obligations under marketing head.

·        Further, one cannot rule out the agenda behind such news about closure of BSNL on Headlines of leading newspapers when BSNL Unions and Associations are fighting for their legitimate demand for grant of 3rd PRC and allotment of 4G spectrum and since last few years the issues are not settled by DoT by giving different reasons.

·        This may be tactics to compel the workforce of BSNL to accept whatever percentage of fitment given with conditions like reduction of age to 58, VRS for staff & officers above age 50 years etc without any hesitation and in fear of closure of BSNL.

·        We think this formula adopted to create fear in minds of staff and offices of BSNL has been effective as many of comrades who earlier opposed VRS or reduction of retirement age are now openly advocating for its implementation and accept whatever is given by DoT.

·        This happens against the sincere commitment of CMD BSNL over the period of last two years for giving 3rd PRC to all the staff and officers of BSNL with 15% fitment and in present situation these comrades have forgotten even commitment of CMD BSNL and started discussions even on Zero merger of DA or 5% fitment formula for 3rd PRC with reduction age to 58 and VRS for all employees above age 50 years.

·        It seems that certain deliberate attempts are made to create panic situation among BSNL officers and Staff by spreading news about closure of BSNL with headlines so that instead of talking about wrong polices adopted in telecom sector and unfair competition thereof, everybody keeps focus on survival of BSNL and his/her own future in BSNL.

·        Otherwise, the proposal for closure of BSNL is not new as it is proposed by “NITI Ayog” before two years as incipient sick PSU and now same has become catching line in newspapers and social media and it is direct attempt to destabilize BSNL and divert its customer base to other operators.

·        Unfortunately, no one from BSNL has condemned this unethical act and entire situation has been created as if BSNL has been already closed and no one is to take care.

·        Media has quoted presentation given by CMD BSNL to Secretary DoT and proposal for revival of BSNL and also for grant of PRC for workforce of BSNL and same has been directly linked with closure of BSNL.

·        There are three options for cash trapped BSNL i.e. Revival plan, Disinvestment and Closure of BSNL and all three options are equally ascertained. Rather it is reliably learnt that DOT has rejected proposal for Disinvestment and Closure of BSNL and proposal for revival of BSNL is recommended by DoT. Most probably, this plan for of BSNL will be put for approval of Digital commission and hopefully it will be approved with certain conditions.

·        Same has been narrated by Secretary DoT in her address in the Head of Circle Conference of BSNL held in Bharat Sanchar Bhavan New Delhi in last week. She has categorically mentioned that Govt will ensure everything that BSNL is given every necessary support and it is committed for good health of BSNL. She also has cautioned that being Govt procedure it may take time due to procedure being followed in Govt Practices, but every support will be extended to BSNL for its good health.

·        Many have seen that similar situation was for Air India and attempts were made to sale Air India but due to financial conditions, there were no takers for Air India and finally said proposal has been put in dustbin and now Shri. Ashwini Lohani who is known for his result oriented actions is again appointed as CMD of Air India for one year even though he is retired from services.

·        As such, one cannot rule out about the similar actions on part of Govt of India and DoT for BSNL as BSNL is playing major role in growth of India and its contribution in rural and remote area and mainly on disastrous situation cannot be rules out and one has to be always optimistic.

·        The situation is worst and news of closure of BSNL in media has put oil in this worst situation and customer base also has started for opting services of other operators.       

·        Since last two days, many have expressed their feelings on Whats app groups about this panic situation and given many suggestions for revival of BSNL as well as settlement of major demand of third PRC.

·        At this stage, maturity is required by everybody to keep faith on his or her CHQ leadership which is dealing with BSNL management, DoT and Hon MoSc about different pending issues for which call for three days strike has been given by AUAB CHQ.

·        As per ongoing discussions and circumstances, there are chances of settlement of issues through discussions of AUAB leaders at CHQ for which final meeting is scheduled at 1500 hrs todays and final views of AUAB CHQ will be submitted to BSNL management and DoT.

·        One must understand that it is difficult to close any small private company and we have seen that Reliance Communication has tried to close business by declaring bankruptcy, but closure is not possible for Reliance also and just imagine how it will be difficult to close the BSNL, which has presence all over India covering each and every corner.

·        At the same time we have to keep in mind and will have work with at most sincerity and efficiency with vigil to oppose all wrong doing and wastage of money and every staff and officer will have to think before signing any paper, where his/her action /signature is in the interest of BSNL or is against interest of BSNL. Otherwise BSNL will not be in position to sustain further pressure and we will along with BSNL will be ruined in days to come and at later stage we cannot do anything else other than blaming each other for such utter failure and that time such blame game will also no meaning.

·        We will have to bring awareness among the public about need of existence of BSNL for stopping loot by R-Jio which is naturally expected as single telecom Operator in telecom market with monopoly in hands of business oriented company and by apprising them how the free offers by R-Jio will be converted to costly offers after exit of other operators and mainly exit of BSNL.      

·        SNEA MH condemns the unethical and deliberate wrong message being spread in media by neglected proposal for revival of BSNL and appeals all the comrades not to be panic but to be vigilant and be ready to give its best to BSNL/Association by all possible means. At the time, we will have to work hard for building of confidence of the customers on BSNL by overcoming these rumors about closure of BSNL.              


13 Feb 19:   AGM MS CFA III BSNL Corporate Office Delhi issued guidelines on Safety from Fire Incidents. Letter <<<>>>


 13 Feb 19:   AGM DPC BSNL Corporate Office Delhi  writes Circle/Units Heads calling for objections, omissions and errors in TES Gr B Seniority list. Till today no objections are received and hence this is final call given for objections, omissions and errors within 15 days of this letter.  Letter <<<>>>


12 fEB 19: Highly successful Divisional conference of SNEA Nashik: {Report by Com. S. A. Chavan, ADS SNEA Nashik}: The Grand and highly successful Divisional Conference of SNEA Nashik was held on Sunday, the 20/01/2019 and it was conducted in the well decorative Hall of “Hotel Sai Palace,” Agra Road, Nashik in presence of enthusiastic comrades of SNEA Nashik.

