Last update 27 Feb 21


27 Feb 21: Jet GM Pers SM BSNL CO writes all Circle/Unit Heads all over India for completion of pending APRs of Year 2019-20. Letter <<<>>>  Annex I <<<>>>

·        Letter gives details analysis of the pending cases of e -APRs of executives and non-executives also.

·        Out of 73874 total e-APARS about 800 e-APRs are either pending with initiators or with Reporting Officer or with reviewing Officer and lists showing the case wise status is also published for all such cases.

·        Explanation is being called for all the Executives who have not processed the e-APR for year 2019-20 of either himself or of subordinates even by the extended deadlines.

·        As the date of reporting and reviewing of e-APR has been expired, the reporting and reviewing officers have forfeited their rights to make any entry in e-APRs of year 2019-20. Hence all the pending E-APRs are to be completed in ESS Portal by attaching No Report/No Review Certificates as per defined procedure for same.

·        The last date for completion of this process is 15/03/2021 and explanations are to be called with certificate that all e-APRs of executives working under jurisdiction of Circle/Unit Heads have been completed and explanation from defaulting officers have been called for is to be submitted latest by 21/03/2021.


23 Feb 21: AD Estt Mumbai endorsed the Schedule Online Training by RTCC Nagpur from 01/03/2021 to 06/03/2021. Letter <<<>>>


25 Feb 21: DGM Legal Mumbai issued posting order of Com. Subodh Y. Pardhi, SDE who has joined Maharashtra Circle after completion of all India Hard Tenure Station in NE-II Circle and as per his choice he is posted in S&M CFA section Circle Office Mumbai. Letter <<<>>>


25 Feb 21: DGM S&M CM BSNL CO in second reminder letter to all CGMs writes for posting of at least 25% of the required staff for mobile channel management teams and send compliance latest by 02/03/2021. Letter <<<>>>


25 Feb 21: DGM EF BSNL CO issued office order stating that any invoice entered in ERP after 60 days from the invoice date , will be processed only after condonation of delay by CMD BSNL or by Vertical Director concerned. Letter <<<>>>


25 Feb 21: AGM RM CFA BSNL CO issued circular for reformulation of certain PAN India Bharat Fibre Broadband plans in all the Circles except A&N Circle. Letter <<<>>>


24 Feb 21: AD Staff A Mumbai issued orders for direct relieving of AGMs to and from Tenure stations and non-tenure stations and all three AGMs stands relieved w.e.f. 23/03/2021. Letter <<<>>>


24 Feb 21: AD Staff A Mumbai issued orders for direct relieving of AO/JAO under transfer to Pune SSA as per their request. Letter <<<>>>


24 Feb 21: AGM RM CFA BSNL CO issued circular for conveying waiving off installation charges for LL/DSL/Bharat Fibre/ BBoWiFi/ Bharat AirFibre (Voice/ Broadband) connections in all the circles on promotional basis up to 31-03-2021. Letter <<<>>>

As on today, Rs. 250 for Copper Connections and Rs. 500 for Connections of Fibre is applied as installation charges and as a promotional offer same are now waived off for all connections which will be provided up to 31/03/2021.


24 Feb 21: AGM RM CM BSNL CO writes CGMs/IFAs about GSM Revenue Performance Report up to the month of Jan-2021. Letter <<<>>>


24 Feb 21: GM Fin CFA BSNL CO writes to all Circle Heads and IFAs to process and complete the process of technical write of more than 10 year old outstanding of ex customers with amount more than Rs 20 lakhs. Letter <<<>>>


24 Feb 21: AGM RM CM BSNL CO writes CGMs/IFAs about clarity report of landline Performance Report for the month of Jan-2021. Letter <<<>>>


24 Feb 21: DGM NWO CFA BSNL CO writes CGMs/IFAs about GSM Revenue Performance Report up to the month of Jan-2021. Letter <<<>>>


24 Feb 21: AGM RM CFA BSNL CO issued circular for revision of certain landline plans for Circles in West Zone. Letter <<<>>>


23 Feb 21: DGM Legal Mumbai issued orders for keeping in abeyance the transfer orders of three SDEs and five JTOs under transfers within Maharashtra Circle. Letter <<<>>>

·        These SDEs/JTOs were under transfer either under long stay or as per their request. The Three JTOs are under transfer as per their request were not relieved by concerned Offices due to administrative reasons and request by one of JTO to cancel his request transfer.

·        The other three SDEs and Two JTOs are under long stay transfer to Tenure stations and they have represented for change of SSA on medical grounds and genuine family grounds.

·        These Officers were relieved through ERP and their representations were not given consideration during intervening period.

·        These transfer orders were issued as per the old norms of justification of SSA wise executive strength showing shortages at the SSAs where these Officers were transferred.

·        SNEA MH has raised this issue with Shri. M.K. Mishra, earlier CGMT MH for posting excess executives at Tenure stations against their willingness and requested for change of SSA as in revised Executive strength as there are vacancies in SSAs where they have asked for change and he has assured to review the transfer orders and has issued directions to GM HR for same.

·        But by the time his instructions were implemented there were major changes in portfolio of CGMT MH and GM HR CO MH and this proposal could not move.

·        On joining of new CGMT MH, SNEA MH has taken up matter with him and apprised him about the issues and requested for considering the requests for change of SSA and after listening genuine grievances, CGMT MH was kind enough to issue directions to GM HR MH CO for same.

·        But later it was proposed by GM HR MH CO that all changes will be decided in the proposed transfers scheduled in March 2021 and till time all these officers will be retained at working SSA and accordingly their transfer orders are kept in abeyance till further orders i.e. their revised transfer order for change of SSA or consideration of cancellation of request.

·        SNEA MH conveys sincere thanks to Shri. Ramakant Sharma, CGMT MH, Shri. M. K. Mishra, then CGMT MH and Shri. Aman Jaiswal, GM HR CO MH for understanding the difficulties of these executives and responding positively to request of SNEA to adhere for SSA wise justification of executive strength equally for all SSA and to give justice to these executives by considering their request on genuine medical/family grounds.


23 Feb 21: GM Fin CFA BSNL CO writes to all Circle Heads and IFAs for mandatory  registration of cluster partners, channel partners and BSNL Retired Employees in Defaulter Bill Application (Special App) for collection of outstanding revenue of older than one year under incentive scheme ranging from 10% to 30% of outstanding amount. Letter <<<>>>


23 Feb 21: AD Estt Mumbai endorsed the Schedule Online Training by RTCC Pune from 22/02/2021 to 27/02/2021. Letter <<<>>>


23 Feb 21: AGM RM CFA BSNL CO issued Circular for reformulation and mapping of existing PAN India Broadband plans in all the Circles except A&N Circle and it will be effective from 01/03/2021. Letter <<<>>>


23 Feb 21: AGM RM CFA BSNL CO issued Circular for introduction of new DSL Broadband plans 100GB CUL, 200GB CUL and 500GB CUL on regular basis in all the Circles except A&N Circle and these new plans will be applicable w.e.f. 01/03/2021. Letter <<<>>>


23 Feb 21: DGM TC & CM BSNL CO issued Circular for promotional offer for STVs and PVs under GSM prepaid Mobile services and these offer will be valid up to 31/03/2021. Letter <<<>>>


23 Feb 21: Informative presentation of Bharat Air Fibre. Copy <<<>>>


22 Feb 21: SNEA MH meeting with Shri. Aman Jaiswal, GM HR CO MH on HR issues: The delegation of SNEA MH consisting Com. M. N. Kotambe, ACS, Com. Abhay Kesarkar, JS CE and Com. M. S. Adasul, CS had meeting with Shri. Aman Jaiswal, GM HR CO MH on 16/02/2021 at 1100 hrs wherein we have discussions on different ongoing/pending HR issues. The details of discussions are as follows.

1.     Uniform applicability of Centralization or Decentralization of all HR activities of all verticals: We have started discussions with ongoing issues of disparity among different verticals in dealing with HR activities. We pointed out how there is uncertainty and pendency on different HR issues as neither GM HR nor concerned Vertical heads are taking total care of HR issues and how pick and choose approach has kept on hold many HR activities and how certain files are moving fast and we stressed that whatever may be procedure either centralized with GM HR or decentralized with Vertical Heads, but it should be uniform for all and not as pick and choose as being done now. GM HR MH CO informed that matter may be discussed with CGMT MH and let him decide who has to deal with HR activities. We have narrated that we have submitted views in written letter to CGMT MH and hopefully we will discuss it in detail in next meeting. GM HR further added that there is no confusion on his part because as per BSNL CO guidelines HR activities of all verticals i.e. Telecom, Civil, Electrical and Account wing are to be centralized under GM HR and accordingly decision has been taken in MH Circle. Same is being implemented for all verticals and his office is originating all HR files and same are sent by him to concerned Vertical Heads for concurrence. As such, there is no issue except issues of Finance wing HR activities which are centralized for last one year, but GM Fin is having certain issues on transfer orders issued by HR section. He expressed that as GM HR he is not identifying any face while posting any executive at any place and he is keeping track and focus on number of executives required at Particular SSA and posting executives accordingly. But this is not acceptable to GM Fin Mumbai and on recent posting of JAOs/AOs/DGMs, GM Fin Mumbai has raised certain objections and they had hot arguments also. The matter is till inconclusive and now decision is to be taken by CGMT MH. GM HR added that he has no issue if HR activities are decentralized with concerned Vertical Heads and supported stand of SNEA about the uniformity of dealing HR activities and same is being implemented in MH Circle. The only concern he expressed that while dealing transfer posting Vertical heads should play limited role with number of officers required at particular SSA/BA/Unit and who is to be posted at what place is lookout of GM HR depending on his/her stay at particular station and vertical heads had nothing to do with it. He added that this is the main reason of conflict between him and GM Fin Mumbai about recent account wing transfers. He expressed serious concern that this matter was not decided by earlier CGMT MH and hence there are issues. GM HR added that he has again processed file for same and was optimistic that the issues will be decided by new CGMT MH and directed us to take final call with CGMT MH and he is ready for taking total responsibility of HR activities for all verticals and is also ready for decentralized HR activities as may be decided by CGMT MH.

