Last updated on   31 May 21


31 MAY 21:  Meeting with Shri.  Ramakant Sharma, CGMT MH Circle on issues related to recent Transfer orders: On Saturday, 29/05/2021 at 1130 hrs, the team SNEA MH consisting Shri. A. Y. Kesarkar, JS CE SNEA MH, Shri. M. N. Kotambe, CS SNEA MH and Shri. M. S. Adasul, CS SNEA MH had meeting with Shri.  Ramakant Sharma, CGMT MH Circle especially for discussions on issues created due to recent transfer orders and unrest among the executives about mass transfers and dislocations at very odd places. Shri. Aman Jaiswal, GM HR MH CO also was present in this meeting.

·        At the very outset we have conveyed thanks to CGMT MH for Consideration of request all request transfers of Executives from Non-Tenure stations and from Tenure stations as per assurances given in online meeting by CGMT MH with representative associations. We also conveyed thanks for resolving conflict on Posting to Mobile Units and SSAs and mainly from Pune Nodal/Mobile to SSA and vice versa, initiatives by CGMT MH for vaccination of BSNL employees, sanitization and Housekeeping arrangements in CO Mumbai, initiatives for Corpus medical fund in Maharashtra Circle, finalization of centralization of HR activities with GM HR, for conducting online meeting for discussing proposal of transfer and posting etc.

·        In reciprocation CGMT MH told that though efforts are done for vaccination of all employees and some of SSAs, the BSNL workforce is being vaccinated as Front Line worker, till in some of SSAs, there are issues. The local administration has to take initiatives and co-ordinate with concerned authorities and see that all employees are vaccinated at the earliest. CGMT MH further conveyed that efforts being made on his part to sort out issues and asked us about issues to be discussed in the meeting.

·        We have conveyed that though we are happy to see consideration of about all request transfers, there is mass unrest among the executives who are randomly dislocated at faraway places with also with increased number of total transfers. We expressed that it is painful to see that there is deliberate attempt to dislocate executives at far away locations that to be during second wave of pandemic Covid when about all have faced its consequence, many of our colleagues along with their relatives have left this world, some have lost their relatives, parents and there is life saving fear among all. The mass transfers have intensified this fear among the executives and their family members about their future as well as survival during this pandemic situation which may continue further.

·        CGMT MH expressed that it is observed by him that the executives in Maharashtra Circle do not want to move on transfers. There is total reluctance as he is getting every now then calls and request for cancellation of transfers. CGMT MH expressed hat if nobody want to move how the SSAs having shortage can run is under question. He added that after VRS 2019 to run the organization effectively, some transfers are must. He elaborated that majority are request transfers and transfers to consider these requests. Some transfers are there to fill up vacant post in SSAs having acute shortage and efforts are made to minimize the transfers. He elaborated that the restructuring is not implemented since VRS in 2020 and hence there is increase in total number of transfers. CGMT informed that he has taken figures from GM HR and as per information there is no reason for unrest as transfers are kept at minimum. He added that he is being informed that there is always resistance for transfers in Maharashtra Circle, no one want to move and hence hurdles are always created in implementation of transfers. He elaborated that no transfer criteria is not possible in post VRS scenario and people have to change their approach towards transfers and being Government employee, they should be ready to move as transfers are part of Government job. Many senior officers are getting frequent transfers and all join new assignment on transfers and same is expected from executives in Maharashtra Circle.

·        We have replied that the information given to him that the hurdles are created in implementation of transfers and there is general tendency not to move on transfers among executives in Maharashtra is not correct. It may be seen that in Maharashtra Circle when transfers are issued and implemented as per policy and the executives follow it. Rather it is seen that executives come forward and submit willingness for own cost transfers when they are aware about their turn of transfers. This time deliberate issues are created by GM HR and even though your good self as CGMT MH has firmly assured in the meeting to publish or share data of request transfers same is not published and the executives are kept in dark deliberately by not giving opportunity to know their status in the long stay list which will be operated after consideration of request transfers.

·        We have elaborated that in a deliberate attempt data was published as number of executives ‘In’ and ‘Out’ from SSAs with fixed numbers. Accordingly the executives in the SSAs having excess executives have prepared their mind and applied for request transfers or given option for certain post and others in excess list were ready to join at any place and have not given options. But after transfers it is seen that the number of transfers from such SSAs having excess are increased in double or triple the number given earlier. We added that from circumstances  we firmly believe that this is done under with bad intention to trouble executives and we do not agree with all such transfers where in executives are not given chance for options and they were not made aware that his/her turn is due for transfer. It is not good on part of management that during pandemic situation and lockdown continued thereof executives are kept in dark and forced to join at very odd and inconvenient locations when there are vacant post at suitable locations. 

·        CGMT MH informed that he was informed that if data is published and shared then it would have taken time to issue transfers. We have brought to notice of CGMT MH that after his assurance for sharing /publishing data in online meeting held on 27/04/2021, the orders are issued on 22/05/2021 i.e. after time of about one month. When time of about one month is taken in decision of publishing data and issuing transfer orders. We added that getting corrections if any would have merely taken one week, but deliberate attempt has been done on part of GM HR to keep all this data total secrete and issue transfer orders in totally non-transparent manner.

·        We have further updated CGMT MH that DGM legal who has signed orders was not aware about such mass transfers and ADs and DGMs were used as supporting hands by GM HR and he alone has complied data and decided transfer posting of executives. It was not issue, in deciding request transfers as these are at fixed locations, but expertise was required to decide transfers to fill up vacant post, which is missing in this order.

·        In response GM HR informed that it is not that the ADs and DGMs are not aware about transfer data and he has shared data with all. We have responded that the data may be shared with them but it was final list of decided transfers and posting and may be for processing in file and signing orders on official approval in file.  We added that GM HR has deliberately kept all these officers in dark about day to day ongoing process. GM HR informed that he has shared data with both the ADs and DGM also and they have checked for corrections before issuing orders.

·        We have responded that the data needs to be prepared by the ADs/DGM and same needs to be scrutinized by GM HR but here it is done exactly in reverse manner and this is main reason for present issues in transfer orders. In response GM HR informed that both the ADs in Staff section and DGM Legal are not taking interest in the works and they are not capable of doing this works and under these compulsions, he is doing their work and same should be appreciated by association.

·        We replied that if there were no manmade and deliberate issues to our executives, we could have appreciated it, but when there is trouble created for executives we cannot and definitely will not appreciate such works. Whatever is right and good is always appreciated by SNEA and it our duty to point out issues and difficulties faced by executives.  We added that we have confirmed from the ADs and DGM that entire data is kept in computer of GM HR and they are not at all involved in process of transfer posting except submission of information called by GM HR and in signing the orders.

·        CGMT MH also supported stand of GM HR that the officers in staff and Admn Section are inefficient and he has personally observed it. He added that when Shri. Jaiswal was admitted in the hospital, he has made many efforts to get proposal of transfer posting from DGM Admn, who was having charge of GM HR, he personally interacted with ADs and DGM, but initially, they informed that they will work out and later started that GM HR will join shortly and thus time of one month was killed due to inefficient working of these officers. He stressed that there is need on part of Officers in Staff and Admn section to take responsibility and work efficiently.

·        We informed if it is so then it is failure of GM HR that he is not able to extract work from these officers. If GM HR is of the firm opinion that these officers are not working efficiently and with competence required and desired by him, then he should have taken action against them or he should have replaced them with other suitable officers. GM HR want to do all works related to transfer posting as per his ideas and mainly as per his computer data. Hence not giving any responsibility to them and now blaming them. We informed that entire data is in computer of GM HR and even though he was on medical leave, except while admitted in hospital, he was keeping watch on all activities as he was working from home. We have seen so many GM HRs who have efficiently managed show even though they were not aware about computer and data compiling, but were able to extract works from below level officers in authority of GM HR. But this style has been changed since joining of Shri. Aman Jaiswal as GM HR as he is using below AD/DGM level executives as supporting hands. Result is that, though he may be updating data, the fine tuning on transfers required at level of GM HR is missing in the transfer orders issued.

·        In further course of discussions, we have pointed out the deficiencies/lacunas in transfer orders one by one and brought to the notice of the CGMT MH how the deliberate issues are created, how transfer policy guidelines are violated and executives are troubled by increasing number of transfers with their dislocations at very odd and faraway places at company cost.

·        The details of point wise discussions held on different issues is as follows.

1.     SSA wise Justification of executive Strength: We have drawn attention of CGMT MH that though SNEA MH has conveyed the issues in the SSA wise executive data published on 03/04/2021 {Copy <<<>>>} showing the number of executives which will be in or from particular SSA vide our letter dated 10/04/2021 {Copy <<<>>>}.  We have also raised it in the online meeting to publish revised SSA wise Executive strength showing number of working executives in each SSA. We have specially put demand as there was confusion among executives and SSA wise executive data published on 03/04/2021 was revised as per discussions of CGMT MH with SSA/BA Heads. But by ignoring our serious concern and written letter giving consequences, this data is not published. GM HR responded that there is no procedure to publish data of SSA wise executives and hence same was not published and he specifically pointed out that he has not seen any such data published during his period. We immediately pointed out with documentary evidence how GM HR is lying and shown CGMT MH that there was well defined procedure to publish SSA wise data of executive strength that to be on monthly basis and same has been deliberately and unofficially abolished GM HR  so that no one points mistakes in his deliberate actions. We shared with CGMT MH hard copy of last SSA wise executive strength published on 20/02/2018 {Copy <<<>>>}  when Shri. Jaiswal was GM HR. We also updated that from March 2018, same practice is stopped   and how he has discontinued it unofficially without assigning any reason. After having look at these documents, CGMT MH asked GM HR about it and in an attempt to prove his innocence GM HR replied that earlier said data was published. CGMT MH responded that if it was published earlier, then there should not be any issue for publication of this data showing details. After understanding grievances, CGMT MH agreed to our concern that the data of SSA wise working executives and excess shortage thereof should have been published. He further asked GM HR is there any issue in publishing data, GM HR informed that as such there is no issue, but he was thinking to publish it after implementation of transfer orders. CGMT MH informed that it should be published regularly for transparent working and clearing doubts if any and directed GM HR to publish it at the earliest.      

2.     Not sharing/publishing data of request transfers received by staff section: We have drawn attention of CGMT MH that though SNEA MH has repeatedly requested to publish list of SSA wise request transfers received by Staff section and including last reminder in online meeting wherein CGMT MH has expressed that instead of publishing data on MH Intranet it will be shared with Associations. We have reminded CGMT MH about his instructions to GM HR to share data of SSA wise request transfers to all three associations but in deliberate attempt it was never shared during period of one month even though data was consolidated and ready to share long back. We narrated CGMT MH , by this action, about all executives who are transferred now at company cost to non-tenure stations, were kept in dark and with clear indication that transfers will be limited to ‘In and Out’ calculation’s published by GM HR. {Copy <<<>>>}. It was never brought to notice of concerned executives that their names are in zone of consideration and definitely must be with malaise intention to disturb executives and enjoy their difficulties. It is important that even executives in Circle Office Mumbai were not aware about it and 28 executives are dislocated from Mumbai. Some of executives have asked information under curiosity to ADs in staff section, but nothing was shared.  GM HR responded that there is no procedure to publish data of request transfers and hence he has not published. He counter argued that what is use of publication of data and if data could have published then also same number of transfer orders would have issued. We immediately pointed out with documentary evidence how GM HR is lying and shown CGMT MH that there was practice followed to publish SSA wise data of request transfers. We have shared copies of letters in which data of request transfers is published in Jan 2018 {Copy <<<>>>} while Shri. Jaiswal was GM HR and how he is lying that there is no procedure to publish data of request transfers. We also handed over copy of BSNL CO letter for maintaining waiting list of transfers. {Copy <<<>>>}.  After having look at all these documents, CGMT MH asked GM HR about it and he was not having reply as we have established facts and lie. CGMT MH responded that what would have been use for publication of data of request transfers and how will it reduce transfers. We informed that if data of request transfers was published, then executives under zone of consideration in long stay transfer would have understood that these many executives are coming on request to their SSAs. Their name is under consideration of long stay transfers as substitute and in turn their transfer is due from present working SSA. There would have been awareness among executives about their transfers and may have decided to opt any of the suitable SSA. As seen in the past, the executives who are aware about such incoming requests, opt for transfers to nearby or suitable locations, where there are vacancies or vacancies will be created after consideration of requests on one to one basis. It is seen that in such cases to avoid transfers at odd locations, many of the executives opt for own cost transfers which always saves money of BSNL and who do not opt for any choice station are ready for company cost transfer to locations where there is no willingness. In this case there is no scope for any complaint except few that he/she was not given opportunity to opt. Also transfer policy guidelines are also stating that options should be called for filling vacant post of executives at non-popular stations {Copy <<<>>>} When all these guidelines are rightly available, GM HR has denied the opportunity to all these executives by overruling instructions of CGMT MH and in deliberate attempt executives are transferred at very odd locations. Thus the deliberate disturbance to executives and deliberate wastage of BSNL Money on avoidable transfers is the reason of concern by SNEA. After understanding grievances and reality how the data is not published even after his instructions,  CGMT MH was convinced that the data should have been published and it would have been helped executives to opt for suitable locations and BSNL money also would have been saved to certain extent. CGMT further expressed that now it is past as request transfers are already issued and nothing can be done on it. But as solution to it he assured that the representations given by individuals will be given consideration. We have raised doubt where it will be on recommendation in files processed or as per difficulties and hardship represented by individuals and what will be criteria for it. CGMT MH informed that he will personally scrutinize and go through each and every individual representations and will decide on the requests.

