Last update  31 MAR 21


31 MAR 21: GM EW BSNL CO writes all CGMs for releasing funds of all Electricity bills up to March 2021.  Letter <<<>>>

·        As per this letter all the outstanding payments against Electricity charges up to March 2021 are released.

·        This letter further directs that henceforth all Electricity Bills payments are to be done in time to avoid delayed charges, levy or fine by processing bills in time and demanding funds so as to avail maximum rebate without any delayed charges.

·        This is good news that henceforth all the Electricity Bills will be paid in time and let us hope that the hardship faced by executives in field units due to disconnections of Electricity will permanently over.

·        As funds will be made available in advance to get maximum rebate now it is responsibility of concerned officers to process bills in time and get maximum rebate /discount and to see that no delayed charges are levied on Electricity Bills.


31 MAR 21: AGM Pers BSNL CO writes all CGMs calling for information about rotation of officers working on sensitive posts and information about force & premature retirement of Government Employee under 55A /FR56J. Letter <<<>>>


31 MAR 21: DGM CNO BSNL CO coveys approval for upgradation of SBI Data Centre Bandwidth from 10 GB to 20 GB as requested by Maharashtra Circle with directions to ensure improvement in quality of service and  return on investment. Letter <<<>>>


31 MAR 21: GM CBB BSNL CO writes IFAs of some circles including MH Circle for discontinuing Cash/Cheque pick up services by ICICI Bank due to unilateral increase in charges by ICICI Bank w.e.f 01/04/2021. Letter <<<>>>


31 MAR 21: DGM S&M CM BSNL CO writes all CGMs conveying extension of payment of OTF to Channel partners for mobile Post-paid bill payment  through CBP-CT for further period of three months i.e. up to 30/06/2021. Letter <<<>>>


31 MAR 21: DGM S&M CM BSNL CO writes all CGMs conveying approval for extension of modification in FRC based Trade scheme benefit to channel partners for further period of three months i.e. up to 30/06/2021. Letter <<<>>>





30 MAR 21: AGM Pers BSNL CO issued orders for cancellation of request transfer order of Com. Samir Khare, SDE and DS SNEA Nagpur as per his revised request and retention of Com. B.K. Nadgire, AGM Legal Mumbai on family medical grounds and also as per the administrative requirement. Letter <<<>>>

Both the cases were personally pursued by Com. P.P. Rao, AGS SNEA CHQ and got it cancelled/retained.  SNEA MH conveys sincere thanks and gratitude to Com. P.P. Rao, AGS SNEA CHQ and other CHQ leaders at Delhi for successfully pursuing request of both the comrades. 


30 MAR 21:  SAD NEWS: Sad demise of Com S.S.Dhangar Ex CS SNEA MH: With heavy heart and profound sorrow, it is to inform that Com. S. S. Dhangar, Retired DE Nashik and Ex Circle Secretary SNEA MH passed away on 29/03/2020 afternoon, while he was hospitalized since last week and undergoing treatment of COVID. He is survived with three sons, spouse and other family members. The sudden heavenly departure of Com. S.S. Dhangar, is heavy loss to his family members and ongoing association activities. Com. S.S. Dhangar, Ex Circle Secretary, SNEA MH age 73 years was born in Dhule District and belonged to illiterate family. He was recruited in Year 1976 as Technician and first posted in Nashik SSA & since then continued his devoted services in Nashik SSA throughout service from Non-Executive cadre to Executive cadre i.e.  Estt, JE, SDE & DE at the time of retirement. Com. S.S. Dhangar worked tirelessly with full dedication from erstwhile P&T, DOT till BSNL serving for External Plant Mtce in Nashik SSA. He is still remembered in Nashik SSA for his tremendous works done in development outdoor plant section Deolali AF, Canada Corner section. Under his visionary thought process and never give up attitude, many non-feasible area were turned feasible thereby helping BSNL to earn revenue. After retirement also he was active in social and association activities and he was active till his last breath. Com. S.S. Dhangar was actively involved in Unions & Association activities in various capacities  and has rendered his devoted services as District Secretary of Technician Union, CWC Member & First Circle Secretary of SNEA MH Circle. He was affiliated with association activities since formation of JETA, JTOA, and TEOA & SNEA till the superannuation up to 2009. He was instrumental in building very strong and active branch of SNEA Nashik.  As first CS of SNEA MH and he has played vital role in building unity among the executives in Maharashtra Circle. He was a sincere, soft spoken, evergreen, co-operative and devoted officer of BSNL and active veteran leader of SNEA. Com S. S. Dhangar, will be always remembered for his love and affection towards SNEA Comrades and full devotion and dedication towards BSNL during his service period. He never gives up in his life as a leader of Association as well as officer. He was one among dashing and courageous leader in association activities. With his untimely heavenly exist, SNEA has lost very sincere and die-hard senior leader.  SNEA Maharashtra prays Almighty to give courage and strength to aggrieved members of late Com S. S. Dhangar to bear and cope up this irreparable loss at this very crucial and hard moment of life. We also pray Almighty for heavenly peace and space for departed soul of late Com S.S. Dhangar.


30 MAR 21: Meeting with Shri. Ramakant Sharma CGMT MH CGMT MH: Delegation of SNEA MH led by Com. Prayag Pisal, Joint Secretary South, SNEA MH and consisting Com. Abhay Kesarkar, Joint Secretary Civil/ Electrical SNEA MH, Com. Ankit Gangar, DS SNEA Mumbai and Com. M. S. Adasul, CS SNEA MH had meeting with Shri. Ramakant Sharma CGMT MH on 19/03/2021 at 1130 hrs to discuss different current HR and development issues and to clear uncertainty on different ongoing/pending issues. The details of discussions are as follows.

Ø At the very outset Shri. Ramakant Sharma, CGMT MH expressed displeasure on long agenda submitted by SNEA MH when time for discussions was fixed just ten minutes. He added that this is March month and he is busy with different VCs and completion of Targets and he cannot spare more time for discussions on agenda points. We have updated CGMT MH that this agenda was not submitted by SNEA at its own and it was specially called by Mrs. Rashmi Sharma PS to CGMT MH and hence submitted. We were pursuing with her for last two weeks and she was always informing that CGMT MH is busy in different meetings and VCs and we asked her for giving any time/date but it was not given. Finally she has given time for this meeting and it was mentioned for ten minutes only, and we have planned for ten minutes discussions only.

Ø We have raised doubt that Mrs. Sharma, PS, may have given confusing information or the exact discussions with CGMT MH are different and with SNEA MH are different. CGMT MH informed that Mrs. Sharma has conveyed him all details and nothing is wrong on her part and expressed that such long agenda cannot be discussed in March and date and time for discussions on all such issues can be fixed in month of April. We have responded that we have no issue, and we have already decided to discuss only burning issues and we do not have any issue to discuss other points later in April.

Ø CGMT MH also expressed displeasure on more number of Office Bearers attending meeting and he was of the opinion that only two Office Bearers should attend such meeting. We have informed that if such restrictions were put while fixing meeting by PS, we do not have any issue, but once OBs have come for meeting and restrictions at last moment are not correct.

Ø On time constraints expressed by CGMT MH, we have made it clear that we do not have any issue and we never insisted time only during working hours. We are always ready for discussions even before and after office hours or even on holidays.

Ø We have elaborated that as SNEA has highest percentage of members in Maharashtra Circle, we have many issues of our members which needs to be brought to the notice of CGMT MH and SNEA plays role of advocate and we never insisted for any one sided decision and we are putting side of members so that justice is given to them.

Ø CGMT further expressed displeasure on individual cases pursued by all and pointed out that in Maharashtra Circle he is finding many individual cases being pursued by Unions/Associations. He is getting calls for individual cases every now and then and he is being disturbed. He further added that he will work on policies, will take care of all HR issues in Transparent Manner and will not go for individual cases.

Ø  We supported his stand and we also want decision on HR issues in policy manner and we never want any out of turn favor to any individual rather SNEA MH has always protested against all such pick and choose transfers and recently we have submitted details on such pick and choose transfers in Account wing and how the BSNL guidelines and policies are violated and how some specific individuals are favored and others are made to suffer. But in recent past this new trend has developed as management itself has started pursuing and favoring individual cases. This is the reason for mass unrest among executives in Maharashtra Circle and cause of more calls being received by him. We added that once well-defined policy is followed by Circle management, concerned executives automatically gets tuned to policy guidelines and plan accordingly. CGMT MH firmly assured that there is no need to worry by any individuals as there will be no pick choose transfers and every HR issue will be taken care as per policy guidelines.

Ø  After the preliminary discussion, CGMT MH directed that all points discussed in our agenda will be discussed in April 2021 and asked for important points to be discussed now. We have discussed the following important points.

1.      Safeguarding employees of BSNL in second wave of pandemic COVID-19: We have drawn attention of CGMT MH towards the issues faced by field units due to second wave of Pandemic COVID 19 and its direct impact on workforce of BSNL. We also narrated about increasing number of COVID positive cases in Circle Office Mumbai & many other SSAs/BAs and fear in the minds of Executives working throughout Maharashtra Circle due to inadequate precautions /arrangements for prevention from COVID 19 in the offices of BSNL including Circle Office Mumbai. CGMT MH informed that precautions are being taken and there is no need to worry. We have elaborated how there is no person to check even at entry of visitors at main entrance of Admn Bldg. of Circle office Mumbai. Due to inadequate checking and precautions many of the officers in Admn/staff section are infected even after checking temperature. There is no sanitization arrangements at the entry of visitors as the sanitization bottle is kept aside and no one is compelled to sanitize his/her hands before entry from main gate of administrative building. This is case of Circle office Mumbai and situation in field units is more dangerous and life of our employees and officers is at risk. We have further added that earlier Circle office was sanitized every alternate day and same has been abruptly stopped on name of non-availability of funds. CGMT MH informed that funds for safety measures can be arranged but precautions are to be taken by individuals also. He noted the issues and assured to make arrangements for proper sanitization of offices and also for sanitation of hands at main entry gate.

2.      COVID Vaccine for BSNL Workforce: We have requested CGMT MH for taking matter with Chief Secretary, Government of Maharashtra for giving priority and special slot to all employees of BSNL being worriers working in close contact of public. CGMT MH was of the opinion that there are fixed guidelines for supply of vaccine and state government will take decision accordingly without any intervention from BSNL. We have narrated that everybody is aware that BSNL workforce is working among public and if requested by Circle Head of BSNL it will be positively responded by State Government. Further such letter will be moral boosting to BSNL workforce with feeling that management cares for them and recognizes their devoted duties. In conclusion CGMT MH assured to write a letter to Chief Secretary, Maharashtra State and request for vaccination of all employees and officers of BSNL Maharashtra Circle on priority and regardless of age criteria. We also requested for implementation of guidelines issued by Government of Maharashtra for 50% attendance of executives in offices and CGMT MH assured to look into it.

3.      Delay in payment of Electricity Bill and difficulties faced by executives in field units: We have elaborated that being year end the MSEDL has started mass disconnection of Electricity connections for non-payments of electricity bills by BSNL. We added that similar situation was seen during March last year, when matter was taken up by then CGMT with Secretary of MSEDCL and relaxation was given by MSEDCL to BSNL. We requested CGMT MH for similar persuasion with MSEDCL to stop the ongoing disconnection by MSEDCL and give relief to filed units facing hardship due to disconnection. CGMT MH informed that MSEDCL is having their targets and they may not bother to our request. Further, he added that there is no extreme fund shortage and funds are being released by BSNL CO. He further added that he was not updated about this situation and he has taken review of it and directed GM Fin Mumbai and CE Elect Mumbai to gives details of pending Electricity bills payments and assured to pursue it with BSNL CO so that all outstanding Electricity payment to MSEDCL is released at the earliest and no disconnections happens for same. 

4.      Starting BSNL Services in Mumbai area: We requested status of BSNL services to be started in MTNL Mumbai area. CGMT MH informed that though numbering scheme is received no specific orders are received for starting BSNL services in Mumbai but approval is received for starting BSNL services in Circle Office Mumbai. CGMT added that he has directed PGM CFA Mumbai for starting services in Circle Office Mumbai and he is working on it. He also added that BSNL will start services in CO Mumbai from NGN switch for landline services and OLTE for FTTH connections for broadband services. When asked why two types of services in one office, he added that some of officers have raised issue about the voice quality from FTTH connections and hence for better side it is decided to go for both the options available i.e. NGN Switch for LL and OLTE for FTTH Broadband connections.