2.     Pendency of majority HR activities of Finance wing: Delegation has pointed out to GM HR that though HR activities of Finance wing are centralized with his office since last one year, his office is dealing issues of only Transfer posting of account wing and other issues like TBP Orders, Confirmation of JTOs, preparation of Circle seniority list, permissions required from BSNL, rule 8/9 transfers etc are not taken care by HR units. Also there are issues in transfer orders issued and the grievances submitted by Finance wing executives are neither decided by HR unit nor the Finance wing is taking care of it with say that all HR activities are centralized with GM HR and always points out finger with GM HR about all HR related pending issues. We added that the concerned executives of Account are facing issues to whom they have to approach and who will resolve their grievances. We have pointed out specific cases of posting of IFA Aurangabad wherein file is being shunted among different Officers of HR unit and Finance unit for last one year and till matter in not decided. GM HR responded that there are certain issues and for this also he blamed GM Fin Mumbai and his team of DGMs dealing with HR activities. He added that while handing over the works of FC section to HR section, then DGM FC Mumbai has simply sent plain letter cum note that works of FC section are handed over to HR unit and there is no proper handing over of the records and hence his office is not in position to take care of entire issues of account wing. We added that we have discussed this issue with then DGM FC Mumbai and she has firmly informed that she has handed over all records to HR unit under acknowledgement. In response GM HR expressed that she is not telling truth and just plain paper letter is not procedure of handing over and there should be proper handover of files and Office records under due acknowledgement. He added that in one of court case, certain documents were required from FC section and that time DGM FC was on leave and DGM TR was assigned job to search file by GM Fin Mumbai. When combine search was carried out by DGM TR and then AD Staff A Mumbai, till no records could find out and there is need of proper handing over of records. We have informed that then how concerned officer of HR unit has acknowledged the receipt of files. GM HR agreed that during lockdown somebody has acknowledged the letter but clarified that it is not receipt of file and records, but it is receipt of letter and detail handing over procedure needs to be followed. In conclusion, he added that now let it be decided by CGMT MH who will deal with HR activities of Finance wing and once it is decided to be centralized with HR unit, he will see that proper handing over is followed under acknowledgement and if it will be decentralized with GM Fin Mumbai then there will not be issue as he may return the said letter in same manner as done by DGM FC Mumbai as custody of files and records till continues with DGM FC Mumbai. About pendency of HR works he also added that while transferring HR works, concerned Officer and Staff dealing with HR activities of Finance wing should have been transferred to HR unit. But no single executives or staff was relieved from FC section to HR unit to take care of centralized Account wing activities under GM HR and his repeated request for same are neglected by GM Fin Mumbai. Hence he is compelled to take care of works with additional burden to other ADs/SDEs in staff section and hence Finance wing HR works are pending in his office. GM HR added that once it is decided that who has to deal with HR activities by CGMT MH, the matter will be decided once for all. He firmly assured to clear pending HR issues of account wing executives if works continues with him and again directed us to take up issue with CGMT MH.

3.     Issues related to JAO Rule 8 Transfers: We have narrated GM HR that the consent from concerned Circle for acceptance of Rule 8 transfers as asked by MH Circle has been received from all Circles and till no decision has been taken on it. GM HR responded that the said issue was already approved by then CGMT MH Circle but now new CGMT MH has asked for entire data of Rule 8 Transfers and he will review it. Also as decided for all transfers, CGMT MH is of the opinion that Rule 8 transfers also should be considered after or in March 2021 and his office is working on consolidation of Rule 8 data required by CGMT MH and file will be reprocessed again. GM HR further added that during discussions with CGMT MH on rule 8 transfers, GM Fin Mumbai has expressed concern over relieving of JAOs under Rule 8 transfers due to shortage and has formed committee headed by GM Fin with DGM CSC Mumbai and DGM TR Mumbai as members of the committee. This committee will decided on consideration of Rule 8 transfers. We have reacted that when there are well defined guidelines on consideration of Rule 8 transfers and completion of five years is major criteria for it and when MH Circle has ample Account wing executives as compared to any other Circle in BSNL what is need of such committee to create confusion in minds of executives and giving scope for malpractices as seen in the past giving consideration of rule 8 transfers on pick and choose basis. GM HR added that he also did not find any need of such special committee as there is no provision in transfer policy, but committee is formed without any consultation of HR unit and directed us to take up matter with GM Fin for same. He added that if HR works continues within his office, he will not entertain any such committee and decisions will be taken as per Rule 8 transfer policy. We have further pointed out that there are some JAOs whose Rule 8 request is not given consideration in last spell even though his/her application was received by Circle Office and same are not even processed in file. GM HR reacted that no new cases will be added in the Rule 8 list at this stage and matter will be decided for request given consideration at earlier stage. We have added that we are not talking about new cases and we are pointing out cases which were received by HR units but missed by the staff/AD while processing Rule 8 cases and it is injustice to them. We are pursuing these missing cases at AD/AGM/DGM level and except assurances to process the cases, nothing has been concrete done on it. There is no mistake on part of individuals and SSAs and it is mistake of Staff section and needs to be corrected as it is injustice to these executives who are waiting for their Rule 8 transfer for last one year and disappointed as their name seems to be missing. GM HR understood our concern and assured that if this is the case, then he will direct concerned officers to process all such cases. In conclusion of this point, GM HR expressed that if works of HR activities are kept centralized with his office, then he will take care of rule 8 transfers and of it is decentralized then it is to be taken care by GM Fin Mumbai and his office will handover present details to GM Fin Mumbai.

4.     Issues with transfer posting of Account wing: We have narrated certain discrepancies in Account wing transfers and injustice to the executives of Account wing and how issues are being taken care on pick and choose basis. He again pointed out figure towards GM Fin Mumbai and CGMT MH and clarified that whatever is done on his part is correct and now matter is to be decided by CGMT MH. We have brought to his notice that certain request are not even processed in file even after submitting details by us to AD/AGM /DGM Staff, GM HR and even to CGMT MH. There are major discrepancies in the transfer posting of Account wing creating unrest among executives concerned. We have pointed out that the data of SSA wise strength of executives along with stay particulars are not published and transfer orders are issued without following Transfer policy guidelines for posting of officer on transfers. We have also pointed out that Tenure Transfer policy for posting of substitute is not followed and posting done on random basis and there are also serious discrepancies in granting cost of transfers. GM HR was of firm opinion that his office has taken all such care and there is no discrepancy in it. On Tenure Transfer Policy, he was of the opinion that there is no such transfer policy for account wing as all local polices are scrapped and only BSNL Corporate Office transfer policy will be followed. GM HR was of firm opinion that he has done everything right and if intervention of GM Fin is restricted he can give best results in account wing transfer policy also. He finally directed us to take up matter with CGMT MH. We have conveyed him that we will shortly submit the grievances and violations of policy guidelines in writing to CGMT MH.

5.     Tenure SSAs in Maharashtra Circle and its applicability to all wings: During discussions on account wing transfers and tenure stations, GM HR informed that there is no difference in Tenures for Account wing as well as other wings and Tenure stations are equal for executives of all wings. We have pointed out that there are no orders for cancellation of Tenure Transfers decided by Finance wing, GM HR expressed that all such local tenure stations are scrapped and he is following only Transfer policy issued by BSNL CO and he do not agree on any policy issued locally by Maharashtra Circle. We have narrated that he is already following this policy for Telecom wing and issuing Tenure orders and his say that no local policy is followed has no meaning. Being GM HR for all verticals he has to implement it or modify it officially and not is such unofficial manner. Then GM HR informed that one of the association has submitted proposal for one more tenure station at Marathwada region which is central location for executives in Marathwada region and he also agrees with the proposal. We have narrated that the Tenure stations are decided on the basis of local conditions and availability resources and local executives in particular SSA /Circle and not on basis of suitability of any area. The main purpose of Tenure station is to give relief to executives working at such difficult stations and to provide them some extra facilities to overcome hardship faced in office working area. There are framed guidelines on declaring any station as tenure Station and said are available with his Establishment section. Till now, in Maharashtra Circle, the Tenure stations are decided on basis of these guidelines and it is reviewed time to time. But his stand that there are no local Tenure policy has no meaning and issues needs to be decided as per guidelines on subject. It is crystal clear that Tenure stations are well defined for Telecom and Account wing separately and Telecom wing policy is used by Civil and Electrical wings for considering request transfers from tenure stations as there is no such specific and separate policy for these wings. Hence till these orders are not modified or reviewed or cancelled by any official order, just say of GM HR that all local policies are scrapped has no meaning and needs firm official order on it. But GM HR was not in position to clear the fact and continued to say that there is no Tenure Policy locally and he knows only BSNL Transfer Policy and directed to discuss this matter with CGMT MH and let it be decided by Circle Head. He also assured to go through the tenure policy guidelines available with establishment section and have review on his part.   

6.     Publication of Stay particulars and SSA wise Executive Strength of Account wing: We have drawn attention of GM HR about non-publication of latest data of Account wing executives and issuing orders on pick and choose basis. GM HR informed that stay particulars as well as SSA wise strength of Account wing executives has been published long back and his office has taken further action on basis of that data. We have brought to his notice the changes happened in this data over the period and need of correct and updated data for considering request transfers and long stay transfers. We have also brought to his notice certain discrepancies in it and need of publishing updated data and he assured for it before considering next spell of transfers. 

7.     Confirmation of JAOs: We have pointed out that the confirmation of JAOs is pending for long time and even though assurances by different officers from HR units and calling for data of same long back, there is no firm action taken on issuing confirmation orders of many JAOs. GM HR Mumbai asked where any such case is pending and we have replied that in recent past as no such confirmation order is issued either by FC section or by HR section, the confirmation of all such JAOs joined as per recent orders are pending and there are about 110 such cases. GM HR assured that he will direct concerned officers to take care of it and again expressed concern that matter can be conclusive if CGMT once for all decided the responsibility of HR activities and gives freedom to HR unit to deal with all HR activities he will take care of all such issues as early as possible.  In conclusion, GMHR assured to check the same with his office and take immediate action in this regard

8.     Acceptance of Request for Refusal received in DGM LA Arrangements: We have narrated the difficulties faced by the DEs who are transferred out of SSAs and have submitted refusals of DGM LA and their cases are forwarded by BA/SSA Heads to Circle Office Mumbai, but these cases are given consideration on pick and choose basis and no uniform decision is taken on it. We have pursued this from AD to CGMT MH and everybody has assured for it as it is permitted as per BSNL guidelines on the subject. GMHR expressed total reluctance on this issue and shared that there is no need of any action on part of his Office and clarified that it is understood that who is not joined means his refusal is accepted. He further added that once officer has submitted refusal, then it is as good as accepted and there should not be any issue on it and no one should worry for it. He added that he is of the opinion that instead of issuing fresh DGM LA Orders against these refusals, he will first transfer DEs under long stay to equalize shortage of DGMs and then give DGM LA so that refusals can be avoided and there is no need of separate transfer orders for LA Arrangements in SDE, DE or in DGM Cadres. GM HR was optimistic that he will complete entire transfer posting activities by 15th of March 2021 and then he will issue LA orders and hence he has not issued orders of acceptance of refusals, but he firmly assured that every refusal submitted is as good as accepted. We have narrated that BA Heads are pressurizing concerned officers for force relieving of these officers and narrated case of Com S P Jain, DE Dhule wherein GMT Jalgaon being BA Head for Dhule SSA has pressurized him to accept the DGM LA order even after his written refusal quoting that it is not accepted by Circle Office meaning that it is rejected. By understanding all these issues, GM HR agreed to our concern and assured that he will direct concerned officer in HR unit to process all such refusal cases and convey its approval of acceptance of refusal to concerned BA Heads. 

