Last updated on   30 Jun 21


30 Jun 21:   AGM Pers BSNL CO writes all Circle Heads for relieving of SDEs under transfer to different Circles but not yet relieved by concerned Circle by 30/06/2021, failing which they will be relieved through ERP by Personal Section.   Letter <<<>>>


 30 Jun 21:   Jt GM Vigilance BSNL CO writes Vigilance Heads of Circles endorsing procedure in handling references received from Lokpal of India.   Letter <<<>>>


30 Jun 21:   DGM NWO CFA BSNL CO writes Circle Heads for Encashment of reward points accumulated by cashless purchase of fuel through smart card from M/s IOCL, M/s BPCL & M/s HPCL.   Letter <<<>>>


28 Jun 21:   DGM Legal Mumbai issued revised transfer orders from Tenure stations to Non-Tenure stations and vice versa wherein request of executives who are completing tenure up to 30/06/2021 are given consideration.  AGM /SDE /JTO Order <<<>>>   JE Order <<<>>>

·        The earlier order was issued on 22/06/2021 considering request as well as to meet shortage of executives in some of SSAs and same was kept in abeyance on 02/06/2021 as certain discrepancies were brought to the notice of CGMT MH by SNEA MH as per the feedback from District Secretaries.

·        CGMT MH was kind enough to note the grievances and hardship faced by the executives against the Transfer policy guidelines, pick and choose transfers, increase in number of transfers and mainly cost on transfers when BSBL is not having money to pay monthly salaries etc.

·        As decided in meeting and continuously pursued by SNEA MH , now the earlier bulk transfers are kept in abeyance and now transfer orders are being reviewed and issued  in phase manner by taking concerned raised by SNEA MH.

·        Thus, in first phase of revised transfer orders from Tenure stations to Non-Tenure stations and vice versa the request of all executives who are completing tenure up to 30/06/2021 are given consideration and executives in Circle long stay list are posed as substitute.

·        In this revised order, there is no single change in the request transfers from Tenure Stations to Non Tenure stations, but there is some change in the substitute posted for relieving these executives who have completed their tenure at Tenure stations and requested for transfer to choice SSA.

·        The request of executives who have already completed tenure at any of Tenure stations for not transferring to tenure station again is now given consideration as per guidelines on the subject and their names are kept aside from long stay list of tenure stations.

·        But as these executives are in Circle long stay list and they will be posted to SSAs having shortage of executives and hence they will have to submit their choice stations among these stations. Many of executives have submitted their request for change of SSA and same will be given consideration in next phase of transfer orders to fill vacant post at Shortage SSAs.

·        Apart from this the review of Immunity granted has been reviewed in some of Office Bearers and some are granted immunity and immunity granted to some OBs has been withdrawn as per the guidelines on subject.

·        The change of SSA from tenure to Non tenure stations granted in some specific cases is also corrected and transfer orders are issued as per transfer policy for posting substitute at tenure stations.

·        Thus the concerned raised by SNEA MH on all the points has been taken care and fresh orders are issued only in respect of Tenure to Non Tenure stations & vice versa and till all other transfer orders continued to be in abeyance. 

·        The further review is going and work for calculation of SSA wise executive strength with corrections in actually working strength in each SSA is going on. Once it is finalized there will be review of Shortage /Excess executives in particular SSA and then action will be initiated for filling vacant post of executives from the executives in SSAs having excess executives by publishing data of SSA wise Excess/Shortage of executives along with working strength and calling for willingness/options for filling vacant post in the SSAs having shortage.

·        The options can be given by the executives in other SSAs and options with own cost will be given priority over the option with company cost.

·        Further if sufficient options are not received for any SSA, then the longest stayed executives from the SSAs having excess executives will be transferred at company cost to SSAs having shortage of executives.

·        Thus longest stayed executives in SSA having excess executives will get choice to join any of SSA or be ready to be posted at any of SSA at company cost.

·        Thereafter the request transfers from Non tenure to Non tenure SSAs will be given consideration on one to one basis as per policy for posting substitute for request transfers and here also preference will be given for one to one request and own cost requests. 

·        The review of transfers of JEs/JTOs to CNTXW has been completed but there is till more requirement from CNTXW Circle and we have requested CNTXW Circle to have rearrangements among existing JEs/JTOs/SDEs in CMNTXW Circle itself before requesting for additional JTOs/JEs as MH Circle also has shortage and long stay list needs to be operated equally for MH Telecom Circle and CNTXW Circle.

·        The review of transfers from Mobile section to SSA and posting to Pune Nodal/Mobile is also being reviewed and revised orders will be 

·        SNEA MH regrets for the delay and inconvenience caused to the executives who were waiting for relieving after consideration of their request transfers and could not be relieved as orders were kept in abeyance.  

·        In first phase review of requests from Tenure to Non tenure transfers is completed and in similar manner the review of request transfers from Non tenure to tenure transfers is being done and there will not be change in request transfers unless said executives comes under long stay list of SSA having excess executives as per revised strength to post at SSAs having shortage of executives.

·        But there will be certain changes in other Non-tenure Company cost transfers and as option will be available for these executives to opt for any of the vacant post published or be ready to be posted at any of such SSA at company cost.

·        The executives from SSAs not having excess executives, will not be transferred till there is any one to one request to their working SSAs and hence there will be much changes in the company cost transfer orders issued from SSAs not having excess Executives.

·        SNEA MH appeals all the executives who are appearing in the Circle/SSA long stay list for transfers to Non tenure stations to have self-analysis of his/her position in the long stay list and decide to opt for any place suitable to him/her or be ready for transfer at any of the SSA having shortage of executives as per revised strength which will be published shortly or to SSA from which incoming request/s are pending to their present/working SSA.   

·        SNEA MH conveys sincere thanks and gratitude to Shri. Ramakant Sharma, CGMT MH Circle for giving due consideration to concern expressed by SNEA MH and reviewing transfer orders as per Transfer policy guidelines and giving justice to affected Executives.

·        SNEA MH conveys special thanks to Shri. Aman Jaiswal, then GM HR Admn Mumbai and CEC Civil Mumbai, who has been integral part of this review process of transfers kept abeyance and has played vital role in issuing revised transfers as per discussions held in the different meetings and as per assurance by CGMT MH Circle.

·        SNEA MH also convey sincere thanks and gratitude to Shri. S.V. Nakhale, GM HR Admn Mumbai, Shri. Baban S. Laswante, DGM Legal, Shri.  D. G. Bangera, AD Staff A Mumbai, Mrs. S.V. Khadgi, AD Staff B Mumbai for their pain and efforts taken in review of this transfer order as per transfer policy guidelines and directions of CGMT MH Circle.


28 Jun 21:   DGM Legal Mumbai issued revised transfer orders of Account wing executives from Tenure stations to Non-Tenure stations and vice versa wherein the transfers are issued to tenure station from the Circle long stay list.   Letter <<<>>>

·        Though it is not officially declared by a letter, now the tenure stations for Account wing executives will be at par with Telecom wing executives i.e. Goa, Sindhudurg, Ratnagiri, Raigad, Gadchiroli and Nandurbar District in Dhule SSA. 

·        SNEA MH conveys sincere thanks and gratitude to Shri. Ramakant Sharma, CGMT MH Circle for giving due consideration to concern expressed by SNEA MH and reviewing transfer orders as per Transfer policy guidelines by uniform application of tenure facilities to executives in Account wing at par with Telecom wing. .

·        SNEA MH also convey sincere thanks and gratitude to Shri. S.V. Nakhale, GM HR Admn Mumbai, Shri. Aman Jaiswal then GM HR Admn Mumbai and CEC Civil Mumbai, Shri. Baban S. Laswante, DGM Legal Mumbai, Shri.  D. G. Bangera, AD Staff A Mumbai, Mrs. S.V. Khadgi, AD Staff B Mumbai for their pain and efforts taken in review of this transfer order of account wing as per transfer policy guidelines and directions of CGMT MH Circle.