5.      Shortage of OFC Jointing Kits: We have drawn attention of CGMT MH about acute shortage of Joining Kits of OFC in about all SSAs. We added that many of OFC Joints are without jointing kits and this is reason of frequent OFC Failure. When there is demand of 50 only 5-10 jointing kits are issued and field units are compelled to keep joints open. CGMT MH informed that there is shortage but not that much and if proper requisition is submitted by SSAs same will be allotted. He further assured to review requirement and allotment and to decide on additional requirement to meet shortage in filed units.

6.      Issues related to Grant of temporary Advances: We once again narrated grievances of the executives due to undue delay in sanction and disbursement or rejection of temporary advances by Circle Office Mumbai. We added that there is no clarity that which Temporary advance will be sanctioned and which will be rejected. Also it is seen that on the name of year end all such pending temporary advances are closed and the executives who are making payments from pocket with expectations that one day Temporary advance will be sanctioned. CGMT MH informed that no expenditure is to be made from pocket and field officers should submit request of Temporary advances with specific justified cause and same are being allotted. Till he assured to discuss and review entire process of granting Temporary Advances in next meeting

7.      Publication of contact details of Officers in CO Mumbai: We once again reminded CGMT MH for publication of contact details of all Officers in Circle Office Mumbai along with the works assigned to them so that officers can directly contact to them in case of any issue related to Circle Office. CGMT MH has again assured to issue it and hopefully it will be issued in Month of April 2021.

8.      Regular Posting of GM HR Mumbai: We made query to CGMTMH about regular posting of GM HR and whether regular GM HR will be posted for MH Circle or present Looking After arrangements will continue as regular arrangements. CGMT MH informed that he is pursuing with BSNL CO for Regular Posting of GM HR for Maharashtra Circle as there is huge work load in both the sections i.e. HR and Civil. Further there is specific work of land monetization and separate CE Civil is required to meet the targets for land monetization and this looking after arrangement will not continue for long time. He further added that he is trying for early posting of regular GM HR and till time present Looking after Arrangements will continue.

9.      Uniform Decision of centralization/decentralization of HR activities of all wings: We have once again elaborated CGMT MH on issues due to confusion on centralization/decentralization of HR activities among GM HR and Vertical Heads of Civil, Electrical and Account wing. We narrated that the works related to transfer and posting are being looked by HR as well as by concerned Vertical Head as per own interpretation and all HR works other than transfer posting like Service Book Mtce, processing individual claims, confirmation in services etc are not seriously looked either by HR or by concerned vertical Head. One who is able to approach , highest authority in chain may get some relief including transfer posting but no one bothers for grievances of individuals in transfer posting and in other HR issues. CGMT MH informed that as per directives by BSNL Corporate Office HR activities of all Verticals are to be centralized under GM HR and same will be followed in Maharashtra Circle. Regarding other issues like Service Books, Confirmation, TBPs etc he informed that he will review these issues and being policy decision it will be decided in Month of April 2021, but he was firm that HR activities of all verticals will be centralized with GM HR and he will decide on transfers posting of executives in that vertical head in consultation with Vertical Head. 

10. Transfer policy guidelines and its uniform applicability all wings: We have drawn attention of CGMT MH on applicability of different transfer policy, tenure transfers policy for considering transfers from different wings. We have narrated some classic examples where two different procedure and guidelines are used in consideration of transfers in same cadre. Thus the matter taken care by vertical heads is given consideration under one policy and if it is routed through HR, then decision is different. CGMT MH informed that transfer policy guidelines should be equally applicable to all and there should not be any discrimination among the verticals. In conclusion he assured to have review of transfer/posting in view of concerned expressed by our association.

11. Circe level duly approved Transfer Policy and its implementation: We have brought to notice of CGMT MH that since last two years, the well-defined policies for consideration of request transfers and filling vacant posts in different SSAs has been deliberately kept aside by GM HR Mumbai. This policy has been formulated in consultation of all Associations and it was smoothly operated in MH Circle. But all of sudden, this policy has been kept aside and pick and choose transfers have been started adding excess executives at certain popular locations and creating shortage in certain SSAs. No one except GM HR and then CGMT has objection on this policy. It is being propagated that local policy is not applicable and only policy issued by BSNL CO will be followed. It can be seen that this local policy is micro tuning of BSNL Corporate Office Policy and given specific guidelines to deal with transfers from and to Tenure, Non-Tenure and Non-popular stations. This local policy is complete in all respect and till being defamed on name of local policy and in absence of it pick and choose transfers are being issued. Same is case with Circle tenure stations. Maharashtra Circle has separate tenure policy for account wing and for all other wings and officially none of these policies are scrapped, but in one sided action GM HR has stopped following these policies and there is uncertainty on the transfer of executives. After VRS, there is decrease in number of executives and hence there is need of implementation and adhering to the transfer policies. We have handed over the copies of the Circle Transfer policies approved by his own office. After patience hearing CGMT MH assured to look into these transfer policies and will have fresh discussions on this issue in April 2021.   

12. Method of Calculation of SSA wise Executive strength: SNEA MH brought to the notice of CGMT MH about discrepancies in the data published by GM HR on SSA wise vacancy position and how absence of working strength in the calculations is causing difficult to underrated exact position of any particular BA/SSA. We requested for showing working, vacant and justified posts in all cadres. CGMT MH informed that he has conducted online VCs with all SSA/BA Heads and discussed one to one about requirement of executives in their SSA from JE to DGMs. He added that he is of the opinion that there is need of more officers in field units than in the offices and hence he has given weightage to say of SSA/BA Heads. After discussions and feedback from all SSA/BA Heads, he has decided to scrap the SSA wise Executive strength published by GM HR Mumbai. He added that now revised SSA wise executive strength as per discussions with all SSA/BA Heads about requirement of additional executives, number of executives they can spare as excess is being consolidated by GM HR and details will be published at the earliest and before issuing any transfer orders. GMT MH once again assured that he believes in the transparent working and all the details will be published and willingness to fill vacant post will also be called for before issuing transfer orders. The willingness given by eligible officers will be given due consideration. He added that SSAs like Chandrapur, Satara, and Sindhudurg are facing shortages and definitely some executives will be added in this SSAs from SSAs having excess strength like Nagpur, Nashik, and Gadchiroli etc. He appealed that no one should become panic and have patience with assurance of minimum transfers to meet shortages in different SSAs as per revised calculations.

13. Publication of separate long stay list in descending order of stay in SSA/Circle: We have drawn the attention of CGMT MH about denial of GM HR to publish separate Circle/SSA level long stay list in descending order of their stay. CGMT MH was curious about our specific demand and we have narrated issues and difficulties faced by executives in absence of such separate lists which were earlier published and stopped by present GM HR. We added that these lists are used for filling vacant post at Non tenure stations & Circle Tenure stations for all cadres and for Inter Circle Transfers specifically All India Hard tenure station Transfers of SDE and above cadres. In absence of these separate lists one has to count the stay of all officers in each case and decide his position which is most tedious job. It creates hurdles in deciding position and to opt for any particular station which is easy if three separate lists are published in descending order of stay i.e. one List as per Stay in particular SSA for transfers to Non-tenure stations, another list as per longest stay in particular SSA for transfers to Circle tenure stations and third list as per the longest stay in Circle regardless of stay in particular SSA which is used for Inter Circle transfers and specially for All India Hard Tenure transfers. After elaborate discussions and feedback from us, CGMT agreed with our concern to have separate long stay lists as per the stay of the officer in particular SSA/Circle.

14. Consideration of Request Transfers from Tenure/Non Tenure stations: On this CGMT MH has briefed that he along with GM HR Mumbai is working on it and firmly assured that all request transfers of executives who have completed two years at Tenure Stations and three years at Non-Tenure Stations as on June 2021 will be given consideration in Month of April 2021. He assured that before issuing transfer orders, the list of request transfers received by HR section will be published on MH Intranet and time will be given for withdrawing the requests or for submission of fresh requests if any and then transfer orders will be issued. He added that once transfer order is issued then one has to join the place of posting and no withdrawal of request will be permitted after issuing transfer order.

15. Consideration of options for posting in CNTXW Circle: We have once again requested CGMT MH for consideration of duly approved list of executives requesting for transfer to CNTXW Circle. CGMT MH informed that already matter is under consideration and shortly fresh willingness will be called for posting to CNTXW Circle after confirmation of vacancy position and locations in CNTXW Circle. He expressed that priority is being given to CNTXW Circle as it is maintaining backbone of entire Circle and assured to fill all vacant post in CNTXW Circle at the earliest.

16. Issues related to Account wing transfers: We have drawn attention of issues related to Account wing transfers and how these transfers are being issued on pick and choose basis. We added that we have submitted details of all such cases of favouritism, excess expenditure on company cost transfers, disturbance to executives from one corner to another corner and how no one is listening to their grievances. Also confusion continues on who will issue the transfer orders either GM Fin Mumbai or GM HR Mumbai. CGMT MH informed that he is personally looking after all the transfer posting and firmly assured to look into all such issues in April 2021. He also clarified that all transfer posting will be done by GM HR Mumbai in consultation with Vertical Heads concerned and in this case GM Fin Mumbai.

17. Issues related to fake caste certificate case: We have elaborated CGMT MH on deliberate issues being created by certain officers in Maharashtra Circle on name of Fake caste complainant and how these officers are in trouble due to non-payment of their dues even after retirement. The name Fake/Bogus caste also is being given before matter is decided by competent authority. We added that the data of all ST Candidates from MH Circle has been leaked to the complainant by someone from BSNL Office and compliant has been made mass compliant against all ST Employees/Officers. Out of that many have applied for aster validity and some have got it and others are waiting for it. Many of the employees/Executives are having genuine caste Certificate, but are unable to get caste validity due to certain issues and there needs to be given sympathetic consideration. CGMT MH informed that this matter has been reported to BSNL CO and now nothing is in hands of Maharashtra Circle. He added that his office is pursuing this matter regularly with BSNL CO and now only clarification received in for payment of Provisional Pension for all employees who have opted for VRS or retired voluntarily. He further assured that matter will be decided sympathetically but as per further guidelines from BSNL CO. 

Though time for meeting was given just for 10 minutes and Shri. Ramakant Sharma CGMT MH was kind enough to spare time of more than half an hour to have elaborate discussions on these burning points. In conclusion, CGMT MH has firmly assured to have transparent working of HR activities and he personally will look into each and every HR activity and see that all are taken care as per guidelines issued by BSNL. He assured to have detail meeting with SNEA delegation on the agenda submitted by SNEA MH in April 2021. Agenda <<<>>>

In reciprocation, we also have conveyed thanks to CGMT MH for sparing time for discussions on burning issues and also for having involvement to root cause and firm assurance for dealing HR issues uniformly for all wings and mainly transfer posting in transparent manner which is not being done now.


29 MAR 21:     Sad News: Com. Rajendra Ankush, Ex DS SNEA Aurangabad passed away:  With deep sorrow and great sadness it is to inform that Com. Rajendra Uttamrao Ankush,  Ex DS SNEA Aurangabad passed away in the evening on 28/03/2021 while undergoing treatment for  COVID 19. He was 58 years old and opted for VRS and was very active in association /union activities till last few days.  He is survived by his wife and two married children. Com Rajendra Ankush, joined DoT as a Technician in May 1984. In 1992 he was promoted as SDE and in 2001 was promoted as JTO and since SDE promotion as SDE in 2018, he rendered his devoted services to DoT/BSNL in Aurangabad, Jalna and again in Aurangabad SSA till he opted for VRS which was implemented on 31/01/2020. By short name and by his acts he was real “Raja”. He was very energetic, fully enthusiastic and straight forward in nature and always worked in result oriented manner.  Com. Rajendra Ankush has lead SNEA from front as DS SNEA Aurangabad and he was instrumental in building strong unity among the executives in Aurangabad SSA. He was a very Active Leader and die-hard member of SNEA and under his leadership SNEA Aurangabad deed excellent works for BSNL as well as executives.  His devotion and dedication towards SNEA and BSNL will always be remembered by comrades from all over Maharashtra. He was active in social works and has also represented and rendered services as Director of Aurangabad Telephone Society. Com Rajendra Ankush was well known for his knowledge and expertise in C-DOT technology and hence was called as CDOT specialist in Aurangabad SSA.SNEA Maharashtra prays Almighty to give courage and strength to aggrieved family members of late Com. Rajendra Ankush to bear and cope up this irreparable loss at this very crucial and hard moment of life. We also pray Almighty for heavenly peace and space for departed soul of late Com. Rajendra Ankush.