9.     Consideration of Request Transfers from MH Circle to WTR Circle: We have reminded GM HR about the need of executives at different locations in WTR in territory of Maharashtra Circle as expressed and desired by then CGMT MH and new CGMT MH also. GM HR informed that he has already written to WTR asking for detail justification and requirement of executives with details of executives available with WTR and its utilization including stay of the officer at particular Station as compared to stay of executive in concerned SSA of MH Circle. In response DGM Admn WTR/CNTXW Mumbai has met him with certain details and asking some clarifications on data required. GM HR added that WTR team has been guided on the information required by Maharashtra Circle and it is expected that these details will be sent by CNTXW Circle at the earliest. GM HR Mumbai further informed that hopefully the information from CNTXW Circle will be received by end of Feb 2021. Accordingly he is planning to issue orders for consideration of requests from MH Circle to WTR/CNTXW Circle along with all transfers he is proposing by 15th Feb 2021. On this issue GM HR was optimistic and positively assured to consider all such requests from MH to WTR Circle.

10.            Justification of Executive for Mobile , RTTC and Circle Office: We have brought to notice of GM HR Mumbai the issues related to justification of executives in Mobile Units, RTTCs and in Circle office Mumbai and need to have some fixed guidelines either from Circle office or from Corporate Office. GM HR informed that he has already published executive strength for all these units along with data of SSAs/BAs. There will not be any change in the executive strength decided vide his office as changes if any will create further issues. We have narrated that there are some issues with justification and changes are required by giving weightage to FTTH teams as per recent guidelines on subject wherein FTTH teams with minimum 12 to 24 JTOs/SDEs needs be formed at each BA HQ which will be/are operational for all SSAs under that BA. But GM HR was of the opinion that there cannot be any change at this stage and he will go ahead with strength he has published earlier and he has already updated CGMT MH on this issue. Then we have informed him that if it is so, we will address this issue to CGMT MH and he conveyed consent for same. 

11.   Publication of SSA wise Justification of Electrical and Civil wing executives and issues thereof: We have drawn attention of GM HR on the published data of executive strength by Electrical wing and Civil wing and how it has no uniformity among SSAs. It is clearly seen that this data is prepared with certain bias in mind and the requirement of JTOs/SDEs is different among the SSAs of same category. It is seen that in some of SSAs the recently posted JTOs and SDEs are compelled to opt for out of SSA as no post of his cadre is shown justified in that SSA. There is serious discrimination on justification of posts both in SDE and JTO Cadre and we can understand and accept the justification at EE and SE level, but grievances at JTO/SDE level needs to be corrected. GM HR expressed that there was nothing doing from corporate office and we not expecting any Post VRS restructuring policy for Accounts, Civil and Electrical wing executives. Corporate office says Circle may manage their executives as per available executive’s strength at required locations where work gravity known to concerned vertical head. GM HR further informed that justification is done not on basis of requirement of SSAs, but it is done on basis of the availability of executives in these cadres. He informed that as CE Civil Mumbai he has prepared justification of JTOs/SDEs in Civil wing and he has seen that there are no hands available to distribute and he has to manage the show among available JTOs/SDEs. When we have asked that justification should be done as per the standard procedure as done by Telecom wing and number of post justified in any cadre should be equal for particular SSAs in particular Category as defined under restructuring norms. GM HR did not agree on it stating that BSNL Corporate office will not give additional hands and he will have to manage the works within the available strength and he has prepared justification as per available manpower and without making any difference between JTO and SDE. He said that in Telecom wing there are ample JTOs/SDEs available and in Civil and Elect wing there are few executives left and the luxury of executives as maintained in Telecom wing cannot be maintained in Civil/ Electrical wings. For grievances on calculations of SSA wise Electrical wing executives, he directed to take up matter with CE Elect Mumbai and as GM HR his role will be only for deciding transfer and posting of required Executives at particular SSA as per justification prepared by CE Elect Mumbai. In his eyes JTO/SDE in Elect and Civil wings are also equal and should carry equal responsibility and he will go ahead with the calculations done by him. SNEA will further take up issue with CGMT MH to get data corrected as per norms defined and not as per faces available as being done now.

12.   Preparation of fresh data of stay particulars and Executive Strength for consideration of Non-tenure transfers: Association updated that many comrades have submitted their request after publishing data by HR section and there are certain transfers implemented over the year. As such, there is need of publishing fresh data of executive strength as well as Stay particulars of executives working in different SSAs. GM HR informed that the said data is ready in his computer and as per discussion with CGMT MH, the request of all executives who are completing three years at present working Non Tenure SSA and two years and two years for tenure SSAs will be added in the list. He was of the opinion that the stay particulars are published and there are no changes in it and hence no need of its publication. We insisted for publication of fresh data of executive strength as well as stay particulars so that there is transparency. Finally GM HR informed that he is updating data and will decide on it shortly.

13.   Publication of stay particulars for considering Tenure Transfers: We have expressed our views for publication of data for Tenure longest stay list for MH circle for planning and giving right option by all executives who are due for transfer under long stay. We also have narrated that GM HR is publishing combine data showing stay in SSA as well as Circle in same list and it makes difficult for executives for understanding his/her position in the Circle long stay list which is operated for posting at Tenure stations. Under confusion, many executives do not opt for any station even though they are at top of list and finally get transferred at odd locations and pursuing for changes in transfers and it can be avoided in Circle Long Stay list is published separately. But GM HR was not ready for same and he said that executives should understand their position form the data whatever he is publishing and he will not publish separate data for Circle Level Long stay list. We conveyed him that if excel sheet is ready with him then he has to only sort out data as per Circle stay and publish it. If he has any issue, he should publish data in excel sheet so that it can be sorted out by individuals or as association will publish it by sorting it out. But GM HR was dead against it and very adamantly he told that he will not publish separate list of Circle Long stay and let the executives understand from it. By understanding his total reluctance on this issue, we have not further stressed on it, but we will take up matter with CGMT MH for same.

14.    Uniform applicability of Transfer Grant: We have brought to notice of GM HR about biased applicability of company cost on transfers and how he has given consideration for Company cost transfers for certain executives and how he has compelled some of executives to join even tenure stations at Own cost. GM HR informed that transfers at Tenure stations having excess strength were given consideration in the interest of executives to give consideration to their requests even though there were no vacancies and hence all such transfers are considered at Own cost. For the transfers at locations where there is shortage, he is giving consideration at Company cost. He further added that he has taken corrective action in case of DE posted at Goa and his request at Own cost is converted in Company cost when it was understood that there were vacancies in DE Cadre in Goa SSA. He also conveyed that if any such case is pending, same may be please brought to his notice, he will get it corrected.

15.   Consideration of pending Request Transfers from Tenure as well as Non-tenure Stations: We have brought to the notice of GM HR the unrest among the executives from Non-Tenure stations, whose request are not given consideration for last one year by giving different reasons at different times. Apart from this next spell of Transfers from tenure stations are also due and these executives are waiting for their transfers. GM HR informed that he has planned to give consideration to all transfers together and he is working out on it. He informed that he has prepared data of request transfers from and to non-tenure stations on so many occasions and even processed in files but you know that it was not given consideration by then CGMT MH quoting reason of bulk/mass transfers. He assured that this time, he is hopeful that all transfers will be given consideration by new CGMT MH in one lot as being proposed by him for last one year. He firmly assured that now also he is working in it and hopefully all transfers i.e. Requests from Tenure stations, Requests from Non-Tenure Stations and transfers for equalization of Executives among SSAs all together will be issued by 15th March 2021 or latest by 20th March 2021.

16.   Benevolent Fund for Maharashtra Circle: We reminded GM HR about our earlier discussions on formation of informed Benevolent Fund. We added that as directed by CGMT MH, SNEA MH has submitted written proposal for Benevolent Fund to support family members of any of BSNL employee/ executives in case of his/her untimely death and stressed for its early approval. GM HR remembered that SNEA has submitted such proposal before few years, but could not materialize. He added that proposal by SNEA has been received by his office from CGMT MH and he has marked it to DGM/AGM Admn Mumbai for further necessary action and assured to have immediate action by taking all possible steps for same and get it functional at the earliest.

17.   Group Medical Insurance Policy for Maharashtra Circle: We narrated our earlier discussions with GM HR and CGMT MH about need of group Medical Insurance for executives and Non-executives in BSNL Maharashtra Circle and informed GM HR that CGMT MH has given go ahead signal for Group Medical Insurance Policy and has directed us to submit the proposal in writing. Accordingly SNEA MH has submitted proposal to CGMT MH and he has marked it to GM HR Mumbai. GM HR informed that he has received the proposal and asked what SNEA expects on part of management to go ahead with it. We have added that SNEA had already discussed with Insurance Companies about the proposal and how it can be implemented at minimum premium and maximum Insurance coverage. We requested that Insurance companies need premium from single point and in this case centrally subscription from BSNL will help in further reduction of premium as more and more executives/non-executives will be beneficial from it. GM HR requested us to arrange meeting of representatives of these Insurance companies with him and he will discuss with them along with GM Fin Mumbai so that fast action can be taken on it. We have assured for immediate arrangement of meeting with representatives of Insurance companies and assured GM HR total support in getting this proposal implemented for all willing executives and non-executives also. We made it clear that our intention is to get and give benefits to all executives and non-executives as per their requirement and willingness and if it is done centrally for all, it will give good results.