3.     Concern about Reduction of Transfers to avoid transfers out of MH Circle: We have informed CGMT MH that due to such arbitrary transfers, the concerned expressed by him for out of Circle Transfers is defeated and instead of reductions in request out of MH Circle, there will be increase  in such requests. It is easy to work at J&K Circle, but difficult to work at totally odd locations. Many executives have prepared their mind to opt for J&K Circle and complete one or one and half year tenure that to be at company cost in both ways. It is easy for executive at Nagpur to opt for MP or CG Circle or All India Tenure Circle instead of joining at Solapur, Osmanabad, Beed and Satara SSA. CGMT MH expressed that if they are opting then let them opt, what he can do in this situation. We requested that much can be done on his part by giving consideration to the representations of the executives who are transferred at odd locations and also having genuine grievances. Also sympathetic consideration is required to be given as many have lost their family members, many are suffering from Covid or their family member are affected by corona and post corona issues. CGMT MH informed that all the representations will be given consideration on basis of genuineness of requests. In conclusion CGMT MH assured to have review of number of executives required at these locations and reduce number of transfers to certain extent by giving consideration to requests from BA Heads. 

4.     Not maintaining number of transfers In and out from SSAs as declared: We have brought to the notice of CGMT MH that total number proposed transfers are not matched as per list  published by his office for in and out transfers from particular SSA. Rather it is seen that the executives are transferred out from some of SSAs in multifold of this number and this is reason. CGMT MH informed that the excess number of executives is due to consideration of requests of all executives and if request was not given consideration it would not have been increased as happened now. He mentioned that if there are this much grievances, then he will cancel the all transfer orders. We have informed that cancellation of all transfers is not solution and only required is review and corrective action for Company cost transfer orders of executives transferred from Non-Tenure to Non-Tenure that to be at faraway and odd location with reduced number of transfers. CGMT MH informed it will be decided on the basis of individual representations and on proposals from BA Heads.  

5.     Criteria for posting one to one substitute on Non-tenure request transfers: We have brought to the notice of CGMT MH that the criteria for posting substitute on one to one basis is not followed for non-tenure stations and there are issues of excess transfers. In response GM HR informed that there is no such policy to post on one to one basis and he has tried his level best to post substitute if requests are available on one to one basis. We have given copy of order issued by Maharashtra Circle for posting substitute for transfers from Non-Tenure to Non-Tenure stations on one to one basis. {Copy <<<>>>} We further stressed that even though policy is in existence GM HR has not followed it and dislocated executives at far away locations. As classic example, we have informed that two DEs from Chandrapur have requested for transfer to Nagpur SSA and naturally their substitute as per well-defined policy will be DEs from Nagpur SSA, who are having highest stay in Nagpur. In this case two DEs from Nagpur are shifted out of Nagpur SSA on joining of two DEs from Chandrapur SSA, but instead of posting them at Chandrapur, one is posted at Solapur and another is posted at Kalyan and for filing vacant post of DEs at Chandrapur, one DE from Wardha with stay of just three years and one DE from Amravati is transferred to Chandrapur SSA. If two DEs from Nagpur would have been posted to Chandrapur SSA as per policy of posting substitute, there would not have been any issue as Chandrapur is nearby SSA for Nagpur and as transfer is company cost. For DEs at Amravati, the posting at Chandrapur is difficult as compared to executives at Nagpur. There are many such examples where substitute are posted by violation of policy for posting substitute and deliberate attempt executives are posted at odd and faraway locations.  GM HR has reacted that transfer is transfer it may be at nearby locations or at faraway place and for him distance do not matter and Government employees all have to move as GMs and PGMs are moving. WE have clarified that there is much difference between a JTO and GM in getting facilities on transfers and JTOs/SDEs are posted at remote places where education of ward is major issue. Even after elaborating the details, GM HR was of the opinion that his decision is right. Finally CGMT MH informed that hope these executives have given representations and if it suits to nearby locations then it will be given consideration.

6.     Missing approach of Chain Transfers: It has been best tradition in Maharashtra Circle that majority of  transfers are issued by to depth study and by arranging chain of transfers with no cost involved thereof. It can be seen that same is clearly visible in non-tenure transfers issued in year 2019. But unfortunately, in these transfer orders this approach is totally missing and BSNL Money has been wasted by issuing arbitrary and pick and choose transfers in ancient law of head for head as substitute from one corner to another corner. This method of chain transfers or one to one transfers is till applicable but BSNL Money is freely wasted on transfers without such positive approach in the interest of BSNL and hence there is issue.   

7.     Issuing of transfers separately in phased manner: We reminded CGMT MH about our request for issuing orders in phase manner and not all orders together which has spoiled good works along with bad works.  We added that it was quite possible that first orders from Mobile to SSA, then request from tenure to non-tenure, then request from Non-Tenure to Non-Tenure and then filling vacant post of executives in SSAs having shortage.   GM HR reacted that it is not possible and he want to complete all activities at one stroke as all are related activities. We informed that we know it is related activity, but what was problem to issue orders in phase manner once data is finalized and consolidated for all type of transfers. A best Manager, also has to plan entire activities and then execute it in phase manner, but same approach is not seen as GM HR want to make records by issuing all transfers together and prove his efficiency. But this has been continuously proved as inefficient working as execution failed and then he will be pressing hard for ERP relieving. CGMT MH agreed to our concern and informed that he also is of the opinion that transfers should be done in phase manner and added that he has done it very successfully in West Bengal before joining MH Circle. He added that anyhow same is missed in these transfer orders and he noted this point for future activities. 

8.     Consideration for Tenure completed in earlier period: We have informed CGMT MH that as per guidelines issued by BSNL CO while posting to tenure station or posting substitute to Tenure stations , Circle long stayed officer needs to be posted as substitute and his/her earlier service rendered at tenure stations is to be given consideration. The unwilling officer who has completed one tenure at Tenure stations, is not to be forced to work again at Tenure stations till similarly placed executives complete at least one term at tenure stations.  But same principle is not followed in this order and many executives like Shri. M W Kulkarni, Shri. Salunkhe from Pune and many others are again transferred to tenure stations. GM HR informed that there are no such guidelines and hence cannot be considered. We have brought to the notice of CGMT MH that these are guidelines issued as per request of Maharashtra Circle {Copy <<<>>>} and letter is specially addressed to CGMT MH Circle and GM HR is not giving factual information. After having look at letter GM HR replied that it is not mentioned specifically in this letter to exclude them. We updated that this is outcome of one of the court cases when one of JTO has challenged double posting at Tenure station and Maharashtra Circle has asked and BSNL CO has clarified this issue in context of this matter. Finally GM HR agreed to the stand and concern of SNA MH that unwilling executives should not be posted second time to Tenure stations but when he comes in longest stay and submits unwillingness he will be posted to Nan Tenure station and will not be excluded from transfer under long stay list.

9.     Wrong application of Criteria for consideration of Request transfers: It was brought to the notice of CGMT MH that he has decided criteria of minimum two years stay in working SSA for consideration of request transfers from tenure station and three years from Non-Tenure stations. But it is seen that same is not followed equally for all cases. Shri. V B Deshmukh DE Sindhudurg, Shri. A D Badhe DE Wardha who are fulfilling these conditions are dropped from request transfers and Shri. Gaikwad DE from Osmanabad is transferred to Aurangabad when he is not fulfilling three years criteria. Most important is that Shri. Badhe is deliberately troubled and he is posted to Chandrapur SSA, when he is not in longest stay. When he is fulfilling criteria of request transfer his request is not given consideration and when he is not fulfilling criteria of transfer to non-tenure  station, his name is added in the list and mercilessly he is transferred to Chandrapur destroying his dream to join family at Amravati. Same is case with Shri. Deshmukh, who is waiting for his transfer and has repeatedly requested officers in staff section including GM HR but his name is excluded deliberately.  There may be some other such cases and hence there is need of corrective action to give justice to these affected executives. CGMT MH directed GM HR to have corrective action and assured to give consideration to their representations, if submitted by them.

10.            Wrong Counting of long stay and transferring juniors by retaining seniors: We narrated how in some of cases stay of executives is counted wrongly and some executives are given undue favor even though they are in long stay for years together and executives with one year stay are transferred on name of long stay. We quoted classic example of Mrs. Priyanka Shree JTO Mumbai who has joined Maharashtra Circle on JTO Rule 8 request transfer from Gujarat Circle just before one year i.e. in March 2020 and she is transferred out of Mumbai to faraway place at Satara and Shri. M.S. Hanchate SDE, Shri. Anil Dubey SDE and some other SDEs/JTOs in Mumbai who are senior to her are retained in Mumbai without assigning any reason and even their names are not included in transfer list of any immunity.  Same is the case with some other SSAs wherein junior are transferred and seniors are retained. Such exclusion from transfers on pick and choose basis is one of reason for mass unrest among the executives and needs corrective action. It is important that Shri. Anil Dubey SDE has given request for Kalyan SSA, but his request also is not given consideration and now others are blaming him for out of turn retention for no mistake on his part. We have not raised any such issues earlier being our members doing and giving their best at their sections and for BSNL. But now when the JTOs/ SDEs who joined just before one years are transferred, retention of executives with stay of 20 years continuous stay in Mumbai on pick and choose is not ethically correct. We requested to take corrective action, issue transfer orders as per stay and if services of any of the officer is specifically required, same may be looked after by posting another SDE/JTO to look after their works and their transfer order may be operated by giving some time to substitutes posted for understanding the issues and works, but name of any executive should not be excluded from list of long stayed transfers in such pick and choose manner. CGMT MH agreed to our concern and assured for corrective action.

11.            Request from SSA/BA and Vertical Heads for retention: During discussions CGMT MH pointed out that he has received many calls from BA Heads and Vertical heads for retention of specific officers and he personally do not like such request. It is responsibility of SSA/BA Heads and Vertical Heads that they have to make arrangements by posting substitute well in advance and be ready for relieving of any executive who is due for transfer. If no such prior arrangements are done, then at least substitute should be arranged from joining of newly posted officer executives and these officers should be relieved in Phase manner and no retention beyond period of six months is justified for any officer.  We have agreed to the stand of CGMT MH and responded that it is need of time and at the same time requested CGMT MH that this action needs to be started from Circle Office Mumbai wherein three executives retained in such way should be first released and then it can be followed by SSAs/BAs. We specifically mentioned that if the office issuing transfers is not respecting transfer policy guidelines and own orders, then it is ethically not correct to expect that SSAs/ BAs Heads should follow whatever right or wrong orders issued by your office.    

12.                                                                                                Insensitivity in issued Transfer of expired Officer: We have drawn attention of CGMT MH about insensitivity by GM HR in issuing transfer order of expired SDE late Com. Sanjay Deshmukh SDE Nagpur who passed away due to Corona and playing with sentiments of the family members and his colleagues in BSNL.  It was to our surprise that GM HR said that if anyone has expired in recent past, then data is not updated and hence order is issued. It was sorry state of affairs that there was no even smallest filling of guilt on part of GM HR for such insensitive approach, but in very casual approach he was defending himself as if it is not his mistake and it is mistake of below level officers.  CGMT MH also expressed that such mistakes may be happened due to unawareness to officers in staff section but assured that it will be corrected.