26 MAR 21: Impact of second wave of Pandemic COVID 19 on BSNL workforce and actions for safeguarding BSNL workforce in Maharashtra Circle: It is seen that many officers/officials of BSNL ranging from Gr D Staff to CGM are tested COVID positive during last fortnight. This happens as second wave is very active and our workforce is coming in contact with some already infected persons during Office work or travelling and thereafter desired precaution is not taken by individuals for protection of self and others in vicinity. It is also reported that in some cases that even after taking precautions also someone is getting infected and it is matter of concern.

·        Many of executives has raised concerned with District Secretaries and Circle Office Bearers of SNEA about serious issues about taking the precautions during office working and casual approach in providing safely norms required for workforce of BSNL.

·        Accordingly, delegation of SNEA MH has taken up matter with CGMT MH on 19/03/2021 and he was apprised about the poor arrangements for safeguarding BSNL workforce from pandemic and need of providing minimum required arrangements of sanitization, allowing Work From Home, Alternate day or 50% attendance of staff/officers in offices to observe social distancing norms, giving priority to vaccination of BSNL workforce etc.

·        Shri. Ramakant Sharma, CGMT MH was kind enough to respond very positively to concerned expressed by delegation of SNEA MH with continuous follow up thereafter and he has issued directions to all concerned even when he is tested positive and has proceeded on leave.

·        Accordingly arrangements of sanitization of Offices at regular interval and checking at entry gates with sanitization is being implanted at least in some offices and it is required that same is followed in all Offices where more number of employees are working and more number of visitors are visiting at particular time.

·        As assured to delegation, in an immediate action, the letter has been written to Chief Secretary, Government of Maharashtra for issuing instructions to all Vaccine Centres in Maharashtra to allow vaccination of all BSNL Staff all over Maharashtra regardless of age of staff for maintain Telecom services in Maharashtra Circle without interruption. Letter <<<>>>

·        Thereafter it was reported that as special arrangement for front worriers, MTNL workforce is being provided Vaccine on priority and free of cost. Letter <<<>>>

·         Accordingly , we have taken up matter with CGMT MH and he was kind enough to activate Admn team, who in turn has followed matter with all concerned and BSNL Workforce in Mumbai is also being provided Vaccine and first phase vaccine for BSNL employees in Mumbai is scheduled today at 1130 Hrs. As per information, slots on Saturday and Tuesday are reserved for BSNL employees and list of employees /officers willing for vaccination will be handed over by administration and willing individual have to give their names to Admn section and keep BSNL ID and Adhaar Card ready with them while going for vaccination Centre as per directions from Admn section.

·        In similar manner in some of SSAs like Kalyan, Jalna, BSNL Staff is being given vaccine on priority regardless of age and many of our comrades have availed this facility. Efforts are being made at level of all SSAs and hopefully the workforce of BSNL working at frontline will be given vaccine in coming week.

·        DS SNEA concerned are requested to take up matter with SSA/BA Heads and even with Vaccine Centers in their Districts and see that by showing BSNL ID and Adhaar Card BSNL employees/Officers or even staff of contractors working for BSNL is vaccinated at the earliest. The in charge of Vaccine Centers are recognizing services rendered by BSNL workforce as emergency and essential services and only required is that we have to approach them and put our side to them.

·        Apart from this, matter has been referred to BSNL CO for allowing only 50% attendance of below DGM level staff in offices and allowing others to Work from Home on rotational basis. Letter <<<>>>

·        Earlier all such decision were taken on Circle level with Telephonic discussions with concerned officers in BSNL Corporate Office and this time matter is referred in writing and we are confident that BSNL Corporate Office will respond positively and 50% attendance will be implemented from next week at least in the offices where COVID positive patients are reported or will be reporting in days to come.

·        SNEA MH conveys thanks to Shri. Ramakant Sharma, CGMT MH, Shri. Aman Jaiswal, GM HR Mumbai and Shri. Kailash More, DGM Admn Mumbai for steps taken for safeguarding BSNL employees from second wave of pandemic COVID 19.

·        SNEA MH appeals entire workforce of BSNL to take all precautions for safeguarding self and others from second wave of pandemic COVID 19 and see that self and others working in your office get vaccine for protection from COVID 19 at the earliest.


26 MAR 21: Jt GM Pers SM BSNL CO issued orders for conduction of all DPCs/CPCs for Time Bound promotions though e-DPC/CPC w.e.f. 01/04/2021. Letter <<<>>>

·        After successful implementation of e-APR, e-file Management system and Online Transfer Portal, now BSNL proposes to hold e-DPC/CPC for all Time Bound Promotions and it is one more step towards saving time of left out manpower after VRS 2019 in conducting DPCs by traditional procedures through Physical files.

·        This process of e-CPC/DPC will be effective for all TBPs due or pending as 01/04/2021.

·        Now e-DPC/CPC for TBP of all executives will be conducted centrally from Circle Office and SSAs/BAs are given relief from the process to be carried out for first and second TBP for all executives.

·        Now data for e-DPC including VCs required is to be fetched from ERP Portal and there is no work left at SSA/BA level even to send the data and names of executives due for DPC.

·        As data will be taken/fetched from ERP, there is no chance of missing any name as seen in few cases in past.

·        The members of e-DPC/CPC will check APRs in online mode through ERP Portal and scanned copies of any manual APRs will be shown to Committee members

·        The assessment sheet, Minutes of Meeting of committee, recommendation of Committee and even orders for TBP will be issued through ERP Portal and no manual DPC is allowed after 01/04/2021.

·        All the DPCs pending as on 01/04/2021 will be conducted as e-CPC/DPC in this online mode through ERP.

·        Now only required on part of SSA/BA administrations is that they have to check and update the ERP data of all executives regularly and individual executives also check and pursue for updating self-data in ERP.


26 MAR 21: DGM Admn BSNL CO issued clarification allowing one time reimbursement of CGHS subscription fee paid to CGHS by dependent family of deceased retired BSNL employee for migrating from BSNL MRS Facility to CGHS Facility. Letter <<<>>>


26 MAR 21: DGM LC BSNL CO writes to all CGMs for smooth functioning of leased Circuits services of Government/Semi Government/ Banking customers of BSNL during financial year ending. Letter <<<>>>


25 MAR 21: GM S&M Mumbai writes BA Head Solapur for taking action on suspicious activation and deactivation of 367 Mobile numbers in same month after first recharge and porting out total 1172 New Connections of BSNL to other operator without First Recharge by one retailer and DSA with same name and calls for compliance. Letter <<<>>>

·        It is need of time that we all should be alert and active on such issues and will have to monitor any such activity against interest of BSNL and stop culprits who are playing against interest of BSNL by becoming business partners of BNL just for temporary monetary gains.

·        All comrades , who are dealing with SIM Sale and related activities should take note of this incident and be alert in noticing such issues and prompt on acting on it immediately to safeguard interest of BSNL.


25 MAR 21: Jt GM Pers SM BSNL CO issued historic guidelines for consideration of all Inter Circle Request transfers of SDE and above cadres through Online Transfer Portal (OTP) Letter <<<>>>

·        This is important step towards transparent HR working in BSNL and with this the ongoing procedure of applying in hard copy will be stopped.

·        At present this OTP will be used only for Inter Circle transfers and it needs to be implemented for consideration of all request transfers at Circle as well as SSA level

·        As per guidelines all such request will be considered on quarterly basis both for tenure as well as non-tenure Circles.

·        The request application of executives were always kept as hidden matter and there was no transparency and in many cases after submitting application, individual could to know its status only when transfer order was issued and now everyone will know the status of his request and very important point is that his request will be given consideration in fixed period of three months and during this period also he can check status of his request through ERP i.e. pending, approved or rejected.

·        Unfortunately in Maharashtra Circle the process of quarterly transfers is changes to annual transfer and due to Pandemic COVID 19, it has become biennial process as request transfer from non-tenure SSAs is not given consideration for last two years.

·        With continuous persuasion of SNEA MH, consideration of Request transfers on Quarterly basis for tenure as well as non-tenure stations was nicely implemented in Maharashtra Circle but stopped since last two years by then CGMT MH Shri. Peeyus Khare and present GM HR Shri. Aman Jaiswal making all such transfers as mass transfers on yearly basis thereby creating troubles for the executives either by early transfer or by delayed transfers.

·        This order from BSNL CO underlines the stand taken by SNEA MH for consideration of request transfers on quarterly basis and we will again take up issue with CGMT MH for giving consideration of within Circle Request transfers also on quarterly basis.

·        As per this order, Executives working in BSNL in SDE and above cadre in all wings having all India transfer liability if in need of transfer to any station out the working Circle, then he/she will have to apply in ERP when the window will be open for same.

·        The window will open for fortnight period in each quarter’s i.e. 16th Jan to 31st Jan in first Quarters, then 16th Apr to 30th Apr in second Quarters, 16th Jul to 31st Jul in third quarter and from 16th Oct to 31st Oct in fourth Quarter every year.

·        Executives working at tenure stations will have to apply in advance by one quarter i.e. one quarter before they are completing their tenure at Tenure stations and their request will be considered in same lines through OTP.

·        In case of willingness called for posting in particular Circle, then also request and options are to be submitted through this Portal and window for same will be opened for such specific period mentioned in letter calling options/willingness.

·        GMs/BA Heads will have forward all such applications to GM HR Circle office within period of next fifteen days in each quarter and GM HR of Circle will forward all such request to BSNL CO online though ERP in next 15 days period. With mandatory remarks i.e. within maximum 45 days of request submitted by the individual, it will reach to Personal Cell of BSNL CO.

·        All such request transfers issued are to be implemented by Circle/SSA within period of three months from issue of transfer order.

·        Applicant can withdraw his request when it is pending and once order approved and issued it will not be cancelled.

·        Online request are to be submitted by individuals from his/her ESS Login ID with own password, when window for same will be open and once window is closed he /she will have to wait for opening of window in next quarters.

·        This OTP will definitely save unwanted works of forwarding letters and submission of requests by all controlling officers and now it will directly reach to BA Head, GM HR of Circle and then to Pers Section BSNL CO,

·        Let us hope this Online Transfer Portal is really used in efficient manner for transparent implementation of Inter Circle Transfers from second quarters i.e. from April 2021 and same is also utilized for request transfers within Circle/SSA and its make easy task for all executives working in BSNL to get consideration of his /her request within three months period from date of his/her online request through ESS Login.


25 MAR 21: AGM Restg BSNL CO issued clarification that all HR Matters i.e. Individual request/claims/leave/grievances /representations of staff posted in Area Office erstwhile SSAs needs to be recommended and forwarded by Area Head to BA Head through ERP/e-Office as the case may be. Letter <<<>>>


25 MAR 21: Director HR BSNL writes all CGMs assigning targets of Year 2021-22 for revenue/cash collection by outright sell sale of land parcels and Maharashtra Circle is assigned target of Rs. 280 Cores. Letter <<<>>>


24 MAR 21: GM IT Mumbai writes SSA/BA Heads for total implementation of e file management system by stopping physical/hard files and sending compliance certificate for zero physical file moment. Letter <<<>>>


24 MAR 21: DGM Legal Mumbai calls for options/willingness for posting in earlier WTR and now CNTXW Circle within territory of Maharashtra Circle. Letter <<<>>>

·        This is in continuation to discussions by SNEA MH with Shri. Manoj Kumar Mishra, then CGMT MH who has verbally called for names of willing officers for posting at particular locations under WTR. In response SNEA MH has given list of all such willing officers and he was kind enough to direct then GM HR Mumbai for issuing orders. Copy <<<>>>

·        But before orders were issued, he was transferred and these request were kept aside at par with other issues like Rule 8 transfers, excess to shortage transfers.

·        SNEA MH has taken these issues with Shri. Ramakant Sharma, new CGMT MH but he has taken stand that all issues related to transfer and posting will be given consideration in Month of April 2021. We have also raised concern on MH Circle directly filling vacant post at WTR Gadchiroli by posting longest styed JTO from Maharashtra Circle while longest styed JTO form CNTXW Circle should be posted at this place. Our concern was well accepted by CGMT MH and GM HR Mumbai and it was decided to keep on hold the orders issued for WTR Gadchiroli from longest stay list of JTOs in Maharashtra Circles.