·        The Conference started with Flag hoisting by the hands of Com. S.V Warungase DP SNEA Nashik in presence of all other leaders and comrades with slogans of unity and BSNL.

·        The entire proceedings of the Conference were presided over by Com. S. V. Warungase DP SNEA Nashik.

·        In the Com. M. B. Sangle, DS SNEA Nashik submitted detail report on activities of SNEA Nashik over the period and updated house about ongoing issues. His report was highly appreciated by the house and his report was approved and adopted by the house with loud claps.

·        Thereafter Com Jayat Adhavade, DT SNEA Nashik submitted the detail report on accounts of SNEA Nashik and his report also was approved and adopted by house with loud claps.

·        The open session of this Conference was graced by the immense presence of Shri. Nitinji Mahajan, Sr GMT Nashik and Com. M. S. Adasul, CS SNEA MH.

·        The following distinguished dignitaries were present in the house.

1.     Com. P. N. Patil, Circle Treasurer SNEA Maharashtra,

2.     Com. S. B. Pawar, Joint Secretary  North SNEA Maharashtra,

3.     Com. R. D. Bhamare, District Secretary, SNEA Dhule.

4.     Com. A. R. Akhade, Circle President, AIBOEWA Maharashtra.

5.     Com. R. P. Sonawane, Vice President, NFTE MH Circle.

6.     Com. Shivaji Patil, SBIOA Zonal Sec. Nashik.

7.     Com. V. P. Kulkarni Ex CS AIBSNLEA MH.

8.     Com. Raju Lahane, District Secretary, BSNLEU, Nashik.

9.     Com. C. D. Mule, District Secretary, NFTE, Nashik,

10.            Com. Girish Baviskar, Circle Secretary, SNATTA, Nashik.

11.            Com. Gaurav Sonar, District Secretary, SNATTA, Nashik.

12.             Com. Mrs. Vandana Chitte, Secretary, TWWO Nashik.  

·        All the DGMs of Nashik SSA were present in the meeting and honored our invitation.

·        The Open session of Divisional Conference of SNEA, Nashik commenced sharply at 1500 hrs. 

·        In the beginning after formation of dais, the beautiful & well-decorated “Deep Prajwalan” took place with the auspicious hands of Chief Guest & leaders of SNEA.

·        Then two minutes silence was observed in the memories of departed souls.

·        All the dignitaries on dais and of the dais were felicitated by momento.

·        Com. Raju Lahane, DS BSNLEU Nashik and his team, Com. C. D. Mule, DS NFTE BSNL Nashik and his team, Com. Gaurav Sonar, DS SNATTA Nashik and his team gave warm welcome to Com M S Adasul CS SNEA MH with bouquets.

·         In the opening remark Com. S. V. Warungase, District President SNEA Nashik, gave warm welcome to all the dignitaries and briefed about the SNEA Nashik activities as well as highlighted some of the important issues of BSNL. .

·        The comrades of SNEA Nashik welcomed & felicitated the Chief Guest, other dignitaries, District Office bearers , DS of sister concern unions and Associations with flowers and Momento.

·        Also, retired members of SNEA, Nashik Com. P.B. Vispute, Com. P.C.Koshti, Com. R.B.Jathe, Com. S. D. Kale, Com. D. G. Mhaske were felicitated with the hands SNEA leaders.

·        The felicitation of all the executives promoted in recent past and posted in Nashik SSA was done with the hands of SNEA leaders.  List of officers Felicitated   <<<>>>

·        Also, Special achievers were felicitated with hands of Chief Guest & SNEA leaders.

·        Com. S. R. Kapadnis, AGM Admn Nashik attended District Conference as Observer from Admn side & he was felicitated by SNEA leaders.

·        SNEA leaders felicitated all the District Body members with bouquet and momento for their wholehearted support for successful completion of tenure.

·        After felicitation programme the open session of Divisional Conference addressed by Com. M. B. Sangale, District Secretary, SNEA Nashik wherein he addressed the views and problems of comrades of SNEA Nashik. DS has presented his well-studied report wherein all the Development and HR issues are covered. He appreciated the efforts of GMT Nashik for bringing Nashik SSA to new height & also members for their dedication for development of Nashik SSA. He also highly appreciated the coordination of all DS’s of various Unions & Associations of Nashik for resolution of various issues of our SSA. In a very impressive address, our dynamic and dashing DS briefed about the need of unity of executives for strengthening our beloved organization. He explained the important role played by BSNL as a prize regulator in the cutthroat competitive era. In his very studied speech elaborated the steps required to be taken for improvement of financial condition of BSNL like monetization of Land, Decentralization of powers, stoppage of tenders at different levels for same nature of work etc. He appreciated the support extended by Hon. Sr. GMT Shri. Nitinji Mahajan since his joining at Nashik and reported that there is no any HR issues are pending with SSA administration. Our DS mentioned that SNEA Nashik Team is highly motivated and assured readiness to work in committed manner provided support of minimum material and fund provision from management. He briefed about various achievements like BTS availability, Conduction of SIM sale melas, EB Targets, Mobile expansion phase VIII.4 project etc. under dynamic leadership of our beloved GMT. He thanked all distinguished guest & leaders for attending the Divisional Conference of SNEA Nashik.

·        Com. M. S. Adasul, CS SNEA MH in his highly motivational speech about one hour appreciated and congratulated District body for taking sincere efforts to resolve HR issues in time bound manner along with difficulties faced by members in day-to-day activities. He has appreciated the working style of  Sr. GMT Nashik and his serious concerned to help all the employees having genuine difficulties as far HR issues are concerned. He also congratulated all our members and Hon. GMT for achieving various targets even in very odd situation prevailed in BSNL. In his speech he explained that CHQ has identified the prominent issues like finalization of Standard pay scales E2,E3 …., CPSU cadre hierarchy,30 % Superannuation benefit, Seniority issues , Various court cases   etc  and    association is very serious about resolution of all these pending issues as we are persuading since long time. He briefed about ongoing issues of SNEA MH and vindictive actions imposed by circle management against leaders, stressed upon strong unity, and appealed the members to be ready to face the challenges before us in all fronts.

