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16 Apr 2024 :

SNEA Maharashtra Circle Wishes All The Best to the candidates appearing for upcoming LICEs to be held on 16.04.2024 & 17.04.2024  .


16 Apr 2024 : Highly successful Extraordinary General Body Meeting of SNEA Raigad: {Report by Com. Sujeet Kadam JS Kokan SNEA MH}: As per notification issued by Com Shashikala Dabake, District Secretary, SNEA Raigad, Extraordinary General Body Meeting of Sanchar Nigam Executive’s Association, Raigad District was held on 16th March 2024 at New Pavel Office Hall, Raigad in a grand manner and overwhelmingly responded by all the members of SNEA Raigad.

The District Conference Proceedings were presided over by District President of Raigad Com. Shri Shantaram Padwal, President SNEA , Raigad and was attended and addressed by the following prominent dignitaries

·      Com. Sameer Khare     Circle Secretary, SNEA  MH,

·      Com. Linesh Walvi       Circle Secretary, SEWA, BSNL  MH

·      Com. Abhay KesarkarJoint Secretary Circle Office , SNEA  MH,

·      Com. Sujeet Kadam,      Joint Secretary Konkan , SNEA  MH

·      Com. Prayag Pisal        Organizing Secretary , SNEA  MH,

·      Conference started with Deep Prajwalan and paying homage to Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj & Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar  by all dignitaries on dias.

·      All dignitaries were given warm welcome by offering flower bouquet, Shwal and Shriphal by team SNEA Raigad.

·      Com. Tushar Shenvi, Organizing Secretary SNEA Raigad in his address gave warm welcome to the newly elected leaders of SNEA MH and welcome newly joined members of SNEA Raigad by offering them  flower with love. Also welcome OA head of Raigad Shri Prakash Khule ji (DGM) and newly join Management Trainee Shri. Parvesh Kumar Katheriya ji.

·      Com Sameer Khare, CS SNEA MH It was his first visit to Raigad after becoming CS.  He was very glad to address the house on the land of Raigad, which is the Karmabhoomi of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar. He expressed highest pleasure over the presence of SNEA Members in the Extraordinary General Body. He first of all thanked the Raigad and Kalyan Comrades for their support during last MV and again showing their faith for selecting SNEA as a Majority Association. In his address guided house on different HR/Development issues and its status thereof. He also appealed the house to have more interaction with the staff and fellow officers for resolution of day to day issues. He stressed for need of more unity to face present tough competition in Telecom sector. He stressed that BSNL will have to face this critical condition by making the strong network of more number of TIPs and 4G towers. He told there is no chance of next VRS in BSNL. He assured to extend any kind of support from Circle office also assured full support to SNEA Raigad from SNEA MH. In conclusion he expressed happiness on the increasing enthusiasm of highest presence of members of SNEA Raigad and conveyed thanks for organization for giving him opportunity to address such mammoth gathering. 

·      Com Linesh Walvi, CS SEWA MH in his address he salute the Raigad Members which is his home town. He explained how CS SNEA and CS SEWA working together for our members. He also assured to support in coming days. In his long speech almost touched every event from last MV till today. He appreciated the work of every comrade who has helped him always stood with him.

·      Com Abhay Kesarkar, JS Circle Office SNEA MH in his address saluted the Raigad comrades for their attendance on late evening. He thanks to all members taken a pain to arranged this grand SNEA GB Raigad. He elaborated about the transfer case of Shri. Suresh Patil, SDE IT Raigad. Also discussed the efforts taken by him and CS in this case. Assured all support from SNEA MH for resolving his case.

·      Com Sujeet Kadam, JS Konkan SNEA MH elaborated about the discussions during CGM Agenda Meeting at Circle office Mumbai. Given thanks to all comrades of Raigad for attending the meeting at late evening.

·      Com Shashikala Dabake welcomes all members and thanks for their support after transfer of Com. Kohadkarji. Also elaborated the current situation of Raigad. She told all Executives are fighting a lot though there is a shortage of staff and resources in the field. Every one bearing almost triple charge.  Also highlighted the matters to be considered in coming days for betterment of our organization and members.