28 Jun 21:   DGM Legal Mumbai issued revised transfer orders of JTOs/JEs for posting at CNTXW Circle at Gadchiroli.   Letter <<<>>>

·        Posting of JTO/JE at CNTXW at Gadchiroli has been under dispute since last one and half year as wrong process was started by staff section for considering request of JTO at CNTXW Gadchiroli which was to be considered by CNTXW Circle.

·        The JTO under transfer has been held up at Gadchiroli after issuing this order for last 18 months after completion of tenure as 5 to 6 orders issued thereafter were not implemented as same were not as per the guidelines on the subject.

·        SNEA MH has always pursued for posting of executives as per the policy guidelines. In last meeting, it was decided that incumbent JE/JTO joining SSA was posted at CNTXW instead of issuing one more transfer from SSA to CNTXW Circle and same was followed for all other SSA and not for CNTXW Gadchiroli. 

·        Finally again matter has been taken up by SNEA MH and now revised order is issued by posting incumbent JE at CNTXW Circle and matter has been resolved once for all and well within the transfer policy guidelines and BSNL money for more transfers is saved with this single order.


28 Jun 21:  DGM HR Mumbai issued TBP orders from E4 to E5 and E5 to E6 for executives whose TBP was due in May & June 21.   Letter <<<>>> 


25 Jun 21:   AD Admn Mumbai conveys approval of CGMT MH for constitution of Scrutiny Committee to death cases documents for received from SSA for claims under BCF.   Letter <<<>>> 


25 Jun 21:   AGM Pers BSNL CO issued transfer orders of to and from all India hard Tenure stations wherein three SDEs  from MH Circle are transferred to Assam and NE-II Circle.   Order <<<>>> 


25 Jun 21:   AGM BW BSNL CO issued orders for relieving of EE/SDE Civil on their pending transfers latest by 30/06/2021 otherwise they will be relieved by BSNL CO through ERP.   Order <<<>>> 


25 Jun 21:   AGM RM CFA BSNL CO issued circular offering recovered ADSL Modems to new customers for BB service at reduced monthly rental @ Rs. 29 per month in all the circles.   Letter <<<>>> 


25 Jun 21:   AGM RM CFA BSNL CO issued circular for increase in rentals of WiFI enabled ONTs from Rs 90 to Rs 150 per month and it will be effective w.e.f. 01/07/2021.   Letter <<<>>> 


25 Jun 21:   AGM RM CFA BSNL CO issued circular introducing  Bharat Fibre / Bharat Air Fibre Broadband plans for Public Data Office (PDO) of RURAL areas.   Letter <<<>>> 


24 Jun 21:   SNEA MH welcomes Shri. S.V. Nakhale newly joined GM HR Admn Mumbai: Delegation of SNEA led by Shri. M. N. Kotambe, ACS SNEA MH and consisting Shri. Abhay Kesarkar Joint Secretary CE SNEA MH, Shri. Rupesh Kumar, Joint Secretary HQ SNEA MH, Shri. Ankit Gangar, DS SNEA Mumbai, Shri. Sandeep Masurkar, ADS SNEA Mumbai, Shri. Durgesh Baghele, CEC Member SNEA Mumbai, Shri. Anil Dubey Ex DS SNEA Mumbai, Shri. Anil Yadav OS SNEA Mumbai, Shri. Vinay Phadake, OS SNEA Mumbai and Shri. M. S. Adasul, CS SNEA MH gave warm welcome to Shri. S.V. Nakhale newly joined GM HR Admn Mumbai with bouquet.

·        Photos <<<>>> 

·        In reciprocation Shri. S.V. Nakhale, GM HR Admn Mumbai conveyed thanks and have held brief discussions with delegation to know about the activities going in in MH Circle. He was very happy to see many faces to whom he knows personally and being working in Maharashtra Circle earlier.

·        In introductory meeting, delegation gave brief about the leaders who were part of delegation, activities & working of SNEA in Maharashtra Circle and issues which needs his attention.

·        During further discussions we have shared update information related to Membership of Associations and issues thereof, issues related to recent transfer posting and abeyance orders thereof,  respecting Association recognition rules, Grant of immunity to OBs of association, BSNL guidelines on Transfer posting and its implementation, Issues related to re-preparations for Considering Request Transfers from tenure /Non tenure stations, Republication of updated data of SSA wise Long stay lists with updated data, Exclusion of names of officers opted as well as under transfer to All India Hard Tenure Stations, Consideration of JAO/JTO Rule 8 /Rule 9 requests and review of request to CNTXW Circle, Publication of SSA wise executive strength showing excess/shortage of executives in transparent manner, clearing confusion created on the Tenure stations for Account wing, issues in posting of IFAs to BA Heads and specifically issues created in posting of IFA Aurangabad, Issues in Consideration of Account wing request for change of SSA/Retention, Release of Leave encashment of VRS Optees withheld on name of fake cast compliant etc. Apart from we have discussed some circle Office specific issues viz. consideration of Requests for change of section within CO Mumbai, Filling vacant post of DGMs/DEs under LA Arrangements, Proper distribution of DGM/DEs/SDE/JTOs among all verticals, Decision of Distribution of Certificate of VRS Opted Executives, Stopping deduction on Medical reimbursement on discount, Review of higher rates approved for canteen beyond tender period etc.

·        Discussing each point in detail we have shared relevant guidelines and supporting documents in our say and how SNEA is pursuing for uniform applicability of guidelines equally for all that to be in transparent manner.

·        Shri. S.V. Nakhale GM HR Admn Mumbai gave patience listening to all the issues raised by delegation by going through the supporting documents submitted by us. He has shared his views on many issues and assured that he also believes in transparent working and his priority will be going ahead with transparent working as per BSNL guidelines. He assured delegation that he will have review of the issues in coming days and take care of all issues one by one. He was optimistic about the dealing all issues successfully, but asked some time to understand the issues and to go ahead with it after discussions with CGMT MH.

·        This introductory meeting lasted for more than one hour and in conclusion of meeting we have once again conveyed him Warm welcome back to Maharashtra Circle as GM HR Admn Mumbai and assured full co-operation from SNEA MH for his grand success as GM HR Admn Mumbai.

·        In conclusion Shri. S. V. Nakhale, GM HR Admn Mumbai conveyed thanks and firmly assured for settlement of HR issues in time bound manner and well within the guidelines on the subject and requested for timely feedback from association.  


24 Jun 21:   Jt GM Pers SM BSNL CO writes to all Circle Heads to ensure time line of 30/06/2021 for submitting self Appraisal of APRs of Year 2020-21 to avoid last hour rush.   Letter <<<>>> 

It seems that this time line may not be extended further and hence SNEA MH appeals all its comrades, to fill up self Appraisal of APR 2020-21 well in time of 30/06/2021 without waiting for extension of timeline beyond 30/06/2021. It is not good to wait for last date/minutes without any action on our part is writing APRs and then demand for extension of time.


24 Jun 21:   GM SR BSNL CO issued further guidelines for recommendations of Cadre Controlling Authority for sanction of Rs Ten Lakhs under BSNL Covid Fund in case of death of the BSNL employee due to Covid.   Letter <<<>>> 


24 Jun 21:   GM HR Admn Mumbai writes to SSA /Vertical Heads for mapping Two level ERP system of DGM and above level officers in ERP.   Letter <<<>>> 

The letter directs the PGM/GM Level Controlling Officers to ensure that leave of officers is sanctioned with suitable Looking After arrangements, EL applied by the DGM Level officers including SSA Heads are reaching to CGMT MH for approval. It further states that any deviation in following these instructions in future will be viewed seriously.