·        The Chief Guest Hon. Sr. GMT Nashik Shri Nitinji Mahajan in his special style about half an hour speech highlighted the various development & HR issues resolved since taking over the charge as GMT Nashik. About development of Nashik SSA he elaborated that how the parameters either in fault rate in BB or LL or its provision, up gradation of media , BTS availability, Mobile  expansion phase VIII.4 project etc. are ahead than any other SSA in MH Circle. He categorically mentioned that Nashik is first in revenue generation & maintained position not only in   MH Circle but also in West zone of India. He further mentioned about development in Transmission Media, DSLAM, 3G Node-B on IP media, NOFN project, outstanding recovery, NGN work, etc. Sr. GMT also shared one motivational story “Maze Cheej Koni Palawale” and appealed all to be alert about challenges before us & appreciated all the employees for taking sincere efforts for survival of BSNL in competitive scenario. Hon. GMT in his speech elaborated the house that how the SNEA plays vital role in the BSNL development being a responsible Association. At last, he extended best wishes to all SNEA members for successful conduction of Divisional conference. 

·        The vote of thanks in conclusion of the open Session was delivered by Com. Jayant Adawade DT SNEA Nashik.

·        Thereafter house passed various resolutions for further pursuance by SNEA Nashik.

·        Com. D.D Wani & Com. R. R. Kangne appointed as Election Officer &Asst. Election Officer respectively for conduction of election process of new set of office bearers.

·        Then existing executive body of District dissolved and in a unanimous election, new District executive body of SNEA Nashik came into existence showing strongest unity of executives in Nashik SSA under banner of SNEA.

·        The following District Body was unanimously elected as per the tradition of SNEA Nashik.



Association Post


Office Desgn


District President

Com. S. V. Warungse

SDE Ext CC Nashik


Vice President

Com. A. R. Akhade

JTO Mktg Nashik


District  Secretary

Com. M. B. Sangale

 SDE DT  Ozar



Com. S. A. Bhadane

DE  Sinnar& EB- II


Astt District  Secretary-I

Com. S. A. Chavan

SDE IPB–Mob Nashik


Astt District  Secretary-II

Com. C. R. Kadam  

DE  Malegaon


Area  Secretary Acc & Fin

Com. Sandip Gangurde

JAO EB Nashik


Area Secretary (CM)

Com. Umesh V. Vyas

SDE BTS Mtce Nashik


Area Secretary (CFA)

Com. D. B. Mahajan

SDE Ext Cidco Nashik


Area Secretary (ACE)

Com. J. D. Kolhe

JTO Electrical Nashik


Area Secretary (NRU)

Com. G. G. Karpe

SDE WTR Nashik


Area Secretary (LR)

Com Mrs N. N. Rajbhoj

DE OCB CC Nashik


Org  Secretary –I

Com. R. S. More

 SDE- CTTC Nashik


Org  Secretary –II

Com. K. N. Tayade

SDE Mktg Nashik


Org  Secretary –III

Com. R. V. Wani

C.O. South Nashik



Com V. M. Chandratre



CEC Member-I

Com. R. R. Mahajan

SDE EB Nashik


CEC Member-II

Com. Jayant V. Adawade

SDE RF Plg Nashik


CEC Member-III

Com. G. G. Borse

PRO Nashik


CEC Member-IV

Com Ulhas V. Morankar

JTO Comp Nashik

·        After the formation new District Body, the oath of allegiance was administered by Com. S. B. Pawar, Joint Secretary, North SNEA MH.

·        All the members of SNEA Nashik congratulated newly elected District body members.

·        Newly elected District Secretary Com. M. B. Sangale in his speech conveyed thanks to comrades of SNEA Nashik for their faith and confidence on him and his District Body and firmly assured to resolve all HR issues of SNEA members.

·        Then felicitation of new District Body as well Committee members, team leaders & those who have supported to make this District Conference grand Success was done with the hands of SNEA leaders.

·        The entire proceeding of Divisional Conference and Open Session thereof was nicely anchored by Com. Shashikant Bhadane, CEC Member SNEA Nashik in a very decent manner and his special style with alphas.

·        The house was adjourned at about 1900 hrs with National anthem and slogans of unity, SNEA Zindabad, BSNL Zindabad.


·        Photos <<<>>>

·        Media Coverage <<<>>>  <<<>>> 

·        Resolutions <<<>>>

·        DS SNEA Nashik Achievements  <<<>>>


11  fEB 19: :  AGM Staff Mumbai calls for revised options for posting of executives from different Cadres to fill up vacancies at different Tenure stations as well as Non tenure Stations. Letter <<<>>> 

·        Earlier on 07/01/2019, options were called for posting to tenure stations and now options are called for filling up vacant post of DEs/SDEs & JTOs in different Tenure as well non-tenure SSAs.

·        The details of earlier letters issued by AGM Staff Mumbai on same subject are reposted here for ready reference of all comrades. Letter <<<>>>    Corrigendum  <<<>>>     Annex I DGM <<<>>>     Annex AGM II <<<>>>        Annex SDE III <<<>>>       Annex IV  JTO <<<>>>    

·        In earlier letters, the vacancy position was shown combined i.e. DE plus DGM and JTO plus SDE, but in this letter, it is shown as separate vacancy position for JTOs & SDEs.

·        The options are to be sent by email on latest by 23/02/2019.

·        Though options were called for Tenure stations till sufficient options are not received and till there are vacant post in these Tenure SSAs.

