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Meeting with Add Secretary DoT <<<>>>

District Conference, SNEA Kolhapur <<<>>>

Special General Body Meeting SNEA Kalyan <<<>>>


31 Oct 17:  CAO FC Mumbai issued waiting list of request transfers of executives in account wing in call cadres i.e.  JAO/AO/CAO/DGM for Inter SSA transfers as on 30/09/2017. Letter <<<>>>  Waiting List<<<>>>

·        The corrections/missing names in the request transfer list etc are to be sent through proper channel latest by 03/11/2017 by email on

·        If any officer wants to withdraw his/her request same is also to be intimated before 03/11/2017 and as orders are expected in next week itself, there is no meaning of keeping request pending and then again asking for cancellation which may not be possible at later stage.

·        The list includes names of officers who have not completed two years at the transferred SSA. In cases where officer is not requesting for parent SSA, then the request transfer may be considered on basis of genuineness of the grounds of request and request to parent SSA is normally considered after completion of two years break.   


31 Oct 17:  Opportunity to add More GSM customers In BSNL network: It is very unfortunate that due to stiff competition in Telecom Industry and due to war of free data by RJiO mainly to destabilise the other telecom companies, the companies like Reliance Communications and Idea have decided to switch off their Telecom services.

·        All these customers which are about 7-8 Crores will be switching over to other operators and these companies will disown their customers from Nov 2017 onwards.

·        This is opportunity for BSNL to add all these customers of RCom and Idea in BSNL family as the tariffs of BSNL are comparatively same and such steps are being initiated by BSNL management. It is need of time that we all should take immediate & desired actions to see that each and every request of port in to BSNL is considered without any procedural delay and rather it is need of time that we have to work proactively.

·        BSNL Corporate office has introduced special plans and there is marginal increase in the commissions of franchises and many of the customers are willing to be with BSNL.

·        There is just time of fortnight in out hand and by keeping aside some less priority works the port in request needs to be given priority.

·      SNEA MH appeals all the comrades to grab this opportunity so that at least 50 % of overall customers of RCom and Idea will opt for BSNL services by overcoming any issue raised during activating port in request.


31 Oct 17:  SNEA MH Circle congratulates, Com. Thomas Matthew JTO Kalyan SSA on his superannuation retirement on 30/10/2017 and wish him and his family members “A Very Happy, Peaceful & Long Retired Life”.

Com. Thomas Matthew JTO MDF Bhiwandi Kalyan SSA has joined in DoT as a Technician in August 1982 at Mumbai and later he was promoted as TTA in 1996 and in year 2001 he was posted to Bhiwandi and till date he has worked at Bhiwandi in Kalyan SSA as JTO MDF/Power Plant & Building. He is one of the most sincere officers BSNL Kalyan. He is very well known for his hard work, Dedication & Devotion towards BSNL.

Com. Thomas Matthew is very active member & a responsible office bearer of SNEA. He has taken leading role in all the association activities at Bhiwandi branch & has been serving as Branch Treasurer for Bhiwandi branch till date continuously for last three terms. His commitment towards BSNL and SNEA will be remembered by all for years together. 

SNEA MH salutes sincerity, dedication and affection by Com. Thomas Matthew, towards BSNL and SNEA and on behalf of thousands of Comrades of SNEA Maharashtra Circle, we wish him & his family members “A Happy A Happy, Peaceful, Healthy & Long Retired Life”


31 Oct 17:  AGM Admn Mumbai issued fresh list of empanelled hospitals in Mumbai area wherein some of hospitals are with cashless facility and some hospitals with pre-agreed conditions. Letter <<<>>> List <<<>>>



29 Oct 17:  SNEA MH Meeting with Shri. N. Sivasailam, Add. Secretary (T), DoT:  Shri. N. Sivasailam, Add Secretary DoT was here in Circle Office Mumbai on 06/10/2017 for review meeting on progress of NOFN Projects. Sensing this opportunity the delegation of SNEA lead by Com. Harish Sable, JS Marathwada SNEA MH along with Com. M. S. Adasul, Dy GS SNEA CHQ & CS SNEA MH, Com. Hrushikesh Kesale, JS AF SNEA MH, Com. Ankit Gangar JS HQ SNEA MH, Com. Anil Dubey DS SNEA Mumbai, Com. L.U.Choudhary DS SNEA Jalgaon, Com. Prashant Jadhav DP SNEA Mumbai, Com. S. N. Shukla, VP SNEA Mumbai and Com. D.K.  Upadhyay CEC Member SNEA Mumbai gave warm welcome to Shri. N. Sivasailam, Add Secretary, Telecom DoT, New Delhi  and discussed with him the various issues related to growth of BSNL, NOFN works and its economical benefits to BSNL , standard pay scales, third PRC for BSNL employees in presence of Shri. N.K.Mehata, Director CM BSNL Board and Shri. Ashok Purohit, CGM WTR Mumbai.

·        Shri. Sivasailam, AST DoT in a very pleasant mood has given sufficient time to discuss various issues as requested by SNEA delegation but his focus was on progress NOFN Bharat Net project and its use for BSNL and its employees.

·        Starting discussions, Com. M. S. Adasul, DyGS SNEA CHQ & CS SNEA MH gave warm welcome to AST DoT on his visit to Maharashtra Circle and for having detail review meeting of NOFN project in Maharashtra Circle. We conveyed thanks to him for extending certain support for BSNL but we added that due to worst situation in Telecom sector BSNL needs much more support from DoT. We also conveyed that there is general feeling that BSNL is not being strongly supported by DoT even though BSNL and its employees are taking efforts in strengthening hands in dream project of Govt of India like “Digital India” and providing services at cheaper rates in remote areas. 

·        AST DoT added that BSNL is being supported by DoT indirectly by offering different projects like NOFN, NFS, LRE project and BSNL has to earn revenue from these projects and direct help is not possible. He added that he is here especially in Maharashtra to review the progress of NOFN and after review meeting he will be visiting to the NOFN sites to physically review the progress.

·        He expressed that the progress of NOFN project in MH Circle is slow and needs to take faster speed by completing routes, energizing the laid OFCs and earning revenue from these OFCs. BSNL will get good amount of revenue on mtce of these OFCs and delay on part of BSNL is causing loss to BSNL. He appealed delegation to convey his message to all employees about the importance of NOFN in BSNL and how it will be beneficial on completion of the NOFN project. He added that BSNL can earn about Rs. 2000 Crores from NOFN every year if entire work is completed in time bound manner and revenue generating from the NOFN starts by proving broadband connections with faster speed. He specially mentioned that the person seating at rural area should be able to download videos and pictures in no time and each and every village should be able to get access to Wi-Fi, Internet and high speed data which is major aim of Govt of India.

·        He also apprised us about the different assistance being extended by DoT to BSNL and added that to maintain fair competition in telecom sector among all operators, DoT cannot help only BSNL directly but DoT is indirectly supporting in its growth and developments. BSNL should take benefits of NOFN project by upgrading its network. He expressed concern about back haul capacity of BSNL network at different locations and data speed thereof due to poor network and its impact on the overall project and revenue of BSNL.

·        He added that BSNL can demand funds for such expansion/upgradation works of BSNL OFC network, equipments for up gradation of Transmission network and assured that whatever fund is required will be allotted by DoT and there is no scarcity of funds for such works. AST, expressed that now it is turn of BSNL and its all employees to work hard and see that BSNL gets minimum 25 FTTH connections in each GP (Grampanchayat) form the NOFN network and if BSNL starts utilization of NOFN project then BSNL will get approximate Rs. 2000 Crores additional revenue but for that BSNL and its employees have to work fast.

·        He appealed us to approach Chief Minister Maharashtra, IT secretary Maharashtra, Chief Secretary Maharashtra and convey them about strength of BSNL and how BSNL can meet entire Telecom requirement of Govt of Maharashtra with available infrastructure and assure them BSNL can provide fastest internet /Data speed at all grampanchayats and city areas also. AST DoT, firmly assured that if required, he will also personally and specially come to meet all these officers of Govt Of Maharashtra in support BSNL so that Maharashtra Circle to get maximum business from Govt of Maharashtra. Such strategies on part of BSNL will make it strong and there will not be any need of support from outside.     

·        On 3rd PRC for BSNL employees, Shri. Sivasailam, AST DOT said that there is no doubt that BSNL is performing in very odd conditions and very stiff telecom market and DoT is aware about it. But the affordability clause needs to be taken care and this is possible only if BSNL generates more and more revenue. He repeated that if BSNL gets 25 new FTTH Connections from each GP then BSNL will get Rs. 2000 Crore only from it and also requested to focus of Enterprise Business and thus BSNL will be again self dependent and no need on part of anyone else to support BSNL, he firmly assured that he is with BSNL employees for getting 3rd PRC and will not be hurdle in granting 3rd PRC but BSNL has to perform and continue to grow with generation of more revenue. In conclusion he cleared that BSNL employees will surely get 3rd PRC and appealed all to set the thing right by hard work for adding more customers by providing quality of services which is only right step to meet the present competition.

·        SNEA MH drawn his attention towards decision of DoT to downgrade Pay scales of BSNL on name of Standard Pay Scales and explained salary loss to majority of BSNL officers due to lowering pay scales instead of upgrading it. He explained how this has affected to thousands of officers of BSNL recruited after 2007 and how the intelligent manpower drain has started in BSNL due to this decision due to demotivation of the backbone of BSNL and why upgraded standard pay scale is the only solution for this issue of pay anomaly.

·        We requested him to review the recent decision of DoT for lowering pay scales of BSNL executives. He informed that the decision taken by DoT is correct and pay of the officers in not lowered in any case. He added that standard Pay Scale was to be given only for BSNL absorbed officers and BSNL has granted it to all BSNL recruited officers also, but now same has been allowed by DoT. We brought to his notice that our demand is of higher Standard Pay scales and not lowering the standard pay scale as decided by DoT. BSNL board has requested for Standard Pay scales just to remove discrimination among the officers recruited in same batch or recruitment year causing loss of Rs 10000 per month for these officers thereby defeating the basic principal of Government service i.e. equal pay for equal work.

·        We elaborated with examples that due to the presidential order issued by DoT, instead of increase in pay the affected officers, there is further reduction in pay and it has caused mass unrest among the thousands of BSNL officers. AST DOT said that till today he is not aware that the pay of certain officers is reduced and assured that if it so, then DoT will definitely review it and protect the pay of all such officers and asked us to give such details of reduction in monthly salary. We conveyed that when it was demand for up gradation of pay scales by BSNL and when its implication is just Rs 46 Crores per year which also was to be granted in year 2007-08 where BSNL was earning huge profit and we also informed him that due to this decision in reverse direction many of the officers have been demoralized and there is unrest among the officers in BSNL which is directly affecting growth of BSNL. In conclusion AST gave us firm assurance that he will not let any employee to face loss in salary due to implementation standard pay scales and directed us to submit a new draft with detailed example of how pay has reduced with the presidential order by DoT.

·        In conclusion of the very affirmative meeting, Shri. Sivsailam Add Secretary DoT conveyed thanks for welcome and directed us to convey message to all employees of BSNL that DoT is with them for growth & development of BSNL in providing quality of telecom services and all employees has to contribute to it by taking sincere efforts and specially reminded us for generation of Rs 2000 Crore from NOFN project by providing 25 FTTH connection in each GP from NOFN network. We also conveyed him sincere thanks for giving ample time to SNEA delegation for discussions on different issues and mainly for his positive assurance for extending support to BSNL and support in settlement of HR issues of officers in BSNL.

·        PHOTOs <<<>>>    


28 Oct 17:  Sr CE Elect Mumbai calls for options to fill up vacant post of EEs/SEs through Looking After arrangements.

 Willingness for SE Elect <<<>>>   Willingness for EE Elect <<<>>>

·        It is important that due to certain serious complaints the officers entrusted charge of SE/EE without following Circle seniority were withdrawn with immediate effect by giving additional charge to nearby officers in same cadre.

·        Now to fill up these vacancies as per the guidelines on the subject from seniority at Circle level, the willingness have been called from the officers in zone of consideration as per their seniority.

·        The options are to be submitted to fill up vacant post of SE Elect Mumbai, SE Elect Nagpur, EE Elect Mumbai, EE Elect Solpaur and EE Elect Goa.

·        It has been written that options should be unconditional and it doesn’t mean that there are compulsions in submitting willingness and one has to submit willingness depending on his requirement and also taking it as opportunity to work at higher level post in looking after arrangements.

·         The officers in zone of consideration are not willing to accept any of the post, should convey such unwillingness in writing in clear words and should not be under wrong impression that his name may not be considered being junior. It may happen that senior may refuse in writing and then juniors in this will be giving posting at any of the vacant post.

·         If none of officers are willing then the looking after arrangements will be issued for next juniors in the list.

·         No time is mentioned in letter for submission of willingness but concerned officers should send it as early as possible.

·         For any additional information on this subject, members may contact Com. Abhay Kesarkar Joint Secretary NRU SNEA Maharashtra Mob 9423085023 email



28 Oct 17:  DGM FC Mumbai published the list of Account Personal in letter addressed to IFAs showing the stay particulars of executives in Account wing in working SSA as on 30/09/2017, Qualification, Date of Birth  etc and calling for corrections, modifications if any. Letter <<<>>>

·        This list is consolidated on the basis of information given by IFAs with correctness certificate.

·        First time such sincere and correct efforts are taken by FC section under keen scrutiny of DGM FC Mumbai and SNEA MH appreciates efforts and pain taken for consolidating data.

·        First time the Mr/Mrs/Ms is written against each and every officer and same is not followed by even staff section which is issuing ‘n’ number of orders. This will help in ascertaining the Circle level long stay list for posting substitute to tenure stations.

·        Till there are chances that the any of the entry may be wrong due to one or another reason and hence to get it confirmed from concerned officers , same has been published and calling for corrections, modifications etc on email  through after channel after verification of office records  so that prepare updated list.

·        The last date of presenting corrections is 02/11/2017 and all executives should respond if any corrections are required in the information against his/her name.

·        This information will be used for considering request transfers of executives in Account wing and probably transfer orders will be issued in Second week of November 2017 and substitutes for request transfers will be posted from the long stayed officers.

·        For posting substitute at Tenure station , the Circle level longest stayed officer working at Non tenure stations in same cadre will be posted as substitute and as on today the tenure stations/SSAs for Account wing  are Parbhani, Beed, Buldhana & Gadchiroli.

·        For request transfers from Non tenure Stations, substitute will be posted from the longest stayed officer in same cadre from the SSA where request is being considered.

·        The stay of officers for Circle/SSA level transfers is counted from the date of entry in SSA in the any cadre including non executive cadre and for Inter Circle transfers the stay is counted from the entry in the executive cadre i.e. entry as JAO.

·        The SSAs where incoming request transfers is not pending then there is no need of worry on part of individual officer except for posting at Tenure station and long stayed officers in the SSAs where request transfers are pending have to take care and submit willingness for posting against officer requesting for the said SSA or otherwise he will be posted as per the requirement against incumbent from non tenure stations.

·        No substitute will be posted against request from the SSA, where excess executives are available and substitute will be posted to SSAs against outgoing request from SSA having shortage of executives.  

·        As per transfer policy the female executives are not posted to tenure stations till she does not opt for same.

·        The officers with more than 58 year of age will not be transferred even though they their name appears in this long stay list.  

·        For grant of immunity from on long stay transfers as Office Bearers of association is normally considered for retention of one year after transfer is issued.

·        The officers in long stay list having critical medical problems for self and dependent, physically handicapped comrades and comrades having mentally retarded children have to represent their grievances for retention before transfer orders are issued as it will not affect the implementation of the request transfers later.   

