Last updated on 31 Jan 19:


31 Jan 19:  Black Spot on Association Internal Activities under Elections Politics: In an worst of the approach on part of any Chief Executive of association and leader against its own and strongest Circle branch, Com. K. Sebastin, Provisional GS SNEA, issued unethical, illegal and unconstitutional directives for withdrawal of Charge of CP & CS SNEA MH and handing over it respectively to VP & ACS SNEA MH. Letter <<<>>> 

·        This letter untimely and unwanted from provisional GS SNEA CHQ on already settled issues of double post by CEC SNEA MH, CWC Ludhiana and AIC Ludhiana is untimely and just to destabilise SNEA MH.

·        Though, with this letter stand of SNEA MH has been justified and it is now crystal clear that CGMT MH do not have right of forfeiting post of CS SNEA MH and it is internal matter of SNEA.

·        CGMT MH has forfeited post of CS SNEA MH and DS SNEA Mumbai under non existing clauses of BSNL Executive Association Recognition Rule 2014 as there is no clause to take action against any individual office Bearer by management and there no any clause of forfeiting right of holding post in association.

·        Apart from the court case, this matter was being pursued by Com Bharat Sonawane, CP SNEA MH, Com Nagesh Kumar Nalawade CS BSNLEU MH, Com Ranjan Dani, CS NFTE MH and some rounds of discussions have been held in resolution of matter.

·        But all of sudden without consulting any of the Circle office Bearer, any of District Secretary or any of the District Secretary of SNEA MH, Com K Sebastin has issued such letter, backstabbing SNEA MH as he has now taken additional vindictive action by withdrawing post of CP SNEA MH.

·        This matter of double post has been well settled in Circle Executive Meeting of SNEA MH held at Jalgaon on 13 & 14 /10/2018 and GS SNEA CHQ has nothing to with it and issue fresh guidelines to co-opt post of CP SNEA MH by again holding CEC Meeting of SNEA MH.

·        This will be nothing but wastage of money of SNEA for emergency CEC Meeting and Com Bharat Sonawane will be undoubtedly again elected as CP SNEA MH. 

·        This is revengeful attempt by Com K Sebastin against SNEA MH as about all comrades of SNEAA MH has opposed his candidate for GS post due to his utter failure in giving desired results in settlement of HR issues of executives.

·        Com K Sebastin wants to supress the voice of internal democracy with SNEA and indirectly or directly supporting management to act against SNEA MH.

·        Already CGMT MH has forfeited post of CS SNEA MH, matter is challenged in Hon High Court Bombay, and two different authorities i.e. CGMT MH and GS SNEA CHQ cannot take same action on same so-called violation of the constitution of SNEA of holding double post beyond period of three months.

·        After period of 16 months of election of post of CS SNEA MH, now Com Sebastin is spreading wrong information that Com. M S Adasul has submitted backdated 17/12/2017 resignation on 13/10/2018.

·        Now question arise if he has submitted backdated resignation, then why Com Sebastin accepted it after ten months and why he has not asked for fresh copies.

·        Further, what made him to maintain silence over last ten months of holding double post beyond three months and what made him to act this particular time when issue is already challenged by SNEA MH in Hon High Court Bombay.

·        Reason behind such prolonged silence of Com K. Sebastin is that Com. M. S. Adasul has submitted resignation from post of DyGS well within time of three months i.e. on 17/12/2017.

·        This matter of double has been duly discussed in CEC meeting of SNEA MH held at Jalgaon on 13 & 14 /10/2018, then in Pre-AIC CWC Meeting at Ludhiana on 27/11/2018 and also in AIC Ludhiana held from 28 to 30/11/2018 and has been closed and Com. M. S. Adasul continues to function as CS SNEA MH.

·        Even Com. K. Sebastin as GS SNEA MH has taken up matter of vindictive actions by CGMT MH with CMD BSNL, Director HR BSNL and GM SR BSNL and pursued for withdrawal of vindictive actions in month of Oct 2018 and nothing thereafter.

·        Now after 13 months of election of CP & CS SNEA MH, when SNEA MH has been successful in establishing the wrong doings of management in Hon High Court Bombay, Com. K. Sebastin issued such letter as backstabbing and revengeful activity as next part of dirty politics of his GS elections. 

·        Com K. Sebastin is quoting old clause of SNEA constitution, which has been modified in All India Conference Ludhiana. Old clause says that in case of holding double post and no resignation from any of the posts, all the posts held by said Office Bearer would be forfeited.

·        As per amendment approved in AIC Ludhiana in Nov 2018, in case of holding double post and non submission of resignation from any of the post, the former post will be automatically exist to be ceased and he will continue on newly elected or latest post.    

·        As such, no one has right to forefiet the post of any office Bearers and it has become now automatic and self-binding process.

·        This action by Com K Sebastin Provisional GS SNEA will noted as “Black spot” in association activities and will be remembered as backstabbing of Circle Organization by its own GS SNEA CHQ. SNEA Maharashtra condemns this act and registers strong protest with SNEA CHQ.

·        This illegal and unethical action by Com K. Sebastin Provisional GS SNEA will be suitably responded and replied by SNEA MH with facts & figures.

·        Till time, comrades of SNEA MH may please keep patience as shown by them for last three months and SNEA MH will definitely overcome all these manmade crises and anti SNEA activities by unconstitutional way by its provisional GS on the matter already resolved by highest Body of SNEA i.e. All India Conference.  


31 Jan 19:  SNEA MH Circle congratulates Com V. N. Kulkarni DGM Beed SSA, Com. Appa Joshi, JTO Jalna SSA, Com. R. V. Sanap DE Beed SSA Com. D. S. Shelke DE Beed SSA, Com. D. G. Khade DE Beed SSA and Com. R. C Chavan DGM CO Mumbai and Com. A. L. Parab   JTO Raigad SSA on their peaceful Superannuation retirement after completion of long & highly successful services in DoT/BSNL. 

·        Com. V. N. Kulkarni,  DGM TF  Parbhani SSA, {Mob 9422875123} was  appointment  in JTO  Cadre  on in May 1983 at  Nasik SSA  where he worked in Planning Section and after that he was transferred  at Nanded in1984. He worked there in Strowger exchange for both installation and maintenance activities. Then he transferred at Parbhani SSA in 1991 and worked in New Technology exchanges i.e. digital exchanges viz. ILT-512, CDOT MBM. He installed all DOT MBM Exchanges at Parbhani SSA, S/W up gradation, version change of exchanges. On SDE Regular promotion in Nov 1998 he, got opportunity to work in Marketing filed as SSH, wherein he improved the marketing position of BSNL in Parbhani SSA. On DE Adhoc promotion in July 2013, he worked successfully as DET Rural, and Mktg Parbhani SSA. He got the promotion as Look after DGM and posted as DGM Task Force in Parbhani SSA and now going to be retired on superannuation on 31-01-2019 as DGM TF. Parbhani SSA. Com Kulkarni is die-hard comrade of SNEA and have played vital role in strengthening SNEA in Parbhani SSA with his active support and leadership from opening of new branch of SNEA in Parbhani SSA. He has rendered services as DS Parbhani for long time and is instrumental to have SNEA as only association in Parbhani SSA for long time. After getting Retirement, he has decided to develop his farm at Farkanda village. He has also assured of his extending his hands & offered his services to the Betterment of Services of BSNL at Any time for any type of problem /difficulties. Com.  Kulkarni has contributed actively towards the growth of BSNL during their lifelong services rendered earlier in DoT and now in BSNL.