18.   Publication of Works assigned & Contact details of Executives in CO Mumbai: We once again requested GM HR to publish list of executives in Circle Office Mumbai with contact details and works assigned to them so that it will be easy to executives working in field units to directly contact concerned officer. GM HR was again somewhat reluctant and of the opinion that such directory is not required in today’s scenario. We cleared that we have never asked for any traditional directory, but there is need of contact details as published by him on MH Intranet for officers in Staff section and if similar list is published by all verticals or if consolidated list of all executives in Circle Office Mumbai is published by HR section, then it will be best for all and added that CGMT MH also has given consent for same. In conclusion, GMHR responded that he will look into issue and see that such list is published at the earliest.

19.   AGM/DE LA in Circle office Mumbai: We have narrated our discussions with GM HR on this subject and once again requested GM HR to bring uniformity among different sections of Circle Office Mumbai in issuing DE/AGM LA Orders. GM HR informed that he is aware about it and after DGM LA orders, the need of AGMs has been increased and feared that this may create further shortage in SDE Cadre. Hence some additional JTOs/SDEs needs to be posted in Circle Office Mumbai. He has planned to post it in proposed transfers in March 2021 and thereafter DE/AGM LA orders will be issued centrally for entire Maharashtra Circle and present procedure to issue AGM/DE LA as per local seniority within SSA will be stopped. He added that if we issue AGM/DE LA Orders at this stage it will disturb present pyramid of hierarchy and hence he will decide it on Circle Level. During discussions, we have brought to his notice certain issues due to more than one DE level SSA Heads/ Operation heads posted in same SSA. GM HR informed that this is also raised by CGMT MH, but as GM HR he is of the opinion that there is need of two AGMs in each SSA or new Area of Operation and to maintain hierarchy and to have control on all activities of SSA, there is need of two AGMs. But he informed that he will go ahead as per directions of CGMT MH and there will be one AGM in Operation area as per restructuring guidelines of BSNL Corporate office.

20.   Review of compulsion of 12% discount applied on reimbursement of Medical Bills only in CO Mumbai: Association reminded our last discussions with him on stopping applicability of 12% discount compelled only on invoices of Executives and Staff at Circle office and need to stop it. GM HR again directed us to take up issue with CGMT MH and we have informed him that we have discussed this issue with CGMT MH and he has assured to take care of it. CGMT MH only has directed to meet you as GM HR and discuss it with him and get issue settled. GM HR assured that he will look into it shortly.

21.   Individual genuine requests as discussed with CGMT MH: We have requested GM HR on the progress of the genuine individual request for change of SSA as per discussions with CGMT MH before fortnight and till no orders are issued. GM HR informed that he has again discussed this issue with CGMT MH and it is decided to consider all such request along with the transfer posting proposed by him in March 2021 and till then all these officers will be retained in their last working SSA. He added that accordingly he has already directed to process all such request in one lot. But as concerned AD Staff is on leave and hence orders are not issued and but firmly assured to get it done in this week itself.

22.   Long pending Request of Com Ajay Mohite, AO for settlement of long pending grievances for posting as IFA Aurangabad as per seniority: We have reminded GM HR about the grievances of Com. Mohite AO Aurangabad and how the matter is being shunted in file/s from Staff section to Finance Section and how very simple case to settle is being made difficult due to certain officers who are not in position to take decision. Association expressed our concern about this long pending issue and not getting any conclusion in this matter and GMHR expressed that now norms are changed. Lastly GMHR was ready to look into this matter personally and do the needful

23.   Long pending Request of Com. S.R. Manjhi DE Sindhudurg for ERP relieving to Pune SSA on completion of his tenure: We have narrated grievances faced by Com S R Manjhi DE Sindhudurg who is not relieved even after completion of six months of his tenure at Sindhudurg. GM HR was optimistic that let him wait till March 2021 and he will be relieved in these orders. But we have updated him, the real and critical issues faced by Com. Manjhi and requested to relieve him through ERP as done for all other executives from tenure stations. We have also added that any direction on part of Circle office to PGM BAH Kolhapur will also resolve the issue as it is only executives to be relived from last spell of tenure transfer orders issued before six months. GM HR informed that Shri. Manjhi has called him also 2-3 times and hence is aware about his grievances and firmly assured to see that Com. Manjhi is relieved. On our request, he assured to call PGM Kolhapur first and request him for relieving Shri. Manjhi and if PGM Kolhapur did not act on it then Shri. Manjhi will be relieved through ERP by Circle office at the earliest. 

24.   Undue delay in forwarding Request of Com. A.Y. Ugargol DE Kolhapur for BBNW Circle: We have expressed grievances faced by Com Ugargol and Com Asangi DE under transfer to BBNW Circle due to over delay in forwarding the revised request of Com. Ugargol DE Kolhapur to BBNW Circle. We have bought to his notice that even after firm assurance to SNEA by then CGMT MH for forwarding his request to BSNL Corporate office since last one and half month no file is moved from Staff section. We reminded GM HR that we have personally requested him for same on 2-3 occasions and he also has assured positively, but till no action been has taken and both the comrades are facing hardship. After getting elaborate information of the case, GM HR remembered the request and directed us to discuss with new CGMT MH. We have informed that we have already discussed with him and he has directed to take up with you as GM HR Mumbai. Finally GM HR informed that he has no issue and he will re-put up the case with positive remark. 

After elaborate discussions on all these issues for about one and half hour meeting concluded with thanks by each other.


20 Feb 21: AD Staff A Mumbai issued orders for posting of IFA Nagpur under Looking After Arrangements wherein Com. Shankar Vijay AO Nagpur is given charge of DGM Fin /IFA Nagpur. Letter <<<>>>


20 Feb 21: AD Estt Mumbai endorsed the Schedule Online Training by RTCC Nagpur from 22/02/2021 to 27/02/2021. Letter <<<>>>


20 Feb 21:  CMTS Bulletin Jan 2021 <<<>>>


20 Feb 21: AGM NWO CM BSNL CO writes all Circle Heads for adhering to guidelines on labour laws issued by BSNL CO in tenders for outsourcing of maintenance and other works. Letter <<<>>>


20 Feb 21: DGM S&M CM BSNL CO writes to all Circle Heads about modification in certain clauses of CM S&D Policy-2018 after restructuring by introducing BAs/ OAs. Letter <<<>>>


20 Feb 21: DGM S&M CM BSNL CO writes to all Circle Heads about Bulk/CUG activations through OCSCs and channel partners. Letter <<<>>>


18 Feb 21: DGM HR Mumbai writes to Non-Recruiting Circles calling for information required for preparation of All India Gradation List No. 3 of JTOs working in Non-Recruiting Circles in Territory of Maharashtra Circle and information is to be sent by 1500 hrs of 20/02/2021. Letter <<<>>>


18 Feb 21: AGM Estt BSNL CO endorsed DoPT guidelines on grant of annual increment falling due on the next day of superannuation /retirement for the purpose of pensionary benefits. Letter <<<>>>


18 Feb 21: GM CA BSNL CO writes all Circle Heads for deduction of annual premium of Group Term Insurance from the salary of the Month of Feb 2021. Letter <<<>>>


18 Feb 21: ADG DoT issued allocation of numbering level for basic services by BSNL in area of MTNL Mumbai and Delhi and now BSNL can start its basic services in Mumbai- the economical capital of India and Delhi - the capital of India, thus now BSNL can have PAN India presence. Letter <<<>>>


18 Feb 21: DGM HR Mumbai issued relieving order of SDEs under transfer to all India Hard Tenure stations. Letter <<<>>>


18 Feb 21: AD Staff A Mumbai issued posting order of All India Tenure completed DE Com. S. R. Wani, and posted him at Aurangabad SSA as per his request. Letter <<<>>>


16 Feb 21: SNEA MH writes to Shri. Ramakant Sharma, CGMT MH Circle requesting for keeping uniformity in dealing with HR activities of Telecom, Account, Civil and Electrical wings in BSNL Maharashtra Circle. Letter <<<>>>


15 Feb 21: DGM Admn Mumbai issued orders for cash payment in lieu of supply of Towel, Soap, Glass Tumbler, Ball Pen and Refills for the year 2020 wherein Rs.750 each will be paid to all executives and Rs 580 will be paid each non-executive working in Maharashtra Circle and most probably this amount will be credited in this month salary. Letter <<<>>>


15 Feb 21: DGM HR Mumbai endorsed BSNL CO letter for conveying guidelines on renewal of GTI w.e.f. 01/03/2021. Letter <<<>>>

·        The option for withdrawal from GTI scheme will be available for new entrants only from 16/02/2021 to 18/02/2021 and thereafter no withdrawal option from GTI is permitted by online or by representation and amount will be deducted from Salary of February 2021.

·        SNEA MH appeals all comrades to check their ERP status for GTI subscription deduction before 18/02/2021 and decide on continuing with option or withdrawal of already submitted option to avoid hardship as faced by some of executives in last spell of deduction of GTI annual subscription wherein more than Rs 50000 of unwilling executives were deducted and no refund was granted at later stage.


13 Feb 21: Jt GM Vigilance BSNL CO issued clarification on issuing Vigilance clearance for issuing passport wherein it is clarified that VC for passport can be withheld only if the officer is under suspension or in case of any criminal matters against officer. Letter <<<>>>


13 Feb 21: Director HR BSNL Board writes to all Directors, CGMs, PGMs and GMs in BSNL for judicious use of file creation in e office. Letter <<<>>>


13 Feb 21: DGM HR Mumbai endorsed the notification by BRBRAITT Jabalpur for webinar scheduled on 15/02/2021 for e-office implementation and ERP module. Letter <<<>>>


13 Feb 21: JTO Estt Mumbai endorsed the Schedule Online Training by RTCC Nagpur from 15/02/2021 to 20/02/2021. Letter <<<>>>


11 Feb 21: SNEA MH writes to Shri. Ramakant Sharma, CGMT MH Circle for approval of “Group Medical Insurance Policy (GMIP)” for all willing Executives working in BSNL Maharashtra Circle. Letter <<<>>>


11 Feb 21: SNEA MH writes to Shri. Ramakant Sharma, CGMT MH Circle for approval of “Benevolent Fund” for all willing Executives working in BSNL Maharashtra Circle. Letter <<<>>>


11 Feb 21: AGM LM BSNL CO writes to all Circle Heads for action to be taken case of acquisition of BSNL land by state Governments or local authorities. Letter <<<>>>


11 Feb 21: After merger of two non-Territorial Circles BBNW Circle and NCNGN Circle, the merged Circle is named as FLCN (Fixed Line Core Network ) Circle. Letter <<<>>>