·        As such all officers are requested to confirm entire information about him/her in general and Stay particulars in particular as the corrections after 02/11/2017 may not be incorporated.

·        If you find the stay of any other officer is shown wrong/less/more than the actual stay in that SSA, then it may be brought to notice of JAO FC/CAO FC Mumbai under intimation to Com. Hrushikesh Kesale, Joint Secretary AF SNEA MH Mob 9422882888, email

·        The copies of guidelines for transfer & posting of officers are available with District Secretaries of SNEA and concerned comrades may go through it for better understanding of the procedure and its impact on self. 

·        All are requested to act in time and please do not leave any scope for need of corrections and modification once transfer order is issued.

·        SNEA Maharashtra has detail discussion on the subject with concerned officers and we are happy that the by keeping the word of transparent working stay particular data has been published and we are confident that request transfers will also be issued accordingly. 

·        SNEA Maharashtra conveys thanks to Shri. Vivek Mahavar, GM Fin Mumbai, Mrs. Aswini Bhonge DGM FC Mumbai , Shri. K.R. Patro, CAO FC Mumbai and Mrs Supriya Gedam, JAO FC Mumbai for taking such dedicated efforts for consolidation/updating/correction of stay particular data and also moving in the directions for issuing request transfers in transparent manner and as per the transfer policy and we are confident that after purification of data long awaited request transfers will be issued in second week of November 2017.


28 Oct 17:  GM Vig I BSNL CO calls for the options from ITS officers of 1996 or earlier with preference to  officers working in Maharashtra Circle for posting as GM Vigilance Maharashtra Circle at Mumbai for period of three years and last date of submission of options 15/11/2017. Letter <<<>>>


27 Oct 17:  AGM Pers II BSNL CO issued orders for cancellation of posting of Com. P.J. Jadhav presently SDE Sapore J& K Circle, earlier SDE Satara MH to posting him back to Maharashtra Circle before completion of tenure period at All India Soft Tenure Station on medical grounds. Order <<<>>>

·        Com. P.J.Jadhav then SDE Satara has opted for posting at All India Tenure station in J&K Circle and on his transfer order he has joined J&K Circle and was posted as SDE Sapore, J&K Circle.

·        But within few days medical problems started with him due to extreme cold conditions and mainly due to much difference in climate of MH State and J&K State, after few months of joining at Sapore, his medical issues started and since last 7-8 months he was on medical leave and medical conditions did not allow him join at J&K Circle.  Then he understood the difficulties while working at J&K Circle and limitations on his working due to extreme medical issues developed with him and requested for repatriation back to Maharashtra Circle and his request was recommended by CGMT JK Circle with intervention of Com. S.K.Bali CS SNEA J&K Circle.

·        But in BSNL CO his request was sidelined saying that CGMT J&K should post him at suitable hot place like Jammu but Com. Jadhav could not accept it did not with.

·        In earlier stage his proposal was processed in file and he applied for VRS from Sapore JK Circle.

·        Finally SNEA CHQ taken its note and yesterday request of Com. Jadhav has been given consideration and he is posted back to Maharashtra Circle before completion of tenure and it may be unique and first case of posting back before completion of tenure at Tenure station.

·        SNEA MH conveys thanks to Com. K. Sebastin GS, Com. A.A.Khan President, Com. P.P.Rao AGS SNEA CHQ, Com. A. P.  Dahiya, Joint Secretary Central SNEA CHQ and Com. S.K. Bali CS SNEA J&K Circle for pursuing this case and giving justice to Com. P.J. Jadhav.

·        Here important point is that now many of the officers are opting for All India Hard Tenure stations at their own for avoiding local rural transfers, Inter SSA transfers or Circle Tenure transfers under long stay as one time transfer to All India Tenure will solve avoid all such transfers.

·        One has to understand that there is much difference in climate at All India Tenure stations and before going for such extreme steps, comrades are requested to check possibility of opting for All India Soft Tenure stations, with Maharashtra Circle i.e. Gadchiroli and Sindhudurg which are specially approved for Maharashtra Circle and he/she can avoid the difficulties and hardship as faced by Com. P.J. Jadhav by applying own cost transfers to All India Soft Tenure.

·        Tenure of All India hard tenure is two years and tenure for All India Soft tenure station is three years but by considering expenditure on travelling, double family establishment and mainly suitability of climate and medical issues thereof, all comrades are appealed to check possibility of opting All India Soft Tenure at Gadchiroli and Sindhudurg and till he/she thinks fit then can opt for All India Hard Tenure station.




27 Oct 17:  DGM Admn Mumbai  issued guidelines cum instructions for reduction of Security guards and contract workers in initiatives to curtail expenditure and these steps of reduction 25% expenses will be effective from November 2017. Letter <<<>>>

·        In a very good initiative, such implementation of reduction in expenditure has been started from Circle Office as four Security guards have been reduced and most important point and action by Shri. Peeyush Khare CGMT MH Circle in curtailment of expenditure is that he has started curtailment from his office by removing one Security Guard which was deployed on Sixth Floor, A wing half part office of CGMT MH since last five years just for welcome or Opening the door of secretariat of CGMT and SNEA MH has pointed out this at many occasions but earlier CGMT continued it under fear of attack on their secretariat and this CGMT has taken fearless decision as he is not under such unwanted fear.

·        SNEA MH congratulates Shri. Peeyush Khare CGMT MH Circle and his team of Admn Section Mumbai for such initiatives of saving expense by setting example from his office and making it binding for others to follow it.

·        It has been already clarified by CGMT MH that reduction of expenses is must but it should not be at cost of affecting services and it should not be at cost of demotivation of employees of BSNL and it really means that expense needs to be reduced intellectually and we all are intellectuals and needs to act accordingly.

·        SNEA MH appeals all field officers and SSA Heads to proactively act on it and wherever it is possible to reduce the expense by reducing security guards, contract workers by utilising BSNL manpower available with us for such works and join hands with CGMT MH for reduction of 25% Expenses.

·        SNEA MH further appeals CGMT MH Circle to reduce the expenditure on Vehicles being used for transportation of DGM/GM level officers and mainly expenses on totally personal use of some of vehicles by family members of concerned officers and there is need and scope to implement curtailment of expenditure in use of hired vehicles.

·        In Circle Office Mumbai itself, we see that many of the vehicles are used by family members for purchasing vegetables/grocery from market, shopping at Malls, Cinema theatres, dropping and collecting children and all such non BSNL works and same is situation all over Maharashtra and such hired vehicles are misused to extreme limit and this needs to be part of 25% expenditure curtailment move otherwise the very purpose of this initiative will be defeated.  

·        Some of officers are using hired vehicles for 50-100 Kms Journey per day from residence to office and vice versa and this needs to be immediately curbed off as this officers stays at such long distance for personal reason and not for BSNL reason and it needs to be stopped by either limiting it for local distance of 10 to 20 kms and excess expenses needs to be paid by the officer concerned.

·        Reason behind this is that these vehicles cannot be used for any other office purpose as its limit gets exhausted in such office to home transportation.

·        Many of the vehicles are allotted on basis of post and it can be seen that when the charge is with only one officer he continues to use two to three vehicles and definitely he can use only one vehicle efficiently and other two vehicles will be misused by his family members or other officers.

·        As such there is need in strategy to make allotment of vehicle for each post and the idea of common pool needs to be implemented at the earliest.

·        Here also CGMT MH has started some initiatives by clubbing three DGMs on single route for home to office journey, he has stopped calling vehicles regularly for 24 hours and now vehicles are called as per need basis and all other officers who are using vehicles for office to home journey needs to act in similar manner of CGMT MH Circle by reducing expenses of hired vehicles for home to office transportation  as well as use for extreme personal works and join hands in mission 25% expenditure curtailment by CGMT MH.

·        It is fact that not only some DGMs & GM are misusing hired vehicles , there are some JTO/SDE/AO/DE?CAO level officers who are even not entitled for vehicle from home to office and vice versa are using BSNL vehicles for same and this is not at all correct. If anyone want to use vehicle for short distance home journey then he will have to surrender his transportation allowance and here officers not eligible are misusing it is not correct and already it has come to notice of Vigilance Officers  and one may have to face action for misuse of office vehicles.

·        SNEA MH appeals all comrades to join this mission of 25% expenditure curtailment by using different idea and we appeal our comrades to bring to the notice of SSA Heads about such misuse or wastage of BSNL money and if no action is taken by SSA Head then please bring to notice of COBs , we will take up matter with CGMT MH and see that BSNL Money is saved.

·        Please keep in mind that “Every Rupee saved is equally important with every rupee earned and such steps only will make us comfortable for getting our third PRC which is dependent on performance of this Financial Year and we all should be alert and active for making this year as profitable year by actively supporting such important initiatives by Circle/SSA management. 



26 Oct 17: Completion of just official formalities of SDE LA by Staff Section Mumbai: Finally the Staff Section completed formality of issuing SDE LA Orders after break of two months Order <<<>>>

·        Here also we have seen total reluctance in issuing fresh SDE LA orders.

·        Not only management, many of concerned officers also never asked for fresh orders and few Comrades have pointed out this negligent approach and administrative difficulties in view of not issuing fresh orders.

·        Hence SNEA MH has requested to issue fresh SDE LA Order, but it seems that just paper formalities are completed in careless and casual manner.  

·        One good step taken here is order is issued with retrospective effect from 20/08/2017 and not prospective effect.

·        In detecting terms, it is mentioned that no refusal will be accepted as posting is done at same SSA and another Good step is that all are posted in same SSA.

·        No consideration has been given to names which are eligible for SDE LA after gap of one year from earlier refusal.

·        When there are more than 200/300 post of SDEs vacant merely 80 posts are filled.

·        In SDE Looking After arrangements even no single rupee is given to the concerned officer as increase in salary due to promotion, but he /she is loaded with additional workload.

·        One can see that over the year more than 100 SDEs have been retired or have been transferred out of Maharashtra Circle, many are given DE LA charges etc and till staff section has issued looking after orders only for 80 SDEs. 

·        Some officers working at other SSA on their request transfers are given SDE LA in their old SSA.

·        Anyhow, SNEA has demanded for reopening the matter of SDE LA orders which was unofficially locked and now old order is being continued with old names, in an optimistic manner, SNEA MH will again take up matter with concerned officers and see that fresh SDE LA order are issued, by considering all above points including correct seniority of officer concerned and correct procedure thereof. 



26 Oct 17: Action against fraudulent activities by M/S Hungama causing harassment of BSNL customers: First time in the history since M/S Hungama has started services with BSNL, first time GM S& M Mumbai has written about the fraudulent activities by M/S Hungama and how M/S Hungama is getting undue benefits or earning money from the BSNL subscribers even when the Broadband connections are closed or not functioning. Letter <<<>>>

·        SNEA MH appreciates efforts of Shri. S.K. Mishra, GM S&M Mumbai and his entire team of Sales & Marketing section Mumbai, concerned field officers who have given detail report of fraudulent activities of M/S Hungama and mainly for such fearless action safeguarding interest of BSNL and exposing the fraudulent activities by M/S Hungama.

·        M/S Hungama continues with similar malpractices and earlier officers have not given proper attention and M/S Hungama continued to harass BSNL customers since last 4-5 years and many of the BSNL customers have left BSNL only due to such fraudulent activities by M/S Hungama.

·        As per past experience there will not be any change in attitude of M/S Hungama and it will be best and appropriate step on part of BSNL to discontinue the tie up with M/S Hungama and search for such reliable and authentic service provider who really care for BSNL customers.

·        If such steps would have been initiated earlier, many customers may have continued with BSNL, now also many of the customers will come back to BSNL if they will come to know that M/S Hungama is no more involved in BSNL activities.   


26 Oct 17: Mismanagement in posting of GMs/DGMs in Maharashtra Circle continues: In different postings and rearrangements of GMs/DGMs some officers are being kept on dummy post of “Task Force” and juniors are being given charge of SSA Heads.

·        This is new funda being adopted by Circle Management and opportunity seems to be given for Senior Officer at verge of retirement to enjoy retired life before retirement.

·        Earlier in similar manner one DGM at Solpaur was kept on dummy post without assigning any work, and now two officers at Sangli & Buldhana are being kept at Dummy post of Task Force. Order  I <<<>>>  Order II  <<<>>> 

·        Further SNEA MH has raised point giving additional charge of TDM Wardha to TDM Akola without understanding geographical area and need of SSAs and same has been taken care by Circle management and in corrective action now charge of TDM Wardha with DGM Akola is withdrawn and it is given as additional charge to TDM Chandrapur which is in same Business Area and have geographical boundaries.  Order III  <<<>>> 

·        In third order changing portfolios of DGMs, on name of allocation of TERM Cell work, DGM NSS Nagpur is redesignated and posted as GM Mobile II Nagpur. Order  IV <<<>>>

·        It is important that earlier may be years together and when ample officers were available with BSNL, only one GM Mobile Nagpur was posted and he was to use Nagpur Mobile for 15 SSAs very smoothly.

·        With this posting Nagpur Mobile with just 15 SSAs of Nagpur area, will have three senior level officers, i.e. two GMs , one Shri. Vinod Godghate GM Mobile I Nagpur & another Shri. Amit Shrivastav GM Mobile II Nagpur and Shri. Sawatkar is PGM Mobile Nagpur.

·        Such excess posting with wastage of higher level, experienced manpower is being done when BSNL is having acute shortage of DGMs/GMs.

·        This excess posting of senior level officers is done by keeping aside or neglecting the vacant positions of SSA/Business Head like TDM Buldhana, TDM Wardha, TDM Akola, TDM Bhandara, or GMT Chandrapur, GMT Nanded, PGMT Nagpur which comes in Nagpur area itself.

·        When Maharashtra Circle is calling for options to give DGM LA promotions then keeping DGM Level officers at Dummy post of Task Force or adding officers more than sanctioned at that particular place cannot be justified in any official manner.

·        Here priority seems to be given to requirement of individual officer over the priority or requirement of officer at SSA/BA Head post.

·        SNEA MH has already submitted detail agenda and some corrective steps are taken by Circle Management by shifting senior officers from post of DE RTCC Pune, Jt GM Arch & Co-Ordination and we are confident that here also Circle Management will take corrective action at the earliest.


26 Oct 17:  AGM Staff Mumbai published list of request transfers in JTO & SDE Cadre as on 30/09/2017 calling for corrections if any by email on latest by 13/11/2017. SDE Waiting list <<<>>>  JTO Waiting list <<<>>>

·        We have discussed the matter of consideration of request transfers with GM HR/Admn Mumbai and it has been informed that CGMT MH has directed him not to issue any transfer order till March 2018 including one to one transfers where no expenses are involved and both the officers are willing.

·        CGMT MH may have intention that it will affect the targets, which is not correct as if officer gets required station, definitely he will be at ease to take care of office work by giving more time and at the same time he can take care of family issues.

·        The request transfer is routine matter and officers are seeking transfers to meet the personal requirement as well as requirement of company.

·        A person prefers Government Service with less salary as compared with private services by keeping in mind the benefit of getting transfer at choice station which is not possible in private sector and if this facility is withdrawn then the very purpose is defeated.

·        Also the BSNL Corporate office continues to issue request transfers on Quarterly basis and here it is totally banned from March to March which is not in favour of executives and definitely it will not yield positive for management also.

·        SNEA MH will discuss this issue with CGMT MH for consideration of request transfers from non tenure stations at least twice in year and one to one substitute transfers as and when such request is made by concerned officers.  