13.            Double transfer of SDEs already under Transfer to All India Tenure stations: We have drawn attention of CGMT MH about careless approach of GM HR wherein he has issued transfer order of two SDEs who are already under transfer to all India tenure stations and they are relieved by Circle Office Mumbai. Shri. Bharat Sonawane, SDE Pune who is under transfer to J&K Circle and Shri. Rajiv Akangire SDE Latur who is under transfer to J&K Circle are again transferred respectively to Sindhudurg and Nanded SSA. Important point is that Com Bharat Sonanwane is well known personality as he is President of SNEA MH. Com. Rajiv Akangire is ADS of SNEA Latur and he also is familiar to staff section as his requests for grant of immunity, retention in MH/Latur, change of Circle etc has been repeated pursued by staff section. When everything is on records of office of GM HR, till these officers are given metal torture by issuing their transfer second time illegally suppressing pending orders of BSNL CO as if GM HR is supreme to BSNL Corporate Office. We added that both have any issue to join at transferred places as they may get transfer grant on Circle level transfer and then they will be relieved through ERP by BSNL CO for implementation of their All India Orders and will get second transfer grant for all India transfer. This will be direct wastage of BSNL money. After understanding the case and issues thereof, CGMT MH asked GM HR, about facts, wherein he replied that he exactly do not remember , but it may happen if the data is not updated. Finally, after understanding issue, CGMT MH directed to cancel both the orders and GM HR assured for corrective action. 

14.            Transfer of the Officers who have opted for VRS: We have drawn attention of CGMT MH on facts that the transfers are issued so casually that the executives who have opted for VRS for genuine reason and VRS applications of the officers are duly recommended and forwarded by Staff section to BSNL CO for approval of VRS. But in total careless and casual approach, transfer orders of Mrs. Varsha Shinde SDE Pune is issued for Satara SSA without understanding her difficulties and she has been kept under mental tension and dilemma where her resignation will be accepted by BSNL in July 2021 or she will be force relieved through ERP on 11/06/2021 as mentioned in transfer order and then her VRS will be considered. Here also response from GM HR was he is not aware and may be such transfer issued as data is not updated. We have categorically reminded CGMT, that this happens when activities are centralized in one hand and others are kept without any powers and responsibility of works. It was finally decided by CGMT MH to correct the mistake and to cancel her transfer order issued from Pune SSA to Satara SSA.

15.            Transfers of JTOs who have applied for Rule 8 transfers and waiting for their transfers: We have drawn attention of CGMT MH towards the hardship created for JTOs who are due for consideration of their Rule 8 transfers. It is important that in some of cases the request of these JTOs have been forward to concern Circles for consent for acceptance of their Rule 8 transfers. Classic example of this Shri. Anshuman Dwivedi JTO Mumbai who has applied for BBNW Circle at Delhi and his request has been forwarded to BBNW Circle Bangalore and consent   is expected in few days, but in recent order he is transferred to Jalna SSA. Thus, JTOs who are waiting for transfers to their home Circle are troubled by issuing transfers within Maharashtra Circle and this never happened in the history of Maharashtra Circle. We requested CGMT MH for cancellation of all such orders and issuing Rule 8 transfers and not to trouble these JTOs by implementing their transfer orders within Circle and CGMT MH assured for corrective action.

16.            Cross Area transfers and loss to BSNL and harassment of executives: We have drawn attention of CGMT MH towards cross BA transfers leaving post vacant in nearby SSAs.  As per good HR policy, normally executives are posted to SSA nearby to his/her present working SSA. This practice was followed well in Maharashtra Circle to best possible extent. But same is not followed in this order and it seen that in deliberate attempt executives are transferred at far away locations. We have elaborated classic examples of Nagpur and Nashik SSAs and CO Mumbai. The executives from Nagpur, Bhandara and Amravati, are posted in Osmanabad, Solapur, Beed , Kalyan and Satara SSA whereas vacancies in Vidarbha area like Buldhana and Jalna are filled by executives from Nashik, Mumbai and other SSAs. Similarly for Nashik SSA, Ahmednagar , Jalna , Dhule and Kalyan SSA are nearby SSAs and executives should have accommodated in these locations, but executives from Nashik are transferred to faraway locations like Osmanabad, Solapur, Kolhapur and Satara when posts are available in nearby SSA. The executives from Circle Office Mumbai are transferred to Jalna, Beed, Satara, Osmanabad and Solapur SSA whereas ample vacancies are available in Kalyan, Raigad SSAs. But in these SSAs, the executives from Vidarbha like Nagpur and Amravati are posted. Thus no consideration is given to the ease of executives rather efforts are made to trouble the executives while it is possible to give consideration by searching for vacant post in nearby locations. We requested CGMT MH to have review of all such orders and consider posting of these executives in nearby places. CGMT MH asked how it will be helpful for executives in case of transfer to nearby stations as transfer is transfers. We have elaborated that nowadays education of wards is very costly and schools are charging lakhs of rupees for education that to be advance in year. Also, change of school affect the education of wards and hence in maximum cases the executives do not shift their families and alone get shifted to transfer location. Also some have parents, which cannot be shifted if they shift family and wards to new locations. Also it is not that all request for nearby locations, but some are willingly going to faraway places also. Thus the posting to nearby locations helps them to visit home/family/parent in case of urgency in family and cost of transportation is also reduced and hence they are concerned.   CGMT MH understood the concern expressed by SNEA MH and assured to consider such representations from individual to maximum possible extent

17.            Pick and choose approach while posting female comrades in nearby stations: We have narrated that it is precedence followed in Maharashtra Circle that while posting female executives are given priority over the male executives while posting in nearby stations. But here female executives are transferred at faraway places and male executives are posted at Choice station on pick and choose basis that to be on company cost. This biased approach is seen from case of Mrs. Priyanka Shree JTO from Mumbai to Satara and Shri. Katole JTO from Mumbai is posted to Kalyan that to be at Company cost. Also two JTOs from Amravati and two JTOs from Nagpur are posted to Kalyan, but female executives is denied posting in nearby SSA and posted at odd location Satara. Similar approach is seen in other cases also while transferring out executives from Nagpur SSA. It can be understood that if order is issued on written request of officer and priority is given for own cost order, but same also is not applied here as all transfers are in company cost. One side executives are kept in dark and other side some pick and choose posting is done creating unrest among the executives giving bad name. There is need of corrections that all the executives regardless of gender needs to be given opportunity to opt for nearby or suitable location and such pick and choose approach should not be adopted. CGMT MH assured to consider all such representations from Individuals.

18.            Cancellation for request transfers: We have informed that some of executives have opted for cancellation of transfer orders and same are not given consideration.  We have updated that Mrs. Kavita Rathod, JTO Buldhana and Mrs. P.S. Gajare JTO Pune both have applied for request transfer to Amravati SSA and later both have applied for cancellation of orders. We requested CGMT MH for consideration of their fresh requests and cancel their transfer orders to Amravati and in turn two junior most Executives in Amravati may be retained at Amravati SSA. CGMT MH asked why these executives have applied for transfer and why they are asking for cancellation after issuing orders. We have responded that they have applied earlier and now circumstances and family requirements have changed due to pandemic and under compulsions created and hence have applied for cancellation. Finally CGMT MH assured to cancel the request transfers of both JTOs to Amaravati SSA and retain them in present SSAs. 

19.            Review for Posting to nearby SSAs with priority to own cost transfers: We have informed CGMT MH to review posting of executives to nearby SSAs where vacancies are rightly available or executives from faraway places are posted to such stations. The joining at these locations will be hard for these posted executives, but other can willingly join at these stations. CGMT MH informed that now vacancy and such posting is all open and concerned executives will have to apply for change of SSA if they desires so and assured to consider all such requests subject to vacancy and with priority to request for interchange of SSAs or one to one changes.

20.            Cancellation of forceful Transfers from SSAs having shortage of executives:  We have brought to notice of CGMT MH that the number of transfers has been increased because multiple transfers are issued as ‘in’ and ‘out’ that to company cost to SSAs having shortage of executives. In Beed, Solapur, and Satara many executives are posted from Nagpur, Nashik, Amravati and Mumbai and thus double transfers are issued for filling one vacant post. We updated CGMT MH that in earlier cases, Maharashtra Circle has taken stand that no transfers at company cost will be issued from SSAs having acute shortage. In Solapur SSA, when 16 Executives are posted from other SSAs, nine executives are posted out of Solapur SSA including request. We requested CGMT MH to cancel /retain these officers transferred at company cost from Solapur and similar other SSAs having shortage of executives so that total number of transfers is reduced and executive posted from faraway places of Nagpur, Nashik and Mumbai may also get some relief. GM MHR was of the opinion that the executives transferred out of these SSAs are mainly for Tenure stations and as per policy their order cannot be cancelled. We have brought to notice of CGMT MH that same has been followed in many cases and same can be checked from records. GM HR was reluctant as he was of the opinion that this will disturb the pyramid of transfers he has prepared. We have updated that as there are many corrections and any how this pyramid prepared by him is going to be disturbed and it will be better if same is reviewed to give relief to affected executives. We further pointed out lie of GM HR that Tenure transfers are not cancelled by bringing it to notice of CGMT MH that in this order itself GM HR has issued such posting to Non-Tenure Station. Two executives from Beed SSA Shri. Tidke and Shri Supekar who were under transfer to Ratnagiri SSA since last two years and now he has changed their posting from Ratnagiri to Mumbai and Osmanabad SSA respectively. Hence the stand of GM HR that transfer orders of executives under transfer to tenure station cannot be changed is not correct. Also this is not being done to favor some individuals , but it is done in the interest of BSNL to save expenditure on double transfers, disturbance to that many units and executives by mass dislocation in one stroke. CGMT MH gave patience listening to these discussions and informed that it is good suggestion and there is need of consciences among all for such exclusion from Tenure transfers. We have informed that it has been followed earlier and there may not be issue on part of anyone else as it is decision of Circle Head in the interest of BSNL. CGMT MH agreed to concerned justification given by us to better extent. In conclusion though CGMT MH has not firmly assured to take stand to cancel all such orders but has assured to have review and also to reduce requirement of these SSAs.

21.            Unwanted transfer of Executives in same station posting to CNTXW Circle when outsiders are posting to SSAs: We narrated CGMT MH how the executives are disturbed by posting to CNTXW Circle on name of same station. GM HR informed that the junior most is posted at same station and he should join the CNTXW Circle, there should not be any issue. We narrated that if these transfers are at same station, we do not have issue, but it is not the case. We pointed out that Shri. Manish Kumar JTO Solapur has joined just before one year and he is posted at Solapur on spouse ground. While declaring vacancy it was declared that requirement of JTO is at Pandharpur and not Solapur, but till JTO at Solapur is forced to get transfer at company cost. This happens when about 16 additional JTOs/SDEs are posted to Solapur. It was quite possible that one of JTO posted to Solapur was posted to WTR and not to Solapur SSA. We also narrated issues created for Com. Lalit Sahu JTO Gadchiroli who has completed more than one year tenure in Gadchiroli and now he is posted to WTR Gadchiroli when he is waiting for his transfer to Nagpur on completion of tenure at Gadchiroli.  Further Shri. Lalit Saho is not the junior most executive in Gadchiroli SSA and two more JTOs have joined after him. Now in this order also one SDE and JE from Nagpur is posted to Gadchiroli and it was quiet possible to post the incumbent SDE/JE from Nagpur to CNTXW Gadchiroli and there was no need of transfer of Shri. Sahoo. Same is case with posting of Shri. Sitre JTO Akola to CNTXW Akola and JTOs/SDEs joining to Akola are posted to Akola. CGMT MH and GM HR both agreed to concern expressed by us to reduce unwanted transfers and assured to make required changes in these transfer orders accordingly. But here also double transfers are involved when transfer of JTOs from SSA to CNTXW was not at all required.

22.            Unwanted transfer of Executives in same station posting from Mobile to SSA and vice versa when outsiders are available: We have also brought to notice of CGMT MH that while issuing transfers from Pune to Pune Nodal/Mobile also grievances are created. Shri. D G Chavan SDE Baramati who has recently joined after completion of all India Hard Tenure in J&K to Pune SSA is now posted to Pune Nodal, Shri. A.H. Waghmare who has joined Pune SSA after completion of Tenure at Ratnagiri is posted to Pune Mobile and Shri. C. B. Raut who has joined Pune SSA after completion of tenure at Ratnagiri is posted to Pune Mobile against unwillingness.  Most important is that these orders are issued on name of same station but Shri. Chavan is working at Baramati and if compelled to join at Pune, he will get transfer grant due to change of HQ from Baramati to Pune. It was quiet possible to post SDEs/JTOs are joining Pune from other Tenure and non-Tenure SSAs to Pune Nodal and Mobile, this will also have reduced number of transfers and the difficulties. After understanding issues thereof, CGMT MH assured that the issues will be resolved on basis of the representations by individuals.  