24 Jun 21:   GM LM BSNL CO writes to CGMT MH Circle for identification of all disposable properties in BSNL Maharashtra Circle and details is to be sent latest by 30/06/2021.   Letter <<<>>>    List <<<>>> 


 24 Jun 21:  GM NWP BB BSNL CO issued Revised Open Policy for engagement of Wi-Fi Partners for provisioning of Wi-Fi services for Enterprise and retail customers and earlier policy published on 14/06/2021 is withdrawn.  Letter <<<>>>


24 Jun 21:  Director Fin BSNL  Board writes to all Circle/Unit Heads/IFAs  for revenue assurance activities in CFA Vertical by suitable organizational structure at Circle/BA level for regular monitoring, to stop revenue leakage, enhancement in billing and to increase collection efficiency.  Letter <<<>>>


24 Jun 21:  CGMT MH Circle writes to BA Heads for proper attention to out and leased in IP sites which are commercially locked leased or down for more than seven days.  Letter <<<>>>


24 Jun 21:  AGM RM CM BSNL CO writes to Circle Heads/IFAs about Performance Analysis on outstanding recovery of Postpaid GSM revenue up to the month of May 2021 under project Aishwarya.  Letter <<<>>>      


24 Jun 21:  AGM Smart City BSNL CO calls requirement of Smart City Poles and at the same time writes  for non-utilization of poles purchased earlier.  Letter <<<>>>

·        This is unfortunate that Poles purchased before three years are underutilized, even not installed , but till requirement of fresh Poles is called.

·        The Smart City Poles are costing about Rs 45 Lakhs each pole and BSNL has purchased total 35 such Smart City Poles and two are installed in Maharashtra Circle one at CO Mumbai and another at Nashik.

·        These poles are white Elephants of BSNL and have not earned any revenue for BSNL as these Poles are erected in BSNL premises before three years and are made functional in last year.

·        These poles may be utilized in Smart City Projects for generation of revenue as projected but same are installed in BSNL premises and there is no revenue generation from it and BSNL Money is being wasted on it maintenance as AMC is part of its Purchase Order.

·        One side BSNL is not having money to pay monthly salary and another side Cores of hard earned Money is being wasted on such unwanted and underutilized procurement and such centralized procurement without requirement in filed units and pressure to Circles for its utilization is one of the reasons which are causing loss to BSNL and needs to be reviewed stopped immediately.


22 Jun 21:  Updates on review of Transfer orders kept in abeyance: The work of review of the Tenure and Non tenure transfer orders kept in abeyance is going on at Staff section for last fortnight.

·        In first phase, review of the Transfer orders from and to tenure stations is done and work is about to complete.

·        Hopefully the restoration of Tenure Transfer orders will be done within a day or two with approval of CGMT MH Circle.

·        At the same time the work of review of SSA wise Strength of Executives, excess shortage of executives with latest information and actual working strength is going on in parallel and same is also expected to be completed by end of this week.

·        Thereafter action will be taken for filling of vacant post of executives in SSAs having shortage of executives. Then the work of restoration of request transfers from Non tenure SSAs will be done. As the review is taken with corrective actions as per transfer policy guidelines, it may take some time more of about fortnight.   


22 Jun 21:   DGM SCT BSNL CO writes to all Circle/Unit Heads in BSNL endorsing DoT letter on Timely verification of Caste/Community certificates.  Letter <<<>>>      


22 Jun 21:   GM Fin CFA BSNL CO writes to Circle Heads/IFAs conveying approval of the Management Committee of BSNL Board for enhancement of Financial Powers of Circle Heads for Technical write off of irrecoverable Telephone Revenue in respect of more than 10 year old irrecoverable outstanding revenue of landline, broadband, CDMA and GSM post-paid connections as on 31/03/2020.  Letter <<<>>>      


22 Jun 21:   DGM CFA BSNL CO writes to CGM ITPC and BBNW Circles about roles and responsibilities of OTT Management team.  Letter <<<>>>      


22 Jun 21:  AGM RM CM BSNL CO writes to Circle Heads/IFAs about GSM Revenue  Performance Report up to the month of May 2021.  Letter <<<>>>      


18 Jun 21:   SNEA MH writes to Shri. Ramakant Sharma, CGMT MH Circle in response to letter by DGM Legal asking comments on the immunity granted to five OBs of SNEA MH Circle.  Letter <<<>>>     Enclosures <<<>>>


18 Jun 21:  Jt GM Pers SM BSNL CO writes to all Circle Heads/IFAs on prohibition on bringing any political or outside influence to further employee’s interest in respect of matters pertaining to employment, postings or transfers in BSNL. Further in separate letter to CGM ITPC Pune it has been directed to create and enable provision in ERP to make entry of such influence/pressures as and when received so as to initiate action appropriate action against such employees.  Letter <<<>>>      Letter to CGM ITPC <<<>>>

·        It is important point that one side grievances of employees are not taken care by certain officers in administration and under such situation the employees are compelled to approach political influence. If administration takes care of issues and grievances, no employee will approach Political leaders.

·        If this rule is strictly followed by Management/Administration that none of them will bow to the political influence and strictly adhere to the rules and guidelines of BSNL , no one will approach the political parties/leaders , but unfortunately it is seen that in some specific cases these officers act on  political influence when it is from highly influential political leader and action against employees is taken when the political leader to whom he/she has approach is not having such important position in political scenario.

·        There is need of provision against the officers in administration/management who bows against such political pressure on case by case basis and just taking action against employees for bringing political pressure/influence is not sufficient to resolve this issue to its root cause.

·        Let us hope that Management /administration will listen/address genuine grievances of all the employees and will not compel the employees to approach political leaders as excepted in these letters and till if anyone approaches the political influence, it will not be entertained by the said officers in administration /management and they will strictly adhere to these guidelines issued by BSNL Corporate office.

·        SNEA MH appeals to all its members to respect these orders for not bringing political pressure/influence and respect these orders by representing their grievances with concerned authorities in BSNL administration/management by putting grievances in proper manner and with supporting documents.


18 Jun 21:  GM Admn BSNL CO writes to all Circle/Unit Heads about procedure to be followed by Circles in disbursement of benefit of Rs Ten lakhs to the family of the deceased BSNL employee from BSNL COVID Fund (BCF).  Letter <<<>>>


18 Jun 21:  AGM Taxation BSNL CO writes to all Circle Heads/IFAs conveying guidelines regarding resolution of error in generation of e- invoicing in SAP.  Letter <<<>>>


18 Jun 21:  PGM CNO BSNL CO writes to all CGMs about methodology for dealing with Suspected Telephones.  Letter <<<>>>


17 Jun 21:  AGM Estt BSNL CO  writes to all Circle/Unit Heads about Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for Invoice management in the e-Office and ERP systems.  Letter <<<>>>


17 Jun 21:  AGM Estt BSNL CO  writes to all Circle/Unit Heads for updating the pending /running  court cases in ERP Portal/LIMS Portal.  Letter <<<>>>


17 Jun 21:  DGM CA ERP BSNL CO writes to all CGMs  about relaxation of 60 days period for entry of invoices in ERP and this relaxation will be available only up to 21/06/2021.   Letter <<<>>>


15 Jun 21:  DGM Legal Mumbai issued orders for partial restoration of Transfers Orders of JEs and JTOs issued for CNTXW Circle.  JTO Order <<<>>>    JE Order <<<>>>

·        SNEA MH has raised the certain issues with CGMT MH in issuing transfer orders from MH Circle to CNTXW Circle viz. consideration of own cost request transfers with priority over company cost transfers, unwanted transfers from SSA to CNTXW Circle while fresh incumbent to these SSAs can be posted to CNTXW, issue of counting stay of the executives while counting shortest stay for transfer to CNTXW Circle, Issuing Tenure stations orders of CNTXW Circle by MH Circle  and transfer of JEs in SSA Cadre.

·        Accordingly, order of one JE is cancelled and the transfer order of Shri. Manish Kumar JTO Solapur and Shri Punit Sitre JTO Akola continues to be held in abeyance, but transfer order of Shri. Lalit Kumar Sahoo JTO Gadchiroli is again issued.

·        As per procedure followed in filling vacant post, where incumbent JTO/JEs is not being posted, these  JTOs junior most in stay among JTOs/JEs cadre in their SSAs  are transferred to CNTXW Circle in same station criteria.

·        Here in case of Solapur SSA, vacant post is at Pandharpur and not at Solpaur and hence the presumption by Staff section that transfer is at same station is wrong.