26 Oct 17:  After posting Jt GM EB Mumbai, AGM Staff Mumbai issued orders for posting of additional one AGM & two  JTOs to EB Section by local rearrangements in Circle office Mumbai for strengthening EB activities in EB Year being celebrated by BSNL. AGM Posting <<<>>> JTO Posting <<<>>>


26 Oct 17:  AGM Staff Mumbai calls for willingness from 52 DEs for filling 17 posts of DGMs vacant at different locations under looking After arrangements Letter <<<>>>

·        Since long many of the DGM post are vacant and some of DGM posts are vacant since May 2017 when many of the officers were transferred out of Maharashtra Circle on DGM Regular promotions and no action was taken by management to fill up these vacancies.

·        SNEA MH has raised this issue of vacant post time & again and undue delay in filling up these posts and requested to fill up the vacant post by calling additional DGM LA options and giving promotions to willing officers.

·        As such names of many officers have came under zone of consideration for first time and it will give opportunity to this officers to work as DGM and also the shortage in DGM cadre will be reduced to certain extent.

·        Here also many of the post of DGM are vacant as per sanctioned strength and it is proposed to fill up minimum required post of DGMs.

·        The officers who are not willing to accept DGM LA have to submit refusal in advance.

·        There are chances that the seniority of some officers is wrong or names of some senior officers are missing from list, such senior officer also can submit their options even though their name is not included in the list.

·        Willing officers have to give three options as per own preference with priority SSAs by email on latest by 30/10/2017.


26 Oct 17:  AGM Staff Mumbai issued retention to PS up to 31/03/2018 in Inter SSA transfer from Nanded to Parbhani. Letter <<<>>>


24 Oct 17:  Status of Request Transfers of Executives in Account wing: SNEA MH is getting continuous calls from the Account wing comrades waiting for request transfers and delay in issuing transfer orders. In this regards, it is to inform that we are in continuous touch with concerned officers in FC section. SNEA MH had four rounds of discussions with GM Fin Mumbai and DGM FC Mumbai and we have concluded discussions with decision that henceforth all transfers will be issued in transparent manner and with equal treatment to all.

·        The efforts are being taken by FC section to streamline the process of transfer & posting in Account wing and hence some time is required by FC section to purify the data of stay particulars. With this purified data, the pick and choose transfer policy adopted earlier will be stopped and hence we have to take some basic efforts and we are taking care of it. We have handed over the bunch of guidelines on transfer policy to DGM FC Mumbai and matter is being pursued for transparent and unbiased transfers mainly as per the guidelines of Transfer policy.

·        The stay particulars called by FC section are not yet received from all SSAs/units  and till there is reluctance on part of Pune, Kolhapur and Mumbai to send stay particulars as many long stayed officers are working at these places and influencing for non-submission of correct stay particulars so that their name is again excluded from long stay transfer and they will continue to manage to stay at same stations and other who are not in position to manage transfers will be victims of frequent transfers. SNEA MH is watching activities and we will not allow these malpractices anymore and see that everybody gets equal treatment regardless of his skills of management of transfers and strength of influencing officers. 

·        In this week, the stay particulars of all officers in account wing throughout Maharashtra Circle will be published on MH intranet calling for corrections if any. Then getting data corrected/updated, by end of this month or by first week of November 2017 the request transfers for account wing officers will also be issued and all comrades are requested with bear with FC section and support them by timely feedback.

·        Till time anyone one has to give any feedback/suggestions on transfer posting of Account wing, please feel free to update us by email on

·        During discussions, we have also given feedback for cancellation of transfers of JAOs issued on basis of their CA qualification and we are confident that these qualification based orders will be cancelled in respect of all officers who have not yet joined at transferred place. 

·        Further issue of tenure stations of account wing needs details discussions and we have submitted some feedback to management and we will settle this issue very shortly with permanent solution for it and most probably present tenure stations for account wing will be continued as it is.  


24 Oct 17:  AGM Staff Mumbai issued request transfer of the officers who have completed their two years tenure at Circle tenure stations by end of Sept 2017 and as per directions officer under transfer to tenure station is to be relieved within seven days of these orders.  JTO Order I <<<>>>  SDE Order II <<<>>>

·        Even though the file was processed well in advance, it was not cleared due to some administrative reasons and reluctance on part of CGMT MH with view that such transfer order will affect the growth of BSNL and achievement of targets of this Financial Year.

·         Matter was continuously pursued by SNEA MH and finally we have convinced management that this is tenure transfer which needs to be issued regularly and transfer of few officers will not have direct impact on Targets as substitutes officers will take care of remaining targets. 


24 Oct 17:  In a very positive step towards proper utilisation of manpower available at higher level, Circle Management has taken initiatives and the senior officers posted at underutilised post of DE/Principal RTCC Pune, Jt GM Co-ordination/ Arch Mumbai are transferred and posted at the places where there is full scope for the talent of the officers at such higher level.  Order I <<<>>>  Order II <<<>>>

·        It is important that some officers at the level of Add GM were given charge of GM long before and some were given charge of DE even after same promotion, may be due inter rivalry among certain officers and SNEA MH has continuously raised voice against such biased posting.

·        We also have raised issue of’ number of officers seating in the Architect wing without work of Architecture wing and being harassed by keeping them idle, giving them miscellaneous works or unofficially allowing them to do private work during office hours as no justified work is/was available in Architecture Wing because no single new building has been approved by BSNL in Maharashtra Circle over past 10 years.

·        When we have earlier raised voice and some of willing JTO Arch were transferred in telecom wing and they were happily working but all of sudden on change of CGMT MH, GM Arch Mumbai has moved file and all these JTOs Arch were called back to Architecture wing neglecting their grievances and given work of Telecom wing just for justifying continuation of separate Architecture wing.

·        Fortunately, due to persuasion by SNEA MH, this order was partially implemented and out of two JTO Arch repatriated, in recent past one of JTO has been again transferred to telecom wing on pick and choose basis and another is still harassed on name of Arch wing works and not giving any work of Architecture and since last two years he is compelled to stay away from his family just for sake of happiness of GM Arch Mumbai.

·        On promotion from DGM to Jt GM it was expected that post of DGM Arch will be abolished but posting was done without any changes and now in very positive step same has been modified and Jt GM Arch has been posted as Jt GM EB Mumbai.

·        It is important that post of DGM/Jt GM EB Mumbai vacant since May 2017 and it took five months to fill this vacancy when suitable officer was available in the same office and BSNL is celebrating this financial year as EB Year.

·        We have raised this issue time to time and matter was brought to notice of GM HR/Admn Mumbai and every time we were assured but no action was taken.

·        Finally we have made it as agenda point for formal meeting which we have submitted to GM HR/Admn Mumbai on 05/10/2017 and we are happy that before discussions in formal meeting both the issues are taken care by GM HR/Admn Mumbai and CGMT MH.

·        We are confident that similar steps will be taken for proper utilisation of underutilised senior officers and many other DGMs/GMs will be given justified work and by posting them at respectable but vacant posts of SSA Head/Business Heads.

·        Also the JTOs/SDEs Arch including GM Architecture Mumbai who are not having justified work in Architecture wing will also be given the work respectable & justified to the position they hold in BSNL and will not be continued to force to seat in office without justified work or just by giving miscellaneous works as being done now.

·        It will be most appropriate and positive decision that Architecture wing where very few officers are working is merged with Telecom wing so that their talent is utilised at proper place and they also get opportunities of promotions at par with others and this will be real step in support of mission of involvement of 18000 plus employees as desired by CGMT MH Circle.

·        SNEA MH congratulates Shri. Peeyush Khare, CGMT MH Circle and Shri. Kumar Manoj, GM HR/Admn Mumbai for such initiatives and making it clear that now all 18000 plus employees will have to join mission Growth of BSNL by achieving all targets of Financial Year 2017.   


24 Oct 17:  AD Staff Mumbai issued orders for taking over charge of GMT Sangli by Com. G.B. Vibhute, with additional charge of GMT Ratnagiri. Letter <<<>>>

·        Com. G.B.Vibhute was transferred from Ratnagiri to Sangli n March 2017 and since then 3-4 substitutes were posted against him but none of them joined and managed to either get retention, cancellation or managed to keep their order in abeyance and Com. G.B. Vibhute was not relieved.

·        As many of DGMs have been transferred out of Maharashtra Circle on their recent regular promotions, the situation of DGM position has reached to worst position as many of DGM post including SSA Head are vacant.

·        Also the process of DGM Looking after Arrangements is being processed in tortoise speed and Red Tape manner; it was very difficult to get substitute DGM and Com. G.B. Vibhute who is just left with six month of service before his superannuation retirement was in trouble.

·        SNEA MH has pursued his request for relieving and as best possible solution available, Com. G.B.Vibhute is posted as GMT Sangli with additional charge of GMT Ratnagiri as temporary arrangement and steps are being taken by Circle management to post DGM Ratnagiri.

·        The position of Ratnagiri SSA is worst as there is no regular DGM /DE level officer and SNEA MH has taken up matter with Circle Management to call for special willingness for filling acute shortage of executives in Ratnagiri as well as Buldhana & Chandrapur SSAs.

·        If anyone in DGM/DE/SDE cadre working at SSA/Unit  is willing to take over charge of SSA Head Ratnagiri as TDM or TDE Ratnagiri, or DE Ratnagiri, Chiplun etc, he/she is requested to come forward and convey his/her willingness to DGM HR Mumbai and his/her posting will be done in the interest of service.

·        This will help to fill up shortage at Ratnagiri SSA to some extent and willing officer will get scope to explorer his/her talent at position of SSA Head.

·        SNEA MH conveys thanks to CGMT MH & GM HR/Admn Mumbai for considering long pending request of Com. G.B.Vibhute and giving him justice and relief as now he can submit his retirement documents from Sangli.


24 Oct 17:  By taking note of complaints made by some of District Secretaries about not conducting formal meetings to the recognised associations by SSA Heads, AD Staff Admn Mumbai issued directives to hold regular Meeting with recognised associations and release its minutes in time. Letter <<<>>>



24 Oct 17:  AGM Staff Mumbai issued orders for posting of officers in Maharashtra Circle on completion of tenure at All India tenure station  and relieving on transfer to All India tenure station. Posting Order <<<>>>  Relieving Order <<<>>>


24 Oct 17:  AGM Estt Mumbai endorsed the guidelines for grant of VC on foreign Business tour of BSNL officers making it clear that pendency of minor penalties or currency/history of any minor penalty should not be reason for withholding VCs. Letter <<<>>>


24 Oct 17:  AGM DR & R Mumbai writes GM Fin Mumbai,  SSA /Unit Heads, Heads of NRUs, AGM Staff/Admn Mumbai for Action taken report against certain BSNL employees belonging to SC/ST category on revocation of promotions/facilities availed by them on fake/false cast certificates. Letter <<<>>>


24 Oct 17:  CAO FC Mumbai issued fifth & urgent reminder to IFAs for sending missing APRs of total  22 JAOs, AOs and CAOs. It is most unfortunate that even after 5th reminder there is no response on sensitive matter from concerned IFAs and this is how we are dealing with such sensitive matter. Letter <<<>>>


23 Oct 17:  A Grand & Highly motivating Special General Body meeting of SNEA Kalyan: {Report by Com. Mukesh Wadhwani ADS SNEA Kalyan}: A Grand & Highly motivating Special General Body meeting of SNEA Kalyan was called at Conference Hall, Kala Talav Telephone Exchange Kalyan to Felicitate the Newly elected Circle Office Bearers of SNEA Maharashtra Circle on the evening hours of 04/10/2017. Almost all the members from nook & corners of Kalyan SSA attended the meeting. The Special Guests for the meeting were

1.     Com. B. S. Sonawane, Circle President SNEA MH & DS SNEA Pune.

2.     Com. M. S. Adasul, CS SNEA MH & DyGS SNEA CHQ.

3.     Com. P. N. Patil, Circle Treasurer SNEA MH.

4.     Com. M. N. Kotambe, Assistant Circle Secretary SNEA MH.

5.     Com. Ankit Gangar ,Joint Secretary HQ SNEA MH.

6.     Com. Abhay Kesarkar, Joint Secretary NRU SNEA MH.

7.     Com. N.N. Kapadnis, DS SNEA Kalyan

8.     Com M. B. Sangle, DS SNEA Nashik

9.     Com Sachin Kohadkar, DS SNEA Raigad

10.            Com Sameer Shinde, DS SNEA ACE Mumbai,

11.            Com S.V. Warungase, DP SNEA Nasik,

12.            Com. M A Wase,  Ex Joint  Secretary NRU SNEA MH,

13.            Com. B.B.Londhe, Ex Joint  Secretary Pune SNEA MH,

Apart from this the following leaders of Union & Association attended the meeting.

1.     Com Kautik Baste, DS BSNLEU Kalyan,

2.     Com Devidas Wargude, DP BSNLEU Kalyan

3.     Com Ashok Ugle, DS NFTE BSNL Kalyan,

4.     Com. S. P. Bhopat, DP, NFTE BSNL Kalyan,

5.     Com  S. B. Rane NFTE BSNL Kalyan,

6.     Com D. S. Garud DS SWEA Kalyan,

7.     Com S V Borakar DP SEWA Kalyan.

The following Senior Officers of Kalyan TD and members of SNEA Kalyan also attended meeting and graced the occasion with their imminent presence.

1.     Com. D. G. Kulkarni, DGM Admin & NWP KYN

2.     Com. B. B. Thakre, DGM Bhiwandi

3.     Com.V. N. Savadekar, Retired DGM Kalyan.

This special Meeting was presided over by Com. R. K. Nagdekar, DP SNEA Kalyan.

Com N.N.Kapadnis DS SNEA Kalyan gave warm welcome to all the Guests, Officers, Office bearers of all Unions/Associations and   Members. Then grand felicitation was done by offering special Pheta, beautiful flower Bouquet, Shwal, and Shriphal to Newly elected Circle Secretary Com M S Adasul, President Com Bharat Sonawane, Circle Treasurer Com. P. N. Patil, Joint Secretary HQ Com Ankit Gangar, Joint Secretary NRU Com. Abhay Kesarkar in support of continuous louds claps. 

 Special guest Com. M. B. Sangle DS Nasik,Com S.V. Warungase DP Nasik, Com Sachin Kohadkar DS Raigad,Com Sameer Shinde DS ACE (Arch ,Civil Electrical) Mumbai, Com Snehal Chavan Org, Secretary Nashik, Com B B Londhe Ex Joint Secretary Pune SNEA MH, Com M.A. Wase Ex Joint Secretary NRU SNEA MH, were also felicitated and specially honoured by SNEA Kalyan.

Senior Leaders and District Office Bearer of SNEA Kalyan Com A M Singh CEC Member, Com U.P Mishra CEC Member, also graced the occasion and were felicitated.

Com. M.S. Adasul CS SNEA MH & Com. M. N. Kotambe ACS West SNEA MH were specially congratulated and felicitated with beautiful boquests by leaders of BSNLEU Kalyan, NFTE BSNL Kalyan, SWEA Kalyan on their elections as CS & ACS SNEA MH.

After Felicitation, Com N. N. Kapadnis, DS SNEA Kalyan in his welcome speech passed the message of CGM MT given during brainstorming session of Circle office bearer and DS to the house, and appealed all members to put extra efforts for growth of SSA. He also highlighted various problems of SSA and hurdles in growth of SSA along with various reasons for revenue downfall. SSA is facing acute shortage of technical manpower due to non-availability JEs. There is urgent need to post the additional JEs to overcome the extra burden of executives they are facing due to overwhelming work carried out by other agencies. HR issues of Kalyan SSA mainly pending transfer from Kalyan to Mumbai and vice versa, WTR Pending request transfer, Posting of New JTOs to relive Executives order issued in rule 8, etc were also conveyed to the new circle body.