·        As such options are called viz in DE Cadre,  Gadchiroli SSA (0) , Dhule (3) , Goa (14) , Raigad (1), Ratnagiri (7) , Sindhudurg (0), in SDE cadre for Gadchiroli SSA (10) , Dhule (4) , Goa (5) , Raigad (3), Ratnagiri (1) , Sindhudurg (6)  and in JTO Cadre Gadchiroli SSA (0) , Dhule (1) , Goa (0) , Raigad (3), Ratnagiri (7) , Sindhudurg (6).

·        Thus now apart from options already received by Staff section Mumbai, total 25 DEs, 29 SDE & 17 JTOs are vacant at Non-tenure stations in different SSAs as mentioned in letter.

·        Apart from this, there is requirement of 30 DEs, 19 SDEs and 19 JTOs at non-Tenure stations to fill up vacant posts and options are called for filling up these vacant posts also

·        Though there are vacancies in any particular SSA in particular cadre, and till anyone comes under the zone of Circle long stay for posting at tenure station, then he will be posted to tenure station, regardless of existing vacancies in present working SSA and hence one has to submit options accordingly.

·        The options given for tenure stations will be considered in the interest of service i. e. at Company Cost and options given for Non Tenure stations will be at Own Cost.

·        In case of Own cost transfers,  TA/DA, Transfer grant or joining time is not grated.  

·        The post of executives vacant in Tenure SSAs after considering options received and which will be received up to 23/02/2019 will be filled up from the Circle level Long stay list.

·        The executives working at tenure stations and completed tenure after Sept 2019 are eagerly waiting for their transfers and management is using this idea of calling options repeatedly.

·        It was quite possible that from the options received and by considering some names in the Circle longest stay, the Tenure transfers of executives working at Tenure stations can be considered without any further delay.

·        At least it is was possible that transfer orders of executives completed tenure from Sept 2018 to March 2019 could be issued with this approach, but same is not being done and in time killing attempt options are called for second time by giving two week’s time and adding vacancies of non-tenure stations also.

·        This action by staff section to call for fresh options by giving time up to 23/02/2019, makes it clear that now Tenure transfers will be issued in March 2019 only and not before that.

·        SNEA MH will take up matter for early consideration of tenure transfer orders of executives at least who have completed tenure after Sept 2018 to March 2019.


 8 Feb 19:   AGM Admn Mumbai issued orders for grant of Special CL including actual journey period to all Circle office Bearers, District Secretaries, CEC Members and CWC Members to attend the Emergency CEC Meeting of SNEA MH will be held at 1000 hrs on 09/02/2019 at Conference Hall Bajirao Road, Telephone Exchange Pune- 411002   Letter <<<>>>


7 Feb 19:   As per notice issued by Com. M. N. Kotambe, CS/ACS SNEA MH, the Emergency CEC Meeting of SNEA MH will be held at 100 hrs on 09/02/2019 at Conference Hall Bajirao Road, First Floor, Telephone Exchange Pune- 411002 to discuss on going issues after letter issued by provisional GS SNEA for withdrawing charge of CS & CP SNEA MH. Notice   I <<<>>>   II  <<<>>>  Copy of SNEA Constitution <<<>>>

·        As per constitution clause no. 9 (d) (v) the quorum of CEC meeting will be 51 % of the total strength of the Circle Executive Committee.

·        As this CEC will be discussing, important issue related to SNEA as whole, it is mandatory to all DS, COBs, CWC Members and CEC members, to attend this CEC Meeting.

·        As this emergency CEC Meeting will discuss very serious organizational internal issue of SNEA, no observer is allowed for this Emergency CEC Meeting.

·        If any of District Secretary is unable to attend this CEC meeting then under SNEA constitution clause No. 9 (d) (vi),  he may nominate any other District Office Bearers in his place under written intimation to undersigned. 

·        If any of CEC Member is unable to attend this CEC meeting then under SNEA constitution clause No. 9 (d) (vi),  he should intimate it in writing to concerned District Secretary & undersigned and District Secretary concerned should nominate in writing to undersigned any other District Office Bearers in his place for attending this emergency meeting. 

·        As we are going to have important discussions, there are chances of extension of CEC and hence all District Secretaries, Circle Office Bearers, CEC & CWC Members are requested to book their journey tickets accordingly so as to reach the venue in time and make it convenient to attend this emergency CEC meeting in time and till final conclusion on this matter. 

·        The agenda of the meeting is as follows.

1.     Organizational matters.

2.     Issues related to development of BSNL.

3.     To discuss letter dated 23.01.2019 issued by General Secretary, SNEA,CHQ, New Delhi withdrawing charge of CP & CS SNEA MH and handing over it respectively to VP & ACS SNEA MH

4.     To discuss reply given by CS SNEA MH to GS vide letter dated 30/01/2019.

5.     To discuss reply given by CP SNEA MH to GS vide letter dated 31/01/2019.

6.     To decide further course of action for smooth functioning of SNEA MH either by continuation of this Circle Body Clause under SNEA constitution clause No. 9 (e) (ii) or by co-option under SNEA constitution clause No. 9 (e) (vii) as proposed by GS or to go for fresh Elections for new Circle Body of SNEA MH under Clause No. 9 (e) (viii) of SNEA constitution. 

7.     Any other item with the permission of the Chair.

         The meeting will start sharply at 1000 hrs on 09/02/2019 and hence all Circle office Bearers, District Secretaries, CEC Members and CWC Members are requested to attend the CEC Meeting in time and make it grand success.


6 Feb 19:   Facts about Murder of Internal Democracy by unconstitutional and illegal directives by Provisional GS SNEA: Com. M. S. Adasul, CS SNEA MH replies to Com. K Sebastin Provisional General Secretary SNEA CHQ on his illegal, unconstitutional and unethical directives issued for withdrawal of post of CP & CP SNEA MH as proposed in his letter dated 23/01/2018. Letter <<<>>>    

·        In detailed reply it has been point wise clarified how this decision is unethical, illegal, and unconstitutional and against interest of SNEA.