·      Shri Prakash Khule ji (DGM Raigad) in his address welcomed all members and given thanks to them for showing faith. He told before OA head Raigad he is very old member of SNEA family. He understands the problem of all members but work hard for betterment of BSNL Raigad. He got good support form Shri Linesh Walvi ji, CS SEWA MH due to his bonding with Raigad. Also elaborated support to newly elected body.

·      Shri. Parvesh Kumar Katheriya ji(MT Raigad) in his short speech given thanks to all members for welcome and their support. Also given best wishes to new SNEA body and best luck to all staff of BSNL Raigad.

·      Com. Deepak Jadhav from NFTE, Com. Bhimrao Kharate from BSNLEU and Com Mahendra Shirsat from SEWA welcomed CS SNEA and CS SEWA. Also given best wishes to SNEA Raigad and extended all support for the unity in BSNL Raigad.

·      Com. Shantaram Padwalji President given thanks to all members of SNEA Raigad and Circle Office. Thanks to all members who helped for making this event successful. After that he dissolved the outgoing District body and election process started. Com. Sujeet Kadam and Com Prayag Pisal were Election Officers for election process. Election process started after a short and sweet dish of snacks with declaration of the post for elections & calling nominations. Com. Abhay Kesarkar Jt Sec SNEA MH was Observer from SNEA Maharashtra Circle for this election process.

·      In an unanimous elections new body was elected by the house and the following new District Body of SNEA Raigad was elected for the period of two years i.e. 2024-2026.

1.     Smt. Shashikala Dabke              : District President

2.     Shri Pramod Patil                        : Vice President - I   

3.     Shri Tushar Shenvi                     : District Secretary

5.    Shri Santosh Dahe                       : Assistant District Secretary-I

6.     Shri Siril Koli                              : Assistant District Secretary-II

7.  Smt Sanjana Pokale                    : District Treasurer

8.  Shri Indrajeet Agnihotri            : Organizational Secretary

9.  Shri Suresh Patil                          : Auditor


·      On behalf of SNEA MH, Com Prayag Pisal, Org. Sec. SNEA MH congratulated all the newly elected District Office Bearers of SNEA, Raigad and assured total support. Shri Sujeet Kadam. , Jt. Sec. Konkan SNEA MH gave oath of allegiance to newly elected District Office Bearers of SNEA Raigad and also conveyed thanks and Support.


09 Apr 2024 :





07 Apr 2024 : DGM Pers BSNL CO writes to all Circle Heads for  timely submission/processing of e-APAR of the year 2023-24 for Executives/ Employees of BSNL, in online mode through ESS-Portal. Letter<<<>>>


19 Mar 2024 : CS SNEAMH writes to GM Finance MH Circle regarding various related to Accounts Wing:

CS SNEAMH taken up various issues related accounts wing with GM Finance MH Circle Shri Vivek Mahawarji including recently issued transfers, releiving of JAO’s under rule 8 & diversion of posts. Letter<<<>>> & Annexure<<<>>>


16 Mar 2024 : Revised Schedule for Limited Internal Competitive Examinations (LICE):

LICE for the promotion from JTO(T) to SDE(T), SDE (Civil) to AGM/EE (Civil), SDE (Electrical) to AGM/EE (Electrical) & SDE (Telecom) to AGM (Telecom) will be held on 16.04.2024 & 17.04.2024 as per revised schedule published by BSNL CO. Letter<<<>>>


12 Mar 2024 : Direct relieving of AOs/JAOs through ERP :

MH circle Account wing has relieved the account wing executives who were under transfer from ERP today, 12.03.2024 A/N. Letter<<<>>>


11 Mar 2024 : Rescheduling of Limited Internal Competitive Examinations (LICE) on 24.03.2024:

LICE for the promotion from JTO(T) to SDE(T), SDE (Civil) to AGM/EE (Civil), SDE (Electrical) to AGM/EE (Electrical) & SDE (Telecom) to AGM (Telecom) notified to be held on 24.03.2024 are rescheduled and the fresh date of exam shall be intimated soon by BSNL CO. Letter<<<>>>


11 Mar 2024 : Publishing of Provisional Waiting list for Rule-8 transfers for JAO Cadre:

FC Section of MHCO published provisional waiting list for Rule-8 transfers of JAO Cadre. Omission/correction/ deletion, if any observed, is to be intimated within 7 days from the release of this letter to after which no further changes will be accepted in the Rule-8 waiting list.