Com. M. B. Sangle, DS SNEA Nashik during his speech briefed about the earlier functioning of SNEA MH & explained why the major SSA like Nashik, Kalyan, Pune, Mumbai and Pune have taken initiatives for premature Circle conference. He told Leaders need to be brave as it is a tradition of SNEA. It was demand of time due to pending issues. He added that now SNEA members have full faith in new body and these leaders will fight for justice to members. He also told the house about various plans and ideas behind growth of Nashik and suggested ways for growth and subs retention in Kalyan which are successfully followed in Nashik. In conclusion of his impressive speech, he conveyed thanks to Kalyan Comrades for inviting him and his team SNEA Nashik.

Com Ankit Ganger, Joint Secretary HQ SNEA MH, informed the house about various activities being carried out at circle office & about formation and functioning of core teams at Circle Office for CFA & CM. He suggested various ways to utilize core team data for achieving targets. He also shared his experience while dealing with CFA issues and updated members about how to deal with it skilfully. He also shared his experience while working with SNEA Leaders and firmly assured that all the issues of young comrades will be resolved only SNEA and other associations cannot achieve it and appealed all to be united with SNEA.

Com Abhay Kesarkar, Joint Secretary NRU SNEA MH, conveyed thanks to Kalyan Comrades for felicitation and assured to give his best for association. He shared his experience while working with CS Com. Adasul and motivating results thereof. He assured to take all efforts to serve NRU Civil /Electrical Executives issues. Also in his speech suggested various ways to save revenue by proper utilization of DG sets etc and insisted on installing 3G BTS in rural & remote areas of Kalyan as there is high demand. He Suggested merger of Civil/Electrical  wing to avoid double reporting as Officers find it difficult to report that way.

Com. Sachin Kohadkar, DS SNEA Raigad Congratulated the new circle body and gave his best wishes. He added that with election of this new body under the able leadership of Com Adasul, Lion of SNEA, it is felt that all problems are solved. He also shared his views on development issues and Shown confidence in FTTH through TIP. He also mentioned that in Both CFA and CM verticals we have same problems in Kalyan and Raigad.  MTNL is not taking proper care in our areas .he insisted that we should have BSNL services in these areas as BSNL only can handle these services in important areas. Even prominent opponent companies have told that BSNL is only operator giving tough competition, which proves that BSNL is capable of performing under any circumstances and we all need to continue with more enthusiasm.

Com. M. N. Kotmabe, ACS West SNEA MH, in his highly motivating and impressive address told the house that during earlier circle body's tenure all the members had lost faith and confidence in leaders of our beloved Association. Management was happy due to our situation and was acting strong against SNEA members. Management was taking all efforts to dominate us. It was necessary to have a change in the leadership of Maharashtra SNEA and hence comrades of Maharashtra taken the right decision. He added that CGMT in brainstorming session was focused on growth and development. But it was mostly one way speech by CGM and the even single DS of different unions and associations was not given chance to share the views. All the leaders have appreciated the initiatives by CGMT MH in arranging such meeting and praised CGM but nobody speak on burning issue of salary cut.  Our leader Com M S Adasul in his speech very impressively reminded him about salary cut effecting overall actions of CGMT MH for motivation of staff and officers in Maharashtra Circle. Com. Adasul is true lion of SNEA. Now every officer is feeling that our own leader is elected and he can share his grievances with CS directly. Though he was ACS during the last period of SNEA MH even being close to Mumbai last CS never involved me in the meetings. Mgmt on its own does routine works but to get remaining works done is a challenge which we have failed in last spell. He also spoke about various happenings at Kalyan & told present GM Kalyan is not having decision making ability in the interest of BSNL. Many of the files are pending for decision, in this situation it very difficult for all of us to carry out development works. Many important issues are not taken seriously by GM and he is also not keeping his words. With this present looking after GMT Kalyan, this SSA will again go negative & works done during Ex GM Ropia Sirs period will get wasted.  He also pointed out that GM Kalyan has favoured the SDE Transferred from Circle office by violating the transfer policy of Kalyan this is injustice to the Executives of SSA working in rural part of SSA. We have opposed this injustice and given notice to GM and requested all of to unite and be ready for agitation which was supported by all comrades by thundering claps. On developments, he cited example of Nashik & its SSA Head Nashik who is capable of taking strong decision on the spot. Again vigilance case is on the rise & fear has developed among officers even for caring out day to day works. During last period, GM HR Mumbai has stopped meeting members visiting Circle office about their grievances with or without appointment and to have equal justice to all deprived comrades we were in need leader like Com Adasul Sir to tackle such issues.  He also presented his views about wrong implementation of Biometric attendance for technical staff and shared its remedies for officers and staff who are working round the clock.

Com. P. N. Patil, Circle Treasurer SNEA MH conveyed thanks to all the comrades of SNEA Kalyan for such a grand felicitation. He appealed all to take all possible efforts for development & growth of BSNL. He mentioned that Kalyan has given many leaders to SNEA Maharashtra first Com M S Adasul, then Com M N Kotambe & now new generation of leadership is coming up. We are Lucky to get opportunity to Work with Com Adasul again and further conveyed thanks to Maharashtra SNEA Members for giving this opportunity. He appreciated working style of CS & told Com Adasul has changed his lifestyle during his tenure with him. 

Com. M. S. Adasul, CS SNEA MH & DyGS SNEA CHQ in his address conveyed sincere thanks and gratitude to the Entire house for such a grant felicitation and he told that he is very proud of Members of Kalyan as they always stood behind him like a rock in any situation. Kalyan has played a very big role in whatever he has achieved in his career and he will remain graceful to Kalyan for lifetime. He started his association carrier in Kalyan as Area Secretary Kalyan, the Joint Secretary Kalyan SNEA MH and it was Kalyan comrades who have always supported him and given him chance to lead Maharashtra Circle for last ten years. He told that he is very inspired by today's aggressive and impressive speech of Com. M. N. Kotambe ACS and feels like he has again become roaring loin of SNEA and with this aggression and positive attitude; he will definitely give justice to SNEA comrades. He told in Nagpur Circle Conference he was not ready for post CS and he wanted that senior leaders like Com. Bharat Sonawane, Com M B Sangale to take leadership of SNEA Maharashtra. But at the last moment there were some avoidable changes and under compulsions created he has filled up nomination for post of CS along with panel of all office Bearers. With the support of dedicated comrades of SNEA MH he got chance to lead Maharashtra as CS SNEA MH for fourth time and he has no words to convey thanks to comrades of SNEA Maharashtra for such strong faith on him and his team SNEA Maharashtra. He told new Circle body will work as per members wish and will take all the members along with them. After finishing the election process, we have to forget the past and start new era in which all will be involved, all will work unitedly and our target is to increase the maximum membership of SNEA MH. All should get involved in developmental and growth activities of BSNL because if BSNL grows then only there is scope for any unions/association and its leadership.    CGMT MH is very positive for growth & we should support him and whatever target assigned by CGM try to complete it by putting all out efforts. If there is any hurdle please bring in to notice to the senior and concerned officer if not directly then through DS SNEA and assured to extend total support from Circle Office on any development and growth related issue. At present BSNL is only company in profit having no major loans when all other companies in Telecom sector having thousands of crores loan and every company in telecom sector R JIO, R Com, Aircel, Vodafone has losses in its function and at the same time heavy loans with them and comparatively BSNL has very less loans that to be for projects like GSM expansion and it is in better position as compared to other telecom companies. He told house that though there are major hurdles on all HR issues, but it is being taken care and will be resolved in day to come. He appreciated efforts taken by Com. Ankit Gangar Joint Secretary HQ for raising burning issue of JTO pay scale 22820 and pursuing it vigorously. 3rd PRC and pending promotions are major issues and we will get our due benefits with stronger unity. CPUs hierarchy is   about to be implemented and matter is at final stage of discussions. SNEA Always fights for right things and also fights against wrong Policy. Regarding Kalyan Mumbai Transfers, he promised that it will be issued as per decided policy. Earlier we have issued orders as per policy and which will follow in future also. All WTR transfers also will be considered in a time bound manner. In respect of recent developments he told that GM Kalyan Should think about  doing positive work , create the atmosphere in Kalyan for development instead of following wrong orders issued by GM HR/Admn Mumbai and he cannot run away from his responsibility as GMT Kalyan on name of GM HR/Admn Mumbai thereby issuing wrong, pick and choose orders. There should not be any partial or bias policy for individual cases. He also informed the house about today’s historic decision taken by all unions and association at Delhi that it is unanimously decided to fight under single banner and now mgmt and Govt will definitely listen to our grievances. At the end he appealed all comrades to focus to revive Kalyan SSA, Kalyan should grow manifolds as it is having potential to earn the huge revenues for BSNL and assured total support to SNEA Kalyan for any of its issues either HR or Development and he appealed to all to support mission of CGMT MH Growth of BSNL by achievements of targets assigned in this financial year. Finally he once again conveyed thanks to all comrades for the grand felicitation and their dedicated support to him all his association activities.

Com. Bharat Sonawane, Circle President SNEA MH & DS SNEA Pune conveyed thanks to team SNEA Kalyan for such a grant felicitation in Kalyan on his first visit in Kalyan. He has given the Views about brainstorming session by CGMT; Brainstorming should be done keeping target audience in mind. It should be both ways. In today’s scenario of marketing is necessary. Civil/Electrical executives are working under fear of Chief Engineer and Vigilance. This made them to think them where they are right or wrong. In name of   Performance based transfer policy, there would be possible exploitation of executives hence we all should oppose it unitedly. Brainstorming session was conducted by CGMT with just when 4 days left for half year ending and it should have been planned earlier in start of FY so that targets could be achieved also Target assignment is irrational. Now also time is in hand and all should work on it for getting positive results of PRC. NGN was brought for mobile convergence but, it is very Poor quality switch. 1000s of connection were surrendered during change over and one needs to think on implementation of any new project. In conclusion he has conveyed thanks to all comrades of SNEA Kalyan with full support from SNEA MH. 

Com. R. K. Nagdekar, District President SNEA Kalyan remembering all old sweet memories of activities of SNEA Kalyan specially thanked to Raigad as Com M S Adasul was elected as Joint Secretary Kalyan SNEA MH at Patalganga Raigad, due to this only SNEA got such a dashing leader. He told that he has worked a lot with Com Adasul since initial days, & also learnt to fight for the rights of our members from him.  Com Nagdekar briefed about EB business carried out at Kalyan SSA & NPCIL agreements worth about 4.5 CR.

Com Sameer Shinde, DS ACE Mumbai conveyed Vote of thanks in his special style and the grand and highly successful , motivating special general body meeting concluded with National Anthem and slogans of unity.

PHOTOS <<<>>>



21 Oct 17: Meeting with Shri. Rajeev Soni, Sr CE Electrical Mumbai: SNEA delegation led by Com. Abhay Kesarkar Joint Secretary NRU SNEA MH comprising Com. Sameer Shinde DS SNEA ACE Mumbai, Com. Ankit Gangar, JS HQ SNEA MH and Com. M. S. Adasul, CS SNEA MH, on 03/10/2017 had introduction meeting with Shri. Rajeev Soni, Sr. CE Electrical Mumbai in his chamber.

We had details discussions of different HR as well as development issues related to Electrical wing and discussions were very positive & result oriented. After introduction of newly elected office Bearers of SNEA MH Shri. Rajiv Soni congratulated all.  We have discussions on following points.

1.     Request Transfers of executives in Electrical wing and consideration of all pending request transfers. 

2.     Extension of Retention granted to certain officer. 

3.     Review of Tenure stations for Electrical wing executives.  

4.     Unrest among Electrical wing Executives due to mass Charge sheets even on Petty amounts and solutions thereof.

5.     Bifurcation of Electrical subdivision Panjam and Madgaon in Goa SSA.

6.     Utilization of ideal manpower in Electrical wing & distribution of workload. 

7.     Misuse of Immunity of some of officers to save from long stay transfers.

8.     Non Standard & out dated practices followed by Electrical wing in Electrical rewiring wiring in Staff Quarters ad need of review thereof:.

9.     Individual Request for transfers by Electrical wing Executives.

 The details discussions held for more than one and half hour concluded with our request to CEE Mumbai to have transparent and uniform transfer and posting of executives in Electrical wing to give equal justice to all executives with true spirit. If required some policy can be framed at par with Telecom wing or even same policy of telecom wing can be followed with minor changes in tenure stations for Electrical wing and assured total support from Representative Association SNEA.  We conveyed thanks to Shri. Rajiv Soni Sr CEE Mumbai for holding healthy and positive discussions on different issues and his assurance for resolution of issues at the earliest.   

Point wise details of Discussions <<<>>>




SNEA Maharashtra wish a very Happy and Prosperous Diwali to all


17 Oct 17: Mass response for Lunch Hour Demonstrations throughout Maharashtra Circle: Following the call given by CHQ of Forum of Unions and Associations in BSNL, hundreds of comrades throughout Maharashtra Circle participated in Lunch Hour demonstrations held on 16/10/2017 at all Circle/District HQs and with strong unity registered strong protest demanding 3rd PRC and opposing formation of Tower Subsidiary Company.

         SNEA Maharashtra conveys sincere thanks and gratitude to all the comrades who have taken active part in Lunch Hour Demonstrations at each and every District of Maharashtra Circle and appeals all the comrades to be united and  be ready for further struggle with strongest unity if our demands are not given due consideration by DoT/Government of India. PHOTOs <<<>>>


17 Oct 17:  DGM EB Pune issued orders for revision of “Maha Krushi Sanchar (MKS NEW) CUG Plan” with new freebies i.e. 17/10/2017. Letter <<<>>>

MKS CUG plan is most popular plan among farmers of Maharashtra Circle and there are more than 12 lakh GSM BSNL customers in this CUG group which is also highest among all such CUG groups. With new Freebies more customers will be added in this group. 


17 Oct 17:  AGM Estt  Mumbai directs SSA Heads concerned to send Missing APRs of 21 SDEs in different SSAs for DPC for SDE to DE Adhoc/Regular promotions  directly from SSA to CS to Director HR BSNL CO Delhi. Letter <<<>>>


17 Oct 17:  AGM Admn Mumbai calls for applications for award of departmental Scholarships for children of BSNL employees for Year 2017-18, the applications are to be submitted in prescribed format through proper channel and last date for submission of applications 30/11/2017. Letter <<<>>>


17 Oct 17:  AGM Estt  BSNL CO Delhi  endorsed guidelines by DoPT on availability of option for Fixation of Pay on Promotion from Next date of Increment in lower post. Letter <<<>>>  DoPT Order <<<>>>


17 Oct 17:  Diwali Message by Shri. Anupam Shrivastva, CMD BSNL stressing for treating customer with due respect and not to use any harsh words for customers. Letter <<<>>>


17 Oct 17:  Message by Shri. Anupam Shrivastva CMD BSNL on Vigilance Awareness Week to be observed from 30th Oct 2017 to 4th Nov 2017 with the theme “My Vision- Corruption Free India” Letter <<<>>>


17 Oct 17:  Message by Shri. Deepak Kashyap  CVO BSNL on Vigilance Awareness Week to be observed from 30th Oct 2017 to 4th Nov 2017 with the theme “My Vision- Corruption Free India” Letter <<<>>>


17 Oct 17:  AGM Pers I BSNL CO Delhi issued All India Hard Tenure transfer order in DE cadre wherein no DE is transferred to Maharashtra Circle but one DE from Maharashtra is posted as substitute to one DE transferred from NE-I Circle to Telngana Circle and in all other cases substitute is posted one to one basis from that particular Circle long stay list.  Letter <<>>>

Personal Cell has is not following transfer policy of posting substitute either on one to one basis or from the longest stayed officer from all India basis and here in all other cases substitutes are posted on one to one basis and for posting substitutes for DE in Telngana Circle substitute is posted from Maharashtra Circle. It can be seen that there is acute shortage of DEs in Maharashtra Circle as about 250 post of DEs are vacant in Maharashtra Circle and again on this pick and choose basis DEs are being transferred out of Maharashtra Circle and there is need to follow uniform policy either for posting substitutes on one to one basis or from All India Long stay list and SNEA MH will definitely take up this issue to stop such pick and choose transfers. 