·        We have further requested CGMT MH to give consideration to requirement of CNTXW Circle on priority as same has been approved by earlier CGMT MH and the WTR units in particular are facing acute shortage of executives at particular locations and he also has directed to GM HR Mumbai to expedite the matter of posting executives in CNTXW Circle.

·        GM HR Mumbai was of the opinion that WTR management is having more than sufficient manpower and they are not utilising this manpower properly. He was also of the opinion that when Maharashtra Circle is operating the long stay list for filling vacant post, why WTR is not following long stay list and he has taken up matter with WTR management for confirmation of utilization of executives within CNTXW after merger of WTR & WTP and mainly his concern was WTR has to check for longest stayed officers in particular SSA and if WTR is having officer with more stay at one place, then he should be utilized to fill up vacant post within WTR.

·        SNEA MH also has taken up matter with CNTXW Circle and has requested for proper review of requirement and also deciding on longest styed officers as compared to executives working in territory of particular SSA.

·        Accordingly, there were 3 -4 rounds of discussions between CNTXW Circle and Maharashtra Telecom Circle and now CNTXW Circle is ready with its longest styed officers and it may be operated while making rearrangements within CNTXW Circle.

·        CNTXW Circle has come up with the exact requirement of JTOs/JES at particular location in territory of SSA and now willingness are called for posting of JTOs/JEs at particular location in CNTXW Circle.

·        Though the number of JTOs/JEs required at particular location are not clearly mentioned, it is understood that one JTO or JE is required at each of these locations.

·        The request of SDEs and above cadres to CNTXW Circle are given consideration by BSNL Corporate Office and JTOs/JEs can be posted directly by MH Circle and hence willingness is called only in JTO/JE Cadre.

·        In this letter, nothing has been mentioned on cost of the transfers, but as it is administrative requirement all these transfers will be at company cost if there is change in present working location on transfer and if it is at same location it will be at own cost. Further in case of more than one option, priority will be given to option with own cost over the option at company cost.

·        All the JTOs, who have submitted willingness/option for WTR Circle earlier and till willing to work at any of the location mentioned in this letter, are requested for submitting fresh option with specific location to avoid any issue/confusion at later stage.

·        The orders as per options submitted will be surely issued in April 2021 and hence JTOs/JEs who are really willing to join CNTXW Circle should submit options and the orders issued once will not be cancelled and hence one has to take proper precaution before submitting willingness.

·        It is also not mentioned where options are to be given through proper channel, and as precautionary measures all JTOs/JEs concerned should submit their options by email directly to AD/AGM Staff Circle Office on given emails and copy of request may also be forwarded through proper channel.

·        JTOs/JEs working at any station /SSA in Maharashtra Circle and willing to work at any of these locations have to submit their options/willingness by email on and/or latest by 30/03/2021.



24 MAR 21: Director HR BSNL writes to all SSA/BA Heads for meeting targets assigned by CMD BSNL for implementation of e-file management system across Circles/BAs. Letter <<<>>>


24 MAR 21: DM T&C BSNL CO issued orders for delegation of power to CGMs for free up-gradation /swap/replacement of from 2G/3G SIMs to 4G SIMs for FY 2021-22 under GSM mobile services. Letter <<<>>>


24 MAR 21: AGM NB BSNL CO BSNL CO issued orders for delegation of power to CGMs for volume based discounting powers up to 50% for NB-IOT Data Service CGMs on Monthly Tariff plans. Letter <<<>>>


24 MAR 21: Jt. GM Pers BSNL CO issued orders for Looking After Charge of CGMT MH Maharashtra Circle during leave period. Letter <<<>>>

·        Though the subject of the letter is transfer and posting, it is not transfer but Looking after Arrangement during leave period as Shri. Ramakant Sharma CGMT MH is tested COVID positive and has proceeded on leave for one week which may be extended. During leave period Shri. Laxman Singh Ropiya, PGM CFA Mumbai will look After Charge of CGMT MH Circle.

·        It is fact that the second wave of pandemic COVID 19 is spreading in in Maharashtra State in general and in particularly in BSNL Offices in Maharashtra Circle very fast. It is reported that many officers in Circle office, Nashik SSA, Nagpur SSA, Pune SSA and Aurangabad SSA have been tested positive and are either home quarantined or admitted in hospitals, discharged after recovery or many others in their contact are working from home as precautionary measures.

·        As on today in Circle Office Mumbai , apart from CGMT MH, GM Mobile, AGM Admn, AD Staff A, AD Staff B, AD Staff C and JTO QA are tested positive as on today and majority of them are home quarantined and recovering fast. Other officers in contact of those detected positive like GM HR, DGM Legal, DGM PG, AD Admn, PS to CGMT MH are Working From Home as precautionary measures. During last fortnight some of officers in Account wing, Marketing Section and in Electrical wing were tested positive and all are recovered by now. 

·        Same is situation in Nashik and Nagpur SSA wherein more than 4-5 Officers, few officers in Pune and Aurangabad are tested COVID positive in last fortnight and all recovering fast. There may be cases in other SSAs also as this second wave is spreading fast.

·        It is good that each and every individual tested positive is recovering fast or is totally recovered and hence there is no need to worry by anyone who is taking total precautions for protection of self and others in their vicinity.

·        By understanding serious issues due to spreading of CORONA in BSNL Offices, delegation of SNEA MH had meeting with CGMT on 19/03/2021 has drawn attention of CGMT MH towards the reluctance on part of officers in Admn and Civil wing Mumbai in providing the Safely norms, following guidelines on sanitization and cleanliness on name of shortage of funds and mainly overall steps required for stopping spreading of pandemic COVID 19.

·        CGMT MH was kind enough to take immediate action and with his intervention immediate arrangements were made for sanitization of all wings of Circle office and also the sanitization arrangements have been made at Main Gate of Admn Bldg. along with ongoing checking of temperature of all entrants.

·        But thereafter also many are tested COVID positive including senior/junior officers and it makes clear that apart from checking and sanitization and other precautionary measures self-discipline of wearing mask all time, keeping safe distance, using all practices for increasing self -immunity and washing hands at regular interval only can protect us from this pandemic.

·        Apart from these sanitation arrangements, SNEA MH has requested CGMT MH for taking up matter with Chief Secretary, Government of Maharashtra for priority to arrangements of COVID Vaccine to all BSNL Officers and Officials all over Maharashtra Circle. Accordingly CGMT MH has issued direction and letter has been sent to Chief Secretary, Government of Maharashtra on 23/03/2021.

·        Further matter is being taken up for alternate day office working and allowing for Working From Home to BSNL Officers/Staff in areas where second wave of Pandemic is active as per directives of Government of Maharashtra and such proposal is being sent to BSNL for approval. If approved, the officers/Officials working under fear of COVID 19 infection will be free from ongoing tension.

·        From ongoing situation and reports in media, it is clear that there are chances of increasing the number of COVID 19 positive cases as many have come in contact with these officers and are home quarantined and will be undergoing COVID 19 test. 

·        SNEA MH appeals to all Officers/Officials of BSNL family to take at most care and keep themselves, teams of colleagues and family members away from this pandemic by following guidelines on subject for stopping further spreading of pandemic COVID 19 in our offices and exchanges. It may be please noted that some steps for safety of all employees may be taken by management, and it such steps are not taken by administration, then one should not wait for it and act proactively for safely of self and others in your vicinity. 

·        Let us pray for early recovery of all these officers tested COVID Positive including CGMT MH, who are tested positive and let us try that no more Officers/Officials in any office of BSNL are getting infected by COVID 19.


24 MAR 21: Health Insurance Policy for BSNL employees from Star health: New members can join up to 25.03.2021. Our Punjab Comrades negotiated another policy from Star Health Company. The policy is already operational for the last two months. Now Star Health allowed for the remaining 10 months (25.03.2021 to 22.01.2022) on pro-rata basis. The premium for 10 months is just Rs 1700/- per head (inclusive of GST) without any age slab. All employees can join. Registration and premium payment can be made up to 25.03.2021 through online portal


24 MAR 21: Health Insurance Policy for BSNL employees:  New members can join up to 15.04.2021. The policy from New India Assurance Company become operational from 23.03.2021. The treatment from 23.03.2021 will be covered but cashless payment will be from 23.04.2021. All employees can join. The policy provides coverage for 5 lakhs but practically the employees will get the coverage up to 10 lakhs without paying additional premium through the Corporate buffer. Registration and premium payment can be made through online portal


 22 MAR 21: Status of Group Medical Insurance Scheme: SNEA MH has proposed to CGMT MH for approval of Group Medical Policy for Executives in BSNL Maharashtra Circle and since last two months we are pursuing with concerned Officers but till proposal is at initial stage and not moving forward as expected by all.

·        As per last discussions by SNEA MH with GM HR MH CO, he has directed us to ask the Insurance Company representatives to discuss with him so that he will further discuss it with GM Fin Mumbai and will give it final shape.

·        Accordingly, we have directed to concerned representatives with whom we have preliminary discussions on Group Medical Insurance Policy and representatives of M/S Star Health Insurance Company and M/S New India Assurance Company were directed to meet GM HR MH CO.

·        The representatives of M/S Star Health Insurance Company has immediately acted and have discussions with GM HR MH CO and GM Fin Mumbai and it was decided to share the data of family members by AD Admn Mumbai.

·        But since last one month, the said data is not handed over to M/S Star Health Insurance Company by AD Admn Mumbai and matter is till inconclusive and hopefully data will be shared by AD Admn Mumbai bin coming week. Thereafter proposal will be submitted by M/S Star Health Insurance Company and it will be decided by Circle Management.

·        Though the representatives of M/S Star Health Insurance Company got appointment of GM HR MH CO, the representatives of M/S New India Assurance Company have not yet got appointment of GM HR MH CO and hopefully they may get appointment in coming week and will have preliminary discussions and may submit proposal on basis of data shared by AD Admn Mumbai.

·        As such it is clear that due to lethargic working of Admn Section Mumbai, it will take some time more for getting the proposal discussed and finalized by Circe Management and it is expected that if some positive response is given by officers in Admn Section, the said proposal will be given shape in April 2021.

·        Meantime, SNEA CHQ has taken some efforts on this platform and has come out with proposal for extending the Group Health Insurance Policy successfully executed by SNEA Kerala for PAN India and for all working and willing executives and non-executives of BSNL.

·        It is informed that the premium will got up by 20% to 30% during next financial year by April, 2021 and hence it is decided by SNEA CHQ to get the benefits before the end of the financial year, that also with 15% less quote.

·        Being a welfare measure, SNEA CHQ did not limit the facility to our members and it is open to all those working in BSNL even the ITS Officers on deputation and CHQ has appealed to give wide publicity to it.

·        This Policy proposed by SNEA CHQ will be in force from 23/03/2021 and premium can be paid by 31/03/2021 and cashless treatment will be available from day one.

·        After verifying your Full Name, HR No, Date of Birth, Sex, Mobile No and email id the registration and premium payment can be made through online portal 

·        If any difficulty to login into the portal, sent your details to Com Jitesh Kumar, CS SNEA Kerala (Mob 09447707475) or Com Vimal, CWC Member SNEA Kerala ( Mob 09446577400) through SMS or WhatsApp.

·        Group Medical Insurance is a good opportunity for those expecting cashless treatment during ongoing issues of pandemic and increasing pressure by hospitals for Health Insurance schemes or to be ready to bear heavy expenditure on hospitalization for any medical reason.

·        Apart from this Group Medical Policy has certain benefits like Cover from day one, no medical checkup, no checking of medical history, no age limit, less premium as compared to individuals policies and hence on public demand SNEA MH is pursuing for Group Medical/Health Insurance Policy.

·        Some other associations are also propagating for health Insurance scheme and executives are in dilemma which Health Insurance Scheme will be better. In this regards, it is to inform that the policy has no relation with association and it is the bargain power of the persons who are coordinating with the Health Insurance Company for maximum benefits for its members.

·        On SNEA platform also already SNEA Karnataka and SNEA Punjab have enrolled separate Group Medical Insurance scheme respectively through New India Assurance Company and through Star Health Insurance company and they are also started functioning successfully.

·        Out of these three policies adopted by SNEA Kerala, SNEA Karnataka and SNEA Punjab, as per analysis by SNEA CHQ, the health Insurance policy by SNEA Kerala is best among them and hence proposed for PAN India for working executives and Non-executives of BSNL.

·        Actually, BSNL Management should have come forward for such health insurance policy for all as done for Group Term Insurance and willing may have joined this policy, but as usual certain officers in management are playing with unity of executives and here also executives are divided in groups and claiming credit which is more harmful for executives in BSNL.