·        Com. Appa Joshi, JTO OD Jalna SSA {9422210789} has joined DoT in the year 1984 as Technician in Jalna SSA. He is very well known personality in Jalna SSA, by his active participation in social and Association activities with native village Pathrwala (Bk) near bank of river Godavari. On upgradation as TTA in year 1999, he was posted in Jalna and he has worked in the installation and mtce of CDOT, MAX II, crossbar exchanges and maintained. On his promotion as JTO in year 2005, in Jalna SSA, he has successfully carried out the conversion of all CDOT 256 exchanges to ANRAX, worked in CDMA technology, and given smooth service to CDMA subscriber. As on today, he is serving as JTO O/D Jalna with full devotion in maintaining and development of outdoor plant of Jalna urban. He has maintained good relationship with CIC customer and public of Jalna SSA.

·        Com. Ramkrushna Vitthalrao Sanap DE Planning, Beed SSA {9422241241}, has started his carrier in DoT as JE Trunk in year 1984 at Nashik. Later he has served at Shevgaon Ahmednagar SSA on his promotion as SDE in 1998. He has handled Group very successfully in difficult times and given his best of services. He was promoted as DE Mobile Beed in 2013. Com. Sanap is very active member of SNEA and has rendered services for SNEA as Vice President SNEA Beed District Branch. He has rendered total 35 years of successful and devoted services to DoT, BSNL, and retiring on superannuation.

·        Com. Dinkar Sukhdev Shelke DE West, Beed SSA {9422242521}, has started his carrier in DoT as JE Railway Electrification Project in year 1984 at Nagpur. Later he has served at Beed on his promotion as SDE Planning in 1998 and given his best of services. He was promoted as DE at Khandwa in MP Circle in 2014.  Com. Shelke is Founder member of SNEA Beed and has devoted services to association as President SNEA Beed Branch for long time. He has rendered 35 years of successful and devoted services to DoT and BSNL and taken voluntary retirement.

·        Com. Dattu Genaji Khade DE East, Beed SSA {9422931831}, has started his carrier in DoT as JE Railway Electrification Project in year 1984 Gujarat and MP Circle. Later he has served at Pathardi in Ahmednagar SSA on his promotion as SDE in 1998. He has handled Group very successfully in difficult times and given his best of services. He was promoted as DE Ratnagiri in 2013.  Com. Khade is very active member of SNEA and is one of the founder members of SNEA Ahmednagar Branch. He has rendered 35 years of successful and devoted services to DoT and BSNL and taken voluntary retirement.

·        The Bonding of these three Comrades of Beed SSA is so strong that they joined the department on same day and also retiring from services on the same day.

·        Com. R. C. Chavan DGM Admn Mumbai {9422288019} has started his carrier in DoT in 1983 as JTO CO Mumbai. He was then transferred to Dhule SSA within six months and worked on different portfolios in Dhule SSA. In Year 2010, he has joined in CO AGM as DE & Recruitment on request and since 2015; he is working as DGM Admn Mumbai until last day of his retirement. Though he has faced medical issues at later stage of life, he has overcome it with its full devotion and determination and successfully completed his services and retiring as DGM. He is member of SNEA for long time and has always supported SNEA in overall functioning of association.

·        Com. Arun L. Parab JTO NOFN Trans, Raigad SSA {9423891800} has joined Dept as a technician in year 1982 and then promoted as TTA in 1998. He worked as a JTO (Officiating) since 2005 and got promoted as regular JTO in 2016. As a JTO Transmission he had discharged his duty very efficiently throughout Raigad SSA. He had conferred with   prestigious “Sanchar Saarthi Award for year 2005. During the devastating floods of 26th July 2005 area he had rendered his duty continuously for 20 days without going home. He is very hardworking & punctual officer and due to his helpful and calm, nature maintained a very cordial relationship with all. He is a loyal member of SNEA Raigad. Today on completion of 36 years of services, he is retiring on superannuation of his long and devoted services in DoT & BSNL.

On this important day of the life of both the stalwart Comrades of SNEA retiring in this month, SNEA MH salutes sincerity, dedication and affection by Com. V. N. Kulkarni, Com. Appa Joshi, Com. R. V. Sanap, Com. D. S. Shelke, Com. D. G. Khade, Com. R. C Chavan and Com. Arun L. Parab towards BSNL & SNEA and on behalf of thousands of comrades of SNEA Maharashtra Circle we wish them “Very Happy, Healthy, Wealthy & Highly Successful Long Retired life”.


29 Jan 19:  CEE Mumbai writes SSA/BA Heads for giving names and contact details of Nodal Officers for Payments of the electricity Bills. Letter <<<>>> 

·        It is unfortunate that over the period of one month, about 17 SSA/BA Heads out of 30 SSAs in Maharashtra are unable to finalise the Nodal officers for their SSA for payment of Electricity Bills which is burning issue at least in Maharashtra Circle.

·        About 50 Exchanges and BTS are being shut down due to non-payment of Electricity charges and day by day, there is certain addition in list of such shut down Exchanges/BTS with restoration of few, there is no seriousness among SSA/BA Heads even for nomination of Nodal Officer for Electricity bills payments just to co-ordinate with Circle Office.

·        One side BSNL Maharashtra Circle is arranging inauguration functions for 4G services by auspicious hands of Hon MP and leaders and CGMT MH is addressing all such inaugural functions through Video Conference, no serious efforts are made to continue the services being provided by BSNL Maharashtra Circle through existing Telephone Exchanges and BTS.

·        It really critical financial condition and worst level of management on part of BSNL management that one side hundreds of BTS and exchanges are shut down for non-payment of Electricity Bills as funds for same are not being allotted, such new addition is being done on daily basis and if no corrective action is taken then these 4 G BTS/Nodes being inaugurated in such big manner will also be shut down very shortly and this will be worst day and purely wastage of money of financially BSNL. 