List of JAOs whose consent is received from other circle and waiting for relieving is also published.



06 Mar 2024 : Posting of MTs in Maharashtra Circle :

MHCO issued posting of MTs in Maharashtra Circle. SNEA MH congratulates & wholeheartedly welcomes all the MTs in MH Circle & wishes them all the best for their new assignments. Letter<<<>>>


03 Mar 2024 : Stay particulars of AGM/SDE/JTO(T) in MH Circle for Intra Circle rotational transfers :

MHCO has published stay particulars of AGM/SDE/JTO(T) for Intra Circle rotational transfers. These are corrected stay particulars compiled pursuant to corrections updated by all BAs in ERP. Further corrections in the list still noticed may be rectified in ERP till 04.03.2024 (12:00 noon) under intimation to staff section through email IDs mentioned in letter. Letter<<<>>>

For members convenience the list is converted to spreadsheet<<<>>>


01 Mar 2024 : Inter Circle transfer of long stay regular AGMs(T)/DEs(T) :

Personnel Cell of BSNL CO has called for options of choice of circles from 354 regular AGMs(T) / DEs(T) having circle stay more than 22 years & age less than 56 years as on 31.03.2024. Inter-circle rotational transfer OTP window will be opened w.e.f. 02.03.2024 to 07.03.2024. 3 Options are to be exercised from         the list of Deficit & Just Sufficient Circles only. In case of no option through OTP, orders will be issued as per administrative requirements. MH Circle is deficit circle as per the letter. Letter & List <<<>>>


01 Mar 2024 : Inter Circle transfer of long stay regular SDEs(T) :

Personnel Cell of BSNL CO has called for options of choice of circles from 336 regular SDEs(T) having circle stay more than 22 years & age less than 56 years as on 31.03.2024. Inter-circle rotational transfer OTP window will be opened w.e.f. 02.03.2024 to 07.03.2024. 3 Options are to be exercised from the list of Deficit & Just Sufficient Circles only. In case of no option through OTP, orders will be issued as per administrative requirements. MH Circle is deficit circle as per the letter. Letter <<<>>> & List <<<>>>


01 Mar 2024 : Allotment of Circles to MTs :

Personnel Cell of BSNL CO issued allotment of circles for MTs for OJT & Final Posting. MTs will further submit their fresh choices of OAs to CGMs. After posting MTs will report to BA Heads. Orders <<<>>>


01 Mar 2024 : Mass Unrest due to Publication of RRs for External Recruitment of Executives with Lateral entry in BSNL: The recent publication of new Recruitment Rules (RRs) by the DGM DPC BSNL CO for External Recruitment in BSNL with lateral entries as SET(SDE) and DGM positions has sparked huge unrest among the serving Executives in BSNL.

It is indeed unfortunate that BSNL Management has chosen to overlook the available in-house talent, thereby jeopardizing their career progression by placing it in the hands of various courts and litigations. This decision to introduce External Recruitment at different levels within the Telecom and Finance wings has drawn serious criticism from many executives.

On publication of these RRs, many executives have expressed their serious feeling and unrest about the attitude of BSNL management to defame and degrade working executives who are toiling hard to bail out the company out of the crisis.

Since long BSNL has been recruiting Graduate Engineers and recently it has been further modified and the JTOs presently working in BSNL are having minimum GATE qualification & many of them possess ME/MTech /MBA/LLB and higher degrees also as additional educational qualification. The presently working JAOs are having CA/ICWA or higher professional qualifications.