·        It was also agreed by all present in the meeting by CGMT MH Circle that where incumbent is available i.e. CNTXW at Solapur, Gadchiroli and Akola , and incumbent JTOs/JE will be posted at CNTXW Circle in these and similar other SSAs

·        In Gadchiroli also one JTO and one JE is posted from Nagpur and it is quite possible to post these incumbent to CNTXW Gadchiroli, but again transfer order of Shri. Sahoo is issued. It is important that Shri. Sahoo is not junior most executives in Gadchiroli SSA, there are other five officers who have joined in Gadchiroli after joining of Com Sahoo. Copy <<<>>>

·        As per discussions in the meeting and assurance by GM HR and CGMT MH, it was expected that orders  of same station where incumbent is available will be cancelled, but orders in respect of two JTOs continued to be in abeyance and order of Shri. Sahoo is again issued with wrong data and against decision taken in the meeting.

·        This order for Gadchiroli is one more attempt of covering earlier mistakes by Staff section is issuing transfer order of JTO under WTR Circle which is not implemented for last one and half year due to wrong assumptions and presumptions by officers in staff section. Copy <<<>>>

·        The transfer order of JTO in WTR Gadchiroli was supposed to be issued by WTR Circle and not by MH Circle, but it was issued wrongly and thereafter this may be sixth/seventh order to cover up this wrong order and said JTO continues to suffer as he is not relieved for last 15 months, as his request is not properly handled by MH Circle. 

·        It is to be noted that recently CNTXW Circle has posted one SDE at WTR Gadchiroli, which underlines that order issued by MH Circle on name of completion of Tenure at Gadchiroli is wrong, but efforts are continued to establish this wrong order as correct order and again Com. Sahoo is transferred to Gadchiroli.

·        Further, it is important that for Goa, and Nandurbar in Dhule District which are tenure stations , the posting needs to be issued by longest stayed officers in CNTXW Circle, but MH Circle has issued orders by posting JTOs/JES at these locations with again wrong precedence as that of Gadchiroli. There are many JTOs in CNTXW Circle, who are having stay more than these officers in MH Circle, but they are safeguarded and juniors in stay are compelled to join at these tenure stations under CNTXW Circle. Even some of executives with highest stay in MH Circle are enjoying deputation at CNTXW at popular stations and JTOs working at non-popular locations like Akola and having comparatively less stay are compelled to join at these Tenure Stations under CNTXW Circle.  

·        Further, other executives have submitted Own Cost Transfers to Goa and Dhule CNTXW, but by neglecting their own cost request, others are posted at Company cost to these locations and this is direct loss to BSNL.

·        It is important that apart from individual own cost requests, the CNTXW Circle has recommended these own cost requests and sent to MH Circle for consideration, but same are deliberately neglected or not taken into consideration. CNTXW letter  <<<>>>

·        From this it is clear that till issues are not being taken care properly and in simple review order of Request transfers to CNTXW Circle, the orders are again issued with certain issued already discussed and agreed. This may have happened due to fact that these officers who are issuing order may not be present in the meeting or may not be given update information on instructions given by CGMT MH.

·        SNEA MH will again bring it to notice of new GM HR Admn Mumbai and CGMT MH for corrective actions in the interest of BSNL as well as affected executives who are willing to join these stations with willingness and at own cost and who are not willing to join at these odd locations. 


15 Jun 21:  AGM RM CFA BSNL CO issued circular for discount of Rs.100/- for period of first Six months as promotional offer to existing Landline customers of BSNL who are not using Broadband who opts for Bharat Fibre plan in all the Circles and this offer will be effective for period of 90 days from 14/06/2021.  Letter <<<>>>


15 Jun 21:  DGM NWP CM BSNL CO published ranking of Circles based on Financial, Operational, Sales and Marketing KPI based performance under CM Vertical during Month April 2021.  Letter <<<>>>  Annexure <<<>>>


15 Jun 21:  GM NWP BB BSNL CO issued Open Policy for engagement of Wi-Fi Partners for provisioning of Wi-Fi services for Enterprise and retail customers.  Letter <<<>>>


15 Jun 21:  DGM HR Mumbai endorsed BSNL CO letter on Job Description of Partnership Management and Digital Marketing for necessary actions by BA/SSA/ Vertical /Unit Heads in MH Circle.  Letter <<<>>>


15 Jun 21:  AGM LM BSNL CO writes to all CGMs conveying Standard Operating  Procedure (SOP) for  renting out  BSNL Buildings/ Staff Quarters/Other facilities and for Land Monetisation.  Letter <<<>>>


15 Jun 21:  DGM S&M CM BSNL CO writes all Circles for holding meetings with Franchisees at least once in Every Quarter.  Letter <<<>>>


15 Jun 21:  DGM CFA BSNL CO writes all Circles for one time promotional Sales incentive scheme for cluster partners for the sale of landline/ Broadband connections on Copper in all the Circles and this offer will be effective for period of 90 days from 11/06/2021.  Letter <<<>>>


15 Jun 21:  DGM SCT BSNL CO writes to CGMT MH Circle for releasing the Leave encashment payment of have retired or retiring on VR/VRS/Superannuation.  Letter <<<>>>

·        This letter does not say anything new, but it has added one more condition of indemnity bond.

·        Thus the certain officers in Maharashtra Circle and BSNL CO continues to play with life of the employees against whom the complaints of caste validity are received in bulk or individually.

·        It seems that instead of releasing pending Leave encashment payments, the matter has been twisted and now one additional condition of indemnity bond is added which was never before.

·        Further, the condition of applying for Caste validity continues though it has been clarified in certain guidelines that it is not required for case before introduction of Cate Validity.

·        As per VRS 2019, in case of any employee having any compliant or disciplinary case pending, then his/her all the pensionary benefits are to be withheld and in case of caste validity, if he/she has applied for Caste validity, then all payments are to be released.

·        It is important that BSNL has issued Vigilance Clearance for the retirement meaning that there is no case pending against these retired employees. If Vigilance clearance was not granted then their VRS would not have approved and these employees would have continued to get monthly salary. But unfortunately, now they will continue to face critical situation wherein they are neither getting Salary nor getting pension/pensionary benefits and this happens on selective basis to certain executives.

·        As per the guidelines available on Pensioners Portal under Head Leave Encashment it is clearly mentioned that Leave Encashment is not Pensionary benefit and it is naturally expected that same should be released and has been released by all Circle except Maharashtra Circle. 

·        The Leave Encashment is released by all Circles including CNTXW Mumbai but only the extra smart officers in Recruitment Section continues to apply their interpretation on Leave Encashment as Pensionary Benefits and are asking clarification for last two years and matter is further complicated as now additional clause of Indemnity bond is added in it meaning that the Leave Encashment will continue to kept on hold and about 200 employees in Maharashtra Circle will continue to suffers and harassed by denying their due claims.

·        It is important that in Maharashtra Circle also some of retired person have received leave encashment as well as other pensionary benefits, but some are even denied Leave encashment which is payable to them for services rendered by them which has no relation with Caste validity.  

·        Thus this letter by BSNL CO issued on name of releasing Leave Encashment is nothing but addition of one more condition of indemnity bond, which was never existence before and this has further complicated the issue and there is nothing new in this letter.

·        This is best example how such sensitive issues are kept undecided by shunting in files from one office to another office and how the sufferers are made to suffer with such unwanted clarification with additional conditions even after their retirement that to be with more intensity


 10 Jun 21:  DGM Legal & Staff Mumbai writes all BA/SSA Heads conveying joining of Shri. Suresh V. Nakhale, as GM HR Admn Mumbai w.e.f. 09/06/2021. Letter <<<>>>


 10 Jun 21:  DGM HR Mumbai endorsed ALTTC letter for postponement of EPP examination scheduled in June 2021 and calls for information required  thereof in prescribed format.  Letter <<<>>>


9 Jun 21:  DGM Legal Mumbai endorsed BSNL CO order for extension of deputation of Mrs. Shiza Miufti, JTO presently working in deputation from J&K Circle to Kalyan SSA.  Letter <<<>>>


 9 Jun 21:  JAO EPF Mumbai writes to EPF members and SSA EPF Nodal Officers for Linking of Aadhaar with UAN and completion of KYC and also conveyed the procedure to be followed for same.  Letter <<<>>>    Annex  <<<>>>


 9 Jun 21:  DGM HR Mumbai writes to SSA/BA Heads for deletion of wrong APAR data in ERP in case of executives working in Maharashtra Circle and it is to be done in time bound manner before 30/06/2021.  Letter <<<>>>