·        It is feelings of the executives and non-executives of BSNL that some conspiracy is going on for deliberately shutting down the exchanges and BTS and such serious issue is taken casually as funds are being allotted for many other CAPEX works but not for Electricity bills.

·        If situation is not controlled and if management do not come out with immediate action to pay the Electricity bills, very shortly all the existing customers will also shift to private operators.

·        Now customers are blaming that BSNL itself do not want to run the services and compelling us for opting for telecom services of private operator R-Jio, AirTel, Idea etc by forcefully surrendering BSNL landline as well as Mobile connections.

·        It is need of time that all will have to come out of this worst approach and some serious efforts needs to be done for payments of Electricity Bills.

·        It has been suggested by some of comrades that we should give priority to payment of Electricity bills rather than the salary as if exchanges and BTS will be shut down in such manner, then we will not get money even for payment of salary.

·        Hence, for survival of BSNL, immediate action needs to be taken by Maharashtra Circle for payment of Electricity bills by putting up facts about achievement under Project Ojas, practically reduction of Energy charges under this project, measures for energy conservation and its practical reduction in Electricity bill amount.

·        This seems to be deliberately happening with Maharashtra Circle as Maharashtra Circle is contributing major revenue of BSNL and the BSNL Corporate office has to give top priority to Maharashtra Circle, but it seems that deliberate step motherly treatment is being to Maharashtra Circle by not releasing funds for payment of Electricity changes.

·        Maharashtra Circle has to create pressure on BSNL Corporate office for releasing fund actually required for payment of outstanding bills of Electricity and such works of appointing nodal officer will not solve the problem to root cause.

·        It was really painful to see on 70th Republic Day of India that one side many of the exchanges and BTS of BSNL Maharashtra Circle were shut down due disconnection of Electricity supply for non-payment of Electricity bills, the other side Administrative Building of HQ of BSNL Maharashtra Circle was shining in Tricolour lightening as Electrical unit Mumbai has put extra light on this building making it Tricolour lighting respecting patriotism towards nation on 70th Republic day.

·        Comrades, time has come to seriously think that we are going in right direction by shutting down exchanges and BTS one by one, we are moving towards closure of BSNL, and all have to speak and write openly on this very serious matter about survival of BSNL.

·        We all will have to be think on it seriously otherwise very shortly BSNL will be nowhere in Telecom market even on social media as being projected now under marketing strategies. ????????????????    


 29 Jan 19:  AGM Estt Mumbai issued orders for Time Bound Promotions of Executives working in Circle Office Mumbai. Order I <<<>>>  Order II <<<>>>


 28 Jan 19:  AGM Admn Mumbai writes Unit/Section Heads of Circle Office Mumbai calling for additional requirement of AirTel connections against old numbers or as new requirement latest by 01/02/2019. Letter <<<>>>

·        Though, many of the connections provided by AirTel before two months are not working for last two months, demand of additional connections for AirTel is being generated.

·        Earlier, MTNL connections were surrendered in mass by BSNL quoting poor quality of services, and in an unethical way, AirTel connections are being provided without going for any tendering formalities and matter has been under dispute.

·        Though, there is much unrest among BSNL workforce, many have opted for keeping mum due to pressure tactics adopted in this matter.

·        Till it is matter of dispute, where the AirTel connections should continue to work or even installed in Telecom service provider PSU BSNL by surrendering Telecom services of other Telecom PSU MTNL, but AGM Admn Mumbai continues to provide additional connections to AirTel by generating demand for new connections for AirTel. 


SNEA Maharashtra wishes Happy 70th Republic Day


25 Jan 19:  In order to save expenditure in meticulous way due to financial crunch faced by BSNL,  DGM Admn Mumbai conveys decision of the approval CGMT MH Circle for non-payment of cash in lieu of Towel, Soap, glass, tumbler, pen refill etc to all executives as well as non-executives. Letter <<<>>>

·        The letter is marked to Circle/District Secretaries of all Unions and Associations with appeal to apprise members about this decision of management.

·        It was quiet possible, that such decision could have been taken after prior discussions with all Unions & Associations, but as usual, decision is taken without consultation of any Union or Association with covering appeal.

·        God only knows, how such measures will save expenditure BSNL by curtailment of few lakhs of rupees when certain units & officers of BSNL are making unwanted expenditure in Cores of rupees. Unfortunately, no such corrective measures are applied on such certain visible expenditures.

·        Till now by such actions, BSNL executives and non-executives in Maharashtra Circle have surrendered 12 % Medical Bills, BSNL Diary 2019 and now we will have to forfeit this cash payments.

·        Nothing wrong to support all such decisions by management until the financial condition of BSNL is improved, but it makes panic when certain officers continue make such unwanted expenses by neglecting poor financial condition of BSNL.

·        Some special officers are enjoying all facilities/benefits and common officials and officers only are asked to forgo their rights on name of financial condition of BSNL.

·        Let us hope such measures are taken by the Circle Management for saving all such wasteful expenditures without need of any suggestions from any Union/Association and in days to come there is total control put on all such unwanted and avoidable expenditure till financial condition of BSNL improves and such measures are not limited only for such routine payments of workforce of BSNL.  


25 Jan 19:  AGM Staff Mumbai issued posting order of DE joining Maharashtra Circle after completion of all India hard tenure in J&K Circle and officer is posted at his choice SSA. Letter <<<>>>



24 Jan 19:  Partial payments of MSEDCL against Outstanding Electricity Bills will be released today : It is glad to see that BSNL Corporate Office has allotted one third of total funds required for payment of outstanding Electricity bills  in Maharashtra Circle.

·        Maharashtra Circle is in need of Rs 37 Core for payments of outstanding bills, BSNL has released Rs. 14 Core, and till the situation will not improve, but the major exchanges and revenue earning centers shut down for nonpayment of electricity bills can be restored now.

·        This amount of Rs 14 Core will be paid against the high revenue earning Exchanges/BTS with certain priority and hence all concerned officers have to be alert and give correct priority of payment of bills.

·        Let us hope that additional fund of left out Rs 23 Cores will be allotted by BSNL CO in days to come.

·        The officers concerned /SSA Heads have to decide priority on payments of Electricity bills and intimate it to AO Nodal officer Circle Office Mumbai so that payments can be cleared and electricity can be reconnected for majority of revenue earning exchanges.


24 Jan 19:  DGM SEA BSNL CO writes Circle Heads for relieving officers under transfer from Account wing as per different transfer orders issued by SEA Cell. Letter <<<>>>


24 Jan 19:  AGM Vig Mumbai endorsed corrigendum issued by BSNL CO regarding identifying the sensitive and non-sensitive posts of Executives in BSNL. Letter <<<>>>


23 Jan 19:  GM S&M CFA Mumbai writes SSA/BA Heads giving update in glance about WINGS services of BSNL. Letter <<<>>>


23 Jan 19:  DGM Admn Mumbai writes Units Heads in Mumbai about fault booking of AirTel connections in BSNL Circle office Mumbai. Letter <<<>>>

·        After conflict between the management of BSNL Maharashtra Circle and MTNL Mumbai, BSNL has surrendered the MTNL connections in Circle Office Mumbai and opted for AirTel Connections and main reason given was poor quality of services of provided by MTNL.