23.            Consideration of Request on Medical ground cases: We have drawn attention of CGMT MH that though the medical ground request of executives who were is declared long stay list of excess /shortage or Circle Tenure transfers is given consideration. But similar request of the other executives who were not in zone of transfers earlier, but transferred now is not given consideration. We requested CGMT MH to have review of all such genuine request for cancellation, retention on medical grounds of self, ward and parents. CGMT MH informed that all have old parents and certain medical issues are always there and many of executives apply on grounds of medical issues of old age parents and due to reduction in number of executives due to VRS, now it is difficult to give consideration to all such requests. However he assured that requests on genuine medical grounds with supporting documents will be given consideration.

24.            Consideration of request for retention /exclusion from transfers on Educational ground of wards: We conveyed thanks to CGMT MH for having policy decision about exclusion of executives from transfers whose ward is studying in XIIth Standard. We also requested that there are some request on grounds of ward studying in Xth standard. We also added that some of executives who were not aware about their transfers have not applied for exclusion of name from transfers on this ground and hence their name appears in transfer list. CGMT MH informed that being young executives now everybody has child going to school or college and his office has received many such requests. But as policy decision, it is given consideration only for executives whose ward is appearing for XIIth Board Examination in year 2021-22 and not for wards studying in any other standards. GM HR shared that many executives are approaching his office for retention for wards other than XIIth Standard and in surprising case, one has approached that my ward is going to Xth standard and till he is completing XIITh, she should not be disturbed for three years and there after she may be posted anywhere. CGMT MH also shared such examples and firmly informed that retention is only for the year in which Ward is in Xth and not for other years or for wards in standard other than Xenith standard. In conclusion CGMT MH informed that all representations for retention on grounds that ward is appearing XIIth Board exam in 2021-22 will be given consideration and others should be ready for accepting transfers.

25.            Issues related to Immunity granted to Office Bearers of Association: During discussions CGMT MH informed that he has received complaint from one of association on violation in grant of immunity wherein immunity is wrongly granted to executives who are elected as OBs after issuing transfer orders. In response it was informed by GM HR that he has taken data from Associations and now he is calling information from SSA/BA Heads about confirmation of facts. We have responded that this compliant is as usual baseless and the names for eligibility were called by DGM Admn Mumbai well before the issuing transfer orders and immunity is granted to only OBs whose names were in this list. As such allegation that immunity is granted to certain OBs elected after transfer order is wrong and baseless. Then it was asked by CGMT MH that some OBs are granted immunity when the period of District Body is over and fresh elections are not held. We have informed that there is provision in constitution of associations for extending period by there months and same is allowed. Also, due to pandemic such extension is allowed and nothing is wrong in it. Further it was informed that immunity is granted in mass even though request is not submitted by individuals. On this GM HR informed that it has been observed in past that it takes time to give consideration for retention after transfer and mainly the executives for whom the said OB is posted as substitute suffer for long time and he/she is not relieved for want of joining substitute and substitute is not joining. He added that it has been widely accepted by all as it is reduction of time. All these OBs will be transferred in next spell of transfers if they do not continue on post of OB eligible for immunity and they are not permanently retained in present SSA. We added that complainant has enjoyed immunity is same manner and now he is making allegations as OBs of his association is not eligible for immunity. However, we have cleared that SNEA never asks for wrong immunity and will always support management in granting immunity well within guidelines issued by BSNL CO. In conclusion CGMT MH directed GM HR to have review of validity of the District Bodies from BAs/SSAs and check for correctness in granting immunity.     

26.            Extreme shortage created at Pune, Nagpur, Nashik, Amravati, Kalyan etc: We have drawn attention of CGMT MH on hardship and difficulties which will be faced by the Big SSAs after this mass transfers. There are many such issues and centralized responsibilities at BAs like One Network wherein minimum 14 and maximum 24 Executives are required for manning One Network. Similarly Centralized store, RTCC, BA Nodal etc are special posts wherein separate executive is required for same. CGMT MH informed that he has received complaints and proposal from these BAs Heads and matter is being reviewed as per requirement of these BAs. He added that it is not possible to cancel all orders but few of executives will be retained after review of the proposals received from these BA Heads.  

27.            One stroke Excess executives in Solapur, Satara, Osmanabad, Beed etc: We informed CGMT MH that we agree that there is shortage of executives in these SSAs like Solapur, Satara and Osmanabad, but it can be filled to certain extent or to certain percentage and not to 100 %. This approach of reduced filling vacant post and reduced reduction of executives have been adopted in all such cases earlier and this will help in reducing number of transfers. We have further added that SSAs like Osmanabad having 19 Executives working will be getting seven more executives and thus there will be more than 1/3rd increase in total number of executives in Osmanabad SSA. It is surprising that Osmanabad SSA having about 5000 number of LL BB and FTTH will get 26 executives wherein on an average one Executive has to maintain merely 200 lines. There is no planning or any other activity in this SSA and BAs have to maintain One Network and other units. In SSAs like Nashik, Pune and Nagpur one executives have to maintain 5000 lines or double these lines which will be maintained by 26 executives in Osmanabad SSA. Further burdon of salary of additional seven executives will be added to Osmanabad SSA, and there is no chance that SSA like Osmanabad will come in profit which is basic purpose of transfers. There is no much scope for growth in these small SSAs while in big SSAs there is much demand of FTTH and if more number of executives are transferred, the condition of big SSAs/BAs will also downgrade. CGMT appreciated concern, but added that all SSAs needs to function properly and the growth in SSAs like Sindhudurg cannot be ignored. In conclusion, he assured to review the requirement to support growth in Big SSAs.

28.            Impact of mass transfers on working of important sections like One Network and EB Section: We have drawn attention of CGMT MH on mass dislocation of executives from certain SSAs like Nagpur, Nashik, Pune, Kalyan, Amravati and Mumbai CO which will be directly effecting to day to day works and growth of BSNL. We have narrated that EB section Mumbai which major source of revenue for Maharashtra Circle is disturbed by transfers of executives in mass and this will directly affect EB revenue as newly joining officers will need some time to understand Enterprise Business activities and to acquire special skills required for EB. We requested CGMT MH to have proper strategy while relieving executives dealing with EB customers in phase manner and to give time to executives understand issues and works related to EB customers and also the works of big BAs do not suffer due to mass transfers.  CGMT MH responded that GM EB has informed him about mass dislocation and have requested to retain certain officers. CGMT informed that his office will give due consideration to these requests and individual representations and matter will be decided accordingly so that it will not directly impact on working of BAs and EB unit Mumbai.    

29.            Review of decision on Relieving through ERP during pandemic: We have drawn attention of CGMT MH on the binding orders for implementation of all transfers in fixed time on or before 11/06/2021 and thereafter implementation through ERP by force relieving. We have narrated that already all the executives are facing issues related to lock down and ban of entries from one district to another District and if executives are relieved forcefully they will have to face issues. We also added that there is need of review of the transfers issued and some of Officers are in hurry of implementation of transfers. We have no issue if request transfers of willing executives are implemented but others may not be forced to get relieved and may not be disturbed by ERP relieving. There is need of support on humanitarian grounds to save life of our executives so that no one is infected with corona during this transfer process and its implementation. CGMT MH appreciated our concern and added that he also is having such opinion and assured that no one will be forced relieved during lockdown and till their representations are given consideration and decided on its acceptance or rejections. There should not any issue for willing executives to join place of posting. But he stressed that wherever it is possible to operate transfers, same may be implemented by observing all possible ways and means. He added that but it may not be case that one has not represented and is not willing to join also even after lockdown is over.

30.            Consideration of Request Transfers of Account wing Executives: We have drawn attention of CGMT MH towards the rumors of mass transfers in Account wing and fear in minds of the executives about mass transfers. CGMT MH directed GM HR to update on this issue. GM HR informed that yes it is true that there will be more transfers in account wing as Finance wing has proposed only One AO and Two JAOs in all SSAs and hence dislocation of others is must as per this restructuring norms. In case there are more than One AO and Two JAOs working in any SSA then only one AO and Two JAOs with minimum stay will be retained in said SSA and remaining AOs/JAOs from that SSAs will be shifted to BA HQs starting from JAO/AO with longest stay and with priority to request transfers. There are chances that in some of BAs there are excess JAOs/AOs and in such cases these excess JAOs/AOs will be transferred to BAs having shortage of JAOs/AOs. He further added that about 75 JAOs/AOs are under zone of transfers out of about 350 AOs/JAOs in entire Maharashtra Circle. We requested CGMT MH to publish data of executives and CGMT MH agreed for same also, but immediately CGMT himself told that if it is published for account wing then it will be questioned why it was not published for Telecom wing. He directed GM HR to look into all such issues and accordingly issue request transfer and transfers to fill vacant post of JAOs/AOs in all BAs at the earliest.

31.             Consideration of Request Transfers of Civil wing Executives: We have requested about status of consideration of request transfers of civil wing. GM HR informed that he has consolidated data and it is readily available with him and transfers of Civil wing executives will be issued in coming week. It was further informed that civil wing has acute shortage of executives and hence there is reshuffling to fill up vacant posts.  We have requested for utilization of excess JTOs in Electrical wing in Civil wing, GM HR informed that works of Civil wing and Electrical wing are different and it is not fair to post Electrical wing executives in Civil wing. He narrated CGMT MH how he has planned posting of Civil wing executives as per availability of executives in Maharashtra Circle and maximum request will be given consideration. He added that if all requests of Civil wing executives is given consideration then about all executives will be transferred from one location to another and hence he is planning to have minimum transfers to meet shortages. In conclusion he assured to issue Civil wing transfers in coming week.

32.             Consideration of Request Transfers of Electrical wing Executives: We have narrated that the uncertainty of consideration of request transfers of Electrical till continued and no action is seen on consideration of request transfers. CGMT MH asked GM HR about its status and he was of the opinion that recent transfer orders of JTOs were request transfers of Electrical wing. GM HR informed that he is not aware about Electrical wing transfers and till no information is received from Electrical wing. He added that recent transfer orders were not request transfers, but five JTOs are spared by Electrical wing and posted to Telecom wing. CGMT directed GM HR to discuss the details with CE Electrical and go ahead with request transfers of Electrical wing also.

33.            Issues related to Restructuring of Electrical wing: We have narrated issues with restructuring of Electrical wing in an unbalanced manner wherein it is proposed to have separate Division at Goa and no division is proposed at Mumbai HQ. SNEA MH has already submitted issues related to restructuring norms of Electrical wing. GM HR informed that   he is not having any role in restructuring of Electrical wing and it is to be decided by CE Electrical. CGMT asked us why we are not taking up matter with CE Electrical. We have informed that we have asked time from him but due to fear of Covid pandemic, time is not conveyed by CEE. CGMT MH directed us to discuss this issue with CEE Mumbai and till any issue he will look into it.  

34.            Issues related to posting of JTOs from Electrical wing to Telecom wing: We have updated CGMT MH, how the excess manpower of Electrical wing is transferred to telecom wing on pick and choose basis causing negative impact on strength of SSAs. It was informed that Shri. Pinjari JTO working at Dhule /Nandurbar has completed seven years in Dhule and he is now transferred under Dhule SSA while his request is pending for Jalgaon SSA. Shri. Kale JTO from Elect wing Bhandara is posted from Bhandara SSA and he is being force relieved even though he is corona positive and undergoing treatment and waiting for his transfer to Nagpur SSA on completion of tenure at Bhandara. Also, JTOs working at Electrical wing are transferred to Telecom wing and Telecom wing executives are transferred out of Nagpur at faraway places causing difficulties to these executives in Telecom wing. We requested to CGMT MH have review of entire matter and excess JTOs if any should not be posted in SSAs already having excess executives, the request of JTOs in Electrical wing transferred to Telecom wing may be given consideration as per their request either in Telecom wing or in Electrical wing depending on vacancy. CGMT MH directed GM HR for have review of the issues and specifically directed GM HR that request transfers of JTOs in Electrical wing should be given consideration even if they are transferred or deputed to Telecom wing.  He also directed to review posting of JTOs from Electrical wing to SSAs having already excess executives in Telecom wing.

35.             Issues of criteria of Transfer policy: The issues related to the certain criteria followed in issuing transfer posting viz. Criteria of minimum Transfers {Copy  <<<>>>} , Transfer policy criteria for stay in particular SSA and Limit of 10 % transfers in financial year {Copy <<<>>>}, Avoidable and unwanted expenditure on Company cost transfers {Copy <<<>>>}  etc were discussed but not in depth as there were much discussions on these issues under relevant agenda points and CGMT MH has assured to have review of transfers as per individual representations and as per proposals from BA Heads.      

After elaborate discussions on each point and giving point by feedback and supporting documents in our say, in conclusion we have requested CGMT MH to have review of grievances raised by SNEA well within transfer policy and guidelines issued by BSNL CO time to time. SNEA MH also requested to give sympathetic consideration to the representations given by individuals to maximum possible extent and reduce hardship and injustice to the affected executives.