 11 Feb 21: CGMT MH writes all SSA/BA Heads for reduction of expenditure on rental premises by surrendering the rented space which is excess than the requirement of Equipment’s. Letter <<<>>>


9 Feb 21: AGM Pers BSNL CO issued orders for posting of SDEs to and from All India tenure Stations wherein Four SDEs working in MH Circle are transferred to All India tenure Stations and one SDE working at J&K Circle is posted in Maharashtra Circle. Letter <<<>>>


9 Feb 21: AGM Pers BSNL CO issued orders for direct relieving of SDEs under transfer to and from All India Tenure Stations and some SDEs under transfer as per their request wherein Seven SDEs working in MH Circle are force relieved and one SDE is relieved for MH Circle through ERP. Letter <<<>>>


9 Feb 21: DGM NWO CFA BSNL CO writes to all CGMs calling for suggestions for providing quick, effective and quality services to all Government Organizations and PSUs under mandatory services as per Government Directives. Letter <<<>>>


 9 Feb 21: AGM CIT BSNL CO writes to Circle/Unit Heads conveying policy guidelines for usage of BSNL email and action to be taken in case of retirement/ deputation of officer concerned. Letter <<<>>>


9 Feb 21: Jt GM LD BSNL CO issued orders conveying constitution of Purchase Committee for purchasing Building Civil products on Government E Marketing Portal. Letter <<<>>>


9 Feb 21: AGM LM BSNL CO writes to all CGMs for constitution of Circle Level Committee for Land Monetization. Letter <<<>>>


8 Feb 21: AD Staff A Mumbai issued combine orders for Account wing Executives wherein some fresh company cost transfer orders, retention in same SSA permanently by cancellation of transfer orders issued earlier, retention for certain period , posting of IFAs for BAH etc has been issued. Letter <<<>>>

·        This issue of individual grievances in earlier issued transfer orders was taken up by SNEA MH in welcome meeting of CGMT MH and accordingly certain request are given consideration and certain are not given the consideration.

·        There are till issues in the earlier issued transfer orders and fresh Company cost transfer orders and some of comrades have conveyed same telephonically.

·        All such comrades are requested to submit their grievances through proper channel and its copy may be sent to DS SNEA concerned and to Com. Hrushikesh Kesale, Joint Secretary Account /Finance SNEA MH @ Mumbai on email and/or, Mob No. 9422882888, who is and will be pursuing all such grievances with management for justice to individuals.

·        CGMT MH has taken stand no transfers will be issued till April 2021, but till certain officers are giving wrong feedback to CGMT MH and getting such proposals of company cost transfer orders approved against the well-defined stand.

·        SNEA MH will take up cases a fresh accordingly and hence all are requested to submit their grievances if any at the earliest. 


8 Feb 21: AD Staff A Mumbai issued company cost transfer order of Com. M.A. Kulkarni SDE Civil Aurangabad to Circle Office Mumbai. Letter <<<>>>

·        Earlier all transfer orders of Civil wing were issued by Civil wing and recently all of sudden the transfer orders of Civil wing are also being issued by Staff Section.

·        There is uncertainty and no uniformly is seen in dealing with HR issues as some orders re issued by Staff section and some orders are issued by Civil/Electrical wing creating confusion and giving scope to pick and choose transfers.

·        SNEA MH will take up matter with CGMT MH to either have centralized Transfer posting of all executives of all wings i.e. Telecom, Civil, Electrical and Account wing under Staff section or decentralized equally for Account, Civil and Electrical wing with concerned Vertical heads, but such pick and choose approach and random transfer orders of same vertical by staff section as well as by concerned vertical needs to be stopped.


8 Feb 21: AGM Elect BSNL CO issued transfer orders from and to All Indi Tenure stations wherein request of Com. M. S. Hannuare, SDE Elect Mumbai is given consideration and he is transferred and posted to Assam Circle. Letter <<<>>>


8 Feb 21: DGM legal issued orders for SE Civil under LA arrangements in Circle office Mumbai wherein Com. A. L. Ganvir, EE Civil Mumbai is given charge of SE Civil Mumbai. Letter <<<>>>


8 Feb 21: DGM Legal Mumbai writes All BA/Unit Heads conveying extension of earlier orders for deployment of Staff and Executives under local Looking After arrangements by SSA/BA Heads till 30/04/2021 and these arrangements are to be effected without any transfers and as per seniority of officer within SSA. Letter <<<>>>


8 Feb 21: EE EP Mumbai issued posting order of Com. N.M. Avachar, SDE Elect who has joined Maharashtra Circle after completion of All India Hard Tenure station and he is posted at Nashik as per his request. Letter <<<>>>


8 Feb 21: AD Staff B Mumbai issued orders for relieving of SDEs from Maharashtra Circle under transfer to All India Hard Tenure stations in J&K Circle. Letter <<<>>>


8 Feb 21: GM CIT BSNL CO writes to all email users in BSNL for not using foreign private service provider's email services by the officials of BSNL, thus making use of BSNL email id compulsory for all official correspondence of BSNL. Letter <<<>>>


 8 Feb 21: Jt GM Pers BSNL CO writes to Circle/Unit Heads for verification of personnel data of executives in SAP Portal from service Book for implementation of e DPC /CPC through SAP Portal w.e.f. 01/04/2021.  Letter <<<>>>

·        From April 2021 onwards BSNL will held E DPCs through SAP Portal and hence data needs to be updated for all Executives and 28/02/2021 is target date for same.

·        The personal data like designation, present Circle, Category, Present Grade, Substantive grade, HRMS Number, Staff Number, Date of Joining in substantive grade, Recruitment Year, Date Of appointment etc is to be updated in SAP after verification with service book of the individual.

·        This data is required from year 2014-15 to 2020-21 and hence past data not available in SAP is to be updated manually in SAP.

·        GM HR of Circles have to issue certificate regarding complete verification of personal data with service books and manual updation of past data in SAP.

·        SNEA MH appeals all executives to check for updated data in SAP as well as in their service Book and if not matter may be taken with concerned Admn/Staff section officers for its timely updation.


8 Feb 21: DGM EB MH Mumbai writes all SSA Heads in Maharashtra Circle for providing Last Mile connectivity of leased circuits through 4F/6F overhead OFC laying for MPLS / ILL/Leased lines for BSNL customers in Maharashtra and Goa on OPEX model. Letter <<<>>>


2 Feb 21: SNEA MH welcomes Shri. Ramakant Sharma, CGMT MH Circle : On 28/01/2021, the delegation of SNEA led by Com. Abhay Kesarkar JS CE SNEA MH and consisting Com. Rupesh Kumar, JS HQ SNEA MH, Com. Hrushikesh Kesale, JS AF SNEA MH, Com. Ankit Gangar, DS SNEA Mumbai, Com. Durgesh Baghele, CEC Member SNEA Mumbai, & Com. M. S. Adasul, CS SNEA MH gave warm welcome to Shri Ramakant Sharma, newly joined CGMT MH Circle with beautiful bouquet and assured him full support on part of SNEA for overall growth and development of Maharashtra Circle.

·        PHOTOS <<<>>>

·        Team SNEA gave warm welcome to CGMT MH who has taken over charge in last week and held discussions on different Development issues of BSNL Maharashtra Circle and HR issues of executives in Maharashtra Circle.

·        In reciprocation, Shri. Ramakant Sharma, CGMT MH Circle conveyed thanks and expressed pleasure to take over the charge of CGMT MH Telecom Circle which is biggest Telecom Circle of BSNL. He added that Maharashtra Circle has highest potential for growth of BSNL and it is required that we all should put total efforts to grab this opportunity in the interest of BSNL. Shri. Sharma informed that since he has taken over the charge of CGMT MH, he has taken review of working of different Verticals by conducting meetings with all Vertical Heads in Circle Office Mumbai. He conveyed that he has noted different issues in all such discussions and will try to resolve issues one by one. He appreciated efforts by EB Teams of Maharashtra Circle for their major contribution towards the revenue target of Circle and BSNL. He underlined the prominent role of Maharashtra Circle in overall growth of BSNL. He added that Maharashtra Circle being the biggest Telecom Circle which contributes to more than 12% business/revenue share of entire BSNL and hence this Circle has special importance and privilege.

·        After brief discussions on BSNL Maharashtra Circle, discussions continued with self-introduction of Office Bearers present in delegation of SNEA. The delegation of SNEA gave brief idea to CGMT MH about SNEA Maharashtra Circle and its active role in overall functioning of Maharashtra Circle. We elaborated him about the functioning of SNEA with existence of branches in all Districts and Units of Territorial Circles. We also made him aware about active involvement of young generation in overall functioning on SNEA Maharashtra Circle. CGMT MH appreciated the activities of SNEA and appealed to have focused approach is overall growth of Maharashtra Circle and SNEA delegation firmly assured for same. 

·        The details of further discussions on different Development and HR issues is as follows.

·        Development issues:

1.     Diversion of LL/BBs from small Exchanges to FFTH by installation of OLTE at Centralised Place and closure of loss making Exchanges: WE have updated CGMT MH that as on today many small Exchanges of BSNL are loss making and even though special efforts are done by BSNL there is no improvement in recurring loss to BSNL. There is huge expenditure on Rent, Taxes, Electricity bills, Establishments, staff, security and the services of BB or LL provided from these exchanges are not of the quality what is expected by the customers. Hence it is needed on part of BSNL that all such loss making exercise needs to be replaced by installing BSNL OLTEs or by allowing Business Partners of BSNL to install their OLTEs on Revenue Share basis. If OLTEs are installed by Business partners, then there will be no expenditure on part of BSNL and only revenue share as applicable will be paid to Business Partners. We also added that in case of more than one small Exchanges in nearby area, one OLTE can be installed at Centralised place and the existing OFC network of these exchanges can be utilised and maintained by TIPs with no cost to BSNL. This will save good amount of BSNL being paid on OFC Mtce for such small exchanges. All the existing connections can be shifted from LL. BB to FTTH Connections and new demand for Voice as well as Internet can be completed by new FTTH connections. We further informed that this proposal was discussed with earlier CGMT MH also and he has principally agreed with this proposal and before it could make practical, he was transferred. If this proposal is implemented by BSNL there will be huge saving from all loss making exchanges. CGMT MH agreed to views expressed by SNEA and assured to look into implementation of proposal after discussions with Vertical/BA heads.