·        However, here in case of AirTel also situation is not good and till many of the newly provided connections are not working even though after period of one month.

·        Further, there is reluctance in getting AirTel connections started and though connections are started at some of desk, same are not being utilised by the concerned officials/officers and due to such reluctance, the complaints are not being registered but many of the AirTel numbers are practically not working as on today also.

·        Let us hope, at least  with this arrangements of publication of complaint number of AirTel officially, there is improvement in the  services in DELs provided by AirTel in Circle office Mumbai and all gets fault free services as desired by the Management and AirTel  do not continue to get payments without provision services as blamed in case of MTNL.


23 Jan 19:  AGM S&M CFA Mumbai endorsed the BSNL CO letter for BSNL advertisement on Flasks provided in Catering services of Railways all Over India and calls for feedback on it. Letter <<<>>>

·        This is really painful to see that many of the Exchanges and hundreds of BTS of BSNL are shut down due to disconnection of Electric Supply by Electricity Board due to non-payments of the Electricity bills and here BSNL is making expenditure on advertisement.

·        It is feared that such contradiction in working and advertisement will not benefit BSNL by either way and it is need of time that till BSNL is unable to maintain quality Telecom services by overcoming all such problems, there is no use of such advertisements.

·        The comrades may submit feedback/their views about these BSNL advertisements by email on    


23 Jan 19:  AGM Vig BSNL CO issued guidelines on monitoring of in case the officer/official is transferred out of that Circle. Letter <<<>>>


23 Jan 19:  BSNL CO issued clarification on SIM replacement. Letter <<<>>>


22 Jan 19:  Electricity Bill payments and disconnection of Electricity supply of exchanges/BTSs in Maharashtra Circle is moving towards worst situation:

·        Though, certain efforts are being made to make payments of electricity bills by Maharashtra Circle, but these efforts are not going to solve the real problems and the situation in the filed units is deteriorating day by day. 

·        Due to 20% reduction of funds for Electricity Bills by BSNL Corporate office, on name of achievements under project Ojas, Maharashtra Circle is facing these critical condition and problems thereof.

·        Since implementation of the Project Ojas, this 20% deduction has applied by BSNL Corporate office and such 20% per month for last five months have now reached 100% deduction and BSNL Maharashtra Circle is unable to pay the outstanding bills.

·        Thus, due to such backlog, the electricity bills of about Rs. 30 (Thirty) Cores are pending as on today and BSNL Corporate office is allotting funds in just lakhs of rupees.

·        If the same trend and approach is continued at all levels, we should not be surprised if electricity of major exchanges will be disconnected in coming days and total services of BSNL will be shut down.

·        It is unfortunate that such disconnections of electricity has compelled field officers to shut down the exchanges/BTS unofficially.

·        It is also affecting the Enterprise business as in such cases along with landline, broadband the lease circuits as well as OFC systems are also being shut down thereby closing all BSNL services of that that city/town and OFC connectivity of nearby exchanges/ BTS even though Electricity bills of such exchanges/BTS are paid.

·        This is example how the lack of information in communication department itself or miscommunication of information between Circle office Mumbai and BSNL Corporate office has created extreme critical condition.

·        It is understood that certain efforts are being made by BSNL Maharashtra Circle demanding some additional funds, but same are not being responded by officers in BSNL Corporate office.

·        Maharashtra Circle is contributing about 20% of the total revenue of BSNL and such prolonged interruption of services will definitely affect the further revenue earnings of BSNL and the customers may be diverted to other operators. Maharashtra Circle cannot be treated at par with other circles and some priority needs to be given for Maharashtra Circle.

·        Hence, it is need of time that by stopping all other expenditure, immediate action needs to be taken to reconnect electricity supply of all Exchanges and BTSs.

·        Unfortunately, when exchanges/BTS are shut down for non-availability of funds, the expenditure on other works is going on in cores of rupees and it seems that we are moving towards bankruptcy as if we are not able to maintain services any expenditure of Capital works will be further wastage of BSNL Money.

·        SNEA MH has taken up matter with BSNL Corporate for immediate allotment of Rs. Thirty Cores for payment of outstanding Electricity bills, and we have received some positive response and it is expected that allotment of funds will be taken care very shortly.   

·        But meantime all field officers may take up matter with MSEDCL accordingly and also see that Electricity bills are processed in time and on regular basis and at the same time, some concrete efforts are taken for implementation of Energy conservative steps as proposed under Project Ojas.

·        If there are practical difficulties in implementation of these steps under Project Ojas, then same needs to be brought to notice of competent authority and it needs to be brought to notice of BSNL Corporate office, so that minimum required funds are allotted every month for payment of electricity bills and such critical and shameful situations of disconnection of Electricity due non-payment of bills can be avoided in future.     


 22 Jan 19:  EE HQ Civil Mumbai issued orders for transfers of SDEs in Civil wing without TA/DA under local rearrangements in Mumbai area. Letter <<<>>>


22 Jan 19:  AGM Estt Mumbai issued orders for Six Weeks JTO Phase II training for 25 JTOs at RTCC Nagpur, which will commence from 04/02/2019. Letter <<<>>>


22 Jan 19:  Operator wise Telecom market share as on 31/10/2018. Letter <<<>>>


22 Jan 19:  GM NWP CFA BSNL Corporate office issued one more letter for measures to be taken for improve the performance on front of Gross Landline during year 2018-19 and AGM CFA Mumbai completed formality of its endorsement to SSA Heads. Letter <<<>>>

·        When many of the Telephone exchanges are shut down due to disconnection of the Electricity supply as Electric Bills of months together are not paid by BSNL, such letters is nothing, but mere formality and nothing will happen even if such hundreds of letters will be issued.

·        It is surprising that fund is not available for maintenance works even in lakhs of rupees, but funds for new works are available in cores of rupees.

·        It is unfortunate that when there is need of concrete actions to improve the gross landline connections and the is demand of landline connections in pending in certain areas but BSNL is unable to meet such demand due to shortage of stores and non availability of funds for day to day maintenance works, rentals of buildings, diesel and even for Electricity bills. 