In BSNL, the executives at JTOs/JAOs and SDEs/AOs cover about 70% of the total strength of working executives. These Executives are deeply concerned about the management's approach, which seemingly undermines the qualifications and capabilities of the current workforce. This is a matter of concern for all the serving executives and SNEA is duty bound to raise all such issues and to get justice for executives in BSNL.

Ever since formation of BSNL, the Management of BSNL was always seen under confusion and neither fully embracing PSU regulations nor adhering to government guidelines and works on selective mode to frame policies adversely affecting the BSNL absorbed/ recruited executives and see that they are always kept under tension and pressure.

One side the posts available for the Internal candidates are reduced drastically in the name of Restructuring Norms keeping the working executives more than the sanctioned posts and thereby putting direct lock on promotions of executives and on the other side such External recruitment is being proposed with false projection that BSNL is lacking internal talent and hence External talent is required in BSNL.

It should be understood by all including Management that there is shortage of officers in BSNL Management at GM, PGM and CGM levels and same is understood by management also. But projecting same recruitment is proposed at lower level lateral entry which is of no use as seen during last 23 years of BSNL formation.

It is fact that majority, rather all the posts at these positions of GM/PGM/CGM level are filled from the officers on Deputation and this is continued for 23 years, but even single time nothing is proposed for filling the vacant post by bringing External talent at this level in BSNL.

Despite of this acute shortage for continued 23 years, there has been no single attempt or effort on part of BSNL Management to recruit External talent to fill these responsible vacant posts. Instead, there is a concerted effort to add outsiders at lower levels, with false projections as they are the future candidates for the higher management of BSNL.

Over the period BSNL has recruited some DGMs under External quota and recently MTs are recruited under Internal quota through a rigorous selection process but their services are not used properly or there seems to be no action plan to use their specific services as was projected for their special requirement with lateral entry.

But under systematic game plan, the RRs modified so that these officers will never reach to the position of GM and above and only officers on deputation will continue to be at these posts. Even ITS officers who are absorbed in BSNL are not given respectable positions and some of them are feeling humiliated just because they duly respected the absorption process and have opted for BSNL.

SNEA has nothing against the cadre of ITS officers and we find excellent officers from ITS cadre who have contributed for betterment of the BSNL and its executives over the period and hence we have always high regards for such great officers. But such unfortunate actions and decisions affecting career of BSNL absorbed /recruited executives makes these affected executives in BSNL to think on such biased approach in framing different polices.  

It is unfortunate that, where promotions are possible at DGM and below level as per the existing MSRRs, the attempts are visible that the matter is dragged to court and promotion process are stayed through the court cases, and in last seven years no serious attempts are made to clear the court case on DGM Telecom Regular Promotions. In this case stay was granted only for particular hearing date and it was never extended by the court, but it was projected that there is continued stay and matter is undecided for seven years.

In many cases, the officers in BSNL Management blame that the executives and its associations are responsible for litigations and management is ready to go ahead with promotions. But these officers are deliberately hiding the fact that the concerns raised by the executives in approaching courts are duly accepted by the court and each and every case BSNL could not maintain its stand and has to go in appeal at higher court as the decision is often against BSNL. Till today, in no case of such promotions, the responsibility is fixed for any wrong doing on part of concerned officers involved in such a promotion process questioned by the Courts.

Whatever may be reason, but the officers dealing with promotion processes keep such lacunas in the Promotion process that matter is dragged to courts and in about all cases, the plea of the applicant is accepted and the Management is not in position to maintain its stand in court. It may be seen from the outcome of many of the court cases but this blame game is of no use and one has to think on how to overcome this.

One side, BSNL is recruiting GATE/CA qualified executives and some of them are practically allotted clerical works and granted lowest pay scale E1 which is lowest in any PSU against all the legal orders of DoPT and have been force demoralized for no mistake on their part and on the other side it is projected that there is a need of more and fresh talent in BSNL.

The acute shortage of executives is at GM and above levels and same is acknowledged as after 2027, there will be merely few ITS officers from DoT who will be available for deputation to BSNL at GM and above level and in no way, it means that direct executives are required at level of SDE through SET RRs as being proposed now.