With patience hearing of grievances of executives expressed by us and verification of documents submitted in each case, in conclusion of meeting CGMT MH assured to have review of the transfers from Non-Tenure stations with company cost as per representations of individuals and from proposal from BA Heads and have minimum transfers and to give consideration to change of SSA to nearby SSA on vacant post if any with priority to own cost transfers and also to mutual change wherever it is possible, consideration for medical and education ground requests as per policy defined. On our specific request, he also assured to have review of number of executives required at these locations and reduce number of transfers to certain extent by giving consideration to requests from BA Heads. At the same time he stressed that he needs certain executives at SSAs having shortage and hence all requests for cancellation cannot be given consideration and it will be decided by personally after verification of all representations.

CGMT MH also added that he strongly believes in implementation of transfer policy in true spirit and without any bias or prejudice towards anybody and executives should be rest assured about it. CGMT MH informed that he is focused on growth and development of Maharashtra Circle and all should come forward and work efficiently for growth of BSNL.

In conclusion of very fruitful meeting and deep discussions on all the points for more than two hours, we assured CGMT MH for giving awareness among the affected executives about submission of representation with genuine reasons with supporting documents. We specially conveyed sincere thanks and gratitude to Shri. Ramakant Sharma, CGMT MH and Shri. Aman Jaiswal, GM HR for giving ample and sufficient time for discussions and have fruitful discussions and firm assurance to resolve the issues raised by SNEA MH in the interest of BSNL and its executives in Maharashtra Circle. 


31 MAY 21:  DGM Legal Mumbai writes BA /SSA Heads calling for information of Association OBs to whom immunity is granted in recent transfer order and discrepancies thereof if any.   Letter <<<>>>

29 MAY 21:  DGM Legal Mumbai issued orders for deputation of JTO Parbhani to CNTXW for period of one year.  Letter <<<>>>


29 MAY 21:  e-Bulletin of Maharashtra Circle.<<<>>>


29 MAY 21:  SNEA MH writes to Shri. Ramakant Sharma, CGMT MH Circle requesting for settlement of grievances created by Shri. Aman Jaiswal, leave period looking after GM HR by issuing unwanted/avoidable company cost transfers orders from Non-tenure to Non-tenure stations with deliberate violations of transfer policy.  Letter <<<>>>


29 MAY 21:  DGM Legal Mumbai issued orders for extension of DGM LA orders up to 30/06/2021.  Letter <<<>>>


29 MAY 21:  DGM Admn BSNL CO issued approval for constitution of committee for health insurance of BSNL employees.  Letter <<<>>>


29 MAY 21:  GM Legal BSNL CO issued orders for change of BSNL formation day from 01/10/2000 to 15/09/2000.  Letter <<<>>>

It is surprising that BSNL management comes to know this mistake after 20 years and after celebrating BSNL days on 1st October every year for continuous 19 times.


29 MAY 21:   Jt GM Pers BSNL CO issued orders for appointment of CVO BSNL for period of five years i.e. up to 04/02/2024.   Letter <<<>>>


29 MAY 21:  Tele density and Market Shares of Telecom Companies by end of Feb 2021.  Letter <<<>>>


29 MAY 21:  AGM Pers BSNL CO writes CGMs calling for information about BSNL executives who expired due to Covid 19 infections or other reasons.  Letter <<<>>>


29 MAY 21:  GM Admn BSNL CO Writes to Circle/Unit Heads for releasing the terminal benefits to the family of employees who died due to Covid 19 infections of other reasons.  Letter <<<>>>


23 MAY 21:  DGM Legal Mumbai issued transfer order of JEs, JTOs, SDEs and AGMs from Tenure as well as Non-Tenure stations to Tenure/ Non Tenure stations and vice versa.  Order I <<<>>>     Order II for JEs <<<>>>

·        This is long awaited transfer orders as many of the executives who have submitted their requests for transfers to home/choice SSAs were waiting for it since last two years as last year request transfer from non-tenure stations were not given consideration first due to Covid and later due to delay in deciding exact shortage /excess of executives in particular SSA.

·        Request of all executives who have completed two years at Tenure stations and three years at Non tenure stations as on 30/06/2021 are given consideration and request of any of executives is not given consideration he may represent again with details of his earlier request and its receipt by Staff section Mumbai.

·        Since last online meeting by Shri. Ramakant Sharma, CGMT MH with Associations on 27/04/2021, about 25 days have passed and it was expected that there will no corrections in orders , but unfortunately on prima face itself it is seen that there is need of corrections in certain transfers issued in this order.

·        It is understood that as usual this order has been prepared single handedly by Shri. Aman Jaiswal GM HR MH CO  and other officers in chain viz. AD Staff, DGM Legal have no much role in it except  submitting information required and called by GM HR Mumbai and hence certain issues are unnoticed in this transfer order.

·        As such, though the request of majority of executives are given consideration, there are certain issues created for other executives who were not expecting their transfers as their names were not in long stay list and they were not shown excess in their present working SSA.

·        It is also seen that there is much difference on SSAs wise requirement published by Staff section and which will be available in each SSA and hence it has become matter of concern for some of SSAs thereby increasing number of transfers to and from certain SSAs.

·        It is also seen that transfer orders of SDEs who are already transferred out of Maharashtra Circle and staff section has issued relieving orders of these officers are again transferred in this orders.

·        It is seen that some request from Non-Tenure station even after completion of three years are given consideration in some of cases while in other cases some request who have not even completed two years at Non tenure stations are given consideration.

·        The stay of some of executives is wrongly counted and even they have represented for corrections of stay at regular interval with assurances from concerned officers for corrections of stay particulars.

·        It was decided by CGMT MH that the executives having self or wards critical medical illness will be exempted from transfers, but in this order some of executives who have submitted such requests along with medical documents are transferred creating hardship to them.

·        While posting on transfers, nearby SSAs is normally given consideration and same also is given in few cases, but there are cases where it was quiet possible to post nearby SSA, but till the executives are posted at faraway places and may be due to the fact that the officer who has proposed these transfers may not be aware about geographical boundaries if SSAs and locations

·        Further, it was quiet possible to reduce number of transfers by certain reduced weightage equally to all SSA, but no efforts are made to keep transfers at minimum and causing some unwanted and excess transfers.

·        Apart from this, there are certain issues individuals may have noticed in counting of stay for Circle /SSA Long stay which needs corrections.

·        It is seen from the list that some of executives in long stay are retained even in big SSA having excess strength by using special powers, but such powers are not used to retain the executives in SSAs with acute shortage of executives to save money of BSNL.

·        When there is acute shortage of Executives in these SSAs and executives from other SSAs are compelled to join these SSAs, then it is in the interest of BSNL that executives from these SSAs should not be compelled to transfer to other SSAs and same principle has been applied in earlier transfers.

·        Not applying mind in this direction by giving priority to interest of BSNL, is main reason for increase of total number of transfers and it needs immediate correction to save money of BSNL as well as hardship to executives being disturbed from one corner of Circle to another corner unnecessarily.

·        As on today, about all are under extreme fear of pandemic corona and black fungus and its impact of family members of our colleagues who left heavenly as we have lost many of our comrades in recent 2-3 months.

·        During period of pandemic and when there are major issues like uncertainty on exams and change of syllabus going with education of children during pandemic and it is expected that situation will continue to be disturbed for months together, there should have been serious efforts in reducing total number of transfers which are missing in these transfers.

·        In this situation, such extra and avoidable transfers are issued that to without publishing data of revised SSAs wise executive strength and list of request transfers and calling for options for newly created vacant posts even it was firmly assured by CGMT MH Circle in online meeting of associations.

·        As such, when we are happy with the consideration of request transfers of majority of executives, it is painful to see disturbance of executives at very odd locations from one corner to another corner of circle and without giving them any opportunity of choice and opting for own cost transfers and SNEA MH will take up the issues.

·        The date of implementation of transfers is given as 11/06/2021 and else these executives will be relived through ERP also needs review due to pandemic situation and  we will take up matter with CGMT MH for the executives who are need of such time.

·        The executives who do not have any issue and are able to join new place of posting, may get relived and join and others who are having genuine issues may request  for joining time by quoting reasons and documents thereof.

·        All such executives who are having genuine issues may represent their grievances through proper channel with its advance copy by email on for AGMs and on for JEs, JTOs and SDEs and for all cadres.

·        Copy of such representations if any may be given to DS SNEA concerned who will consolidate all such issues and forward it with his comments for persuasion by SNEA MH.

·        SNEA MH will take up all such genuine requests and pursue for corrective action as per the policy guidelines for transfer of executives in BSNL.

·        SNEA MH conveys sincere thanks to Shri. Ramakant Sharma, CGMT MH, Shri. Aman Jaiswal GM HR MH CO, Shri. B. S. Laswante, DGM Legal Mumbai, Shri. D. G. Bangera, AD Staff A Mumbai and Mrs. S. V. Khadgi, AD Staff B Mumbai for giving consideration to long awaited requests transfers from Tenure as well non-tenure SSAs thereby giving justice to these executives and we are hopeful that all the genuine grievances created due to this transfers orders will be taken care by CGMT MH Circle on the basis of the representations by individuals.  


23 MAY 21:  DGM Legal Mumbai issued transfer order of JTOs and JEs for filling vacant post in CNTXW Circle at different locations.  Order I<<<>>>    Order II for JEs <<<>>>

·        These are the transfers as per willingness given by the JTOs/JEs or posting of JTOs/JES at same station to fill up vacant post of JTOs/JEs in CNTXW Circle as per requirement given by CNTXW Circle.

·        The Transfers out of SSA are issued at Company cost while all other transfers including request transfers are given consideration at Own cost.

·        In cases, there is no willingness, the lowest stayed officer of the SSA is posted to same station of CNTXW Circle.


23 MAY 21:  DGM Legal Mumbai issued list of Office Bearers of associations who are eligible for Immunity and given immunity on long stay transfers. Letter <<<>>>

·        This is new procedure adopted by Maharashtra Circle for grant of immunity to Office Bearers of Associations.

·        Earlier all such Office Bearers were considered for transfers and after issuing transfer orders they were granted immunity as per the request of individual Officer if any.

·        But this time DGM Admn Mumbai has called list of OBs eligible for the immunity on transfer and granted immunity before issuing transfer orders and no need to request for grant of immunity by individuals.

·        In earlier cases, the Executives for whom such OBs were substitute faced issuing in reliving on grant of retention on immunity at later stage and in this case no such retention is required and no individual will suffer for joining of substitute. 


23 MAY 21:  AGM Training BSNL CO issued orders for conduction of examination of Time Bound Upgradation of for quarters June 2021 and Sept 2021 as per old syllabus to avoid any hardship on BSNL executives during pandemic Covid. Letter <<<>>>


23 MAY 21:  Jt GM BW BSNL CO writes to all CGMs for judicious use of JTOs and SDEs in Civil wing, relieve the officers under transfers as per BSNL CO Orders and utilization of excess JTOs/SDEs in Civil wing at Telecom wing of the Circle. Letter <<<>>>


23 MAY 21:  DM CSC BSNL CO issued orders for revision of Commission payable to BSNL Partners for different Adhaar Activities being carried out at BSNL Adhaar Centers. Letter <<<>>>


 21 MAY 21:  SNEA MH writes to Shri. Ramakant Sharma, CGMT MH Circle requesting to review of the SSA/BA wise restructuring Norms/SSA wise Extractive Strength for Electrical wing executives In Maharashtra Circle. Letter <<<>>>


21 MAY 21:  Director HR BSNL writes CGMT MH Circle appreciating excellent performance of Maharashtra Circle under Project Ojas during Year 2020-21 with special contribution to the extent of 30.44 % of PAN India targets. Letter <<<>>>

SNEA MH also appreciates efforts of all Officers and Staff who have contributed in this achievement and saved Rs. 50.74 Crores of expenditure of Electricity during Year 2020-21.


21 MAY 21: GM Admn BSNL CO issued instructions for constitution of BSNL Covid Fund (BCF) and policy guidelines thereof. Letter <<<>>>

·        This is special purpose fund created with persuasion of Associations and Unions of BSNL.

·        Such proposal for Corpus Medical fund was first initiated by Maharashtra Circle with initiatives by Shri. Ramakant Sharma, CGMT MH Circle, but unfortunately some leaders, who agreed to the said proposal in the online meeting have changed their stand by quoting certain issues and finally with such betrayal by certain leaders it was decided by CGMT MH to withdraw the proposal.

·        Now, BSNL Corporate Office has come with similar policy for BSNL employees who left heavenly abode due to corona as one time support to family members and with about same term and conditions as proposed by MH Circle for advance for medical support of working employees.