·        Anyhow, it is matter of concern about health issues and difficulties faced by executives in dealing with harassment by hospitals in getting medical treatment due to non-payment of dues by BSNL, it is important that each and every BSNL Employee has to opt for Medical Insurance Policy.

·        SNEA MH is receiving queries about this proposal and it is to inform that the decision on Health insurance is to be taken by individuals depending on needs of self and family as the subscription of this Insurance policy is till to be paid by individuals.

·        Many our members and leaders have suggested that the premium of insurance should be borne by BSNL as BSNL at least in exchange of present BSNL MRS which is truck off due to non-payment of dues of empaneled Hospitals. Hopefully this issue will be pursued by SNEA CHQ and the premium amount can be reimbursed from BSNL.

·        As per analysis done by expert team of SNEA MH and the ongoing situations and health issues/facilities of BSNL executives and all the proposals available as on today for Maharashtra Comrades, the proposal finalized by SNEA Kerala is genuine and just reasonable and we do not find any other proposal matching to this proposal and individuals have to decide on opting for this Group Health Insurance Policy.

·        Till SNEA MH appeals all Comrades to have self-analysis of the issues, medical requirement of self and family, availability of empaneled hospitals of insurance company , premium etc and decided on the opting for any Group Medical Policy or individual Medical policy.

·        From SNEA Maharashtra Circle, Com. Prayag Pisal, Joint Secretary South, SNEA MH Circle (Mob 9422324566, Email will co-ordinate with team SNEA Kerala Circle for issues related to this Health Insurance policy.

·        Summary of Policy <<<>>>.


22 MAR 21: DGM Legal Mumbai endorsed BSNL CO letter addressed to CGMT MH Circle for dealing with manmade issues created by certain officers in settlement of retirement benefits of retired Executives and Non-executives in Maharashtra Circle.. Letter <<<>>>

·        This is clarification issued by BSNL Corporate Office on request of Maharashtra Circle on the ongoing critical issue of forceful withholding of Pensionary benefits of VRS Opted/Retired employees on fake Cast compliant

·        The issue of Fake/Bogus Caste certificate has become very sensitive in Maharashtra Circle as this issue is created by certain persons who have handed over the Office data of more than 800 employees recruited in Maharashtra Circle under ST Category with HRMS number and other office details and on basis of this data, the mass compliant has made against about all the employees under ST Category.

·        These Fake caste complaints received since 3-4 years have made life of these officers /officials in ST Category, miserable economically as well as socially and they are defamed on name of bogus /fake caste before it is decided by competent authority where it is fake or genuine.

·        It is seen that out of more than 800 ST Category employee’s named in the complaints, about 200 and odd have already submitted caste validity and many others have applied for it. The details are published by Recruitment section, time to time.

·        Majority of the employees named in this complaint have opted for Normal Retirement or VRS 2019. At the time of VRS 2019, these employees were firmly assured by management that if they opt for VRS 2019, their grievances on Caste validity will be over and accordingly the Vigilance Clearance required for Successful retirement was granted by SSA/Circle and Corporate Office and retirement orders were issued for all affected comrades who have applied for VRS 2019 or normal VRS.

·        But the certain culprit officers who have malaise in mind of troubling all these officers have twisted matter after VRS 2019 and after approval and payment of some instalments of ex-gracia and even provisional pension also in majority of cases. After VRS 2019, it is once again propagated that their retirement benefits cannot be released due to pending complaint of Fake caste.

·        Now, when one has applied for retirement after completion of more than 20-30 years of successful service in DoT/BSNL and when nothing was done on part of concerned officers to settle the complaint by going to its root cause, after retirement these officers/officials are harassed by illegally by officers in HR/Admn sections Mumbai by withholding pension and all retirement benefits.

·        It is shameful for any administration and definitely for Maharashtra Circle administration that they are not following their own decision in granting Vigilance Clearance for these retired employees and now stating that the complaint of caste validity is pending against these retired officers.

·        It is unfortunate that this sensitive matter was in hands of single JTO in recruitment section directly reporting to GM HR and all other SDE/AGM/DGM Level officers in chain were sidelined for last one year after VRS 2019.

·        It is very disgusting and painful to note that many of these affected employees are starving as they are not getting even provisional pension and unable to manage the family as all of sudden their source of income including provisional pension has been illegally and forcefully stopped.

·        SNEA MH has taken up this issue with then CGMT MH at different occasions and he has always shown positive response and has always escalated this matter to BSNL CO in proactive manner by overruling negative attitude of some below level officers in chain and this present reply received is part of correspondence made earlier on this matter over the period of one year.

·        Shri. Manoj Kumar Mishra, then CGMT MH was kind enough to understand difficulties of these comrades and as per continuous persuasion by SNEA MH to overcome hardship of these affected executives, in early January 2021, he has given approval for provisional pension.

·        But unfortunately, he was transferred and relived on same day before his approval for provisional pension was implemented. After his transfer, again the officers in Recruitment and HR section have played game of applying their brain in finding lacunas in words in the approval by earlier CGMT MH and matter was reput up with new CGMT MH and they were successful in withholding provisional pension approved by earlier CGMT MH.

·        Now the said clarification has received and stand taken by SNEA MH and approved by then CGMT MH about need of provisional pension in view of other benefits on hold, has been underlined by BSNL CO and provisional pension for all such affected retired employees is now approved.

·        But fact is that due to negative attitude and wrong interpretation of approval of CGMT MH for provisional pension, the individual and family members of affected comrades are in trouble as the provisional pension is delayed for two months from approval of CGMT MH and eight months from the date since provisional pension is illegally withheld by confusions created by certain officers in HR section.

·        In one step ahead with extra negative mind and biased attitude, these officers proposed to BSNL CO seeking approval of CMD BSNL for Disciplinary cases against all these retired employees after retirement from BSNL but BSNL CO has not conveyed approval for same stating that their caste certificate is not yet declared fake by competent authority to do so. These employees are retired with proper Vigilance Clearance meaning that there is no case pending against these employees on date of retirement and hence such Disciplinary action cannot be initiated against them.

·        It is important that since last 3-4 years all the officers/officials under ST category are named under fake/bogus caste in language of the complainant which is wrong as clarified by BSNL Corporate as bogus/fake caste is to be decided by the competent authority and not by complaint or by said officers in BSNL Maharashtra Circle.

·        This letter from BSNL CO dated 17/03/2021, clearly directed to CGMT MH to investigate the matter and fix the responsibility against the culprit officers for the lapses.

·        No doubt that there may be certain officers who have joined DoT/BSNL on fake caste certificate, but it is not that all ST Category employees in Maharashtra Circle in mass are having fake caste certificate and hence this matter needs to be decided with human approach, real issues in geniuses of caste and with recognition of long services rendered by these officers/officials to DoT/BSNL.

·        It is fact that employees with bogus certificate needs to be taken to task and SNEA MH do not disagree with it, but such harassment in mass to all ST Category employees is really matter of concern.

·        Many of these comrades have received caste certificate from the competent authority and the certificate issuing authority is genuine and in recent guidelines issued by DoPT on 19/03/2021 (Copy <<<>>>) also nowhere it is insisted for Caste validity and it refers about timely verification of Caste/Community certificates.

·        This process of Caste validity is introduced in recent years and before that recruitment in DoT/BSNL was done on basis of Caste Certificate issued by competent authority.

·        As per DoPT guidelines, it is responsibility of concerned Officers in BSNL to verify the caste of the employee recruited in DoT/ BSNL by writing to authority issuing Caste certificate and BSNL has no authority to apply for Caste validity and it is to be done by individual.

·        It was quiet possible for BSNL to confirm where the certificate issued by concerned authority of Maharashtra State is genuine or not, but nothing has been done on it except in few cases and only pressure is created for Validity certificate from Scrutiny committee.

·        In case of many of the Officers/Officials, this validation has been done from Certificate issuing authority and same has been accepted by BSNL and they are allowed to retired from BSNL with no any case pending certificate. But all of sudden issue of caste validity is raised and retirement benefits of some officers appearing in these complaints are released and retirement benefits of some officers on pick and choose basis are kept on hold without assigning any reason to individuals except this old compliant about fake caste.

·        If it was verified from the BSNL by writing to Caste Certificate issuing authority, at least who has applied on bogus caste certificate i.e. Caste certificate not issued by competent authority named in the certificate, the decision on such employee would have been taken by declaring it bogous/fake.

·        But here everybody is pressurized only for Caste validity but basic work of verification from Caste Certificate from authority who has issued certificate is not done and hence real culprits who do not belong to ST Category are given free hand and who are really from ST Category but facing issues is getting documents required for establishing Validity are in trouble.

·        The certain employees have applied for Caste Validity and since months together no decision has been taken on all such cases in contravention to DoPT Instructions to complete task in one months’ time bound period and list of all such officers has been issued by Recruitment section at regular intervals.

·        The letter from Corporate office has clearly pointed out who are responsible for this mesh in dealing with issues related to verification of genuineness of Caste and let us hope that CGMT MH follows these instructions and the real culprits playing with life of entire ST Category employees on name of Fake/Bogus Caste are identified and responsibility is fixed with erring officers with biased mind, the employees who has joined BSNL/DoT with totally bogus Caste certificate are taken to the task and the employees who are from the ST Category and facing issues in getting Caste validity completed are given relief.

·        This letter from BSNL CO makes it clear that the Leave Encashment of all Retirees of whom VC is cleared is to be released, but Maharashtra Circle has not taken any decision on it and hopefully this matter will also be taken care by Maharashtra Circle and leave encashment which has no relation with Caste, is released without any further delay. 

·        Apart from SNEA MH this issue was raised by Com. G. L. Jogi, GS SNPWA CHQ, who has stood behind these affected ST Category Comrades of MH Circle and taken up matter by personal visits, telephonic talks and by writing letters to different authorities putting grievances of the affected Executives and Non-executives and strongly pursed the matter as per feedback given by affected comrades individually and through Com. D.M. Gaikar, CS SNPWA MH.

·        SNEA MH conveys sincere thanks to Com. G. L. Jogi, GS SNPWA CHQ for his such keen and sincere persuasion of this critical issue and giving some movement to this issue struck up for last one year and we are hopeful that with his efforts the matter will be further cleared in the larger interest of the ST Category employees of Maharashtra Circle who are being tortured and harassed on name of Fake caste complaints.

·        Let us hope that BSNL management at Corporate/Circle takes this issue with Human Approach and desired seriousness of bogus caste certificate at this stage and will act to find the employees who do not belong to ST Category but are enjoying facilities of reservation on fake/bogus certificate and will give relief to employees who are from ST Category but are finding difficulties in getting their caste validated for different reasons beyond their control.  


22 MAR 21: DGM Legal Mumbai issued orders for Direct Relieving of SDE Civil Aurangabad under transfer to Circle Office Mumbai as GMT Aurangabad has not yet relieved said officer after repeated request and directions from Circle Office.. Letter <<<>>>


22 MAR 21: DGM EB MH Mumbai writes to BA/SSA Heads conveying targets for first Quarter of year 2021-22 for SIP Trunk Business for migrating from PRI to SIP and new SIP customers. Letter <<<>>>


22 MAR 21: DGM EB MH Mumbai writes to BA/SSA Heads for arresting increasing trend in disconnection of Lease Circuits across Maharashtra Circle. Letter <<<>>>


22 MAR 21: CGMT MH writes DO letter to BA/SSA Heads for reducing fault rate of LCs below 0.75 % and no LC fault pending for more than seven days. Letter <<<>>>


22 MAR 21: AGM LM BSNL CO clarified that for calculating eligibility of pension for allotment of Staff Quarters under CROP 2020 policy, pension will be counted by including all allowance payable to pensioners. Letter <<<>>>


20 MAR 21: Nicely arranged District Conference of SNEA Nashik: {Report by Com S A Bhadane, DS SNEA Nashik}: As per the notice issued by DS SNEA Nashik Com. M. B. Sangale the District Conference of SNEA Nashik was held on 07/03/2021. Due to ongoing restrictions due to pandemic Covid-19situation, the conference was held in online mode & to observe all the formalities & restrictions imposed by Central & State Govt. This Online District Conference is successfully conducted under the Presidentship of DP Com. R. R. Mahajan & dynamic leadership of our dashing & dynamic DS Com. M. B. Sangale.