It is regrettable that certain BSNL officers, in their pursuit of self-interest, are pushing for anti-executive RRs under the guise of following management directives. This attitude demoralizes the excellent internal talent available within BSNL, leading many to lose hope of promotions.

Though, SNEA as Majority association is putting some positive energy among the BSNL executives by sincerely pursuing for the promotions of all wings and cadres by overcoming the manmade hurdles, such one-sided RRs for lateral entry, again unearths mass unrest and negativity among the executives in BSNL.

Since VRS 2019 there is ban on any recruitment in BSNL, but RRs are being published as if the recruitment is about to start. These RRs have misused by individuals and some agencies who have become hyperactive and by quoting these RRs have started spreading fake messages and collecting lakhs of rupees from Market in the name of guidance, coaching assured posting in BSNL when posting in BSNL is banned since VRS 2019.  

SNEA has always opposed the Direct/ External Recruitment with lateral entry that hinder the career progression of BSNL executives and on the issue of these RRs for direct recruitment of Executives with lateral entry, SNEA has raised strong protest with Director HR BSNL Board in the meeting on 26/02/2024 for not discussing such serious issues with the Recognized Majority Association and taking arbitrary decision creating unrest among executives.

On one hand, it is projected by the management that there are excess officers in BSNL and hence second VRS is required in BSNL and on the other hand same management makes such proposals for External recruitments in BSNL as if nothing is possible with the working executives of BSNL.

SNEA will expose this false propaganda by certain officers in Management that directly recruited or promoted JTOs/ JAOs are useless and obsolete for management positions and will oppose the approach of forcing the working executives to opt for VR/VRS and attempt to recruit officers of the same level through lateral entry.

These officers in Management have conveniently forgotten the sacrifices by the BSNL executives over the period. It is the devotion and dedication of these serving executives that even after mass VRS reducing working strength by 60%, even during and after Corona pandemic, even with totally failed contract working in BSNL and even when the entire Telecom sector is in loss, these executives in BSNL have maintained dignity and glory of the BSNL.

Practically, new blood is required at GM and above level to run the company in a professional manner but entry at this level is not allowed for outsiders or even insiders and since last 23 years only officers on deputation are occupying these posts. No direct recruitment is proposed at these levels as it is a matter of promotions of the group officers working for framing rules.

Even ITS officers who are absorbed in BSNL are not given due respect and are compelled to work on half the salary than what the ITS officers on deputation are getting for the same work and this happens for years together.

It is unfortunate that even after 24 years of formation of BSNL, even a BSNL absorbed ITS Officer is not posted as GM/PGM Pers who is at the helm of designing different policies for the executives in BSNL.

If about 1000 to 1500 vacant posts that to be at GM/PGM/CGM level are managed by deputation for last 23 years and no action is taken for its permanent arrangement, then what is need to allow lateral entry at level of SDE wherein about 10000 eligible JTOs are waiting for their promotions as SDE and what is need at level of DGM when more than 1400 Eligible AGMs are waiting for DGM Promotions is real query to be satisfactorily clarified by these officers in BSNL Management. 

In DoT, the JTOs are recruited at E3 scale and in a ridiculous decision the same DoT has refused even E2 pay scale to BSNL JTOs and reduced pay scale of JTOs in BSNL from E1A to E1 sales against continued proposal by BSNL Management to upgrade it to E2 as per DoPT Guidelines.

It is greatness of these affected executives that even with all such odds, till majority of them serve BSNL with full devotion and dedication with hopes for some changes in approach of BSNL management.

BSNL is not in position to justify any decision as followed in PSUs nor following guidelines of DoT and selfish decisions are being taken for supporting a particular group of officers.

Already there are different level of officer recruited in BSNL i.e. MTs, DGMs, Absorbed, deputation and everyone is working for his/her career progression by creating Pressure group/s and this attempt to recruit the officers directly at different level will create further pressure groups in BSNL and there will not be any synergy as Executive or Officer fraternity of BSNL which is directly affecting growth of BSNL.