2.     Formation of BA wise FTTH Teams: Delegation brought to the notice of CGMT MH that BSNL Corporate Office for formation of FTTH Teams at BA HQs. We have discussed this issue with earlier CGMT MH, but he has shared some difficulties in formation of teams due to shortage of executives and we have suggested to form teams at least in SSAs/BAs which are having excess strength of executives and he has agreed for same but till no teams are formed. In response CGMT MH informed that he is aware about the issues and has already directed to PGM CFA to take up matter with BA/SSA Heads for formation of One Network Teams. He added that to start with One Network teams will start functioning in Pune, Nagpur, Nashik and Goa SSA w.e.f 01/02/2021 and same will be implemented in all BAs in Month February 2021 itself. He informed that formation of One Network teams will definitely improve the provision and maintenance of FTTH Connections including backbone network and active support will be extended to all Business partners on 24X7 and seven days week basis.

3.     Effective Functioning of BAs and operation Areas: We informed CGMT MH that consolidation of BAs and restructuring is partially implemented in Maharashtra Circle but it is not fully functional in all SSAs/BAs. Till some SSAs continues to carry of the works centralised at BAs and there is need of uniformity among all SSAs. We also added the difficulties faced by executives in such partial implementation of order. After listing to details submitted by us, CGMT MH assured for uniform implementation of BA consolidation for all SSAs.

4.     Pattern of Development Meetings held with BAs/SSAs: Delegation updated CGMT MH about the hardship and difficulties faced by executives in filed units due to frequent Meeting through Video Conference being held by different Officers in Circle office Mumbai. It is seen that many of the vertical Heads and below level officers held online VCs wherein concerned Officers in SSA are compelled to attend meetings on different dates. Many of the executives have expressed difficulties they have to attend meeting for all sections which they are holding charge. In some of SSAs, 4 to 6 sections are being taken care by one JTO/SDE level Officer and when he is attending VCs at regular interval he/she does not get time to take action n points discussed in the meeting. Also in SSAs/BAs one day prior meeting is being held for preparations of these VCs and hence Officer has to attend such preparation VCs also. To avoid all such difficulties, we have suggested that fixed day should be fixed for particular BA for review of Operational and development parameters of that BA and all vertical heads and their teams can interact with all Officers in that BAs and get update. It may be made compulsory to all Officers in the filed unit to attend such VC for full day and all the Officers in field units should be kept free for rest 29 days of months so that they can focus on the implementation of decisions taken in such VCs and can give justified time for practical works. CGMT MH listened our views and asked some more information on certain points which we have shared. Finally CGMT MH informed us that he will discuss with all vertical heads and decide the matter positively.

5.     Critical issues due to frequent Failure of WTR media and its wrong impact on growth: We informed that in recent past, Maharashtra Circle has faced critical issues due to prolonged failure of WTR media on some critically important routes. We also shared that due to reluctance on part of WTR may be due to their internal issues, the Circle office was disconnected for continuous four days. This matter has been brought to notice of earlier CGMT MH, CGM WTR and all have assured for providing stable OFC Network, but till issues are reported in critical routes like Aurangabad –Buldhana-Nagpur, Kolhapur Satara- Pune, Nanded- Solapur -Pune and such frequent failures causes negative impact on BSNL services. We have elaborated how certain issues needs to be taken care for marinating stable WTR Network and submitted the detail proposal SNEA MH has already submitted to CGM WTR Mumbai. We also stressed that till the stable network is not provided by BSNL, we can find the desired growth in BSNL services. CGMT MH responded that he has already taken feedback from different vertical heads and many have shared this issue. He added that he has noted all such issues and will further discuss with the BA/SSA Heads to know about actual problems. He informed that he has already directed PGM CFA/GM TX to list out critical issues and assured to take up matter with CGM WTR. He was of the firm opinion that till stable Transmission Network is not provided there is no relevance in making expenditure on other networks/infrastructure and he is very serious on improvement of OFC network. He added that apart from WTR network, OFC network maintained by SSAs also needs to be updated and fault free. We have informed that SNEA MH has already given feedback on critical issues at WTR to then CGMT MH as well as then CGM WTR, and handed over its copy to him. (Copy <<<>>>). After look on it, CGMT MH informed that he has got certain feedback from vertical heads and the information submitted by SNEA also will be helpful to resolve the issues. He added that all these consolidated issues of WTR will be taken at appropriate level and resolved shortly. During discussions, we have shared that there is issue of acute shortage of executives at different locations of WTR and then CGMT MH has directed us to inform where any officer is willing to work at these locations in WTR. Accordingly we have collected feedback from District Secretaries and list of such willing officers was given to then CGMT MH. He has sent it to GM HR Admn Mumbai and he is of the opinion that WTR also should have review of its working strength and WTR has to make rearrangements at their end and should ask for executives to meet shortage. We have shared said list of own cost request with CGMT MH, who had look on it and appreciated efforts taken by SNEA. CGMT MH informed that WTR Network is very important and he will look into posting of all these executives for proper working of WTR. In conclusion of this issue CGMT MH firmly assured to look into all issues related to WTR network and he assured that very shortly he will discuss all issues with newly joined CGM CNTXW Circle.

6.     Reimbursement/Releasing Payments of long pending Temporary Advances: We have brought to the notice of CGMT MH that to meet the day to day office expenses many of the executives have applied for Temporary Advances, but due to shortage of funds. Except few all the request for Temporary Advances are kept on hold. They are neither rejected nor sanctioned for long time. In anticipation of Temporary Advances, many of the executives have made expenditure from their pockets and this amount is in lakhs of rupees. We also narrated that all these cases are duly recommended by SSA/BAs Heads and hence immediate action is required for sanction of all such Temporary advances. CGMT MH was of the opinion that when there are tenders for all works and works are allotted to vendors why this much amount of Temporary advances are required by field units. We have elaborated that in many of SSAs, the tenders are allotted and these are grabbed by the certain vendors. They are not making arrangements as required in tender terms and conditions and sufficient manpower is not maintained by these vendors. There are many units where vendors are not functional and hence the executives are compelled to carry out all such works through temporary advances. Apart from this there are many works for which vendors are not assigned and all such works are being carried out by the field officers, but temporary advances are not being granted for months together. We also added that as a routine and regular matter there is need of immediate action on taking decision on grant of temporary advances and if it is to be granted, then same should be granted and may be paid immediately or after allotment/availability of funds. If it is to be rejected, then same should be rejected and returned back to concerned Officer thereby conveying reasons for rejections. But executives should not misguided by keeping on pending Temporary advances with hopes that it will be sanctioned and paid on any of the day and finally its cancellation in name of Year end closing as being done in past. We have also elaborated that all Temporary advances of certain officers are rejected and certain officers are being paid Temporary advance on repeated occasions and stressed for arrangements for grant of Temporary Advances on basis of works proposed and done. We also added that as on today one has to follow dual procedure for sanction of temporary advance i.e. first through ERP and then through What’s app sums through by concerned Officer to his Controlling Officer/s, Controlling Officers to his seniors up to BA Head and BA Heads to GM Fin or to CGMT MH. There is need of streamline procedure to approve the Temporary Advances through ERP only and they should be approved and kept pending for want of funds or rejected giving reasons. Such Transparent working will definitely resolve the present issues to root cause and field officers will get relief from present issues and difficulties faced by them and can focus of the other important Office works and expenditure made from pocket by them in the interest of BSNL will be reimbursed. CGMT MH elaborated that it is well-known that there is shortage of funds and till tenders are in operation, no temporary advances can be granted for such works.

7.     Review of use of EOIs /Job Basis works in SSAs where tenders are failed or not properly operational: Delegation narrated real issues faced by field units due to poor performance of Cluster, OFC Mtce vendors/contractors. We elaborated that many vendors have grabbed the different tenders covering many of SSAs and are now unable to render services required under these tender conditions. Many works which are to be done by vendor are indirectly being done by BSNL as he or his teams are not performing as per the conditions of tender. There are many issues and prominent issues quoted by vendors are non-payments. We have also narrated that some of vendors are happy with capping of penalties and do not bother for completion works as they are sure to get about 80% of the tender amount when the contractors is not able to given even minimum required support to BSNL. Earlier these works were done by EOIs and there is much difference in total expenditure between works done by EOIs and the same workers employed through contractors. We also pointed out that some of vendors have not deployed their own manpower and are using the earlier EOIs whose services are discontinued by BSNL or EOIs are not allowing them to put their manpower on name of their pending wages, not paid by earlier EOI contractor. We also conveyed that SNEA is not proposing for deployment of EOIs again, but we request to extend support to field units by job basis tender support case by case basis. CGMT MH responded that there are issues with deployment of EOIs and hence stopped allotment of manpower through EOI and job basis tenders are to be operated in case of failure of the exiting vendor and there is no restrictions on it. But before going for it, field units have to take appropriate action against the non-performing contractors as per the tender terms and conditions and he will extend required support to SSAs/BAs. He also added that non-release of earlier payments cannot be reason on part of the contractor for not meeting terms and conditions of the existing tenders and filed units should act on such cases. There is no such condition before quoting any bid/tender and hence vendors cannot ask for such excuses. Now vendor payment issue is settled to certain extent and there is need on part of all vendors to put their efforts. He added that payments of many vendors are released and there should not be any such excuse on part of vendor. The SSAs should act on such contractors and take action as per terms and conditions of tender.

8.     Request for online address to SNEA members: Delegation requested CGMT MH to have direct interaction with SNEA Members to give brief idea about development issues so that his message of growth and development reaches to Officers working in filed units. CGMTMH accepted the request and assured that after completion of meetings with SSA/BA Heads, he will like to have such online interaction with officers working in the field units. CGMT MH appreciated efforts and focus of SNEA on different development issues. He also added that all these issues will definitely helpful to for moving ahead as CGMT MH Circle.

9.     Publication of contact details of Officers in Circle Office Mumbai: Delegation informed CGMT MH that after mass VRS in Jan 2020 and recent transfers of Vertical heads and below level officers in Circle Office Mumbai, the officers in filed units are facing issuing in pursuing issues with the Circle Office. Also due to certain issues the landline of all Officers except GM/PGM level Officers are changed from MTNL to Airtel and now Airtel to MTNL and hence there are total changes in contact details of the Officers. To know about any issue faced by filed officer or help required from Circle Office, one has to contact multiple officers and till he/she is not able to reach concerned Officer. Earlier such Telephone directory was published at regular intervals giving names, designation, contact details but same has stopped for long time. Hence for ready defence of officers in field units, it is required that a consolidated list of contact details of all Officers in Circle Office Mumbai from JTO/JAO to CGMT MH needs to be published giving name, designation, contact details, email id and works assigned to him/her so that it makes easy to filed officer to contact concern officer directly and not disturb all known officers asking details of other officers. We added that Telephone Director is outdated now and such list can be published on MH intranet and it should be updated after certain fixed intervals. CGMT MH appreciated concern expressed by SNEA and stressed that such list is definitely required and assured to discuss it with vertical heads and publish it accordingly for each vertical or combined list.