17 Oct 17:  AGM Pers II BSNL CO Delhi issued All India Hard Tenure transfer order in SDE cadre wherein three tenure completed SDE are transferred to  Maharashtra Circle and three SDEs from MH Circle & WTR Maharashtra are transferred as their substitutes and 2 SDEs from MH Circle are transferred to WTR Maharashtra. Letter <<<>>>


17 Oct 17:  AGM Pers II BSNL CO Delhi issued order for posting substitutes against the All India Hard Tenure transfer order in SDE cadre cancelled earlier for some reasons and now two SDEs from MH Circle are transferred to  NE-I Circle. Letter <<<>>>

 It is disgusting that when more than 20 SDEs have been transferred out of Maharashtra Circle on their choice when no SDE was transferred to Maharashtra Circle and here by consideration of order cancelled in Year 2014, another SDE is being transferred in Year 2017 as substitute/replacement against cancellation. If Pers Cell is so concerned about one to one substitute, it should have considered the “Request Transfers” also on one to one basis i.e. Request from Maharashtra Circle should be considered as substitute against tenure completed SDE and no one should be transferred even on Request when no incumbent request is pending for Maharashtra Circle, otherwise it will unnecessarily increase percentage of transfers out of only Maharashtra Circle and this is wrong precedence.


17 Oct 17:  DGM SR BSNL CO Delhi  issued fresh guidelines for maintaining waiting list for Type I to Type IV Staff Quarters as per date of Priority and dispensing the concept of Technical acceptance of allotment of staff quarters. The nothing has been mentioned in the letter about procedure for Type V and above type of staff quarters and there technical acceptance seems to be allowed to continue as it is. Letter <<<>>>


17 Oct 17:  Jt GM Sales BSNL CO Delhi conveys directions of CMD BSNL to celebrate Active Diwali wherein the officers of DGM and above level will celebrate Diwali by visiting CSCs and Retailers. Letter <<<>>>


17 Oct 17:  AGM NOFN Mumbai conveys approval of competent authority for laying fresh OFC to replace existing OFC where Fibre is not available or lossy. Letter <<<>>>


16 Oct 17:  Urgent Review of Looking After charges in Electrical Wing:   In view of complaints received against the method of local looking after arrangements without following Circle Seniority for making Looking After arrangement in SDE, EE & SE Cadre, Sr CE Electrical Mumbai & CE Electrical Nagpur have issued orders  for withdrawal of all such orders issued time to time & case by case basis giving looking after charge to different officers available locally and now instead of looking after charge ,the additional charge is given to regular officer in same cadre or in higher cadre

Withdrawal of Charge Order I <<<>>>          Withdrawal of Charge Order II <<<>>>

Additional Charge Order I <<<>>>                Additional Charge Order II <<<>>>

·        In these urgent & immediate arrangements the officers in same cadre from same SSA or even from other SSA are given additional charge increasing tension & load of the officer concerned.  

·        These orders will be effective till regular incumbent joins or further orders are issued by Sr CE Electrical Mumbai or CE Electrical Nagpur.

·        This all off sudden order has created panic in the officers in Electrical wing.

·        It was quiet possible to issue fresh looking after orders as per the guidelines of maintaining Circle Seniority and even though earlier orders were wrong, it would not have created havoc if continued for some days more till issuing fresh orders for  looking after arrangements as per Circle Seniority. 

·        This all of sudden withdrawal of charge has created extreme shortage of executives and it can be seen due to such shortage the charge of SE Electrical Mumbai is directly taken over by Sr SE Electrical Mumbai directly and in many cases SDEs from other SSAs are given charge of SDEs in other SSAs which is not practical and just office formality. 

·        These orders are also not as per seniority and charge is given to officer available locally or in nearby SSA but in same cadre and it will cause inconvenience to the concerned officer and it will definitely have impact on the works.

·        Though all of sudden action of withdrawal of charges without making concrete alternative arrangements has created unrest and doubts among Electrical wing, we all should take it as positive & corrective step and assume that there is nothing wrong intention behind it.

·        Let us hope that fresh orders for looking after arrangements will be issued shortly and the entire dilemma will be resolved once for all purifying /correcting the mistakes done now as well as earlier.


16 Oct 17: Grand and Highly Successful District Conference SNEA Kolhapur 28/09/2017: {Report by Com. S.D. Muragi DS, Kolhapur}:  The District Conference of SNEA Kolhapur was nicely arranged on Friday 28/09/2017 at New Conference Hall, Telephone Bhavan, Kolhapur for electing new district office bearers due to transfer of Com. M. P. Abhyankar, District Secretary Kolhapur.  The meeting started at 1800 hrs. It was indeed great meeting and even though it was festival period and mood of holiday, almost all the comrades have attended meeting with full enthusiasm and made it grand success by their active participation. The presence of comrades of Electrical and Civil wings of Kolhapur SSA was remarkable and all have taken active part in this meeting. The conference hall was jam packed. The deliberations and discussions in the meeting were very healthy.

The following Circle leaders have attended meeting.

1.             Com. M. S. Adasul, Circle Secretary SNEA MH,

2.             Com. B. S. Sonawane, Circle President SNEA MH,

3.             Com. M. N. Kotambe, Asstt. Circle Secretary West SNEA MH,

4.             Com. S. D. Muragi, Ex-CWC Member SNEA MH

          The meeting started with felicitation of newly elected Circle office bearers by presenting beautiful flower bouquet and warm welcome of all dignitaries.

Com. S. C. Kulkarni, in his welcome speech congratulated all the newly elected Circle Office Bearers of SNEA MH and conveyed best wishes.  He also elaborated the purpose for conducting the premature General Body meeting.

Com. M. P. Abhyankar, DS SNEA Kolhapur presented his DS report for his tenure. During his address he told that membership verification was conducted and as expected SNEA Kolhapur has given a lead over rival association even though rival association was headed by their CP who is working in Kolhapur itself. He thanked Com. V.B. Kokate Ex. CS SNEA MH and Com. S. R. Kalmegh, Ex CP SNEA MH for settling almost all the HR issues related to Kolhapur.  All the calls given by Circle and CHQ were observed with full strength enthusiastically. As per Circle body request, SNEA Kolhapur conducted emergency CEC meeting at Kolhapur in a decent, grand and executive manner at Hotel Pavilion Kolhapur. All participants were appreciated for the stay and meeting arrangement done at Kolhapur.  He also expressed that no major issue are pending with local management and thanked all the comrades for extending the cooperation during his tenure.   He told that he feels proud to announce that all the previous outstanding of CHQ and Circle quota were paid and no quota as on date is pending.

Com. S. D. Muragi, Ex-CWC Member SNEA MH congratulated Com. M.S. Adasul  Com. B.S. Sonawane,  and Com. M.N. Kotambe , for electing as CS, CP and ACS (W) respectively.    He expressed his hope that SNEA MH will flourish further under their dynamic leadership.   During his speech he told that he has attended both CWC meetings which were conducted at Kolkatta and Hyderabad and took active part in deciding the CHQ level policy matters.  Also he played major role in conducting CEC at Kolhapur smoothly. He also participated in CEC at Aurangabad. Lastly he thanked all the comrades for extending the cooperation.

 Com. N. W. Narayane, DT SNEA Kolhapur presented audited Accounts and it was unanimously passed by house. He thanked DS, DP, other District Office Bearers and all the comrades for extending the cooperation.

Com. M. B. Kotambe, ACS West SNEA MH in his address he told that it is a first GB meeting during his current tenure. He was delighted to see the attendance of the members in spite of festive period. He told that now we have got dynamic and dashing CS like Com. M. S. Adasul, who will solve all pending HR issues at Circle level in his own style.   He also congratulates Com. B.S. Sonawane for elected as Circle President.     

Com. Bharat Sonawane, CP SNEA MH in his speech he told that he was happy as he attended the first General Body Meeting after elected as a Circle President that to in holy place Kolhapur.  He also appealed to strengthen the SNEA by adding new members in SNEA family. He assured to support fully SNEA Kolhapur.

Com. M. S. Adasul, CS SNEA MH in his usual style interacted with all comrades and covered all the aspects of BSNL and also cleared all doubts and confusion in the minds of the comrades about existence of BSNL and future of executives in BSNL. He feel proud and lucky to attend first General Body meeting after getting elected as CS MH for fourth time that to in holy place Kolhapur during Navaratri festival.  He was pleased to get warm welcome from beloved comrades of SNEA Kolhapur.  During his address he assured to extend all sort of cooperation to resolve all the issues of Kolhapur.

The silent points of his address are:

·         BSNL is only telecom operator where common public is having much more faith and is having less debt as compared to all the other telecom companies.

·         CPSU cadre hierarchy implementation which will be most beneficial to all comrades as this is proper channel for fastest promotion.

·         Standard Pay scale of E2 for JTO and efforts being taken by SNEA for getting it implemented at the earliest.

·         Efforts taken by BSNL management, unions/associations, officers & staff resulting positive trend in recent years in terms of our revenue and operational profits.

·         3rd PRC recommendation, affordability clause and action plan which SNEA would follow to get 3rd PRC with full 15% fitment.

·         He resisted for formation of subsidiary tower company, its implications in BSNL and in telecom segment are not good.

He thanked to all the comrades and leaders of SNEA Kolhapur for arranging such beautiful and grand meeting that to be in very short period notice being a first General Body Meeting as a CS MH.

Com. B. S. Patil DP SNEA Kolhapur in his speech he told that he was quite enthusiastic to work as DP being first time office bearers of SNEA Kolhapur. He was quite pleased that the SNEA team always worked in synchronization hence he did not face any difficulty during his tenure.  He told that membership verification was conducted in smooth manner by giving lead to SNEA.   He gave special thanks to previous Circle body for settling all the HR issued of Kolhapur. He thanked all the office bearers of SNEA Kolhapur and all the other comrades. Lastly he appealed all comrades to strengthen SNEA Kolhapur and dissolved the existing body.

Com. S. C. Kulkarni unanimously elected as an election officer.

Com. M. B. Gogate, Com. S. D. Muragi, Com. B. S. Patil were elected unanimously as a DP, DS and DT respectively.

Newly  elected office bearers of SNEA Kolhapur have assured to join hands in strengthening SNEA by adding new members in SNEA family and thus to join hands with SNEA MH to support its mission to strengthen SNEA all over Maharashtra by increasing membership to 3500.

 Circle President Com. B. S. Sonawane gave oath to all newly elected district office bearers. 

Newly elected DS and DP assured the comrades to work hard under the guidance of CS and GS   to resolve all the issues of Kolhapur and Circle and CHQ levels and thanked all the comrades for electing new district office bearers unanimously. 

Com. S. C. Kulkarni conveyed vote of thanks to CS, CP and ACS (W) and all other comrades. The meeting was concluded with National Anthem, slogan of Unity, SNEA & BSNL Zindabad followed by a delicious dinner for all participants.

List of Newly elected District Office Bearers. <<<>>>

Photos <<<>>>


14 Oct 17: Congratulations!!! SNEA Maharashtra Congratulates Com. Manish Pandhre, DP SNEA Nagpur/JS Vidarbha SNEA MH and Com. Sameer Khare DS SNEA Nagpur for their marvellous victory in the Prestigious  P&T Employees Society Elections with a thumping majority.

P&T Employees Society is established in 1914 and it is more than 100 years
having membership strength of more than 5000 plus members & is spread over 4 states Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan & Chhattisgarh states.

Com. S. K. Gangathade, Ex CWC Member & Senior Leader SNEA Maharashtra played vital role in the victory of these comrades in support of all other leaders and comrades of SNEA Nagpur.

Com. Manish Pandhare & Com. Sameer Khare have conveyed sincere thanks & gratitude to one and all who have directly or indirectly supported them in this victory.



14 Oct 17:  Availability of Nano SIM Cards: SNEA MH has received complaints from many of the officers that there is acute shortage of Nano SIM cards at about every CSC in Maharashtra Circle except few. The matter was confirmed by Com. Ankit Gangar JS HQ SNEA MH with the officers of Marketing Section Mumbai and it has been informed that there is no shortage of SIM Cards in Maharashtra Circle and about Six lakhs “Nano SIM Cards are rightly available with Marketing Cell Circle Office Mumbai and can be demanded by any SSA which is need. Apart from these SIX Lakhs Nano SIM cards available in hand, the Maharashtra Circle has already purchase Order for additional Eight Lakh Nano Cards and same are expected within period n coming two months.

          But it has been reported that though all SSAs are utilising the Nano SIM cards, same is not updated in ERP and hence there is huge stock of Nano SIM cards n ERP and hence these available Nano SIM cards are not being allotted. As such all concerned officers sending requirement of “Nano SIM”  Cards are requested to verify the that data / Inventory of Nano SIMs physically as well as in ERP and figures may be kept updated on day to day basis. If it is not possible to update on day to day bass for any reason it is requested to update physical reports as well as ERP data about availability of “Nano SIM Cards” before raising new indents or asking for fresh allotment of “Nano Cards”.

            If it comes to notice that ERP shows some Nano SIM stock but it is not available than template SD41 may be submitted along with SSA head approval for updating Inventory in ERP by L2.

           Till anyone has any issue about Nano SIM Cards and its availability he/she may directly contact to Com. Jitendra Karambelakar JTO Mktg Mumbai Mob 9420488321.



14 Oct 17:  Meeting Joint Forum of Unions & Association Maharashtra Circle:  Sensing availability of District Secretaries  & Circle Secretaries of all Unions and Associations in Mumbai for Brain Storming Session, the leaders of Joint Forum of Unions/Associations Mumbai had taken initiatives for special meeting and accordingly meeting of District Secretaries  & Circle Secretaries of all Unions and Associations  was conducted at 1500 hrs in the 2nd Floor Conference hall , BSNL Admn Bldg Juhu Road Santacruz Mumbai.

This meeting was addressed by Com. Ranjan Dani, CS NFTE BSNL MH, Com. NageshKumar Nalawade, CS BSNLEU MH, Com. A.G.Joshi CS AIBSNLEA MH, Com. M. S. Adasul CS SNEA MH, Com. Bharat Sonawane CP SNEA MH, Com. Appasaheb Gagare CP BSNLEU MH and many of the District Secretaries.

·        The entire focus of the discussions was need of stronger unity among the leaders & members of all Unions/Associations to fight with present challenges in front of BSNL, settlement of pending HR issues affecting masses, to oppose wrong doings of the certain officers in the management and secure future of BSNL and in turn the future of thousands of employees and officers of BSNL with this strongest unity.

·        The matter of recent agitations by different unions and associations at different times and issues thereof were discussed and it was unanimously decided that all Unions and Associations will follow the calls given by CHQ with strongest unity and strong support will be given for the Call given by Forum of Unions and Associations of BSNL at HQ.