·        In this BCF deduction of contribution will also be done from willing employees from Salary of May 2021 and unwilling employee has to submit his/her willingness latest by 29/05/2021.

·        It is good that the proposal by BSNL CO even though similar terms and conditions is accepted by all leaders including who opposed it when proposed by CGMT MH Circle.   

·        As per this proposal one day Salary i.e. Basic plus DA of willing BSNL employees will be deducted from Salary of May 2021 and amount equal to contribution by employees will be shared by BSNL in this BSNL Covid Fund.

·        From this fund one time financial assistance of Rs Ten Lakh only each will be given to family members of employees and officers of BSNL who have passed due to Corona from 01/04/2020.

·        It is unfortunate that till today more than 150 working employees and Officers of BSNL have passed away due to Corona and this financial will be support to the affected family members.

·        It is estimated that there will be about Rs 20 Crore contribution towards this fund and further decision on additional requirement under this fund will be taken after 2-3 months.

·        The proposal for claims are to be submitted with recommendations of Circle heads and it will be approved by scrutiny by BCF Committee at BSNL Corporate Office and one member of each recognised/support  association/unions will be member of this seven member committee.

·        SNEA MH appeals all its leaders and activists to see that more number of executives and employees contribute to this genuine cause/Fund and also see that the claims of the comrades who passed due to corona are submitted at the earliest and maximum within in one months’ time, so that we can extend some financial support to aggrieved family members.


21 MAY 21:  Press Release on helping hand by BSNL to its Mobile customers by extension of validity free of cost and 100 minutes free talk time to overcome the issues during pandemic second wave. Letter <<<>>>


20 MAY 21:  SAD NEWS:  Sad demise of Com. Prashant Umakant Thanekar, JTO (Electrical) Nagpur: With extreme grief and profound sorrow, this is to inform that Com. Prashant U. Thanekar, JTO (Electrical), Nagpur left for heavenly abode on 06/05/2021 during Morning hours at age of just 47 years.   He is survived with Wife & one daughter. Hit is most unfortunate that he has lost his mother due to covid in the last week of April 2021 and he also succumbed his life and the family members are under shock.  

Com. Prashant U. Thanekar was tested Covid positive and was admitted to City Centre Hospital, Ramdaspeth, Nagpur. He fought the tough battle with COVID for nearly 12 days, but later developed Lung infection and related complications which resulted in the sad demise. 

Com. Prashant U. Thanekar has joined BSNL on 28/08/2000 as JE (E) and become JTO (Electrical) on 01/10/2001. He was posted as JE / JTO Electrical Nagpur firstly in Electrical Sub Division, Nagpur and was looking after CTO Compound & Staff Quarters at DPS Compound, Civil Lines, and Nagpur.  He was very hard working, sincere officer and had sound technical knowledge. During his career, he strived and worked with full zeal and enthusiasm initially at Nagpur, then JTO Electrical at Nanded for 4 years. In the year July 2013 he was transferred and joined at Nagpur. He was very much instrumental in the exercise of Energy Conservation and Energy Saving in CTO Compound. He was felicitated by PGMT, Nagpur in January – 2015 for his excellent contribution in this project. The CTO Compound has received Energy Conservation award for continuous Years from 2016 to 2020 from Maharashtra Energy Development Authority, which is authorized Maharashtra state government agency with either first or second position every year.   

Com. Prashant U. Thanekar, was very active comrades of SNEA and since his joining as JE /JTO he was active member of SNEA. He was known for his helping and supportive nature for all office works. His untimely heavenly exit has caused heavy loss to SNEA and BSNL and we all share moment of sorrow with Thanekar family.

SNEA Maharashtra prays Almighty to give courage and strength and courage to bereaved family members of late Com. Prashant U. Thanekar to bear and cope up with this very crucial and hard moment of life. We also pray Almighty for heavenly peace and space for departed soul of late Com. Prashant U. Thanekar.


20 MAY 21:   SAD NEWS: Sad demise Com. D. K. Sonarkar, DGMM CN-Tx Nagpur: With extreme grief and profound sorrow, this is to inform that Com. D. K. Sonarkar, DGMM CN-TX WEST, Nagpur left for heavenly abode on 29/04/2021 at the age of just 53 years. He is survived with his wife, one son and one daughter.

Com. D. K. Sonarkar was tested covid positive on 8th April 2021. He was admitted on 17th April in a hospital later shifted in another hospital for better treatment. In his battle with Covid, developed severe lung infection and was put on ventilator for around 10 days. On 27th April 2021, he faced a heart attack too but by God's grace he survived at that time. But on 29th April, second heart attack snatched his life. He fought the tough battle with Covid for 21 days but due to many complications resulted in the sad demise. Unfortunately his mother also passed away due to covid within fortnight and the family members are under shock. 

Com. D. K. Sonarkar has joined BSNL on 16/05/1994 as JTO and he was posted as JTO WTR Khed in Ratnagiri District. He was very hard working, sincere officer and had sound technical knowledge. He returned back to Nagpur on 01/09/2000 as JTO OFC Route. He was promoted as DE in 2013 and as DGM in year 2020. He had also completed his hard tenure as DE at A & N Circle during 2017-19. During his career, he strived and worked with full zeal and enthusiasm. He was very supportive to solve the problems of staff working under him.

Com. D. K. Sonarkar was very active comrade of SNEA. He was known for his helping and supportive nature for all office works. His untimely heavenly exit has caused heavy loss to SNEA and BSNL and we all share moment of sorrow with Sonarkar family.

SNEA Maharashtra prays Almighty to give courage and strength to bereaved family members of late Com. D. K. Sonarkar to bear and cope up with this very crucial and hard moment of life. We also pray Almighty for heavenly peace and space for departed soul of late Com. D. K. Sonarkar.


19 MAY 21:  AGM S&M CFA Mumbai endorsed BSNL CO Orders for restoration of Bharat Fibre Broadband plans in Maharashtra Circle on regular basis. Letter <<<>>>


19 MAY 21:  DGM Legal Mumbai issued transfer order of Shri. Vijay Mali, SDE OL Dhule SSA to Pune BA in the interest of service. Letter <<<>>>


19 MAY 21:  DGM Legal Mumbai issued orders for retention of Shri. Suresh Kinake, PS Yavatmal SSA under transfer to Amaravati BA as per his request on educational ground of his son and he is retained up to March 2022.  Letter <<<>>>.


19 MAY 21:  CGMT MH writes BA/SSA Heads about reduction in radiating traffic /carrying sites as compared to April 2021. Letter <<<>>>


19 MAY 21:  CMTS Bulletin Apr 2021. <<<>>>


17 MAY 21: SAD NEWS: One more SNEA comrade lost battel with COVID. Com. Sanjay Deshmukh, SDE Mobile Nagpur is no more: With extreme grief and profound sorrow, this is to inform that Com. Sanjay Deshmukh, SDE Mobile, Nagpur left for heavenly abode on 13/05/2021 during afternoon hours at age of just 46 years.   He is survived with Mother, Wife, one daughter and a school going son.

Com. Sanjay Deshmukh was tested Covid positive and was admitted to Avanti Hospital, Nagpur. He fought the tough battle with COVID for nearly 21 days, but later developed Lung infection and related complications which resulted in the sad demise. The heart-wrenching, untimely demise of Com. Sanjay Deshmukh left the entire BSNL and SNEA family in a state of shock.

Com. Sanjay Deshmukh has joined BSNL on 31/12/2001 as JTO and he was posted as JTO Mobile Nagpur firstly in BTS maintenance and then in OMCR. He was very hard working, sincere officer and had sound technical knowledge, he got promotion as SDE in 2013 after clearing LDCE 2011. During his career, he strived and worked with full zeal and enthusiasm initially as JTO Mobile, then JTO Group Lanja, Ratnagiri SSA. On his promotion he was posted as SDE Clarity in ITPC Pune and his work was also recognised there. Later he joined Bhandara TD in 2017 and worked as SDE Group Mohadi and then as SDE Mobile Bhandara. In 2019, after a long period of seven years he was transferred to his home town, Nagpur and posted as SDE Mobile NSS and recently was posted in BSS. 

Com Sanjay Deshmukh, was very active comrades of SNEA and since his joining as JTO he was active member of SNEA. He was known for his helping and supportive nature for all office works. His untimely heavenly exist has caused heavy loss to SNEA and BSNL and we all share moment of sorrow with Deshmukh family.

 SNEA Maharashtra prays Almighty to give courage and strength and courage to bereaved family members of late Com Sanjay Deshmukh to bear and cope up with this very crucial and hard moment of life. We also pray Almighty for heavenly peace and space for departed soul of late Com Sanjay Deshmukh.


17 MAY 21: SAD NEWS: Unfortunate demise of Com. Arun B. Chavan, SDE Admn and ADS SNEA Amravati:  With extreme grief & profound sorrow, this is to inform that Com. Arun B. Chavan, SDE Admn & ADS SNEA Amravati, left heavenly abode on 15/05/2021 during afternoon hours at age of just 49 years. He is survived with Mother, Wife and little son studying in 2nd Standard.

Com. Arun B. Chavan, had developed Covid related symptoms and was admitted to RIMS Hospital Amravati on 17/04/2021. He fought the tough battle with COVID for nearly 20 days and was recovered from Corona. Later he was again admitted on 28/04/2021 at Kingsway Hospital, Nagpur due to the complications of developed Mucormycosis with Diabetes mellitus & Hypertension, which has taken his precious life causing heavy loss to his family, BSNL/SNEA family also.

Com. Arun B. Chavan has joined DoT on 29/06/1998 as JTO at Pen in Raigad District. Later, on his request, Com Arun B. Chavan was transferred to Amravati SSA on 19/06/2003. On joining at Amravati TD, he was posted as JTO Daryapur group & after complete Rural tenure posted as JTO WLL Amravati and at both these stations his contribution as JTO is unforgettable due to his excellent working style & sound technical knowledge. On his promotion as SDE in 2011, he was posted as SDE Admn Amravati and has played very important role in Admn HR section with commendable Knowledge about Administration. With very positive attitude and strong communication skills he helped everyone in HR and admin related works.  He has played very important role in VRS-2019 administrative activities. Except two years posting at Chandur Railway in Rural Amravati since 2017, he has rendered his service as SDE Admn Amravati from 2011 to last breath of his life. 

Com Arun B. Chavan was truly a great follower of SNEA and since beginning he has been with SNEA was always taking proactive part is association activities.  In District Conference of SNEA held before one month i.e. on 16/04/2021, he was elected as ADS SNEA Amravati. His untimely departure, SNEA has lost silent worker, fully devoted member and newly elected young leader.  

SNEA Maharashtra prays Almighty to give courage and strength and courage to bereaved family members of late Com Arun B. Chavan to bear and cope up with this very crucial and hard moment of life. We also pray Almighty for heavenly peace and space for departed soul of late Com Arun B. Chavan.


17 MAY 21:  AGM CFA OP Mumbai writes BA/SSA Heads conveying performance of SSAs and overall MH Circle in LL, BB and FTTH Operational Parameters during April 2021. Letter <<<>>>


17 MAY 21: Director CFA BSNL writes DO letter to all CGMs on World Telecommunication Day. Letter <<<>>>


17 MAY 21: Director HR BSNL writes DO letter to all CGMs for early clearance of Vigilance/ Disciplinary cases of VRS Optees and release of Ex Gracia withheld due to such pending Vigilance /Disciplinary cases so that BSNL can issue Ex-gracia fund utilization certificate as asked by DoT. Letter <<<>>>


15 MAY 21:  JT GM Pers BSNL CO issued orders for extension of timelines for writing, reporting and reviewing of the e –APRs year 2020-21. Letter <<<>>>

·        Accordingly time for submission of E APRs is extended up to 30/06/2021, for writing is extended up to 30/07/2021, for review it is extended up to 31/08/2021 and for overall completion of e –APRs process up to 30/11/2021.

·        Due to pandemic second wave many of the comrades have requested for extension of date for e-APRs.

·        Accordingly SNEA has persuaded this issue and accordingly suitable time is given for all for submission, reporting and reviewing e-APRs.

·        All are requested to complete e-APRs within this time frame without waiting for further extension of dates. 


15 MAY 21:  SNEA MH writes to Shri. Ramakant Sharma, CGMT MH Circle requesting for issuing clear guidelines for BA/SSA Heads for utilization of executing strength of Civil/Electrical wing or giving additional charge to these executives. Letter <<<>>>


15 MAY 21:  DGM legal Mumbai issued transfer orders of JTOs in Electrical wing wherein JTOs declared excess in Electrical wing are posted in Telecom of same SSA. Letter <<<>>>

·        As this order is issued by HR section, it is clear that henceforth HR activities will be centralized under GM HR MH CO at par with Account and Civil wing as pursued by SNEA MH.