·        Letter elaborates how Com Sebastin himself has violated different clauses of constitution and has made mesh in functioning of SNEA and how he is fabricating baseless charges of not following SNEA constitution by CS/CP SNEA MH on name of holding double post after period of 16 months.

·        The matter of double post by COBs is under purview of CEC of that Circle and CEC of SNEA MH held at Jalgaon in Oct 2018 has already taken decision and matter has been closed, and constitutionally Com Sebastin has no right to act against decision of CEC.

·        The matter of double post by CHQ OBs is under purview of CWC Meeting and in CWC Meeting held in Ludhiana in Nov 2018. In this meeting, Com Sebastin himself has declared that the resignation of DyGS by Com. M. S. Adasul has been approved and he continues to be CS SNEA MH and now constitutionally Com Sebastin has no right to act against decision of CWC.

·        Now Com Sebastin has alleged that the resignation from post of DyGS was backdated then it should not have been declared accepted in CWC Meeting and AIC Ludhiana.   

·        If he was really concerned about holding of double post, he should have acted on completion of three months in Dec 2018 and not now after period of 16 months that to be when matter has been settled by respective and responsible house of SNEA.

·        Com. K. Sebastin, Provisional GS SNEA CHQ has no locus standi to issue letter for forfeiting post of CS and CP SNEA MH under any clause.

·        It has been elaborately expressed in the letter how this decision of Com. K. Sebastin, provisionally approved GS SNEA is biased and vindictive and is taken just in support of BSNL MH Circle management which is unable to defend its stand on illegal action of forfeiting post of CS SNEA MH and DS SNEA Mumbai challenged in High Court Bombay.

·        As per amendment in constitution approved in AIC Ludhiana in Nov 2018, no one including GS SNEA has right to forfeit the post of any office bearer in SNEA even on holding double post

·        As per amendment approved in AIC Ludhiana in Nov 2018, in case of holding double post and non submission of resignation from any of the post, the former post will be automatically exist to be ceased and he will continue on newly elected or latest post.

·        Com. K. Sebastin has referred non-existing clauses of SNEA constitution for forfeiting post of CS & CP SNEA MH and made poor attempt to justify his wrongdoing and biased actions to establish Dictatorship in SNEA.

·        Com. Sebastin has issued letter even without consulting any member of Circle Body of SNEA MH or even he has not consulted single District Secretary of SNEA MH.

·        It has been  made crystal clear in this letter that it is nothing but revengeful action by Com. K. Sebastin against SNEA MH which has not supported him in elections for post of GS SNEA and made complaints about his unethical and fraudulent actions in elections for becoming GS SNEA third time.

·        The post of CS SNEA MH has been illegally already forfeited by CGMT MH by quoting non-existing clauses of the BSNL Executive Association Recognition rule 2014 and Com Sebastin is aware about it.

·        BSNL Executive Association Recognition rule 2014, does not have clause to forefiet post of any office bearers of any association and only provision exists for de-recognition of association in case of non-following constitution and same action has been already taken by BSNL Corporate office in Sept 2018 and CGMT MH has nothing to on it in Oct 2018.

·        Earlier Com Sebastin has raised issue with CMD, Director HR against vindictive actions by CGMT MH against SNEA MH and now he behaves as CMD of BSNL and takes similar action without understanding its impact on working of SNEA and just to settle his personal ego hurted in his failure in GS election and threaten SNEA MH comrades.

·        Com Bharat Sonawane CP SNEA MH has submitted his resignation from both the post i.e. CP SNEA MH as well as DS SNEA Pune within three months. He has just completed formalities of conduction of elections of the SNEA Pune in the same manner as that of Com Sebastin as defunct GS SNEA by holding election in AIC Ludhiana as he has not followed constitution of SNEA and even he was officially declared defunct GS.

·        But, Com Sebastin treats his action as legal as it is approved by house but similar action on part of Com Bharat Sonawane is being used by culprit Com Sebastin as supporting document for establishing holding double post allegation against Com Bharat Sonawane.

·        Similarly, Com Sebastin makes baseless allegations against Com. M. S. Adasul CS SNEA MH for submission of backdated resignation from the post of DyGS when Com Adasul has submitted resignation well within time of three months i.e. on 17/12/2017 and he was elected as CS SNEA MH on 20/09/2017.

·        When Com Adasul was elected as CS SNEA MH the two years period of CHQ Body was over and CWC Meeting extended it nor by BSNL Corporate office and Com Adasul was holding only single post.

·        But Com Sebastin gave wrong information to CWC Bhubaneswar and on name of approval of CPSUCH, he has got illegally post facto approval of extension of CHQ Body on 16/12/2017 with backdated effect 07/09/2017.  

·        In fabricated charges after period of 16 months of election as CS SNEA MH,  now in revengeful attitude after tough fight in GS election held in AIC Ludhiana , Com Sebastin manipulates things as per his requirement and on name of CHQ OB meeting issues illegal directives  for which there is no provision in constitution. 

·        The letter is having all relevant documents attached as annexure establishing the fact that the letter issued by Com Sebastin is illegal, unconstitutional, and untimely, biased and is nothing but joining hands with management settlement of election enmities in AIC Ludhiana.

·        Letter clears that by issuing such letter, now Com Sebastin has made it crystal clear that he has joined hands with MH Circle management for harassing comrades of SNEA MH and has unethically joined hands with officers in Circle management through his mediators and unfortunately, these mediators are members of SNEA.

·        Since CEC SNEA MH at Jalgaon has resolved that Com M S Adasul will be candidate for GS post, Com Sebastin, has started dirty politics and using groupism tactics has told his blind followers to write compliant about holding double post.

·        This was just to create unethical pressure on Com. M. S. Adasul, CS SNEA MH so that he should not be candidate for GS election, as he will be engaged in vindictive actions by CGMT MH.