·        The discussions in the brain storming sessions were also reviewed and it was decided to take efforts to spread message of CGMT MH to each and every employee/officer of Maharashtra Circle and to extend full support to Circle/SSA Management for achieving all the targets of Financial Year 2017-18.

·        It was also unanimously decided that CGMT MH will keep his word and promises given to all the leaders and in case of failures in meeting these promises, the issues will be raised under banner of Untied Forum of BSNL Unions & Associations, Maharashtra Circle.

·        The house unanimously requested Com. NageshKumar Nalawade to lead the overall activities of Untied Forum of BSNL Unions & Associations, Maharashtra Circle.

·        The interactive session started at 1500 hrs concluded at 1630 hrs with resolution of stronger unity among executives and non-executives throughout Maharashtra Circle and Vote of Thanks by Com. Shivaji Chavan , DS NFTE BSNL Aurangabad.


·        PHOTOS <<<>>>


14 Oct 17:  Special Brain Storming Session for Union/Association Leaders by Circle Administration at Mumbai: {Report by Com. Ankit Gangar, JS HQ SNEA MH}: As per notification issued by Com. R.C. Chavan, DGM Admn Mumbai the special Brain storming session with Circle Secretaries & District Secretaries of all recognised Unions & Associations in BSNL Maharashtra Circle was arranged in the second Floor Conference Hall, BSNL Admn Bldg, Santacruz West Mumbai at 0930 hrs on 27/09/2017.

 This session was chaired and addressed by Shri Peeyush Khare, CGMT MH Circle for direct interactions with District / Circle Secretaries of all Unions and Associations. From SNEA side this meeting was attended by the District Secretaries except Jalna, Akola & Osmanabad and everybody has attended meeting with full preparations. Apart from all DS from SNEA Com. Bharat Sonawane CP SNEA MH, Com. M. S. Adasul CS SNEA MH, Com. P. N. Patil CT SNEA MH, Com. M. N. Kotambe, ACS West SNEA MH, Com. Abhay Kesarkar, JS NRU SNEA MH, Com. N.B.Teni CWC Member SNEA MH, have attended this brain storming session.

As scheduled, the session started sharp at 0930 hrs without even single minute delay from schedule and by that time the Conference hall was jam packed and many extra seats were added to accommodate all the District / Circle leaders from different corners of Maharashtra.

The session started with welcome from management side directly by Shri. Peeyush Khare , CGM, MH Circle and with giving welcome and brief idea behind holding this special Brain Storming Session with District Secretaries and Circle Secretaries of all Unions/Associations. The Circle Secretaries of all Unions & Associations present in the meeting have presented bouquet to Shri. Peeyush Khare CGMT MH Circle thereby extending him total support for growth and development of BSNL throughout Maharashtra Circle. 

Thereafter Shri. Peeyush Khare had three and half hours address to this gathering with about 10 minutes tea break and to utilise time to maximum extent even breakfast was served during the address of CGMT MH. In his address motivational address Shri. Peeyush Khare, CGMT MH has kept focus only growth & development of BSNL in Maharashtra Circle and contribution by each and every staff & officers out of 18000 employees of BSNL Maharashtra Circle. The silent points covered in his address are as follows. 

·        MH Circle has come in profit after almost 10 years and it is matter of proud for all of us.

·        MH Circle has received many awards and on behalf of all 18000 work force of MH Circle as CGM MH, he has accepted the award from Corporate Office.

·        CGM MH has devoted this award to each and every executive / non-executive for the unprecedented growth seen by MH Circle in last financial year and has given credit to all the employees for such shining results of Maharashtra Circle.

·        He specially mentioned respect all the employees, this trophy of Excellence by Maharashtra Circle was taken to every SSA and many of employees have taken photos with it and have celebrated this proud achievement of Maharashtra Circle. 

·        CGM MH informed that there is need of immediate realisation of accounts and revenue which is billed.

·        He stressed on the fact that we all must overcome each and every difficulties by trying to find out solutions on it rather than repenting on the difficult situations and keeping hands folded.

·        He has appealed that all the 18000 work force of MH Circle must be in mission mode and ready to fight in this cut throat competition in Telecom Segment.

·        He has given emphasis to give support to the legacy system along with some out of the box ideas which can save expenditure of BSNL and in turn earn profit from the revenue earned

·        We all must work towards our main AIM to achieve profit for MH Circle and this mission should have more focus in second half of financial year which starts from 01/10/2017 and just four days are left for all of us.

·        He informed that currently there is sudden cash crunch in the market and money for salary / payment of vendor is not readily available and we all have to give serious thought to it.

·        He further expressed that BSNL is the only Telecom Company with the least debt in the current market, as every telecom company is having loans in thousands of Crores and BSNL is holding strong position with only 3000 Crores loan which is lowest among all companies.

·        These 3000 Crores loan is being utilised by  BSNL for major projects like GSM Phase VIII.4 implementation and from this also revenue generation will start at the earliest.

·        Two Quarters of Financial Year 2017-18 are over, third quarter is about to start and we need to gear up our self for being ready to fight the stiff competition at par with the private operators.

·        Our priority now must be to retain the existing customers for another year at-least till the time the market gets settled and then we can concentrate on revenue generation.

·        Currently none of the telecom projects / telecom companies are bankable and all companies are trying to find various businesses to stay viable in the market.

·        Total Telecom sector is having lakhs of crores of liability and whole sector is currently debt laden.

·        The Financial year 2017-18 has been announced as “Enterprise Business year for BSNL” by Corporate office, and we must focus on increasing our EB Business.

·        In the current telecom sector no company is better than BSNL, we have the best man power with vast experience, and we have all the knowledge of various new trends in telecom segment.

·        BSNL has the most valuable segment i.e. Manpower, but we have been ignoring it.

·        We need combination of energy and technical wisdom

·        Second half year of the financial year has started and all are requested to take active part in the mission PROFIT for MH Circle

·        We need all out efforts from all our 18000 employees, and we need to come out of our small problems and need to behave with self-commitment and self-responsibility and there should not be need of any supervision.

·        We all need to remember that the strength of our chain is as strong as the weakest ring of our chain and hence we will have to keep focus on finding weakest ring and strengthening it so that the overall strength of chain is increased and we can face competition in telecom sector.

·        Now the competition is slightly settled down in the mobile segment and there is breathing space available but we have very less time left for this fiscal year.

·        We need to maintain our customer base so that our top line revenue and bottom line of expenditure remains stable.

·        We need to understand that when we lose our customer we are losing our revenue and we cannot afford it.

·        We need to maintain our network with the existing available resources and do whatever is possible from our side.

·        Just give 3/4th of your office working in focused manner and result oriented works.

·        We can also reduce the expenditure judicially

·        Keep morale high of all your colleagues and staff.

·        There is need for giving proper guidance and direction to all the staff working under you.

·        50% of the SSA head are expressing their incapableness to work as SSA Head and are asking for VRS, they need support from all of you and all leaders need to be motivators. He informed that he will not approve VRS and everybody has to contribute to BSNL.

·        All are requested to be prepared with a mind-set to fight a long battle for overall stability of BSNL

·        All should have a thought process that “YES, I CAN DO IT”

·        We must think that we all are special to be in this telecom industry and fighting all private operators with our intelligence.

·        We all need to take every positive action such that customer does not leave BSNL.

·        He was optimistic about technological changes and mentioned that technological changes have given and will continue give new business for BSNL.

·        Do marketing only in feasible areas to meet demand which we can fulfil.

·        Leased lines if faulty to be attended without any delay or lethargy as it is most important source of revenue earning by BSNL.

·        In market scenario in telecom sector is so changed that customer thinks that why he/she should book a complaint and the Telecom company must know that his service is down and get it restored proactively.

·        We just cannot wait for customer to complaint and we will have to change our mechanism to meet the requirement of current trend in the market if such change is adopted, no one can compete with BSNL.

·        If we clear the faults in 6-8 hours and we find that the customers is much happy and has not much more expectations from us.

·        Our current MTTR is 40-50 Hours and only Nasik has lowest MTRR of 18 Hours and hence we all must work to bring the MTTR down to 8 hours for all SSA.

·        In many cases fault is resolved but not updated in CDR due to which MTTR is high, so make a mechanism to get faults cleared in CDR simultaneously

·        All SSA must have OFC maintenance tender and just cannot continue with traditional approach.

·        All UG cable faults more than 400 pair must be cleared within 24 hours and the required stores will be supplied by his office.

·        BSNL has now started moving towards vendor dependent system and we must adopt it and work efficiently in vendor dependent environment.

·        All SDEs have been given a fixed monthly target of Landline /Broadband based on their performance in same month of previous year and so they must try and achieve it and only required is focused approach and vision.

·        We must ensure our numbers of billed connections are not reducing and all out efforts are needed to retain and maintain the present customer base.

·        Many SSA have started BB provisioning and maintenance tenders and other may also plan to get it implemented

·        Reduce the distance of copper between customer premises and DSLAM; shift DSLAMS closer to customer premises which will result in high data speed and fault liability will be reduced.

·        He assured that there will not be any shortage of stores for shifting of DSLM as it is being personally monitored by him and Shri. S. K. Agarwal, PGM CFA Mumbai and anyone facing shortage of stores of shifting of DSLM may directly call him or to Shri. S. K. Agarwal PGM CFA Mumbai.

·        Every DE must put a target of 30% of 2000 DSLAMS to be shifted in this quarter and by understanding the requirement the target of shifting of DSLM is assigned specifically to DEs. Minimum 6 to 7 DSLAM per DE must be shifted every month with focused approach.

·        All must try and generate new demand , and we must understand that now customer expects 4-6 mbps speed even in basic plans

·        Copper is now not an option for new BB expansion, and we also need to improve our backhaul to cater to this high speed demands

·        We have floated an open EOI for agreement with TIPs (Telecom Infrastructure Providers), to provide last mile BB connectivity, I dream of 2 million connections by TIP in this fiscal year in active support of all of you.

·        Every SSA must have a strong EB team and every EB JTO /SDE must generate at least 500 new leads every month

·        Phase VIII.4 Mobile Expansion project is being implemented in Maharashtra Circle and there are around 4000 BTS coming in this phase and we will have to upgrade the core network.

·        I am willing to give as many BTS as demanded but get them installed and demand for new BTS.

·        We are planning to launch a new combination plan of Rs 94 in mobile segment for all customer having Rs 1199 or above BB Plan

·        CGM MH also emphasized on health of all employees and care to be taken for good health.

·        He said that all employee must be healthy only then they can work with full zeal and enthusiasm,

·        In conclusion Shri. Khare said that he is personally monitoring performance up to SDE/JTO level and everybody will have to perform. There is no shortage of stores and if anyone is facing any issue regarding development due to shortage of material, he/she may contact him directly or Shri. S.K.Agrwal PGM CFA Mumbai. But in no case negligence will be accepted. He again appealed all to give 3/4th of your office hours with full sincerity  and no need to even work for extra hours and here contribution of all 18000 plus employees is must.

After completion of Marathon address by CGMT MH then all CS were appealed to address the gathering and put u the issues from their side.

Com. Ranjan Dani , CS NFTE BSNL MH appreciated the idea of arranging such Brain Storming session and put forth some creative idea for success of this mission. He suggested that if needed linemen are willing to deliver the bills to every home because the post bills are reaching delayed or even not reaching to customers and there is need of supportive actions on part of Circle management. He elaborated on the different issues faced by filed units and stressed for immediate supportive action from Circle Office so that the works are done in faster speed.

Com. Nageshkumar Nalawade, CS BSNLEU MH conveyed thanks to CGMT for arranging such gathering and suggested many of the issues which are affecting the growth of BSNL. He pointed out expenditure on EOI and need of curtailment thereof by using internal manpower, actions of management by posting of about 35 officers & more than 100 staff with many EOIs in Jalna SSA for maintaining just about 8000 working lines and requested for review for saving money of BSNL. He further pointed about posting of excess Account Wing officers in some of SSAs and shortage at other units directly affecting the profit of BSNL and appealed for proper use of available resources.

Com. Sunil Sonawane, CS SCSTEWA MH expressed that idea of Brain Storming session is good but it should not be one way as happened  and message given should be clear and short. He stressed on need of certain positive action on part of management also and opposed the wrong decisions like Tower Company Formation. He categorically mentioned issues which are affecting growth of BSNL and need of actions on part of management side on these issues. 

Com. A.G. Joshi,  CS AIBSNLEA MH  suggested some modes by which we can curtail expenditure, like stopping allotment of hired vehicles in cities where app based cab aggregators have service and allowing the staff to claim the amount. He suggested some ideas of expenditure curtailment and requested CGMT MH to direct officers in Circle Office/SSA Heads to act on it.

Com. M S Adasul, CS SNEA MH appreciated the depth of the concern of growth of BSNL in the speech given by CGMT MH and appealed all to join hands with him with full devotion for Mission BSNL growth. On behalf of all he assured that everybody present in the meeting will transfer message given by CGMT MH in their respective SSA so that the concern of CGMT MH reaches to each and every employee/officer of BSNL working in Maharashtra Circle. Representing feelings of DS of all Unions/Associations he expressed disappointment on the fact that when it was meeting of all DS and every DS has come with detail preparations and suggestions to be submitted in Brain Storming session, none of DS was given chance to speak or express his views may due to curtailment/shortage of time and this has defeated the very purpose of calling all DS to Mumbai. He further suggested accepting and compiling the issues / points from all DS requested to take action on all the suggestions given by DS. On behalf of all DS of SNEA, immediately, he submitted detail consolidated details about issues raised by them which need to be addressed on priority for overall growth of BSNL and for achieving the targets assigned for Financial Year 2017. Com. M S Adasul appealed CGMT MH that similar brain storming sessions needs to be arranged in every SSA and SSA Heads should interact with the leaders of Joint Forum platform with all unions and associations and this will be helpful and supportive to Mission BSNL growth as desired by him and on behalf of all unions/associations he assured proactive support to all SSA heads. He appreciated efforts taken by CGMT MH for motivating the staff and officers to take proactive initiatives for growth of BSNL and added that though CGMT MH is positive, some of officers are deliberately acting against his motivational way by demotivating and vindictive actions like deducting salary of the staff and officers who have participated in agitational programmes even for growth of BSNL like oppose to Tower Subsidiary Company. He informed CGMT MH that there is mass and huge unrest among the staff and officers for such proactive vindictive actions of salary deduction when there are clear directions from Hon Courts and quoted recent orders issued by Hon Court at Chennai and Mumbai. CS SNEA MH informed CGMT MH that there are many options for corrective actions like adjustment of this period against leave, an extra day work on holidays, extra one hour working  on other days, lenient view taken as that of earlier management etc and none of option has been taken by Circle Management creating mass unrest. The initiatives from CGMT MH to resolve this issue will be the real decision and action to motivate all 18000 plus employees as desired by him and with such motivation everybody will fully contribute to his mission mode of BSNL growth and positive results of this Financial Year. He assured proactive support from SNEA comrades to CGMT MH in achieving all Targets in general and Targets of DSLAM Shifting and GSM Expansion project in particular. He narrated that there is large scope for BSNL in EB and there is need of proactive support from Circle Office and Corporate Office to EB teams at SSA level by taking decision on proposals with least possible time and with idea of CGMT MH to retain customer to be present in the Telecom market. He assured that SNEA comrades are ready to part of GSM expansion project from basic level and some of comrades have come forward to get involved in installation of BTS/Node and all such comrades may be given chance to explorer their talent. In conclusion he assured for total support from SNEA MH on Mission growth of BSNL in Maharashtra Circle by CGMT MH and expressed hopes that with such positive actions by Circle management, this year also BSNL Maharashtra Circle will show overall positive growth and profit during this financial year also. 