21 Jan 19:  CAO FC Mumbai calls for Vigilance clearance of 31 Account Officers for looking After Arrangements in CAO Cadre. Letter <<<>>>


21 Jan 19:  DGM HR Mumbai endorsed BSNL CO letter for verification of Personal Data of the executives in ERP with the records in their service books and with compliance certificate within two days including Sunday on 20/01/2019. Letter <<<>>>


 21 Jan 19:   AGM Rect IV BSNL CO issued schedule for holding of LICE for JTO promotions under 50% Departmental Quota against vacancy Year 2017-18 and accordingly examination will be held on 28/04/2019 for which online applications are to be submitted by candidates latest by 18/03/2019. Letter <<<>>>


 21 Jan 19:   BSNL will maintain online database of the firms blacklisted/debarred by different units of BSNL and it will be readily available on homepage of BSNL Intranet. Letter <<<>>>


 21 Jan 19:   CMD BSNL writes DO letter to all Circle/Unit Heads on achievements under “Project Samadru Manthan by end of third Quarter and steps to be taken for achievement of targets in last quarter of this financial year. Letter <<<>>>


21 Jan 19:   CMD BSNL writes DO letter to all Circle/Unit Heads on achievements under “Project Ojas by end of third Quarter and steps to be taken for achievement of targets in last quarter of this financial year. Letter <<<>>>



18 Jan 19:   As per the notification issued by Com Ajit Kumar DS SNEA WTP Mumbai , the District Conference of SNEA WTP Mumbai will be held on 19/01/2019 in the Conference hall, 2nd Floor, BSNL Admn Building, Santacruz West, Mumbai 400054. Notice Page I <<<>>>   Notice Page II <<<>>>   Agenda <<<>>>

Com Ajit Kumar DS SNEA WTP Mumbai makes appeal to all the SNEA comrades to be present in time and make this District Conference a grand success


18 Jan 19:  Updates on disconnection of Electricity supply of Telephone Exchanges /BTSs by MSEDCL and Steps required to overcome situation:  SNEA has discussed the issue of disconnection of Electricity supply by MSEDCL in different Exchanges and BTS due to non-payment of the Electricity Charges and issues created about Image of BSNL and threat to life of officers/officials working in the field units due to such delayed payments/Non Payments.

·        It is fact that since last one month, this issue of notices and action by MSEDCL for disconnection of Electricity with dare action even to withdraw Electric Meter has become hot and many of the field officers have observed heat due to closure of total telecom services from certain Telephone Exchanges and BTSs.

·        By taking note of unrest in the filed units, yesterday certain payments have been released against Electricity Bills by Maharashtra Circle and some more release of Electricity payments are expected within day or two.

·        As such, SNEA has discussed this issue with different officers and we are surprised to know that availability of cash for payments of Electricity bills is not that much issue for BSNL and money is available to better extent to pay the charges.

·        The real problem noticed is that BSNL has launched “Project Ojas” in August 2018 and it has decided to save 20% Electricity Charges under this special project.

·        This 20% direct reduction, happens when there is increase in Tariffs of Electricity bills, increase in certain number of BTS /Node be under Phase VIII.4 project, etc.

·        As per action plan and assurances of this dream “Project Ojas,” it was expected that 20% of Electricity Charges would be saved under majors of energy saving, which is not fully achieved by Maharashtra Circle, but with such assumptions, BSNL Corporate office has applied the reduction of 20% fund allotment for payment of Electricity charges for Maharashtra Circle.

·        It means Maharashtra Circle is getting less funds of 20% for electricity bill payments as compared to last year funds for electricity bill payments.

·        Due to this, only Maharashtra Circle is facing this critical situation and other Circles have taken corrective actions to overcome such critical situation created in last months in few circles. 

·        As such, when money is received the payments are being made to all the exchanges and BTS sequentially or as per priority given by e-BASS, but backlog of payments is increasing day by day and over the period of last three months, this backlog has accumulated.

·        This is classic example of theoretical thinking by Corporate Office neglecting practical actions and achievements thereof, and everybody is silent as no one want to accept the failure in achievements of targets of “Project Ojas as committed by Maharashtra Circle and expected by the officers in BSNL Corporate office.

·        Earlier, SSA Heads were having powers to take decision on such critical issues and in changed scenario, SSA Heads and even BA Heads do not have any such powers of dealing with such critical issues by diverting funds available with SSA, but all such powers of SSA/BA Heads are withdrawn and centralized in Circle office.

·        As such, now days SSA/BA Heads are helpless in dealing with such critical issues and they only have to plead rather beg to the officers of MSEDCL without any firm assurances when the outstanding payments will be released by Circle office, Mumbai. 

·        Hence, this critical condition has been arised and now many of the higher capacity exchanges are also have come under threat of disconnection of Electricity due to nonpayment of Electricity bills for period of months together.

·        As such it is required that everybody has to come forward and take  action to save electricity charges at least by 20% in each exchange /BTS and even in office accommodations.

·        Immediate steps are required in switching off the Air Condition units which are not in use/underutilized, even the exchanges with no profit and less customers can be closed by taking approval of competent authority.

·        It is also seen that after implementation of NGN, till some other exchanges are kept switched on, which needs to be closed.

·        Even in offices, the fans and lights should be switched on when required and as being done all lights and fans should not be switched on and kept on throughout day.

·        The important action required is for review of requirement of HT connections and applying for LT connections wherever possible, which will reduce the electricity charges.

·        Further, it is required that industrial tariff wherever is applicable needs to be adopted with immediate effect. In this regards, it is expected that 3G/4G BTS/Node B and all data related activities comes under Industrial tariffs and exchanges with less connections in such BTS locations should be closed if not economical or separate electricity supply should be taken for exchange and BTS so that industrial charges concessions can be adopted for 3G/4G BTS.

·        The Air cooler systems should be made operative in all newly installed BTS/Node B, which is not in need of Air-conditioned systems.

·        Thus, all out efforts needs to be taken by one and all for energy conservation and saving wasteful energy and no way electricity should be wasted.

·        Now, it is proposed that in tune with BSNL Corporate Office, Maharashtra Circle will allot fund 20% less to the SSAs and all SSAs will have to make arrangements of Electricity payments within this reduced amount. This is possible only if the corrective majors as above by implementing the directives issued by different officers, offices/units of Maharashtra Circle/ Corporate office.

·        In such cases, it will difficult to manage the show within SSA also and hence only prime action required to be taken is “Energy Conservation Majors” and hopefully everybody will act on it.

·        At the same time, we will take up matter with BSNL Corporate office, for increasing the Electricity bill funds based on increases in the tariffs of the electricity bills as well based on addition of new BTS/Node B under Phase VIII.4 expansion done in Maharashtra Circle.

·        Let us hope, that with such corrective measures, we will be able to overcome the present crises of Electricity bill payments and manmade critical situation of disconnection of Electricity supply, in view of the non-payments of Electricity bills.