·        But Com. M. S. Adasul has given tough fight in GS elections and secured 321 votes and Com Sebastin has got 320 votes, but Com Sebastin has declared himself as elected candidate by using muscle power.

·        Com. M. S. Adasul CS SNEA MH has written such detail complaint about the malpractices in AIC Election and challenged the illegal election of Com Sebastin as GS SNEA. Hundreds of similar complaints about malpractices by Com Sebastin in AIC elections have been received by BSNL.

·        Finally matter with all the relevant facts is referred to prescribed authority by BSNL Corporate office i.e. Registrar of Societies, Rajouri Garden New Delhi and till then Com Sebastin is given recognition as provisional GS and he cannot take such decision for violation of constitution when he himself is under fire for series of violations of constitution of SNEA.

·        Now after thought process, Com Sebastin behaves in total irresponsible manner and by fabricated and mutilation of facts has taken one-sided action just to destabilise the unity of SNEA MH, which has challenged his wrong doings as well total failed leadership as GS SNEA.

·        It will be double action by GS SNEA after similar action by CGMT MH before three months and unfortunately, both are quoting non-existing clauses for justifying their stand on fabricated charges even though none of them has powers to forfeit post of any office bearer at any level in SNEA.

·        This proves the unholy alliance of Com Sebastin with Circle management as CGMT MH wants to suppress voice of SNEA MH against his wrong doings and Com Sebastin wants to take revenge of his defeat in GS election and suppress the voice of Com. M. S. Adasul against his wrong doings within SNEA.

·        By forgetting all ethics and guidelines on subject and going by the well-established egoistic principle of enemy of enemy are friends, BSNL MH management and Com Sebastin have become friends.

·        SNEA MH Circle has supported Com Sebastin for becoming General Secretary for two times in AIC Nanded as well as AIC Jaipur, and has opposed candidature  of Com Sebastin as GS in AIC Ludhiana due to his total failure in dealing with HR issues of executives in BSNL.

·        SNEA MH Circle has played important role for giving him status of GS of recognised association by giving lead of 1140 votes out of total lead of 1640 votes given by SNEA MH in Membership verification, and it is his failure that he did not deliver as successful General Secretary and there is much anguish against him.

·        But instead of focusing on resolution of issues of executives, Com Sebastin is diverting minds of SNEA members on such non issues just to hide is failure after failures at all fronts. 

·        Unfortunately,  Com Sebastin  has become forgotten all good deeds and support to him by SNEA MH and has become blind enough that  he is behind breaking strong unity of SNEA MH even by joining hands with management .

·        When Com Anil Dubey DS SNEA Mumbai and Com M S Adasul CS SNEA Mumbai are without salary for last month and fighting against wrongdoing of management, instead of supporting these SNEA comrades.

·        In utter useless & senseless attitude, Com. Sebastin who was earlier supporting MH Circle management behind curtains, has now started acting openly against the strong unity of SNEA MH by making such unholy and unethical alliance with management and has proved that he is such shameful General Secretary of recognised Association. 

·        By elaborating all the facts, the letter request Com Sebastin GS to with draw letter or to have corrective actions by referring this matter of double post to the third party i.e. either to special committee for investigation of allegations or to CEC SNEA MH, or to CWC SNEA CHQ, which is competent authority to decide such dispute. In support of each and every say the supporting documents are attached

·        Letter  <<<>>>

·         Annexure A    <<<>>>                        

·         Annexure B     <<<>>>                        

·         Annexure C    <<<>>>                        

·         Annexure D     <<<>>>                         

·         Annexure E     <<<>>>                      

·         Annexure F      <<<>>>                      

·         Annexure  G   <<<>>>                        

·         Annexure H     <<<>>>                        

·         Annexure I      <<<>>>                        

·         Annexure J      <<<>>>                        

·         Annexure  K   <<<>>>                        

·         Annexure L     <<<>>>                        

·         Annexure M   <<<>>>                        

·         Annexure N    <<<>>>

·         Annexure O   <<<>>>                         

·         Annexure P     <<<>>>                        

·         Annexure Q   <<<>>>                        

·         Annexure R     <<<>>>                        

·         Annexure S     <<<>>>                        

·         Annexure T     <<<>>>                        

·         Annexure U    <<<>>>                        

·         Annexure V     <<<>>>                        

·         Annexure W   <<<>>>                        

·         Annexure X     <<<>>>                        

·         Annexure Y    <<<>>>                        

·         Annexure Z     <<<>>>                        

·         Annexure AA  <<<>>>                        

·         Annexure BB   <<<>>>                        

·         Annexure CC   <<<>>>                        

·         Annexure DD  <<<>>>                        

·         Annexure  EE   <<<>>>                        

·         Annexure FF    <<<>>>                         



 6 Feb 19: Initiatives by different Officers/Offices of BSNL for stopping disconnection by MSEDCL for non-payments: Though there was deep silence on part of officers and offices of BSNL in Maharashtra Circle over the period, by sensing seriousness of the issue some of the SSA Heads and their teams have taken some serious and special efforts. 

·        Shri. Nitin Mahajan, GMT Nashik has written letter to Hon. Shri. Haribhau Bagde, Speaker Vidhansabha Maharashtra State requesting him for his kind intervention in matter of disconnection of Electricity Bills by MSEDCL. Letter <<<>>>

·        In response, Hon. Shri. Haribhau Bagde, Speaker Vidhansabha Maharashtra State has written letter to Shri. Chandrasekhar Bavankule, Hon. Energy Minster Govt of Maharashtra and has endorsed stand of BSNL and recommended for not disconnecting electricity supply of BSNL in Maharashtra State.  Letter <<<>>>

·        Shri. A. K. Bajpai, PGMT Nagpur along with his team Nagpur had meeting with Shri. Chandrasekhar Bavankule, Hon. Energy Minster Govt of Maharashtra has updated him about the difficulties faced by BSNL in payments of electricity bills and requested him not disconnect the Electricity supply of BSNL till 31st March 2019 and assured that all the payments will be cleared by BSNL. Hon Minister immediately talked with Director MSEDCL directed to have meeting of BSNL and MSEDCL on this issue. PGMT Nagpur has submitted written request to Hon. Energy Minister.  Letter <<<>>>