 9 Jun 21:  DGM Legal Mumbai endorsed BSNL CO order for cancellation of request transfer of Shri. M.V. Mahajan, SDE Nodal Pune to BSNL CO Delhi and now he is retained in Nodal Pune.  Letter <<<>>>


 9 Jun 21:  DGM S&M CM BSNL CO issued orders for Extension of enhanced commission to OCSC/channel partners for Bulk/CUG activations.   Letter <<<>>>


 8 Jun 21:  DGM Legal Mumbai writes to BA Head Chandrapur conveying that joining of executives relieved before 02/06/2021 i.e. date of keeping orders in abeyance should be accepted.   Letter <<<>>>


8 Jun 21:  DGM Legal Mumbai issued transfer order of JAO from TF Mumbai to Circle Office Mumbai.   Letter <<<>>>


8 Jun 21:  DGM Legal Mumbai issued transfer order for interchanging PAs  in Circle Office Mumbai.   Letter <<<>>>


 8 Jun 21:  GM Restg BSNL CO issued orders for restructuring of Training Centers in BSNL working modalities for migration of Reginal Training Centres into Zonal Training Centers.   Letter <<<>>>

·        As per this order, RTCC Nagpur will be closed and RTCC Pune will be functional as Zonal Training Centre for MH, AP & TG Circle and orders will be effective from 30/06/2021.

·        The reporting of Executives working in RTCC Pune will be changed from Pune SSA to ALTTC Ghaziabad.

·        RTCC will be headed by GM level Officer and there will post of 3 DGM/AGM, 12 SDE/JTO, 02 JAO/AO and post of AGM/DGM and JTO/SDE are interchangeable.

·        The section of executives for posting at RTCC will be done by committee as constituted as per Annexure II of the letter.

·        The tenure for executives for posting will be minimum Five years and maximum seven years and after seven years, he/she can be posted to another Training Centre.

·        These guidelines will be applicable for executives presently working at Training Centers


 8 Jun 21:  AGM Restg BSNL CO writes all CGMs for  procedure for Disciplinary Proceeding in case of Retired employees under Rule 61of BSNL CDA rules.   Letter <<<>>>


 8 Jun 21:  DGM HR Mumbai writes to SSA/BA Heads calling for information required for preparation of seniority/gradation list of all JAOs working as on 01/07/2020.  Letter <<<>>>


 6 Jun 21:  CEE Mumbai writes to SSA/BA Heads calling feedback on operation and comprehensive maintenance of electromechanical services in various TE buildings / Admin buildings etc.  Letter <<<>>>


6 Jun 21:  SAD NEWS: Covid has taken toll of one more young Comrade of BSNL: With extreme grief and profound sorrow, this is to inform that Com. Kedar Sutar, JTO EB Kolhapur has left heavenly abode on 31/05/2021 at age of just 32 years.   He is survived with Wife, small daughter of five years and old parents.  His untimely exit is life time loss to his family members and it has shocked all comrades as it is unbelievable that such young comrade could be victim of Covid. 

Com. Kedar Sutar had joined BSNL in 2009 as a directly Recruited JE and posted in Kolhapur SSA. On successfully passing LDCE he become in year 2016 and was posted to Sindhudurg SSA was posted as JTO Kankavali and has excellent contribution to services in Kankavali and Vaibhavadi Talukas. After completion of tenure just before Ten months he has joined at Kolhapur and he was posted as JTO EB Kolhapur and was taking very sincere efforts in strengthening EB unit. Com. Sutar was sincere, honest and fully devoted officer. He was very active member of SNEA and has always taken active part in organizational activities. With his untimely exist, SNEA has lost one of the dedicated member and BSNL has lost one of the best Officer. 

SNEA Maharashtra prays Almighty to give courage and strength and courage to bereaved family members of late Com. Kedar Sutar to bear and cope up with this very crucial and hard moment of life. We also pray Almighty for heavenly peace and space for departed soul of late Com. Kedar Sutar.


 5 Jun 21:  DGM Admn Mumbai writes to SSA/BA Heads for submission of claims/ information required under BSNL Covid Policy for grant of financial assistance of Rs 10 Lakhs.  Letter <<<>>>


 5 Jun 21:  AD Admn II Mumbai writes endorsed CCA Letter for holding pension Adalat on 07/06/2021 on virtual/online mode specially for DoT/BSNL Retirees.  Letter <<<>>>


 4 Jun 21:  DGM legal Mumbai issued orders keeping the transfer orders of AGM, SDE, JTO and JEs issued on 22/05/2021. Order I <<<>>>   Order II <<<>>>

·        In the online meeting held by CGMT MH with all associations on 02/06/2021, it was decided to go ahead with Tenure transfer orders and to keep in abeyance the transfer orders from Non-Tenure to Non-Tenure stations as there are serious issues with this orders.

·        Though it was declared and certified at earlier stage that there are no issues in transfer order and it is the perfect order and leaders of some associations have not found anything wrong in this order,  SNEA has brought to the notice of CGMT MH the issues created by this order, and hardship faced by executives.

·        CGMT MH is kind enough to taken serious note of it and finally after discussions with Majority, Support and Welfare association, it was decided for continuing Tenure transfers as it is, keeping Non-Tenure to Non-Tenure orders in abeyance, first filling vacant post at SSAs having shortage and then giving consideration to request transfers on one to one basis was agreed by all associations.

·        It was not at all decided to keep on hold the Tenure transfer orders in the meeting, but may be to take care of so called pyramid of transfers, tenure Transfer orders are also kept abeyance.

·        This order of keeping in abeyance all transfer orders, has created the unrest among the executives who are waiting for their request transfer for last 2-3 years as some are already relieved and joined at transferred SSA, some were to be relived within day or two and some of them have shifted family also.

·        DS and COBs of SNEA have received such calls, requests from the executives who have become panic due to the abeyance order and were curious about the uncertainty created.

·        SNEA MH has already clarified that it has been already agreed by all that there are no issues in the request transfers from Tenure to Non-Tenure as well as Non -Tenure to Non-Tenure stations except few cases whose names may appear at the top of the long stay list. Others need not worry about it as all other orders will be restored shortly as CGMT MH is personally keeping watch on all these activities.

·        With this abeyance action, there will not be any changes in request transfers, only  there is just delay of few days and hence no one should become panic but bear with it in larger interest and support our own colleagues to get justice and be assured that all request transfers will be restored shortly as it is. 


 4 Jun 21:  DGM legal Mumbai issued Struck off order of JTO due to death and there is delay of five months in issuing this order. Letter <<<>>>


4 Jun 21:  AGM NWP CM Mumbai issued orders for transfer of Works related to IP, outsourcing etc carried out by Nagpur Mobile to Nodal Mobile Pune d. Letter <<<>>>


4 Jun 21:  CGMT MH writes to BA/SSA Heads about performance in provision of FTTH connections during May 2021. Letter <<<>>>


4 Jun 21:  DGM legal Mumbai issued order for posting of Shri. Ajay Mohite AO Aurangabad as CAO Aurangabad with immediate corrigendum to it by changing his posting as CAO from earlier posting as CAO TR Aurangabad. Order <<<>>>   Corrigendum <<<>>>

·        This is best example how works are over delayed in Staff section Mumbai and how decisions are taken with bare violation of the BSNL guidelines on the subject and how issues are kept shunting in files when the grievances are raised with supporting documents and pursued vigorously.

·        Shri. Mohite has represented for considering his name for posting as IFA Aurangabad as the AO Junior to him is posted as IFA and he is compelled to work under Junior who is posted as IFA Aurangabad.

·        Shri. Mohite has first represented his grievances in Oct/Nov 2019 and since then he is pursuing for the same and matter has been personally discussed with AD Staff A Mumbai, AGM Staff A Mumbai, DGM Legal Mumbai, GM HR Mumbai, DGM Fin Mumbai, GM Fin Mumbai.

·        SNEA MH also has discussed this issue with all on repeated occasions with supporting documents in the say of Com Mohite. Though all have agreed to grievances raised by Shri. Ajay Mohite about compulsions for working under junior, but issue was kept lingering from table to table and officers to officers.