·        The Nagpur SSA is having already excess executives in Telecom wing and it is well known to HR unit, but till additional JTOs from Electrical wing are posted to Nagpur SSA and it is against the policy as the JTOs from Electrical wing were supposed to be posted in Telecom wing to meet shortage and not to create excess strength as done here.

·        Another issue is that some of the JTOEs have completed service of more than three years at same place of posting which is criteria fixed by Circle office for consideration of request transfers and requested for change of SSA at own cost and instead of giving consideration to their request, they are posted in same SSA at company cost.

·        Hope their request after deputation to Telecom wing be given consideration at par with other request in telecom wing. 


15 MAY 21:  Director HR BSNL writes to all CGMs writes all Circle/Vertical/Unit Heads for timely releasing of terminal benefits of the BSNL employees who died due to COVID 19. Letter <<<>>>


15 MAY 21:  CGMT MH Circle writes to SSA/BA Heads for restructuring of CFA network and Customer & Partner management activities. Letter <<<>>>


15 MAY 21:  CGMT MH Circle writes to SSA/BA Heads about poor performance of Maharashtra Circle in Operational parameters during March 2021 and directs PGM CFA Mumbai for necessary persuasion and feedback on it. Letter <<<>>>


15 MAY 21:  AGM Pers BSNL CO issued transfer order in AGM cadre wherein own cost request of Shri. S. S. Bhore, AGM NCNGN Jabalpur is given consideration and he is posted to Maharashtra Circle. Letter <<<>>>


12 MAY 21:  SNEA MH writes to Shri. Ramakant Sharma, CGMT MH Circle with reminder request for keeping uniformity in dealing with HR activities of Account, Civil and Electrical wings in BSNL Maharashtra Circle. Letter <<<>>>


12 MAY 21:  DGM HR Mumbai calls for names of executives in all wings along with their information in prescribed format duly verified from the service Books and ERP of the concerned Officers for their E4 to E5 and E5 to E6 Time Bound Promotion which is due in second Half of Year 2021-22 i.e. from June 2021 to Dec 2021 and information is to be submitted by SSAs/BAs by email on latest by 21/05/2021.  Letter <<<>>>


12 MAY 21:  AGM RM BSNL CO issued circular streamlining the Safe Custody charges for the all category of Voice/ Standalone/ Combo Landline/ Broadband connections (DSL/ Fibre/ Air Fibre) in all the circles. Letter <<<>>>


12 MAY 21:  DGM NWO CM BSNL CO published ranking of Circle for CM Performance during Month March 2021 based on the Finance, Operations, Sales & Marketing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and unfortunately Maharashtra Circle is at 23rd position out of total 27 Circles as Maharashtra Circle is lagging under mainly two KPs i.e. Revenue and Gross Connections. Letter <<<>>>


12 MAY 21:  GM Fin CFA BSNL CO writes to Circle Heads/IFAs giving target to achieve collection of CFA revenue more than billed figure in First Quarter of FY 2021-22. Letter <<<>>>


11 MAY 21:  DGM HR Mumbai issued second order for Time Bound Promotions for E-4 to E-5 and E-5 to E-6 for executives of all wings in Maharashtra Circle. Letter <<<>>>

The names of these eligible Executives were approved earlier but order was not issued as VC for same were expired. Now order is issued after getting fresh VC for all these officers.


11 MAY 21:  AGM Pers BSNL CO issued directions to all Circle/Unit Heads to adhere to the timelines given for smooth processing of Request Transfer applications through OTP Online Transfer Portal. Letter <<<>>>

·        It is reported that there are certain issues in processing certain requests submitted through this Online Transfer Portal, but such request held up or wherein issues are being faced, ERP dockets are being booked for resolutions of issues and at same time off line request are being collected from individuals who have applied online in given time and same are being forwarded to BSNL Corporate office.

·        Hence there is no need to worry on part of individuals who have submitted Requests through online portal for Inter Circle transfers.


11 MAY 21:  DGM HR Mumbai issued orders for extension up to 30/06/2021 to the authorization to BA Heads for issuing SDE to DE/AGM LA orders as per SSA local seniority. Letter <<<>>>


11 MAY 21: AGM S&M CFA Mumbai issued promotional order for waiver of installation charges of Rs 250 for Landline/BB connections provided on Copper cable and Rs. 500 for FTTH Connections provided on Bharat Fibre/Bharat Air Fibre/ BBoWiFi and this promotional offer is valid for 90 days. Letter <<<>>>


10 MAY 21: Highly successful and mass attended IXth District Conference of Nagpur SSA: {Report by Com. H. N. Tipre, CT SNEA MH}: The IXth District Conference of Nagpur SSA was held on 06.05.2021 at 0700 Hrs to 1030Hrs in ONLINE method. This District Conference was attended and addressed by the following dignities and guests

1.     Shri. Yash Panhekar, General Manager BA Nagpur,

2.     Shri. Bharat Sonawane, Circle President SNEA MH,

3.     Shri. Sanjay Dhok, Vice President SNEA MH, 

4.     Shri. M. S. Adasul, Circle Secretary SNEA MH,

5.     Shri. M. N. Kotambe, Asst Circle Secretary SNEA MH ,

6.     Shri. Amit Kulkarni, Asst Circle Secretary SNEA MH ,

7.     Shri. H. N. Tipre, Circle Treasurer SNEA MH,

8.     Shri. Vasant Khiratkar, CWC Member SNEA MH,

9.     Shri. Abhay Kesarkar, Joint Secretary CE SNEA MH ,

10.            Shri. Rupesh Kumar, Joint Secretary HQ SNEA MH,

11.            Shri. Prayag Pisal, Joint Secretary South SNEA MH. 

·        This meeting was attended by about all members of SNEA Nagpur.

·        District conference started with online formation of the Dias with Chairmanship of Shri. R. N. Khakse, and other dignitaries as above.

·        The entire house paid respect and Tribute to departed Soul of BSNL employees during this Covid Pandemic by observing two minutes silence.

·        Thereafter Shri. Samir Khare, District Secretary SNEA Nagpur presented DS Report for his term with welcome address. He expressed the efforts & intuitive taken by him and his team for betterment of all executives, SNEA and BSNL. He expressed his sincere thanks to COBs, DOBs and all activist for their support and guidance during his tenure.

·        Thereafter Shri. Pankaj Rangari, District Treasurer SNEA Nagpur presented DT report for the period. After DT report Chairman of the meeting declared the existing body dissolved and asked to Circle observer to proceed further.

·        Shri. U. K. Lanje, was nominated as an Election Officer and he called nominations from the executive for the proposed DOB for next tenure.

·        Within a stipulated time only one proposal received and later following DOB declared elected unanimously for the next term.

1.     District President             : Shri. D. P. Wasnik -AGM

2.     Vice-President                  : Shri.  S. V. Narsekar -SDE

3.     Vice-President                  : Smt. Ranjana Patil - SDE

4.     District Secretary             : Shri. Samir V. Khare -SDE

5.     Asst District Secretary     : Shri. P. P. Rangari -SDE

6.     Asst District Secretary     : Shri. Suneet Upadhyay -JTO

7.     District Treasurer             : Shri. Satyajayant Devishetty -JAO

8.     Asst District Treasurer    : Smt Dipali Sisode - JTO

9.     Organizing Secretaries   : Shri. Narendra Shahane-JTO, Shri. Vikrant Dudhalkar -JTO, Shri. Saurabh Dangre-JTO, Shri. P. S. Padewar- SDE, Shri. Sumegh Dongre -JTO, Shri. N. S. Dighe-SDE Elect, Shri. Deepak Kamble- JAO, Shri. Deepak Kulkarni-PS

10.            Auditor                                  : Shri. Lokesh Choudhary - JAO

11.            CEC Member     I                  : Shri. Prithviraj RangariSDE,

12.            CEC Member     I                  : Shri. Chetan Raut-SDE

·        Shri. Bharat Sonawane, Circle President SNEA MH gave oath to newly elected executive district body of Nagpur.

·        Thereafter newly elected District Secretary Shri. Samir Khare & District President Shri. D. P. Wasnik addressed the house and expressed their thanks to all executives and assured that they will do all necessary for the betterment of BSNL, SNEA and its executives.

·        After their speech following dignitaries addressed the house.

·        Shri. H. N. Tipre, Circle Treasurer SNEA MH: In his short speech he advice all executives to take due care and all possible safety precautions during day to day working at office and field. He also expressed his sincere thanks to SNEA Nagpur for his nomination for COB. He also thanks to then DS & DOB for their support to make Nagpur SNEA balance sheet better. He appealed all executives that think positive and assured that BSNL will continue to work long live in spite of all odds.

·        Shri. Vasant Khiratkar, CWC Member SNEA MH: He advice all executives to take due care and all possible safety precautions during day to day working at office and field. In his speech he told that there are lots of challenges due to Covid Pandemic and Competition to BSNL, but BSNL will excel in it also.

·        Shri. Sanjay Dhok, VP SNEA SNEA MH: In his speech he gave all tips about how to deal with Corona, how to take care of all near & dear one. He also told that timely medication & treatment is very essential for fast recovery. He told that after VRS-2019, there are lots of shortage of executives & non-executives and it is very difficult to manage the show but BSNL employees are giving their best.

·        Shri. Yash Panhekar, General Manager, BA Nagpur:  To start with in response to request by DS SNEA Nagpur, he assured the house that he will utilize all its resources and personal relation with District Administration for early vaccination of all BSNL employees. In his detailed address to the house he focuses lights on efforts & initiative taken by Nagpur SSA during his tenure of one year like outdoor plant rehabilitation work, OFC Mtce & Patrolling of route, formation of NOC, Preferred TIP Concept, attendance system, fault & complaint monitoring through various Whatsapp group. He expressed the need of Association & Union for betterment of organization and its employees. He told that he is always welcomes the suggestion & always tried to solve the issue, implement the good suggestion and never bothered from where its came. He told that for providing better, affordable and quality services to the society presence of BSNL is must and for better performance of MH Circle Top Five BA/SSA should perform better. In his address he appealed to house that we must focus on FTTH & Enterprise business for growth in revenue and should arrest surrender in Landline & Broadband. He appreciate the efforts taken by Enterprise Business team especially Shri. H N Tipre Circle Treasurer SNEA (MH) and told that Nagpur SSA recorded 16% growth in Enterprise revenue during 2020-21. He also appreciate the efforts of FTTH team and specially the approach of Shri. Shankar Vijay DGM (Fin) for his remarkable initiative in Finance wing. Lastly he assured the house and COB that he was, is & will with all of us for betterment of BSNL & its employee.

·        Shri. M. S. Adasul, Circle Secretary SNEA MH: In his roaring voice he addresses the house. He gave his tribute to departed soul with deep sorrow. He thanks GM Nagpur for his efforts and firm assurance of vaccination of all BSNL employees of Nagpur SSA. He also appealed all employees that they should take total precautions for self-protection like to use mask, sanitizer and social distancing wherever possible with the quote जान है तो जहान है. He also informed the house that BSNL with the help of associations & unions is finalizing for benevolent fund for early aids to infected employees. He also informed house that proposal is at final stage to give Rs Ten Lakhs as aid to family members of BSNL who lost their lives. He told that how SNEA convinced Circle Administration about wrongly projected excess strength of Nagpur SSA & conveyed that due to continuous persuasion by SNEA and with the help of BA Head Nagpur, the figure is finally corrected total number of transfers out of Nagpur on name of excess executives has been reduced to small number. He also told that FTTH & Leased Lines should be our focus area for getting more connections and revenue. He told to the house the efforts & initiative taken by circle office for streamlining the procedure of appointment of TIP, outsourcing of CSC etc. In his address to the house he told that positivity is very important either to be fight with current Covid Pandemic or with current BSNL conditions. He told that BSNL was there, is there and will be there and nobody dares to challenge the BSNL and we have to think about our position in BSNL. He further told that SNEA members are the best workforce of BSNL and it was appreciated & expressed by senior officers on various platforms. He appreciates the presence of SNEA Nagpur executives for this meeting and told that he is feeling the physical presence at Nagpur. He expected that very soon we can arrange physical meeting and hence be positive with thoughts and positivity is very important for safe guard of individual and family members. He also appealed the house any suggestion shall be bring to his notice with the help of their DS for early solution. With his long lasting speech of 45 minutes he touches all issues of all employees, BSNL, its development and future plan of action. In conclusion he conveyed thanks to all members and leaders of SNEA for giving patience hearing and appealed to work with positive energy and thoughts and overcome present situation.