·        Shri. Hariom Solanki GMT Kalyan and Shri. Rajeev Soni CEE Mumbai had meeting CMD MSEDCL at MSEDCL HQ at Prakashgad Mumbai and updated about the problems faced by BSNL in clearing the pending electricity bills and problems faced by BSNL. After this meeting, SE Billing MSEDCL Mumbai issued email direction to their offices to take corrective action on restoration of Electricity supply of BSNL all over Maharashtra on certain conditions.  Copy  <<<>>>

·        It is understood that HOCC Meeting held at BSNL Corporate office has decided to allot Rs 100 Crore funds for Electricity bill payments, and till it is not confirmed amount allotted for Maharashtra Circle.

·        Though all these efforts have brought certain relief on the matter of disconnection of Electricity supply and shut down of hundreds of BTS and Exchanges of BSNL, but the issues can be resolved by root cause solution for making arrangements of payments of electricity bills in time and at the same time everybody has to keep focus on energy conservation and minimum use of electricity there by reduction of electricity bills.

·        Hopefully everybody will contribute in Energy conservation, saving the electricity and reducing Electricity bills in all Exchanges and offices by taking corrective action on wastage of Electricity wherever is possible. Let us hope, that this situation will change with sincere efforts and contribution of all.

·        SNEA MH appreciates the efforts taken by Shri. A. K. Bajpai, PGMT Nagpur, Shri. Nitin Mahajan, GMT Nashik, Shri. Hariom Solanki GMT Kalyan and Shri. Rajeev Soni CEE Mumbai by taking up matter at different level and getting some relief in disconnection of Electricity by MSEDCL.

·        SNEA MH convey thanks to   Hon. Shri. Haribhau Bagde, Speaker Vidhansabha Maharashtra State for his kind intervention and Shri. Chandrasekhar Bavankule, Hon. Energy Minster Govt of Maharashtra for his positive response in support of BSNL.



 5 Feb 19:   Grand District Conference of SNEA WTP: {Report by Com. S M Sahare, DS SNEA WTP): As per notification issued by Com. Ajit Kumar , DS SNEA WTP, the 4th District Conference of SNEA WTP was conducted at 10.00 Hrs on 19/01/2019 at Conference Hall, 2nd Floor ‘C’ Wing Admin Building Telecom Complex, Santacruz Mumbai-54. The following prominent SNEA leaders attended and addressed the Representative council meeting of the district Conference.

1.     Com. Bharat Sonawane, Circle President, SNEA MH,

2.     Com. M. S. Adasul, Circle Secretary, SNEA MH,

3.      Com. M. N. Kotambe, ACS West, SNEA MH,

4.     Com. P. N. Patil, Circle Treasurer, SNEA MH,

5.     Com. Ankit GangarJoint Secretary HQ, SNEA MH,

6.     Com. Abhay KesarkarJoint Secretary NRU, SNEA MH,

7.     Com. D. L. Ingale, DGM WMA, WTP Mumbai.

·         House was given warm welcome by Com. Santosh Rane, VP SNEA WTP.

·   Com. S. M. Sahare President SNEA WTP presided over the Representative Council Meeting of the district conference & appealed all to be united at this crucial time. He thanked all for attending this district conference from all over Maharashtra and making it a grand success

·        Com. Ajit Kumar, DS SNEA WTP before presenting his  District Secretary report thanked all and expressed gratitude  to Circle leaders for visiting  WTP and boosting up the morale of WTP comrades. In his report, he informed the august house about activities & achievements of SNEA   WTP. His detail report highlighted various HR and development issues raised during his entire tenure of DS period. He appraised house about the sincere & dedicated efforts of CGM WTP in resolution of issues of WTP. He advised the fellow comrades to live in dignity rather than being ally of administration.

·        Com. Rekha Kadloor District Treasurer SNEA WTP presented the Audited account of the District body.

·        Com. M. N. Kotambe, ACS, SNEA MH Circle while addressing the house appealed comrades to be more sensitive & vigilant towards the services of BSNL & highlighted the house about vindictive action taken against CS SNEA MH by Circle Management. He appreciated the unity built by team SNEA WTP and achievements thereof.

·        Com. P. N. Patil, Circle Treasurer SNEA MH Circle  addressed the house in very simple but in effective manner by giving latest updates on Quota received from CHQ and outstanding details of WTP. He also appreciated the working style of CS SNEA MH Circle and issues taken by CS.

·        Com. Ankit Gangar, Joint Secretary Mumbai CO SNEA MH Circle wishing WTP a grand success for holding the 4th District Conference with well attended by the comrades of all over the Maharashtra representing WTP

·        Com. Abhay Kesarkar, Joint Secretary NRU SNEA MH Circle congratulated the WTP for District conference and wishes them a great success. He recollect that WTP have called him previously when he was just a member of electrical wing to their 3rd District Conference and again for this time which he feels the bonding between him and WTP and as Joint Secy. NRU ready any time for WTP Comrades.

·         Com. M. S. Adasul, Circle Secretary, appreciated & congratulated comrades of WTP on grand victory in Membership Verification & appealed to remain united under the umbrella of SNEA. He further elaborated the present situation of conflict between the SNEA MH and the MH circle administration and that out of vengeance for pointing out the mistakes being committed by the CGM, this situation has come. He also pointed out lack of support from CHQ on this issue, rather joining hands with management by GS SNEA has created this conflict and only due to this indecent tie-up, he and Com. Anil Dubey are being victimized. But, he vowed to fight against every wrong doing and remained hopeful to emerge out as victorious. He appealed to the house to follow the path of truth and fight against injustice and wrong doing to face the critical challenges in front of BSNL with strongest unity.