·        But in deliberate attempt, the grievances are kept shunting in files and e files for last two years and finally this eye wash order is issued by giving him CAO LA Orders.

·        Shri. Mohite has repeatedly requested to post him as IFA Aurangabad but even after historical time of about one hand half years is taken by staff section to understand his simple grievances and unfortunately after understanding it to depth, he is posted as CAO LA and not IFA Aurangabad.

·        Most important is that in this simple order the corrigendum is issued within two days as good as replacement of original order as in earlier order he was posted as CAO and in this corrigendum he is posted as CAO TR Aurangabad under LA arrangements.

·        Entire efforts and time taken has been vanished with this corrigendum as he has repeatedly submitted grievances for posting him as IFA and never as CAO TR Aurangabad as being done with this corrigendum.

·        This happens when the junior AO Shri. Harish Sable posted as IFA Aurangabad has told in clear worlds that he is unwilling to work as IFA and Shri, Mohite who is senior to him should be posted as IFA Aurangabad, but till such corrigendum are issued as officers in Circle Office are not ready to correct their mistake. 

·        Shri. Mohite has registered his protest by submitting refusal to accept this Looking After order for CAO TR and will continue to raise his grievances to post him as IFA being senior.

·        Shri. Ajay Mohite will surely get justice through his prolonged persuasion by all means and at all levels and now its matter of time when the decision making officers concerned in Circle Office, accept their mistake of posting senior under junior and show willingness to correct it.  



3 Jun 21: Special Online Meeting by CGMT MH with Associations to review the recent Transfers: A special online meeting of Associations was called by Shri.  Ramakant Sharma, CGMT MH Circle on 02/06/2021 at 1200 hrs to discuss the issues created due to recent transfers and unrest among the affected executives. Apart from CGMT MH, from Management side this meeting was attended by Shri. Aman Jaiswal GM HR MH CO, Shri. M.S. Hanchate OSD to CGMT MH. The invitation of meeting was conveyed by Shri. B. S. Laswante, DGM legal Mumbai. This meeting was attended by two leaders of each Association viz. AIGETOA, SNEA , SEWA BSNL and AIBSNLEA. From SNEA MH this meeting was attended by Shri. Abhay Kesarkar, JS CE SNEA MH, Shri. M. N. Kotambe, ACS SNEA MH and Shri. M. S. Adasul, CS SNEA MH.

·        In the meeting held on Saturday 29/05/2021, SNEA MH has elaborately conveyed CGMT MH about the difficulties faced by executives due to mass transfers that to at odd locations and all other issues like violation of transfer policy guidelines, wastage of BSNL Money on company cost transfers, issuing transfers in non-transparent manner, keeping executives in dark about their turn in long stay transfers and specific issues created to trouble executives during critical pandemic situation. After elaborate discussions in this meeting, CGMT MH has stressed on need of understanding among all the associations on policy decision in transfers of executives within Maharashtra Circle. 

·        At the start of meeting SNEA MH has raised objection how AIBSNLEA is allowed to participate in this official meeting. GM HR replied that it is purview and powers of administration to allow associations.  We have conveyed that participation of any association other than majority and support association it is not permitted by recognition rules. If administration feels that there is need of understanding among all associations, then they should call all the participants associations and here only AIBSNLEA is favoured and allowed to participate while other participant associations are not called or invited for this meeting. GM HR replied that he is free to call any association and SNEA should not try to control administration. We have objected this stand against recognition rules and brought to the notice of CGMT MH that this is deliberate attempt to allow only AIBSNLEA on pick and choose basis with specific intention behind it. We have added that how AIBSNLEA is called only for the meeting on issues related to transfer posting and how it was not called for meeting on decision of Medical Corpus fund. We further narrated that CS AIBSNLEA has written complaint about violation of recognition rules in granting immunity. Here administration is violating same recognition rule and by ignoring his compliant of violation of recognition rules, administration is allowing only single non recognised association to participate in the meeting which is serious and deliberate violation of recognition rules.  We also elaborated that by knowing that GM HR want to favor and oblige AIBSNLEA by such special appearance in the meeting, since call for meeting from DGM legal, we have repeatedly requested and reminded DGM legal Mumbai and OSD to CGMT that they should bring it to your kind notice and restrict this meeting to majority Association, Support Association and Welfare association and no other association should be allowed in the meeting. Unfortunately, though both have assured to bring the matter to your kind notice, but same seems to be not taken care for known reasons. 

·        By understanding concern expressed by SNEA for respecting recognition rule and issues thereof CGMT MH expressed that AIBSNLEA is called for meeting to avoid complaints at later stage. We have responded that compliant can be made by anyone and administration has to take corrective action if there is base in allegations thereof. Just because someone is complainant, he should not be allowed in the official meeting creating wrong trend thereof. CGMT MH informed that let us not make issue and let us start the discussions. Even though it was illegal and unethical, by keeping in mind the need to discuss issues in the interest of executives in Maharashtra Circle, respecting the views of CGMT MH, SNEA MH has not much stretched this issue further and then meeting continued with participation of representatives of AIBSNLEA also.

·        Meeting started with brief address by GM HR wherein he first conveyed the purpose of the meeting. He elaborated that since transfer orders are issued certain grievances are raised by AIGETOA, SNEA and SEWA BSNL. He also added that there are individual representations received on the transfers stating different reasons. SSA Heads also have raised concern on certain transfer and requested to review it. Accordingly CGMT MH has decided to call meeting of all associations to know their stand on policy decisions and to have review of orders accordingly. He also briefed that while issuing transfers, he has taken at most care but till there are certain issues left and unnoticed by him and his team and same are pointed out by associations. He specifically mentioned that AIGETOA and SNEA have conveyed their views but till there is need of understanding on all these issues so that all the issues in this transfer can be taken care of. He stressed that the main reason for mass transfers is consideration of request by associations for executives from non-tenure stations who have completed three years of service in present SSA. He added that if this was not given consideration, there would not have been any issue. He said that there is no issue in Tenure transfers except few individual cases which can be taken care. But in transfer orders issued as per annexure B, there are issues and it is under conflict and needs review. He added that now it is open to administration to cancel all the request transfers from Non-Tenure to Non -Tenure station and reduce number of transfers or make corrections in transfers order issued and associations should give their views. He added that it is propagated that these are mass transfers, but fact is that majority are request transfers and others are transfers to fill these vacant posts created on consideration of request transfers and  posts vacant since VRS 2019. He said that as no transfers were issued since VRS, there will be mass dislocation whoever may be issuing transfers. There is need of executives in certain and in can exigency plan these orders are issued. He added that while issuing transfer orders he has taken care that executives are posted in nearby SSA, and dislocation is kept at minimum, but till it is complained that executives are posted at faraway places. He stressed that after VRS, there is vacuum created in these SSAs while SSAs like Nagpur, Amravati have executives more than the justified post and no vacancy exists in Vidarbha area except at Chandrapur SSA. He pleaded that vacancies created are at one corner and excess executive are at another corner. Hence certain executives at Nagpur and Amaravati will have to join at these SSAs having shortage of executives and no one can stop it. In conclusion he invited suggestions for the associations for meeting this exigency and with assurance to give consideration to suggestions.

·        CGMT MH in his brief address expressed concern about this special meeting and expressed displeasure on overall issues created in transfer posting and post transfer issues thereof.  He narrated that there is need of overall growth of BSNL and hence there is need of executives everywhere. CGMT MH expressed that no one want to move on transfer and everybody wants to be at same place. He added that SSAs like Sindhudurg are giving good revenue and same cannot be neglected with acute manpower shortage. Many executives have represented for retention and cancellation of transfer orders and it is not possible to consider all requests. He emphasized that he has taken stand to consider all request from non-tenure stations so that executives regain faith and confidence that their request are given consideration in time and should focus on office work by putting their full energy. He added that efforts were taken to have minimum transfers but anyhow there are issues which should have taken care and are not taken care for whatever may be reason. CGMT MH shared that after going through views of SSA/BA Heads, Associations and individual representations, he was of the opinion that he should cancel all the transfer orders. CGMT MH conveyed in clear words that he accepts that the certain issues were not taken care and as Circle Head he takes its responsibility and assured to have corrective actions.