·        Shri. Bharat Sonawane, Circle President SNEA MH: along with BSNL development and current issue he focused on current challenges due to Corona Pandemic. He appealed to GM Nagpur to use his all resources for vaccination of BSNL employee of Nagpur SSA. He also appreciate the efforts & initiative taken by Nagpur SSA and for leading in front by Shri. Yash Panhekar GM BA Nagpur. He also appealed to GM Nagpur that like Pune, consider the Nagpur Mobile (NSS/Nodal) staff as a part of Nagpur SSA for HR policies

·        The entire meeting and Program was nicely anchored by Shri. Vikrant Dudhalkar in his special style.

·        The district conference stated at 1900 hrs, concluded at 1030 Hrs with vote of thanks by Shri. Suneet Upadhay JTO WTR  and newly elected ADS SNEA Nagpur


10 MAY 21:  DGM Admn Mumbai issued cancellation of appeal to BSNL employees for voluntary contribution to build Corpus Emergency Fund for urgent advances to BSNL employees for Medical treatment. Letter <<<>>>

·        This decision is taken as per the recent development in the BSNL Corporate Office for extending helping hand to the Executives and non-executives working in BSNL.

·        It is also understood that CS of one of recognised Union and Association who have given consent to CGMT MH in the online meeting have later raised certain issues as their members could not be convinced on this initiatives of helping hand by voluntary contribution through Corpus Emergency Fund with urgent advances for Medical treatment to BSNL Employees in Maharashtra Circle and hence CGMT MH has decided to drop the proposal. 


 7 MAY 21:  DM APAR BSNL CO writes to all CGMs conveying one time relaxation in submission of unsigned copy of IPMS with e-APRs of Year 2020-21. Letter <<<>>>


 7 MAY 21:  CGMT MH Circle writes BA/SSA Heads on achievements of April 2021 and steps required for providing maximum FTTH connections and for stopping surrender of FTTH Connections.  Letter <<<>>>


 7 MAY 21:  PGM NWO CM BSNL CO writes to all CGMs about methodology for dealing with Suspected Telephones calls from SIM Boxes in BSNL network. Letter <<<>>>


 6 MAY 21:  AGM BW HR BSNL CO calls for information about working executives in Civil wing in all Circle and it seems that the information is called for deployment of executives to meet shortages in post VRS scenario.  Letter <<<>>>


 6 MAY 21:  GM NWP BB BSNL CO writes all Circle Heads for Change in the refund process for wrong Bill Payment through Pyro CBP/ FTTH Wallet.  Letter <<<>>>


 6 MAY 21:  GM NWP BB BSNL CO writes CGM ITPC for steps to be taken for Change in the refund process for wrong Bill Payment through Pyro CBP/ FTTH Wallet.  Letter <<<>>>


 5 MAY 21:  DGM CFA Mumbai issued SSA wise Targets of Bharat Air Fibre Connections during Year 2021-22.  Letter <<<>>>


 5 MAY 21:  AGM Estt BSNL CO endorsed DoPT orders for extension to its earlier orders for Office timings in staggered manner, 50% Attendance in Central Government Offices etc. till 31/05/2021.  Letter <<<>>>


5 MAY 21:  AGM Pers BSNL CO issued orders for additional charge of BA Aurangabad with GM Nashik and GM BA Aurangabad is re-designated as GM OP Aurangabad.  Letter <<<>>>


4 MAY 21:  GM Admn BSNL CO issued guidelines under BSNL MRS in view of pandemic Covid 19 specifically on points of visit of designated officer, treatment in non-empaneled hospitals, reimbursement on telemedicine consultant and charges of RTPCR and Antigen Tests.  Letter <<<>>>


4 MAY 21:  AGM Estt BSNL CO writes to All Circle/Unit Heads for implementation of concept of deemed resignation in BSNL in case of employees unauthorized absent, absconding continuously for period of more than five years without approval of leave.  Letter <<<>>>


4 MAY 21:  DoPT issued extension to its earlier orders for Office timings in staggered manner, 50% Attendance in Central Government Offices etc. till 31/05/2021.  Letter <<<>>>


4 MAY 21:  SE Elect Mumbai issued transfer orders of SDEs in Electrical wing wherein four Requests of SDEEs are given consideration and two SDEs are transferred at Company cost to fill vacant post of SDEEs.  Letter <<<>>>

·        SNEA MH conveys thanks to Shri. Dhananjay Kumar, CEE Mumbai and Shri. Bhushan Chikhalikar, SEE Mumbai for giving consideration to the request of these Four SDEs and hopefully request of all other SDEs and JTO in Electrical wing will be given consideration in similar manner.

·        Though CGMT MH has informed in clear words that HR activities of all Verticals including Transfer Posting will be with GM HR MH CO, but till this transfer order is issued by Electrical wing creating doubt on stand of CGMT MH.

·        Thus, uncertainty continues where HR activities will be centralized with GM HR as informed by CGMT MH or only CEE Mumbai will be given authority to issue transfer orders of Electrical wing and transfer orders of Civil and Account will be given consideration by GM HR MH CO along with Telecom wing transfers.  


4 MAY 21:  GM HR Mumbai issued Appeal to BSNL employees for voluntary contribution to build Corpus Emergency Fund for urgent advances to BSNL employees for Medical treatment.  Letter <<<>>>

·        Before finalizing this decision CGMT MH has called online meeting of all recognized Associations and Unions on 30/04/2021 and idea behind this fund was explained.

·        CGMT MH narrated that though BSNL Corporate office has issued guidelines for emergency medical advances the situation may arise that these may be delay in allotment of medical advances. Hence it is proposed to have Corpus Emergency Fund for urgent advances to BSNL employees for Medical treatment during COVID pandemic and no employee should be in trouble for want of money for getting admitted in hospital.

·        The BSNL employee in MH Circle, who is in need of Money for getting medical treatment and not in position to get medical advance from BSNL, he will be granted Rs Three lakhs from this fund as advance and same will be adjusted against the medical advance paid by BSNL.

·        This money collected in each SSA, will be kept with SSA welfare Funds and it will be transferable to other SSAs/BAs in case of extreme emergency by employees of other SSAs, but priority will be within SSA.

·        This fund with Voluntary contribution by employees and Executives in MH Circle , will be used and allotted only for employees in Maharashtra Circle regardless that he /she has volunteered contribution to this fund.

·        After details discussions and consent by CS of recognized Unions./Associations and concerned Vertical Heads it has been finally decided to make ready fund of about Rs 75 lakhs to  pay advance to MH Comrades to meet emergency medical requirements of COVID 19 patient including dependent family members  with  Voluntary contribution as follows.

ü GM/PGM/GM Rs 5000 (Approx. 15 Nos.),

ü DGM/AGM/DE/CAOs/EEs Rs 3500 (Approx. 200 Nos.)

ü SDE/AO/JTO/ JAO Rs. 2500 (Approx. 1400 Nos.) 

ü Gr C &D employees Rs. 1500 (Approx. 2000 Nos.) 

ü Total about Rs 75 lakhs. 

·        Accordingly, this order has been issued on same day. This amount will be deducted from this month salary and it will be totally volunteer contribution to social cause and employees unwilling for contribution has to submit written request for not deduction of money by 07/05/2021.

·        Though some of individuals are have different opinion and not happy with this decision, majority have appreciated this decision of management to extend supporting hand to BSNL Employees in this most difficult situation worsening day by day and unfortunately we are losing our colleagues due to COVID infection. There is no use of any medical assistance either from BSNL or others after employee or his family members loses his life and hence these initiatives to extend helping hand to employed in difficult period is highly appreciated and most useful idea in present situation of crises.

·        Individually one may have to contribute in few thousands of rupees for this fund, but collectively this amount of RS Three lakhs will be definitely helping hand to employee facing hardship in getting Medical advance from BSNL.

·        SNEA MH conveys sincere thanks to Shri. Ramakant Sharma, CGMT MH Circle and his team for putting such idea after discussions with all recognized Associations and Unions and coming out with an idea which will be definitely helpful to our comrades , if unfortunately anyone faces such critical situation.


3 May 21:   SAD NEWS: Heart-wrenching Demise of Com. Pravin Labhane, SDE Gadchiroli and Great leader of SNEA: With extreme grief and profound sorrow, this is to inform that Com. Pravin Labhane, SDE Gadchiroli, Ex DS/DP SNEA Chandrapur, Ex CEC Member SNEA Nagpur left for heavenly abode on 30/04/2021 during afternoon hours at age of just 50 years.   He is survived with Mother, Wife, two daughters who have completed Engineering Degree respectively in IT and Civil Engineering and son studying in 12th Standard.

Com. Pravin Labhane, had developed Covid related symptoms and was admitted to AIIMS Nagpur. In ‘Never Say Quit’ attitude, he fought the tough battle with COVID for nearly 16 days, but later developed Pneumonia related complications which resulted in the sad demise. The heart-wrenching, untimely demise of Com. Pravin Labhane left the entire BSNL and SNEA family in a state of shock as he was much popular for his all-round activities in entire Vidarbha Region.

Com. Pravin Labhane has joined DoT on 30/04/1995 as TOA at Wani in Yavatmal District on compassionate grounds on untimely death of his father. But because of hard working and sound technical knowledge, he got promotion as JTO in 2003. During his JTO Cadre, he strived and worked with full zeal and enthusiasm initially as JTO Transmission in Gadchiroli and was instrumental in maintaining the Transmission routes at times when Gadchiroli had the Naxalite activities at its peak. Later he joined Chandrapur TD in 2005 and worked as JTO CDOT in Chandrapur and here too he played a key role in CDOT 256 to AN RAX Upgradations, CDOT ISDN, and RSU Upgradations. With his strong communication skills he later rendered his exemplary service for Project Vijay.

Later, on his request on family grounds, Com Pravin Labhane e was transferred to Nagpur SSA. On joining at Nagpur TD, he was posted as JTO Shankar Nagar, one of the high elite areas of Nagpur City having high profile customers, sensitive lease lines of Banks, LIC, MSEB, Corporate offices etc. At such critical place, he worked untiringly providing best possible service for esteemed customers. With very positive attitude and strong communication skills helped him to maintain the cable network which was getting damaged due to road-widening and other development works. He is still remembered by many of the employees of Nagpur SSA for his such efficient working style.

On his promotion as SDE in 2018, he was posted as SDE FTTH and has played very important role in establishing FTTH network in Nagpur city at initial stage of introduction of FTTH services through BSNL partners/TIPs. This was tough time as BSNL was going through financial crunch. Com. Pravin Labhane and his team, contributed every month from their pockets and made a fund, which was used to restore high and premium FTTH Customers and ensure these customers don’t quit BSNL. For such exemplary contribution towards BSNL he was felicitated by then CGM MH Circle in an event held at RTTC Nagpur. 

In post VRS Scenario of 2020, Com. Pravin Labhane, has opted for request transfer to Gadchiroli SSA, from where he has started his journey as JTO and within no time he became everyone’s favourite in Gadchiroli SSA. However, Destiny had other plans and no one knew, as coming back to Gadchiroli would be like completing the cycle of life for him and from where he has to tread the pathways to heaven. It is painful to see departure of our beloved Comrade at this age and stage.

Com Pravin Labhane was truly a Hero of SNEA and since beginning he has been with SNEA. Rather, he has been instrumental in opening and building many of branches of SNEA in Vidarbha region. He has played vital role in opening SNEA branches of Chandrapur, Gadchiroli and Bhandara District. He was always on front for building unity of Executives under banner of SNEA. He has attended about all District Conferences and meetings in East Vidarbha region and about all CEC Meetings and Circle Conferences including last Circle Conference held at Mumbai.

Com Pravin Labhane, has always lead SNEA from front as DP SNEA Chandrapur, DS SNEA Chandrapur, CEC Member SNEA Nagpur. He has played very active and important role in holding Circle Conference Nagpur. He may hold post or may not hold any post in association, but he was always pursuing genuine issues of comrades. From Gadchiroli also he was pursuing genuine issues of executives in East Vidarbha area including Nagpur. Within his untimely departure, SNEA has lost silent worker, fully devoted member, strong leader having deep roots among members and great pillar of SNEA. His untimely departure is heavy loss to SNEA and BSNL. 

Com. Pravin Labhane has shown how to live life for many others, he was always in forefront for social activities and was always ready to render a helping hand to anyone of any cadre.  In real sense, he not never lived life for self but always lived for others. His memories, his never say Quit attitude, His style, and His persona, His communications skills will be remembered always and always.

SNEA Maharashtra prays Almighty to give courage and strength to bereaved family members of late Com Pravin Labhane to bear and cope up with this very crucial and hard moment of life. We also pray Almighty for heavenly peace and space for departed soul of late Com Pravin Labhane.



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