·        The meeting proceedings started with online "Deep Prajwalan" & Pray “Itni Shakti Hame Dena Data”& also observe the two minutes silence in memories of departed soul. In further proceedings the virtual felicitation of all DOBs & Guest Jt. Secretary (North) SNEA MH Com. D.R. Bagul, after that as per the approved Agenda the newly join members were virtually felicitated.

·        The DS SNEA Nashik Com. M. B. Sangale initially congratulated all new incumbents in SNEA family. During his very studied speed touched all the various aspects of Development & HR issues of SSA & Circle level at last he tender the thanks to all members for extended their continued support in association activities and also higher authorities in administration specially Sr. GMT Nashik Shri Nitin Mahajan for solving of member issues during his tenure at Nashik. He also appealed to all members of SNEA to be united for growth of SNEA as well as BSNL. He also assured his support to Nashik comrades during his tenure at J & K Circle.

·        DT Com S. A. Bhadane presented Treasurer Report & very good amount of money is kept balance to be handed over to next executive body. DT report  is unanimously passed by all the members.

·        Com S A. Chavan ADS delivered his report impressively & at last tender the thanks to all members for extended their continued support in association activities during his tenure at Nashik as he is transferred to J&K shortly relieved from Nashik SSA. He also appealed for unity of SNEA Nashik.

·        Our DP Com. R. R. Mahajan in his presidential speech guided all the members and at last tender the thanks to all members for extended their continued support in association activities during his tenure as President of SNAE Nashik.

·        CEC Members Com Ulhas Morankar during his speech raised issue of third PRC & SAB issue not solved at CHQ level.

·        The DOB namely Com. R. S. More, Com. G. G. Karpe, Com. U. V. Vyas & all presented their report very impressively in front of General body.

·        The meeting proceedings are observed by Joint Secretary (North) SNEA MH Com. D. R. Bagul & during his address he emphasis on various topics. He also appreciated team Nashik for successful conduction of GB Nashik. He appreciated the work of District body of SNEA Nashik & DS Nashik for solving HR as well as development issues at Nashik. In his speech he appealed to increase FTTH connection in BSNL.

·        Thereafter the forum was opened for discussion of organizational matter & following resolution were passed in GB.

1.During discussion on hunger strike members appealed strike should not be a single point agenda instead we may include points of allocation of 4G, removal of condition of procurement of indigenous equipment and allow 25% procurement as per phase VIII.4 project. Finalization of third PRC, concessional facility for FTTH connection to employee, uniform policy on first TBP in 4 years to all executives.

2.To stop look after arrangement in all Executive Cadre.

3.Till the finalization of CPSU hierarchy all promotions of higher officers (ITS) also to be stopped.

4.To focus on FTTHJ connections. Fibre may be laid up to pillar & all BTS to increase FTTC connections.

5.There should be equal treatment to all private operators for use of Indigenous equipments.

6.Capping on contractors penalty should be increased or it may be reviewed in order to reduce MTTR.

7.Vendor payments should be done in time to have uninterrupted services to customers & to build image of BSNL.

8.P.Tax /NA Tax and rent payments should be regularized to avoid complaints and locking of exchanges from owners and to avoid future complications.

9.For BTS maintenance there should be at least L1 & L2 contractors to get satisfactory work from them. Modification in tender clauses is required as there is no in house arrangement of BTS mtce after VRS.

10.            OFC cables being damaged by various agencies. To prevent & minimize it there should be a group of teams comprising of all operators as it would save man & money. Matter is also to be taken with dist Collector for formation of groups of various Govt agencies so that there will intimation in advance regarding excavation work.

11.            Timely disbursement of salary to all employee and unfreeze of DA to boost the morale of employee.

·        Thereafter CS SNEA MH Com. M. S. Adasul addressed online to huge gathering of all esteemed SNEA Nashik members. In his speech he appreciated the work done by our executives in pandemic situation of Corona and efforts taken by Dist body for membership verification work. He highlighted all HR & development issues & assured to Nashik executives that though there are excess executives in Nashik, due to own cost request out of Nashik and mainly works of One Network at BAs, there will be reduction in excess strength to better extent and hence the transfer out of Nashik on basis of excess strength will be less. He informed that association is pursuing for minimum transfers and will surely continue to pursue to avoid unwanted transfers of executives from Nashik. He appealed executives should understand their position and should plan properly while applying for transfer by observing stay particulars. He appealed to take COVID 19 vaccine on priority by all BSNL staff. In his speech he highlighted on issues of timely salary, vendor payments, pending temporary advance and issues thereof, implementation e-File management system in all SSAs, Property Tax/NA tax payment issue & need of uniformity in Property Tax raised by different GP’s, Nagarpanchayat & Municipal corporations. In conclusion of his address, he conveyed thanks to team SNEA Nashik for building strong unity of executives and appealed for further unity & strengthening of SNEA. He assured total

·        At last the vote of thanks is tender by Com. Jayant Adawade, CEC Member in a very unique manner & thanks to all who have involved for successful conduction of District Conference.

·        After completing all the meeting proceedings the Election Officer is elected as Com. R. R. Kangane AGM Admn Nashik & Astt. Election Offices Com Lokesh Sharma JAO to observe all Election formalities under the Administrative Observer Shri. R. G. Kale DGM HR Admn Nashik to elect new setup of Office bearers of SNEA Nashik then existing body was dissolved.

·        In the newly unanimously elected body following SNEA members are elected for next term.

1.     Com. P. N. Patil, District President

2.     Com. R. R. Mahajan Vice President

3.     Com. S. A. Bhadane District Secretary

4.     Com. R. S. More District Treasurer

5.     Com. Ulhas Morankar ADS I

6.     Com Yogesh Zadikar ADS II

7.     Com. Kamlesh Tayade Org. Sec.

8.     Com Jayant Adawade CEC-I

9.     Com. Umesh Vyas CEC-II

10.             Com Arun Dhikale Auditor

·        After the Election process the newly elected SNEA office bearers were taken oath from Ex DS Com M. B. Sangale.

·        For successful conduction of online meeting our DP, DS, all DOBs, and CEC Members taken lots of efforts. Also our Senior Com. V.V. Suryawanshi, Com Ulhas Morankar, Com. Kushal Gharate, Com. Mayur Modi, Com.Yogesh Zadikar, Com Arun Dhikale nicely presented PPT & share the screen which definitely brings a very colourful effects in online Zoom platform. Also our Senior Com G. G. Karpe Ex DS WTR Com. V.V. Suryawanshi Ex-President Sindhudurg, Com S. D. Birais Ex ADS Dhule, Com S. N. Medhane Ex Area Sec. Nashik, Com. Mayur Modi & Com Kushal Gharate withdrawn their nominations for unanimous Election of new setup of Office bearers.

·        We all are very much thanks for showing faith on newly elected body

·        At last but not least we all are very much thankful to all esteemed Members of SNEA Nashik who have shown faith to elect the unanimously new setup of Office bearers.


19 MAR 21: AGM Pers BSNL CO issued Inter Circle Request Transfers in AO Cadre wherein request of three AOs including Com. Om Prakash Jangir, Ex JS AF SNEA MH and CAO ERP Mumbai for transfer out of MH Circle to their choice Circles is given consideration and one AO from KTK Circle is transferred to MH Circle. Letter <<<>>>


19 MAR 21: AGM Pers BSNL CO issued guidelines for preparation and maintenance of e-APRs and calling for explanation from Officers, who do not adhere to these instructions and timeline thereof. Letter <<<>>>


19 MAR 21: AGM Estt BSNL CO issued clarification on recovery of dues other than Government dues from Retirement Benefits of Employees retired under BSNL VRS 2019 and now recovery of dues of staff quarters retained or vacated is out of purview of such recovery. Letter <<<>>>

·        It is important that due to adamant stand of certain officers, heavy and unwanted dues are recovered from the final payment of Ex gracia of many of the Officers/employees, even when all have vacated the staff quarters in time and if retained there are no dues pending on part of retiree.

·        This deliberate lethargic working of Shri. Kazmi JTO/SDE/AGM Estate Mumbai, many of VRS Opted executives have not received final ex gracia.

·        SNEA MH has already cautioned to DGM Admn/GM HR Mumbai about this attitude of Shri. Kazmi for not issuing NOC for vacation of Staff quarters deliberately till last moment of releasing payment, but no proper action was taken resulting in unwanted recovery of many of comrades causing hardship to them.

·         It is important that when data was made ready by Dealing Assistant , well within time, same was deliberately not forwarded to Account section may be with malaise intention to harass the VRS Opted employees.

·        SNEA MH has received many complaints from the comrades about harassment, rude language, and non-co-operation, not attending calls by Shri. Kazmi JTO/.SDE/AGM Estate Mumbai and we have already brought it to the notice of DGM Admn Mumbai and GM HR Mumbai and it was repeatedly assured to take care of issues and concerned raised by SNEA MH/Mumbai, but unfortunately both have failed to control such damaging activities and the concerned working and retired employees are made to suffer for no reason on their part..

·        SNEA MH has taken up this matter for release of forcefully withheld payments again and top look into manmade harassment by lethargic working of estate section and it has been firmly assured to release payment of all VRS Optees which are illegally kept on hold by Estate section.

·        This clarification will clear all pending doubts if any and hopefully Circle administration comes with to depth review of working of Estate section and see that entire process of Allotment of Staff quarters and recovery of dues if any is made totally transparent and the said officer is not further allowed to make mockery of the well-defined system just for personal ego and benefits with projection of heavy workload.


19 MAR 21: DGM CA BSNL CO issued orders for relaxation of 60 days restrictions on posting invoices in ERP within days period from date of invoice and now it will be open for all invoices for period of one week i.e. from 25/03/2021 to 31/03/2021 and this restriction will be restored again from 01/04/2021. Letter <<<>>>


19 MAR 21: AGM Estt BSNL CO writes to all Circle Heads for referring court judgement about vacation of stay automatically after six months unless it is extended by speaking order and directs to take appropriate action in pending court cases if any.  Letter <<<>>>


19 MAR 21: DGM EB MH issued clarification on queries raised by SSAs for last mile connectivity on Overhead OFC for provision of LCs under OPEX Model. Letter <<<>>>


19 MAR 21: GM EB Pune MH writes all SSA Heads for commissioning of bulk WiFI Internet services at Various APMC Locations through vendor. Letter <<<>>>


19 MAR 21: DGM CA Mumbai writes to IFAs of all BAs for proper accounting of write off assets. Letter <<<>>>


19 MAR 21: Jt GM BW BSNL CO issued guidelines for execution of BTCL Civil External Projects. Letter <<<>>>


17 MAR 21: GM CA BSNL CO writes to all CGMs for uniform policy for identifying assets decommissioned. Letter <<<>>>


17 MAR 21: AGM Estt BSNL CO completes one more formality by endorsing DoPPW letter for timely payment of retirement benefits of Retired employees. Letter <<<>>>


17 MAR 21: AGM Estt BSNL CO endorsed DoPPW letter about process to be adopted for settlement of pension dues in case retiree expires before filling pension papers and now in such cases spouse or family member eligible for family pension can submit claim of family pension through last office of retiree. Letter <<<>>>


17 MAR 21: AGM NWP CFA BSNL CO calls for information about black listed cluster partners and this information will be uploaded on BSNL intranet side so that black listed cluster partners did not participate in any other Tender by BSNL. Letter <<<>>>


17 MAR 21: AGM Infra Sales BSNL CO issued clarification regarding acquisition and obtaining right to Way (Row) by BSNL in Government Building /Institutions and provision of In Building Solution Infrastructure by an empaneled IP without incurring any CAPEX /OPEX by BSNL. Letter <<<>>>


17 MAR 21: DGM NWO CFA BSNL CO endorsed DoT letter calling for information on usefulness of Telegraph Wires Act 1950, cases filed and pending under this act and views on repealing of this act. Letter <<<>>>


17 MAR 21: AGM VAS BSNL CO issued clarification for M2M/IoT Tariff Plans for bulk customers. Letter <<<>>>


17 MAR 21: AGM Pers DPC BSNL CO calls for missing information for review DPC for SDE to AGM Promotions issued on 16/08/2010 as per the revised seniority list published on 04/06/2019 as per Rule 206. Letter I <<<>>> Letter II <<<>>>


17 MAR 21: AGM CNO BSNL CO issued directives to District Level senior officers in BSNL for attending Disha Meetings by District Collectors. Letter <<<>>>