·        Different letters on the subject   <<<<>>>>  <<<<>>>>  <<<>>>   <<<<>>>>        


18 Jan 19:   BSNL offers enhanced data to its postpaid mobile customers from 01/02/2019, wherein 40 GB & 50 GB free data with unlimited voice calling will be available for postpaid customers under Plan 525 & 725 respectively. Letter <<<>>>


17 Jan 19:  Disconnection of Electricity supply of Telephone Exchanges /BTSs by MSEDCL for non payments of Electricity bills and issues thereof: It has been brought to notice of this association by field units that officers of MSEDCL are very aggressively acting for disconnection of Electricity of the BSNL Telephone Exchanges and BTSs for non payments of electricity bills.

·        This has created mass unrest among the BSNL customers, the officers/officials in the filed units are under life threat, and unable to answer the public annoyed due to disconnected Telecom services.

·        Though in some cases efforts are being taken for resolution of issues with local assurances, matter needs to be taken more seriously and at higher level with MSEDCL as disconnections are affecting badly to telecom services.

·        It is reported that it not possible to run the exchanges on DG sets due to shortage of funds for Diesel and also MSEDCL is charging heavy charges for reconnection of disconnected Electricity supply and this is becoming additional burdon for BSNL.

·        In about all cases of non-payments of electricity bills, the notices have been issued for disconnection of Electricity supply if due are not cleared by specific dates and in some cases disconnection has been affected and MSEDCL officers are not co-operating as were co-operating in earlier days.

·        In certain units /SSA, the MSEDCL seems to be acting mercilessly by forgetting the long-term interaction of BSNL with MSEDCL and even Electricity Meter is taken away as if this connection is permanently closed.

·        It is fact that BSNL is going through certain specific financial conditions and all circles were having certain issues with payment of electricity charges before few days but many have made up arrangements for same.

·        In Maharashtra Circle also, some steps are being taken to release certain payments to MSEDCL and on daily basis, certain amount is being released on regular basis, but same is not being responded positively by MSEDCL by treating BSNL as important customer and extreme action is being taken to disconnect the Electricity supply even that of major exchanges

·        Some special arrangement has been made for payment of electricity bills, but it seems that due to non-availability of funds, the arrangement is also not sufficient for avoiding/stopping disconnections and the uncertainty in filed units continues.

·        Maharashtra circle has taken strong initiatives for “Project Ojas for energy conservation and many steps have been initiated in these directions over the period.

·        Maharashtra Circle has also developed in house Electrical Bill Analysis and Scheduling software e-BASS (Electrical Bill Analysis & Scheduling Software) which helps BSNL to analyse the electricity bills on 36 parameters, detect errors, abnormal consumptions, etc. before releasing the payment to MSEDCL and this software is being successfully used in Maharashtra Circle since March 2018.

·        As special case, the instructions are issued for streamlining the process of Electricity bill payments by nominating SSA wise Nodal officers for Electricity payments and Mrs Megha Purohit Account Officer Circle office Mumbai  { Mob: 9422057249, Email: }  is nominated Circle Level Nodal officer for timely payments of Electricity bills in Maharashtra Circle.  Letter <<<>>> 

·        It is unfortunate that with such advanced actions and steps on part of BSNL also, we are trapped in critical situation that certain exchanges and BTS of BSNL are closed for non-payment of electricity charges and daily new threat is given by MSEDCL for disconnections of Electricity supply for non-payment of Bills.

·        The day to day critical cases received by SNEA MH are being pursued for timely payments, but it is better that all such cases are reported to Nodal officer along with copies of notice for disconnections and with justification of priority thereof, so that these cases can be taken care by the nodal officer in Circle office Mumbai for timely payments and avoiding disconnection of electricity connections.

·        SNEA MH has already taken up matter with CGMT MH elaborating the critical situation and difficulties faced by field officers in view of non-payment of Electricity charges for months together and requested for making arrangements for timely payments of the Electricity Bills. Letter <<<>>>

·        Though situation is critical, we have to be hopeful that certain steps are being taken by the BSNL to overcome this situation and shortly it will be streamline process as happened to be done earlier in time bound manner.

·        It required at this crucial time that we all should put our all-out efforts by taking up matter with senior officers of MSEDCL and also in bringing out the facts to the notice of Nodal officer as well as CE Elect Mumbai, GM Fin Mumbai in case of the extreme critical problems to avoid the closure of Telecom services and see that Electricity is not disconnected.

·        Already about all other Circles have overcome this problem as so such serious complaints are seen in other circles and Maharashtra Circle will also definitely overcome this situation in days to come.


17 Jan 19:   EE EP Elect Mumbai published stay particulars of JTOs and SDEs in Electrical wing as on 11/01/2019 calling for corrections in it if any latest by 29/01/2019. Letter <<<>>>

This data will be used for implementation of transfer posting of JTOs/SDEs in Electrical wing and hence one should be careful and check stay particulars for its correctness and corrections if any may be brought to notice of EE EP Elect Mumbai before 29/01/2019.


17 Jan 19:   CAO FC Mumbai issued orders for relocation of duties of DGMs in Finance wing Circle office Mumbai as one more DGM has joined Maharashtra Circle. Letter <<<>>>


16 Jan 19:   As per order issued by DGM Admn Mumbai henceforth all Mobile related RTI cases will be taken care by separate RTI Mobile team at Pune and only except CDR related cases will continued to be taken care by respective SSAs. Letter <<<>>>


16 Jan 19:   GM Vig Mumbai writes SSA/Unit Heads calling for names of the officers to be added in Agreed list of suspected officers with doubtful integrity. Letter <<<>>>


16 Jan 19:   AGM SR BSNL CO New Delhi conveyed decision of SNEA AIC Ludhiana for enhancement of monthly subscription of SNEA from earlier Rs 70 per month to Rs 100 per month per member. Letter <<<>>>

·        This is as per resolution passed in All India Conference Ludhiana and will be implemented w.e.f. Jan 2019. 

·        The breakup of enhanced monthly subscription will be Rs 25 District Quota, Rs. 25 Circle Quota, Rs. 50 Central Head Quarters quota {Rs 15 for CHQ, Rs 14 for All India Conference Fund Rs 21 Welfare claim of Rs 1,00,000.00}.


16 Jan 19:   AGM Estt BSNL CO New Delhi endorsed the DoT letter  about roll out plan for implementation of Comprehensive Pension Management System (CPMS) or  System for Accounting and Management of Pensions (SAMPANNA) in different Circles of BSNL. Letter <<<>>>

·        CPMS/ SAMPANNA is the software developed by DoT and after implementation of this software all the pension related issues of BSNL retiring officers/officials will be taken care through this software by online method and pension will be directly credited to the account of concerned employee.