In reciprocating the views expressed by all CS, Shri. Peeyush Khare, CGMT MH expressed difficulties in giving time to all DS and directed his secretariat to collect the details from all CS/DS present in hall and assured that immediate action will be taken on all the issues raised by the different CS/DS. On salary cut issues CGMT MH expressed that he was not aware of the Salary cut and if was under his notice he would not have allowed it. He further assured to issue directions to all SSA Heads for conducting such brain storming sessions in District/SDCA level so that all the employees will understand need of time and will extend total support in this mission. He also informed that certain senior officers from Circle office Mumbai will visit different SSAs for motivation of all the employees by direct interaction with them. He conveyed thanks to all the leaders for participating in this special session, giving ideas /suggestions to achieve targets of FY 2017-18 and appealed to join this mission and make others to join this Mission Growth of BSNL and be ready for positive results from BSNL in form regular Salary perks and third Pay revision.   

The Brain Storming session started at 0930 hrs concluded at 1430 hrs with a vote of thanks by Com. A. Jesurajan AGM Admn Mumbai and “Preetee Bhoj” lunch thereafter.

Extract of Address by CGMT MH by Administration <<<>>>

Suggestion by SNEA MH <<<>>>

PHOTOS <<<>>>


12 Oct 17:  The news and photos of Brain Storming Session arranged by CGMT MH with CS/DS of all Unions and association in Maharashtra Circle on 27/09/2017, District Conference SNEA Kolhapur on 28/09/2017, Special General Body Meeting of SNEA Kalyan on 04/10/2017, Welcome and Meeting of SNEA MH with Add Secretary DoT on 06/10/2017, Report of meeting with CE Electrical Mumbai on 06/10/2017, Report on Zonal Convention by All India Public Sector Officers & Central Government Officers held at Mumbai on 07/10/2017, Sanchar Award and BSNL Foundation day Celebrations on 09/10/2017 etc will be uploaded one by one.    


12 Oct 17:  SNEA MH writes CGMT Maharashtra Circle for grant of facilities for newly elected Circle Office Bearers of SNEA MH Circle. Letter <<<>>>


12 Oct 17:  SNEA MH Meeting with Shri. Vivek Mahavar, GM Fin MH Circle Mumbai: SNEA MH is getting many calls/queries from the executives from Account wing for pending request transfers and uncertainty created by letter of Performance recommendations for considering the request transfers for long time.

 In this regards delegation of SNEA MH led by Com. Hrushikesh Kesale JS AF SNEA MH, Com. Harish Sable JS Marathwada SNEA MH, Com. Ankit Gangar, JS SNEA HQ, Com. Abhay Kesarkar,  JS NRU, Com. Anil Dubey DS SNEA Mumbai, Com. Prashant Jadhav DP SNEA Mumbai , Com. L. U. Choudhary DS SNEA Jalgaon & CS SNEA MH had meeting with Shri. Vivek Mahavar GM Fin Maharashtra Circle Mumbai in his chamber on 06/10/2017 in evening and have elaborate discussions on different issues and main issue was pending request transfers of account wing executives and even for other also.  

·        We had elaborate and serious discussions with GM Fin Mumbai on development and revenue generation issues and details of discussions other than “Transfers” will be uploaded shortly. After these discussions, the matter is now very clear and all the request transfers will be considered shortly and there should not be any doubt in minds account of officers about his/her transfer.

·        Though there was much reluctance on part of GM Fin Mumbai for need of recommendations on the basis of performance as it will help in improving work culture, while giving proper posting at new place, to improve economic health of BSNL etc. We have elaborated him that SNEA MH has no objection in monitoring of performance of any officer and it is & should be continuous process.

·        The Performance cannot be accessed only when officer asks request transfer and this will be nothing but further harassment of the officers as again one has to approach the officer concerned for performance certificate just for transfers and there are chances of biased approach and undue favour in such performance recommendations by Controlling Officers, IFAs/SSA Heads.

·        Though there are lacunas in the monitoring of Performance viz APRs, IPMS etc, these are the traditional methods of accessing performance of any officer.

·        Further Performance based transfers are in cases of expertise that to be when the services of highly technical and specialised officer are required at particular work, for particular period and not as general rule.

·        The provision in Transfer policy for Request transfers is made so that officer concerned can take care of his official responsibilities as well as family responsibilities.

·        Further being a Govt Servant taking due care of family members is also one of “Do and Don’t” criteria & official responsibility of the Govt Servant.

·        Further many of the officers join and continue with Govt Service mainly due to facility to get transfer at choice place on bass of personal/family requirement which is normally not available in Private Job though salary paid is higher.

·        Further it was also point of discussions by GM Fin Mumbai that transfers cannot be issued in midterm.

·        We have informed that though as per transfer policy transfers should be issued in March every year, it is not followed in Account wing , Maharashtra Circle as every Account Officer is concerned about the completion of works of Financial Year Account Closing and hence it is mutually agreed by one and all that the transfers of Account wing officers will be issued in September every year and it would have been better if request transfers would have been issued in March and implemented in September every year.

·        We have further discussions on issuing transfers with substitute as in many cases the officer under transfer is not relieved for want of substitutes. We have informed that Maharashtra Circle has well defined transfers policy for posting substitutes to Non-tenure as well tenure stations with Maharashtra Circle and all request transfers needs to be issued as per these transfer Policy.

·        It was also pointed out that the stay particulars of officers given by many SSAs is wrong and needs fresh review and corrected data has been called from IFAs. We have informed that such data has been called by FC section for number of times, and it is available with FC section and further it is rightly available in the ERP and there is no need to call it ,every time form SSAs Heads. The calling data at last moment will further delay the request transfers. GM Fin Mumbai informed that he has issued directions to complete the process within short period of one week. 

·        We also have discussed the issue of excess Account wing executives at some of locations like Mumbai, Pune, Kolhapur and acute shortage of executives in some of SSA as in some SSAs affecting functioning of Account wing and over burdon on the other officers working at these locations and need of meeting shortage of Account wing executives in these SSAs. GM Fin Mumbai informed that it is need of time and it will be taken care. 

·        After detail discussions and feedback on both the sides it was finally agreed that the request transfers of the officers in Account wing will be considered very shortly and all the request will be considered as per transfers policy for posting at Tenure as well as Non-tenure stations in Maharashtra Circle and due care will be taken for posting substitute in each and every request transfer from SSA where there is no excess executives.

·        Other issues discussed in this meeting will be uploaded shortly.


10 Oct 17:  AGM Staff Mumbai conveys approval for VRS of Mr. K.N. Lambodhari TDM Wardha i.e. 10/10/2017. Letter <<<>>>

·        This will definitely give relief to Mr. Lambodhari as well as to all the comrades of Wardha SSA who were troubled by Mr. K.N. Lambodhari TDM Wardha due to his inhuman behaviour and biased approach towards staff and officers working in the BSNL Wardha.

·        Normally in case of retired officer, we always use good words about him/her and here there is nothing to say like that as many of the comrades except very few who were in good book of Mr. Lambodhari were deliberately troubled by him and with his VRS one “Bad Era” of the Wardha SSA will be over & closed.

·        In the Brain Storming Session CGMT MH has said that 50% SSA Heads are begging for VRS and he informed that he is not going to approve any VRS and everybody has to contribute with full devotion and perhaps in this case it may be special approval given by CGMT against his views to give relief to staff and executives of Wardha from the day to day harassment.

·        SNEA Wardha has raised voice against the wrong doings of Mr. K.N. Lambodhari TDM Wardha on different occasions and finally with this VRS for the reasons known to him will settle the long unrest among the staff and officers working at Wardha SSA and they will get relief from the day to day torture due to biased working by TDM Wardha.

·        Most unfortunate is that when there are good Number of DGMs/GMs are available and ample are seating ideal as they are not given any justified work and retained at big cities like Pune, Nagpur and Mumbai, the vacancy of TDM Wardha is filled by Looking After Arrangement and TDM Akola is given additional charge of TDM Wardha and TDM Akola also is not regular TDM and looking After Charge of TDM Akola and how can he manage both the SSAs.

·        Further in no way Akola is geographically connected to Wardha and till in most careless approach and completion of office formalities in Red Tape manner, the charge of TDM Wardha is given to TDM Akola and not to ‘n’ number of junior as well as senior officers working at the SSAs/Units like Nagpur TD, Nagpur Mobile, Chandrapur, Yavatmal & Amravati which are geographically connected to Wardha.

·        Further TDM Wardha I reporting to BA Head Chandrapur and TDM Akola is reporting to BA Head Amravati and now Com. Nayne will have partial reporting as for Wardha, he will report to BA Chandrapur and for Akola he will report to BA Head Amravati.

·        One needs to understand that in Wardha SSA or in Akola SSA there is shortage of DEs and in both the SSA no DE is working to take care of responsibilities in absence of TDM or whenever he goes for other SSA.

·        It was quiet possible to handover change of TDM Wardha directly to Shri. Patil GMT Chandrapur or any other DGM level Officers from the SSAs having geographical connectivity with Wardha SSA, but here staff section which is just working on the instructions without applying mind has not taken any such care and this will definitely have adverse impact on working of Akola as well as Wardha SSA.  

·        Due to this careless approach by Circle management just to give undue support to few officers for their retention at big cities many posts of SSA/BA Heads like Nanded, Solapur, Akola, Chandrapur, Sangli, Ratnagiri etc are practically vacant.

·        SNEA MH has already this issue in agenda submitted to GM HR/Admn Mumbai and let us hope that due care will be taken by Staff section and Circle Management while posting SSA Heads.    


10 Oct 17:  AGM Estt Mumbai published status of VCs in respect of JTOs for their SDE Regular promotions. Letter <<<>>>


10 Oct 17:  As informed earlier, AGM Staff Mumbai has uploaded SSA wise break up of vacancies for DE LA Arrangements. Letter <<<>>>


10 Oct 17:  AO EPF Mumbai calls for correct documents for E-KYC of Executives holding EPF Account for correction in name, Date of Birth as per Adhar card. Letter <<<>>>


 9 Oct 17:  Grand, Successful Seventh Circle Conference of SNEA MH Circle at Orange City Nagpur: Report for Day 2 Date: 19th September, 2017. {Report by Com S A Sarode ACS( E ) SNEA MH}: After  full day deliberations on day 1 , the disciplined comrades of SNEA MH Circle , gathered in the hall on 2nd day at sharp 0930 Hrs. District secretary reports continued on day 2.

All district secretaries had a great and  in depth  thoughts on various burning issues like non implementation of upgraded standard pay scales, LDCE and SCF promotions, CPSU Cadre Hierarchy, 3rd PRC implementation with complete 15% fitment, Salary deduction for strike period, implementation and speedy roll out of mobile Ph-8 project, planning of Wi-Fi hotspots at commercial locations, staff deficiency at various field units and many other local , Circle and CHQ level issues for development of services as well as HR welfare.

Com. V B Kokate, CS SNEA MH in his reply to the issues raised by all DS, gave updates on various pending issues, efforts taken by association at Circle/ CHQ level and assured the house that each and every issue will be pursued till its final and favorable conclusion.

Com. K Sebastin, GS SNEA in his address commented that struggles for trade unions are never ending. We have to fight continuously for each and every issue keeping our moral high. He updated that all  the issues like the issue of upgraded standard pay scales are still alive and we have compelled the management to take a favourable stand on it and many issues like pay scales, PRC are approved by management committee as desired by the association and that is our strength. Persuasion and struggle, both go hand in hand and we are on right track to achieve our legitimate demands. Association has taken lot of initiatives right from meetings with senior officers of BSNL management, DoT secretaries, ministers and even MPs of various constituencies.

As per demand of association the process of calling VCs through ERP for various promotions is implemented which is very efficient and takes maximum three days to collect data of all concerned executives. Similarly the process of “e-DPC” will soon be implemented and we are taking efforts for that. He updated the house about the difficulties in various promotions due to court cases and reservation issues. He added that association will not compromise and demand for 3rd PRC with full 15% fitment.  There is no doubt with various initiatives and service expansions we will be rising in coming 2-3 years.  On similar lines, association will never compromise with the issues like 30% SAB and standard pay scales. He further added that SNEA is aggressive on action and not on its website while handling the issues. Concluding his speech he mentioned, all the spirited comrades of SNEA are very much united and bonded as a single force to obtain the results.

Then, an interactive session of comrades of MH Circle with CHQ leaders was organized in which many business/HR growth related issues were queried by the comrades present in the house and all were satisfactorily replied by the CHQ leaders.

Com. Sachin Sarode, ACS East, SNEA MH Circle in his brief report updated the house about various achievements in his tenure as an ACS. He pointed out that in very first membership verification two SSAs of his area were among top three SSAs of MH Circle and that too with 80% votes. In Top 10 SSAs, 6 SSAs were from his area. He covered various organizational issues including the struggle of Gadchiroli comrades against injustice made to them while relieving after tenure completion and the success obtained after intervention of Com. M S Adasul, Dy. GS and CP , CS, settlement of transfer cases  of ERP relieved comrades, struggle by Nagpur Comrades to save KC Park space from the hands of TERM Cell, settlement of various tenure, non-tenure and Rule-8 transfer cases of the area by the very good initiatives taken by CP and CS, oppose to tower company.

On development issues he updated the house about wrong commission sharing model implemented by BSNL for mobile sim sale and FRC/RC sale because of which the business is affected and retailers are demoralized. He demanded for the supply of biometric thumb impression machine on concessional rates to the retailers to improve SIM sale and EKYC/ re-verification percentage. He updated the house about wrong move of Government to reject the demand of 700MHz spectrum essential for the launch of 4G services by BSNL.

Considering hardship faced by Gadchiroli Comrades he demanded for early declaration Gadchiroli SSA as All India Hard Tenure location.

After that Com. Niwas Harpalkar, CT SNEA MH Circle presented his Treasurer report for entire tenure of the existing circle body which was unanimously passed by the house.

After CT Report, Com.V B Kokate, CS read out the resolutions passed by the house and the entire house approved the resolutions unanimously with thundering claps.

This way the entire deliberations were lasted up to 1830Hrs and then Com. S R Kalmegh, CP MH Circle announced dissolving of the existing Circle body and nominated Com. S B Barawkar, was nominated as Chief Election Officer for the election of new circle body. The entire procedure of the election of new circle body lasted the complete night under the presence of observers from Central Headquarters and the results of election process were declared in the morning of 20th September at 0730Hrs.

The new Circle Body formed by the democratic election process is as follows:



Post Elected on


Working as


Circle President

Com. Bharat Sonawane



Vice President

Com. P. C. Ramteke

DE  % GMT Nagpur


Circle Secretary

Com. M. S. Adasul

AGM % CGMT Mumbai


Asst. Circle Secretary East

Com. M. N. Kotambe

AGM % GMT Kalyan


Asst. Circle Secretary West

Com. Sachin Sarode

JTO % GMT Chandrapur


Circle Treasurer

Com. P. N. Patil  

SDE % GMT Nashik


Joint Secretary HQ

Com. Ankit Gangar 

JTO % CGMT  Mumbai


Joint Secretary AF

Com. Hrushikesh Kesale  

AO % GMT Jalgaon


Joint Secretary Konkan

Com. M. K. Thakur

AGM % TDM Raigad


Joint Secretary Pune

Com. Prayag Pisal  



Joint Secretary North

Com. S.B. Pawar 

SDE % GMT Dhule


Joint Secretary South

Com. R.S. Patil 

SDE % GMT Sangli


Jonit Secretary Mrathwada

Com. Harish Sable 

AO % GMT Aurangabad


Joint  Secretary Vidharbha

Com. Manish Pandhare

SDE % GMT Nagpur


Joint Secretary NRU

Com. Abhay Kesarkar

JTO % CE Elect Mumbai


CWC Member

Com. A. A. Kulkarni

JTO % GMT Jalgaon


CWC Member

Com. S. C. Vete



CWC Member

Com. Tejas Tadsare

JTO % WTR Satara


CWC Member

Com. S. K. Ghuge

AGM % GMT A’ Nagar.