 17 Mar 21: CMTS Bulletin Feb 2021 <<<>>>


16 MAR 21: DGM HR Mumbai writes to BA/SSA Heads for fixation of pay of officiating JTOs under FR 22 (1) (a) (i) and reversion before sending them for JTO Phase I training. Letter <<<>>>


16 MAR 21: DGM SCT BSNL CO writes all Circle/Unit Heads for strict and effective implementation of OBC reservation in employment as per the extent reservation Acts /Rules /Orders. Letter <<<>>>


16 MAR 21: DGM SCT BSNL CO writes all Circle/Unit Heads conveying applicability of DPE/ DoEPWD guidelines on exemption from roster duties for Persons with Disabilities during pandemic COVID 19 till further orders. Letter <<<>>>


16 MAR 21: DGM SCT BSNL CO writes all Circle/Unit Heads for identification of posts for Persons with Benchmark Disabilities under the Rights of Persons with Disability Act 2016. Letter <<<>>>


16 MAR 21: CS and GM Legal BSNL CO writes all Circle/Unit Heads for adherence to the policy for preservation of documents as per BSNL preservation of Document Policy approved by BSNL Board. Letter <<<>>>


16 MAR 21: DGM CFA BSNL CO writes to CGM ITPC Pune for making necessary changes in CDR system for ONT/Modem rental charges in single monthly billing for all customers who have opted for annual, biennial or triennial subscription of DSL/ Bharat Fibre/ Bharat Air Fibre/ BBoWiFi broadband plans. Letter <<<>>>


16 MAR 21: CGMT MH writes to SSA/BA Heads cautioning about porting out of about 40000 GSM customers from BSNL network and request for taking initiatives for reducing the churn of customers out of BSNL network by use of application available on BCCS portal . Letter <<<>>>


16 MAR 21: CGMT MH writes to SSA/BA Heads for poor achievements in SIM Sale targets during year 2020-21 wherein majority of SSA have not achieved targets. CGMT congratulates Latur SSA for 100% achievement of targets and appeal to SSAs with target achievement less than 80% to put extra efforts to energize sales staff and sales partners for increasing SIM sale in Month March 2021. Letter <<<>>>


16 MAR 21: DGM NWP CM BSNL CO conveyed approval for constitution of Committee for Technical Examination of proposal for consolidation of GSM and B&CSS. This Committee has to submit its report in three weeks’ time. Letter <<<>>>


16 MAR 21: GM Fin CFA BSNL CO writes all Circle Heads/IFAs for utilization of Customer Interface System and send compliance on Reminding Progress by 19/03/2021. Letter <<<>>>


16 MAR 21: DGM NWO CM BSNL CO writes all Circle/Unit Heads for taking initiatives to prevent fire incident in BSNL Telecom buildings. Letter <<<>>>


11 MAR 21: SAD NEWS: SNEA lost die Hard activist Com. Shankar Kadam JTO Satara SSA: With heavy heart and profound sorrow, it is to inform that Com. Shankar Kadam, JTO CSC Karad , Satara District and active SNEA Comrade passed away at young age 49 years on late evening of 10/03/2021. He was suffering from low BP and was hospitalized for few days and passed away due to multi organ failure. Com. Shankar Kadam was basically JTO Architecture and was posted in Mumbai since his joining in DoT. But due to reduction of workload in Architecture wing along with others, he has opted for Satara SSA. Since last 3 to 4 years he was working in Satara SSA and was serving in Telecom wing with much more efficiency. After VRS 2019, he was given more responsibilities in Karad SDCA and he was putting his sincere efforts as JTOCSC Karad. Com Kadam was die-hard member of SNEA and always proactively participated in overall activities of SNEA. He was soft spoken, sincere, co-operative and devoted officer of BSNL and active and alert member of SNEA since long time. SNEA Maharashtra prays Almighty to give courage and strength to aggrieved family members of late Com Shakar Kadam to bear and cope up this irreparable loss at this very crucial and hard moment of life. We also pray Almighty for heavenly peace and space for departed soul of late Com Shankar Kadam.


11 MAR 21: PGM Pers BSNL CO writes to DO letter to all Circle Heads on poor progress on verification of personal data of executives in SAP Portal from original records of employees in Online transfer application module (OTAM) including Maharashtra Circle and request to complete this work by target date 15/03/2021. Letter <<<>>>


11 MAR 21: Dir HR BSNL Board writes to all CGMs for payment of final installment of Ex-Gracia in respect of retires of BSNL VRS 2019 so as to release the payment by 1700 hrs of 10/03/2021. Letter <<<>>>


11 MAR 21: GM CSC CFA BSNL CO issued orders for BSNL Verifier Incentive scheme for verification of AEK documents at CSC/OCSC or other locations so as to scale up issuance or modification of Adhaar Cards at BSNL. Letter <<<>>>

·        This incentive will be payable to BSNL employee or employee of vendor of Outsourced CSCs who will be nominated for verification works.

·       This incentive will paid @Rs Ten per verification of documents by her/him for new Adhaar and @ Rs 5 for modification of Adhaar on monthly basis on submission of claim by concerned employee/staff.

·       This arrangement is proposed to meet shortage of staff for verification of documents in Adhaar Centers being operated by BSNL at its CSCs.


11 MAR 21: AGM CNO BSNL CO writes to all Circle Heads calling for requirement of Transmission Network Testing Equipments i.e. Splicing Machine, OTDR, Power Meter, light source and requirement is to be sent latest by 18/03/2021. Letter <<<>>>

This is a good opportunity to the Officers working in OFC/Transmission wing to get their OFC/Transmission teams fully equipped and hence without waiting for endorsement of this letter by Circle/SSA/Unit, by quoting this letter, they should submit their requirement in prescribed format to SSA/BA Heads or to GMMs of CNTXW Circle so that information reaches in time.


11 MAR 21: PGM CNO BSNL CO issued authorization to Circles for procurement of VRLA Battery sets for BTS Maintenance wherein Maharashtra Circle is given authorization for procurement of 643 Batteries during FY 2021-22. Letter <<<>>>


11 MAR 21: DGM Pers SM BSNL CO issued order for review DPC for JTOs promoted as SDE in 2009 and as on today all these officers are retired and revision in seniority is done after retirement to comply with Supreme court order on the seniority issue under dispute for years together. Letter <<<>>>


10 MAR 21: By a press release, DGM SM CM BSNL CO issued advisory to BSNL subscribers about fake sms by fraudsters and not to entertain any such sms. Letter <<<>>>


 10 MAR 21: DGM Pers SM BSNL CO writes to Circle Heads for verification of personal data of executives in SAP Portal from original records of employees in Online transfer application module (OTAM) and send certificate for complete verification with signature of GM HR latest by 15/03/2021. Letter <<<>>>


10 MAR 21: AGM CFA Mumbai endorsed BSNL CO letter introduction of one time promotional sales incentive scheme for cluster partners for the sale of landline /broadband connections on copper in all the circles. Letter <<<>>>


 9 MAR 21: GM Restg BSNL CO issued clarification that Service books of all staff in SSAs under consolidated BAs will be maintained at BA HQ and there will be no change in present transfer liability of the SSA cadres even after consolidation of BAs. Letter <<<>>>


9 MAR 21: AGM MMP BSNL CO issued clarification regarding impact of business banning or blacklisting of bidders. Letter <<<>>>




 6 MAR 21: AGM Estt BSNL CO issued guidelines for payment of final instalment of Ex-Gratia in respect of retirees of BSNL VRS-2019 with directions to follow the instructions scrupulously and using two methods for calculation of ex-gracia in respect of VRS retires whose Presidential order is yet to be issued by DoT and to submit certificate in prescribed format with signature of GM HR and GM Finance of Circle. Letter <<<>>>


 6 MAR 21: JTO Estt Mumbai endorsed the BRBRAITT Jabalpur letter for Webinars on different subject w.e.f 08/03/2021. Letter <<<>>>


 6 MAR 21: DGM Admn Mumbai issued notice for celebrations of Women’s Day at Circle Office Mumbai in association with TWWO MH Circle. Letter <<<>>>


 5 MAR 21: SNEA MH writes to Shri. Ramakant Sharma, CGMT MH Circle requesting for stopping wrong procedures adopted by HR section in issuing normal request transfers under special category of Rule 8 transfer.  Letter <<<>>> 


 5 MAR 21: EE EP Mumbai issued orders for EEEs thereby filling two vacant posts of EEEs and giving additional charge of 2-3 more EEEs i.e. EE Nagpur will also hold additional charge of EEE Aurangabad, EEE Akola & EEE Nanded , EEE Kolhapur will have additional charge of EEE Goa & EEE Solapur. Letter <<<>>>


 5 MAR 21: DGM HR Mumbai endorsed the DO letter from Director HR to CGMT MH Circle for pursuing with all left out employees for filling of IPR/MPR Returns by all executives and Non-executives.  Letter <<<>>>


 5 MAR 21: AD Estt Mumbai endorsed the Schedule Online Training by RTCC Nagpur from 08/03/2021 to 12/03/2021. Letter <<<>>>


 5 MAR 21: AGM Admn BSNL CO issued notice for organization of online health awareness webinar on International Women Day i.e. on 08/03/20221 , exclusively for Female employees and female family members of BSNL employees on PAN India basis.  Letter <<<>>>


 5 MAR 21: AGM Estt BSNL CO writes to all Circle/Unit Heads for final payment of ex-gracia in respect of retirees of BSNL VRS 2019 latest by 10/03/2021. Letter <<<>>>


 5 MAR 21: AGM NB BSNL CO writes to all CGMs for exploring Business Opportunities for BSNL through its ASP Policy for empanelment of Application Service Providers for providing various ICT Based New Business solutions to BSNL EB customers. Letter <<<>>>


 4 MAR 21: DGM Legal Mumbai endorsed JTO to SDE promotion order of Com. P.R. Phasate, SDE Nagpur whose seniority is refixed after declaring him successful in JTO to SDE LDCE 2007 with retotaling of marks and now he is given seniority of Year 2002-03 and his pay will be fixed from date since he has assumed charge of SDE. Letter <<<>>>

·        Com. P. R. Phasate, SDE Nagpur has shown prolonged patience and SNEA has pursued this matter at all levels for last few years and finally he got success.

·        SNEA MH Congratulation to Com. P.R. Phasate, for successful in restoration/ correction of his rights/seniority under LDCE Quota and conveys thanks to Officers in Establishment section in Mumbai who have properly processed the case and to SNEA CHQ leaders at Delhi who have pursued case to give final results.


 4 MAR 21: AGM Pers I BSNL CO issued orders for change of Circle in respect of Com. S.B. Asangi, DE WTP Kolhapur from BBNW Circle to KTK Circle as per his request.. Letter <<<>>>

·        Com. S.B. Asangi, DE WTP has requested for transfer KTK Circle, but his order was issued for BBNW Circle Bangalore which was odd place for him and hence he represented for change of Circle as per his request. Later he was also relived from ERP, but he did not join and waited for justice with full faith on persuasion of SNEA.

·        This matter was pursued by SNEA MH/KTK with CHQ leaders at Delhi and finally with efforts of CHQ leaders at Delhi, the revised orders are issued wherein Com. S.B. Asangi, is now posted to KTK Circle and now he can join at SSA as per his request within Karnataka Circle.

·        SNEA MH conveys thanks to all SNEA CHQ leaders at Delhi and specifically to Com. R. S. Kolapkar AGS and Com. P. P. Rao, AGS for pursuing this case successfully and giving justice to Com. S.B. Asangi, DE WTP Kolhapur.


 4 MAR 21: AGM Pers I BSNL CO writes to all Circle/Unit/Vertical Heads conveying extension of date for verification of personal data from services books up to 10/03/2021 specially for updating correct APR data of executives in SAP/ERP which will be used for holding e-DPCs for different promotions w.e.f 01/04/2021. Letter <<<>>>


4 MAR 21: DGM ERP BSNL CO writes to all Circle Heads for implementation of online process through REM Model of ERP for application and allotment of Staff Quarters.  Letter <<<>>>

·        Of the late it was seen that there were issues in allotment of Staff Quarters all over India and certain cases of pick and choose allotment are always seen giving scope to complaints. With this online method, there will be much more transparency.

·        This transparent process of allotment of Staff Quarters by online method through ERP will reduce number of complaints and will also reduce hardship of individuals in printing application, filling it and its submission with required documents and getting signature of controlling Officers.

·        Let us hope that this module is implemented without any issues and allotment of Staff Quarters also becomes one of the paperless and transparent process.