·        This was formally inaugurated on 29/12/2018 and will be implemented for all new pension cases from start of process.

·        As per the schedule it will be fully implemented i.e. including all the already retired employees in Maharashtra Circle w.e.f. 01/03/2019.

·        User Manual CPMS/ SAMPANNA <<<>>>


16 Jan 19:   AGM Estt Mumbai endorsed the letter on clarifications for promotions of stenographer to PA cadre issued by BSNL corporate office. Letter <<<>>>



SNEA MH wishes a very Happy & Prosperous Makar Sankrati, Pongal to all.


15 Jan 19:   AGM Staff Mumbai issued orders for Voluntary retirement of Com. V. S. Vedpathak AGM Satara SSA w.e.f. 11/01/2019. Letter <<<>>>

·        Com. Vijay Shridhar Vedpathak AGM Satara SSA {Mob 9422601122} has opted for VRS w.e.f. 11/01/2019 and same has been duly accepted by BSNL. By understanding the present circumstances in Telecom Sector and in BSNL and accessing his requirements, he has wisely decided to opt for VRS.

·        He has completed 35 years of highly successful services in DoT as well as BSNL. During his services, he has served in Kolhapur, Satara and Sindhudurg SSAs.

·        Com. V. S. Vedpathak is very active comrades of SNEA Satara and is fully satisfied with his services in BSNL. He has rendered highly successful services to BSNL and he is known for his sincerity and devotion towards the office work as he has always given best to BSNL.

·        He is fully devoted comrade of SNEA who stood behind SNEA like rock in good as well as bad times of SNEA and has played vital role in strengthening and rebuilding SNEA Satara. Due to such devoted efforts, his name will be written in Golden letters in the history of SNEA Satara. 

·        SNEA MH conveys best wishes to Com. Vijay Shridhar Vedpathak AGM Satara and his family members a very happy, healthy, wealthy, highly successful and long retired life. 

·        SNEA MH salutes sincerity, dedication, and affection by Com. Vijay Shridhar Vedpathak AGM Satara and wishes him “Very Happy, Healthy, Wealthy & Highly Successful Long Retired life.”


15 Jan 19:   AGM Estt Mumbai conveyed approval of the Committee for finalization of HR plan for assessment of requirement of executives and non executives for operation and maintenance activities based on deployed technologies,  O & M strategies and competitive market scenario in CFA segment. Letter <<<>>>    

·        The committee will discuss it on Video Conferencing, which is scheduled to be hold shortly.

·        All the comrades are requested to share their view on the subject to DS SNEA concerned.

·        The committee has to submit report by 31/01/2019 and hence all DS are requested to consolidate and share views to should be   Com Sachin Sarode, ACS East SNEA MH by email  latest by 25/01/2019.


15 Jan 19:   AGM S & M Mumbai writes SSA Heads calling for actual requirement of BSNL Calendar 2019. Letter <<<>>>       

·        BSNL 2019 Calendars are received in Marketing Cell, Circle office Mumbai.

·        It is required that all calendars are distributed at the earliest to the prominent and important customers.

·        We are already late by two weeks and if Calendars are handed over further late to the esteemed customers, the very purpose of distribution of calends will be defeated.

·        As such, all the units needs to act immediately and collect the BSNL 2019 calendars as per actual requirement so that further distribution of Calendars to the customers is completed at least by third week of January 2019 and no calendar is kept in stores as happened in some cases of last year.  


11  Jan 19: :  AGM Staff Mumbai calls for options for posting of executives from different Cadres to Tenure stations as substitute to tenure completed executives in Telecom wing. Letter <<<>>>    Corrigendum  <<<>>>     Annex I DGM <<<>>>     Annex AGM II <<<>>>        Annex SDE III <<<>>>       Annex IV  JTO <<<>>>    

·        Since the day, the options are called many of the executives are making queries about their position in long stay list and when their turn will come.

·        In this regards, it is being informed that  no one can give firm information where name of any of the executive will be considered in this spell of transfers or not. It purely depends on the options being received in combined cadre.

·        e.g. now there are total 84 vacancies in JTO Plus SDE {JTO 19 plus SDE 64} at all tenure stations and if willingness are received from JTO plus SDE to fill up all vacant post in all SSAs are more than required in any SSA, then there will not be need of operating Circle long stay list either for JTO or for SDE.

·        But if sufficient options are not received for any particular tenure SSA either in JTO/SDE Cadre, then substitute will be posted from the top of the long stay list “Posted Since” column in that particular cadre. i.e. JTO as substitute to JTO under transfer or to fill vacancy of JTO in that tenure SSA and SDE as substitute to SDE under transfer or to fill vacancy of SDE in that tenure SSA.

·        Same formula will be applicable for DE & DGM combined requirement at these tenure SSAs.   

·        Earlier the tenure transfer orders were issued on quarterly basis, but during last year/spell same has been changed and it has been made as six monthly transfer orders and accordingly transfer orders of executives completing tenure by March 2019 were expected in Sept 2018.

·        The files were processed for same accordingly along with relevant data but same was kept on hold by CGMT MH.

·        Now, when pressure excreted from all corners, it is decided to consider transfer orders of executives working at tenure station and accordingly willingness has been called from the executives working in JTO, SDE, DE and DGM cadres in Telecom wing.

·        Similar action is also expected for executives working in Account, Electrical and Civil wing.

·        Further, it is decided that now tenure transfer orders will be on yearly basis and willingness is called for posting substitute for executives who will be completing Tenure by Sept 2019.

·        Thus, the executives, who are completing two years tenure at Circle tenure stations i. e. Goa, Sindhudurg, Ratnagiri, Raigad, Gadchiroli and Nadurbar revenue District of Dhule SSA and three years tenure in Sindhudurg & Gadchiroli SSA by Sept 2019, are eligible for transfer in this spell which is being issued shortly.

·        The executives working at these tenure stations and completing tenure by Sept 2019 and have not yet applied for request transfer from tenure stations will have to apply latest by 25/01/2019 by sending signed copy of request by email so that his/her name can also be considered in request transfers from tenure stations being issued in this spell.

·        This time strength of JTO and SDE is counted combinely and strength of DE & DGM is counted combine, and accordingly willingness has been called.

·        Thus total 11 DGMs, 32 DEs, 64 SDEs and 19 JTOs are required at these Circle Tenure Stations /All India Soft Tenure stations in Maharashtra Circle as substitute to tenure-completed/completing executives as well as to fill up the shortage of executives in these tenure SSAs.

·        While stressing for filling for shortage of 100% executives in these tenure stations, nothing has been mentioned about the vacancies of the executives at the Non-tenure stations. 

·        All the earlier options for posting at Tenure stations have been scrapped by management and now all executives willing to work at Tenure station have to submit fresh application/option/willingness.