·        CGMT MH further added that now he has understood the issues and before moving further on review of the transfers issued he want to know the views of Associations. He assured to consider the views of all associations with mutual understanding to avoid complaints at later stage and hence he has called online meeting. He specifically stressed that he is open for all suggestions and assured to take corrective actions.  In conclusion of address, CGMT MH appealed all associations to give their feedback and suggestions so that it is possible for him to take care of issues of SSAs having shortage of executives and also there is no major hardship to executives.

·        Then GM HR asked all associations for sharing their views one by one starting from AIGETOA.

·        In his presentation, CS AIGETOA has conveyed that there are no major issues in these transfers as GM HR has taken lot of efforts and pains taken in issuing orders and appreciated efforts thereof. He further elaborated that there are certain issues if taken care would have been helped in dislocation of executives from one corner to another. He added that transfers should have issued in phase manner and issuing bulk transfers is the reason for mass unrest. He also added that the transfers are issued for faraway locations and would have been avoided. On compliant of granting immunity, he shared that administration shall review all cases of immunity granted and if there is any issue, same should be corrected as per guidelines. He stressed that executives who have opted for nearby station and having more stay are given consideration and executives with less stay are transferred relatively at faraway places. If option was given to all to opt, there would have been fair process. He mentioned that though his association has not got majority votes in MH Circle, as per all India voting it is majority association and hence views expressed by his association should be given consideration regardless of membership strength. He also added that transfers should have reduced by issuing it in phase manner.  In conclusion, he appealed that there are certain issues with the transfer orders and same may be taken care. On cancellation of transfers or its review, he added that there I no need of cancellation of transfer orders and issues may be settled by review.

·        Thereafter, CS SNEA MH in his presentation first conveyed thanks to CGMT MH for spearing ample time to discuss the issues created to transfer posting and understanding concern expressed by association. He added that we have already shared views in the meeting and hopeful that all these points will be taken care.

·        He added that he want to make some additions to earlier issues that on further analysis it is seen that there are changes in the data of working executive strength of each SSA due to transfers out of Maharashtra circle, deaths, retirements etc. He quoted sample case of Nashik SSA, wherein 112 working executives are taken into count by whereas practically there are only 80 SDEs/JTOs and 19 JEs means total 99 executives are working in Nashik SSA. Out of that one SDE is under transfer to A&N Circle, two JTOs under rule 8 transfer and one is due for superannuation in coming few months. Thus there will be only 95 executives available in Nashik SSA. The justified strength is 91 and as per review done there should be s increase in it. Thus only maximum only four executives would have been declared excess in Nashik, but in these transfers total 21 SDEs/JTOs are transferred out of Nashik SSA and only two are posted to Nashik SSA thereby creating net shortage of 19 executives in Nashik SSA.

·        SNEA put further that if transfers are issued without updating data, it will have direct impact on working of these SSAs which are having major contribution of revenue. He added that EB section Mumbai which is major source of revenue will be badly affected due to mass transfers from this section.

·        SNEA added that while posting executives to Pune SSA also there is issue as executives working in Pune SSA are shown as working in Pune Mobile and substitute is posted to Pune Mobile. This will reduce the strength of Pune SSA directly and Mobile Pune will get more manpower. He stressed that the working executives of Nagpur SSA also needs to be corrected as many executives have left Nagpur on transfer and deaths due to Covid and hence updating of data is must. 

·        Elaborating these issue, SNEA requested to publish data of SSA wise executive strength showing relevant details for all SSAs which can be understood easily. It will clear what are the figures taken by Staff section and what are practically available in field units and it will be real transparent working.

·        CS stressed that SNEA was never against transfers of executives on need basis, but it should be in transparent manner and by giving opportunity to executives to opt for any of the SSAs, where there is need of executives. All of sudden transfers, without opportunity of options and even making them aware about their turn in long stay transfers, is matter of concern by all.

·        SNEA narrated that it is unfair to see that one side executive form one SSA with just one or two years stay is transferred on name of long stay and other side   Executives with more than 20  years’ service is given choice or retained in same SSA, is matter of concern and its deliberate injustice. He said that if the list of request transfers was published, then concerned executives would have decided to opt suitable station and may have been opted at own cost which will have reduced cost of transfers.

·        SNEA further added that if there is need of more number of executives in certain SSAs having acute shortage, then management should come out with firm proposal and assurances as one time measure that executives posted to these SSAs will be considered for transfer to choice SSA after completion of two years’ service in these SSAs as one time tenure facility. This will help in getting more willingness or executives under transfer may join immediately. He further informed that if there is acute shortage in some of SSA, as one time measure, the transfers out of these SSAs at company cost may be kept on hold for one year period so that it will reduce the number of transfers at this stage and less executives will be affected by transfers.

·        He expressed concern that the executives and their family members are already under tension due to issues created by second wave of pandemic and continued lockdown and there is need on part of management that number of transfers are kept at minimum and at the time transfers of executives who has completed their tenure are implemented at the earliest.

·        He reproduced that the transfers needs to be issued in phase manner and in bulk in single order, which is cause propagation of mass transfers giving bad name to Maharashtra Circle.

·        On grant of immunity, he made stand of SNEA clear that no one should be allowed to claim the immunity by wrong means. Grant of immunity to OBs of associations is normal practice, but this year it come in limelight as bulk and separate list of immunity retentions is issued before transfer orders. He added that if something is wrong in orders granting immunity, then it should be corrected by administration but only concern is that such cases and issues may be discussed with concern association before issuing cancellation order otherwise under wrong interpretation of constitutions and rules there will be more issues.

·        Adding to discussions on majority status of AIGETOA, CS SNEA confirmed that the results of MV are known to all no one should have doubt about majority status of AIGETOA. But at the same time it is required that management respects these results of MV conducted by BSNL and restrict official discussions only among majority, support and welfare association. He added that this time it may be continued as participants are in, requested to take care in future.

·        On proposal where to review orders or cancel orders, CS SNEA informed that there are issues in this order and SNEA has categorically brought to the notice of CGMT MH all such cases and only required is corrective action as per guidelines of transfer policy. He further added that there is no issue in Tenure transfers except one left out case and hence tenure transfer orders should be continued to operate.

·        In request transfers from non-tenure stations also there are no issues except one or two left out cases and same should be taken care. Only issues are in company cost transfers and during our discussions, CGMT MH has assured to give consideration to all these representation on case by case basis. Hence there is no need of cancellation of transfer order in total and only corrective action may be taken in time bound manner.

·        SNEA MH specifically pointed out that some rumors are being spread before this meeting that orders will be cancelled and no scope may be given to such rumors creating unrest among executives under transfers. It was pointed out that the implementation of orders has been started and some of executives are already relieved or on the way to relieved shortly and cancellation will have impact on it.

·        In conclusion of presentation, CS SNEA requested CGMT MH to give consideration to all issues brought to his notice by SNEA and requested for giving consideration to individual representations and proposal by BA/SSA Heads and resolve the issues at the earliest. CS SNEA conveyed thanks for efforts by CGMT for taking steps towards transparent working and going to the depth of the issues created by mass transfers and firm assurances for corrective actions.

·        Thereafter CS SEWA BSNL was directed by GM HR to present views of association wherein he has praised GM HR for issuing excellent orders. He narrated that he has not seen such orders in the past and GM HR has done wonderful job in these orders. Only major concern on his part that Immunity from transfers is granted to majority and support association and the Office Bearers of SEWA BSNL are not given immunity and transferred without any consideration. He added that he has submitted names of such OBs who are need of immunity and requested to give consideration to their immunity.

·        Thereafter CS AIBSNLEA was directed by GM HR to present his views and shared that these transfer orders are excellent and widely accepted by all. He appreciated efforts taken by GM HR in issuing transfer orders in excellent manner with day and night hard work. He said that there is no reason for any unrest on part of any one and only issue that shops of transfer posting opened by some associations will be closed by issuing such excellent order. It was just fifth or sixth sentence of presentations and such random allegation of “Shops opened by some associations on transfer posting” was made and immediately objected by SNEA MH and we have drawn attention of CGMT MH for such words. We strongly pleaded that either it should be told in clear words which association is having shops of transfer posting and facts should be established or these words should be taken back. Just random allegations has spoiled presentation in the meeting and we informed CGMT MH this is reason why only AIBSNLEA is allowed in this meeting. By understanding strong and serious concern expressed by SNEA MH, CGMT MH directed to stop further presentation by AIBSNLEA and directed GM HR to sum up issues as per feedback from other associations.