CWC Member

Com. T. B. Wankhade,

AGM % GM CM Nagpur


CWC Member

Com. S. R. Kalmegh,

SDE % GMT Amravati.


CWC Member

Com. N. B. Teni,

SDE % WTR Mumbai.


CWC Member

Com. S. P. Dhok,

SDE % GMT Amravati


All the elected comrades were congratulated and felicitated by the hands of CHQ leaders and finally oath was given to the new body by Com. S B Barawkar, Chief election officer.


Though the new body was elected by very democratic way of election, the bond of unity among all comrades of Maharashtra was but obvious and everybody welcomed the newly elected body and unity of the association was further strengthened.

Ø Com. Samir Khare has delivered vote of thanks to each and every members, leaders for the success of Nagpur Circle Conference.

Ø It was the joint and sincere efforts of  Com T.B. Wankhade CWC Member, Com M. P. Pandhare DP Nagpur, Com Samir Khare DS Nagpur, Com. S. N. Tipre DT Nagpur, Com. P. C. Ramteke , Com. P. R. Phasate, Com. S. V. Narsekar, Com  Kapil Bhoyar, Com. Y. A. Ranade, Com. S. K. Gangathade , Com. Mrs Ranjana Patil, Com. Vaishali Karde, Com V. G. Khiratkar, Com A. M. Deotale, Com. S. M. Surpatne, Com. P. D. Labhane , Com V. D. Karangale, Com. P. P. Bhujbal, Com Pankaj Rangari, Com. S. S. Kalode, Com. S. V. Ghubade, Com. M. A. Shaikh, Com. M. K. Dhole, Com.  R. K. Hete, Com U. M. Punwatkar, Com. P. P. Supekar, Com. Girish Joshi, Com. P. C. Ramteke and each and every Committee members ,  SNEA executives of Nagpur SSA others for making the Circle Conference of SNEA MH Circle at Nagpur a grand success.

Ø Grand and highly successful Circle Conference of SNEA MH Circle at Nagpur ended with National Anthem and slogans of Unity.


7 Oct 17:  CONGRATULATIONS : SNEA LEADERS GRANTED SECOND MOBILE SERVICE CONNECTIONS: Congratulations to all Leaders of SNEA throughout India as BSNL Corporate office granted one additional Mobile Service connections being Office Bearer of recognised association in BSNL. Letter <<<>>>

·        This connection is granted under Recognition of Executive Association Rule 2014 and is result of the efforts taken by these leaders at District, Circle and CHQ level in support of thousands of members of SNEA for victory of SNEA in the membership verification.

·        This connection is in addition to existing Mobile connection provided as Executive in BSNL.

·        This connection will be having STD and National Roaming facility.

·        The other facilities will be as applicable to plan 525, Plan 325, Plan 225 respectively applicable to CHQ, Circle and District leaders. 

·        All these mobile connections will be working in all India CUG group.

·        Management has delayed this proposal for last nine months as it was to be issued in January 2017 i.e. on declaration of results in Dec 2016. 


7 Oct 17:  BSNL Corporate Office issued clarification for time span for consideration of representations for LICE SC/ST candidates regarding review/denial of promotions and it has been informed that the representations against LICE notification issued before 02/12/2014. Letter <<<>>>


7 Oct 17:  In continuation to regular promotion orders issued by BSNL Corporate office, CAO FC Mumbai issued posting orders of CAOs on their regular promotions. Letter <<<>>>

·        In an good initiative by FC section , first time posting orders are issued well in time and incumbent do not have to wait for posting order and they can directly join at assigned station.

·        It is also good to see that instead of positing all CAOs in Mumbai, this time posting is done as per requirement of SSA and the demand raised TDM Beed and pursued by Com. G. G. Malu, DS SNEA Beed has been given consideration as one CAO is posted to Beed SSA.

·        This is result of change in FC section management and hope this trend continues in extending helping hand to executives in account wing of Maharashtra Circle as well as it will be supportive for growth and development of BSNL.


 7 Oct 17:  BSNL Corporate Office, constituted a special Committee to formulate Strategy for Improvement of QoS of Mobile Services and Shri. B. Sunil Kumar, PGM CM Mumbai is member of this special committee.  Letter <<<>>>

·        The committee will meet from 09/10/2017 and has to submit its report by 13/10/2017 i.e. within four days. 

·        All DS/COBs are requested to collect the detail feedback on how to improve Quality of GSM services from Officers /activists in filed units who are having involved in day to day activities and same be sent by email on latest by evening 10/10/2017 so that same can be brought to notice of this committee and can be resolved in better extent.


 7 Oct 17:  BSNL Corporate Office issued instructions for use of 100% IPMs to avoid damage to exchange equipment’s. Letter <<<>>>

·        The letter points out observations by NCNGN Circle, that in most of telephone exchanges IPMs are not used.

·        It is fact that it is not being followed in many of exchanges on name of cost curtailment and/or for want delegation of powers for procurement of IPMs to SSAs and lethargy on part of Circle management to procure such critical items.

·        SNEA MH will take up matter for implementation of these instructions in proper spirit and in practical use.


 6 Oct 17:  Vacancies & submission of option in DE LA Arrangements:  SNEA MH is receiving many queries about the vacancy positions in DE cadre in different SSAs. Many have complained that all of sudden the DE vacancies in some of SSA has been reduced and no reason has been mentioned in it. Once vacancies have been finalised in March on basis of working connections in different SSAs then there is no chance of reducing vacancies in September as being done now.

·        It can be seen that when no such even basic level analysis is done while posting DGMs/GMs & PGMs is done while posting in Pune and Nagpur and such stringent reduction is not done rather liberty is maintained while posting such senior officers but while posting JTOs/SDEs and DEs, such calculations are done.

·        In Pune SSA, 14 DGMs are posted against six vacancies in SSAs and for posting of GMs/PGM no norms are maintained. In RTCC Pune when justified post is of DE, one GM level Officer is posted and the post of BA Head Nanded, Solapur etc are vacant for years together.

·        SNEA MH will take up this issue of such unwanted reduction of posts and we will get it corrected. All DSs/COBs are requested to check details and intimate changes/modification required if any it to Com. Ankit Gangar JS HQ by email/sms.

·        Meanwhile, we have confirmed the breakup of DE vacancies in Mobile wing and Aurangabad 01, Goa 01, Kalyan 01, Nagpur 04, Nanded 01, Nashik 01, Pune 08, Solapur 01. Total; 20 vacancies in Mobile wing. 

·        Further for submission of the options, one can also upload signed copy of his/her option/s in pdf format in reply of this letter calling for options loaded by Staff section on Maharashtra Intranet portal.

·        It is to be uploaded by AGM Admn/Staff of concerned SSA, but if it is not uploaded by SSA administration then individual can upload it latest by 13/10/2017 and all such options will be considered by Staff section while issuing posting on DE LA arrangements.  


5 Oct 17:  DGM TR Mumbai issues minutes of the Performance Review meeting of IFAs of selected SSAs held at Pune on 28/09/2017. Letter <<<>>>

·        This meeting was head by Shri. Vivek Mahavar GM Fin Maharashtra Circle Mumbai and from minutes it is seen that some very good decisions have been taken in this meeting in the interest of BSNL in respect of generation/collection of revenue wherein the directions are issued to IFAs for sensitising themselves to improve revenue collection/growth.

·        One very important decision has been take which will be appreciated by one and all that henceforth for Audit purpose only IFAs should come to Circle office Mumbai along relevant details of account and for that IFAs ware directed to have deeper involvement and engagement in accounting of SSA.

·        SNEA Maharashtra congratulates Shri. Vivek Mahavar GM Fin MH Mumbai for such decision which will save time of the officers of Finance wing as well as Planning wing in the field units/SSAs who were compelled to be at Mumbai for days together that to be without assigning any fixed time.

·        SNEA MH has raised this issue time to time and different forums and finally with such strong initiatives by Shri. Vivek Mahavar, GM Fin MH Mumbai, the decision has been taken not to depute any other officers to Mumbai and its now responsibility of IFAs.

·        This will be first step towards the revolutionary decisions by reducing unwanted expenses of BSNL and utilising manpower for proper purpose.  We have seen that during audit about 50-70 officers from different SSAs were called on an average to Circle office that to be without giving them any prior intimation and without understanding practical difficulties and large amount was wasted on travelling, stay and food arrangements.

·        It does not mean that there is no responsibility with officers other than IFA and all concerned officers will be responsible for audit, but IFA will have to reply Audit queries by seating at Mumbai and others will have to respond him from SSA and thus valuable time of many of officers will be utilised in day to day work and there will not be any pendency of the works on name of audit, which always happened due to mismanagement earlier.

·        Let us hope, in days to come such many more decisions are taken in interest of BSNL for its overall growth and all are actively involved in this process.     


5 Oct 17:  Director CM BSNL CO writes DO letter to CGMT MH Circle on call drop of deterioration in Maharashtra Circle. Letter <<<>>>

            It is need of time that we have to look into issues of call drop and see that our customers get quality of GSM services which is very important for retention of existing customer base.


5 Oct 17:  DGM NWP BB BSNL CO writes to Circle Heads on achievement of targets on shifting of DSLAM and lists names some circles with poor achievement of targets in which name of Maharashtra Circle is included. Letter <<<>>>

·        SNEA MH has received some complaints about the targets assigned and practical difficulties in shifting of DSLAM as decided by BSNL Corporate Office/Circle office and poor achievements thereof. We also understand same, but it is not that it is not feasible to shift majority of DSLM. It will be better that DSLM which can be shifted economically and practically should be immediately shifted as it will be useful for improvement of services.

·        It has been already assured by Shri. Peeyush Khare CGMT MH that there is and will not be any shortage of stores for shifting of DSLM. If any unit is facing shortage of any stores same may be intimated to CFA Core team member from Circle Office Mumbai or even to Shri. Sandeep Agrawal, PGM CFA Mumbai.

·        Now question remains of local arrangements and technical and economical feasibility in shifting DSLAM and if it is found that it is not feasible to shift DSLM for any such genuine Technical, Economical and practical reason, then same also may be reported to Broadband Unit, Circle office, so that decision on its review will be taken by Circle office and targets will be revised/updated accordingly. There is no compulsion in shifting but only aim in shifting of DSLM is to offer good quality and improvement of speed of broadband and hence we should keep focus on it. 

·        Hope all concerned officers in mainly DEs who are assigned this task & target by CGMT MH circle will take immediate action and name of Maharashtra Circle also comes in the list of circles achieving the targets of DSLM shifting and also the Broadband customer gets quality service with high speed.     


 4 Oct 17:  AGM Staff Mumbai calls for options from 220 SDEs / already Looking After DEs/AGMs for overdue spell of DE Looking After Arrangements for total 188 post of AGMs/DEs . Letter <<<>>>

·        SNEA MH has taken up matter with Circle Management for issuing fresh orders for DE Looking After as in the unhealthy process of extension of earlier orders of DE LA many of seniors were and are compelled to work under junior.

·        Even though there are strict instructions in all DE LA orders that whenever new incumbent joins who is senior to the officer working as DE LA, the junior most officer working as DE LA will is reverted as SDE. But the same orders are not followed by staff section itself and recently one senior SDE is compelled to work under junior not for any reason but only due to lethargy and careless approach on part of Staff section and Circle management.

·        There are many post of DE vacant , but DE LA is limited to certain post for which no standard base and in such cases, here post of DGMs/GMs/PGMs are allotted more than sanction for DE LA, such stringent view is taken even single post of DE is not added even in such extreme conditions. 

·        When it is matter of senior officers, even one day junior is treated as junior and senior is never compelled to work under junior except extra ordinary influential/potential cases.

·        But here as routine matter many seniors are compelled to work under junior and hence SNEA MH has brought to the notice of Circle management, and we have seen much reluctance on part of the officers in staff section in dealing with this critical issue and everybody is pointing out fingers at CGMT & GM HR/Admn Mumbai but no corrective action has been taken for resolving such issues of senior  working junior even though individuals have represented cases through proper channel and have personally met GM HR/Admn Mumbai and other officers personally in Mumbai.    

·        Also due to extension the opportunity to consider name after one year of refusal in indirectly withdrawn and officers are compelled to work as SDE that to be under his/her junior.

·        It is not that officers in staff section are not doing exercise but there is no proper direction and everybody is working by finding his ways and as per the knowledge he possess, otherwise in last two spell of DE LA Orders the seniority would not have been violated by giving posting as per SSA wise promotions.

·        Since last 2-3 months officers in staff section are working on it and finally it has been decided for calling option from eligible officers for Looking after arrangements.

·        Out of 180 DE/AGM posts, it seen that about 140 officers will be posted in same SSA and options are required only from 40 officers, but as usual options are called in bulk even though many of the officers are working n same SSA for last 3-4 years  and there is no chance of change in option.

·        It was quiet possible for calling options only from the officers who cannot be accommodated in same SSA due to less vacancy, but as usual decision is taken for calling options from all thereby wasting office stationary and time individual, controlling officers and no doubt that of officers in staff section.

·        This is nothing but unwanted time killing process to justify the unethical extension of DE LA Orders for 90 days and compelling seniors to work under junior and humiliation thereof.

·        When options are called for masses, it not mentioned that how and where to send the options as email ID, Fax Numbers nothing has been mentioned in the letter and it shows that officers are not serious on the matter.

·        As such all are requested to send the options through proper channel as well as by Fax on 022-26619933 & 022-26619902 along with its signed copy in pdf file  by email on, , and confirm its receipt from Shri. A.B. Nikam AD Staff C Mumbai on 022-2646571 or from Shri. B.G. Turup, AGM Staff Mumbai on 022-26467569.

·        Apart from this, SNEA members may send its copy to Com. Ankit Gangar JS HQ SNEA MH by email on that will consolidated details received by 13/10/2017 and its receipt by staff section will be confirmed.

·        Hope at least this time serious steps will be taken by Staff Section in consolidation of options given by all individuals and posting is given as per choice submitted by the concerned officers.

·        This time Circle Management will take care to fill up all post of DEs and no SSA will be compelled to give illegally local DE LA Orders as being done in many of the cases. 

·        Anyhow with this order at least the matter of DE LA which was struck off after extension will be seriously reviewed and all will be considered for DE LA as per the seniority published.

·        Though 20 vacancies are shown in Mobile section, its SSA wise its break is not given which has made it difficult for individual for giving option. Here we have good scope in Mobile section as the works of Phase VIII.4 expansion will start within month and one can get involved in this dream project for improvement of GSM services in Maharashtra Circle. We will take matter to give SSA wise break up of these 20 vacancies in Mobile unit. 

·        It was quiet possible to mention in this letter that there is acute shortage of DEs in Ratnagiri, Buldhana, Bhandara etc SSAs, where situation is so difficult that  in entire SSA single DE is working, but unfortunately no such appeal is made and there are chances that theses SSAs and other officers there may continue to suffer.

·        All individuals should take care while submitting their options and there are chances that if one who has given more than one option may get last option and other who has given option for only one SSA may get choice posting.

·   &nbs