10.            Use of Telephone Services in Circle Office Mumbai: During discussions on Telephone directory, CGMT asked why the Telephone numbers in Circle Office changed frequently. We have narrated him issues about the conflicts among BSNL and MTNL before two years and how it was changed to Airtel. CGMT MH asked then why Airtel numbers were again changed and we have informed that SNEA MH has made complaint about utilisation of services of Private Operator in BSNL Office being PSU and finally our request was accepted after lot of struggle and it has been decided to restore MTNL services in Circle Office Mumbai. Also there were issues of poor quality of services by Airtel and except few officers at prominent post, majority of Airtel numbers were non-functional. Also there was reluctance on part of executives to use services of Private Operator while working in PSUs and hence Airtel services were burden on BSNL and hence decided to close by BSNL. We also added that though the decision is taken to join back MTNL. After VRS the situation in MTNL is critical and they are not able to provide services to all Officers in Circle Office Mumbai. FTTH/BB Services required are also not being provided for different reasons. We have added that BSNL has got permission to provide landline services in Mumbai and now BSNL can start its services from its own HQ of Maharashtra Circle. We elaborated that one OLTE with FTTH and Voice facility will with in-house arrangement from one of Telecom Mechanic, we can provide and maintain FTTH and Voice services for all officers. Now after e-file implementation every officer is in need of stable interne and we have seen that in recent past Circle Office was disconnected for long time due to OFC failure and such alternate and stable in-house arrangement of BSNL will help in fast working of Circle Office Mumbai. CGMT appreciated the proposal by SNEA MH and informed that it will be good to start from our own office. He added that he has already discussed issue of new numbering scheme of BSNL in MTNL area and will surely get it done.

·        HR Issues: SNEA delegation has given brief idea about HR activities going in Maharashtra Circle and how there are certain HR issues unresolved due to certain reasons on part of management. In response CGMT MH informed that he is getting many calls for request transfers since he has joined as CGMT MH and it makes him to understand that there are certain issues in HR unit and needs to be taken care. He asked us why there are such calls for transfers. Delegation further added that certain issues are resolved with continuous persuasion with earlier CGMT MH and he was kind enough to resolve the issues. But over the period there is deadlock on certain issues are files are not moving in proper directions and if moved then hurdles are created by certain officers either by putting unwanted information or by not acting on files. Since last changeover in GM HR portfolio, there was total silence on processing files and there is need of activating the team in Staff section to give timely solutions to difficulties of executives. We have added that the issues of executives at Tenure stations have been resolved to better extent, except relieving of few executives from tenure stations for which proposal is moving in files and requested to decide it. We also added that the proposal for request transfers from non-tenure stations is shunting in files for last 8 to 9 months and though CGMT MH has directed GM HR for clearing request, due to different reasons it is not materialised. Overall the requests of Non-tenure SSAs are neglected over the period and required CGMT MH to have review of working of units under GM HR Mumbai. We also added that there is no regular GM HR and it is required that regular GM HR is posted for Maharashtra Circle and this additional charge will not be helpful in resolving pending HR issues. Shri. Sharma added that he has good experience of working in SSAs and throughout his life he has served in SSAs and is well aware about the issues of Telecom Circles. He assured to take care of HR issues of executives in transparent manner and keep executives free for focused approach on development issues. The details of case wise discussions on HR issues is as follows.

1.     SSA wise Justification of executives: We have narrated issues with calculation of SSA wise executive strength and how it is being changed every now and then and there are different issues and hence it is not finalised though published 3 to 4 times. Hence there is no proper base for calculations of executive’s strength and calculation done by GM HR has certain assumptions which are not equally supporting to needs of all SSAs. The restructuring norms by BSNL CO are not finalised and hence matter is not moving further. CGMT MH informed that the restructuring norms are not yet finalised and the uncertainty will continue more and we will have to decide on it. He assured to have look on the calculations and other issues of SSA wise executive strength and will decide accordingly. He added that throughout his life, he has worked in SSAs and hence he is aware about HR issues of SSAs and will definitely take care of the interest of field units. He shared that there is always need of officers in the field units than the offices and he will see that sufficient officers are available in SSAs rather than the Circle Office and other office establishments. 

2.     Consideration of Request Transfers from Non-Tenure SSAs: Delegation has informed CGMT MH about lethargy on part of Staff section in dealing with request transfers from Non-tenure SSAs. Though data has been prepared and processed for consideration of request transfers from non-tenure SSAs, the proposal was dropped several times due to mismatch of the opinions. GM HR Mumbai is always thinking of issuing all transfers i.e. request transfers as well as transfers to meet shortages together making it mass transfers, but then CGMT MH was against such mass transfers and hence rejected all such mass transfer proposals by GM HR Mumbai and hence over the period matter has not been decided. We have requested then CGMT MH to consider at least consider request from SSAs having excess strength to SSAs having shortage of executives as per calculations published by then GM HR Mumbai which will resolve about 70% of request transfers. We have submitted such detail list and CGMT MH has directed to consider all such request. But as usual Shri. Jaiswal GM HR informed that he will not go for such part request and he will only give consideration to transfers in one lot. After transfer of then GM HR Mumbai Shri. Jaiswal, then CGMT MH Shri. M.K. Mishra has directed to new GM HR Mumbai Shri. S.K. Mishra to consider requests from SSAs having excess executives to SSAs having shortage of executives. He was working on the proposal and he got transfer to TN Circle. GM HR Shri. Mishra was not interested in HR works and he has opted for TN Circle and got transfer and then CGMT MH also transferred and matter is struck up at final stage. In response Shri. Sharma CGMT MH informed that he will take review of all such HR activities. He added that yesterday only he has taken review of HR activities with GM and DGMs in HR vertical. He further added that now he is of the opinion that we are at end of January and next two months we will have to focus on achievement of targets of year 2020-21 and hence he is not in favour of any transfers in these two months. He added that Shri. Jaiswal GM HR Mumbai has come with proposal of transfers now itself and transfers will be implemented after March 2021. Joining at new place of posting will be left to individuals till March 2021 and then forceful relieving can be decided in no relieved cases. CGMT MH further added that he has rejected such proposal from GM HR Mumbai and has directed that all pending requests transfers will be given consideration after March 2021. We have brought to notice of CGMT MH that since last few months staff section has started issuing pick and choose transfers and whoever is able to reach/approach and manage certain officers was successful in getting his/her request considered and other who are keeping faith on HR system are deprived from transfers. This is measure reason for mass unrest among executives in Maharashtra Circle. This is wrong trend setup by certain officers and this trend has spoiled faith on transparent working of Staff section. CGMT MH responded that he do not encourage such pick and choose transfers and firmly assured that all request transfers will be given consideration after March 2021. Till time all should focus on achieving the let out targets of year 2020-21.

3.     Justification of Civil/Electrical wing Strength: We brought to the notice of CGMT MH about discrepancies in calculation of Executive strength by Civil as well as Electrical wing Mumbai. We have narrated that there is no uniformity in deciding number of JTO/SDE level executives required in particular SSA. It is seen that justification is decided on number executives working in particular location/ SSA and not as per standard norms equally applicable to all SSAs/BAs. We added that we have discussed these issues with Shri. Aman Jaiswal CE Civil Mumbai and he was of the opinion that there is shortage of manpower and requirement is of 106 executives while he is having some 50 plus officers and hence he has prepared justification as per availability. We requested CGMT MH that justification should be done as per the justification of norms equally applicable for all and distribution can be done thereafter to keep shortage equal and minimum in all SSAs. But present proposal to transfer all JTOs in SSA like Kolhapur is not justified keeping workload only on SDEs. Also both units Electrical and Civil wing are biased and some specific executives are given privilege to work in Telecom wing and request by others are not given consideration. While calculating strength of executives of Electrical/Civil wing these executives working in Telecom are also considered but while posting their names cannot be added as practically they are working in telecom wing. We requested to have overall review of justification of post of executives both in Civil and Electrical wing and decide it uniformly applicable to all SSAs. CGMT MH assured to look into it and directed us to submit issues in details. We have also informed that his directions for consideration of request or any transfer in Telecom wing only after March 2021 and confirmed by GM HR, but the work of transfers in Civil and Electrical wings is in progress and proposals are moved in files for considering such mass transfers in Electrical and Civil wing as per the willingness called recently on basis on justification under dispute. CGMT MH replied that he will look into the issues and added that no transfers till March 2021 will be equally applicable to Civil/Electrical wing at par with Telecom wing and assured that proposal if moved will not be given consideration at this stage. He also assured to have look at justification of post of executives in Civil as well as Electrical wing. 

4.     Consideration of refusals under DGM LA arrangements: We have narrated that there are certain requests submitted by individuals who are unable to join new place of posting on transfers under DGM LA arrangements. Staff section is dealing this issue in piece manner and certain request are given consideration and certain are not given consideration and hence undecided. CGMT MH informed that why they are refusing and one should be ready to accept higher post and join at new post. We have narrated that LA is temporary arrangements and hence there is reluctance to join place of posting on transfers under fear of reversion if someone senior joins as regular incumbent.  Except few all have joined as DGM LA who are posted on same SSAs/locations. Also there are guidelines conveying that individual can refuse the LA arrangements and in such cases next seniors are given considerations. This has been principally accepted by then CGMT MH and GM HR at many occasions, but file is not moved and all such requests are undecided for long time creating confusion among the officers. CGMT MH assured to have look at all such cases and review the matter accordingly.

5.     Consideration of Account wing request for change of SSA/ Retention/ Cancellation: We have brought to notice of CGMT MH that there are genuine request from some individual account wing officers in JAO/AO Cadre for change of SSA, and same are not processed in file for last one month for different reasons. Earlier it was decided that all cases will be decided by Finance wing and now it is decided to be done by Telecom wing. GM Fin Mumbai has also conveyed it to GM HR for consideration of requests, but till proposal is not moved by staff section and rather pressure is being created for force relieving of these officers. We have submitted detail list of such requests to CGMT MH (Copy <<<>>>). CGMT MH informed that it may not be possible to consider all requests but assured to have relook on all these requests on case by case basis and decide accordingly.