·        GM HR while summing up issues added that there are certain issues in the transfers like transfer of dead person, double transfer of SDEs who are already under transfers, transfer to non-tenure stations of executives who are under tenure transfers, transfers at faraway places, transfers of JTOs due for transfer under rule 8, corrections in stay particulars, Publication of executive strength etc and CGMT MH has already decided to get it corrected and action will be taken accordingly. But till administration needs executives at specific locations and it is matter of concern in today’s meeting. He agreed that the executives with less stay are transferred at faraway places but it is due to consideration of request transfers. He added that name of SEWA BSNL was left while granting immunity and it is being reviewed and immunity will be granted to all eligible OBs. He added that data required from immunity is being called from SSAs and the matter will be reviewed on feedback from SSAs.  Now only matter left is where the transfers orders issued are to be cancelled or it should be continued with corrections. He added that all associations have said that this is good order and except few corrections, there is no issue on part of any association. He added that if these corrections are to be issued, then there will change in structure of transfer pyramid. He specifically added that there are no issues in Tenure transfers and it will allowed to operate as it is. Only issue is about the company cost transfers from Non-tenure to Non-Tenure stations. Some of these transfers are effected due to consideration of request transfers. GM HR further suggested that to have relook at the wrong transfers it is better that all transfers including request transfers from Non-Tenure to Non-Tenure stations are cancelled and fresh orders are issued in period of one month and he requested CGMT MH to give his decision. GGMT MH agreed to his proposal and informed that with cancellation all the issues and grievances can be taken care as fresh.

·        In response SNEA and AIGETOA have informed in same words that there is no need of cancellation orders and review should be taken on it. But GM HR continued with say that then issues will be continued and only 2-3 executives in major SSAs will be retained and individual representation on medical and education grounds can only be considered and all orders will continued.

·        SNEA presented that there is possibility of giving consideration to individual representations and proposals by SSA/BA Heads in better way and if permitted SNEA is ready to submit such proposal. We added that if one time tenure is declared for SSAs having shortage more than ten executives, definitely there will much more willing comrades and some of executives who are under transfer will also join willingly. But the proposal of one time tenure was not agreed and CGMT MH told that when it is assured to get back transfer within three years, it has no meaning to have such special privilege. He added that such frequent transfers affects the works as executive concerned do not put much energy in office works and is waiting for completion of two years tenure and to go back. He suggested to go as it is and firmly assured that three years criteria will be strictly followed.

·        Concluding discussions, with permission of CGMT MH, GM HR conveyed decision that the Transfer orders from Tenure Stations to Non-tenure stations will continue to operate as it is and there will be no change as such. He added that the transfer orders issued from Non-Tenure to Non-tenure stations will be issued fresh and till time all Non-Tenure to Non-tenure orders will be kept in abeyance. He further clarified that first priority will be given to fill up vacant post of executives in shortage SSAs by calling willingness from the executives which from SSAs having excess executives. All these orders will be at company cost and executives in long stay list have to decide among the SSAs out of these SSAs having shortage and opt for it. If no options are received, then administration will post as per administrative convenience with priority to options given by executives. With this the executives who are having longest stay will be posted to SSAs having shortage of executives and there will not be any issue of longest stay executive is posted at choice place and less stay executive is made to suffer. He further informed that after filling vacant post in SSAs having shortage of executives, then the request transfers among all non-Tenure SSAs will be given consideration and in this cases substitute will be posted on one to one basis. GM HR added that this exercise will take some time, but he will try to complete it within months’ time.    

·        After elaborate discussions and understanding thereof,  the decision of CGMT MH for  continuing Tenure transfers as it is, keeping Non-Tenure to Non-Tenure orders in abeyance, first filling vacant post at SSAs having shortage and then giving consideration to request transfers on one to one basis was agreed by all associations.

·        SNEA has specifically requested to publish data of excess shortage showing working executives in transparent manner and calling option by declaring names of executives who are declared excess in particular SSA.

·        Concluding very fruitful discussions, CGMT MH conveyed message that his office will work in total transparent manner and issues will be settled in very transparent manner and all associations should be assured for it. He specifically mentioned that nothing should be taken as personal and there should not be any personal allegations against anyone. All should continue to work with harmony. He assured to complete the revised exercise at the earliest. GM HR conveyed thanks to all associations for fruitful discussions and coming to understanding on the issues.

·        This meeting started at 1210 hrs concluded at 1400 hrs with elaborate discussions by all associations and its very positive response from CGMT MH and GM HR. The meeting concluded with thanks from all associations to CGMT MH and GM HR and also to leaders of other associations.

·        SNEA MH is aware that there will be unrest among the executives whose transfer orders will be kept in abeyance, and we have full sympathy with all such affected executives. We express concern towards the difficulties faced by you all now and earlier also. We appeal all such executives to have patience of few more days to have corrective action to reduce trouble to our own colleagues and be assured that all the request transfers will be restored as it is and given consideration in transparent manner.

·        SNEA MH further appeals the executives to have self-analysis of the issues and guidelines with his/her position in long stay list and come forward to opt for posting to suitable SSAs which are having vacant posts and avoid dislocation at odd places.

·        Further the list of request transfers also is published now in this transfer order and executives from SSAs having incoming request should also understand their position for going out of SSA. If his/her name is coming under zone of transfers either due to excess strength or as substitute for incoming request transfer, then he/she should wisely think on to opt for SSAs suitable for him /her or otherwise be ready for posting at any of the SSA to fill up vacant post or to the SSA from which request is under consideration to his/her working SSA on one to one basis.

·        Hope that all the executives who are under zone of transfers and having medical ground issues to be given consideration as per transfer policy guidelines, have submitted all relevant documents with certificate of Civil surgeon justifying genuineness of medical issues as the case will be decided on the basis of documents submitted.  If not yet submitted, they should submit it immediately.

·        We also hope that  Executives who are under zone of transfers and whose wards will be appearing in Board exam of 12th Standard in year 2021-22, have submitted request for retention on educational grounds with supporting documents. If not they have to submit it immediately. It has been decided that request on educational grounds  will be given consideration for wards appearing for 12th Exam and not for ward studying in any other standard of school or college including 10th Board exams. All such executives should have analysis on their own and decide for opting to suitable station having vacant post or be ready for transfer as per administrative convenience.

·        It is unfortunate that some of executives are applying for request transfers and then pressing for cancellation of transfer orders. All executives who have submitted request or willingness should be ready for transfers as same cannot be withdrawn once order is issued. If he/she do not want transfer, then he/she has to withdraw request well in advance and the chances of cancellation of transfer order once issued are very less rather nil.

·        Further we convey to our OBs who are eligible for immunity as Office Bearers of association as Secretary, Asst Secretary and Treasurer that the immunity is granted for year or two and at any cost one has to join at transferred place. After VRS, all are young comrades of age below 50 years and if he/she is due for transfer now, their transfer is definitely due in coming days. Hence he/she should opt for any suitable location and be ready for transfers. The publication of list of grant of immunity in bulk has created much unrest among the other members and they have expressed feelings to DOBs and COBs. We appeal to all OBs to plan accordingly and avoid for opting to immunity on association grounds to all possible extent. Till anybody want to continue with immunity, we will definitely pursue for it and there is no issue as it is permitted as per the recognition rule.

In conclusion, it is to inform that SNEA MH has made sincere efforts to bring awareness among the executives to avoid inconvenience after issuing transfers. We have also successfully taken up matter with Circle management for resolving manmade grievances and we are hopeful that CGMT MH will have review of entire matter of transfer posting as per transfer policy guidelines. Now its duty of each individual under zone of transfer to have self-analysis and decide on opting for suitable place or be ready for any place of posting at administrative convenience.

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