Though, it was projected that MTs will be part of BSNL management and for reason now also they are not given home Circle posting as they will be part of Management, but practically due to modifications in RRs, they are posted at level of Sr SDE and no chance of reaching at level of PGMs/CGMs as being false projected.

In the Telecom wing itself about 10000 eligible JTOs are waiting for their promotions as SDE and there are merely 600 vacancies and hence no chance for promotion of last eligible JTO in next ten years and other side management is putting salt by introducing the RRs for direct recruitment at SDE level. Same is the position of JAOs and the position of JTOs in Electrical, Civil and Arch/TF wings is the worst as even after completion of 25 years of service many of them are working as JTO without any single promotion.

Same is case with DGM level officers Promotions, when thousands of AGMs eligible for DGM Promotions are waiting for their DGM Promotions, but BSNL Management is unable to resolve the court case file before eight years and junior level officers from DoT are posted as DGM Regular on BSNL posts that to Salary double than the officers in BSNL.

It seems that certain officers in Management have taken the BSNL absorbed /recruited officers as granted and are under assumptions that whatever right or wrong, bad or good decided by the amendment will be accepted by the executives as if they have no option. It is time to prove that Management is wrong here, the executives in BSNL will not tolerate all such decisions anymore and we will oppose such biased decisions making injustice to BSNL absorbed and BSNL recruited officers.

After thorough analysis, we find that there is not a lack of talent in BSNL at the executives level but we find that there is lack of expertise at appropriate level for utilizing this extraordinary talent available among serving executives of BSNL. This is the bitter truth of BSNL and SNEA is working to clear all such confusions created by certain officers definitely for their self-interest.

The BSNL officers who are given responsibility in this policy making process, are working in only accepting the directions of higher ups and even opportunity to get justice for self and similarly placed executives also are not being utilized by these officers. This approach to work against their own executive brothers/ sisters has spoiled entire policy decisions in BSNL and every policy is being framed for injustice to BSNL recruited/absorbed executives.

SNEA will continue its opposition to such External/ Direct Recruitment through Lateral Entry and we will see that it should not become a hurdle in career progression of serving Executives in BSNL. We will first discuss, these issues with BSNL management and see that the RRs for Direct Recruitments are withdrawn/kept on hold and at the same time decision is taken to recruit officers where actual shortage is being faced by the Management and not at level where ample officers are available in BSNL and waiting for their due promotions.

All such decisions were always opposed by SNEA and this decision of External Recruitment through lateral entries by keeping promotions of BSNL recruited/Absorbed officers on hold will also be strongly opposed by SNEA and we will not allow anybody to play with career progression of highly qualified serving executives in BSNL. Let us hope for the best. 


28 Feb 2024 : GS SNEA writes to Director (HR) for taking up matter of Standard Payscales with DoT:



28 Feb 2024 : Minutes of formal agenda meeting of SNEA with Director (HR):

SR Cell of BSNL CO issued minutes of formal agenda meeting of SNEA CHQ held with Director (HR) Shri Kalyan Sagar Nippaniji on 11.01.2024. Minutes<<<>>>


28 Feb 2024 : GS SNEA writes to Director (HR) for grant of agenda meeting on leftout issues of formal agenda meeting held on 11.01.2024:



27 Feb 2024 : BSNL CO Notifies RR for SET (DR) - 2024:

BSNL CO notified recruitment rules of Senior Executive Trainee (DR) in E3 Pay Scale. Orders<<<>>>


27 Feb 2024 : BSNL CO Notifies RR for DGM (DR)-Finance Stream - 2024:

BSNL CO notified recruitment rules of Deputy General Manager (DR) of Finance Stream 2024 in E5 Pay Scale. Orders<<<>>>


19 Feb 2024 : Extension of window for exercising GTI Option:

Online window for exercising option for GTI Scheme in ERP-ESS portal has been further extended by 1 day upto 20.02.2024 05:30 PM. Employees who have not yet exercised their option for GTI scheme can exercise their option during last & final extended window. Please note that there will not be any separate window for withdrawal of option, employees opting for the scheme during extended window shall exercise their option carefully. Orders<<<>>>

unts wings will also be considered shortly.


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