·        Even though options/willingness will be given by executives, all these transfer order to tenure station will be issued in the interest of service.

·        The options are to be sent by email on latest by 25/01/2019.

·        If sufficient options are received for all Tenure SSAs, then substitute as well as additionally required executives will be posted from the willing executives who are submitting options in time.

·        If sufficient options are not received then the executives in the long stay list in that particular cadre at Circle level will be posted as substitute.

·        Accordingly, the executives working at non-tenure stations and appearing in the long stay list should submit option as per their requirement and position in the long stay list.

·        If anyone is coming in long stay list of that particular cadre to the extent of requirement of executives at tenure stations, in present case top 11 DGMs, 32 DEs, 64 SDEs and 19 JTOs in the list of the Circle long stay are in zone of consideration for posting at these tenure stations.

·        The executives at lower position may not be in consideration of the tenure transfers immediately as transfer orders are being issued for next year also.

·        But one should think on his requirement and position in long stay list and opt according because when his/her turn comes, at that time the vacancy may not exit in the SSA for which he/she is willing at that particular time.

·        This position in long stay list may change as per the options given by the executives who are at lower position of the Circle long stay list of that cadre or from other cadres for which strength is being counted combinely.

·        The stay of the officer for counting Circle/SSA long stay is counted from the date of entry in any cadre in Circle/ in that particular SSA and all have to check their stay particulars and date of joining  in present/working SSA and ascertain his/her position.

·        Normally female executives are not posted to tenure stations, but willing female executives are encouraged and posted to choice tenure stations. 

·        The female executives not posted to tenure stations, but in the long stay, will be posted to non-tenure stations in due course of time on long stay basis.

·        Hence, the female executives in Circle long stay list and not completing 57 years of age as on 31/03/2019 may exercise their option to suitable tenure/non-tenure stations, and in such cases, their order will also be considered in the interest of service.

·        All the executives completing 57 years of age as on 31st March of that particular financial year are excluded from transfers.

·        Here due to combination of mix year now there is need of separation of counting of age separately for executives to be posted to tenure stations before 31/03/2019 and after 01/04/2019.

·        The executives being posted as substitute to tenure completed executives or to meet shortage of executives before 31/03/2019, the substitute needs to be posted from the executives who will be completing age 57 years as on 31/03/2019.

·        While posting substitutes to the executives who will be completing tenure after 01/04/2019, the substitute needs to be posted from the list of Circle long stay executives who will be completing age of 57 years as on 31/03/2020.

·        The concerned executives in long stay list attending age 57 years as on 31/03/2020, may submit their willingness and request if any accordingly.

·        The long stay list of different cadres published on 07/01/2019 were having more corrections and hence fresh & revised Circle long stay list of each cadre is published now.

·        In this revised list also there seems to be confusion as assumptions made by officers in staff section are not rightly understood by the officers working field units/offices other than staff section.

·        The executives will be posted to Tenure stations on the basis of his/her continuous stay in that particular working SSA and officer in having highest stay in present working SSA will be in top of the list and having less stay will be at respective lower level of the long stay list . The stay mentioned in “Present Working" column of annexure concerned and position of long stay is decided on basis of the stay.

·        The data mentioned under Circle Stay column has no relation to the posting to tenure stations, but this data will be used in case of posting of officers out of territory of Maharashtra Circle mainly to all India Hard Tenure stations.  

·        It would have been better that two separate list of Circle long stay and SSA long stay were prepared and published separately.

·        This time only list of SSA Stay was required for posting substitute to tenure stations, so that it would have been easy to understand by all. 

·        Hence one has to be very careful while ascertaining his position in the long stay list and correctness of the Date of Birth /age and correct Date of joining/Stay in present /working SSA, should be ascertained and in case of any corrections same needs to be intimated to AGM Staff my email latest by 19/01/2019.

·        In case of same date of joining in respect of two or more executives in same cadre, the seniority of long stay is decided on Date of Birth and if date of birth is also same then it is decided on training centre marks. But executives concerned from same batch and date of joining, should not wait for such last moment option and give option for suitable place as normally probability of transfers changes at any time.

·        Till anyone has doubt, he/she may contact AD Staff /AGM Staff Mumbai or DS SNEA concerned and gets doubts clarified before ascertaining any option for Circle as well as all India tenure stations in Maharashtra Circle.

·       All comrades are requested have self analysis, check the correctness of data published here, and decide about submission of willingness for Tenure stations and if decided to submit willingness then submit it in time.

·        Let us hope, this time management issues the tenure transfer orders in time bound manner and without any further delay in issuing and implementing the Tenure transfer orders from all Tenure stations in Maharashtra Circle.


11  Jan 19: : AGM S&M CFA Mumbai endorsed the BSNL CO letter for new Telephone Bill format for landline connections.  Letter <<<>>>    


11  Jan 19: : DGM Admn Mumbai issued orders for stopping total 28 hired vehicles from five different SSAs in view of OLA services.  Letter <<<>>>    


11  Jan 19: : AGM S&M CFA Mumbai issued Purchase order for supply of BSNL Calendar 2019 with envelope and total 15000 calendars will be printed for which last date of supply is 28 days from the date of Purchase order. But it is understood that first lot of BSNL calendars will be supplied to Circle office within 2-3 days and rest of Circle supply is expected by second week of January 2019.  Letter <<<>>>    


10 Jan 19:   Dear Comrades, we are extremely sorry that beloved and frequently visited website of our association was not updated for about one and half month. There are some specific and strategic reasons for not updating website for such long time and same will be disclosed at appropriate time and as and when required.

·       Henceforth, we will be updating this site on regular basis.

·       We deeply regret the inconvenience caused to all our esteemed members & well-wishers who could not get updates on different issues.

·       Though we were in regular touch with DS and DOBs but common members were not given regular updates on different issues and three is much confusion.

·       Now the stay particulars have been uploaded in all cadres and willingness has been called for posting at tenure stations and hence there is much confusion among executives who are at the top of the long stay list in different cadres.

·       The detail news on this long stay list and transfer orders from tenure stations will be uploaded here shortly. 

·       During this period of one and half month when our website was not updated, many of the comrades have contacted us personally, on phone, by email, sms and what’s app and enquired about the reasons for not updating website on different issues.

·       Many comrades have requested to update it regularly, but same could not be implemented at earlier stage.

·        SNEA MH conveys sincere thanks and gratitude to all the well-wishers comrades to continue their great love and affections towards SNEA MH and it website.

·       We appeal all comrades to continue sending their feedback and updated information on different issues related to BSNL and SNEA, for updating on our website.


NB: The information given on this site is restricted to SNEA members only. The content of the pages of this site shall not be quoted or reproduced as an evidence elsewhere either in part or full for any purpose.