·        The house adopted both the District Secretary and District Treasurer reports with thunderous applause.

·        The house resolved unanimously to keep one District Body of WTP, comprising of all the members of WTP working within Maharashtra.

·         The various queries raised by the comrades & the same were answered by Com. M. S. Adasul, Circle Secretary SNEA MH Circle.

After a brief breakfast break, the open house session of the conference was undertaken at 12PM. This was attended and addressed by following dignitaries from SNEA and WTP administration side.

1.      Shri. Ajai Kumar Kanaujia, CGM WTP & Chief Guest

2.      Com. Bharat Sonawane, CP SNEA MH.

3.      Com. M. S. Adasul, Circle Secretary SNEA MH Circle

4.      Shri. S. A. Shaikh, DGM P & A WTP, Mumbai

5.      Smt. Rajeshwari, DGM Finance WTP, Mumbai

·         These dignitaries were given warm welcome by offering shawl, shrifal, & bouquet by SNEA WTP comrades.

·        Other prominent SNEA members remained present in the session were:

1.     Com. D. L. Ingale, DGM WTP.

2.     Com. C. V. Rao, Ex. District President SNEA WTP and Retd. TDM Raigad.

3.     Com. V. B. Kokate, Ex CS SNEA MH.

·    Open session was also attended by the leaders of unions of WTP Mumbai and office bearers of SNEA Circle Office Mumbai.

·        In his key-note address, Com. Ajit Kumar DS SNEA WTP asked the WTP management for a comprehensive look towards various projects being undertaken by WTP/BSNL like NFS and NOFN which are becoming loss making proposition to BSNL due to bad implementation and hence affecting the financial condition of BSNL which was already in bad shape. These works are not part of the asset building of BSNL hence prominence should be given to works of Maintenance Region which is not willing to come forward despite having little acumen of media laying.

·        Smt. R Rajeshwari DGM Fin. & Shri. S. A. Shaikh DGM P&A while agreeing with mood of the house set by DS WTP, extended good wishes to SNEA WTP.

·        Com. Bharat Sonawane, Circle President SNEA MH Circle, on his maiden visit to WTP appreciated the enthusiasm of WTP comrades & congratulated on grand victory in first membership verification. He further said that due to present scenario in Telecom Sector BSNL is going through a tough time and we all should contribute for the betterment of services of BSNL. He emphasized on supporting CS SNEA MH by all the members so that we unitedly fight the injustice.

·        Com. M. S. Adasul, Circle Secretary SNEA MH Circle, in his marathon speech touched various issues in his own unique style ranging from various HR to development issues. He congratulated all newly promoted executives & assured rest of comrades that SNEA is taking serious efforts for all pending cases of JTO to SDE/AO to CAO promotions. On CPSU CH, he said that implementation of CPSU CH is beneficial for all and especially for next generation and before implementation of CPSUCH, all the vacant posts will be filled in. He also made aware that at present situation, implementation of CPSUCH is also uncertain and promotions through DPC are uncertain due to court cases and actions thereof. He elaborated facts about JTO to SDE promotions and assured that in days to come ether by CPSUCH or by DPC majority of JTOs will be promoted as SDE. He further stated that the main hurdle in 3rd PRC implementation are certain officers in  DoT who have not processed file even after instructions of MoSC for removal of affordability clause for grant of 3rd PRC to BSNL. He said that BSNL have always recruited the best talent in the industry and said that due to the strong work force available BSNL is the only company, which have given fight to R Jio and sustained unequal competition in Telecom sector. The other telecom operators have shown negative trends in subscriber growth as well as revenue whereas BSNL is the only company, which has not only shown growth in subscriber addition but also have attained operational profit in these tough times. He further stated that the overall loans on telecom sector is about 6.5 lakh Crores which includes highest loan of about 1 lakh  Crores on RJio and whereas BSNL loan share is less than 5% of the total bank loan in Telecom market. He emphasized that BSNL is only organization, which is still standing in Telecom sector in spite of tough tariff competition. He elaborated that coming two years will be more important for BSNL and we all will have sustain the market pressure during this critical period and then BSNL will definitely come out from this difficult phases. He made it clear that SNEA always supports the management for good actions/policies and resists the wrong polices which are against the BSNL growth. In conclusion he appealed all comrades to be active and united and give their best for BSNL.

·        Shri Ajai Kumar Kanaujia, CGM WTP, in his address shared his experience working in WTR and WTP. He appreciated the working of SNEA WTP& its innovative agenda discussed through various meetings. He assured house that administration will take sincere efforts for resolving HR issues of all the staff in WTP. He also clarified that despite works not being prioritized by WTR, WTP has ample routes to work upon. Regarding NFS, he shared that the DOT is even downscaling the amount to be given to BSNL due to delay of work.

·        Thereafter the existing District body was dissolved and election for new office bearers for the next term was held. Com. M. Khade and Com. Anil Bhoge was nominated as election officer and monitored the election process.

·        In unanimous elections, Com. D. R. Aher, Com. S. M. Sahare, & Com. N. S. Harpalkar were elected as District President, District Secretary & District Treasurer respectively.

·        Com. Bharat Sonawane, Circle President SNEA MH administered the oath of alliance to all newly elected District Body.

·        All Circle Office Bearers congratulated all the newly elected Office bearers of SNEA WTP District and assured full support from Circle.

·        Com. S. M. SahareNewly elected District Secretary SNEA WTP summing up the outcomes of meeting delivered vote of thanks. The District Conference was lasted for more than five hours and concluded with slogans of BSNL Zindabad, SNEA Zindabad. The meeting adjourned at 16.30 hrs with National anthem. 

·        Newly Elected District Body of SNEA WTP.

1.       Com. D.R. Aher                        -District President

2.       Com. Santosh Rane                 -Dist. Vice President

3.       Com. S. M. Sahare                   -District Secretary

4.       Com Sanjay Dharmale            -Assistant District Secretary