6.     Consideration of Genuine pending Individual Requests: We have narrated certain long pending genuine request for change of SSA/retention which are principally agreed by then CGMT MH and GM HR Mumbai but same are not processed in files due to dilemma in HR activities created over the few months. We requested CGMT MH to give consideration to all such request and give justice to these executives who are facing certain hardship on transfers at odd time and place. Also in the revised justification, the executive strength is revised and these transfers done on earlier calculations can be considered in revised norms. CGMT MH assured to consider these cases on genuine grounds.

7.     Group Medical Insurance for all BSNL executives and Non-Executives in Maharashtra Circle.: SNEA delegation has shared difficulties faced by the executives and non-executives due to non-availability of funds for medical bills. The hospitals are not admitting patients from family of BSNL employee and if admit, asking for advance payment. This is directly defeating very purpose of the medical policy for employees. We elaborated the issues in depth and requested for some concrete solutions to reduce hardship of employees. We have shared that already SNEA has taken initiatives for Group Medical Insurance policy for BSNL employees as done by certain other circles. We have requested that some of Circles have initiated this process on name of association and Unions and as SNEA we can do it for our members, but it will not solve the very purpose of this policy as non-members of SNEA may be deprived of it. Further when the number of number of persons to be enrolled under Group Policy is more, then the amount of premium can be less to each member. Hence it is better that this proposal is moved by Administration and team SNEA will support administration by all means. This will also facilitate for deduction of premium from salary of all members who will willingly opt for the medical insurance policy. We have shared that SNEA delegation has already discussions with representatives of New India Assurance Company and we are discussing with other companies which are offering Group Medical Insurance policy. Many of executives and non-executives have given verbal consent for opting to Group Medical Insurance Policy and waiting for final call. If this policy is proposed by administration there will be about 1000 members of BSNL family including executives and non-executives. There no loss to BSNL rather expenditure on medical bill reimbursement and hospitalisation will be reduced to better extent We have requested CGMT MH to have proposal on part of Circle administration which will be beneficial for all and if he finds any issue, then SNEA MH will go for Group Medical Insurance policy for its members and in this case permission may be granted to deduct the medical insurance yearly subscription from willing members. CGMT MH appreciated the concern expressed by delegation and shared that due to present conditions, such policy will be helpful for employees as well as BSNL and it is better to move ahead. He directed us to submit the detail proposal for same and assured to get it implemented thorough administration or can think on proposal only for SNEA members and it can be decided once the matter is finalised. We stressed for Group medical Policy for all employees and CGMT assured to check its all possibilities.

8.     Proposal for Benevolent funds for BSNL executives as well as non-executives: The delegation shared that in recent past some of executives and non-executives have passed away for various reasons and it is seen that members of family of deceased employee/executive are facing hardship due to financial issues. In such cases the contribution is done locally and some amount collected by association/unions is being shared to family members. But such action is not being initiated for all employees and executives and hence there is need of some centralised arrangements at Circle level wherein individuals can contribute to support the family members of deceased working employee and support can be extended to family members facing hardship. We added that SNEA MH has already submitted proposal to then CGMT MH and GM HR Mumbai, GM Fin Mumbai but same has not been materialised for different reasons on their part. The idea of benevolent funds is so good and can be easily implemented, but certain officers have not taken initiatives and issue is still pending. Under Benevolent fund, some fixed contribution say Rs 100 is to be deducted from all working and willing executives and Non-executives in case of unfortunate death of any working employee/executive and such amount is to deducted from next Salary of all and the amount so collected is to be handed over to the nominees of the deceased employee. There will be no deduction of there is no death in any particular month and hence there is no issue of maintaining funds ad account of the Benevolent fund and administration van nominated any officer in administration of Circle Office Mumbai for receiving such request from nominees of employees through proper channel, to deduct the amount from next salary and to handover it to family members of diseased employee/executive through SSA/BA administration. CGMT MH shared that he has seen such proposal implemented in Gujarat and MP Circle and if employees are willing then there is nothing wrong in implementation of it. He rather appreciated the proposal by which we all together can support family members of our own college in such difficult period. After elaborate discussions on this issue, CGMT MH has directed us to submit the proposal and assured to get it implemented by all possible means. 

·       Issues related Circle Office Mumbai:

1.     Filling vacant post of DGMs/DEs/SDEs under LA Arrangements: We have narrated CGMT MH that there in unequal distribution of Officers among different section of Circle Office Mumbai and some verticals are having excess executives and some are facing acute shortage. Also the while filling post of DGMs under LA arrangements recently many verticals are left without DGM and four DGMs are posted under GM HR when justification before VRS was of two DGMs and definitely it has reduced after VRS and not doubled as being done now. We also added that many post of DEs/AGMs are vacant and verticals heads are issuing orders for senior SDE as DE/AGM of that section creating overall discrepancies among Circle Office itself. There is need of AGM/DE LA arrangements from staff section to fill all vacant post of AGM/DEs in Circle office Mumbai. We also narrated that many of SDE post are vacant and some juniors are being promotion by crossing one step above and some seniors are compelled to work as JTO. We requested for giving SDE LA arrangements for all JTOs in Circle Office Mumbai who have been upgraded to SDE Scale. This will stop dual reporting of JTOs and will also give relief to all JTOs who are waiting for their SDE promotions for long time. CGMT MH had patience listing to concern expressed by SNEA and assured to look into filling vacant post of DGM, DEs/AGMs and SDEs very shortly. 

2.     Proper distribution of DGM/DEs/SDE/JTOs among all verticals in Circle Office: We have made aware CGMT MH that due to reluctance on part of GM HR and his team there unequal distribution of executives and staff in Circle Office Mumbai. Some verticals are having executives more than requirement and some do not have even minimum required Officers. While posting new officers GM HR takes privilege over other vertical heads and is getting majority of Officers posted in HR unit. We have no issue in posting officers in HR unit, but there is need of posting minimum required officers in all sections and it is quite possible with certain rearrangements and reviews. Many of individuals have submitted request for change of section and same also are not given consideration. CGMT MH informed that he appreciate concern of equal distribution and assured to discuss this issue with vertical heads and have rearrangements as per requirement of verticals. We have added that there are certain request pending for Circle Office and many are from SSAs having excess executive strength and can be given consideration. CGM MH informed that he is of the opinion that there should be more staff in filed units than the Circle Office and hence he will not encourage more number of request to Circle office or other administrative offices but minimum required requests can be given consideration in March 2021, and till then works can be managed by local rearrangements within Circle office Mumbai.

3.     Cleanliness/ Sanitization of the Admn Bldg. with repair works: We have drawn attention of CGMT MH on very poor conditions of cleanliness and sanitisations in Administrative Building of Circle Office Mumbai. We also added that condition of building is deteriorating as slap of many floors is falling and due to rain water leakage. There are issues on many floors and stair cases and situation is dangerous at some places about safety of working executives. Cleanliness is limited to certain officers and other officers are compelled work in dirty enjoyment. We added that SNEA has brought the issues to notice of CE Civil Mumbai but except few all the issues are kept undecided on name of shortage of funds and non-finalisation of tenders and executives and staff working in Circle Office are compelled to work in unhygienic conditions causing serious mental effect on health during pandemic situations. We have elaborated how the works are managed from temporary advances and how no tender is finalised for housekeeping works for last one year. We also added that BSNL manpower is utilised in IQs for which tender was called and cancelled and these manpower can be spared if the job basis tender for IQ Mtce is finalised. The works which can be managed with few thousands of rupees, expenditure on salary of staff at IQs is in lakhs and occupation of IQs is less due to pandemic situation.  CGMT MH informed that there were issues of funds earlier but now certain funds are being received and if tender are finalised there should not be any issue as being reported now. He further assured to look into issues related repairs works in the building as well as tenders for Housekeeping works for Circle Office Mumbai.

4.     Distribution of Certificate of VRS Opted Executives: We have drawn attention of CGMT MH on lethargic working of HR unit and very poor approach towards VRS opted executives and Non-executives. VRS 2020 implemented in Jan 2020 and BSNL has issued directions to give farewell to all VRS Optees, and many units in Maharashtra Circle itself arranged Farwell function to VRS Optees in Jan 2020 and Feb 2020. But in CO Mumbai the files were shunted among different sections for calling tenders for arrangement of function and nothing could masteries further and funds received were diverted to other works. It is unfortunate that in partial function Retirement certificates were distributed to certain Officers and staff and these certificates for other employees have been kept in custody of Admn section. We have requested GM HR to distribute it or hand over it in person to concerned officer/staff as one year has already passed, but he has directed us to take up mater with CGMT and hence permission may be granted to GM HR Mumbai for distribution of certificates of left out VRS Optees. After asking more information about the event, CGMT MH has assured to issues directions to GM HR Mumbai for same.

5.     Stopping deduction of 12% on Medical reimbursement on name discount offered medical shops:  Delegation brought to the notice of CGMT MH how only in Circle Office Mumbai the restrictions of 12% reduction in medical bills has been forcefully applied since last two years. Certain companies are offering discount and certain are not offering discount. Further there are changes incorporated by BSNL Corporate Office in BSNL MRS Policy but no such discount limit is put for any office. But here certain Officers applied extra mind to prove their focus on saving of BSNL Money and hence these idea is implemented. There is disparity only for this office and concerned employees are finding it difficult to get medicines always on discounted price. CGMT asked more details on the subject and we have updated him about the issue in depth and requested to withdraw this pick and choose order. CGMT MH was surprised to see such order for specific office and assured to review the matter in total and decide accordingly.

After elaborate discussions on all points raised by delegation, in conclusion of welcome meeting, Shri. Ramakant Shrama CGMT MH appreciated feedback given by delegation of SNEA and conveyed that this feedback will be helpful for him in deciding many issues in front of him. He further appealed all to have focused approach in achieving targets assigned and assured to support everybody by resolving issues which are brought to his notice and directed us to update him on such issues in regular basis.

We have also conveyed thanks to CGMT MH and assured him total co-operation in growth and development issues and requested him to streamline the HR issues which are created in recent past. We also conveyed that SNEA is working for masses and hence we have detail feedback from the members and we will continue to give feedback on all HR and development issues and assured that team SNEA all over Maharashtra will definitely contribute to his plans for overall growth of Maharashtra Circle. This meeting started at 1500 hrs lasted for more than one hour and concluded at 1600 hrs with thanks and with hopes of positive outcome on both the side. 


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