·        In similar manner, there is need of implementation of this Module for allotment of IQs for transparent working and stopping misuse or personalize use of IQs by method of reservation of IQs with pencils as being done all over India.

·       Online Booking and allotment of IQs will help in reducing complaints about biased attitude of certain officers in allotment of IQs and will also avoid the misuse of IQs by few Officers and their family members and desired priority will be given to office works rather than the priority to the family members of selected officers. 


 4 MAR 21: DGM NWO BBIN BSNL CO issued schedule for circle wise online Town Hall meeting of cluster partners of all SSAs/BAs in Circle along with SSA/BA/Circle Heads which will be headed by Director CFA BSNL Board and the meeting for Maharashtra Circle is scheduled on 1100 Hrs on 10/03/2021. Letter <<<>>>


 4 MAR 21: AGM CP&M BSNL CO published Tele density and Operator wise Market Share as on 30/11/2020 and analysis thereof. Letter <<<>>>


 3 MAR 21: DGM NWO BBIN BSNL CO issued orders for setting up common Toll Free Number with BA Mapping for BSNL partners for management of issues pending at ITPC. Letter <<<>>>


 3 MAR 21: GM Radio BSNL CO issued revised tariffs for plans and call charges for GSPS (Global Satellite Phone Services) of BSNL. Letter <<<>>>


 3 MAR 21: DGM Regulation BSNL CO endorsed DoT letter for curbing of clandestine / illegal telecom operation and obtaining SIM cards on forged documents. Letter <<<>>>


 2 MAR 21: AGM Admn BSNL CO writes to all CGMs for celebrations International Women’s Day with full enthusiasm. Letter <<<>>>


 2 MAR 21: AD Staff A Mumbai issued orders for revocation of ERP relieving and retention of AO in Circle Office Mumbai who has applied for own cost request transfer to Pune and was relieved through ERP on 23/02/2021. Letter <<<>>>


2 MAR 21: GM CFA BSNL CO issued policy guidelines regarding the financial transactions in respect of BTCL which is subsidiary company of BSNL. Letter <<<>>>


 1 MAR 21: SNEA MH writes to Shri. Ramakant Sharma, CGMT MH Circle for addressing to review and settle Grievances and discrepancies created due to pick & choose and abrupt transfers of account wing executives in Maharashtra Circle.  Letter <<<>>>  Corresponding letters <<<>>>

·        SNEA MH has received certain complaints for its members and District Secretaries on serious issues with respect to transfer and posting of executives in Account wing issued in recent past.

·        This letters gives the details of grievances, manmade hurdles and how HR issues of account wing are given consideration in totally casual and careless manner.

·        SNEA MH once again request CGMT MH to settle decide on ongoing conflict on centralized or decentralized HR activities of Account wing executives respectively with GM HR or with GM Fin Mumbai.

·        SNEA MH has consolidated all grievances and issues related to transfer policy guidelines, retention/cancellation of transfers on immunity, consideration of request on medical grounds, harassment of female executives by posting at odd location while posting in nearby SSA was quiet possible, random grant of transfer grant without any consideration to interest of BSNL, not adhering to the Excess/shortage data published by HR section , not following long stay criteria, creating confusion on Account wing Tenure stations and not adhering to tenure stations, issuing transfers against the word of CGMT MH for not issuing any transfers till end of Financial year, pick and choose transfers on name of excess to shortage transfers and not following criteria of excess or shortage equally for all, favoring some executives by retaining for unlimited period, giving consideration for representations on pick and choose basis etc.

·        It is seen that there is no concern given to keep cost of transfers at minimum , and transfers are also issued by neglecting principle of posting to nearby SSA and it seems that deliberately these executives are posted at very odd and far away locations when posting at nearby SSAs was quiet possible. It is also seen that some executives are specifically favored by posting in SSAs having excess strength of executives and some are also retained in SSAs having excess executive strength, but some are transferred from SSAs having shortage of executives.

·        Request transfers are given consideration on pick and choose basis and there is no uniformity among Executives submitted request, executives who have submitted their grievances and so on.

·        All these grievances are being submitted to CGMT MH with request for review of all these transfers in the interest of BSNL as well as in the interest of sufferer executives and to keep word of not issuing transfers in Month of March by keeping on hold the pending orders and give justice to all executives well within the transfer policy guidelines, by uniformly applying the formula of excess, shortage of executives in any particular SSA, handling the HR activities in transparent manner etc.

·        SNEA MH will continue to pursue for equal justice to all and mainly for transparent HR activities with equal treatment to executives of all wings and either in centralized manner with GM HR or in decentralized manner with concerned Vertical heads i.e. Civil. Electrical and Account wing.

·        Let us hope that CGMT MH takes serious note of the manmade issues created for account wing executives and justice is given to all affected executives. 


27 Feb 21: Jet GM Pers SM BSNL CO writes all Circle/Unit Heads all over India for completion of pending APRs of Year 2019-20. Letter <<<>>>  Annex I <<<>>>

·        Letter gives details analysis of the pending cases of e -APRs of executives and non-executives also.

·        Out of 73874 total e-APARS about 800 e-APRs are either pending with initiators or with Reporting Officer or with reviewing Officer and lists showing the case wise status is also published for all such cases.

·        Explanation is being called for all the Executives who have not processed the e-APR for year 2019-20 of either himself or of subordinates even by the extended deadlines.

·        As the date of reporting and reviewing of e-APR has been expired, the reporting and reviewing officers have forfeited their rights to make any entry in e-APRs of year 2019-20. Hence all the pending E-APRs are to be completed in ESS Portal by attaching No Report/No Review Certificates as per defined procedure for same.

·        The last date for completion of this process is 15/03/2021 and explanations are to be called with certificate that all e-APRs of executives working under jurisdiction of Circle/Unit Heads have been completed and explanation from defaulting officers have been called for is to be submitted latest by 21/03/2021.


23 Feb 21: AD Estt Mumbai endorsed the Schedule Online Training by RTCC Nagpur from 01/03/2021 to 06/03/2021. Letter <<<>>>


25 Feb 21: DGM Legal Mumbai issued posting order of Com. Subodh Y. Pardhi, SDE who has joined Maharashtra Circle after completion of all India Hard Tenure Station in NE-II Circle and as per his choice he is posted in S&M CFA section Circle Office Mumbai. Letter <<<>>>


25 Feb 21: DGM S&M CM BSNL CO in second reminder letter to all CGMs writes for posting of at least 25% of the required staff for mobile channel management teams and send compliance latest by 02/03/2021. Letter <<<>>>


25 Feb 21: DGM EF BSNL CO issued office order stating that any invoice entered in ERP after 60 days from the invoice date , will be processed only after condonation of delay by CMD BSNL or by Vertical Director concerned. Letter <<<>>>


25 Feb 21: AGM RM CFA BSNL CO issued circular for reformulation of certain PAN India Bharat Fibre Broadband plans in all the Circles except A&N Circle. Letter <<<>>>


24 Feb 21: AD Staff A Mumbai issued orders for direct relieving of AGMs to and from Tenure stations and non-tenure stations and all three AGMs stands relieved w.e.f 23/03/2021. Letter <<<>>>


24 Feb 21: AD Staff A Mumbai issued orders for direct relieving of AO/JAO under transfer to Pune SSA as per their request. Letter <<<>>>


24 Feb 21: AGM RM CFA BSNL CO issued circular for conveying waiving off installation charges for LL/DSL/Bharat Fibre/ BBoWiFi/ Bharat AirFibre (Voice/ Broadband) connections in all the circles on promotional basis up to 31-03-2021. Letter <<<>>>

As on today, Rs. 250 for Copper Connections and Rs. 500 for Connections of Fibre is applied as installation charges and as an promotional offer same are now waived off for all connections which will be provided up to 31/03/2021.


24 Feb 21: AGM RM CM BSNL CO writes CGMs/IFAs about GSM Revenue Performance Report up to the month of Jan-2021. Letter <<<>>>


24 Feb 21: GM Fin CFA BSNL CO writes to all Circle Heads and IFAs to process and complete the process of technical write of more than 10 year old outstanding of ex customers with amount more than Rs 20 lakhs. Letter <<<>>>


24 Feb 21: AGM RM CM BSNL CO writes CGMs/IFAs about clarity report of landline Performance Report for the month of Jan-2021. Letter <<<>>>


24 Feb 21: DGM NWO CFA BSNL CO writes CGMs/IFAs about GSM Revenue Performance Report up to the month of Jan-2021. Letter <<<>>>


24 Feb 21: AGM RM CFA BSNL CO issued circular for revision of certain landline plans for Circles in West Zone. Letter <<<>>>


23 Feb 21: DGM Legal Mumbai issued orders for keeping in abeyance the transfer orders of three SDEs and five JTOs under transfers within Maharashtra Circle. Letter <<<>>>

·        These SDEs/JTOs were under transfer either under long stay or as per their request. The Three JTOs are under transfer as per their request were not relieved by concerned Offices due to administrative reasons and request by one of JTO to cancel his request transfer.

·        The other three SDEs and Two JTOs are under long stay transfer to Tenure stations and they have represented for change of SSA on medial grounds and genuine family grounds.

·        These Officers were relieved through ERP and their representations were not given consideration during intervening period.

·        These transfer orders were issued as per the old norms of justification of SSA wise executive strength showing shortages at the SSAs where these Officers were transferred.

·        SNEA MH has raised this issue with Shri. M.K. Mishra, earlier CGMT MH for posting excess executives at Tenure stations against their willingness and requested for change of SSA as in revised Executive strength as there are vacancies in SSAs where they have asked for change and he has assured to review the transfer orders and has issued directions to GM HR for same.

·        But by the time his instructions were implemented there were major changes in portfolio of CGMT MH and GM HR CO MH and this proposal could not move.

·        On joining of new CGMT MH, SNEA MH has taken up matter with him and apprised him about the issues and requested for considering the requests for change of SSA and after listening genuine grievances, CGMT MH was kind enough to issue directions to GM HR MH CO for same.

·        But later it was proposed by GM HR MH CO that all changes will be decided in the proposed transfers scheduled in March 2021 and till time all these officers will be retained at working SSA and accordingly their transfer orders are kept in abeyance till further orders i.e. their revised transfer order for change of SSA or consideration of cancellation of request.

·        SNEA MH conveys sincere thanks to Shri. Ramakant Sharma, CGMT MH, Shri. M. K. Mishra, then CGMT MH and Shri. Aman Jaiswal, GM HR CO MH for understanding the difficulties of these executives and responding positively to request of SNEA to adhere for SSA wise justification of executive strength equally for all SSA and to give justice to these executives by considering their request on genuine medical/family grounds.


23 Feb 21: GM Fin CFA BSNL CO writes to all Circle Heads and IFAs for mandatory  registration of cluster partners, channel partners and BSNL Retired Employees in Defaulter Bill Application (Special App) for collection of outstanding revenue of older than one year under incentive scheme ranging from 10% to 30% of outstanding amount. Letter <<<>>>


23 Feb 21: AD Estt Mumbai endorsed the Schedule Online Training by RTCC Pune from 22/02/2021 to 27/02/2021. Letter <<<>>>


23 Feb 21: AGM RM CFA BSNL CO issued Circular for reformulation and mapping of existing PAN India Broadband plans in all the Circles except A&N Circle and it will be effective from 01/03/2021. Letter <<<>>>


23 Feb 21: AGM RM CFA BSNL CO issued Circular for introduction of new DSL Broadband plans 100GB CUL, 200GB CUL and 500GB CUL on regular basis in all the Circles except A&N Circle and these new plans will be applicable w.e.f. 01/03/2021. Letter <<<>>>


23 Feb 21: DGM TC & CM BSNL CO issued Circular for promotional offer for STVs and PVs under GSM prepaid Mobile services and these offer will be valid up to 31/03/2021. Letter <<<>>>


23 Feb 21: Informative presentation of Bharat Air Fibre. Copy <<<>>>


22 Feb 21: SNEA MH meeting with Shri. Aman Jaiswal, GM HR CO MH on HR issues: The delegation of SNEA MH consisting Com. M. N. Kotambe, ACS, Com. Abhay Kesarkar, JS CE and Com. M. S. Adasul, CS had meeting with Shri. Aman Jaiswal, GM HR CO MH on 16/02/2021 at 1100 hrs wherein we have discussions on different ongoing/pending HR issues. The details of discussions are as follows.

1.     Uniform applicability of Centralization or Decen